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Watership Down

Watership Down is a classic heroic fantasy novel, written by English author Richard Adams, about a small group of rabbits.

Richard Adams Art Garfunkel

I thought he did the Robin Hood theme tune, not Watership Down. Ah well...more port & brandy.
played an important part in the narrative of 'Watership Down' (1978) dir Martin Rosen. What a tear-jerker.…
Watership Down has a U rating in the UK. Under that standard even Titus Andronicus is only PG.
You know that a big *** rabbit hole . "He fought because he actually felt safer fighting than running" Watership…
Watership Down. (tied with the Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe series)
Parents need to get over the fact that C5 showed Watership down. Don't like it, change the channel.
Watership Down aka tales of rabbits named Snowdrop and Bluebell basically killing each other
Daisy Ridley in Peter Rabbit. . in Watership Down. . Can't wait for Adam Driver in the Bugs Bunny movie.
Children's literature fans (of the Tolkien, CS Lewis, Redwall, Watership Down stripe), an African adventure awaits:
Not even regretting that I didn't get 2 finish reading Watership Down while NBI-ing, the ladies in front of me were talking about uteruses.
Who wants to hear abt brave deeds when he’s ashamed of his own, & who likes an open, honest tale from someone he’s deceiving?-Watership Down
Just rising, drunk and tearful from watching Watership Down. Such an unbelievable voice cast and beautiful animation.
Pick one from Watership Down, like Hyzenthlay or Thethuthinang!
WU: Susan from the ATL jumping in late teaching AP Lit; Watership Down
The movie Sausage Party is this generations Watership Down.
276 Watership Down. Really liked it. Like Pixar made an old school Disney cartoon with rabbits.
Whenever I'm feeling a bit low I find myself watching Watership Down. - You know what they say; old rabbits die hard.
The Dark Crystal creeped me out. Also Watership Down...those poor bunnies!
I visited Watership Down and nerded out harder than I've ever nerded out. Here's what I saw.
Watership Down. Sweet Jesus. It was good, but *** it is depressing as ***
I re-read Watership Down when I was 35, and thought it was even better than I did when I was 8!
I'm listening to the Watership Down soundtrack... might cry..
Please read Watership Down to understand what eventually happens to Rabbits in a cage.
which is your favorite book ? — Right now im really liking watership down
My ideal fantasies are a mix of redwall and watership down
Why was the rabbit never black?. Hence the WaterShip Personalities collides. Even Michael Collins was a fu…
Mandela effect, watership down the movie, everyone remembers bigwig dying but turns out he doesn't?? I could of sworn he died?.
do you remember watership down? I watched it again with my friend for nostalgia and do you not remember bigwig dying? He doesnt!.
Cam Newton's mom reads a passage from 'Watership Down' in new Under Armour ad
Mike Batt wrote Bright Eyes for Watership Down, songs for The Wombles & the Swap Shop theme...which he updated here…
I liked a video from Mad Munchkin Blethers about Watership Down (Halloween Special
[First Date]. Me: Favourite Movie?. Her: Watership Down. Me: Wow, me too!. Her: What about the ending though?. Me: I cried when i…
1 week from today, I'm giving a talk on fear, faith, & WATERSHIP DOWN at in Nashville, thanks to…
OH GOD WHY is Netflix making a Watership Down series!? Was one generation of scarred children not enough?! D:
"You just killed every character in Watership Down to make one burger." - Mike Woz on rabbit burgers vs large animal burgers
Watership Down too sad for a settling in book, though, I think.
also (still) on the shelf: Peter Dickinson's The Changes Trilogy (resonated b/c I got headaches as a kid), Momo, watership down
Day 1 of Inktober: my favorite book, Watership Down!
If you've never seen Watership Down, Ring of Bright Water or Plague Dogs; don't.
Just finished Richard Adams Watership Down. Next book on the pile: The Codebreakers.
Watched Watership Down. I highly recommend especially if you saw the beginning of Bambi and were like, "huh, I could do for more of that."
