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Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Treaty Organization of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance (1955–1991), or more commonly referred to as the Warsaw Pact, was a mutual defense treaty between eight communist states of Eastern Europe in existence during the Cold War.

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Polish trade unions helping to break up the Warsaw Pact
Air Defence Weapons were one of the primary exports of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact during the Cold War era.
Hvorfor bryr jeg meg så mye om Skeive dager? For meg er det historien bak: "The Stonewall riots were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the *** community against a police raid that took place in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. They are widely considered to constitute the single most important event leading to the *** liberation movement and the modern fight for *** and *** rights in the United States. *** Americans in the 1950s and 1960s faced a legal system more anti-homosexual than those of some Warsaw Pact countries. Early homophile groups in the U.S. sought to prove that *** people could be assimilated into society, and they favored non-confrontational education for homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. The last years of the 1960s, however, were very contentious, as many social movements were active, including the African American Civil Rights Movement, the Counterculture of the 1960s, ...
UK Complex Weapons – Part 4 (Sea Skua and FASGW(H) Continuing my look at UK Complex Weapons this post examines the Sea Skua replacement, the Future Air to Surface Guided Weapon (Heavy) or FASGW(H). History Sea Skua and Lynx was intended to be a replacement for the AS12 missiles carried on the Westland Wasp helicopter. The emergence of the threat of Warsaw Pact Fast Attack Craft armed with anti-ship missiles demanded a response and in conjunction with the Ferranti Seaspray Radar the CL-834 missile was seen as it. The Egyptian attack on the Israeli destroyer Eilat (formerly HMS Zealous) from the Komar class fast attack craft using SS-N-2 (Styx) or P-15 anti-ship missiles draw into sharp focus the reality of the threat. This was a first and the ripples through the Western naval leadership were considerable, even though they should have known exactly the effect as Warsaw Pact forces had been using them for some time. Arab forces would not repeat this success during the 1973 Yom Kippur war when they reported ...
If in order to become part of the European Union the aspiring states should concede favors meeting the appetites of the current member states, there can be many consequences: by the end of the final approval you go naked into EU better say a well sealed position into the EU periphery. If you concede to these current member states economical favors ( Czech example of pressure to Albania) even for such a symbolic thing as "candidate" status that literally means: A smile from EU, I believe you should definitely say NO and NO! By the way, Czech should try to dig a little in their past, not so far 1968 when it got occupied by USSR ( at the time Czechoslovakia) . Albania was the only country to withdraw from the Warsaw Pact expressing its protest to USSR for this occupation!
A rare glimpse into geopolitics for this project...) The three men briefly running the Soviet Union after Stalin’s death in March 1953 – Khrushchev, Bulganin and Mikoyan – arrive in Sofia in June 1955. A day earlier they had been in Belgrade, trying to heal the rift with Yugoslavia going back to 1948. In Belgrade Nikita Khrushchev apologised for the excesses of Stalinism without blaming Stalin for them. He appealed to Yugoslavia to re-join the Communist family of nations and cited Lavrentiy Beria, rather than Stalin as the instigator of the Soviet-Yugoslav split. Tito makes no response and the assembled crowd does not applaud Khrushchev. No such thing in Sofia. Since May 1955 Bulgaria has been a member of the Warsaw Pact. Quickly losing his authority, 'Bulgaria’s Stalin', Valko Chervenkov used the visit to demonstrate loyalty towards Moscow and stayed in power for another year till April 1956. His successor Todor Zhivkov had become the head of Bulgaria’s Communists the previous year, clearly ...
The expansion and enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to include former Warsaw Pact member states has been the subject of analysis of how NATO remains relevant in the asymmetric battlefield of the 21st century. Originally created as a collective defense organization to burgeon West…
Fun fact: the Warsaw Pact wasnt a direct response to NATO, it was a response to West Germany joining NATO in 1955 and took 2 weeks to set up
On this day in 1955, the Soviet Union and seven of its European satellites signed a treaty in Warsaw, Poland, establishing the Warsaw Pact, a mutual defense pact dominated by Moscow. Its initial members, besides the Soviet Union, were Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania.
On This Day: May 14 On May 14, 1948, the independent state of Israel was proclaimed as British rule in Palestine came to an end. On May 14, 1885, Otto Klemperer, who was one of the foremost German conductors, was born. Following his death on July 6, 1973, his obituary appeared in The Times. 1643 Louis XIV became King of France at age 4 on the death of his father, Louis XIII. 1787 Delegates began gathering in Philadelphia for a convention to draw up the U.S. Constitution. 1796 English physician Edward Jenner administered the first vaccination against smallpox. 1804 The Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory left St. Louis. 1904 The first Olympic games to be held in the United States opened in St. Louis. 1942 Aaron Copland's "Lincoln Portrait" was first performed, by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. 1942 The Women's Auxiliary Army Corps was established. 1955 Representatives from the Soviet Union and seven other Communist bloc countries signed the Warsaw Pact in Poland. 1973 The Unit ...
Also I took some notes on the review session last night. There might be some mistakes or whatnot but here ya go. What was the date of D day and where was it? June 6 1944, Beaches of Normandy Which presidents policy helped build the Panama Canal? And what policy? Roosevelt, Monroe Doctrine or also called the Roosevelt Corollary Generation in WW1? The lost generation President when stock market crashed? Herbert Hoover Name the ship that exploded in the harbor and started the Spanish American war? USS Maine What event changed the 1960 election? First televised debate. Kennedy was better looking. US Policy before WW2, before Pearl Harbor? Lend-lease act Warsaw Pact? Countries behind the iron curtain Who is the founder of the NAACP? W.E.B. Dubois Who did Ida Tarbell write about? Rockefeller What presidential scandal was about oil in Wyoming? Tea-pot dome These people were the precursors to the hippies? Beatnik. Jack quirack was the most famous beatnik. Who were the little rock nine? First African Americans kid ...
BREAKING:, courtesy of The Interpreter is reporting that an informal meeting of the CSTO War Council ('Russian NATO' - ed.) took place this evening at the request of Vladimir Putin, summoning several presidents at his request. The situation in Ukraine was the main topic of the evening. "Observers have speculated that Moscow could use the CSTO in some fashion to run a "peace-keeping operation" in the south of Ukraine with the support of allies in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The meeting evokes memories of how the Soviet-era Warsaw Pact was used to invade Czechoslovakia to come to the aid of a "fraternal government." Read more:
What annoys me is how Aussies and Kiwis are treated at the border as aliens, because ex. Warsaw Pact countries get priority
On This Date in Sports 1984: Four years after an American led boycott of the 1980 Sumer Olympics in Moscow, the Soviet Union announce they will be boycotting the upcoming games in Los Angeles. The Soviets would not be the only communist country to boycott the 1984 Summer Olympics, as 18 other Warsaw Pact countries, controlled by the Soviets also pulled out of the games.
C'mon! In the first a Wincanton, FormChecker noted that Osmosia and Warsaw Pact were in with a chance and the only HotShot in the race was Key To Milan. Osmosia wins at 14/1 from Warsaw Pact (20/1) and Key To Milan third (12/1). Job most certainly done.
...& the winner: Osmosia ridden by Louis Muspratt who capitalised on Bostin's fall at the last when clear. 2nd Warsaw Pact 3rd Key To Milan
Like I said months ago, Rubio is a rino!!! Sorry FLA! There seems to be no shortage of bad ideas in Washington. They usually involve an unspecified cost to the people at large to provide an undisclosed benefit for the influential and well-connected. But it takes peeling the onion to see what's really going on in some of these Washington schemes. One of the latest — a really bad idea that popped up this week — is from Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio has been sharing a lot of his ideas about Ukraine and Russia lately. In March, he offered a package of "8 Steps Obama Must Take to Punish Russia." Among them was his idea that we must make a renewed push for the Republic of Georgia to join NATO. Another NATO member on Russia's border? Bad idea. There is enough dry tinder for one conflagration already. There is as well — if anybody cares — the issue of U.S. integrity. Rubio may be too young to remember, but the Soviet Union was still a fearsomely armed world power when it dissolved. It had 380,000 troops in E ...
Defining The Right XXXVIII In the year prior to 1989 and the following years, the world was rocked by a series of conflicts, first in Nagorno Karabakh and secondly in former Yugoslavia, both conflicts were a result of ethnic tensions, and a revaluation of the Russian equation, is in order - Russia having successfully maintained the peace in Nagorno Karabakh, from the Second World War up until the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. Overall the states within the European Union appear to be the least conflict prone and the former Warsaw Pact states have made the transformation, at the very least, moderately well.
Today's Quiz: What was the only Warsaw Pact country to compete in the 1984 Summer Olympics?
My country INDIA has already set an example by establishing NON-ALIGNED- MOVEMENT.between NATO and Warsaw Pact.Great
1984-The USSR and Warsaw Pact countries announced they would boycott the Los Angeles Olympics
2. is a Cold War relic just like the warsaw pact. It is irrelevant in today's world.
Fine...But if he ever does cheat on you again...let's not forget that we ARE both in the Warsaw Pact...
Manifesta curator defends biennial at the heart of the Warsaw Pact
Man standing in front of a soviet tank in Slovakia,Bratislava during invasion of Czechoslovakia by warsaw pact...
ty hunny. and no collapse of communism. you know no more soviet states and Warsaw Pact. so 1989?
