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Weather Underground

The Weather Underground was an American radical left organization. Originally called Weatherman, the group became known colloquially as the Weathermen although its full name, as given in official communiques, was the Weather Underground Organization or WUO.

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Bill Ayers celebrating the state of USA today! Communist organizer of the Weather Underground, who called cops pigs!
Thank you Obama & weather underground types who actually killed cops & got away with it, 4 creating the same environment decades later. UGH.
Dressing for the freezing cold weather whilst travelling on the underground is hard
Obama launched his 2008 campaign in Ayers' living room. Founder of the Weather Underground, radicals who...
16h00 - Current and rain activity in SA. Image Weather Underground
The Black Panthers, The Weather Underground . . . these are made-up groups?
Bill Ayers&The Weather underground who bombed police stations in 1960s,& Obama started his Senate campaign in his home. A Pattern?
Happy Tuesday!. C2c - all fine though some underground problems!. Weather is mainly dry and bright!.
*** I was underground so long the weather actually changed. It's raining now. My 25m subway ride was over an hour. Excellent Monday.
I heard that he was tied to a black-power group that' an offshoot of the Weather Underground terrorists. Not correct?
I read am article that ties that gang to weather underground/obama
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: weather.
reddit: The Weather Underground burrows it's way to the surface. They are behind the racial tension in today's m...
trying to cross ref weather underground historical weather based on if it was cloudy or not, not as easy as I expected.
Did he also moonlight for the Cuban-backed Weather Underground cop killers?
Marc would've been a model weather underground member.
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where are the stories tying the assassin to the weather underground, muslims and the Baltimore gang.
The killer was affiliated with the weather underground. Ayers another cop hater.
Bill Ayers & the weather underground is all you need to know about how the left feels about the cops
We have a Weather Underground radical Black Liberation Army racist occupying the White House
Really? Last time I checked MN wasn't NY. You're using guilt by association. Bet you think all hippies are weather underground?
I read he had ties with the Black Panthers group that had ties with the Weather Underground and what you gave.
For purposes of connecting leftist ideology and the sitting POTUS to the Black Guerrilla Family, The Weather Underground is very important.
Why are all these Weather Underground Terrorists in positions of authority and power in America?
The line runs from the Black Panthers to Panther wannabees Weather Underground to Ayers and Obama in Hyde Park to Ferguson t…
These people come from the 70's and now they have brainwashed other generations,"Weather Underground" Bill Ayers , Barry Soetoro
Interesting connections here. First is his Muslim conversion and second is his ties to the Black Guerrilla Family - that group was associated with the Weather Underground, an organization which was founded by one of Obama's main tutors and guiding influences William Ayers.
The rioters sound exactly like the Bill Ayers *** and the weather underground. "cops are pigs" "what we want...dead cops." Seems like the friendship/agendas/domestic terrorism of Ayers and obama has come around once again.
Weather Underground provides information on how to prepare for extreme weather including winter storms
Obama buddy Ayers not sorry about attempted bombing of base Obama visited yesterday.
Rain Columbus, Ohio. Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground:
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The Er Wang Dong underground cave system in China is so big, it has its own weather system: http:/…
Today's weather is beautiful nd healthy looking for a crib at Bendor ( Polokwane) nice & beautiful homes there
So far I've gotten it to alert to rain using the Weather Underground's API. Because I'm too lazy to look outside.
I just want underground tunnels everywhere so we don't have to drive in this crappy weather
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: It was in the low 50's now 36 ugh
Reminder: TODAY is the Early Deadline to WUST - Weather Underground Startup Trek, San Francisco w/ Apply:
Warm up from this not-so-summery weather with my honey mustard chicken - juicy pieces of chicken tenderloin in a...
Apply now! Last day of early deadline for Weather Underground Startup Trek in SF
the weather underground actually blew up buildings in the USA and now they're university professors.
Oryctodromeus was a small theropod that survived predators and harsh weather by burrowing underground.
Current overview of thunderstorms and rain in parts of SA - Weather Underground
Weather will never stop bike riders underground in Mega Cave
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: Morning all.not looking good in
Good morning people. Some underground today in this beautiful weather. 😂👌💰
Wow Look at what weather underground is Sayin bout friday hope it verifies!
Hamilton Collection
The weather from the underground vaults: drippy.
The weather outside is so lovely can't believe I am stuck underground all this while
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: at the over view nasty looking
Weather Underground is calling for 5-8 inches Saturday in Ashland. Think that's accurate?
Bill has the weather underground showing the love right now in the great downunder
Weather for Valley View, Texas, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Weather for ตำบล ครึ่ง, Thailand, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Hi can underground cables have power problems in very windy weather? I'm just wondering
Weather Underground, WTO protests, National Party Convention protests, on & on, police just let them go . . .
