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Water Supply

Water supply is the provision of water by public utilities, commercial organisations, community endeavours or by individuals, usually via a system of pumps and pipes.

Federal Government Water Resources Cross River Climate Change Ala Moana Blvd Kano State Mayo County Council National Assembly

According to Ralls Co. Public Water Supply, the reason for no 💦 is due to that specific hydrant being broke
People First. Cut Water Supply to VIPs if There is a Shortage: Arvind Kejriwal. https:/…
The Department of Water Supply requests water conservation, repairs on-going - MAUIWatch
Fresh water supply for the pool - Lochaber News: Fresh water supply for the poolLochaber NewsFor the convenie...
How much would a new water supply for Flint, MI cost?
Repairs to a burst water main may affect supply to Garristown, Nutstown Cross, Ballymadun and surrounds until 6pm today.
"We will redevelop the Ikpoba River valley projects not only to generate electricity but also for water supply" -
How can help preserve the world's water supply? See how a can help
Food for thought: how do we determine water’s true value in
The heavy price of Santiago's privatised water
But for cross-subsidies from water, then water supply needs to be profitable.. which is a challenge in itself
Doesn't this kinda imply that the water supply is constant? 🤔🤔
Helping in Tufanu to give some families a better water supply.
“The heavy price of Santiago's privatised water,” by Daniel Gallagher in the
Did the original railroad risk spilling oil as it passed next to a large city's drinking water supply?
Over 203,000 people signed the to stop the . Petition is closed, but the need remains.
Update your maps at Navteq
Ice machine, sinks linked to Legionnaires’ cases at UW Medical Center via
2nd disease death at UWMC, water supply tests positive
More than 400 signed our petition urging DEP 2 reject LCB appeal because of water shortages Please join!
Join us at An Evening Under The Stars and support efforts to keep the Highland Lakes’ water supply consistent! More:
Today naming and shaming for false billing for domestic house on private supply claiming 5m3 water per week!
today looking at private supply falsely charged by Business Stream for last 2 yrs hope it fixes like burst pipe
KWSB has stopped water supply to our area. Why? Several,complaints., no response.
Check out create water from air! E Cape revives boreholes, windmills for water supply
If your home begins to flood. Turn OFF electricity supply. Don't touch switches or appliances when standing in water!
2 deaths linked to Legionnaires' disease at UW Medical Center. reports @ 7:04: .
Modi is being exposed by their own alliance :) Like delhi will not get water because Haryana will not supply to AAP.
The aim is to provide a better quality of life by providing more & more efficient mobility, public services, safety, water supply…
they ain't ready for solution cause obama's admin ought to have tackled the issue of drinking water supply in Flint
it is all nonsense. Fix some quantity of water at higher cost and supply be maintained at all season.
UPDATE: Power has been restored at our plant in Entebbe and normal water production + supply along Entebbe road has resumed
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Lat Am too often an exemplar of weak management. Ideology has a human & envionmental cost.
Access to safe & sustainable matters more than ideology which is why Chile has this.
It was PSP that saw Santiago gain universal acess to safe & sewage treatment.
Happy to report water back on. If initially discoloured click Thank you for your patience.^EG
Why doesn't discuss actual & treatment in Chile and Latin America?
Calgary city councillors discuss returning fluoride to water supply
A worryingly one-sided report by calls for Santiago's services to be nationalised.
How to make an unlimited water supply in 7 Days To Die,
The shows that demand management of provides greater drought reslience than supply based options.
.Flint wouldn't have happened if you were POTUS? So any changes in water supply would have to be approved by the Fed govt?
now everything is fine... kt guys are against to supply the water to TN... I prefer there should be an equally distributed.
Update Disruption to water supply affecting customers in & areas until 1am tonight due…
Thank u sir. happy with irctc's cold drinking water supply in subsidised rate at BBS and SC station. Thanks a lot.
Thanks to a new water recycling program, wildlife and 200 CA farms will receive much-needed water supply:
Oil spill in North Sask. River affecting water supply of 69,000 people.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
See how ensures continued water supply to Escondida site
Help Protect our Water Supply- You're invited to a Public Hearing regarding an Area of Drilling Concern in West Ada: htt…
Water Supply : A Student's Handbook on the Conditions Governing the Selection of
Newburgh State of Emergency for Water Supply: A Hudson Valley city has declared a state of emergency after po...
via "Water Supply will be off in Ballyconnigar,Blackwater on Tuesday 9th Februar...".
- Full service to be restored in 48 hours according to
Impacts on weather in water supply in agriculture in is why we are here
you need a lot more power for that. And the coil needs to be water cooled. The beefy power supply is most pricey
, what are you going to do about ISIS putting tiny Quarans in our water supply?
over pressurized domesto water supply. KABOOM.
Read about s water supply and ways WASD ensures it remains healthy to drink.
Water is the most valuable resource of all, and it's drying up.
Water dropped by army, Glenridding - water supply now back on
Anxiety on tap: Uranium contaminates some of U.S. water supply
Everyone who breathes air, drinks water or eats food has a stake in
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Demand for set to outstrip supply by 50% by 2040 This was already totally completely 100% obvious 15yrs ago.
on the days you are traveling have an automatic feeder and supply plenty of water. Or let him leave poo pellets in hotels 😁
Good crowd today for "Planning for a New Water Supply" seminar in Mike Barnes talks about water demand.
HOA notice from aunt's apartment building. One wonders about the international water supply.
Global population grew by 6 billion over the last 200 years—while our water supply remained the same http…
Will you keep us safe from corporate polluters who give our kids leukemia? From frackers who poison our water supply?
The water supply issue has been solved. Rawabi has welcomed it's first 700 residents.
Water goes down the gurgler by 2040.
Wataru burned my crops and poisoned my water supply
Update.. We are still working to resolve water supply interruptions. Hourly updates to follow
I was referring to water out with public supply, Ie Emergency bottle or other ?
all I want for christmas is a lifetime supply of flavoured volvic water
Praise Buddha! I have in England to try and sell Istanbul's supply.
Baby gal happy birthday you comedian, missing u and your endless supply of water bottles so much 💖💕💜
Essential works may affect supply to Ennistymon and surrounds until 6pm on Dec 11th. See for more.