World History students creating NATO and Warsaw Pact maps
7 May 89: WTO: At a pre-Helsinki Report meeting, the Warsaw Pact retracts the Brezhnev doctrine of limited sovereignty for member countries.
really, I loved the Warsaw Pact. No, seriously - an alliance is what they should have written but pact is shorter...
in the Eurovision of my boyhood, there were no Warsaw Pact countries invited
Poland Rating: Low Risk Risk Rating Poland is by many accounts the most successful and stable free-market democracy in Eastern Europe. It borders Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; and Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to the east. To the northwest, Poland borders the Baltic Sea, and to the northeast it borders Kaliningrad Oblast, an exclave of the Russian Federation. A unitary state, the Polish federal government has authority over 16 voivodeships (provinces). Following the Second World War, which devastated Poland and killed several million of its people, half of them Jews, Poland signed the Warsaw Pact with the Soviet Union, establishing the Eastern Bloc of communist states. By 1989, however, Poland became the first Eastern European nation to abandon its communist-era principles for a free market and to elect a democratic government. Poland has since become a major player in European and world affairs, joining NATO in 1999 and the European Union in 2004, and contributing mi ...
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NICELY said Brian agree whole hardly, I thought he should of been impeached. PLEASE don't sweep Bengazi under the carpet.The government knew what was going on and how week do we look cutting troops while China and Russia increase theres. Putin wants to reassemble the warsaw pact while we are slowly getting weeker, all the work Reagan and Gorbachev broke down the walls in Germany ending the Cold War. We are going backwards folks.
My comment/response to J Garst, originating from his post calling Pres Obama a fascist liar, and responsible for the Ukrainian/Russian situation. It went on from there. James, I appreciate the time and effort you invested in your response/s. You clearly support, have studied, and express a dedication to what you believe the righteous cause of Russia. You did not, however, investigate me if you believe I have a biased, bigoted, narrow view of Russia.. No, I do not hate "Russia"...I am against occupiers, whoever, wherever they are... And instead of bigotry, I am governed by fairness, and when I interviewed the former Assistant Secretary of Defense, I questioned the practice of allowing countries not located by the Atlantic, to join NATO, the North Atlantic Trade Organization, especially countries of the former Warsaw Pact. I asked, how should Russia interpret such activity, seemingly attempting to encircle Russia by NATO Affiliates? I am not a blind follower of American Foreign policy, (insert long ...
Like Finland which is signing a MOU with NATO or Sweden which isn't directly threatened and both not former Warsaw Pact?
Ok guys, here is Bar Fight story number three; enjoy! If the Cold War was a Bar Fight After the last bar fight, the United States and the Soviet Union decide to split the bar in half. The United States, who had had a bet with Britain on how quick Germany would be defeated, quickly donates the money to repair its half of the Bar. Russia, backed up by Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia, demands that the USA fixes their half too. The USA runs back to the missus, hoping to borrow more money, and then returns. By this time, reconstruction is under way. The USA notices a beaten and bruised Germany hiding behind Russia. The USA urges Germany to cross to its side. Russia, hearing this, quickly dives behind the bar, followed by its mates, and slams the security gate closed. Britain declares that an Iron Curtain has descended upon them. France is still beating itself up over the last fight. Italy is quietly sitting in the corner, not looking at anyone. China, who was suffering from post-traumatic ...
the Warsaw Pact and the Hungarian revolution!
How many people recollect that came first, and Warsaw Pact came in response to US provocation?
all the Russians in the ex soviet block will be dialling like the Warsaw Pact is back in fashion!
fun fact the Warsaw Pact, a military treaty between the Soviet Bloc, was dissolved in 1991 but still exists in Eurovision
Find out how the Warsaw Pact DOUBLED their combined arms lethality by using this one weird trick!
Inventing the need for NATO to continue even after the end of USSR, integrating former Warsaw pact countries,...1/n
Exactly, and it's using international notions of PK now not just Warsaw Pact solidarity to set stage
NATO,OECD,Organization Of African Unity,OAS,OPEC,U.N.,and Warsaw Pact..International Red Cross would be a nice one also..Never forget this>>
Warsaw Pact was equivalent of NATO which ceased to exist in 1991, Poland has been in NATO since 1999 - how does UKIP come in here?
About the same time NATO assured Russia that it would not expand into former Warsaw Pact countries.
2 Now it is good to have former Warsaw Pact nations/Baltics in NATO. But Thomas Friedman's point was a little different ...
Do you even know what Warsaw Pact was?
on the plus side of the crisis, there will be far less biased voting in the song contest amongst old Warsaw pact allies
Not Just Obama Ask yourself: happier to have fmr Warsaw Pact nations/Baltics in NATO now v. scrambling to do so now?
At the end of the Cold War, Gorbachev, Reagan agreed no NATO troops to be located on former Warsaw Pact soil.
FWIW, no maj. orthodox countries2 right of the Y axis. I imagine graph of ex Warsaw Pact %ortho v hawk interesting
Not sufficient reason to cease to exist. It seems to be a popular club with ex-Warsaw Pact wanting to enter
creation of NATO, Warsaw PAct and the UN; VE 1945 and the partion of Germany ,Europe, world - the coming of the "ugly" Americans
that someone found and brought 50-80ties made widely spread Warsaw Pact/Civil Defence equipment?Like here:
The "EU ideal" is going up in smoke in It's just an elegant "Warsaw Pact" putsch.
Warsaw Pact was a result of it, but was soon ended. The same should apply for NATO.
nor did it choose NATO. Intimidation. NATO should've been dissolved with the Warsaw Pact
Czech Republic president drew parallels w/ Russia’s military intervention in to the Warsaw Pact's crushing of the 1968 Prague Spring
Putin: NATO spreading like a cancerous tumor", has "swallowed our Warsaw Pact allies," now "opening jaws" for more
. says is biggest political event in Europe for 20 yrs. Enlargement of EU inc ex-Warsaw pact states, Baltic republics?
NATO VS Warsaw Pact waist of money, reso…
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NATO: The Current State of Play April 29, 2014 | 0900 GMT Summary Editor's Note: This is the second installment in a three-part series on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO weathered the Cold War significantly better than its Warsaw Pact rivals, but it did not escape unscathed. Without the anchor of the Soviet bloc, NATO was cut adrift from its strategic imperative, suffering diminished budgets and dwindling force levels. Despite this, NATO has conducted more operations since the fall of the Soviet Union than it did during the previous four decades of carefully orchestrated stalemate. A modern NATO has been forced to learn new lessons, forged in the crucible of intervention, global terrorism and numerous Balkan winters. The new, adaptive framework of NATO has allowed members to conserve resources and avoid the associated costs of large standing forces. However, without these large armies the alliance has lost some of its deterrence capability, forcing it to be a relatively slow reactor to world ...
Bl. John Paul II’s key role in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact can be attributed to his vision of the human being, informed by personalism and the Catholic faith.
The Cold War was a sustained state of political and military tension between powers in the Western Bloc (the United States with NATO and others) and powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its allies in Warsaw Pact). Historians have not fully agreed on the dates, but 1947–1991 is common. It...
I guess the USA is not such a trustworthy Nation either (see article below) .. . . . In that vein, U.S. policymakers and pundits also neglect to mention another inconvenient fact: Then-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to the reunification of Germany in 1990-91 — and to a united Germany remaining within the U.S.-led NATO alliance — in return for an unqualified commitment from U.S. President George H.W. Bush. That commitment was that the U.S. and NATO would never try to take a former Soviet satellite nation of Central Europe into NATO. The first Bush honored that pledge. But his successor, President Bill Clinton, along with his second secretary of state, the Czech-born Madeleine Albright, did not. In 1997-98, they energetically promoted the integration of every former Warsaw Pact member nation into NATO. From the Russian view, even worse was to come. President George W. Bush, in his Warsaw speech of June 15, 2001, pledged to integrate the three tiny Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estoni ...
The Soviet-led Warsaw Pact military alliance was disbanded on this day in 1991.
Yes Putin is in tight with the Russian Orthodox Church, but a great many of his other views should disturb everyone. Putin often quotes Ivan Ilyan : In his 1948 essay, “What Dismemberment of Russia Entails for the World,” Ilyin describes the Russian people as the “core of everything European-Asian and, therefore, of universal equilibrium.” Yet the West, he argues, is trying to “divide the united Russian broom into twigs to break these twigs one by one.” The West is driven by “a plan of hatred and lust for power.” Historically from the 1500s and the Tsarist era through the Soviet era, it has always been Russia acting as the aggressor towards the West. Even in WWII, Russia started as Hitler's ally in the Warsaw Pact and a scheme to divide Europe, which backfired on Stalin. Long before this Ukrainian situation Putin started placing ICBM stations in Venezuela under Chavez and he has consistently opposed U.S. interests across the globe, especially in Iran, where he has aided their nuclear weapo ...
The Parallel History Project looks at source material from the Warsaw Pact and from NATO during the Cold War. they have a lot about the Czechs, and in Czech. I think it's fascinating.
On this date in 1999, former Warsaw Pact members (former Soviet satellites) Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland joined NATO.
on 1999 Former Warsaw Pact members the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland join NATO.
The Most Dangerous Mobster in the World According to the FBI and Israeli Intelligence, Semion Mogilevich Rules Over an Arms-Trafficking, Money-Laundering, Drug-Running, and Art-Smuggling 'Red Mafia' and he's a Jew from Ukraine by Robert I. Friedman In two posh villas outside the small town of Ricany, near Prague, one of the most dreaded mob families in the world savagely murders its terrified victims. The mob's young enforcers, trained by veterans of the Afghanistan war, are infamous for their extreme brutality. Their quarry, usually businessmen who have balked at extortion demands, are repeatedly stabbed and tortured, then mutilated before they are butchered. The carnage is so hideous that it has scared the daylights out of competing crime groups in the area. The torture chambers are run by what international police officials call the Red Mafia, a notorious Russian mob family that in only six years has become a nefarious global crime cartel. Based in Budapest, it has key centers in New York, Pennsylvania ...
does anyone else notice how Russia annexing crimea is like Germany annexing sudtenland in 1983? What the *** is the point in teaching history if were not going to learn from our lessons. This makes me sick. People keep saying they don't want a world war III, my advice? don't let putin make a new warsaw pact. stuhhhpid.