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: Showers in western Texoma should become more numerous later today
History will prove those who follow the current liberal black leadership will be no better than The Weather Underground back in the 60's
Searching for the Best Weather App Among Weather Underground, Weatherbug and More -
Weather for 33032 - Homestead, FL, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Good Thursday morning, Chicago! Cloudy and cold. High near 35. A low near 30 tonight. Warmer tomorrow with a chance of rain or freezing rain. High near 40. This is Morning Edition Host Lisa Labuz. Here’s what’s coming up today on WBEZ: On Morning Shift: Host Tony Sarabia wraps up the fall veto session in Springfield. We’ll also look at school rankings, and hear about a recent study that examines why Americans are split over climate change. At noon on Worldview: Host Jerome McDonnell talks about the accomplishments of the Chinese advocacy group Occupy Central with Love and Peace. Two months of democracy protests in Hong Kong are dwindling. On The Afternoon Shift: Host Niala Boodhoo talks with Bill Ayers, former UIC professor and co-founder of the revolutionary group the Weather Underground. Thanks for listening to WBEZ!
20 degree drop in an hour! Weather for Tulsa, Oklahoma, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Good morning Penn State University! It is currently 15.1 F. Today's forecast from Weather Underground, Partly cloudy skies during the morning hours will become overcast in the afternoon. High 41F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
Bill Ayers, retired University of Illinois professor and former Weather Underground leader, spent last week kicking back with like minded, radicals at an upscale resort in Tuscon, Arizona. What brought Ayers to Arizona was a four day conference made up...
Weather Underground sensor reports 8.78" of rain 2 miles SSE of Port of PB. North Palm Beach 7.92". Flood Warning for …
We're live at Copper Mountain, Colorado on AMHQ with Sam Champion!! Weather Underground station at the top of the...
Weather Underground and Dr. Jeff Masters have the best tropical updates.
NEWS. According to research by Dr. Jeff Masters of private forecaster Weather Underground, ten major...
Weather Update Fort Kent, Maine & Vicinity 7:00 AM Thursday, October 16, 2014 This morning finds some fog and mist around Fort Kent with a total of 0.15 inches of rainfall since yesterday. The prognosis for the next couple of days in Fort Kent is wet. An occluded front ahead of a deep upper-low and trough to the west will move towards the region today and bring rain, heavy at times, from this afternoon through Friday afternoon as the system draws into tropical moisture from Hurricane Gonzalo--currently a Category 4 storm northeast of the Bahamas--into the circulation around the upper low approaching the region. Temperatures today will reach a high of about 64° with a low tonight around 52°. Southeast winds will be around 8-10 mph today. Tonight, around 0.25 to 0.50 inches of rainfall with some embedded thunderstorms may occur. Winds speeds pick up to 12-16 mph tomorrow as the front accompanied by a low-level jet approaches in the morning. Friday, October 17 During the morning, rain, heavy at times, is . ...
Weather for Corfu, Greece, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Weather for Surprise, AZ, brought to you by Weather Underground:
WOW...Coming from a convicted communist who testified he has no regrets for espionage with "Weather Underground".
E B O L A - In 1969, Weather Underground founders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (who were to become Pres.
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: heavy rain in this one.
reminds me of Republicans saying democrats were domestic terrorists because of Weather Underground. Stop being lazy.
He could not get the guns, could not persuade us with his charm, and like the weather underground said, they will just kill us
is that Bill Ayers junior? Weather underground pendant around the neck? Hehe
I am so feeling this weather. Lundun underground makes me appreciate the cold rain
Lunch special is a provolone-stuffed BBQ burger; soup of the day is turkey/wild rice and broccoli rapini for the gloomy weather!
Tornado warning for and some Get underground!
Here is the Weather Festival Festival 2014 video report, opening with UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE, and closing with 3...
Or like how Republicans tried to paint democrats as domestic terrorists after Weather Underground bombings. Not true at all
Well, it looks like Obama is carrying out the Bill Ayers' Weather Underground tactic to get rid of millions of conservatives.
Weather for Las Vegas, NV, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Obama's radical ties to Ayers & Dohrn have come home to roost: Weatherman (aka Weather Underground) via
Morning...sorry for lack of pics this week! Got no signal where Im working! :-/ Off to canoe underground to hide from the weather today! ;-)
Weather Underground seems to be incapable of detecting Yerevan as a location.
Underground sprinklers blown out for winter, then we get more warm weather & no rain. My life in a nutshell
RadarScope is the king. Also rely on AeroWeather, Wx Underground, BoltMeter, and WRAL weather alert app.
Weather apps everyone should have: RadarScope, iWarn, iHurricane Pro, Intellicast HD, Weather Underground.
Wednesday on Fox News Radio’s “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan conducted his third sit-down interview since 2009 with Bill Ayers, one-time leader of the Weather Underground. Ayers told Alan why he thinks America is a terrorist nation, what we should be doing in the Middle East and defended
Weather: Harriman, NY - Weather for Harriman, NY, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Weather for Manila, Philippines, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Ayer's Weather Underground sd Millions would have to die.
Thanks for the tip, Weather Underground is a free weather app with a nice widget.
Weather Underground: see what it is saying about
From Weather Underground app on Oct 14, 2014, 10:15:56 AM. Stay safe out there!
I have it on my phone and recently a weather underground tab open on my browser.
