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Wayne Christian

Wayne Christian (born September 26, 1950) is a financial planner from Center, Texas, who is a Republican former multi-term member of the Texas House of Representatives from District 9, which included Jasper, Nacogdoches, Sabine, San Augustine, and Shelby counties in East Texas.

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We don't deserve the T-Pain/Lil Wayne album. We absolutely don't deserve it.
Christian Bale is a good Bruce Wayne, but a terrible Batman
Thank You ! Grayson Stadium will be packed. Wayne Co, Savannah Christian, Jeff Davis and Pierce Co all in Savannah.
CONGRATS to the Winona Christian Stars on winning the MAIS AA Baseball State Title last night over Wayne Academy! W…
(L) 2 years ago today, Wayne Smith passed away (R) Christian Werner would have been 125 years old today
What a spring for southeast Georgia baseball. Savannah Christian, Wayne Co, Pierce Co. and Jeff Davis will all play…
Wayne, Pierce, Jeff Davis, and Savannah Christian have shown out for the south! Go get those rings! 💍⚾️
these Lil Wayne and T Pain collabs have brought so much joy into my heart, I'm really sitting here feeling like a born again Christian
Winona Christian School Stars hold the lead 4-0 after 2 complete over Wayne Academy in State Championship
Maybe Christian Bale as Batman/Wayne in Equilibrium. Or Pierce Brosnan as Bond in mamma Mia.
Christian was lowkey a sub par batman he was just a cool *** Bruce Wayne.
Top 5 all time in order... Wayne . Future . DMX. 50. Pac
I do still love The Dark Knight trilogy though, they're great movies and I think Christian bale interpreted both Batman & Bruce Wayne well
Congratulations to Wayne Christian for winning its first-ever game in the Southern Bank/Mount Olive Pickle Winter Clas…
Christian Bale is such a badass Bruce Wayne
that horrible part between Fort Wayne and Indy where there's only Christian music on the radio
.edit board can't "in good faith recommend" either Gary Gates or Wayne Christian for Railroad Commission
Wayne Christian School would like to thank the many sponsors that made the 2nd Eagle 5K Run/Walk so successful!...
"She don't believe in God but her shoes Christian!"...the type of rap Lil' Wayne started
"...this Bruce (Christian Bale) appears almost uncomfortable as Batman and almost too comfortable as Bruce Wayne." / I agree.
I liked a video from LIL WAYNE CAME TO MY MEETUP
Wayne Christian, is the Real Deal! He was our # 1 Conservative on the House Floor and was Public Enemy to the...
NCISAA 1A baseball playoffs:. Wayne Country Day is seed, got 1st-round bye. Wayne Christian (travels to (Statesville Christian
What if.. Many years after that bruce wayne became old and ben affleck is playing an old "christian bale"
John Piper AND Wayne Grudem??? Two Christian power houses in one book?? I gotta read that
Hearing at Huber Heights Wayne added an offer from Tennessee today.
U certainly don't represent Christians Barber - A Christian Letter to Nominee Trump
Worshipping the Lord this morning at International Christian Assembly in Bangkok Thailand.
no way in *** Christian Bale is the best Batman. You can argue Bruce Wayne, not Batman
the best Bruce Wayne was Christian Bale hands down
Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. Really fall in love with Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne character. Can watch it 💯 times.
if I didn't hate Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne persona so much, that might be higher, but for me, that's not top 3.
Wayne Bledsoe's article on me and Saving Faith.
The only reason i was on the DC Comics team was because of Bruce Wayne. Since Christian Bale has been replaced w/ Ben Affleck i switched.
Christian Weather Channel: There shall be fire & flood, cruel with wrath to lay the land desolate: the rest of the day…
Christian Bale really wasn't that great of a batman. But he was great as Bruce Wayne
Cincinnati Christian will be at the Midwest Gridiron Showcase @ Huber Heights Wayne June 8th
I voted and supporTed Cruz. And yes I will vote Trump. I am a Born again Christian, to be judged only by God not you.
Delaware Bishop Wayne Wright announces plans to retire
Not only that, but most media is Anti-christian, pro-Athiesm, and hateful of God.
Please Help Us Out by Listening now to Wayne Watson "Field Of Souls". Listen on line.
