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Warning Shot

A warning shot is a military term describing harmless artillery shot or gunshot intended to call attention and demand some action of compliance.

Marissa Alexander

When we get pulled over because of her reckless driving I'm going to get shot and she's going to get her 75362 warning
need anymore sex offenders here, clown.". He fired a warning shot at the Joker, narrowly missing his head, and another [>]
fair warning, I'm very out of shape and am stunningly uncoordinated. But I think we have a real shot
good point but Denis warning shot about the post Tiger era Nike knew he was box office ,Im not a massive fan but game will miss him
South Africa's ANC has received a warning shot from voters, meaning the polygamist must be tamed lest they lose presidential election.
😂😂 thank you, and ironically they haven't been as successful since Em released Warning Shot
let me explain, the Man U of this season si ile ya last season, in fact this was a warning shot
I'm likely nobody to them, probably got my first warning shot
Was it a warning or a green signal. Till date no Dalit was shot, but now we may witness such action.
. Possibly this one too! As Warning to STOP Pedo Investigation...
WARNING I SAW EP 4 No and who did Tommy think shot at the car
Did you ever think it was a WARNING SHOT to get her to give up?
Don't die yet... That was just a warning shot...
{Snorting, she shot a warning look in the rearview; flying down the back road at top speed.} --
Bright start from here as Whitehead strikes the crossbar with a shot from outside the box. Early warning from the Jockeys.
Listen to 1st warning shot (When the procrastination ends COMING SOON) by KelC on
Was this related to Pedo Investigation??? Warning to Asst AG to STOP Investigation???.
▶North Miami Cop who Shot Caretaker Instead of Autistic Man was Hired After Displaying Warning Signs o...
Yep. All Marissa Alexander did was fire a warning shot at her abuser - she was sentenced to 20 yrs in pr…
I always encourage my fighters to land at least one eye poke, nut shot, or illegal knee/kick. Might as well take advantage…
ok - I think it is clear that if they fired a warning shot she would fire back - not surrender.Lives of everyone involved at risk
Second warning shot, First was Gen Sibanda on Friday
I'm telling you now this is my warning shot stay away from me don't talk to me in your stupid *** picture games
Well at least he didn't catch a few warning shot in the back. 🙃
Jon Singleton launches a shot to deep right... but it's caught at the warning track. About 3 feet from going over the wall. Going extras
//We told you we would stop if you stopped. BUT YOU SENT A WARNING SHOT WHICH WE TOLD YOU NOT TO DO! You did it TWICE!
.bankruptcy is the new reality for the industry. Investors beware
Should have moved those old beach seats in 10 feet. This one would be over. But Myers' 390-foot shot is caught on the warning path.
Many forms. a poem can take. A lamentation. for the fallen days. or a warning shot,. before hope resurrects. the pieces of a broken…
Oustanding! I take it that would be the first warning shot. selector on dead. Then full auto to finish.
Eastin just missed a homer last night vs Lockport..Later in the game he smoked a oppo gap shot to the warning track
Actually it wasn't a warning. Just some shot up kid from the block come to die on his pavement.
Warning: Receiving a gun shot can kill you. But the way she looks is more lethal
good shot & it didn't blow up? Good warning it wasn't even set to full power keep watch:~)
Dont sleep on the celtics thats a warning shot series aint just locked up
I love DeShields. I was equally thrilled to see him take a great route on a warning track shot the other night.
Warning kids, if you are ever EVER offered a shot of 'bubblegum' immediately decline. It will save your life ( and your degree )
Scientifically-backed golf fitness ebook that increases shot distance, improves consistency and lower...
elicit a quiet, flickering flame. Without warning, her hand shot forward, angled towards the trees, and a Flamethrower --
DZ destroys a one timer off of Warning. Consider it a warning shot.
LSU pitcher Allie Walljasper sends a shot deep to right.. but it's caught near the warning track by Sabrina Turner for out number 3.
surprised we let anyone that close to our ships and sailors. They should be on warning shot down. \\\
this niggah said I'm going to give you a writing warning okay I said okay but I ain't signing shot
Mancity have fired a warning shot to Real Madrid? lol we no bore
is in up to his neck into HER!! Already shot a warning shot across bow 2 back off!
Just a warning there may or may not be a wounded goose on 4 that was tragically struck with a shot of mine.
This is a warning call. Your final shot
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Sickening video footage shot yesterday shows the start of Canada's annual seal hunt, during which tens of
Just can't help themselves. Bloody religion getting in the way of sensible legislation again.
When you're food comes with a warning that it may contain a lead shot 👌🏻👌🏻.
Valerie Jarrett Fires Warning Shot At Miss. & North Carolina via There's that phrase again... "who we are..."
"Without warning, a shot rang out and she slumped on the ice, blood spilling out beneath her neck. For a moment...