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: Look at the whole picture. Round 2!!
On weather days like this, we need an underground tunnel (or at least a dumbwaiter) betwixt us and
They must be expecting worse weather. Hubby sent home from work and he works underground, at the top of the Great Divide...
Weather Forecast for Thursday and Thursday Night | Thursday - Sunny. High 76F. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph. | Thursday Night - Clear skies. Low 68F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. | Courtesy of Weather Underground |
Cat-5 Super Typhoon (19W / Satellite Image & Key Information - West Pacific Maximum Winds: 165 mph Gusts: 200 mph Movement: West Northwest at 6 mph Location: approximately 484 nm south-southeast of Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan has tracked west- northwestward at 06 knots over the past six hours. Animated enhanced infrared (eir) satellite imagery shows the system has maintained a round 23-nm eye with convective banding wrapping into the center. The current position is based on the eye feature on the eir animation with high confidence. The initial intensity of 145 knots is based on an overall assessment of Dvorak current intensity estimates ranging from t7.0 to t7.5 (140 to 155 knots). Upper-level analysis indicates excellent radial outflow, enhanced by a TUTT cell to the east, as evident on the water vapor imagery. Sty 19w is currently tracking along the southwest periphery of the subtropical ridge (str). Oct. 9, 2014 Update (Weather Underground) 3AM JST
Last night, Met the most vivid dreams of a future climate - with no gentle weather whatsoever. Cyclone to cyclone, living underground
If you've never seen it, I recommend Ricky Rood's blog on Weather Underground:
1969 today was the opening rally of the Days of Rage, organized by the Chicago chapter of the Weather Underground. Cheers.
College that honoured Weather Underground terror-bimbo victimises Southern girls
The Science Center's new weather station is live and reporting to Weather Underground! Thanks, BEF!
Weather Underground killer / Grad Kathy Boudin now works for two Manhattan universities
Most natural gas pipelines are buried underground not only for safety reasons but protection from weather to ensure uninterrupted service.
Jeff Masters at Weather Underground reports that Vongfong is Earth's fourth Category 5 storm of the year, and the...
Oct. 8 1969: Demonstrations organized by the Weather Underground known as the Days of Rage began in Chicago
The London underground is the funniest thing ever. Due to the wet weather conditions the stairs might be... well wet. Thanks mate.
Underground travel in the overcast weather
Bolshevik terrorists like the Weather are yet another reason for a vigorous, active, armed self-defense:
Fog is fighting to come in but weather underground calls for clearing after midnight. So time to set the alarm...
Today in 1969 & 1970, Weather Underground bombed the statue dedicated to Chicago PD that were killed during
Weather Underground on Oct 8, 2014, 12:16:00 AM. 41.774635,-71.894994 should be a fun morning!
Aye.. was looking at weather underground's wundermap.. and there was Gore.. I was quite confused.
.[3/_] Could walk in at West St. and walk (weather protected "mall") straight to underground E & R with almost no stairs.
If you can trust the weather report, then the cruiser ride is on for Wednesday night! Weather Underground reports...
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>> Severe Thunderstorms Produce High Winds, Rain and Hail in Kentucky | Weather Underground
Weather as weapon of war, "McNamara ordering a halt...instead...'went underground-- into the dark"
Obama's close ties to Weather Underground and ongoing support for Black Panthers tells a tail of horrific racism…
They *do* know who the Weather Underground were right?
SpireWeather's data can still be accessed here on Weather Underground...
Pedestrians in Seek Shelter from the in May 1967.
Pedestrians in Seek Shelter from the in Underground Arcades, May 1967.
I was hoping the badgers would stay underground if weather poor :(
Blog Post: Pedestrians in Montreal Seek Shelter from the Weather in Underground Arcades, May 1967 -
Now they're talking about the weather underground I am listening with bated breath where is this conversation going?? ?
People died when Obama's pal Bill Ayers was running Weather Underground. He was involved in murder. Got off on technicality & paid off judge
updated with iOS 8 widget featuring radar view and current conditions (via -
The weather underground and Ayers said it would be necessary for milliions to die.
Really sunny in London today. Definate sunglasses weather. On tube. 80 feet underground.
Weather for Surprise, Arizona, brought to you by Weather Underground:   10% Off
yes..they are still always looking for an AU 'weather underground' ..
September 25th – The WH knows that it has to replace AG Eric Holder before the Dems lose the Senate. Funny thing, just BEFORE the news broke of Holder’s resignation today Katie Pavlich posted this at Townhall: “U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates has denied a request from the Department of Justice to delay the release of a list of Operation Fast and Furious documents being protected under President Obama's assertion of executive privilege.” Hm. A few of Holder’s greatest hits: Pardoned Marc Rich & members of the Weather Underground, threw out Black Panther voter intimidation charges, was held in contempt of Congress for withholding Fast & Furious documents, seized AP phone records, targeted Fox News’ James Rosen, filed suit against Arizona Immigration Law, campaigned against voter ID, labeled the Fort Hood murders “workplace violence,” purged the term “Radical Islam” from all FBI materials and dragged his feet on all of O’s scandals. GOOD RIDDANCE to this race-baiting and thoroug ...