2 months after 9-11, voters in Wayne, a city in metro Detroit at least 95% Christian, 85% white, elected an Arab Muslim immigrant as mayor.
Of course Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Obviously) didn't know about key consumer protection part of agency.
.candidate Wayne Christian didn't know the agency regulates natural gas utilities until told him
6'3 Unsigned Senior Guard of Wayne Christian will be visiting Winston Salem State University today.
Lil Wayne being told who is on MTV's top MC list 😂
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Christian bales batman, sucked absolute *** But his bruce wayne was dope af
... I would want to ask Christian Bale if he could look as Bruce Wayne, but that would be asking him to do too much. Sigh.
Agassiz Christian science fair fires imaginations: Gracie (right) shows her judge Wayne Richards the ins and o...
I just added "January 31, 2016 First Christian Church Choir directed by Wayne E...
did you know that lil Wayne is the most religious Christian you'll ever meet?
As promised, our vlog from bloggers breakfast is now up. Check it out guys :). h…
A white Christian cuck loser. Your fat wife cheats on you.
I am a white Christian who takes people one at a time. Not as a group.
Save the date! Wayne Koestenbaum reads this Saturday w/ Christian Schlegel at Jeff Bailey Gallery.
Michael Keaton as batman and Bruce Wayne > George clooney and Christian Bale
your still first place in my book and I am a strong Christian and a strong Johns Wayne type too but without God am nothing
Still in awe that they're replacing Christian Bale with Ben Aflec to play Bruce Wayne. F u c k that
Dear Hudson NY friends, don't miss this! Saturday at 4pm - Wayne Koestenbaum, Christian Schlegel and Rebecca Wolff !
Updated: Wayne Christian is suspending campaign for Railroad Commission
Former state Rep. Wayne Christian is running for the Texas Railroad Commission |
RRC: This is gonna be fun! Wayne Christian, Jonathan Stickland, Jim Keffer, Jerry Patterson and Lon Burnam
Wayne Christian's Sam Shaw (first touch) and Maddox Johnson swim in the boys 50 free
Finish the line: I'm gonna bale you like some.what, what Christian?
Austinleib: lil wayne brawls There needs to be a Christian rap station on the radio besides radiou!
"Nowhere in Scripture do we find Christian doctrine studied for its own sake or in isolation from life." Wayne Grudem
Islam is the only none christian faith that makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus (pbuh). Every muslim believes …
is a Patriotic Red-blooded American, John Wayne type man's man, fiddlest playing Christian example & The Geico ad is great!
The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005 - 2008 - 2012). Bruce Wayne - Christian Bale. Do you want your drawpark…
back to the drawing board. Christian mingle or farmers only?
still not as bad as Christian Bale in Exodus, or even John Wayne as Ghengis Kahn! You can please everyone
Bruce Wayne is easily one the coolest fictional characters ever created
Ayo Christian. Happy 19th bro. Turn up and eat a cup of peaches for me. ✌
i'm surprised you don't get that Wayne.. Bill do anything in this country to smear a Christian
I liked a video from T Wayne Nasty Freestyle Christian Remix - Cente Mauricio
De Chirico discussing his new book with Jacob Reynolds, Wayne Grudem, Henryk Krol and Michael Reeves
I believe he has a ProMuslim/ Sharia private agenda and he has little regard for a Judeo-Christian …
Proof can be seen with the Christian and Muslim populations living in the Middle East peacefully. (Lebanon, Palestine)
No doubt you'll love Josh Dugger then, the "Christian" who molested his own sisters. Or are Muslims the only ones who can be
Still have 0 idea what im supposed to wear to graduation practice tomorrow cause i think Christian is lying
Awe this is just too cute Ben Barfleck might play the next batman but Christian Bale IS batman/Bruce Wayne 💗
.Humor is one thing, Mockery another. And I don't claim to be a good Christian but Wayne does.
