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Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Thursday Friday Addams is a member of the fictional Addams Family, created by cartoonist Charles Addams for The New Yorker.

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Me with my some of my favorite characters- Carl from TWD, Wednesday Addams, a pretty smoking Pennywise, and Doc Bro…
looking like a hot Wednesday Addams on NFL Countdown.
I love how my biggest spirit animal is Wednesday Addams and I was born on a Wednesday 💗💗
do yall even begin to understand how often ppl tell me i remind them of Wednesday Addams bro
fall 2017 lookbook is wednesday addams and veronica from archie ONLY
Women's the Addams Family wednesday wig adult - black - one size
[WP]You are invited to your girlfriend's family's home for dinner. Your girlfriend is Wednesday Addams.
Rollin' up to Yallapalooza looking like Wednesday Addams I'm with it
Sad to see you weren't at stage door tonight but you smashed it as Wednesday Addams! So funny! Loved every minute! ☠️
She looks a bit 'Wednesday Addams' in the full length pic ...🙀
Wednesday Addams checking in. Off to the opening for my babe!
So excited to see in the Addams Family on Wednesday :)
"next Halloween I want to dress up as the girl from Addams Family". "Wednesday?". "No, next Halloween"
So I'm no longer a big MLP fan but having a XCOM soldier based on Wednesday Addams with a Princess Luna voicepack is pretty fun
Yasss gurl. I'll be cosplaying Wednesday Addams (if my wig stays on 😅) might meet around noodlerella stand?!
I've made the decision I want to play Wednesday Addams.
Wednesday from the Addams Family is my spirit animal
I liked a video Addams Family Values: Wednesday Burns it all down
One of my coworkers said my demeanor reminded her of Wednesday Addams and that's my favorite compliment I've ever gotten.
"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color." - Wednesday Addams 🖤. Another gem by
Why does everyone think I look like Wednesday Addams? Lmao
See my mum, dad and sister all ran really quickly too. I'm like Wednesday Addams! 🙈
So hard to be Wednesday Addams 2.0 in this weather
See that 40 yr old, Wednesday Addams looking chick. Know who people are. Know who managers are. Homie reported your outburst.
Is this one to do with the Addams Family ? Wednesday inspired maybe ? Xx
My aesthetic for the warm weather is apparently Sweeney Todd at the seaside meets Wednesday Addams at summer camp
Oh that's such a huge compliment! I spent a good part of two years trying to look like Wednesday Adda…
someone told me I look like wednesday addams and I'm like wow ily
My pal told me I look like Wednesday Addams all grown up and lmty I am loving it 💁🏻
"Where's your costume?". "This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look like anybody else.". Man muss Wednesday Addams einfach lieben.
Someone just told me Christina Ricci would play me in a movie of my life... I KNEW Wednesday Addams and I were the same person.
I just found out one of the voice actors for Cynder from Spyro was Christina Ricci aah💜 ( that's Wednesday Addams btw )
I have super dark hair that makes me look like Wednesday Addams without a tan.
One of these women lives in a strange tower with a family of very weird habits and beliefs. . The other is Wednesday Addams.…
update: her name Wednesday after Wednesday Addams
Just saw the teaser for the Addams Family sequel where they tour Europe. Somehow not as creepy when it was just Wednesday torturing Pugsley.
Congrats to for being cast as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family and Rusty in Footloose. Channel your inner Got…
She's more like a sort of overweight Wednesday Addams
I looked like a child with my Wednesday Addams dress, space buns and daisy chain in my hair today
I'm the Wednesday Addams of this family tbh
Wednesday Addams in all her forms has remained a gothic icon for decades. She's cynical, spooky, and way too smart for he…
Back in the day we had to make our Wednesday Addams dresses by cutting cuffs and collars off men's shirts. True story.…
Wednesday Addams vibes. 🖤. •. •. (Ignore Boob's dirty mirror. I was drawing on it the other…
Can't wait for my Wednesday Addams tattoo
they just weren't right for me. Like the bomber jacket & the Wednesday Addams looking dress.
