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Warren Barton

Warren Dean Barton (born 19 March 1969 in Islington, London) is a former English football player and a TV Pundit for Fox Soccer Channel.

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We all do. I had a totally irrational contempt for Warren Barton at one time. No real reason.
I wish Sen. Elizabeth Warren was running. I'm up in arms over this election. Sen. Warren is one of the most intel ppl on planet.
NEW POD CLAXON! We promised a big episode this wk & here it is. Adam interviewed for this wk!
Warren Barton, in the programme, predicts a 2-1 win at - labels Shelvey & Townsend "good signings", & he backs McClaren
05.50 wednesday. Clips of the week. Did Warren Barton say Byriani instead of Berahinio?
only made 4. One of those was Warren Barton.
Where's Jon Beresford or Warren Barton when you need them
Did I hear that right? Warren Barton played for Wimbledon & MK Dons.. Then went on to say the latter have done a great job with the move?...
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble WARREN BARTON in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our WARREN BARTON Conundrum. Nice one!
Tyanna Warren comes off the bench and immediately drains baseline trey, Barton trailing 68-48 with 3:17 to play
Comes to something when you have to agree with what WARREN BARTON says as a pundit. Mind you, the other pundit is the clueless Alexi Lalas!
Wynalda, Lalas and Warren Barton in the same studio discussion Arsenal. Someone kill me.
Warren Barton is the utter worst I hate having to listen to this muppet
Spurs beat Colchester. Now back to the studio for some unprepared rambling from Warren Barton, and highlights of Eric Wynalda's hangover.
Warren Barton the only pundit I've heard of and the yank didn't even let him speak...
Warren Barton you poor guys in the US.
Andy Gray and Warren Barton retired years ago mate. Get over it.
I remember the same with Newcastles Warren Barton.
Fox Sports. With Warren Barton doing analysis in studio. He gave a shout out to Derby (but was harsh on how they played)
Warren Barton is one of the most cancerous commentators in the game right alongside Eric Wynalda.
anyone that can give me warren Barton analysing with 3 yanks is good by me
Warren Barton is that guy in your office meetings who doesn't know what's going on but still gets promoted. He's beyond useless
"I spent a couple of years at Derby. Actually I was there captain!!!" - Warren Barton. 🙈😂
Warren Barton was often overlooked. Best blonde, floppy-haired RB of his generation
warren Barton kicked it out of play a lot too
Great point by Warren Barton: "I cannot believe that with his experience Louis van Gaal wants to fight the media, a fight he'll never win."
yeah more like Warren Barton I'd say
How do you not get blocked there, Will Barton?
can only mean Warren Barton has agreed to write it.
classic line up. Warren Barton, Gary Breen, Steve Butler, the mercurial Mark Gall who disappeared.
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Dont sign for any packages from Warren Barton, Wynalda, or Stoner
Warren Barton no longer has flowing locks. No update on Barry Venison. The hunt continues
Sun Jihai honoured in English football's hall of fame? The campaign starts now to see the Chinese equivalent honour Warren Barton...
the point about you being a Londoner - Les Ferdinand, Robert Lee, Warren Barton, Malcom McDonald, Chris Hughton? Any
.C'mon Warren, c'mon. Did you see the latest from David Barton?.
When in a rush with zero time to spare, I imagine I'm Warren Barton counting my champions medals.
Signal rain in Kettering. Town centre was bone-dry & it was soaking wet all through from The Warren to Barton. WTH.
in years to come we'll find out it was freddy shepherd behind it because Warren Barton had a hamstring injury
The last time I was this excited about a double signing it was when we signed Warren Barton and Rob Lee. shows how long we have waited!
I love NBC. Hating the Robbies is part of the fun! Also, everyone on Fox is terrible although I weirdly like Warren Barton
Thank you so much for excluding Warren Barton, Alexi Lalas and Rob Stone from your BundesLiga coverage. Much love 👊🏼
Can't think of anyone more qualified to analyze a Barcelona v Sevilla game than Warren Barton, Eric Wynalda & Brad Friedel.
Robbie Earle on Vinnie Jones doing NBC Prem voiceovers, and Warren Barton over on Fox. 1990s ruling the USA!
You don't think Eric Wynalda, Warren Barton, and Alexi Lalas are the best CL and World Cup commentators available? Snob.
