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Watch John Oliver and Michael Bolton serenade the unsung heroes working for the IRS … via
Watch John Oliver warn of conservative takeover of unbiased local news on
Watch John Oliver's segment on this from last night. He talks about how the Somal…
Watch John Oliver make the Dalai Lama belly laugh
Watch John Oliver explain everything wrong with the plan to repeal Obamacare
Watch John Oliver explain the challenges of repealing Obamacare: via
Watch John Oliver urge Trump to run for President
Watch John Oliver urge Trump to run for president -
watch it all, seems John Tory used to think SmartTrack operating costs should be Metrolin…
Ever watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? It's the best late night talk show hands down
John Oliver talks education again, and this issue is even bigger than charter schools
John Oliver on school segregation from earlier this week
John Oliver discusses the extent and root of the nation's epidemic of opioid addiction.
I liked a video Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
I liked a video Canadian Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
I liked a video from John Oliver Quantitative Easing Debunked By Real Journalist
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Pretty sure I'm going to see a lot of white folks this week amazed by this John Oliver video on segregation... 1/x. ht…
I liked a video Auto Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
I liked a video Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Describes Countries (HBO)
I liked a video John Oliver on Australia and Elections - Standup Comedy
John Oliver like other former DailyS cast now only spout disingenuous pro-HRC spew. via
nail on head. i know b/c i've witnessed it. 'School Segregation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'
Does anybody even watch John Oliver, or what?!??
Gary is not qualified to be president lol watch John Oliver cover the third party candidates.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 10/30/2016: How is this still a thing (Video)
We don't deserve John Oliver. But we need him. Man, do we need him.
I liked a video Food Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
I added a video to a playlist John Oliver - New Email Probe
I added a video to a playlist john oliver destroys Trumb
Watch John Oliver taunt Donald Trump with an Emmy award on
Funniest part is Gary Johnson at 8%. Total imbecile. Watch John Oliver this week...
Watch John Oliver expose huge holes in third party platforms by Jill Stein and Gary Johnson https…
Watch John Oliver blast Donald Trump over lewd remarks and the GOP over their lame reaction
Watch John Oliver put Hillary and Trump's scandals in proper context on
Watch John Oliver and Bobby Cannavale skewer "digital first" journalism
Watch John Oliver share a bizarre list of things he officially endorses
Watch John Oliver react to getting "out-comedian'd" by a YouTube commenter
Watch John Oliver and Sesame Street sing to raise awareness about America’s lead problem -
No practical regulation in India. Watch John Oliver's take on to learn how much of a joke the system is
Watch John Oliver and Sesame Street Sing About Lead Poisoning on Last Week Tonight: “There is no safe level of...
Love John Olivers' take on the cost-effectiveness of pre-trial services Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Bail
What John Oliver said on the Yankees this week:.
Because it is so true Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Whitewashing (HBO) via
I laugh way too loud when we watch John Oliver in class
ha! Did you just watch the john oliver segment about him?
I do watch Stephen Colbert or John Oliver on occasion and that's always great 😁
Money in politics is a crisis -- and just proved it on Watch his hilarious video: https:…
Everytime I see John Oliver all I see is this - Office Space (1999) - In the car rapping
Watch defend LI wine after comedian John Oliver calls it "terrible"
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: It was freaking awesome. via
How feasible is The Great Wall of Donald Trump? John Oliver does the math
Top story: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Marketing to Doctors (HBO) see more
This is the best one yet Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO) via
Watch John Oliver slam Donald Trump for refusing to disavow white supremacists:
Watch John Oliver highlight the absurdity of abortion laws on the latest https:/…
Watch John Oliver explain how the government seduces Americans to spend huge on the lottery https:…
Watch John Oliver explain the preposterous U.S. prisoner re-entry process
Watch John Oliver skewer daily fantasy sports with help from Seth Rogen and Kathryn Hahn:
Watch John Oliver explain how the sugar industry is killing us with lies via
Watch John Oliver enlist Mike Myers to make Canadian politics exciting on
Watch John Oliver blast televangelists and create his own mega-church on
you should watch last week tonight with John Oliver on HBO. I think you would really like it. It's hilarious
John Oliver's Televangelists special is so shocking. How is this legal?!?!.
