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Warrior Princess

Kristin Beck (born Christopher T. Beck, June 21, 1966) is a former United States Navy SEAL who gained public attention in 2013 when she came out as a trans woman.

Lucy Lawless Wonder Woman Vampire Slayer Battlestar Galactica Elena Gilbert Star Trek Veronica Mars Kevin Sorbo New Zealand

Xena: Warrior Princess aka Lucy Lawless--actress, activist & musician talks about Irlen Syndrome & changes in her...
Bruce Jenner got mad Xena: Warrior Princess swag or tomb raider.
Photoset: Warrior Princess aka Elena Gilbert manages to escape from Lily.
Time for a career change. I am now Xena: Warrior Princess. Applicants for my obvious *** side kick can for to the right.
A xenophobe eh? I'm scared of the warrior princess too but I wouldn't call it a phobia.
Totes awesome that Keisha Castle-Hughes is a Dornish Warrior Princess in I didn't recognise her at first
This pic makes me imagine you as a elven warrior princess in leather armor & war paint!. So awesome! Much badass!
Bringing this account back. "Hold on to hope. Never give it up.". New Warrior Princess in town, not new to RP. and spre…
You channeled "Chinese Warrior Princess" to perfection at the Did I mention I loved the shoes?
TVD will not be as iconic as it was without this warrior princess.
Oh yeah, I feel like the best warrior princess.
Probably more of a Viking princess, than a warrior.. Or possibly both?!
is that Rachel the Warrior Princess there?
I love my legs because I honestly feel like an Amazonian warrior princess
Drinking beer, watching Xena the Warrior Princess and contemplating life...
Just rediscovered that old Hercules show with Kevin Sorbo. Think it was aired alongside/linked to Xena Warrior Princess. Lol. Classic.
I'm going to need you to watch this. The Dynasty Warrior fanboy in you will die
From dressing up as the Warrior Princess in preschool to now☺️💚
She's got that whole purpose driven warrior princess save the world type of vibe 💕✨🌺
Who wants to save the princess, when u can have the warrior queen fight by ur side.
Bruh st Joe moving up in the world I feel u that was princess relays
Gonna admit , I look like a warrior princess when I have paint over my scar. (Weirdish face but I still look great.)
So is Nate staying with mommy or Xena warrior princess?
you are a Warrior Princess💪👑. A Warrior when you need to beat some *** And a Princess when you want to.
just imagine for a second little Bellamy and Clarke and warrior princess bobble heads.
A werewolf princess in love with a demon warrior, a male she can’t keep. AwaitingFate .
Have always been a WARRIOR PRINCESS when it comes to him.
lol naa I fully hear you. Get the distins done. Zainab warrior princess
I like the normal SR, but I'm not really fond of UMI WARRIOR PRINCESS tbh
U sound like an elvish princess who lost her husband to the biggest warrior battle of the galaxy! Enchanting!
Xena Warrior Princess is. So attractive and strong. I want to be her and also be her girlfriend
the Xena Warrior Princess armour necessary to deflect misogyny and hatred of human rights.
RG Sometimes I wish I was Xena warrior princess.
Join Warrior Princess Initiative for Angelina's princess party and coronation on May 17th to honor her for her...
I faithfully watched SIX seasons of "Xena Warrior Princess" the world is ready for the women of
I'll say this again Luhan should be the princess and not the warrior bye
Warrior Princess: Information: Helena is skillful with weapons. She is one of the few…
Xena, The Warrior Princess. Also, she'd played a role in Spartacus.
we wish you the best warrior. Argentina love u princess:)
you are warrior princess allison argent and you can kick *** and look hecka good doing it also your haircut looks greaT
Titans are playing for a Warrior Princess tomorrow night!
I see myself as a brave warrior princess who keeps going, no matter what. - JLo 💯💪✨
“I am about to throw my laptop against a wall”relax warrior princess 😂
Yeah he was probably a cool dude but he got rekt by a kickass warrior princess
I used to want to be Xena: Warrior Princess when I was a kid she was my fav
Guild Wars 2 - Female Norn Warrior Princess of the North. ft Obsuniva: via
Then I'll dream of killing goblins with a warrior princess that has a cute butt
(sends my fist through your chest) this will be easy you know your frightening a princess right? (Raises an eyebrow and smirks)
aesthetischen: warrior-princess-4ever: homfrog: What they say: There is a skeleton inside you. The truth:...
Aztec warrior princess tattoo by me at X-treme Ink Tattoos in Victoria Tx
Quinn the Warrior Princess survived another encounter with her nemesis Queen Applesauce.
When is Xena the Warrior Princess going up on Netflix tho?
Panty shield sounds way more Xena Warrior Princess than it actually is.