37/39 here. got McManaman wrong, thought it Warren Barton & got John Scales / Rob Jones mixed up.
left to right. Steve Watson, Darren peacock, shay given, Keith Gillespie, Ian rush,j.d Thomnelson, Warren Barton,
Big Duncan celebrates the first goal with Alan Shearer and Warren Barton in a 3-0 win against Manchester United, 2000
England fan riot in Dublin 20 years ago turned debut from dream to a nightmare for Warren Barton...
Anyone remember the time Peter Beardsley and Warren Barton were on Eat My Goal?
On the plus side, Fox Sports not wanting to televise the F.A. Cup frees me from having to hear Eric Wynalda, Warren Barton and Alexi Lalas.
Can you at least get Warren Barton, Brian McBride, and Eric Wynalda to do reenactments of the matches we are missing?
How does the media explain how fans didn’t hate Supermac, Rob Lee, Les Ferdinand and Warren Barton if we hate people from London?
too you too warren Barton centre parting !
How Warren Barton hasn't made it into anyone's is criminal.
I only have eleven slots plus Hartson from the bench, lads. I couldn't even get Warren Barton and Pavel Srnicek in.
boys you should see my barnet I look like a young warren Barton
Played there a few times. A poor mans Warren Barton some say. Greatest compliment I've ever had
I'm pretty sure I'm sharing a flight with Warren Barton from CLT-SAN. Is this true,
Are you in the 11 or will Reidy keep you on bench all game whilst Kilbane gets zero joy against Warren Barton?
Got the win over Region IV and met Warren Barton! 🇺🇸⚽️ @ Bradenton, Florida
How you can join Warren Barton Eric Wynalda as a Part-Owner in future of in VIDEO
Is losing Glenn Johnson really a bad thing He's is the most one dimension, predictable footballer since Warren Barton
Fox's college football studio would, without a doubt, be better if it was just Rob Stone and Warren Barton.
John Fashanu, Vinnie Jones, Dean Holdsworth, Robbie Earl, Lawrie Sanchez and Warren Barton. 1992-93 team was seriouly cool
did Darren Gough really say that. Gary Neville legend. Lucky yes. Worse right back since Warren Barton.
OMG, it’s like listening to Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda, etc through an entire match.
Chris Houghton, Warren Barton, Supermac.honestly we should ignore the poisonous, bitter, bigoted criminal thug. Not worth it
Warren Barton proclaiming his love for Johnny Football might be the most Warren Barton thing ever
Warren Barton just gave Johnny Football a shout out. I love sports period
I'm very worried about how much Warren Barton loves Johnny Football.
Warren Barton just said Johnny Manziel is his "boy"...oh dear lord...
considering their panel to discuss Brazil-Germany was Warren Barton, Clay Travis, Petros and Magary, the latter is right.
Warren Barton sitting next to Petros, Clay Travis, and Who the *** is talent producer?
Fox Sports Live's panel to talk about Brazil/Germany: Warren Barton, Clay Travis, Drew Magary and Petros Papadakis.
Kristina Pink and Warren Barton discuss how the USA will handle Cristiano Ronaldo and who will fill Jozy Altidore's role up front.
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Dani Behr and Warren Barton take a look at the stars of the Champions League Final, a derby between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
Glen Johnson only natural right back, deffo would of took Paul Parker or Warren Barton. Would of also took Rob Lee and Steve Stone aswell
Warren Barton on Fox Sport makes Roy Kean seem happy-go-lucky
seriously, I hate Fox Soccer with a passion. I react to the voices of Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda like Kramer to Mary Hart
YES. buy two tramp deck chairs right. And we'll just sit by the sea. Discussing the life of Warren Barton smoking Cigars. Class
VIDEO UPDATE . Many teams at risk in relegation race: Julie Stewart-Binks and Warren Barton break down this se...
serious question? In ur liverpool days playing newcastle did warren barton wear a wig or was that his hair?
Breaking down the latest January transfers: Julie Stewart-Binks and Warren Barton update us on the latest Janu...
who is this Sid Waddell wannabe commentating on the League Cup on BEIN? He makes Warren Barton appear cultured by comparison
Chelsea welcomes Matic back to Blues: Warren Barton and Julie Stewart-Binks break down Chelsea's signing of Ne...