Any John Oliver fans out there? He is hilarious and takes on some big issues. This segment brought to light the...
Watch: John Oliver slams televangelists, then becomes one on Last Week Tonight
Here's John Oliver's Televangelists monologue for int'l viewers (link may not work for long)
I was hoping John Oliver's roasting of televangelists would mention this song.
Photoset: micdotcom: Watch: John Oliver tears down greedy televangelists by becoming one himself 
It may be the most uncomfertable 20 minutes of your day,but I'd say still watch John Oliver's rant on televangelists
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Televangelists (HBO) John Oliver at his best. Equal parts hilarity and terror.
Listen to John Oliver on Stadiums for Billionaires to make money
I'm gonna eat food and watch John Oliver and Chappelle bc I have great taste in comedy :)
John Oliver takes on Televangelists & the tax exempt status given to religions in this hilarious bit
Watch as John Oliver exposes televangelists -- and then forms his own tax-exempt religion http:/…
I stumbled across this show LAST WEEK TONIGHT today and it almost took my life rofl rofl This guy John Oliver...
everyone in Calgary needs to listen to John Oliver on Stadiums
Photoset: micdotcom: Watch: John Oliver’s sex ed video needs to be shown in every American school 
Everybody go watch John Oliver this episode is hilarious!
Watch put a close on the climate change debate on -
I had never heard of John Oliver before, but this is utterly SUPERB. Please watch it and spread it around.
John Oliver on sex ed! see it through, video at the end is great.
John Oliver - Moscow Victory Day Parade via I now love seals, watch till the end
Watch John Oliver dissect the sex ed policies of MS & others w/ help from internet-famous sock:
TIME: Watch John Oliver enlist Nick Offerman and Laverne Cox for a sex ed video
Rolling Stone : Watch John Oliver demand Washington, D.C. get statehood on
55 years in jail for selling marijuana. Watch John Oliver dissect mandatory minimum sentences on
Watch John Oliver take a bite out of
ICYMI: Watch John Oliver's monologue on the confederate flag from yesterday's Last Week Tonight
Watch John Oliver's Epic Takedown of the Confederate Flag: Following the deadly church shooting in Charleston,...
Watch John Oliver and go after FIFA (and Blazer, Warner, sponsors, etc) again http:…
Watch John Oliver say everything everybody has always thought about FIFA in one devastating clip.
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Watch John Oliver explain how standardized testing has gotten completely out of control:
Watch John Oliver explore the insanity that is standardized testing via RollingStone
Watch John Oliver give failing marks to standardized testing
Watch John Oliver explore the insanity of standarized testing on
Watch John Oliver explore the insanity of standardized testing on
Watch John Oliver make fun of patent trolls on 'Last Week Tonight' - Business Insider Australia
Watch John Oliver get Michael Bolton to sing an ode to the IRS
Watch John Oliver interview Edward Snowden about *** pics and the NSA: The controversial Patriot Act's Sectio...
Watch John Oliver shred judicial elections: "We may have to alter our idea of what justice is"
Watch John Oliver rant about corruption behind elected judges on
Watch John Oliver compare drug companies to Charles Manson
Watch John Oliver explain how intimidating the Super Bowl is to the rest of the world
Watch John Oliver show you how to bail on your awful New Year's Eve plans
Watch John Oliver explain why New Year's Eve is the worst holiday of the year:
Show this chart to anyone who doesn't think murder is bad. This graph proves poverty is not fun. Watch John Oliver napalm ne…
Watch John Oliver rip into Big Sugar's efforts to hide its role in the obesity epidemic
Watch John Oliver & Jane Goodall out British and co-monkey each other is healing parts of my soul.