We'll be talking about WATERSHIP DOWN on October 27, 9:30pm EST/6:30PST, hosted by and yours truly via D…
Richard Adams has confirmed that he did not intend for Watership Down to be read as a political allegory. Try Animal Farm.
not Bluth but I have two words for you: Watership Down
This is really a sci-fi version of WATERSHIP DOWN, that's why.
Yes that's right, I'm about to watch Watership Down...
(yesterday) Spencer chapel at Burghclere, Watership Down and Beacon Hill near Highclere Castle
Watership Down is selling cheaper at INR 334 today
📷 Got my copy of Watership Down by Richard Adams. Old books smell so good and bring back old Memories.
Northanger Abbey is an early satire on the Gothic Novel and perfectly good for what it is! (Even quoted in Watership Down!)
Kids on Fire: Kids and teens who love Watership Down will dive in to The Animals of Farthing Wood.
Channel 5 criticised for airing 'traumatic' Watership Down at Easter
If we're talking about old cartoons I'm sorry but the Animals of Farthing Wood, Watership Down the TV series and postman pat were my JAM
Netflix and the BBC are working on an animated Watership Down series
It would be ironic if Watership Down got watered down...
re Watership Down getting a remake: Think it's a mistake to assume scary/brutal stories are always a negative experience for children.
Watership Down: ’Mirror reported that parents complained about the film running on Easter because it includes a scene about bunnies dying.’
Roy Kinnear's having a good day. Or would be. Wildly Wonka AND Watership Down.
Went to Richard Adams talk many years ago and someone asked about the meaning and symbolism of Watership Down. Adams: "It's…
Fantastic Planet and Watership Down are top priority!
Watership Down author plans his first picture book for five-year-olds
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Richard Briers' daughter on Loved him... especially as Fiver in Watership Down!
Played my little girl video to Bright Eyes from Watership Down. Oops. 'Why are all the rabbits sad?'. 'Wait a minute. Is that one...dead?'
Walking Dead fans: if you haven't seen it, watch Watership Down. It's basically the same thing with rabbits.
my god so many (1) Hazel and Bigwig in Watership Down (2) Reepicheep in Narnia (3) Pushmipullyou in Dr Doolittle.
Watership Down! I haven't read it yet but I will be soon.
My latest book review is finally up! Watership Down is a must read! Check it out & go read!. .
Please accept my story about a helicopter with water cannons and its disastrous mission in a war torn country, Watership Down
I'm reading Watership Down to my children. What a chuffing brilliant book. Chock full of rabbits and all the better for it
Here's a little thing about rereading my favorite childhood book for the first time in decades, Watership Down.
Wot about ET, or Tarka the Ottah or Watership Down
Watership Down, down, deeper and down...
New episode: 2016 reading goals, love for Watership Down & short fiction recs (with & )
Hey! I was interviewed on Cabbages and Kings by We discuss SF/F, book reviews, Watership Down & more.
why do people still class watership down as a kids book like have you READ that book?
Huzzah, just booked to see Watership Down at Rose Theatre
I want to sit on John McDonnell's knee and have Corbyn read me Watership Down
I'm going to write The Saga of the Barnacle Goose and it's going to be sadder than Watership Down.
A5. Watership Down, Lord of the Rings, and all the other books my librarian exposed me to in elementary school.
LIVE on watership down without freezing lol
LIVE on love this film watership down
Can I just say that putting "Watership Down" on the message board behind Fiver is deeply, deeply wrong?
New in stock: first edition of Watership Down
I get irrationally excited when I find friends who've read Watership Down. It's a weird novel, but I think about it a lot:
Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie - Bookplate of Richard Adams author of Watership Down.
