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Watch Trump

Trump is upset that his "big daddy" is mad at him now. Watch Trump crawl back into his lap soon.
I liked a video from Ted Cruz's Trump A$$-Kissing Tour Continues...
DEEP STATE & the Subversion of President Trump via
SO YES PRESIDENT TRUMP SIR! right now i can watch that on or at CNN INTERNATIONAL news channel,one news is being shown that
I liked a video President Trump Leads an NEC Listening Session With CEOs of Small and Community Banks
Ran out of time for this on show today, but it's worth a watch: why Trump drives liberals insane
🇺🇸 WHOA: Watch what happens when Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ is asked if she’s connected to the CIA……
Bill McKibbin: Watch what Pruitt and Trump do about climate, not what they say
Trump is right. All you gotta do is watch ev. day & you see it! Otherwise, you're a Lib!
I added a video to a playlist We Are Number One But Trump Is in It
As joke Trump should nominate Hillary for cabinet post just to watch left denounce all HER history!
Every day Donald Trump is more alone ‘A Lot of Republicans’ Are Voicing ... vía
I added a video to a playlist Skewered: Democrats Pathetic Response To Trump
Mike Flynn has admitted he's a foreign agent... this is Fox News - who according to Donald Trump, isn't 'fake news'. https:/…
WATCH: When asked if Mexico will pay for the wall, McConnell says "uh no" & bursts out laughing. Trump supp…
I liked a video from LIVE: Donald Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Briefing
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5:39 Why Trump is Refusing to Confront Reality | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann via
I liked a video Real Time with Bill Maher - Donald Trump and Bill Maher (HBO) Mar 10, 2017
Video:Forbes Russia didn't post this vid of Trump talking Trump Towers Moscow until after the election.
WA state AG: We beat Trump's travel ban once, we'll do it again
McConnell on Mexico paying for Trump's wall: 'Uh, no' via
See Rachel Maddow's interview with the lead attorney for Hawaii on this:
(This short video is great. Watch how Trump LIES!) Anonymous - Donald Trump MISLEADING America Exposed
Trump leaves State Department out of Mexico meeting
Pres. Trump has said he loves WikiLeaks, yet was silent after it attacked the CIA by revealing secrets:
If you watch Beauty & the Beast backwards a grown man devolves into a monster then into a petulant little boy. Much like…
Sen. Chris Murphy on Wikileaks release "suspiciously timed" during moment of weakness in the Trump operation http…
Joy Villa Speaks out about her night at the Grammy's
The State of Things have unfortunately gotten worse for the community under
Cruz dines at Trump White House after bitter barbs in 2016 race via
I am so glad I refused to watch speech...If I want to watch a swindler & a con man I'll put on "The Music…
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How Melania Trump met the 45th President. Supposed to meet someone else but instead this happened? Watch video
Watch Trump on Meet The Press in 1999. Notice his answers are the same as now.
WATCH: Muslim American father sends powerful message to Trump
LIVE VIDEO: Rally being held at Pittsburgh International in opposition to President Trump’s travel ban. WATCH -->
Proud of our at 1st full briefing: Sean Spicer HITS BACK at "constant theme to undercut" Trump by media https…
Today Trump is stopping muslims from entering America. tomorrow he willing be stopping Americans from leaving Ameri…
Sen. Al Franken said not one Democrat will vote to confirm Betsy DeVos:
I liked a video from TRUMP EXPOSED IN 20 SECONDS!
In 1947 the US War Department made a film warning about people like Trump. It's called "Don't Be a Sucker!"
It seems Julie Bishop hasn't noticed that Trump is a fascist maniac. He will trash the rule of law: just watch
WATCH LIVE: More than 1500 protesters gather for detained immigrants: ht…
Lost in the shuffle: has Trump called the new Gold Star Family, 1st on his watch, to expr…
I liked a video Judge blocks part of Trump's immigration order
The Governor of Washington just declared Donald Trump an enemy of the United States.This is powerful
Trump says his ban will protect Christian refugees. He just sent 6 back to the Middle East. via
Trump/Bannon use Russian propaganda staples to exhaust, overwhelm. Common in Russia, Ukraine & now US
Donald Trump is rubbing off on reince priebus, watch him destroy Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.
I'm concerned for the people who watch this and believe the propaganda, that Trump is the victim. Wow. Just wow.
The new Trump nomenclature must watch out not to provoke the wrong time by being insensitive how their actions affects pe…
tbf I don't watch reality shows outside of and I think they could meme Trump to death.
President Trump understands his first obligation is to defend and protect Americans from foreign threats. [Video] https:…
Video:didnt include Saudi Arabia in cuz he did millions in biz w/Saudi arms dealer
Finding Dory Screening at the White House. *I couldn't stand to watch this Ellen crap.
Migrants no problem?. Why did Mexican govt say use. MIGRANTS,CARTELS,TERROR. as WEAPONS against TRUMP. for leaving NAFTA. htt…
A ban on Bannon is a better Idea. Hear our NEW POST-ELECTION Bob Dylan TRUMP PROTEST song:
🙌🏽 implying all Brexit/Trump voters are racist or xenophobic makes those actual racists/xenophobes feel like they...
Do you not watch the news? They were from countries that TRUMP DID NOT BAN because he has business ties.
Guiliani says Trump wanted to do a Muslim ban and asked Guiliani to find a legal way to do it. This is a confession. https:/…
WATCH: When you're a Democrat trying to protest at the airport and the effected person actually likes Presi…
LIVE VIDEO: Watch Trump address REPUBLICAN congress at retreat on CSpan. Moments away.
'Sometimes we can disagree with the facts': Watch Trump's press secretary spar with a reporter over inaugurati..
Watch Trump try to take credit for el chapo
Watch Trump appoint her chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts
Watch Trump fire "Apprentice" accuser Summer Zervos for interrupting him
Watch Obama's speech last night. Watch Trump's press conference today. I still don't understand how we got here. Polar opposites
Kim Clement passed away a few days ago. God has been calling His prophets home. Watch Trump prophecy 2007.
Watch Trump's early interviews from the 80's - he's rapid fire, lightning quick and savvy. So many levels, this guy. Actual god amongst men.
I'm so sorry. Watch Trump fail to unite us and use Ivanka instead
Watch Trump exposing Robber-Baron Hillary Clinton. Clinton got rich selling America out.
Watch Trump say "Sean Hannity" about 50 times during nonsensical tirade about Iraq War:
Watch Trump tell Scott Pelley that he hates lies and is not thinned skin. .
Watch Trump get savaged in 1993 after saying "they don't look like Indians to me" about some Native Americans
Watch Trump last night in Virginia. When he started on Sen.Warren Pocahontas the people in the crowd imitating Native American that racist
:Watch Trump can't elect by himself; House representative Paul Ryan have 2 elect nominate: Constitution section 44.
Watch Trump choose Ben Carson for V.P. It will court the evangelicals, plus give him that Dan Quayle protection against impeachment.
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Watch Trump convince Fox's Chris Wallace to lie in the middle of an interview
Trump's plan to take his marbles and go home when a foreign leader isn't nice to him? Watch Trump-free
Watch Trump pull a Zaphod Beeblebrox. Become president, kidnap himself, steal a nuclear sub, and lead the world on a wild goose chase.
is a liar🔴 Watch Trump 's new ad. It's ALL Cruz talking about trying to pass a bill to give illegals amnesty ❗️.
Watch Trump's thoughts on the latest episode and his tease for what's next!
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