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Wayne Powell

Wayne Powell is a former professional football player born in Caerphilly, Wales. He joined Bristol Rovers in 1975 and after 32 league appearances and 10 goals (plus a brief loan spell at Halifax Town) he joined Hereford United in 1978. Here, he made 6 league appearances and scored 2 goals before moving to Non-League football with Bath City.

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News item for Huntington residents to remember during municipal primary election in May of 2015 and municipal general election in November of 2015. Tuesday, November 26, 2013 3:09 pm The Huntington City Common Council voted in favor of an ordinance proposed by the administration of Mayor Brooks Fetters that would increase the sewer rate by around 38 percent. The rate increase will pay for loans for the Rabbit Run project, a federally-mandated plan to reduce combined sewer overflow points, points where wastewater gets into the river during rain events or snow melt in the city. The ordinance, and the rate increase, passed with a 4-3 vote from the council. Councilmen Jim Long, D-3rd District, Wayne Powell, R-4th District, and Greg Davis, R-at large, voted against the ordinance. Councilmen Charles Chapman, R-1st District, Paul Pike, R-2nd District, Joe Blomeke, R-5th District, and Jack Slusser, R-at large, voted for the ordinance.
Now this is how you damage your rims!
Wayne n Drake need to make an album together.
It's a mid-week celebration of my colleagues and their ministry. Today I celebrate the ministry of Wayne Powell and his wife Tammy. Successful pastorates at Oakview, Mt. Clinton, and presently Elliston COG, this couple has proven to be some of the finest leaders in VA. Obviously many are aware of his battle with cancer and to say they have been solid in their faith and positive in their outlook is an understatement. They are true examples of Godly, kind, caring, and compassionate people. They are an inspiration to many!!!
I'm gonna go to a cc 1st bc since I initially went to an arts school, I never took pre reqs. After that I'm thinking wayne state
Democratic candidate for Congress, Wayne Powell talks about his challenge to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Read more at ...
Mine and Jim's 30th anniversary today. Wayne Powell was our usher, Irene Powell maid of honor, Jennifer Lowe flower girl.
Cole Powell did a very good job on tonight. Good discussion on the ARCA car and the entire...
Ok Wayne Powell, after seeing Cantor's agenda, working 97 days and not helping Virginians or Americans, get it together and beat that sombich in November!
Off 2 the pantomine swn wiv Wayne Powell our boy's nd the Davies gang...excited *** ye! X
9 Months Later... Keith decided to go skiing with his buddy, Bob. So they loaded up Keith's minivan and headed...
If wayne rooney leave which one among our youngster do you think can fill the vaccum. I CHOOSE JESSE LINGARD OR NICK POWELL
Question spurs fans.would Arsenal let someone try there hand at a managers job to someone who has never managed before let alone in the Premiership? Olly McDonald Wayne Powell Danielle Tull ? Just wondered.
Interesting that Wayne Hennessey refused to play to Wolves last night, yet didn't refuse to pick up his pay for the 14 mon…
"Lil wayne *** umm, you rey get slapped. Dont come at my baby like that. Tf is wrong w/ u
I normally don't sit and read a book in one day. I did however on Bill Davis, "So Innocent, Yet So Dead". It read more like a police report than literature. It did bring back to mind the people that were mentioned in the book, I worked with the majority of them. I also knew Sheriff Wayne Powell, from Newton since I grew up there.
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Don't walk across coastal roads they said, tut
Congratulations and Happy New Year to this wonderful couple! Wayne and Brenda Powell just purchased this awesome...
Everyone who sets out to be the best. . Mj, Lebron, Colin Powell, mcdonalds, walmart, Ali, Wayne, jay etc all end up in the hall of fame
I want to wish a Happy Birthday to our grandson Zackary Wayne Powell, who is 5 today. Grandma and Pa love you.
had a fantastic evening last night, seeing the wonderful Wolf Thegravitydrive live with fab friends Alex Pringle, Abi Powell, Wayne Powell and Alex Philpott. Go everyone and support your local musicians :)
I am definately going to the gym tomorrow morning Paul Bromley and Wayne Powell will see you there then
I'd like to take this time to tell all my family and friend thank you for everything you'll have done for me and I hope you all have a very merry christmas love you all.. Especially Regina Gina Shearin Barnes and Jay Barnes and Shannon Powell and Wayne Powell And Betsy Carter
Wayne Powell found this video of your first dive :-)
Events will run from March 1st thru October end each year. I look forward to a new ;look and challenge. Have positions available for next year within the board. Will add those in February. Also have been hearing negatives coming from other car clubs about CCS and individuals. Remember, All is good with all and quote of the day. "Fear of an established, comes from the unknown" Wayne Powell, CCS President
But da difference is he √Wayne Powell inspired me I love me sum him more and more every day..he is my inspiration..