Power will generate 3 megawatts of energy from water turbines next year which can supply 10 medium sized suburbs
Glaciers melt rapidly in massive consequences for water supply +threat for billions of people https:…
In Bariatu, still we all members didn't get the facility of road, drainage system, water supply and Electricity connection.
San Miguel and K-Water consortium selected for Bulacan bulk water supply project
In Oman, water networks will have to more than triple by 2035 to supply piped water to 90% of population: Dr Bkayrat
Benzodiazepine in the city's water supply is the answer to everything.
Moved into your supply area, but can't set up account - insists on meter reading. Meter hole full of water (suspect leak). Help!
We've got someone who can supply water. Will get him to contact the numbers right away.
We are working to bring you timescales for resolving water supply interruptions. Hourly updates to follow
Hi, due to the nature of works we cannot confirm if supply will remain constant. Tankers will be provided to those with no water.
Make sure you carry ample supply of water when you plan a long drive!
Delhi water crisis not related to water supply, but gross waste & inequitable distribution
Rural populations near mountains set to suffer most from snowfall variations
Under Mayor leadership, Atlanta is conserving water and establishing 30-day reserve supply as key climate st…
They cut off water supply of a pensioner, said they lived in slums and built a hill of mud beside their home
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When a government appeals against an order to supply books for kids whom it ordinarily says dese…
Let this sink in: The SA GOVERNMENT is APPEALING a court order that demands it supply all pupils with text books
Striking SAMWU to disrupt Tshwane water supply
Most residential areas are receiving water after midnight every day. There is no supply of water during the day.
Check to keep up to date with supply disruptions in your area.
Striking SAMWU to disrupt Tshwane water supply|
Conservation is the cheapest water supply source. If we use less, we have more to go around.
Repairs to a burst water main may disrupt supply to Grenagh, Ballyvaloon, Quarry Hall and surrounding areas until 3pm today.
Campus internet didn't work this morning so we escaped to Costa to work, and now we hear there is a water supply disruption there too.
Demand for water set to outstrip supply by 50 per cent by 2040
Junior Product Manager (m/f) in building water supply and drink water installations: Worldwide more than 3,800...
I cant believe uwu poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses
Spent yesterday night in planning & assisting cleanup of dirty water in the sump. Hoping to get water supply from tonight.
News Alert - Water Supply of ‘G_South’ & ‘G_North’ ward will be affected between 4th to 5th November.
Come see and at the Hammer Museum, Sept 24th: "The State of California's Water Supply" http:/…
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Credit for this goes to engineers of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran MJP (Dept of Water Supply).
Two Goa ministers may have taken bribe in Water Supply and Sewerage Project,says Manohar Parrikar. .
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council seeks a Senior Programme Officer. Apply at
Nigeria is one of the very few countries in d world still worrying abt goodroads nd water supply...
Also dedicated Rs 110 crore Dantiwada dam oriented water supply scheme that will provide potable water to over 123 vill…
Competition on the blog: Win Three Months' Supply of Water Wipes
Ajit in fresh controversy; threatens to cut off water supply to village |
In lack of fuel and power cuts threaten water supply -essential for life .
I hope they cut your water supply off
Apologies to all in Quary,TCI&Busia rd who've no water due to a cut pipe.We're working hard to restore supply asap.
DEP: Oil and gas operations damaged water supplies 209 times since end of ’07 via
Yes, but this is an extremely severe drought. With scientists saying there only 1 year of water supply left if we
Carlifornia to get more its water supply from the sea. Perhaps Nigerian states could learn from it -
or inhaling 13 billionths of a gram to kill an adult. A spoonful of the stuff in a city's water supply could be catastrophic.
they use 80% of the states water, most of the ag production doesn't add to the local food supply. This is a luxury we can't afford.
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A $1 billion desalination plant to supply booming San Diego County is under construction here, and due to open as...
Was thinking that my shower head is too small. Then I remembered that I have an endless supply of clean warm running water. . Got over it.
Interruption in water supply to Mathaileng is due to a pipe burst in Tlale Street. Estimated restoration time is 4 hours. STLM:CES.
P&M Coppack supply the Toshiba Estia Air to Water Heat Pump System
control the water - control the food supply. . Control the food supply - control the populace.
Tenant Receives 5500 kwd as compensation for deliberate power and water supply cut. The Court of Appeals has...
it gets in the water supply. That's why it's highly highly highly suggested to not flush antibiotics
I think they might need to check the water supply down there !!
POISONS the people's water supply! Them, be the facts. As it has done, ALL OVER Africa. No savings for the people.
California in has been sweet to me but Arizona is where my heart is. And plus they have like a year supply of water left so bz🐝
CA population growing due to illegal immigration but Gov Brown doesn't increase water supply or infrastructure to accom…
I've cried enough tears over Luke Hemmings to supply a small indian village with water for a month
I just want a free lifetime supply of water bottles
Meeting with DJB official was quite fruitful !. Detailed discussion on tanker irregularities/water supply was done. http:…
Most farmers don't have regular water supply for irrigation. That is the sorry state of India.
You won't know water heater and constant water supply is a luxury meant for gods until you leave your parents' house.
Access to water supply will be a defining issue of 21st century
Let me tell you about rights to things people produce like healthcare and water, and what that does to supply and demand sometime.
For Drinking Water in Drought, California Looks Warily to Sea Kinda crazy to think that water is in short supply.
Crashing of water supply in NYN..allahabad. Due to storm. Going to sangam snan
I think I'd wish for a fair and equal distribution of the world's food and drinkable water supply.
Maude Barlow author/activist on the Global Water Crisis - new talk - excellent overview from CSPAN Xavier University.
Global Shortage; Maude Barlow on lack of access to fresh water & ways to improve drinking water supplies.
Massive marijuana cultivation has ‘lethal’ impact on California water supply – study
I have the perfect solution. Let's vote to cut off the monthly supply of water to the NSA center in Utah and sell it to CA.
I choose green because blue stands for the oppression of our oil companies on our water supply and the poisoning of kids.
Meat and Dairy Farming use 1/3 of the Earths Fresh Water Supply Vote With Your Wallet! Be Well and Healthy!
"A worsening imbalance in water supply and demand is creating water market $1 trillion as early as 2020."
how much of a dent can citizens make if 80% of CA's water supply (and groundwater) is used by agra?
