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Warren Harding

Warren Gamaliel Harding (November 2, 1865 – August 2, 1923) was the 29th President of the United States (1921–1923).

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I think Bush was the worst president since Warren Harding, but he was right on the bailout
would you rather listen to Warren Harding and the Teapot Dome Scandal?
Number of Executive Orders Issued During Entire Term In The White House: Barack Obama - (As of March 6, 2014) - 172 George W. Bush - 291 Bill Clinton - 364 George H.W. Bush - 166 (In just one term) Ronald Reagan - 381 Jimmy Carter - 320 (In one term) Gerald Ford - 169 Richard Nixon -346 Lyndon Johnson - 325 John F. Kennedy - 214 Dwight Eisenhower - 484 Harry S Truman - 907 Franklin D. Roosevelt - 3,522 (Yes, that's Three Thousand Five Hundred And Twenty-Two) Herbert Hoover - 968 Calvin Coolidge - 1,203 Warren Harding - 522 Woodrow Wilson - 724 Theodore Roosevelt - 1,081 If you want to see what a REAL dictator looks like, cast your gaze in the direction of North Korea, where there was only one name on the ballot. The choice was "yes" or "no" for "glorious leader" Kim Jong-un - AND NOT ONE VOTE was cast against him. So let's knock off the "Obama is a dictator" crap, shall we?
Democrats, the party of raising tax rates. When was the last time Democrats lowered tax rates? Here is the answer. Recalling the Days When Democrats Cut Taxes Hurrah for the 50th anniversary of the tax cut championed by JFK. By Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic* Fifty years ago last week, on Feb. 26, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the sweeping tax cuts that had been championed by his predecessor, John F. Kennedy. The law brought the top marginal income-tax rate down to 70% from 91% and the bottom marginal rate down to 14% from 20%. The 22 rates in between also were cut. The tax legislation of 1964 was one of three major across-the-board income-tax cuts in the 20th century. The others took place in the 1920s, during the Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge administrations, and in 1981 and 1986 during the Ronald Reagan administration. After the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the top marginal rate was all of 28%. Today it is 39.6%. .
by George Bilgere… YARD SALE Someone is selling the Encyclopedia Britannica in all its volumes, which take up a whole card table. It looks brand new, even though it must be sixty years old. That's because it was only used a couple of times, when the kids passed through fifth grade and had to do reports on the Zambezi River and Warren Harding. Der Fuhrer was defunct. The boys came home, and everybody got the Encyclopedia Britannica, which sat on the bookshelf as they watched Gunsmoke through a haze of Winstons. Eventually these people grew old and were sent to a home by the same children who once wrote reports on Warren Harding. And now the complete and unabridged Encyclopedia Britannica, bulging with important knowledge, is sitting on a card table in a light rain. from “Imperial”, © 2014 Zambezi River Gorges Photographer: Michael Trezzi
George W. Bush. The W stands for amazing because he was the greatest president of all time, behind Warren Harding
These "facts" have not necessarily been verified. They are just for fun. * Warren Harding was the first president to own a radio, the first to make speech over the radio, and the first to ride to his inauguration in a car. When women got the right to vote, he was the first president they could elect. * With 150,000 post offices, India has the largest postal network in the world. However, it is not unusual for a letter to take two weeks to travel just 30 miles. * Lincoln Logs are named after President Abraham Lincoln and the log cabin where he was born. John Lloyd Wright, son of famous architect Francis Lloyd Wright, invented them.
When i was in school we used to get Feb 12th off for Lincoln's birthday and Feb. 22nd off for Washington's. This all change when congress created President's Day. Since then I never have to sure who the holiday is now meant to honor. Is it both Lincoln and Washington or is it all Presidents. If its all Presidents then I have a problem. There are a couple of Presidents that don't deserve any type of honor in fact they should insert asterisk after any reference to President Day to let everyone know that this Holiday in no way honors James Buchanan, Warren Harding, Millard Fillmore, and Franklin Pierce. I would add Richard Nixon to the list but he did open up trade with China. Out of the 44 men that have held this office there have been some men that were great, some near great, some were average, and some were failures. Except for one most of the men were honest. Some were religious and others not. Some had happy marriages and others not. Most were heterosexual but one was not. I guess in a democ ...
This weekend we celebrate the legacy of the Participants Trophy. What used to be two separate holidays honoring the greatness of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, is now homogenized into Presidents Day, where we commemorate the stupidity of Franklin Pierce and the venality of Warren Harding, alongside the towering achievements of George, Abe, and FDR, among others. Sigh.
REVEALED: Barack Obama Is Not The First American Black President! I use to think Barack Obama was the first black President of America until i stumble upon this article. There were 7 black presidents before Barack Obama. enjoy the article The people thought that Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States. But I want to say this is Wrong. Below are the Seven Black Presidents Before Barack Obama 1. John Hanson (a Moor) was actually the 1st President of the United States, he served from 1781 – 1782 and he was black. The new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation. This document was actually proposed on June 11, 1776, but not agreed upon by Congress until November 15, 1777. Maryland refused to sign this document until Virginia and New York ceded their western lands (Maryland was afraid that these states would gain too much power in the new government from such large amounts of land). Once the signing took place in 1781, a President ...
Monday Feb,17th:1. I know only two tunes: one of them is ‘Yankee Doodle’, and the other one isn’t. -Ulysses S. Grant 2. I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world. -George Washington 3. If hard work is not another name for talent, it is the best possible substitute for it. -James Garfield 4. Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom. -Thomas Jefferson 5. You don’t get everything you want. A dictatorship would be a lot easier. -George W. Bush 6. Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. -Ronald Reagan 7. We should live our lives as though Christ were coming this afternoon. -Jimmy Carter 8. Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. … Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential. -Barack Obama 9. There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be c ...
'Warren G Harding is the president of Belgium.´ . Harold team LA west make out dance break
Shoutout to the fake Warren G Harding tho
Harrison Ford's president from Air Force One is the Warren G. Harding of fictional modern American presidents.
Very cool to see one of our Columbus stories picked up by
First Michigan flip pick has been made on Hjalte Froholdt's
Photo: Visit the tomb of Warren G. Harding, smell the arsenic on the ground. The truth is obvious to the...
Need to get back to work but I am loving the time that I am getting to read. Did you know that the richest man ever was Mansa Musa a African Emperior. Did you know that there were at least 7 black Presidents before Obama. They were: John Hanson, Thomas Jefferson,Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln,Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge & Dwight D Eisenhower
Warren G. Harding's James Daniels likely one of the top offensive linemen in Ohio for 2015
For BBC Caribbean in New York "U.S. HAD PREVIOUS BLACK PRESIDENTS” Barack Obama may not be, after all, the first black president of the United States. According to research by several US historians and a Jamaican scholar, Mr. Obama is actually the seventh black person to become president of the US. US presidents Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Dwight Eisenhower all had black ancestry, according to recent articles published in several US newspapers and on the Internet website Diversity Inc. According to these reports, which are based on books by late Jamaican historian J A Rogers, by African-American Leroy Vaughn and others, Thomas Jefferson’s mother was part black as was his father. Mr. Jefferson was described once by a political rival as the “son of a half breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father.” To hide his black past, the third president had all portraits of his mother, Jane, destroyed after her death, according to author Samuel S ...
I ride and die with Warren G. Harding
Columbus, and make coffee news again.
Warren Gamaliel Harding was a newspaper editor.
Aug 4, 1753: Washington becomes Master Mason Previous Day August 4 Calendar Next Day 0 George Washington, a young Virginia planter, becomes a Master Mason, the highest basic rank in the secret fraternity of Freemasonry. The ceremony was held at the Masonic Lodge No. 4 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Washington was 21 years old and would soon command his first military operation as a major in the Virginia colonial militia. Freemasonry evolved from the practices and rituals of the stonemasons' guilds in the Middle Ages. With the decline of European cathedral building, "lodges" decided to admit non-stonemasons to maintain membership, and the secret fraternal order grew in popularity in Europe. In 1717, the first Grand Lodge, an association of lodges, was founded in England, and Freemasonry was soon disseminated throughout the British Empire. The first American Mason lodge was established in Philadelphia in 1730, and future revolutionary leader Benjamin Franklin was a founding member. There is no central Masonic ...
Euclid girls basketball gets tough road win at Warren G. Harding
Former United States President Warren G Harding was Warren G before Warren G was Warren G. This joke was brought to you by the year 1994.
"Warren G Harding, one of the least illustrious American presidents." it's me
If redid the real Mount Rushmore he'd pick James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Warren Harding, and Ulysses S. Grant.
Great news!. just got hired to be Head Coach of Warren Harding High Schools Freshmen Football team and Asst. On Varsity! Big shoutout and thank you to Head Coach Eddie Santiago for giving me the opportunity at the next level! I'd like to thank the Bridgeport Chargers for giving me the opportunity to volunteer coaching the youth of our community the past eight years, allowing me to take part in giving back to the community I was brought up in. I will continue to be involved best way I can.Here's to the future!
Today is Abraham Lincoln's Birthday. It is hardly mentioned anymore because it was combined into Washington's Birthday and designated as President's Day. And rather than a special "date" it is the 3rd Monday in February. So in our wonderful country, that I truly love, we celebrate special men like Lincoln and Washington together with Warren Harding, William Henry Harrison and Jimmy Carter. We just continue to disrespect the great by lumping them together with not even close to great. That is what is called evening the field! Sound familiar?
