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Wasted Years

Wasted Years is the fourteenth single released by Iron Maiden and the first from their Somewhere in Time album.

Iron Maiden

I seriously wasted my time! After almost 2 years I finally get the chance to correct my mistake and find real happiness❤️
Well I officially won the drunk white girl wasted award for New Years according to my colleagues
2. Let us all leave him to concentrate on his assignment. Where were u during PDP's wasted 16 years? He just got there pls!
Trying to understand the Qur'an now makes me realize how many years of my life I've wasted. May Allah make us of the righteous.
It's 3 am and it's the day after New Years and everyone seems to be wasted in Mexico and sleeping calmly as new year day ends
I wonder how much money have wasted sending me my weekly "amazing" credit card offer over the last 4/5 years.
no I mean does it use a travel day, me getting out of the U.K. And then back in after
If you look back and you are aware of your mistakes.and you regret wasted's a promise for 2016!
Don't look at d years wasted, look at d lessons u have learned. and then next time, try to figure it out and learn the lessons faster.
Just to prove that my previous 56 years have been totally wasted, it was 100 yrs ago this year the carriage designer Thomas Clayton died!
Like on god I really wasted so many years of my young and premature life smh I want them back ***
agree, if it does again with some here and there,then w/off.FM wasted full two years in just LAB and GST and excise on Diesel
I just wanted to get chocolate wasted for new years, was that to much to ask for 😒
Four years ago, I got wasted during NYE and mass-texted everyone a “Happy Birthday!” Good times good times
I don't want to spend all my time waiting, to wake up one day to find I let all these years go by, wasted.
I had actually planned to kill myself years ago. The plan was to get super wasted and then shoot myself.
eh bruh Payet is a joy to watch... Wasted his best years in France imo
I wasted 4 years to showcase my talent that will never will be recognized
I don't see any point living a life here ,10 + years and still no ead life is getting wasted
I got white girl wasted for New Years so... mission accomplished 🙈
I honestly can't help but feel like I totally wasted my high school years
Let all my wasted years and efforts be converted to multiple blessings, in the name of Jesus.
I just remembered our 2012 New Years and how wasted we were and how I ran into the sliding door in front of Chris 😂😂
recruit Mose Masoe has now reached that age where he looks back on wasted opportunities. Yet at 26 the...
I am so New Years wasted I'm spelling all wrong
I wasted three years with one girl never again on moma don't think I'll trust another female in my life gon take awhile fa allat
authors should b in jail & not running 4 office. Years of wasted taxpayer $$ 4 corporate greed.
I'm about to be 20 years old and my life ain't together... & I know it takes time but dang I feel like so much time has been wasted...
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"A man who views the the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his Muhammad Ali.
my dad: goes to New Orleans for New Years to get wasted with his gf but can't even come see his daughter once a month. cool.
"I know that Natsu but I just wasted my new years resolution on something I knew was going to happen... I'm sorry I even —
I've been silently pouting for 20 years and no one even came to check on me. I wasted this entire temper tantrum.
When you realize Minecraft isn't actually a competitive game with esports and you wasted 3 years of your life
I hated who I was for years and years. I wasted precious time and energy on other people's…
These last two years I've spent so much time focused on other people ,and wasted time on people I shouldn't have .
It took me nearly 3 years to realize this, but I'm glad I opened my eyes before I wasted more time..
. So many years of Red Dwarf wasted on the world.
I wasted so many years on your annoying ***
I have already wasted years of my life trying to convince myself that the Quran is peaceful and Sharia'a law …
Can't believe I wasted 2 years on him. 😂😊🖕🏼
mostly because I wasted 2 years of my life trying to keep a friendship going
myjob due to a DUI in my background check 5 years # get rid of misdemeanors on background checks. I just wasted …
Such a moving story on about twin brothers separated in 1946 and only just reunited. All those wasted years
People will be stay in toxic relationships for years then be mad they wasted so much time once they're over.
“I was waiting for. something extraordinary to. happen. but as the years wasted on. nothing ever did unless I. caused it…”…
I added a video to a playlist ZAVITO - Wasted Years ft. Oscar Nikola (Teaser)
Right now feeling like I have completely wasted 2 years of my life
it's not 3 wasted years as one of them years was the best I have ev and seen Liverpool play.
Useful slideshare on key points of Ofsted's KS3 report
- 2 years of this country's future wasted by this Govt
I have already wasted 16 years of my life! Dont make it another 14!
87 wonderful years. None wasted. We love you Lola.
If you view the world, at 50 as you did at 20, you have wasted 30 years (Muhammad Ali) (9-14-2015).