So... NATO. Should they just break apart like the Warsaw Pact has done already?
25 years Warsaw Pact, postage stamp 150 from East Germany in 1980
It is like some sort of amateur Brezhnev era training exercise for visiting Warsaw Pact CI and Home Guard types. Disappointing
pandemic in +. Serbian Paramilitary units in . = Happy hunting grounds for Pandemic Flu in Warsaw pact ~ FSU
Russia, you may have an ally in China which isn't enough against NATO and the western bloc. Sadly Warsaw pact is extinct since 1991
March 4, 2014 TUNE OUT THE WAR PARTY! By Patrick J. Buchanan With Vladimir Putin's dispatch of Russian troops into Crimea, our war hawks are breathing fire. Russophobia is rampant and the op-ed pages are ablaze here. ...When Red Army tank divisions crushed the Hungarian freedom fighters in 1956, killing 50,000, Eisenhower did not lift a finger. When Khrushchev built the Berlin Wall, JFK went to Berlin and gave a speech. When Warsaw Pact troops crushed the Prague Spring in 1968, LBJ did nothing. When, Moscow ordered Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski to smash Solidarity, Ronald Reagan refused to put Warsaw in default. These presidents saw no vital U.S. interest imperiled in these Soviet actions, however brutal. They sensed that time was on our side in the Cold War. And history has proven them right. (Read the entire article at:
bringing a large caliber weapon is best :) .. somebody better dust off those old Warsaw Pact response plans ..
(Source: NATO)Twenty years ago, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union marked a virtual end to the long-standing military and ideological threat that Moscow represented to the United States.
the standard spelling was ratified in a UN vote in 1967. The Warsaw Pact countries were up in arms but voted eventually yes
11 Mar 89: Prospects are good for conventional force level reductions by NATO and Warsaw Pact
Which military alliance had Pakistan as its member? a) NATO b) SEATO c) CENTO d) Warsaw Pact
This is what I see from gleaning information from many news sources, East, West, Left & Right, over the course of many years. In my view and understanding of the unfolding events, The US and the West is pushing for a confrontation and Russia has drawn the Real Red Line. Red Lines are being drawn everywhere by many Nations, dissecting this world, dividing it to the point there will be no coming together or relaxing of tensions, but the contrary. The propaganda mills are working overtime demonizing Russia with the talking heads parroting the government line without having the guts to speak Truth to power. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, NATO absorbed all the former Warsaw Pact Nations, expanding NATO to the border of the Ukraine, the last buffer State between NATO and Russia. The US unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty so George Bush could deploy an anti-ballistic missile system aimed at Russia. Americans hated that with the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Russia hates it to ...
So how many former Warsaw Pact countries did that happen in?
Well, Turkey is a member of NATO and wasn't part of Warsaw Pact! But I take the point...
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Weekly Standard piece also advises NATO to reconsider policy of not deploying nukes in ex-Warsaw Pact states:
Westerm is looking at the progress made by other former Warsaw Pact countries who now are Moscow's fiercest enemies.
not entirely. Ukraine is Russia's back yard. After German unification and the drawing back of the Warsaw pact it was a concern
Should have been dismantled after Warsaw Pact was as agreed after Reykjavik.
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Warsaw Pact a treaty of mutual defence and military aid signed at Warsaw on 14 May 1955 by Communist states o...
Shame former Warsaw Pact don't do fracking. However, Wm Hague said on Marr today, UK gets only 1% of gas from Russia.
Putin didn't like it, b/c it mean building US military installations on former Warsaw Pact turf. Right for Obama to cancel, imo
Einther way,you still have to go tothe junta NATO-WARsaw Pact Conditions me know:Cash,Vienna,Cosmic Women-Amstaff Lady-Concrete
the details hammered into a weak/sickly FDR and an impotent Churchill at Yalta and through the Warsaw Pact.
Bush the Senior cut a deal with Gorbachev to facilitate the peaceful unwind of the USSR, which was that NATO would not move into former Warsaw Pact states. The Clinton Administration broke the pact, something that even dedicated Cold Warrior George Kennan regarded as a disastrous error. Destabilizin...
I suppose it really hammers it home that the former Warsaw Pact is still relatively an unknown to us in terms of internal politics
First battle in war w nAtional security was Warsaw Pact nations attempt to control cryptography in the 90's
Warsaw Pact tank’s spearhead during the invasion of Prague, 1968. .
How would have reacted the when the Pact states would try to extend their influence on e.g. Canada in the past?
want the old Warsaw Pact regions back well I can't persuade u otherwise.
UK not so bad. Better than quite a few ex Warsaw Pact countries!
I herewith order the Warsaw Pact from after WW2 to return iron curtain for the usual suspects. Policed by
Crazy idea: Comic about a team of '70s-era Warsaw Pact superheroes modeled after the members of Dschinghis Khan crossed with Super Sentai.
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Bring back the Warsaw Pact -and East Berlin - and Ceaucescu ...Russia doing what Russia does best .
Oh good, someone is asking about NATO and Crimea and the Warsaw Pact.
The strength of resolve shown by former Warsaw Pact countries is a bright point in these dark days. Go Poland!.
You could get loads of them in the early-mid 90s, when the Warsaw Pact collapsed...
Why is this white boy on my bus talking about the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact 😫
no doubt pro-Soviets said the same when Poland etc wanted to leave the Warsaw Pact
So, how will that apply to the former Soviet/Warsaw Pact states in NATO/EU? That's the billion dollar question.
At the 61st attempt it's congrats to well done on WARSAW PACT tipped at 33/1 by the king of big…
Pic of President Nimeri visit to East Germany in 1970 as first head of non-Warsaw pact state: via
Warsaw pact was dismantled but NATO remained in tact. The ploy of the west seems to be...
how do you think the U.S.would have reacted if Mexico were offered membership in the Warsaw P…
the USSR signed the Warsaw Pact with 7 of its satellite states as a mutual defense treaty to counter NATO
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was a good defensive org after WWII when Euro armies were depleted and Soviets had Warsaw Pact. Now it's not defensive anymore.
Sorted, the Warsaw Pact bet was the last bet and has been cancelled
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No East Germany from the Warsaw pact-or the German Democratic republic to be formal
NATO's role was to serve as a counterbalance to Warsaw Pact. Now it's operating outside its 1949 Charter. Where does it end?
NATO and former Warsaw pact nations. Sold them, none of what we found where ours. Some made there.
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Very nice piece by on what former Warsaw Pact countries think abt UKR situation:
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President George H. W. Bush made assurances that if the Soviets were to dissolve the Warsaw Pact, ...
Reviving the Cold War Dr. Strangelove Over Ukraine by JEFFREY SOMMERS Events in Ukraine are providing plenty of theater, but little economic change. Since the USSR’s collapse the ‘set’ has been changed many times over several acts of our long-running Ukrainian ‘play.’ Rotating oligarchs shift in and out looting the ‘set,’ but without a shift in plot. One set of oligarchs merely replaces another, with the periodic display of ‘color revolutions’ as wardrobe changes to re-animate the tired theme with a sense of novelty. Russian and Ukrainian nationalist continue to spar in a Spy vs. Spy fashion, while Ukraine’s economy continues to unravel and its people continue their exodus on an Old Testament scale to the ‘promised land’ of the EU. The scene for the original plot was set in the closing stages of the Cold War. George Bush (the elder) promised Gorbachev that if the Soviets let the Warsaw Pact go, Russia would never have to worry about the expansion of NATO. The US responded to this . ...
Anyways, presumably those Cold Warriors left in J-5 are going nuts with the prospect of some vintage NATO-Warsaw Pact scenarios
Would u say Ukraine situation is like if the Soviets had helped the IRA seize power & tried to get Ireland to join the Warsaw Pact?
It is clear 1956 and 1968 are repeating today. Small difference : Ukraine is not in the "Warsaw pact". United Nations, *** are you waiting for ?
It usually takes years - if not decades - to be able to identify the period in which the world changed forever. We are on the cusp of such a moment right now. Russia has just directly challenged the United States for the leadership of the world. There is not a single Russian expert who believes that Putin is going to stop with the Ukraine. The only language that the Russians have ever understood is that of power. Economic power - yes; but primarily, the willingness to use military power. If President Obama allows the expanding Russian invasion of the Ukraine to go unchallenged, in five years, the basic framework of the old Warsaw Pact will be back in place. To prevent this nightmare of a future, this is the moment to start speaking to Russia with actions and not words. The only thing that will get Putin and the other Russian leaders to quit laughing so hard over President Obama's "dire" warning that he might not come to a G-8 meeting - in June - is when the President orders two carrier battle grou ...
Remember when the Warsaw Pact exploited US weakness and invaded West Germany in 1978? :P
NAM or Non Aligned Movement Summits Non Aligned Movement – Backgrounder What is NAM ? The full form of NAM is Non Aligned Movement. NAM is now an international organisation of states who consider themselves not formally aligned with or against any major power. History of NAM – Who and When was it founded ? The records indicate that the term non-aligned movement was first officially used by V K Krishna Menon, Indian Diplomat and statesman, at United Nations meeting in 1953. However, the actual NAM is considered to be the brainchild of Gamal Abdul Nasser (former President of Egypt), Jawaharlal Nehru (Prime Minister of India), Josip Broz Tito (President of Yugoslav), Kwame Nkrumah (President of Ghana), Sukarno (First President of Indonesia). These five are considered as the Founding Fathers of the NAM and it was founded in April, 1955. What was the purpose of establishing NAM ? What were the objectives ? In mid fifties, world was being divided into two blocks – American block and Russian Block. Th ...
