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Warren Harding

Warren Gamaliel Harding (November 2, 1865 – August 2, 1923) was the 29th President of the United States (1921–1923).

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Check out highlights in Jackson's 73-63 win over Warren Harding .
"My Search for Warren Harding by Robert Plunket. What?" - Just Not Heterosexual at His Core | The Los...
Ronald Reagan is the most ignorant president since Warren Harding ~ Ronald Reagan
sooo, you still think you ELECT our president? in 1992 you had skull and bonesman George Bush Sr. vs, Freemason Bill Clinton. in 1996 you had Bill Clinton vs Free mason Bob Dole. Next you had skull & Bones GW Bush vs Free mason Al Gore . Then you had Skull and bones Bush vs skull & bones Kerry. Do you all get it now? In Albert Pike's book he admits the top Freemasons worship Lucifer. The Illuminati has infiltrated the freemason elite. A List of past presidents and people I have found who belong to these secret societies: George Washington, John Adams, James Monroe, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, William Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Andrew Jackson, Franklin pierce, John Quincy adams, Aaron Burr, Martin Van Buren, Calvin Coolidge, Tyler, Truman, LBJ, Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, Warren Harding, Taft, Francis Scott Key, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, joseph Kennedy, George Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, H.Hoover,Nelson Rockefella, Dwight Eisenhower,Thomas E Dewey, Nixon, ol ...
"We should start planning a fête in honour of Grover Cleveland, as well as a drunken group sex party to commemorate Warren Harding's death!"
Every Republican president since Warren Harding (1921–1923) has experienced a recession within the first two years of office
Warren G Harding, but I don't like the Internet.
Someone send me a link to the warren g harding fight video, I can't find it anywhere.
Parent: Urination on paper led to Warren Harding brawl | -
We have a HUGE basketball game TONIGHT v Warren Harding!!! Theme: Christmas!! Game time is 7pm!
Boys BBall district assignments out. Berkshire is part of the Warren Harding district
The Warren Harding boys are feeling at home in the AAC. Kevin Connelly reports.
Mfs wild'n up there at Warren Harding
they left Warren G. Harding out of the list of great characters from history.
Fight outside of warren Harding made the news...why?
Day 11..Just wrapped up a very successful preseason by playing a very tough Warren Harding team on the road...Wednesday the curtain goes up!
My story on the brawl at Harding in case you missed it.
Regulators, Mount Up! MT Are you Ready for Warren...G. Harding? Instant-classic of the genre.
Are you Ready for Warren...G. Harding? An instant-classic of the genre.
Welp, thanks to Boardwalk Empire, I am now pretty fascinated by Warren G. Harding. His presidency was... interesting to say the least.
“why goes everyone think that fight was so cool/funny? but then you all wonder why warren and Harding are always talked down on.”
Warren G Harding really go hard I can't even flex 😩
“anyone have a link to see that harding fight??” Go on fb to "the REAL breaking news of Warren" it's in there
Every year I get the boys the annual Historical White House Association ornament. They could care less, but they may appreciate them one day as they get older.😊 In the meantime, I get to enjoy them on my "fancy" tree in the living room. The 2014 ornament honors President Warren Harding (1921-1923). A little history...He was the first President to take a Presidential train West on a 2 month PR excursion. Unfortunately, he died of a stroke in San Francisco in 1923. The trip home carried his casket back to Washington DC. Approximately 3 million people showed up to pay their respects along the way back to DC.
Devin Gardners only 2 wins against Ohio teams was in high school against Warren Harding!!!
your boy Warren Harding is making mad tackles today.
Warren Harding is doing beast on defense!! 👌
Why is Warren G. Harding so courageous? Can prizes have meatballs? Does Joe Montana like bowel movements?
Can't wait to see this movie! In case you're's Warren Harding.
President Warren G. Harding once gambled away an entire box of priceless White House china while playing poker in the Presidential Mansion
We always had corruption. Look at Warren Harding. We have a poorly educated voter base ---
Warren Harding is a tenacious defender for Nebraska
I just listed: 'The Life of Warren G. Harding', for 4.99 via
President Warren G. Harding sure can write them love letters
President Warren G. Harding: Paramour With A Pen: The Library of Congress released the rather racy love letter..
