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Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is an obelisk near the west end of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., built to commemorate the first U.S.

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Good morning. Have a random Washington Monument drive-by (The sun is out, why tf is it 21…
A magnolia tree begins to show color as the Monument is seen in the background.
look! They go all the way back to the Washington Monument. NOT
leaves Washington Monument, en route to White House.
3pm at Monument Square: Rally for Trans Rights, to combat the ignorance in Washington.
Imagine if the Syrian regime takes Manbij AND Raqqa. I bet both Ankara and Washington will like that. Problem solved. https:/…
Joy Villa and Andre Soriano support at Washington Monument Rally. We love our
President Trump's supporters are rallying at Trump Tower and the Washington Monument among other places.
"I could shoot an American grandmother in front of the Washington Monument on July 4th and still would…
Graffiti discovered at WWII memorial, Washington Monument,Lincoln Memorial. Looks like marker
Graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the World War II Memorial. This is NOT okay. I hope…
JUST IN: says graffiti on Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and WWII Memorial found over…
Graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and WWII memorial is "not overtly political or hate-filled"
NEW: US Park Police says Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Washington Monument were vandalized over the weekend…
In honor of here are images of the Washington Monument & Lincoln Memorial during super perigee moons in Washingto…
Did you know Edinburgh had a Washington Monument & a statue of Abe Lincoln? Located at Old Calton Hill cemetery, east en…
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You know about the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Capital Building but there is a lot more on...
Marching towards the Washington Monument on Independence avenue. Marching for freedom and…
we ARE marching! Constitution Avenue, to the Washington Monument, to the Ellipse
Ready for the concert at the Lincoln Memorial. Incredible view overlooking the Washington Monument. http…
Florence County High School students say "Hello" from Mount Vernon and the Washington Monument! More touring...
In DC, the Democrats propose to tear down the Washington Monument, and the Republicans respond with a practical...
this is the Capitol Building, the National Mall, the Washington Monument, the Reflecti…
Saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Rocky Mountains, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol from a plane today. Thanks
On this day in 1884, the Washington Monument was completed. A tribute to proud Freemason, Bro George Washington. https:/…
An image of the Washington Monument from Mayor Schaefer's 1973 holiday card. By Baltimore artist Betty Wells…
We need a monument in Washington, DC with the names of all American's murdered by terrorist here in America.
The Washington Monument is going on strike.
Glad we got to see it before the remodeling! Washington Monument to stay closed until 2019
I literally learned from a MUSICAL that Eliza Schuyler raised funds for the Washington monument..
Wait, I got it, let's sell the Washington Monument to anyone who can rustle up $50 and a smile. I'll get a good price!
I'm literally walking around like oh there's the EPA oh and also the Washington monument oh and sup obama's house
Washington Monument will be closed until 2019 for repairs...
Washington Monument to remain closed till 2019.
You can see the Washington Monument, but a trip to the top will have to wait 2 years
take a step back,who is funding the Wash.DC Washington Monument funding..D.Rubenstein.Its an obelisk, God don't like The Obelisk
Washington Monument to remain closed for at least two more years - Washington Post
Washington Monument to remain closed till 2019 Read More :
Washington Monument to remain closed till 2019
Washington Monument to stay closed until 2019
Protest march from Justice Dept to Washington monument. @ WTOP
JUST IN: Washington Monument to remain closed to visitors until sometime in 2019 as it modernizes elevator following string of iss…
Washington Monument closed for repairs until 2019
Washington Monument to remain closed till 2019. ...
the jews who own our capitol: Billionaire Rubenstein agreed to fund overhaul of the Washington Monument.
A billionaire is ponying up the money to fix Washington Monument elevator.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The real Washington monument is open for business in Baltimore.
Washington Monument gets cash needed to re-open.
The Washington Monument will be closed until Spring 2019 for repairs.
Washington Monument to remain closed for repairs until 2019.
LegendLegere Trans & Washington Monument great Lincoln Memorial at night reading his words makes u feel that Lincoln he's e w/u
Linen Postcard, Baltimore, Maryland, Skyline from Washington Monument by lotsofpostcards via
This Sunday, wear blue for Water. March & Rally for in DC from the DOJ to the Washington Monument:
Ben Carson's first act as Housing Secretary is to repurpose the Washington Monument into grain storage for the poor neighborho…
Walk commute. A peek at the Washington Monument from the northwest end of the Lincoln Memorial.…
Washington Monument from Honest Abe's line of sight 👌 He made it a little extra special for some tourists…
While two families were waiting in line to see the Washington Monument, their two five-year-old boys were…
The Washington Monument will remain closed indefinitely, the National Park Service announced Monday, following...