When Sid Caesar was born Warren G. Harding was president.
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Breaking: Ray Nagin found to be corrupt. Also breaking: Warren Harding a thief.
Potential Democratic candidates poised to dredge up Republican Warren Harding and the Teapot Dome scandal.
Pres. Warren Harding installed a radio in the White House 1922. He also was 1st to use it as president
5 Known Black Presidents The best case for Black ancestry is against Warren G. Harding, our 29th president from 1921 until 1923. Harding himself never denied his ancestry. When Republican leaders called on Harding to deny the *** history, he said, "How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence." William Chancellor, a White professor of economics and politics at Wooster College in Ohio, wrote a book on the Harding family genealogy and identified Black ancestors among both parents of President Harding. Justice Department agents allegedly bought and destroyed all copies of this book. Chancellor also said that Harding's only academic credentials included education at Iberia College, which was founded in order to educate fugitive slaves. Andrew Jackson was our 7th president from 1829 to 1837. The Virginia Magazine of History Volume 29 says that Jackson was the son of a White woman from Ireland who had intermarried with a *** The magazine also said that his eldest broth ...
I wanna see you walk out 😫 and I have a surprise for you tmrw before Warren Harding 🙊
14 Things Men Think About During Séx ⁠December 23, 2013 ⁠ ⁠Kevy⁠ ⁠Relationships & Sex Tips⁠ ⁠No comments  The first time my friend ever said “I love you” to his girlfriend, he blurted it out during sex. Most guys have it right, though; either they don’t think, or they think simply: “Yeah, getting laid is AWESOME.” Aside from hoping she enjoys it and wondering she’s evaluating my performance, my mind dredges up the following strange things during sex: How Did I Get Here? I build a mental bread crumb trail up to the moment of triumph: What did I say/do over the last 24 hours? If I could find common steps between all the times I got laid, I’d have a reliable system. What if I Miss? I’ve wondered, mid-thrust: What if I miss and hit a pelvic bone? I’d sustain major injury to myself and, depending on how hard I thrusted, I might even hurt her! Ecstasy on the Bottom, Agony on the Top I’m lazy and out of shape. If I can relax, lay back, and enjoy sex in a given position, ...
"Warren G. Harding was chosen as the Republican candidate and Calvin Coolidge as V.P. candidate. Harding was chosen largely
Warren Harding's widow blamed president's obsession with for his demise.
Pete was the name of President Warren G. Harding's squirrel.
A critic described Warren Harding's speeches as 'an army of pompous phrases moving over the landscape in search of an idea.' Sound familiar?
Had no clue Desmar Jackson from Warren Harding was playin for Southern Illinois.. And he's averaging 19 😳
Warren G Harding was the Pres who nominated me for Chief Justice of the SC!
Just finish making a pot of vegetable soup/ fatback/ cornbread for my family... Glenda Houston Warren Harding and Zay Harding. Good to be with family during bad weather. Thank You God for your grace and mercy!
Coffee Fit for Warren G. Harding: Roasting Ops at the Athletic Club of Columbus via
John Hanson: a black man was the true 1rst president of the U.S.A from 1781-1782. 2. Thomas Jefferson 3. Andrew Jackson 4. Abraham Lincoln 5. Warren Harding 6. Calvin Coolidge 7. Dwight Eisenhower And now Obama 8th black president
GOOD MORNING - TODAY IS SATURDAY, February 08, the 39th day of 2014 with 326 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 6:50 and sunset is @ 5:06. The moon is waxing. The morning stars are Mars, Saturn & Venus. The evening stars are, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune & Uranus. ON THIS DAY IN: 1725 - Catherine I succeeded her husband, Peter the Great (who died), to become empress of Russia. 1896 - The Western (football) Conference was formed by Midwestern colleges; it later was renamed the Big 10 Conference. 1904 - The Russo-Japanese War began when Japan launched a surprise naval attack against Port Arthur, a Russian naval base in China. This followed Russia's rejection of a Japanese plan to divide Manchuria and Korea into spheres of influence. 1910 - The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated. 1915 - D.W. Griffith's silent movie epic about the Civil War, "The Birth of a Nation," premiered. 1922 - President Warren Harding had a radio installed at the White House. 1924 - The first execution by lethal gas in the Un ...
I think Rand Paul should return all the money he has raised in Ohio to show his repudiation of the peccadilloes of Warren Harding.
The 44th president who will be recorded in history as the first African American US president just arrived here in Nashville to speak at a high school near my home Barack Obama! But here's some presidential facts they don't want you too know! 1st US constitutional president John Hanson was black he was featured on the 2dollar bill! 3rd US president Thomas Jefferson mother was half Indian his father was half white and half black from Virginia! 7th US president Andrew Jackson mother was white his father was black and his stepbrother was sold into slavery! 16th US president Abraham Lincoln mother was Ethiopian his father was African American it was his Caucasian appearance that allowed him to be accepted in America's society as a white man! 28th US president Warren Harding had black ancestors even though he denied his ancestry he did state "so what if my ancestors jumped the plantations fence?!" 29th US president Calvin Coolidge mother was black! 33rd US president Dwight Eisenhower mother was half black! Lol ...
Tonight... where President Obama ranks from 1900-present. Worst to best. WORST Worst - Warren Harding - Did nothing. Not inspirational. Died leaving us with scandals and worst yet, Calvin Coolidge. F. Calvin Coolidge - Also did nothing. Said nothing. Let Hoover do all of the work. Created bubble leading to depression. Silent Cal was not much more effective than a potted plant. Taft - Pale imitations of the great T Rex. Hated Presidency. Remember anything great that he did? That's because he didn't do anything. Hoover - Icy, cold. Great career pre-president. Had no ability to lead in times of trouble. Failed his greatest test. At least he's from Iowa. NEAR WORST LBJ - Ok many of you know that I am obsessed with LBJ through reading Caro bio's. Classifying LBJ's hard. He did many great things (civil rights, medicare, NPR, highway beautification), but he has blood on his hands. He must take responsibility for Vietnam. It's mostly his fault. (and if had been in power in Cuban Missile Crisis, w ...
QUOTE OF THE DAY: "It is impossible for one who has studied at all the services of the Hebrew people to avoid the faith that they will one day be restored to their historic national home and there enter on a new and yet greater phase of their contribution to the advance of humanity." - Warren Harding, the 29th President of the United States
The homepage of my Internet provider mentioned that today marks the 94th anniversary of former President Theodore Roosevelt's passing. Roosevelt, who's life race ended at 60, was a great President. He became President when William McKinley was assassinated in 1901 and remained so until 1909. But I submit to you that another President, who passed away yesterday, also at age 60, at least deserved to have the 81st anniversary of his passing mentioned. That President is Calvin Coolidge, a stern New Englander, who was President from 1923 to 1929. Like Roosevelt, he became President when another President passed away, in this case Warren Harding, who died of a heart attack. Ironically, both Harding and McKinley were from Ohio... Among other things, President Coolidge was the first President to appear on a sound film. In 1924, when he campaigned for re-election and, in a sound experiment, a guy named Lee DeForest filmed him giving a speech. President Coolidge, who sounded a bit like comedian Wally Cox when he ta ...
BELONGS TO WHOM THE WORLD? At the end the answer to why the world is so bad After 96 years the best kept secret in history was discovered : From December 23, 1913 , The Private Bank of the Federal Reserve ( FED ) seized U.S. and the vast majority of the world does not know. What will they and their predecessors ( Bank of America ) , declare wars , attacks ( twin towers attack in London, Madrid bombing ) , presidents (Jaime Roldos , Omar Torrijos, Kennedy , Warren Harding, McKinley was assassinated financed , James Garfield, etc. ) , dealing in weapons of mass destruction ( Carlyle , Bechtel, Lockheed Martin , Raytheon , General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas , Boeing, Northrop Grumman ) . These bankers own the media (FOX , CNN , NBC , ABC , CBS , BBC , New York Times , Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, etc. ) use the strategy to distract the population with superficial TV programs , short-term technological products , reality shows and cartoons ridiculing family values. News of murders and crim ...
Saw Maurice Clarrett play in high school when Warren Harding played Moeller at Galbreth Field
"Warren Harding helped to shape my football career." you helped us players out now to , thanks for that
"Warren Harding helped to shape my football career." 
I went to HS in Warren. I know teachers at Harding who spoke world of Maurice. So what I learned from Ytown boys is that OSU Fd him.
don't compare the dynasty of Warren Harding to Fitch...Fitchs coach was at Harding during their golden age
If you consider yourself an Ohio State football fan and didn't watch the "Youngstown Boys," you need to. It might shed some light on and all things that have happened to him since 2002. Those old Warren Harding tapes still give me chills.
Also don't know if I can say enough about how scared my team was to travel to Warren Harding. NOT in a safe area AT ALL. You win & GET OUT.
At YSU during Tress-era, following Clarett since HS @ Warren Harding & moving to OSU-campus in 2002, this really hits home.
"Warren Harding helped to shape my football career."
I remember Maurice Clarett in high school, going to every Warren Harding playoff game just to watch him play. He had it, def was a stud.
