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Wasted Years

Wasted Years is the fourteenth single released by Iron Maiden and the first from their Somewhere in Time album.

Iron Maiden

Luckily Wasted Days (not Wasted Years) - My repairs completed ahead of plan.
Don't waste your time always searching for. those wasted years! Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Official Video)
Wasted Years - Live In Monterrey 22/2/08 by Iron Maiden love this tune hope they play this in may ♫
Because over the years I've wasted time on things that weren't worth it😓 Time is precious and I've realised that. ⏳
I never thought we would get to the point where all you do is *** me off... and how many years wasted😂
SO glad I wasted 3 years loving someone who never deserved me or my love.
All your wasted years shall be restore this year, in the name of Jesus.
"See what that girl did to you". "Six years of your life wasted". "Yeah 6 years wasted trying to be Paul Walker in your Eclipse" . 😂😂😂
I had a crowning moment today. My 11 year old knew Wasted Years is my favorite Maiden song
No more wasted years, no more wasted tears life's too short to cry, long enough to try... March of Time…
you are a fool. I'm sorry I wasted my time I will block now but trust n believe your in 4 epic disastrous years!
Big fan of this guy. HofF caliber QB whose years were wasted. *** good player.
Class guy as usual. Amazing how this organization wasted such a top level qb all these years.
our scum governor has been working on this for years. But wasted our tax $ to sue fed gov when told it was illegal.
I'm 19 years old and I've already wasted my entire life.
Someday, BHO will understand the fundamental competitive nature of America. Sadly, he's wasted 8 years. CLOSE BUT N…
Update your maps at Navteq
I've wasted 21 years watching spurs not going to stop now 🕺🕺🕺🕺
With out Mega Master I am nothing, In this I have wasted 46 years without seeing him, all…
We can't learn to do things the right way if we didn't experience the wrong way. Wasted years don't exist. They are pa…
SAD.. so many good things could have happen... but NOT - all those pathetically wasted eight years... Game over, buddy... https:…
Yes, but been doing this 4 years, and Peabody wasted $ on him & declared bankruptcy
Cheers.wasted my time for the last 14 years then
7 years Millions wasted on repeals ... no plan in place and u still believe their lies ??
I was evaluating my college results. After many -wasted- years of mediocrity, Ive never been more proud of myself.
I was Seconded to Belfast for 3 months in 1989 which turned out to be 11+ years! Wasted time on that bus!
After several years of careful research I can confirm I have wasted my life.
Your legacy:. 8 wasted years. 8 trillion more debt.
The $500,000,000 Obama spent on PR proves it was wasted and should have been spent on health care over the last 8 years
I have wasted years of my life / agonising about the fires / I started when I thought that to be strong / you must be flame retardant
I've wasted more than 46 seconds in the last 17 years as a fan so sure...I'll watch 👀.
. You my brother have spoken the truth. . We shall overcome restless of the wasted years
You *** is real life hating yall lives away been hating since 2010...7 years wasted, still aint got no money😒
I knew this was coming. It's been the same excuses for the last 3 years. I hope DD and Lowry are alright with their primes being wasted.
It really disgusts me that 8 years passed before any sane action was taken. An embarrassing period in US history and wasted time. 😑
Have you told your base how much it's going to cost them to repeal. Too bad you wasted these years in…
“I should never have wasted all those years without you. give me a chance to make them up to you.”
Over the past 8 years has spent more than $85million of taxpayer money on vacations and wasted much of his time on g…
I've wasted years of my life w someone so unappreciative but it's okay bc I am who I am now bc of that.
I wasted 5 years of mine, chasing a degree that might as well have become toilet paper. It only looks good on my CV.
