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Wayne Knight

Wayne Eliot Knight (born August 7, 1955) is an American actor, comedian, and voice actor perhaps best known for his role as Newman in the TV sitcom Seinfeld.

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Wayne Knight: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Written by Frank Miller; Art and Cover by Miller and Klaus Janson It i
Ted Cruz started the rumor Wayne Knight (Newman) was dead. He also is the one who gave the order to invade Ukraine.
No, 'Newman' From 'Seinfeld' Is Not Dead Hoaxsters set up fake Us Weekly and TMZ websites to fool half the Internet on Sunday with reports that Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight was killed in a tractor-trailer accident "Actor Wayne Knight, better known to most for playing one of the most indelible roles on NBC's 'Seinfeld' as the charater 'Newman' is dead and two other passengers are critically injured after their vehicle slammed into a disabled semi-tractor-trailer late Saturday night along Route 446 near the Pennsylvania-New York state border in Eldred Township," breathlessly reported See also: 9 Social Media Hoaxes You Fell for in 2013 Read more... More about Seinfeld, Death Hoax, Entertainment, Tv, and Memes
as a Wayne Knight fan, I am glad that you are doing well! Looking forward to many, many more years of seeing you on tv & film.
TV Beat: A correction - Seinfeld's Wayne Knight is still very much alive. It is the rest of us who have died.
On Sunday morning, a rumor surfaced on social media that Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight, who played Newman on the show, passed away in a car accident near the Pennsylvania-New York border. From a website that appeared to be Kane-based state police have identified the deceased as the lovable “N...
Wayne Knight is very much alive it was another hoax
Wayne Night isn't dead, but an elaborate death was setup to make us think he was. The hoax cloned the site …
Okay, this celebrity death hoax crap just got personal. Wayne Knight is a friend of mine, and it was a kick in...
The world is right. My pal, Wayne Knight, is indeed alive and well. Whoever pulls that crap is really sick.
Based on name alone, it seems like Wayne Knight might be Batman.
At this time, Wayne Knight aka NEWMAN! from "Seinfeld" and Nedry in "Jurassic Park" is alive and well. It's another death hoax, folks.
Hellooo Newman! Wayne Knight is not dead as presumed but I'm watching out for you
Has Wayne Knight from 'Seinfeld' been killed in a car crash?
'Seinfeld' actor Wayne Knight jokes about death hoax:
Thank God, Newman is alive!! Now everybody stop spreading stupid rumors about people dying!
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Relieved that Wayne Knight is still alive.
TVTattle headline: "'Seinfeld’s' Wayne Knight claims he is not dead.". I love the skepticism TVTattle shows there.
Wayne Knight, the actor best-known as Seinfeld's annoying neighbor, was incorrectly reported to have been killed a car wreck.
Contrary to a hoax report that circulated online, actor Wayne Knight is alive and well. -
Correction Seinfeld's Wayne Knight is NOT dead... sadly the same cant be said for his acting career. .
Don't worry, wayne knight isn't dead, I say to the one wayne knight fan out there
San Bernardino pastor is arrested, accused of molesting two boys
Not so dead and happy about it: Seinfeld's "Newman," actor Wayne Knight
Seinfeld's Wayne Knight was the victim of an elaborate death hoax:
Wayne Knight, a.k.a. Seinfeld's "Newman", would like you to know he is alive and well -
The whole Wayne Knight dying in a tractor crash thing is just a coverup. He was eaten by a Dilophosaurus.
I've seen a couple of posts on here that Wayne Knight died in a traffic accident. This is a hoax he is alive and well.
Actor Wayne Knight is NOT Dead: Reports and rumours circulating via social media claim that popular actor Wayn...
Sad to hear about Wayne Knight, I heard he was genuinely a good guy and a nerds nerd. RIP.
Who thinks these hoaxes r funny. Glad to here Wayne Knight AKA Newman is alive n healthy. Terrible that someone made up a hoax that he died. Sick people out there...
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'Seinfeld' actor a victim of elaborate death hoax
Millennials mostly know Wayne Knight as the beloved Space Jam star.
I heard Newman from Seinfeld aka Wayne Knight may have died early today. Let's hope not!
So sick of the internet hoaxes. In just this weekend alone, they've killed George Zimmerman, (wouldn't be mad at that one though), Wayne Knight (Newman on Seinfeld), and once again, Will Smith. It's enough to make you wanna get offline for good.
So Wayne Knight is still alive and Fred Phelps is near death. Gonna chalk that up as a win for society.
'Seinfeld' actor Wayne Knight is not dead, Wayne Knight confirms
Wayne Knight is still alive, and Jim Morrison is still dead. Bummer.
To clarify an earlier post, Wayne Knight and Newman are very much alive! We were trapped by a hoax! First time for everything lol!
Wayne knight is also not dead. What is this fake an over weight celebrity death week...
RIP Wayne Knight. fixing that great big divot in the sky
Smh... I hate seeing hoaxes of people dying. What's the point of those? Newman (Wayne Knight) didn't die in a car accident y'all.
When I heard that Wayne Knight died, the first thing I thought was: "Aw, man...Dilophosaurus strikes again." Then when I heard he was alive, the first thing I thought was: " I'm not going to be able to use that joke...for now."
RIP Dennis Nedry/Newman/Wayne Knight. without him Jurassic Park would have been a long movie with nothing exciting except a speech about a flee circus
First Chum Lee and now Wayne Knight ? Who starts these rumors ?