The Washington Monument was built in two phases – 20 years apart?
Washington Monument to remain closed indefinitely due to elevator problems - Story | WTTG -
The Washington Monument is closed indefinitely for repairs.
Trump finally found Obama's birth certificate. It was buried deep in the catacombs under the Washington Monument.
This is more important than debate night: The Washington monument is closed indefinitely??? .
Watch live as Washington, D.C. is slowly covered in snow
National Park Service says the Washington Monument will be closed indefinitely because of elevator problems.
Washington Monument closed indefinitely for elevator repairs
DUDE! She's been there for 35 years.they had to shut down the WASHINGTON MONUMENT cuz they cant fix the elevator!!!
(Japan Times) closed indefinitely till lift gets put right : The Washington Monument is..
Fake octopus attack memorial in is similar to Sidewalk Sea Monster in https:/…
The Washington Monument is being closed "indefinitely" for repairs. And on the night of the first presidential deba…
Washington Monument to remain closed indefinitely until elevator system is 'modernized'
Holed up in hotel room 20 blocks from Washington Monument, you can feel the Republic hold its breath
Washington Monument closed indefinitely till lift gets put right
The view of the Washington Monument from the bell tower of Enjoy!!
It's 11 AM & we've been to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, & the WWll Memorial. And it's 91 degrees out😳
Washington Monument reopens after elevator issues earlier this week
Washington Monument reopens after elevator issues for nearly a week
CAPITOL VIEW 2. From the grounds of the Washington Monument.
Last night’s full Strawberry Moon rises from behind flags at the Washington Monument by Andrew Geraci
Okay but the part in Forrest Gump where he meets Jenny in the Washington Monument Reflecting Pool makes me tear up every time
Is the Washington Monument worth the wait? The Staycationer investigates.
Washington Monument closed again due to elevator problems
Looking at the Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial.
New artwork for sale! - "Washington Monument cherry blossoms" -
If you lost a leaf blower, we have it at WAMO @ Washington Monument National Monument
Waiting for my tour group to arrive @ Washington Monument National Monument
Stay off the Washington Monument, fuzzums. That's not what it's for. D:
First game of the season! CU alumni softball vs. Miami (OH) at the Washington Monument last night.
"I'll give you a tour of MY Washington monument" --
Winston Churchill was a *** and Obama should've dropped kicked that bust straight off the Washington Monument.
The next things on agenda will be removal of Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorial erected to racists & re-painting the WH-ugh!
President Barack Obama designated a historic Washington, D.C., home that's central to the women's rights movement as a na…
Check out Novelty Washington Monument and Capital Building Salt and Pepper Shakers via
The Washington Monument glowing bright in the night. 🌚🌟.
In our country's capital. Washington monument is gorgeous at dusk.
That's interesting, I was thinking The Washington Monument: It Stands for All by Thomas B. Allen.😇
A Capitol reflection next to the Washington monument - through President Taft's 1909 auto on the
Is the Washington Monument really purple right now? SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING!
A little peace on uber ride back to the airport tonight, nothing like the Washington Monument!
Evening bike ride to the Washington monument and Lincoln Memorial. @ Washington, District of…
I'm going to DC on Saturday so u better expect the stereotypical DC tourist pic with the Washington monument :-)
Washington Monument. Full Moon is hiding behinds the clouds.
At 575 feet, the San Jacinto Monument is 20 feet taller than the Washington Monument. As a child I climbed the...
"Come on we need to get a picture in front of the Washington monument!!!" -every time it was in sight
Men clean the ice to prep for a skate party on the National Mall only yards from the Washington Monument in 1912.
Seeing Washington monument up close really puts it's height and grandeur on display.
Legs burning from walking the city on no sleep but we prevail! Washington monument, so tall!
Now awaiting National Review's "The conservative case for replacing the Washington monument."
Bus reflecting on a wonderful day by the reflection pond with Washington Monument in the background.
The San Jacinto Monument is a 570-foot tall shaft topped by a 34-foot star. The Washington Monument is only 555′
has its own Washington Monument & it's by the same designer who did the one in
How will we rename the Washington Monument, Washington DC, and Washington State?
Go ahead, put Harriet Tubman on the 20. Why stop there? Topple the Washington Monument & dig up the Lincoln Memorial.
Josh wants to visit the Washington monument !
