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"when you smoke weed, do you watch Jennifer lawrence movies". I'm crying
Watch this it will make your day, my cheeks still hurt... thank you Jennifer Lawrence
Everyone needs to watch Jennifer Lawrence's interview as guest host on with 👏👏👏
Can you name 5⃣ Jennifer Lawrence movies. Bonus Points, if you can name more than 5⃣.
guest host Jennifer Lawrence takes to the streets of Hollywood to ask: “Can you name 5 of my movies?”
"Do you even know who Jennifer Lawrence is?" This is hilarious.
Watch out, Jimmy Kimmel: Jennifer Lawrence is coming for your show
I would pay all the money in the world to watch a late night show hosted by Jennifer Lawrence all the time. She's doing so…
Full opening monologue of Jennifer Lawrence guest hosting .
Guest host Jennifer Lawrence loves to curse . via
If you missed Jennifer Lawrence interviewing Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel, you need to watch it now! Youre welcome
Watch: Jennifer Lawrence, Kardashian obsessive, grills Kim like an investigative reporter  via
Okay, someone just give please give Jennifer Lawrence her own talkshow right now! 😂😂😂
If Jennifer Lawrence ever wants to host her own talk show, she would be great at it.
I liked a video Kim Kardashian's FULL INTERVIEW on Jimmy Kimmel with guest host Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is the greatest person in the world and I am in love with her.
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If you missed it, Jennifer Lawrence hosted and interviewed It was hilarious and the…
I watched 5 seconds of this and wanted to throw up. Why do I do this to myself
When is Jennifer Lawrence getting her own talk show because she made interviewing Kim Kardashian tolerable to watch and t…
Watch Jennifer Lawrence ask Kim Kardashian really awkward questions
Watch Jennifer Lawrence surprise fans and humiliate herself in Hollywood
I'll pass, Jennifer Lawrence insulted our President and doesn't want his supporters to watch her movies.
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon face off in a dangerous battle of ax throwing
I added a video to a playlist Jennifer Lawrence - "Mother" - Australian Interview (2017)
Lol. Hollywood is tanking. Less people turned out to see their movies than…
Jennifer Lawrence(D)'s Hateful Mouth Destroyed Her Career you couldn't pay me to watch that ***
Jennifer Lawrence challenges Jimmy to an old fashioned axe throwing contest: http…
Jimmy & Jennifer Lawrence pay homage to Johnny Carson's Tonight Show with an axe throwing contest:
Jennifer Lawrence did NOT do well in the axe-throwing contest - watch now!
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence Rescued Pedro Pascal from Getting Kicked Out of a U2 Concert
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence Used the Kardashians to Cheer Up While Filming "mother!"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jennifer Lawrence and I try axe throwing with a classic Tonight Show target
I threw A X E S with Jennifer Lawrence last night on
Watch Jennifer Lawrence freak out in the first trailer for “mother!”
I liked a video from Jennifer Lawrence Plays Balloon Roulette
Watch yuk it up in new blooper reel
Watch Passenger’s Arthur the Android interview Alexa & buy the film – with bonus features – on Amazon Video today!…
I literally can't stand to watch Jennifer Lawrence act I'm just disgusted
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt crack each other up in this epic blooper reel
New video by Sony Pictures Entertainment: Passengers - Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora
Jennifer Lawrence admits her butt almost killed a man once: melalui
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence together in a movie. Gotta watch this.
No, Jennifer Lawrence. After I saw this I lost all remaining respect for her.
best moments Dec 2nd 2016, England talk show. best parts where Jennifer Lawrence talks
Jennifer Lawrence is a terrible actress and an even worse person. She's a snot who really let it go to her head.
I liked a video Stephen and Jennifer Lawrence Ask The Big Questions
Jennifer Lawrence is literally telling a story about she disrespected natives. Why is she still a big thing?.
Watch that trailer for the space movie he's in with Jennifer Lawrence and tell me it doesn't look like garbage because I won't believe you
I liked a video from Passengers Interview - Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt
Watch Jennifer Lawrence dive head first into TOTAL chaos in this clip: 😱
I prefer a girl talking about a certain topic to foods. : Jennifer Lawrence on Graham Norton
Check out Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence. You should give this a share on ur site:
Watch: Jennifer Lawrence says Chris Pratt is 'the worst BBQ host ever' via
Jennifer Lawrence almost killed someone by scratching her butt on a rock! Watch her explain: https:/…
I'm going to watch Jennifer Lawrence's terrible acting in the last Hunger Games film.