Left after the collapse of USSR and Warsaw Pact, led wrapped in Democracy and didn't see this coming?
"Hoxha's dogmatic Stalinist adherence, Albania broke with the S.U. in '60 and formally left the Warsaw Pact in '68..."
The headlines in the mainstream media shout, "Obama Warns Russia". Warns what? That President Obama, who at this point has just about zero credibility with both our allies and our enemies, will pout and make vague, pointless, unenforceable threats? Another "red line" that when crossed leads to no consequences, Mr. President? This is a weak President with very little international credibility, a man who is deliberately "drawing down" and weakening the U.S. military's "boots on the ground" forces as we speak. "Consequences" with what? Our overextended military, mired in Afghanistan and in pointless penny packets all over Africa? Please Mr. President, spare us the histrionics: you can't do anything to support democracy in Eastern Europe and you won't. The Russian troops are already in Ukraine, and are probably headed into Georgia as well in the near future. The Warsaw Pact is reuniting, and you will do nothing.
Something tells me his M.O is not only back to CCCP but making a new warsaw pact but including asia as well.
Western Europe wont allow Warsaw Pact 2 even glimmer again hes got it easy.
Russian troops in Ukraine. Remember 1968's Russian-Warsaw Pact invasion of Czech Republic after Prague Spring?...
On August 20, 1968, the Soviet Union led Warsaw Pact troops in an invasion of Czechoslovakia to crack down on reformist trends in Prague. Although the Soviet Union’s action successfully halted the pace of reform in Czechoslovakia, it had unintended consequences for the unity of the communist bloc.
But what's the purpose for it? Warsaw Pact doesn't exist anymore... It's leftover of Cold War.
No reports Ukraine's new gov't harming any of its people in Crimea or elsewhere. Russia claim of protection is fraudulent. New Warsaw Pact.
And tried to have Mexico to join the Warsaw pact^
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that's one of the reasons Russia's acting here: they see rapport btwn former Warsaw Pact and EU as threat and retrench
also note that this provocative effort to pick off ex-Warsaw pact members was brought to you by the neocons and Shrubby, the glorious designers of the war ON Iraq, so obviously this is rational behavior
yes why doesn't Putin annex the whole of Eastern Europe as he pleases and reform the Warsaw Pact.
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The only thing that stopped Crimea happening in Kosovo was that former Warsaw pact countries denied use of air space by Russian troops.
with the states of the Warsaw Pact and other already from 1945 , 1948 , 1958, 1978 . they are not published , but judge for yourself .
...Indeed, geography explains much. As noted in an earlier chapter, when the Warsaw Pact broke up, the formerly...
obsessed with this band. They're the only reason I'd want to live in the Warsaw Pact region.
Having been near to Liptovsky Mikulas, 7 miles from the border with the Soviet Union, in 1968 when Warsaw Pact forces invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the "Prague Spring" the rhetoric coming from Rostov & Moscow now sounds eerily familiar
Would the US stand idle if Mexico was being invited into Warsaw Pact?
Warsaw Pact army killing Prague Spring in 1968 also wore no IDs. Coincidence?
Gee, what a shock that the Russians are blockading Crimean airports. Guess sovereign soil only counts outside the Warsaw Pact
For those that have been monitoring the situation in Ukraine... I just saw a report that suggests that 'unmarked' military forces have seized the Crimean regional airport. It sounds like Spetsnaz and the 'Military Exercise' Russia announced is scheduled to begin in the next 24 hours... Coincidence or are we about to see a repeat of the 1968 invasion of Czechslovakia by the Warsaw Pact or at least a Russian attempt to annex the Crimea?
Russia (USSR) invaded Hungary in 1956 & Czechslovkia in 1968 to keep them in the Warsaw Pact - its not unrealistic they will invade Ukraine.
At the end of the Cold War ,. the + dismounted their Warsaw Pact. but ,the West kept its So who is the "bad guy"
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Since the USSR known as the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact no longer exist, the money to finance NATO can be repurposed or invested to fund the US Veterans Administration to better serve war and peace-time US military veterans!
Instead of selling Coke or Pepsi in the park, we offer Jadu Węża, available in fallout shelters throughout former Warsaw Pact countries.
Nice slice of Moody Blues history here:
: Moody Blues rock as Russian tanks roll - PRAGUE POST | The Voice of Prague via
I won’t bore you with a lot more history, but I do want to point out the difference between Poland and Ukraine. Those of you of a certain age will remember that Ukraine was one of the Soviet Republics, and therefore ruled from Moscow. Poland, on the other hand, was one of the “Warsaw Pact” or “Soviet Bloc” countries, with its own Communist government, which served at Moscow’s pleasure. Neither reality made for a good time, but the Soviet Republics had no decision over their own lives. Our Polish missionaries point to this to explain the mentality and behavior of eastern Ukraine. We visited the cities of Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol and Zaporizhzhia, for example, and I’ll bet most of you have never heard of them. The first has a population of 700,000 and the third a population of 900,000 – sizable cities where I come from! And, yes, they both have McDonalds (as does Kiev and Munich)! And Nikopol has the largest atomic power plant in Europe, with six nuclear reactors. And they all have multiple statu ...
if I was in the Warsaw Pact I'd prefer Brussels to Moscow. If I wasn't, I'd prefer rest of the world to Brussels...
The IMF are now communists, too. We might as well be living in the Warsaw pact.
EAST seminar, Amsterdam, today, 1700hrs: Lauren Crump (Utrecht), 'Reconsidering the Warsaw Pact' -
Soviet Union told NATO about the Warsaw Pact military exercises in Easter Europe in the summer of 1968 as well.
I really miss the simplicity of the Warsaw Pact these days.
Solidarnosc turned the pale cream of the Warsaw pact into firm, resilent butter
Remember the Invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact? Remember why?
The Warsaw Pact didn't fall apart just through politics.Even the Chinese realised they needed private entrepreneurs.
Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Voices of dissent in the Western Ukraine: "Comment from a Ukrainian in today’s Guardian: I am Ukrainian living in the West. To give some perspective and info as I have relatives there: 1 – opposition is not unified. Majority are peaceful normal people, but 15-20% are hardcore ultra-right/fascist – incidentally they are the ones with guns. 2 – current parliament is afraid of the ultra-right, and first law they passed was to abolish russian as minority language – very stupid mistake as normal people dont care one bit who speaks what language and it only antagonized Odessa 3 – normal average people are very very ambivalent towards the opposition politicians – all of them are tainted, and in private people say that its better if all of them are disposed of, not just yanukovitch. problem is, there is nobody else except the ultra-right 4 – ultra-right militias are right now conducting pogroms on former officials and their families, similar to what Lenin did in 1917 – basically they have a list ...
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Schedule: Thursday, 6th of March 2014 7.00 p.m. Official inauguration 8.00 p.m. Fifth season of the year (La quinta estación del año)/ Directed by: Jerzy Domaradzki / time of projection: 96’ Having recently lost her partner, Basia (Ewa Wiśniewska) decides to leave her home. Together with Witek (Marian Dziędziel), whom she hires as a driver, they travel to the seaside to fulfill the dying wish of Basia's partner. Against the backdrop of the Silesian landscape, they discover their prevailing feelings of loneliness, which slowly start to drift away. They reveal the secrets of their pasts as their relationship grows more intense. The new emotion is mature and critical for their further life. "They feel how much they need each other", Jerzy Domaradzki says in an interview with the newspaper Rzeczpospolita. "And they see that there is still something before them". The film is simultaneously a portrait of a 20-year-old democratic system, which gives rise to reflections on the amplitude of the changes. Th . ...
Thoughts on the Ukraine from a former IO As North Americans, it's easy for us to love 'Freedom' and get excited when we see people in Ukraine or Syria crave democracy. I, too, have these feelings. I'd like everyone to pause and think about what we would think if we lived in Russia. This 'nation-state empathy' is essential in IOs--we have to look out of the other guys eyes all the time So--if you're Russian, having the EU (which has a military component and is run by the Germans) in Ukraine is roughly the equivalent of Quebec joining the Warsaw Pact. This isn't just about 'economics' or 'freedom'. Powerful nation-states have zones of control that help create the climate of safety and assurance that allow the conditions of diplomacy and trade. Russia is, in fact, less powerful and more insecure than they were twenty years ago--and that's saying something. If you think that we North Americans are immune from these feelings, I'll just mention two words--Cuba, and Quebec. Enough said? I am not advocatin ...
Serious situation growing in the crimea Russian troops massing on the border with Ukraine. Brings memories of the Prague Spring of 1968 when the reformist Gov of dubćec tried to stand up to the warsaw pact. I can remember their flag given pride of place at celtic park and fans chanting dubćec.
Warsaw Pact countries,SI,HR were never bombed by Nato. Biggest concern today for Eu/Nato relations is Cyprus, not Serbia.
all former Warsaw Pact and FRY EU members joined NATO first. It is logical and RS should be no exception.
They are what East and West Germany are as continuing republic half of it raving mad with religion/police, and other Communist (Prof. Francine McKenzie (a Mackensen) comes of that predatory war-loser background, not any of us, and of economic warfare interested personal thieves and psycho-hooligans, as a deranged British ward since her who I presume is a linear ancestor was convicted of war crimes as a likely murderer of my English great grandfather together with traitors in Britain, all of whom need to be court-martialed and shot down to their grandparents’ generation now, given their relentless moron-grade evil and also continuing illegal war v. upper class). As for Germany, it was not at all reasonable to separate my grandparents in 1950 and maroon my grandfather with a butch *** woman kidnapper of his normal ancestrally appropriate wife and also beloved only child (only legitimate, and first-born, and last such, as in a brother-less only one, the others, 6/7 *** ogres, having been born of said kidna ...