Good bye NNNEWMAN. So sad to just read Wayne Knight died in car accident. "Ohhh the humanity"
The person who started all those false rumors about Wayne Knight has been found dead. There, see how YOU like it! Ya JERK!
R.I.P. Wayne Knight. Loved you in Dead Again. And in 3rd Rock. And you were a friendly face on B'way!
Hello, Newman... It's the fake story that's been floating around social media all day: that Wayne Knight, who played Newman on "Seinfeld," is dead. CLICK HERE for Wayne's humorous response to news of his "death":
Don't worry, everyone. Wayne Knight is alive and well. The actor, who is best known for his portr...
R.I.P. Scott Asheton of The Stooges. Wayne Knight.glad it was a hoax!
*NEWSFLASH.DISREGARD THIS POST.John fell for it Hook, Line, and Sinker!!!* Wow. My wife just pointed out to me that, the well known Actor, Wayne Knight "Newman" from Seinfeld was killed last night on the Pa/NY border, after his Mercedes Benz slammed into the rear of a disabled 5 Axle Tractor Trailer, after Knight lost control on slick road conditions. If anyone whom knows me well enough in the last many years, you'd know just how much of a BIG fan I am of the television comedy series, Seinfeld. Which I'm sure many of you are as well. So, needless to say, this is quite upsetting to come up on. Wayne was great in this role as Jerry's annoying neighbor, and, he and Michael Richards were just classic comic timing together. As I learned that most of it were ad libbing. One of my fav. scenes of Newman & Kramer, was the one where they both were trying to explain to Jerry that Keith Hernandez spit on them after a Mets game!!! Lmfao It became the "Second spitter/JFK Asassination" So many, many more of those classi ...
Actor Wayne Knight aka 'Newman' from Seinfeld is alive & well folks! It's just another internet hoax!
Reason why the internet is an evil place..Wayne Knight is NOT dead...just another "death hoax".helo Newman! - Marcello
Just so everyone knows: Wayne Knight ("Newman") is *not* dead. It's an internet hoax.
There are rumors that UGA alum, former mascot, and "Newman" actor Wayne Knight has died. Have no fear, this is just a internet hoax. Wayne says that he's alive and well!!!
Wayne Knight is alive, folks. That's a fake Us Weekly site. Selena Gomez having twins should probably tip you off.
omfg Wayne Knight couldn't have died no non ononono ono no
I've also been told I look like Jason Alexander, Wayne Knight & Tom Arnold, so I guess the Harld Ramis (Dr. Egon Spengler) remark was kind!
My absolute favorite movie growing up had to be Space Jam... I mean it was my first exposure to Bill Murray and Wayne Knight, and it starred Bugs Bunny and Michael effing Jordan who was literally God to children in the mid to late 90's (Later replaced by Tony Hawk I guess?) and R. Kelly's Fly Like an Eagle... Not sure how I feel about the reports of this sequel replacing MJ with LeBron James... I mean as long as, spoilers, Bill Murray shows up to save the day I'd go see it but LeBron ain't no Michael (Coming from a kid whose last watched basketball game was the Harlem Globe Trotters like 3 or 4 years ago)
I hear Warner Brothers are making Space Jam 2 starring LeBron James. I'm sorry but the original Space Jam with Michael Jordan,Bill Murray, and Dennis Nedry(Wayne Knight) will always be a classic and my favorite.
The Saturday Soundtrack Jurassic Park It is a 1993 American science fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg and the first of the Jurassic Park franchise. It is based on the 1990 novel of the same name by Michael Crichton, with a screenplay written by Crichton and David Koepp. It stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello, Martin Ferrero, Wayne Knight, Samuel L. Jackson and Bob Peck. The film centers on the fictional Isla Nublar, an islet located off Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, where a billionaire philanthropist and a small team of genetic scientists have created a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs. Tune in next Saturday for another Soundtrack to guess.
I keep hearing that valentine's day is a scam cook by the greeting card company for money. If so then from I hear also they aren't doing as much as Christmas or Mother's Day. This is evidenced in the Seinfeld episode The Bottle Deposit p1 when Newman ( play by Wayne Knight who did Emperor Zurg from buzz lightyear and microchip in Punisher Warzone movie) came to Kramer and said" most days the post office sends one truck of mail to the sorting regional facility in Michigan BUT on the week before holiday we see a surge. On Valentines day we send 2 trucks, on Christmas we send 4 PACK TO THE TOP, and tomorrow if history is any guide we will see some spill over to a 5th truck. Kramer: Mother's Day" We'll here is some thought for your mind
SEINFELD: No Reunion Show If you thought that Super Bowl Seinfeld reunion spot was a teaser for a full-on reunion of the hit sitcom, you can forget about it. Jerry Seinfeld says the spot, which featured old sitcom pals Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight, was for his Web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and was not done to gauge public interest in a Seinfeld reunion show. In an interview with Buzzfeed editor Peter Lauria which aired on CBS This Morning, the comedian says "I Know people would want a reunion show. That's what I want."
I just saw that commercial Seinfeld did during the Superbowl and...I don't get it. What is it promoting? Is it to remind people that Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Wayne Knight are still alive? If anything it's reminded me why we haven't seen a lot of Jerry Seinfeld on TV lately-he's not that funny any more.
Jerry Seinfeld wasn't kidding when he told New York radio hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on Thursday that the rumored "Seinfeld" reunion was happening "very, very soon." During the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night, Seinfeld (as Jerry), Jason Alexander (as George) and Wayne Knight (as…
Wayne Knight will always be Newman, Rhea Perlman will always be Carla and Kirstie Alley will always be Rebecca.
