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Wayne Brady

Wayne Alphonso Brady (born June 2, 1972) is an actor, singer, comedian and television personality, known for his work as a regular on the American version of the improvisational comedy television series Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and as the host of the daytime talk show The Wayne Brady Show.

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Mathew Slater kinda looks like Wayne Brady lol
All I need is ONE ticket to see Wayne Brady during his run. Is that too much to want in my theater life?
I am absolutely thrilled: Wayne Brady to Join Hamilton in Chicago as Aaron Burr
And now Wayne Brady can play Aaron Burr in an actual theater.
Wayne Brady is next Aaron Burr in Chicago's 'Hamilton:'
Wayne Brady is next Aaron Burr in Chicago's 'Hamilton' - Chicago Tribune
"This is not stunt casting" . Very interesting chat with Wayne Brady on joining Chicago's Hamilton https:/…
AH MY FAM is about to show people JUST how awesome he is! "Wayne Brady to Join Hamilton"
Wayne Brady to play Aaron Burr, sir, in Thoughts, ? (not that it matters-still no tix for us)
No stunt: Wayne Brady said he had to play Aaron Burr in 'Hamilton'
newest star Wayne Brady can't even get his friends tickets
I'm sad we are seeing Hamilton just 3 days before Wayne Brady starts as Aaron Burr.
I feel like the world doesnt appreciate Wayne Brady enough - an absolute TREASURE
Wayne Brady as Aaron Burr. Thought they'd resist stunt casting a little longer.
The only context you need here is that my mom is actually a huge Wayne Brady fan
Wait. The much better joke is "Wayne Brady makes Roger Sherman look like Thomas Paine."
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Wayne Brady is trending. The only thing that crosses my mind is...
Hi Wayne Brady I will miss him to im lesaheath
Wayne Brady is going to be Aaron Burr and I can't breathe . (Now if only Dwayne The Rock Johnson would be Hercules Mulligan..😭)
Broadway in Chicago has made official what we reported last week. Wayne Brady is joining the Chicago cast of Hamilton.
Excited to see Wayne Brady play Arron Burr in 55 days (in totally counting down)
I just found out that when we go see Hamilton Wayne Brady will be playing Aaron Burr. Can u believe
Apparently Wayne Brady is taking over as Burr in Chicago. I GET TO SEE THAT IN A FEW MONTHS 😍😍😍
is obviously struggling with ticket sales... I jest. This is awesome. .
.is officially joining Chicago cast as Aaron Burr!
It's not fair that my little sister gets to see Hamilton with Wayne Brady and my money paid for it
Wayne Brady cast as Aaron Burr in Chicago's "Hamilton," replacing Joshua Henry, who joins the national tour.
every chance I get! although the Wayne Brady part was NOT a brag. :(
Wayne Brady will win a Tony for his performance! He is a gifted Talent! Wow! Can't wait!
Wayne Brady is about to get his shot in "Hamilton" -- in Chicago:
Emmy winner will join the cast of in Chicago!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Wayne Brady to play Aaron Burr in 'Hamilton' in Chicago:
Joshua Henry to leave 'Hamilton'; is Wayne Brady the next Chicago Burr?: Chicago's production of "Hamilton" is to……
Amores perros, starring Wayne Brady and James Franco. Directed by Peter Jackson, music by Mouserat. Budget: $500
I don't know about you, but I could watch Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Wayne Brady all day long.
Odd to watch the Beverly Hills crowd enjoying Wayne Brady in 'Merrily We Roll Along.' I mean, it's about how L.A. produces "junk" people.
I liked a video from Whistle While I Work It - Ft. Toby Turner with Wayne Brady + lyrics
5. Wayne Brady is the most talented person alive.
u get out chair look in the mirror look back in disgust cause he gave u the Wayne Brady instead of the Steve Harvey
Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke somebody?
Please make my dreams come true and book Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie on
Comedian & Emmy Award-Winner Wayne Brady at the June 30th!
Sippin on pink Florida and puffin Wayne Brady
I want the single player experience.
Did I mention Wayne Brady is my spirit animal
Want to save on tickets to see Wayne Brady on Friday, July 1? Buy tickets by phone & avoid online fees. Box Office: 528-0506
Brady's trying to convince Andrew & Gavin that Lil Wayne is on kidz bop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
Gucci Mane such a changed man he talks like Wayne Brady and eats kale!