I love that Carrie Fletcher is playing Wednesday Addams in the UK Addams Family musical tour, with Sam Womack as Morticia!! 😀
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Wednesday Addams lookalike on Tinder: "I want to carve our names in to a tree as its the most romantic way to show…
omg your so pretty the wednesday Addams actress is shook
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: black skater dress Wednesday Addams. via
I want the classic Victoria Beckham dress we are selling at target just so I can dress up as Wednesday Addams anytime I want.
Happy to my little sis Wednesday Winnifred Addams Levesque aka Wynnie…
Rocking my new VB dress to go study at the coffee shop, nothing like a Wednesday Addams look to…
I love her! I used to want to be Wednesday Addams as a kid!!
Check out wednesday addams amigurumi crochet doll
Love this outfit, latex tights and custom latex Wednesday Addams dress ❤💦
Catch up with latest Watch Me, Wednesday with a look behind the scenes & an Addams Family Q&A! https…
"We're both two types of emo. I'm Wednesday Addams and you're John Ortiz"- Laura @ me
I added a video to a playlist Adult Wednesday Addams Season 1
the dresses were a little above the knee. I tried the long sleeved black one but felt like Wednesday Addams lol.
Today's day & our friend is excited to drink w/ Wednesday Addams. Follow his adventures on…
Getting my punk on with Wednesday Addams and the Ramones this Sunday. Time to finish to this chapter!.
“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” -Wednesday Addams
*** you so rocked it in your new scene as Wednesday Addams!! You were so born for the role!!
Pugsley and Wednesday Addams sharing a moment backstage yesterday. Make sure to catch them THIS weekend in the musi…
I am incredibly excited to announce, I will be playing the part of Wednesday Addams, in Clearwater High's production of The Addams Family!!!
Another cool mashup pin of Wednesday Addams and Lisa Simpson from boomerang.pins! Thanks guys…
Vernon Dudley, Albus Dumbledore, Emperor Palpatine, Jack Sparrow, Wednesday Addams, and Charles Dietz are all in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow
I like to fancy myself an even mix between Peg Bundy and Wednesday Addams.
Get me a cute moment like Wednesday Addams & Joel Glicker when she leaves camp to save Uncle Fester
At City Council: presentation by Morticia and Wednesday Addams for national arts and humanities month.
I feel like my three characters are Kathryn Merteuil, Blair Waldorf, and Wednesday Addams
I had to get the Wednesday Addams pin from Alex Solis 🔪💣
35. The Addams Family, 1991. Christina Ricci is amaze and Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal.
C'mon, Liz. Go all Wednesday Addams on this dudebro. I know you will. Love, Al.
Summoning my inner Lydia Deetz and Wednesday Addams cause I highkey think they're hella badass.
no surprise that Lydia Deetz & Wednesday Addams were my childhood heroines
*Wednesday Addams on her first day of school*. "Hey, who is the new girl". It Is Wednesday My Dudes
Omg "the Wednesday Addams of romance" is EXACTLY the kind of thing we're trying to get at with theses Qs!
These pictures of Queen are everything today. On Monday's we wear Wednesday.. Addams, that is.
I have! I voted Elvira. I think after her you should do Wednesday Addams
Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. I heard it's being done in town next year. Crossing my fingers for you.
"Mallory you are definitely Wednesday Addams" okay true
Wednesday Addams(1 ogre doomed) was splattered to death by a stone troll on Scintillating Caves 2.
Wednesday Addams(1 ogre doomed) was burnt to death by a red crystal on Scintillating Caves 1.
New post on my blog! Dressing for the hotter weather like Wednesday Addams would in an ent…
Wednesday from the Addams Family or a Nun? u tell me
Actually i want to draw wednesday addams but it turned out to look like jung da bin the child actress? lol
features as Wednesday Addams in this XXX adult parody...
Klopp on Henderson: "I haven’t made a decision about Wednesday yet but it’s good to have him back."
🎞 | That's it for the 15/16 season. Make or break next Wednesday.
Newcastle's week in football:. Wednesday: Relegated from the Premier League. Sunday: Newcastle 5-1 Spurs.