Leaks of miley cyrus: You have good Miley Cyrus frappening water supply and wide leaks of miley cyrus roads so...
It's amazing what drinking enough water does for your milk supply too
Important work by & MT More Bad News on CA's Water Supply
Closing date is 30/3/2015 for Management Asst,Pipe Fitter & Driver in the Water Supply& Drainage Board(NP)Form available
.- Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports and Minister for Energy and Water Supply.
In Nigeria, 39 million people defecate in the open, causing the spread of deadly diseases and preventable child deaths. Concern Universal's 'Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion in Nigeria' (RUSHPIN) programme - an initiative of the UN Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)'s Global Sanitation Fund - is empowering 2 million people in over 1,000 communities in Cross River and Benue States to end Universal's Nigeria Country Director and RUSHPIN Programme Manger want YOU to join the campaign by posting your photos with the campaign logo and the hastag and
Nelson Mandela in support of the Global Wash Campaign. The video is made available courtesy of Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
Training tonight. Water Supply. Feeding the ladder truck from the Fire Boat Gordon B. Smith. Attained maximum...
The Third International Conference on Community Water Services 2014 will be held at Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy, Pallekele, Kundasale in Kandy District on 22nd - 24th August 2014 under the chairmanship of Minister of Water Supply and Drainage Dinesh Gunawardena. The two-day conference t…
Soklida Wing Cash Express Shop- location on Hanoi Street, near BELTIE International Institute. We're here to service you all kind of Wing Services- cash in/cash out, all kind of Bill Pay- EDC,Water Supply,AEON, OneTV, PPCTV,Digi,EZECOM ... and so on and so far. Thank you
Benue and Cross Rivers states have received the sum of US$5million (about N800million) to further promote sanitation in the two states. The fund was made available by Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, WSSCC, through the Global Sanitation Fund. Signing the Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, on the grant in Abuja on Monday, Minister of Water Resources, Mrs Sarah Ochekpe, said it would require huge investment to achieve the country’s Millennium Development Goals’ target on sanitation. She said: “The population of Nigerians with access to basic sanitation and hygiene has been fluctuating from 37% in 1990 to 34% in year 2000; and it has gone up to 41% in 2012 under national assessment. “This is however far from our set national target on MDG of 65% by 2015 and 75% by 2020. For us to reach the stated MDG targets, massive investment is needed to provide access to water supply and basic sanitation and hygiene. It is on this note that we welcome the support and participation of our developm ...
The Election Department was silent over introducing a vote counting machine which was proposed by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reforms five years ago, Water Supply and Drainage Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said.
The Board of Water Supply has repaired an 8-inch water main on Ahuhu St. in Pacific Palisades. The road is now open.
Rotary Clubs that had participated in developing 600 houses: Water Supply and Sanitation in Beni Suef Governorate Bani Hala, Kotan and Sa3yda Villages. Those are the real heroes who made a difference and changed lives..
The people of Roing constituents are'nt interested in individual post of Parliamentary Secretary or Ministership...but my leaders will press upon our CM that Roing be given special care in Employment, Township flood protection, Water Supply and Electricity as they have given the party a victory under his leadership..
Tampa Leaders build CW Bill Young $billions in Tax $$- Water Supply are exposed to terrorist drones w/poison?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
PRESS RELEASE GOVERNOR HASSAN ALI JOHO TO LAUNCH A 27 MILLION WATER PROJECT IN LIKONI ON TUESDAY. Mombasa 11th May 2014. Governor Hassan Ali Joho will officially launch the Likoni Water Pipeline Extension project at the Mrima Primary School on tuesday 13th, May. The project will see over 17000 people in Likoni sub-county benefit by fresh piped water reaching their houses. A total of 5km of water distribution pipes will be laid to enhance water access in Bofu, Landi, Mwana Nguvuze, Mrima and Ujamaa settlements. This initiative is part of the Water Supply for the Urban Poor targeted to improve water supply to the informal settlements, and 80% of Likoni sub-county is categorized as low income area. Upon completion, the project will have delivered over 1400 domestic connections and 6 new public water kiosks and a further 6 existing water kiosks selling bore hole water will also be provided with fresh water for sale. This project is funded by the World Bank in the tune of approximately 15 million Kenya shillin ...
Portion of eastbound lanes on Ala Moana Blvd. closed due to water main break: Board of Water Supply crews are ...
Board of Water Supply (BWS) crews are working to repair a 12-inch main on Ala Moana Blvd. near Ala Tower Drive. The broken cast iron man was installed in 1900. It was initially reported as a leak at about 2 a.m. Approximately 3 customers are without water. All east bound lanes of Ala Moana Blvd from Alakea to Punchbowl Sts. are closed, but at least one lane may be open to traffic shortly. Repair work is expected to continue through the morning.
The NSW Environmental Protection Agency recently announced a review of all Coastal Forestry Harvesting Laws. The EPA admitted what the public already knew and that was that the laws had been poorly regulated by their agency. A new proposal to remedy this poorly regulated legislation affecting our forests, Water Supply and Threatened Species and the plan is to remove all of the Environmental Protection Laws and after completion of this review some of these laws would have the status of “Guidelines” and these guidelines would be self regulated. Forestry Corporation NSW announced a trial for cable logging on steep slopes to be conducted at Oaks forest west of Kalang and in Nambucca Heads. It is important to note that Bellingen residents have long been concerned about logging on steep slopes and damage to streams, creeks and rivers. There are good reasons for their concerns as the Kalang River is still closed to fishing and swimming. In 1989 Justice Hemmings found that loffing on slopes over 25 degree ...
Dear friends, Urgent: Ordour in the Water Supply by LAKU at Certain Areas in Miri. I had smsed LAKU CEO Mr. Wong TK asking him to make a press release on the ordour in the water experienced by consumers. I must say thay I only came to know about this today through a comrade and few consumers who highlighted their experience to me. I was told that a press release had been issued this afternoon and faxed to the press. Mirians demand cleanest water supply, no less no more. The diesel spilege incident caused by CMS Premix Plant served as eye opener for consumers to pay attention on water quality supplied to them. But sadly as far as I know the plant is still operating inside the water catchment area despite promises made by the state BN Government to relocate the plant. Why it took so long? I will see what is LAKU's explanation and will follow up this issue closely for the sake of your health. I was made to understand that the new organic chemical trial is not successful and thus has been ceased at the momen ...
