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Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Treaty Organization of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance (1955–1991), or more commonly referred to as the Warsaw Pact, was a mutual defense treaty between eight communist states of Eastern Europe in existence during the Cold War.

Soviet Union Cold War Western Europe Eastern Bloc Cuban Missile Crisis

(2) Cf. c. 60th anniversary of Warsaw Pact!...
STAND FOR THIS?!" I shouted comradely while raising a fist of the Warsaw Pact polluted with a big spell that made all the other members
Yes - Baker worked that out - his NATO+Warsaw Pact framework would have been a more logical pathway.
backs new trade pact, because it would provide a spur for to develop: Development Minister
Check out the CSLA plans from the 1960's. They had planned to lose millions of Warsaw Pact soldiers (and nations) to defeat NATO.
The kind of bilateral financial aid the Soviets used to dole out to keep Warsaw Pact states in line.
In true "Warsaw pact"style we now get the threats if we have the audacity to leave this corrupt & stifling European club
Legia owner offers Warsaw pact with Celtic via
Rumour Mill: Celtic form pact with Legia Warsaw to fight off Champions League changes
Legia owner offers Warsaw pact with Celtic in bid to remain at Europe's top table ...
the Soviet Union wasn't so much fun compared to the west, but no one starved & Warsaw Pact countries still have balls
The Cold War was going to become a hot war - but Romania invented the Warsaw pact instead
Warsaw in favour of transatlantic trade pact: minister
NATO is the reason there have been no wars. British and US military based in Germany up against Warsaw Pact Countries.
Poland backs EU-US trade deal: development minister: Warsaw is in favour of a new transatlantic trade pact bet...
in the same analogy, Instax would be ammo in Warsaw Pact calibres. Good stuff, but you can't chamber it in the guns you want to shoot.
troy has the number 14, just like USSR was formed by 14 republics and chad has 8, like the number of member states of the warsaw pact
Immigrated GDR soldaten think/ learned Warsaw pact, friendship with sowjetunion can relive, is not succeeded by NATO, USA or EU?!
Russian in shows tenuous grasp of historical fact "invited Warsaw Pact Armies in 1968"
One of the best UFO photos to emerge from the Warsaw Pact.
As a revamped edition of Gustav Husak?(who became president of Czechoslovakia after intervention Warsaw Pact in '68)
Post Warsaw Pact Water Cannon an absolute must have for all movers and shakers in the media spotlight !
Warsaw Pact vassal states & former Yugoslav looked up to Germany, wanted into EU. I wonder if that will survive the Merkel Youth invasion.
Every guy who goes to the old Warsaw pact/Eastern Bloc countries remarks about the model-quality women.
You know you have a problem when you're taking notes on the Warsaw Pact and you accidentally write Warspear Pact.
per the factual and authoritative movie Stripes I believe it's also a Warsaw Pact county
close to 50 yrs of Warsaw Pact has a tendency to create a longing for security guarantees and prosperity. No wonder they joined
ask yourself what happened to the Balts or Poland when Russia was out or to non-Warsaw pact countries since after WWII
Stalin circa 1948: . "We're actively trying to bring West Berlin into the Warsaw pact. How is that aggression? I wanna hear this."
Shouldn't that be Warsaw Pack rather than Pact ? Ie a pack of countries ? Not sure you get a pact of countries ?
WARSAW PACT ALUMNI NATIONS: Its citizens called it the DDR; we called it this
If communism is so perfect, why did the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries have such an active secret police?
I'd say you're probably a few pennies richer in most of Western Europe, and some former Warsaw Pact. (CZ, EE, etc)
the Warsaw Pact would likely get a good few dozen in the new lab leadership
Re refugee catastrophe in has a Warsaw Pact version of the vision thing.
so for 70 years the Cold War was between Nato and Warsaw pact and EU was nowhere in sight
.a sigh of sadness remembering Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact.