“Watership Down” by Al Murphy. You know the book is great when you have to pause and say a few ment
watership down fabric by dennisthebadger on Spoonflower -
Watership Down Quote wood burning on maple by Theburnttree on Etsy
Bell Pottery - Reminds me of my favourite childhood book: Watership Down by Richard Adams ;)
Ada Lovelace, Oprah. Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, Lord of the Flies, Watership Down. Buddhism, Taoism, martial arts.
The opening of Watership Down is my favorite part
It helps immensely if you imagine the modern Left as the rabbit Cowslip in Watership Down.
Those "adult" cartoons definitely do the same to me. Felidae.. watership down..
So Watership Down is not like The Hunt for Red October with rabbits as I was previously convinced
Seriously.. It was Watership Down that did it. It's the only animal I'm uncomfortable being around.
Series finale: Watership Down - Series 2, Episode 13 with as voice of Kehaar 😭🐰
Me: *gets the watership down reference*. Me: *looks around excitedly to see who else got it*. Me: *is alone in an empty warehouse*
I like this @ I thought of it while reading watership down
"Watership Down: 3. Why is life a slow march toward death?"
we're not doing Watership Down Manhunter simon, we've discussed this.
if you buy Watership Down expecting cuddly bunnies rather than death cults & murder that's on you.
Hazel from Watership Down, because 'My life in return for theirs'. Utter hero
Time to get reading for our 2016 exhibition opening on 13 Feb - Watership Down by Richard Adams
Get ready for an adventure with our Rose Youth production of Watership Down. Begins today: https:/…
You know what it reminds me of most, strangely? Watership Down?? With its kinda weird character designs and crackly audio.
I think I'm gonna watch Watership Down tonight
That and Watership Down. What children were those books written for?!
Finished the bun bun with a Lapine saying from Watership Down.
Cowboy Boop BoOp. Steins Gate. Watership Down definitively ends in nightmares...does that count?
Between Watership down and this, I'm surprised I'm not more traumatised!
Watership Down - Series 2, Episode 12 with as voice of Kehaar
"Watership Down? I would rather read a novel about civil servants written by a rabbit!" Craig Brown
Only thing from Tad Williams I’ve ever read is Tailchaser’s Song—which I guess is like Watership Down but with cats instead.
as a child Watership Down upset me so much as did Greyfriars Bobby & Old Yeller that I cld never read Cujo or Pet Cemetary
2 of 5 stars to Watership Down by Richard Adams
Watership Down!!! Both General Woundwort & Bright Eyes still freak me out to this day
Didn't Richard Adams write Watership Down on the little rock under the west support of the Skye Bridge?
There can be little doubt that if he had not done it, more rabbits would have been killed that morning on Watership Down.
*** yeah, I hear that sister. Although swap Watership Down with Monty Python and the Holy Grail
I can see making a Ratatosk film. In the style of Watership Down. Maybe without the Art Garfunkel song, though.
Over and over! I have read Watership Down at least 12 times, Jurassic Park at least 10! I re-read Practical Magic every year.
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Our children's book classic of the month:
I read Watership Down in 4th or 5th grade on my own (not in school). Teacher suggested it seeing me read so much. Loved it.
I would also add from my Middle school, The once and future king and Watership down
Maybe there should b some sort of age rating still. Not as bad as Watership Down but not4 really young viewers either.
Cool. My only Mondo is the Zouravliov Grand Budapest Hotel. It's great. The best I have is the Black Dragon Watership Down!
Someone wanted to buy Watership Down for their kid, so I had to have a little chat with them
The virtues of reading, especially if it's "Watership Down," a great, great novel.
Has to be Watership Down. here have a cute bunny picture too
Even found stuff from the Watership Down and narnia books I loved as a kid and theme from the BBC Secret Garden.
lol nerdist reviews of classic animated films like The Last Unicorn & Watership Down is like reading sumthing written children would get
A little Watership Down action on my walk home from my son's school function this morning.
Well, it's definitely not Watership Down :>
What's Campion's character all about in
if I think back to teenage years Dear Nobody by and Watership Down by Richard Adams
There are two young rabbits living in our yard. I've officially named them Hazel and Pipkin. Because Watership Down is amazing.