Today in 1991 - The Warsaw Pact is declared disbanded.
Hmm- do you remember the Warsaw Pact of slave nations? Cuba? MT The Cold War was not about
"Does the Warsaw Pact stand for 'we are really stupid and weird?'"
Today in 1991 the Warsaw Pact was disbanded
25 Feb 1991: Warsaw Pact declared disbanded at meeting of Defence & Foreign Ministers from Pact countries meeting in Hungary.
1991 Warsaw Pact is declared disbanded - Stalin must be rolling over in his grave! I a child of the Cold War rejoice!
The Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation, and Mutual Assistance,[1] more commonly referred to as the Warsaw Pact, was a mutual defense treaty between eight communist States of Central and Eastern Europe in existence during the Cold War. The founding treaty was established under the initiative of the S...
On this day, February 25th, in 1991, the Warsaw Pact was disbanded.
Could Russia reactivate some kind of Warsaw Pact, and get that war we didn't got in the 80's going today?
This date in 1991, The Warsaw Pact is declared disbanded
Historical Events, this day February 25 In 1791, the First Bank of the U.S. at Philadelphia became the first national bank chartered by Congress. In 1836, Samuel Colt patented a revolving gun, the first of the six-shooters. In 1870, Hiram Rhoades Revels, a Republican from Natchez, Miss., was sworn into the U.S. Senate, becoming the first African-American to sit in Congress. In 1901, the United States Steel Corp. was founded by J.P. Morgan. In 1933, the USS Ranger, the first custom-built aircraft carrier, was launched. In 1951, the inaugural Pan American Games began in Buenos Aires. In 1964, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) defeated Sonny Liston and was named world heavyweight boxing champion. In 1967, U.S. warships began shelling Vietnam. In 1986, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos left his Manila palace for Hawaii, ending 20 years in power. In 1990, Violeta Chamorro, the U.S.-backed candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua, scored an upset victory over President Daniel Ortega, leader of the leftist Sandi ...
Final years (1985–91) Main article: Cold War (1985–1991) Further information: Reagan Doctrine Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan sign the INF Treaty at the White House, 1987 Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1988. The beginning of the 1990s brought a thaw in relations between the superpowers. Gorbachev reforms Further information: Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika, and glasnost By the time the comparatively youthful Mikhail Gorbachev became General Secretary in 1985,[225] the Soviet economy was stagnant and faced a sharp fall in foreign currency earnings as a result of the downward slide in oil prices in the 1980s.[253] These issues prompted Gorbachev to investigate measures to revive the ailing state.[253] An ineffectual start led to the conclusion that deeper structural changes were necessary and in June 1987 Gorbachev announced an agenda of economic reform called perestroika, or restructuring.[254] Perestroika relaxed the production quota system, allowed private ownership of businesses and paved ...
Crisis and escalation (1953–62) Main article: Cold War (1953–1962) NATO and Warsaw Pact troop strengths in Europe in 1959 Khrushchev, Eisenhower and De-Stalinization In 1953, changes in political leadership on both sides shifted the dynamic of the Cold War.[116] Dwight D. Eisenhower was inaugurated president that January. During the last 18 months of the Truman administration, the American defense budget had quadrupled, and Eisenhower moved to reduce military spending by a third while continuing to fight the Cold War effectively.[16] After the death of Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev became the Soviet leader following the deposition and execution of Lavrentiy Beriya and the pushing aside of rivals Georgy Malenkov and Vyacheslav Molotov. On February 25, 1956, Khrushchev shocked delegates to the 20th Congress of the Soviet Communist Party by cataloguing and denouncing Stalin's crimes.[117] As part of a campaign of de-Stalinization, he declared that the only way to reform and move away from Stalin's pol ...
George Harrison, the Warsaw Pact, the Pony Excess, and more:
Is Russia now a pig in a poke? From CityAM, London 25 February 2014: Intimidated Russia [Re: Russia must back down over Ukraine to avoid a catastrophe, yesterday] The situation with Russia is more complicated than generally appreciated. Suppose the communist system of the USSR had triumphed and that, one by one, European states had applied to join that Union, and were then invited to join the Warsaw Pact. We could now be seeing Siberian troops exercising in Calais. But that is what has happened, in reverse, to Russia. The USSR collapsed, its member states applied to join the EU, but they were then invited to join Nato and accepted; that final part is not fine for Russia. It puts US troops on the Russian border with Poland. Ukraine will likely join Nato, and this will seriously antagonise Russia further. It will respond by getting closer to China and India (you can see the start of this in the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement). None of this is in the UK’s interests. Julian Malins, QC, author of The Serpent ...
A Russian overview of the evolving nightmare in the Ukraine. My take on it is that Russia simply cannot allow the Balkanisation of Ukraine. Has the "impossible to reset" button of war between the U.S. and Russia been pushed? "September summit, said Leonid Savin, Chief Editor of the Geopolitics magazine. “Georgia’s possible admission to NATO means that foreign could bases will appear not far from the Russian border. That might jeopardize stability and security in the entire region. Armenia is planning to join the Customs Union and the Eurasian Union. It will hardly like the prospect of NATO troops and hardware controlling the territory." "Naturally, Russia cannot remain unresponsive to those far-reaching plans. Western politicians are seeking to provoke Moscow into making some rash and ill-considered steps in Ukraine, which would hopefully discredit Russia in the eyes of the world." "The experience of the former Soviet republics and former Warsaw Pact countries which have joined NATO shows that their m ...
I wonder if Kiev will be another Prague. Warsaw pact countries (basically the Soviets) invaded Prague to stop the reforms in 1968. Now with President Viktor F. Yanukovych’s flight and ouster on Saturday, will history repeat itself in the form of the Russians invading Kiev to stabilize the country into its sphere of influence? EU and the US should mobilize in this time of crisis and help the people to the Ukraine achieve autonomy and freedom. Maybe the Ukraine should say the have WMDs. No, that would be risking Operation Kiev Freedom and they wouldn't want that. Maybe they can say, they found petrol in Donestsk.
Some comparisons to place Yanukovych's crimes in perspective: During the Sharpeville Massacre on 21 March 1960 in the South African township of Sharpeville in Transvaal (today part of Gauteng), the South African police opened fire on a crowd of peaceful protesters killing 69 people. During the invasion of Czechoslvakia by the Warsaw Pact armies in August 1968 , 72 Czechs and Slovaks were killed (19 of those in Slovakia), 266 severely wounded and another 436 slightly injured. During Bloody Sunday, sometimes called the Bogside Massacre, on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, 14 civil-rights protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army and almost as many wounded. Between 22 January and 21 February 2014, according to as yet incomplete figures, around 90 people were killed in Kyiv, Ukraine, and hundreds injured, most of them protesters, in the struggle to overthrow the Yanukovych regime.
para estudiantes de Procesos Mundiales: Helsinki Accords: Declaration on Human Rights Description The Helsinki Declaration of August 1, 1975 was a turning point in Cold War relations inside European borders. The Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries celebrated the acknowledgment of their national boundaries; a desired goal since the end of World War II. West European democracies celebrated the Warsaw Pact countries' willingness to adopt ten major points of international diplomacy. One of the most pivotal of these points was the seventh clause of the treaty, an agreement to uphold human rights. Each East European country promised to protect minority rights, allow religious worship, and grant political and economic freedom for all of their citizens. Each country published the Helsinki Declaration at home, which created a promise of wide reforms if the countries honored this agreement. As citizens throughout Eastern Europe petitioned for their new human rights, a widespread dissident movement against th ...
February 25, 2014 at 07:40AM: Today I thank God for the 23rd anniversary of the disbanding of the Warsaw Pact.
WHO'S PUSHING FOR A NEW Cold War? The Hill asks in a screaming headline this morning, "Putin interested in a second Cold War?" This, after the USA has begun to deploy an ABM system on Russia's borders, and invited a number of former Warsaw Pact nations and Soviet Republics into NATO, for unexplained reasons. When a world leader responds to aggression, it is they, in our propaganda system, who should be pointed out as being too aggressive. this light, President Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice said yesterday it would be a "grave mistake" for Russia to intervene militarily in Ukraine, warning Russia that the USA wants Ukraine to remain undivided. This, after the USA recently invested $50 billion in undermining the Ukraine's democracy, and after Putin has repeatedly stated that he wants the Ukraine to remain undivided. then all the misleading statements from the US government? Well, they are directed to the American public, to convince us that what is happening is the opposite of what is happ ...
Here's a few of my Warsaw Pact force for Cold War commander
Yes some of the scoring in the Olympics was questionable and skating needs to fix their system, but there's no proof it cost the South Korean the gold. And even with their vast athletic talent, cheating is nothing new to Russia. I think it was much worse in the cold-war era when judges from East Germany, Czechoslovakia and other Warsaw pact nations were tools for their USSR puppetmasters.
The Rule of Law and the judiciary as a tool for regional integration: Some early judgements of the Caribbean Court of Justice   Trinidad Cement Ltd. v Guyana [2009] CCJ 1 (OJ); Hummingbird Rice Mills Ltd. v Suriname and the Caribbean Community [2012] CCJ 1 (OJ); Trinidad Cement Ltd. v Caribbean Community [2009] CCJ 4 (OJ)   In modern times, a number of different mechanisms have been used more or less successfully to bring disparate nations together, achieving what could be called regional integration - call it a union, a federation, a bloc, or an empire (the latter term seems to have fallen a bit out of fashion, mind you). One might say that most branches of government have at least one example to their credit, singly or jointly. Ministries of defence, tasked with accomplishing regional integration, tend to go about the business with the least subtlety and their works need no explanation. The Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact provide clear examples of regional integration through force of arms in recent time ...