Barton: Lucas' injury puts pressure on Reds: Warren Barton and Julie Stewart-Binks discuss what Lucas' injury ...
been in it ages Jase, liked him much better as Warren :(
A 61 year old man is dead after house fire between 1 am and 1:30 am Mon morning along Barton Run Road in Pittsfield Township, Warren Co.
A man is dead after a house fire in Warren County just after midnight Sunday. Flames broke out at 537 Barton Run...
I don't remember Warren Barton being so small.
all depends. I'll give local guys a pass. Especially if they were brought up with but Warren Barton?? GTFOuttahere! =)
Didn't realise Warren Barton was so small!?!
State police in Warren confirm fatal fire in Pittsfield. State fire marshals still on scene for Barton Run Road blaze.
20 January 1996 - Newcastle United 2-1 Bolton Wanderers. Newcastle United extended their lead at the top of the Barclays Premier League table to 12 points with victory over bottom-placed Bolton Wanderers at St James’ Park. It was a comfortable win for the league leaders against a side with only one point from their previous 11 matches on the road. The Magpies overcame the disappointment of exiting the FA Cup in a penalty shoot-out defeat by Chelsea three days earlier by taking a ninth-minute lead. Paul Kitson, in the side with Les Ferdinand suffering from a rib injury, headed home a cross from Peter Beardsley for his second goal of the season. Bolton then stepped up a gear and within 10 minutes were level. Sasa Curcic was fouled by Warren Barton and former Magpie Scott Sellars delivered the free-kick for Gudni Bergsson to head in off the far post. Beardsley claimed the winner for Newcastle before half-time with his fifth goal of the campaign. The result, the Magpies’ third straight league win, gave th ...
can we get Warren Barton to analyze the way his knee twisted, and complain about how much American football has changed?
Warren Barton...just need Barry Venison for a punditry dream team
work, although I watched all the footy yesterday. Some great throwbacks doing the expert analysis over here, e.g. Warren Barton
...oh and Warren Barton and Robbie Mustoe are pundits! Never thought id say this but I miss and of course the main man
Coach Ard Sluis with San Diego Flash Coach & Fox Soccer Analyst Warren Barton at the 2014 League Meeting
"How United move forward according to the expert that is me. Which United do you mean Warren ;-)
En route to work in newcastle, hope I see warren barton, Barry Venison and phillipe albert
Brian McBride and Warren Barton managed to keep straight faces when discussing the forthcoming Bournemouth vs Burton Albion Cup draw. Fox Sports actually headlined it as a 'Notable Game' on an international sports network. That's not even a notable game in east Staffordshire.
The worst commentator in the world is Warren Barton. There has never been anyone worse and never will be.
"This is the worst Man United team I've seen in 25 years." - Warren Barton
How do Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda still have pundit jobs. Whiny, clueless, rude, always interrupting Brian Mcbride. ***
Little Giant Ladders
Warren Barton almost in tears... Is he a United fan? He's honestly gutted !
Warren barton just summed it up thats the worst united team in 25 years, absolutely useless.
My god the Americans just hire anybody who's had any relation to the premier league. Huge talents all moved over the pond like Warren Barton, Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop, Rebecca Lowe, Georgie Thompson and ex ref Peter Walton to offer the expert opinions.
just watched FA Arsenal V Tottenham game on US TV, very weird indeed!! Warren Barton is the match pundit!!
Spurs on Fox, a new country about to understand my pain. Hilarious that warren Barton is on the panel, his mother cannot understand him let alone a different country.
Crikey!! How long have I been away from Fox? What's happened to Warren Barton - he looks like Sam Champion. Has he been Hollywoodized with his orange face and veneers?
Just about to watch Rochdale vs Leeds. Warren Barton is on the panel and made this statement. Leeds could be as big as Chelsea because they have a good fan base and they've played in the champions league. Listening to Warren Barton talk is about as interesting as it was to watch him play.
Going back to last week's World Cup draw, check out Silverbacks Technical Director Eric Wynalda talking with Stuart Holden and Warren Barton about the U.S. Men's National Team's position going into the tournament:
phillipe Albert and warren Barton coming mid week.
who is warren Barton again,is he warren from "something about Mary"?
warren Barton was just a Darren Day that couldn't get a ride.
Warren Barton said Jonny Evans was the weak link at halftime. Unreal.
Wonder how Warren "Pompous Blowfish in a Vest" Barton feels about sharing stage with three Americans with more prominent playing careers?
