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Warren Sapp

Warren Carlos Sapp (born December 19, 1972) is a former American college and professional football player who was defensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL) for thirteen seasons.

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Lebron look like Warren Sapp on the court. Whooping these dudes with no regard
Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Warren Sapp named to 2018 CFB Hall of Fame Ballot.
Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Warren Sapp. All three Canes worthy of the College Football Hall of Fame! U Family!
43 sacks that season. 23 coming from Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp.
John Lynch may have drafted West Coast versions of Warren Sapp & Derrick Brooks.
Warren Sapp and Greg Anthony got caught doing the same thing... Greg still on tv meanwhile Warren out here hating on upcoming players
It's 2017 and we're still giving headlines to Bill Polian, Warren Sapp and Brian Kelly.
Warren Sapp bodyslamed Chester Tayler to the ground. "Derrick you can walk from there"…
Greg Anthony went through the same thing Warren Sapp did and he prevailed unlike Warren
Warren Sapp on Tom Cable not being qualified to coach an offensive line, much less a football team
So should Warren Sapp, Chris Carter (booted from Philly), LT, Irvin be in the HOF?
Wish the would have handed in the card that said Warren Sapp not Kyle Brady.
oh yeah like when we took Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp?? No way TE at 6 with our current roster
That's a terrible argument too when the hall contains guys like Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp & Paul Horning
Dude made Warren Sapp look like Uncle Ruckus, I'm out 😂😂
All facts except my game was modeled after Dwight Freeney and Warren Sapp not some overrated hick.
An actress is suing Warren Sapp, alleging he knocked her down leaving an ESPN party at 2015 Super Bowl in Arizona.
I remember when Warren Sapp picked Chester Taylor up and slammed him into the ground in Baltimore and there was no penalty
When they won the Super Bowl in 2002 with Keyshawn Johnson, Warren Sapp, and Ronde Barber.
Buried on the depth chart behind Warren Sapp at Miami, didn't let his football career end without a fight:…
Nov 26, 2000: Warren Sapp broke Lee Roy Selmon’s record for season sacks. 2 in this game/13.5 on seas…
In this new podcast, Warren Sapp weighs in on John Lynch's Hall of Fame chances and we review Sunday's debacle.
Warren Sapp and Darrell Revis were pretty good also
u said bucs d in 2003 had a couple good players? Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Rhonde barber, John Lynch, simien rice, cmon man
I'm surprised you not slandering Warren Sapp right now
Lol, Mike Shanahan looks like he went to the same mind-wipe doctor that Warren Sapp saw for the Raiders for his Redskins stint
that's funny because looks like Warren Sapp, that's a good comparison
Could you imagine my goofy *** hanging out with Mr. Pimp Slap Warren Sapp ? Lmao that'd be so retardedly epic and random
I'm tryna get my grandpa to go fishing with Warren Sapp now lmao I'm boutta vacation there knock on his door and take him fishing lmao
Warren Sapp used Brett Farve jersey as a doormat as well JustSayin
Jets could of had Warren Sapp that year!!
He's got a long way to go but Warren Sapp will be an after thought after his career is done!
'He was over the moon': Warren Sapp catches four tuna off coast of P.E.I.
Warren Sapp, former NFL star, hams it up with P.E.I. tuna.
Warren Sapp just caught a fish that could probably eat him (via
"I'm on that money train and the MAC will knock em off track, the QB, well protected from the warren sapp"
warren sapp was a better analyst. Even with the prostitution charges
Y'all stop gassing these bad bodies *** *** up on here too. Only about 3 or 4 that's legit the rest built like warren sapp
per your column, we're trying to play a Tampa 2 style without any speed rush on edge, or Warren Sapp. It shows, badly.
I think Rod Marinelli found his Warren sapp
I think I realized I liked larger men when I COULD NOT take my eyes off Warren Sapp when he was on DWTS. 😂😭😩
I can't believe that Warren Sapp face *** broad really came at Asia like that, or Candice.
It's like he's expected to be Warren Sapp in the body of Ted Washington. As you've put it, not his job at all
10 yrs after being an arrogant big time pro player... Warren Sapp is broke and can't find a job. No place for arrogance. JNorman look out!
