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I'm all about experimenting. But, you won't ever catch me doin hardcore stuff like Molly, Wax, Coke, Ecstasy, etc. *** no.
Weed is one thing, but coke pills wax all those other "happy makers" are just not something ive ever been into or cared to be around.
Why do people put drugs on Instagram. Like hey i have coke wax and weed lets take a picture and see how many likes we get.
If you ate the sugar in a can of Coke (39 grams) alone, your body would vomit uncontrollably. Coke adds phosphoric acid which prevents this.
Vanilla coke tastes like candle wax. I'm not even kidding. It's the worse thing I have ever had to experience.
Quit smoking day 2= £shop hit for peanuts,crisps,coke etc. Resisted siren call of newsagents thus far.Wax in ears lashed to lazyboy
In China, coke used symbols that sounded like Coca-Cola when spoken, what they translated to was "Bite the wax tadpole".
Quiz: How Old Are You Really? From the following list of 25 items, count all the ones that you remember -- not the ones you were told about! How to score yourself is at the end. Blackjack chewing gum Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar-water Candy cigarettes Soda-pop machines that dispensed bottles Coffee shops with tableside jukeboxes Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers Party lines Newsreels before the movie P. F. Flyers Butch wax Telephone numbers with a word prefix (e.g., Olive - 6933) Peashooters Howdy Doody 45-RPM records ... and 78-RPM records S&H Green Stamps Hi-fi systems Metal ice trays with lever Mimeograph paper Blue flashbulb Packards Rollerskate keys Cork popguns Drive-in theaters Studebakers Washtub wringers If you remembered! 0 - 5 = You're still young 6 - 10 = You are getting older 11 - 15 = Don't tell your age 16 - 25 = You're older than you think! Be sure to pass this along -- especially to all your friends with really good memories.
Real friends make you a jack and coke and wax your *** for you. Stop slacking off.
Hope says: "I need help! I have a 3 yr old son who i am 99% sure he has adhd, he shows all the signs, every day his behavior is so horrible i literally sit in the floor an cry. I have reached out to the doctor an they say you cant diagnose a child that young, i have contacted mental health an they wont even look at him cause his age. I have reached my point in life as a mother that i just hate to wake up cause i know that its another day to battle. I have a 4 yr old daughter who has no issues and im 5months pregnant an i need some kind of advice to help me through this or something to turn to. We have done the discipline, done the routine, done the praise , we have done everything! Is there a natural remedy or something to help me? Also my husband is 26 and is adhd an has been on meds on an off his life for this."
I made a wax burner out of a diet coke can. Works a treat too. Lol
Does anyone know if you're supposed to put one, or two Scentsy bars in the burner?
Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (Chapter VII, section 721), color additives, except for coal tar hair dyes, are subject to FDA approval before they may be used in food, drugs, or cosmetics, or in medical devices that come in contact with the bodies of people or animals for a significa...
My nose is having it's time of the month. At least I know it's not pregnant.
Simply put, this is a great moment in music history (and television, too). George Clinton, looking like a punk rock Ol’ Dirty *** leads a P-Funk revolution (look for Fuzzy Haskins sharing lead vocals and Eddie Hazel on guitar) on the Boston-based TV show Say Brother back in July of 1969.
I got this from Coach teacher I ever had..LOL A Nostalgia thought - - - - 'Someone asked the other day, 'What was your favorite fast food when you were growing up?' We didn't have fast food when I was growing up,' I informed him. 'All the food was slow.' C'mon, seriously. Where did you eat?' 'It was a place called 'at home,'' I explained! 'Mom cooked every day and when Dad got home from work, we sat down together at the dining room table, and if I didn't like what she put on my plate I was allowed to sit there until I did like it.' By this time, the kid was laughing so hard I was afraid he was going to suffer serious internal damage, so I didn't tell him the part about how I had to have permission to leave the table. But here are some other things I would have told him about my childhood if I figured his system could have handled it : Some parents NEVER owned their own house, never wore Levis , never set foot on a golf course, never traveled out of the country or had a credit card. In their l ...
The American Vegan Society defines veganism as "a way of living on the products of the plant kingdom to the exclusion of flesh, fowl, eggs, and animal milk and it's derivatives.  It encourages the study and us of alternatives for all commodities normally derived wholly or in part from animals."I  prefer to think of a vegan as someone who's a "vegetarian for ethical reasons."  After all, the root of the word "vegetarian" is not vegetable; it is the Latin vegetus, meaning "full of life."There are three primary reasons why one might opt to abstain from the standard American diet and be full of life:  ethical, health, and environmental.  In the name of provoking thought, here's a small taste of each.ETHICAL REASONS"The time will come when men such as I will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men."-Leonardo Da VinciThe hidden ingredient in all animal-derived food (as well as clothing, entertainment, etc.) is cruelty.  Whether it's chickens, horses, pigs, cattle, insects, deer ...
