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Warrior Ethos

The U.S. Soldier's Creed is a standard that all United States Army personnel are encouraged to live by.

Steven Pressfield Fort Sill Special Operations Marine Corps Fort Benning Advanced Individual Training

Marines have a warrior ethos, from the top down. "Every man is a rifle man" I just said today to someone.…
.- Dunno, but there are copies out there on other sites: .
Luckily, it's saved elsewhere on the Internet.
My purpose is to develop the ethos in you so you can:. *Start that new business, non-profit or mission.
James McCloughan's actions in 1969 embodied Warrior Ethos. On behalf of our Army & Nation, thank you for yo…
No one and I do mean no one, understands the warrior ethos quite like General Mattis. H…
Can you spot the sleeping warrior at watched over by a "flamboyance / stand" of pink-tinted…
When confronted with a violent mob, the army must shoot if there is no other option. Taking hostages is a violation of army…
My purpose is to develop the in you so you can:. *Exponentially increase your capacity to lead.
"I will always place the Mission first. I will Never accept defeat. I will Never quit. I will Never leave a fallen comrad…
The 11 quotes from hearings demonstrate his true Warrior Ethos. Number 6 & 10 are my favorites. May God bless…
But Tolkien was most definitely distrustful of industrialism and preferred an aristocratic, pastoral, warrior ethos.
The Code of Chivalry combines a warrior ethos, knightly piety & courtly manners, all conspiring to establish a notion of honour and nobility
Our Gods are of same root as those of Rig Veda, our warrior ethos same as in Gita. I am modern n secular in some ways, but spirit is same.
Long Lives The Warrior Ethos of the Imperium! (Gud fights) via /r/Eve Online
So please, don't use your affiliation with the military to perpetuate a false Warrior Ethos.Warriors do not seek battle.We embrace peace.
They are not.Your racism and misogyny is not a badge of honor for your military heritage.It is not in the spirit of the Warrior ethos.
Maj Gen Falca-Dodson: warrior ethos can interfere with those needing help seeking it out.
Decades of moral relativist teaching coupled with the loss of Western masculinity and its warrior ethos
having women as symbols of warrior ethos (like Athena) is a mistake
Pushing the Limits of the US Warrior Ethos: Understanding the Extensive Use of Private Military Companies in Iraq
How do we find our true calling, our soul companions, our destiny? In this task our mightiest ally is the warrior etho…
A commander in chief with an understanding of the warrior ethos is needed who will purge the senior command.
I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat . I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade. -warrior ethos
FYI, you've been added as a maker of The Warrior Ethos on h/t 🙌
A warrior ethos is a code. A code by which a man adheres his day. A code…
The lioness hunts. The alpha female defends the wolf pack. The Warrior Ethos is not, at bottom, a manifestation...
That said, Liish is still, by the measure of most a 'good' person. She's meant to make you question the warrior ethos and role in society.
Love this graphic... Edited the color image is from the Warrior Ethos Steven Pressfeild.…
ah, tracking. Happy guys don't fit the "warrior ethos" narrative associated with good football.
The Art of the Warrior (AOW) . The Warrior Ethos: We are all warriors. Each of us battles moment by moment for...
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Test your Warrior Ethos: Fort Leonard Wood combatives tournament set for September
Islam brought Christianity's warrior ethos to the fore? 7th c. Left cast it back in the shadows. time to resurrect it.
I wonder if Ex-Colonel Richard Kemp this this girl has no warrior ethos ?
Mil lives by its own ethos which may not match that of civil. Separate commsn needed
Hammering out the last of a class post on Warrior Ethos and Honor in the Regency to post in the morning.
Reading the Warrior Ethos by - incredible the knowledge you can gain about and from those before us.
I added a video to a playlist TLB 001 - The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield
I want the warrior ethos on my ribs as soon as I'm stationed 😫
Great interviews me on Women in the military, the Warrior Ethos, & lessons from
I just finished The Warrior Ethos and gave it 5 stars.