ITS JUST stupid and i feel like ive wasted 20 years of my life
Thanks you really just eclipsed any good you did in your (wasted) years at the helm.
im going to stream real hard for ravi's first win bc that boy's working so hard all these years I can't let his works be wa…
Dating for eight years or more doesn't mean you must marry ohh. But a whole lot of time wasted
All I know is that I've wasted all these years looking for something,
I feel so bad for ur school which wasted over 12 years trying to teach that eman means faith jn english u stupid hag
"I've wasted the best part of 27 years following nufc, so I have written this book detailing the trauma"
"Seven years of your life. Wasted on a phantom." -Selam, judgmentally watching Catfish while eating an open burrito with her bare hands.
All those years wasted telling grrls "know your worth" and by doing so I lost sight of mine, fancy that.
If we had faced harsh reality with won't have wasted billions and four years,let's face reality now,don't waste another
well then add up how much time that cashier wasted scanning Maggie. I say about 20+ years give or take
15 years ago someone gave me yoga pants and I just now tried them on and I wanted to let you all know I've wasted 15 ye…
This is me trying to get out to San Diego for New Years so we can do a pub crawl and get wasted. 😬🙏🏼
Probably not Britt specifically but given money wasted over 4 years we could be in a much better position overall and kept kids.
got to disagree with you their John. Staff are brilliant but millions wasted by management over the last 15 years.
. Perceived win... the is wasted $$. Lots can happen in 2 years...change of govt is one...
Taxing them won't bring the 70trillion you people wasted over the years. You just want to silence the youths for 2016. Simple logic
Same amount allocated to Mombasa county over the last 4 years is wasted by national government annually…
Same folks who would have spent millions & wasted years chasing imaginary conflicts if Hillary was POTUS ignoring Trump…
Leeds has one of the worst traffic spots. Westbound M62 junction with the M606 will cost drivers £1.5bn over the ne…
This is the realist thing. Except I wasted 4 years 🙄
And though I'm never getting back the years I wasted, I got forever to never see you again.
Buhari is out to frustrate Nigerians for time wasted of those years he contested and lost
So iotw, he just wasted 25 years of his life researching benda yg sia sia
Have been Playing Music, Video games & getting wasted for 10 years- I come off pills, & wake up... to a political nightmare.
It's over.. don't know how I feel but it's over. 3 years wasted.
I've kind of wasted the past 2 years. I don't know many people to form a band with and my theory knowledge has gone downhill since school
Why waste time in long drawn goodbyes and wasted tears?. One final kiss and one longing glance, to last me for years
7 years later no pain, frustration or disappointment or suffering was wasted. What a King! What a Savior!
Make Money. Work hard. Save. It's the easiest way of summing up your efforts over past years and knowing you haven't wasted your life.
TOM WARD - Visitor website shouldn't have wasted three years - Valley Breeze
America wasted eight years with the organizer
I wish I never wasted so much time on a fck boy 💯... darius been in my face ALL THESE YEARS like 🙄🙄 ***
LOL and 3 years ago he got too "wasted" and canceled an hour before his show... Good call on headlining him hangout…
If you ever feel like your talents are being wasted just remember Park Bom has a voice of a god but she spent 2 years teach…
(I wasted years on various fetishes believing they were 'unwelcome'" despite my nonsexual interest etc)
I've wasted enough years on temporary friendships, pointless drama, relationships & irrelevant people. That ends now
domain names
I agree. I've wasted enough years in bad relationships to last the rest of my life
Wishing I could replace all those wasted years.
Thinking about how I have or have not wasted the last 4 years of my life.
contacting Destiny servers pops up every single game at 5 minute intervals please turn them off and back on again?
We've spent uncounted billions in Afghanistan during our 15 years of occupation, most of it wasted. More evidence:
Wasted so many years and now i regret it
I did this one. Ended up falling in love and two years later I just wasted my time smh
You are __years old If you take__and multiply it by 2 and divide it by 2 and multiply it by 3 and add 2 and then di…
Med school manages to do both content & practice in 4 years. Some of my ed training was invaluable Much was time wasted.
