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Wayne Knight

Wayne Eliot Knight (born August 7, 1955) is an American actor, comedian, and voice actor perhaps best known for his role as Newman in the TV sitcom Seinfeld.

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why am I reading this in Wayne Knight's voice
If you're feeling down just remember that Bruce Wayne fixed the autopilot on the Batwing in The Dark Knight Rises
Hmmm... Idris would make an awesome Dark Knight. He will have to up the pitch of his voice to do Bruce Wayne though.
Also, Wayne Knight plays Zurg. It's actually a better fit than you'd think.
I think we all just wanted more Wayne Knight.
Thus far Gods & Kings has brought to mind Gladiator, Dark Knight Rises, Return of Bruce Wayne... anything except, y'know, Exodus.
once i was freaking out that Wayne Knight was on our flight. Didn't realize until landing that Johnson was 1 row behind us
Finally, I have been cultivating this Wayne Knight look and style for a reason.
All I ask is that remains He is the ultimate live-action rendition of Bruce Wayne/The Dark Knight.
Yes my 🚓 is a male & goes by Bruce Wayne a.k.a. The Dark Knight
what else happened? Hi Wayne. Whatever year Leon Knight did 'slag alerts' was my favourite
Saw this yesterday, was puzzled as definitely not Wayne Knight
Come on, it's Wayne Knight. Who's gonna yell at him??
Wayne Knight looks sort of... off in this pic
puppeteers brings the Spitter to life for the attack on Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight).
Bannon thinks he's Ian Malcolm but he's actually Wayne Knight
Tonight's entertainment: The Dark Knight Rises but fast forwarding whenever they start talking about Bruce Wayne's feelings
I paid $250 a ticket to see it on broadway in nyc with Wayne Knight as was one of the biggest letdowns of my life.
Knight Jackson may be exited but he means businesses! Thanks for having one of the coolest artstyles out there…
Nubiles - featuring Nubiles Sophia Knight in wet-hottie.
anyone else cry when they read about Wayne Gretzky's stats ok just me anyway welcome to Macaroni Grill
Larry David re-edited Newman's first offscreen voice to be Wayne Knight & George's dad as Jerry Stiller, why didn't they change this?
Where is Spider-Man's Dark Web Returns? Is it wrong to think Bruce Wayne was older than 55 in Dark Knight Returns?
I had the most fun on '3rd Rock'. It was a great show to work on.
The car Bruce Wayne uses in Dark Knight is a Lamborghini Murciélago. That's Spanish for bat even if he's not Batman…
I'm just going to jump to Season 3 Ep 2 "Knight Time" - when Bruce Wayne goes missing, Superman pretends to be Batman. Omg so good.
Chillin with Bruce Wayne and Talia in that restaurant at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. That metaphorical post-world.
I saw Wayne Knight buying a Sodastream refill canister at Bed Bath and Beyonce (that's the name it SHOULD have)
Taft is basically Wayne Knight, he's getting sonned to Bolivia.
"Jim Gordon (to Bruce Wayne, from his hospital bed): "We were in this together, and then yo..." from
There's an appreciation of the whole picture of life as opposed to ...
I'm not really in touch with those 'Seinfeld' lads except Jason Al...
blocking, hence McNichols did so well. Dhaenens/Knight were key the few times they were passed to
Do y'all like remember the line from Catwoman aka Anne Hathaway in Batman Dark Knight Returns where she whispered in Bruce Wayne's ear..?
Ben Simmons gonna be the Bill Murray to Nik Stauskas's Wayne Knight
The cat is the Bruce Wayne to my Dark Knight
I think most people's careers in theater are based on delusion. It's...
Your girl calling me her Newman. I Wayne knight on that ***
"Alfred (to Bruce Wayne): "I won't bury you. I buried enough members of the Wayne family."O..." from
The Arkham Knight trailer with Bruce reading Thomas Wayne's will is honestly one of the best game trailers I've ever seen
Great Work you water down Wayne Swans tax laws for multinationals . cut funding to ATO so Taxes can…
So Robert Downey Jr is older than Bruce Wayne was in Dark Knight Returns.