(IBD) IRS strikes deal with FFRF to monitor Christian churches -
If you were charged due to being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? – Wayne Alcorn...
should, like Slovakia not tolerate Islam and hundreds og thousands of Muslims and mosques. Norway is Christian country.…
Christian Bale's American Psycho character was based on Bruce Wayne
Seeing a BatmanVSSuperman trailer I just get upset that Christian Bale isn't batman he makes me love Bruce Wayne 😫💔
The suspect in the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting has surrendered:
My phone knows me way too well... Lil Kim and Lil Wayne 😂
P.S you know who doesn't care about Middle Eastern Christians? Western Christian conservatives who support bombing them.Goodnight
*** and Christian: Texts, Sex, and Checks" by my friend Wayne Johnson
common felli...entice Christian to join us...we ve champions league and he ll form a lethal partnership wit wayne
Christian Bale is the only Bruce Wayne I'll acknowledge
. Wayne! Where are the black Christian leaders?! Counting on them.
is now playing ♫ on : Wayne Gardiner feat. Ras Anthony - In The Mood (Christian Hornbostel Instrumental Mix)
no I'm giving an example of how you're being a hypocritical Christian you can't pick and choose who to thump your bible at
no one is judging anybody any Christian knows that found something that he did is a completely wrong.
look if you are a Christian you will not judge someone on their life choices or call them abominations bc you're no better in
Chief Wayne Christian says this type of investment will "save lives of our people now and in the future".
ELECTION RESULTS for those I have posted recommendations for during the Texas Republican Primary Run-offs: Dan Patrick - won the Lt. Gov Race by a huge margin. This is significant because David Dewhurst is the incumbent in a state that is doing great. This really speaks to 2 things, 1. His attack ads against Ted Cruz and then Patrick really turned the voters off 2. the grassroots wanted someone that will bring stronger conservative principals to the state. Ken Paxton, Attorney General - another grassroots supported candidate that even with some rough mud thrown, blew out his competition. Sid Miller - grassroots back candidate blew out his competition in the run-offs Wayne Christian - for Railroad Commissioner lost his run to Ryan Sitton even thought he carried Tarrant County again Eric Mahroum - ran a great race, but lost in the end to Pat Hardy. by less than 6K votes in Tarrant County. Konni Burton - we saw a great victory here for a great lady that will fight for our liberties in Austin. She still ne .. ...
Grassroots candidates in Smith County hit a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN today in the Run-Off elections. All of our candidates won in SMITH County with huge leads . We are very proud of our candidates: Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Sid Miller, Wayne Christian, and Jason Ellis. All of these have been declared winners except for the Railroad Commissioner candidate. We appreciate SMITH COUNTY VOTERS. Congratulations to all of our endorsed and recommended candidates for well-run campaigns and for your hard work.
Ryan Sitton tops Wayne Christian in GOP race for Railroad Commissioner
Ryan Sitton beating Wayne Christian! 57 to 42 right now.
The next time I post for Sid Miller it will be to help him win the general election! It has been fun Texas, this runoff thing.but glad it is over. I am ready for all the stupidity to be on the side of the liberals instead of coming out of so called Christian Conservatives like Tommy Merritt. The lying on the behalf of the Republicans needs to stop. Shame on you Tommy Merritt... you are supposed to use your Christianity to make you a better politician, not let your politics tear down your Christian character! Same goes to David Dewhurst, Ryan Sitton, Bob Deuell and Dan Branch! Shameful in my book...big time! You need to do some serious reflecting on which is more important, winning, or being honest in doing so. No candidate is perfect, but Dan Patrick, Wayne Christian, Bob Hall, and Ken Paxton have ran campaigns that for the most part, were based on their records, their beliefs, and their willingness to fight for Texas!! If any one of them had gone down the same road their opponents did, I would have screa ...
Voting underway in primary runoff election Voting is underway today until 7 pm in the Republican and Democratic Party primary runoffs. The only local runoff contest to be decided is between Nicholas Thomas and David Pearson who are vying for the Republican nomination for Precinct 4 County Commissioner. In the absence of any Democratic candidate, the winner of that decision will take office in January 2015. Several statewide runoff races top the runoff ballots on Tuesday: In the Republican primary • Dan Patrick vs David Dewhurst for Lieutenant Governor; • Dan Branch vs Ken Paxton for Attorney General; • Sid Miller vs Tommy Merritt for Commissioner of Agriculture; • Wayne Christian vs Ryan Sitton for Railroad Commissioner. In the Democratic primary • David M. Alameel vs Kesha Rogers for United States Senator; • Richard “Kinky” Friedman vs Jim Hogan for Commissioner of Agriculture. The Democratic Party will conduct polling for all Hemphill County precincts at the Canadian Fire Station on Main ...
message from Rafael Cruz for Wayne Christian, but online picture of Ted with Ryan Sitton,
Join me at the polls to support Ken Paxton for Attorney General, Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor, Ralph Hall for U.S.Congress, Susan Hayes Fletcher for Collin County Commissioner, Matt Shaheen for Texas Representative, Sid Miller for Ag Commissioner and Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner.