And they're all from former Warsaw Pact countries in the Balkans...a region that knows so much about peace
Yes, many former Warsaw Pact and Soviet republics including Lech Wałesa have all been saying that since early 1st term
Warsaw pact, saddam, protests by Carl zeiss workers. I snapchatted u some
the Warsaw Pact got in too. Most of the people and yet we're more racist than they are! Who are we in a proletarian voice of the
True Ian Russia never been in NATO & started the Warsaw Pact to counter it USA was founder member
unilateral disarmament when Warsaw pact forces pointing nuclear weapons at us? Corbynite madness
DEMOCRATIC PARTY and some even support the working class of the Warsaw Pact!" Cultural Appropriation an: Lonely Executioner, u are a
Rightfully so. Imagine we lost Cold War, TX & CA got independence, Warsaw Pact added Mexico. We'd be livid.
infidelity seems to be a strong one. From a geopolitical standpoint I “miss” (born in 91) the USSR and Warsaw Pact for the
more like Russia wants to rebuild the USSR and the Warsaw Pact!
One does need to fight them, but the collapse of the Warsaw Pact happened with very little violence.
I was there in 80's; staging post against Soviet 3rd SHOCK Army. Warsaw Pact were not rapists per se.
Warsaw Pact and NATO weapons side by side? Truly this is madness...
It also has a waist belt, which would've been rejected as bourgeois and aspirational for any other Warsaw Pact enlisted man/
of the Warsaw Pact were in his place, I decided it'd be a threat to the top of her on the walls. "Welcome, comrades!" I pleaded
pact states standing together 'To strengthen an emerging euroseptic axis in central Europe'
whether the proletariat against itself to create free speech zones. From now on, students will be allowed!" The Warsaw Pact
let's join the Warsaw Pact of countries then labour are a real joke
prediction: at some point it goes like the Warsaw Pact countries. a few years later a few billionaires from ... the old rulers.
presumably reconstitution of Warsaw Pact the preferred option
NATO, like the EU, has become a parody of itself. Absent a threat like the USSR or the Warsaw Pact, Brussels has …
Warsaw pact no longer exists, why should NATO?
excuse me mr pres of Poland your not Warsaw Pact anymore you part of a democracy and freedom of speech Europe what the *** r u doin
down my revolutionary journal and went onto the ground of the Warsaw Pact outside while holding a lantern he'd had the whole time, but
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The Warsaw pact ended with the Cold War,NATO was made in response to the Warsaw pact/Cold War,it should have been ended then.
Yes it is and reforming is not simple stuff.Much harder than it had been in the Warsaw pact's countries
Ken really needs to let his dream of joining the Warsaw Pact die a death.
Tell Ken the Warsaw Pact in no longer an option: BBC News - Ken Livingstone questions UK Nato membership
as comrade said they believe in collective security organisations, but the Warsaw pact is defunct
And at the time Warsaw Pact tanks were based 300 miles from the French border. Thanks for the clarification.
Yeah, insignificant, former Warsaw Pact Hellholes. Coalition of the Willing!
He was considering applying to join the Warsaw pact until someone told him it doesn't exist anymore
Oh sure, they'd have us in the Warsaw Pact if they could. But they know they can't get NATO exit (for now...)
.Former Warsaw pact countries are right wing neocon reactionaries and SHOULD JUST JOIN THE TORIES
stereotyping / ascribing such behaviour to ex-Warsaw pact countries or any other 'others'
Shame the Warsaw Pact broke up. JC could have got us in for free! Oh I forgot. They had nukes too!
I want the UK to join the Warsaw Pact
Just wait, they’ll also be considering trying to revive the Warsaw Pact ;-)
I've been to the Warsaw Pact countries pre-1990. I can tell you, oppressive systems don't work like they do in Star Wars movies.
The Warsaw Pact is gone, Ken, sorry to have to be the one to break it to you
Coulda been worse, I s'pose. He coulda suggested reestablishing and joining the Warsaw Pact as the alternative.
Nothing off the table - joining the Warsaw Pact is, however, now impossible
The Warsaw Pact dissolved after the Cold War, so why still have NATO? Especially considering its aggression against Russia
if only there was a Warsaw Pact to join
They will also discuss joining the Warsaw Pact!
"The Labour defence review will consider joining the Warsaw Pact" - Ken Livingstone.
Presumably plan on joining the Warsaw Pact coun... oh wait a minute! Maybe they will just surrender?
Someone better tell Ken there's no Warsaw Pact to join any more.
Hurrah! *Finally* time to join the Warsaw Pact. Schoolboy Russian will come in handy.
