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Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty (born March 30, 1937) is an American actor, producer, screenwriter and director. He has been nominated for 15 Academy Awards, and has won the Best Director Award and its highest honor, the Irving G.

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Time to watch a cracking little 70s conspiracy thriller, complete with a poofy-haired Warren Beatty..
Shoutout to whoever set up the academic decathlon at Warren. You the real MVP.
lilycolinsdaily: First look at Lily Collins in the Untitled Warren Beatty Project (2015)
Beautiful: matte paintings from Warren Beatty’s *** Tracy
WHOA DUDE!!! Did you and Burt Reynolds leave Warren Beatty behind with your razor???
I think Warren Beatty is the only classic film star on my list still living
ya think current Hollywood is even capable of giving us something akin to what Warren Beatty was in his heyday?
Reminder Warren and CCA will release at noon tomorrow.
: Well yeah... But, She's really Warren Beatty, so it's okay! ;)
What do Bill Cosby and Warren Beatty have in common ?
Here are some gorgeous matte paintings from Warren Beatty’s *** Tracy
he treated Sally Field like crap to ..he must think he's really something !! A Warren Beatty lol
Faye Dunaway, Warren Beatty, Arthur Penn, break in filming on the set of Bonnie and Clyde, 1966. photo by Lee Johnson
THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BUT PROBABLY DON'T 1. Money isn't made out of paper, it's made out of cotton. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp (marijuana) paper. The dot over the letter 'i' is called a 'tittle.' A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. Susan Lucci is the daughter of Phyllis Diller 40% of McDonald's profits come from the sales of Happy Meals. 315 entries in Webster’s 1996 Dictionary were misspelled. The 'spot' on 7UP comes from its inventor, who had red eyes. He was albino. On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents, daily.. Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are brother and sister. Chocolate affects a dog's heart and nervous system; a few ounces will kill a small-sized dog. Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into the shark's stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode. Most lipstick contains fish scales (eeww). Donald Duck comics were banned from Finla ...
Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty, co-stars in the Elia Kazan-directed romantic drama, Splendor in the Grass, attend...
Michael Caine, Warren Beatty, Leslie Caron,Mike and Bernie Winters, Liz Frazer and more go to the Funfair (1965):
Who Writes These Headlines, Anyway Dept.: Headline on AOL Welcome Page for breaking news story: REAL-LIFE 'BONNIE AND CLYDE' NABBED BY COPS Er... people... Bonnie and Clyde WERE real-life! Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty weren't making it all up in that movie!!
Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood in Elia Kazan's "Splendor in the Grass" - 1961. (Eliot Elisofon—The LIFE Picture C... http:/…
Interesting but a good movie I saw with a lot of well lnown actors..Karl Malden, Warren Beatty, Eva Marie Saint, Angela Lansbury, and.
Here's another script for the "Movie Marvels" show. This one is at least a decade old. We're still showing the film, though! PROF FRED’S MOVIE MARVELS SCRIPT *** Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947) Star: Ralph Byrd; Anne Gwynn Hey students, today in class, we’re going to view a phenomenon that was almost completely outdated but came back big in the last few decades---comic strips getting turned into feature films! Long before there was Bruce Wayne or The Green Hornet or The Fantastic Four, there was *** Tracy! I suppose most people think of Warren Beatty, who’s ‘80s film of the infamous crime fighter was a hit and a pretty good movie, but we’re not into that! We’re into BAD MOVIES! Let’s do some history, students! In 1931, Chester Gould wrote the first *** Tracy “comic strip” for The Detroit Mirror. It was a reaction to the gangland violence that was gripping the area at the time. *** Tracy was a hermongous hit, and it soon became a radio show running from 1934 (on NBC) to 1948 (on AB ...
Now they’d cast Bruce Dern, MT Warren Beatty missed '84 gala b/c "They want me for the lead in the
Next great McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971). with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie;. dir. Robert Altman. Grade: A-
Edward Herrmann on working with Warren Beatty, Woody Allen, John Huston and Alexis Bledel via (2012).
The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Based on the Toronto Dominion Centre showing the Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower (completed 1967) and the Royal Trust Tower (completed 1969) but not the soon to be built Commercial Union Tower (completed 1974). Commerce Court which was finished in 1972 is not visible. Therefore I would date this between 1969 and 1971. The large rollercoaster in the foreground is the Mighty Flyer (1953-1993)). Also in the foreground is the Shell Oil Tower (built 1955). It was renamed the Bulova Tower in 1980 and town down in 1986. The Bonnie & Clyde ride on the left border of the picture is intriguing. Perhaps somehow linked to the popularity of the movie with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway that was released in 1967. Great picture and wonderful memories!!
Last night I dreamt that began serving ramen, giving guest massages, and that Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty showed up to trivia.
Just read oral history on Boogie Nights. Best takeaway: Warren Beatty wanted to play stud, not director. He was about 60 then.
I don't like Family Guy because it reminds me of the time me and Warren Beatty entered a bonnie baby competition and lost to Walter Matthau
.One of my favorite all time movies. Warren Beatty, Charles Grodin.Great Quote from Movie. "Whip me up a Liver & Whey Shake.
Photo: warrensbeatty: Warren Beatty and Vivien Leigh in a promo shot for The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone...
Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty in THE FORTUNE, directed by the late Mike Nichols, Blu-ray debut next month!