Tomorrow is the last day of Early Voting. Remember, vote early, vote often. Dan Patrick - Lt. Gov. Ken Paxton - AG Wayne Christian - RRC Sid Miller - Ag Com. Alex Kim - CCC3 Atticus Gill - CCC2 Lenny Lopez - JP3 Eric Mahroum - SBOE 11 Konni Burton - SD10 TJ Fabby - HD10 Philip Eby - HD58 Remember you can print the list and take it to the voting both with you :-)
Here is something to ponder:. Wayne Christian for starters had oversight on the RRC as a House Rep. Secondly - he...
Grassroots America, We The People (GAWTP), Tyler, TX has announced its endorsements and recommendations for the Republican Run-Off Election. GAWTP strongly endorses Dan Patrick for Lt. Gov., Strongly endorses Ken Paxton for Attorney Gen., Recommends Sid Miller for Commissioner of Agriculture, Strongly endorses Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner, Strongly endorses Jason Ellis for Judge-County Court at Law. Early Voting is next week, M-F May 19-23. Election Day is Tue. May 27. 7Am - 7PM. If you do not know where to vote, call the Republican Party office, or in Smith Co., call the Smith Co. Elections Office.
I rarely call a politician this but there is a point where it is undeniable: Ryan Sitton IS A BALD-FACED LIAR! His lastest sleaze piece states this: "Wayne Christian and Harry Reid, too liberal for Texas." REALLY?? A comparison like this??. How about some actual fact in the form of ratings of Wayne by known conservative groups: Texans for Fiscal Responsibility: 2011-100%; 2009-100%; 2007-93% Young Conservatives of Texas: 2011-93%; 2009-94%; 2007-95%; 2003-95%; 2001-96% Texas Eagle Forum: 2011-100%; 2009-100%; 2007-88%; 2001-100%
GOP Extra! The Newsletter of the Lubbock County Republican Party. Published Weekly via email distribution. Join today on Sponsored this week by: Brett Underwood for Lubbock I.S.D. School Board Political Advertising Pd. For by the Brett Underwood Campaign, Dustin Burrows Treasurer. PO Box 16823, Lubbock Texas 79490 Dateline Lubbock, Texas… Vol. 109 Monday, May 5, 2014 Executive Committee Meeting – Thursday, May 8th at 7PM at McDougal Plaza, 5001 W. Loop 289. Note the later time. We will hear from Wayne Christian, who is a runoff candidate for Railroad Commission and any other candidates interested in addressing the group who may be in a City Council, School Board, or Republican Primary runoff election. We will also get a briefing on the coming state convention and how to navigate the goings-on. This meeting is as much for delegates as for precinct chairmen, so feel free to come and learn all you can. We’ll also be giving you the scoop on the convention rumors about the chai ...
Just got the pleasure of 3 minutes on the Mark Davis show promoting the shindig tomorrow at 930am at Tarrant County GOP for Wayne Christian, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and Sid Miller
Tarrant County - Wanted to make sure Yall know we North Texas Field reps for Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and Wayne Christian are having a block walk to morrow - meeting at Tarrant GOP on Gravel road at 930am we could use y'all's help :)
I can't wait to go to work for Travis McCormick and a man I have supported for 3 years - Wayne Christian for...
calls grassroots supporters of Wayne Christian "cronies". So Obama calls us bitter clingers and...
PICS! Heritage Christian holds off Fort Wayne Canterbury for 2A girls basketball crown.
Batman creator Bob Kane stated that before Christian Bale, he thought Val Kilmer portrayed Batman/Bruce Wayne better than any other actor
VIDEO! Heritage Christian rules 2A again with 64-61 triumph over Fort Wayne Canterbury.