Fun November Fact: Nov 2nd is the only day that 2 Presidents were born. Warren Harding and James Polk
Warren Harding's love poetry is a bit much.
Warren G. Harding's love letters. Sometimes history is a 10 on the Yikes-o-Meter.
Dear playing "Regulators" after the Warren G.Harding love letters segment was the highlight of my
President Warren G. Harding's turkey arrives at the White House, Thanksgiving 1921
Warren G. Harding: Snitch and bong and Australian wrong
Warren Harding had a black great grandma - not exactly black.
Well, Warren Harding, I have got you the presidency. What are you going to do with it?
Warren G. Harding~ Americas present need is not heroics but healing not nostrums but normalcy not revolution b
“I am a man of limited talents from a small town; I don’t seem to grasp that I am president.” - Warren G. Harding
Tomorrow On Biz Takeouts: . Warren Harding chats to Misha Teasdale and Lauren O’Donnell from GreenPop. . In the...
fun fact: William H. Harrison, James Garfield, William McKinley and Warren G. Harding all killed in office by dirt pudding
If you're for high scoring affairs: Harding v Mayflower, PA v CF, NS v NLR & Warren vs HeberSp should all combine for 75+ in each game.
She once skipped a Warren Harding dinner to see Louis Armstrong concert!
How my *** was against Warren G. Harding a couple years back😂😂😂
I want to get Warren G. Harding tattooed on my right butt cheek
.(Sez walking proof of the Warren Harding error, yrs truly)
Warren G. Harding issued more than 500 executive orders. Obama has the legal power to act on immigration.
Just doing my part, brother. I'm what you'd call a patriotic pervert, like a Warren Harding.
Florence Harding had her hands full with Warren!
Did you know:. November 2 is the only date on which two US presidents were born: Warren Harding (born 1865) and James Polk (1795).
He was THE LAST repub pres. We can criticize Warren G Harding maybe?
Johnnies are down seven to Franklin Pierce at halftime. John Tyler, Millard Fillmore and Warren Harding are lining up to take their shots.
I shall write a dictionary of words that Warren G. Harding made up.
warren g Harding. Only president to kill a prostitute in the White House.
There is a name for this. The Warren Harding Error. Link***
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"The world needs to be reminded that all human ills are not curable by legislation...". -Warren G. Harding
The waiting list is gone. Attendance is dwindling. The roster, in places, is practice-squad quality. Snyder is Warren G. Harding.
Y now it's time for the Cate Blanchett show starring Warren G. Harding. Oh, skip.
Rapid Cognition & Warren Harding Error - 2 new interesting concepts I have learnt today tx 2
In the words of Warren G Harding tony should state “I am not fit for this office and never should have been here.”
“after those 'love letters' nothing about Warren G. Harding surprises me
I'm giving away: Warren G. Harding - First Day Of Issue. Check it out -
Feb 8 1922- President Warren G. Harding introduces the first radio in the White House
It was rumored that Harding’s wife killed him by poisoning him – what do you think? Read this:
plategate: the time Warren G. Harding lost the Whitehouse China in a poker game.
MT It is amazing that the last elected President that grew up in the "Rust Belt" was Warren G. Harding.
But nowhere nearly so tough as for you to see you are not Jesus, not Newton, not Warren Harding.
so did perry? Massillon has played top teams Fitch Ursuline big red warren Harding, which are all TOP teams!
child labor legislation. 1923 >President Warren Harding dies in office. Calvin Coolidge, becomes president. Coolidge is no
This weekend at the Indie: eat good food, learn Warren G. Harding's middle name, return to normalcy, drink a flip
Women loved Warren Harding - and he loved them right back. While "entertaining" them in White House, Secret Service kept eye out for Mrs. H
Biggest Presidential margin of victory, in percentage terms, remains, by far, Warren Harding's 26.17% blowout of James Cox (1920)
the ohio gang were a group of politicians who achieved high office during the presidential administration of Warren G. Harding
Wk 10 "TBA" football. Radio: Warren Harding at Lorain. Stream 2; at Stream 3; at
Warren Harding and the women in his life! read on!