Wayne Brady is coming to this October! . There is a special community pre-sale available Thursday June...
If I heard literally any rumor about Wayne Brady I'd believe it immediately.
Ok I'm going to Miami for family weekend because WAYNE BRADY! What?!
Wayne Brady is the funniest person .
Let's make a deal, Wayne Brady, you tell me Whose Line it is anyway and I'll finish this joke somehow.
this reminds me of let's make a deal by Wayne Brady! He asks people in his audience to bring the craziest things!
Not tryna throw shade but why Colin look like Wayne Brady?
[WANTED] - Contestants for Let's Make a Deal with Wayne Brady on CBS
Especially when beautiful by Jim Brickman and Wayne Brady lol
Watching Wayne Brady on tv and I know it's gonna sound dumb but Wayne Brady in person looks like Wayne Brady on tv πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I added a video to a playlist Wayne Brady's Freestyle Is Dominant
Ok Wayne Brady on Whose Line is it anyway just kils me I want to marry him!
now we need Alex to do the Wayne Brady Sing Along
Does Wayne Brady have to choke a Tok'ra?
Wayne Brady's career is nothing to laugh at
why is Wayne Brady amazing at everything??
i'm glad Who's Line is it Anyways is still around. Wayne Brady and those two white guys are the dream team
Update: The United States Strategic Wayne Brady Reserve is down to 1, yet Congress continues to do nothing!
Bad Boys, starring Wayne Brady and Sean Connery. Directed by Zack Snyder, music by Vangelis. Budget: $100m
Useless"115 - Wayne Rooney will equal David Beckham's record of 115 caps tonight; the most by an outfield player for Captain
Absoluetly love that Wayne Brady plays Barneys brother still funny to me
'Wayne Brady, he's my favorite black person'. 'He's not black'. *que crickets*
HA! Bonkerz Orlando! Surprised you didn't work at SAK Comedy club with Wayne Brady!!πŸ™ŒπŸ»
I read a post on Reddit about Wayne Brady being depressed & it made me think about robin Williams & if seemingly happy people are depressed?
TIL that the always bubbly Who’s Line Is It Anyway star Wayne Brady suffers from severe…
White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Brian gumbal look like Malcolm x
White people like Wayne Brady, because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X
romell looks like a retarded version of Wayne brady
If you have tickets to the Wayne Brady show at Sak tonight, give me to me.
I really like collecting I have jill, Wayne Brady, etc but who else has there been to collect?
Congratulations. Back to watching GH since you are coming back. Still miss Wayne as one & only Roman Brady.
A preemptive posthumous tribute to still-alive comedian Wayne Brady
So is Wayne Brady serious or just being Wayne Brady???
Sipping on Pink Floyd and puffing Wayne Brady. *** (What that line mean anyways?)
I swear if one more person says I look like Wayne Brady today...I'm about to switch careers and be a impersonator lmao
Being a white liberal doesn't absolve you of racism. Bill Maher's belief that he understands "authentic " blacknes…
When I meet my followers it be like da Wayne Brady episode on Dave Chapelle cuz everybody think I'm a comedian til they meet me.
Ripa and Anderson Cooper doesn't sound very cool, the network is right to oppose it, I think it should be Wayne Brady all the way
Wayne Brady returns to SAK, Disney doles out cash to local arts education programs, plus more performing arts news
Acting "White"?! Wayne Brady snaps and sets the record straight.Acting "White"?! ... -
Wayne Brady is such a talented guy and many people sleep on him because he allowed himself to be disrespected...
Teddy got compared to Brady and now Kevin white is getting compared to Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson
He got that Wayne Brady math equation hairline thing going on but…
Where were you when Wayne Brady killed a cop
I understand that he is a Muslim. Good luck London.
10yrs was what I was thinking. How weird lol
Broken Flowers, starring Albert Brooks and Wayne Brady. Directed by Robert Altman, music by Joy Division. Budget: $250m
Wayne Brady, Billy Gates, Johnny Depp, and youthful Morgan Freeman all came to a *** wedding.