Advice please for Wayne Powell *** s dad) who has a "Weslake with a 4 fin Mk4 head on a 5 fin barrel.The engine is a Mk 3.I think the frame is made by Weslake,check the 'W' on the rear axle plate,and the Frame Number. I think Weslake made a complete speedway bike for one season. It’s tank has the flying W embossed on its side as in the pic. My diamond has support stays under the seating position .It has alloy wheels. "Did Weslake did make their own bike, who did it for them and in what year/s? I’ve seen a Weslake clutch years ago. Any info would be appreciated.Thanks" * see 4 pics
A PAUSE FOR THOUGHT. NAZI Germany 1933 Hazel-Wayne Powell asked the question If you were a German citizen and living in 1933 what would you have done? I suspect I would of the many who would have been imprisoned, sorry but I cannot stand injustice, discrimination or for that matter, people being described as stock. - But are not the similarities interesting, as no doubt at all there would not have been a word whispered back then if Hitler had described the Jews and the disabled or the mentally ill as stock, now would there. Oddly the same silence persists today when Ian Duncan Smith did exactly that, not a word or an eyebrow raised, whilst the right wing media all tow the Government party line. Should we not find it disturbing? Obviously not. Indeed it has become all too acceptable today, as it was acceptable back then!
Dr Steve Gigliotti & Wayne Powell capably representing SCAI at this week's AMA House of Delegates Meeting
I've had that Jesse Powell song stuck in my head the whole day, thanx to 's maid.
His KO of Wayne Powell was just as brutal. .
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New artist(DUH SUH)to di world Y dem same way,dj wayne juss shell it!LOUD!!!
Director of Prof Wayne Powell appointed as Chief Science Officer of
Via BBSRC: IBERS Director appointed Chief Science Officer at CGIAR: Professor Wayne Powell, Director of the BB...
"I never want to lose my passion for my relationship with God" -Pastor Wayne Powell
"As the relationship progresses we should get more excited about it!" -Pastor Wayne Powell
Don't forget to support our fallen heroes
Congratulations to Wayne Powell - appointed Chief Science Officer of CGIAR Consortium
Coyle on Powell: "Nick is a natural footballer and is very much like a Wayne Rooney."
I have a dream, that Wayne Powell will eventually leave the stage.
I'm naming my son Bruce Wayne Powell if you're interested future wife.
Esp. when they had a much better candidate in Wayne Powell last year. Habit maybe?
.puhleeze ... You haven't worked on getting JOBS for 5 years now, but Obstructionism. Wayne Powell 2014
I would love to know a POS like Cantor could beat a great canidate Like Wayne Powell
"Stop letting what you see dictate what you say!" -Pastor Wayne Powell.
City Councilman Gains Spot on ICA Board: Manhattan Beach City Councilman Wayne Powell was elected to the...
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I'm excited to announce that Scott Spencer, Vice President/Creative Director at Powell Creative, is now an official partner in the firm!
W/o Gerrymandering EricCantor {R-VA} would not. have been reelected.Wayne Powell would be great 4 Va & still will be.
Still can't believe lil Wayne's tour isn't in London 😭
This Kenny Powell dude that always comments on The Gazette articles is one of the worst human beings I’ve seen. Just like Wayne Laugesen.
Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage" and Wayne Shorter's "See No Evil" were two that were great starting points for me
so many! Lil wayne didn't go through anything to get where he is. Gucci and flocka got character in their lyrics
Idc Lil Wayne the best rapper alive!
Thank you. I wish my football skills were discovered at the same age as Theo Walcott or Wayne Rooney or Nick Powell.
For future reference anyone, don't go on road trips with Morgan Powell.
Idk why but my mom always yells free little Wayne?
“Come turn up at this party 4301 Powell rd huber heights” everybody come out !
Wayne Powell and the Jacksonville contingent look ready for a fun weekend of diving!
In all honesty I'm happy Wayne Rooney isn't playing because of the match against Chelsea in a couple of days, but I wish Powell started
im a young Buck lol so I can't go back that far but I'd say top 40 on BJ, and top 30 on Powell
Morning my birds. Got frost on me saffron buns this mornin'. Walkin' bit like John Wayne to b'onest.
Little Giant Ladders
Aw my tutor is so cute ha ha bless Wayne 🙇
When others cut out, through a coaching change & knee injury, Marshawn Powell didnt. Ill always appreciate his contributions to our program.
Snuck into the Wayne dug out today.. bailey_boles10
Look at all them lies that youu fell fo , now yo nose wide open like roscoe , tears runnin down ya cheek like a Wayne tat .
Wayne Roooney, side man at united since '03. Bum chummed Saha, ruud van, Ronaldo, tevez, berbatov, bebe, Powell, the list goes on!
oh, it's something wayne powell's campaign was saying a lot. And Powell just got sanctioned by the bar for untruthfulness.
MT Cantor foe Wayne Powell rapped by state bar for "violating professional rules that govern truthfulness"
State bar issues "public reprimand" to Wayne Powell, last year's Cantor opponent, on misconduct charges:
Former candidate Wayne Powell rapped by the VSB for "violating professional rules that govern truthfulness"
I'm in love with a man twice my age WAYNE A POWELL MA Counselling Psychology Relationship Counsellor Read more:
It's been almost a week since someone spotted Wayne Powell. Anyone know if he's still alive?