Watch John Oliver shoot salmon at Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, and everyone else in TV:
Watch John Oliver hit his late-night rivals in the face with salmon:
Better than the ice bucket challenge: Watch John Oliver fire a salmon cannon at every star you can imagine
technology, and TECHNOLOGY: Watch John Oliver fire a salmon cannon at Jon Stewart and Kelly Ripa via
Watch John Oliver end his season with a bang by shooting fish at Jon Stewart, Homer Simpson and R2D2:
Watch John Oliver shoot salmon from a cannon at R2-D2 and Homer Simpson
Watch John Oliver's hilarious takedown of the sugar industry via
John Oliver is tied with Colbert as one of my most favorite news people. This guy is amazing.
Ada is cool, but let's not forget SWE as John Oliver reminds us
Rick Scott and GEO Group featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
Bless the comedians. I'm glad he made me laugh during this, because it so not funny. Just watch this. (via
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeit…: a sample of why you need to come back home! ;)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Civil Forfeit…: wow the police are actually pretty messed up
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John Oliver: Did you know police can just take your stuff if they suspect it's involved in a crime? They can!
Funny and sad at the same time. Sometimes things appear funny because they are based in truth and fact.
John Oliver makes Asset Forfeiture seem funny, it is anything but. Stop forfeiture. End the drug war. Join
MUST WATCH: John Oliver exposes how cops can seize your cash even though you’ve done nothing wrong
"THIS is funny. The great El Pulpo Mecanico gets a shout-out on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) on Civil Forfeiture by US Police. Scary... One more reason to use Bitcoin.
"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutralit…: Why am I just now getting into It's AWESOME!
I share them every week, because they're amazing every week. John Oliver takes on Civil Forfeiture:
Did you catch John Oliver covering civil forfeiture? Watch the clip on VOL and share your thoughts in the comments –>
Watch John Oliver tear apart the math on claims made by Miss America pageant! Definitely worth a watch!
Watch John Oliver's impassioned plea to keep and together:
A presidential ticket would be grand. Watch John Oliver discuss via
People of the internet! Watch John Oliver's glorious rant on Net Neutrality! via
Watch John Oliver on Net Neutrality. Good insight into the real issues and consequences of the law.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO. A+ in depth news story. CBS, ABC, CNN take notes. via
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Brother: We need to get you logged onto HBO so you can watch John Oliver. Me: Wait. We have HBO?
Here's last night's terrific John Oliver clip on Ferguson.
The old country did send us John Oliver, so there's hope.
Absolutely great expose & explaination of unscrupulous payday loan industry by John Oliver
If you haven't seen John Oliver's show, you're missing out. No one has done better getting through all the noise...
Amazingly funny, and so true: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: , MO and Police Militarization
John Oliver, and his writers, are on top of their game.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO & Police Militarization (some clever observations re:
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Ferguson, MO …: are you even trained bro?
This is what the Keene NH Police needed a Bearcat to protect.
Tomorrow's headline, today: WATCH as John Oliver DESTROYS the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
“Watch John Oliver's indictment of the situation in Ferguson. WATCH THIS
Watch John Oliver's scathing indictment of the situation in Ferguson.
Watch John Oliver's angry, moving, perfect take on
Watch John Oliver explain how payday loans are awful via
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Watch John Oliver & Sarah Silverman slam payday loans, and read how to end them - Vox
“Watch John Oliver grill the payday loan industry good it's highway robbery
Watch John Oliver grill the payday loan industry
Watch John Oliver completely destroy the idea that hard work will make you rich - Vox
Watch John Oliver make the case that America is the world’s greatest nuclear threat
Watch John Oliver and some muppets explain America's out of control prison system on
Watch John Oliver explain just how broken America's prison system is--VIDEO:
Watch John Oliver go off on the idea that corporations are people via
“Watch John Oliver destroy Dr. Oz Any bets on whether Dr Oz's new magazine will address this scandal?
Watch John Oliver skewer Dr. Oz and the dietary supplement industry: via
Watch John Oliver rip FIFA to shreds, and explain why he'll still be watching the World Cup:
Watch John Oliver explain perfectly why you should hate
Watch John Oliver grill the former via
Watch John Oliver's tearful goodbye to the Daily Show last night:
Watch John Oliver say bye to The Daily Show and cry:
Watch John Oliver say goodbye to The Daily Show and cry:
Hilarious: Watch John Oliver stand up for fast food workers & call out Fox News:
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