I have to take a Hearing Test in the morning. After the Satanic Pills (prednisone) I had to take I should do better than last time. I really want an A+. I don't think they even grade Hearing Tests like that as much as they just evaluate my hearing and give me a score. But I really, really like to overachieve so I'm going to ask the audiologist what letter grade she would give me if she HAD to give me one.
What a good way to start. Its none of your bizwax how I want to live my life. My Bizwax, My S**t, My f**k up So you to go and have a look at your own life, then so maybe you can make it better than Mine.
Because I am so unbelievably smart I thought my candle holder (That had a lit candle in it) was my coke so I drunk it. Yum, hot wax. :)
Are you old enough to remember Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside...
When I look at preachers I dont think theyre supposed have sex lol Btw Jesus was a *** in the hood helping ppl and the rich ppl had him killed
Starting out the New Year right. Ed is busy giving me hot wax treatments for my hands and feet. They feel so soft and smooth. Naturally he needed his hands done too! Now if I could only get this treatment once a week for the would be wonderful! LOL
Think about this - Propylene Glycol (C3H8O2) is used to flavor Blueberries in Muffins but also can be used to wax your car not only that but it is also prescribed to use prior to a colonoscopy. Yikes!!!
*I order shots for my friends at the club. They're disappointed that they're non-alcoholic wax coke bottles filled with fruit juice*
Fun fact (ish. A bit embellished, but not much, I promise.) Before Coca-Cola was officially marketed in China, it went by a number of names. This happened because there are thousands of characters that approximate the sound of "Coca-Cola" and they all have different meanings. For instance, the official rendering of Coca-Cola mean "to allow the mouth to be happy to rejoice." Before it had that meaning, though, it had a number of meanings that came from shop owners creating the name on their own. One of the most fun, and most common meanings, was "bite the wax tadpole." So remember, next you drink a Coke, to bite the wax tadpole. ;-)
Man I HATE plastic-y food!!! What are people doing 2 our vegetables people?!?
FML! WORST HANGOVER OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. back in the day with my wifey lol
Would be funny if one of Taylor Swift ex boyfriends wrote a song "maybe your the problem"
"Jameson on ice without the coke splash... who got Kush? I just copped a fresh batch. Some new oils dwight howard take flight what hash baby I'll show you how to wax that and make cash. on the hour of every hour picture me rolling with no flash.
Thuggin Noise, Full Metal Jacket, coke and white, bath salts, persian wine, bangin on wax, work , purple kisses, gotham city
As long as I am up.Anybody need a drink?
Well, it looks like we have two criminals on our hands here. Mitchell Guedry and Matt Roberts stole glass coke bottles. If they come looking for them we told them that we were not bailing them out of jail. Apparently you have to not only pay for the coke in the bottle but the actual bottle too. They did not pay for the bottle. Lol. On a mission trip and we got some thieves on our hands. If I don't get on here before midnight, Happy New Year to everyone all the way from Nicaragua. We will be celebrating right along with you all. Talk to you in the 2013!
A guy has been asking the prettiest girl in town for a date and finally she agrees to go out with him. He takes her to a nice restaurant and buys her a fancy dinner with expensive wine. On the way home, he pulls over to the side of the road in a secludedspot. They start necking and he's getting pretty excited. He starts to reach under her skirt and she stops him, saying she's a virgin and wants to stay that way. "Well, okay," he says, "how about a *** " "Yuck!" she screams."I'm not putting that thing in my mouth!" He says, "Well, then, how about a hand job?" "I've never done that," she says. "What do I have to do?" "Well," he answers, "remember when you were a kid and you used to shake up a Coke bottle and spray your brother with it?" She nods. "Well, it's just like that." So, he pulls it out and she grabs hold of it and starts shaking it. A few seconds later, his head flops back on the headrest, his eyes close, snot starts to run out of his nose, wax blows out of his ear and he screams out in pain. ...
So fb friends ...iv got a crackling in my right ear never had it b4...its driving me CRAZY ...what could it be?
“Don't care, how does get his hair so siick?!” 4 lines of coke and a tub of wax
Wax in my hair, leather on my skin, coke in my blood.
So i saw that yet another person died in a sled riding accident.Every year,a lot of people die in needless sled riding accidents.Where is the outrage?Where is the push to ban sleds? If only we ban sleds,people won't have to die on them.While we are at it,maybe we can ban cars,because a ton of people are killed in car accidents every year.
Flash Gordan only has 14 hours left to save the earth.