Hoping is slow & humiliating process for PM & his dodgy Crew, A wasted two years by PM & this govt…
When one person can make up for all the years you have wasted with the wrong people❤️.
Finna be almost 6 years and I just feel like I wasted nun but time
My only hope for the 49ers is that they don't get the overall pick b/c they wasted that 10 years ago on Alex Smith, not Aaron Rodgers .
I wasted years thinking I didn't like beetroot. Turns out beetroot is lovely. It's purple vinegar I wasn't too keen on.
People always say don't you feel like you wasted three years..? I say no it was a lesson well learned👌🏻
I wasted 4 years of my life ... Thats makes me sad
Rex should've been gone but Woody wasted two years. I appreciate though, Bowles wasn't ready yet.
I think once people get to college, they'll realize they wasted all their high school years trying to impress people the…
Decided to learn 'Wasted Years' by Iron Maiden. Got everything down except the solo. I think I'll work on that some more tomorrow.
I added a video to a playlist Blaze Bayley - Wasted Years - Live at Maverick's
'Wasted Years' came out 1 year ago today. Let's celebrate with this Mira Costa Class of 1973 yearbook photo.
Too many lives wasted in detention. Including a man I visit who's been detained for 4 years. Not acceptab…
"Hate wasting my time on people" i wasted 5 years of my life trying to make u happy
I can see what you’re going through my friend, you’re so down, stressed, confused, hurt and You’re having sleepless nights. You’re always in tears because of that one person who broke your heart. You loved that person so much, you cared about them, you sacrificed whatever you had to make that person happy but all over a sudden they Dumped you, they paid you back by replacing you with someone else, they broke your heart and they never thought twice in the decision they made. They wasted your time. They made you believe that They’ll stay with you forever but now they’re out there with someone else. They fooled you & lied to you & they made you believe that they so different from the ones you’ve ever heard…Now you hate love, you doubt everyone who tells you that they love you, you completely fear to fall in love again. You’re feeling as if your life came to an end. But I tell you what my friend? You still have a long way to go; you only just have to be STRONG. Your life will still go on wit ...
It is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education have not been wasted on you, Potter. 'Ghosts are transparent.' (Snape, Book 6)
Can't fathom decision to drop Their best import for years wasted through terrible scheduling
honestly, this song really made me think about where I’m going in life. Iron Maiden- Wasted Years ha!
glad you've wasted your years looking up stupid facts. I didn't hear his comparison reject.
"If we had known, that our luv had come to this, we could have saved our hearts, the hurt of wasted years. Well, its been fun! What else can i say if the feelings gone words won't stop you anyway, if being frees worth what you'll leave behind and if its to late for luv to change your mind,"then its goodbye time".
Discrimination of a kind if you ask me. Last few years seem wasted. Should politely switch back to Naruto reruns.
I wasted a good 2 or 3 years of my life being sad over people that don't even matter and its so funny because now I see h…
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I feel like it's been 2 years wasted for nothing.
I wrote a rhetorical article titled, WHO SAID THAT GOD IS NOT WICKED??? It was widely published but the people read it sheepishly as if they had no sense and good judgment. It was only few wise ones in Biafra that got me right after going through it. They got the message and also reasoned with me in great wisdom. It was the deep reason that gave us to see the high level of wickedness in mind of Jesus when he made the so-called LORD'S PRAYER in the holy story-book - Bible. I mean it took only the wise and great insight to know what Jesus actually had in mind when he prayed: "...give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us," The prayer was made in fantasy world, not in reality. Our inner-eyes were widely opened as the wise in Biafra reasoned deeply over it, and the insight told us that Jesus made the prayer out of sheer wickedness of heart. We saw it vividly in realism, and what we saw told us that the Jesus in Bible was asking his boss (God of European ...
Basically wasted two years of my life. 👍
Should have freed from this so called lulu in March of 13! What a wasted almost two years.Now gotta throw him under the bus ..BS
...and when their bubble has burst they will have nothing of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted." . -Nate Saint
Mayhew should be fired. Look at all the wasted draft picks. Did any pick from last years draft contribute ?
I just wasted the past four and a half years of my life.
The man who views the world at 50 the same way he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life. Muhammad Ali
"Little pieces of ur soul will eventually come back. All that fuzzy stuff, those years of life u wasted, that will eventually begin to fade"
I wasted the best years of my life on you. -Kate & Leopold (2001)
Mitch threatened Obama a one term presidency via Mitch claims credit for upwrd economy of Obama years-shame
Wake up dude ! Love don't cost a thing: except a lot of tears, a broken heart, and wasted years.