All purpose parts banner
Watership Down. Bright Eyes still makes me cry.
'Watership Down'. I haven't been the same since..
Everyone I watch Watership Down I'm always surprised at the brutality of a movie about rabbits.
I'm so glad I'm watching a masterpiece after WATERSHIP DOWN.
if y'all ain't ever seen Watership Down, ya need to change that asap
Watching Rise of the Guardians, and every time I see the Easter Bunny I think of Watership Down.
I don't like rabbits very much. They freak me out Watership Down style. I feel like I should give…
Watched watership down twice today Gonna have nightmares, the general is gonna get me
I think that's true ;-) I loved Watership Down - what's your fave book with animals?
Martin should read Watership Down if he wants to know about Black Headed Gulls. Kehaar was a bug catcher too :)
Counted 27 rabbits this evening on Lisnabreeny's Watership Down
It's getting like Watership Down on the Interurban. 2 bunnies didn't bounce away, but glared, a young runt rabbit who is a seer, I wondered.
From the of middle grade: "Animal story with a classic feel. Ex. Watership Down, Silverwing"
The last time I cycled over Watership Down was 19 years ago, on an epic Wichester - Oxford - Winchester day-ride after A-levels!
for a moment there I thought it was watership down
Photo: lizemeddings: this was based on a Bigwig quote from watership down, I read it burst into tears, it...
Y'know, really wish I had taken that chance to get the files for Watership Down Muck back in the day. Was a nice little RP place.
I say Yay! Charlotte's Web, Chronicles of Narnia, Watership Down...I LIVED in that barn, those lands, the warren...yay for sure.
if that's a Watership Down reference dropped in there, that is awesome
Wat is je persoonlijke top 5 van films? — the secrets of kells, watership down, the plague dogs, legend of the g...
I'm just now getting around to reading Watership Down. Been on my list for a while & I'm glad to read it.
"I believe there is room for a good show about anthropomorphic animals that lies between Redwall and Watership Down."
yeah I got that one and I, Robot. I'm not a huge Watership Down fan but a gorgeous cover
Out of Print has a BOGO sale today: I, Robot and Watership Down for me; Goodnight Moon & Harry the Dirty Dog for kid
yeah, I'm not a huge Watership Down fan but the design of that cover is positively gorgeous
Reading 'Watership Down' for the first time at 30 years old. Up next: by - hopefully less grim!
3 of 5 stars to Tales from Watership Down by Richard Adams
Awesome, have you got Watership down, I've been looking everywhere for it :-D
I'm watching watership down. Forgot how amazing this movie is 😍😍
It’s great to see more children’s TV shows being remade. Read more via
the game's incredible, but I've not cried so much since I watched Watership Down on a particularly harsh comedown
On page 70 of 478 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
Game of Thrones: "I'm the most gruesome and bloody tale to ever hit the screen". Watership Down "That's cute"
If you don't know 'Watership Down' you no nothing of true beauty.
I haven't cried this much since the last time I watched Watership Down.
On page 220 of 267 of Tales from Watership Down, by Richard Adams
Shortlist on the movies tonight, Watership Down, Amadeus, and Empire Strikes Back; Great, Excellent, Perfection. In that order.
Watership Down is a traumatizing movie
Watership Down definitely my favorite book of the year
Just got a question right on trivia crack from something I read in watership down so you could say my life is on the right track
What 'Watership Down'? - List of books found of Bin Laden's bookshelves. -
Just finished Watership Down, not big deal.😒
Coping Methods by Spare Hands (Watership Down) releases this week, if yous a true homie you'll make your parents buy it
On page 350 of 478 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
Watership Down is proving to 've incredibly disturbing, and I love it.
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Looks like a lovely book. Will it help me find Watership Down?
Yep indeed Watership Down is my fave! 💕💕💕
Watership Down? I became part rabbit upon setting that beautiful book down! Delighted to meet you xx
Watership Down was the best thing to ever hit CC.