Whenever I go to DC now, all I hear is "Dont get arrested". Behind me is the Washington monument
I feel like you're going to keep zooming out and eventually be like "View from Washington Monument" and the streets are packed.
@ Washington Monument. 'Jony Ive is the exact nontechnical version control.
My favorite's the Vietnam War Memorial & I got to see it over break. A picture of the Washington Monument!
Washington Monument over the Reflecting Pool
Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Mem. I just ran 5.99 mi with Nike+.
The Reflecting Pool outside the Washington Monument and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial
The Capitol, White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial could all be a + axis, except for lousy ground stability on the Mall
A surprise, rainy visit to the Washington Monument . . . then on to the Air and Space Museum
Cherry Blossom Time in DC! PHOTO of Paddleboats, Cherry Blossoms & the Washington Monument
Folks want to change name of JEB Stuart H.S. Are we to tear down the Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorials?
Great view from Arlington National Cemetery with Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument in the sunlight.
Some of our buildings; Seattle Needle, Tower Bridge, Washington Monument,Eiffel Tower and more!
I've lived in DC for almost ten years. And after all this time, when I see the Washington Monument at night, I still get a little turned on.
The Hirshhorn Museum sits squarely besidethe National Mall, equidistant from the United States Capitoland the Washington Monument
DYK: crews are moving enough snow to fill the Washington Monument 18.4 times!
Yes, the Potomac, looking at the Washington Monument / Jefferson Memorial;
Google Expeditions! We went to the top of the Washington Monument and to the moon all in one day!
Statue of Eleanor Roosevelt - Washington, DC. The only First Lady to have Monument dedicated in Was
And who needs the Bunker Hill monument. There is another monument just like it in Washington …
Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. Washington DC USA. The 4 of us walked from the Lincoln Mem
1910s Night Photo of Washington Monument click=>
.my mom said you also should be able to get tickets for the Washington Monument "after you come to ford's theatre of course"
Washington Monument in the distance fro…
Washington Monument in the distance from the airport gate I'm at. @ Ronald Reagan Washington…
Washington Monument to reopen after snow led to closure:
Yesterday our school made history. Lisa had jumped into the mirror lake between the Washington monument and the Lincoln memor…
I gotta say, China's Mao monument is a lot more realistic-looking than our Washington monument.
The whole country is moving to LA. The Statue of Liberty and Washington monument the are on their way.
Bevsmartly: View of the Washington Monument from the Jefferso…
View of the Washington Monument from th…
Can't ask for more than that..would have it been too pushy to ask him to add, . '(aka, the Washington Monument)' ?
DC gave the Washington Monument a stree…
View of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial. The ghosts of Christmas Eve.…
Big sis chasing the ape up the little Washington Monument. @ H Street Country Club
Dec 6, 1884 - Washington Monument is completed. Chester Arthur is the widower President
Washington Monument in Baltimore to be lit for holidays - Baltimore Sun
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Was unaware Mr.Bush took praise be to God off the Washington Monument, what a shame.
Reflecting Pool between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial
"To see the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, I think that's pretty amazing… it's awesome!"
Visiting the U.S. Air Force Memorial with the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln & Jefferson Memorial & Pentagon all in view.
View of the Washington Monument from the Holocaust Museum @ United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
And good to see real "football" being played below the Washington Monument … … … … … … …
nds south of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, from the Lincoln Memorial to the grounds of the Washington Monument. The park
Ben Carson on epic structures:. Washington Monument: ladder to heaven. Golden Gate Bridge: limbo bar for tall people
I saw the Holocaust Museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, and the Korean, WWII, and Vietnam memorials today.👌🏻
For you, it really funny? Imagine the Washington Monument...funny? But the STATE of Ukraine gained its territory by Lenin. UAMonkey
Marine One landed on the South Lawn at 5:49 p.m. as the autumn sunlight glinted off the Washington Monument & surrounding trees.
Drone operator tells AP he was just taking pictures of Washington Monument before crashing near White House.
Did you know... . ... that today is Washington Monument Goes Public Day? The Washington Monument, built in honor of America's revolution...
View of the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial on a blustery day.…
1989 photo I took of the Washington Monument in D.C. Reflecting Pool w/ Lincoln Memorial behind me. Didn't know kids.
Sunset behind the Washington Monument on the 50th anniversary of MLK's speech
I can't get over how great the view is from my D.C. classroom. The Capitol and Washington Monument are both in view.