Bearcats 23-0 win over Warren Harding combined with Euclid win over Maple gives Cats at least of LEL title
Bedford 23...Warren Harding 0. And the winning streak continues! Undefeated! Bearcat love!
Lorain moves to 6-3 and keeps their playoffs hopes alive. Lorain hosts Warren G Harding next week. Come on out next week!!!
"As a president [Warren G. Harding] was terrible, but as an R&B lyricist he was way ahead of his time."
Well, I wouldn't put Obama in the Andrew Johnson or Warren Harding category. So far, no major disaster.
He was Warren Harding, and I was his dearest Carrie.
Nebraska 28-0 on the Polo Grounds scoreboard...Warren Harding 404-127 on the Electoral College scoreboard.
Only previous Nebraska-Rutgers game? Nov. 2, 1920 at the Polo Grounds. Was Election Day in America as Warren Harding became the 29th Prez.
Fun fact: The last played Rutgers on election day. Warren G. Harding won the presidency. Opponent Preview:
2017 Warren Harding 6'9" PF Derek Culver will be attending the Futures camp this weekend in Milwaukee
Cheer on the Bedford Bearcats tonight against the Warren G. Harding Raiders, in Warren, OH. Game starts at 7...
Warren G. Harding used to disappear into closets, too, but for a very different reason.
Am I crazy, or would Warren G. Harding be like the best name ever for a rapper?
Legacies are a fickle thing. And the legacy of this President will be worse than Warren Harding. Victor Davis...
Put Warren Harding on Mount Rushmore [(But will there be room after the Coolidge expansion?)
The boys play at Warren Harding today in a conference game at 7:15. Be there!
We actually booked Warren G. Harding but will have to do.
President Warren Harding waves to the crowd in Wilmington, Delaware in June of 1923. (Credit; Baltimore Sun)
Warren Harding’s love letters finally give us something to remember him for -
Quote Of The Day. "Hey, I'm just trying to clean up the mess Warren Harding left me.". B Obama
Amid Mount Rushmore warriors, why not a lover: Warren G. Harding? - SFGate via
Shoutout to President Warren G. Harding for inventing the word "normalcy" btw.
If Warren G. Harding was such a terrible president, why are there so many schools named after him?
Is it just me, or does Warren G. Harding look like Mr. Carson?
"I don't even know what President Harding did...". "Me either but his name is Warren G."-
President Warren Harding reminds me of someone.
Warren Harding looks exactly like the head butler from Downton Abbey. Cannot unsee.
Judging by the number of statues in Warren Harding was the greatest president of the U.S.
Warren g. Harding our 29th president of the United States. Named his *** jerry.
everyone come to the girls home game tomorrow @ 7 against Warren g Harding. it's also senior night so come out and support ur seniors. ⚽️❤️
Warren Harding and Wilfrid Laurier (my fav Pres & PM) would roll in their grave if they knew what their parties have done since their deaths
A piece in the SF Chronicle celebrates Warren Harding by contrast to the warriors on Rushmore. I add my thoughts.
A meeting of the minds. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, and Harvey Firestone.
no that was our school name in the 70s Warren G Harding Panthers
Well, this is a take I've never seen on Warren G. Harding.
Chapter 33 "Warren Harding and the Washington Conference". Chapter 35 "the struggle against isolationism"
my Warren G Harding bobblehead collection is worth like 5,000,5o0$ on eBay. I just don't want to sell
President Warren Harding’s Love Letters to Open to the Public on July 29: More than 50 years after their disco... http…
For days of mice and his hootie and warren harding kicked the truckstop ***
2 November 1920, Warren G. Harding becomes the first sitting Senator elected President.
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At the Warren G. Harding soccer game this evening. I looked up & saw the cross in the sky. Always…
Warren G Harding was the greatest American President of the 20th century.