Good to see Caroline Flack's 3 years at dancing school wasn't wasted
Years that I've wasted is nothing to the tears that I have tasted🎧 Eminem
Wasted 5 years to start feeling heat every other day
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I can't be satisfied with how things are right now im 16 ive wasted 16 years no time to be complacent
I spent €2 million on Oxford and €1 million on York just 7 years ago all wasted.
i will yeah! But its the final show and i haven't even got a named part... Feels like I've wasted two years😔
so why waste your time competiting? You have wasted 5 years competiting
Today lyd told me I wasn't her type.. I basically just wasted two years of friendship 👊
People who spell Snapchat as Snap Chart; Well done. You successfully wasted 15-20 odd years of your life.
You might say it looks like 4 wasted years
Hi, sorry to hear that can you please let the care team know more at so they can look into it
We can't learn to do things the right way if we didn't experience the wrong way. Wasted years don't exist. They're par…
They say never regret anything, well I regret the past 3 years of my life that I wasted on your stupid *** 👋
90% of FGC members now questioning if their years of dedication have been wasted after watching an hour of Tetris. Mor…
And I have to go to work in 10 minutes and all I want to do is cry
Understand. Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years. Face up..make a stand. And realize you're living in the golden years
Would like to thank Pizza Hut for giving kids party horns and therefore ruining my meal and giving me a panic attack 👍👍 smashing job ***
I feel like I wasted the last few years with my grandmother.
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One of my biggest regrets in life is the three years and I wasted trying to figure out who A is.
Happy 18th you monghead, cant wait to get you new years eve wasted every saturday! 🎉🎈🎁💜
I WISH I WOULD REMEMBER HOW TO SPEAK FRENCH now i can only understand a bit but not form sentences. 4 years wasted
It saddens me that the world holds some much hatred for their fellow man. I wasted too many years stuck in anger. Peace is…
I've wasted some good years time and memories in my life...
Here goes to 7 years wasted and a new life yo 🍺🍻
Good grief. That's how many years I wasted not know this?
-I'm about 2 find another team, or sport altogether. Hate my years of wasted loyalty 2 the Hope curling is on…
Miami barely above .500 over the last 5 years, 0 bowl wins, 0 top 25 finishes, 0 conference championships, and now have Ad…
38 Wasted Years: Can A Man Offer What He Doesn't Have? If we're to conduct a research on the "leadership of Nigeria" from 1960-2014, which can be published in a high impact fact journal, the conclusion of such research would be that, northern Nigeria has no visionary leader! In our 54 years of existence since independence, we've had 14 Heads of State/Presidents and 10 of them are from Northern Nigeria, which represents 71.4%. And had ruled a combined of 38 years (71.7%) with nothing to show for it apart from insecurity, killing, corruption, quota system, unemployment, epileptic power supply, lack of access to portable water, death-trap roads, dilapidated hospitals, comatose economy, almost collapsed educational system, decay infrastructure etc. In the same period, the north is still the first in poverty (Kano has the highest number of beggars in WA), underdevelopment, diseases, high infant mortality rate, decay infrastructure, lack of social amenities, religious fanatics, terrorism, insecurity, illiteracy ...
Strange World (pre-album version found on the Best of the Beast Ltd Ed 2 CD release). Wasted Years. Fates Warning.
Okay, I think I've found a potential wife for my son---> Gabbie Rae & Patrick Kennison ~ "Wasted Years" ( …:
Remember that one time when you wasted the last 10 years of your life on the internet
Just wasted my first 30 min at work doing nothing! Here's for the next 40 years! 🎉
I'm crying now, thanks man, the worst part about that is, it's like you wasted the one shot you get every 25 years
3 years and all wasted??? No no im not stopping i hav waited far too long tried far too hard to call quits now
Wasted so much money on plan b pills ever since I turned 16 years to now. Could got some rims for my truck by now. That's how much I wasted
If you're the same person you were in high school, then you've wasted these years. Make it a goal to change as a person every year...
Since everyone is talking about there HS years... Pretty sure I wasted mine.
I hate finding flats in london that I could rent bc I don't live there and won't for a few years :( such wasted research
I wasted 3 years on my ex, what a shame
Sure wish I wouldn't have wasted the past 2 years...when they could have been spent with someone like you ♥️
But I seriously stay thinking like three years were such a long time wasted I can be making mistakes like that no more
All the girls think they played with me and wasted years of my life. . But it was I weeding out the fake, evil ones. Seems all of them were.