Since my channel was created, people have wasted 18.5 million minutes (about 35.5 years) watching my videos. . All I can say is, lol.
I know *** who've wasted YEARS of they life claiming what they was "bout to do" the whole time smh 💯
For years I was searching for something. I wasted so many years of to find love when all I needed was to
Early dawning, Sunday morning. It's just the wasted years so close behind
You may be thinking that you’ve wasted years of your life somehow, but God is saying, “I can restore those years.” Welcome r…
Wasted 4 years on someone who was only down for me 100% 2 months of that whole time. And finally realizing that is truly heartbreaking.
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2 years of club history wasted??? When Celtic do 10 in a row, u can do a u-turn on that statement.
Don't get why I wasted 2 years of my life just to learn lessons to give other people?
Has anyone ever sat down and calculated how much taxpayer dollars the wasted investigating the Clintions for the last 30 years?
I'm sick and tired of Lucks prime years being wasted. I'm through with the blowouts
RE: WR - get help at WR. For reference, look at McNabb pre-2004. Prime years wasted.
I can't believe I wasted 2 years studying in Evans!!! Medsci is SO MUCH BETTER *** *** *** this is the most luxurious studying location ever
If for no other reason than excitement again in America and not another four boring and wasted years with another democrat vote for Trump.
can't believe we were once friends😂 wasted so much of my time over the last 2 years on you. Bye👋🏼
yes depending on what they have lost because many people life's work (businesses) were destroyed and shut down. Wasted years
wasted two years ? So they two titles don't count ? How do you even have a job you hack !
I'm choosing to live inside my own bubble until this next 4 wasted years pass
Can't believe I wasted two years with you
MOD wanted this nearly 10 years ago but FCO and Cabinet Office refused. Wasted years.
Can believe I've wasted 3 years with someone so worthless of my time
Celtic wasted two years of the club's history by employing Brendan's predecessor.
No doubt about it- is easily the best show I've seen in 15 years of watching 💃🏻 at the - not a wasted second
in the mean time Messi's best years will be wasted
Almost 2 years wasted lol okay next.
You pay back that money you "wasted on college" in one years salary when you get out though
I wasted too many years trying to make someone else happy versus myself. And you got me messed up if you ever think I'm doing that again
ilysm, thank you for caring about me. I guess I wasted the past 2 years of my life sticking around for the wrong person
My life really could not get any worse. 18 wasted years
Its really sad we have a hall of fame QB and a top 5 NBA player who's best years are being wasted by lack of talent around them...
ARF to mp4 conversion: a tale of wasted hours and faded dreams. Poised to haunt me for years to come.
They also wasted 1000 words to cover that time Connor went to a Leafs game years ago. Amazing coverage over there.…
Relationships are serious to me bc, no one likes opening up to someone, sharing all your secrets, just to regret years of wasted time...
needs to take a leaf out of book. Years of neglect for a Wasted riverfront.
. Me: that pizza looks good. Me: *thinks about the last 3 years I wasted loving someone who replaced me in 1 week*. Me: yea nah
like people tend to leave NXT after like one or two years, so after being champ you can't be wasted and it's someone else's turn
Just had a Twirl for the first time in about 20 years. Half of my life wasted.
you know the quotes from Golden Brown do not refer to economic mess and employment markets created by six wasted Tory years
Who has the dollar amount for taxpayer money wasted on years of website failure, failed co-ops, marketing, IRS hours, etc. for ObamaCare?
An another example of tears shed for over 300 wasted years!
John Tory is a milquetoast Mayor building milquetoast transit with money from the Library budget. is coming up on 8 wasted years.
Successfully wasted the first 17 years of my life
Wasted the afternoon making a couple years ago after a heating element burned out.