Photo: 1975's Shampoo found Warren Beatty as a heterosexual hairdresser, blowing out Julie Christie.
Music Fact: The Carly Simon song 'You're So Vain' is about Warren Beatty and not *** Jagger who sang backing vocals on the track.
Jack Nicholson was asked, along w/ Dustin Hoffman & Warren Beatty, to play the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather (1972)
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening's daughter to make her debut in Paris via
Today I fell in love with Warren Beatty
So excited this morning to have three students from the work-study program at George Mason join the OLLI staff. Aquilla Ossian will be working as a program assistant helping with future planning. Warren Beatty and Kendall Ayers will be working with Bill Walsh to keep our classroom A/V equipment ready for our instructors. Please take time to welcome them when you see them on campus.
Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable. (Beatty, Warren)
Julie Christie at work with Warren Beatty in 'Shampoo' (1975) directed by Hal Ashby via
Done with essays! Now to watch every Diane Keaton film. And then every Warren Beatty one.
I know it's not all about looks... But can someone come into my life who looks like a young Harrison Ford or Warren Beatty...?
Would like to see a spinoff with Luciano,Lansky, Siegel,thougj Warren Beatty did the best job with Bugsy
Baby(Warren Beatty) check this out! Of course ours will be something similar, but be flipped for our taste..
He must've used the same accent coach as Warren Beatty in Roman Spring of Mrs Stone.
Much later, when both marriages had run their courses, Warren Beatty arranged for Medavoy
All about Warren Beatty Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
"Everything is Ishtar to Warren Beatty" my sister in all her Pinot filled glory.
This movie just looks like Warren Beatty having sex with everyone.
Bugsy is on TCM tonight. A very good, underrated mob movie. Warren Beatty is excellent as Benjamin Siegel
Great piece from about the country's Obama fatigue. The Warren Beatty dig was especially fun.
My bestfriend my husbandfor life...I love you Warren Beatty!
Good luck with that. Get ready for a lot of giggles about Warren Beatty's hair.
Duff spoke of entertaining the likes of Warren Beatty, Dustin Hoffman, and Richard Dreyfuss.
Her Part and Al Pacino were the best part of the film, Warren Beatty was always a sissy boy in movies, can't throw a fake
Warren Beatty has always acted like a Movie Star even when no one knew who he was.
Just saw in Sherman Oaks. Warren Beatty & Annette Benning right next to us literally sitting on the edge of their seats.
The sun setting behind the Warren Beatty water tower
Fotoset: tinasinatra: Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty, early 1960s
that can't be Bonnie & Clyde. they don't look anything like Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway
Also: only at WDW can see you see Warren Beatty signed his name in concrete and below it wrote "(DT)"
Genesis of Life of Pi goes all the way back to Yann Martel seeing the film "Reds" by Warren Beatty.
Divulgada primeira still de Untitled Warren Beatty Project -
Aren't they also Warren Beatty's sunglasses from Bonnie and Clyde?
I know. It could make you paranoid. Like Warren Beatty in the 'Parallax View'
Gillian when I was still a fan, and Annette Bening. and then Annette and Warren Beatty another time. DEAD.
"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel" ~ Warren Beatty
On this date in Ptbo History 1986 won best costume at Adam Scott dressed as Warren Beatty from Shampoo
Warren Beatty: All we need is a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction.…
Vintage photo of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway standing together. by photograph via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonn...
Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty as Bonnie and Clyde - late 1960s
I want to give her Carly Simon-esque inspiration. I want to be Warren Beatty.
Arguably Carly Simon's best known song. Rumoured to be about Warren Beatty, so decided to play with that idea for this video. ENJOY!
Does anybody out there remember the name of that movie where Warren Beatty played *** Tracy? I'm drawing a blank...
fans see Warren Beatty & Julie Christie in with this Thurs at
you might be leaving out the all time greats. JFK. Nicholson. Bogart. Warren Beatty. Rick James
"The Golden Globes are fun. The Oscars are business." - Warren Beatty
Nancy likes ConAir because of Nicholas Cage. She likes Warren Beatty too.
Chester Gould's was as ugly as a pork pie, a far cry from handsome Warren Beatty.
The restraining order from Warren Beatty was unfortunate.
If Apple makes an iWatch *** Tracy ad with Warren Beatty, Madonna, and Al Pacino, I will buy one. Otherwise, not happening.
Have heard few revenge songs. But nothing sung more coolly, yet sharply, than Carly Simon's 'you're so vain'. Beatty??
“You know, you left without saying good-bye. That’s not like you, not that I have the slightest idea what you’re like.”. — Warren Beatty
"I have a day job. I can make movies when I want to...".
Will the political party coloring ever be corrected? Warren Beatty in "Reds" was no republican-a clever deceptive spin
Warren Beatty raps. Oliver Platt does coke. Don Cheadle talks about Burger King.
-Mind you, the Warren Beatty one was NOT one o' those dreams.
On the Natalie Wood front, Splendor in the Grass, which was also Warren Beatty's first film.
WARREN BEATTY & Annette Bening. The couple married in 1992 and are now considered Hollywood royalty.
Brilliant piece in by "When it comes to romance, you need a little 'what if'." I agree!
So glad the Rams wasted a draft pick on a lineman... Is Vince Ferrigamo available to play QB? How about Warren Beatty?
Photoset: gloriaswanson: Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty meeting photographers at Cannes Film Festival, 1962
Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman wander about the desert. Instead of a plot they find Isabelle Adjani.