I feel like I wasted 3 years of high school being sad and angry all the time and that ***
ok?!?! She done Wasted all ha good years on Diddy and what has she gotten honestly ? /: I mean she's *** near 30
Please don't let it be another 2 years wasted.
Every time I see you, I don't get why I wasted so many years of my life.
people are going to look back one day and wonder why they wasted their childhood years on social media.. I'm a culprit
+listen to ur lies I'm sick of all the wasted years swallowing ur salty tears u pushed me down a well n left me to die oh oh+
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Five years of my time was wasted and it was all proven to me on my birthday of 2013😪
4 years of extremely expensive extended childhood. Golden opportunity to learn a lot in a compact timespan, wasted.
The wasted years, the wasted youth the pretty lies, the ugly truth
Last time I was this sprung on a guy I ended up finding out be was in a relationship... 4 years down the drain of wasted time
I hate how I got too *** attached to a mfer that played me and ain't care about me or my son. Never again. Wasted my two years💔💯✂
Im 22 years of wasted skin, bone, and air
I can't believe I didn't try my first burrito until I was 14. 14 years of my *** life wasted
Yes lets commemorate the start of four years of wasted lives and gratuitous stupidity. Done so well we decided to...
I think I just wasted 5 years with this ***
You can bank holidays for years, so 0 days were wasted or "down the drain". This isn't USA: use it or lose it doesn't apply
. It was a "Christian" forum where Guy wasted several years of his life.
The fact that I have been in love with for like 6 years and she hasn't even wasted a breath on me ***
Literally just realized I wasted the first 3 years of high school on a stupid boy.
Atleast I know what a spiteful, heartless and cowardly excuse of a man I wasted 5 years of my life on
I wasted so much of high school and it *** cause I'll never get those years back
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I wasted my four years of high school
I've wasted my first 3 years of high school
I'm only 19 and I'm waking up everyday regarding how I wasted away my teenage years and won't get the chance to do certain things
When will people realize that 10 years from now none of this will matter? You can't get back time wasted on trying to be something your not.
The wasted years, the wasted youth. The pretty lies, the ugly truth. And the day has come where I have died. Only to find I’ve come alive
Honestly can't believe I wasted 5 years of my life trying for you
But I don't consider those 3 years "wasted".
If you're 24, but you're still acting and thinking the same way you did when you were 18, you just wasted 6 years of your …
Wasted a ton of time over the years but it is what it is.ain't ready for years now gotta focus on my self
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years - Mexico Monterrey Letra: From the coast of gold, across the seven seas, i'm travelling on, far and wide, but now it seems, i'm ju...
Wasted years wasted youth pretty lies the ugly truth.
"Seven years of college wasted. I might as well join the peace corp."
I've wasted years that I'll never get back, I'm just tryna make up for them now.
Dude, I swear to god if I trip while walking the stage tomorrow I will have wasted 13 years for nothing.
Took a placement test today that told me I have to start at beginning Spanish. that was 3 years of high school spanish wasted...
Frankies, tios, wasted years not sweenys, good night will be good
Ha sorry I wasted two years of your life.
The world is beautiful I just want to see all of it I've wasted 17 years of my life going to school and being in AZ ***
Wait but I just wasted 3 years of my life...
"Love brings nothing but wasted years and endless torment"
There's nothing left but wasted years
Wish i could get back all the time ive wasted the past couple years
I won't be a teenager ever again and the thought of having wasted these years scares me
CONTINUATION FROM YESTERDAYs TEN KINDS OF PERSON YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF WHEN IT COMES TO MARRIAGE. 4. A DREAM KILLER Don’t walk into an atmosphere where your dreams will be despised and suffocated. God is not an author of confusion. He will not give you a gift and then suggest a spouse that will kill that gift. 5. AN ANGRY PERSON It’s okay to get angry once in a while because you are human. But be careful with a person that gets angry every time, at the drop of the hat. Anger is what leads to physical abuse and sometimes death in a matrimonial home. Pro 22:24-25 MSG (24) Don't hang out with angry people; don't keep company with hotheads. (25) Bad temper is contagious-- don't get infected. 6. A Foolish person When you get married to a foolish person, you will make foolish decisions together. Pro 19:3 KJV The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the LORD. How do you know a foolish person? He has no regard for God. A fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. 7. An . ...
Feeling like I wasted 4 years at that dumb place.
If you thought avenged sevenfold's hail to the king ripped off ACDC you obviously havent heard Iron Maiden's Wasted Years
I wasted 9 years on that friendship😒
I wasted two years and a half if my life.
Cant believe im turning 30! I feel like the last 10 years of my life were wasted other than having my 2 wonderful children! !!