If Michael Keaton can play the Vulture, then certainly he could play older Bruce Wayne in a Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond movie.
When I look in your eyes that's where the stars are at, lemme be your dark knight, the Bruce wayne to your harley quinn.
Alfred makes a weird 180 about halfway through The Dark Knight from "Wayne, batman made these criminals" to "Wayne, you gotta batman"
Every time I see a commercial I cannot believe they haven't made Wayne Knight, Newman on Seinfeld, their spokesperson
i would hold Knight and hope he gets traded. Wayne is valuable short term and Saric for long term.
for the next episode get Wayne Knight on the show
Whatever road you've been given, enjoy that road.
I be imaging that Dark Knight orphanage scene except with me and Kanye instead of folks and Bruce Wayne
I don't know how anybody can care about "The Batman" after this weekend. All I can think about is a Misty Knight tv series.
Just found my diary from first year of uni and am cringing at my tragic life - "he is my knight in shining disappointment."
I was afraid till I was 8 then The Dark knight came out
Jay Z: "I think Lil Wayne is extremely talented. I think he's one of the most talented ones out there." -
Every night a dark knight im bruce wayne for the summer
my son calls you Bruce Wayne/Batman so had to get him this for his 5th birthday yesterday!!
"Some tributes would be better than others as *** Grayson and Bruce Wayne's images are too many sort through and the tribute would be C>
FYI : joins & Wayne Knight as voices that make any cartoon character funny.
The Lamborghini that Bruce Wayne drives in "The Dark Knight" is called the Murci�lago, which is Spanish for bat.
Bruce Wayne is going to become a great man.
Cast Wayne Knight as Frank Luntz, then forget about it
Yeah but Wayne Knight would play Luntz like Newman.
Frank Luntz would be played by Wayne Knight
The last time Donald Trump paid taxes, Wayne Knight was on a rocket ship to the top in Hollywood
Every night a Dark Knight, I'm Bruce Wayne for the summer, lawwwd!
Going through my old stuff and found a Wayne Knight pog. I'm in tears.
Birds in the trap sing Mc Knight on rpt.
"Devestating to James Barnes (Winter Soldier) and Wade Wilson(Deadpool) as when films die so do they while *** Grayson, Bruce Wayne C>
Coming to terms once more I'll be using my Grayson and Wayne account more often than not.)
It took 20 years, but thanks to Google, I finally know what the *** Wayne Knight was talking about when he said he was fixing a divot.
Dark knight rises had 5 minutes of batman in it. It was like Bruce Wayne the movie featuring batman
Small towns are the worst for ge tting recognised.—
Only if they casted Wayne Knight to play the mailman.
At the half, New Bern leads Eastern Wayne 19-0. Davon Knight has 2 TDs, and DJ Howard added one more late in the first half.
Give Wayne Knight all the crap you want but he didn't miss a shot in Space Jam
I added a video to a playlist Batman: Arkham Knight - Wayne Tower Tour
Just saw an 11 year old who looked identical to Wayne Knight and tried to pretend I was yawning instead of laughing
Seen the 1st season of Amazed I've missed it with that cast. Donald Faison, Wayne Knight, Kristen Johnston & Kelly Stables
Cast members of Seinfeld in the Pointless final would be my dream. Wayne Knight, Jerry Stiller and Len Lesser.
Space Jam 2 where Wayne Knight gets all the pros talent from the basketball
I know there are some people in British Columbia who are still holding a vi...
Well, Wayne Knight, technically, but I agree. Or that lawyer who gets eaten right away on the crapper.
and I'm getting in on the debate! Thanks for inspiring me and starting the conversation.
and one from bishop Auckland. Wayne knight no doubt
If I ever get married 1 day I'm doin it in Bruce Wayne's house in Nottinghamshire Dark Knight rises was filmed there
Premier League games played this season:. Michail Antonio (26). Wayne Rooney (27)
Arkham Knight always makes me remember that line
So Vincent D'Onofrio has taken over the Wayne Knight role in this movie, I guess.