In an article in the Pine Rivers Press today I flagged my intention to hold a Water Forum for Pine Rivers residents and business owners. We are currently trying to confirm the venue and lock in the Minister for Energy & Water Supply's attendance, and will announce full details once everything is confirmed. If you are interested in attending, please email my office at pine.riversand we'll put you on the list for an invitation. Please note, due to some issues at similar Forums where people were bussed in from other regions, this Forum is only open to residents and business owners from the Pine Rivers electorate. If you are in another electorate, please talk to your local MP about your concerns about water prices.
Edo, EU sign deal on water supply, environment Edo State Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Union Niger Delta Support Programme on Water Supply and Sanitation. Governor Adams Oshiomhole who signed on behalf of the state Government said one of the basic challenges facing both urban and rural areas is lack of good water supply. He said: “increasingly we are seeing the challenge of sanitation across the state. Our people still have a lot to learn with regards to basic sanitary habits. “I am convinced that we need to step up efforts in educating our people and above all enforcing laws as appropriate. We need to use a combination of carrot and stick. People who breach the laws have to be made to face the punishment prescribed by the laws. So that way, the culture of impunity and the general attitude of people not appreciating the damage they are doing not only to their children but to other innocent members of their community will be stopped.” The Governor noted “the ...
The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) wishes Dr J L van Zyl well on his retirement. Born on 11 January 1949, Johan van Zyl grew up on a wine farm near Montagu in the wine-producing area of the Western Cape in South Africa. He commenced his studies at the University of Stellenbosch in 1968 and obtained a BSc (Agric) degree in 1971 with Chemistry and Soil Science as major subjects. In 1973 he obtained his Hons BSc (Agric) and in 1975, his MSc (Agric) *** laude with a thesis on "Vineyard Irrigation within the framework of the soil-water-plant atmosphere continuum." He obtained a PhD degree on a thesis on the response of wine grapes to different soil moisture regimes, irrigation systems and moisture stress at different phenological stages of the vine. In 1972 he was appointed Professional Officer at the Viticultural and Oenological Research Institute (VORI) in Stellenbosch, which fell under the Department of Agriculture and Water Supply. He was promoted to Senior Professional Officer in 1973, to Chief Pr .. ...
Hanging out at Lesage Foundation's Annual Fundraising Dinner Gala to provide Water Supply for our…
President Uhuru Kenyatta is scheduled to visit former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Nyanza region early next month to launch mega development projects under invitation from Luo Governors, who declined to invite Raila to preside over the projects as usual. This is after Luo youth protested recently against Raila Odinga’s opposition politics that have left the region lagging behind in terms of development. The Luo politicians vowed to work with the Jubilee Government and begged President Uhuru Kenyatta to visit the region as a way of starting a new beginning of the good working relationship between Kikuyus and Luos. During the visit, Uhuru will commission the sh25 million Lake Basin Development Authority Housing Project in Kisumu. The President will also commission the Kirima Oluch Small Holder Farms Improvement Project in Homa Bay as well as sh1.8 billion Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Raila Odinga’s Bondo Constituency in Siaya County. Speaking yesterday, Uhuru Kenyatta’s political advisor, ...
IMPERSONATION OF BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY EMPLOYEES HONOLULU – The Board of Water Supply (BWS) would like to alert the public about recent reports of individuals claiming to be BWS employees in order to fraudulently collect money. A January 15th incident involved a call to a BWS customer, in which the individual claimed that a large sum of money owed on water bills must be paid immediately or else service will be terminated. The most recent incident, which occurred today, involved an individual who approached a resident at his home and tried to collect an alleged outstanding balance owed. If anyone is approached in either of these ways, he or she is encouraged to call the BWS at 748-5030 to confirm the account balance first before making payment. Additionally, the BWS would like to inform the public that all personnel involved in official BWS activities will be properly credentialed, wearing official BWS attire with the BWS logo, driving BWS labeled vehicles, and carrying an official City and County of H . ...
Yesterday I went to Vizianagaram and addressed the students of the Social Work Department at the Maharaja Post Graduate College, Pool Bagh Road. i am planning to hire a student in the junior year of the MS program to study the status of the 24/7 Water Supply and Sanitation Project that I built for the beneficial use of 400 dalits that live in Duppada, a village near Viziangaram. I stay with my sister in Vizag and am visiting VZM frequently to motivate students in different colleges and schools at their invitation. I already addressed the students at AU and Gitam in Vizag. I helped snergizing two student organizations at GITAM. These ae Rotaract and Engineers without Borders (an organization based in Denver, Colorado, USA).They are together organizing a rally and a workshop on March 1, 2014. The theme is WATER-ENERGY NEXUS. Also, Bharathi Theertha, an organization orginally registed in VZM in 1924 and subsequently registered in 2003, and also registered in USA in 2007, released a book, Bhava Sankeertha ...
Chi Epsilon is partnering with Oceanit and HTDV/Office of Naval Research to create “The Hawaii Resiliency Challenge” with a focus on using Design Thinking to facilitate a Clean Water Design Challenge. The goals of this challenge is to (1) engage 100+ students from engineering, business, arts, sciences, and other disciplines from across the University of Hawaii system, (2) introduce Design Thinking by using the process during the challenge, (3) demonstrate the power of innovation by creating the conditions that lead to multi-disciplinary teams and radical collaboration, (4) connect the University with a wide variety of industry leaders, and (5) to create inspiring low-cost DIY solutions that someday may save lives in Hawaii. Invited stakeholders will include, but are not limited to, State Dept of Defense, State Civil Defense, City Dept of Emergency Management, Board of Water Supply, Dept. of Health, USPACOM, ONR, Philippine Consulate, agriculture and hotel industry, Dual Use companies, Design Thinking ...