I feel as though I have wasted 10 years of my life being a slave to the new haven school system
im waiting for my birthday so I can get wasted after 3 years!!
I need someone who appreciate my effort... 4 years was wasted.. I need to back up..
WOW! This is why I'm so excited 🎉 When you've already wasted years of taking care of your skin! Sagging, firmness and elasticity is gone, Rodan+Fields Redefine regimen combined with our award winning Macro Exfoliator is literally reversing that damage! If you're still younger than 35, this is all preventative steps to keep your youth or to get back years of looking and feeling great! This is how we change skin 😍 Let me help you get started on a Rodan+Fields regimen catered to your skin concerns - Anti aging, pigmentation, sensitivity or acne! AlyssaFung.MyRandF.Com 808.389.2941
. u suck and don't care about customers just the bottom line . Glad u were a brief pit stop ... 27 wasted years
Old mate Jack Versace chucks a birthday at Wasted Years tonight. I hope everyone is wearing whisky drinking pants and that my DJs have a lotta Action Bronson on hand.
So hard without you big man. We miss how much you care about us and i know it wasn't right to wake up crying and to feel weak because your in a better place with God now. No longer pain and hurt. I still remember all the memories we spent together, somehow i know it won't happen again. I regret all the wasted years not giving you enough time to be with you big man and here i am thought of you. And yes, the pain goes on and on especially for mama. She's longing for you and no matter what we do we can't replace you and i ask you big man to continue watch over us. We're on our own now before your the one who do everything for our family with mama. Thank you for everything that you've done for our family and i love you. Sometimes i wish you're still here. I'm praying everyday that God will continue strengthen our family. I totally feel the changes without you but will be fine big man because we have each other and God never leave us. God is there for us all the time. Thank you God for making us strong and we' ...
I know people who feel like they've wasted years of their lives because of poor choices. They spent years in a relationship that was toxic, years with an addiction, years at a job where they weren't fulfilled. But you have to relize, nothing you have been through is ever wasted. Your past experiences, good or bad have deposited something on the inside of u. Those challenges have sharpened you, to make who you are today. Just some food for ur brain today
Joel 2 vs 25 Though I sent my great army against you those swarming locust and hoping locust,the destroying locusts and the cutting locusts that eat your crops-I will pay you back for those years of trouble.Jehova is in business of repaying all the wasted years.
The bible tells us that all things will be working for our good.- Romans 8:28.Joseph went through pains,disappointments,betrayal and rejection but God turned it around for his good.Trust God in the middle of your trials today.Allow God to work through your circumstances. He will surely turn all your pains and wasted years for your good. God is God.
BREAK THE YOKE OF SATANIC DELAY IN YOUR LIFE. Say after me,Every arrow of evil delay,fired into my star die. Every arrow of backwardness,fire into my destiny,die. Chain of stagnation,break into pieces,Delay tactics,organised against my joy,scattered. Every delay,programmed to tie me down die. Every arrow of disappointed,fired into my Glory,Back fire. Thou power of hard life,die. Every arrow of shame,targeted against my life,back fire. Every power ordained to make me rise and fall,you are failure,die. Every power of my father's house,delaying my breakthrough and my testimony,die. Curses and covenants of satanic delay on my marital life,business,f amily.die. Deep pit,swallowing my virtues,vomit them by fire. Chain of delay,holding my star,break. Cloud of darkness around my breakthrough,scatter by fire. I pull down every stronghold of satanic delay in my life. Every strong man assigned against my progress,die. Satanic decree over my picture,die. Every evil power draining my virtues,die.Failure and calamity s ...
ALL YOUR WASTED YEARS MUST BE CONVERTED TO MULTIPLE BLESSINGS THIS Coming Year 2014 in Jesus name!!! AMEN I decree a new beginning for you all! I see things turning positively in your favour in Jesus name. A new beginning is starting for you today in the name of Jesus!!! Write 'AMEN' to claim this prayer..
Feeling pretty good about my plans for this weekend: Nothing DJ Wasted Years Nothing Nothing So much rest 🙌
Over the past few weeks. I learned new feelings, I met another alter in meaningful ways and got to know one of the teenagers a bit better, I've experienced them going through some extremely challenging moments, we've made mistakes and lived through that. It's been hard, it's been tender, very very tough stuff, too rough, really to even talk with another Human about. Did I mention hard? A lot of times the difficulty lies in the fact that I wish I could continue to cover up my mental illness, hide from others the fact that regardless of how hard I've been trying my whole life to put on a happy face, having alters means that I have to start admitting that I was abused in profound ways that shattered my psyche and my chance at a happy life. Until I faced this, nothing I ever did was going to really work. I feel very sad about many wasted years trying to be positive about things I shouldn't have been positive about, being profoundly unkind to the boys inside me...I just picked up what the abusers wer ...