Lucy Lawless leaps from Xena: Warrior Princess to Salem on WGN America via
I wish these were practical. I would eat like a fairy queen or a robot warrior princess.
: the missing - The Warrior Princess Submissive. (Skip the initial colouring book stuff)
"Only fools and profiteers ask for war" Xena: Warrior Princess
Sexual fantasy: Lucy Lawless, dressed in her Xena: Warrior Princess outfit, punches me in the face
"Alarik roared & allowed Samaria to quench his thirst." . Free w/ KindleUnlimited or 99c.
Only we know the weight of the flag our families carry... Keep it beautiful and real warrior princess!
"She was a true Princess Warrior that is what she would want to be remembered for."
Happy birthday to my Scottish princess warrior! Have a good one ya bellend 🍻
Got 4/134 playing the Xena Warrior Princess Episodes quiz. Can you top that?
i am in love with my Warrior Princess
Xena warrior princess / pokemon What was your favourite TV show when you were young?"
First you get it then it gets you! Warrior Princess Kylee Madison Spiegel
"Born a child of Thunder. The Warrior Princess of the Golden Skies."
So Scully is the warrior-knight of science and Mulder is the pretty dreaming conspiracy theory princess she has to rescue.
omg! you look Fab! Warrior princess! Fair play. I had a very different weekend at wedding celebrations!
Why not sample a different kind of . http:/…
Why not sample a different kind of .
I honestly thought she just made my name into a warrior princess name by putting an X in front of it
"You are a princess, not a warrior, Kíli. You need to stay here and find a suitable husband." Dís crosses her arms over her ~
“waddup zulu warrior princess 👸” 😂😂 classic atleast you know. Whats good mr Guyana
It gotta be between Lucy Lawless from Xena The warrior Princess and Topanga from Boy Meets world for first white girl I ever crushed on
Haley williams is a warrior princess
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Just laying here watching Xena the warrior princess cuz I can't sleep
Woo hoo latest item I just managed to get for my xena collection. Series 5 shield. Xena warrior princess
.and begin their adventure into season 1 of Xena: The Warrior Princess.
RF TRAINING. .XTREME RESULTS. ..󾭞󾭞󾭞. "Xena"Warrior Princess look.. !! We give you the look that you want.
Donna D’Errico and Xena the warrior princess and Liv Tyler and Selma Blair. All combined in a timeless little black dress by
hearing WASP reminds me of a Blackie Lawless the father of Xena Warrior Princess? Same hair do's and everything
The Warrior And The Petulant Princess: “The days that you issue commands are over,” he ad...
Kinky Chat with Mike Makai author of Warrior Princess submissive
I wanna be either princess jasmine from Aladdin it xena warrior princess
I remember always going to Grammy & Grampy's house at like 4 in the morning, and then Grampy and I would watch Xena: Warrior Princess💞
Lucy Lawless. Best known for her leading role in the 90s television series Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless...
"Hear the word of the LORD, O nations, and declare in the coastlands afar off..." Jeremiah 31:10a The Words of the Lord through my friend Warrior Princess are found below. Heed them for He has told her to partner with me because He is calling more of the Bride in to know His Word! ~ Hope 12/29/14 - Word to WP Before I received this word I saw the following: I saw an explosion in the sky. Not a scary one, but just an explosion which rained down sparkles or something that looked like diamonds. Whatever it was rained down softly upon the Earth and was shimmery and beautiful! My child, thank you for making time for me. My Sparrows are discovering mysteries that have been hidden since the beginning of time. There is a path where I have laid out bread crumbs to show the way. Soon the path will shine with the brightness of diamonds and become crystal clear as my light shines the way. Follow the path. Now is the time to change your pace from walking to running as I pour out my spirit upon you! Be ready to receive ...
Inspired by the great work by goestoeleven. Following in the footsteps of Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Game of Thrones ...
UPDATE CAMILLA: WARNING, VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS 10/17/14: DAILY UPDATE 10/20/14: First of all, please allow us to clarify why we are posting updates in post. For the sake of organization and ease, it is best to keep her updates in one single area. Sorry not all will agree but then one cannot please everyone. Her doctor called this morning and reported nothing really has changed. She is developing new tissue daily and the hyperbaric chamber has been very beneficial to her healing. The doctors are very pleased and she may be able to receive her first skin graft much earlier than previously believed. They will be sending a video sometime today or tomorrow exhibiting her cute antics. She continues to eat extremely well and the tail apparently never stops as long as there is a human in sight or a human voice in range. This little blessing does not know how to quit and for that, we could not possibly happier! You all have made this possible by your generosity and getting her story out there and for that ...
Ashley and I's little warrior princess. 2lbs 14oz 15" long 7 weeks premature Got to snap these rare pics when they took off all her head gear that is usually covering her entire face. We have a long road ahead of us. Thank you all for the kind thoughtful words so far. Please keep praying for us. Name pending.