Yes Bill Ayers Weatherman Convicted Terrorist Bomber And Obama AKA {Barry Sotero}and they were very close to,back in the Summer of 69 !!! INSISTS WEATHER UNDERGROUND BOMBER Bill Ayers IS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST by MARINKA PESCHMANN During an interview with the State Journal-Register in Illinois, William Ayers, one of the founders of the Weather Underground, who launched President Obama’s political career at his Chicago home, insisted he was “absolutely not” a domestic terrorist. But that’s not what the Federal Bureau of investigations (FBI) insists. According to declassified FBI reports on the Weather Underground, reports that the mainstream press ignored and were public prior to the 2008 presidential elections, in the section entitled, “A Byte Out of History: 1975 Terrorism Flashback: State Department Bombing:” the FBI wrote: Twenty-nine years ago Thursday, an explosion rocked the headquarters of the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. No one was hurt, but the damage was extensive, impacti ...
Weather Map, brought to you by Weather Underground: thunderstorms moving into Oklahoma tonight
as 42 of the last 43 daily highs at Dulles Airport have been below avg, according to Weather Underground
Salina Turda salt mine in Romania is now an underground theme park. Shared from Google News & Weather
Still a little ways out Weather for St. Louis, MO, brought to you by Weather Underground:
Yeah I mean if you want hella thought provoking then watch "Zeitgeist" or "The Weather Underground" or any dope nature doc …
if you are going to download any weather app make it Weather Underground best weather app out there
Bringing the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary Violence in the...
Share this Blog - Weather Underground Forecast for Saturday, August 23, 2014An area of low pressure will move...
So Megyn Kelly is on Fox comparing the founder of Weather Underground to Hitler for something that happened in 1970. Good work.
Saturday was another beautiful day - once again quite dry, sunny and pleasant for mid-August. Minimum temp dropped to 55.0 that did not come close to set a daily record (record still stands at 47 set back in 1979). High temps on Saturday once again was in the 70s but the 79.6 technically rounds up to 80. So I still stand with 7 days this month (so far) with max temps in the 70s... We probably will stay at 60 or above through tonight to sunrise on Sunday with cloudy skies predominating, then a cold front from the north should get close enough to kick off some clouds and a bit of a chance at showers Sunday afternoon and evening (30-40 POP) with high temps in the mid 80s, then a low in the low 60s overnight Sunday.  Most of the week ahead features days with more clouds than sun, high temps mostly in the low-mid 80s, and at least a 40 POP for showers/storms each day. Monday looks to be the wettest day potentially, with a 60 POP during the day and a 70 POP during the evening. Lows this coming week should be i ...
How efficient is the Haven™? At 5:30pm- Inside: 74℃. Outside : 88℃ (Coinciding with the Weather Underground temp mechanical ventilation other than the upstairs bedroom solar powered exhaust fan. Insulated shades will be added to block the hot afternoon sun. Today's heat topped out at 92℃. The inside low at 8am, when the thermometer resets, was a pleasant 71℃. Today's outside low was 60℃. Please help us educate folks on the difference between "Sustainable" and "Green" by Sharing this post. :)
If had a leader he would look like Bill Ayers and his movement would mimic the weather underground of the early 70's.
CNN covering MSNBC showing Lockup and Fox investigating the Weather Underground.
*Fox News does segment on the Weather Underground* hmm this is weird i wonder why they're do-. "up next, how is Barack Obama connected?" oh.
watching Bill Ayers (Weather Underground) articulately destroying Megyn Kelly on
The Weather Underground wanted to hand the USA over to Russia & China:
started his political career in this home. Member weather underground
pal Weather Underground terrorist Prof "Angela Davis, other great people were (on the FBI's Most Wan…
If the tea party movement could be tied to a group like Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, it would be all you hear on MSM
This president had to be elected because of voter tampering. We have The Weather Underground Administration.
well of course the weather underground app using a place close to me. So who knows were there thermometer was located
Weather Underground provides information about Halong 2014. Use hurricane tracking maps, 5-day forecasts, computer models and satellite imagery to track storms.
Storms target Hawaii: NOAA satellite imageAP Photo: Weather Underground This NOAA satellite image taken Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 at 02:00 AM EDT shows a monsoonal low over the Rocky Mountains bringing heavy rain, showers and thunderstorms to most of the western United States. Hurricane Iselle is far to the east of Hawaii followed by Tropical Storm Julio. Two big storms so close together is rare in the central Pacific, and Hurricane Iselle could make landfall by Thursday and Tropical Storm Julio could hit three days later, officials said. It's unclear how damaging the storms could be, but people throughout the islands weren't taking any chances. Judy Castillo of Oahu said she wanted to make sure her family was prepared before big crowds flooded stores and shelves emptied. "Two storms in a row? It's like, hello," she said, pushing a cart with two cases of water and other items from a drug store to her car. A grocery store in the coastal Oahu community of Waianae opened 15 minutes early Tuesday because people w ...
the IRA did it a lot, as did the Weather Underground in the Bay Area back in the 70's
Was she with the black panther group that robbed and killed a Brinks' guard with The Weather Underground back in the 70's?
yes Soros is puppet master,funds flotilla to Gaza along with Bill Ayres (weather underground)and Bernadette Dorn
>think underground parking is the way to go with the Seattle weather. You never know what the day may be like.
extremist are n were: weather underground who BOMBED GOVT BUILDINGS, POLICE PRECINTS, KILLED COPS
This blog on Weather Underground is pretty good, the topic is the two hurricanes heading our way. I think Weather...