Last night I dreamed that I went down to Consol to see Space Jam On Ice. Right at the scene where Michael Jordan put Wayne Knight's character Stan Podolak on the court against the Monstars, Wayne Knight himself came running down the stairs and sat a couple of seats down the row from me. He frantically asked me what he missed, and my eyes absolutely lit up and I told him this was my favorite part of the movie... On the ice/court, Wayne Knight's character had the ball and all of the Monstars bodychecked and piled on top of him Todd Bertuzzi-style, but the basketball somehow squeaked out of the pile and into the hoop to tie the game. Everybody jumped to their feet and I gave Wayne Knight a high five.
Wayne Knight and Mark Hamill auditioning for “Pinky and the Brain”. ;D.
Pinky and the Brain: Mark Hamill, Wayne Knight, Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen... Got to love these guys
I liked a video from Pinky and the Brain 00 The Audition Mark Hamill, Wayne Knight,
Happy New Years to all!! Be Safe! Live to see tomorrow! Thanks Tonya and Wayne Knight for a great night had fun, thanks for the Invite love you all and love all my inner circle Kevin Piper, Missy Piper, Ron Sellers Robin Harris, Kenneth Jones Sara Trammell Jones Lindsey Crowder Sellers Ginger Kate Patterson Hines James Stilwell Sheila Snodgrass
Was a big Kristen Johnson & Wayne Knight fan, now also Faison, Stabels & Basche This is a staff W/charisma + great comedic scripts
This post will most likely be of interest only to fans of The Walking Dead. Tonight, on the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I watched the Oliver Stone film JFK. Although the film contains a great many movie stars, including Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Sissy Spacek, Donald Sutherland, Joe Pesci, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Kevin Bacon, Laurie Metcalf, Edward Asner, Brian Doyle-Murray, John Candy, Gary Oldman and Wayne Knight, the actor who probably had the second most screen time and dialogue behind only Costner was an actor named Michael Rooker. I myself, would never have recognized the name Michael Rooker and I assume most people would not either. However, the face and voice I recognized immediately. It was that of the character Meryl Dixon, brother of Daryl of The Walking Dead. Who knew he had an acting career before starring in the zombie television show?
As I already said, thinking of the events of 50 years ago today usually brings me to tears, especially watching the movie "JFK" (as I did a few days ago), but there is one aspect from that film that did result in incredible laughter, and it was on a "Seinfeld" episode in Season 3 entitled "The Boyfriend". That was only the 2nd episode the character of "Newman" was seen (having been introduced just a week earlier) and this episode aired in early February, 1992, just a few weeks after the "JFK" movie was released. Wayne Knight, of course, played "Newman", BUT he was also in "JFK" and his character's name in that movie was "Numa" Bartel, so its quite probable that is where the name "Newman" came from. And in that episode, Jerry became friends with former NY Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez, who then becomes infatuated with Elaine. But Kramer & Newman relate a story how Hernandez spit on them after a bad Mets loss, but Jerry then tries to debunk the story by demonstrating how "this magic LOOGIE" had a ...
No, but I am suggesting that Jay Jacobs is Wayne Knight.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I believe Wayne Knight was the MVP of Space Jam since he brought unmatched willingness and hustle to the court
Best celebrity sighting in awhile: Wayne Knight of Seinfeld/Jurassic Park fame outside of the Office Depot in studio city.
Are you sure you aren't mixing up Wayne Knight and Warwick Davis and thinking of "The Leprechaun"? (common mistake)
Eddy Curry is like a modern day Wayne Knight.
OMG Michael Richards IS GONNA BE ON THE NEXT TV LAND SHOW!!! Now he and Wayne Knight have a chance to be reunited!!!
See drivers: Reg Johnstone, John Walters, & Wayne Knight for an autograph at the Tent, noon-1 today!
Time for my Voice Actor of the Week! Tonight is Wayne Knight. You probably recognize Knight best as Newman from Seinfeld, but I have no doubt you would be able to recognize his voice when you heard it. I certainly did when I heard him as Dojo on Xiaolin Showdown. That was one of two prominent recurring roles he had in voice over; the other being that of Emperor Zurg, archenemy of Buzz Lightyear and the main villain of the animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. He also played a prominent part in Disney’s Tarzan in 1999: Tantor the elephant. His other roles weren’t big, but were easy to point out. For example, in Toy Story 2, he played Al, the proprietor of Al’s Toy Barn, and in Disney’s Hercules, he played the pottery merchant Demetrius. He also had a lot of guest voice roles, such as Jack O’Lantern from Grim & Evil, Abnegazar of the Demons Three from Justice League Unlimited, Captain Goray from Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the Guardian of the Friend Zone from Regular show. of ...
Coming up on Freewheelin': Wednesday: Truckin’ Flair: Freewheelin’ is always trying to get rid of stereotypes that surround the image of a truck driver. Today let’s talk about flair! We’ve seen some great style out there in the trucking community and today we want to know all about yours. Are there certain brands you like to wear? Would you say you have your own style? Has your style changed significantly from when you were a young adult to now? – List the staple items in your wardrobe. ALSO: The revolving door will bring in Wayne Knight (NEWMAN of Seinfeld), Ed Hardy a guy who certainly knows about flair, Linda Cardellini from AMC's Madmen who will turn up the heat and Miss USA Erin Brady will be in with her sash, crown and poise!