Times change. Warriors should, too. editor considers 2 very different ideas for a "Warrior Ethos"
Jon, wondering if you could add my book to the Duck, Duck Bookstore - I'm a guest blogger - - many thanks!
A review of my latest book on BATTLES & BOOK REVIEWS a balanced analysis by former Army cavalry scout
TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: Readers either love this book, or they hate it. - what will YOU think?
Soon I will be posting the details for next year's 2015 Annual Garrison Petawawa Military Combatives Championships. The tournament will be held at Dundonald Hall, Grn Petawawa during the month of June. The exact date will be confirmed shortly. Start training! This is going to be the third installment of the tournament. This is the only one of its kind in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). This year's event was a huge success and saw competitors from across the region, representing dozens of units and four military bases. It is growing exponentially! The reigning Team Champions are 2 RCHA and the current Absolute Champion is Tpr John Goodyear of the Royal Canadian Dragoons. Can they hold onto these titles or will they be unseated? Remember, in addition to the promotion of the Warrior Ethos and the development of true warrior culture in the CAF, 100% of the proceeds go to Soldier On. This is a very worthwhile cause and is designed to support those who serve their nation and now need our support. Don ...
Just commented on Warrior ethos is putting players’ lives at risk -
As a soldier I always place the mission first!!! It's my warrior Ethos!! When I'm on a mission
Warrior ethos is putting players' lives at risk (via
After Pereira's injury last night, warns that a 'warrior ethos' is putting players' lives in danger.
Thank you and congratulations to Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter, what top notch example of warrior ethos!
I never been in d army but I live by the Army values and the warrior ethos stand for sum or fall for nun.
The warrior ethos..Tho our common goal is to fight for love of country..our survival is assured in depending on our brethren
Anne Costello exemplified the liberal warrior ethos of being a lover and never a hater. It all came from a place of love.
.Maybe I should stop trying to use the Warrior Ethos to explain my critical philosophy. It only confuses people.
The Warrior Ethos by Pressfield. Short snappy n stoic.
The warrior ethos: improvise, adapt & overcome. Works in too!
Friends and Families, This is a copy of the graduation letter which has been sent out. Please refer to it for any graduation information requirements. 13 June 2014 Dear Parents, Family Members, and Friends: Your Soldier has come a long way in the last five weeks since they arrived at Fort Sill to attend U.S. Army Basic Combat Training. So far, the Soldiers have successfully completed numerous events including obstacle courses, ruck marches, land navigation courses, the dreaded EGAS chamber, and basic rifle marksmanship. They have also learned the Army Values, the Warrior Ethos, how to wear a uniform, drill and ceremony, Army traditions and heritage, and the basics of military leadership. I am extremely proud of what has been accomplished so far and look forward to welcoming each one into the Army family as true Soldiers at graduation. Now that graduation is in sight, I would like to inform you about the events so that you may plan for and attend the family day presentation on 10 July and the graduation ce ...
And "Chivalry" WAS a Christian co-option of the Germanic warrior ethos. And there's nothing wrong with that!
This is a fine example of the Warrior Ethos, the brotherhood and bond formed by men putting their lives on the line.
"There is a dire, desperate need in this country for more people who embrace the warrior ethos."
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mrjan_sa double hi-fives Hub advisor following the awesome share on the Warrior Ethos and making…
Steven Pressfield's books the "War of Art" and "The Warrior Ethos" would be nice discussion topics as well.
Happy Birthday Army! We are posting a series of Warrior Ethos just for you!
Even when your down and feel like giving up dig deep and channel your inner warrior. ethos
Happy 239th Bday We have the very best Army in the world because of our professionalism, our Warrior Ethos and our people.
REMINDER DAY 30 OF 54 DAY ROSARY NOVENA TODAY - GLORIOUS MYSTERIES The first office we receive in baptism is that of priest (the priesthood of the laity). Fr. Robert Barron says, “A priest prays for others, intercedes, and performs sacrifices. Priests are border walkers. They walk the border between heaven and earth. They are mediators as friends of God and friends of the human race. They bring divinity and humanity together. It means you must be a person of prayer — intercessory prayer — prayer on behalf of others. It pleases God to channel His providential care precisely through us and through the instrumentality of our prayer.” Recall the last line of the Warrior Ethos: “I will never leave a fallen comrade.” When I read this, I think of recent Medal of Honor recipients who reportedly ran through a hail of bullets to rescue their comrades from the clutches of the enemy. It is very similar in the spiritual realm. When our loved ones are “dead in sin,” they are not only separated from God, ...