I was waiting for. something extraordinary to. happen. but as the years wasted on. nothing ever did unless I. caused it
No! No more garbage We are wasting a good RB, and wasted ton of picks on Ryan Leaf jr. No More! 5 years is enough
My greatest regrets in life were not the years wasted in alcoholic slumber, but the filet-o-fish sandwiches eaten in a moment o…
Don't remind me... We've wasted a lot of good money on dross in recent years...
Ive probably wasted years of my life waiting on people 😔
"The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life." Muhammad Ali
'A man who views Matchroom the same in 2016 as he did in 2012 has wasted four years of his life…
I've already wasted 3 years of my life in the military.. why not get out go to college and waste 4+ more
Flashback to stickball at Our Lady Of Fatima schoolyard: songs in my workout mix: Wasted Years & Where The Streets Have No Name! Good times!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
As Bruce Dickinson says in "Wasted Years" I realize I'm living in my golden years :)
'Youth' a reminder that I have wasted the best years of my life.
Yes, keep right on mentioning letting us know you'd be more years wasted in the same fashion as he has been!
Tired city run by democrats for 50 years, can't build without hiring a union, wasted $200 million on a trolley blech
I've wasted the best years of my life on trying to be employable.
right here! . I wasted so many years of my life listening to the advice of others. It wasn't until I...
All these years on Pinterest were wasted because I'm about to have a house and I have no idea what color schemes I like
If we knew our love was going to end like this we could have saved our hearts the hurt of wasted years.
Realizing you've wasted 4 years lol
Wasted a whole 6 years of your life uno. Can't rate him still
So my New Years resolution lasted almost a month
Man. These wasted Karlsson years are depressing.
So basically my time was just wasted all these mf years 👌🏾
Salute to you We are proud and upset at your wasted years in prison.We salute you for remains fit.
"This is a man[Clinton] that entered politics for therapy and wasted eight years of America's time.".
Showed me that you're still in love with me then you back off again. lol Too many years wasted playing this game. Bye
Finished reading two theology readings and feeling like I've wasted years of my life
It really *** that I finally know what I want to do with my life ... And I wasted four years 😩😩😩
it's terrible but great at the same time. Wasted years of my life to get disappointed that it's never gonna end 😅😂
Is there a player in pro sports right now who's prime playing years are being wasted by their team more than Karlsson's are wasted by OTT?
I legitimately feel like I wasted four very productive years of my life. (but the whole degree thing complicates the value)
So say if u a junior at LSU rn, if they give u an incomplete those 3 years would be just wasted?
Teenage's years in the life of every man (and human being) are wasted, years do not make sense from a stolen childhood and manhood together.
I wasted last 18 years voting wont get those votes back,wont be repeating the mistake https:…
if she doesnt I have just wasted the last 15 years of my life.
hinkie created terrible culture , will hunt them for years . Wasted 3,years of rebuilding . Zero improvement .
6 whole years of your life wasted and you're still asking what should I do
I stopped when I saw 6 years and hasn't asked me out. This is serious she knows better and has wasted years
so you're saying I've wasted 3 years of high school making sure the classes I take are for TOPS & now i can't even get TOPS??? *** !
Giving benefit seekers £26,000 to create a better life lol ok couple years down the line they'll have wasted it and be back to scrounging
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So y'all basically telling me I wasted 3+ years of my life tryna keep my grades in check .. For NOTHING! y'all better cut sumn else instead👐
I wasted 7 years as a young man in Germany, magnificent place with warm people that I fear for at the moment
I was depressed, lost and feeling like I wasted "prime" years of my youth and tons of money to chase something that was not bringing me joy
Going take a bath and think about how I potentially wasted two years of my life
I seriously wasted my time! After almost 2 years I finally get the chance to correct my mistake and find real happiness❤️
Well I officially won the drunk white girl wasted award for New Years according to my colleagues
2. Let us all leave him to concentrate on his assignment. Where were u during PDP's wasted 16 years? He just got there pls!
Trying to understand the Qur'an now makes me realize how many years of my life I've wasted. May Allah make us of the righteous.