"KDM Double BlackGang.Don't be throwing up signs if you don't GangBang.". Warning shot by from
in the darkness of night. My hands slittering. down below. his waist. 'Careful'!!he said. without heeding the warning shot. I…
Zarif fires a warning shot at Saudi Arabia.
Fair warning If he doesn't he will be shot
*warning - picture heavy!. 1945 K31 - Swiss Model 1931 Karabiner Rifle . Check out this article from Gear Report. ...
“EVIL EXISTS: Not such a thing as a warning shot... right
Think that need to be dragged into the street and shot in the head as a warning to the other
That's a warning shot from the Right wing...but he is a great pope. Time pple stopped being apolitical about issues
Donald also sending a warning shot to PA. IN Colorado they tampered with those who said they would vote TRUMP.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Warning: the use of color in ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS will give you all the feels. Every *** shot is this beautiful. https:…
I added a video to a playlist Krayzie Bone - Warning Shot (HQ)
Marissa Alexander is serving a 2 year Probation Ankle Monitoring Sentences for Shooting a Warning Shot in...
I literally can't believe I didn't get shot by 12 tonight if y'all would of heard me speaking to these I did get a warning tho lmao
Last time was a warning shot this time I won't miss 🙅🏽
Rooney looks shot to pieces. Warning signs were there last season. We are in trouble if we don't sign a replacement.
Warning: Things that will get you shot by the police. 1. Being Black. 2. Walking being black. 3. Expressing your...
angelo tagged me in a ig post that involves me forcing Harry to sing the avocado song at gun point and firing a warning shot @ Niall
His cheeks puffed out. He suspected that wouldn't work but a warning shot was sometimes most necessary. He held onto Annie-
. Listen to Warning Shot Freestyle by officialteemac on
fans Listen to Warning Shot Freestyle by officialteemac on
Listen to Warning Shot Freestyle by officialteemac on
We can give it a shot. Hold on, I have to get set up. Fair warning, I sound weird. Sinuses are wonky today.
these *** Keep away from her hooves! *I switched you positions and drew my gun from my bra, firing a warning shot. >
Samoyed dog named Lilly shot in eye by man in Winter Park, police say (Warning: graphic photo)
All purpose parts banner
I told you that was a warning shot, now I'm gonna blow up ya whole spot😈
.women killed in Lafayette shooting were shot in the back of the head, w/out warning, b/c crazy abuser was able to buy a gun
Kipruto fires warning shot to opponents ahead of Beijing show.
you guys requested a front shot :P [f] watch me on
Just give it a shot. Just a warning: I have a distaste for shounen, so I might sound biased
Take a shot of this, but I'm warning you ...
Warning don't shot a cop the rod he'll come back 😂😂😂
2nd VSC shot at Iker after the whistle - not even a warning ?
Took a shot of Satan's *** to close out the podcast. Stupid idea. (warning: minor vomit)
Lol you sef you be macho man...warning shot that
Poor baby. Bet she won't do that again. A has a faint odor. May have been a warning shot.
drinking game take a shot every time dan mentions phil warning you WILL die from this
James Harden's $200 million deal is the latest warning shot in the sneaker arms race
Warning: Trespassers in my DM's will be shot and hung out to dry in public.
The Greek people have spoken, let that be a warning shot to the undemocratic, power hungry EU Federalists! We will not yield
YES! THANK YOU! This is one of the times when the justice system actually works! Florida mom guilty of firing (warning shot) IS FREE!
Caught Video REAL This is AMAZING! Shot in Massachusetts 2015. warning explicit language...
I wouldn't lie to you. Nothing is better than sticking an approach shot next to the pin. Don't miss out cause I'm warning you
--little thunk sometimes...there." He shot a warning glance at Bobbi.
Quick radar shot! Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect for Marion, Lamar and Forrest counties!
WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The shocking footage, thought to be shot in the US, captures the moment a stunt goes horribly wro…
Outstanding read: Why secular Europe has no shot against fundamentalist Islam
Warning shot to whoever mains Lucas
well my dog is partially de-shedded but I caught a tangle in her tail and she fired a warning shot. Owww my knee
Greece's demise should be a warning shot to the world. This is not good. This could be us if we don't get our act together.
[He fires off a warning shot and the T-Rex begins lumbering toward them]
Fla. mom guilty of firing ‘warning shot’ at husband is freed have spent one day in jail..Very sad..but glad she's out
Last weekend Bree Newsome, this weekend Marissa Alexander is freed.
Next time you take a shot chase it with corn on the cob. You're in for a treat! (Warning: Not actually good)
WARNING: my shot will be shaky because of not playing and new kontrol freeks
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Yet another example of how laws in this country are applied very differently when it come to people of color.