My favorite Wayne line was when he was like "Quarterback well protected from the Warren Sapp.". Idk why but I lost my mind lmao
Warren Sapp daughter first day is today Imma ask her why her daddy get cockeyed when he's making a point on NFL network
Sports figure you WOULDN’T want to be on a game show with? . Tausch: Warren Sapp . Wilde: Brad Jones .
looks like one of the HOOKERS Warren Sapp would stiff
Warren Sapp never ever was a role model. Fake and phony BS smile and laugh
don't be like Warren Sapp and slap around HOOKERS
. I removed Warren Sapp Da Rat from this pic💀💯
so much better without worthless piece of garbage warren Sapp
best players of the 90's Dre Bly, Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp:. "Shark got a little chuck of Me. We got Dinner!
now pick pick up hookers like warren Sapp
Uncut Sheet with The Rock, Rey Lewis, Warren Sapp & more bringing Big Bucks
Just met Warren Sapp and the man was Pokemon hunting
Michael Irvin, warren sapp, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, the rock b the people's champ straight legends
Karlos Williams was trying to be Baby Warren Sapp so bad
did you meet Warren Sapp himself lol
My favorite team in 2002 was the Buccaneers. Warrick Dunn was my favorite RB at the time. And Warren Sapp was my favorite DL.
do you have a shrine to warren Sapps hit on Clifton? At least sapp was talented though
Yes, the Custodian of Canton even has fans in Costa Rica. You can be one, too.
leader in Rec TDs Michael Irvin 26. Miami has 6 players in the Hall of Fame so far Warren Sapp, Jim Otto, Cortez Kennedy, Jim Kelly
Ira's looks at how Sapp approached practices vs the Dolphins & the parallel now in Tampa.
I mean, I want him back too but it's not like he's Warren Sapp or something.
diamonds do swim moves like Warren Sapp.
Lol warren sapp prolly shouldn't have a comment on lochte 😏
My inside connections were able to remove Darren Sharper and Warren Sapp from NFL Network. Heath Evans next.
In the first ever DCMS girls soccer game held at the Swamp, our new Lady Gators earn a win over South Warren!
did we learn nothing from Warren Sapp? If you pay the ladies fairly everybody leaves happy.
I told Warren Sapp to be careful. I specifically told him to television shark week -- Antonio Brown
Only Warren Sapp could get bitten by a shark and only need stitches. He is wonderful very lucky man that it wasn't a lot…
Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp took on a shark while lobstering in the keys. Okay it...
Warren Sapp Got Bitten by a Shark and the Photo is Gruesome
Stay Safe, Warren Sapp, one of the Real True Guys to Have Ever Played The Game I LOVE, FOOTBALL!! BLESSINGS!
Little Giant Ladders
Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is OK after being attacked by a shark
Warren Sapp got bit by a shark and has the pictures to prove it:
Saints gonna bite the Bucs like that shark bit Warren Sapp's fat *** ..hehehe...I'm back!!!
NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp bitten by shark in Florida
.$TWTR w/ stock based comp at 28% of revenue, but did you know Warren Sapp was bitten by a shark?
Looks like former NFL player, Warren Sapp is having his own encounter off the Florida Keys after...
Warren Sapp bitten by shark while fishing for lobster - New York Daily News
Warren Sapp bitten by a shark (True story) via Yeah right Warren. you part of the movie.
Here is the story on trying to get his own episode in next year's Shark Week. Find the image here!
Former great Warren Sapp bitten by shark while lobstering in Florida. Luckily a minor bite and he is OK
Apparently the drugs currently flowing through Warren Sapp were too much for the shark that bit him yesterday.
Smh, warren sapp trying to be relevant by having a shark attack him
Warren Sapp was bitten by a shark yesterday
Warren Sapp got bitten by a shark and shared pics of the bite:.
Warren Sapp bitten by shark while lobstering (Yahoo Sports)
Pro Football Hall of Famer bitten in the arm by a shark while diving in the https:…
The shark bit Warren Sapp when he solicited it & another shark to get in his car for $5.
The shark that bit Warren Sapp is going to fail its next drug test.
The University of Miami has produced many NFL Hall of Famers such as Warren Sapp and Rock "The Dwayne" Johnson.
Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were Miami football teammates on the 1994 Big East championship team.