Away end was great today as were the young lads who featured. Eighth place confirmed but, well, Wednesday next so...
So if we don't win the Europa League on Wednesday, we'll have no European football next season. Who cares, we're bloody…
Had a murderous time as Wednesday from Addams Family at the Drama Banquet with such crazy beautiful people!!
My mood today is literally Wednesday Addams.
and also like, my Addams Family AU with Talia and Dami as Mortitia and Wednesday
And I'm like Wednesday Addams? She's like YES HER . 😂😂😂 I've been getting that a lot recently
I liked a video from Wednesday Addams || The Devil Within
My hair is basically black and I feel like Wednesday Addams this is great
Current mood Wednesday in watercolors - Portrait
the Patti LuPone saga... what if she was Wednesday in the Addams Family!? full vid on FB 😋
you kinda look like Wednesday from the Addams Family but all grown're gorgeous☺
•~ the Addams Family is on Netflix both movies those movies are my life!!! Wednesday Addams is my spiritual animal
"Wednesday's at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind.". "Boys?". "Homicide.". Addams' Family Values is so good 😭
now it's always just a question of black or Wednesday Addams black?
Selena Gomez looks like Wednesday Addams going to prom
when your Music Theory professor says you would crush the role of Wednesday Addams after hearing you sing Pulled yesterday ✌🏻️
A Tribe Called Red sampling Wednesday Addams will never get old tbh
Not much time left to get Wednesday Addams / Van Gogh shirt from https:/…
Great minds think a like Mickey. I also bought the Wednesday Addams dress LOVE IT!
Totally unrelated but I like Wednesday Addams, Twenty One Pilots and hair dye so much
Fact: every mortician ever has at least a mild obsession with Wednesday Addams.
some days I'm Wednesday Addams, other days I'm Elle Woods, there's no inbetween.
Lol I should of used her own Wednesday Addams pic on her
Also, can we Halloween ourselves me as Morticia and you as Wednesday Addams?
On my Wednesday Addams flow on this rainy Thursday @ Michigan Opera Theatre - Detroit Opera House
My first crush was Wendy Peffercorn. My second was Wednesday Addams.
Happy Birthday to Wednesday Addams herself, Watching her right now in "Lizzie Borden Took An Ax". 💜
in my weird imaginary Wednesday Addams stroller. What's wrong w my brain???
Leaving church looking like Wednesday Addams, feeling like all my prayers ARE answered (one in particular) 🙏🏽😉
I made a smiley picture... and that makes me feel like Wednesday Addams at camp Chippewa. Model - Sophiánna
I was just told that I look like a mortician/ Wednesday Addams 👌🏼 taken as a compliment
Has she seen 'The Addams Family' where Wednesday explains that when a new baby one of the existing kids needs to die?
Your Wednesday Addams video is my favorite 💕
Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal 🔫
Had to cut my bangs cuz my Wednesday Addams forehead was showing too much
I relate to Wednesday Addams more than I have done anybody
I've said it before and I'll say it again, have an unhappy Wednesday. Wednesday Addams by
Wednesday Addams is my role model since primary school. I wish I was as cool as her
Still going for my self declared, Addams Family Wednesday.
Kinda really do want to be ginger Wednesday Addams ... On a Sunday. 😁 apparently my face looks two different colour…
This one time, I had to chase down Wednesday Addams.
Science makes me so sad I showed up to class looking like Wednesday Addams on Friday
I liked a video Wednesday addams and her bae xxx
It's Wednesday Addams and Uncle Fester... weekday mornings on
"I feel like Wednesday Addams when I try to smile Wednesday Adams is defiantly Queen Bae 👑💀💋💕
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
peep her Daily Show clips, she's like Wednesday Addams meets Annie Oakley. ("Take the Cannoli" is a fave of mine.)
Nah I actually need a Wednesday Addams phone case
Wednesday Addams. The O.G. goth girl on screen.
the true meaning of Thanksgiving, as told by Wednesday Addams 🦃
It's uncasual wednesday at work and what's more perfect than challenging my inner Wednesday Addams? 💀
I'm really in the mood of Wednesday Addams.