Andrew Neil rightly noting what is not the purpose of Trident. That is the point though: Trident was only good contra Warsaw Pact.
the era of the West is over, and out of the ashes of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR the Slavs rule supreme.
Ukraine into NATO right on Russia's border? if Mexico had joined the Warsaw Pact we wouldn't view USSR as a threat?
comrades of the Warsaw Pact Author's note: Vote John Bachtell fore Precicent in 2016 "Wow, I always thought monarchy was so terrible
as said, the original doctrine where the discussion started was about the USSR and Warsaw pact
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the German "Wandel etc" policy didn't lead to war. It ended with the collapse of the Warsaw pact
let's sort it out. the criticized approach "Wandel durch Annäherung" is from the 1960s, it dealt with USSR and Warsaw Pact
Mm. But the context is radically different now. It's no longer NATO vs Warsaw Pact. I worry it's old business.
Though all is not lost, will re-invent itself in the former Warsaw Pact Countries
to the people," said Romilda in a voice of the Warsaw Pact. I was right about her not having a bra on and now made of ivory (the tower,
beach, which had exploitative bars in the voice of the Warsaw Pact polluted with a worker man's revolution against capitalist
outside the colonies and warsaw pact countries that seems unlikely. The koreas I guess?
now please point out the Warsaw pact in there. Please.
you might have meant the Warsaw ghetto. Has nothing to do with the Warsaw pact. My grandfather didn't die in the Warsaw pact.
care to share your source? And you still don't know what the Warsaw pact really is. Doesn't make sense in your reference.
reason. Ok. Do you KNOW what the Warsaw pact even is?
are you being serious right now? you can't be, ask the Jewish people in the Warsaw pact if they needed guns
Warsaw Pact military tactics as a sales strategy
. Is this the none hard left Shadow Cabinet's NATO's Article 5 move on Corbyn's Warsaw Pact?
My pals and me in 1988, fresh drafted against the commies in Eastern Germany and the Warsaw Pact in the good, old times.
The entire population of East Germany and the whole Warsaw Pact were basically prisoners in their own countries.
perhaps you'd do EU a favor if you exit, go back to 20th century, and rejoin the Warsaw Pact. I'm sure Putin would be very happy 😊
...and attack who? Article 5 only applies to Warsaw Pact countries.
Historical Atlas of Russia and the former Soviet Union (25 February 1991): End of the...
Duke's defense has collapsed faster than the Warsaw Pact. First six games: 9.3 PPGA. Last four games: 42.5. Quality of opposition a factor.
I can't understand why everyon's so hung *** about Russia. Let Warsaw Pact invite Mexico to join and then!
It was the first trade union in a Warsaw Pact country that was not controlled by the communist party
I'm not an expert, but I lived through the days of heightened tensions with the Warsaw Pact. Happening all over again
I served in Europe with the 3rd Infantry Division. They were a vital part of our mission. If the USSR &Warsaw Pact came thru the Gap
NATO is a Defense Pact formed by several western nations in response to the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War.
yes...after Warsaw pact dissolved, Russia joined NATO...they tagged it 'moving from competition to cooperation
if history is anything to go about what we learned from the Warsaw Pact: France, England, Canada etc had a hand in ISIS
remember half was under soviet control for decades cept for few, my neighbor is g Estonia part of old Warsaw Pact
Michael Parenti on the collapse of the Warsaw Pact nations
- Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The page
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"NATO says its created because of Warsaw pact,but NATO was founded in 1949 yet Warsaw pact in 1955".
Got 9/20 playing the NATO vs. Warsaw Pact quiz. Can you top that?
He is indeed, and when he came to UK his country was in the Warsaw Pact. We don't need decrepit cesspit 1/2
USSR plans to nuke Denmark in a era Warsaw Pact attack plan
. Mind you, Western Europeans NEVER put special labels on Communist goods from the Warsaw Pact OR Red China. Or Iran, either.
is the Warsaw Pact still a thing? Or have I missed the bucketful of irony here?
All you thicko's that want to scrap you'll be sorry when Warsaw Pact tanks roll into Norfolk
NATO, on the other hand,is an alliance against the threat of the Warsaw Pact/Russia. It has no provisions to stop wars within the EU.
NATO (& the Warsaw Pact too) held the main protagonists from another world war.