Tambuwal, Kinsman Permanent Secretary and controversial Director in Nationwide Borehole scandal. In what seems like a dramatic twist of fate, the speaker of the House of Representatives has been asked to defend himself in a One Billion Naira borehole scandal for constituency projects nationwide tagged “Nationwide Borehole Scheme” under the Ministry of Water Resources. The Speaker is alleged to have diverted over 200 Million Naira, being 20% of the budgeted sum with Hon. Aliyu Ahman, Chairman House Committee on Water Resources and the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Water Resoucres, Alhaji Umar Baba Farouk and Engr. Bello Tunau, Director, Water Supply. The Speaker’s involvement is in consonance with what we have always known as “padding” of Ministry’s yearly budget with overbloated contract sums and in some cases fictitious projects. According to the whistle blower group, Measure for Truth (MFT), the National Assembly, the EFCC and the ICPC should immediately investigate the scandal in which r ...
The success of your garden depends greatly on the location. Although you may be limited in the choice of locations, consider the following: Good Soil - A loose, level, fertile, well-drained soil is best. If possible, avoid clays and very sandy soils unless you are able to add adequate organic matter. Sunlight - Sunlight is necessary to produce healthy high-quality vegetables. Avoid Trees or Shrubs - Trees and shrubs compete with garden crops for sunlight, plant food and moisture. Especially avoid walnut trees as the roots produce a toxin that prevents vegetables' growth. Water Supply - When possible have a supply of water near your garden site. Watering is particularly important when starting seeds or transplanting crops. Close to Your Home - If possible, your garden should be near your home for convenience, especially during harvest time.
Residential Projects Cost of Home Construction in Faridabad Cost of Home construction in Faridabad is Rs. 1,300 per square foot for a standard model. For luxury/Designed home Rs.1600 per square foot onwards. Cost of construction includes Bathroom Hardware fittings, Electrical works, Plumbing & Sanitary works, Painting and it doesn’t include Building Plans, Electrical, Water Supply, Sanitary Approval and foundation of building costs [These will be charged extra.] Cost of Standard model Home Construction in Faridabad For Standard Model Home we will use following specification for construction: FLOORING: Dining/Bedrooms/Kitchen/Hall: Granite PAINTING : Inside and outside one round painting [Asian Paints] DOORS: Main Door [Honne Wood], Bedroom [Designed Plywood Door with Honne wood frame], Toilet [Plastic Door] WINDOWS : Window frame will be in Neem wood & window door frame will be in Honne wood ELECTRICAL : Adequate Power –light / fan/ tv/ Telephone points PLUMBING & SANITARY : inside and outside Cost of ...
B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News! Amaechi’s Request For World Bank Loan Is To Fund APC Activities and not Water. - Rivers PDP. **Rivers PDP tells NASS, Federal Government not to guarantee for such loan. **The state govt received N256 billion from Federal allocation the last 10 months, 3% of this will give the whole state portable water. The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Rivers State Chapter has urged the National Assembly and the Federal Government of Nigeria not to yield to Governor Chibuike Amaechi’s request for Loan for Water Supply in the State because the loan will be applied towards funding the activities of the All Progressives Congress, APC instead of water supply. "Considering the financial strength of Rivers State as one of the top beneficiaries from the Federation Account as well as the rising Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and the revelation by the Governor that he is saving one billion naira monthly, the state should not be crying for loans to provide drinking water to a point ...
at Water Supply & Waste Water Treatment seminar of the Holland Village Festival 2013 in HCMC
121ST Kano State EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING Governor Engr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, FNSE declared resolutions of his second incumbency to transform all sectors for the benefit of the entire citizenry in Kano State is coming to fruition. So far, the journey has been eventful in which all sectors have been gingered progressively toward transformation in the general upgrading of socio – economic wellbeing of the good people of the State. Tangible examples abound and are ubiquitous across all sectors –prominent among which include the following: Education, Infrastructural development/ maintenance, Healthcare delivery, Agricultural Production, Water Supply, Environmental Sanitation, Empowerment/Skill Acquisition Programs, etc. Continuing with its commendable effort, the Kano State Executive Council held its one hundred and twenty-first (121st) sitting today Wednesday 30th October, 2013 (25th Dhul Hijjah, 1434 AH), under the Chairmanship of Governor Engr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, FNSE. Eight (8) MDAs submitt ...
A Board of Water Supply (BWS) crew will resume repairs to a 6-inch waterline that feeds a fire hydrant on Nimitz Highway between Alakea Street and Bishop Street at 8:00 p.m. tonight (Monday, ...
SMEC International with over 30 offices on the African continent is seeking applications for the following position to work in projects in the Sub-Saharan Africa. 1. Resident Engineer, Water Supply and Sanitation (US$ 4000-11,000 per month) The Resident engineers shall be stationed in one of the construction supervision projects of SMEC in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The following are minimum qualifications and experience requirements: • Degree in civil, electrical or mechanical engineering or related field; • A minimum of 20 years of experience managing and supervising the construction of water and wastewater infrastructure projects; • Experience and understanding of non-revenue water will be an added advantage; • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English is essential; and • Sub-Saharan Africa experience is desirable. 2. Health and Safety Manger (H&S Manager) (US$ 4000-8000 per month) The H&S Manager will be responsible for monitoring the health and safety issues relating to cons ...
Description of the Filtration Works and Pumping Stations: Also, Brief Historical Review of the Water Supply, 1789-
learning about melting of glaciers in the Andes- critically important to fresh water supply htt…
hi - we've checked and this is in water supply area. We've contacted them directly about this leak for you. Thanks.
Ironically, cyber war mongerers say Terrorists could hack in & shutdown water supply. Turns out going broke does it to ourselves
Enroute to L Parel this morning, a stubborn traffic jam and 2 BMC workers come to turn off the water supply valve. :)
UK water supply has 100x EU max level of slug pesticide And we’ve fracking to come…
WSSC Spokesman: Water restrictions start at 9 tonight; Affected areas should have 12-15 hours of water supply after that from to…
Listening in Macey House: Secured entrances not working, water supply issues and lack of safe & welcoming appearance raised.
well i was woken up to my mum telling me the whole of Mirfield has no water supply so no tea for me this morning :,(
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Saw a Teargas vid last night... Yoh, peeps have less flow than a township water supply in a drought.
Due to construction work out the front of my house, since 8am. I am unable to shower as they have cut off the water supply to the whole road
Water supply cut to non resort areas of Lanzarote 17-19 July
UR welcome! My race pics never turn out that good--where were you in the pic? I was impressed w/your water supply-it looked hot!