Warren Sapp: Still not a good person
Shockey shares Sapp's bankruptcy papers on social media: Jeremy Shockey somehow got his hands on Warren Sapp'...
for sure! They passed over 2 Hall of Famers for him! Warren Sapp & Derrick Brooks.
they gave us Micheal Irvin, Warren Sapp, jimmy graham, Devon hester, Andrea Johnson, all legends
Myles Jack and Jalen Ramsey will have the same effect on the Jaguars that Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks had for the Buccaneers 🏈
This is the same league that dropped Randy Moss, Dan Marino, and Warren Sapp and elevated Ryan Leaf, Mike Mamula, and Rick Mirer.
Warren Sapp made Avg dudes except Rice better on the line
Drafting a Kyle Brady when a Warren Sapp is available
The look on Jets fans faces when they drafted Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴
. says he likes to watch Reggie White, Warren Sapp, Cameron Wake, Hloti Ngata. Loves watching & improving
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Kahlil McKenzie said he watches film of guys like Reggie White, Cameron Wake, Warren Sapp and JJ Watt
Capt. Jack Carlson, Capt. TJ Ott & Warren Sapp getting it done with the Blackfin Tuna on the Hot…
Looking back on previous drafts, when the Eagles were on the board they passed on some serious players.. Reggie Wayne, Warren Sapp.🙄
Hear that every year about that position.. It's a demanding taxing position. Everyone can't be John Randle Warren Sapp when it
LIVE on Warren Sapp teaching two youts how to fish!
I watch von miller and Warren sapp highlights everyday before and after work
Watch film on Baylor billings ' we need to take him at 21 , he will be another warren sapp HTTR
If you put Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, Warren Sapp, and Richard Dent on the DL, it would give you a fighting chance.
Call me warren sapp I'll tackle that
The rock won a national championship as a DE for the U🌪 in 1991. The next year he was sidelined by an injury and replaced by warren sapp.. 🤔
LMAOOO RT: Her mom still looks like Warren Sapp.
So glad my daughters grandmother doesn't look and act like Warren Sapp.
Her mom still looks like Warren Sapp.
*** her momma don't look like Warren Sapp no more
.on Warren sapp watching magic tricks
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Nah he can't handle a rotation. I forgot he was Warren Sapp on the field.
does Buckner fit the Warren Sapp mold?
oh man. But he's not a warren sapp type DT. He causes disruption not sacks. And had 1 shoulder last year
seen you March 20 in Rosemont my 2 year old keeps looking at the photo of us going Warren sapp go bucs
Do you consider warren sapp a raider
I found this south alabama defensive tackle that might be better than Warren Sapp you should watch him
LIVE on Deep sea fishing with warren sapp
"On the next episode of Pawn Stars, Warren Sapp tries to sell his bronze bust to pay his electric bill..." What an a…
Mr Warren Sapp i been your biggesy fan sonce u played with Raiders and still am
Don't take this the wrong way but I'm pretty sure Warren Sapp plays women's bball for Washington...
just looked at your header, your father looks like Warren Sapp
Can't forget my man Butler Benton III. That bol had on Jordan 12 cleats at King. Fresher than Warren Sapp.
I'm going to imagine the fat guy running into Ronde Barber is Warren Sapp. Don't care if those 3 played at the same time
Glad once retrieved it, I think the night Ryan Kelly and Warren Sapp ruled Durham
👈🏾The Quaterback ...well protected from the warren Sapp
Update your maps at Navteq
Von Miller is the 5th NFL defensive player to do . Jason Taylor. Warren Sapp. Lawrence Taylor. Michael Sam
Remember how stressed Trina had Warren Sapp in "Da Baddest B**ch" video?
boy I keep that sack like my name was warren sapp. - . 🌹
Ben's only comparison with Warren Sapp is the Sap part.
Warren Sapp at the 1995 wearing a Jaguars hat
EVERYONE has a bad day. But some, unless coming off a win, have bad MONTHS. Warren Sapp?
Warren Sapp vs a Cheetah is the original
Lmao bro everyone dressed i got a black thermal and joggers on wit them warren sapp joints lol
Warren Sapp born in year of the . was first selected to the pro-bowl in 1997 year of the
Warren Sapp born in year of the . Made stand up debut at the Comedy Central Roast for Larry the Cable Guy in 2009 yea…
Boy I keep that sack like my name was Warren Sapp
Running with the sack I got sack just like warren sapp
Is the black woman actually Warren Sapp?