"true but Wayne has nothing now" I am not a human being 2 will murder ONFIC
Sitting at the airport missing these freaks matt_powell_13 🐒🐶💌 @ Detroit Metropolitan Wayne…
You better have rockstar at my wedding, like lil Wayne
Apparently, the iTunes version of 'Karate Chop' has removed Emmett Till's name. However, Wayne is still wrong!
mhmm.. When are you ever gonna come to Wayne again?
Session with Darren Deed Richard Powell and Wayne Bell very tough hill session !! followed by core and second run
All it takes is a year and a day. RIP Sue Powell. This is for you Wayne x
watch the chiefs they are fantastic to watch. Leading rugby resurgence..wallabies need Wayne smith!!
If it wasn't 4 gerrymandering Va would not have reelected Eric Cantor. Enter Wayne Powell 4 Va.
Ahhh the amount of times me and have fallen out about lil wayne nd micheal jackson is immense. Luv you somuch
Burton tops candidates in campaign spending: Mark Burton and Wayne Powell lead the Manhattan Beach City Council...
Phil Jones and Nick Powell were not born when Ryan Giggs made his debut for Manchester United, and Wayne Rooney was only five.
Today's the day!! Good luck to all the miss Eastern Wayne contestants! I love you y'all!
It keeps hitting me over and over and over: Damien Wayne is dead. *tt*
Observer: Wayne Powell had been looking forward to an anniversary dinner this evening to c...
Shout out to for spotting the illusive Wayne Powell. He can be a tricky one to find
This *** Wayne's at Powell & wants me to get him something to eat ... Tf!? -_-
Sighted Wayne Powell in the cafeteria at 1:30 today
Wayne Powell wife ...smh shorty got shot in her face today, prime example of when cheating goes wrong
I hope the Wayne Rooney of AC Milan in 2010 shows up tomorrow. He was unstoppable that night, and showed the world just how good he is.
TkU4rt-With out Gerrymandering Eric Cantor would never have been reelected. VIRGINIA had Wayne Powell & denied us a man of honor.
Nick Powell is from the Wayne Rooney school of talking to refs.
Sir Alex is at Moss Lane tonight. Powell is one to watch, and when I get the correct sheet I can pick who else he can watch.
Wayne Byrd sings to his wife, Jennifer Powell Byrd at the JOYfuls party! Hidden talent among us! :)
Wayne Powell would be the best ninja assassin, since no one ever sees him
who cares about either? I think Lil Wayne is so much better.
Lil Wayne -- The Heat Kicked Me Out for Rooting for the Lakers!
Fort Wayne shopping with the best friend today (:
Somewhat new decor in the Powell conference room. Very proud of these designs!
found it again thanks to Google. Wayne Powell in Stroud. Saw some of his work and looked good.
Wayne Rooney! Played awesome and got an assist too!
I'm not the best looking kid either, but how has Wayne rooney pulled Coleen?
Wayne Rooney is still my favourite ever footballer. Ronaldo & Ronaldinho rival him. But no. Rooney is my favourite. Always will be.
I'd rather see u speak out against those that don't ascend the culture and set it back like Keef, Wayne, Trinidad, Soulja, etc...
TkURon, Yes,gerrymandering was the case & Wayne Powell would have won hands down.
Great attack on Cantor's unhinged agenda! Steve Israel went all out to protect his seat in 2012 when Wayne Powell ran against him
Just sat down and Wayne Powell crossed my mind RIP man had such a beautiful smile
Listen to The South Bay Show – Vote 2013: Our guest this morning is the Honorable Mayor of Manhattan Beach, Wayne Powell. Wayne will be running for the Mayor’s seat once again in the March elections.
Sadly, another name to add to the list of old radio friends who have left this world. I just received a call that Wayne Powell passed away this weekend. Wayne was the operations manager at WKHI in Ocean City (as well as a part owner of KHI and WKRE-FM). I worked with Wayne in Ocean City and Pocomoke in addition to him being one of our owners of 107.5 here on the Shore. Many will remember his authoritative and distinguished voice from Sunday mornings on both 100 KHI and 106.5 in Pocomoke. He brought both of those stations on the air by playing "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty. WKHI in 1978, and WMYJ in May of 92. His love of music, movies, and obviously radio, provided fodder for many a conversation over those years, and his ability to weave a storyline from his long career in radio always brought laughter, sometimes at the expense of many of us who were the subject matter :). From his Christmas parties at his Berlin farm, to the hours involved in establishing 106.5 in the early 90s, my time around Way ...
why didn't we get this D/bag out of office in November? Wayne Powell was a great candidate.
VA voters tell me again why you re-elected this man instead of Wayne Powell who wld have represented you well
Hope they are; should be. MT “Virginians freacking out they idioticly reelected Eric Cantor.Powell wld hav ben gret 4 VA
I imagine that Virginia's are freacking out that they idioticly reelected Eric Cantor. Wayne Powell would have been great 4 VA.
This guy is ready to self destruct. His greed will be his undoing: "Cantor is heavily invested in hedge funds that pay off when US treasuries to do badly. Nasty piece of goods. He is ...his wife is... in Goldman Sachs. He also controls Virginia's pension fund for Wells Fargo thru his wife. His wife controls about $20 billion in state pension funds, you hedge them anyway you make your 3% commision. He has offshore accounts .under his wife's and family names in Belize. Under his cousin's name he just finished a big Hotel complex in Costa Rica with other partners. Yes, he is a friend of offshore banking, betting against the US, profiting from the hundreds of billions of additional interest we have had to pay since we lost out AAA credit rating that THEY destroyed too.