Our star Wayne Knight at the Grand Opening Of Beauty & Essex With his Man & Fellow Superhero…
The Dark Knight Rises now feels like the case for Romney 2016. Bane Co-Creator: "Romney is more like Bruce Wayne."
Wow, that condo reminds me of Bruce Wayne's penthouse in The Dark Knight. And come on man drop us a hint!
When Alfred cries at Bruce Wayne's tombstone in The Dark Knight Rises I lose it.
Christmas in Wonderland is a 2007 comedy film about the Saunders' & stars Matthew Knight (Brian Saunders) & Patrick Swayze (Wayne Saunders).
Alfred leaving Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises is always a tear jerker
Only thing I ever fault Bruce Wayne on is in the Dark Knight he went to save 2 face instead of his girl...
Bruce Wayne understands more than anyone else
My main problem with Cotillard in english-speaking movies is THAT SHE RUINED THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. That trilogy started so well.
Wayne Manor is behind Batman during the knightmare he was walking out of the batcave in that scene 😱😱😱 https:…
i been studyin Suge Knight, Birdman, Tupac nd Wayne
Heartbreaking for the knight… well done Wayne Bennett, you did this to them… the kids never give up but just not good enough
Snyder & Terrio's vision of a broken Bruce Wayne was perfectly brought to life by Affleck. This is THE Dark Knight htt…
the dark knight was good to en extent but there Nolan really didn't have a grasp on who Bruce Wayne was
Riley Curry needs to play Bill Murray role, Austin Rivers for Wayne Knight
Are you talking about Jake Johnson now? I liked him. He fills the Samuel L. Jackson / Wayne Knight role of the movie.
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. - Bruce Wayne (The Dark Knight)
Junk Food Bruce Wayne Hoodie Sweatshirt Extra Large a Must-Have for Fans of the Dark Knight, This Officially
Update your maps at Navteq
Yes Mr. Wayne it does come in black! — watching The Dark Knight Rises
I may not have watched Seinfeld, but I grew up with Wayne Knight playing a Newman like character (Al from Toy Story 2)
Oliver's giving Bruce Wayne in the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises teas.
2046 Oliver Queen reminds me of Old Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Returns
Moments away from going to air - takes on USF from Fort Wayne. LIVE -
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Bruce Wayne learns that the best way to fix a broken spine is sleeping on a rickety cot and a posi…
i'll be here for you like Alfred was for Bruce Wayne... in The Dark Knight Rises ;)
Lucky in his new forever home! Thank you Christy and Wayne Knight for adopting from the Humane Society of Union...
- The Dark Knight, Marley and Me. Where Bruce Wayne gets a dog and loses it in Gotham where it is found by the Joker!
Especially when he jumps over the wall and savagely rips Wayne Knight limb from limb. Wait.
Despite stellar dance numbers and lavish aquatic set pieces, my favourite part of HAIL, CAESAR! was seeing Wayne Knight on the big screen.
Wayne Knight has requested you retract immediately
I've watched The Dark Knight like 20 times & it still upsets me everytime when Rachel chooses Harvey over Bruce Wayne. Good guys don't win!
It has BATMAN written on it, Wayne's death, Jason's death, failure, duty, Barbara being shot, the Dark Knight we deserved. Crying
what I'm getting at here is that when I picture the King of the Seas I see Wayne Knight
I had this mad idea that Seinfeld-era Wayne Knight would've made a great Aquaman
I believe in pushups cuz they brought Wayne back every single time💪
I don't think white guys are cute but "Bruce Wayne" of dark knight is omg 😩😋😽🤗
Every night there is a dark knight. I'm Bruce Wayne for the summer
On This Day in sports:. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made his first NBA 3 pointer. Wayne Gretzky broke the NHL goal record for a single season(92).
One-of-a-kind: The J.S. 1 Edition makes the Lamborghini Aventador driven by Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises ...
Please welcome atty Wayne Chancellor to office: http…
“There’s nothing wrong with Joker that I can’t fix…with my hands.” - Bruce Wayne/ Batman, The Dark Knight...