I love your act in the family addams, big fan :D Merry Christmass Wednesday Addams :)
I liked a video Wednesday Addams dancing to Smooth Criminal
It's Wednesday so I'm going to draw Wednesday Addams.
you look like Wednesday from the Addams Family
Pensando em me fantasiar de Wednesday Addams no natal
glorious goth girls! Have you considered doing a grown up Wednesday Addams?
your looking at Appo's own Wednesday Addams
I drew my two faves into one drawing: Stitch & Wednesday Addams ❤️
i have a spiritual connection with Wednesday Addams
I look like Wednesday Addams today but I feel like a pile of poop
This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. they look like everyone else. wednesday Addams.
ffs dyed my hair and now I look like Wednesday Addams💀
Wednesday Addams shops ART team by Lily Bhattacharya (Indigo/Crystal) on Etsy--Pinned with Treasury
is placed FOURTH here - Wednesday Addams shops ART team by Lily Bhattacharya via
When you get ready for the day and realize you dressed like Wednesday Addams.
I'm thrilled to FINALLY announce that I will be playing my dream role- Wednesday- in the Alliance Theatre's "The Addam…
my first shift is over and all i learned was how to steam milk and that over half of the regulars are going to call me Wednesday Addams
My drawing of Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. .done on paint tool sai. ..Elapsed time: 7…
Lily just observed that cat's attitude toward asking for things is similar to Wednesday Addams. She is not wrong.
Black stockings x black dress x black shoes? Channeling my inner Wednesday Addams.
I had zero control in shooting a Wednesday Addams look to a woman who said "I just printed it" in deadpan. She gave a fake laugh too.
They are torturing us in the break room with Christmas movies today. This is my Wednesday Addams moment.
I liked a video Lurch and Wednesday Addams - Girl U Want
I liked a video Best of Wednesday Addams
There must be something wrong with me. Wednesday Addams still makes me swoon.
I genuinely love wednesday from the Addams Family
it's for The Addams Family. I'm Wednesday, he's her "normal" love interest Lucas
Pugsley and Wednesday Addams . By the way, I luv these filthy animals👽💀
Mom called me Wednesday Addams due to my humor
don't insult Wednesday Addams in such a way
Watched Addams Family movies all weekend now I've got an attitude like Wednesday 😑
This year, an early Annual Thanksgiving Message, from Wednesday Addams.
Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal. LOL!
but why would Wednesday tell you over me. She favors you over me doesn't she. *she crossed her arms in shock
Tune into after 11am to hear talk about the Addams Family - opening on Wednesday!
new Wednesday Addams dress coming soon
i NEED the drop dead Wednesday Addams dress so badly in my life, i might just cry.
"you remind me of. Wednesday Addams. not just the looks, but. like the whole. your ora. dark and mysterious."
Jean Byrne on d weather on Sat.nite was either channeling her inner Wednesday Addams or has signed up to d nearest convent.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The Addams Family opens this Wednesday Night! We can't wait to see it - tickets on sale herE:
I am Wednesday Addams when she tries to smile.
Wednesday Addams gives me life and inspiration
Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal tbh
I just wanna be Veronica Sawyer and Wednesday Addams at the same time.
she look like Wednesday Addams if puberty hit her likea ton of bricks, and could sing hella good😍👌🏾
I really need a decent third Addams Family movie with grown up Wednesday and
Going as Wednesday Addams to my work xmas party AKA not having to dress up at all bc all black everything everyday 👌🏼
Mom on Skrillex's acceptance speech: "Good for you, dude. You look like Wednesday Addams, but..." This is getting out of HAND. 😩😂💀
I'm iffy on the dress bc it's a Wednesday Addams dress w chucks and I'm like 🤔
I am a mix of Wednesday Addams and Bridget from Bring It On The Musical.
Demi Lovato looks like she's a strange mix between 2007 emo couture and Wednesday Addams
Selena Gomez looks like a grown up Wednesday Addams
Selena reminds me of a sexed up Wednesday Addams in this number.
