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Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is one of the best-known of New York City's 1,900 public parks. At 9.75 acres (39,500 m2), it is a landmark in the Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village, as well as a meeting place and center for cultural activity.

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Man shot in leg in Washington Square Park, NYPD says
A shooting investigation is underway in Washington Square Park. Here's what we know so far: https:/…
BREAKING: Shooting in Washington Square Park. 1 person injured and in serious condition.
Man rushed to hospital after shooting himself in the leg in Washington Square Park
Milford, Pug (13 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "He squeals like a pig when his mom comes home."
I added a video to a playlist Piano under Washington Square Park
Today’s w/ visiting Washington Square Park on a gorgeous spring day!
watching the NYU graduates at Washington square park after their graduation ceremony and thinking...must be nice...
I LOVE the High line, The strand bookstore, Washington Square Park, If you want Touristy place Time sq…
I went to yoga, tanned in Washington square park AND started/finished season 2 of Master of None today...
So many NYU graduates in Washington square park today 😭
Hot weather and Shakira, just perfect in Washington Square Park .
Lived in NY almost 3 years and this is my first time in Washington square park
Shakira was at Washington Square Park in NYC just chilling 😰 elheraldoco's video
I'm sure he was reading them all while he was in Washington square park earlier 😂
One more video of Shakira singing in Washington Square Park this afternoon.
Shakira performing for fans in Washington Square Park in New York City 😭
Emma and I saw today. I was more respectful @ Washington Square Park
A family enjoying the nice weather on their rooftop, overlooking Washington Square Park, 1904
True. Washington Square Park had a certain unique charm when it was populated wit…
Our Shakira performing for first time Chantaje at Washington Square Park in NYC!
Nice that they got the fountain going ... @ Washington Square Park (Chicago)
I saw so many ppl in Washington Square Park on my way to the dermatologist. It looked so dreamy 😻
Shakira sang in an intimate performance for her fans at Washington Square Park in New York.…
Sat in Washington Square Park for 3 hours. Listened to a man playing piano. Watched complete strangers dance together. New…
Time to get organized for an ACTUAL revolution. . This revolution needs you. . 1pm Washington Square Park.
Sixteen thousand blue flags placed in Washington Square Park to raise autism awareness
Shadow, Aussie (3), Washington Square Park, NYC • "He's gone with me to black tie events and weddings – people recognize him…
Flat Lorax is rocking his Hamilton shirt in Washington Square Park.
Snow Day: The Arch in Washington Square Park as seen from Thompson Street
yeah Washington Square Park is between 6th and 7th street on Walnut. Super close!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Washington Square Park, City Hall area and Spruce Street Harbor Park are all great for Pokemon Go
saw the 4th Beastie Boy Ricky Powell and it wasn't Washington Square Park either
No hate, no fear; immigrants are welcome here. Happening right now at Washington Square Park.
Happening now at Washington Square Park. "This is what America looks like"
Live from NYU and Washington Square Park. I'll admit it, I drop names like Pearl Harbor. Too…
Max, Shih Tzu/Terrier mix (1), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "He does a really funny dance before he poops – it's l…
Holly, Havanese (6 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "She's on her way to an ugly Christmas sweater party." https…
When they know you so well they randomly ask to go see the tree from Washington Square Park you…
This tree in Washington Square Park is more than 300 years old. Learn more about it and other great trees of NYC at
Washington Square Park did not get the 75 foot tree this year and there was no lighting. What gives?
Isabella, Maltipoo (8 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "When you're mad at her she'll run under the bed and hide…
Paisley, Great Dane (16 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "She has about an hour of energy and then sleeps the re…
Madonna performed "Don't Tell Me" for a surprise pop up performance in support of Hillary at Washington Square Park in…
Madonna treated the audience at the Washington Square Park with her version of "If I Had A Hammer" tonight!
I know. I want to go back all the time. Greenwich and Washington Square Park are my favourite places in the world
Diane Arbus. Young couple on a bench in Washington Square Park, NYC , 1965)
The Lyndon is next door to Washington Square Park and Independence Hall- we'd call that a prime location:…
Washington Square Park: People still play chess on the same tables 50 yrs later. – http…
Hundreds of Donald Trump protesters hold a demonstration in Washington Square Park in New York on November 11.