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Today Zbigniew Brzezinski in FT, the WSJ editorial board, and Ulrich Speck in INYT have offered proposals for Western policy on Ukraine (texts below). All three are unrealistic. Several comments: 1. Reminiscent of George Kennan in opposing NATO expansion into former Warsaw Pact territory, Brzezinski argues that Ukraine "must have no participation in any anti-Moscow alliance." Ukrainians would see a policy that denied them an opportunity to join NATO as a betrayal. Ukrainian-Americans, joined by their brothers-in-arms in the politically influential Central and East European coalition, would excoriate any US leaders who backed such a poicy. Senator McCain would do the same. Russians would infer that the West was signaling that Ukraine was fair game for intimidation. 2. WSJ calls on the IMF to make up for Putin's "$15 billion bailout." Political support in the West for this level of aid is unlikely to emerge. Ukrainian reforms will have to make the biggest contribution to restoring the government t ...
WTS If anybody is interested in a cheap ak based load out I have a Romanian uniform with helmet and ak pouch for 30 bucks it's your just add a pair of black boots and a cheap leather dress belt as you are a Warsaw Pact infantryman! It is about a size small if your around my size it will fit
Unregulated and unregistered guns sales are an irresponsible loophole for a society that claims to rule by law not force. Your efforts to stop the madness are greatly appreciated Mark. Whether you are an avid hunter or a veteran like myself whose was trained as a 4th echelon armorer in both NATO and Warsaw Pact man portable systems let there be no delusions. Guns are designed for one purpose; to kill. Whether game or men it is by it's very nature an instrument of death. My car was designed for transportation and yet I must report it's purchase or sale, I must obtain license plates and registration to legally operate on public roads, I must purchase insurance to cover any property or injuries my use of the vehicle may cause. But ask the NRA for the same level of ownership responsibility and suddenly it is Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent screaming the government is coming for you with black helicopters and Cuban troops to round us all up in special FEMA internment camps. Thank you again Mark for your efforts and ...
Former Czechoslovak Communist party ideology chief Vasil Bilak, the last surviving hardliner who sent a letter of invitation to Soviet leaders, officially justifying the Warsaw Pact invasion that crushed the Prague Spring reform movement in 1968, has died in Bratislava at the age of 96. Bilak was ch...
The last remaining signatory to the invitation welcoming the Red Army and the Warsaw Pact troops to Czechoslovakia in 1968, Vasil Bilak, died at the prime age of 96 on Wednesday, 5 February, taking some of the truth to the grave with him. Bilak was the First Secretary of the Communist Party Central
I’m old. I admit it. I’m old enough to remember growing up in Mississippi during desegregation and busing. I remember being in an all-white elementary school until the third grade and suffering the trauma of being bused to a new school where I knew very, very few kids. I remember not really caring about the politics of integration because I was too busy being disturbed and pretty unhappy about losing most of my friends in the move. Being that I am that old, I remember the news reports about the Soviets invading Czechoslovakia in 1968. I remember daily Vietnam War body counts on the Huntley-Brinkley Report at 6 pm. I remember East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell. I remember Checkpoint Charlie. I remember the Warsaw Pact and the hard line, pre-“glasnost” Soviet leaders, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko. I can remember when China was essentially a closed society and a mystery to the West…at least until Richard Nixon visited there in 1972. I remember the violent suppressio ...
In the question given below, a paragraph is given from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way. The fact that America has not, until now, had a no-first-use policy on nuclear weapons is, like so many elements of its defence policy, an anachronistic holdover from the Cold War. Back when the forces of the Warsaw Pact were arrayed against America, iron upon iron and bastion upon bastion, and poised to pour through the Fulda Gap and sweep across Western Europe, America reserved the option of using nuclear weapons first because the Russkies had an overwhelming superiority in conventional forces. a. America does not need to threaten retaliatory or preemptive nuclear strikes against nations that do not possess nuclear weapons. b. Today there is no conceivable opponent or array of opponents who could pose a substantial threat to America's territory or population. c. America today, for better or worse, spends more on ...
Well, it's official. Today I started what will likely be a very long, likely year long, project, which will develop a new photography course targeted at beginner to intermediate photographers. After a few years of procrastination I finally took day number one. Next step is keeping on task and not giving into fun and laziness, which by putting myself out here with the pressure of expectation, I'm hoping that this will help keep me on track and focused. If you are interested in more about this project, please read the below. --- As some of you know, I've been an instructor, trainer, professor, etc., many times on and off throughout my life. I've trained and taught many subjects ranging from technology, photography, naval combat in the Warsaw Pact era, small arms, and more, within environments ranging from formal classrooms to field instruction in foreign nations. I've decided to put all of this prior experience into a new photography course project. Most budding, and even experienced, photographers I know h ...
My dream this morning was that Beyonce released a concept album about the Warsaw Pact. Analyze that, Freudians.
Got a question right about the Warsaw Pact on uni challenge my historical knowledge is outstanding
cant believe wvu cancelled classes, they havent done that since the Warsaw pact of 1955
The global power Balance.    Power blocs     International relations are therefore about competition, conflict or cooperation among states. The three Cs produce a global political picture, which is either dominated by one super power or a group of states that become a super power bloc or a scenario where power is evenly distributed between two or more blocs or centres. When the Roman empire of the Caesers came into being by about 160 BC there was no power on earth strong enough to challenge its hegemony for almost six hundred years up to about 530 AD.  Global Power was concentrated in that one super state and it was a uni-polar global power arrangement. When pagan Rome collapsed the world stage was again dominated by Papal power the so called Holy Roman Empire for almost 1300 years up to 1789. Papal power was however effectively challenged by Frances’ Napoleon Bonarparte and from that time to the end of the Second World War power concentration was widely dispersed among European and Asian nations ...
Goldstein, Eric. Wars and Peace Treaties, 1816-1991. London and New York: Routledge, 1992. The Congress of Vienna created the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Kingdom of Belgium, also the Grand Dukedom of Luxembourg. There transpired in 1830-1833 a revolt which became a Belgian-Dutch War. It started at the opera with the song Amour sacre de la patrie, 25 August 1830 after which the flag was carried from the theatre building with 14,000 strong Dutch Army fighting for 3 days on behalf of the Flemish until armistice 4 November 1830 and in 1839 Belgium was created alongside the Netherlands with finality and closure. The war is thought of as religious conflict between Protestant Dutch and Catholic French Belgian majority. The war was between the House of Orange which used 50,000 troops altogether in the said conflict and 25,000 Belgians on side of Saxe-Cobourgs, France with 60,000 troops assisting against the Netherlands. The London Conference followed which proposed a peace accepted by the Belgians already ...
"Soviets and homies form the Warsaw Pact in 1955."
Post war makes it confusing, as the foreign policy was mostly controlled by NATO and the Warsaw pact.
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DONE i dont have space to include NATO and warsaw pact though
The T-72 was the most common tank used by the Warsaw Pact from the 1970s to the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was also exported to other countries, such as Finland, India , Iran, Iraq , Syria and Yugoslavia , as well as being copied elsewhere, both with and without licenses.
Aye British politicians are doing what Napoleon the Kaiser old Adolf, the warsaw pact and Europe could never do
2 Feb 89: 15 yrs of & Warsaw Pact arms reduction talks end without a final agreement but set good tone for CFE
HYPHENATED (part 3) the Yale man. When Dad was in the Senate, a doctor from one Greencastle used to let us have his seats at the Indianapolis 500. One year he showed up surriptiously, we kids had never met him, and is sitting there spitting into a soup can as he chewed his tobacco. Other than the tobacco, he looked dignified like a doctor would. I never attempted Yale. Unlike others in my class that majored in home-ec or business, I took calculus. Mr. Weir did not give A's. I was good in sports, but Miss Ellis passed me in typing, because she kept helping after class all the time. One thing I did do was go to intel school. The Air Force used to have Crissis Situations where the whole Warsaw Pact was caving in on you. You had to keep your head and pick your way out to daylight. As a struggling Realtor in a community where everyone was a stranger, I had to pick myself up and walk to the daylight. I used to have a technique where I would get two month old classifieds and call all the old For Sale
Once a Warsaw Pact nation with ties to North Korea, Hungary was the first nation from the communist camp to break ranks ...
Nel is like the Warsaw Pact he unites us
A Marcel Proust-looking boy in a kind of Warsaw Pact Speedo (that would be me)
We are doing a Warsaw Pact VS Nato Sale. All prices good while supplies last or until February 28, 2014. LAY AWAY AVAILABLE on all firearms and accessories.
A cute movement in its day! Too evil for NATO, too chicken for the Warsaw pact :p
Sochi Superbowl: Ukraine vs. Moscow. Winner decides if Ukraine enters Eurozone or Warsaw Pact. Peyton to play for Ukraine.
In the 1960s military intelligence was training us to be linguists in all the Warsaw Pact languages. And while we were deployed at "forward undisclosed bases" we became familiar and interested in all these countries. So it has been interesting to me that: 1. In 1995, Gail Halvorsen (the Berlin Candy Bomber) served a Mormon mission in St Petersburg. 2. In 2001 my cousin's future son-in-law served a mission in Romania. (After my Romanian had rusted for 40 years, I could not keep up with him when he started chattering away.) 3. In 2003 a friend went on a service mission to Moldova - that disputed piece of land between Romania and Ukraine which declared it's independence in 1991. Interestingly, even though Romania claimed the land, most spoke Russian. 4. A young man in our church ward is on his mission in Budapest. 5. His younger brother will soon go on a mission to Albania-Herzegovina.