Just a reminder during this run-off season, Texas Conservatives endorse Wayne Christian for RRC
Know any businesses in our Fort Wayne Christian business directory?? Search the directory here
Happy Monday!! RUNOFF ELECTION IS SET FOR MAY 27th!!! We are still working very hard towards this election - I just wanted to inform everyone on the State Runoff elections that will also be taking place: Dan Patrick vs David Dewhurst - Lt. Governor Ken Paxton vs Dan Branch - Attorney General Ryan Sitton vs Wayne Christian - Railroad Commissioner If you DID NOT VOTE in the March 4th Primary, YOU CAN STILL VOTE! If you are NOT REGISTERED to vote yet, you have until APRIL 28th to get your registration turned in! Early Voting for the Runoff wil begin MONDAY MAY 19- AND END FRIDAY MAY 23. You WILL be able to early vote in Nocona, Montage, and Bowie, and upon approval from DOJ, in Saint Jo. Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement. REMEMBER - YOUR VOTE COUNTS! VOTE LEWIS - "Leadership that Works!"
Yes, I am voting in the Run-off Election on Tues., May 27th, and the General Election on Tues., November 4th. AND I am voting for Wayne Christian for Texas RR Commissioner!!
Check out my Christian Remixes to Drake, Lil Wayne & more here
I wish Lil Wayne would get saved and become a Christian rapper. That would be legit
I'm an honest Christian call me true religion *lil Wayne's laugh
I can see changing their mind to. Big Show vs Christian and Kane vs Sheamus at mania
Vote for Wayne Christian in this straw poll
If Christian loses tonight, WWE has officially buried him. Give the Veteran, the legend some respect. Honestly -.-
Thanks to the for all the support. With your help we can Donate today:
Our session is now LIVE!!! Watch for a couple new songsz and some v silly banter. http:…
Michael "Alfred" Caine had nothing on Christian "Bruce Wayne" Bale! Can Bale beat Bill Murray in round two?
Don't miss a conversation with Lil Wayne & on Friday, March 14!
The fact that lil Wayne is sponsored by DGK and most of the people in Arlington that are 10x better aren't recognized amazes me.
Something wonderful is about to happen. Look for it this afternoon!. Support Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Wayne Christian and Sid Miller
Amazing day at Portland Christian Center with Wayne Tesch and the Royal Family Kids' story! Every church in...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Wayne Rooney has twice as many followers as Pope Francis, and I guarantee at least half of them don't know he's a Christian!
I love Wayne I love Christian I love alcohol
Al Saud trying to kill Christ after his crucifixion suit Wayne Christian believers in Christ and waiting for it?
To get ready for my days I listen to Kobe Bryant -Lil Wayne
Heritage Christian edges Fort Wayne Canterbury to win girls Class 2A state championship.
Exhortations to a kind, humble spirit and behaviour. Here are further exhortations to Christian duties; to...
Do you think Christian Bale was a good Batman/Bruce Wayne?
A great friend is a Canuck. A Christian/Cons who prays 4&supports our nation. Wayne ***
That is Heritage Christian's 5th state championship in girls basketball, ties them for 2nd-most in state history with Fort Wayn…
Heritage Christian girls basketball team wins fifth state title with their 64-61 victory over Fort Wayne Canterbury ht…
Final. 64. Fort Wayne Canterbury 61. Congrats to Heritage Christian on the 2a title.
The girls celebrate after winning the Class 2A title:
Heritage Christian girls win Class 2A title over Ft. Wayne Can - Pacers
The girls win the Class 2A title with a 64-61 win over Ft. Wayne Canterbury: http:/…
Not a single Tea Party-favored incumbent being challenged by the Republican establishment lost in Tuesday’s election. Meanwhile, one liberal Republican senator and three incumbent House members fell to tea party-backed challenges. The attempt by trial lawyers to play in the GOP primary and take out three conservative Supreme Court justices failed miserably.Perhaps no one had a better night in Texas than Cruz, who had endorsed the three justices. Similarly, his endorsement of Fort Worth Tea Party activist-turned-senatorial candidate Konni Burton helped propel her into a run-off election. Even his supportive words seemed to have a big effect. In statewide races, Ken Paxton and Wayne Christian — running for Attorney General and Railroad Commissioner, respectively — made extensive use of Cruz’s name, comments of support, and friendship.