So . . . I wake up this morning to find retired General Eric Shinseki resigned as the Secretary of the VA. Let me give you some insight on this guy: First, he's the one who forced the changing of the U.S. Army's head gear from patrol caps to the black beret, which caused a massive uproar with the Army Rangers & regular troops alike. He wanted to change history & make a name for himself because the black beret was one of the symbols of the elite Army Rangers & since all the elite military units in the world (Iraq's Republican Guard, the French Foreign Legion, Russian Spetznaz, etc) all wore berets, he felt the entire U.S. Army was elite enough to wear a beret as well. So, instead of coming up with its own unique color, forced the entire U.S. Army to wear the black beret & change the Ranger's historical head gear to a normal looking tan color, thus reducing their elite symbol. Then, if that's not bad enough, he was also part of the creation of the U.S. Army's "Warrior Ethos", which states, "I will always pl ...
You should be receiving letters soon but just in case... Dear Eagle Family Member: I am Captain Dudley, your Soldier’s Battery Commander for Basic Combat Training (BCT) Class 41-14 in the United States Army 434th Field Artillery Brigade, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. As you already know, your Soldier has safely arrived, in-processed, and has already begun their 10 week journey towards becoming a Soldier. As a member of Echo Battery, your Soldier is in the good hands of our Battery Cadre. These hard working Noncommissioned Officers make up the most dedicated and professional team in the United States Army. We serve as coaches, teachers, mentors, and leaders whose mission is more than just making sure your Soldier graduates from BCT. Our goal is to provide our Army with well trained, motivated and disciplined Soldiers who respond to leadership, are focused on team work, and who espouse the Warrior Ethos and the Army Values. We strive to create Soldiers that demonstrate a winning attitude and are mentally, physi .. ...
Echo Battery Families, Thank you for all of your support! We just wrapped up week 8. The Soldiers completed FTX 3 and participated in the Rights of Passage Ceremony (sybolizing the transition from civilian to warrior) after a 16 KM march. Your Soldiers have progressed through all of the necessary training and put their recently acquired skills to the test by executing small unit operations in FTX III. They conducted a tactical movement to a town, cordoned and searched the town, and seized a high value individual. Your Soldiers have embraced the Warrior Ethos and performed magnificently this week in the Fort Sill Post Retirement Ceremony. Spectators and higher-ups complemented them for their precision execution of Drill and Ceremony. I look forward to seeing you all at Family Day at Sheridan Theater and Graduation at McMahon Auditorium. Please try our snacks and make donations to our Family Readiness Group! Thank you, and see you soon! Respectfully, CPT Harris
Dear Parent or Relative, Your loved one recently arrived at Fort Benning, GA, for Basic Combat Training (BCT). He has been assigned to Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry Regiment. Through his participation in Basic Combat Training your loved one will become a living part of that history. Our mission is to execute the BCT Program of Instruction (POI) to a high standard in-order to ensure your Soldier is prepared for Advanced Individual Training (AIT). The training your Soldier receives here will be challenging yet rewarding. We will prepare him for AIT and to become successful in his unit of assignment. Our system has been tested, executed, and evaluated time and time again to ensure its effectiveness and safety. Basic Combat Training is comprised of rigorous physical training, drill, individual tactical training, and basic rifle marksmanship. Drill Sergeants teach to a high standard and live the Warrior Ethos. The Drill Sergeants in Delta Company come from a wide array of occupations in the ...
