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Warren Kole

Warren Kole (born September 23, 1977) is an American actor known for his role as LAPD Detective Wes Mitchell on the USA Network original series, Common Law.

Common Law Michael Ealy

A lasting parable on the human condition.
Bless you. I thought we in the UK were in trouble. It look like the US is about to join us. I'll pray for all of us. πŸ™
Scripture tells us: Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, we shall reap, if we do not lose heart. htt…
i'm SO in shock how it's possible that people have chosen him? It make me sick even if i'm not american 😰
-totally! Have a horrible feeling of impending doom! The world is in a lot of trouble! :-(
Coming from a Canadian..right there with you..
should be rewritten as. Yesterday was a gift. Today made history. Tomorrow is still a mystery…
Try and put yourself into the shoes of POC, Muslims, women, immigrants. You wouldn't be shocked. They are used to this.
I remember Those were the good times.
Well, I'm a woman, so I don't think you're ready for what I'd try! X-D
I think I'm at a place where I haven't really been encountered by anyone...
a Mouse cartoon picture is worth a thousand words!
All I can say is. Glad they are not candidates for the UK !!
I don't envy y'all as I wouldn't vote for either of them..
I'm still too young to voteπŸ˜‚and thank you for not pressuring others to vote for your choice, that's what celebrities today do..
that was a great message from an actor without pressuring u 2 vote 4 his choice & hate the other side. Way to go Warren!
Ok, guys. This is it. You've got to vote tomorrow. Vote your mind, your conscience, your values, your hope, and your ideals. . .
The ironic thing is I took Kole from a family name - we had a vote and t...
Tip of the cap to Thanks for voting everyone and having some fun with us! Keep the faith NAVAgators! https…
I never wanted to give up my given name. I'm proud of it, but the only p...
The final battle of Uncharted 4. Nolan North, Warren Kole and Troy Baker's performances made the moment tense and tragic.
"Last I checked we're all a bunch of thieves, digging around where we shouldn't." - Warren Kole
Harlee & Stahl at the set of season2 hope toπŸ‘€U together at the end😭
Freeze. and on the set of season 1.
Still really upset because unfollowed me.😳
And if you have to search him...I'm in!
that means I would have to cuff him.
I think he also would be great as a cold-blooded murderer :)
u can't forget the Role Play ep at the back alley casino... "That's right, I just broke a glass."
Also, plays a great villain in easily my fave of the series. Rafe is my go to character in mp due to those quips.
Yep. Warren is a peach. Hope he does comedy someday. Hear that warren? Commmeddyyy
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Harlee & the bogus! I hope that will meet her in season2 she will Kill herπŸ˜‚ But don't kill stahl😒
can someone confirm or deny that Rafe is short for Raphael, there's a heated debate...
Looks like Stahl is on the chase for Season 2.
i was busy showing off you followed me. And now this. 😭
and others, Hurry up!! S01 just finished in The Netherlands and I can't wait!
I need Harlee in my day to day to make of my life a crazy adventure
In Venice for two days and I saw this!
I'm heading for North Carolina in July, any tips ??
ARG! That series finale of was so good. Emotional. Stellar work & Wish there was more than 1 season.
More pix of Jennifer Lopez & Warren Kole on set of season 2 in NY
Man that was a love tap, NOT a regular tap.
Left the tv on after and low and behold there you are on Blue Bloods playing a cop with a New York accent.
You look very happy. Congrats on all your success. You deserve it.
Omg wth it's Agent Stahl lookin mighty fine in a cops uniform on 😍
It's weird as *** watching & on tonight but still entertaining. They're both amazing.
Been excited since last wk, knowing that is on tonight's He knew I missed our Thurs nite dates! 😍😝
in tonight's episode of up next on CBS!
I can't get over how good is in Shades of Blue. He nails his character!
Just watch the entire series of Shades. I'm a fan! Next?
I have new episode set to record. U know why?? 1 reason: u heard about this?
Did I mention how sexy Agent Stahl is? πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜œπŸ˜—πŸ˜
Hope they had a chance together in season 2 😒 😭
They will stay in our mind our hearts😍 can't wait til season 2 😭😭
Excited because my new fav intense is on this epi
Well, the beauty of the characters lies in how flawed they are.
I was a sophomore in college, and I did an industrial video about how to us...