Currently watching Town & Country with Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Gary Shandling and Goldie Hawn. Haven't seen it?
Warren Beatty is like 'I want a hotel so bad' and so this woman he's boning is like yes
must see movie of old...Splendor in the Grass...Warren Beatty/Natalie Wood
Warren Beatty's *** Tracy" was about 15 years ahead of its time.
Girl possessed by the devil spews vile words and vomit all over the place then Warren Beatty breaks up with her ...
you just naned movies with Warren Beatty. And yes, "Heaven Can Wait"."Bugsy"? Meh. FT :)
WARREN BEATTY takes a nibble of CARRIE FISHER on the set of SHAMPOO.
Warren Beatty tries to rob a record shop.
Come on, if my wife is going to Warren Beatty to get her hair poofed, I know something is up! He don't fool me!
Why are you so good at picking up women? Warren Beatty: Theyre not that different from men.
I would give all of the money to buy an autobiography by Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty convinces everybody that we should pay an extra penny to save a fish that thinks. Julie Christy swoons!
"My notion of a wife at 40 is that a man should be able to change her like a bank note for two 20s." ~Warren Beatty
There's that old Warren Beatty interview, which lists time on WB's pauses — "[32-second pause]"— & this is "[76-sec guffaw]"...
Madonna makes a lot of innuendos about liking *** to Warren Beatty.
Right, because if you were talking Warren Beatty / Annette Bening we weren’t going to be friends anymore.
TONIGHT: Watch Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway in 1967 classic "Bonnie and Clyde". It's our WETA Movie at 9:30pm!
Wow was that a bad Marlon Brando impression by Warren Beatty.
Anyways, I had a dream during last-fitful-night that Warren Beatty was tutor 2 me and some pals, and I had 2 vacuum his place as payment.
Tonight: THE GODFATHER Part II shows at 8pm. Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda, Warren Beatty & Paula Prentiss flicker on our screen on Sunday!
In Year One today Bonnie and Clyde, starring Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Gene Hackman, premieres. It also...
Can we talk about how beautiful Annette Bening and Warren Beatty is as a couple.
Brother and sister attend a movie premiere (1966) Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty -
My Andy is related to Warren Beatty & Shirley MacLaine 😃 x
In case you were wondering, Annette Bening’s husband is named Warren Beatty
The Lord Attenborough is like Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Roberto Benigni's predecessor; A superb actor who can also direct superbly.
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening are the cutest.
If I just love your Cans, does that mean i am half as good as Warren Beatty? because i'll take that!
Warren Beatty once ate sushi behind me.
Warren Beatty once told me he loved my candor
All purpose parts banner
On set with Jack Nicholson, Stockard Channing and Warren Beatty for The Fortune (1975), tonight on Icons @ 8 – 8PM/5PT.
I heard the story of Warren Beatty being with nearly 13,000 women in his lifetime. I almost spit out my diet...
Nice try Warren Beatty still have a few thousand more to catch up with "Wilt the Stilt"
In a new book "Star:How Warren Beatty Seduced America" Beatty has bedded an astounding 12,755.
Do you discuss your "number" with your partner? Warren Beatty scored with 12,755 woman. What # is acceptable?
.overlaid. As in: "in the 70s, Warren Beatty got seriously overlaid."
as the vamp Breathless Mahoney in Warren Beatty's *** Tracy (1990)
Madonna and Warren Beatty promo photo outtake for *** Tracy in 1989 Credit - TBMPC
Don't forget to wear your ticket t-shirt. Warren Beatty and Madonna in *** TRACY released on this day in 1990.
Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman writing songs just cracks me up.
Warren Beatty sex number, slept with 12,775 women in 35 years
Really who knew that Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are siblings?
Photo: Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, “Bonnie and Clyde”, 1967 by thefoxling on Flickr.
MOVIE OF THE DAY: Shampoo Does it get any prettier than Julie Christie and Warren Beatty? Nope.
I've just learn that he is not Warren Beatty 😂 he is George Hamilton 😂😂😂
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Can't wait to see in Hair tonight at the Hollywood Bowl. I loved the movie. Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn were fantastic.
I loved her in 'Detective Story' wi Kirk Douglas & in 'Hairspray' with Warren Beatty & even in 'The Omen II' with William Holden
The insanely sexy Julie Christie at work with Warren Beatty in "Shampoo" (1975), dir. by Hal Ashby
Warren Beatty in Venice, 1965. Actor and director Warren Beatty with a girlfriend poses near the Hotel Excelsior during the Venice Film Festival.
NYC MASTER TEACHER JACK WETHERALL will be holding a SUMMER ACTING WORKSHOP on August 22, 23 & 24 at MAS ACTING STUDIOS! JACK WETHERALL is a distinguished artist in theatre, television and film. He began his professional career as a young actor at the Stratford Festival Theatre of Canada where he rose to be a leading member of the company. Wetherall's industry experience spans over forty years as a professional actor: ("Orlando" in AS YOU LIKE IT and "Konstantin" in THE SEAGULL, opposite Dame Maggie Smith, directed by Robin Phillips), to Broadway (title role in the original production of THE ELEPHANT MAN), to Film and Television ("Uncle Vic" on the hit series *** AS FOLK). Jack has over 25 Years Coaching and Teaching experience, most recently and ongoing with the very prestegious The Stella Adler Studio Of Acting in New York City. Alumni of The Stella Adler Studio of Acting include Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Melanie Griffith, Salma Hayek, Warren Beatty and Bryce Dallas Howard. IS A MUST FOR THEATRE A . ...