I am so extremely proud of Heather Wise. Not only is she raising an amazing son. But she also bought a home this year, and now was promoted by Noodles express Noodle Express University of Montana to manage her own store. I cannot believe what she has done in this life, a true warrior princess. And of course, she is beautiful to boot.
UDMF Cannibal HeadHunter was just iced by Thomas, which brings the body count to 154,742 rivals. A‡A Warrior Princess was just iced by Thomas, who has whacked a total of 154,743 rivals. Thomas just brought the body count to 154,744 by icing OMINOUS {OMINOUS} Stretch.
Why use your makeup to look "natural" when you could become an alien warrior princess or a eternal member of the living dead?
Watching the most bizzare music video.a "Zulu" warrior is in over with a "fairy tale,white princess" imagine a Disney Princess. *** ?
If I've learned one thing from Xena: Warrior Princess, it's that bangs were HUGE in ancient Greece.
Why am I awake? Need to sort my body clock out. Ha, or not, I'm a warrior, a warrior princess, RAWR 💪👸
I've just watched episode S05E22 of Xena: Warrior Princess on !
I've just watched episode S05E21 of Xena: Warrior Princess on !
Channeling your inner warrior princess for Halloween?! Check out this tutorial by
and right after i decided to dress up giroro as XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS for halloween
Hence I'd be a badass warrior princess, slaying zombies left and right, morphing into animals, able to fly into outer space.
Dracula's bride the first night. Warrior princess the second. . YAS.
TrueDAT...the always call the great Rafa a fighter...Serena the same kinda player - a Warrior Princess!
Warrior Princess- Silver chain, and spike dangling earrings
She will cure your wounds, she will know how to make you feel strong because for her you are a warrior, your destiny t…
I was some type of warrior princess today
Falling in love with a Warrior Princess Submissive...
performs hilarious cover of ’Eyes, Nose, Lips by warrior princess
Young Girls are told You have to be a delicate Princess...Hermione taught that you can be a warrior♥
Xena the Warrior Princess vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer via
Happy 2nd birthday to my warrior princess: the toughest, raddest chick I know. The past two years have…
“Princess Warrior 5 tickets are on sale!
IKR?! They turned Ginny, the warrior princess, into a subservient *** to Harry!
Princess Warrior 5 tickets are on sale!
"...I ussed to want to be like Xena, warrior princess..." Not anymore? Now? "I want to be a killer"
*Child psychologist taking notes in 1998*- ' Subject is VERY interested in Xena, Warrior Princess.'
You're my warrior. You're my princess. You're my everything. You're my life
I used to watch Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess 😂
I met a girl who believes that *** marriage should be outlawed because God says so. She’s also thinks Xenophobia is a warrior princess.
Watch the first 4 hours of political thriller The Code (Xena, Warrior Princess is in it!).
I didn't want to be a princess I wanted to be a warrior like Mulan o3o
And Lucy Lawless! Not dressed as a Warrior Princess. I think. Not seen her yet. (nor Adam)
Just now realizing that Diane Lewis of dating-Ron-Swanson fame is played by none other than Xena, Warrior Princess. Perfection.
TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess was based on the story of Nigerian Hausa Queen Amina of Zauzau (1533-1610).
Allison Argent & Elena Gilbert | Warrior Princess | If i die young. They would've been great friends!
Marvel has released a first look at "Xena: Warrior Princess" actress Lucy Lawless as Agent Isabelle Hartley in...
The PICU Drs and BMT Drs rounded and Kenzie's bilirubin went down over night~Praise The Lord~ the meds appear to be working~she is still about 3 liters positive in fluid so they are going to give her massive amounts of lasix to try and get her kidneys moving again and pull off all this excess fluid. If this doesn't work they will have to resort to dialysis~pray for this fluid to come off and for her liver to start correcting itself and her bilirubin to continue to fall and get back within normal range. So far our warrior princess has avoid the vent and dialysis which Drs thought she would be on before the sun came up today! God is good and Kenzie is one heck of a fighter! I will update later today!
You are our Warrior ! Stay Strong princess s2 Your Lovatics are always here for you Bae s2.
My Warrior princess beautiful Suede hand congratulations happy birthday Demi my best wishes for you I love
Sinergy Teh Warrior Princess. Please we need your help ..HERE!. Vote for us!. BY METAL \,,/
In the italian dub of "Xena the warrior princess", her sidekick Gabrielle was renamed to "Olimpia". Surely this info will be useful some day
Be strong, you're my little warrior! I love you princess
Where can a warrior princess get a coffee at this hour?
Jennie and Zena the warrior princess.
Channeling my inner warrior princess 😆👸
Xena, live that name. Is that after Xena Warrior Princess?