After "Shades of Blue" and now "Blue Bloods," is blue the new black? It'll be great to see you on Friday!
premieres in 2 hours in Spain on So exciting!
Stahl is a main character on he'll be back for S2
BTW I don't think they started to shoot S2 of ?
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I think Warren will be a guest star on just on Friday.
Wowza.I may still allow you to be my sous chef.πŸ˜‰
Is that you I see on preview for Friday?
Love these people! Great cast Great show especially and
Just realized tmrw is Thursday and there's no
it probably has something to do with the fact that he is stunningly good looking. Hm
Also check that movie that Warren Kole is starring...he definitely had some sword training..
Rafe is voiced and mo-capped by Warren Kole (fun fact πŸ˜‰) I think he will have sword fight boss too
He is creepy, sexy but still creepy! I would rather him be a good guy, rather than manipulative & self-serving man.
Something about the way that interprets his character that makes me still like Stahl even though he creeps me…
when does it start? Is he not going to be in next season ?
OUCH! Please use a can opener the next time lol. Seriously though.. Feel better!
Slightly obsessed with after watching 😍😍😍
At did I just see you in a preview for a show on ? What was it??
Oh dear that must really really hurt! Get well soon
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.another piece of perfect casting on is that of Agent Stahl, played by - top notch.
Thanks:) I guess you can't answer the question,anyway I'm looking forward to seeing Rafe and fight him in almost 1 month πŸ”œ
Greetings from Turkey πŸ€— Stahl and Harlee I should be together. 😍He got shot between. We are watching with interest. πŸ’•
same I'm already looking forward to itπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
I'm so excited to watch this episode. Warren Kole is a great actor I love his charter in ShadesOfBlue!!!
Can't wait for new episode of on Thursday!
I've been telling all my friends to watch Shades of Blue.
The bizarre feeling you get when sweet thangs suddenly dig Excuse me Miss', ... but have you heard of Detective Wilkes?
You are my favorite in the show love you with Jlo. I ship Harlee &stahl πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ‘
Stahl you getting a little too close!
That has his ways. Gonna have to Navagate a new way into 's heart.
Do we have a couple in To know we have to watch the new episode on Thursday!
How does it feel now Im Very close and that whe become neighbours? Do you reconize the vieuw behind me? h…
I don't know how to feel but I'm ready for Thursday! πŸ‘€
Omg Stahl and Harlee kiss in the next episode omg im so happy right now πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
We need to see more of that Harlee & Stahl kiss πŸ’• for next weeks clip please?!
Yes!!! I've been wanting this from the beginning
Take a look to my new video about Harlee Santos (and Robert Stahl (from 🌺.
Do u guys ship Harlee and Robert Stahl
This is how you get out. Right now. Do something.
I think there's a secret crush on Harlee
The Phonenumber from now up on Instagram! & your 2
He New Target -> please find her info And I will repost it!!
check: and is redhead *** s number will be posted on here and Insta today!! 646872*
Tonight Warren Kole his phonenumber will be posted on Here & Insta. A little teaser 646872*
Tonight Warren Kole his Phonenumber will be posted on here & Instagram. just a little spoiler .. 646 872*
I would've bet money that was playing Danny in last night. Good thing I didn't.
Started watching this weekend, all caught up... *** good show!
BTW (while watching I would like to say...would really like to see and play brothers :)
it is SO GOOD and it's Warren Kole's new show. It's only been 4 eps so you're not far behind. Check it out.
. Hm I think he hasn't that much choice :( cause his number is now up on Insta and Youtube
Are you ready 2 take calls from your FANS???
Re-watched season 1 of The Following. Warren Kole is just brilliant, couldn't fault him πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
You want his phonenumber aswel? Then you can ask him everything you want!
2/2 Cause He knows by now that Fans of Miachella wont stop!! :) so see ya in Insta B*tch and D*ck
Not Only her adres Incl Pictures of her house in LA, But also his adres + Phonenumber will be posted today!
With more then 3 Million books sold and shared info Incl his Adres & Phonenumber in her book...
Today is the day that not only is Posting 's adres + Pic but aswel his Phonenumber!
2/2 like she did with his adres incl pictures!! See on insta
are you ready 2 see Crush?? Today will Post his Phonenumber on Insta and Here!
Watch and see him Crush! today his phonenumber will be posted on Insta & here at 12:30PM By
He Do you wanne know his Phonenumber? Today at 12:30 PM post his number on Insta and Here!
yes. She's reinvented herself time and time again. She keeps going. She don't give AF.