Maurice Claret went to my highschool I watched him when I was little. He went to warren G. Harding and than went to Youngstown
Now that I remember when we played JFK, we played at the field Warren Harding
Watching this 30 for 30 episode makes me wonder what it would have been like to go to Warren Harding
Having worked in Warren OH when Clarett played at Harding HS, the contention he was a bigger phenom in the state than LeBron…
“Warren Harding helped to shape my football career.” Once a raider always a raider and we love you bro!!!
Folks be sleeping on my high school. Warren G Harding breed greatness and nothing less 👐
I want to get a Maurice Clarrett Warren Harding number 13 jersey. I would probably immediately get jumped into a gang.
Probably our worst President “Warren Harding helped to shape my football career.”
“Warren Harding helped to shape my football career.”
I didn't know Warren g Harding even existed until Maurice Clarett went there
Coach McDaniels!! Harding hasn't been same since. Liesa was teaching at Warren Western Reserve while MoC was tearing up NE Ohio.
I'm not proud of Warren now, all the killings and whatnot. But I am proud when I say I graduated from Harding.
Maurice Clarett carries his soph year at Warren Harding in 19-0 loss to Cincinnati Moeller.
Little Giant Ladders
I still remember watching play at Warren Harding. I was 5, but I'll never forget that game
The hate I have for Warren Harding is indescribable. Seeing them on espn just strengthens it
Warren Harding helped to shape my football career.
Thom coach EVER at Warren Harding..they were fools to let him go!!
His story, says that Obama is our 1st black/mulatto president, BUT.history show that his is actually sixth. The five Mulatto presidents before him.Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Warren Harding, Andrew Jackson, and of course Abraham Lincoln. Mulatto means one black and one white parent!
The December 16, 2013, edition of Time magazine has the first in a sereis of articles by Steven Brill that absolutle eviscerates the Obama Administration, the President himself, and all the people in Congress and outside who pushed through the Afordable Care Act - and the article says quite clearly, "That they (Obama and his Administration) haven't deilvered yet on the easy stuff related to the President's highest priority suggests that the Obama team was so lacking when it came to turnng law into reality - better known as 'governing' - the website never had a chance." If you can still rave about the President after you read this article, you need to have your cognitive ability to discen reality thoroughly checked by a licensed psychiatrist and\or neurologist. The rollout demonstrates clearly the total ineptitude of Obama and those whom he appointed to execute his signature legislative achievement...suddenly Warren Harding has serious competition for 'Worst President in U.S. History' contest.
What do they mean “…neither will we?” We’ve been under Keynesian economics since the City of London bankers illegally and fraudulently took over our economy in 1913 with the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, propped up by the unratified 16th And 17th Amendments, all of which has left us with a rogue occupation government without lawful authority. KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS P.3-BSowell reports in the Washington Times that Janet Yellen has been nominated to head the Federal Reserve System. She is a former professor of economics at Berkeley and favors the Keynesian theory of economics that Europe now follows. Milton Friedman, an economist, a statistician and a writer who received the Nobel Prize in Economics taught at the University of Chicago. Friedman attacked the Keynesian theory of economics both theoretically and empirically. The high standard of living and low rate of unemployment we had in the U.S. is an outcome of capitalism. Since Obama came into office our economy has been sluggish ...
10 books that have moved me in some way. Simon Balto 1. R. Bruce Johnson - Under the Southern Cross: A Feeling of War. My father's visceral memoir of his two tours in Vietnam. 2. Jack Kerouac - On the Road. Literally moved me, all over the country, in buses, cars, planes, trains, hitchhike, whatever. 3. Tim Sandlin - Sex & Sunsets. Whenever I think I'm trying something "out of my league" (girls, art, work, whatever), I think of this story and keep going ahead. 4. David Rhodes - Rock Island Line. Hard to leave Driftless off the list, but I think this one's better. It's the best novel I've ever read. And no amount of re-reads seems capable of keeping me from crying near the end. 5. Bob Caro - The Years of Lyndon Johnson. The Andre the Giant of biography. And one more volume yet to come! 6. Annie Proulx - Close Range: Wyoming Stories. Hard to pick one Proulx, everything she writes is moving. I'll go with the collection that includes 'Brokeback Mountain.' 7. Francis Russell - The Shadow of Blooming Grov ...
A list of phrases from GOP leaders over the years: "Government is the people's business and every man, woman and child becomes a shareholder with the first penny of tax paid." - Ronald Reagan "Ambition is a commendable attribute without which no man succeeds. Only inconsiderate ambition imperils." - Warren Harding "Absolute freedom of the press to discuss public questions is a foundation stone of American liberty." Herbert Hoover "Good ballplayers make good citizens." - Chester Arthur "I like the job I have, but if I had to live my life over again, I would like to have ended up a sports writer." Richard Nixon "We . . . declared our independence 200 years ago, and we are not about to lose it now to paper shufflers and computers." - Gerald Ford "I want a kinder, gentler nation." George Bush I "We will bring the terrorists to justice; or we will bring justice to the terrorists. Either way, justice will be done." George Bush II "Corporations are people, my friend ... of course they are. Everything corporati . ...
so I was thinking about this today and Barack Obama really has had an unnoteworthy presidency. Let's examine the two most noteworthy things- 1) He was the first African-American President. That's great. I wish it would have been someone more experienced and in line with my views like a Col Allen West. But fine. Obama did it. 2) the Affordable Care Act. So there we have his two most noteworthy pieces. I think as the decades and the century passes, the first point will become less significant as we have our first female President, first Latino President, more African American Presidents, etc, etc. And the "Affordable" Care Act well, considering all the trouble they've had with just getting the website up and getting people to sign in, I think that it's dubious at best how we can expect this act to work come january when it's put into practice. THAT's IT! That's his legacy!! If you know anything about the history of the Us and its Presidents, that's not a lot for a legacy. Whether he's seen as good or bad by ...
The Presidents with the highest IQ's were Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton. The Presidents with the LOWEST IQ's were Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Warren Harding (the lowest). So tell me, Republican friends who declare Reagan the greatest and smartest President in our history, how he had one of the lowest IQ's of every President in United States history.
Warren Harding was the most perfect textbook example of how NOT to be president. DON'T be elected just because you look and sound presidential, DON'T be an atrocious speech writer, DON'T bring all your corrupt friends from the Ohio political machine, DON'T appoint all of said friends to cabinet positions and let them run wild, and DON'T allow the Tea Pot Dome scandal unfold under your nose. In fact, the only thing that Warren Harding did that you SHOULD do is die of a heart attack so Calvin Coolidge can be president instead.You monster.
John Hanson, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Linclon, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, Dwight Eisenhower, Barack Obama All black presidents Not one but 8 black presidents...guess they didn't want us to know that..
HEY HOBY! Please review the following list of Schools! If YOUR School is on this list, it means we do not have any registrations form that school. Also, please look to see if you see any schools that are on this list at are in surrounding towns...a personal reach out will go a long way to have these schools to sign their student(s) up! List of Non-Regiestered School as of 12/8/13 Academy Of Information Technology & Engineering Albert I. Prince CTHSS American School for the Deaf Ansonia High School Avon High School Avon Old Farms School Bassick High School Bethel High School Big Picture High School Bloomfield High School Branford High School Bristol Central High School Bristol Eastern High School Brookfield High School Brunswick High School Bulkeley High School Bullard-Havens RVTS Canterbury School Canton Jr/Sr High School Cheshire Academy Choate Rosemary Hall School Christian Heritage School Classical Kids Network Coginchaug Regional High Sch. Conard High School Connecticut Homeschoolers Inclusive Coopera ...
During the history of United States,8 presidents died without completing their tenure.In all the 8cases the vice president took over office just like the case of Nigeria.The presidents are;1.William Harrison and was succeeded by his vice president John Tyler(1841-1845)who stayed for 4yrs.Taylor,succeeded by vice pres.Milliard Fillmore who stayed for 3yrs.Lincoln succeeded by Andrew Johnson and he spent 4yrs in office and left.A.Garfield was succeeded by Chester Arthur who spent 4yrs in office afterwards.william Mckinley died and Theodore Roosevelt took over and spent 8yrs from 1901-1909.Harding was succeeded by vice pres. Calvin Coolidge and spent 6yrs as president.Roosevelt died and was succeeded by Harry Truman who spent 8yrs.F kennedy was succeeded by vice president Lyndon Johnson who spent 6yrs as president.Now if by 2015 president Jonathan contests and wins,by 1919 he will have been president for 10yrs.My question is will president Jonathan in the spirit of democracy take a bow and leave by 2015 and ...
Appropriate statement from the man, Calvin Coolidge, who succeeded Ohio's last president, Warren Harding.
"We must have a citizenship less concerned about what the government can do for it and more anxious about what it can do for the nation." -Warren Harding
LAWRENCE, REVEREND DOCTOR WARREN HARDING, SR.; "Child of God, Pastor"; age 92. Warren Lawrence retired from this earthly occupation called life and traveled home to be with Jesus before Dawn on Monday, November 25, 2013. Brother Lawrence left to carry on his legacy of living for Jesus his children,…
The Republican party often has people scratching their heads and it's not just "liberals" who are doing it. With The Republican party splitting into multiple factions, the once proud political party has been thrown into disarray Here are five reasons why the American people can't stand the Grand Old Party. 1. Bush wastes money and American lives- After the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001, everyone throughout the country felt a variety of emotions. Some were upset, others scared or just plain angry. There isn't a right or wrong answer in how people felt because what happened was so horrific. It's natural to want revenge and that is how George W. Bush and the Republican party were able to get the country into a huge mess while lining their own pockets. Preying on the fear that came with the attacks on 9/11, the Bush administration decided to wage war, but with the wrong country. With his father, George H.W Bush, unable to capture Saddam Hussein in the early 1990s, George W. Bush wanted to f ...