I finally get to read Watership Down...but it's hard to avoid spoilers for some reason.
It was like Watership Down at times here yesterday.
you see this bank here? If I sit on it, and read Watership Down, Will I get arrested? Or wrong bank?😂😂
Watching Watership Down is the most memorable movie from my childhood. I need to watch other movies by Martin Rosen.
If I could cast the new 'Watership Down', I'd put Peter Serafinowicz as 'Bigwig' and Anthony Warlow as 'Woundwart'. Hurt remains as 'Hazel'.
oh good it's Easter, the weekend I field the most awkward questions about my Watership Down tattoo
Okay I got: Don't Look Now, Watership Down, The Palm Beach Story, Nashville, The Earrings of Madame de..., and the complete Jacques Tati.
Course on Richard Adams’ Watership Down: Added to our list of 1100 Free Online Courses
On page 261 of 476 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
a painting thing i did. C: "Whenever they catch you, they will kill you." Richard Adams, Watership Down
“Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed.” . ― Richard Adams, Watership Down
On page 197 of 476 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
I have been thinking about soil again. “Underground, the story continued.” Richard Adams, Watership Down.
On page 121 of 476 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
Favourite classic novel would have to be Watership Down by Richard Adams.
Day 2: Watership Down by Richard Adams. I really enjoyed that when I was younger 🐰📖
Watership Down by Richard Adams is my favourite classic, such a sweet tale 🐰
The best talking animals in children's books: In Richard Adams's best-selling Watership Down, the story of a b...
The new edition of Watership Down with illustrations by Aldo Galli, published by Oneworld, is out now
I'm still a bit disturbed from when I half watched Watership Down the other week!
I cannot believe its taken me this long in my life to realise Watership down was set in St Catherine hill.
Valerie Davide hare - this is an incredible piece. I see all the warren of Watership Down. What an a
Saw a t-shirt the other day. Even it is kind of terrifying
Watership Down: "A world of ruthless tyranny and brave rebellion" -
Moving interview with Richard Adams in thanks
"I was 52 when I discovered I could write.." Lovely interview with Richard Adams, author of 'Watership Down'.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I saw Watership Down at the cinema for my 16th birthday. Sweet interview with 94 year old author Richard Adams:
Richard Adams’ Watership Down rejected 7 times before became a classic, reassuring thought for writers on a cold Monday morning
Watership Down Richard Adams: I just can’t do humans | Books | The Guardian
Watership Down author Richard Adams, now 94, only set out to frighten his own children
thank u , thats Hazel, from Watership Down :)
wait...just one? Fiction or non? Here're 3, fiction: Watership Down, A Soldier of the Great War, Matterhorn.
Picked up Watership Down. Husband laughed evilly and said he dared me to read it. Um... Am I going to cry all the tears? It's a long book.
You need to watch Watership down if you haven't
Always thinking of Watership Down as I ride along C'burn Bypass avoiding all the rabbits. So many!
I can understand Watership Down being viewed by children but not this. Never this.
Interview with Watership Down author Richard Adams to mark new illustrated edition.
Who here has watched watership down
Richard Kelly to direct new live action Watership Down with actors in RABBIT SUITS! .
Watership Down - Richard Adams immediately springs to mind.
I'm thankful for Animal Farm by George Orwell and Watership Down by Richard Adams. I've always treasured them!
“A thing can be true and still be desperate folly, Hazel.” Richard Adams, Watership Down
Shardik, the epic fantasy Richard Adams wrote after Watership Down, reviewed – beware the bear
The LOTR radio series has amazing cameos - Aragorn is Bigwig in Watership Down and Bill Nighy is Samwise!
This is wonderful - a gallery of editions of through the ages: via
thanks. I quit reading Watership Down last week and felt a twinge of guilt.
