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Warning Shot

A warning shot is a military term describing harmless artillery shot or gunshot intended to call attention and demand some action of compliance.

Marissa Alexander Castle Doctrine Angela Corey Stand Your Ground

Was "BOOM" post an early warning shot across the bow, just to let us know that something was about to happen?
Further to our on same, good analysis of outrageous qualification of 4
na, I never fired a warning shot...
Marissa Alexander: a woman with a 9 day old baby facing domestic abuse. Fired one warning shot under Stand Your Ground. Convicted.
This is our warning shot, ahh ah ahh ah
My boyfriend is the type that wont stand for anyone talking sideways/crazy to me, even when he's not around he will make a warning shot ✊🔫
Wouldn't like to be around after that warning shot... member ChoasZake htt…
This nurse literally gave me a shot with no warning at all! I'd appreciate a countdown next time.
I would not have shot.My quick instinctive reaction would have possibly been a warning shot if any.For Gods sake man up.
Marissa may not have right to vote ever again bc warning shot defending her SELF from abusive partner
New drinking game: 1 shot every time someone says "now off its lows" or "now off worst levels of the day". Warning: Yo…
I think there should be a five second warning sound on the 24 second shot clock in NBA basketball
RUGBY UNION: (with video of McGee throws down gauntlet to
Ammo is too expensive. Nobody gets a warning shot.
About a dozen people in Italy died within 48 hours of getting the flu shot so in Italy they're warning ppl not to take it.
[WARNING: This video contains graphic footage.]. The death of 12, shot last month by a Cleveland...
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it sure is apples and oranges. The child was shot without warning, the old man was reasoned with.
Lil bro in my hometown Cleveland, Ohio was shot twice without a warning from police he was only 12
Take you down another level, get you dancin with the devil. Take a shot of this but I'm warning you
I Shot the Sheriff, I'm white so I got off with a warning
The album Warning Shot by Mississippi Heat is on the RMR Blues chart
Fishermen shot dead in the high seas - Warning – in viewing the footage you may be disturbed by the gruesome...
Burglar's relative says: "He could have used a warning shot first..." From WTTC News in Dallas , we get this heartwarming tale of a long-time criminal, 33 year-old Deyfon Pipkin, who tried to climb in a window of a Texas home. The elderly owner occupant saw him and fired one shot, ending Deyfon’s criminal career. As the police do, they came by to investigate, gathered the corpse, then went to notify Deyfon's family of his unfortunate demise. It seems that the family was very upset, because they showed up at the scene. "He could have used a warning," Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins' sister-in-law, complained. "He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense." COMMENT FROM THE SIDELINE: "That's certainly true, Lakesha. He could also have invited him in and given him a beer, then helped him cart the TV out to the curb". "Unfortunately for Deyfon , Texas is a Castle Doctrine state, and the homeowner chose to shoot Deyfon, as is right and proper to do in Texa . ...
SteynOnline, Mark Steyn: Cigars, But Not Close "America no longer does 'the warning shot'"
attention: due to the rising cost in ammo. I will no longer fire warning shots
Warning close up nipple shot. . Photographer - Maxy x
I think it's obvious that 'protect and serve' got replaced with 'us versus them'. New law regulations, internal investigations and all cameras in the world are not going to stop police violence. This sick mindset has to change first. How the F in US "I've felt threatened" is equal to "I was attacked with a deadly weapon and had no choice but defend myself" ??? I'm not sure how it is in other countries but in Poland cops are required by law to give 3 warning shots before they open fire. There's also a nerve gas, tasers and 100 different ways to handle every situation before even touching the gun...
Should he have been shot & killed? WARNING, graphic video & audio. St Louis police kill a knife wielding man who...
Caution up ahead!. Are you caught in the rangefinder?. Is it a warning shot or incoming planet?.
Deep water target and the risks of firing a warning shot: Mars meets Saturn in Scorpio
This is our, warning shot, your final call
“that was just a warning shot calm down 😁” *** just called it a warning shot? Tf. We'll see
Tahir Bhasin was so cool as villain. Shot where he gives some warning n camera zooms into Breaking Bad poster behind him was epic.
This our warning shot warning shot 🎶
Careful girl~ I don't want you burned. -She shot a warning of caution, concerned for Divines safety.- Please, sit at the bar. +
20 MINUTE WARNING SHOT ACROSS THE BOW!!. 20 minutes until the team call starts!. All new and existing IBO's...
^ the result of MK taking a shot of something that says "warning 95% alcohol"
A cop friend of mine nearly got fired 20 years ago for a warning shot. Said that today he'd be sacked.
Frank just gave a warning shot at Charlie, now Charlie's got an even tougher decision to make!
Supposedly at least one bullet was found in outside wall of house. Warning shot not fired in air?
Wish I saw the "WARNING 95% alcohol" on that bottle before I took that shot !
right ? He clearly said " or your getting shot with this " at least he had the decency to give warning
I'm just worried that this is a warning shot . Something worse may happen
But if you are a PoC you’re one trip to the corner store and a warning shot to the back of the head away from being a hash tag
... Imma get a gun and fire a warning shot in the ceiling first lol
Can you DM us a screen shot of your anti-virus warning please?