It is December 7th! The 72nd anniversary of the attack on our nation's Pearl Harbor by Japan! Eighteen year prior, we had helped Japan bail out from an earthquake. They sent Pres. Warren Harding a simple telegram stating, "We will never forget". Well, just like people that become unthankful- Japan forgot. In our own state of Louisiana much preparation had been made to train soldiers for a war that seemed to be all about Hitler in Europe. However, Japan from the west put a turn in our plans. Gov. Sam H. Jones and Adjutant General Raymond Fleming are due much credit for Camp Polk becoming a major player in the events of 1941 and the 4 years afterward. Fort Polk, as it became known was a spring board in military terms to help America overcome the enemy of that era. We have new enemies now that want to choke our freedoms- let us not forget Pearl Harbor and let us not forget God who brought us to victory!
loves good food and even better company! Thanks for the dinner and conversation Warren Harding at one of my favorite places, Suite 100 Restaurant.
Another great dancer confirm with special dance performance ! Welcome ! Sindy Folgar was born on June 1, 1987 in Izabal , Guatemala. At the age of 5 started her studies in dance. She attended the Escuela Nacional de Danza were she received a B.A. in dance with a Ballet concentration. At the age of 17 her family moved to the United States. She found a way to quickly enroll in dance classes. She attended the Regional Center for the Arts and also received a full scholarship to the Performing Arts Center of Connecticut. Her determination to learn English lead her to finish High School as the President of the Honor Society 2006 from Warren Harding High School. Ms. Folgar was accepted in Marymount Manhattan College were she received a B.F.A in Dance with a Ballet Concentration and a Minor in Body Science and Motion. After her graduation she was offered a full-time position at the Performing Arts Center. She is also an ABT ® Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT ® Teacher Training Intensive ...
Friday’s Question of the Day! "Which president banned Christmas trees from the White House in 1912?" A. William Taft B. Teddy Roosevelt C. Woodrow Wilson D. Warren Harding If you know the answer or would like to guess, simply leave a comment. A drawing will be held Friday and we are giving away some its NOT a race to see who answers first, simply comment with an answer and you have a chance to win! *The answer to Thursday’s question was: D. 70%
By Washington Times (DC) December 5, 2013 12:17 pm During his initial 2008 run for the presidency, Barack Obama attacked no-bid and sole-source federal contracting as wasteful and at least marginally corrupt. He promised that when elected, he would end "the abuse of no-bid contracting once and for all." His administration, he said, would be the most transparent in history and would do away with the cronyism that plagued his predecessors. President Obama repeated his promise just after being sworn in, issuing a memorandum to federal agencies ordering them to minimize resorting to such contracts, which he claimed were inherently "wasteful, inefficient, subject to abuse." He was right, of course, but then, he was making many promises back in those days that he would later ignore and which are now coming back to haunt him. No president in recent times has done more to channel contracts, subsidies, grants and other taxpayer-funded goodies to his friends and political allies than Mr. Obama, and none since Warre ...
It happened today, in the year; 1028 – Future Byzantine empress Zoe takes the throne as empress consort to Romanus Argyrus. 1439 – Plymouth, England, becomes the first town incorporated by the English Parliament. 1555 – The English Parliament re-establishes Catholicism. 1602 – Sebastian Viscaino lands at and names San Diego, California. 1892 – William "Pudge" Heffelfinger becomes the first professional American football player on record, participating in his first paid game for the Allegheny Athletic Association. 1893 – The treaty of the Durand Line is signed between present day Pakistan and Afghanistan; the Durand Line has gained international recognition as an international border between the two nations. 1936 – In California, the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge opens to traffic. 1956 – Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia join the United Nations. 1958 – A team of rock climbers led by Warren Harding completes the first ascent of The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. 1968 – Equatorial ...
If You Were Born Today, November 2: Your instincts are usually accurate, and you rely on your intuition when you need to make a decision. Things need to "feel" right for you. You put your heart and soul into your hobbies and your work. Your opinions are strong, yet progressive, and you don't feel the need to broadcast them indiscriminately. Music plays an important role in your life. You are a true humanitarian, and you have mystical inclinations. You are talented and versatile. Famous people born today: Marie Antoinette, k.d. lang, David Schwimmer, Nelly, Warren Harding, Michael Buffer.
Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually aren’t as simple as they seem. Why are some people brilliant decision makers, while others are consistently inept? Why do some people follow their instincts and win, while others end up stumbling into error? How do our brains really work-in the office, in the classroom, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom? And why are the best decisions often those that are impossible to explain to others?In Blink we meet the psychologist who has learned to predict whether a marriage will last, based on a few minutes of observing a couple; the tennis coach who knows when a player will double-fault before the racket even makes contact with the ball; the antiquities experts who recognize a fake at a glance. Here, too, are great failures of “blink”: the election of Warren Harding; “New Coke”; and the shooting of Amadou Diallo by police. Blink reveals that great decision makers ar ...
Wasn't it Warren Harding? 1921-23 who let big corporations go bust. Coolidge was Wall St front man
STill trying to find a home for books: The Shadow of Blooming Grove,Warren Harding and his times Patriarch George Washington & the new..nation When the Cheering Stopped, the last years of Woodrow Wilson The Great Rehearsal, the story of the Making and Ratifying of the Constitution Miracle at Philadelphia, The Story of the Constitution from May to September 1787 The Men Who Invented the Constitution, Summer of 1787 The Natural, the Misunderstood Presidency of of Bill Clinton INventing a Nation (Gore Vidal)
What Ted Cruz understands is exactly what this battle over defunding Obamacare represents. Obamacare is but the latest leftward turn that every Democratic administration since Woodrow Wilson has been engineering in a bid to dramatically remake America in the progressive image. Unfortunately, of the eight Republicans that have been elected president since Wilson’s departure in 1920 (and we leave out Warren Harding who died two years into his term), only two — Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan — have had the political courage to firmly grasp the wheel and take the country forward to its original ideas of a nation based on individual liberty and freedom. All the others — Hoover, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and the two Bushes — took Wilson’s progressive vision and either added to it or simply refused to change course. Jack Kemp
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Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover, and Jimmy Carter seem to be among the best Presidents in terms of personal character and foreign policy, but in terms of domestic job performance, they usually rate among the worst.
July 4 - July 4, 1872 July 4, 1872, in Plymouth, Vermont, was the beginning of life for Calvin Coolidge, the thirtieth President of the United States. Coolidge attended a local school before enrolling in the Black River Academy in Ludlow, Vermont in 1886. He studied at Amherst College from 1891-95. Then he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1897. In Massachusetts he practiced law and became an active Republican. His political career began with the Northampton City Council (1899-1900). From 1907-08, he was a member of the Massachusetts General Court. In 1910, he was Mayor of Northampton. In 1912, he was elected as a Massachusetts State Senator. From 1916-18, he was Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. In 1919, he won the Governor’s seat. In 1921 he ran as Vice President when Warren Harding ran for President. Coolidge succeeded to the presidency on August 3, 1923 when Harding died of a heart attack. In 1924, the Republicans nominated Coolidge to run for president, with Charles Dawes as his runnin ...
What this country needs is another Calvin Coolidge! Silent Cal was our 30th president. He served as VP under Warren Harding, becoming president after Harding's death. He continued to create jobs and the recovery from the Wilson era. President Coolidge said "No" to all spending bills sent to his desk. in his 2 terms, he took us from deficit spending to a suprplus goverment. I wonder why noone wants to emmulate this great leader?
What do Grover Cleveland, Alexander Hamilton, Warren Harding and King David have in common? Find out tonight @ Congregation Netivot Shalom @ 7:30!
Warren Harding, East and Edgewood have officially responded "yes" to joining All American Conference.
A debate on President Obama now focuses on which scandal-ridden President he is most like: Richard Nixon or Warren Harding.
You know what it is you know what its gone be. Give it up for Warren Harding atand up for Warren G lol
1 - Warren G. Harding who held a corrupt administration, started prohibition, and axed the League of Nations...
I don't know, I think President Warren Harding really embodied the cute grandpa-esque look
Warren G. Harding could do a better job of goaltending and he's DEAD.
Absolutely! A low cost, government student loan is an INVESTMENT in this nations future. Bravo Ms. Warren!
Lets all back Senator Elizabeth Warren, Its time we help are kids that work very hard to get a good college education and then be burden with all this diet. If they had not worked so hard and was on Welfare they would get a free ride. This is not fare at all. These kids are our future and we are not supporting them. Its time to help them!
I'm the real loud Warren G. Harding fan, lol. You were amazing out there, and so young! Keep it up!
So "Scandal" fans, you think you got goosebumps last week when Fitz told Olivia (Kerry Washington) about his decision and the two star-crossed lovers waited out the clock so they could finally be together?