Bruce Wayne admits his own humanity in this preview for DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE
It's something that Miller maintains in his work at the time too. Gordon and Wayne are peers at the start of The Dark Knight Returns.
Every night a dark knight. Im Bruce Wayne to the summer ! 💯
I'm climbing outta the pit just like bruce wayne in the dark knight rises.
Can't think of a New Year's resolution? Bruce Wayne believes in you.
Like Bruce Wayne, every night is a dark knight
So when the baby ostrich started vocalizing, I kept waiting for it to spring out a lizard-like fan and spray venom at Wayne Knight.
She's fly.. Flyer than you, flyer than me.. I love ha, she loves me too
I am the dark knight, I am the man without fear, my name is Bruce Wayne, and I'm Batman
What do you think Bruce Wayne was doing between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises?
Someone call Wayne Knight. This movie adaptation needs him
Congrats…I met Wayne Knight once, does that count?
Wayne Knight is in this episode of Supernatural
In '09 Drake was the Young Money white knight, while Wayne was rocking out like a white stripe
The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite Batman movie ever because it is the most centered around Bruce Wayne, but that's just me
Today's - Wollaton Hall, Nottingham. Used as Wayne Manor in the Dark Knight Rises film.
I liked a video from Batman Arkham Knight Part 1 No Commentary
"I'm not finished yet. And you're not finished with me"-Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight Returns
I just solved your problem. Wayne Knight for Barf. I'll accept cash.
Not gonna lie lads I shed a tear when Alfred had to bury Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises😢
Every night ima dark knight I'm Bruce Wayne for the winter
A fourth Wayne County man is facing charges stemming from a sex trafficking investigation. Robbin L. Knight-Co...
4th arrest in Wayne County in connection with alleged sex trafficking of 15-year old girl.
I liked a video from Batman: Arkham Knight - Season of Infamy | Beneath the Surface
Every night a Dark knight I'm Bruce Wayne for the Summer
Is Space Jam the most 90s movie ever? The Looney Toons, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Knight. Brilliant
I saw Wayne Knight, Jeff Goldblum and the girl from Austin Powers 2. Lol. Be ready for more.
Is it Just me, or did Cesare Borgia sound just like Wayne Knight in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood?
Top 5 WORST Batman moments (LIke when Gordan became Batman or when the Arkham Knight was Jason Todd)
Fresh from killing Wayne Knight in a truck in Jurassic Park
The pontiff then spit venom into Wayne Knight's face, who was then ambushed in his Jeep by frilled clergy
Quick mockup of Bruce Wayne to go with my Batman & Robin. And with that, back to working on Arkham Knight: Genesis!
Reginae threw a bday dinner for Wayne.. got her pops Popeye's buffet style and 7/11 slurpees lol
Like Lil Wayne called a person "dickless" in a verse. . Alan Jackson never did that. They do not play Alan Jackson in the c…
I liked a video the thief and the knight | selina kyle/bruce wayne
Bruce Wayne is so much more badass in The dark knight returns
I liked dark knight rises so much because it ends with Bruce Wayne getting over it and moving on with his life
How fitting "The Dark Knight Rises" is on and the part where Wayne is trying to get out of the pit. Perfect analogy for UT right now.
Seriously such a major plot hole in Dark Knight Rises. Stock market attacked and Bruce Wayne loses everything the next day and no one blinks
like, how can I not respect a movie with Wayne Knight as the needy sidekick?
I'll be the Wayne Knight to your Jordan
PLEASE add Wayne Manor and the Batcave. Arkham Knight just wouldn't feel complete without it...
with this new Batman Arkham Knight tribute! Enjoy!.
Do y'all think Bruce Wayne was really alive at the end of Dark Knight Rises?
Nowadays you can understand why only Bruce Wayne could be The Dark Knight.
Wayne Knight has his own documentary?
I'm starting to get that Dark Knight feeling.word to Bruce Wayne
Word tho Kanye got them dressed like they in the pit Bruce Wayne was stuck in on Dark knight rises
Thxs 4 following, here's a free beach read, UNDERTOW or Enjoy
This the dude that tried killin Wayne?