OK, cheers. Yeah, garbage. Sir Les, Rob Lee, Warren Barton and on, and on etc. Says more about the journo than us.
He'll need to work on his tan like Warren Barton to truly make it...   10% Off
Another steal by Warren - long court pass to Bruner who is fouled on way up. Media timeout 9:54 Barton 76-44. Bruner to line for two
Warren wrecking havoc on defensive end, hits the deck for a steal, dishes to Mayes who hits Davis for the layup. Barton leads 76-44 10min
I've been spoiled with NBC coverage... Wynalda, Mcbride, and even Donovan don't come close to Warren Barton and his insight.
Warren Barton said that arsenal can maybe get to the champions league quarter finals maybe *** is wrong with your brain sir
Warren Barton is the only person I can tolerate...the others are 40 year old virgins
How do people like Warren Barton get punditry gigs.
Villa are awful. But not as bad as Steven Reid. He is a modern day Warren Barton but without a sexy blonde centre parton
I want to know why no one ever agrees with amazing Warren Barton on anything.
Tom cleverly, where do I start with u??? U r possibly the worst player ive ever seen, I mean even warren barton and john beresford were better than u and thats an insult to any other player and I know Victor Carnevale, Alireza and Ravishing Rick would agree. Should be called tom stupidly more like!
yeah. Could try for that Warren Barton an all. Meant to be a decent full back.
ON SOCCER: England isn't premier in all ways: The Spanish league as well," says Warren Barton, who played in t...
you awake yet? Can you do your Warren Barton "he is gorgeous!" voice for me? Pochettino has tactics and hair spot on.
I think I finally found someone with better hair than - Mauricio Pochettino Warren Barton voice "he is gorgeous!"
Did you know that Warren Barton, a former professional footballer made 54 appearances for Derby County between 2002 and 2003
I'll take Owen if we can send warren Barton back
hopefully better than that plank Warren Barton in fox. I couldn't bear him on the box when in ny!
Weird - in Boston and there is a preview of tomorrow's Merseyside Derby on Fox TV with Warren Barton as one of the hosts???
Will other countries see the USA as a threat in the World Cup?: Vinnie Jones and Warren Barton answer your...
Shane Warne has a got a hair cut like Warren Barton in 96, teeth like they've been gloss painted and a tan like an umpa lumpa. What a 🔔🔚
Oh well back to normal, warren Barton playing at left back again for Scotland , clean sheet tonight? Mm let me think!
Why is Warren Barton allowed on TV woeful player and what sort of name is Warren!!
Warren Barton, says to me, "I've got a friend coming out tonight, you may know him".About 20 mins later I look up and see Stuart Pierce watching me no words. Just smile, stare and shake his hand :)
Lad on me train with a tragic Warren Barton centre parting
Brian Visser We have a new person to add to our Taylor Twellman/Alexi Lalas group. Cobi Jones needs to be added and maybe put as the first name in the group. His lack of soccer knowledge and history is so brutally obvious that it hurts. I feel so bad for Warren Barton.
Fox Soccer DAILY kicks off on at 3:30 PM ET. Julie Stewart-Binks, Warren Barton & Cobi Jones are hosting.
I bet he's got some right stories about Warren Barton and Darren Peacock !
same lack of character Warren Barton called out last year-they handle adversity like spoiled millionaires' children.
If you were to put Warren Barton, Robbie Mustoe, and Tony Gale into a human centipede, you literally wouldn't be able to tell.
Fair enough. From now on we'll only refer to his only achievement -- spawning the 'Warren Barton, centre partin' chant.
I think it's worse. Though it is kind of a gift not having Warren Barton analysis all the time.
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aye, supposed canny delivery - possibly a solution to England's left-side problem. Hope Warren Barton keeps him quiet
is that not Guthrie on the floor? Who Barton played with at Newcastle...
Adu will become Warren Barton's sidekick on Fox...
Good to see Warren Barton rockin a poppy on yank TV. Nice touch
was gonna mention that he's on it but didn't know if you were there! If he was in the UK he would be warren barton
though I hope someone picks up Warren Barton, he's a pretty decent analyst.
Why have Fox got Warren Barton as their Champions League pundit?