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Glad to be spending the evening watching OTHER PEOPLE'S races. Statewide Republican primaries appear to be going as follows: Governor - Abbott as expected (90%+) Lt Gov - Patrick (43%) and Dewhurst (27%) in a runoff. Attorney General - Paxton (43%) and Branch (32%) in a runoff. Comptroller - Hegar (49%) and Hildebran (28%) in a runoff (unless Hegar gets over 50% before the end of the night. Land Commissioner - George P. Bush (75%+). Ag Commissioner - Sid Miller (38%) and Tommy Merritt (21%) in a runoff. Railroad Commissioner - Wayne Christian (41%) and Ryan Sitton (33%) in a runoff. Supreme Court - Went the way it needed to for those who follow my newsletter.
LT. Governor: Runoff will probably be between David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick Attorney General: Runoff between Dan Branch and Ken Paxton Land Commissioner looks like George P. Bush wins Agricultural Commissioner: Runoff between Sid Miller and Tommy Merritt Railroad looks like a runoff between Wayne Christian and Ryan Sitton Incumbents keep their seats on the Supreme Court. Bert Richardson wins Court of Criminal Appeals place 3 Place 4: Kevin Patrick Yeary Place 9: still too close to call. State board of Education still up in the air. ALL PROPOSITIONS PASSED WITH OVERWHELMING SUPPORT
Sid Miller, Wayne Christian & Glenn Hegar have solid leads in Tarrant Co. for ag commissioner, railroad commish and comp…
I want to thank all the people who have stood on the front lines for true patriot candidates. Especially those who fought for Steve Stockman for US Senate 2014, Ken Paxton, Texans for Greg Abbott, Wayne Christian, Matt Rinaldi, Phil Johnson, Vote Bob Hall, Dr. Pam Barlow for Congress, Donald R May, Justice Jeff Brown Dan Patrick David Watts Jr.. Mike Lee.
This is a serious primary. Our liberty hangs in the balance. We are fighting for our freedom. Please vote wisely and informed. If you're unsure here are my picks. Feel free to research but please if you are concerned cast a ballot either tomorrow or March the 4th. I will not stop til it's over.-To all my Texas conservative friends. This is how I'm voting. I have tried to research as best I can. If you know something different feel free to share. U.S. Senate Dwayne Stovall (YES)- Governor Greg Abbott (YES)- Lieutenant Governor Todd Staples (YES)- Atty General Ken Paxton (YES)- Comptroller Debra Medina (YES)- Land Commissioner David Watts (YES)- Agricultural Commissioner Eric Opiela(YES)- Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner (YES)- Please I am open for advisement if you do not agree. — feeling determined.
It is a sign of fear when a public figure like Wayne Christian, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination for Texas Railroad Commissioner, blocks me from commenting on his FB page.
Wayne Christian for Railroad Commissioner will be in Trinity on Thursday, December 12 to speak at the "Trinity County Patriots" meeting to be held at Martin Senior Center, 302 Walker Street & San Jacinto. Public is cordially invited. Door open at 5:30 for Refreshments and fellowship. Erick Wyatt for U.S. Senate will also be speaking
Perhaps the most conservative person in the Texas House of Representatives. If you like Ted Cruz, you will love Wayne Christian. Stands tall for East Texas values. If you don't like Ted Cruz, then I would recommend you vote for someone else. Wayne does not compromise his small town values for personal gain. It cost him his seat in the legislature but those same values will serve him well once he get out from underneath Strauss's control. Anyone that does not go alone with Strauss will be marginalized and discredited and will be targeted. Not the kind of politics that well serve us or represent us well. -
DUI Checkpoints Could Be on the Road to Texas More than 30 U.S. states allow police and highway patrols to operate sobriety checkpoints, and soon, Texas could be added to that list. The House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence took up a number of DUI-related bills pushing for changes to Texas’ DUI laws. Criminal defense lawyer, Jamie Balagia testified against the checkpoint legislation. ”A little over one percent of the cars pulled over for checkpoints get arrested for DWI. They arrest them for a lot of other things, but if the goal is to stop drunk drivers, the dangerous and deadly drunk drivers, the roadblock is not the answer,” Balagia said. Opponents of the checkpoints argue that roving patrols do the job of catching drunk drivers, but Rep. Wayne Christian (R-Nacogdoches) says it isn’t enough. “It’ll just be another tool in the belt of our law enforcement agencies when they deem it proper,” Rep. Christian said. Rep. Christian’s father-in-law was hit by a seven-time DWI offender. The . ...