Travelling abroad or on Why not take your trusted water supply with you with the LIFESAVER 4000UF bottle
New Water Supply Scheme From KWA. Trivandrum: Kerala Water Authority has initiated a new project to provide...
I don't understand why Nassau is comet off the water supply at 10p.m, suppose I teach home late.. how I gin bathe
Closing Now: Late model waste water treatment & ultrapure water supply systems Find out more at
Ground water has become the most reliable source of since municipal water supply failed decades ago.
Been sent home from school cause the water supply been cut off
Interruption to water supply Upper Sunhill area of Killorglin due to burst water main. Back later this afternoon.
Just got sent home from school as there is no water supply :D
Water supply interruption . . .Again! This can't be life
All of Failsworth School sent home because of no water supply, seems like Mary must be having a shower
Tourin Water Supply - Interruption until mid afternoon today (Weds). Water tanker provided at St.
How to close gap in supply services between urban & rural areas in Read blog:
Everyone being sent home from school because there is no water supply, so happy 😄🎉
Unfortunately we have no water supply in school. For health and safety reasons ie. no toilets, no drinking (cont)
I liked a video from How to Shut Off & Remove Toilet Water Supply
Changing rainfall, dwindling water supply, poor soil and disappearing trees: big impact on livelihoods in Nyimba
What an excellent time of year for our neighbours plumber to accidentally turn our water supply off.
See how food supply, distribution of products, water supply, & production will be reduced. FOR REAL!
Ernest Lau with the Board of Water Supply doing a presentation with the Nanakuli Neighborhood Board…
A community based approach and its impact to sustainable rural water supply - A case of Kgotlopong 'Mountain Water Harvesting' - G. Maponya
Ow .. Stood on a red ants near while sampling a water supply .. Why do they bite ME - they chose to go up my trouser leg !!
board of water supply presentation at the Nanakuli neighborhood board meeting. Ernest Lau
Did you know? Community water supply coverage of Machakel district in has increased to 59.10% thanks to support.
In Pennsylvania,clean water now needs to be delivered to homes because of Up to 3x legal amount of arsenic in the water supply
yep, fires, now water supply. Someone upstairs must be against them!
Is it true that the water supply for Rochefort in Belgium is under threat from mining? (
"All these innovations have the potential to reduce pollutants in our air and water supply drastically..."
Good news for Mumbaikars: 3 out of 7 lakes supplying water to the city have crossed the overflow mark http:/…
Why are so many Indian lives still so wretched? From B V Ramarao: Many Thanks, Mr. Jit Sondhi, for sharing the Book Review in the Economist An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions. By Amartya Sen and Jean Drèze. Allen Lane; 434 pages; £20. To be published in America in August by Princeton University Press In my view, there are several reasons for this situation in our country: (1) Population has quadrupled after Independence, more so in BIMARU States (2) The Lion's share of Tax/Customs/Excise Revenue is taken by the Centre which doles out money for Election Vote-Bank-Oriented Schemes like Food Bill, MGNREGS, while Public Health, Water Supply, Agriculture are State Subjects, (3) Black money exceeding White Money and mostly stashed abroad in Tax havens, and brought back and spent at Election time, (4) Hyper-Inflation (5) Rentier Economy, (6) the Middle Class being insensitive to woes of the lower strata (7) Many of the youth being lazy, (8) Falling Standards of Education and Communication Skills ...
Yesterday, Devlin and I headed out to Hamama Falls. The trail leading up the falls is actually a service road used by the Board of Water Supply, so it was
. You are invited to attend a presentation by Mayor Bob Filner UCSD June 3 at 1:00 PM Peterson Hall Room 110 The talk is 40 minutes with 15 minutes reserved for Q & A. A map showing the location of Peterson Hall is shown below. Parking can be difficult, so please plan to arrive early. Your best option is to park in the slots reserved for the Faculty Club in lot - P206. Go into the Faculty Club to buy a parking pass. Some suggested topics for Mayor Filner’s speech involve issues relating global Climate Change to current San Diego environmental issues such as: • SANDAG’s Transportation Plans, • Rooftop Solar, and • San Diego’s Water Supply. During the Q & A session, we could ask the mayor a wide variety of questions such as: • How would a "Revenue & Rebate Carbon Tax" impact San Diego? • How can we use Climate Change to Launch San Diego’s 21st Century? • How can we improving San Diego’s Economy & Quality-Of-Life by Solving Environmental Issues? and • How does the Mayor plan to ...
Exchange of Notes concerning Grant Aid to Myanmar Credit to MOFA Japan May 26, 2013 On May 26 , Mr. Mikio Numata, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, and Dr. Khin San Yee, Deputy Minister for National Planning and Economic Development of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, exchanged notes concerning grant aid for the following two projects in Naypyidaw, the capital city of Myanmar. The Project for Urgent Improvement of Water Supply in Yangon City (maximum 1.9 billion yen) (1) The water supply system in Yangon City has various problems such as water stoppage, low feed water pressure, and 50% water leakage due to the aging of the system and inappropriate management caused by budgetary deficit. At the same time, well-planned measures to respond to rapidly increasing demand for water supply has become an urgent task. (2) Nyaunghnapin Water Treatment Plant (Phase 1) Pumping Station, which supplies approximately 40% of the water supply of Yangon City ...
So, I was watching "Gold Rush" on Netflix, and from day 1 it is obvious that these people operated from a conservative ideology, and that ideology doomed their endeavor from the start. Let me explain; 1) Prayer vs. Science. As I'm watching the show, I see a huge "Jesus gimme this" sort of praying, and very little regard to science to achieve their goals. Case in point, the Water Supply. Instead of worrying about sanitation, parasites, etc., they hook up their water pumps to a water source (not the river) and simply bathe, drink, cook with it. Never once do they bother to test it, or at least boil it to sterilize it until one of their young children has a seizure. Even after they investigate their water source for "beaver fever" I did not see their water usage habits change... At all. Another case in point; their aversion to test drilling, and their lust for get rich quick schemes (such as gold mining in the first place). They operate on emotion and feeling more than they do on reason. One of the wives eve ...