They do though! Warren Barton thinks Man U is flawless. He blamed the tie on their new coach
Warren Barton bores me Alexi Lalas just grates me the wrong way.
yeah get them all lad, may aswell turn mute on at half time with Robbie Earle and Warren Barton doing the punditry.
Maidstone were never the same after Warren Barton left.
Never mind, star panelist made over 100+ appearances for Blackburn Rovers. Makes 'England international Warren Barton' look top-quality
so very true! I'd include the old Fox Soccer to that, tho Warren Barton would give The *** some love
Warren Barton, I made you dinner, where are you?
Congratulations to Arsenal for winning the clash of the top-table battle. Great performance today. But make no mistakes about this, IT'S A FLUKE. Your Top of the league position is a mirage. The fact I dont work with Skysports, Supersports nor Canal+ doesnt make me any less of a good pundit than Martin Tyler, Andy Gray, Allo White or Warren Barton. I still question the reality of this unbeaten stretch. Because they beat Liverpool today? Give me a break joor! Just in same week (as I earlier predicted) Arsenal is out of the capital one cup (formerly carling cup) which arguably is their best chance of landing a software this season. Typical Arsenal anyways! I have always said it and let me reiterate that Arsenal is never a tittle contender, not now, not this season. Mayb 2 or 3 yrs down the road, that is yet to be seen. Their best shot is and will always be their God's given and destiny-proven 4th place. Neither Liverpool is a tittle contender, because Brendan Rodgers' side is only interested in returning b ...
she can't be any worse than warren Barton analysis wise, on appearance she isn't a patch on ours
Everybody wanna tommy smyth and warren Barton and dem in here. Good we...😭😂
UBFC 3-0 Faygate - Warren, Barton and birthday boy Bacon secure the win in the Centenary Cup.
And they're off. 0-0 already. Cue *** Barton music, or Warren Barton, up to you. We don't control you. Wish we did.
still churning it out in spite of the ban. I think the technical term is the 'warren Barton' protocol
may as well go get ur Warren Barton Halloween outfit on now
No Hall of Fame for Warren Barton today! Thanks for voting:
warren Barton as centre-back for Qpr at port vale a few years back. Garbage display
Hall Of Fame? Warren Barton played 164 games between 1995 and 2002 scoring 4 goals. Just reply or
An old classic of the birthday boy, remember him for Metz when he took Warren Barton apart in a UEFA cup game
Following his run with Newcastle United, Warren Barton's had a lengthy career as a wrestling referee hasn't he?
did warren Barton play champions league?
was hoping you would not be the warren Barton of rugby Ireland v eng
Warren Barton, Connie Kees and 8 others commented on your photo.
Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda might disagree. Then again, maybe not.
Best part of the holiday so far was seeing Warren Barton as a studio pundit for the England game on Fox Sports... Come on America, get a grip man!!
Watched the England match live on Warren Barton giving "expert opinion" m look out
OK.Was just watching a Fox Sports stream. Their experts are Warren Barton & Eric Wynalda. Ex Sky Georgie Thompson was on after.
Add Warren Barton and you have the complete canon. Perhaps John Still could yet be England manager.
not as much of a *** take as Warren Barton playing pundit on Fox Sports 1 tho
There's only one warren Barton... One warren Barton
Warren Barton just attributed ENG making it to WC14 to Roy Hodgson. You can't make this up.
oh good, I get to hear Warren Barton now
better or worse than warren Barton and Eric Wynalda?
Got Warren Barton doing the half time analysis
Hooray - Warren Barton's back. The man who starts a sentence then finishes a completely different one.
Warren Barton just said Baines is as good as Beckham was. Slow down there WB!
Would of had Warren Barton at right back to be fair.
playing out of position! He's a centre back. Best player to pull on a Maidstone shirt since Warren Barton!
Oh yeah and you get Warren Barton as your half-time pundit : (
Good to catch up with Warren Barton today - been too long !
Warren Barton just said on "Smalling, the ex Maidstone player" the American audience really needs to know that
Would actually take Adrian Chiles over the Fox Soccer Panelists, Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda are terrible
Aye, quality coverage brought to you by former English Premier League superstar Warren Barton. Enjoy :-)
I've texted you with my name and am annoyed I wrote my name and not that of Warren Barton.
is he related to Warren Barton, or any other famous Bartons?
Pls could you address him as “ex-England international, Warren Barton”. Thank You! ;-)
I look forward to Warren Barton learning German in order to better cover the Bundlesliga. That will in no way be an utter failure.