Ugh. I forgot about weather underground.
Share data from 5-in-1 sensors to Weather Underground with PC Connect products:
Stone, glass, concrete and gravel. All we've got to keep us together. Stone, glass, concrete and gravel. Underground traveling overcast weather
Since comes to your home via underground pipelines, it’s always there for you in any weather condition:
You have to wonder how that earthquake felt underground in SA's famously deep gold mines. And weather they are ok.
Starting the week with five tropical storm advisories. To track each of the storms, visit: … - Weather Underground - Google+
Great video. "Safe fr the weather & pranksters." Ha! MT Automated underground bicycle storage in Japan.
Obama's Family History. 1926: Eight year old Stanley Dunham discovers his mothers body after she has committed suicide. Stanley's father then abandons the traumatized boy, leaving Stanley in the care of his maternal grandparents in El Dorado, Kansas. Stanley is psychologically devastated by suicide and abandonment! Stanley Dunham becomes a troubled teen. The emotionally damaged boy grows into a rebellious teenager. Stanley assaults his high school principal, runs away from home, and becomes a drifter hopping rail cars to Chicago, then California, then back again. At age 20, he marries Madelyn Payne on the night of her Senior Prom. The hurt little boy grows into an angry and unstable young man. Stanley fathers a girl and names her Stanley!!! Just before leaving for Europe in World War II in 1942, Stanley impregnates Madelyn. A girl is born on November 29, 1942. Because Stanley wanted a son, he names the girl after himself - Stanley Ann Dunham! Stanley Ann Dunham endures childhood bullying and trauma. After ...
Enjoying todays weather on the Burlington beachstrip. NO PARKING on grass shoulder due to underground oil pipeline^lb
I use beautiful widgets for my weather widget, best weather widget app, uses AccuWeather or weather underground
I'LL TAKE IT!!! 'Polar Vortex' Flashback? Experts Say Rare Summer Cold Front on the Way Remember last winter's cold spot, which turned "polar vortex" into a phrase that sent chills through the spines of Americans east of the Mississippi River? Get ready for a flashback. This time it's a cool wave sweeping away summer's heat. Morning temperatures could dip into the 50s for many Midwesterners next week, potentially setting seasonal records, according to The Weather Channel. The Washington Post's Jason Samenow says the weather pattern bears a "haunting resemblance" to January's big freeze. The jet stream is dipping down farther south than usual over the eastern United States, just as it did back then. The cause is Typhoon Neoguri, thousands of miles to the west, according to the Weather Underground's Jeff Masters. That storm is sparking a chain reaction of weather shifts, including the Eastern cool down as well as a strong ridge of high pressure over western North America. That means next week is going to be ...
Weather update! According to Weather Underground, the forecast is getting better. "Partly cloudy skies in the morning will give way to cloudy skies during the afternoon. High 87F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph." 20% chance of precipitation. Greatest chance of rain coming between 1:00 and 3:00. We'll have a headwind in the morning and tailwind in the afternoon once we're tired!
I've heard bandwidth intensive websites like Weather Underground may pay for SRV data for it's users
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because hunting gets you fired, but being a Weather Underground bomber gets you a teaching gig at a university
After the collapse of the USSR, all those commies went underground within the Weather Channel and Democrat Party.
Obama's pal, Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground imitated the tactics of 50 years before:
I'd like to prune my roses. Fingers crossed for fine weather. Sorry I was in the underground loop.
the tower gone down in De witt Ar for the Weather Underground.
"Do you know who is teaching your kids? It could be a former Weather Underground member.
Miserable weather, stuck on the underground, missed a's one of those days.
Japan begins construction of the ice wall at Fukushima
I think you're talking about radical unions like SNCC and Weather Underground. I really think You'll like those!
How is Redford bankrolling this Rathergate film? With the proceeds from his blockbuster Weather Underground revisionist flick?
weather underground old lady Clinton was a part of that group to so was EricHolder I just call twhat it is terrorist group
Hi Bill, cable is less affected by weather than satellite, especially if your lines are underground. -Mike
The nation's weather - U - Weather Underground Forecast for...
yes. I can control the weather from 60ish feet underground...
goyal sahab pls make all transmission lines underground to make them theft proof & weather proof..learn frm Ahmedabad
too old for the part. Should play a Weather Underground refugee instead.
your in our prayers Robo-man of the backchannel weather underground clan...
Democrats tenurize criminals. “who is teaching your kids? a former Weather Underground member. htt…
Fox News Megyn Kelly Interviews Bill Ayers from Weather Underground. This is part 1 of the interview from the 2 part/night interview.