Rooftop chilling on U St. Quite a view with the Capitol and the Washington Monument on the horizon
Today was a success! I saw the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, WW2 and Korean War Monuments and the Holocaust Museum! All in a day!
No violence. No arrests. Marchers linked hands, sang, and chanted all the way from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial,
Yes, the Reflecting Pool...Washington Monument that end, Lincoln Memorial this
Hats off to who hand-carried two pregnant women down the stairs of the Washington Monument
LIVE on Reflection on last couple days from Lincoln Memorial & looking at the Washington Monument
Movies greatly exaggerate how close the Lincoln statue is from the Washington Monument.
Happy 4th of July! We're watching the fireworks over the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument from the Potomac. htt…
Driving into Penn Ave passing the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial spotting a heli...not knowing that it was actually Obama...
Park Ranger keeps watch on the Washington Monument @ Lincoln Memorial
What an amazing run this morning -- past the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Mem…
National monuments at night: WWII Memorial & Washington Monument
He's like if Gamera, a Koopa Troopa, and the Washington Monument did a Triple Fusion.
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Amazing day at the U.S. Capitol Tour, The Whitehouse, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and others 🇺🇸❤️
View of Lincoln Memorial From Top of the Washington Monument in 1924
Robert Mills, designer of DC's Washington Monument, Masonic Lodge unknown, was born this date in 1855.
Underestimating pedestrian volumes at the Washington Monument by a factor of 175 to 350 because I have no park attendance data
"Look it's the leaning tower of Pisa!". ".that's the Washington Monument."
AB Class of 2016 "Listening to the Marine Corps Band at the foot of the Washington Monument"
So the Washington Monument just took out the White House. Your move Roland Emmerich.
Destroyed the White House with the Washington Monument. Take that, Roland Emmerich!
Robert Mills was the architect behind the Washington Monument huh? Ok
Baltimore. Views from reopened Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon. Monument is another gem in this square.
Crowds settling in btwn Capitol & 7th St for Mall under construction from 7th toward Washington Monument
Thanks Kathy, Father's Day Pic in DC. Saw the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument on Sunday. times
Notes many of our country's greatest monuments are in recognition of extraordinary perseverance. Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, etc.
View of the Capital and Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial @ Lincoln Memorial at National…
From the Lincoln Monument looking towards the Washington Monument
View from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument 👍☺️ ()
1924 blue Lincoln Phaeton car at Washington Monument ad
Ludo and Giogia (the foreign exchange student)- "Emma today was so fun! We saw the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the NASA!"
The view from the top of the Washington Monument overlooking the WWII and the Lincoln Memorials.
Lincoln Memorial and its view overlooking the Washington Monument
Washington Monument from the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial. of
Washington Monument from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
As humid as DC is my goodness is a run to the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument a fun one.
Washington Monument to reopen Thursday; elevator repairs have been completed
White House from Washington monument by omar.asali
Jefferson Memorial from Washington monument by omar.asali
Lincoln Memorial from Washington monument by omar.asali
Historians found an ancient copy of the Declaration of Independence in the Washington Monument http…
Is that the Washington Monument or is DC just excited to see me?
Family selfie with the Washington Monument in the background.
Little Giant Ladders
View of Washington monument in background. Even glimpse on DC sunset. Another gr8 experience with
LIVE on Lincoln Memorial and Washington National Monument at night in Washington D.C.
already missing this place💔 @ Washington Monument National Monument
Nobody's complaining about how phallic the Washington Monument is.
I licked the washington monument, I can go home now
you know, the ususal, the Washington monument is just getting sick of tourists
Loved having these two as our cheerleaders today! @ Washington Monument National Monument
I was excited about seeing the Washington Monument on this beautiful summer day. 😄 @ Day 1 DC
Great photo of the original Washington Monument! I need your votes though! Please click the THUMBS UP icon!
With grandkids at MLK monument in Washington DC
Ever noticed the Washington Monument has 2 tones of stone? Things you notice when you walk instead of drive
Besinaiz Family at the Lincoln Memorial with the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument behind.…
We're passing the Washington Monument and Megan is taking selfies
DC was quite an adventure, and it took 83728293 selfies to get the Washington Monument successfully…
is beautiful no matter what time of the year. @ Washington Monument…
“Aaaand the Washington Monument is back open.