Be on the right side of history. Don't normalize hate. 💕 @ Washington Square Park
Need a laugh, want to cry? Watch Sarah Jones. She begins at 9:30 mark. Washington Square Park r…
David Wagner and Maxwell Honeyman are scavenger hunting around Washington Square Park.
Edgar, Pug (6), Washington Square Park, NYC • "He likes to walk around with treats in his mouth and give them to other dogs…
"How come every time I read William Burroughs I end up in Washington Square Park looking for heroin?"
Just me, some other people, and 10,000 squirrels in Washington Square Park today. Tree rats with foofy tails are everywhere, ya'll.
Sign at peace rally in Washington Square Park.
Madonna was mobbed by thousands of fans within minutes at her surprise show for Hillary at Washington Square Park. https…
Madonna last night at Washington Square Park in NYC .
performs on November 7, 2016 at Washington Square Park, NYC in support of Hillary Clinton.
Surprise Mo Concert in Washington Square Park, New York for soon to be President Hillary. Were you there?
Madonna's doing an acoustical performance to support Clinton in the fountain at Washington Square Park. Here is my amazing pho…
I can't get over how sweet Madonna's son is. I can't and I won't. @ Washington Square Park
Thanks for letting me jump in on this one guys 🙏🏽❤️ @ Washington Square Park
I want to cry. I can't believe I saw play for Hillary in Washington Square Park on this historic election eve. I a…
❤️ "This is a concert about Peace" - tonight in Washington Square Park, NYC (Nov-7-2016)
I just stormed out of a movie screening to see Madonna perform for Hillary in Washington Square Park and I've never felt…
Tonight I sang "Imagine" with Madonna in Washington Square Park for Hillary Clinton. My coffin is beautiful.
Madonna rocks Washington Square Park in support of Clinton. Via
Madonna performed "Rebel Heart" at Washington Square Park Monday night during a surprise concert in support of Hillary…
Madonna asks overflowing & enthusiastic crowd at her surprise concert to VOTE for Hillary Rodham Clinton! Washington Squar…
.gives a surprise performance in New York's Washington Square Park in support of Hillary Clinton
Madonna Gives Surprise Performance in New York's Washington Square Park in Support of Hillary Clinton -…
"The Propecies of Jane Jacobs" in illustrated with the in Washington Square Park.
People Running to get up front for President Bill Clinton at Washington Square Park
It's not so easy to get James to pose for photos 🙄 @ Washington Square Park (Chicago)
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Thanks to Bill de Blasio, Crackheads, bums and hookers have taken over Washington Square Park via
NYC! Stop by Washington Square Park 10am-12:30pm to feast your soul on a beam of hope in these dispiriting times
6/14 is Celebrate with at the MO Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington Square Park. More>>
We are at Washington Square Park, about to step off for the final 1.5 mile leg of - will we see you at 1PP??
I liked a video from New York City - Casey Neistat & Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park, 1906. The fountain here was taken from Central Park in 1872
LIVE on West Village Stoll in the Rain, Washington Square Park, to Film Forum
Eating focaccia from Liguria Bakery in North Beach. Always reminds me of hanging out on a bench in Washington Square Park with Pete Winslow
Once again, we are performing tomorrow!!! . Place: Washington Square Park. Time:2:00 p.m ~. Plz come to see us!!!
Views from the 518 . PC: judybellee (Saint Rose's queen of photography) @ Washington Square Park,…
Alexander Chen Washington Square Park in the Winter framed art piece
I started skating at 14 in Washington Square Park, where I met Harold Hunter. He was really nice. Years later I saw KIDS.
I always feel better after a shave with rubenaronov @ Washington Square Park
I could get used to evenings sitting in Washington Square Park hearing the saxophone player playing his tune
Check out this beautiful South facing 51 foot + Lake Washington waterfront. . Level 6,358 square foot lot with a…
This alto saxist at Washington Square Park is getting a lot out of one blues scale.
We are conveniently located right next to Washington Square Park.
Anyone have a spare a sweater for this Chinese Crested dog? Washington Square Park, NYC.
Washington Square Village also comes to mind. There were proposals for more towers south of the park as well.
A 337 year old English Elm in Washington Square Park known as the “Hangman’s Elm” was never used as such.
north entrance to Washington square park, a statue of Washington with hat on. Planter in front of him has something in it 4U
Seen in Washington Square: a woman walking a cat on a leash. Maybe the park needs a cat run?