Those busy bunnies have been researching WATERSHIP DOWN covers through time
LOve this gallery of classic jackets
Richard Adams interv'd Interesting stuff on & New eds pub'd by
For those asking, Tales from Watership Down - illustrated edition - is scheduled for Oct 2015, in time 4 Xmas. Plague Dogs for Sept 2015...
On page 429 of 478 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
Watership Down is rated U in the UK. You know, that movie with the rabbit nearly choking to death on its own blood.
I am definitely a little too excited about the fact Watership Down is available under Hulu movies.
It was either that or Watership Down
Lately, has reminded me of the classic story of desperate rabbits crossing warrens in Watership Down.
I tend to avoid such films, but I've heard that Watership Down is absolutely nasty.
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I need a film to watch. Nothing hardcore in it though. . Something uplifting with a decent soundtrack. . Yes. Watership Down. . Pesky Wabbits.
Sooo what happened to those watership down part 4 tests Valerio???
Have you noticed that the Governor is very similar to General Woundwart from Watership Down?
Can someone watch Watership down with me
Richard Adams on Watership Down: 'Perhaps I made it too dark' - via
Hmmm. Watership Down isn't as funny as I remember.
when someone says animated movies are for kids, sit them down and make them watch Watership Down or the Plague Dogs. That'll sort em out.
Don't know why, but those tight packed fish remind me of the Watership Down scene where rabbits get burried underground D:
Silent Running is like Watership Down with robots. I feel traumatized now. :-(
Please could a copy of Watership Down signed "To Anna" be reserved for me & posted to me? 🙏
// Lmao I guess after watching Watership down I don't see her as s bloody demon anymore.
We have a few signed copies of a beautiful new edition of Watership Down. Details of how to get your copy here
I think I may have uncovered the Watership Down of dust bunnies. Wheeze...cough
im drawing a ~Mature Comic~ with rats as the characters (think Watership Down, Felidae, etc) and it interests me why ppl are scared of rats-
Also there is an exclusive edition of Watership Down available to buy and get signed. Unfortunately, you cannot bring anything to sign.
Watership down has literally haunted me for ten years
Fun question of the day - what is your favourite animated movie? Mine is UP! and Tangled! - I also adore Watership Down
Watership Down: a gallery Ahead of a special event with Watership Down author Richard Adams, Sammy Ingram explores the novel’s variety of cover designs with a gallery through the years. Which one is your favourite? View them all here:
Ahead of Richard Adams' event next Sat, we explore the various covers of Watership Down:
Richard Adams, writer of Watership Down, still writing at 94. And that's not his house number.
On page 147 of 478 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
On page 129 of 478 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
On page 115 of 478 of Watership Down, by Richard Adams
did you watch and read Watership Down, Graham Greene the destructors, and Stephen Hawking's a brief history of time?
For some reason I really want to pull out my copy of Watership Down by Richard Adams and see what Fiver and Hazel are up too again.
I first saw the film "Watership Down" as a young child, and when some year...
I was tagged by Panama Soweto (thank you friend and thank you for a quality winter reading list) for my top 10 influential books. Next up: Gregory C. Piper, Christopher Schnabel; Aaron Christopher Arnold; Greer Summers; Jonathan Goode; Jim Franzen ; Wendy W Franzen; and Kara Zifchak Davis! 1.) A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle 2.) Watership Down by Richard Adams 3.) The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels 4.) Th Alchemist by Paulo Coelho 5.) Escape from Freedom by Eric Fromm 6.) The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn 7.) The Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mills 8.) The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 9.) Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire 10.) Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
"I was challenged by Rebekah Wilson Harris to list five books that have impacted my life: 1. Watership Down by Richard Adams 2. The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell 3. Hegemony and Power by Noam Chomsky 4. Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice 5. Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre by H. P. Lovecraft I now challenge Christopher McNabb, Baron AnselmKlaus Von Dutkiewicz. and Robert Light
No way, Watership Down (Author: Richard Adams) is still number one, but the the Bible is very close
He's a giant dog/bear with a blood-curdling howl who oozes cool as he flies spaceships around the Star Wars galaxy and shoots clone fascists with lasers – plus he saved me from the terrors of Watership Down, writes Luke Holland
Watership Down to return as new BBC animated series via I like the film but does this hav 2 b remade ?
she's now added Watership Down to the list, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron & Mary Poppins too
It's like watership down in the pub garden! Get the gun out.