And Warren Sapp instead of Mike Mamula the year before!!
you Ol "hi my name is cam rob but I got thighs like warren sapp & a body like Marvin sapp" lookin ***
ESPNs whole countdown crew, Kenny Smith, Dennis Scott, Michael Irvin, and Warren Sapp all need to be fired. They suck as analyst
Didn't we take Kyle Brady right before Warren Sapp
Rich McKay's first 2 draft picks as Bucs GM were Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks. He then recommended Tony Dungy as HC. Hal…
Warren Sapp in charm city right now lol
Santa brought Warren Sapp some hookers from Backpage and promised him that it wasn't a setup.
. I don't think Keyshawn is more hated than Warren Sapp.
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all the employees thoughts/prayers Warren Sapp
Flanagan with the huge stop on 4th down up 7 with 1:59 left in game. Warren Sapp cheering from sideline
DIRTYBIRDS Natrona Ray, Devin Bush jr and Adrienne Talon training with my boy HOF DT Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp in the banana with tape on the yoppp
boy if you don't get yo warren Sapp looking *** on
Warren Sapp was using his RUSH card to buy some *** !?! I'm sick😖
Warren Sapp, a former NFL athlete, was born in Orlando and attended Apopka High School.
Gholston racked up 11 tackles vs Rams. ELEVEN! He plays DE!! Warren Sapp had 11 once and it was vs SF in 1997
Warren Sapp the best nose tackle I ever seen
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
do you have any Warren Sapp jerseys ?
Armwood has a great Team but Apopka Has More Notable Alumni Warren Sapp For Example and more state championships .
Tryna run a touchdown bullets doing the warren sapp catch you in yo endzone now my *** got a sack that's a safe !
Don't look directly into Warren Sapp's eyes.
Let's see, Jerome Brown, Warren Sapp and Seth Joyner would be a good start.
Calm down. It was awful but not even close to the worst. how about Warren Sapp v Chad Clifton?
warren sapp hitting Chad Clifton almost ended his career
I guess he never watched a single Warren Sapp Bucs game then.
GMC said Warren Sapp has challenged him.
Watch Warren Sapp take out Chad Clifton and rethink this statement. Please and thank you.
from a Hall of Famer: Why won't see Will Smith's
I can see. You act like you never watched Warren Sapp play here. The standard is set and he's not close.
Is Ed Reed wearing warren sapp's suits on inside the nfl?
Warren Sapp's lost sack title. He did make Pro Bowl
For sure. He is NOT Warren Sapp no matter how bad people want him to be.
Rivers on his 1st NFL start, which was in Oak/completion to Parker "Warren Sapp was the guy that hit me, that was my 'I'm in the NFL moment'
Warren Sapp said it best of trash talk:"The main objective is taking somebody's mind away from the task at hand."
Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Dez Bryant, Jimmy Smith, Marcus Peters, Jameis Winston, on and on. GMs will always bet on talent.
Pretty interesting look in the sack title Hall of Famer Warren Sapp should have shared back in 2000
Listening to some of these guys try to explain how to sell beats online is like going to Warren Sapp for...
Aaron Donald reminds me of a young Warren Sapp, minus the deweys and prostitution scandal
Michael Irvin here with Warren Sapp watching Aquinas at state.
Former Hurricane greats Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp on the St. Thomas Aquinas sidelines for the 7A title game.
Even the sideline is star-studded for Aquinas - Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp among those on the sideline
Former greats Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin on sideline of St Thomas Aquinas vs Viera Hawks State Champ GM
AUDIO: Rob Bradford live from the Dominican after chats with David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez, and Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice had a bunch of them
My boy RiFF RaFF got neon NFL protection sacking *** like Warren Sapp
Miami Hurricanes Athletics: CHANGE THE ENTIRE coaching staff. Pay Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, etc. that money and get the U-Swag back.
Ed Reed for the U head coach. Ray Lewis for the U DC. Warren Sapp for the U d-line coach. Ken Dorsey for the U OC. Back to winning titles
Got to return the U to the U. Bring back Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp to restore class and dignity to the program.
yeah NFL Network hire a guy like Warren Sapp and ESPN goes hires a guy like Ray Lewis
I say get Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp to make up the main part of the coaching staff and come get (1/2)
Warren Sapp calls for Miami Hurricanes to fire Al Golden
Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp looking like a couple of *** kicking machines for the "U" of Miami
This *** is the face of the NFL along with Cris Carter, Warren Sapp, and Bart Scott.