Wayne Brady and Cal Ripken Jr. will both appear in Saturday's Grand Feature Parade
Visit with Ally and Diannaha at the KCSEC/IL Next Steps/VALEES Community Service Fair at the Yorkville High...
that's my favorite episode. Either that or Wayne Brady
Are you familiar with 2Pac, Color Me Badd or Wayne Brady
is THE worst game show on TV. And it's sad because I love Wayne Brady. The show just stinks. Prizes aren't even good
Wayne Brady looks like he's having a miserable time on that show. He's not being Wayne Brady. He could make that show amazing
you're dressed like a chicken, singing opera to Wayne Brady to win a toaster oven.
Sipping on Pink Floyd and puffing Wayne Brady
Whose Line is Wayne brady ain't too bad
Smh *** just said I look like Wayne Brady.relax
Wish bald head Wayne Brady would take a seat back n let them speak and go off *** its like he dying of .
Wayne Brady is awesome. I so enjoy this show.
I now fully understand the Chappelle's Show reference, "Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X"
The fact that I just added dad on Snapchat, just made my day.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜» God he loves me more than Brady lol.
Clinton to announce VP selection Wayne Brady tomorrow.
So you're suggesting that Clinton is going to pick Wayne Brady?
I can't believe Wayne Brady been a outstanding Host for -8- years. I love his SPARK WITH THE GUEST.
Most interesting aliases from today's indictments of 120 alleged Bronx gang members: "Mark the Gritty Shark," "Big Bert," "Wayne Brady."
I need to get to a library so someone's going to have to call Wayne Brady to handle this.
Wayne Brady To Host Golden Trailer Awards - Wayne Brady has been set to host the 17th annual Golden Trailer Awa...
Congratulations Wayne Brady for another season of Let's Make a Deal on CBS DAYTIME. See you this weekend at...
Wayne Brady on SilverCloud FM now! FREE SilverCloud mobile app for iOS-
"Wayne Brady to Host the Seventeenth Annual Golden Trailer Awards!" by on
CBS: Wayne Brady, would you like to do stupid bits with cosplayers on TV? . WB: Ugh, sounds awful. CBS: We're calling it LETS MAKE A DEAL
Michael Strahan up there with snoop dogg, Steve Harvey, Wayne Brady, Ti and Jay z. I never knew
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Aisha Tyler, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie are my family now.
"You're my Wayne Brady, Jane. And you're my Greg Proops, Brad." I love this show.
oh I adamantly disagree on it not being top 3. Rick James, Wayne Brady and Prince are my top 3 followed by the "N* family" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
black white supremacist is the all-time best, then I'm going with Rick James, player hater's ball, Wayne Brady, racial draft
My favorite celebrity... I'd say you, Wayne Brady, Johnathan Mangum, and Drew Carey. You all are good at your game show jobs!
I don't believe that thing said I look like Wayne Brady. Disrespectful
that's like a hybrid of stringer bell and Wayne Brady on the right
I will give Wayne Brady $100 if he does the Heisman/Gun to his head for OJ he did on the Dana Carvey show from a float.
Love you Andy and have loved Wayne Brady forever! Could you help a sista out? :) Kathy Jones
Show - Kinky Boots with Wayne Brady - excited for a show that's loud, trashy and flashy (my kind of show)
I just saw Wayne Brady in Kinky Boots as a drag queen, I died. Seeing him do improv after the show still in costume I was in heaven
What do you think of his freestyle skills?
In the city with the family. I got to meet Wayne Brady!
Who knew Wayne Brady had such a dope single out in 2008? I didnt..lolol
Wayne Brady episode as a whole up there somewhere
All purpose parts banner
Wayne Brady has a headshot at every restaurant in woodland hills
"Evelyn, do you like Who's Line?". "Oh yeah, I love the Wayne Brady show"
Broadway isn't just all music. The Al Hirschfeld Theater for Wayne Brady in Kinky Boots. πŸ’―πŸŽ­
"Wayne's life is thrown into turmoil by the return of a boy from his past..." - Book One Out Now!
I endorse this Kinky Boots' Wayne Brady Raps in Support of BC/EFA! via
I added a video to a playlist Stephanie McMahon On The Wayne Brady Show
well then, you know I'mma have to go all Wayne Brady in this bih
but yeah Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hillary Duff, and Christopher Lloyd were in it
Excited to be doing a few cabarets while in NYC next month! Thanks Wayne Brady for the sweet gif
nickname that should happen: Mirza "is Wayne Brady gonna have" Teletović.
What if Wayne Brady treated women more like Otis Redding?