Wondering were lives? his adres is 1600 S bentley Ave, Los Angeles! . Thnks 4 this!
His adres is: 1600 S Bentley Ave, los angeles! Apt8! See picture of his street and apt building!
Warren Kole his adres is: 1600 S Bentley AVE,Los Angeles! visit him when you are in the neighbourhood!
Are you an fan of then visit him at his adres: 1600 S Bentley Ave, Los angeles
At some point, I need Harlee 2 beat the breaks off *** Robert πŸ˜†πŸ˜‘
Are you in LA? Then Visit Actor his adres is: 1600 S Bentley Avenue, Los Angeles. See pictures
deleted his Instagram page after fans of Miachella Barns released his adres 1600 S Bentley Ave, Los Angeles!
you are really good. Like seriously
Great premiere of looking forward to story
I remember that day! First, and probably shortest, day of shooting in that building... 😬
With all the 'clean cop' shows it's about time we see the grimy! Can't wait for more! Great seeing on TV again!
I love getting to watch Warren Kole and Drea de Matteo again :)
Watching since I missed it last night. Now has me hooked on a new show. and are AMAZING 😊😊
Shades Of Blue: Warren Kole 2 via For what it's worth...
Congrats on the great ratings for the premiere!! Well deserved!
Think you and J Lo will get in bed on the show before we know it.
Yep, that's takin' a selfie with a hat. (And, I guess it's worth mentioning,
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I'm really late to this party but the pilot was fantastic. Can't wait for more!
In honor of the premier of 2 1st month of shooting w/ these fools! https:/…
was fantastic last night on Gonna be the best part of the show! !!
This was the first scene we shot on first day!
His real name is Warren Kole and he was on USA's Common Law.
I kept trying remember where I seen Warren Kole from then I remembered it was Common Law. That was a good show.
Warren Kole is who I'm talking about. Common Law, Avengers AND The Following (which also had Michael Ealy).
I can't wait to see all of my in Warren, Michigan at the andiamoshowroom β€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ½ Let's have a…
My talented bestie has been drawing the dashing & sent me a snap of the finished product
what is that ?gambling ?math?or what ?hello .IS anybody around here ,I beg your answer .
Wrapped day a on directing. Thank you mucho!
A little Sunday competition under the blood moon.
watching Third Watch when suddenly a wild fetus Warren Kole appears
Beautiful. Some of the best adventures start out as "misadventures."
looks very quite there very peaceful X
at least you have the road 2 yourself Warren x
Absolutely lost in some waaay backroads. Doesn't get any better than this.
"Whatever may come next for Trent on be looking forward to it.
Can u wish my sister, Rachel, a happy birthday??
My greatest achievement is still that Warren Kole follows me. πŸ’•
Can't wait to see u in Have a good day Warren :)
Do you have a fan mail address by chance?
"In this town, be prepared to wait on the weather.
wow,U changed the pic of profile background. have fun hollywood.
Big Turn off for Warren. She got rich by Stalking him! How COOL is that?!
He ask how it feels that his stalker got paid $1Million for a book about HIM?Comes out next month!
Like you always do to hide your secrets! in
let me guess.. To proof you don't have finacial troubles you gonna post a pic of a vacation ore something you buy?
"source told us that Actor Warren Kole hase so it seems finacial troubles. how you gonna hide that?
Who gives a danm? How long does it takes that you got shot in COB? You're only good for guest rolls! I bett in 4 eps!
Yes, Nate Dogg and I had to regulate.
What is your favorite book? Or is there a particular one that you would recommend?
It would be truly amazing if u could view my blog about living with Autism&OCD Would mean a lot☺
Am I going to end up shipping Neal and his new handler? (lbr, am I capable of NOT shipping Warren Kole and his ~coworkers?)
My sister got me the Common Law dvd for my birthday, so I think it's safe to say what I'm doing tonight 😊
Michael Ealy & Warren Kole are the coolest detectives ever.
scares the beejesus out of me still to this day i hope this means there's a remake & you're in it??? :D
i first saw this movie by accident, at the drive in when i was like, 9 it was supposed to be a kids movie night Lol
I have some exams coming up that will pretty much decide my future - a good luck wish would be awesome, plz! :D β™₯
like the new profile pic. So intense..