Aloha mai kakou! Please see the attached flyer and join us next Thursday March 21, 2013 as Hawaiian Islands Science hosts: Water Resources and Climate Change in Hawaiʻi March 21, 2013, 5:30-7:30PM ('awa at 5pm) UH Mānoa, Kamakakūokalani Room 101 Please join our open forum exploring a range of perspectives and players in Water Resources in Hawaii. Together, we ask what Climate Change might mean for our islands' Water Resources and communities. Invited speakers include educator Kahale Saito, mahi 'ai kalo Charles Reppun, Kamehameha Schools land manager Kaeo Duarte, and UH researcher Tom Giambelluca. We have also invited representatives from UH's Ka Huli Ao program, Honolulu Board of Water Supply, and the State Water Commission to share briefly on their areas of expertise. Following the speaker presentations, we will hold an open fishbowl discussion where Cafe participants are invited to ask questions, share perspectives, and engage in conversation with the speakers and each other. We welcome your fam ...
Occupy Canada of Canadians CETA information page » the recession, demand for water remained high since 2008, as droughts and other dry weather conditions created a need for it. While water sales volumes grew, industry players passed on increased rates for water supply to customers. These rate increases are expected to continue, and industry revenue is anticipated to grow 3.7% in 2013. Canada's water rates have increased aggressively over the past five years. ... The next five years are set to be even brighter for the industry. M&A activity will remain a major component of the industry as private firms seek to expand their interests and raise their profit margins. ... As a result of these trends, revenue is anticipated to rise in the five years to 2018. For more information, visit IBISWorld’s Water Supply and Irrigation Systems in Canada industry report page." - PRweb. »
26% hike for Urban Development Ministry of which Rs 1,646 crore set apart for Water Supply & Sanitation
Water Supply problems in Port Alfred A former Port Alfred (Eastern Cape) town councillor asked one of the present councillors what the current state of affairs was regarding our water supply considering that we have not had much rain lately. He was told it was the fault of the ‘previous regime ’. When the previous councillor asked how he worked that one out he replied: " You’ve built the dams too big , so they take a long time to fill. You should have built them smaller, they would fill quicker, needed less rain to fill, and we would have plenty of water from dams that would be mostly full and we would never run out of water.".
there is not Water Supply from the Municipal Corporation !!
Big Rapids Fire Department March 9, 2013 Training Scenario – Carlisle Hall – Ferris State University Ferris State University will be demolishing Carlisle Hall this spring and has offered the building to all area Fire Departments for training purposes during the months of February and March. The Department is planning a large scale training exercise at the dormitory for Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 8:00 AM. The scenario will be a simulated fire on an upper floor, with rescue of multiple victims. Objectives for the day will include setting up a unified command with all agencies involved, on-scene communications with all team members, accountability for all personnel on scene, and staging of people and equipment. Teams will be assigned jobs related to the fire scenario, including Rescue, Water Supply, Fire Suppression, Ventilation, Triage, Salvage, and Overhaul. The day will end with a de-briefing back at the Station with evaluator’s comments, firefighter’s observations, and command recommendations. .. ...
What will you tell president Mahama should you get the opportunity to advise him on the State of Electricity and Water Supply?
More than 300 million women and girls in India do not have access to safe menstrual hygiene products, endangering their health, curtailing their education and putting their livelihoods at risk, say experts at the Geneva-based Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC).
Is it a historic menu or a comic about the Chief Engineer of the Dept. of Water Supply, Gas & Electricity? It's both!
Water scarcity in Africa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Water Scarcity in Africa) Jump to: navigation, search Water scarcity or lack of safe drinking water is one of the world's leading problems affecting more than 1.1 billion people globally, meaning that one in every six people lacks access to safe drinking water.[1] The Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation set up by the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) defines safe drinking water as "water with microbial, chemical and physical characteristics that meets WHO guidelines or national standards on drinking water quality." As of 2006, one third of all nations suffered from clean water scarcity,[2] but Sub-Saharan Africa had the largest number of water-stressed countries of any other place on the globe. In Africa, the struggle for access to clean drinking water is one of today's most obvious examples of how water scarcity leads to the stalling and reversal of human prog ...
Government has fired the entire management at Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company. Government has also suspended the company's operating license with immediate effect because of poor service delivery. Housing Minister Emerine Kabanshi announced yesterday. She says government is worried and concerned at the levels of the company's breach of the Water Supply and Sanitation ACT. Ms. KABANSHI said the PF Government will not condone non performing utility companies at the expense of provision of adequate and quality water and sanitation services to the public. (Source : ZNBC) Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company Limited, is a company allegedly owned by various northern councils. Its principal activity is allegedly "to provide high quality water and improved sewerage services for high standard of living for the population of the districts of Northern Province". Don't laugh! But here is a serious point. The company cannot deliver water because since time immemorial it has been riddled with corruption and poor . ...
Farrington Highway lanes will be closed starting Monday as a Board of Water Supply contractor repaves the road near the Waianae Satellite City Hall.
Sugar added to Texas town's water supply in hopes that residents will drink more tap water.
Help ease demand on our supply, save water and keep it clean with PG actions!
It our school short staffed. I don't like this supply yet we have her 3 days in a row -.- "don't miss the water til the well run dry"
Many villages in Alaska still have no running water, flush toilets, or dependable water supply.
Sector F-6 residents protest supply of dirty water
My children are driving me insane tonight. Has someone contaminated the water supply with amphetamines?!
Winston Water Cooler opens a new plumbing supply store in Rockwall today; 5336 Rochelle Rd. Food and Refreshments served from 3-7pm
Editorial: Rockland water supply worth re-examining
3/4 of the water supply has been linked to dysentery. All remaining safe water is prioritized for the elite.
okay, me and Tina don't have a clue, learning memory map yeah be fine! No kitty to find the water supply for us though
James Tate's 1st book, I said to myself: Marie, hold on tight “.. Ashbery .. srrealism in the water supply”
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Canada contains 9% of the world's renewable water supply
I'd say it has more to do with Ashbery and the diffusion of surrealism in the water supply
Generator, 14 days supply of water, all the ammo you can get your hands on. Non perishable food. Bug out bag. A well thought out plan.
As an insult to people From Broward county, I did my research project on their water supply
Its not normal how much water I drink, need a constant supply
Because who needs to wait for the EPA to finish a study before diving into the water supply? (via
Kenya urged to reverse deforestation, which costs the economy billions & threatens 70% of the water supply
I love hotel showers and their endless supply of hot water.