Warrior princess shot of the day. She's out there killing it in Vegas. richf2f
Miss my warrior princess! Was a handful but a beautiful soul!
carstairswift I love everything in your account! Your location hurts. I see my warrior princess when i look at your account.
Elena is Damon's baby, his warrior princess, his buffy, his scardy cat and his sunshine.
because Elena is Damon's Miss on a mission, his Buffy, his scardy cat, his sunshine and his warrior princess.
Please let's all vote for my princess, my warrior and my idol ... so vote for her . I love you 75
I have a real problem if we're talking about my "Queens" 'cause there's: Nina Dobrev: Queen of my universe. // but also... Elena Gilbert: Beauty Queen [or Warrior Princess] Katherine Pierce: Queen Petrova. Lydia Martin: Cinnamon Queen [or Queen Lydia] Holland Roden: Queen of my heart. Regina Mills: Queen of queens. Daenerys Targaryen: not a queen, a Khaleesi. Caroline Forbes: Queen of New Orleans. and... yeah, I think that's it.
This could be anybody - a princess who saves herself, a warrior woman saving her home, a daughter av
Please do not get my definition of princess confused. I am a fearless powerful creature. I hold my own and do not need rescuing. I am no disney cinderella piece of hopelessness. I am a xena warrior princess! I am freaking she-ra! yes I love unicorns, glitter, pink and all things adorable. When I say "princesses do not cry." It's not because I'm worried about my mascara running. It means I am a tough boss **s bit*h that don't have time for puffy eyes. So many people think that being feminine or girly means you are a lamby pamby weaker sex... Please take your stereotypes and walk on.
Wonder Woman! Why? Why not! Amazon warrior princess, Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets, tiara is weapon, invisible jet.
Any woman 5'9 and up is a Warrior Princess
Watching Xena - Warrior Princess and eating breakfast.
Yepper you guessed it--I’m the little warrior princess. Why you ask? Well let me tell you. I am the only surviving puppy from my litter. At 7 weeks of age I became so very sick that the vet said there is no way I was going to live, but I...
Has every episode of Xena Warrior Princess on VHS
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Significance of a Princess Warrior is a Bible study leading women through the stories of Princess Warriors chronicled in the Bible who...
Very very happiest birthday to my warrior princess golden-hearted friend .. So lucky to know you and to love…
Xena princess warrior got me good. I'm starting to feel like one of the guys.
Today's heroic woman to inspire game designers is Khutulun, Mongolian wrestler and warrior princess!.
I have A TON of 'Xena Warrior Princess' memorabilia in my closet from my teenage obsession and I will never get rid of it.
Team Marli is in honour of our Little Warrior Princess Marli. Marli was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic...
Join the 7,241 fans who've signed the petition to bring to the movies!
“Young girls are told you have to be the delicate princess. That's bulls. Hermione taught them that you can be the warrior.” – Emma Watson
I want to be respected like a warrior but loved like a princess
I need me a warrior princess like Xena 👸
Saw a dude with the most radical Xena: Warrior Princess hat.
I luv Ur outfit & D props on D Pixels Movie Ur filming. U look like the next heroin, like Xena the Princess Warrior. Luv U always.
It's so great hanging with my black warrior princess
you're a princess my Selena i love you, nice shirt!!!
The breakfast of a warrior princess indeed.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I never watched it, but I bet Xena: Warrior Princess never cried.
LOUD...SO LOUD..we call dis princess black
Superman and Wonder Woman. Or, to some, "Wolverine lookalike" and "Xena: Warrior Princess."
*the tortise nods* climb on my back, milady, Mikau, you know your duty as a Zoran warrior decendant
...c'mon. Marvel is on a great run. But this is Batman! And Superman! And Wonder Woman/warrior princess knock off.
"how would u describe me ?" beautiful . weird . Generous. Moist. Swag . Strong warrior princess . Cute. Funny. Bae. Soulmate. Insane
Disney movies taught me to be a warrior, not a princess.
I reckon I'll like it. I was a fan of Hercules the legendary journeys.and Xena Warrior Princess!
yesterday someone said i was like a princess/Stepford wife/xena warrior all in one. and i thought that was the dopest compliment ever
Always know that within every woman there's a princess with the strength of a warrior
Omar: "today I will be referred to as Xena: Warrior Princess and nothing else"
A comic book about a warrior fighting princess named Dejah... 😂😍 this is just beautiful.
It upsets me on a daily basis that I'm not a Scottish warrior princess
I preferred "The Italian Stallion" but if "Zena the Warrior Princess" is my streetball handle then I'll take it lol
Photoset: anakinsw: Karl Urban as Cupid in Xena: Warrior Princess ( part 2/? )
What do you think of Wonder Woman's new look? Xena: Warrior Princess :// GAL GADOT HAWT!