DFA could not be prouder to support such an amazing Senator. Watch this and hear what Elizabeth Warren is bringing to Washington…
Do you believe in miracles? B V T&F claimed an improbable Trum. Co. Championship tonight besting Warren G. Harding by less than 4 pts.
I luv the people who say Obama is the worst president ever. They obviously never heard of Warren G Harding.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has introduced her first bill, a brilliant proposal to give students the same low loan rates as the nation's biggest banks. Click here to join with Daily Kos and CREDO by signing the petition urging your senators to become co-sponsors!
Isn't the ungodly show scandal on tonight?Well it seems to me folks are more committed to that show instead of God?The bible told us that in the last says ppl would love pleasure more than God.Now don't get me wrong as in often ppl do.Lol Folks can watch whatever.But with all these folks dying lost without God,don't u think that saints could find something more productive to do?Just sitting there watching sin and more sin,calling it great entertainment.W.W.J.D.Maybe that's why our community is in the condition it's in?
California’s top law enforcement official accused JPMorgan Chase on Thursday of flooding the state’s courts with questionable lawsuits to collect a glut of overdue credit card debt.
Cool Calvin was carrying on the legacy of a truly great civil rights pioneer, Warren G Harding
Teddy Roosevelt charged up San Juan hill and President Taft He got the bill. in 1913 Woodrow Wilson takes us into WWI. Warren Harding next..
Sen. Elizabeth Warren's first piece of legislation giving students the same rights as big banks is a reminder to the rest of the United States Senate of who they are supposed to be working for.
I wanted to share this picture because this is why we all try so hard to make the SAFCAB events such a success. Judy Warren lost her life to domestic violence in 2002. In her honor and memory Christy Claypoole and the wonderful volunteers from Bite Size Delites sold their baked goodies and desserts all day to raise $500 that they donated to Saturday's event. If just one precious life can be saved, just one person can lead a happy existence free from abuse, the time and money we donated that day are worth so much more.priceless. If you or someone you love is in an abusive relationship PLEASE seek help immediately. If it's an emergency call 911. You can also visit for information on an organization that can help you help yourself.
M-Sport Racing drivers Rembert Berg and Warren Hughes took the team’s first podium in the second round of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship at Rockingham last weekend. Thanks to a strong team effort, the pairing finished second in the two hour endurance race.   Following a good test at the venue, M-Sport Racing started well by claiming the fifth fastest time in both the first and second practice sessions. However problems with traffic and a small mistake on the final lap of qualifying saw them starting from 11th on the grid. A strong start from Berg vaulted the team well into the top-ten and slick team work in the pits – as soon as the pit window opened – gave Hughes a clear track and fresh tyres to maximise the chance to improve the result.   An aggressive strategy on fresh tyres enabled Hughes to continue the good work and push for a podium position. A technical problem for Phil Keen enabled Hughes to climb to second, a position he held to the chequered flag to take M-Sport Racing’s firs ...
'The GOP's latest witch hunt over Benghazi is simply more wagging of the dog. Fox News is trying really, really hard to make it into Obama's Watergate to keep us all distracted from some incredibly populist moves in the Senate.' Carl Gibson, RSN
Last name meaning Coffelt: This is a variant spelling form of the original German topographical surname 'Kohfeldt'. This translates as 'the horse field' ...
Life seemed to go from bad to worse this year for Robert Warren, whose nearly seven-year employment at Eaton Corp. in Asheville ended Feb. 13. Two days later, a third warrant accusing him of making threats and harassing phone calls was issued for his arrest.
SACRAMENTO -- The state is suing JPMorgan Chase for what is says are illegal debt-collection methods against tens of thousands of California credit card consumers.
For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.
The president’s new choices for Commerce secretary and FCC chair underscore how far down the rabbit hole his populist conceits have tumbled. Yet the Obama rhetoric about standing up for working people against “special interests” is as profuse as ever. Would you care for a spot of Kool-Aid at the Mad...
The Labor Department is planning new rules to make financial advisers more accountable, but opposition from industry groups, lawmakers and even some consumer advocates threatens to sink the proposal.
520Fracking Concerns for Bonvilston, Vale of Glamorgan – Public Meeting Friday 10th May Reading Rooms 7pmPosted on 2013/05/09 by hubcowbridgeA public meeting will be held at 7 pm at the Bonvilston Reading Room tomorrow, Friday 10th May to discuss the current planning applications for gas drilling in...
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan may play a key role in Detroit's turnaround as he plans to visit the city next week and search for properties to potentially buy.
The top two Republicans In Congress informed President Obama on Thursday that they will refuse to fulfill their duty under the Affordable Care Act to recommend members of a new board with the power to contain Medicare spending. It’s a…
I just signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate: Elizabeth Warren is right: students should get at least as good a deal as the banks we bail out, not interest rates 9 times as steep. Support the Bank On Student Loan Fairness Act and stop giving law...
According to Chad Connelly I and everyone who opposed him at the convention are "borderline anarchists." He has also associated us with the Boston marathon bombers and said that our goal is to "disunify the Party." It's one thing to disagree with someone. It's another to resort to Soviet-style demonization - especially after having run your convention like a session of the Politburo. Chad Connelly's way of building bridges looks suspiciously like a wrecking crane.
E-dub goin' hard in the legislative paint.
KUTV Already embroiled in controversy, John Swallow is now facing a new complaint. Last April, then-
Why would he even try to bully someone twice his size? Thumbs up the the chubby kid!
Where women recount their experiences of being mansplained, in academia and elsewhere.
Warren County, Virginia is one of the counties that has been hit hard with the rain, and they are now dealing with high water levels.
Sometimes I wish that I woulda went to warren Harding for schoola
You are just as clueless as Dustin Hoffman when he asks if its safe. Makes you wonder if you would react in the same way. I had a painful dentist experience ...
'The federal government is going to charge students interest rates that are nine times higher than the rates for the biggest banks - the same banks that destroyed millions of jobs and nearly broke this economy,' [Warren] said. 'That isn't right.'' Katie Davidson, Politico
On Wednesday, bona-Fide *** kicker for the middle class and freshman Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) introduced her very first piece of legislation, called The Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act. Set to double from it's current rate this summer to 6.8%, Senator Warren's proposed bill woul...
PechaKucha Night Raleigh Volume 14 May 23, 2013 Hosted by Cynergie Studio & ideaSPARK Where: Visual Art Exchange - Warehouse District Downtown Raleigh Why: Because we love to showcase the Triangle's creative spirit! Please join us for Volume 14 of PechaKucha Night Raleigh. We will have 8 speakers gi...
Woo-boo! This is what our lawmakers should be doing?
Now Jere is Presidential material. Enough of failed supporters of the 1% in any party. No Jeb no Hillery
... It is flap and doodle. It is balder and dash." --H.L. Mencken, writing about Pres. Warren G. Harding
It’s everywhere and touches everything. EPA can crack down, but only by stretching the law. 
Welcome to the Lucie's Travel & Landscape Photo Galleries *** Lucie Debelkova Professional Travel & Landscape Photography offers stunning photographs from travels to over 90 countries around the world, particularly great selection of photos from Middle East region - Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Ir...
Note to all former Fleet Street hacks. Apparently Piers Morgan is going to be executive producer of an American TV series called Fleet Street set in the 70s. This is his statement announcing the news: "Imagine an industry where every single opponent worked in the same street, competing with each other by day -- drinking, brawling, fornicating, night clubbing and cocaine-snorting with each other by night. A street full of the most ruthless and amoral people in the world existed, and it was called Fleet Street. In the early '70s, it became the breeding ground for modern popular journalism, as foreign media tycoons stomped over the British establishment to re-define 'news,' suddenly exposing the rich, powerful and famous in spectacular front-page scoops. It was the dawn of the celebrity era, in all its gruesome detail -- a revolution that changed pop culture and the relationship between the press and politicians, royals and stars. Fleet Street in the '70s was a hotbed of scoops, shagging, flairs and devastat ...
"I am not fit for this office and never should have been here. -- Warren Harding",
Civil administration approves building of 296 units in occupied West Bank as US seeks to restart peace talks, army says.
Yes, Senator Elizabeth Warren, YES. Thank you for trying so hard in spite of all the US Stupid.
Rights reserved by artists and label!!! Taken from the album "Story Of Us". Recorded in 1999- 2000.
Arguing that it is a bedrock middle class issue, Senator Elizabeth Warren today introduced legislation that would significantly drop the interest on student loans for one year while the federal government works on a longer term overhaul, which she promised to lead. Warren, a Democrat, had campaigned...
Sigh. It's disheartening to see how many people like this economically illiterate authoritarian. Increasing subsidies for student loans will be exactly matched by price increases at universities. Universities (both government run and private-sector) will make even more money, and students will end up even more indebted than before (albeit at lower interest rates). See this article for the detailed argument: it ultimately blows up, Warren will then call for loan forgiveness (thereby saddling taxpayers with the debt), price controls (on universities), and even more subsidies. Also, just like to point out that if you know someone who likes to smoke pot (or other drugs), Warren would happily throw them in jail if she could:
Police are investigating a double homicide on Piney Ridge Drive in Hendersonville, where three people have been found dead, according to scanner traffic.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hello, new college graduates: Look what Sen. Elizabeth Warren (whom I got elected) is fronting for YOU!!!