Did you go off on Chris Carter and Warren Sapp?
warren sapp is your friend but you can't even bring yourself to mention Curt Schilling's name when you criticize him??
Maybe your not familiar with Warren Sapp who was on DAILYor maybe you like wifebeating *** in your living room
Hall of Famer Warren Sapp accepted a plea deal Thursday that spares him jail time.
"Robbing *** like a buccaneer call me warren sapp"
tell AL that war chant used to fire up, Warren Sapp, Edgerring James, Ed Reed, what a dope
until I woke up and she had her leg over me so I couldn't slither out. Also not to mention she was built like warren sapp
how's your "buddy" warren sapp? I'm curious to know if you approve of his beating of women..
Eisen's insinuation that Jessica Mendoza is a better baseball analyst than Schilling is so laughable. Go have a play date w/Warren Sapp.
and I'm sure you have missed your wife beating-hooker beating "Man" Sapp
Warren Sapp pleads guilty to domestic violence charge via
you had no problem hosting a show with "your friend Warren Sapp" who is a notorious beater of women for years. You fraud.
does the "other one" get along with hookers as well as your friend Warren Sapp?
Does Schilling get along better with hookers than Rich's "friend" Warren Sapp?
if they think it's fair ground to attack Eisen for simply having Warren Sapp as coworker, I think their scandals are worth mentions
Warren Sapp Shannon Sharpe got 2 be in it
but rich worked with Warren sapp a dirtbag
Listen to replay of GridironStuds Show from today including debut of "Straight Talk w/ Warren Sapp" segment:
dude you're a loser. All you ever do is pander. How was your boy Warren Sapp? Guy's a moron and you liked him
Rich Eisen hates Curt Schilling but loves Warren John Sapp, Michael Cocaine Irving and Chris Lyingass Mortensen. Think about that Rich.
did you enjoy chumming it up with Warren Sapp? He's a thousand times worse than someone rewteeting a meme.
from the guy who shared a set with Warren Sapp for how many years? How's Alycia Lane doing? 😉
funny how is so outspoken now yet so quiet when he shared anchor desk with Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp reaches plea deal in Las Vegas domestic assault case
Meet Black Singles 300x250
avoids being sacked. Charges from the hooker have been dropped!!!
Maybe the NFL Network could throw together a Mike Mayock/Warren Sapp duo, that might be just as bad.
Former Bucs star Warren Sapp had his re-opened charges in Arizona dropped in court Monday, TMZ reported.
10 rts & has to get a big ole Warren Sapp jersey for Football Sundays
People> Warren Sapp - Super Bowl Hooker Charges Dropped> Warren Sapp is not going to jail for a probati...
Did he endorse his friends Cris Carter & Warren Sapp and advise you to have a fall guy? OOPS Troy covered that up
Have faith in Cris Carter and Warren Sapp to be the fall guys Troy! All of New England is following your every move!! FRAUD
Bucs defense looking like John Lynch, Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, Rondae Barber and them out there
How could NFL allow dopes like Cris Carter and Warren Sapp to share their "wisdom" with rookies? Troy Vincent ran the sy…
And puts this from Chris Carter and Warren Sapp on its' official website? Well played NFL, well played.
Vaughn is dope, informative and objective. DLed might as well be Heath Evans or Warren Sapp. Hates us.
check this out: Dwayne Johnson would be nearly unrecognizable, if you met him back in his college days -- beca...
So, if Ray Rice has a syndrome to explain his domestic violence, what do Warren Sapp, and Ray McDonald suffer from? A sense of entitlement?
Michael Irvin says he's worried about Warren Sapp via
I sometimes forget Marcellus Wiley is not Warren Sapp
Warren Sapp charged with domestic battery (Yahoo Sports): Authorities in Las Vegas have cha... (per Yahoo Sports)
Warren Sapp charged with domestic battery
Warren Sapp has fallen faster than Davey "Boy" Green did when he got hit by that vicious left hook thrown by Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980.
Warren Sapp is trending. What did he do now?
Warren Sapp is my favorite Buccaneer ever
True. I even heard he's even compared to Warren Sapp and Deacon Jones combined
Tommie Frazier & Warren Sapp had sum good jaw flappage in the '94 Orange Bowl! TFraz had last word! (ps., N + M Riley = 👍👍)
Establish dominance in the workplace by refusing to respond to any name except Warren Sapp.