Day 12 Pretend to have read This links in to day 23. Watership Down by Richard Adams. Hated it. Liked Girl In A Swing better.
Anyone want a baby rabbit ? got loads to choose from, its like flippin watership down FREE to anyone who can give them a home
Watership Down beats X-Men sorry (Ik it's even rabbits but that's HUGE movie!)
It was I wanna be like you wasn't it? 🙊 good job it wasn't watership down then
In 1991, Edmondson and Mayall co-starred in the West End production of Beckett's Waiting for Godot at the Queen's Theatre, with Mayall playing Vladimir, Edmondson as Estragon and Christopher Ryan as Lucky.[17] Here they came up with the idea for Bottom, which they said was a cruder cousin to Waiting for Godot.[18] Bottom was commissioned by the BBC and three series were shown between 1991 and 1995. Mayall starred in Bottom as Richard 'Richie' Richard alongside Edmondson's Eddie Elizabeth Hitler. The series featured slapstick violence taken to new extremes, and gained a strong cult following.[19] In 1993, following the second series, Mayall and Edmondson decided to take a stage-show version of the series on a national tour, Bottom: Live. It was a commercial success, filling large venues. Four additional stage shows were embarked upon in 1995, 1997, 2001 and 2003, each meeting with great success. The violent nature of these shows saw both Edmondson and Mayall ending up in hospital at various points. A film ...
HOW have people not seen watership down???
It’s been said that “No two days sailing are alike!” and that’s certainly my experience – and the experience of our UYC Junior Sailors this week too! Today was totally different! The morning hours had winds at zero gusting to it was shore-time activities, including watching part of a movie titled “Wind” that was all about sailing. We worried that the afternoon would bring heavy weather and pop-up storms and rain and thunder and un-safe conditions...but...just around noon the sun popped through and the weather showed at least a two or three hour window and we were able to take advantage of it. Our Wednesday tradition at UYC Summer Sailing is to go out on big sailboats – we had SEVEN big boats today, which is the most ever, and we ALL had a terrific time. Ask your Junior which boat they were on...see if they remember the name of the vessel or UYC Member Skipper – Gisela (aka “The Pirate Ship”), Watership Down, Spirit, Windancer, Breeze, Marmotta and Layla – all were out, .. ...
someone left a comment about Watership Down and now I'm having feels about rabbits again. D:
My kohlrabi and cilantro are decimated. I will straight up Watership Down these ***
This is a soft cotton men's/unisex t-shirt of Watership Down by Richard Adams. Purchase of this shirt sends one book to a community in need.
Annual Winkworth Warriors V Watership down cricket today office support leading the cheer :0)
What age would u let yout kids watch watership down
Little Giant Ladders
Warriors head into battle with The Watership Down tonight in the annual 20/20 at Hurstbourne Priors - some tickets left
Reminds me of Art Garfunkel singing about Watership Down. Talk about a sight for sore eyes!!
Seriously, dude. Every time I think about this, it's nearly milk-out-my-nose funny. Watership Down meets Trix.
Overheard in the office: "I always get Watership Down and Das Boot mixed up."
So after I read Watership Down I guess Daniel and I are getting married 😂😂
actually, screw all those books, read "Watership Down" by Richard Adams and I will be all like 😍😍😍😍
The only memory of Rik Mayall was Watership Down... the TV series that aired in Canada some years ago in the early 2000's.
Watership Down but with a Jewish cast. Hey Seth Rogan hands off!
Because of this, I have decided that now is not a good time to finish reading Watership Down and it will be returned to the library
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