Wayne Christian outlines the true state of state CLTP rally 23 Oct. 2012 It only takes 23min to understand the true state of Texas Wayne began serving East Texas in the State House in 1997 and became the first Republican elected to the Texas Legislature from East Texas since the Civil War Reconstruction period, sitting Board Member of the TEA Party Caucus, as well as sitting President of the Texas Conservative Coalition. Christian of Center lost decades of seniority in the Texas House due to redistricting. The redistricting lines redrawn during the last 82nd legislative session resulted in Wayne loosing 80 percent of what had been his district. Result of Republicans In Name Only (RINO's) along with RINOs compatriots on the other side of the isle. Regardless of the winners in two weeks general election - the fight is not over to TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK. Ted Cruz speaking at the rally next post.
For me to not have liked doing work at Wayne Christian i actually like and dont mind college..
today was good. spring creek high school played volleyball all day at the jamboree at Wayne Christian. won most of the games BUT I would like to say I saw them play the last game of the day, their BEST game ever, against cape fear. they ALL played with heart, put 100% plus into both of the sets, played as a TEAM, they played hard, never gave up, their confidence and encouragement deserves an A+. So proud to be a parent and a part of spring creek high school. they ALL should be proud of themselves, their team, and coaches. thank you for showing everyone what you are truly capable of accomplishing as a team. you did it and shined! very proud of each player!! so ready to see more games played with that kind of teamwork. wow!
that's Wayne Christian knowledge for you
In a tight finish, state Rep. Wayne Christian in HD-9 has lost to Marshall Mayor Chris Paddie, 52 percent to 48 percent.
I definitely support Wayne Christian!!! This is what he has to say about all this negative campaign mess! I appreciate how he is conducting his campaign! Austin Lobby Unleashes Attacks in East Texas; Local Conservatives Rally Behind Wayne Christian I am deeply disappointed to say that the Austin Lobby, who is strongly supporting my opponent, has started running negative ads on television in House District 9, distorting my record in an attempt to deceive voters. They have also launched an "attack" website against me. The ads and website even go so far as to question whether I am truly a conservative. Me. It'd be funny if the situation wasn't so ridiculous. As reported earlier, the special interests in Austin are hiding behind a PAC called "Texans For Responsible Government" to run their negative ads and pay for their "attack" website. Texas Association of Realtors' (TAR) Chairman of the Board is listed as the PAC treasurer and the PAC's address is the same as TAR's Austin office. TAR has given my opponen ...
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Day three of Early Voting! Take the time to CALL FIVE FRIENDS today in the new HD9 (Cass, Marion, Harrison, Panola, Shelby, and Sabine counties) and remind them to vote for a proven conservative leader with the seniority East Texas needs: Wayne Christian!
New YouTube Video...Early Voting begins this Monday! Call FIVE FRIENDS in the new House District 9 and tell them to vote for Wayne Christian. You can make a difference! If you'd like to work a poll on the Primary Election (Tuesday, May 29th), or phonebank from home, shoot me a message! Grassroots wins elections; NOT big money from the Austin Establishment!
Wayne Christian speaks on his seniority in the Texas House and why it is so important for the people of East Texas to have senior Representatives. For more i...
I copied this post from Wayne, a personal friend of mine. He has done a fantastic job for us here in East Texas and we deserve better than his opponent. Spread the word that Wayne Christian is the best (and only, as far as I am concerned) candidate. Wayne Christian Dirty politics continues to play out in East Texas! First, our signs have been stolen all over the district (and one thief was caught on film taking our signs and putting down my opponent's sign--As if our supporter wouldn't notice?), and now a big money special interest group who has given my opponent tens of thousands of dollars is creating a deceptively named PAC ("Texans For Responsible Government") designed specifically to come after me! East Texas deserves better. Why are they hiding? If they want what's best for East Texas, why disguise themselves? Tell 'em to keep their dirty politics out on May 29th
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