This guy named Eric on "Let's Make A Deal" just told Wayne Brady, "My mom in Warren, Ohio adores you." Said that her name is JoAnn Murphy.
listening to your broadcast with Wayne Brady right now. Great way to start my day! Thanks!
Fringe 1992: Storefronts, magic, AIDS, clowns, severed limbs, Wayne Brady and weird people
Donald Trump just announced his Vice President will be Wayne Brady making this the whitest ticket in American history.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
"he can't hit that last note as well as Sean Grandillo can"- on Wayne Brady as Collins in I'll Cover You (Reprise)
Can't wait 😊 for Monday I love ❀ Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum,Tiffany Coyne,and Kat Grey
It's not a big deal. What Monty Hall said once before he got canned in favor of Wayne Brady
when he was chillin with Wayne Brady
Welp when Brady retires he can be the next Bruce Wayne in a BatMan film
instead of a John Wayne Brady puff piece why don't you truthfully discuss your actual votes in your ads - start with Omnibus
I liked a video Video: Wayne Brady in Drag as Lola in Kinky Boots on Broadway
Peyton started his career with Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne lmfao who did Brady have ?
Sipping on Pink Floyd puffing on wayne brady
When I hear John Wayne Brady radio spot I think of his record (yes on omnibus) and his "F" rating at CR.
Wayne Brady just inadvertently admitted on television that it takes him a couple seconds to get a nut off...
Nah. Wayne Brady gave us funny on Chappelle show. He doesn't deserve to be categorized with Cuba.
Wayne Brady & Cuba Gooding Jr... Pretty much the same's like they went to the school of corny, safe, black ppl.
I'm an actor first and foremost, who happens to do improv. I've also done s...
Look up Hannibal Buress on Google images. He has the exact same hairline as Wayne Brady it's amazing
Markieff Morris clearly has been watching too much Chappelle's Show episode with the Wayne Brady skit.
if you ever played at Spiece Gym in Fort Wayne, IN πŸ€
I cant look at Wayne Brady the same since Dave Chappelle.
Wait, Markieff Morris went for the full Wayne Brady on Archie Goodwin? How did I miss this???
i sent this to uncle Wayne he called me and told me to suck Brady πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
does Wayne Brady make Bryant gumble look like Malcolm x?
Wayne Brady puts this lady in her place.
You know, Ben Carson needs a thing thats black but also whiter than him, like Will Smith or Wayne Brady
I don't know if I ever talked about it but meet toothless and Wayne Brady
that would be perfect omg. I'll bring Wayne Brady
I swear I keep thinking Wayne Brady is guest hosting the show today
Getting work done on my car means being subjected to Wayne Brady-fueled daytime television as my background noise.
FYI it's not Wayne Brady it's da teller but he didn't even know who Wayne Brady was...
The best chat with abt his role in and so much more
Listening to Wayne Brady's from LET's MAKE A DEAL, and now Kinky Boots cover of the Beatles' CAN'T BUY ME LOVE and Stevie Wonder's ALL I DO!
*goes from crying hysterically about how life is pointless to being chill because I named my build a bear Wayne Brady*
I was 7 during season 2 of Chappelle and 9 when the lost episodes came out. I blamed Wayne Brady
I hated Wayne Brady in real life for a cool 5-7 years for this
Wayne Brady is one of the greats who doesn't get the credit he deserves.
Wayne Brady sings in every show he's inπŸ˜’
just in the same room as Tom Felton and Wayne Brady
"This is not an option *** If you do not smoke this we have a problem" - Wayne Brady
Brady would have better stats with Harrison and Wayne and DT and sanders.. Get out of here with that.
it has an awesome theme song and Wayne Brady, what more could you ask for?
From NH we traveled via train from CT to NYC to see Wayne Brady in Kinky Boots. FABULOUS show.
Piano sensation Jim Brickman & Wayne Brady?!?! Who Knew! We are loving this & totally excited to see Jim live Feb 6!
Listen to Beautiful by Jim Brickman & Wayne Brady on .
white people we'll give y'all Wayne Brady and Stacey Dash for Jim Carrey and Bill Clinton
Rick James of course, Race Draft, . Wayne Brady, blind black white supremacist, Tron Carter's Law & Order
Rick James skit. Prince skit. Do you know black people skit. Wayne Brady skit. Black white supremacist skit
White People like Wayne Brady because he makes Brian Gumble look like Malcolm X.