Dave "Mudcat" Saunders, the fiery Democratic strategist, has found his latest crusade: he's a senior strategist for Wayne Powell, the Democratic challenger for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA). On Thursday's The Rachel Maddow Show, Mudcat had some choice …
Cantor is disgusting.. Really wish Wayne Powell could have won that seat.
Why couldn't Wayne Powell have beaten Cantor last election? Just think what could have been.
So yes it is frustrating when you have good candidate like Wayne Powell but he can't win
Oh how I wish would have been defeated by Wayne Powell, because is nothing but an obstructionist.
Especially when they could have elected Wayne Powell-a much better candidate-did gerrymandering save Cantor
how about you listen to your constituents - VA went for Obama and Wayne Powell gave you a serious challenge despite your lobby.
If she listens to Sleeping With Sirens,She's too young for you bro-Adrian
don't think so cuz those lyrics from bill gates by lil Wayne I think
Excuse me! Lil Wayne ran back a kick off, not a punt.
I'm pretty sure Lil Wayne just ran that punt back for the colts
My absolute number 1 favorite moment when? K.T. Kareem Powell and Jimmy Wayne played 'How Jesus Felt " and got a Standing O" the first time played on stage, knowing Kareem's sister Dori Stevens was in the audience listening to her brother up on stage? 'Priceless" This is her picture ♥ Thank you Grande Ole Opry.
Support Wayne Powell vs Cantor in '14, he came close this year, will try again.
If Justin Bieber has a person in his next song as a feature I think it should be Lil Wayne or Jay-Z
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It's weird to me that the Chris brown/lil Wayne/David guetta? Song that was in our Pom routine last year is just now on the radio
“If it weren't for McDonald's, iceberg lettuce wouldn't have no luck at all.” - Padgett Powell, "Wayne's Fate…
Mayor Wayne Powell gives the State of the City/Year in Review, recapping the city's top events in 2012
Yeah, it was a shame Wayne Powell couldn't beat him, but the wheels are turning... Karma~ ;)
If you was England Manager who would be in your future XI ? I would go for: GK : Hart (Butland) RB : Walker (Rose) CB : Jones CB : Shawcross (Caulker) LB : Bertrand CM : Wilshere CM : Cleverley (Rodwell) RW : Sterling CAM : Chamberlain LW : Zaha (Johnson) ST : Welbeck (Carroll) Brackets are subs! Who would you pick? -Itch
If man united acidentally went into a penalty shoot out against real madrid and you were sir alex ferguson who are the five people you would chose to take the spots? ?
"I don't care how hard it's been. God is bigger. "-Pastor Wayne Powell
Pastor Wayne Powell is standing in front if us this morning but I swear he is preaching to us from the unseen realm.
Good morning!! Pastor Wayne Powell is already preaching the truth! See you soon. 2400 Comcord ln District Heights MD
no nut I have been to Wayne's world
Listen to my new episode Female filmmakers and Western Director Wayne Shipley at
Listen live in 30 minutes to Female filmmakers and Western Director Wayne Sh... on Inside Acting.
Will says tune in to my interview with some up and coming Maryland filmmakers tomorrow
Female filmmakers and Western Director Wayne Shipley on Inside Acting will air 12/13.
have Reggie Wayne in the slot, do I play Powell, Floyd or J. Gordon over him?
Would you start powell or knowshawn over reggie wayne this week?
Need playoff win would you play powell or knowshawn over reggie wayne this week.
Need playoff win would you play knowshawn or powell over reggie wayne in flex this week
You're Invited to Our Webcast!! Start your own business today with our limited time enrollment! Tuesday December 11, 2012! 7:00pm DWP Wayne Crosby 8:00pm DWP Karen Gillighan 9:00pm DWP Stephanie Powell 10:00pm DWP Gloria Bonde 11:00pm DWP Stephanie Powell Please RSVP to with one of the above times for more information on attending! Trust me you DO NOT want to miss this Opportunity!
Due to new projects and overwhleming buisness with Climbing Richter Music. My Solo album has been delayed and is now put on the back burner until time can allow it to be is still on it's way ,however there are priorities that are above it. Also i am not currently performing live for the same reasons. The album will come out eventually and there will be live performances in the future,however, for now Wayne Powell as a solo entity is not currently active.
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We have now chosen our 2 adopted Christmas families. This was NOT easy, as we wish we could help all that sent in requests. I apologize to the ones that weren't chosen this year. The families chosen were Judy & Wayne Clark. Wayne is battling cancer and hoping to be here next Christmas with his wife. The second family chosen is Shawna Bates and her 12 yr old son. Shawna can't work due to having fibromyalgia and takes care of her son alone. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Thank you all for your requests.
Mention Three players you reckon as our best players so far this season in no particular order. Mine : rafael, evans & Rvp. - mikey -
What's your FAVORITE Christmas music? Paul Thomas is the birthday person. Wayne & Kay Powell are the anniversary couple
hey wayen powell , How are you doing to today?