Lucy Lawless joining Agents of SHIELD is going to be the best. Imagine Agent May and Xena Warrior Princess as a lady-bromance! (
We, the undersigned, call on the parties mentioned above: To make a live-action Xena Warrior Princess Movie with Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. The magic of this show stemmed from Lucy & Renee's performances and why fans are vested in their return.
you're all wrong, it's Xena, The Warrior Princess
I am talking to you like that and your not a warrior princess so you can't do anything about it 👏
I will also need a hair dryer if that isn't too much for a warrior princess to ask
Lucy Lawless is what you might call a geek-friendly actress. While she got her start on the fantasy series Xena: Warrior Princess , she has followed it with great appearances in genre shows like Battlestar Galactica and Spartacus . Because of these credits, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly…
Who will watch all of Xena: Warrior Princess with me?
Warrior Princess Bella was diagnosed in December with...
Have you met Warrior Princess Bella? She was diagnosed in December with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APML) and...
you wana hear the one about princess Riley and the dragon slaying warrior that is the most graceful sassy jack??
Beau is drying off like a princess in the background
And princess peach has been such a wonderful dog I love her so much and so do my kids
These are my favorite ways of staying in shape. POLE PRINCESS AND WOD WARRIOR!
such inspiring music this morning from from her album "Brave". Defs feeling like a brave warrior princess!!! xx
I just bought: 'Samaria: Warrior Princess' by Jaxx Summers via …
I miss Xena: Warrior Princess, I need to binge watch that with someone.
I will watch and be an annoying dorky fan of Xena: Warrior Princess until the day I die
Trey and our houseguest for the week, Princess Alissa...hanging out and watching American Ninja Warrior.
i love you my princess, warrior and idol.kisses from colombia. I love
I don't wanna be a princess, I work hard to be a warrior
The Warrior and The Princess is invited to The 2014 New York International via
If Xena: Warrior Princess wanted to make out right now, I would not object.
Not even aka Xena: Warrior Princess could convince me to watch I love Lucy Lawless but I just can't go it.
- the cheque's in the mail, my Sexy Princess Warrior Goddess 💋
I only freaked about this twice today so let's a third time: Xena Warrior Princess is joining SHIELD and just like that I care about s2
lol & Kida from Atlantis never got any play either. Warrior princess of an ancient race of super advanc…
She never leaves my side when I don't feel good I love my warrior princess
I didn't know Xena Warrior Princess was on Netflix.
When you get a level 60 warrior down all the way to 0% health, and you're a level 56, you've done something. They're hard to kill!!
its just annoys me how now she this xena warrior princess on TO now when she was far from it on TVD😒
I'm seriously frustrated with people at work!! Everyone but Tony is refusing to call me Zena Warrior Princess!
You are my saviour, my warrior princess, my neens.. One day I will realize my dream, I will meet you, I will never give up
Photoset: “The Warrior and The Princess” written by Shirley Van Sanden. Interview by Maya Contreras.  The...
Dawn u use the Xena Warrior Princess Style of Weed Extracting Col
Sleep? No! That would ruin my warrior princess gif searching.
Xena warrior princess... It going to be a long summer
Used to love xena warrior princess when i was younger, always wanted to be like her
We love you princess, stay strong. You truly are a warrior. We love you and support you until the end.
wat is dis?! i became a sparkly queen? but i wanna be a warrior princess and slay monsters T_T
Righteous warrior princess taking down the institution of monarchy, obviously. But still with like pink and ribbons and stuff.
good morning today is going to be VERY PRODUCTIVE i feel like a warrior princess ready to take on anything
Here is the link to the 4th Annual Warrior Princess Angel Run!.
don't say *** You're clearly not fit to say that word keyboard warrior princess 😭😂 "But daddy, I want to be ghetto!"
Just call me Sheena, Warrior Princess, from now on.
Isabella the Bizzy Bee is 3 today :). My little Spartan warrior princess makes me smile every day :)
July 8 may be the day the PRINCESS was born ✨ but October 29 was the day the QUEEN WARRIOR was born
Save the date and get ready for a grand time as we celebrate The Princess Warrior! Looking forward to hosting...
I'm interested in being a blogger on I'd like to write about OUAT and Xena: Warrior Princess.
Emma is really a little warrior princess, isn't she?
I'd like to see her play a barbarian warrior princess
Within every girl there is both a princess and a warrior
Why am I just realizing that Aksana reminded me of a smaller, fatter version of Xena Warrior Princess?
I'm going to watch the next four seasons of Xena all night. I don't need health or work or sleeping. All I need is Xena: Warrior Princess.
Is the Warrior Princess about to stage a comeback? Xena star Lucy Lawless has not been shy about ...