Fox News host Megyn Kelly told former Weather Underground radical Bill Ayers that he sounded like Osama bin Laden for criticizing the U.S. government’s violence against the people of Vietnam.
“And so the answer is to then make yourself a murderer as well?" Megyn Kelly presses Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers on his multiple alleged bombings of government buildings during his time with the violent radical group tonight at 9p ET on 'The Kelly File.' Don’t miss it.
When he is not building bombs and palling around with President Barack Obama, Bill Ayers is fighting on The Kelly File for the honors he believes are due to military deserters. Ayers, the former leader of the Weather Underground, appeared in an exclusive Fox News interview with Megyn Kelly Monday ni…
Fox News host Megyn Kelly relentlessly grilled former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers on his past terrorist activity in a highly-anticipated, confrontational interview that aired on Monday. One of the most interesting moments came after Kelly confronted Ayers about the Weather Underground’s su…
Megyn Kelly faced off with former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers in an explosive interview tonight in which Kelly repeatedly confronted Ayers about bombings and killings that the radical group was reportedly involved in.
Weather forecast: California and the nation, June 27 - Weather Underground Forecast for Friday, June 27, 2014 A...
Ayers told Kelly that Weather Underground took credit for slightly more than 20 bombings in a period where there were more than 20,000 bombings in the U.S. in opposition to the Vietnam War.
I know some friends in SD dislike me for speaking out about our incompetent president (they say I'm "ranting and raving") Now our pres. has given our enemy terrorist who killed our ambassador in Bengazhi American constitutional rights to plead Miranda rights and have our tax money defend him !!! Why do you people think I'm upset and "rant" and "rave " for my country??? Because Obummer is corrupt.Secondly, tonight's interview with Bill Ayers, the leader of the Weather Underground( a 60's domestic terror group) is a buddy of Obummer ..The "Underground" blew up government buildings, blew up police cars, killing police officers. . Ok, To keep peace of the people that have their heads buried in the sand, I will end this before I'm accused of a "rant". Why is Obummer a buddy of the terroristic leader of the Weather Underground? I know. Nobody wants to think about and connect the dots. Good Night. Oh, and btw, the American people have been sreaming for 5 yrs. to SECURE OUR BORDER. Now, when Obummer's paid pr ...
Hate all you want! ima get dis money weather it's underground or mainstream
That being said one of my college profs was a famous ex-SDS/Weather Underground and he changed my life positively in a weird good way.
“There was a terrible risk” in bombings, said 3 Weather Underground members died putting one together in '70
Megyn Kelly took on domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground, in an exclusive interview tonight on “The Kelly File.
Bill Ayers denies Weather Underground involvement in bombing of judge's house despite his wife's statement in book:
Weather Underground led by pal Bill Ayers & wife > 30 bombings in US
Go away. (radar image from Weather Underground)
oh weather underground what are you telling me: The Flood Warning continues for the Iowa river at Iowa City. * Until further notice. * At 1:00 PM Monday the stage was 16.9 feet...and rising. * Flood stage is 22 feet. * No flooding is occurring and moderate flooding is forecast. * Recent activity...the river is rising from heavy rain overnight. * Forecast...initial crest of 20.2 Tuesday evening...then rise above flood stage Thursday morning. Continue rising to 23.7 feet Friday evening. The Current River forecasts are highly dependent on where and how much rain falls. * 24 feet...water affects the north wastewater treatment plant. Considerable flooding occurs at the University of Iowa.
TEST FOR FLOOD ADVISORY for Timbucktoo, Calivania --- See alert on Weather Underground:
forecast: California and the nation, June 28 - Weather Underground Forecast for Saturday, June 28, 2014 A...
“one-on-one with Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers not repentant. Why is he free
Bill Ayers, co-grounder of Weather Underground, takes great pride in their "work" yet admits to no responsibility for anything they did.
Megyn Kelly asks tough questions of Bill Ayers tonight. Here is the first video in that interview, aired just a...
"my exclusive 1on 1with Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers tonight at 9p ET.
Also of note is how the Weather Underground had an interest In Obama...years later.
Those of us who grew up in late '60's early '70's remember how violent The Weather Underground were.
Megan Kelly on FOXNEWS is doing a 2 part interview with the founder of the 60's murderous radical group the weather underground...part 2 tomm night...if this was done in summer of 2008 . you would never have seen Barack Hussein Obama in the Oval office...period..
I wish I could change Weather Underground to make it better. They should make options so I can see names of cities.
I'm very well aware of current events, thanks. Didn't know the history of weather underground.
Different Weather Underground I'm finding out. This guy is now a Professor of EDUCATION at the U of Illinois-Chicago
Another guy with the Weather Underground is a professor at Columbia. Fancy that!?
That would be me. :-). & I'm old enough to remember the Weather Underground.
Bill Ayers is in a constant state of denial. He has convinced himself that The Weather Underground was for==> The Greater Good.