"Why's this one hick so instantly ticked at Warren Beatty? Oh right. The 70s. Rednecks. Men with long hair. That Bob Seger song. Sissies."
Friendly reminder, Warren Beatty's "Reds" is still on netflix streaming.
Someone call Warren Beatty, cause here come the Reds
no, its was Warren Beatty's "stuff". Its was confirmed on VH1 behind the music.
I want to be murdered, like Warren Beatty in Bulworth
Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway star in the 1967 Best Picture nominee. Watch "Bonnie and Clyde" tonight at 9pm on
What a bullet was dodged...that day that Warren Beatty turned down the part of Bill.
Warren Beatty portrait piece submitted by
Watching Bugsy for the first time, surprisingly decent. Can't wait to see Warren Beatty make his comeback. Bonafide movie star!
How Warren Beatty fell in love after ‘12,775’ women - Tom...
Warren Beatty Net Worth: Henry Warren Beatty known as Warren Beatty has accumulated the net worth of 60 millio...
Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood arrive at the 1962 Academy Awards.
I share my b'day with Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton & Rolf Harris - which explains why I'm a ladies man with slow hands and …
Warren Beatty was a finalist for the lead role in this film -
Chace Crawford to get awards attention for untitled Warren Beatty project? | News via
Maggie & Jack Gyllenhaal are the Shirley MacLaine & Warren Beatty of our time
Struggling slightly today after 3 bad nights. Watched great film tho called Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty.
I just had a Warren Beatty sighting and I have to tell you it was rather thrilling.
Watched this Warren Beatty film last night "The Heist" $
Warren Beatty would make another good Stark. Banner's a tough one. Harvey Keitel?
That would be Warren Beatty. Don't worry, he got his licks in too.
...blow drying my wife's hair after her gall bladder I know how Warren Beatty felt in 'Hairspray'...
Was on an Amiga-themed nostalgia trip when I found this. Didn't know Warren Beatty was in Total Recall
Vintage show biz: & Warren Beatty share a laugh at the Golden Globes, 1968 .. why didn't he put her
I liked a video Warren Beatty Accepts the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2008
so someone like Warren Beatty (67 takes in McCabe and Mrs Miller per scene) would not be a good fit for TV, but people with
Estate Sale: MADONNA *** Tracy Dolls (Rare and original, this pair of 1991 official memorabilia dolls includes both Madonna's character - Breathless Mahoney - and Warren Beatty's - *** Tracy - depicted in 14" tall replica dolls. Both dressed in miniature outfits like those worn in the movie, Madonna in her long black and gold trimmed velvet dress, with Warren's character in belted yellow overcoat and hat, these hard to find dolls are as new with their original *** Tracy store tags intact!) Listed elsewhere for $160 for the pair. Asking $100 for both obo. Located in Prattville.
Name a famous old bluegrass type instrumental used to increase the excitement in a vintage Warren Beatty film. Betcha can't think of the one I just heard tonight on TCM.
Dollars is on TCM. Good flick with Goldie Hawn and Warren Beatty.
Ummm so Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are siblings? Both have a slew of accolades to their name
Has it been established that Mitch Kupchack looks like Warren Beatty?
Suzie and I are coming and bringing Warren Beatty.
Leslie Caron and Warren Beatty doing a test 1965
If you need a little lunchtime reading, I wrote some words about Warren Beatty's *** Tracy
I vaguely remember going 'looks...kinda meh. also, madonna is pulling sexy face. (yawn) who's warren beatty?'
He did have a reputation as something of a "player". But some way off, say, Warren Beatty...
OK, who wants to explain to me why Warren Beatty's "Heaven Can Wait" isn't a blu-ray? America demands answers.
Um, how did I not know that Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine were brother and sister?
ain't that Warren Beatty? Hopefully this version is far better than that Emile Hersh rendition-Men thinking w/ the wrong head;)
"You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play." – Warren Beatty, actor
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
From tha' Warren Beatty flick no one went to see Ghetto Superstar is my so good even the bee gees started doing it during 'Islands'
Lily and her co-star, Ashley Hamilton. They'll play at 'Untitled Warren Beatty Project'
Warren Beatty and Shirley McLaine are. brother and sister.
and by 'playa' I mean Warren Beatty or Tommy Lee.
Look, give me all the rules you want, but until you tell me how Warren Beatty and George Hamilton aren't brothers, I believe nothing.
and like David Geffen or Warren Beatty, he's so vain.
Kevin Kline as Errol Flynn paired with Dakota Fanning, Warren Beatty as Howard Hughes with Lily Collins... Who's next? Wallace Beery?
Film legend Warren Beatty has wrapped principal photography on his Howard Hughes project--the director's first feature in almost 20 years--after a 74-day shoot. The film's plot is being kept under wraps, but reportedly focuses on a late-life affair the aviation pioneer (Beatty) had with a much younger woman (Lily Collins). Beatty is 77, Collins 25. It's taken quite some time for Beatty's film to take off: just this February, Deadline reported that billionaires Ron Burkle and Steve Bing, Windsor Media’s Terry Semel, Arnon Milchan’s New Regency and James Packer’s and Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment had finally come together to finance the roughly $27 million production.Beatty wrote the film and will star as the older Hughes, joined by Alden Ehrenreich as Hughes's assistant. In addition, Martin Sheen, Annette Bening and Matthew Broderick will also star, along with Alec Baldwin as Robert Maheu, a confidante of Hughes who purportedly received all his instructions from the idiosyncrati...