It's 3 am and it's the day after New Years and everyone seems to be wasted in Mexico and sleeping calmly as new year day ends
I wonder how much money have wasted sending me my weekly "amazing" credit card offer over the last 4/5 years.
no I mean does it use a travel day, me getting out of the U.K. And then back in after
If you look back and you are aware of your mistakes.and you regret wasted's a promise for 2016!
Don't look at d years wasted, look at d lessons u have learned. and then next time, try to figure it out and learn the lessons faster.
Just to prove that my previous 56 years have been totally wasted, it was 100 yrs ago this year the carriage designer Thomas Clayton died!
Like on god I really wasted so many years of my young and premature life smh I want them back ***
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agree, if it does again with some here and there,then w/off.FM wasted full two years in just LAB and GST and excise on Diesel
I just wanted to get chocolate wasted for new years, was that to much to ask for 😒
Four years ago, I got wasted during NYE and mass-texted everyone a “Happy Birthday!” Good times good times
I don't want to spend all my time waiting, to wake up one day to find I let all these years go by, wasted.
I had actually planned to kill myself years ago. The plan was to get super wasted and then shoot myself.
eh bruh Payet is a joy to watch... Wasted his best years in France imo
I wasted 4 years to showcase my talent that will never will be recognized
I don't see any point living a life here ,10 + years and still no ead life is getting wasted
I got white girl wasted for New Years so... mission accomplished 🙈
I honestly can't help but feel like I totally wasted my high school years
Let all my wasted years and efforts be converted to multiple blessings, in the name of Jesus.
I just remembered our 2012 New Years and how wasted we were and how I ran into the sliding door in front of Chris 😂😂
recruit Mose Masoe has now reached that age where he looks back on wasted opportunities. Yet at 26 the...
I am so New Years wasted I'm spelling all wrong
I wasted three years with one girl never again on moma don't think I'll trust another female in my life gon take awhile fa allat
authors should b in jail & not running 4 office. Years of wasted taxpayer $$ 4 corporate greed.
I'm about to be 20 years old and my life ain't together... & I know it takes time but dang I feel like so much time has been wasted...
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"A man who views the the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his Muhammad Ali.
my dad: goes to New Orleans for New Years to get wasted with his gf but can't even come see his daughter once a month. cool.
"I know that Natsu but I just wasted my new years resolution on something I knew was going to happen... I'm sorry I even —
I've been silently pouting for 20 years and no one even came to check on me. I wasted this entire temper tantrum.
When you realize Minecraft isn't actually a competitive game with esports and you wasted 3 years of your life
I hated who I was for years and years. I wasted precious time and energy on other people's…
These last two years I've spent so much time focused on other people ,and wasted time on people I shouldn't have .
It took me nearly 3 years to realize this, but I'm glad I opened my eyes before I wasted more time..
. So many years of Red Dwarf wasted on the world.
I wasted so many years on your annoying ***
I have already wasted years of my life trying to convince myself that the Quran is peaceful and Sharia'a law …
Can't believe I wasted 2 years on him. 😂😊🖕🏼
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myjob due to a DUI in my background check 5 years # get rid of misdemeanors on background checks. I just wasted …
Such a moving story on about twin brothers separated in 1946 and only just reunited. All those wasted years
People will be stay in toxic relationships for years then be mad they wasted so much time once they're over.
I added a video to a playlist ZAVITO - Wasted Years ft. Oscar Nikola (Teaser)
Right now feeling like I have completely wasted 2 years of my life
it's not 3 wasted years as one of them years was the best I have ev and seen Liverpool play.
Useful slideshare on key points of Ofsted's KS3 report
- 2 years of this country's future wasted by this Govt
I have already wasted 16 years of my life! Dont make it another 14!
87 wonderful years. None wasted. We love you Lola.
If you view the world, at 50 as you did at 20, you have wasted 30 years (Muhammad Ali) (9-14-2015).