Watching The Kelly Files on Fox News and part one of an interview she is having with former Weather Underground and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. I have concluded that Osama bin Ladin is his father, Idid Amin his brother and his family Al Qaida...He's a demon of the first order and I look to the day I get to see him led away in cuffs to answer for the crimes he and his minions have committed on innocent Americans just to advance a anti-war philosophy.
I just watched an interview with Bill Ayers who was part of the weather underground. I am totally amazes to watch him deny excerpts from his own freakin book. The man walks free today after all the damage he and his gang inflicted on this country. Now he is a professor spewing his hatred and lies to the youth of America, What the *** is happening to the greatest nation ever known to man? Destruction from within and the liberal agenda is the fuse. God help us. He truly is the answer.
. Weather Underground was inspired by communist ideologies . .
Great. Obama has brought Weather Underground sensitivity to the IRS: DESTROY, then DENY. Progressives are harming America.
I don't excuse GOVT war machine anymore than I will excuse war machine of Weather Underground. What about his penchant for 25 mill deaths?
Will never forget Communist Bill Ayer's interview on 9/11/2001 wishing "Weather Underground" terrorists had done MORE.
the work the weather underground did was important. I wish my generation understood the importance of civil activism
I've seen Weather Underground labeled as a "radical" group. How is this not a terrorist organization?
Bill Ayers is so un-remorseful. If weather underground despised war so much why did they wage it on the American people?
Bill Ayers- Weather Underground are from a different time in American History. We cant judge them by todays standards
Listening to the Bamster's good buddy Bill Ayers interview with Megan Kelly. Good Lord has anyone listened to this? Why isn't this commie in prison. The" Weather Underground" Wonder if they teach this in our schools. The guy and his wife Bernadine Dorhn. Tell ya where is the media? Liberalism is a terrible disease.
.Bill Ayers should be held accountable for every murder committed by the weather underground.
. Ayers has a selective memory as he tries to deny his documented Weather Underground history. He is a smarmy elitist.
moral of story with Ayers: what would happen if 50 terrorists get into country & start bombing like Weather Underground? Chaos!
Can you believe a person that is the President of our great country was best friends and a sympathizer with the likes of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. Interview tonight on Fox, Ayers said army deserters were valiant heroes. What would he do if it wasn't for the courageous soldiers that don't desert this country and fight to preserve the right for his sorry *** to live in freedom while he undermines our great country.
The low last night in Albuquerque was 63.5 according to Weather Underground, and the high today was 105. My house is well insulated so I take advatage of this huge diurnal variation to cool my house by opening all my doors and windows in the early morning and keeping my house closed all day until it is cooler outside than it is inside. Unfortunately I forgot to close up this morning (unless somebody picked my lock but didn't steal anything). I just got home and it is 87 degrees in my house. At least I have a control experiment now. And I can open my doors earlier tonight than I usually do!
I was alive & aware during the weather underground days,, frankly the bullet he deserves is 40 years late. enough said
One word comes to mind after watching Megyn Kelley's interview with Obama's bomb making buddy Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground- disgusting! How did we ever reach this low point in America where a man like this holds so much influence?
Pure evil. And our universities employed and made heroes out of these Weather Underground scum. .
Megyn Kelly lists the bombings committed by the Weather Underground. | Bill Ayers: "That's destruction of property."
Ayers doesn't know anything, didn't plan anything and denies everything. Weather Underground obviously was all about peace.
That's the best thing that happened to the weather underground
with Radical Group Weather Underground. Bill keeps denying kills people is BAD???
“Terrible thing” that three Weather Underground members died in 1970 bomb assembly, said on
Weather Underground leader, Bill Ayers on tonight is the same lying, evil freak I remember from the 60's - no remorse at all! featured in NBC s Science of Love
While discussing the Weather Underground's terrorism, Bill Ayers throws in a jab about "John McCain dropping bombs" in Vietnam.
Bejeezus! Did just compare the bombings by The Weather Underground to John McCain's bombing runs in Vietnam?
The Weather Underground is responsible 4 the murder of Sgt. Brian McDonnell~Ayers spewing Lies just like his pal O w/ BrianTerry
So I'm watching an interview with Bill Ayers, conducted by Megan Kelly of Fox News. He was a member of the weather Underground, a radial liberal group who declared war on the "establishment" in the late 60's and early 70's. This guy is a friend of our President. This Terrorist group bombed judges and police. As a "pig", at least in this terds eyes I'm the enemy. I would love the opportunity to debate this punk Man to Terd, in a closed room, that's locked. When it's over the world would be better off and then I'd take my dog for walk. Love that dog.
What's the difference in the weather underground and radical islam
no way! The weather underground was a violent group! I find it hard to believe he was in that group and DIDN'T participate.
. Good interview on the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers, good research.
He should be serving life in prison for his Weather Underground domestic terrorism activity.