Elizabeth Warren rocks! I am so tired of my taxes going to corporate welfare. Welfare Corporations make a profit off of our hard work coming and going. Too many people do not receive a fair days wage for a fair days work; and corporations do not pay their fair share.
I find everything about Elizabeth Warren so damned refreshing.
Julia is a 7 year old little girl who will spend 6 months at Johns Hopkins being treated for stage 3 Sarcoma cancer. Insurance is limited. A little over a month ago (March), Julia was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of tissue cancer known as sarcoma. Her pediatrician arranged for her to go to...
How about investing in the future America? Education makes a difference!
(Best Picture & Sound Quality) HD Wide Screen and More CloseUp ELVIS Aloha from Hawaii is a music concert that was headlined by Elvis Presley, and broadcast ...
I agree. Now go DO something about it...
Elizabeth Warren is one of the few... actually doing her job and doing it well!
Keep your eye on Ms Warren, she is going to be our first female President = )
WARREN COUNTY CASINO: Warren County voters Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to allow casino gambling in the county. The measure, which needed a simple majority of support to pass, garnered 60 percent negative votes and failed in all but one of the 13 precincts where it was considered.
JOB INTERVIEWER: What are some of your strengths? ME: I can very lucidly explain Warren G. Harding's Teapot Dome scandal
We need more OUTRAGED PEOPLE in DC like Elizabeth Warren!
money laundering. Warren (D-Mass.) grilled officials from the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency about why HS...
The main interests of President Warren Harding were 'golf, drink and other men's wives' he's the best president yet.
was Warren Harding's fault. Let it go.
My old high school. Brings back a lot of memories. Warren G. Harding
Warren Harding was the first US president who could drive a car.
No matter where I played in high school GJR Harmony Prep my time at Warren Harding... I always wanted to play at home...
After this AP test, my life can finally "return to normalcy"... As Warren G. Harding once said 😂🔫
The Jacksonville Jaguars released former Warren Harding CB Antwaun Molden today. He signed with the Jags last November.
I would liken my future persons of dating interest to Warren G. Harding presidential campaign's slogan "Return to Normalcy"
"Aja Romano is known to have a hardon for destiel." I also speak Polish, spelunk, and think Warren G Harding was the best president ever
Go ahead, admit it: Warren Harding was a Handsome Fellow.
Warren G. Harding, President of the US. Ok now what?
Question just asked by my 7 year old...who was a worse President, Richard Nixon or Warren G. Harding?
First time that the Knicks have held serve at home in the playoffs since Warren G. Harding was president.
"Success is not founded so much on capital, as it is on industry, stick-to-itiveness, and ability to do things."~ Warren G. Harding
Which one? We like to say that we're related to Warren G Harding (on my Husbands side) lol - Who knows? We have no proof ofcourse
New OSP! Of all the scandals in Warren Harding's career, this was probably the most fun...
I HATE waking up to the knowledge of having to go to Warren Harding High School where the staff are just down rite Ignorant
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"We will attempt intelligent and courageous deflation, and strike at government borrowing which enlarges the evil..." - Warren Harding, 1920
Wasn’t that Warren Harding’s campaign slogan: a return to normalcy?
Legend has it that president Warren Harding died here. @ House of…
when and I do road trips when ended up everywhere. Warren G Harding's house and tomb and then two other places
can you write a song for warren g harding's 1921 inaugural speech? I've been requested to memorize by Music helps
Good work out shower then bed time to get this hard work in before we go against warren harding!
if only Ayn Rand had a baby with Warren G. Harding, that super-child might be able to sequester nobama's fascist anarchy
Pic From before our lose to Warren Harding
Tigers defeat Warren Harding on boys tennis 5-0!
I can't believe stole the buckeye I saw at Warren G Harding's house.
Never knew that "return to normalcy" Warren Harding business. I've learned so much.
What did Warren Harding even do as president?
:-) I could almost imagine Warren G. Harding saying that. Enjoyed reading your article on writing techniques.
Even tho i play college ball now nothing will be greater then puttin on a Warren G. Harding Raider football jersey
Wow Warren Harding was one of the most hated US presidents of all time.
One more reminder - the power is out at Harding. We will join with Warren for their service today. Call Captain with any questions!
Warren G Harding was quite the president
The meet is over , i had fun with my old team warren g harding . i love them fr .
it's the warren Harding effect in action
29th president Warren Harding moonlighted as a butler named Carson in Downton, England
Just the ones who r jealous “Reading a bit about President Warren Harding. Rated by many as the worst president in history .”
"To my US Hist classes: who is your favorite president, why?" Warren Harding
Was Warren Harding the worst president in U.S. history, or have mainstream historians given him a raw deal?
Man times r so hard how bout day IRS took my taxes talkiñ bout I owed William Carey :( I'm hurt
In my defense, there's no way to know something ISN'T a piñata until I hit it as hard as I can with a bat
Random fact of the day: The 'G' in Warren G. Harding stands for 'Gamaliel' - Warren Gamaliel Harding.
Warren harding-hate thyself responsiveness.implanted by the white masters to keep blaks fighting and fearful of one another.
Pres Warren Harding coined the word "bloviate" to describe his own speaking style - learned that from the bio of Coolidge
"you hear things about yourself that you didn't even know" That's Warren G. Harding
According to the textbook, Warren G. Harding had bushy eyebrows.
Pres Warren Harding came to Yankee Stadium during its opening week 1923, saw Babe Ruth & first shutout in that park:
Thanks man. I am your source for all the best Warren G. Harding related humor writing.
Whenever I write a president article I make sure to make the Warren G. Harding/Warren G joke even if it's only funny to me.
"Well Pooch Hall! Dang wish I could've been there cause aint nobody gone ever come to!!
Warren G. Harding probably one of the most corrupt presidents ...oh wait.more like all the rest Kennedy...Bush... This one...
Also good to know that said individual is actually dumb as a stump. Good luck Warren Harding/Baggy Camo Shorts Guy.
US President who won a landslide 60% of the popular vote
“Warren Harding uses an elephant for a caddy:
Warren Harding uses an elephant for a caddy:
Found this in one of the posts I get...Not 1st related, but a good Civil War era read. The Hmynist By Craig L Barry June 2011 Civil War News Bookmark and Share “You can’t save a man by telling him of his sins. He knows them already. Tell him there is pardon and love waiting for him. Win his confidence and make him understand that you believe in him, and never give him up!” - Fanny Crosby One of the most fascinating characters of the 19th century was the blind hymnist, Fanny Crosby (1820-1915). Imagine if you will a stack of 18 good-sized church hymnals — that is what the 9,000 hymns Crosby composed, in whole or in part, during a 50-year period would fill. You would be hard-pressed to find a postbellum hymnal without several of her compositions included. In fact, a few of her better-known hymns are still Gospel standards. Crosby’s hymns have been criticized as “gushy and mawkishly sentimental” by modern standards and critics have sometimes attacked both her writing and her theology. The fact ...
What I have learned over the years- If your praying to the Lord Jesus Christ to help you be your best & Make right choices in life, If your doing the best you can, Treating people around you the best you can, Working as hard as you can & There are things around you that are not right, Not working out? Then it's time to make some changes, Change is good, If your hearts in the right place to help others. Have a positive successful day people! Brian Warren
"This meeting is super boring. I have to go to the bathroom." --Warren G. Harding
Matt Sapien! Thanks for all of your hard work in making Warren a more spirited place. You don't get anywhere near as much recognition as you deserve. Keep up the good work p.s. your smile is to die for
FRANK WARREN STATEMENT Since being promoted and managed by Frank Warren, Ricky Burns has earned just approaching three quarters of a million pounds and has had 7 world title fights in just over two years. Ricky Burns is under binding promotional and management contracts. Following the announcement by Eddie Hearn that Ricky Burns has signed with him, W. Promotions Limited and Frank Warren are suing Burns for substantial damages.
What is your favorite Pumping Iron quote?
mark and I fought last night because he is running out on his child and he wants to go back to Texas were he don't have nothing. at least up here he has Medicaid and foodstamps but most importantly. he is with his son but all he can think about is getting back to Texas and be with some girl name Ashley Warren and making money he wouldn't find a job up here I can't get him to find a job for the eight months he has been here Curtis already lost one daddy and now he is going to loose his father to Texas but no one cares about how it will set Curtis back but that is my problem like always I'm the one that handles Curtis everytime something or someone comes in and out of his life the one that stands by Curtis and never leaves or hurts him. this is y I left Texas to get him away from a daddy that only wants 7-8 months with his child then leaves. also his family hardly wanted anything to do with Curtis so I left Texas so he wouldn't have gotten hurt by his daddy and that family
So we get to see you for an hour on 3/13/13!! Still haven't heard anything from DCF about reversing their decision, THATS a good thing!! They told us the longer it took the better because it has to go to the commissioner. It is still hard for me I have no patience when it comes to you my little love I want you back months ago. Now you have your cousin Matthew to meet and Abraham is also on his way! Later this month or maybe next you will also have your cousin Warren to meet! You have missed so much little one. Papa and I can't hardly wait to catch you up on every thing! Your Mom is also doing better she is working hard at getting health so she can be a good Mom to you!! She does love you we all do!!