Think it's something in the local water supply around there. See something like that most lunchtimes!
I understand - I will give you a call to discuss and to check on the status of your supply shortly ^LS
Nothing like an early dart, thanks 2 the contractors digging through the water supply
Ryanair pilots have to supply their own coffee, teabags and mugs (although the airline does let them use the water, milk and sugar on board)
Demand for Water Will Outstrip Supply by 2030, Oracle Says: Thirty-nine percent of water executives say demand i...
Rainwater Harvesting as a way of Providing a Safe and Sustainable Water Supply .
Water supply due back 6am - still no water here. Plenty of nice people on the phone but not a drop - ridiculous
Teacher: mention sources of water supply? Akpos: airconditioner water.
The English drowning Welsh villages to supply English towns with water... Go read about that then tell me you're 'Proud to be British'.
Melting in the Andes: Goodbye glaciers, water supply to millions
Water has returned to the office, which is handy. Anyone still affected by water supply troubles or is everything sorted now?
It's a sign of being clear-eyed and realistic. You can't prevent fire by cutting the water supply to firefighters.
Top Reasons you may want to go tankless for your hot water supply
OPEC acknowledges shale oil supply may be significant
WTH? RT“Texas town adds sugar to water supply to encourage residents to drink more water
Hello to all of our wonderful ANYTIME FITNESS SALAMANDER BAY members - just a friendly reminder that the Water Supply will be cut from approximately 06:00 am on Friday the 9th for about 2 hours, this means that our Bubbler, Shower and Toilet facilities will be out of action during this time. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and advise that you bring water with you or fill up your bottle prior to the water being cut. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation. The Team at ANYTIME FITNESS SALAMANDER BAY
Arbor Day 1,000 Hawaiian Tree Giveaway: Saturday, November 3rd, 9 AM to 12 PM In celebration of our valuable trees, MNBG partners with Maui Electric Company, DLNR Kaulunani Urban and Community Forestry Program, and the County of Maui Department of Water Supply to give away 1,000 Hawaiian trees, free, to anyone willing and able to care for them (1 plant per person, any age). Janice, maybe worth going to, yea?
By Steve Kerr. I would ask any concerned people from around Mayo (or indeed from anywhere around the country) to email some of the members on the board of the ‘Water Supply & Sewerage SPC’ and ask them, with the Precautionary Principle in mind, and acting on the Environmental Liability Directive, have Mayo County Council “sought scientific evidence from the competent Authority,the HSE, that detailed risk and toxicological assessments have been undertaken on the chemicals used for artificial fluoridation of drinking water in Ireland. Furthermore that adequate health risk assessments have been undertaken examining the impact of injecting such chemicals into natural varying water chemistry taking into consideration calcium levels that may effect the bioavailability and toxicity of fluoride products and that such studies have been undertaken to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt the safety of such products for public health and the environment.”
Nigerian Government lacks direction wlh, of all the diseases killing Nigerians in every seconds every part of the country, Diseases like Malaria Fever, Bad Education System with Dump Teachers, Bad Hospitals, Petrol Fever, Insecurity, Lack of Power Supply, Lack of Water Supply, and many more. They are making unneccesary spending in the name of Eradicating Polio. Is Polio the main problem of Nigerians? The disease u can even count those who are suffering from it, in the whole country. But no one can count hw many people are dieing as a result of one the above mentioned Diseases.
Scheduled Caste People living in village Rasooh (Kathua) facing untouchability at the hands of upper caste people living over there: Dr. Sat Paul. Myself Dr. Sat Paul condemn the practice of untouchability by the upper caste people with the Scheduled caste people living in village Rasooh, Tehsil & District Kathua. It is very unfortunate that even after sixty five years of Independence with abolition of untouchability under Article 17 of Constitution of India, the Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955 & Section 291-A, RPC of JK Laws, the untouchability practice is still alive. Those who practice untouchability need to be sued under the “RULE OF LAW.”I am narrating the following the words of reality listened & seen by me over there during my visit to SC families. That DC Kathua held Public Durbar in Govt. Hr. Sec. School Hatli on 18-01-2012. She listened to the general problems of the public regarding Water Supply, electricity and development works and assured the public to resolve all of them. The SC pe ...
A Water Supply & Wells referral has just been converted to new business in Mount Vernon, NY
During a presentation to Mayo County Council's 'Water Supply and Sewerage Strategic Policy Committee' the point was raised that 'as Mayo County Council have ...
It Begins… Federal Government Sues to Gain Control of Southern State’s Water Supply /um, no. Absolutely not.
The City Traders Guild, President Mohammad Altaf Dar has appealed the government to improve power supply/ Water Supply to the City areas saying the present situation was detrimental for the business community.
Fire hydrant test to be conducted on Kawaihae Road Sunday (July 22): The Department of Water Supply will be cond...
A Water Supply & Wells referral was accepted by a member in Saint Paul, MN
Story I shadowed todayRT Arsenic in Moore's Water Supply: The city of Moore shuts down a water well
A Veteran commits suicide from every 3 hours to every day...depending on who you listen to, teaching Veterans to grow food..give them 40 acres and a mule to speak...take it from the BANKS, have Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac write off the distress properties that can support Amercian Business...if that works then expand the progem to non-Vets, then work on Water Supply..Fod Water and Shelter come first...drones come in at 1000, actually drones need to be made illegal
WATER ADVISORY! This is to inform all our water concessionaires in Pastrana, Sta. Fe, Palo, and Tacloban City Leyte of a water supply interruption on June 6, 2012, Wednesday, tomorrow, from 7am-7pm. Said service interruption is due to the installation of Interconnectors in our Transmission Lines in our effort to improve our services. Water concessionaires affected areas are advised to store enough water prior to the interruption. Water Supply will be restored immediately after said activity. Please bear with us in this temporary inconvenience. Thank you so much for disseminating this information. NESTOR P. VILLASIN General Manager Leyte Metropolitan Water District
The 4th October meeting is an illustrated talk on: Maldon’s Water Supply by David Williams.
Demand Proposal to MLA Rohit Sharma by Public of Shelpu. 1. Water Supply 2. Pakka Road 3. Police Station 4. Tourist Lodge 5. Taking Care to Landslide effected people many more.
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