Here you are. I have to sleep,cause of finding you.03:49 Beijing time
Excited about what's cooking... Stay tuned. xo
No,you can't do this ,it's enough to see his face not his *** .you will ruin my enjoy. NoSex NoTape Neither
One of my favorite characters. He is like the sunlight to warm you, just like
I love watching it's one of my favorite shows! And because is on the show he's my favorite Actor and follows me! :)
have a lovely Saint Valentines day Warren xx
one of my fave horror movie series. Happy Friday 13th.
dude no it's not BOOWEENIE it's Heartfelt Valentine's u trying to give heart attacks on heart health month? J/k
scary!! From Stalker? Or are you back in Happy Valentines day! Xo
Hopefully RTβ€œDo you know if will be in the next episode of stalker? I missed him in the last one"
He has such an awesome personality! I love that he can still do silly things like this while being such an important figure.
lol love this, a good start to my Friday morning.
If this is not, in fact, awesome, it's close enough to forgive any shortcomings in taste.
me 2!! was great!! He and Michael had so much chemistry..
Oh, popped up in Stalker! Yes, yes...I'm late to the party. It just aired here -__-
why am I just finding out you're back?!?
wow I always wanted to find this thank you!
". This is awesome:. *U dug deep for this! Freshman in college when I got this gig.
am re watching the first episode of and am laughing out loud. Forgot how much I loved this show
I can't wait. and are amazing and so sexy.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hello Stalkers!! Are you anxious for the new episode tonight? \o/
omg omg omg! Thank you so much baby β™₯ I love you β™₯ I didn't expect that.. mou made me really happy! THANK YOU β™₯ :)
still can't believe this got cancelled!! Loved it!!!
Finally something about Trent, I was getting curious :)
omg! It's great to see you on my favorites tv shows πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
If only and were in The Following at the same time...aka I miss Common Law
after this Michael should join the cast of to loosen up the mood a bit πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ž
just saw the preview for tonight's episode of Stalker. Looks good.. Will we be seeing you in tonight's episode?
If you're into CSI, Bones, Person of Interest, Warren Kole, MKTO or Stalker we have already bonded
every time I lose a follow I have to check that it wasn't or πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‚
Now I just need warren kole to come back to the following AND THEY COULD REUNITE
Now he needs to be so you guys could work together again Ha! :D
ah!!! Now.if only Warren Kole came back at the same time
I'm dying to see you two appear on The Following together...even now I still miss Common Law and Roderick
kissed Taraji so went on POI so he could. Warren played a baddie on so now Michael is πŸ˜‹
First was on and now Michael Ealy will be in S3
this makes roddy being dead so much worse LOL could have been even more amazing!!
Just had a thought, thanks to Too bad Michael Ealy & Warren Kole weren't going to be on together.
Bring back Roderick for a Common Law reunion! πŸ˜‰
So close to a Common Law reunion, yet so far. :'(
Poor Jack...Beth n Amanda give him a break the Cutie ❀️
the opportunity came to you.. Which type of films would you be interested in directing?
of course I'd love to see it one day! A fans gathering in China with would be nice, too :D
is there a chance that Roderick is still alive? I miss him...
I honestly watched for the first time just bc is on it lol
thanks for the follow back.. Hope your enjoying your night. Totally agree with self expressing.
your awesome on stalker... Keep up the good work.
because it has nothing to do with sex. lol. Taken right from the plot of Fox's Common Law with &
Sir, I admired your performance in The Following but cannot establish whether you have or will bless us with a nude scene.
Yup. Its official... I truly admire I wuv you and Perfect fit
Waiting for Common Law to see warren kole at 2am n until now he didnt appear
Warren Kole as a possible voice actor in Uncharted 4? awww yis
What do you like to do after you had a bad day?
can't belive you followed me,I m appreciate u perform at Common Laws:) Fighting!
Thank you for following me, you are a great actor !!! :D S2
OMG follow me , I love you so much Warren ❀️
I'm in love with you thanks for following me😍😚
I saw in Common Law. You & Michael Ealy were hysterical especially in Joint Custody my fav episode.
Friendly reminder that you should be following because he is the πŸ’£.
The team is that good id think they would need to record facial animations!
Warren Kole to possibly be in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
β€œFirst time being molested by a mocap suit! pretty da…
Oh, god. is turning into a chronically killed actor as well. Tsk. First now this?
do you know if you are going the the Filmfestival in Cannes next year?