Alfred leaves the Wayne manor, Catwoman abandons the suit. Interstellar is just the weirdest Dark Knight, sequel, y'all
STUDIO EXEC: you know who we need to get? Wayne Knight. The kids love Seinfeld. Can't get enough Newman.
When Kwang said "your girl made my dark knight rise like Bruce Wayne" we are spitting in this Skype call
I liked a video from Batman Arkham Knight Funny Moments
what do Darius Rucker, Bill Goldberg, Ryan Secrest, Bubba Watson, Bob McNair, Leeza Gibbons, & Wayne Knight have in common?
What do Ryan Seacrest, Wayne Knight, Alton Brown, Bubba Watson, Matthew Stafford and Herschel Walker have in common?
Jay got salty because I told him that shirt made him look like Wayne Knight from Jurrassic Park.
Dennis Nedry's death is so much better in the book than it is in the movie, but Wayne Knight was so perfect for the part that it's okay
Dead Again is on EPIX right now. Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Andy Garcia, Derek Jacobi, Wayne Knight, Robin Williams in peak '90s form.
"It's really not believable that Michael Jordan would let Wayne Knight's character hang around." - "Space Jam" observation.
If you're having a bad day, just remember that in 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apple for $800. It's now worth over $58 billion.
no issue with this game, last game Wayne Barnes screwed us
Forgotten Wayne Knight ws in 3rd Rock From The Sun (watching reruns Netflix)didn't realise did Riverdance episode!!
I will never think of Wayne Knight as anyone other than Newman
and it's the scene where Wayne Knight gets killed. Even better.
If Wayne Knight isn't in Jurassic World I'm not interested
Wayne Knight If you had to have a diploma or a GED to collect unemployment youd see a lot more kids staying in school. :-D
I would love a homage to Wayne Knight in Jurassic ain't in there but I wish it was.
I liked a video from Top 5: Ways Batman: Arkham Knight Could Fail
is it possible he left on the boat that Wayne Knight was supposed to catch? I figured that's how all the scientists escaped
the image of Wayne Knight didn't seem to register with anyone there?
*Considering Arkham Knight is rolling around, I'm going to make a new intro and icon for it*
As an introvert, I've probably heard "This guy never shuts up!" about as many times as Wayne Knight has heard "Hello, Newman!" from fans.
Hopefully next episode is a sequel from a flick where Wayne Knight gets spit on his face.If so what happened to that boat crew?
"Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded"- Bruce Wayne/Batman (The Dark Knight)
While you're waiting for the next episode to drop, enjoy this creepy picture of skinny Wayne Knight.
and AWX & Game4U have the Wayne Tech Booster Pack
Conspiracy man, just wait, Oliver Stone is writing a juicy screenplay. Wayne Knight starring as McGehee
I also want Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Poison Ivy, Michael Richards as Scarecrow, Jason Alexander as The Penguin, and Wayne Knight as Riddler.
Cool Hollywood Story: One time I saw Wayne Knight and Stephen Root go to the same movie.
The sexual chemistry between Wayne Knight and Michael Jordan in Space Jam is just palpable.
same handler: didn't mention that I currently run two stoners with bases of Wayne Knight & Michael Cera
MJ, do you still play golf with Larry Bird & Bill Murray and have Wayne Knight caddy like in Space Jam?
Wayne Knight aka Newman (Seinfeld) aka Dennis Nedry (Jurassic Park) best villain performance is as the toy thief in Toy Story 2
We've got Wayne Knight, who needs Rob Morrow? We've got Wayne Knight, babe, why don't you stay?
if you're head coach, I can be GM and we can be the greatest staff since Wayne Knight and Bill Murray for the Toon Squad.
you look like Wayne Knight aka Newman from Seinfeld. Made is one of my favorite movies. Made 2 please?
and BD WONG (I always wondered why he got a full credit line, and Wayne Knight and Sam Jackson had to share).