Ensemble members Ric Klass and Rachel Kadushin: "Award-Winning Novelist Romantic Comedy In Development" Love-triangle, romantic comedy Señorita Rosa’s Dream Salon is writer/director/producer Ric Klass' most ambitious movie to date. Currently set to be a German Co-Production, as a large amount of the financing for the film is coming from German entities. Producers Rachel Kadushin and Donna McKenna join him. Donna is also returning in the position of the Casting Director. Academy Award Winning Film Editor Scott Conrad ("Rocky") is also set to return to work with Ric again. ((most recent theatrical release the dark romantic comedy, “Excuse Me For Living” starring Christopher Lloyd, Jerry Stiller, Wayne Knight, Robert Vaughn, *** Cavett, Tom Pelphrey, Melissa Archer, Ewa Da Cruz, James McCaffrey, David A. Gregory, Shenaz Treasury, Tyler Hollinger, and Kevin Brown is now available on i-tunes, and time-warner cable and VOD on demand in North America. . Preview clips can be found on hulu-com a ...
The Fat Albert movie should've starred Wayne Knight in blackface. Instead of killing Kenan Thompson's career
Clint Eastwood as an ageing Bruce Wayne. Forced to don the cape & cowl once more in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. Bowie as The Joker.
Wayne Knight hutched over a table on a beach in Costa Rica furiously devouring a combination enchilada
don't judge! Lil Wayne said it. I just agree with it.
Oh', but that's the best part! I'm using you as bait for I've set up a trap for him!
[Trying to break free from the ropes; Glaring at Joker] You'll never get away with this! will stop you!
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So, Jurassic Park 3D effectively slayed me tonight. Besides Wayne Knight's dancing gif, you couldn't tell the movie was 20 years old.
You don't really understand exactly how rotund Wayne Knight is until you see him squeal at a Barbasol can in 3D.
No one wants to see it? Wait.i think we all dont want to see 3D Wayne Knight.
I know who Newman is. I don't know Wayne Knight from Adam.
Don't ever expect me to know who Wayne Knight is ever again.
Yeah, but I can never remember his name in Jurassic Park. To me, Wayne Knight will ALWAYS be Newman. (Y'know, from Seinfeld?)
Jurassic Park 3D is the real. Wayne Knight really pops in 3D.
Jurassic Park in the third dimension. It'll feel like Wayne Knight's back sweat is really dripping on me.
Make sure to get your copy of The Runner today
Super power: The ability to recognize Wayne Knight's voice in any cartoon.
As soon as Wayne Knight's character in Jurassic Park was shown eating in Costa Rica I couldn't help but grimace and say, "Newman".
3D film adds 10lbs to you on screen sorry Wayne Knight!
I remember Wayne Knight's Jurassic Park action figure was studly and slim. It looked more like G.I. Joe than Newman.
Alongside Tom Hardy's Bane, one of my favourite ingredients of Christopher Nolan's third and…
Wayne Knight in 3D had to be breathtaking, too. I mean literally. It probably felt like he was sitting right on your face.
he did but he not THE dark knight “Terry McGinnis might not have been Bruce Wayne but that *** put in work”
I saw Jurassic Park 3D tonight; the movie's still great, but I had forgotten that Wayne Knight was like 400 pounds in the film
you haven't been entertained until you've seen Wayne knight get eaten by a dilophosaur on a 50 ft screen in 3 dimensions.
The dinosaurs and overall picture of Jurassic Park look pretty cool and scary in 3D, but Wayne Knight is the most intense visual element.
The only thing bigger than a T-Rex in IMAX is 90s Wayne Knight in IMAX.
Wayne Knight's fat *** rolling down a muddy hill in IMAX 3D: not my favourite scene in Jurassic Park.
Comics: Carrie Kelley Joins DC's New 52: Bruce Wayne's son met an unfortunate end and the Dark Knight has been...
So who's going to see Jurassic Park in 3D with me on Sunday? If no one responds I'm officially no better than Wayne Knight on the toilet.
Should be a nice weekend. If Michigan wins I win my bracket. If not, I still get to see Wayne Knight in 3-D.
I never listened to Lil Wayne this much in my life, lmao. Idk what's going on.
I train Bruce Wayne that dark knight
My biggest problem with The Dark Knight Rises is the fact that Joseph Gordon Levitt just somehow knows Bruce Wayne is Batman.
they've digitally replaced Wayne Knight w/ Diane Ladd.
My instagram game like James White (Flight)/ My pockets fat again like Wayne Knight (Newman)
You know the bit in dark knight rises, where Bruce Wayne is hung up on that thing to help him stand and he shouts out in pain..
imagine all those pictures of Wayne Knight that come up when he disables the security use of 3D I can think of.
I'll never forget when the dino spits in Wayne Knight's face. I still jump every time it "rattles," and have since I was 3.
In all the new hype, I haven't seen Wayne Knight's magnificent work mentioned. Can only imagine how monumental he'll be in 3D.
Id like lil Wayne more if he did that more often
Satanism in hip hop the Lil Wayne SKELETONS inTHEATER/Dark KNIGHT Rises MASSACRE via
No, Wayne Knight saw his shadow, so six more weeks of embargo.
"Why do we fall Master Wayne?... So we can learn to pick ourselves back up" -Alfred; The Dark Knight Begins
Lil bit of hard brown... And some hard white, thats a lil bruce wayne... And some dark knight.
Photo: BATMAN ANNUAL A special ZERO YEAR tie-in! Bruce Wayne’s first year as the Dark Knight has just...
Enjoy this clip of talking about being THAT guy in
The end of the dark knight rises when alfred sees bruce wayne makes me so happy
Watching classic of course...but Dennis Nedry / Wayne Knight isn't dead yet...All I can think of is.Newman!!!