Just glancing, I read this as Standing Amy & got giddy by the prospect that you had a statue in my honor.
.thanks for info.are you still filming Stalker looking forward to seeing it .what character do you play x
Oh, it's my honor. Very glad that you like it! ;)
I really love warren kole and this turn of events is highly upsetting to me
Warren kole deactivated his account AGAIN πŸ˜‚
I just had a gentle conniption, thank you for the follow and hopefully you won't get too bored. Welcome back. :) Thank you.
Only 10 mins left in the day for and obviously it goes to the one and only 😍
I cannot believe is following me! I miss watching him and on that detective show.
Well I certainly wasn't expecting this, shoutout to for being fantastic
Hey man. hope to see u in something soon. . by the way, Galaga will get in trouble. .lol. much love bro!
Rewatching my heart just fell into Warren Kole's dimples, I fear it may never be recovered πŸ’•
Warren Kole's acting in made a mark on viewers' minds. He will go places if he's offered roles worthy of him.
Just hope everything goes well with him.
I miss seeing and Warren Kole on Common Law 😭😭
//Warren Kole, such a beautiful beautiful man *dreamy sigh*//
β€œWarren Kole - ohhh I loved him in the following 😭
Look What did I For you. Where are you I Miss You I'm crying Because of you Come back to me
Warren Kole in the oustanding new USA Hit Series "Common Law" also in upcoming Thriller "THE GAUNTLET"
Warren is such a great actor with solid acting skill! Hope to see him in a new show very soon
You really love him. Because you could do something that you could not do before, just for him.
I'm watching him right now (CL) on and it's 4.30 am, will never be awake this early except for him...
My Sweety Come Back Here . Where are you I will die because of you Imiss you !
yup yup! I'm in Indonesia & it will play 2 consecutive episodes at 4 & 5 am my time. Watching Kole on TV yay!
YUP! keeps re-running & it says CL season 1 on the program guide. When's season 2? :(
I will always be bitter about Common Law and no one can convince me otherwise.
I just realized that Warren Kole is in the Avengers
This is one of the reasons why we miss .
(although this account had already lost...) How we will be without you?
How cool would it be if Roderick was in that van? …
Wanna send my utmost respect and bid farewell to my man fiddy grand, !! You will be missed "Hollywood!"
I miss Warren Kole 9_9. Its feels like someone snatched my favourite teddy! -_-
Whether is here or not, our love towards him will not fade away.
holy Christ handcuff me me any day you want sheriff.
Yes you're sorely missed, but we're right at the docks waiting for !
GREAT to see you again tonite on POI! Had the pleasure meeting you last summer while you were filming.
rerun with Alright alright alright πŸ‘
Seeing on is making my night right now!! πŸ’™
Ooooh, is a rerun of the episode with Good fun!
repeat of the Person of Interest episode with Don't mind if I do.
and I miss you so much on but it's the BEST SHOW EVER!!
Hm, maybe Wes could make an appearance as Roderick's good guy twin brother :P
I love so much the smile and beauty!!!
I'll have my eyes peeled for whatever Warren does next, for sure. Brilliant actor.
oooh yeaaah!!! We love you Warren and we love Roderick!
Tonight in France we finish Season 1 we can't wait for Season 2
I already can't wait to watch salvation ;) I just love you
Are we sure? The show has mentioned Roderick almost every episode this season. They miss you too, I bet. ;)
I agree with Melli. I fear irreversible damage has been done. You're incredibly missed, Warren.
"Can we swap the new cult story for a storyline? That ship has sailed.
Can we please swap the new cult storyline for a / Rodderick storyline?
I miss ..How does that work when I've never met or known the man? 😝
Love your new header pic. Great view! Where was it taken?
u r Amazing in everything u r in... The Following should not have killed u off..and ur dimples r hot as *** ! 😈
Also, it's unlikely, but I do hope that manages to make his way back onto The Following. I miss Roderick.
How is/was your weekend? Mine was wonderful, with sun only :)
Warren Kole and Matt Bomer in the same show...oh my
Re watching The Following and I miss character so much!
I think Warren Kole aka "Roderick" is my favorite character in The Following
it's been four days ...what are you doing now ?(Instagram for me??)
Okay I'm ready now for salvation ( I just get so excited when I know my favorite actors r gonna be on new show)take lots of ...
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