A pair of birthday boys who couldn't be more different: Wayne Knight, AKA "Newman," is 59, and Garrison Keillor is 72.
Competitors so far have included Roger Moore and Wayne Knight. And many fine hats.
Brian Laboucane is fastest on night 2 in Onion Lake with a time of 1:16.31. Wayne Knight leads the aggregate after 2 n…
Hold onto your butts! Adventurous and intense, you live life on the wild side - Summer Blockbuster style! "Jurassic Park" is a 1993 American science fiction adventure film that incorporates some horror elements as well. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and is the first installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. It is based on the 1990 novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, with a screenplay written by Crichton and David Koepp. It stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello, Martin Ferrero, Wayne Knight, Samuel L. Jackson and Bob Peck. The film centers on the fictional Isla Nublar, an islet located off Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, where a billionaire philanthropist and a small team of genetic scientists have created a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs." - Wikipedia
Just met and got a picture with Wayne Knight, Anna Faris, French Stewart, Matthew Lillard, and Alan Thicke! Thank...
If you grew up in the '90s, you know that one of the most seminal pieces of cinema from the era that seems to stick with us all, love it or hate it, is 1996's Space Jam. Starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters, plus Wayne Knight and Bill...
Wayne Knight: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Written by Frank Miller; Art and Cover by Miller and Klaus Janson It i
Ted Cruz started the rumor Wayne Knight (Newman) was dead. He also is the one who gave the order to invade Ukraine.
No, 'Newman' From 'Seinfeld' Is Not Dead Hoaxsters set up fake Us Weekly and TMZ websites to fool half the Internet on Sunday with reports that Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight was killed in a tractor-trailer accident "Actor Wayne Knight, better known to most for playing one of the most indelible roles on NBC's 'Seinfeld' as the charater 'Newman' is dead and two other passengers are critically injured after their vehicle slammed into a disabled semi-tractor-trailer late Saturday night along Route 446 near the Pennsylvania-New York state border in Eldred Township," breathlessly reported See also: 9 Social Media Hoaxes You Fell for in 2013 Read more... More about Seinfeld, Death Hoax, Entertainment, Tv, and Memes
as a Wayne Knight fan, I am glad that you are doing well! Looking forward to many, many more years of seeing you on tv & film.
TV Beat: A correction - Seinfeld's Wayne Knight is still very much alive. It is the rest of us who have died.
On Sunday morning, a rumor surfaced on social media that Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight, who played Newman on the show, passed away in a car accident near the Pennsylvania-New York border. From a website that appeared to be Kane-based state police have identified the deceased as the lovable “N...
Wayne Knight is very much alive it was another hoax
Wayne Night isn't dead, but an elaborate death was setup to make us think he was. The hoax cloned the site …
Okay, this celebrity death hoax crap just got personal. Wayne Knight is a friend of mine, and it was a kick in...
The world is right. My pal, Wayne Knight, is indeed alive and well. Whoever pulls that crap is really sick.
Based on name alone, it seems like Wayne Knight might be Batman.
At this time, Wayne Knight aka NEWMAN! from "Seinfeld" and Nedry in "Jurassic Park" is alive and well. It's another death hoax, folks.
Hellooo Newman! Wayne Knight is not dead as presumed but I'm watching out for you
Has Wayne Knight from 'Seinfeld' been killed in a car crash?
'Seinfeld' actor Wayne Knight jokes about death hoax:
Thank God, Newman is alive!! Now everybody stop spreading stupid rumors about people dying!
Relieved that Wayne Knight is still alive.
TVTattle headline: "'Seinfeld’s' Wayne Knight claims he is not dead.". I love the skepticism TVTattle shows there.
Wayne Knight, the actor best-known as Seinfeld's annoying neighbor, was incorrectly reported to have been killed a car wreck.
Contrary to a hoax report that circulated online, actor Wayne Knight is alive and well. -
Correction Seinfeld's Wayne Knight is NOT dead... sadly the same cant be said for his acting career. .