I think the Monstars beat the Toon Squad if Shawn Bradley wasn't involved. Wayne Knight had a better game than Monstar Bradley.
How the *** did Bill Murray get to Looney Toons land, it took Wayne Knight like half the movie
Bo Ryan looks like that dinosaur that spits in Wayne Knight's face in the jeep when he tries to steal the DNA in Jurassic Park.
WAYS IN WHICH U CAN DEFINE LOVE A Fruit Love is a fruit, in season at all times and within the reach of every hand. Anyone may gather it and no limit is set. (Mother Teresa, No Greater Love, 1997) A Banana Peel I look at you and wham, I'm head over heels. I guess that love is a banana peel. I feel so bad and yet I'm feeling so well. I slipped, I stumbled, I fell. (Ben Weisman and Fred Wise, "I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell," sung by Elvis Presley in the film Wild in the Country, 1961) A Spice Love is a spice with many tastes--a dizzying array of textures and moments. (Wayne Knight as Newman in the final episode of Seinfeld, 1998) A Rose Love is a rose but you better not pick it. It only grows when it's on the vine. A handful of thorns and you'll know you've missed it. You lose your love when you say the word "mine." (Neil Young, "Love Is a Rose," 1977) A Garden Now that you're gone I can see That love is a garden if you let it go. It fades away before you know, And love is a garden--it needs help to grow. ( ...
Bruce Wayne's voice in the Dark Knight kind of sounds like the voice someone would use to scare you on a prank call
screencap meme - spaces & The Dark Knight Rises requested by me
Ogilvy was actually misquoted by Jeff Wayne!
Just realised how much Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises looks like John McAfee
Robin was the best character in The Dark Knight Rises next to Bruce Wayne:D
you the dark knight but you ain't Bruce Wayne
Nah. NYC is toughest. Caught with a gun without a license to carry in NY= mandatory jail time. See Lil Wayne, Plaxico.
*** I woke up feelin like Bruce Wayne in dark knight rises
because it adds so much more to the characters. rereading The Dark Knight Returns reminds me of just how crazy Bruce Wayne really is
The Dark Knight Rises: Still grief-stricken over past losses, billionaire Bruce Wayne is conflicted about once a...
You know that scene in the movie dark knight rises, when Wayne was stuck in the *** prison and he was working out his *** off? I feel that
Nw the dark knight rises. I hope to be as pimp as Bruce wayne one day..
As stated in Dark Knight, Wayne Manor is in country side of Gotham... Far away from the city. No plot holes!!!
Yeah. A bit cute, I think mine is jealous because I'm the eccentric Bruce Wayne with a Thief.
So um, to all those who haven't watched Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Bruce Wayne's best super-friend is in it. Just puttin' it out there
I've been. Successful wingman, all 4 of my friends knight ended up with hot guys and I Wayne watched like a Paedo with people yayyyuy
did it have anything too do with Wayne knight?
we've got it!! Live action Dark Knight Returns, Tom Selleck as Bruce Wayne. and I realized it watching
For a business man you can be very indecisive Mr Wayne *smirks*
Watching the dark knight rises for the second time in two days. Bruce Wayne is a hottie 😍💋
*looks at you with loved filled eyes.* I love you so much Mr Wayne.
Example: In The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne has a kid he calls Lil' Wayne.
That applies for Wayne, the comics one is April 7th, but anyway we'll just celebrate his birthday.
Oh yeah, tomorrow is my birthday!! Not my writer's, but I, Bruce Wayne's birthday!!
Clint Eastwood should totally play old Bruce Wayne in a live action version of The Dark Knight Returns!
Boredness is one of the worst things in the world! :( hmmm. What to do?
let us wish Happy Advance Birthday to Christian Bale, best known as Bruce Wayne/Batman from Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy
Honestly, after The Dark Knight trilogy I can't look at any other Batman movies the same!
The Dark Knight Trilogy was just pure amazing!! 👏👌
"I won’t bury you. I buried enough members of the Wayne family." - Alfred. The Dark Knight Rises.
Wow I never realized the dark knight is a depressing love story poor Bruce wayne
Created by Mark Reisman. With Donald Faison, Wayne Knight, David Alan Basche, Kelly Stables. A group of divorced friends try to get back to the single life.
From Yeas & Nays: "We hear that the Creative Coalition folks were a little on the late side when it came to arriving at their own ball Monday night, but they were all over town throughout the long weekend. The group of talent, which included Paula Abdul, Evan Handler, Alfre Woodard, Matt Bomer, Wayne Knight, Taraji P. Henson, Melissa Leo, John Leguizamo, David Arquette and more crowded into the brand new Dupont Circle restaurant Mari Vanna for a meal on Sunday night. On Monday before the ball, they chose Georgetown's Peacock Cafe."
Jurassic Park (1993) Director: Steven Spielberg Writers: Michael Crichton; David Koepp Cast: Sam Neill; Laura Dern; Jeff Goldblum; Richard Attenborough; Bob Peck; Martin Ferrero; Joseph Mazzello; Ariana Richards; Samuel L. Jackson; Wayne Knight ''They're not monsters,'' explains the kindly paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill) as he watches a long-necked brachiosaur gulp down a tree limb for breakfast. ''They're just animals.'' Indeed, the dinosaurs who roam, fly, and gnash their oversize teeth through Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park (PG-13) are miraculously organic creatures: beady-eyed lizards as realistic as anything you'd see in a zoo. The thrill of the movie, of course, is that they're monsters, too. The brachiosaurs, with their beautiful, looming necks, seem otherworldly, as magically tall as skyscrapers; the Tyrannosaurus rex is a nightmare of brainless aggression, a prehistoric sci-fi Jaws. Spielberg understands that dinosaurs are God's monsters, biological marvels that inflamed our imaginations ...