For a Republican to compete in 2016, he must distance himself from George W. Bush, says Peter Beinart.
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Thanking my heavenly Father for covering me with the blood of Jesus,and watchin over as I laid my head for rest,and for awaking me & my loved ones to see this beautiful monday. Askin Him to have mercy on the family that lost loved one in warren,oh give them great healing in there time of need comfort them as they go thru these hard time dear Father. I ask that u give me a clear understanding of wat it is u have plan for me and my future. Give me a spiritual uplift and bond with You O God. Keep giving me the courage to keep pushin thru the hard times and to keep faith strong even wen it seems like You are not goin ti answer my prayers.
Christians: Doesn't matter where you've been, God already sees you as you will be eternally: a saint with Christ.
Congratulations to all of our candidates who have been chosen for this fantastic study tour
Congratulations to Eric Malmstrum, winning his category at the Lakeshore 5km in Penticton. Looks like Warren Ellis ran a fast race too, 2nd in his division and 10th overall. Well done boys!
Just been told scotland isn't in england.. is this a joke? -.-
I can't stand a disrespectful *** man and you wonder why I treat you the way I do...when it come to MY kids, don't go against what I say but a hard head makes a soft *** If I was him, I wouldn't play with me bcuz I don't play fair
A few might hate what I'm about to say! This accident with these children is very sad and I'm not heartless my heart goes out to those families but one question I have to ask is why didn't the parents know where their 14-16 year old children were? Yes I rebelled and had fun at that age but my mom knew where I was! I firmly believe and hate me if u want but those parents should have known what their 15 year olds were doing!
Chief’s Babble…..On kids driving. It’s been a rough week in northeast Ohio. Field schools lost a recent graduate to a traffic crash last week. We had another roll-over crash Saturday evening, involving young drivers….and in Warren six young people were killed when the vehicle they were riding in lost control, flipped and ended travel in a pond, under water….there were eight in that vehicle; two survived. To the families of all of the victims and to all of the police, fire, medics and dispatchers who dealt with those events…our thoughts and prayers are for you. The hand of fate is exactly that. There are things we cannot avoid, no matter how hard we try. There are events we fear as parents…and losing a child is at the top of that list… and an unimaginable circumstance. Parents…take some time to review safe driving with your children. The 16-21 years of age group is very vulnerable to distracted driving, speeding and “over correcting” when driving off of the side of the road. Explain . ...
Its hard to imagine getting a phonecall that my child/children has been in an automobile accident that caused they're death. Please take some time to say a special prayer for the Warren students and residents for the recent tradegy. We shouldn't ignore it, and the families definitely need the community's support. Thanks Friends :)
Shouts to my brother ME2...aka Rice and peas..aka my p.i.a! 35yrs young! He works hard...he plays hard and to add to it all he's a good son and one of the best fathers on earth. Too many memories of bad ...good and just pure fucary to mention.but I'm blessed to have a brother as such. May your chalice over flow of Guiness! Love you man! Warren Dubz Hatchett
Chronicles of Earth 87by CK+  This is what I wrote for our final requirement in Broad 120     A galactic history. Earth 86 is near of its extinction, the people their decided to send out troops to find another planet which is the same as Earth 86 which will be called Earth 87 that will be the new breeding and living ground of the earthlings.   Capt. Hazravoc, a well known space troop and soldier in earth 86, was assigned to pilot earth 86’s latest ship (Ship 937) for their journey in looking for another earth. But during the pilgrimage Project 937 was attacked by their enemy race, the Invaders, unfortunately ship 937 was defeated and crashed on to planet earth, losing the memory of the whole crew f the ship as well as their communication to earth 86 and eventually became and known as the stone age people now in the present date.   Year 2008, the invaders had located earth the crash site of the ship 937, with their goal to locate Capt. Hazravoc’s present blood line and to get their hands to the Ch ...
Six Qualities Of Excellent Leadership Moses had been appointed the leader of God's people. For many years, he had been faithful. The meekest man on the earth is about ready to leave. He went to Mount Nebo, but before he died, he called his top leaders together called the tribes together and called all the people together and said to them, “I'm going to die, but God has another man (Joshua) to lead His people". Joshua - the son of Nun - full of wisdom. So Moses died. God said - Moses my servant is dead. Arise, go over Jordan - every place the soles of your foot shall tread upon - that have I given unto you,. If you obey and observe to do all that is written THEN you will be prosperous and have good success! (only place success is mentioned). God said - be strong - of good courage; the Lord is with you wherever you go.” When God gets through with one, he raises up another: ? Moses. Joshua ? Elijah .Elisha ? Paul. Timothy ? John the Baptist.. Jesus God will always have qualified leadership. One of the j ...
Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoc and Warren Buffet all enjoy complete physical freedom from work. They are free to work or not work. They do not work hard for money but money and the people are working hard for them. They pay less taxes than highly educated employees yet have no degree.
Please continue to pray for my sister Kristine Warren Whitten, Donnie Whitten, Carissa Lynn Whitten, my mother Cheri Russell, and brother Robert Lisa Benton Warren during this time. This has been the hardest thing in life I have ever had to go thru. I don't even want to talk or be talked to right now and if you know me that rarely happens! I loved him like he was my own son and I wish I could bare the pain for my sister if I feel this much! But through every tragedy is a miracle. Tristan Day loved the Lord and the lose of my sweet nephew has brought a total of 11 people to the Lord including my brother Robert and Donnie's brother Anothony. So Tristan has 11 new Heavenly brothers to welcome home. 2 of which were Tristan's uncles and 7 of his football team friends got saved because Tristan loved Football, His Mother and His Lord!. Tristan is very proud of each and everyone of them and so are we. Please keep us all in your prayers.
A year ago today, I walked into a weight watchers meeting knowing something had to change. I had quit smoking in February 2012 and thought I can’t gain anymore weight! What a life changing experience! As of today I have lost 75 pounds! I still love food but I love the way I feel much better! Being an emotional eater, I had to work very *** changing my thought process and habits. I had to put myself first, which was a first for me. My family was first and foremost always. I found there can be a balance. I want to thank my children Josh and Jennifer Warren Treat for loving me enough to express their concerns about my health. I want to thank Ross Rico my sweet ,sweet husband for his amazing support this past year. He never skipped a beat-struck out walking with me every night no matter what the elements were. Never complaining is this all there is for dinner!(lol) It obviously has helped his health as well, which was much needed. My strength has come from my faith in God. Without him I am nothin ...
Thoughts & prayers going out to the victims & their families of the tragic car crash in Warren! Many of my son's friends are just entering driving age. Please be careful & cautious! The speed laws exist for a save lives! Each & every time you get behind the wheel; it's to be taken as a potential life & death situation! Always be safe out their & concentrate in the road ONLY while driving! Please don't blow this off! You have your whole lives ahead of you!
Today is Johnny Appleseed Day Johnny Appleseed day is celebrated on March 11th of each year to celebrate to planting season. John Chapman (September 26, 1774 – March 18, 1845), often called Johnny Appleseed, was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, including the northern counties of present day West Virginia. He became an American legend while still alive, due to his kind, generous ways, his leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples. He is also known for winning in several apple eating contests including the grand apple challenge of 1785. He was also a missionary for The New Church (Swedenborgian). The popular image is of Johnny Appleseed spreading apple seeds randomly, everywhere he went. In fact, he planted nurseries rather than orchards, built fences around them to protect them from livestock, left the nurseries in the care of a neighbor who sold trees on shares, and returned every ...
* COMPETITION TIME* When I get to 1 likes I will do a Full Online Reading for 1 lucky winner who has liked & shared my page xxx Good Luck xxx please also leave your name xx
Research says that good looking ppl tend to earn 22% more than ugly ppl.well hard luck buddy, the world is unfair sometimes n ppl are with it ya ?
To Warren - two years today but feels like only yesterday - the grief goes on. I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake, with which I’ll never part. God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart !!!
... SO hard to get out of your warm, cozy bed when it's still dark outside. Boo, time change, give my hour back.
you know you don't have to be back home when something tragic happens to be affected.I know Warren OH is just hurting, I feel it.My Bennett family just to everyone I just don't have the words just the love and prayers and loving embraces from afar ...Warren, OH in its entirety we are all hurting hard behind this tragic accident I'm there with you all.I will always have love for Warren, OH and when something hits home like this my goodness no matter where you feel it!
The 29th President Warren G. Harding was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and he gave the Klans man government...
Most currencies are in the red this morning; the euro is down, the looney is down, the dollar is up and oil is down.
WARREN, Ohio (AP) — A speeding sport utility vehicle taken without permission and carrying eight teenagers crashed into a guardrail Sunday morning and flipped over into a swampy pond in northeast Ohio, killing five boys and the young woman driving, the state highway patrol said.
to my alma mater Warren G Harding who is mourning the loss of 6 students.“Shout Out Your School!!!”
hyperbole buddy. Make a cogent argument for why he's worse than James Buchanan or Warren Harding
I think this series "The Bible" on the History Channel is great. Sometimes it's so hard to quote chapter and verse, especially when you're getting older and memory is clearly becoming an issue. Now I'll be able to look someone eye-to-eye and confidently say, "The Bible; episode 2; scene 4". BAM!!