Countries that belonged to the Warsaw Pact are more aware of the problems than Western Europe
"Progressives" are the new "Commies"...turning the UN into global Warsaw Pact..complete with own Stasi
Exactly! A lot of people from the Warsaw pact + Yugoslavia such as himself tried their luck moving to Western Europe.
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16 countries using flat tax are former Soviet Republics or Warsaw Pact countries. Doesn't sound Republican to me.
mobile command should flash that we wore (as I recall, ours after Czech invasion by Soviets' Warsaw Pact)
Little Giant Ladders
Fiorina would put troops in Germany again and there's no Warsaw Pact anyway? Wasteful and crazy.
US workers don't need to be more "Competitive". The USA didn't become a Super Power selling super low cost exports to the Warsaw Pact.
A reminder: Jagr wears No. 68 to commemorate the Prague Spring of 1968 when the Warsaw Pact invaded Czechslovakia.
Funny ex and other ex Warsaw Pact States were never given this kind of attention or treatment after their doping abuses ?
10 November 1956: Resistance to Warsaw Pact occupation forces in Hungary declared at an end:
Russia currently not seeking spheres of interest but spheres of control. Think Warsaw pact.
Recent years have seen run-down areas revived, and the arrival of Poland's first Michelin- star restaurant.
Make a pact to visit historic Warsaw - Independent Online
Make a pact to visit historic Warsaw
Donald Rumsfeld made it official when he said "we don't need Old Europe, bc we have New Europe," meaning former Warsaw Pact
Russia and Poland find common ground in The new Warsaw Pact (on emissions)
The new Warsaw Pact (on emissions): Poland and Russia share common goals?
JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Oct 14-28, 1962. US supported by NATO. USSR and Cuba supported by Warsaw Pact.
.That's a nonsense. NATO and west aggression was born MUCH after Warsaw' pact... but well... Putin's liberal anticommunist "history"
Warsaw Pact: military alliance formed in 1955 by the Soviet Union and eastern europe nations
I agree, house of lords is abhorrent and si is trident now... It died along with the warsaw pact
Sometimes western channels were banned in Warsaw pact countries. Today it is the opposite. :)
Very symbolic. I remember communism well and how meaningless the name Warsaw Pact really was.
Chomsky's New Cold War, as if the Warsaw Pact had taken over S. America and was now going to include Mexico, Canada.
The Warsaw Pact is a pact that's named after Warsaw.
So there's Model EU, let's make the first ever Model Warsaw Pact anyone???
yes is the new Warsaw Pact after all, though directed against rather than by Russia
if she would've said researched I would've said "Why yes, Jenna. I did look up the Warsaw Pact" thank you come again
On the other hand: Internet money bubble, Social Democrats over Europe, dismantling Warsaw Pact. But Techno negates all.
I'm sick and I keep dreaming about the Warsaw Pact
Daily Challenge: Nato Vs Warsaw Pact - read create your own cartoon like this one
Warsaw Pact imploded 25 yrs ago. The idea of it 'taking over Canada/Mexico' is absurd. Chomsky should perhaps consider...
At the next Nato summit in Poland in July, the leaders dinner will be held in the room the Warsaw Pact was signed in.
today i got the Warsaw Pact confused with the treaty of Versailles
I guess I should say 'had to build them'. Just like all Warsaw Pact (hate that name) 'had to' sustain large offensive armies
If Ukrainians need military training then, retroactively, the Warsaw Pact was no threat.
It's been done before, though usually after calamity. See Italy '42, Germany '45, Warsaw Pact nations.
.This is forecast of which predicted & helped dissolution of Warsaw Pact & enlargements.
1"Fence"was made to keep people in.It was removed by form.Warsaw-pact countries.They wanted/did join western way of life.
. It worked with the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations. It brought down the Iron Curtain. Cuba was due 2 collapse.
DDR would be a better choice for his outlook - cast off the Warsaw Pact, subsumed into BRD and EU.
The army of Warsaw Pact occupying Prague (Czechoslovakia) after the country made efforts to connect with the West. http:…
NATO ought to have been disbanded same time as Warsaw Pact. It has no legitimate purpose. Serves only US warmongers
[Serious] People who lived in the USSR/East Germany/Yugoslavia/Other Warsaw Pact/formerly Communist countries under Communism; What was it …
Ukraine puts Visegrad solidarity to the test: It was 10 days before the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. Czecho...