Wayne Knight caught by paps while at event: Former seinfeld star talks about his seatin...
Celebs Gather To Promote Arts Education _ And Eat by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS January 21, 2013 WASHINGTON (AP) — For all the talk about fewer celebrities making it to Washington this time for the inauguration, you would have had a hard time not bumping into one — literally — at a packed downtown restaurant Sunday evening. Munching on traditional Russian food at the "night before" dinner party thrown by the Creative Coalition, a high-profile arts advocacy group with an emphasis on arts education, were Paula Abdul, David Arquette, Tim Daly, Alfre Woodard, Giancarlo Esposito, John Leguizamo, Taraji P. Henson, Lynn Whitfield, Melissa Leo, Richard Kind, Marlon Wayans and others — even Newman from "Seinfeld," Wayne Knight. As they sampled beef stroganoff, blini with salmon roe, pickled vegetables and vodka infused with flavors like horseradish, pineapple and honey, many guests discussed how excited they were to be in Washington for President Barack Obama's second inauguration. "It's my first time — becaus ...
Currently at Paula Abdul, Evan Handler, Wayne Knight, Alfre Woodard, Matt Bomer et. al. here for the Creative Coalition.
My favorite actors are John C. Reilly, J.K. Simmons and Wayne Knight. Also Richard Belzer is cool.
Anyone remember Xiaolin Showdown? This show has the biggest all-star cast i've seen: Omi by Tara Strong: Timmy Turner from FOP Raimundo by Tom Kenny: Spongebob Clay by Jeff Bennett: Johnny Bravo Kimiko by Grey DeLisle: Mandy from GAoBaM Dojo by Wayne Knight: Al the Toy Guy from Toy Story 2 Jack Spicer by Danny Cooksey: Dave the Barbarian from the same show Childhood memories indeed.
So, the white blob is Wayne Knight from Seinfeld. He was Santa in Elf the Musical last night! :)
Nothing makes me ugly cry more than watching Alfred apologize to the Wayne's at 'Bruce's funeral' in The Dark Knight Rises 😖😩😫😭
Watching the Dark Knight Rises and my oh my Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne :)
Actually slept at 3 last night watching Bruce Wayne aka Batman in action in The Dark Knight Rises. Now I'm sleepayh to the max! Yeayy 😴
Justin I just watched dark knight and Bruce Wayne lived I'm so happy now follow me and make my night pls I love u
Christian Bale said he would not play the part of Batman if Robin appeared anywhere in the trilogy. *** Facts
The Bruce Wayne Batman was “dead” when Arkham Asylum and Dark Knight - two MASSIVE commercial successes - were released.
I feel like Bruce Wayne in dark knight rises. needed
The movie has a great message because, Bruce Wayne, "rises" from adversity, hints the name The Dark Knight "Rises". HA
i don't know why i always cry at the end of the dark knight rises if i know Bruce Wayne doesn't die.
Turns out, Wollaton Hall, which was featured as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises, is one of the places I've visited. I've been there!
he wasn't Robin he was the new Batman. At the end Bruce Wayne is presumed dead and Robin takes his place "The Dark Knight RISES!"
When you think about it, Bruce Wayne's a bit like a suicide bomber at the end of The Dark Knight Rises
Christopher Nolan knew movies ago he was going with Christian Bale as the new Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight series.
'I took to calling it the bat. And yes Mr Wayne, it does come in black.' LALALA LOVE THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
So Bruce Wayne died in The Dark Knight Rises, I'm sure he'll still come back to life
Bruce Wayne really has a tough time in The Dark Knight Rises doesn't he
Come on guys, these Dark Knight jokes are going wayne too far..
Ok wait so in the dark knight rises.. Is Bruce Wayne still alive?
The Dark Knight Rises 11.boxing present as i learn from Bruce Wayne.
"Ah. Using the dark as your ally Mr Wayne. You're forgetting that you merely that the dark. I was born in it."- Bane,The Dark Knight Rises
Bird man to Lil Wayne is like Suge knight to Tupac
Even just Wayne Knight's voice makes me happy.
I asked my dad if he liked The Dark Knight Rises, and he said "no, there was too much Bruce Wayne and not enough Batman."
I also listened to Martin Misunderstood (by Karin Slaughter; narrated by Wayne Knight.) Basically, this was a vulgar and pointless story...
Carter 2 is still my favorite Wayne
In the words of the late Wayne Mead i have a gift
After watching The Dark Knight Rises, very happy with the characterisation of Bane and grumpy old man Bruce Wayne.
Watched The Dark Knight Rises last night. My favourite thing? The fact that Bruce Wayne has a cane quite like mine!
this is the directors cut with the alt ending. Wayne and Alfred fall in love and get married in Vegas. "The Rainbow Knight"
"There's a reason why this prison is the worst *** on earth... Hope... So, as I terrorize Gotham, I will feed its people hope to poison their souls." - Bane Any Dark knight fans here?? We love that caped lunatic!
What do you get when half the cast of Inception goes to sleep and wakes up in Bruce Wayne's world? The Dark Knight Rises.
Deathly Hallows part 1 they don't got to Hogwarts and in The Dark knight they don't go to Wayne Manor, it's interesting to think about.
I like how Kourbines name is Bruce Wayne...because he's the dark knight.
Watching The Dark Knight Rises again proves to me that Bruce Wayne/Batman survived.