PSA to ANY race,creed or color: 1.don't rob or loot -2.if you are being looted,warning shot is good manners
I was drunk Bekah, end of story. {Snapping at I shot her a warning glare.}
That type (pinpoint) has been shown off for decades,call it showing off Advanced warning 22 people wounded to complete a nice shot
The way Eminem described Mariah in "warning shot" let me know she's one of them women that make men miserable
Iniesta was integral again 10 minutes later as he fired a 30-yard warning shot against the crossbar
n I'm just sayin u could at least throw a warning shot naaa u go for the headshot 🔫🔫
The in is a Warning Shot for Anyone Unprepared in Seismic Zones!
Gretch told me not to look out the window because I might get shot. thanks for the warning baby G
Nigerian Airforce strategists on my mind. Please study the Isreali Army precision strike against Gaza terrorists. With warning shot to boot!
well stated. Anytime I read about someone else’s fall it serves as a warning shot in my life.
Warning shot to other ministers who may expose him for his cover-up of child sex abuse at
Pre film warning shows texter being taken out back and shot. Plant texter in cinema and have guard…
and 9-10 times? Like you couldn't have fired a warning shot in the air?
10 times tho? A warning shot would be enough, he proly wasn't even doing nothing.
The Generation of the Damned. As I watched an Iraqi Christian man on CNN plead to be allowed to come to the USA, it moved me deeply. These people, surrounded on every side by murderous thugs, have little to no future in Iraq. The man and perhaps 50-100,000 people need sanctuary, but it is for sure no " Christian" country will take them. God have mercy on us who claim to be Christian and be Christian nations. In 1939 the MS St Louis , a German ship, sailed from Hamburg with 937 Jewish people on board. They were fleeing the horrors of the hellish Nazis. They arrived at Cuba and were refused entry. They moved on to Florida where again they were refused entry. The German captain, a non-Jewish German who was later named by Israel as a righteous gentile, even attempted to ground the ship on the coast of Florida so that the Jewish people could escape. He was prevented by doing so by two American Coast Guard vessels and a warning shot was fired across her bow. Canada was the next to reject this " Voyage of the Da ...
It wasnt premature ejaculation, it was a warning shot!
What we have all been warning about; Politicised Punjab police credibility shot. Writ has also collapsed with it. Shabash Noorers.
Oh, I posted a comic with hard vore. But you don't actually see anything but an external shot with blood. Idk I added a warning.
Family pet shot in the head by plainclothes cops searching at wrong address (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
Shoot a warning shot first... Aim for the balls.
Walmart Shootings: North Carolina man fires gun as "warning shot" in parking lot of a Walmart store -
Do you think that this is a warning shot to Michelle Beadle not to go after other commentators? There was no controversy!
Just a warning shot from US to stay away from their assets, wasn't human crisis there from before?
Jokes about surveillance... you know I'm not kidding, right? There is a reason all my videos are shot from a MacBook.
*The blond witch shot a warning glance at the Ozians who were yelling. A few of them calmed down, but --
Obama vowed he'd "fundamentally" change U.S. This was the warning shot that life as we know it is over.
Don't forget to fire a warning shot and all first.
August the ninth I was born in hot,pop one in ya man that's what I call a warning shot
A warning to those who want to give Physicians Formula a shot...
I think that's the point!! Can't put it out in the universe yet, m8te!! I'll let koba know to just fire a warning shot in the air
2 strikes are nothing more than a warning shot. If the international community dont get serious, and soon it will be too late.
✿ Hidden shot of Young girls in the beach cabin |
We are getting summer flashbacks. And dark Elena. Like 5x22 was just a warning shot people. 6x01 is how we die. I want…
Fire a warning shot past the bosun's ear.
F-16 air strike just hit now in West Gaza- last one must have been the warning shot. 1154am
To hold your life inside my own. To die tonight if I should show. Myself when lights are off. This is the end, a warning shot.
Jermain Taylor getting a title shot should be a warning to Al Haymon clients.
Some days you just gotta light a cigar write em off... no warning shots
"What was Josh Lyman - a warning shot? That was my son. What did I ever do to Yours but praise His glory and praise His Name?"
To the people who just messed with our happy we arent back where Im from. We call that reason to send out a warning shot. Just sayin.
Jury AcquitsWrong-House Cops GOD bless this man defending against the JBTs -
My buds, finally got the sucker updated - posted latest chapter of Warning Shot at NancyFan & Kismet. It is lengthy
Forever in love with Warning Shot by MGK
Dear cops get your facts straight before swating a house. "Man who shot an wrong-house cops is acquitted.
The Fate of the Stock Market Rests with One Stock. Semiconductors fired a warning shot
The Price trade is a warning shot from ownership to the Tampa Bay Area - we can't afford top players without a top stadium.
Kody Ruedisili goes to the warning track to corral a Julio Nunez shot.