Quick stroll through Washington Square Park on my way to NYU ✏️📚 Stay tuned to see what some of…
“[Marcel Duchamp] formed the Greenwich Village Chess Club in 1942, playing friendly games in Washington Square Park”
Sometimes, it's good to stop. Happening now: Washington Square Park
Viva Bernie representing tonight at Washington Square Park in Manhattan New York
Beastie Boys hanging out in Washington Square Park, 1986. Photograph by Glen E. Friedman.
I'm still not over how beautiful this crowd was in Washington square park supporting Bernie
The press file is in the fountain at Washington Square Park.
Bernie Sanders rally at Washington Square Park is epic. Broke record for people at this historic park. 30,000 people!
An enthusiastic crowd greeted in Washington Square Park in NYC. Updates:
Washington Square Park is at maximum capacity. These people couldn't even get in! Looks like…
Watch live as thousands come out to New York’s Washington Square Park for Bernie:
FOX is the only network covering Bernie in Washington Square Park. Turn off MSNBC (Rachel, Matthews, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes) and CNN forever
Ya boy Bernie got shirts for ya on thirds street just south of Washington Square Park. Come say hi.
Bleecker and Thompson St just steps away from Washington Square Park (Greenwich Village) $5000 2bd …
At the protest in Washington Square Park with Quentin Tarantino
Just switched shifts so I can go to the Bernie rally at Washington Square Park and i am so freaking amped!!!
Seen in various points around Washington Square Park this morning
with the LuminouStudios team for a Google+ shoot 📽 stay tuned! @ Washington Square Park
Second day. Washington Square Park, NOLA. The hot sauce I bought my big sister, the French Market and Frostop's...
We are live from NYC talking to people about If you're in the city, meet us at Washington Square Park!
NowThis is LIVE in Washington Square Park, asking New Yorkers about the 2016 election:
International Pillow Fight Day is next weekend, Washington Square Park at 3pm
Derek clised the doir behind himself and leaned towards the driver "Washington Square Park, please." Lydia wanted him to -c-
TCC Brooklyn Youth Club members distributed care-packages to the homeless people at Washington Square Park
Mini-grant applications for cultural programming in Washington Square Park due this Friday!
Just trying to be drunk with my *** and have a photo shoot in Washington Square Park.
New York University campus is all centered around Washington Square Park in case NY-U didnt know that
Have fun! And when you're in Washington Square Park, you can go to Stumptown Coffee that's nearby.
2/2 After staying for a while in Washington Square Park and walked to 14th street... Dessert…
Spring has sprung in Washington Square Park! We're looking forward to spending our days with this view.
First Trump protesters begin to arrive at Washington Square Park.
Spring flowers are already blooming in Washington Square Park 🌸🌷🌻
next time, we go non-touristy NYC and tackle the West Village and go see the Friends building and Washington Square Park 😍
Today learned to honor her heritage. @ Washington Square Park, Albany NY.
Picnic in Washington Square Park to destress with my lovely big💕😋 @ Washington Square Park
Abs/Butt/Legs in Washington Square Park. See, it's not too tough at all...hee, hee,…
An afternoon in Washington Square Park. A young boy, his hand...
Washington Square Park never gets less heavenly.
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I'm eating Panera in Washington Square Park by myself before I go see a Magic Show in the village.. Starting spring break off right!
Seen in Washington Square Park while Methylone was in the earbuds. Couldn't catch up to say what's good though!
Going voter registering at Washington Square Park 😃 it feels like spring 😜
I can't remember the last time I was in Washington Square Park.
Drug dealer says to me in Washington Square Park last week: "The shop is open, my friend." My weird reaction: ah, it's still the big city.
I have to go inside to charge my laptop but I'm sitting on a bench in the sun in washington square park and it's so nice
A David Bowie lookalike just walked past me near Washington square park.
Washington Square Park if any MSer wants to see this in NY
Break dancing and street performers in Washington Square park in New York City.
Pepper, Labrador Retriever (5 y/o), Washington Square Park,NYC • "She's one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever meet."
Picture I took today in KC at Washington Square Park
This is a photo of us in the fountain. Obviously. @ Washington Square Park
Heaven 🐩 and I a few hours ago in our other favorite park, Washington Square Park in Chicago…
Since we're STILL stuck here, here is a picture of me in Washington Square Park, because GILMORE GIRLS.