/Army-rant-on. This Warrant Officer Advanced Course makes me want to choke people constantly, but there's no (ZERO) combatives training areas here on Fort Huachuca... No fight houses, not even mats to roll out at the resident gyms, no nothing! ...and folks wonder why MI Soldiers are known Army-wide for having limited (no) Warrior Ethos. Fighting is what the tax payers pay us to do, why are there no facilities at a major Army base (the home of MI) to do so in. Additionally, I brought up limited combatives training (like simple positioning, submission, sweep training: level 1 stuff) as an input to my PT plan as our "PRT Officer" (which I was assigned because I have the highest PT score in the class) and was laughed at. I'm scared for our Army...
"The greatness of American society is that our citizens are still debating it -- protected by those who have freely chosen to embrace the Warrior Ethos. And still debating it freely." Steven Pressfield
To the family and friends of Charlie Company. 787th Military Police Battalion, STO 1 Class 02-13, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for showing support to your loved ones here at C. Co, 787 MP Bn. As you know this website is designed for updates that may not be afforded to you by other means. Over the past couple of days, your Soldier(s) has had the opportunity to meet their drill sergeants who will be responsible for their health, morale and welfare. Moments later they successfully completed their first task here in basic combat training. This was one of many tasks they will accomplish during basic combat training. The drill sergeants will teach, coach and mentor your loved one(s) into a well disciplined and motivated Soldier as they completed many other tasks. Your Soldiers have also been conducting Drill and Ceremony on a daily basis, provided training on Military Customs and Courtesies, Seven Army Core Values, Warrior Ethos, their first 1-1-1 Army Physical Fitness Test Assessmen . ...
WEEK 1:   Friends and families of the Soldiers of Delta Company 3rd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, by now you are all interested to hear how your Soldier is doing.  Let me assure you that they are conducting physical training, losing sleep, working long, hard hours, and becoming the best part of America.  Our Delta Dawg Soldiers have concluded their first full week of training and overcame some of their fears, as the Company pictures will show. They have also started to develop as a team and shed the old ways of being an individual.  On Monday we issued all Soldiers their M-16 rifle.  In the upcoming weeks we will coach, teach, and mentor them to become proficient and qualify on targets out to 300 meters.  Tuesday through Friday we started to indoctrinate your Soldiers into the Army by giving classes on Army Heritage, Traditions, and the Organization.  We also covered Military courtesies and customs, Identification and wear of the Army Uniforms, Warrior Ethos training, and Values training. ...
U.S. Army Drill Sergeant A drill sergeant is a symbol of excellence in initial entry training, is an expert in all warrior tasks and battle drills, lives the Army Values, exemplifies the Warrior Ethos, and most importantly is the epitome of the Army as a Profession. As a drill sergeant you are responsible for coaching, counseling, and mentoring of hundreds, if not thousands, of Soldiers as you transform them from a civilian to a combat-ready Soldier. A typical day as a drill sergeant starts before dawn and you are with your Soldiers until it is time for lights out. As A drill sergeant you are all that your Soldiers know of the Army and they emulate everything you do. Although being a drill sergeant is one of the most demanding and difficult jobs in our Army, it is also one of the most rewarding. Just as you will always remember your drill sergeant so will your Soldiers. It is up to you to provide a positive and rewarding experience as these young Soldiers begin their journey in the Army. What you do for t ...
Echo Company of the 2-10 Infantry Regiment is dedicated to transforming civilians into Soldiers able to live up to the Army Values and Warrior Ethos, physically proficient and mentally adaptable, with the ability to immediately contribute to their gaining unit.
Warrior creeds, such as the Ranger’s famous creed, have been around for over a century to guide the actions of operators on and off the battlefield. The creed is a code of conduct and inspirational daily reminder of the “reason we train and fight” for the men and women of these units. Many outside observers point to the mission of the units and preparation of the teams when describing who these people are. Warriors know better. It is the Warrior Ethos that best describes who they are, an ethos that has been shared, albeit with different words, with the Samurai, the Spartans, the Marines and other Special Operations forces around the world. The SEAL Code was created just two years ago. Prior to this, the SEALs had an unspoken code defined by the culture, historical experience and training. “Leave no man behind” and “failure is not an option” are examples of cultural mantras that evolved as the unwritten “SEAL code” from the Teams battlefield experiences in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and elsewhe ...