Watched the dark knight rises as confusing as it was I loooved it ha and Bruce Wayne was kinda sexy just saying :)
You know you are pitiful when you cry when Alfred leaves Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises ! (;
Holy crap, Alfred answered to his name and looked at the TV when Wayne was talking to him in The Dark Knight Rises, awesome.
I was at the same heat game as Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, and Gladys Knight!
Oh and just got done watching The Dark Knight Rises and can I just say I am absolutely in love with Batman/Bruce Wayne. Oh man.
Bruce Wayne is kinda an *** in The Dark Knight Rises. Love him, but man he was an ***
the plot of The Dark Knight Rises hinges on bruce wayne conquering the agrocrag
Just finished the dark knight rises. O man bruce wayne is a True G
Watching Dark Knight Rises and all I can think of is "poor master Bruce poor master Wayne lonely caboose on a one car train"
does that mean that because I got the dark knight trilogy I'm gunna be the next Bruce Wayne?
The Kid is now portraying The Dark Knight. Well...Bruce Wayne, Jr. is my nephew in disguise @ Casa de Allen
Anyways Dark Knight Rises was pretty good. Bruce Wayne deserves the Congressional Medal Of Honor
So Bruce Wayne is alive at the end of the dark knight rises
dark knight rises is tHe best movie ever made & Bruce Wayne is downright a beaut.
"I never liked boys but I wanna have sex with Bruce wayne in dark knight :$" LMAOO
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The saddest part of The Dark Knight Rises is when Bruce Wayne goes broke.
I have gotten the dark knight trilogy pack now all I need is a lady friend to watch them with me and tell me how I look like Bruce Wayne:)
watching dark knight rises and asks about Bruce Wayne "is that superman?" welp wrong movie!
Everybody at this Heat game lmao. Gladys knight, lil wayne, yung joc lmao
““Gladys Knight court side???” That's wat I said bird man ???” You know him n Wayne don't mess wit OKC
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I've got it now! I'm going with "NoName"! Because does anyone know The Joker's real name anyway? ~NoName
Bane: Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated... but we are initiated, aren't we Bruce? Members of the League of Shadows! [Lifts Batman by the neck] Bane: And you betrayed us! Bruce Wayne: You were excommunicated... by a gang of psychopaths! [Bane viciously beats Batman and throws him to the ground] Bane: I AM the League of Shadows, and I'm here to fulfill Ra's al Ghul's destiny! Bane: You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back. Admirable but mistaken. Bane: [Batman uses an EMP device to cut the lights] Bane: Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING! [grabs Batman from the shadows and continues to beat him] Bane: The shadows betray you, because they belong to me! [repeatedly punches Batman in the face, breaking his cowl] Bane: I will show you where I have made my home while preparing to bring justice. Then I will brea ...
I watched the latest Batman movie yesterday - The Dark Knight Rises. And there was a great line in there from Alfred to Bruce Wayne; "'Maybe it's time to stop trying to outsmart the truth and let it have its day." Beautiful. How many times do we try to outsmart the truth, because letting the truth have its day is just too scary. So we do everything we can to do a work around, to make it look like it isn't the only option, that there are other things we can do.only to find that time is slipping by us and the truth is still sitting there waiting to have its day. On the other side of fear is freedom, head towards that :o)
Wayne Knight (the big guy from Jurassic Park) would be a brilliant Peter griffin.
Hi friends...well the fitness year has finished with a bang or a fizzle...did u hear me yahooing from where u live?? Thursday 7pm my son locked my car keys in my van - so i was stuck! destined to stay at the Studio! For those of you unaware i sold my house/studio space and have been moving home/studio to a new residence around the corner..and Thursday 7pm session was my final day at the Studio/house. My studio was full of last minute gear to take home and my spare car key in my handbag, (which was at home) - BUT my house key was also in the locked van - arrghhh.i so didnt need that drama then! But, my knight in shining armour came in the form of Peter Jolly and Wayne Barker - who between them - took my gear around to my new place and poked and prodded and persevered and opened my car with some wire! wooho! home at last! So thanks to everyone who helped me survive my last week there, it has been hugely stressful and that stress is continuing here in my new residence..but it will get done and we wi ...
Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, showtimes and cast information for The Dark Knight Rises on AllMovie - 2012 - Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy concludes with …
You either die a hero. Or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. -Bruce Wayne- -The Dark Knight- ~Kelsey~
Warped Space: Architecture and Anxiety in Modern Culture Book Review by Jesse LeCavalier by Anthony Vidler Flashback to 1993, sixteen-bits still the rule the video game world and a little network called FOX is broadcasting a new sketch-based comedy called "the Edge" peppered by the heroic visages of Julie Brown, Wayne Knight and Jennifer Anniston. Throughout Warped Space, one particular short piece called "What the Agoraphobic-Claustrophobic is Doing Right This Minute" kept coming to mind. It opens with a shot a quiet suburban bungalow from which comes a scream followed by a woman running out side. Once outside, she pauses, looks around nervously, screams and runs back inside, pauses, screams, runs back outside, pauses, screams... the cycle repeats once and then fades to commercial. In one thirty second sketch, the premise and much of the content of Anthony Vidler’s book is nicely summarized: modern life makes us loco and fundamentally destabilizes spatial conditions upon which we thought we could depen ...
I wish that SEINFELD and FRASIER had swapped the casts for an episode. David Hyde Pierce as Costanza? Wayne Knight as Roz? It writes itself!
