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Warren G Harding

Warren Gamaliel Harding (November 2, 1865 – August 2, 1923) was the 29th President of the United States (1921–1923).

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I look forward to the Times' next article, where they discuss the pressing relevance of Warren G. Harding's extramarital affair!
44 better presidents.even Warren G. Harding was better and he was the worse until now.
And yes, even Nixon, W. Bush, and Warren G Harding had more redeeming qualities - that is to say, at least one - than Trump.
I missed it -- what did he say about Warren G. Harding?
Why would he trash talk Warren G Harding?
What did he say about our beloved, favorite president Warren G. Harding?
Who are you quoting? What did he say about Warren G. Harding? Why was he sitting on someone named Mike? What are you
Are you related or distantly related to anyone famo... — Daniel boon, warren G, Harding
Presidential fun fact of the day: Warren G. Harding used Lake Superior as a euphemism for his *** in a love letter to his neighbor’s wife
What a joke. What has Trump done besides fail? You have to go all the way back to Warren G.…
Warren G. Harding graduate called for targeting on a hit on Malik Earl. Hard to tell, but it just lo…
"When I leave office next year you'll be left with sing a song of no-Pence. Sen Liz Warren best hope…
Warren G. Harding is even turning over
"Despite Trump’s promises to “drain the swamp,” the first year of his administration has been plag…
Yes, women involved in our great republic as well as minorities have been hidden or…
Jesus dude you really want to relitigate Ted Kennedy? Fine how abou…
Maybe Hillary should have followed Mrs. Harding’s lead! Warren G.’s wife knew how to handle his extra marital…
So were JFK and Warren G. Harding...what's the point? We're apparently incapable of holding someone acc…
Wanna know why they were ridiculed and trashed, because, like Leeann Tweeden, they were republican hit job…
You’ve got to be the most stupid president since Warren G. Harding. Do you actually think the aver…
except he's right, Clinton was a serial predator and deserves more fallout than he's…
Got any updates on Warren G Harding? Meanwhile in your White House...
Did you know? Warren G. Harding once gambled away a set of White House china.
Other than a PR ploy, what possible purpose did her making that statement have? Warren G. H…
Should have could have, distractions. It’s irrelevant. Warren G Harding should have…
And while were at it, now would be a good time to hold Warren G. Harding to account for father…
I am pulling for a live Warren G. Harding on Pedoprez. I will throw eggs at the Hearse, *** on the grave and ensu…
the people want to know... what did Warren G Harding do to any women or men while in office and is he sorry about it in the after life?
Historical examples of like that of the Warren G. Harding admin, don’t hold a candle to how and…
"The 43 men who held the job prior to Trump had a very strong sense that the position, at root, was ab…
mrs. lefebre convinced me that Warren G Harding is a vampire
Warren G. Harding couldn't keep to in his pants. Where is the outrage? Dig him up, then lock him up.
This is Warren G Harding all over again. *** dude, Pence even kinda looks like Coolidge. The corrupt…
Warren G Harding. . Look at the love letters he wrote to his mistress.
Presidential historian Robert Dallek on Trump admin:. “ might say this is the least effective and trustworthy…
Guy across from me in the lounge has a MAGA hat. I'm tempted to go put on my Warren G. Harding jersey; show him a real pres…
Oh yeah, well what about Warren G. Harding?
Agree. He makes Nixon and Warren G. Harding look like a couple of princes.
Ok, well since we are talking about how rape seems to be e…
Guess who visited the 29th POTUS memorial of Warren G Harding in Marion OH? 😝 I'm still not over the Teapot Dome Sc…
makes Warren G Harding & co look like Abe Heschel. That said, when will you cover HR…
Hot jobs for 2018: Experts on the Warren G Harding era.
Nah I like gender fluid, really cool choices. Kate McKinnon plays Warren G Harding (latecomer) and John Q Adams.
This is the Harding Home, residence of Warren G Harding and his wife. Built in 1890.
Yeah, the good ol' Roaring 20's and that dapper fella, Warren G Harding, made America Great before it was cool.
Man, I think may even be worse than Warren G. Harding.