Remember when Warren Harding was the actual President? Those were some crazy times.
Warren Harding was 1st to ride to & from his inauguration (1921) in an automobile. It was a Packard Tourer.
We only if you’re wondering what pushed fred and warren harding kicked the battle of course.
Steamy pick for cool weather; Warren Harding's hot love notes. "Wouldn't you like to get sopping wet on Superior-not the lake..."
And mark proposed to the “tush push.” i think putin once and warren harding kicked the current u.s.
Harry S Truman,Warren G Harding . Woodrow Wilson and William McKinley were apart of the KKK. The Democratic Party was also founded on the KKK
Wait so you're telling me warren g. Harding was a president and not a west coast rapper?
Mooney defeated Warren Harding Tuesday night with a team score of 154 and great rounds from 36 (E), 38 & Nick Hough 40.
Warren 'Aint nothin but a G thang' Harding
"Needless spending & heedless extravagance have marked every decay in the history of nations." Warren G. Harding, 1920 Republican Convention
"“no its against Warren harding”at the oak?" Nahh all the way in Warren but on Saturday it at oak
In 1923 the Warren G. Harding administration advocated & passed regulation of radio broadcasters. So he regulated well before Warren G.
Warren G. Harding, handy with the steel
Warren G came up this morning in the newsroom and someone jumped in and thought we were talking Warren G. Harding.
Marion, home of GOPer Warren Harding is tonight's stop on the Blue Cocktail circuit.
Thanks for the recco This One Summer book by Billy Bryson is sick like Warren G. Harding's last day in office!
"Maneuvering and Manipulating the Media Regime: The Cases of Warren G. Harding and Franklin D.…
August 10, 1923 President Calvin Coolidge designated this as a day of mourning and prayer due to the death of President Warren G. Harding.
I only like Jamie because she got the warring Harding vs Warren G question right.
Watch Warren G read Warren G. Harding’s love letters — to the tune of ‘Regulate’ -
Warren Harding always get that L from Fitch High School
I just learned Warren Harding is also dead. This has been a rough night.
We're already drunk, and are debating did Warren Harding or Grover Cleveland did less as President.
Vice-President Calvin Coolidge from his father John Coolidge, in order to take the place of recently deceased Warren Harding
history: Calvin Coolidge sworn in as President 8/3/1923 when Warren Harding dies; will (cont)
8/5/1923 US Vice President Calvin Coolidge (Amherst 1894) sworn in as President at 2:47 AM following Warren Harding's death the day before.
in 1923, Calvin Coolidge became president at 2:30 a.m. after Warren Harding's death the evening before.
91 years ago today in 1923 Calvin Coolidge became President, following the death of Warren Harding.
So I'm thinking of heading up US 23 to Marion next weekend to visit Warren G Harding's home. Is there anything else to do in Marion?
Warren G. Harding's love letters to mistress to go on display
Any doubt that Warren was a playa is now destroyed. LOL! President Warren Harding's Love Letters: via
The name Warren Harding didn't even a ring a bell to me because I didn't even know he was a US president...
Thank goodness stuck with this President Harding infidelity story...the man needs to be held accountable -
Warren Harding had presidential scandal down long before Fitzgerald Grant (for you Scandal fans out there!):
Interesting new collection of letters going public after a 50 year moratorium to keep them private, the outcome...
Tell your panelist Brigette Anderson it's Warren Harding, not William Harding who was 29th U.S. President.
President Warren Harding's steamy love letters revealing blackmail go public via
Lust for Love vs. Power or Power vs. Love?...
Starting Luxury New Construction in Warren Township, Watchung, Harding and Branchburg New Jersey in Fall of 2014
The joke on NPR is that the mistress was "pro-Jerry." "Trove of Pres Harding’s love letters reveal steamy affair."
wrote 900 pgs of love letters to his mistress? Hear from only other man who has read them:
VIDEO One of the least-respected U.S. presidents may have also been among the most passionate:
‘…there will never be any relief until I take a long, deep, wild draught on your lips…’ Warren G Harding? Yep!...