NEW video of Jen on Graham Norton! / NEU- Jennifer Lawrence bei der Graham Norton Show! -
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt laugh about their space stunts:
Watch Jennifer Lawrence as she heads not space.
looks epic. Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the first trailer:
Watch Jennifer Lawrence kiss Chris Pratt in first 'Passengers' trailer
Watch Jennifer Lawrence parody the awkward celebrity interview:
Breast Cancer Awareness
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence Just Shot a Sex Scene with Chris Pratt - Late Night with Seth
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence Wanted Seth to Ask Her Out When She Hosted SNL - Late Night with
Off to watch Joy (David O. Russell, 2015) with my mother! You better impress me, Jennifer Lawrence.
I want to watch Annie(original), Jennifer Lawrence, or 48 hours: hard evidence. What's up?
Check out Jennifer Lawrence Interrupted by Jack Nicholson at Oscars | Good Morning ... -
Jennifer Lawrence i'd like to throw a molotov into Breakfast at Tiffany's or make the diamonds super cheap so...
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Hilarious at the Golden Globes 2016
Another video of Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson dancing to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep"
if you're doing an Oscar watch, have you seen the film Joy that got Jennifer Lawrence a best actress nomination?
I liked a video from Is Jennifer Lawrence Overrated?
Jennifer Lawrence donates £2m to charity via YouTube. Watch the video here
We uploaded the FULL new/old interview of Jennifer Lawrence,a Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth on YouTube!
CNN: Watch Jennifer Lawrence scold a journalist after last night's
"Bradley Cooper is beautifully on form" ★★★★★ - Watch Jennifer Lawrence in in cinemas Jan 1. htt…
Watch Jennifer Lawrence in a new trailer for David O Russell’s Joy
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Watch Jennifer Lawrence do her wacky Cher impression and make fart noises for Conan O’Brien: ht…
Watch Jennifer Lawrence sharing her impressions behind the scenes of her new campaign for the 'Be Dior' bag.
Watch Jennifer Lawrence, & the rest of cast crack up over bloopers:
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper set fire to the screen in this sizzling clip from the romantic drama In Cinemas October 24.
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1: Watch Jennifer Lawrence in the first ... - The Independent
Watch Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in the New X Men: Days of Future Past ... - TIME
Watch Jennifer Lawrence lip-sync Santana's 'Evil Ways': Even though she was clearly blown away by meeting the ...
This, is also how I felt when someone spoiled for me
Just saw American hustle, enjoyed the film.. Especially Jennifer Lawrence's performance, had a nice laugh.. Go watch it
"I can't process this right now". Watch Jennifer Lawrence go mad at presenter for spoiling the Homeland finale:
Watch Jennifer Lawrence go from starstruck to really mad in less than three minutes:
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence Meets Damian Lewis at the SAG Awards 2014
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence Charms in the Golden Globes Press Room!
If Jennifer Lawrence is in a film, I'll most likely watch it no matter what it's about
Jenniifer Lawrence going for Human of the Year. Great clip with Damian Lewis Homeland spoiler by the way
This was my reaction when I found out what happened on Homeland S3. Ah the good old Carrie/Brody days
Watch Jennifer Lawrence curse Bradley Cooper and drop f-bombs backstage at the SAG Awards via DeNiro v Cooper
Watch Jennifer Lawrence ! Watch her every move! There is No one on the whole wide world acts line her! She is best that can be! No one so far in the past or present! She is the definition of acting as it is now ti someone else changes in future!
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chrsitian Bale argue over a "science oven" in a preview clip from American Hustle.
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in this hilarious After Hours video.
Watch Jennifer Lawrence in an intimate chat with now
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman in New X-Men: Days of Future ... - PARADE
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth have a sexy kiss in the new ... -...
Watch Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth kiss in the new trailer:
Watch Jennifer Lawrence freak out after meeting Jack Nicholson while being interviewed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos
FW Watch Jennifer Lawrence's Charming 'SNL' Promos: Coming straight off of her G...
the Promo for 3x19 that i constantly watch, the TT's, pictures.. everything really. Jennifer Lawrence Is Flawless Josh Is Ours
here's the link to the trailer for JLaw's next movie... Watch it if you dare. ;D
if you like Jennifer lawrence you should watch this movie if not watch it anyway cause its cute
Watch Jennifer Lawrence in the House at the End of the Street Trailer:
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Does Jennifer Lawrence have a boyfriend? If not, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!
I added a video to a playlist 'The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence Interview: S
All Jennifer Lawrence fans must watch this.
Watched Jennifer Lawrence last weekend and I will watch her again this weekend. :) This is better though.
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