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Warning Shot

A warning shot is a military term describing harmless artillery shot or gunshot intended to call attention and demand some action of compliance.

Without much warning, Omega slowly walked towards him, anticipating him to take a shot. In fact, Om…
Ali's waking was far less harmonious, the blaring alarm being all the warning she had. Her eyes shot…
Thanks for warning us now that it’s too freaking late, Mr. Big Shot Obama hating Woolsey.
The signs are up because it is illegal to give a warning shot.
Classic!! I like "Due"to the price of ammo a warning shot is optional!!
But he didn't shoot at anyone he fired a warning shot at the grou…
Man fires warning shot to break up fight. Also man doesn't realize police are already there due to being legally blind. …
All it takes is one woman, ONE WOMAN, firing a 'warning shot' into t. ceiling to let fools like this know…
is it maybe time for you to fire a warning shot across Koreas bow this is a little boy that wants a fight nip it in the bud
The only warning shot is one directed at the perp
Chuckled darkly and shot up the taxi driver killing him then shot you in both legs mak…
He didn't take out the gun untill he started flaming. Nice tr…
Word of warning: Don't approach me asking for me to contribute to your open source project. I don't work for people, I offer my time.
Just another day in Sweden: Police fire warning shot at man holding sword at another man’s throat. Deport all...
I'm saying he is and we all know it. But I think you're letting that fact w…
There's no such thing as a warning shot fired into a crowd.
Send in Celine Dion, George Loony, Hilliary and McCain for good measure . Strapped to the nos…
This seems to be a warning shot across the bows of an estb which is still loyal to US.
Air Quality warning for our area. Look what is happening in Missoula Montana. This is a day shot. 45 separate...
It's also clear from PRO-Antifa video shot on-scene that Antifa immediately attacked without warning, en…
Belichick fired an early warning shot to players who just made the Patriots roster | For The Win via
Swedish police fired warning shot at man armed with sword: report
Ending in 6 months is a warning shot to ALL immigrants to get in line with white supremacy. Speak now, act now.
I absolutely love how every single one of you regressives ignore why he fired the warning shot.
And these are the people the left want to let in our country. They need to be shot with no warning.
WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: The moment a police officer called over a family's dog then SHOT it for no reason - -
Then he poped a round into the ground as a warning shot. Straight forward.
The hive mind is at it again. He fired the warning shot because the other guy was trying to use a flamethrower.
"Warning shot to not get complacent".Too bad the *** manager doesnt know a thing or 2 like Belichick e…
He didn't aim it at the bloke with the flame thrower though did…
I won't feel sorry for them if they get shot. The owners of the pr…
WARNING ⚠️ Graphic photo. Three shot and one dead in the NorthWest
That NEVER happened! He was shot 1.2 seconds after the polic…
I heard Whisenant's dad-in-law is judge and has visa fraud on his docket. Brandon's…
That was a low shot, resisting hate were hateful and bound to make mistakes 😂. But I couldn't resist a trigger warning
Jeff Sessions just fired a warning shot over state's "incompletely regulated" market.
Also, i get that movie theater shootings are horrible, but you should be allowed to fire a warning shot so kids know it's time to be silent
Pedey with another warning track shot
Here's your warning shot, kids - Fall-winter hockey leagues start in one month.
If you playin with me I will destroy you . IT'S A WARNİNG SHOT !
"Blacks are getting shot because they are breaking laws" yet if a white person were to break a law they would get nothing but a warning
WARNING GRAPHIC: Latin King shot and killed in West Ridge Neighborhood
I had a flaming arrow SHOT in MY NECK! (WARNING GRAPHIC)
3' - Early warning for SA as Denmark attack down the right and put in a dangerous cutback, shot goes wide. DEN 0-0 RSA
When we get pulled over because of her reckless driving I'm going to get shot and she's going to get her 75362 warning
need anymore sex offenders here, clown.". He fired a warning shot at the Joker, narrowly missing his head, and another [>]
fair warning, I'm very out of shape and am stunningly uncoordinated. But I think we have a real shot
good point but Denis warning shot about the post Tiger era Nike knew he was box office ,Im not a massive fan but game will miss him
South Africa's ANC has received a warning shot from voters, meaning the polygamist must be tamed lest they lose presidential election.
😂😂 thank you, and ironically they haven't been as successful since Em released Warning Shot
let me explain, the Man U of this season si ile ya last season, in fact this was a warning shot
I'm likely nobody to them, probably got my first warning shot
Was it a warning or a green signal. Till date no Dalit was shot, but now we may witness such action.
. Possibly this one too! As Warning to STOP Pedo Investigation...
WARNING I SAW EP 4 No and who did Tommy think shot at the car
Did you ever think it was a WARNING SHOT to get her to give up?