This adds another dimension to Warren Harding...
Well Warren Harding's passionate love letters to his mistress have taken my interest this rainy morning
Tomorrow: love letters by Warren Harding to his mistress Carrie Phillips are made available to the public
Per Warren Harding… with Carrie Phillips receiving much press attention, let’s not forget Nan Britton:
POLITICO: How well do you know Warren Harding’s lover? - 1 of 20 via
Trove of President Warren Harding's love letters reveal steamy affair:
Warren G. Harding: 29th president of the United States, inventor of sexting. via
What did hubby of Warren Harding mistress think of the president? That and more fun facts in POLITICO's Monday quiz.
William H. Taft was appointed Chief Justice of by Warren Harding in 1921. Only to also serve on the court.
Warren Harding is no dandy. For I was the one known as Handsome Frank.
Warren Harding's scandalous letters are surprisingly frank. I guess I thought people in 1918 were more innocent.
I have to say this only increases my esteem (or establishes it, because it didn't exist before) for Warren G Harding.
Warren Harding was the first to climb El Cap in 1957 (it took 45 days). Yosemite is now a climbing haven http…
Warren Harding can't be the only one to get frisky on paper. Do you have a love correspondence to share?
Now is not the time to be a student named Jerry at Warren G. Harding High in Warren, Ohio. ht
He may not have had a great beard, but turns out Pres. Harding was way sexier than we knew.
Why didn't Warren G. Harding's family want us to read the ~sexy letters~? They *improved* my opinion of him, tbh
Inspired by President Harding's dirty letters, we want you to share your steamy correspondences...anonymously
"Mount Jerry" refers to what Presidential Landmark? Tune in this week as the gang tackles the tough subjects. .
There's nothing quite like reading the love poems of Warren G. Harding before bed.
I believe that Warren G. Harding is the best photo op president in history
ICYMI: Warren G. Harding writes 1,000 pgs of smutty love letters; still manages to be nation's most boring president
Wait, whut? Pres Warren Harding had a tryst in the WH coat closet? Ooh
Not true: Before he became President Warren Harding hosted the Emmy Awards.
Back before we trained all day to get good at climbing there was...Warren Batso Harding! He did the…
Have to rack my brain to think of President Harding. This should change that up. What a dirty old man. via
/deleting McSweeney's pitch of OKCupid messages written by Warren Harding
As our PRESIDENTS OF THE United States go , Bill Clinton looks TAME in escapades compared 2 THIS!!. PS not till 7/29.
We had that with Warren Harding and H. Hoover in America.
Warren G. Harding might have had a different take.
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It looks like our namesake has made the news! What a salty dog!
In case you're still harboring a completely negative attitude about Warren Harding:
APUSH: the love letters of Warren G. Harding are to be opened and released on July 29!
Sounds almost as interesting as the love letters of Warren Harding.
At least Warren Harding never sent his mistress a photograph of his wiener.
What's Hot Now: Ten Things to Know About Warren G. Harding: Learn ten important things that you should know ab...
*** President Warren G. Harding was a mack." also a regulator in his hip hop incarnation
Warren Harding love letters to provide insight on U.S. affairs, possible spying
oh yeah? Warren Harding announces he will rename his *** Lebron if LBJ returns.
Carlson: When Warren Harding bared all to his mistress
WOW. These letters. No wonder they called him Warren HARDing.
Sexting in the early 1900s was absolutely phenomenal - puts all of us kids to shame:
Besides being politically corrupt, Warren Harding appears to have been the John Edwards of his day. Cheating on his ill wife. Charming.
Harding love letters to be released July 29 Hear him in our Vox POTUS episode
Cavaliers are the Warren Harding of basketball
March 4, 1921– Warren G. Harding is inaugurated as 29th President of the United States during
If I was a supporter, I'd show up dressed as James Buchanan or Warren G. Harding
A day full of at Warren G. Harding HS! let the fun begin
Looks like former Warren G. Harding DL and commit Hjalte Froholdt (will attend the for his senior year.