Abraham Lincoln Vice President Hamlin , Warren G Harding, shorty before the 1920 Election Day Americans were amazed to read in the
For all Trump-Nixon comparisons, Harding is actually a better analogue but at least Warren…
Right now in *** James Buchanan, Warren G. Harding, and *** Nixon are celebrating that they'll never again be seen as the worst president
Whether it be the P.O.T.U.S., your grandma, your friend Alex, or Warren…
I was screaming so loud for the WARREN G HARDING RAIDER BAND that I lost my voice in 9 minutes
Warren G Harding @ his ween when it inevitably fails him
I mean warren G harding... you know what his middle name is? Greg? George? Fucc u It's Gamaliel.
I have never hated a president more and let me tell you I have some choice opinions about our friend Warren G Harding
My father and uncles attended Warren G. Harding
On his 207th day, Warren G. Harding strangled a man in a WH bathtub during a rowdy game of T…
Trump is a man from Warren G. Harding's own heart
Warren G. Harding Middle School in Des Moines, Iowa, named after one of the most corrupt presidents of the 20th Century.
I feel like Warren G Harding can finally relax in the afterlife.
I bet the Warren G. Harding Fan Club is having a banner year.
The dusty skull of Warren G. Harding would be fine.
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Man it's gotta be good right now to be a descendent of James Buchanan or Warren G. Harding, though. So off the hook.
Today in In 1860 Florence Harding born. Wife of Warren G. Harding, First Lady of the United States from 1…
FDR prolonged a depression for 15 years. . Warren G Harding cured the Depression of…
Happy birthday, Florence Harding! Born in 1860, Florence Harding was First Lady to Pres. Warren G. Harding of Mari…
You colluded with Russia to win the election. Now you are the most disliked Preside…
The only thing I've learned on this long, lonesome night is that Warren G. Harding was a straight baller.
Warren G. Harding playing poker while his buddies looted the treasury were doing more good for the country.
you're literally worse than Warren G. Harding. You've ignited racism and hatred unlike any POTUS. Shame. You are the fake news.
Warren G Harding: He spent his first weekend in the White House having an induction cere…
We now consider "W" the THIRD worst POTUS. . Warren G Harding is still on top.
"No other president, with the possible exception of Warren G. Harding, has been more than four worst presidents..."
Answer: No it did not. Elected Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. Real history, no…
When you're so god awful that you make George W. Bush and Warren G. Harding look like FDR and Lincoln.
Do you think that Warren G. Harding is upset now that that which most gave him historical distinction is being taken from him?
I don't know, I think this is pretty similar to Warren G Harding. *** didn't kno…
He's good news for Warren G Harding, though. Easily replaced as the worst president!
Daily Fact: Florence Harding, wife of Warren G. Harding, was the first to cast a vote for her husband.
compare our current president to Warren G. Harding. from "Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State…
Imagine president Warren G. Harding, having been elected in 1920 to “bring back normalcy” not saying all that much about this incident.
Trump is the worst president since Warren G. Harding. That will go in the history books.
Winner of creepiest dead Ohio Pres staring at me in the middle of the night while wandering the hotel hallways: War…
hey did you do the voiceover for the Warren G Harding trailer on Last Week Tonight?
Even Warren G. Harding would have offered more leadership today
I'm imagining that even Warren G. Harding would have shown more leadership today.
Warren G. Harding would not have been stupid enough to act like Trump did today.
In Mencken's day he probably was thinking about Warren G. Harding, but I'd love to know what he'd think about Trump.
Look, Warren G. Harding would be a breath of fresh air.
where is wax Warren G Harding when we need him
Strange that the banker looks like Warren G. Harding.
Perhaps, but that's kind of wordy for "Cool Cal" Coolidge. Now Warren G. Harding is a totally different story
In 2020 he'll celebrate the centennial of Warren G Harding worst POTU…
Warren G Harding came close he was one of the early GOP offerings
Trump ranks right up there with Warren G. Harding.
Statewide tour - Day 4 - Live from the Warren G Harding Memorial in Marion, OH
Things were so much better in the old days like when Warren G Harding was president.
the worst presidents in our history so far was James Buchanan, Warren G Harding and A…
belongs on with Herbert Hoover, Warren G Harding, Andrew Johnson, & Calvin Coolidge.
People don't remember Warren G Harding for being immensely popular or dying in office. They remember the corruption.