F Warren Sapp and Victor Zambrano. Blackhawks gonna roll these fools in Chitown.
Warren Sapp enters plea in solicitation case, won't face jail time
Sapp won't face jail in PHX prostitution case: Former NFL star Warren Sapp will not serve further jail time fo...
Warren Sapp enters plea in Phoenix solicitation case, won't face jail time
.Do you have Warren Sapp's lawyer on retainer? Cuz we all know its only a matter of time before you get arrested for being stupid
In leaked video, Warren Sapp gives police intimate details of encounter with prostitutes
20 years ago the passed on Warren Sapp cause issues and took Kyle Brady. Will they make same mistake and pass on Randy Gregory at 6?
. And he's not Warren Sapp or even close to JJ Watt IMO.
Ian Rapoport and Warren Sapp both have me blocked lollol
Regarding Gregory... Warren Sapp also failed a drug test for marijuana that came out right before the draft. He's in the Hal…
People are mad the Bears signed Ray McDonald. I hate to defend the Bears, but at this point in free agency, it either him or Warren Sapp
better looking prostitutes in Brazil wonder if warren sapp can get assigned there to cover it..
Did they do a petition to get Warren Sapp kicked off the Bucs for all the crap he did at Miami or while a Buc?
The NFL Network has a special eye for talent, they hired Darren Sharper (serial rapist) and then Warren Sapp (haggles with prostitutes).
Darren Sharper and Warren Sapp have a special place in my heart.
Maybe Darren Sharper and Warren Sapp can share a prison cell and rot together.
Warren Sapp, Darren Sharper... have you NO self control?!!
“.fired from Network after allegedly soliciting prostitute:
Not sure what Warren Sapp has to do with US-Venezuela tensions but I’m hoping this isn’t just a mistake:
So Warren Sapp and Darren Sharper once worked for the NFL Network.
Britney Osbourne, 23, claims Warren Sapp picked her up at a bar, demanded a strip tease by throwing money at her in his ***
“NFL just trying to go to Brazil cuz hookers are legal there.” In result of the Warren Sapp issue lol
Warren Sapp table come with complimentary prostitutes?
Request: Warren Sapp Commercial "Can't bring the draw on third and long Sonia"
Her friend she look like Warren Sapp
"The quarterback well protected from the warren sapp...the young heart attack..I spit that cardiac"
Homie whispering Arabic on the flight had me ready to Warren Sapp a *** at any moment. I'm tense af
What am I supposed to do when bae thinks Shaq is Warren Sapp
It just hit me The Rock played football with Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp at Miami
Got two nine's on you chest call you warren sapp
Warren Sapp was her bae, she destroyed that *** house...
My bracket looks like Chad Clifton's leg after he got hit by Warren Sapp.
Dangerous matchup for Wonder if Jayhawks fans are sweating like Warren Sapp when there's a knock on his hotel door.
gotta save every buck when you're bankrupt and need to hire a hook.. prosti.. Lady of the night.. - Warren Sapp
There's a Warren Sapp on Line 1 for you "This dude Henry "don't call me Bill" Walker look like Beanie Sigel."
It would be worth long as Warren Sapp doesn't ask me if I wanna join him picking up girls
Warren Sapp -The Nightmare Continues Fired From ANOTHER Job | this is where u draw the line?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Never would have made it without you. I am stronger, I am wiser, much better ~ Warren Sapp
Looks like Warren Sapp needs to work on his negotiation skills.
Not trying rap, just avoiding a nap, hiring prostitutes like Warren...Sapp
They could add Warren Sapp, Deion Sanders, whoever, the Jets aren't making any noise until the take the ball away from Geno Smith
Simpsons S06E08 LeBron James, Tom Brady, Michelle Kwan, Yao Ming & Warren Sapp all in one episode...How!?
You know who had legal issues? Lawrence Taylor, Warren Sapp, etc.
her name almost looks like Warren Sapp.
Warren Sapp paid six hunned dollas for some face
Warren Sapp sacks Rich Gannon during the Buccaneers dismantling of the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.
Police say Warren Sapp argued with prostitute over price, filmed sex act with cell phone
Warren Sapp was ordered to sell his Jordans in Bankruptcy court but is spending $600 on street walker puss. Easy to see how he went broke.
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