The iconic Warren Beatty is making his return to Hollywood screens!!
November 1968: - Elizabeth Taylor, 36, still photos (with Warren Beatty) from their film, “The Only Game in Town.” When Elizabeth was filming, “Secret Ceremony” in London with Mia Farrow earlier in the year, Frank Sinatra (Mia’s present husband) frequently came to the set to see his wife. It was a very turbulent time in their marriage and Elizabeth, whether she liked it or not, was playing marriage counselor. Elizabeth was also in a rather peculiar position with Frank. They engaged in a brief affair a dozen years earlier, when her marriage to Michael Wilding was breaking up and he was separated from actress, Ava Gardner. In Kitty Kelly’s biography, she alleges that Elizabeth had actually aborted Sinatra’s baby in Palm Springs, though this has never been confirmed. Knowing how Elizabeth cherished children, it seems unlikely…but on the other hand, having the baby of a married man (as visible as Sinatra), just as her own marriage was ending, would have been too difficult of a situation for h ...
That one time the Rembrandt of modern cinematography almost got fired by Warren Beatty, via
Marlin Jim Davis (August 26, 1909 – April 26, 1981) was an American actor, best known for his role as Jock Ewing in the CBS prime-time soap opera, Dallas, a role which continued until he was too ill from a terminal illness to perform Born as Marlin Jim Davis in Edgerton in Platte County in northwestern Missouri, he attended Baptist-affiliated William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. His first major screen role was opposite Bette Davis in the 1948 melodrama Winter Meeting, a lavish failure for which he was lambasted in the press as being too inexperienced to play the part properly. His subsequent film career consisted of mostly B movies, many of them westerns, although he made an impression as a U.S. senator in the Warren Beatty conspiracy thriller The Parallax View. In the episode "Little Washington" of the syndicated television series Death Valley Days, Davis portrayed a U.S. representative from Nevada with aspirations to become governor of the new state. Collectively, Davis appeared ten times on D ...
Today I learned that Ned Beatty and Warren Beatty are not the same guy, and that Shirley MacLaine was not the voice of Lambchop.
Watched Bugsy last night. Fantastic movie once again from Warren Beatty. He truly has not aged after making this movie over 20 years after Bonnie and Clyde! Great performance from Annette Bening as well, along with Ben Kingsley, Harvey Keitel and the rest of the cast. I love the 1930's setting of it all and I love how they put Mickey Cohen into the mix with a new interpretation (played as an older guy by Harvey Kietel). I like how it shows someone getting taken away by Hollywood and falling in love with it to create their own version of paradise (which then became Las Vegas). Overall: 9/10= Looks like a new season has begun, Mr. Beatty you impress me very much.
Throwback Thursday is such a fun day. Here are Julie Christie and Warren Beatty from the movie Shampoo, a 1975...
Reds (1981) 3hr 06m [15] Warren Beatty, who won an Oscar for Best Director, also stars in this sweeping romantic e...
Warren Beatty and Halle Berry in BULWORTH released on this day in 1998.
Alec Baldwin revisiting the strange world of Howard Hughes in Warren Beatty's upcoming biopic.
Andy Warhol's Bad is a 1977 comedy film, directed by Jed Johnson, starring Carroll Baker, Perry King and Susan Tyrrell. It was written by Pat Hackett and George Abagnalo, and produced by Andy Warhol. The opening screening in May 1977 attracted over 750 people, including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Julie Christie, and George Cukor. Tyrrell won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.
Actor Alec Baldwin has been cast as eccentric Howard Hughes' lawyer in a new Warren Beatty film.
* Charlize Theron will produce and star in American Express, the latest directorial effort from Nash Edgerton, Joel's brother and director of 2008's The Square. There are zero details as of yet but we do know Megan Ellison's rebranded Annapurna International will be selling it at Cannes. Stay tuned for details. * Warren Beatty continues to cast up his untitled Howard Hughes biopic with some
Everyone's story has a beginning… Jennifer Aniston was both a telemarketer and waitress before hitting it big. Alec Baldwin was once a bouncer. Lucille Ball was reportedly fired from an ice cream shop for not remembering to add bananas to banana splits. Warren Beatty reportedly worked as a rat catcher before hitting it big. Halle Berry worked at Higbee's Department store in the children's department. Marlon Brando became a ditch digger after being expelled from military school. Charles Bronson worked in a coal mine before becoming famous. Sandra Bullock worked as a bartender. Before his big break, country singer Kenny Chesney worked as a valet attendant, telemarketer and mail sorter. Chubby Checker plucked chickens at a poultry market named Henry Colt's. Before Nirvana, the late Kurt Cobain worked as a janitor for Lemons Janitorial Service. Diddy was an intern at Uptown Records where he did grunt work like washing cars & fetching coffee. Bill Cosby shined shoes and sold produce when he was young. Simon ...