Hoping is slow & humiliating process for PM & his dodgy Crew, A wasted two years by PM & this govt…
When one person can make up for all the years you have wasted with the wrong people❤️.
Finna be almost 6 years and I just feel like I wasted nun but time
My only hope for the 49ers is that they don't get the overall pick b/c they wasted that 10 years ago on Alex Smith, not Aaron Rodgers .
I wasted years thinking I didn't like beetroot. Turns out beetroot is lovely. It's purple vinegar I wasn't too keen on.
People always say don't you feel like you wasted three years..? I say no it was a lesson well learned👌🏻
I wasted 4 years of my life ... Thats makes me sad
Rex should've been gone but Woody wasted two years. I appreciate though, Bowles wasn't ready yet.
I think once people get to college, they'll realize they wasted all their high school years trying to impress people the…
Decided to learn 'Wasted Years' by Iron Maiden. Got everything down except the solo. I think I'll work on that some more tomorrow.
I added a video to a playlist Blaze Bayley - Wasted Years - Live at Maverick's
'Wasted Years' came out 1 year ago today. Let's celebrate with this Mira Costa Class of 1973 yearbook photo.
Too many lives wasted in detention. Including a man I visit who's been detained for 4 years. Not acceptab…
"Hate wasting my time on people" i wasted 5 years of my life trying to make u happy
I can see what you’re going through my friend, you’re so down, stressed, confused, hurt and You’re having sleepless nights. You’re always in tears because of that one person who broke your heart. You loved that person so much, you cared about them, you sacrificed whatever you had to make that person happy but all over a sudden they Dumped you, they paid you back by replacing you with someone else, they broke your heart and they never thought twice in the decision they made. They wasted your time. They made you believe that They’ll stay with you forever but now they’re out there with someone else. They fooled you & lied to you & they made you believe that they so different from the ones you’ve ever heard…Now you hate love, you doubt everyone who tells you that they love you, you completely fear to fall in love again. You’re feeling as if your life came to an end. But I tell you what my friend? You still have a long way to go; you only just have to be STRONG. Your life will still go on wit ...
It is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education have not been wasted on you, Potter. 'Ghosts are transparent.' (Snape, Book 6)
Can't fathom decision to drop Their best import for years wasted through terrible scheduling
honestly, this song really made me think about where I’m going in life. Iron Maiden- Wasted Years ha!
glad you've wasted your years looking up stupid facts. I didn't hear his comparison reject.
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Discrimination of a kind if you ask me. Last few years seem wasted. Should politely switch back to Naruto reruns.
I wasted a good 2 or 3 years of my life being sad over people that don't even matter and its so funny because now I see h…
I feel like it's been 2 years wasted for nothing.
I wrote a rhetorical article titled, WHO SAID THAT GOD IS NOT WICKED??? It was widely published but the people read it sheepishly as if they had no sense and good judgment. It was only few wise ones in Biafra that got me right after going through it. They got the message and also reasoned with me in great wisdom. It was the deep reason that gave us to see the high level of wickedness in mind of Jesus when he made the so-called LORD'S PRAYER in the holy story-book - Bible. I mean it took only the wise and great insight to know what Jesus actually had in mind when he prayed: "...give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us," The prayer was made in fantasy world, not in reality. Our inner-eyes were widely opened as the wise in Biafra reasoned deeply over it, and the insight told us that Jesus made the prayer out of sheer wickedness of heart. We saw it vividly in realism, and what we saw told us that the Jesus in Bible was asking his boss (God of European ...
Basically wasted two years of my life. 👍
Should have freed from this so called lulu in March of 13! What a wasted almost two years.Now gotta throw him under the bus ..BS
...and when their bubble has burst they will have nothing of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted." . -Nate Saint
Mayhew should be fired. Look at all the wasted draft picks. Did any pick from last years draft contribute ?
I just wasted the past four and a half years of my life.