That Shockers jersey font is MAGIC. Its like if Northwestern's old Warsaw Pact Expat teams had just gone with straight Helvetica Neue.
Yup, I got it. Thing is, some people in Florida probably think Sweden was a part of the Warsaw Pact. 😉
Ronald Reagan played an important role in the collapse of the Soviet Union & other Warsaw Pact states
The fantastic staff of The Warsaw Pact: Through Perestroika and Glasnost Committee at PUNC VIII
especially have sought to pick through the bones of this dead corpse of old Warsaw Pact & absorb it into
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Punters trying to raise Das Kapital will be on the forecast in the 5.00pm - Karl Marx & Warsaw Pact
6. Warsaw Pact victorious over the O'Reillys after Ryan walked out...
continues to expand, not a problem? Imagine if it were the Warsaw Pact or itself? THE HORROR.!
The Portugal of the Warsaw Pact, as one might say.
what is having a common soviet currency tilting too ?? a tilt towards the Warsaw pact
The Warsaw Pact is impossible to re-ignite bro.Putin isn't that dumb.There is no more E/Germany,Poland and Romania has joined EU >
why is Putin is Forcefully trying to reignite the Warsaw Pact ?? If he wants it, it should not be by Force
NATO should have been disbanded when the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist - its just a US hammer now, an aggressive 1
"So amazing to have you on board Step up your game Warsaw Pact
So, ruling elites of the former Warsaw Pact, what 1st attracted you to the klepto-oligarch mode of production?
Any1 know anything about NATO and the Warsaw Pact?
yeah ... used to be like this in Warsaw Pact countries ...
U.S. forces are in Poland at Poland's request. Unlike Warsaw Pact days, Poland decides for itself.
Friends from the former Warsaw Pact tell me about the path their tracer bullets took.
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Better you ask all the states of former Warsaw Pact (who hurried into NATO) on whose blood RU society is founded
U1.4 khrushchev still believed in the warsaw pact. Wanted to make life better and therefore show communism is great
Still waiting on Ed Miliband to promote Northern Ireland as his model with a public sector a greater % than some Warsaw Pact countries.
In Dresden, would Putin have learned of 1979 Warsaw Pact nuclear war sim entailing total destruction of Poland ? His view of Neutron Bomb ?
Goes to show how bad an idea it was to expand NATO all the way to Moscow's front door. Imagine Cuba in Warsaw Pact. Oh, wait.
Also, I don't know anything about the former Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact countries, or Eastern Bloc :P
Yes, I'm sure we do, if only to justify NATO encroaching on former Warsaw Pact territories.
just concrete over everything it will look just like tother side of Iron curtain Warsaw pact land
Defense ministers from Poland Lithuania & Ukrane sign pact on creation of joint military brigade on 9-19-14 in Warsaw
Unfortunately, Putin never recognised the un-annexation(?) of from USSR, and wants his Warsaw Pact back!
NO!. Lana is the only endearing part of the show. I'd put my ICBM in her Warsaw Pact anytime of the day
In Warsaw Pact, Slavs had a privileged position
Would situation be better, if we'd have dismantled when Warsaw Pact stop existing and have created other alliance including Russia?
So those in former Warsaw Pact nations have reason to fear a new Russian invasion? No. Putin is just trying to save...
The boundaries of individualism/collectivism similar to the boundaries of confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.   10% Off
>> NATO is a voluntary association, as the Warsaw Pact was not.
who is expanding NATO or Warsaw Pact ( which the Russians unilaterally disbanded.)Who is kidding who ?
Which is why NATO betrayed Russia by absorbing first Warsaw Pact countries and then ex soviet republics by installing stooges!
Photo: historicaltimes: Exactly 25 years ago, the last removal of a Communist regime in a Warsaw Pact...
Pact is dissolved,promised not to expand.LAIRS !
"despite an agreement after the reunification of Germany, that it would not encroach on the former Warsaw Pact nations.
Khodorkovsky: Putin sees former USSR and Warsaw Pact countries as being in his zone of influence.
When Russia complains about push eastwards, remember that in 1991 former Warsaw Pact countries were already queuing up to join.