Dear Chris Nolan, please cast Wayne Knight as The Penguin, Michael Richards as The Riddler, & Jason Alexander as George Costanza in Batman 3
" Why do we fall ?, so we can learn to pick ourselves up" (Thomas Wayne, quote:The Dark Knight)
You'd think Bruce Wayne would could afford better technology :-P
Wayne Knight, who played "Newman" on Seinfeld, will star as Santa Claus in on Broadway. Again, I highly recommend the show
Christian Bale might be the one playing Bruce Wayne, but it was Mohd Ekhwan who wore the batsuit and played the Dark Knight.
Wayne Knight had better weather in during the egg scene than were getting right now...
Even Bruce Wayne had some great quotes... "I am the knight... I am vengeance... I am Batman" - The Batman
Wayne Knight wasn't available to return in his starring role.
I need that knee cap thing that Bruce Wayne gets in Dark knight rises
The Dark Knight is like white bread compared to Sam Jenkins in HEROES & LOVERS, a
The dark knight rises is the best batman movie yet!!bane was dope af and bruce wayne came thru on this one!!
Bruce Wayne in Dark knight is always soul searching. In the comix he knws wat he needs. Never deviate frm the original story.
She got happy...wen she felt da pain, dark Knight after cat women no Bruce Wayne
Did you know? Super Seinfeld 64 was the first game to feature Wayne Knight as a mid boss
the dark knight will be waiting.. But it won't be master Wayne he's with his ting in Venice having a cocktail
Wayne Knight do you wear the exact same thing in everything?
Wayne knight it's just like you to pin the blame on someone else for your own mistake
body is completely physically broken down. that knee brace Bruce Wayne had in dark knight? I need 2 plus 1 for each arm. maybe just a suit?
Getting a car soaking wet with my glasses and raincoat makes me feel like Wayne Knight in a Jurassic Park scene.
"Love, the sweetest cheese two people can share." -Wayne Knight (Hot In Cleveland)
Cine: Bout to be a Suge Knight feat. Young Wayne
yeah I'll take the dark knight as my partner
I just watched The Dark Knight... Bruce *** Wayne, I can't get enough of you!
Confession 1:2 years ago when i first started middle school i got bullied and tried to kill myself.but im better now cuz of Tyler Wayne Knight
In 'The Dark Knight' Bruce Wayne created an enviroment mapping mobile application, but thats fantasy .. right?
The dude standing next to me sounds just like Alfred from The Dark Knight series. I kind of feel like Bruce Wayne every time he talks to me.
dark knight has business to attend to, playing bruce wayne this weekend. Sorry mate. Next friday though?!
Tommorow I am makeing a birthday party for my husband Wayne knight! Who ever wants to come are welcome. I am making posolie its a mexican stew. Its like menudo but with pork and beef meat. Come on down and celabrate waynes party!
Watching The Dark Knight for the thousandth time bc (a) I'm brooding (b) Gotham is thrilling & (c) Bruce Wayne is my favorite billionaire.
I have written this revolutionary, groundbreaking screenplay where Wayne Knight plays a good guy. Producers, DM me.
A Seinfeld related semi-celebrity sighting today, standing in line next to me in a health food store - NEWMAN! What either Wayne Knight or I was doing in a health food store is a tale for another day.
@ the Dollar General 300 with my babies and that rascal brother of mine wayne knight
Just shook Wayne Knight's hand but like he was in Space Jam! And Sinfield
Weirdest sex scene in a movie? Probably the one from Jurassic Park when the dinosaur gets in the car with Wayne Knight.
The Real Dark Knight Revealed: We've seen what the many Batmobiles that Bruce Wayne drives, now check out his l...
Just sat next to Wayne Knight at the food court in LAX, suppressed my urges to yell out "Newman!"
In soul crushing news, scientists claim there's no chance of cloning dinosaurs from DNA found in the present day because DNA rapidly deteriorates over time, citing that even under optimal conditions every single bond in DNA is broken in...
Wayne Knight did a great job preaching & singing tonight. His wife did also. Thank youbwe enjoyed it so much.
Wayne Knight will be preaching tonight @ Victory Babtist Church in Lawerenceville GA. Comebjoin us & hear him preach
I don't care how many movies or tv shows Wayne Knight has been in or if any of those characters are loveable, he will always be the jerk that ruined Jurassic Park
had a rough nite last night was thinking bout jeffery wayne knight and wonder why god cut my time with u so short but i will hold my head up and appreicate the time i had with u RIP jeffie
Mike Love firing Brian Wilson is like Wayne Knight firing Jerry Seinfeld.
So stoked about "The Dark Knight Returns" coming out on Blu Ray tomorrow, but bummed Kevin Conroy isn't voicing Batman. :\
"Seinfeld" star Wayne Knight will star as Santa in the Broadway return of the holiday musical Elf, which will begin performances Nov. 9 at the Al...
I hated Maggie Gyllenhaal in the Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne shouldn't have been caught up over that.
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Royce wayne knight has been returned home!! Yes my friends. My son is back with me where he belongs!! You already know, he will not be going anywhere unless I am with him. I will not go through all that again. Thank you so for all the prayers and blessings you have sent.. With out all of you, don't know where I would be... Thank you!! Love for all. Samantha and Royce knight
He should have been Bruce Wayne/Batman in a live-action adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.
Wayne Knight, who played Jerry Seinfeld’s nemesis Newman on Seinfeld, will have some big, red pants to fill this November when he steps in as...
Watching The Dark Knight Returns and Bruce Wayne looks like Victor Newman of the The Young and the Restless.
Wayne Knight received a Bead Flora French beaded flower at the gift lounge
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