We retained our crown! First place with score of 94 out of 100, 7 points more than second place, at Cinema St. Louis. Hard rounds: Anne Hathaway, Grace Kelly, Clark Gable, Ron Howard, the Wizard of Oz, Ireland, Matt Damon, Warren Beatty, 1994, and Sight and Sound 2012 Best Movies List. Had a great time with Tom Stockman, Z Ranger Rogers,, Jim Batts, Michelle McCue, Dana Young, Travis Keune and Michael Haffner.
check this out Coastweek, May 11 - 17, 1979: ... Warren Beatty in the comedy “Heaven Can Wait”, Regal Cinema s...
Can I say how excited I am about seeing tomorrow's performance of Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks at the Laguna Playhouse! Any show with David Engel is an event, but when it's Miss Leslie Caron with whom he's sharing the stage!!! I mean, Leslie Caron! LILI! GIGI! THE L-SHAPED ROOM! I was 8 when Gigi came out, a teenager when she starred opposite Cary Grant in Father Goose, opposite Rock Hudson in A Very Special Favor, opposite Warren Beatty in Promise Her Anything. Saw them all! And tomorrow, live and in person, just her and David ... and they dance Six Times In Six Lessons! And she's 82 and doing this 6 performances a week! Of course it would be lovely if I get to meet her, but even if I don't, I couldn't be more thrilled. Here she is in Daddy Long Legs with Fred Astaire. (She told David he reminds her of Fred!! How about that!)
This Day in Rock & Roll History for May 5 Cliff Richard receives a British gold record for the title song from his first movie, "The Young Ones." (1962) "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie enters the charts and will eventually hit The song became kind of an anthem during the hippie movement. (1967) After months of internal dissension, Buffalo Springfield play their final concert in Long Beach, California. (1968) Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Bad Moon Rising" is released. (1969) Thirty artists, brought together by Warren Beatty, have agreed to perform at a series of 12 benefits for the George McGovern presidential campaign. They include Michelle Phillips, Mama Cass, Judy Collins, Goldie Hawn and Jack Nicholson. (1972) Clarence Quick of the Del Vikings dies of a heart attack. He was 46 years old. (1983) Pretenders lead singer Chrissie Hynde marries Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr. The two eventually divorced. (1984) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Chairman Ahmet Ertegen announces in New York that Cleveland, Oh ...
"That became our central problem. I wanted to be Warren Beatty, not love him." --
Rogers and Clarke (Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman) are two inept songwriters, down on their luck and desperate for money. Taking the advice of their shifty agent, the duo are whisked off on a tour of the mystical republic of Ishtar. On their arrival, our heroes are separately recruited into spying for opposing sides of a planned revolution, while simultaneously vying for the attention of a gorgeous female...
did pigs fly when Warren Beatty got engaged?
never thought I'd see the day. I guess he pulled a Warren Beatty!
So I am reading George Clooney is engaged after YEARS of 'Nope, that won't happen!" Hoping this gal has enough taming potential as Annette Bening with Warren Beatty.
Axl Rose called out Warren Beatty at a 1992 concert before singing Double Talkin’ Jive. I assume he was mad for not being cast in *** Tracy
Seminal work from Pet Sounds, Warren Beatty used this song to play out the credits in Shampoo. Love and loss.
Today I charged my phone at the library while people were reading poems out loud outside. Got to kinda watch your stuff so I picked a book off the shelf. It was called hollywoods hellraisers. I read about the exploits of Marlin Brando, Dennis Hopper and Warren Beatty during the sixties. Also the other day at Springs rescue mission I saw a dog wearing sunglasses
No, you'd really rather be me. Wouldn't you!Regards, Warren Beatty.
So unless George has a long engagement Warren Beatty held on to his Hollywood hot bachelor status longer.
New episode! Join Rudie and West for a retrospective episode on the films of Warren Beatty:
"I hope this isn't true for boo. WELL no ever thought Warren Beatty wld settle down & he did so could be.
We discuss the work and career of Mr. Warren Beatty.
Episode 251: The Work of Warren Beatty - A discussion of the work and career of Warren Beatty. Click To...
It's quite good. Warren Beatty directed it.
Oh DIANE! You who gave hope to so many insecure, neurotic women with your mix of Gloria Steinem meets...
well, Warren Beatty eventually settled down so why not?
Diana Keaton has opened up as never before about the many men in her life, and it is a who’s…
Did you know. Shirley MacLaine and Warren Beatty have roots in Nova Scotia? Their Mother, Kathlyn Corinne (née...
Diane Keaton dishes on breakup with Warren Beatty in autobiography - - . The Annie Hall ...
Martin Sheen joins Warren Beatty in untitled Howard Hughes movie
The only men in Diane Keaton's life now are 48 photos hammered to a wall
Love Life -by- Rob Lowe ::Buy this eBook for Ksh. 50 now! ROB LOWE IS BACK WITH STORIES HE ONLY TELLS HIS BEST FRIENDS. When Rob Lowe’s first book was published in 2011, he received the kind of rapturous reviews that writers dream of and rocketed to the top of the bestseller list. Now, in Love Life, he expands his scope, using stories and observations from his life in a poignant and humorous series of true tales about men and women, art and commerce, fathers and sons, addiction and recovery, and sex and love. In Love Life, you will find stories about: • KISSING UNEXPECTEDLY • THE SECRETS THEY DON’T TEACH YOU IN ACTING SCHOOL • HIS GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT-GREAT GRANDFATHER’S ROLE IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION • PARKS AND RECREATION, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, AND CALIFORNICATION • TRYING TO COACH A KIDS’ BASKETBALL TEAM DOMINATED BY HELICOPTER PARENTS • THE HOT TUB AT THE PLAYBOY MANSION • STARRING IN AND PRODUCING A FLOP TV SERIES • CAMPING AT SEA WORLD • PLAYING SAXOPHONE FOR PRESIDENT ...