Priming canvas for a study in the birdman of Washington Square Park. Yes there's a face in there - I painted over...
My daughter learning how to shred in Washington Square Park on her Miami 22".
Here's Charlie Barnett PACKING Washington Square Park in the early 80's:
Michael Colyar once did a live comedy show in Washington Square Park in tribute to Charlie Barnett as he used to PACK it back in the days...
Join NYU and Cooper Union students in Washington Square Park on…
NYU Tisch School of the Arts in Washington Square Park and of course Madison Square Garden
Finally arrived in NYC. We will be at Washington Square Park at 4pm today come hang with us.
listening to Washington Square Park and getting really emotional rn. pce
It *** when you go and go and go and just don't get anywhere. @ Washington Square Park
Philly women- avoid Washington Square Park area at on the 6th. Apparently an anti-women meetup and could be unsafe?
Roosh's pro rape *** brigade is having a meet up in Washington Square Park at 8 PM on Feb 6
If anyone's lived near or spent time Washington Square Park, you will have seen this dude…
cc: Y'all should look into this. They're meeting in Washington Square Park
nycurbanism: "Washington Square Park in 1966 when you could park your car along the circle. In fact Robert Moses wa…
Good luck Ben! If you wanna do what we talked about I'll be in the public bathroom at Washington Square Park.
theyre planning to meet in philly, pls dont go to Washington Square Park if youre from around here, this is so gross
Wish I still had the video of 's gf busting her *** in the Washington Square Park fountain from this summer
Today Brunch with Roddy and then a walk in Washington Square! @ Washington Square Park
Jog up the Telegraph Hill stairs from Washington Square Park to Coit Tower for picture perfect vistas!
Perfect time for my New York state of mind @ Washington Square Park
New York City never ceases to amaze me. @ Washington Square Park
Today has consisted of Washington Square Park, Yankee Stadium, a huge meal at Hard Rock Cafe, Target and my favourite so far the High Line!
The march going through Atlantic Mall at the end of our march from Washington Square Park
I'm a lightsaber battle in Washington Square Park and they're using the fountain as the arena.
You should be Greenwich Village right now by Washington Square Park right?
literally DUH there are bodies under Washington Square Park, that's what the entire Joanna Newsom song "Sapokanikan" i…
Washington Square Park, ever the monument to death, has burial vaults in it
My peppermint mocha looking at the fountain in Washington Square Park
The Skeletons of Washington Square Park: Well, it is All Souls’ Day, isn’t it? Washington Square first came into…
Ghost Hamilton walks the city at night. Washington Square Park, the house at Hamilton Grange, stops to smile outside the …
Washington Square Park described in "Murder on Washington Square" by Victoria Thompson.
- Famke Janssen takes her dog for a walk at Washington Square Park - 10/10/2015. h…
5th Ave from Washington Square Park by Iain Stewart Watercolor ~ 17" x 7.5"
.walked from Katz's Deli to Washington Square Park and straight into the pride parade accidentally
I've come a long way from the days of buying dimebags in Washington Square Park with braedon_g. Go…
We are looking for technical resources for the beta map of Washington Square Park's trees.
The squirrels in Washington Square Park are getting terrifyingly friendlier/ more aggressive...
Tour Guide Renee posing with Free Tours By Foot guests in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.
Send in * back to school * photo fm Washington Square Park for contest & win a prize-and some fame!
Saw this while vending in Washington Square Park. It was too good not to share. leaked footage? Who knows?...
Did you know there are more than 20,000 bodies buried under Washington Square Park? 💀
River Viiperi is in Washington Square Park. Excuse me while I go find him and get him to marry me.
Casually sat on a bench next to Malcolm McDowell while he was on break from filming a movie in Washington Square Park nbd really
Beautiful black women I saw in Washington square park today
Meeting people at Washington square park like
It's always so noisy in Washington square park
things suck sometimes but how can u be sad when there are clouds! and trees!! @ Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park & pictured in Call for Entries for As Seen On [ ].
*** Yeah, and then she started getting letters telling her how ugly she was…. Fruit flies: Oooh! –Washington Square Park Overheard by: Mu…
NYC special: just saw a woman in hijab accept a free iced coffee from in Washington Square Park.
Last nights at Washington Square Park brought to you by the Balboa Theatre!