Me: time to go to sleep. Me, 1 hour later: wow I never new how fascinating the life of President Warren G Harding was.
Allow me to introduce you to Warren G Harding.
Before current, Warren G Harding set the bar for most corrupt President with Teapot Dome. That mantle has been passed to Trump.
Well, since the days of Warren G Harding at least. Havent seen such…
Don't forget Warren G Harding, James Buchanan, and my hometown hero, Millard Fillmore!
You are the worst president since hmmm no not Nixon. Warren G Harding!
Warren G Harding spent his presidency playing poker. He was a great president
Blessed to get a like from future president Warren G Harding
well John Tyler or Andrew Johnson would be worse off, Warren G Harding was okay at 100, his problems o…
Thank You for proving you can actually read off the TelePrompTer. Soon you might hit Warren G Harding levels of competence
Warren G Harding, the greatest President of the 20th Century called for normalcy of relations between Business, Labor & All Nations!
As an example, we just learned about Warren G Harding being a huge horndog two years ago.
My teacher just said that Warrren Harding put the G in Warren G Harding
for US president Warren G Harding, it was Jerry…. for Kanseru, it's Chris
You make Warren G Harding look like Abraham Lincoln compared to you!
To be fair ...they didn't poll Warren G Harding.
Emma Stone lived as Warren G Harding and has the same personality.
You must not know about Herbert Hoover or Warren G Harding
"I am not fit for this office and should never have been here." Warren G Harding, 08/1923 -
Tax cuts don't work unless equal across the board. Warren G Harding cured the Depression of1921
president Warren G Harding was better than you - you're a terrible human and do not posses the capacity for empathy
"Regulate" by Warren G Harding was the first to fear weapons of mass destruction
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Why not halve taxes across the board as Warren G Harding did in 1921 curing a Depression
administration so corrupt even Warren G Harding would be ashamed
By 2020 the only two people happy about Trump's presidency will be James Buchanan and Warren G Harding.
The presidency and the nation will survive a president Trump. As it survived Andrew Jackson Warren G Harding, Lyndon Johnson & Richard Nixon
Warren G Harding;s descendants are thrilled with T's electoral win. No longer will ol' Warren be on the top of the prez corruption list
but you haven't heard my hot takes on Warren G Harding yet!
We haven't seen this many millionaires in a cabinet since days of Warren G Harding. Look how that turned out.
Interesting read about the parallels of the current political shift and that of Warren G. Harding's candidacy.
(1) NO LANDSLIDE. Lost popular vote by almost 3m votes, 46 out of 52 in EC margin (bottom 20%). Warren G. Harding did better. 2/
Trump's first day in Oval: "Wow, can you believe it, I'm sitting in the same room as Warren G Harding and Richard Nixon. What an honor!"
It's nice that the states elected someone to take the crown from Warren G. Harding
if by "done more" you mean already been in more scandals than Warren G. Harding, you're right!
Warren G. Harding and James Buchanan wanted to come to see someone worse, but too busy being dead.
I have to say, I did not know much about Warren G. Harding.
To be known as the most corrupt candidate since Warren G. Harding?
Pres. Warren G. Harding with Sioux and Crow chiefs, and Indian Commissioner Burke. ⊕ The White House in background.
Trump's hiring of his crony's & business associates reminds me of Warren G. Harding & the "Ohio Gang." We know how…
Warren G Harding, now that was a bad President
that or the Warren G. Harding option
Warren G Harding gotta be smiling in his grave.
Newt is wrong. USA has been down this road before with Warren G. Harding. Didn't end well.
Will Trump become the Warren G Harding of his time? Another Great Republican. lol
OH "If I had a spare $50 million, I'd create the Warren G. Harding Institute which would specialize in presidential corruption & ineptitude"
Warren G Harding threw the opening pitch for '22 World Series. He went on to throw the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pitch in dirt for ball 4
And that's not even with the cronyism and public swindling a la Warren G. Harding added to it
Could 4-star Warren G. Harding ATH Lynn Bowden (become a target for the down the stretch?…
No i will not read that article about Warren G Harding because it'll only depress me.
Has PEOTUS looked at himself in a mirror? He's no Warren G. Harding himself.
I think he’s going to go down as another Warren G. Harding in the history books.
So...James Buchanan, Warren G Harding, Jimmy Carter and Dubya have their fifth man now!.