She’s been linked to many famous Hollywood men including Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, but Diane Keaton has never made it down the aisle.
Diane Keaton dishes Nicholson, Pacino, Beatty and Woody in new book via
I'm bored. There's nothing to do and my husband is asleep already. So I turned on Netflix and I never saw Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty so hopefully that'll keep me entertained until I go to bed!
New post: ". Diane Keaton dishes on bittersweet breakup with Warren Beatty in autobiography. " .
Doll totally looks like warren Beatty. Good likeness:
Diane Keaton has been romantically linked to Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino and Sam Shepard in her long and prosperous life, but she has never married. At 68, she tells People magazine, she kind of wishes she had. "It's not the wors...
Tuesday Weld & Warren Beatty in an episode of The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis.
Liz Taylor & Warren Beatty in the totally underrated "The Only Game In Town"
*** there's all kind of people in this movie Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, never noticed when I was a kid.
Amber Huckabay Warren Beatty yall rock thanks for the smokes last night
Who did Stella Adler train besides Warren Beatty and De Niro?
Electronic Device Insurance
That's so right. I'm so good at tweaking and poking you'd think I'd been reincarnated as Warren Beatty's fingertips.
PT "she's literally driven insane by trying to have sex with him" Heh. Well, it is young Warren Beatty...
Excerpts from 'Reds' screenplay written by Trevor Griffiths & Warren Beatty. Your a grand old flag,  Your a high flying flag, And forever and e'er may you wave, You're the emblem of the land I love, The home of the free and the brave, Every heart beats true for the Red, White & Blue, Where there's never a boast or a brag, Should auld acquaintance be forgot, Keep your eye on the grand old flag. It's a very difficult situation for a country who's conducting a war when one of it's allies has a revolution and the current government is changed. What made the Furor, was the Russians withdrew, and we lost an ally. We thought the Russians went back on us.  The Bolsheviks Revolution at the time, was the most single STRIKE event of the whole era, by the people who protested war.  The complete transformation of Russian society and the taking over by the peasants and workers of the machinery never had happened before.  Questions from the US Senate: Q: Do you believe in God? A: For a moment I thought you asked if ...
Warren Beatty's first job came at 17. The National Theater, Washington, DC had been plagued by rats. The actors pressed theater management to hire an official rat-catcher and young Beatty, desperate for a job in the theatre, landed the role.
"Does [Warren Beatty] think that song 'You're So Vain' is about him?" "Probably"
Photoset: The insanely gorgeous, Legendary movie star Warren Beatty
Apparently Gruber and Warren Beatty have something in common.
I have wanted my last name to be Parker for years. So many of my unfinished stories have characters that carry that surname, and I agreed to a blind date with Brandon almost completely because of his last name. I even have used it on playbills. This is partly because of my devotion to Spiderman, but also because of my interest in Bonnie & Clyde. My first real introduction of course, is the brilliant 1960's Warren Beatty picture. Although the inaccuracies of that film are a historian's nightmare, as a story itself it is really good, and very romantic. Let's start with the leading lady. Faye Dunaway, is beautiful 5'7 leggy blonde with nice boobs. She could almost play Joan Crawford she is so glamorous. Oh wait, she did, but that's next week's pin up blog. My point is, that the 4'10 freckled-faced ginger 90 pound Bonnie Parker was a diffrent girl entirely. But Hollywood glamorized Bonnie & Clyde and every actress from Cher to Natalie Wood was considered for that part. Even Shirley McClaine until her brother ...
Kurt Öhrström over 1 year ago Ingmar Bergman on Federico Fellini: “He is enormously intuitive.He is intuitive; he is creative; he is an enormous force. He is burning inside with such heat. Collapsing. Do you understand what I mean? The heat from his creative mind, it melts him. He suffers from it; he suffers physically from it. One day when he can manage this heat and can set it free, I think he will make pictures you have never seen in your life. He is rich. As every real artist, he will go back to his sources one day. He will find his way back”. Roman Polanski on François Truffaut, Claude Lelouch, and Jean-Luc Godard: “People like Truffaut, Lelouch and Godard are like little kids playing at being revolutionaries. I’ve passe through this stage. I lived in a country where these things happened seriously”. “For me, being famous didn’t help me that much. It helped a little. Warren Beatty once said to me many years ago, being a star is like being in a whorehouse with a credit card, and I nev ...
Diane Keaton (68) did not marry for the wrong reasons.The Hollywood Beautiful (‘Woman to Woman’) has two sons, Dexter (18) and Duke (13), which she is raising alone. Although she loved – including her Hollywood colleagues Woody Allen (78, ‘Manhattan’) and Warren Beatty (77, *** Tracy’) – but she has never married. And for all …
Turns out to be a new Howard Hughes film starring Warren Beatty. Gonna be awesome!
I just met Warren Beatty and he's super nice. The first movie I ever saw him in was Bonnie and Clyde. One of my favorite old movies. :)
Hollywood lotharios, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, back in the day.
In this episode of and are joined by me to discuss Warren Beatty’s Bulworth.