Don't worry, wayne knight isn't dead, I say to the one wayne knight fan out there
San Bernardino pastor is arrested, accused of molesting two boys
Not so dead and happy about it: Seinfeld's "Newman," actor Wayne Knight
Seinfeld's Wayne Knight was the victim of an elaborate death hoax:
Wayne Knight, a.k.a. Seinfeld's "Newman", would like you to know he is alive and well -
The whole Wayne Knight dying in a tractor crash thing is just a coverup. He was eaten by a Dilophosaurus.
I've seen a couple of posts on here that Wayne Knight died in a traffic accident. This is a hoax he is alive and well.
Actor Wayne Knight is NOT Dead: Reports and rumours circulating via social media claim that popular actor Wayn...
Sad to hear about Wayne Knight, I heard he was genuinely a good guy and a nerds nerd. RIP.
Who thinks these hoaxes r funny. Glad to here Wayne Knight AKA Newman is alive n healthy. Terrible that someone made up a hoax that he died. Sick people out there...
'Seinfeld' actor a victim of elaborate death hoax
Millennials mostly know Wayne Knight as the beloved Space Jam star.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I heard Newman from Seinfeld aka Wayne Knight may have died early today. Let's hope not!
So sick of the internet hoaxes. In just this weekend alone, they've killed George Zimmerman, (wouldn't be mad at that one though), Wayne Knight (Newman on Seinfeld), and once again, Will Smith. It's enough to make you wanna get offline for good.
So Wayne Knight is still alive and Fred Phelps is near death. Gonna chalk that up as a win for society.
'Seinfeld' actor Wayne Knight is not dead, Wayne Knight confirms
Wayne Knight is still alive, and Jim Morrison is still dead. Bummer.
To clarify an earlier post, Wayne Knight and Newman are very much alive! We were trapped by a hoax! First time for everything lol!
Wayne knight is also not dead. What is this fake an over weight celebrity death week...
RIP Wayne Knight. fixing that great big divot in the sky
Smh... I hate seeing hoaxes of people dying. What's the point of those? Newman (Wayne Knight) didn't die in a car accident y'all.
When I heard that Wayne Knight died, the first thing I thought was: "Aw, man...Dilophosaurus strikes again." Then when I heard he was alive, the first thing I thought was: " I'm not going to be able to use that joke...for now."
RIP Dennis Nedry/Newman/Wayne Knight. without him Jurassic Park would have been a long movie with nothing exciting except a speech about a flee circus
First Chum Lee and now Wayne Knight ? Who starts these rumors ?
Good bye NNNEWMAN. So sad to just read Wayne Knight died in car accident. "Ohhh the humanity"
The person who started all those false rumors about Wayne Knight has been found dead. There, see how YOU like it! Ya JERK!
R.I.P. Wayne Knight. Loved you in Dead Again. And in 3rd Rock. And you were a friendly face on B'way!
Hello, Newman... It's the fake story that's been floating around social media all day: that Wayne Knight, who played Newman on "Seinfeld," is dead. CLICK HERE for Wayne's humorous response to news of his "death":
Don't worry, everyone. Wayne Knight is alive and well. The actor, who is best known for his portr...
R.I.P. Scott Asheton of The Stooges. Wayne Knight.glad it was a hoax!
*NEWSFLASH.DISREGARD THIS POST.John fell for it Hook, Line, and Sinker!!!* Wow. My wife just pointed out to me that, the well known Actor, Wayne Knight "Newman" from Seinfeld was killed last night on the Pa/NY border, after his Mercedes Benz slammed into the rear of a disabled 5 Axle Tractor Trailer, after Knight lost control on slick road conditions. If anyone whom knows me well enough in the last many years, you'd know just how much of a BIG fan I am of the television comedy series, Seinfeld. Which I'm sure many of you are as well. So, needless to say, this is quite upsetting to come up on. Wayne was great in this role as Jerry's annoying neighbor, and, he and Michael Richards were just classic comic timing together. As I learned that most of it were ad libbing. One of my fav. scenes of Newman & Kramer, was the one where they both were trying to explain to Jerry that Keith Hernandez spit on them after a Mets game!!! Lmfao It became the "Second spitter/JFK Asassination" So many, many more of those classi ...