This Week in Parks - Washington Square Park Folk Festival, Harvest Fair, and more
There's some kind of outdoor art thing near Washington Square Park today with people selling their paintings and they're all SO GOOD 😭😭
LAZARO in the morning over looking Washington Square Park!. Happy Sunday!
yeah you told the driver you lived at Washington square park
John Cohen and The DownHill Strugglers perform today at 1:30pm in Washington Square Park at Folk Music Festival. C'mon by!
yeah we had fun we went to Washington Square Park Independence Hall the Liberty Bell I posted some pics
Just the three of us. Washington Square Park, NYC. @ Washington Square Park
Come to Washington Square Park this Sunday for an afternoon of folk music and square dancing
Awesome Job Paul, way to Okay, Washington Square Park Arch and I will make it $10.
is really trying to disrupt everything. Rain started just after a rad outdoor film screening of Fargo (1996) at Washington Square Park.
My baby and I in Washington Square Park when she was 4. I love my Monkey.
🌳🌿 glad i can get a view like this any day @ Washington Square Park
They’re showing Fargo at Washington Square Park tonight 📺
Even after hacking the lights I think 9 minutes to rollerblade from Washington Square park to grand central is pushing it.
Head to Washington Square Park NOW for a chance to win fall collection for
also did a FaceTime for 25 minutes between Broadway/Lafayette and Washington Square Park, buttery all the way
What is appropriate in a public space? Folk music and free speech at Washington Square Park.
One last morning in my most favorite place ❤️ @ Washington Square Park
I hung out mostly in Washington Square Park and Grand Central Station. The Knishes there are really good.
MANY years ago on visit, I walked from Algonquin Hotel to Washington Square Park - and back. Definite a different time
A guy at Washington Square Park asked strangers to write a journal entry, & he posted them anonymously. It was cool.
Washington Square Park fountain, c1855. Photo by Silas A. Holmes and:. Photo from the J. Paul Getty Museum.
In a grim graphic adaptation of The King in Yellow, NYC's Washington Square Park is a monument to death
Homeless Man Throws Coffee on Officer During Arrest for Sleeping on Bench in Washington Square Park: NYPD
Took a solo trip to Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park & the Stonewall Inn on Christopher St. Some beautiful scenery in this city! 😎
Perks of living in New York: seeing friends who visit ❤️ @ Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park. Where Rory is supposed to meet up with Jess...
"We rode our bikes over to 6th Street, to Washington Square Park to see if the tides would turn for me."
Oh you know, just hanging out in Washington Square Park.
The most ceremonies of the New York University are held in Washington Square Park ->
Washington Square Park during the celebration of the centennial of George Washington's Inauguration.
The arch in Washington Square Park with World Trade Center in background
Or Third Rail Coffee on Sullivan St near West 3rd St, just south of Washington Square Park.
Beautiful day at Washington Square Park...There's the fountain featured in the intro to Friends
Day of Jump in the fountain at Washington Square Park! Truth: I…
Foot-dipping in the Washington Square Park fountain. ... -
ok. So DavidsTEA is in the village, about 1.5 mi east from Webster Hall & 4 blocks east from Washington Square Park
Must watch: A puppeteer and an activist strike up an unconventional friendship in Washington Square Park.
Washington Square Music Festival: Date: June 23, 2015Join us in Washington Square Park for the 57th season of ...
"There are 20,000 bodies buried in Washington Square Park alone." 💀😳
Hanging out in Washington Square Park with flowers in our hair.
View of One World Trade Center as seen from Washington Square Park.
Find our alumni on the 2nd floor of the NYU Kimmel Center near Washington Square Park
Shaping up to be a beautiful day in Washington Square Park! Join in the Kimmel Center!
A look at Freedom Tower from Washington Square Park. Too beautiful not to snap.
Have a musical day at Washington Square Park in the village.
Chess after dark. Two friends and warriors face off across a familiar battlefield. . Washington Square Park...
Cause if the sunny blue cloudy sky @ Washington Square Park
Join MORE today in Washington Square Park, Garibaldi Square, at 4:30pm and speak out against high stakes testing!
We walked through the park and wanted to go swimming. *** fence. @ Washington Square Park, Albany NY.
Washington Square Park was right across from the confrence so we went to the park often on our breaks. The...
Someone has written out the 4th Amendment in chalk in Washington Square Park.