Coach Powell: "LeeVan, what is filet mignon?" LeeVan: "I dunno... I heard Lil Wayne say it one time" =D bless him.
On May 25, Gwen Powell in Mission will be celebrating her 100th. She was really looking forward to Wayne announcing it.
Allene Busey liked The battle for District 7: Wayne Powell and his political fight against Eric Cantor - RVANews…
Thanksgiving Spotlight: Wayne Powell: I'm a longtime community volunteer, not a politician. We should solve all ...
Find out what the mayor did for Thanksgiving and what he loves about his city.
Halfway Tree made 159. Spain now on 92 for 3 off 13ovrs. Wayne morgan on 11 & Powell on 13
What's happening at the Branch - Saturday November 24 Zone Shuffleboard stating at 9:00am sharp. We have 4 teams playing - come out and support all of the teams... From our branch Team 1 - Bryan Taplin and Dave McGary Team 2 - Wayne Powell and Irene Stevens Team 3 - Phylis and Dan Sullivan Team 4 - Steve O'Coin and Neil Lockhart
Santa has arrived! And look who else is with Santa, Mayor Wayne Powell!
your a wierdo! Read books about john wayne and stuff!
Evangelina Grainey liked The Richmonder: Cantor opponent Wayne Powell to serve as pro bono counsel for some of &quot…
Democratic votes reflected that the majority of Americans would choose to end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2%. We are the greater numbers representing this country and would request that our representation in the house and senate listen to our majority vote and act upon it accordingly. It was obvious that the Republican house members rejection of the Obama proposals is not the choice of most Americans and I sincerely believe that you and the other opposing members should take into consideration why we voted the way we did here in Virginia and the other states. As a comitted voter I and many friends, family and others have had the discussion about the inability and lack of cooperation of our government officials acting on the behalf of all of the demographic groups who vote and want our votes to be heard. It is not fair for only the wealthy business owner's and corporations to be the only voters listened to by our officials. I myself found it to be quite a turn-off seeing only wealthy local busin ...
Our commitment to stop Cantor shouldn't stop with this race. It should be stronger than it ever has been. - Wayne Powell
Virginia's Wayne Powell: An Environmental Profile in Courage - Join talk at:
Going to be walking like John Wayne after that. is such a good shag. Follow him if you want the ride.
I had a spirit filled but exhausting day.I AM SO FULL I BELIEVE I'LL RUN AND SEE WHAT THE END IS GONNA BE! To my Bishop Wayne Powell, Lady Ivey, Pastor Mary & Pastor Darius Woodley .thank u guys for your faith and belief in me and your words of encouragement both over the pulpit & personally you have given me my MOJO back ready to fight again!
Here with Wayne Powell headaches for too long and pain in the side of his head when daddy can't go running there is a problem
: Nick Powell wears Wayne Rooney's number (10) on his shirt at legend and new legend :D
- celebration- the game wiz Wayne and Chris brown
Right, Cantor sure does. I'm in Va7 dist. Tried to vote him out this round. Just didnt have enough Wayne Powell momentum.
Eric Cantor defeated Wayne Powell to retain his Congressional seat for another term, the Associated Press projected. Rep. Robert Wittman...
Come hear Dr. john a powell at Wayne State, Patrich Auditorium at 6 pm tomorrow reading from his new book.
So proud of this pic. Mr. Powell, we will get this done in 2 years...
umm no tho...Moota vs Likkle Wayne is...but thats on the Duke Powell Show page
Looking forward to spending the afternoon with my like minded friends, Marie Stella, Candy Graham, Kathy Pagel Carle, Yvonne Lank Royster, Charlotte de Dios, Leonore Jordan, Imie Aisiku, and especially Fergie Reid, my friend and mentor. We were and still are the Wayne Powell for Congress supporters. We look forward to Wayne Powell for Congress 2014.
Thank you Aaron Adams, David Wayne Powell, Carlos Urtiaga, Chad White, TxGrunt Jok, Kris Kline, Mike Bennett just to name a few of my Veteran friends. You're dedication and service does not go unnappreciated. Thank you for making my world a better and safer place.
I really like Wayne Powell to.. he ran a hard fight against Cantor. Should have won!
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"I haven't washed my hair in 5 years" - Lil Wayne
Please add your Democratic candidate in the comments and I will add them to the album! Here is what the race looks like now:
Read our latest Five Question Friday Q&A with Powell photographer Wayne Thomas
We tried to vote Cantor out this election, unfortunately Wayne Powell, did not win
Just want to congratulate Women for Powell on their stunning efforts for Wayne Powell. My health kept me out of campaign work, but I followed your efforts avidly. I strongly urge Mr. Powell to stay in politics! All of you are wonderful! Keep in touch!!
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-7th, soundly defeated Democratic challenger Wayne Powell to retain his seat in the heavily...
Mayor's Town Hall tonight invites residents to get to know city officials: Mayor Wayne Powell is holding a town hall...