Here a picture of Washington Monument which I took from the World War II memorial on a recent trip to Washington DC htt…
The only thing not covered in scaffolding. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 @ Washington Monument National Monument
Amazing Photo of Washington Monument’s Apex click=>
Coppin' a squat for lunch at the Washington Monument
So far today I saw the Washington Monument, the Redskins stadium, and the Ravens stadium.
did Wonder Girl just pimpslap Superman with the Washington monument
did Superman just get smacked by the Washington monument
From the Cemetery in the very center of Washington D.C Monument , Smithsonian Museum in the US , When you get there? Good Luck 😁
View from the top of Washington Monument
Proud to say I finally got to touch the Washington Monument. . Also, dope photography on my part.…
--still holding yours* We'll meet you guys in about a half hour for hot dogs by the Washington Monument? *"Sounds good to me,--
LIVE on A view from the top of the Washington Monument.
Everyones a photographer at the Washington Monument
Checking out the Lego displays! Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell and Washington Monument
here we have a picture of a majestic national treasure and the Washington Monument.
Highlights from our Opening Ceremony at the Washington Monument. Thanks to everyone who came! FOLLOW…
In case there were any questions. He was staring at the Washington Memorial and she at another monument;)
Up bright & early at the Washington Monument to kick off the Special Olympics Unified Relay Across America! Join Us!
Sunglasses and advil.. D.C. was mad real... @ Washington Monument, Washington DC
"Washington Monument in Memorial Day and Moon", taken by Mr.Y, 25 May 2015, Washington DC/US
The Freedom Tower looks a bit like the Washington Monument in a modern style.
Washington Monument looks like a beautiful, pristine toothpick
Thanks for featuring our on air this AM live at Washington monument
Yeah, let's make them a monument at the Washington mall: a huge running chicken.
Good Morning from the Washington monument: as Descartes said, I am something as long as I am thinking.
View of the Capitol from the Washington Monument click=>
Kick off of Relay for Life in Washington DC near the Washington Monument
Great Monument to visit if you're in Washington D.C.
Special Olympics Flame of Hope lit at the Washington Monument this morning
those who I have been working with during my sabbatical at George Washington Carver National Monument will be...
X is hung like the Washington Monument
I can`t wait to go see this monument in Washington DC.
I’ve seen the ball of twine, Statue of Liberty, and atomic power. I have yet to see the Washington monument here.
I tired to make it look like the Washington monument was being crushed but I forgot the Washington monument oops
Just saw a bird crash land into the Washington Monument 😶
Q: If Bill and Hillary jumped together off the Washington monument
We made a wrong turn in Washington, D.C. so we've driven by the monument 3 times now :-D
On a windy day in D.C the Washington Monument could sway about .125th of an inch
Hold up when did the scaffolding come off the Washington monument?
ALMOST dropped the monument on the White House @ Washington D.C, National Mall
At the Washington Monument looking like a giant by tiesto
Washington monument at war memorial, Washington DC.
I think I'll stay for a bit @ Washington Monument National Monument
LIVE on Washington monument with the fan!
We are next to the Washington Monument waiting for WWII planes to fly over Capitol hill on formation.
New on - 'Washington Monument At Sunset In The Boston Public Garden' by Joann Vitali -
Atlanta sports just got shafted by the Washington Monument
Just kidding I hope the Washington Monument falls on his car on the drive home
Planting "Trees" on the National Mall. (Not pictured: the Washington monument about 30 yards behind…
Nats should put 12-14 year offer on table for Now. Ovi, Wall Bryce and the Washington monument.
Sometimes you just have to do yoga!. @ Washington Monument National Monument
Why don't the wizards change their dc logo to the Washington monument instead of that *** *** hand outstretched.
No, it was the Know-Nothing's who delayed the Washington Monument. You sure know a lot, that isn't true!
looks like the Washington monument 😂😂
The Washington Monument is one of the most visited places in DC as well. Once, it's time for cherry…
his influence and delayed building the Washington Monument.
Only in DC can you do a downward dog and see the Washington Monument between your legs.
The one in Rome is like the Washington Monument which was hit by lightening & had UFO around it 2013
WWII flyover: A Boeing B-29 Superfortress flies over the Washington Monument in DC by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS
Hiking up to Washington's Monument in southern Maryland. Beautiful day!
Fun Fact: Male crabs have the Washington Monument on its belly. Females have the Capitol building.
you eat boy crabs ck see if he has the Washington monument
At the Washington Monument looking like a giant
Photo of the day by D.Hadley. Washington Monument at sunset. Check out our Worldmap ==> .
when harry styles is the Washington monument
At the base of majesty... @ Washington Monument National Monument
I drove to DC to see See some of my pictures. This was bad and in front of Washington monument Pelosi demonstrates with illegals
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