"To listen is very hard, because it asks of us so much interior stability that we no longer need to prove ourselves by speeches, arguments, statements, or declarations. True listeners no longer have an inner need to make their presence known. They are free to receive, to welcome, to accept. Listening is much more than allowing another to talk while waiting for a chance to respond. Listening is paying full attention to others and welcoming them into our very beings. The beauty of listening is that, those who are listened to start feeling accepted, start taking their words more seriously and discovering their own true selves. Listening is a form of spiritual hospitality by which you invite strangers to become friends, to get to know their inner selves more fully, and even to dare to be silent with you." Henri Nouwen
I cant believe how bad of standard the Irish League has got, Cliftonville has got possibly the worst side in the top 6 , and arguably the worst side to ever top the Irish League!!! # warren LFC #
Business Greatness: Top 7 Differences That Make the Difference We are all born with the potential for greatness. There are no exceptions. Yet most people realize not more than 5 to 7% percent of their potential, while a small handful of others rise to extraordinary heights and become legends in their own rights. When we read the autobiographies of great achievers in any field - athletes, entrepreneurs, business leaders and there is one great common denominator. They know that success comes from the inside out. External greatness derives from an internal source. It is not a goal one achieves. Rather it is a state of mind. An inner game where the only way you can claim victory is to elevate one's mind. "There are no ordinary people, just ordinary minds." Denise Corcoran The 7 differences, the common inner game, that propels each achiever to greatness are as follows: 1. POWER OF VISION AND MISSION The common thread among great business achievers is that success is not their ultimate goal. They build causes; ...
Finally a new Pope has .been announced.It,s Barack Obama!For the first time in history,black smoke is coming from the sistine chapel
Via User: One of the great hypocrisies of the state is to denounce monopolies by setting up regulatory bodies and forming hordes of regulators, yet at the same time unwaveringly and fiercely defending its own monopoly on health, education and infrastructure. (33m)
No matters how many times you had done it. Always hard to see goodbye to your family and friends. It's great to see how many people cares about you and I have made an impact on their life. Heading to war one more time, keep my and my Soldiers In your prayers. Outlaws
  PRESS RELEASE: For immediate release – no embargo DATE: 11-03-2013   Although temperatures of over 30°Celsius are predicted for Pretoria during the weekend of 16-17 March, more than 5000 people will be freezing at the Jan Smuts House in Irene.   This might sound totally unbelievable, it is a true fact. The organizers of the increasingly popular Warrior Obstacle races will be to blame for the ‘big freeze’.   Pieter Swart, director of the Warrior Race, said that one of his biggest challenges for each event is to continue surprising and challenging the ‘Warriors’.   For Swart this is a very serious matter. This is why the would-be ‘Warriors’ should begin to prepare themselves for challenges like the ‘Ice Crusher’, ‘Tower of Rage’, ‘Extreme Monkey’ and ‘Black Out’.   When Swart was asked what the ‘Ice Crusher’ will be about, his first reaction was the word ‘insane’. “We are going to build two ice baths, each 6 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 1.5 ...
Keep it real who had the best debut album Snoop Dog or Kendrick Lamar? Keep it real and listen. Everybody saying Kendrick Lamar is hot now but Snoop album Doggy Style has stood the test of time. Im arguing with a willie foo foo right now so yall please correct me if Im wrong.
Many people have given up on me, others have said horrible things about me, some even to my face. I want you to know that I never take it personally, life is business, and I realize we can't always control our emotions and anger and jealousy and hurt feelings. It's healthy to be honest and let it out sometimes. Especially if the person we direct our anger at is as understanding and tolerant as me. Ironically I look at hateful and hurtful words and actions as "good publicity" because bad publicity is still publicity, and publicity is free advertising. And because it's emotional, it's powerful advertising. If I was suddenly in the news all over national TV for one of the greatest fraud scam schemes of all times, that would be awesome! Because when they discover it's NOT a fraud scam scheme, and they see me giving out Billions of dollars, it will be seen by the whole world immediately. But unfortunately, my activities have not reached national TV yet. But soon. When life gets tough, that's when you need to r ...
Can we really expect busy parents to take some responsibility for their children's education? Really The Project? Is that even a question???
Mukesh Ambani richest Indian, 6th year in row. glad to know that. No doubt hard work always pays rich dividend and he has reached the top notch as Chairman of RIOl. Similalry he will pay rich dividend to his share holders too. but he shoul be good human being too.for this he has to increase his contribution of donation from half percent to 10 percent toward poor peoples like premji ajij,tata,warren buffet,bill gates. he must be more sensitive for the launching of welfare scheme for needy persons. in usa millionaires r more generous to society their donation percentage r 10% while in our counry it is merely 1%. jab bhagbaan chapper phar kar de raha hai tho aap bhi samaaj per kamsekam 10% jaroor kharch kare.
FOUL TALK BY BUCHAREST OWNER SAYS BAD ABOUT CHELSEA Steaua Bucharest owner Gigi Becali on European champions Chelsea. “You can have all the billions in the world, it’s not important," he told Sport TV. "Spirit is all that matters. “Did you see anything dangerous from Chelsea? I didn’t. Abramovich, take a slap or two to see how much of a billionaire you are! “If we score in London, we are qualified. This isn’t a team that can score three goals against us. Never! “I saw one of their games and told you this is a very slow team. Chelsea do not have any speed. And if they don’t have speed, then we will hit them badly. “And that’s what we did. They didn’t even know where they were. Terry... he didn’t even know where his hat was! Terry was destroyed, he was like in the movies, in a children’s play! “Lampard? I didn’t even see Lampard. He didn’t even touch the ball! Mata Pata [Pata means stain in Romanian]. “Hazard couldn’t even move. He hazardized! No one in the Europa League ...
I tried sending thank-yous to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, but it looks like some of my replies didn't make it. Anyway, many thanks to all--you made my day!
If I was ever to be a past President of this great Nation, I would have been Warren Harding without question. That man lived the good life.
i just saw a car sticker which read 'i believe in creative miracles'. it made me think, Creativity means that you have the ability to think and create something new and different. Do miracles have to be about being new and different? Makes it look like a show to impress people. Then everything started making sense: all the bizaro 'miracles' that have been happening in the country are acts of creativity; miracle money, pple losing weight in an instant, dead electrical gadgets working etc. So someone actually sits down and say 'i want to come up with another miracle thats new and different, different from everyone else or from wat i did before! The Christ i know never grew tired of perfoming the same miracles of healing the sick. He never tried to come up with something 'new and different'. In fact the only pple who did this in the bible were sorcerers and magicians! One wonders.
I talk to people about wanting to get a bus pass and ride the bus & they act like I'm crazy. It's just a given to well-off people that if you can afford a car, you should have it. They say why would you want to ride the bus? Because you can think, day-dream, read, stare out the window, listen to music, observe people, meditate, listen in on conversations, and it costs 4-5 times more to drive a car even if it is paid off. (Gas, insurance, and maintenance easily cost $200+ a month. A bus pass costs $50 here.) So, people say, aren't you afraid of crime? People are robbed and raped blocks from their houses probably. Carry a gun or take self-defense classes if you're worried about it. That's no reason not to ride the bus. Toughen up. Become hard, like Nietzsche said (Thus Spoke Zarathustra). Face your fears. Come down to the ground & observe and get out of your comfort zone...
There is a myth that the mainstream Media is liberal progressive. It isn't. It is corporate controlled and corporate ruled. Corporations decide the message that mainstream media delivers. Sometimes this aligns with the Democratic Party, other times it aligns with the Republican party. GE wanted the Iraq and Afghanistan wars - and the profits they would generate. So did Disney and Comcast. So there was no challenge to the run up to war, even though there should have been many hard questions. There is very little talk about simplifying the tax code and eliminating deductions for very wealthy taxpayers and there is virtually no talk about eliminating the ridiculously low income cap on Social Security taxes. Why? Because corporations spent a lot of money rigging the tax code. They don't want anyone playing around with making it fairer. If you listen closely to the news you will begin to see how much is not reported, and which topics are glossed over. FOX makes up stuff, but the mainstream media simply doesn' ...
Do you guys like what we post or do you think it is kind of "spammy"? We work hard and are partnered with too many people/organizations with so much to share with you all... Please give us some feedback. Let us know what you would like to see going forward with our page(s). Thank you :)
The Alexandria Hotel put on a fantastic event 'Pets at the Pub' as part of Parched March to raise much needed funds for Animal Welfare League NSW! Fashion Dog Sydney takes her Bark-bassadorship very seriously & loved meeting over 70 dogs & their parents. The highlight for her was the judging of the Best Dressed Pooch that a hot dawg who was rocking a tux won. Remember you can still be part of these exciting events celebrating Sydney's Small Bar Scene & raising money for the Animal Welfare League of NSW. Checkout the Parched March website for the next event schedule. Have a drink save a dog!!
Anyone of my friends wana go to the pool tomorrow? Inbox me
"GOD has a Purpose behind every problem... He uses circumstances to develop our character... ".-PDL (Rick Warren). "It is the fire of suffering that brings forth the gold of godliness!"- Madame Guyon. Who says Life is easy? It's always tough, hard and challenging... but it is Life! Life is not life if you're NOT living but just existing- My thoughts.
Okay, after a slow mo ride for my second half, the day is done and now I'm home. Anybody wanna chat for a few before I call it a night?
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