Writing a paper on Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry (Ranger) as an example of ethical actions and how he keeps the ideas written in the Army Values, Warrior Ethos, and the Ranger Creed alive.
Dear Sir or Ma'am,   Your soldier recently reported to Fort Benning, Georgia for One Station Unit Training.  One Station Unit Training (OSUT) is a combination of Initial Entry Training (IET) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for Infantry Soldiers.  Currently, your soldier is assigned to Company D (Delta), 2nd Battalion, 54th Infantry Regiment.  I am the Delta Company Commander, Captain Kellen R. Petersen.  The Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in my Company is First Sergeant Lance Amsden and we thank you for the commitment your Soldier is making to serve his nation.   Our mission is to transform civilians into well disciplined Infantrymen who embrace the Warrior Ethos and live the Army Values.  Over the course of fourteen rigorous weeks of training, your Soldier will be forged into a tough, adaptive, and flexible Infantryman, able to close with and destroy or capture the enemies of his country in close combat.  The men responsible for this transformation are the Drill Sergeants of Delta Company ...
It is ironic that some of the top dudes in the Army are always trying to inspire Soldiers by using phrases like, "Warrior Ethos" and "Army Values" and they love talking about: Honor, Intergrity, and Selfless Service. These men will fry dudes for violating our values while they are at the company, battalion, and even brigade level. How many people did these generals fry for commiting the same crime they have committed? Patreaus belived his own hype... he placed himself where God belonged. When some of these guys make it to general officer level they loose thier minds. I try to remember to tell young soldiers every single sunday that the Army has set an impossible standard with its Army Values. That higher standard required of every soldier is impossible to live up to with out the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ is the only man I know of who lived flawlessly, but Jesus is the God Man. Praying for our military's senior leaders and the men they command! Quit pushing Christ out, quit being compl ...
Obama follows the Army Values, honors the Warrior Ethos, & Personally makes everyone out to be, "An American Soldier."
There's a well-known Devil Dog in the Marine Corps who explains to his young Pups, when they complain about pay, that they get two kinds of salary-- a financial and psychological salary. The financial salary is indeed meager. But the psychological salary? Pride, Honor, Integrity, the chance to be a part of something with a history of service, Valor, Glory; to have friends who would sacrifice their lives for you, as you would for them-- and to know that you remain part of the brother/sisterhood as long as you live. How much is that worth?--Steven Pressfield ( Warrior Ethos)
The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) is a combat system developed by the United States Marine Corps to combine existing and new hand-to-hand and close quarters combat (CQC) techniques with morale and team-building functions and instruction in the Warrior Ethos. The program, which began in 2001, trains Marines (and U.S. Navy personnel attached to Marine units) in unarmed combat, edged weapons, weapons of opportunity, and rifle and bayonet techniques. It also stresses mental and character development, including the responsible use of force, leadership, and teamwork.
New Cadets enter an enclosed house (chamber), a small building that is dark and empty except for the Task Soldiers and Cadet Basic Training Cadre, after receiving instruction on how to properly use their protective masks. Once in the enclosed house, the new cadets break and reseal their masks before leaving the house, the new cadets remove their protective mask and recite the Warrior Ethos.
1st and 2nd Regiments Graduation ongoing...outstanding. Black Hawk Cadets won the Warrior Ethos award in both Regt's. Stand by for details.
Several Headhunters competed in the Spartan Military Sprint this afternoon at Fort Carson. It definitely tested the Warrior Ethos.
All friends; Salty Certificates Unofficial Nautical Certificates for Sailors will be re-launched in June. Please help me get the word out to the fleet and the veteran community. ARMY FRIENDS: Salty Certs isn't just for sailors anymore! I will be designing certificates that speak to the pride and patriotism of the American Soldier, starting with the Warrior Ethos. If you haven't yet LIKED Salty Certificates, please support a fellow veteran and do so now. As ALWAYS, 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks Shipmates and Battle Buddies.
Found at the site of a helicopter that tried to rescue Michael Murphy. It's a Warrior Ethos dog tag.
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