Lucy Lawless, best known for playing the title character of the internationally successful television series Xena: Warrior Princess but also a passionate advocate for the environment, was given the opportunity of directing and guiding the tone and content of the newspaper as editor. She chose the th…
20 TV Shows That Have Stuck With Me   The rules: Don't take too long to think about it - choose twenty (20) TV Shows you've watched that will always stick with you. List the first 20 you can recall in no more than twenty minutes. Tag friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what TV Shows my friends choose. (To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste these rules in a new note, choose your 20 picks, and tag those friends you want to hear back from. To tag your friends, place the cursor in the "Tags" field and start typing a friend's name. When their name appears, highlight it and press ENTER. Repeat this for each friend you want to tag! Or, you can select their names from your friends list!)   Here's my list. I've seen a lot of TV over the years. These are the ones that I found the most interesting (in no particular order...) :   20.  XENA, Warrior Princess.  One of my ALL TIME favorite shows, and I don't give a crap what anyone thinks. 19.. Quantum Leap 18. Twilight Z ...
Ok America, now that Daytona, Panama City and Myrtle Beach is over its time for Atlanta to take over. Here it goes in no particular order. Sunday: Bornlosers Round Robin Monday Night we will visit that Purple --it. Tuesday Night we will visit Flaming Knights. Wednesday night we will kickoff with the hottest bike night in the A with Kickstand Promotions at TGIFridays. Thursday Night bowling challenge. Here are the teams in the challenge. 1 Frontrunnerz 2 Kings of the South 3 Steel Mob 4 Bloc Burnaz 5 Magic Wheels 6 Profilers 7 East Coast Bad Boys 8 Pheonix Rising 9 Westside Ryders 10 Choosen Few 11 Vicious Ones 12 Los Santos If you have changed your mind please let me know. 5100 Citizens Lane Union City, Ga. 30291 Others can bowl on open lanes as well. 3 member teams and there are awards for all who win. Can we get two or three more Female teams to enter. Hit up Bigg Dogg Mrs. E. or Warrior Princess. Friday: Hospitality will open 12pn noon, free food and beverages. This is after we meet our out of town g . ...
When spelling something out to someone.", X not S.I said X, as in Xena the Warrior Princess".
I still say the answer is to sell it as a "Xena: Warrior Princess in the modern day" movie and change the names once sold.
Hey why don't you have Xena: Warrior Princess ?
Wow you're tall :D Xena: Warrior Princess?! Love that show ❤ That's a great start, thank you!
5' 11". Previously starred on Lucy & Cagney and Xena: Warrior Princess. . I was raised on an island by Howler monkeys.
Let me make this very clear from the start Call me Fred cause I have Stones like Flint because when I speak I spark You are not a number on a scale. You are not the shortness of your skirt You are not the price of the weave on your head You are not all the terrible things he or she ever said You are the complete amalgamation of all your life experiences plus one And the one is God Which makes you simply say O Cause once it dawns upon you that I am right it becomes Good. See all I really want is a shift in these paradigms cause I would trade a pair of dimes for a pair of nines See she doesn't have to be flawless for me to see the Warrior Princess in her like Lucy Lawless See a fast girl I tell her be gone I would tell her fly off Judy get your Jets On But a good thick woman, I would be the Defender of her Earth from this Wutless And I would have to call her Ming cause Girl your hips are just Merciless See Struggle + Life = Strife So men should always look for a double you when looking for wife And I wont n ...
Cara you're like traveling Xena the Warrior Princess, wielding words like magical chakram.
Ukraine; XENA Warrior Princess and a male hamster running in a wheel? Is this art?? Well, the song is ok though, it's got balls!!!
loved Xena: Warrior Princess but i died when Gabrielle went to "exotic, mysterious India" and came back like
Crassus appears in a third season episode of Xena: Warrior Princess, where he is beheaded in the Colosseum.
How did I not know that Ron Swanson's girlfriend Diane used to be Xena the Warrior Princess??
I'm listening to Xena, Warrior Princess, Vol. 2, Television Score by Joseph Loduca on Pandora
Lucy Lawless, Actress: Xena: Warrior Princess. New Zealand icon Lucy Lawless, is most famously known for her role as Xena the Warrior Princess. Lucy is married to producer Robert Gerard Tapert and resides in New Zealand. They have two sons, Julius Robert Bay Tapert and Judah Miro Tapert who were bot…
is that Lupita or Xena the Warrior Princess?
Xena: Warrior Princess - 'Season 5' Comes to General Retail in July 2014 for $22.98 Region 1. ht…
and then there's Xena the Warrior Princess and she is my hero because her thighs are glorious
A song from TV's Xena : Warrior Princess. Song made by Lucy Lawless. Extended by Me.