Actor Wayne Knight aka 'Newman' from Seinfeld is alive & well folks! It's just another internet hoax!
Reason why the internet is an evil place..Wayne Knight is NOT dead...just another "death hoax".helo Newman! - Marcello
Just so everyone knows: Wayne Knight ("Newman") is *not* dead. It's an internet hoax.
There are rumors that UGA alum, former mascot, and "Newman" actor Wayne Knight has died. Have no fear, this is just a internet hoax. Wayne says that he's alive and well!!!
Wayne Knight is alive, folks. That's a fake Us Weekly site. Selena Gomez having twins should probably tip you off.
omfg Wayne Knight couldn't have died no non ononono ono no
I've also been told I look like Jason Alexander, Wayne Knight & Tom Arnold, so I guess the Harld Ramis (Dr. Egon Spengler) remark was kind!
My absolute favorite movie growing up had to be Space Jam... I mean it was my first exposure to Bill Murray and Wayne Knight, and it starred Bugs Bunny and Michael effing Jordan who was literally God to children in the mid to late 90's (Later replaced by Tony Hawk I guess?) and R. Kelly's Fly Like an Eagle... Not sure how I feel about the reports of this sequel replacing MJ with LeBron James... I mean as long as, spoilers, Bill Murray shows up to save the day I'd go see it but LeBron ain't no Michael (Coming from a kid whose last watched basketball game was the Harlem Globe Trotters like 3 or 4 years ago)
I hear Warner Brothers are making Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James. I'm sorry but the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan,Bill Murray, and Dennis Nedry(Wayne Knight) will always be a classic and my favorite.
I keep hearing that valentine's day is a scam cook by the greeting card company for money. If so then from I hear also they aren't doing as much as Christmas or Mother's Day. This is evidenced in the Seinfeld episode The Bottle Deposit p1 when Newman ( play by Wayne Knight who did Emperor Zurg from buzz lightyear and microchip in Punisher Warzone movie) came to Kramer and said" most days the post office sends one truck of mail to the sorting regional facility in Michigan BUT on the week before holiday we see a surge. On Valentines day we send 2 trucks, on Christmas we send 4 PACK TO THE TOP, and tomorrow if history is any guide we will see some spill over to a 5th truck. Kramer: Mother's Day" We'll here is some thought for your mind
SEINFELD: No Reunion Show If you thought that Super Bowl Seinfeld reunion spot was a teaser for a full-on reunion of the hit sitcom, you can forget about it. Jerry Seinfeld says the spot, which featured old sitcom pals Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight, was for his Web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and was not done to gauge public interest in a Seinfeld reunion show. In an interview with Buzzfeed editor Peter Lauria which aired on CBS This Morning, the comedian says "I Know people would want a reunion show. That's what I want."
I just saw that commercial Seinfeld did during the Superbowl and...I don't get it. What is it promoting? Is it to remind people that Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight are still alive? If anything it's reminded me why we haven't seen a lot of Jerry Seinfeld on TV lately-he's not that funny any more.
Jerry Seinfeld wasn't kidding when he told New York radio hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on Thursday that the rumored "Seinfeld" reunion was happening "very, very soon." During the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night, Seinfeld (as Jerry), Jason Alexander (as George) and Wayne Knight (as…
Wayne Knight will always be Newman, Rhea Perlman will always be Carla and Kirstie Alley will always be Rebecca.
Last night I dreamed that I went down to Consol to see Space Jam On Ice. Right at the scene where Michael Jordan put Wayne Knight's character Stan Podolak on the court against the Monstars, Wayne Knight himself came running down the stairs and sat a couple of seats down the row from me. He frantically asked me what he missed, and my eyes absolutely lit up and I told him this was my favorite part of the movie... On the ice/court, Wayne Knight's character had the ball and all of the Monstars bodychecked and piled on top of him Todd Bertuzzi-style, but the basketball somehow squeaked out of the pile and into the hoop to tie the game. Everybody jumped to their feet and I gave Wayne Knight a high five.
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