It's about the cones said warren Beatty to madonna circa 1991
weren't you like 16 when you almost crashed into Warren Beatty? How long did you see him for? 😍😜
Shirley MacLaine with her little brother, Warren Beatty. Too cute!!!
Create your own Bar day on The Warren Beatty Project in
Thanks, Paula. The actor Warren Beatty said it best: " I knew I was successful when I couldn't separate work and play."
*** Jagger & Warren Beatty thought the song was about them…it wasn’t! About David Geffen… never suspected. Not vein enough
Watch The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis best dressed man season 1 episode 2 with special guest star Warren Beatty
Monday Movie Trivia This film was produced by Warren Beatty. Is featured Dustin Hoffman, Charles Grodin, Isabelle Adjani as well as Beatty. It is widely viewed as one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history. What is it?
goodness why couldn't Warren Beatty be from this generation 😑 😑
Warren Beatty bringing his Bulworth character back in the paranoid thriller "The Pharrellhat View"
White House announces all future press briefing cancelled, to be replaced by daily showings of Warren Beatty film "Reds."
OMG FOR 2 WEEKs I've been trying to think of.actors name Warren Beatty u just said on show out of blue THANK U ***
You guys, Warren Beatty has a LOT OF HAIR in this movie.
I wonder if Warren Beatty actually thought that song was about him ?
Gangster Squad Real Life Story Of Mickey Cohen The Hoodlum Bombs, machine guns and a lead pipe tough guys tried the lot on gangster Mickey Cohen but they could not kill him. The tricky crime boss survived working for Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel before dying of natural causes. At the height of his powers he drove around Hollywood in a bulletproof Cadillac and hung out with Frank Sinatra and screen goddess Lana Turner. Cohen was played by Harvey Keitel in 1991 film Bugsy as a sidekick to Warren Beatty in the title role. Now double Oscar-winner Sean Penn is to portray the lesser-known mobster in new blockbuster Gangster Squad. Sean Penn in the new movie Gangster Squad Cohen was only 5ft 5ins yet he was hard enough to be an illegal prize fighter and rose through the ranks of the mob while organised crime swept the US. Real name Meyer Cohen, he was born in a poverty stricken part of New York in 1913. His Jewish mother was from Kiev in the Ukraine. The stocky lad was first arrested for selling prohibition booze ...
"You want to know why the Health-Care Business is the most profitable business in the United States? Cause the Insurance Companies take twenty-four cents out of every dollar that’s spent. But it takes the government to do the same thing with Medicare:­ only three cents out of every dollar." - Bulworth by Warren Beatty (1998)
Hamilton Collection
A set of four classic DVDs including The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen, Bonnie & Clyde with Warren Beatty, Waterfront with Marlon Brandi and The Hustler with Paul Neeman. All in excellent condition. Starting price £ 1.99 ends Thursday 10th April at 13:05 collection only Cwmbran.
Watching Bonnie and Clyde with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty... Silly fun
Watching Bonnie and Clyde from 1967.We lived in California when it came out and me and my brothers...John Joseph , and Joe Kidd , saw it something like 12 or 13 times in the theater.I was only 6 at the time and am not sure why I was included in going to the theater with them...(maybe Mom and Dad wanted ME to keep an eye on THEM!!!...LOL) But I'm sure glad I was.I watch this movie EVERY time I get the chance. I can say EVERY word of the movie along with Fay Dunnaway, AND Warren Beatty... Joe, John, How many times did you REALLY take me to see this in 1967 ?
1967 version of with Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway.classic!!
Watching *** Tracy. I really like it, Just hate that Warren Beatty wussed out on prosthetics, his could've been best
“retorts with intimate encounters involving Warren Beatty” how vain of you
retorts with intimate encounters involving Warren Beatty
Hal Ashby and Warren Beatty on the set of Shampoo, 1975.
Today is the Birth Anniversary of ALAN JAY PAKULA (April 7, 1928 – November 19, 1998) American Film Director, Writer and Producer. He was nominated for three Academy Awards: Best Picture for To Kill a Mockingbird, Best Director for All the President's Men and Best Adapted Screenplay for Sophie's Choice. Pakula started his Hollywood career as an assistant in the cartoon department at Warner Brothers. In 1957, he undertook his first production role for Paramount Pictures. In 1962, he produced To Kill a Mockingbird, for which he was nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award. Pakula had a successful professional relationship as the producer of movies directed by Robert Mulligan from 1957 to 1968. In 1969, he directed his first feature, The Sterile Cuckoo, starring Liza Minnelli. In 1971, Pakula released the first installment of what would informally come to be known as his "paranoia trilogy". Klute, the story of a relationship between a private eye (played by Donald Sutherland) and a call girl (played by J ...
"It would have been nice if it were Warren Beatty!" LOL on kissing a man on camera.
Warren Beatty stole his girlfriend, he went on a date w/ Madonna, he kissed a man on screen & he was Sam Seaborn!
Ahhh Warren Beatty stole girlfriend! and he kissed a man! My head is spinning!!!
He had one of his girlfriends stolen by Warren Beatty? And it was a badge of honor? WOW! 😂
"We rob banks." Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway shoot through the Production Code tonight at 10pm/9c:
Warren Beatty is THE WORST for cutting brilliant Breathless scenes and MORE performance. He was so jealous
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Arguably one of Warren Beatty's Best Directorial efforts is "Reds". He hired Diane Keaton after seeing her performance in "Annie Hall".
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