Electronic Device Insurance
you may recall the boss used to teach self defence classes with Herol Bomber Graham well the great Xena: Warrior Princess aka Alison can punch harder than he can. Its no joke- Alison can punch harder now than a former middleweight boxing champion.
You have to admire the GoT people for just admitting a mistake and getting rid of that Hercules/Xena: Warrior Princess-looking actor who played Daario Naharis last season.
Got an iPhone... It now addresses me as Xena, Warrior Princess. I am content. c:
Warrior Princess of God Interceding for Tabuk Youth Camp (March 31- April), pray with her
“Little by little one walks far.” Peruvian Proverb Once again little brave Chloe and Mama Bear Jennie fly away in order to take one more step in the Warrior Princess' journey. Children's Hospital in Cincinnati awaits their arrival tomorrow for the scheduled 19th surgery on Friday. Since the major jaw distraction in October Chloe has been unable to close her mouth; from Ohio her Dr. assumed it was still swelling preventing the mouth from closing, for months now Jennie has felt otherwise. That almost unearthly intuition that Jennie possesses was confirmed when Chloe had the granuloma removed about a month ago in Denver. The doctor here initially thought that the bone that had been put into the jaw had grown and fused into the skull. Further exploration was good news, as it is believed that the bone is scraping up against the cheekbone and causing the obstruction in movement. This scenario is appreciated, as the fix is considered relatively simple. Bone will be scraped from the cheekbone and the jaw shou ...
I am going to be a Proud Papa for the third time, no words can describe how excited I am. Another Jacobs boy to fight in the resistance against Skynet or Warrior Princess?
She's not ugly. She's beautiful because not only is she a princess, she's a warrior. RT...
In honor of International Women's Month I have made my ringtone Xena: Warrior Princess.
I would get Xena the Warrior Princess. lol.
a good laugh to start the day.luv Marg Princess Warrior!!!
At least we have our warrior princess again &&&& DELENA
got Zena Warrior Princess. But I'm a dude, so kinda makes sense!!! # ***
Happy birthday to my wonderfully smart, kind and brilliant warrior princess! I love you to the moon and back.
Always know that in every girl, there is a princess with a strenght of a warrior.
Internet things that will always link me to: dragons, Xena The Warrior Princess, vines that are 'definitely…
Our inspiration on is the 13th century Mongolian warrior and wrestler, Princess Kutulun.
It's like Xena the warrior princess pulled out a thesaurus.
Soo blessed to hear a great testimony, before she was "amalayer" but now she is a WARRIOR PRINCESS OF GOD! Whoa!!!Grabee. 😊
Just got Netflix and what am I watching, Xena Warrior Princess... Lol. What's that say about me...
Proud servant of xena warrior princess
Our Warrior Princess, Rylee (Rylee's Journey Of Hope) received her Warrior Princess package today. We are so thrilled that it was able to brighten her day. Doesn't she look absolutely beautiful? Congratulations Warrior Princess Rylee! Special thanks to all of our sponsors who made this possible! The tutu was made by Liz's Tutu's, the wand was made by a very talented mom and fan, and the sash is from Sassy Sash!
Did you or your child’s mother use pain medication during child birth or did she Xena Warrior Princess it and birth it cold turkey?
TV Guide issue Nov 22-28, 1997 - TV's Top 20 Sexy Stars - Lucy Lawless "As the best-looking sword-toting, leather-clad super-heroine on TV, Lucy Lawless is a feminist icon for the 90's. "Xena is sexy but not in the way most people think," the NZ actress says of her role on the syndicated hit Xena: Warrior Princess. Her character's appeal is that she's "complex, and ever-changing," which is to say, Xena is a lot like Lawless herself Balancing the demands of a relationship and motherhood with TV stardom - as well as a recent Broadway turn as Rizzo in "Grease" --Lawless is too busy to take life as a warrior pinup seriously. "I'm not a sex symbol in my own house," she says. "I'm boring old mom." Exec Prod R.J. Stewart disagrees: "Lucy combines beauty, wit, honesty, and tons of soul --that's a very potent combination." ~
SUPANOVA 2014, APRIL, IS GOING TO BE HUGE! NO JOKE! A Princess, a Walker, Two Dwarves, a Gladiator, an Elf, A Tribute and a Shepherd Book walk into Supanova... It may sound like the start of a joke but we're supa-serious as we announce a new array of Supa-Stars, with tickets now on sale from Moshtix, for our 2014 Gold Coast (April 5 & 6) and Melbourne (April 12 & 13) Supanova Expos! Please make welcome, and share with all your friends, these wonderful stars. Newly Added April 2014 Guests! Lucy Lawless - Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus Alexander Ludwig - The Hunger Games, the Seeker: The Dark is Rising Manu Bennett - Arrow, The Hobbit, Spartacus Michael Rooker - The Walking Dead Ron Glass - Firefly, Serenity, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Emmanuelle Vaugier - Smallville, Lost Girls, Two and a Half Men Tom Lenk - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cabin in the Woods Mark Hadlow - The Hobbit William Kircher - The Hobbit Mark Ferguson - Lord of the Rings
Make way for one of the fiercest and most dynamic woman warriors to ever grace the TV screen as all 24 Season One episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess come to DVD. Lucy Lawless is Xena: a smart, tough, and fearless fighter who travels the dangerous roads of Ancient Greece defending the innocent from the forces of darkness and seeking redemption for her cruel misdeeds of the past. Along for the adventures is her...