If TV is Steve future he has to change his bragging attitude.There are MANY way better.Wayne Brady, Nick Cannon name a few.
Manning did it with HoF's Harrison, Wayne and James. Brady did it with Antowain Smith, Branch and Givens. TB>PM
you have to see it with Wayne Brady on Broadway
I could probably become a big fan of Wayne Brady's "Let's Make A Deal."
Wayne Brady does their song writing
"it was a pipe, it could've been angel dust. I have to ask Wayne Brady."
while watching LETS MAKE A DEAL, Wayne Brady just said.." Jamaica NEAR DA BEACH."
can't wait to come tonight. Will Wayne Brady be in the show?
In other observations: Wayne Brady is the smoothest Jaffa ever.
Wayne Brady on Let's Make a Deal: "Well it looks like your only option is to leave with the $2,000. ...OR YOU CAN TRY TO BREAK ONE MORE!"
When I grow up, I wanna be Wayne Brady.
Me and Wayne Brady was smoking and playing video games I don't even play video games
This *** at my job really gets his eyebrows done and has a goatee like Wayne Brady.
Can we please get another "Forever" with Eminem, Kanye, Drake & Lil Wayne but mix in some other names πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Taking L's but we gone come out in the second round of the playoffs healthy like af. Everybody bout to feel the wrath of Brady
Picking my final show: . Wayne Brady in Kinky Boots, Jennifer Hudson in Color Purple, Fun Home rising in popularity
lmao and I been looking for yo Brady loving *** Wea ya been
I liked a video Wayne Brady Freestyles over the 5 Fingers of Death
I think this is the Wayne Brady episode and I might just be the happiest person alive right now
Does Wayne Brady still make Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X? πŸ˜‚
Cute webcam by Razer. Gotta love its not supported for macs. We been getting the shaft lately. Is Wayne Brady gonna have to buy a pc?
"Why is Wayne Brady singing sexual things to me?" -
watched you Larry King (Wayne Brady) interview. Besides being full of knowledge you make some great music. Hard to label you.
What career had Wayne Brady already decide to pursue at the age of 16?. A. Movies. B. Music. C. Law. D. Military.
Netanya confused wayne brady with wayne gretzky today and its only the 2nd dumbest thing shes done in the past 24 hours
Denzel in the whip in training day . =. Wayne Brady in the whip in chappelle 's show.
*what you can say about your business but not your wife.* . Wayne Brady: Parking in rear. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
White ppl love Wayne Brady cuz he makes Brian Gumble look like Malcolm X.
Wayne Brady on the role of a lifetime!
Bobby Lashley look like a strong Wayne Brady
seriously, Wayne Brady and Drew Carey give me life
Monty Hall doesn't host "Let's Make A Deal" anymore. Wayne Brady does mornings on CBS. Hall is still alive & a consultant on that show.
"Who's line is it anyways?" Drew Carey asks, cutting up another. Wayne Brady sits there, prattling on about lucid dreams, economics and 9/11
I've now seen both Neil Patrick Harris AND Wayne Brady in drag now...happy lady!
My 2 year old niece is literally in love with Wayne Brady from let's make a deal lol it's so cute
Do I know why white people love Wayne Brady?
The stars of rap-battled Wayne Brady and it was everything
Sheryl Lee Ralph and Myself at the Kinky Boots Holiday/ Welcome Wayne Brady party.
CBS News doesn't care about Wayne Brady & Drew Carey. Always breaking into or Price is Right; how dare they...
And I'm up watching this rom-com movie that I READILY admit to liking. Wayne Brady and Sydney Tamiia Poitier.
Bobby Lashley looks like roided out Wayne Brady
Wayne Brady had an early job at Disney dressing up as what character? A.Eeyore. B.Tigger. C.Piglet. D.Winnie .
Pentatonix, Ellen Degeneres, Wayne Brady, Tyler Oakley and Rhett and Link bring me so many smiles!
Brady has had one deep threat his entire career.(Moss) Peyton had Harrison, Wayne, and Thomas.
Wayne Brady, Jonathan Magnum, Kat, and Tiffany are friendship goals. I bet their inside jokes are hilariousπŸ˜‚
In a HS 2day w/ tchrs but can overhear convos stdts having. One just said, "Did u know Wayne Brady is going 2 B in Kinky Boots?"
will Wayne Brady perform both shows this coming Saturday? 😊
Excited to welcome in all his fabulousness to our merry band of weirdos next week!