My Heroes as a child were The Undertaker and Wednesday Addams, obviously I've always been great at life.
Ok this made my day, seriously!!. Christina Ricci who once portrayed Wednesday Addams now dressed up as Morticia! 💜
Christina Ricci, who as a child famously portrayed Wednesday Addams, dressed up as Morticia Addams. . Flawless.
Christina Ricci is too perfect for Wednesday Addams
I went as Wednesday Addams and it was gr8, also my friend got wasted again :/ and I want to help her but she just won't listen
Wednesday Addams visited Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park on Friday, October 2nd. Within minutes she was...
Josey Scott looking like Wednesday Addams got her hair straightened.
Can someone please make a grown up Wednesday Addams movie starring Aubrey Plaza.
Need it to be October so I can dye my hair black and be all spooky and talk about Wednesday Addams, Lydia Deetz and Hallo…
Today at work a customer said I look like Wednesday Addams and I was here like "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"
can't wait to get Edward sissorhands tatted on me 😍 and Wednesday Addams I luv them my childhood babes
Photo: om-nom-nom-brainz: As always, Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal . 💚 (at Chicago Heights,...
it's Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. My spirit sister.
I can't go on a horror tour w/o dressing up like Wednesday Addams in black lipstick at least once...I mean come on!
Mr. Despain told me I reminded him of Wednesday Addams 😂💀 lol
customer from Nevada Las Vegas in our Wednesday Addams Velvet Dress 😍 . SHOP |
Breast Cancer Awareness
Wednesday Addams is the only Wednesday I like
I was going for the 'Wednesday from Addams Family' look
I'm having a really hard time finding a dress for Wednesday Addams, should I just go as a witch??
Wednesday Addams, Cleopatra and Ariel. Think I had more fun than the five year old today.
Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal tbh ^.^ 👌🌸
Wednesday Addams for how I'm feeling this Wednesday.
okay but I audition for Wednesday in the Addams Family on Tuesday and i am so nervous
Wednesday Addams, Lydia Deetz and Nancy Downs are my spirit animals.
The one thing Wednesday Addams regrets is her college nickname, Hump Day.
Wenesday Addams Velvet dress is back in stock! This one is a classic. So who knows what Wednesday Addams middle...
It's Wednesday! Here is a watercolor painting of Wednesday Addams by Mao A Bbestia aka
Hello Wednesday I'm Roger Taylor Or Roger I'm a fan of Addams Family and you are my favorite character
I'm dressed like Wednesday Addams and couldn't be happier about it, which is probably an inappropriate reaction.
It's Wednesday, so it's only right we bring you an Addams Family. inspired piece. Morticia would love this...
A weird day to be sure, but I love Wednesday Addams.
I really want this tattooed (Artist is Tim Shumate) Its amazing I love Wednesday Addams!
It's Wednesday, and how I love her... (Wednesday from The Addams Family I mean)! :-)
my mom asked me why I named my hamster Wednesday and I was like "because Wednesday Addams" and she laughed
also can we just talk about this wednesday addams gif and how and I should cosplay Morticia and Wednesday
All I wanted in high school was to be casted as Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family but that dream has been crushed into itty bitty pieces
Want to be Wednesday Addams again for Halloween but I basically dress like that everyday so...
Wednesday Addams is such an inspiration 😈
I am a mixture of Lisa Simpson and Wednesday Addams tbh
Morticia and Wednesday Addams are bae. So is Gomez.
How are there so many Wednesday Addams' and Ramona Flowers' on the Internet? Some of you have to be lying
I mainly hve 2 personalities. One is Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins. The other one is Wednesday Addams
I just added this on Poshmark: Wendy's Wednesday Addams unif dollskill kill star. via
Giving Wednesday Addams a run for her money with my latest gloomy purchase: 💀 titled "Into the Void" 💀
Very Adult Wednesday Addams Apartment Hunt . Description:.  Poor kitty cat, it lost it's way but no fear, R
Wednesday Addams teaches Lurch to dance... Great Clip from The Addams Family!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
She went from Wednesday Addams stunt double on the right to Kim Kardashian-West Lite on the left. I'm so tired
Oh my gosh, Wednesday Addams is not a morbid little girl like the movie makes her to be.
wow my best friend is literally Wednesday Addams but it's fine I'm fine
Someone just compared me to Wednesday Addams...not sure if that's a compliment or not
I am Wednesday Addams. We are the same. Why is not Halloween yet?