Not entirely. Sadly, Jim Graves, Wayne Powell and Rob Zerban will have to try again. Support them in '14! & Richard Carmona
I don't like Man United young player! My favourite player is WAYNE ROONEY and MARIO GOETZE! I hate Nick Powell -.-
Well Wayne Powell gave Cantor a run for his money in VA07, ( red district ) also Cantor only agreed to one debate
How can a hack like Eric Cantor defeat a canidate like Wayne Powell ?
is reminiscing about Street Urchin performing @ Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown,PEI Nov.6/87 with Wayne Powell, Duane Arnold, & Wayne Baker! Wow,that was 25 years ago! The best night of my life!
Wayne's on the phone making monkey sounds. 😂
Email from Wayne Powell, who took on Cantor: P.S. My campaign took on a lot of debt in the final push. Please consider giving a gift today.
Early returns showed that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia had handily won his race. Of the first 15 races called by The Associated Press, all were won by incumbents — three Democrats and 12 Republicans.
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So disappointed for Wayne Powell but he did a great job pointing out that dirty rat Cantor and in two more years maybe we can can that creep. For the rest of the haters, the Black Man won - and the best man won. You can concentrate on the content of own your character now.
Haven't heard about Wayne Powell, please tell me he beat Sir Bottom-Tooth Eric Cantor.please
Many thanks to Wayne Powell for running against Eric Cantor. Although he did not win this time, his efforts are greatly appreciated!
Virginia, GET Eric Cantor OUT! He is a CHILD. Vote for WAYNE POWELL to end GRIDLOCK.
and Jim Graves very close,as is Patrick Murphy. News on Wayne Powell vs Eric CNtor? Rode home in dark,Duckworth won!
Hope Graves pulls it out. Was hoping Wayne Powell would oust Eric Cantor in VA but that didn't happen.
I am so happy with this election, except I am sad that Wayne Powell couldn't beat Eric Cantor...wah.wah.wah..:(
How about Wayne Powell of Virginia ousting Eric Cantor?? Did Paul Ryan loose his congressional seat??
that's a shame. I was hoping Wayne Powell would win. Hopefully Bachmann will loose.
Eric Cantor is slowly losing his majority support in Virginia, Wayne Powell won 40%
I am so sorry that Wayne Powell's bid to unseat the political puppet, Eric Cantor, doesn't seem to be succeeding. All of America would have won if Cantor had been defeated.
*shrugs* Ain't got no problem with Wayne Powell. Cantor's had a huge hold on that district.
Bad news, winner, over Wayne Powell. Not enough ppl paid attention 2 all the bad he has done against the ppl.
please report on the Cantor-Powell race in Virginia go, go, go, Wayne and U 2 Mudcat Saunders
Whould someone ask Wayne Powell to put himself on the ballot so that I can vote for him
Waiting for Wayne Powell to kick Eric Cantor to the curb in Virginia. please!
Eric Cantor has defeated Wayne Powell to retain his US House seat, but his margin in Henrico was less than 10% with 1 precinct remaining.
Tammy Duckworth, Wayne Powell & Patrick Murphy: Please know not just your home state, but people all over US are pulling for you
Mayor Wayne Powell just honored longtime residents Wilmer Drake and Pat Cunningham as distinguished older adults ...
Wayne Powell comes up short, but he did make Grade A turd Eric Cantor actually campaign for the first time in a decade.
"We need to get the Neanderthals out of government." -Wayne Powell
wah i was rooting for you wayne powell. i really was. i'm guessing the 7th district in VA is not that smart...
"Really, this is the celebration we deserve." - Wayne Powell
Eric Cantor to win really blew it. Wayne Powell is the real deal and would've worked for the people and across the aisle. Cantor ***
There has been a call from AP that the Unctuous Toady is projected over Wayne Powell.
Picture of Wayne Powell's election night party from AP has called race for
At Wayne Powell's gathering - no longer a victory party. News outlets reporting he lost to Eric Cantor.
Election Update: I regret to inform everyone that Wayne Powell, the Democratic candidate running against Eric...
So I'm with Wayne Powell right now...even though he lost to Eric Cantor
[Virginia] "Eric Cantor was reelected Tuesday night, defeating Democrat Wayne Powell in the 7th Congressional District." AP
Welcome back Maj Leader Eric Cantor. Thank you for running, Wayne Powell!!! You are a patriot! Source: NPR / CNN
I used to practice frequently w Wayne Powell. Proud of his love of country and hard work. His efforts were not wasted.
JUST IN: The projects defeats Wayne Powell to retain his Congressional seat.
AP projecting wins re-election over Wayne Powell (Will return as House Majority Leader provided GOP holds house.
U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor declared winner in 7th District over Wayne Powell.
Eric Cantor, of the GOP, was elected to the U.S. House, Distric 7 here in Virginia, defeating Democrat Wayne Powell.
The Associated Press is projecting Eric Cantor (R) to defeat Wayne Powell (D).
For all of you asking me whether Wayne Powell could beat Eric Cantor: AP calls race for Cantor with 12% reporting. So, that happened.
Republicans should have nominated like Colin Powell or Wayne Brady to at least make the black people have to think about it.
If Eric Cantor loses to Wayne Powell how great would that be?
Via Wayne Powell for Congress Before Wayne went to his polling place to vote this morning, he stopped by Reams...
Via Wayne Powell for Congress: Wayne is at Tuckahoe now talking to voters and greeting supporters. It's cold...