This cell video was shot by a girl who was almost hit by fireworks during CalExpo show. Warning foul language
She looks surprised that she just got the money shot without warning.
Sadly, it's like the warning shot rule when you're getting robbed by somebody with a gun. Can't just shoot the burglar.
Marissa Alexander let out of prison she should not have been in: FL mom who fired ‘warning shot’ at husband is freed ht…
Warning Distressing Images. Australia's "Humane Culling". Kangaroo is shot bashed twice on the head, her baby tortured https…
Been dissecting your motormouth until I break down the engine. This ain't no warning shot, this a relevant henchman
My goodness. Avalanche at Mt. Everest base camp shot by one of the climbers. **CAUTION: LANGUAGE WARNING**
Warning shot: if you ever talk to my friend again, I'll make you cry. Yes, this is about you.
Video of ‘social experiment’ shot in Myrtle Beach may disturb you: Warning: This video contains language and…
How the execution process works in Indonesia. Warning: Detail may upset readers
The second baseman Howell jacks a shot to the warning track, but it doesn't have enough juice to get over. Two outs now for Byler.
Listen to Warning Shot - Machine Gun Kelly by BrodyLevandosky on
I liked a video from THE WARNING SHOT!
dropping a bomb on a building from which fire was shot at Israel the Israeli army fired warning fire near the house in
to land troops in Manila, forcing Dewey to fire a warning shot across German warships bow. So, Germany was foe prior to Wilson
*The black flames began to spiral in the middle without warning he shot through the opening landing on her balcony--
and JR was trying to send a warning shot
Very impressive radar shot of the supercell with tornado warning in Texas heading toward Stephenville, Dublin
Kelly Johnson has 2 on, and blasts a shot.Warning Track Power. BALLGAME! win 5-4. 329th career save for Papelbon.
Kelly Johnson hits a shot to opposite field towards the warning track, but just not enough. Defense needs to stop costing this team games
warning is right. I watched several people use the sling shot full of paint and…
back so therefore he got a warning shot. But Crowder gets nothing for the push. Tell Crowder for me WELCOME TO THE NBA! (3/3)
You're 100% right but Olynyk's play was dirty. It's like getting 1 shot to throw at a batter in MLB; warning from ump has come
In Michele Fiore's mind, a warning shot would've sufficed to convince someone to sit down, but alas, gun control!
Praise God for the release of Florida mother Marissa Alexander who served 3 years for firing a warning shot at her husband.
hii corruption itatumaliza!! si you just fire warning shot by jailing 'powerful' people?! Hata mmoja tu angalau..
Jeff Francouer almost hit a 2-run shot against his former team.but it was warning track power.
Christian Bethancourt blasts a shot.but it's only warning track power. Williams escapes the 1st only giving up 2.
Samford's Heath Quinn sends a shot DEEP to center field, BUT Kody Ruedisili is able to make the play at the warning track to end the frame.
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Going to give it a good shot. 9 min warning.
Fabregas' first warning shot to his old team...Lofted ball to Oscar...Who lobs an incoming Ospina but Bellerin clears off the line...
- can someone fire into the air? Just as a human cannonball warning shot. Get peoples attention when he splats
A pap tried following me yesterday. He had a VW diesel. I had a Lamborghini. None of his pics are in the papers today. …
Get involved we have lots going on this summer with RaveonAvon and
What do you think of these? If make you a pair will you wear them? We've even got an ad ready! http:/…
I agree with caller What happened to the "WARNING SHOT" or shoot to incapacitate. See what happens when we arm so many.. THINK
Can I proceed with payment on line despite the warning. Pl Ck the screen shot appended.
bloody *** . Just stabbed myself in the foot with a fork.Next time, give me warning of cleavage shot.I lose focus very quickly
You know I like you when I miss you with the first bullet. It was a warning shot
swat just fired 3 shots. I think they were some kind of warning shot though
Shot to the warning track caught by to end the inning. Cats down 5-1 heading to the top 6th
So Amazon fired a warning shot at supermarkets and everyone went April Fool? -
Due to the rising cost of ammunition, no warning shot will be given.
White's shot to left field gets close to the warning trap and leads to a double for the right fielder of Arkansas State.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
[T WARNING] Bluh, here is the one who shot them.
Warning: this short clip is addicting. Aerial shot of VO65s rounding Cape Horn. .
This stuff needs sharing, because so much of the mainstream media will “forget” to tell their readers/viewers.
Cameron's warning on Labour's £3000 tax rise shot down by IFS- but on radio today he's still defiant in face of truth. h…
Cameron's warning on Labour's £3,000 'tax rise' is shot down by IFS
A word of warning: if anyone tries to pull an April Fools prank on me tomorrow, they will be shot. With what, I don't know, but DON'T DO IT.
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