Russia's no.1 looks like Wednesday Addams and no.7 kinda looks like Demi Lovato. Aliw.
Sooo tired. Need to sleep in tomorrow. Ms. Wednesday Addams better be happy I'm getting up at 6 for her
Please encourage me to embrace my inner Wednesday Addams / Lydia Deetz
Geeking out over this. Signed by the original Wednesday Addams
Someone just told me I remind them of Wednesday Addams. Best compliment ever wow
Wednesday Addams musical theatre (: full dance will be on YouTube shortly x
if you were wearing black I'd have said Wednesday Addams lol
Come on You gotta see the similarities too. I can't be the only one who thought was cosplaying Wednesday Addams.
i call this the Wednesday Addams Aesthetic™
lookin hotter than Wednesday addams
alright, I'm ready to play Wednesday in the Addams Family now. come see it. August 13-30th @ the…
Today I look and feel like Wednesday Addams.
I do quite enjoy my Wednesday Addams act however :/
Had a dream I was Wednesday Addams in a musical. 💁
I feel like Wednesday Addams with the dress I have on today 🙈
I bet Wednesday Addams would've loved to hang the Caravaggio on her bedroom wall. :)
Wednesday Addams choker. I do custom orders. .
my spirit animal = 1 part Creed, 1 part Wednesday Addams, and 1 part wolf.
I totally would've taken Wednesday Addams on a date if she turned out to be just like her mother. 😍
Jade thinks everything's butterflies and flowers she needs to step into my world 😂 I'm like Wednesday out the Addams Family
Next weekend is the Memento Mori Ball with We're bout to get all Wednesday Addams on em and I can't wait.
Aliya just told me, "My room is spooky! I love it!" In definitely raising Wednesday Addams. I love it.
Channeling my inner Wednesday Addams today with my all black outfit and mood. ⚫️
Photo: ani-mia: My Wednesday Addams cosplay is coming with me this weekend to Horror Realm And Pop Expo in...
Can our school have an Addams Family production so I can kill the role of Wednesday
Little Giant Ladders
I'm getting a portrait of Wednesday Addams tattooed on me it's happening
Pugsley & Wednesday addams are so adorable when they show love to each other despite playing torture always
Always find weird old pictures of myself like did I think I was Wednesday Addams 😶
My aunt calls me Wednesday (Addams Family) because she thinks I look like her lol 😶👩🏻
The best way I've been described ever has been "Cher Horowitz meets Wednesday Addams."
The last addition to the Wednesday Addams gets a snapchat series (solely because I took off the makeup)
So excited to get my Wednesday Addams tattoo tomorrow 👻
Wednesday Addams is all grown up and we have her! Lisa Loring's on the new MORTIS!
If Pocahontas and Wednesday Addams had a love child it would be me
Watching the Addams Family and when Wednesday comes on the screen my mum goes "oh she looks like you" why does everyone say that?!?!
Wednesday Addams speaks to me on a spiritual level
Does anyone ever relate to Wednesday Addams? Because same.
Wednesday Addams is my absolute queen
I bloody love The Addams Family. I was Wednesday Adams every Halloween until I was about 15
As much as I call Charlotte Wednesday Addams, I know I am more Wednesday than she. Charlotte is Tuesday
Wednesday Addams is so badass though :')
Watching The Addams Family with Amy. The school play, with the shocked audience drenched in Wednesday & Pugsley's fake blood is a hoot.
If I ever had a child and they didn't turn out like Wednesday Addams I'd be incredibly disappointed.
Wednesday Addams is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time
I'm the male equivalent of Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams really reminds me of Kendall Jenner in an odd way
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