These are my top five actresses who I would like to play the lead female role of Amrys Iscovan in Claudia Black ("Farscape" and "Stargate SG-1"), Amanda Tapping ("Stargate SG-1"), Michelle Forbes ("Battlestar Galactica" and "True Blood"), Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Battlestar Galactica") and Alaina Huffman ("Stargate Universe" and "Supernatural"). Hopefully one of them will be interested in taking on the role.
I said that Wonder Woman should be played by someone who's like Xena: Warrior Princess in her prime but, after seeing her on Spartacus then I seriously think she could STILL play and make a better Wonder Woman than this Gal Gadot. Another choice would be Zoe Bell.
Photoset: kylagolfar: Star Trek: Voyager - Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Xena: Warrior Princess - Lucy...
I have way too much time on my hands today. My favorite TV shows from my childhood which are: X-Men, Spiderman, Star Trek (old and newer), Batman, Recess, The Simpsons, Life with Louie, Just Shoot Me, 7th Heaven, Spin City, Roseanne, Goosebumps, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, The Tonight Show, The Price is Right, Frasier, Home Improvement, The Tick, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, Bobby's World, In Living Color, Cheers, Xena: Warrior Princess, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Eerie Indiana, Futurama, Family Guy, The PJs, Married with Children, Seinfeld, King of the Hill, Step by Step, X-Files, Freaks and Geeks, Celebrity Death Match, Full House, Dilbert, Malcolm the Middle, The Bernie Mac Show, Grounded for Life, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, Doug, Sliders, Talk Soup, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I think that I might be like Jim Carey's character from the movie 'The Cable Guy' where he is raised by T . ...
"Xena: Warrior Princess" could be making a comeback and series star Lucy Lawless has an idea of how that should happen. The series about Xena, a butt-kicking warlord-turned-hero, and Gabrielle, her best friend/soulmate, lasted for six seasons and spawned a dedicated following.
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plan for the March Break: Have a Lucy Lawless marathon. I was re-watching Veronica Mars over the holidays and had forgotten that she had guest starred in that series. Just she guest starred in The X-Files, The L Word, Parks and Recs, etc, and starred in Xena, BSG, and of course Xena: Warrior Princess. I swear, that woman has been in every TV show that I've seen in the last fifteen years.
Rare Sunday entry...hope you're all enjoying your weekends...caught Atlantis from last night on BBCA. It's a show based on Greek mythology, and it sort of brings me back to the days of Kevin Sorbo on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess. On Atlantis, we follow the exploits of Jason (Jack Donnelly) of Jason And The Argonauts fame, Hercules (Mark Addy), and Pythagoras (Robert Emms) aka the man who gave us mathematicians the Pythagorean Theorem. Of the 3 men, Jason is the cool one who acts with a clear conscience. Hercules, on the other hand, does not act or look very mighty, and is instead more of a comical bumbling buffoon who acts on impulse, sometimes without thinking...he has the hots for Medusa (Jemima Rooper), a normal-looking girl before her hair became snakes. Pythagoras is the other guy with the clear head, who pretty much just goes along with whatever Hercules and Jason does. The 3 of them remind me very much of the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy ...
Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hermione Granger and Katniss Everdeen and Xena the Warrior Princess = my fictional heroines
I would love to live in a royal Mughal palace, fight some wars & be a warrior princess! :D
I love disney princess warrior such as mulan
Your insecurities are the Dragon. You are the princess. I am the knight. I will get rid of the Dragon.
If I'm Mulan, the warrior princess. This is our faci.
Not to be Princess, Even though I think the Warrior Princess Idea, Kinda suits me.
xenophobia-hatred or fear of foreigners. Xenaphobia-hatred of fictional ancient warrior princess beloved by *** . Both unacceptable
Well hello Wonder Woman.. I'd definitely try and get with that Amazon warrior princess.😎
Dad, I'm not your princess, I'm a WARRIOR! *battle chant*
Not just a show, Xena Warrior Princess is a dark, sobering and sexy look at New Zealand's pre-Middle Earth history.
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