Warren G...Harding; and Nathaniel Doggett who lived in Boston in the 1600s
At least Warren Harding had the common decency to die of shame for his scandalous presidency.
Even if you're a dyed in the wool Republican, Obama can't be the worst president. Andrew Johnson and Warren Harding are close contenders.
Warren G. Harding was corrupt, guess it's his fault too.
Warren G. Harding letters to mistress to be shown
Great quote referring to Warren Harding: His speeches were like "an army of pompous phrases moving over the landscape in search of an idea."
President Harding love letters to be released July 29 via
USA - Warren Harding affair letters going public via
Next month, the Library of Congress will open the letters detailing a 100-year-old presidential affair (aged couple).
Clearly the best room-cleaning find: a story by me, circa grade 5, titled "Alligator Wolves" and featuring mad scientist Warren G. Harding.
Harding love letters to be released July 29 - USA TODAY
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Look at members of the Presidio Trust. It could be a clue as to why it didn't prioritize a Star Wars museum. Warren G. Harding museum? Yes.
Former U.S. President Warren Harding's affair letters will go on display.
Harding love letters to be released July 29
He died in a brothel, too, folks. What a terrible guy. // Warren Harding affair letters going public via
The 20s?!! Thought he was in the G-Funk Era.“Babe Ruth with U.S. President Warren G. Harding 1923.
Love letters detailing Warren Harding's 1905 affair to go public
What if Warren G got his name from Warren G. Harding?!?
Warren G. Harding probably has the most gangster name of all the presidents.
The former Warren Harding standout gets his number retired.
Here is Al Jolson's campaign song for Warren Harding, chosen in smoke-filled Chicago hotel room tonight 1920:
G. Harding: His presidency was a mixed bag at best, but the Mellon Plan energized a terrible economy in 1921.
President Warren G Harding once lost white house china in a poker game :P
Y'all got a Warren G. Harding high school?
Today, 1920 - Republicans nominate Warren G Harding for president. He would go on to become the most corrupt President in US history.
Big thanks to Dave Stallard at Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine for featuring us and writing up this fun interview!...
If I was running for office I would borrow Warren G. Harding's slogan of a "Return to Normalcy." I think we need more normal people again.
President Warren Harding, the last Pres. of many to come from Ohio, was always dogged by the accusation that he had *** blood."
Wrapping up his time w/ shares his Warren G. Harding paper bag report
OTD in 1920, Warren G. Harding was nominated to be the next president in the "smoke filled room" of the
June 11 1923 Pres. Warren G. Harding won’t “overdo” it on his final trip.
Tyrel is practicing with Warren G. Harding Raiders this week we'll decide if he'll attend their or the Strongsville.
When Rose Perica Mofford was born, Warren Harding was president and Thomas Campbell was governor:
According to our history class, Warren G. Harding was the greatest president in American History
The 2014 White House Christmas Ornament honors Warren G. Harding and is now available online!
*** at pit across from Harding fighting ...while they closed... Warren Ohio. 😒
random photos: Warren Harding at the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial
Warren Harding and the fillies who loved him!
1923 Pres. Warren Harding made a 1 day stop in Milford to be inducted into the Tall Cedars of Lebanon Masonic order 
as is conversate tho I would still say converse, as is normalcy tho Warren Harding 5/7
Warren Harding and the women who loved him!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
This is what happens when you let do these things. Harden becomes Harding. But James is no Warren G.
Several Schools In Play For Daniels: Warren (Ohio) Harding three-star center James Daniels hopes to wrap up hi...
50% of Lakewood homes were built prior to the Warren G Harding administration.
In spite of his collaborative work with then-Speaker of the House Nate Dogg, Warren G. Harding remains our most forgettable president.
though scandal plagued his time in office, Warren G. Harding was easily the best vulture-turned-President
Most astounding that you know how many lied Warren G. Harding told. Very impressive!
Pickerington Central wins D1 girls 4 x 100 meter relay in 47:59: Warren Harding 2nd in 47.80
Warren Harding's dog named Laddie Boy, was an Airedale, and each day collected and delivered Harding's newspaper.