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29th US President Warren G Harding is delivered to the White House. Washington DC, 1921.
Warren G. Harding, you have a stomach-ache
Trump may be the Warren G Harding of the 21st century. Best guess. Records from this period are fragmentary.
Warren G Harding won the presidency because he looked Presidential. Tall, distinguished. And we know how that turned out.
Today, the United States of America has had its 29th president, Warren G. Harding, inaugurated into office!
Remember when Warren G. Harding appointed all of his friends & cronies into WH jobs, and it was a disaster? No? Me neither. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship. Others have ...
America's present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums b...
A new podcast I'm hosting just came out. It's free! We talk about illegal gambling and Warren G Harding's sex life!
Brad has more peace in his wrist than Warren G. Harding had in his whole body.
A lot of people comparing Trump's rise to that of Hitler's, but I think it's also interesting to note comparisons to Warren…
Can't forget our president Warren G. Harding. Amazing man and promise to his words! 29th U.S president!👔
Just skip to the Warren G. Harding bits, they're good for a laugh
Any on ever notice how Trump steals talkong points from Warren G Harding in Boardwalk Empire? Who pulls the lunatic strings?
We just don't know. Best-case scenario: Warren G. Harding. Worst-case? You don't want to know.
Hamilton Collection
Mar 4 1921- New president! Hope Warren G. Harding will do a good job leading us.
I don't know much about Americanism, but it's a *** good word wi...
Who was the first U.S. President to be impeached?. D. Richard Nixon. E. Andrew Johnson. F. Andrew Jackson. G. Warren G Harding
We survived John Quincy, Andrew Johnson, Warren G Harding, Carter and Bush (all 12 years) we will persist through Trump
Remember when I said Trump was more Warren G Harding than Reagan? Well he's proving me right already and he hasn't…
Since they didn't impeach Warren G Harding for stupidity, that is pretty much a forgone conclusion.
It's a very good chance that will be the Warren G Harding of 21st Century. What will be Trump's Teapot Dome?
Warren G Harding knocked up his mistress on a couch in a senator's office. All these bros think the same. . .Not defending Trump
Plenty of our former presidents were more racist and sexists than D-Trump, but none have been as incompetent. Well maybe Warren G Harding...
I know everyone is saying Clinton won the debate, but Warren G Harding coined 'normalcy' and he still became president.
Jazz trivia: Duke Ellington's father was a butler at the White House while Warren G Harding was president.
Getting attacked by mosquitos at a bar that Warren G Harding drank at before he died.
Now if you want a president who did weird sex stuff, we need to talk about Warren G Harding.
is it okay that my avi is Warren G Harding?
NHOH. I only heard of Warren G Harding, but I'm a great American
Hired officially by the school board at Warren G Harding last night. Been washing instruments all day today.
Who was our most effective president? — Warren G Harding
Excited to see awful GOP President nostalgic baby naming switch to Warren G Harding .
.Except for Warren G Harding, America's first black president...
Conspiracy: 's song Dark Horse is about 29th POTUS Warren G Harding (the dark horse president)
In no way is it weird that we've had a 15 year discussion about my disdain for President Warren G Harding.
President Warren G Harding, and the little girl he was said to have fathered, with Nan Britton.
"It’s not that [Trump’s] vapid and ill-informed about the world. Warren G Harding was president, after all."—
1. Dems are hilarious. 2. Warren G Harding is gross. 3. Nixon is an *** (spoiler alert).
Trump sounds like Warren G Harding. Not a good example to follow.
Now these agents of Warren G Harding got ppl believing some fard Muhammad crap, stolen from Noble drew ali.
you would be a HUGE fan of Warren G Harding
Carson is a splitting image of Warren G. Harding 29th President of the USA
Warren G. and Warren G. Harding. Not the same person.
As if Ditka knows enough to compare President Obama with President James Buchanan or Warren G Harding or US Grant or Cal Coolidge.
Re: your ascertain that Obama is the worse.POTUS ever. What about Warren G. Harding, Woodrow Wilson BTW: Peyton is done !
When she was born, Warren G. Harding was POTUS.
is the Warren G. Harding of our time. Embrace it.
Congrats to our Warren G. Harding Raiders! District Champs! Keep it rolling boys!