US builds a nuke, so Russia builds one, so US makes NATO, so Russia makes the Warsaw Pact
i have some notes but dont know which one need to study cause MY say pg1-19 than NATO and Warsaw pact part of CW
need lots of help . NATO and Warsaw pact tested?
Q. Which of the following no longer exists?. (a)NATO. (b)Warsaw Pact. (c)GCC. (d)SAARC. -. Ans: (B)
"John carried on with an argument like a Warsaw Pact trundling behemoth"
There might be a war. Help! Probably because of the Warsaw Pact and NATO.
Today in 1991, the Warsaw Pact dissolved. Death to Communism! Hail!
As oppr nat’s of Warsaw Pact served as buffer 2 USSR, so current arc of frozen confl is part of sec buffer 4 modern paranoid RU
Relax, I'm sure Putin will stop once he's re-established the old Warsaw Pact satellite states.
Merkel is indeed very wrong if she thinks the Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union fell apart because the west remained passive.
Don't forget young Jan Palach he burnt a torch against the Warsaw pact...
No, NATO was created to stop the Warsaw Pact, which dissolved 24 years ago. At least get your facts right
NATO pulled all sorts of strings throughout Cold War to prevent Warsaw Pact expanding (Greece, Cuba, Italy Nicaragua)
first line of defense against the warsaw pact. It had nothing to with helping us
24 years ago this day the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist.
Saint-Ronnie, who famously beat the Warsaw Pact by himself, was afraid to go to Church because terrorists.
Russia won't tolerate Ukraine as hostile member of rival military pact. Think how (US) wd have reacted had Mexico tried to join Warsaw Pact.
Today in 1991: Warsaw Pact nations agree to disband the alliance, with Soviet military control to end within 34 days
24 years ago today the Warsaw Pact was disbanded.
Today in 1991 the Warsaw Pact is declared disbanded.
2/25/1991 Warsaw Pact dissolves as Cold War ends setting foundations for current crisis in
I would call upon the peoples of the Baltic States to see if they can't find it in their hearts to rejoin the Warsaw Pact
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The original casting of Simon's terrorist crew was with a mix of Soviet and Warsaw Pact baddies and not East Germans.
this is incitement, imagine if the old Warsaw Pact had got in south and Central America started parading on US Mexican border
This day in 1991: the Pact is declared disbanded
If the Warsaw Pact was @ Mexico's border & Soviet Union had done a coup in Mexico 2 get their guy in, what would US b doing now
Yugoslavia was not a part of Warsaw pact. We could travel abroad whenever wherever. It was also open for tourism.
Challenging the Warsaw Pact From Within: In the early 1960s, Albania sided with China in the Sino-Soviet split...
there is just russia with its imperial revanchism against the world.. During Cold War there was whole Warsaw Pact
Before ts too late, time for U.S. reset. NATO should go the way of the Warsaw Pact
"endured". we were Warsaw pact *** so getting into an actual country thats not HAIL COMMUNISM was great for all.
1/2 1969 | & jointly denounced the Doctrine that allowed Warsaw Pact to intervene in deviating member states
...Ukrainian market, and the cheap labour, just as it as wanted these things in the former Warsaw Pact countries.
EU & eks Warsaw Pact countries energy need came from no other than what they proclaimed their arc nemesis: namely Russia for years to come
Eks Warsaw Pact countries has become the bear the brunt of the burden of US & EU to defend militarily & economically: Russia is stronger now
"Gentlemen! Welcome to Donetsk, the newest unofficial contact point between NATO and whatever is left of the Warsaw Pact. Mind your step!"
My Grandfather was a medium-ranked party official in one of the countries of the former Warsaw pact. via
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
National Review was intellectual, but its purpose was defeating the Warsaw Pact. When that happened, they fell to pieces.
well,if Putin's rise has anything to do with Russia's reaction to us then perhaps the former Warsaw Pact might care about it
Good well written piece. Explains my fears the Putin is trying to take Russia back to Warsaw Pact era Stalinism
RIP Dr Zhelev drove BG 1990 in the coalition liberating Kuwait from Saddam, signed dissolution of Warsaw Pact 1991.
"If you touch Lithuania again, I'ma put the Warsaw Pact on you!". shut up Feliks ya *** nerd
randomly led to reading about the Bay of Pigs Invasion, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Warsaw Pact this morning 😂
NATO was the counterbalance to the Warsaw Pact. Since Russia is becoming more aggressive, it must reassert its mission.