"Little pieces of ur soul will eventually come back. All that fuzzy stuff, those years of life u wasted, that will eventually begin to fade"
I wasted the best years of my life on you. -Kate & Leopold (2001)
Mitch threatened Obama a one term presidency via Mitch claims credit for upwrd economy of Obama years-shame
Wake up dude ! Love don't cost a thing: except a lot of tears, a broken heart, and wasted years.
Good to see Caroline Flack's 3 years at dancing school wasn't wasted
Years that I've wasted is nothing to the tears that I have tasted🎧 Eminem
Wasted 5 years to start feeling heat every other day
I can't be satisfied with how things are right now im 16 ive wasted 16 years no time to be complacent
I spent €2 million on Oxford and €1 million on York just 7 years ago all wasted.
i will yeah! But its the final show and i haven't even got a named part... Feels like I've wasted two years😔
so why waste your time competiting? You have wasted 5 years competiting
Today lyd told me I wasn't her type.. I basically just wasted two years of friendship 👊
People who spell Snapchat as Snap Chart; Well done. You successfully wasted 15-20 odd years of your life.
You might say it looks like 4 wasted years
Hi, sorry to hear that can you please let the care team know more at so they can look into it
They say never regret anything, well I regret the past 3 years of my life that I wasted on your stupid *** 👋
90% of FGC members now questioning if their years of dedication have been wasted after watching an hour of Tetris. Mor…
And I have to go to work in 10 minutes and all I want to do is cry
Would like to thank Pizza Hut for giving kids party horns and therefore ruining my meal and giving me a panic attack 👍👍 smashing job ***
I feel like I wasted the last few years with my grandmother.
One of my biggest regrets in life is the three years and I wasted trying to figure out who A is.
Happy 18th you monghead, cant wait to get you new years eve wasted every saturday! 🎉🎈🎁💜
I WISH I WOULD REMEMBER HOW TO SPEAK FRENCH now i can only understand a bit but not form sentences. 4 years wasted
It saddens me that the world holds some much hatred for their fellow man. I wasted too many years stuck in anger. Peace is…
I've wasted some good years time and memories in my life...
Here goes to 7 years wasted and a new life yo 🍺🍻
Good grief. That's how many years I wasted not know this?
-I'm about 2 find another team, or sport altogether. Hate my years of wasted loyalty 2 the Hope curling is on…
Miami barely above .500 over the last 5 years, 0 bowl wins, 0 top 25 finishes, 0 conference championships, and now have Ad…
38 Wasted Years: Can A Man Offer What He Doesn't Have? If we're to conduct a research on the "leadership of Nigeria" from 1960-2014, which can be published in a high impact fact journal, the conclusion of such research would be that, northern Nigeria has no visionary leader! In our 54 years of existence since independence, we've had 14 Heads of State/Presidents and 10 of them are from Northern Nigeria, which represents 71.4%. And had ruled a combined of 38 years (71.7%) with nothing to show for it apart from insecurity, killing, corruption, quota system, unemployment, epileptic power supply, lack of access to portable water, death-trap roads, dilapidated hospitals, comatose economy, almost collapsed educational system, decay infrastructure etc. In the same period, the north is still the first in poverty (Kano has the highest number of beggars in WA), underdevelopment, diseases, high infant mortality rate, decay infrastructure, lack of social amenities, religious fanatics, terrorism, insecurity, illiteracy ...
Strange World (pre-album version found on the Best of the Beast Ltd Ed 2 CD release). Wasted Years. Fates Warning.
Okay, I think I've found a potential wife for my son---> Gabbie Rae & Patrick Kennison ~ "Wasted Years" ( …:
Remember that one time when you wasted the last 10 years of your life on the internet
Just wasted my first 30 min at work doing nothing! Here's for the next 40 years! 🎉
I'm crying now, thanks man, the worst part about that is, it's like you wasted the one shot you get every 25 years
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