Today, God shall restore to you your wasted years and efforts, in the name of Jesus.
Yes, someone is blasting Wasted Years by Maiden somewhere in my neighborhood!
2014 .if God be for me who can be against me?I love it the more when Rev.Teresia Wairimu said WHO can surpass God while she was giving the prophecy of this year.The breaking of a new pals be encouraged this morning that if God is for you nobody,none can be against you.He said in Isaiah 45 that He will go before us.meaning He will be our shield and if He will go before us they will first of all hit God who is before and He will surely deal with the arrows and surprise the shooters of the arrows.I always draw a new revelation on listening to the dvd of the 2014 prophecy by Rev Teresia Wairimu.I can testify that God is a restorer of image and reputation. He lays a table for us in the presence of our enemies.He ensures that those who made fun of us and gave examples with us,those who majored in our history and not destiny,those who defined us by our circumstances without understanding that we were only passing through,those who wrote us off not remembering God has our end at heart and He is well able t ...
I have wasted years, nay decades, afraid to really live to take chances. Granted at first I had to be prudent, putting my boys first in all things, but in the two years since I was last a mom it was out of fear. Fear of caring for someone and then losing them. But thanks to time and kick *** anti-depressants I realize that life is for the living and I owe it to those that I have lost too young to get out there and do it. So watch out world I am coming for you!
Bind The Strong Man And Take Back What Was Yours Matthew 12:29 Each of us has been robbed in a certain way. The enemy is walking around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him Mission of the Devil - John 10:10 TO STEAL – you used to have it, but now it is gone. He has taken it from you. It no longer exists in your life TO KILL – It was alive and flourishing, and bearing fruit, but now it is dead TO DESTROY - There was something in your life that could have been very powerful, but the enemy stopped it, destroyed it, hindered it and crippled it Only you can know where you have been ripped by the enemy RECOVER ALL…. Luke 10:39 Authority to trample over serpents and scorpions Recover all the relationships that the enemy has sought to destroy –Isaiah 58:12 (husband and wife, parents and children, employer and employee, friend and friend, sons and daughters) Recover personal promises that God has given you through the Scripture (2Cor 1:20) Recover prophetic words the enemy has st ...
Adrian's solos are amazing on this life feed! Wasted years sounds awesome!!!
God's mercy is bigger then any mistake u've made.u may have wasted years of ur life making poor choices,but i wil tel u God still has a way to carry u to ur final Jesus name Amen.
God shall restore Your wasted years this season in Jesus name.
Hooray, so many hours wasted there in the past 4 years! Good life choices.
Let me run from all these years of wasted space
If only I could feel the love I've wasted on you all these years on someone who actually deserves and appreciates it..
Pretty boy from wasted years talking to me and said "throbbing" 😳. 😄💃
Honestly wish I hadn't wasted almost 3 years of my life.
Finally got around to changing all my shells to oh-my-zsh. Why didn't I do this years ago?. All those lifetimes wasted at the command line.
Sometimes I wonder why I wasted 5 years of my life w him
Vindictive journalists who wasted years of their lives on a false narrative are bitter. The end.
I hate Singapore's education system. I wasted years in primary and secondary school learning something that I don't even apply.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
you wasted like 5 minutes of my life I can never get back. That's you in 10 years.
I still can't believe I wasted almost 2 years on oomf like was I really that stupid and oblivious.
I can't believe I wasted 12 years of my life on you
*** was I a fool? Faling in love with something that was impossible? Wasted 2 years of my life... But Officially Single and Road 2 Recovery
Goodnight I just found out i wasted 3 years if my life
Wasted 4 years of school trying to find the right one when we were in each other's face the whole time 😘😍 h…
So Understand.Don't waste your time..always living n the Wasted Years...Rise up..Take your stand..and realize you're living n the Golden Years...
JESUS IS SAYING TONIGHT: WASTED YEARS, WASTED YEARS, JESUS IS CALLING YOU TODAY TO COME AND BE RESTORED OF YOUR WASTED YEARS. That was all I heard at exactly 02:30 am. Good night and hope you will not fail in your duty tomorrow as Christ is still in the business of charity and still interested in the rules of tithe and offering so there will be plenty of food in the house of His Father. Happy Sunday service. Evangelist Christian Chukwuka 02:37 11/05/2014
Wasted years or cemetery gates.. It's very hard to name just one!!