Which former U.S. President is the movie Air Force One about? I'm guessing Warren G Harding, mount up.
1921 Warren G. Harding inaugurated 29th to ride to & from his Inauguration in an automobile. …
Reagan himself was only 4th most Reaganesque candidate. Somewhere between James G. Blaine and Warren Harding.
- March 5th 1921. Warren G. Harding is inaugurated.
The mattress showroom is set up at Warren G. Harding HS. Every purchase benefits the band so come by before 5pm to help the kids & save big!
Warren G. once lost White House china in a poker game.
do you ever think of how ridiculous Warren G. Harding's eyebrows were?
Don't care what you have to say about Warren G. Harding, so I think I will pass
Doing this blog because the Internet is a tad off out at Warren G. Harding. So you can follow along on the blog in about an hour.
Ditka is wrong. Warren G. Harding (and many, many others) rate far worse. But I don't hold Ditka's opinion in...
D3 District Finals: plays Tuslaw at Salem HS at 7 pm while Newton Falls faces the G-Men at Warren Harding.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I'll be covering the Newton Falls/Garrettsville Garfield district final at Warren G Harding tonight. Tipoff at 7:00
Warren G. Harding. Gamaliel. G ... is for Gamaliel. If you'll excuse me, I will now stare off into the shimmering distance.
On March 4, 1921, Harding County is created and named for Warren G. Harding, the 29th president. Its seat is...
On this date in 1921, Warren G. Harding was inaugurated as the 29th president of the United States.
Well, its finally here, game day! Tonight at 7 Warren G Harding Gmen vs Newton Falls
“It’s a good thing I’m not a woman. I would always be pregnant. I can’t say no,” -President Warren G. Harding
"The G stands for 'get'. Warren Gets Harding. Knowhumsayin?" - Warren G. Harding
If u need a new mattress, see u tomorrow at If u don't, help by telling your friends! Support Warren G. Harding Band!!
Warren Harding, for instance, called his “Jerry” in letters to his mistress, Carrie Phillips. /3
1923 Warren G harding dies and I become president
1920 I am elected Vice President of the United States under the leadership of Warren G Harding.
Trump will be the worst president in history. Like literally. He'll top even James Buchanan and Warren G Harding.
because the last President from Ohio was Warren G Harding and we all know how that turned out
Who the f*** cares about a two-bit governor of Ohio who is nothing more than a lightweight version of Warren G. Harding!
Warren G Harding never had to shout out to his website tbh
At least we don't have to deal with Calvin Coolidge or Warren G Harding as president. Could be worse.
The original "smoke filled room" was in the Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, at the 1920 GOP convention. Warren G. Harding won.
Warren G. Harding's love letters are...something else
Andrew Johnson & Warren G. Harding are already fighting for that title, sorry
America already had its presidential love child scandal with Warren G Harding
I note your remarks about Warren G. Harding. I can't believe you would diss the first black President like that.
March 4, 1921: Warren G. Harding became the first person to ride to his U.S. presidential inauguration in an automobile.
Walking out of my history test like wait-- you mean Warren G. Harding's campaign slogan?
John wick ok. Sanford and son may be better relief from the Millard Fillmore and Warren G Harding narratives
The founder of is a distant cousin of Warren G Harding, the 29th US president.
if Rutherford B. Hayes has a birthplace gas station what should Warren G Harding have?
S/o to for giving Ohio some love. Talking about McDaniels family & Warren G Harding
Goodluck to our boys soccer who play tonight vs Warren G Harding @ home!! Game starts @ 7
what family members had dna case in court for Warren G Harding n lost
Aug 10 in University District History: University closed for the funeral of US President (and Marion OH son) Warren G Harding. In 1923.
President Warren G Harding and Calvin Coolidge in 1920 film: via
We could talk about how Warren G Harding got elected because he was the Magic Mike of 1920
shall we try to get trending for making a mockery of the home of Warren G Harding?!?!!!
I'm visiting DC and I got a shot of the Warren G. Harding Memorial for you.
. False. Warren G. Harding was the worst president ever. Grant was the 2nd. Bush barely cracks the top 10.
"How did Warren G. Harding die?". Presidential fever consumes the morning conversation.
Just learned that in his acceptance speech as R. presidential candidate Warren G Harding supported federal anti-lynching laws.