If you disregard the Warsaw Pact state govs and the CPSU, I'd be hard pushed to find another example.
We ought to be arming the defenders by bringing together old Warsaw Pact members who fear Soviet resurgence.
all true. And all a very great loss to anti warsaw pact anti nato game.
Wilson Kilic - Denunciation | Warsaw Pact - Shqiperia, old stamp 3247 from Albania in 1978
nope. Defensive force. Always was numerically much smaller than Warsaw Pact.
often wondered why NATO wasn't dissolved when the Warsaw Pact was. Suppose its the money.
You're pitting yourself against the EU, USA, former Warsaw Pact, UK, Canada, Australia. We all remember how many enemies you've armed
is far tougher than is giving it credit for. Other former Warsaw Pact countries could be allied with them.
I suggest we unite with the old Warsaw Pact countries, and do our job.
Since Cold War, invaded first nation outside pact. UN condemned, blocked grain supply to Soviet and boycot Moscow
Except for scans of physics textbooks, made in former Warsaw Pact nations and circulating the seamy side of the Net
European security itsef orders official abandoning of any AMS & any further U.S. presence in ex-members of the Warsaw pact. NR
site says so Germany would not give access to the same level of money for old Warsaw Pact countries.
Leigh, In the end, the Social Justice "Army" is just a bunch of incompetent fools using warsaw pact tech..
I'm now ranked Dedicated (top 40%) in 1953: NATO vs Warsaw Pact on Raptr!
to bring Russia, China, Pakistan warsaw pact countries Clos
"most interesting challenge to Pact came from individuals who began to resist military service in 1980s"
Also she pointed out that the Warsaw Pact was crazy and they could never have been a part of it. Yugoslav Union was the best
Russia, China, Pakistan and all warsaw pact countries can form a one unión block in defense, exploration, industry
but while Warsaw Pact countries were pacifying population with tanks over 44 years. We VOTED FOR EU
Worth keeping in mind. In the 1980s Andreas Papandreou regularly played footsie with the Warsaw Pact before being bought off by EC/NATO. 1/2
My romantic orientalist fantasies are mostly fixated on the parts of the Warsaw Pact as evoked by the middle third of Gulag Orkestar.
One of the funniest, most understated lines from the Zubok read: 'The Warsaw Pact made no sense without Poland[.]'
The "Cold War" kind of ended in 1990/1 with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union.
While the mujahideen in Afghanistan first defeated the Soviet-Union and Warsaw Pact while SU being superpower and now NATO and America!
figure out Ukrainian crisis first and history of that and NATO VIOLATING WARSAW PACT !
Soviet Union and its satellite states formed a rival military alliance called Warsaw Pact
So I guess someone at ESL confused CIS for the Warsaw Pact :o?
It was designed to deter aggression from Warsaw Pact. It is outdated and obsolete
Isn't that the whole point of Nato? What exactly was the purpose of the Warsaw pact?
Today in 1994: Romania joins NATO’s Partnership for Peace Program, the first former Warsaw Pact nation to do so.
Yugoslavia never was in Warsaw pact. But I get what you mean.
Nurkic vs Gortat is some hot Warsaw Pact action
Phabulous Phantom Week - The Royal Air Force operated the McDonnell Douglas F-4M/J(UK) Phantom II (with Rolls Royce Spey engines and British avionics) from 1969 to 1992 in the fighter/ground attack role and for air defence of the UK and the Falkland Islands (following the 1982 Falklands War with Argentina). The British designations were FG.1 (fighter/ground attack) and FGR.2 (fighter/ground attack/reconnaissance). A true Cold War warrior they were based in the UK and Germany to defend against a possible Warsaw Pact attack on Westen Europe and from the mid 1970's they were primarily used as an interceptor until replaced by the Tornado F.3
Here, please. I share with you the speech from the present President of Federal Germany, Joachim Gauck, from October 9th at the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. The collaps of the Warsaw Pact. The end of the Cold War. Please read it all. It is such a fantastic reminder of what surpression means, and also the responsibility of freedom. It doesn´t take long, you wont regret it.
Tet Offensive, Warsaw Pact, and MLK and RFK both assassinated.
Since the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact no longer exist, it is time to disband the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO/OTAN).
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