Wayne Powell getting ready for victory over Rep. Eric Cantor 7th - Democratic Underground
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Vandals spray-painted the words "Baby Killer" on the campaign headquarters of Wayne Powell, the Democrat challenging Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), and wrote *** Lover" on a sign in front of another one of his offices, a Powell spokesman confirmed Saturday to The Huffington Post. A...
I voted today! In Virgina and voted for President Obama, Tim Kaine, and Wayne Powell.
Use your vote or lose your voice. We can't let Virginia re-elect Eric Cantor. VOTE FOR WAYNE POWELL
Also Wayne Powell's ads make him look like a Tool.
Wayne Powell & Eric Cantor aren't running in my district. I'll be so glad when the condescending ads from these two stop!
'Racing to Justice' reading with john a. powell at Wayne State University Law School Nov. 13
In class til 3:15PM, then picking up my brother and going to vote for President Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, and Wayne Powell!
So in VA... Wayne Powell (democrat running for a seat in the house)...his headquarters was defaced by racist slurrs. *** Lover" and "baby killer" was tagged on walls and windows. This tells me...1. He likes black people. 2. He's pro choice... lol. I know who I'm voting for. Happy voting every one!
I voted today ... President: Gary Johnson Senator: Tim Kaine ... ... (not a choice so much as a lack of good options) House: Wayne Powell VA ?Yes VA ?Yes
If you live in the VA 7th District, get out and vote for Wayne Powell! Defeat Eric Cantor!!! Wayne Powell for Congress
Wayne Powell is at my voting location. He seemed cold too.
I just voted for my President and Wayne Powell and it felt god... Come out tonight to Keegan's Short Pump for the VICTORY and watch party with Wayne. YES WE ARE FIGHTERS AND WINNERS. Yeah I said it and I am here to represent it! AND GET YOUR BUTT UP AND VOTE!!
I just cast my ballot for Barak Obama, Tim Kaine, and Wayne Powell in VA. If you care anything about our future as a country...go vote now!
I've spent months working on Wayne Powell's campaign for Congress, including these last 3 weeks in Richmond. Because it's that important to choose a new Congressman - important enough to leave home for nearly a month. Because we need a Congressman who will go to Washington to really represent those of us who live right here. I saw for myself, almost as soon as he became my Congressman, how unresponsive Eric Cantor is to the concerns that I and MANY others have. When it's time to do his job he ignores our calls and letters. And then I saw how he, because of his party leadership position, actually stood in the way of solutions. I have no way of knowing what is in his mind and heart, but it sure looked like he was putting his own career ahead of the health of the country's financial future. We deserve better. It's important. So, when Wayne Powell got his campaign to run against Cantor rolling I wanted in. How important is this particular race? Well, important enough that people from all over the co ...
There is ground shaking news in the 7th District in Virgina where The Whip of the Republican House (2nd in leadership) Eric Cantor is now tied in the polls with the Democrat E. Wayne Powell. This is shocking as it wasn't supposed to be this close (one of the workers was overhead). Tomorrow will be a watershed day. With VP Nominee is even for his House seat and Michele Bachman now behind, this will be a very interesting day to watch all these contest unravel.
Kathy Pagel Carle and I will be working at precinct 111, American Legion, 1708 Commonwealth Ave, Richmond, tomorrow from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. Feel free to stop by, say hello, and bring us hot drinks. It is going to be a cold day. Once the polls close, we will be a Keagan's for Wayne Powell's victory party.
Thank you Kristin Cabral, Adam Cook, Wayne Powell, and all of the other great Democrats who ran against incumbent Republican Congressman in Virginia this year. In the 236 years of Congressional history there may have never been a more sorry and pathetic Congress worthy of getting thrown out than this last one. Good luck tomorrow to all!
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Wayne Powell for Congress Visit the link below to find your polling place for tomorrow! The polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m., so make sure you take the time to cast your ballot for Wayne. the 7th District is counting on you!
On a list of risky political stands, this one would rank near the top. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-7th, is charging that Wayne Powell, his Democratic opponent, has endorsed removing "In God We Trust" from U.S. currency. The controversy began in late August when Powell, a Chesterfi...
If your VOTE is for the Obama/Biden ticket-- don't forget to go down the ticket and VOTE: Tim Kaine for Senator, Bobby Scott for Congress and E. Wayne Powell for the House. Don't forget the picks for locals-- City Council officials and School Board...they're important to our children's futures. The President can't do his job alone! And please make sure you read over the proposed amendments to the Constitution!! The language can be tricky, so make sure you check with your "trusted" local Council officials if you need clarification on these proposals and their implications. Some states have a bunch. The VA area I live in only have 2 questions-- one regarding eminent domain, deals with the state & local government's right to take your property for government use...and the other revolves around the General Assembly being able to change their meeting date if necessary to avoid conflicts with religious holidays. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE straight down the ballot: Tuesday, Nov. 6th!! Polls open at 6:00 a.m. *Ge ...
Please be generous in your contributions. Defeating Eric Cantor is the best way to send a message to Washington that women have had it with extremist intrusions into the health, freedom and lives of ours and our daughters.