NEW POST: What does Warren G. Harding have to do with anything?
Warren G. Harding: Not a great president, but gets a great memorial.
To paraphrase President Warren G. Harding... for Europe to know prosperity, its government needs to get off the back of its people!
Warren G Harding was too busy regulating with Nathaniel Dogg to be in the KKK
And I'm pretty sure Warren G. Harding was too busy writing about his *** to be in the KKK.
USII: Warren G. Harding wanted "Normalcy" during the 1920s; he was later associated with the Teapot Dome Scandal.
are you from Ohio, too? Which part? I'm from Marion, best known for Warren G. Harding, and more recently, heroin.
What's the big deal about Obama saying the N-word. It's not like he's the first president to say it. Especially Warren G. Harding
Aiming for slightly better than Warren G. Harding
"You really love Woodrow Wilson don't you?" Oh, he's my favorite President next to Warren G. Harding.
They say Warren G. Harding won the 1920 election but do you know anyone who voted for him? THINK ABOUT IT.
How was Warren G Harding able to juggle being president and a regulator?: submitted by mr-spectre [link] [2 ...
Yeah, him, Warren G. Harding, and Alexander Hamilton had mothers who were originally listed as "mulatto"
Dont miss out on this week's edition of 4th-N-Goal! Warren G Harding basketball Head Coach Andy…
I think I'm the best guy to hit the United States in the past 150 years. (Warren G Harding was born in 1865)
President Warren G. Harding. He was actually sworn into the Ku Klux Klan in a Klan ceremony conducted inside
The first president to condemn lynching was Warren G. Harding in 1921, 40 years and over 3,000 lives after the age of lynching …
Due to budget cuts the will replace Abe, George & Teddy with James K Polk, Warren G Harding & Chester Arthur.
Warren G Harding was the best president to ever serve this nation. No doubt about it
lol never heard of the warren g Harding/Zachary Taylor scandal
"I have no trouble with my enemies. I can take care of my enemies in a fight. But my friends, my godda…
Treasury by the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, which was signed into law by president Warren G. Harding. The Bureau of the Budget was m
Still a 50/50 chance of George Washington with No, wait - Warren G. Harding
All purpose parts banner
Gosh, that song was popular when I was a junior in high school! Warren G. Harding High School, Warren, Ohio
Warren G. Harding owned a baseball team in Ohio. Here’s his pitch in DC in 1921.
4/13/1921 - President Warren G. Harding tossing out the first pitch. Red Sox 6 Senators 3.
I have no trouble with my enemies, but my damned friends! They're the ones that keep me walking the floors at night! G Harding
Before 4:00 PM my gym consists mainly of people who voted for Warren G Harding.
Warren G. Harding on the Negative One Dollar bill. I'm dying
Warren G.Harding's video is awesome! Way to represent!
Make sure y'all voting for Warren G Harding on
Please tell all of followers you vote for Warren G. Harding on this link!
Warren G Harding is part of an antibullying campaign & is asking you to help spread the word!
I always support you so you should support Warren G Harding and vote for them on this link
that President Warren G. Harding appointed Louise DeKoven Bowen to represent the United States at the…
"Warren G. Harding’s Airedale, Laddie Boy, had his own chair at cabinet meetings" this changes everything
But I have this nifty silver dollar with warren g harding on it
Hey you should tell all of your followers to vote for Warren G Harding on this link!!
Gov. Mike Pence reminds me of Warren G Harding. He, like Harding, was marketed because he supposedly LOOKED like a president.
Same here! As a counterpoint, we're visiting the Warren G Harding home and memorial today in Marion, OH.
Second favorite low key funny moment from Kimmy Schmidt: The $-1 bill has the face of Warren G Harding.
race should have nothing to do with the office of the President Truth is Warren G Harding was first black Pres
People say Warren G Harding was the worst president, but it should be Andrew Johnson. This chart shows why:
Definitely not, Nixon did some good. Warren G Harding was useless, James Buchanan basically let the Civil War Happen.
Warren G Harding is my favorite president
Warren G Harding, but I don't like the Internet.
Warren G Harding really go hard I can't even flex 😩
he's producing a school play about the Teapot Dome scandal and his Warren G Harding portrayal is unflattering.
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