.wait, how do warren Barton and Kenny stills intersect? I am the only sports fan in that Venn diagram.
what Frank Clark did and use the directors as an excuse for not signing the likes of Warren Barton, a superb young player who went on to
Warren Barton has just compared Landon Donovan to Lionel Messi. These Geordie's aren't half delusional folk even in the states
Bring back Santi! Ketsbia, Dabizas, Warren Barton and Shaka Hislop are all in a car on the way to St James'
Who'd win in a fight mate - Warren Barton or John Beresford circa 1996?!
As much as I enjoy NBC Sport's coverage of the EPL, I miss Eric Wynalda and Warren Barton.
Just hearing Warren Barton described Podolski as a hard worker which goes right in line with him calling Tim Cahill a box-2-box midfielder.
Me always feel more dumber after Warren Barton open mouth.
Does Warren Barton hate The Mighty Arsenal FC because he's from Islington but was never good enough to play for AFC?
not according to Warren Barton today. Players want trophies so they snub for Napoli and Wolfsburg, ya know to win 'em
only if Eric Wynaldo and Warren Barton aren't there. Deal?
Seen a guy with a Paul Scholes tattoo today. So jealous that I've run out and got Warren Barton's middle parting inked on my hands.
I hope they mean Warren Barton. Under no circumstances do I want Joey Barton at Selhurst.
Was Mustoe and Warren Barton Centre Parting (rhymed when the Geordies said it) when I last watched footy over there. Shocking.
so true mate, out here get one of mcmanaman warren Barton or le saux with Shaka Hislop in studio
Last call for questions! Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda might answer live on air at the end of today's show (4 PM ET).
LA Blues announced today that the team has parted with Warren Barton. Owner, Ali Mansouri, will take over as GM.
I knew it was a bad idea to have NBC cover the BPL. No replays no recaps no Warren Barton..
good to see u on US telly-slightly better than Warren Barton and Alexei Lalas! Just slightly though...
Niall Quinn has just blamed Zabaleta for 3 goals, he's no Warren Barton to be fair
IKR it's the WORST! I miss Fox Soccer wid warren barton and the rest of the gang.
Watching a replay on FSC of CL Final and now remembering why I tuned out Gus Johnson and Warren Barton! Awful is an understatement!
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Loving the new footy season so far. The highlight by far has to be the lack of Warren Barton punditry on TV
I miss the boys. Premier League is still magnificent but not the same without Warren Barton, Eric Wynalda and the boys.
Warren Barton admits Alan Pardew is under pressure at Newcastle – and fears he will be gone from the Toon before...
So...apparently Warren Barton was a Gooner growing up.?.
Hear Macca is still doing games just not for US audience anymore. I really enjoyed him, but glad to be rid of Warren Barton
I'd love to think that warren barton and Kobe Bryant were mates. Some how I doubt it.
It is true he's like Warren Barton of amatuer football. Gary Wackett ur team fell too pieces since u went away
You reminded me off warren barton. Up an down like a Yoyo... I think the gaffers lost his mind.
Warren Barton says United should buy Fellaini if it comes down to Fellaini or Baines. Have to agree... We lack physicality!
"I trust you mean as a player not a presenter." I dunno, we've suffered Warren Barton long enough..
Have a question for Warren Barton, Brian McBride or Grant Wahl? Ask using & it could be answered live on air in today's show!
aye he told me Warren Barton is coming back as a centre mid to add some experience to the middle of the park
have to agree, miss Warren Barton though
Warren Barton is deported for crimes against American soccer?
I'll admit when I'm wrong. Apologies Warren Barton. I was needlessly mean to you. Listen to you gushing about Aaron. :)
Fox Sports US are broadcasting Sky's comms but the feed went gone down so Warren Barton has been calling the game from the studio for 20mins
Shut up, shut up, shut up Warren Barton. You cannot ruin my mood, you ***
Warren Barton being nice to Arsenal right now - thank you for small mercies
Did you celebrate that one? Or were you too busy tuning out Warren Barton?
Warren Barton chipping in on FoxSports1 reminding us how good Arsenal are at "passing the ball." Thanks, Warren.
Sort your audio out, Fox. This American commentary is terrible. Not helped by Warren Barton!
Warren Barton seems to think he's called Theo Walcock.