It's the last day of the year...we didn't go to bed until around 1:30am last night..and guess who's currently getting showers and dressed at 5:49am??? The Dunlevy's! For what, you ask?!? To go stand in line with the Lackey Family at Harry Potter World at 6:30am to wait for the "turnstile drop" at 7:00am! LOVE UNIVERSAL and THE LACKEY'S!
Chinese translation proved difficult for Coke, which took two tries to get it right. They first tried Ke-kou-ke-la because when pronounced it sounded roughly like Coca-Cola. It wasn't until after thousands of signs had been printed that they discovered that the phrase means "bite the wax tadpole" or "female horse stuffed with wax," depending on the dialect. Second time around things worked out much better. After researching 40,000 Chinese characters, Coke came up with "ko-kou-ko-le" which translates roughly to the much more appropriate "happiness in the mouth." H.Q
DOPE Digital Cassette December 2012 Side A Presented by Last Night was Legendary x Wax Poetics The December installment of the DOPE digital c...
I need advise!! I have had a cold and now my ears are clogged and it is driving me CRAZY...make this go away!! Ideas?
Im probably gonna get so much hate but I really dislike Tupac
Remembering Hank Williams The Andrew Johnson Building at 912 *** St. in Knoxville was the 'threshold of elegance' when Hank Williams stayed there Dec. 31, 1952. Some historians think he died in the hotel (photo: Peter Cooper/The Tennessean) NOTE: This story originally appeared in the Tennessean on January 1, 2003 edition of The Tennessean. Look for the ghost of Hank Williams at Edd's Grocery in Corryton, Tenn., and all you'll find is yo-yo wax, cigarettes and panty hose boxes from the disco era. Might as well comb the nearest beachfront for hockey pucks. But the well-scuffed little store is a landmark of sorts. It's a U.S. Highway 11W slow-down point, a 66-year-old relic that's positioned just to the Knoxville side of what used to be the Skyway Drive-In Theater. Fifty years ago, a pale blue Cadillac carrying a similarly hued, 29-year-old Hiram "Hank" Williams sped north from Knoxville, right past Edd's. The Skyway - now intimated by a rusted sign in a weed-happy field where locals toss garbage - marks the ...
Wait u swallow a kilo of coke wrapped in condoms or wax ***
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Is there a better Sunday afternoon/evening than you can offer than this: Courvoisier straight or with coke plus ice or red wine if preferred... National Lampoons Christmas Vacation followed by son number 1 coming home and we play Track & Field & Hyper Sports, followed by Street Fighter 2 on the big telly, rounded off with Worlds Strongest Man & a smashing Lamb dinner from the missus. did you read what I just wrote? Can you beat it?
LMAO,...bottle of coke sounds like a fab idea,..
I have no Idea, with a bottle of something maybe coke - then again u never know hey
Going to be confined to barracks tonight, gone and hurt my ankle again :-( So resting it up tonight.
Well, on the fifth day of Christmas, my sister brought to me, two nieces complete with stomach flu. Thanks Kelly Charles Phillips!
A Little edit i did for the DJ's to drop at midnight on New Years Eve, thanks for all the support on Rush xx
and18th Chinese Communist Party Conference but consumed all over the world
Watching House of Wax, bottle of Coke Zero wouldn't go a miss now!
Warning: I'm giving out Necco Wafers at my house this year.
Direct order link for WAX FANG Coke-bottle clear vinyl and CD from Carrot Top Distribution, LTD:...
Wax candy bottle. Haven't had one in years.
Karl Lagerfeld has finally been immortalized--so long as he stays away from any open flames and/or direct sunlight...
"Bite the wax tadpole," "female horse fastened with wax:" global translation hurdles for Ikea, Coke
Seriously. Which twin is it who's face just blends right into their neck. Like wax on top of a coke bottle in a "kitch" type restaurant?
Turns out Paula Deen isn't the only food celebrity shilling for mega-corporations: 7 more who've said yes to the cash
There's menorah wax and Diet Coke everywhere.
Coca Cola Candle made from a Coca Cola Soda Bottle at Bonanza.
funny to see this, as my wife and I bought some of these thinking they were diet coke..
Brand Loyalty: Are you a Mac or PC? Do you have any strong feelings about this brand rivalry? Would you take it ...
Bourbon Baron: Whiskey runs in the family for the new Maker's Mark boss: His family has been distilling whiskey ...
So far this drive we've developed Blaze Your Own Trail Mix consisting of Peeps, Cornnuts, Werther's Originals, and wax Coke bottles.
I highly recommend using this line on Mason:
When Coke began in China,they used characters that sounded like "Coca-Cola" when spoken.But they turned out to mean"Bite the wax tadpole".
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