.struts over to before getting KINKY:
My bank offers Signature Loans. I tried to borrow Thomas Jefferson's but all I was approved for was Wayne Brady's.
I keep having dreams where I'm friends with Wayne Brady. He sings me songs about being a plumber and then we pretend we're …
Wayne Michael Brady became a LLPDMEM at Local Care Force Llp. For more information
This *** Wayne Brady said lightskin is so 93
the tatt my baby Roger Brady did on my uncle Wayne Alberty
Why jumped at the chance to play Lola in
Having a great time with my babe Roger Brady n my uncle Wayne Alberty cuz Nicholas P. Kriedman n
Brady with Moss would beat Manning with Wayne and Harrison
Manning on the Colts with Harrison and Reggie Wayne would destroy Brady and the pats this year
Justin Bieber, Wayne Brady, RenΓ©e Elise Goldsberry, Taylor Hill, and George Takei to appear on CBS's telecast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Da…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Celebrity Real Estate: Host of β€œLet’s Make a Deal” Wayne Brady, is Making a Deal for His Home in Sherman Oaks
Would the media kiss wife-beater Brandon Marshall's *** so hard if he talked less like Wayne Brady and more like Allen Iverson?
I used to go into Bryant Gumbel or Wayne Brady mode and just talk like a refined white guy to cops.But now I'm like screw it
Wayne Brady challenged by Ryan and Colin on Whose Line… Wayne nails it.
Wayne Brady somewhere with his feet up in hooping shorts ordering hot wings online every time Ben Carson is asked a quest…
They like a black man that smiles more look at Wayne Brady that nigha can grin
I'm pretty sure that Wayne Brady & Michael Strahan are stealing all the middle aged white women.
Wayne Brady is dead. Rust in peace.
Used to throw it to me, Tom Brady. Long blonde hair, that's Marcia Brady. Whose Line is it, that's Wayne Brady. Beat the case, also Tom Brady
Matt was blasting Wayne Brady's version of Tiki Room in the car when we entered Magic Kingdom & the toll guy was like...please just go. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
besides Rick James/Prince, when he was a blind black white supremacist 😭 Wayne Brady skit was comedy too
my first ever encounter with kpop was Wayne Brady's cover of TVXQ-Beautiful Life. (I still prefer Brady's version)
Whose Line is it Anyway? - Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady: Good Morning To You
What if Colin Mochrie joined Wayne Brady in the newest Broadway cast of Kinky Boots as Lauren?
6. Mention you love John Mayer; President Reagan The Beatles; Bob Dylan. If he asks you if you like Wayne Brady - that's a trap, too.
White people treat me like Wayne Brady πŸ˜‚
My daughter wants to see a filming. I think I would fangirl all over Wayne Brady.
I'm all about Wayne Brady. There was a guy at my college who could make up songs like him! So cool!
Wayne Brady to play Lola in 'Kinky Boots' on Broadway | |
Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bish?
Wayne Brady hairline was always cooked
I feel like Wayne Brady Do I have to choke B**ch up?
Ooh, and for True Detective Season 5, they could controversially pair Michael Richards and Wayne Brady, investigating a hate crime.
is Wayne Brady gonna hafta smack a Witch?
Photoset: I’m surprised his Wayne Brady *** admitted that. Lol yes I used his name as a synonym for β€œUncle...
Is Wayne Brady gonna have to spank some naughty Kids?. WTH going on here lol
Wayne soccer seeks to improve with 10 seniors:
Can't look at Wayne Brady the same after he took over the Chappelle Show that one time.
Sippin' on Pink Floyd and puffin Wayne Brady. *** Whose Line is it Anyway?. I'm in the daze, you been amazed
only credit I give Flacco is that he's the only QB that consistently out performs Brady.
I've been called the Wayne Brady of disc golf
he's not better than Rodgers, Brees, P. Manning, Brady, Ben. Those are elite QB's.
Wayne Brady as Lola! We might need to squeeze this show in
Catch us on let's make a deal! One of us was chosen to make a deal with Wayne Brady 󾍇
Brady, Rodgers, and manning have all missed double digit games since 08 πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
Wayne Brady is coming to the Island in October. Get your tickets now for a night of comedy!
so guys you never know what's happening behind closed doors. Thanks for being brave
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