After the polls close on Nov. 6, come watch the returns with us at our Election Night Party! Join Wayne, his wife Katherine, campaign staff and volunteers at Keagan's Irish Pub - Short Pump at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night to celebrate our wonderful supporters and our victory in Virginia's 7th District. We can't wait to see you there!
WAYNE POWELL is running for Congress, againist Eric Canter, HE should obey the law, I have never e-mailed him, OR ASKED him to do so to me, but even with me repeatedly reporting him for spaming me , he keeps doing so, and now with more than a dozen request that he not e-mail , he still does! STOP THE SPAM, WAYNE POWELL! OBEY THE LAW !
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Sunday rejected the suggestion that Friday’s October jobs numbers demonstrated that the economy is on a positive trajectory. “The reality is, if 7.9 percent unemployment, if 12 million or so people out of work and 8 million more either underemployed o...
Powell is running to unseat Cantor, the sitting House Majority Leader, who has served in Congress since 2002.
I was impressed to hear candidate Wayne Powell (who is challenging incumbent Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for his seat in the 7th District of Virginia) speak boldly and openly about the environment. Virginia is a crucial swing state. This congressional race is certainly one to watch.
The Women for Powell will be joining Wayne this morning at 11 a.m. to knock some doors and talk to voters about our campaign. This close to Election Day, we need all volunteer hands on deck, so if you'd like to join Wayne and the WFP today, contact LeonoreHope to see you there!
Eric Cantor (my congressman) is on Meet the Press. I think I just threw up a little. Richmond, we need to replace this self-serving *** with Wayne Powell, but I'm betting it won't happen. Instead, the party faithful will once again re-elect the man who writes loopholes into his insider trading legislation so that he can still profit from his insider knowledge. He's a disgrace, but republicans don't care.
I certainly don't want this self serving *** making decisions for me. Vote for Wayne Powell, a man who knows women are capable of making their own health care decisions.
Eric Cantor's opponent in VA Wayne Powell's offices were vandalized last night This should be a national story
Republicans for Wayne Powell! Yes, some have realized that Eric Cantor only represents his own best interest.
Wayne Powell, Challenger to Eric Cantor, speaks openly about the environment, big oil and coal donors, and climate change.
Wayne Powell campaign headquarters vandalized! cantor supporters more than nervous! - Democratic Und
Elections (4 days out):The Final Progressive Slate 2012:We need as many of you as possible to sign up on virtual phone bank– email Mike Foxhereto get set up. More detailshere.You can also distribute the PDA/NNU progressiveslate flyerbetween now and election. Big thank you to those of you who have be...
Wayne Powell is asking shady GOP Leader Eric Cantor how he doubled his net worth during the largest downturn since the Great Depression
Something upsetting happened today that I honestly did not think I would personally witness. Where I work, the landlord of our building has rented some campaign office space to Wayne Powell, a candidate running to replace Representative Eric Cantor for the 7th Congressional District. Today, we discovered that someone had spray painted in yellow letters the words, "Niger Lover" on a large sign that the Powell campaign headquarters had placed in front of the building. Yes, Wayne is a Democrat and also supports Pres. Obama for re-election and is proud of it. If someone opposes the policies of Mr. Powell and that of our President, then that's fine. That's what elections are about and thus, our democracy. But this behavior is beyond the pale. I hate vandalism if anyone does this, whether it is perpetrated by someone on our side against Republican signs or vice versa. I know this happens every campaign season, unfortunately. However, these racially charged epithets really did shock me. I did not expect this-not ...
As the country begins to pick up the pieces after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, the conversation is finally getting around to the question of why climate change wasn’t addressed during the Presidential debates. Perhaps that was why I was so impressed to hear candidate Wayne Powell, (who is cha...
PICKS of the DAY: Vote Tim Kaine US SENATE and Wayne Powell 7th District VIRGINIA
I wish I could vote for Wayne Powell! Now this is a great commercial! Good luck Wayne! :-)
In addition to voting for Romeny/Ryan and Wayne Powell for Congress on Nov. 6th, also vote on the Virginia Constitutional Amendments. VOTE "YES" TO QUESTION 1 to strengthen the ever eroding 5th amendment in protection of private property rights. VOTE "NO" TO QUESTION 2. Question 2 is in response to concerns of some in the legislature that there is a perpetual possibility of veto session convening during passover. Amendments to the constitution should not be taken lightly. I believe that they should only be considered to strengthen the rights of citizens. I don't believe we should be amending the constitution to accommodate a holiday, albeit a religious holiday. The military is given no special consideration. They can't decide not to defend our country because it's a religious holiday. What about employees of a water treatment plant (now a subdivision of government)? We don't shut it down in consideration of a religious holiday. Politicians know what they're signing onto when they run for office.
How important is voting? Virginia could be re-electing Eric Cantor (R) who plotted obstruction in 2009. VOTE FOR Wayne Powell
Is anyone watching Eric Cantor in the Virginia polls? Seems like Wayne Powell is making some ground.
Human being people, not corporation people. I love Wayne Powell!
There's our candidate, Wayne Powell! Yes, I also believe he will win.
Listen to candidate Wayne Powell for Congress talk about women's issues (ERA, reproductive rights, Richmond women...
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