Now we get to hear Warren Barton call the game in-studio. Like being an Arsenal fan isn't depressing enough.
I think it's Fox Sports end. I've got to listen to Warren Barton now.
I know it's harsh on the FOX guys, but it's agonizing to listen to Rob Stone and Warren Barton in the studio calling a game.
Hey why is accomplished professional Warren Barton still saying "Santi Car-zola?"
I survived the Champions League Pre-Match Show with Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda! NBC the next step is to buy rights to UCL.
Arsenal *** but Warren Barton is doing the pre-game!
Warren Barton cannot even pronounce Wilshere. Enough said.
Yeah, can't wait to listen to Warren Barton talk about tonight's truck race.
Warren Barton!!! Aaarrrggh, Thank you NBC for taking BPL coverage from FoxSoccer.
FS1 just switched from Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda to Regis. I can't believe I'm saying this, but can I get Warren and Eric back?
That's great News. we don't have to listen to Eric Wynalda,Warren Barton and Co brain farting!
dear NBC. . thank you. where have you been these past 8 years? good riddance from warren barton and co. for free!!!
No Warren Barton and Eric Wynalada urinating on the United win. Thank you NBC.
yep - access to every game and NO WARREN BARTON!
more from an nba point of view, I slate Shaq. I actually quite like Warren Barton, remember his Maidstone days.
Warren Barton is a pundit on FSC. Knowledgable.
Well done As long as you don't hire Lalas, Twellman, Dellacamera, Rob Stone or Warren Barton, I'll keep watching.
yep. And nice to not have Warren Barton glowering at you from the studio
. Warren Barton Centre Parting ,Who's cares that you can't count, deck chair out & get your feet up wor kid
that's a good thing...I used to like Warren Barton on fox...saw him when he played for Maidstone United
I've seen people complain about no Warren Barton.
I haven’t had to see/hear Eric Wynalda or Warren Barton this morning. NBC already wins in my book.
Even Warren Barton got jokes. I wanna die.
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wish I had 5 tv's and cable boxes to go with them! Rebecca Lowe far easier on the eyes than Warren Barton and his fake tan!!
*** !?! Where is Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda?!?! Why is there a women?!?!
NBC's coverage: positives - Rebecca Lowe is more attractive and less orange than Warren Barton.
Positives from half time? Not having to listen to Warren Barton and Eric Winalda talk absolute ***
Best part of today? The coverage. No Warren Barton or Eric Wynalda disgracing the game of football with their "insight"
“Best thing about no Warren Barton” no wynalda either..they destroy fsc
I actually like warren Barton's analysis.
It certainly lacks the true American spirit of Warren Barton's suits.
Good start by NBC today...added bonus, no Warren Barton.
A new Premiership season without that *** Warren Barton. Things are looking up.
I miss the orangeness of Warren Barton though & the constant guess of whether TV was broken or he'd topped up the spray tan
Only $14.99 to get rid of Eric Wynalda and Warren Barton? Sign me up.
I guess we should be prepared for the NBC crew to be all over the mackems this season. Where's Warren Barton when you need him?
So far so good. I don't miss Warren Barton or Eric Wynalda at all!
So glad to not be listening to Warren Barton yap. So glad.
Enjoying the coverage so far. Best thing so far. No Warren Barton. Just keep Lalas off now.
Thank God there is no more Warren Barton, Kieth Costigan, and Eric Wynalda talking out of their *** at halftime
nice bonus for you there then. No Warren Barton is also a good thing
Somewhere Warren Barton is angrily muttering to himself
Shaka Hislop in goal, Warren Barton playing sweeper
Best thing about NBC so far- no Warren Barton. And all the matches are on live. Wo.
Kinda miss the veiled undercurrent of hatred between Eric Wynalda and Warren Barton from FOX last year. was always waiting for them to snap.
So glad I don't have to listen to warren Barton anymore.
Warren Barton sits silently in front of the announcer's desk on the ground...polishing his gun.
Eric Cantona walks out and drop kicks Warren Barton during broadcast. Arlo White follows...says "I'll take it from here boys"
say Warren Barton still choking on da barra oui lmao
Warren Barton and Wynalda sitting in a diner. Max Bretos trying to park outside. "Just a small town girl..." Screen goes black
I imagine Rob Stone and Warren Barton reenacting this scene:.
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