A Mississippi primary decision is "just plain wrong" Op-ed: In 1923, Warren Harding tried to the National Park Ser...
Today on HD 33636 b: The Tomb of the Unknowns is dedicated by US President Warren G. Harding @ Arlington National Cemetery (1921/11/11)
Warren Harding was president when Ralph Hall was born.
“My wit is faster than a speeding locomotive.”. —Warren G. Harding
His writing is rumble and bumble, flap and doodle, balder and dash. ~ H. L. Mencken about Warren Harding
I know "President Lax" is a nickname you're trying to get going for Warren G. Harding but I think that is mean and
Harding Tomb: This presidential tomb was not dedicated until well after Harding's death due to personal controversy.
It's time for is all to acknowledge Warren Harding. I mean, acknowledge his existence.
The tomb of President Harding was not dedicated until years after his death due to some indiscretions -
Warren Gamaliel Harding continued to study the printing and newspaper trade as a college student at Ohio Central College in Iberia.
Really thought that said "President Warren G. Harding once lost the White House to China in a poker…
Both of my grandfathers served in WWII. My Grandpa, Frederick Warren Harding, never detailed what he…
okay WGH. declining that makes me worried
Remembering Sergeant Stubby and all the K-9 hero's this Memorial Day This pit bull is known as the most decorated war dog to have served the U.S. military. This is Seargant Stubby! Served beside John Robert Conroy in the 102nd Infantry 26th Yankee division, during WWI, in the trenches in France. He entered combat on February 5, 1918. He warned his troops of incoming attacks. He captured a German spy all on his own. Was wounded in his foreleg, by a German hand grenade. Awarded the Purple Heart While recovering from injuries in the line of duty, he kept morale up among the injured soldiers and eventually returned to the trenches. After being gassed, Stubby began warning his unit of poison gas attacks. The first decorated canine war hero and the only dog to be promoted to sergeant. He was involved in 17 battles, and 4 offensives. After the battle for the French village of Domremy, the grateful women of the township fashioned a hand sewn chamois coat, to display Stubby’ s service chevrons, metals, pins and ...
I think the Platonically perfect misspelling of a Presidential middle name has to be Warren Gmail Harding.
Fact of the Day. On Nov. 11, 1921, President Warren G. Harding dedicated the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at...
though to be fait, Warren G. Harding May have been are greatest President
Watching a show about Warren G Harding starting the 1st VA system. Appointed some friend to head it. Squandered 400 million.
John F. Kennedy & Warren Harding were the only US Presidents to be survived by their fathers
The warren harding error is what is happening
The last time the Phillies franchise record was above .500, Warren Harding was president:
How far does source A support the view that there was corruption in the government under Warren Harding? 5 marks
John F. Kennedy and Warren Harding were the only United States presidents to be survived by their fathers.
This US President lost all of the White House china in a poker game
Warren Harding destroyed James Cox in the 1920 election.
the economy took a hard down turn in the 1980s and in 2008, if was because the same economic policies were repeated that caused the Stock Market to crash in 1929. The Great Depression was caused by deregulation and bad tax policies, put in place by three consecutive Republican presidents. Starting with Warren Harding in 1921, through Calvin Coolidge and then Herbert Hoover, the United States fell into an economic depression. It took President Franklin D. Roosevelt, his New Deal and World War 2 to help get the United States back on track. Roosevelt had to deal with Republican opposition in congress and a new war, but after years in office, was able to get the job done.
Of all America's corrupt leaders, none can hold a candle to Warren Harding:
I have been looking back at history, where I notice President Reagan was shot yet out of the list of Freemaons' who else...remember sorry Im an Australian. George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush were all Masonic Presidents of the U.S.A. When JFK was assassinated LB Johnson took over, then Andrew Johnson took over from Abraham Lincoln? I know Freemason's are normally good, however what I have found in Kings Cross a Lodge j which linked to the Grand Lodge No 2 in South Africia and the front in Sydney was just Freemason' for thought when we have Bush on the list.
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