Bill Ayers is being interviewed on Megan Kelly's the Kelly File. Bill Ayers is a scum bag and I don't understand why he isn't in prison. I lived through this era and in fact was in downtown Chicago when the SDS was formed. They became the Weather Underground and bombed around 20 properties, killing some. 3 Underground members were killed when the bomb they were making to take to a military ball prematurely exploded. I believe at the minimum he's an accessory to murder. He's the guy whose house Obama launched his campaign from. Arrogant, elitist scum bag who should be in prison.
now I wanna do more research on the weather underground! Sounds crazy!
claims Weather Underground was only responsible for “property damage” in bombings. More in minutes on
Well, thus far, Bill Ayers claims the Weather Underground was not responsible for ANYTHING. No wonder Obama Luvs him. NOT RESPONSIBLE!!!
Bill Ayers, former focal member of Weather Underground, is currently on Fox News with Megyn Kelly. Ayers recently...
Bill Ayers was in the Weather Underground but didn't do anything and doesn't know anyone in the WU who did anything either.
““Weather Underground, I think, took credit for slightly over 20” bombings in U.S.
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Too bad he won't personally admit to anything accept how great Weather Underground violence was.
Many of your prof's heroes were radical leftist terrorists. SLA, Weather Underground, SDS... Heck, some are profs now too.
denies Weather Underground bombing of then 9-year-old John Murtagh’s home. Murtagh reacts on coming up.
Bill Ayers denies Weather Underground bombed Judge Murtagh's house. Forgot it was in his book.
is interviewing Bill Ayers of Weather Underground right now. Good stuff.
Weather Underground declared war gov't. Ayers has no problem with that. Ayers lying through his teeth.
calls Weather Underground references to police as “pigs” the “inflated rhetoric of the time.”
Coward Bill Ayers refusing to detail HIS involvement in Weather Underground. If he is so proud of his group, why hide his actions?
Megan Kelly /fnc fox and the weather underground terrorists on now
for those of u that care...meagyn Kelly will interview Bill Ayers, leader of the weather underground in the 1960.friends with Obama and one of the nations worst homegrown terrorist.shud be very interesting.meagyn is not an easy interview.comes on at 9 on Fox News channel
How many people are aware that Obama has ties to, the “non-partisan” political “fact checking” site, vis-a-vis the Annenberg Foundation? Or that the controversies surrounding Obama, such as his ties to Bill Ayers, a former member of the violent Vietnam War era Weather Underground terrorist group, and the veracity of Obama’s “birth certificate” are both linked to Factcheck and Annenberg.
So, who controls the message? Who tells us about the weather? Defense contractor, Raytheon (the third largest weapons manufacturer and partner in HAARP) does all the "forecast" modeling for the National Weather Service and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Lockheed Martin does the modeling for the FAA. Since both of these private defense contractors are up to their necks in weather modification patents AND programs, their "forecasts" are more or less the "scheduled weather". The Rothchilds own the major weather disseminating agencies - The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, and Weather Central. They also then, help to control the message. With the Rothschild's acquisition of the dominant private forecast modeling organizations, the control of weather "modeling" seems complete. This control of "forecasts" and "graphics" provides for the constant visual conditioning that makes the population more likely to accept the constant spraying and manipulation of our weather as "normal". Whe ...
Watch your weather! Try Weather Underground app. It's good! Will have an active week!!!. "Weather Underground" -
To all of those in the 'Peg tonight... Enjoy this gorgeous weather, play hard and drink hard. Cheers🍻
Weather History for Taiwan Taoyuan International, - Get Weather History data by the day, week, month, or year with details like temperature, humidity, wind, etc. on Weather Underground.
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Instead of working with Congress to move the country forward. The President has chosen to use his time to look into sport concussions? He said he has a connection to this problem. He may have had one when he played football as a kid. Had ringing in his ears and saw stars! So now we are to believe he played football!! Did not know they had teams in Africa!! Kind of like Hillary Clinton finding out she is part Jewish! Maybe the ringing in his ears was from the bombs he built with Bill Ayers. If you don't know Mr Ayers was the founder of a terrorist group called The Weather Underground. Look it up of you trust me. Bill is part of Obamas inner circle of friends. Or maybe from getting stoned in college. Oh yea " why did he have his records sealed" by a court of law before the election!!!' Makes you to go HHHMM! They crucified Bush for past drinking problem. Go figure!!'
Studio session finishing the new album "the weather underground" with@ qmadethebeat who has worked…
Weather for LTAI, Turkey, brought to you by Weather Underground:
best band names on this 1, but uh by the way come see us tonight at suburbia in bk with The Gradients + Living Room + Big Neck Police + Weather Underground (solo)
My question to Jim Cantore.what's your favorite weather app? And it wasn't the weather channel app...or weather underground.
Yep he buddy Ayers, bomb maker of the 60s Weather Underground. How odd people forget Ayers, HanioJane,Kerry etc
Weather channel and weather underground forecasts for storms differ widely for this afternoon at IAH. Not helping.
There should be both systems in future Underground transmission and Overhead transmission. UT is not affected by weather.
Common Market - Weather Vane on Urab3AT-FM Intl. home of Underground Rap b3ATS.
Get the latest forecast for weather in Los Altos CA along with updates about temperature, humidity, weather radar and more on Weather Underground.
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