Don't worry - tomorrow we can go back to playing. But Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany and the Warsaw Pact nations and even the DPRK all started somewhere and in all of them, the populace said, "it won't get that bad". Shouldn't we be doing something about this?
Heres a question, if the life span of B.A.O.R. soldier was measured in minutes in the event of a Warsaw pact invasion, how long was the life span of a Berlin Brigade soldier?
It has gone on for long enough and they have had enough chances.Nato/ warsaw pact and india must join together to destroy islam.
People still use Yahoo!? Real people, not Warsaw Pact hacker wannabes?
I get old Warsaw Pact argument that civil liberties don't feed ppl, but we should eat and be free
An interesting observation from one political forum: "As long as post-Soviet Russia still maintains the Petersburg/Leningrad mentality - push right up to the border, and then accuse anyone coming withing 500 miles of the border of trying to start a war - it demonstrates why buffer states like Ukraine are so important. Post-Soviet Russia is a uniquely bad neighbor. Whatever their faults, Germany and France don't constantly engage in saber rattling or complain to each other about how close their neighbors military forces are to their border. Post-Soviet Russia is Europe's version of the *** ghetto - while playing lip service to the need to be polite, everyone recognizes the practical necessity and great value of keeping it as far away as possible. Europe understands that. We all remember the days the Soviet Union held all Eastern Europe in a captive military(called the Warsaw Pact)/economic pact, stationing nuclear weapons 200 miles from Holland and keeping all of Eastern Europe producing nothing more use . ...
Well, not the USSR, actually. Just Warsaw Pact/invaded NATO territory.
Hi, guys! Which readings mention the Warsaw Pact? :D
Prospective delegates of the Historic Security Council of VITCMUN 2014, Please find attached the updated country list of the HSC. There will be as usual 5 permanent members, 10 non-permanent members and 12 observers present in this conference. Due to the military nature of the agenda and the council, NATO and the WARSAW pact are included in the observers list in order to help the delegates of each bloc better coordinate their on-field actions, if they wish to take any. Please watch this space for further updates regarding this committee and all the very best to all the applicants. Regards Akshey Rajesh President, Security Council.
.They wanted to use them only if invaded w/ a brigade strength from Warsaw Pact near current Georgian border
Wilson Kilic - Denunciation | Warsaw Pact - Shqiperia, 3247 from Albania in 1978
to Russia/Warsaw Pact countries (Bulgaria) allowed for the easy bombing of targets w/ the B61nuclear gravity bomb 3/3
Excellent article by Macwhirter Currency options promising for an independent Scotland Iain Macwhirter Thursday 30 January 2014 Herald In Prague, the museum of communism is located in a busy shopping street, sandwiched between a branch of McDonald's and a casino: a suitably humiliating juxtaposition for a discredited political system swept away by the Velvet Revolution. It's hard indeed to believe that, only 25 years ago, Czechoslovakia was a police state and part of the Warsaw Pact. It's hard to believe Czechoslovakia was a state at all as, 20 years ago, the Czech Republic and Slovakia went their separate ways in the Velvet Divorce and have never looked back. Czechoslovakia has been wiped from the collective memory more completely than by the Russian tanks that rumbled through the Prague Spring. When I recently visited Prague, a city that seems to combine the best of Edinburgh and Glasgow, there was no visible sign of the old regime; except, surprisingly, in the currency. In this extraordinary city you . ...
Talking about costumes for and Rachel wants to be the countries of the Warsaw Pact. A club of countries. 😐
Old quote about "the blazing sunshine of the Warsaw Pact" published in a home that certain people will return there
August 1968: Warsaw Pact military coalition begins on role of Czechoslovakia in the Soviet bloc.
"Wasn't the Warsaw Pact with the Nazis or something"--
Well, I think that was a small sacrifice to allow the Warsaw Pact citizens increased freedoms. :-)
Articles on Mind Control This is a field which is far more advanced than most people would even dream to be are most scientific disciplines... Unfortunately it has also far surpassed mankind's ability to control i or handle responsibly. . to the Tune of an Unknown Drummer The articles and papers listed below are the very best of the materials we have recently utilized in our work. Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World by Dr. Nick Begich US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights – by Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton Advanced Neural Implants and Control – DARPA. Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research – Defense Intelligence Agency Paraphysics R & D Warsaw Pact – Defense Intelligence Agency Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR Defense Intelligence Agency Science & Technology for New DoD Capabilities Interactive Neuronal and Nanoelectronic/photonic Circuits Darpatech 2002 Symposium – Transforming Fantasy Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars by Ric ...
A-10 was designed for attacking massive waves of Warsaw Pact armor. That mission is gone.
I think we have to learn about the Warsaw Pact and NATO 😶
On Thursday, January 16, 2014, during a symposium hosted by the Wilson Center, retired CIA analysts Joan and John Bird touted the value of thousands of declassified intelligence documents in providing analysis on Warsaw Pact military forces to policymakers and other analysts.
Why Canada should support Ukraine’s democratic protesters Ukraine today is poised between the establishment of a deeply rooted, hard-earned democracy and a return to bare-knuckle authoritarianism. The outcome is critical for Ukraine, of course, and the Ukrainian diaspora around the world, but it will also have a powerful demonstration effect in Russia, other former Soviet republics, and everywhere in the world where civil society is struggling against dictatorship. What happens in Ukraine matters to the prospects for democracy around the world. The good news is that we can make a difference. In Ukraine, we are seeing the struggle for human dignity, for the rule of law, for freedom of expression and association in its clearest form. The protesters have renamed the square in downtown Kiev which is their epicentre the Euromaidan, or Euro-square, and their vigil was provoked by President Viktor Yanukovych’s eleventh-hour rejection of a European Association agreement – which would bring the country close ...
Dear friends and brethren, I contemplate the Cold War between the United States of America and the Warsaw Pact Countries sitting on another continent. I first became aware of this foe during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when this world nearly went to war at a nuclear level. I do not know if it was staged or not as things today are staged and portrayed to the American People as being "just", as these previous wars have shown on every level to be unjust from the beginning. When stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, I was assigned the extra duty of Medical Decontamination Team Chief. Should war occur, and battle field injuries come our way, whether of bullet, bomb, or chemical agent, it was the responsibility of the Decon Team to make sure that person was not contaminated, but if found to be, remove every bit off that casualty before they could be taken to the Triage area. Now that I look back, I remember one important conclusion. We would be in serious, if not deadly trouble. Firstly. We would be hit w ...
the 10,600 dead under ATOS weren't so brave. they havent got the warsaw pact. TEn THousAND SIX huNDRED DEAD U FASCIST ***
So in we were taking about the Warsaw pact and I was like pss I've read
The topic I feel interested in these days , is the "Beyond The Iron Curtain" Politics and History , taking the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia as a starting point.
Don't forget how they liberalised, then they normalised, they decivilised. Don't forget young Jan Palach he burnt a torch against the Warsaw pact...
AN UNFORTUNATE FINNISH FACT? If it was not for Adolph Hitler and the German Nazi military, Finland would have, I think, fallen to Stalin and the *** Soviets, who surely would not only have incorporated Finland into the Warsaw Pact, but, in his monstrous fashion, inflicted reprisals on us for the Winter War that defy description. How's that for a sentence/paragraph? Hitler did that for us, and we all know what he was? Well, some of us do. The ones that make political analogies between Hitler and current North American politicians are simply stupid. All countries have *** that think they ain't. Eventually we kicked him out, but not before he slashed and burned northern Finland in his retreat through Sweden. Now we were fighting both the Russians and the Germans! *** That's tough! As a matter of fact, Canada and Finland were enemies due to the allies pact with the Soviet Union. Our forces never met, but there it is. We would have, reluctantly, fough Canada and, I think, won. We were fighting for our Fa ...
A Lost B-52 and A Missing MK-39 January 24th was a Tuesday that year. The previous Friday, JFK had been sworn into office. The first sign of trouble arrived just after midnight when the fuel leak was discovered. Barely four days on the job, one wonders if someone had to wake the new commander-in-chief in the middle of the night over this. Times were much different then. The mission was as "routine" as missions were during the Cold War. Even as I type it out, the phrase "Cold War" seems to begin to slip into the sands of time. Yet the threats, real or perceived, were serious. The Cold War is generally considered to have run from roughly 1947 through December of 1991. You've heard the phrase that "every new beginning is some other new beginning's end"? Well, the end of World War Two was the impetus for the beginning of the Cold War. Now that the war was over, what do we do? Where should the borders be drawn? Who remains to occupy Germany? Europe? Who will have more influence in the new world, the West (US, ...
Clip shows British band playing in Prague moments before 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia
I suppose we are all, to some extent, beneficiaries of such manifestos, whether implemented or not. Just as we benefited from the existence of the Soviet Union, even though barely a shot was fired between the Warsaw Pact and NATO. Its presence was enough to accelerate the liberal reforms demanded of the old order. Evolution is ultimately stronger and its legacy more robust than revolution - it just sometimes needs a bit of a shove in the right direction.