I'm in the process of making some homemade barbecue sauce, and a recipe called for chili sauce. I bought a bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce, and am now very disappointed that this has literally been around my whole life and this is the first time I've tried it. Oh the wasted years!!!
This morning I was reading out of Luke 15:11- 32 and God was just reminding of how he was always waiting looking off in the distance for me to come back home. I love how it says, the father saw the sun a long way off. That means that the father never stop waiting and looking for his wayward son to come back. yeah I wasted years, thousands of dollars, i hurt people, and I serve His enemy but He stood there waiting for me to come back. and when I got back He still had a purpose for me and even though I felt worthless He found great value in me. My prayer today is for the wayward son and daughters God I pray that you would soften their hearts and let them know you're waiting for them. Let them know that they have great value in your eyes and there's nothing they could do to stop your love for them. God also give us hearts that would love them and reach out to them to draw those people back in to your family.
5. + 2011 - 2012 - 2013: wasted years of my life. NYSC disorganised 2011 and 2012, what happened to 2013 sef? So early to start wasting these years like this. +
Dinner with the family and then Wasted Years to DJ. Good night ahead! Come do a fireball
As I lie awake an wonder why you ever did me wrong . I know the blame shouldn't rest souley on you. I allowed it all to happen with Wasted years, an constant struggles. Happily I can confess you are part of my past. An never will be part of my future. I try an erase the the happy times captured in endless pictures. But I decided those were times that happened. Not times I want to regret. I Just want to learn from them an move on. Which happily I can admit seems to be happening. Friends I hope you all have a great weekend an enjoy your loved ones an family :) I know I will be.
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years, metal classic taken from the "Somewhere In Time" Album from 1986.
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I know I still believe he'd never let me leave, I had to run away alone So many threats and fears, so many wasted years, before my life became my own And though the nightmares should be over, some of the terrors are still intact I'll hear that ugly, coarse, and violent voice, and then he grabs me from behind, and then he pulls me back But it was long ago, and it was far away Oh God, it seems so very far, and if life is just a highway, then the soul is just a car And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are
We spend our whole lives hiding, trying to camouflage who we really are. We put on fronts, hold back words, fake friendships, which is all just a desperate attempt to be liked. But yet, we seem to be missing the big picture. No one can truly like us if they don't even know who we really are. The only thing people can see is what you show them. Some people show themselves while others choose to be someone they're not. All because they fear rejection. But thats the thing, everyone does. We've wasted years of this precious thing called life. Sacrificing our happiness for fake friends. Those years can't be regained or traded, they're lost. Forever. Yet, we have more time. Whether it be a minute or one hundred years. There is time. When we let our true colors shine, we will be liked for who we really are. We will find happiness. We will find true friends. We will find a beautiful world we never knew existed. I aspire to be a first rate version of myself rather than a second rate version of anyone else..
All them wasted years made me feel like a wanksta :/ lol...
This is the 22nd/52 LIVE vocal videos this year. Look below for the complete list of all weekly vids! Week 22 - Iron Maiden - Wasted Years a rocky Maiden tra...
like a foolish dreamer trying to build a highway to the sky, all my hopes would come tumbling down and I never knew just why, until today when you pulled away the clouds that hung like curtains over my eyes, I was blind all those wasted years and I thought I was so wise until you took me by surprise. Like waking up from the longest dream, how real it seemed until your love broke through.
Still the Wasted Years: The Curse of Oil and the Loss of Initiative Even though structure and leadership are not mutually exclusive, in fact, they complement each other, the structure is far more important than any individual leader. The structure would remain long after the leader is gone. A sound structure makes it easier for a country to make progress. When a structure is weak, it makes leadership a lot more difficult. You cite Jerry Rawlings, but the case of Rawlings was not only about a case of good leadership it was also about sound structure. Rawlings set up a sound structure that works for Ghana and then put himself in the structure instead of above it. In doing so, he made the structure even sounder, so that it would continue to thrive long after he is gone from the scene. Returning to Nigeria, the first Republic was not a perfect Republic. It certainly was not free from corruption and if you look into the history books, you would be astounded to find that scourges like ethnocentrism were far wor ...
Tune into Last Call with Carson Daly tonight at 1:35PM ET to catch OFF! play some tracks from their new record 'Wasted Years.'
OFF! Has FREE Show At Amoeba Music: In celebration of new album Wasted Years, OFF! has scheduled a FREE in-store...