Don't die yet... That was just a warning shot...
{Snorting, she shot a warning look in the rearview; flying down the back road at top speed.} --
Bright start from here as Whitehead strikes the crossbar with a shot from outside the box. Early warning from the Jockeys.
Listen to 1st warning shot (When the procrastination ends COMING SOON) by KelC on
Was this related to Pedo Investigation??? Warning to Asst AG to STOP Investigation???.
▶North Miami Cop who Shot Caretaker Instead of Autistic Man was Hired After Displaying Warning Signs o...
Yep. All Marissa Alexander did was fire a warning shot at her abuser - she was sentenced to 20 yrs in pr…
I always encourage my fighters to land at least one eye poke, nut shot, or illegal knee/kick. Might as well take advantage…
ok - I think it is clear that if they fired a warning shot she would fire back - not surrender.Lives of everyone involved at risk
Second warning shot, First was Gen Sibanda on Friday
I'm telling you now this is my warning shot stay away from me don't talk to me in your stupid *** picture games
Well at least he didn't catch a few warning shot in the back. 🙃
Jon Singleton launches a shot to deep right... but it's caught at the warning track. About 3 feet from going over the wall. Going extras
//We told you we would stop if you stopped. BUT YOU SENT A WARNING SHOT WHICH WE TOLD YOU NOT TO DO! You did it TWICE!
.bankruptcy is the new reality for the industry. Investors beware
Should have moved those old beach seats in 10 feet. This one would be over. But Myers' 390-foot shot is caught on the warning path.
Many forms. a poem can take. A lamentation. for the fallen days. or a warning shot,. before hope resurrects. the pieces of a broken…
Oustanding! I take it that would be the first warning shot. selector on dead. Then full auto to finish.
Eastin just missed a homer last night vs Lockport..Later in the game he smoked a oppo gap shot to the warning track
Actually it wasn't a warning. Just some shot up kid from the block come to die on his pavement.
Warning: Receiving a gun shot can kill you. But the way she looks is more lethal
good shot & it didn't blow up? Good warning it wasn't even set to full power keep watch:~)
Dont sleep on the celtics thats a warning shot series aint just locked up
I love DeShields. I was equally thrilled to see him take a great route on a warning track shot the other night.
Warning kids, if you are ever EVER offered a shot of 'bubblegum' immediately decline. It will save your life ( and your degree )
Scientifically-backed golf fitness ebook that increases shot distance, improves consistency and lower...
elicit a quiet, flickering flame. Without warning, her hand shot forward, angled towards the trees, and a Flamethrower --
DZ destroys a one timer off of Warning. Consider it a warning shot.
LSU pitcher Allie Walljasper sends a shot deep to right.. but it's caught near the warning track by Sabrina Turner for out number 3.
surprised we let anyone that close to our ships and sailors. They should be on warning shot down. \\\
this niggah said I'm going to give you a writing warning okay I said okay but I ain't signing shot
Mancity have fired a warning shot to Real Madrid? lol we no bore
is in up to his neck into HER!! Already shot a warning shot across bow 2 back off!
Just a warning there may or may not be a wounded goose on 4 that was tragically struck with a shot of mine.
This is a warning call. Your final shot
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Sickening video footage shot yesterday shows the start of Canada's annual seal hunt, during which tens of
Just can't help themselves. Bloody religion getting in the way of sensible legislation again.
When you're food comes with a warning that it may contain a lead shot 👌🏻👌🏻.
Valerie Jarrett Fires Warning Shot At Miss. & North Carolina via There's that phrase again... "who we are..."
"Without warning, a shot rang out and she slumped on the ice, blood spilling out beneath her neck. For a moment...
"KDM Double BlackGang.Don't be throwing up signs if you don't GangBang.". Warning shot by from
in the darkness of night. My hands slittering. down below. his waist. 'Careful'!!he said. without heeding the warning shot. I…
Zarif fires a warning shot at Saudi Arabia.
Fair warning If he doesn't he will be shot
*warning - picture heavy!. 1945 K31 - Swiss Model 1931 Karabiner Rifle . Check out this article from Gear Report. ...
“EVIL EXISTS: Not such a thing as a warning shot... right
Think that need to be dragged into the street and shot in the head as a warning to the other
That's a warning shot from the Right wing...but he is a great pope. Time pple stopped being apolitical about issues
Donald also sending a warning shot to PA. IN Colorado they tampered with those who said they would vote TRUMP.
Warning: the use of color in ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS will give you all the feels. Every *** shot is this beautiful. https:…
I added a video to a playlist Krayzie Bone - Warning Shot (HQ)
Marissa Alexander is serving a 2 year Probation Ankle Monitoring Sentences for Shooting a Warning Shot in...
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