In 1981, new U.S. President Ronald Reagan declared Gaddafi the "mad dog of the Middle East." Reagan erroneously considered Gaddafi a pawn of the Soviet Union. In truth, the Soviets were just as wary of Gaddafi, but Gaddafi antagonized Reagan by visiting Moscow and threatening to join the Warsaw Pact. Reagan closed the Libyan embassy in Washington, implemented an embargo of Libyan oil, and prohibited U.S. companies from doing business in Libya. The U.S. and Libyan militaries had several small skirmishes as Reagan ordered the U.S. military to perform exercises in the Gulf of Sirte (or Sidra), just off the coast of Libya in the Mediterranean Sea. Finally, on April 15, 1986, the U.S. military conducted a series of air strikes on Libya, bombing military installations, killing around 100 Libyans, and targeting Gaddafi's home — which injured two of his sons. The U.S. was condemned internationally, but Reagan was lauded at home. Meanwhile, the incident caused Arab nations to become sympathetic to Gaddafi. In 19 ...
From Soviet Forces Cuba to Division Cuba As long as were on the topic of the Mexican Invasion of ’98, we might want to take a poke at the so-called Division Cuba- the ad hoc military formation made up of Soviet and east-bloc personnel stationed in Cuba when war breaks out between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in ’96. According to canon, these guys seem to be the spearhead of the Mexican 4th Army’s invasion of Texas. They seem to perform pretty well, even holding off the US 49th Armored Division during the 5th Army’s attempt to retake Texas in ’99. So who are these guys? And how many were there to start with before they are whittled down the San Antonio cantonment of 3,000 men, 15 tanks, and a handful of fuel-starved Hind-D helicopters? Back during the Cuban Missile Crisis of ’62, the Soviets has something like 40,000 combat troops in Cuba (the CIA’s estimate at the time was 10,000 and didn’t know the Soviets had deployed short range nuclear artillery to the island. Oops.). Later in 1979 there s ...
NATO (ˈneɪtəʊ) or Nato n acronym for 1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization composed of the US, Canada, Britain, and a number of European countries: established by the North Atlantic Treaty (1949) for purposes of collective security. In 1994 it launched the Partnership for Peace initiative, in order to forge alliances with former Warsaw Pact countries; in 1997 a treaty of cooperation with Russia was signed and in 1999 Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic became full NATO members
We finally got to watch Act of Killing yesterday. It is an incredible experiment in film and strong reminder that the "Cold War" was only "cold" for the Warsaw Pact and NATO nations as the pushed their dominance upon the rest of the world.
On this day in 1969,Jan Pallach died after setting himself on fire in protest against the Russian invasion.He burnt a torch against the Warsaw Pact.
His pontificate took place during many significant world events, e.g. the John F. Kennedy assassination of late 1963, the Vietnam War, the student revolts, the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, the continued breakup of the British Empire, the continued push for civil rights in the US and the advent of the contraceptive pill, legal abortion and homosexual rights movements in many countries in the wake of their sexual revolutions. Paul VI died on 6 August 1978, the Feast of the Transfiguration, in Castel Gandolfo after a period of ill health. As per his will, he was buried in the grottos of the Vatican not in an ornate tomb, but a grave in the ground as he wished. The diocesan process for beatification of Paul VI began on 11 May 1993, and so he was given the title "Servant of God". Se tornasse "Dio" li manderebbe tutti a cagare i Papi, tranne uno, Celestino, se corrisponde a quello citato nella Profezia di Celestino.
Prague Spring begins in Czechoslovakia January 5, 1968: the Stalinist ruler of Czechoslovakia, is succeeded as first secretary by Alexander Dubcek, a Slovak who supports liberal reforms. In the first few months of his rule, Dubcek introduced a series of far-reaching political and economic reforms, including increased freedom of speech and the rehabilitation of political dissidents. Dubcek's effort to establish "communism with a human face" was celebrated across the country, and the brief period of freedom became known as the "Prague Spring." On August 20, 1968, the Soviet Union answered Dubcek's reforms with invasion of Czechoslovakia by 600,000 Warsaw Pact troops. Prague was not eager to give way, but scattered student resistance was no match for Soviet tanks. Dubcek's reforms were repealed, and the leader himself was replaced with the staunchly pro-Soviet Gustav Husak, who re-established an authoritarian Communist regime in the country. In 1989, as Communist governments folded across Eastern Europe, P . ...
A collection of recently declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents demonstrates that in the early 1980s the U.S. government learned quickly of new Warsaw Pact planning instruments and accurately assessed the role that the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact allies were expected to play in a co...
Top 10 Poorest Country in Europe – Data for 2012 and rankings valid till end of 2013 Rank Name Per Capita Income 1 Moldova $ 3,500 2 Kosovo $ 7,400 3 Ukraine $ 7,600 4 Albania $ 8,000 5 Bosnia and Herzegovina $ 8,300 6 Serbia $ 10,500 7 Macedonia $ 10,700 8 Montenegro $ 11,700 9 Romania $ 12,800 10 Bulgaria $ 14,200 Source: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – United States of America - Bulgaria Capital: Sofia Bulgaria - seven rila lakes Located in SouthEastern Europe, Bulgaria is the 14th largest country in the continent. It is home to more than seven million inhabitants of whom majority are Christians. It joined Euorpean Union on 1st January, 2007 and thus became one of the most recent members of the Union. This country was once ruled by the communist ideology. However, the state policies changed and now it is a market economy. Sofia is the largest city and it is the financial capital of this 10th poorest country in Europe. - Romania Capital: Bucharest Bran Castle - Romania another poor ...
At border. Huge letters signifying I'm in the U.S. letters meant for a Warsaw Pact days image to Quebecers.
Tribute to a Great Man Former President of Czech Republic: Vaclav Havel ( 5 October 1936 – 18 October 2011) "...we never decided to become dissidents. We have been transformed into them, without quite knowing how, sometimes we have ended up in prison without precisely knowing how. We simply went ahead and did certain things that we felt we ought to do, and that seemed to us decent to do, nothing more nor less." Vaclav Havel 1979 Words of a man that fought tirelessly to end communist occupation of the Czechoslovakia and was countlessly arrested, tortured and harassed by the secret police for his political activism. During his tenure as President of Czechoslovakia and later Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel was a person surrounded by controversy and ambivalence amongst his native populace but managed to bring about political stability after forty years of communist rule as well as achieve the restructuring of the Czech economy and the integration of the Czech Nation into the international community such as the ...
Hi George, Tsar Putin certainly understands power diplomacy and he wields it well too! “US, Nato express concern over Russian Missile deployment near border.” Ukraine has been getting uppity lately while Europe is bending literally over backwards to defuse potential volatile regional confrontations in a way bot seen since 1936 in Munich. Russia sees this pacifism as a golden opportunity to extend its military influence without the risk of serious U.S. or European confrontation, while deftly positioning the hammer (missiles) that could insure favorably high prices on Russian oil and gas for decades to come. Who just who is going to do anything about it? If the current trend continues, America will eventually retract to its pre-WWII isolationist posture in Europe and the Middle East while Putin jumps in the drivers seat in those key areas. Look also for more aggressive Russian economic and military expansionism at the expense of America, the Warsaw Pact countries and a vulnerable EU. Meanwhile, Syria, E ...
The best thing about the Cold War was the Warsaw Pact lunches.
If by that you mean pointedly drawing parallels between NATO vs the Warsaw Pact then and the EU vs Eurasian Union today.yes :)
He was an interesting character. Always liked how he snubbed the Warsaw Pact.
The World Zionist dropping the Soviet Union and the Republic of Yugoslavia and eastern countries and the Warsaw Pact, Iraq, Sudan, Libya and Syria, to protect Israel, Egypt will never fall.
The end of the Warsaw Pact was the worst thing that could have happened for the people of the West.
Warsaw Pact: Parliament should debate climate change (by Mukul Sanwal): Source: Economic Times -
25 years Warsaw Pact, stamp 150 from East Germany in 1980
Journalism has lost its essence. Subjective values has erroded our sense of judgement. Just like d Cold War period in which there was two blocs, d NATO and d warsaw pact. Contemporary Journalism is full of orchestrated media onslaught. Pro & anti govt.
Warsaw Pact: Parliament should debate climate change - Economic Times
ET Warsaw Pact: Parliament should debate climate change: We are faced with three global limits – carbon budget...
Propaganda is what I termed this statement!! ANGOLA AND SOUTH WEST AFRICA: A FORGOTTEN WAR (1975-89) Debay, Yves (Text) Source: Raids magazine. No. 44 July 1995 ISSN 0963-1852 PP. 20-23, 41. 1975 was a particularly bad year for the western world: Saigon and Phnom Penh fell into communist hands while, after a sudden about-face in western Africa, the Soviets turned away from their Somali allies to back instead the new Ethiopian rulers who had declared themselves loyal to Moscow. Soon, the communist dictators of several other African countries, Tanzania, the People’s Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Guinea, gave the Russians the support bases they needed to take over the dark continent. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic and still reeling from the Vietnam trauma, the Americans led by President Jimmy Carter stood by powerlessly, reluctant to be drawn yet again into a foreign military venture despite the seemingly inexorable communist expansion across the third world. Concurrently, a pacifist movement animated ...
On December 13, 1981, thirty-two years ago, General Jaruzelski imposed a “state of war” on his own nation. After August 1980 and the sixteen-month “carnival of freedom” brought by the Solidarity movement, there was hope that maybe the Polish people could live outside Soviet domination. Jaruzelski made the population hostage again to communism and the Warsaw Pact. People rightly remember today the triumph of Solidarity in 1988-89 --- but the ‘80s were a decade of unnecessary repression and suffering whose crimes have never been accounted for. The Committee in Support of Solidarity was created on that fateful day and our documentation of that decade’s repression and resistance can be found in the CSS’s archives that were recently deposited at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. I recently came across again Zygmunt Malinowski's photo-journal of the demonstrations we and the AFL-CIO organized in his “New York: City of Solidarity” (Wydawca Fundacja Centrum Solidarnosci: 2005) and t ...
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