"Ain't it funny how it is? You never miss it 'til its gone away..." Ryan Adams - Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)
Went to the scalper and plunked down 190 quid tonight to see Bob Dylan at Albert Hall and boy was it worth it. Row 9, center. 2500 seats. He first played there in 1966, going electric with the Beatles watching on. 7:30 show. Lights go down at 7:30. Band starts at 7:31, Dylan walks out at 7:32. Spare lighting, no gels, no screens, no merch table. 15min intermission at 8:15, encore at 9:30. Scolding rendition of Love Sick to close first section, Long and Wasted Years to close second. Free wine and ice cream at interval. No acknowledgement per usual of audience or historic nature of venue. 100% in your face attitude. Great show.
All this time spent in vain; wasted years wasted gain. All is lost but hope remains and this war's not over
Hoy ensayo versiones: . Anarchy in the U.K. Wasted Years
Can't believe we missed our last chance to rush Alpha Zeta Sigma Zeta Phi Zeta Tau Zeta... all the wasted years
I dont waste my tears i face my fears roll a l drank some beer done wasted years worried bout how *** feel...
Early dawning, sunday morning . It's just the wasted years so close behind
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Poor choices,wasted years,mistakes we've made.God answers the mess of your life with one word..."GRACE"
Think I understand that now. Rather late in life but perhaps understandable in a neo-asperger type. Wasted years. Lots.
I love my kids, but wasted years of not being able to enjoy it with them.
For some reason im Able to watch the same shows and movies again and again and never get bored Think i've wasted years of my life on repeats
When your precious years were wasted on someone, what do U do? U move on. Never to look back nor regret those wasted years.
Selfless may seem selfish until you see the color of my tears. I don't cry for me, I cry for all your wasted years
Economy was growing when Tories came in,three wasted years hardly suggests that Osborne was right.
I miss that kid, she needs to come visit
That class may have only been an hour and twenty minutes of my life, but I feel as though I've wasted years.
The moment you realize you have been in love with the wrong person and wasted years of you time
“Tomorrow David Cameron will match the 1951-55 Winston Churchill government for longevity .” Start of 13 wasted years.
Speak to those who have wasted years in a rlship"A waste of of almost 5 months of my life. I just want my 5 months back.."
it is a FORECAST but even the higher figure is pathetic after 3 wasted years of ZERO GROWTH !
Sometimes I hold my tongue, talking feels useless. I used to point in circles for wasted years lost in excuses.
Thinking of those wasted years and the fact that things still haven't changed makes me cringe. I'm so happy that I am no longer a part of it
Any year that has been lost due to sickness or poverty is restored! God is restoring your wasted years in Jesus’ name!
You don't want anyone to assume you're being frivolous; you ma... More for Taurus
There. I said it. I don't like. I'm sorry. It was/is just 6,5 wasted years of my life.
Will be YOLOing for the next months. Have to make up for my 4 lost and wasted years.
Off to my last exam in order to get my BA. It's either pass or 4 wasted years. Wish me luck!
There are so many time drains and things that steal our time in life, I wasted years on things that mean nothing
Keeping bad company might not seem harmful now, but you'll regret it eventually when wasted years go by & experience makes you wiser.
Laying up on stupid women will hold you back in life, wasted years you could have been applying yourself
A case of beers in the staircase I wasted years
Feeling supeeer supeeer suicidal,the wasted years.the wasteeesd youuuth
Wasted Years drops this Fri. the 6th via the net!
From Herne The Hunter on Life Experiences & Wasted Years ---> "Nothing is wasted if you learn from it"
agreed Mr Durham -Wenger's wasted years. Bar Cesc who wanted to go anyway.
The Holy Spirit is the Restorer of wasted years (Joel 2.25) and is the Life-giver, giving life unlimited!Thank you Lord for restoration life
I was married for 17yrs...17 wasted years! Now I do just what i want.I'm a big fan! Nice one mate!
The wasted years, the wasted youth'8
I seriously cant wait for high school to be the heck over. Wasted years almost.
The meaning of life. The wasted years of life. The poor choices of life. God answers the mess of life with one word: 'grace.'
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Live Maiden England '88) Face up.. You're living in the golden years! 🎸
Once you salt your melon you won’t go back. Can’t believe I’ve only just discovered it. So many wasted years of unsalted melons.
I waited and wasted years, be happy now.
So sad for them. 6 wasted years hating an innocent family. And the abductor? Do they even care that he could or has again?
My baby soo beautiful!!! That's a fact!! What was I thinking for 4 wasted years at Warner!! Lol
Feeling super super super suicidle, the wasted years, the wasted youth
Your friends might be worried that you will lose your temper t... More for Taurus
No more memories, no more silent tears... No more gazing across the wasted years...Help me say goodbye.
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