Naturally, there is a shirtless lightsaber battle happening in Washington Square Park right now
Seriously can't handle how cute the west village is @ Washington Square Park
David Hockney inspired photomontage of Pillow Fight NYC at Washington Square Park.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Photo: thefullerview: David Fuller Photo / Washington Square Park / South End / Boston  Spring is in the...
Washington Square Park makes me want to play folk music and slam the crap out of some poetry
Washington Square Park used to be a cemetery for the indigents and the sick. There's more than 20,000 people buried there.
A little something for the walk home. @ Washington Square Park
Between Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park and Chelsea, the view from my office was today incredible..Love my carrer.
. Are you doing anything in Washington Square Park for National Landscape Architecture Month? Would love to partner if you are!
"Breakdancing in Washington Square Park, 1982. squirrel in my pants
Chill in Washington Square Park while waiting for a seat at Tony's for pizza in North Beach. Coit tower's nearby too!
The mobile map of the wild things of Washington Square Park works snow or shine!
. Luxury 5th Avenue drey, only 6 leaps from Washington Square Park.
New York City meet up tomorrow at 11:30 am at Washington Square Park by the fountain! be there 😏
One of the prettiest and most peaceful places! @ Washington Square Park
Advocates for the homeless create tent city in Washington Square Park -
Kind of like Washington Square Park, only 90 degrees with fake people.
No picnic on the terrace anytime soon. @ Washington Square Park
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Filming another CENTRAL (CCC) today in Washington Square Park. So many layers of clothing. So few layers of personality.
I'm never in Washington Square Park at the right time tbh. Always 10 blocks the wrong way (so happy to see you in NYC tho!!)
Also Washington Square Park mulched up a whole ton of christmas trees and spread them out around the park & down 5th ave, so it smells like
Washington Square Park by the Wonder Years (lyrics on screen)
This is nice. Wish I could have been there to show my support as well.
How I'm feeling getting into my bed right now. Lol @ Washington Square Park, San Francisco
Hundreds show up in Washington Square Park in support of France after terrorist attacks
Thousands join rallies worldwide to honor Paris victims Going to Washington Square Park tomorrow.
Fun Fact: Washington Square Park, one of the most iconic in the world, is built on a burial ground…
Charlie Hebdo gathering in Washington Square Park yesterday was so touching and peaceful!
Sometimes it feels like 1910 in NYC. @ Washington Square Park
If anyone wants to see a pathetic but impeccably dressed *** man cry in public in NYC come to Washington Square Park. I’ll be here all day
Remember to sign up for Free Open Mic at Washington Square Park
The Anne Fontaine Foundation will be marching for Charlie today at Washington Square Park 2 PM. Join us.
Hello, This is Univision 41 we would like to know if there will be a march today on Washington Square Park? ca…
This dog has better style than I ever will. Cool Yankees cap, bro. @ Washington Square Park
00s Gathr in Washington Square Park in wiv France
Hundreds gathered in Washington Square Park yesterday in solidarity w/ France.
This is what Washington Square Park looks like right now
caused a ruckus in Washington Square Park with my New Yorkers on my last night in the city I'm v emotional
Never ever forget this moment. The most beautiful star in heaven now. Our pearl. @ Washington Square Park
In 1797, the City purchased a new potter's field. Today that land is known Washington Square Park. | RT
Washington Square Park, NYC view from top of MET museum, Freedom Tower, Highline/Chelsea Market, The Strand - to name a few!
Tomorrow, we will march with our hands up. . Washington Square Park. NYC. 2PM.
It's beginning to look a lot like... @ Washington Square Park
Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches @ Washington Square Park
As I stated in my last post earlier today, I felt it was time for me to physically join the protest today. I have posted and vented via Social Media, but felt the urge to go to the next level and add my physical presence to the masses today in Washington Square Park. I guess it was inevitable, as I was growing more frustrated with the situation every day. As I was out there with the 300 thousand or so people, I actually felt a since of purpose, and despite the cold and crazy wind, I felt good and it felt right! To put it simply I am a African American Male who at anytime, could find myself in a situation with the police for being just that. I felt a need to be there, as this cause is tied to my very existence here as I walk the streets of NYC. So in honor of all the unarmed citizens who have had their lives taken, or unjustly brutally assaulted by ill trained, scared, racist, trigger happy, unprepared, excessively violent Police Officers I marched today! As a matter of fact as a result of the personal s . ...
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