Haddaway - What is love?. Maroon 5 - One more night. Machine gun Kelly - Warning Shot
it was at Etihad stand at world travel market at Ex-El. Massive guard out if shot warning me not to touch cup
The first warning shot is always to the head!!
Take a shot every time you hear a flood warning on someone's phone.
We fired a warning shot at this target in Gaza. In response, these civilians ran to the roof and brought their kids. h…
12 years I gave them, waiting for my shot….and when I got it, I was used, abused, and fired…TWELVE YEARS. No warning. Just ‘get out’.
*scan the area and saw R.R on the scope*.*Fire a warning shot*
Craig not producing ... Whole team under performing !! Maybe this is a warning shot !!
The bomb at the headquarters is just a warmup. A warning shot. I'm sure Jack or the TARDIS herself will contain the explosion
**he stands over you** That was a warning shot. You treat me improperly again,then I'll shoot the flaming arrow. -_-
Virginia Man Charged for Shooting a Warning Shot When Cops Went to the Wrong House |
This is our this is our, warning shot warning shot! 🎶
domain names
Warning Shot by MGK is a go to song at the gym
A black woman gets 60 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abuser. Tell me again racism and sexism aren't wi…
also, Hammas does everything they can to put civilians in the way, and Israel always fires a warning shot and waits 20 mins.
I did the screen shot meme and HAD to choose / 's C: Watch it but NSFW warning cx
WARNING : tomorrow national girlfriend day , soo if i fw you & you upload sumthing bout y'all | imma screen shot you . & send it too ha .😛
What’s up? plz check out my video for my mixtape “warning shot” hosted by dj edub!.
Cardoso is sending a warning shot to the rest of the field. He is going to be tough to beat.
'An Israeli army officer who repeatedly shot a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza dismissed a warning from...
Just in case anyone still wondered who ran the Mo or Matheny, I think today settles it. Also a warning shot on the
My heartbeat just lined up to the beat of Warning Shot by MGK
how the *** you goin give 60 years for a Warning Shot & 60 Years to to Dunn for a kill?Arrest the Nut Job Angela Corey
How far can you run in 58 seconds? Israel Defence Forces Claim that to avoid civilian casualities they give a warning shot before the actual attack and that is enough notice for people to evacuate their homes. Shown in this video, is the gap of only 58 seconds between warning shot and actual attack. How far can any one run in 58 seconds? Share this to Expose their Flat Lies. | Pakistan Defence | SHARE
Do to the rising cost of ammunition and the impending zombie appocalypse I will no longer be able to provide a warning shot!
In an effort to minimize casualties, Israel is making surgical strikes and when they can, send a warning that they are about to strike. I remember seeing video of a warning shot being fired at a building they were going to strike and civilians did run away. But a bunch more ran into the building and up on the roof in a deliberate effort to act as human shields so Israel would call off the strike, which they did
I am overwhelmed with happiness over the support that Marissa Alexander continues to receive. In 2010, after firing a warning shot to ward off her abusive husband, Alexander is now facing 60 years ...
"Council Official Killed By Policemen Attached To Former Borno Governor Ali Modu Sheriff" - July 15, 2014 via Sahara Reporters A treasurer of Kala-Balge Local Government Area in the central part of Borno State was reportedly killed by stray bullets when policemen attached to former governor, Ali Modu Sheriff shot into the air to disperse political thugs who lay siege at the residence of Ex-Governor on Monday in Maiduguri. The former governor who returned to the state under heavy security on Monday about a Dornier 328 aircraft associated with Shell Petroleum was in the state to prepare for a rally that would see him return to the ruling party, People Democratic Party (PDP). Mr. Sheriff, a close associate of Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan, had the Maiduguri airport reopened for him to return to the state. The Ex-Governor whose associates reorganized members of a group of youth known as “ ECOMOG” became uncomfortable when youths started massing around his residence in protest against his presence .. ...
A bystander who witnessed one man stabbing another in Lake Worth fired a warning shot and then held the two at gunpoint until deputies arrived, according to an arrest report.
God don't shoot Guns but he do send warning shots...
Like everything just shot at me without warning
What Israel calls a warning shot is actually a smoke that helps the fighter jet to find the target and bomb it..
Jul 11, 2014 - The IDF fired a missile warning shot in a failed assassination attempt on one of Hamas' top officials. Watch Now on
IDF avoids civilian casualties, Hamas causes them. Watch video of the IDF firing a warning shot to chase away civilians from a target in Gaza. When Hamas sends more civilians to the area, the IDF abandons the target. Sign the petition to show your support for Israel's right to protect its citizens
"It is ridiculous to ask them to understand, in the commotion and chaos of war, that being shot at is a warning -
A responsible citizen with a LEGAL firearm trying to protect his family. Had he not fired that warning shot, he could've been killed himself
Seems residents given approximately 1 minute after warning shot to leave house before it's bombed ht…
IDF sends a warning shot to cause the people to flee avoid civilian death. Some of the gazans return to the roof to act as shields.
You bombed & killed disabled ... firing a 'warning shot' of 57 seconds to people who can't move.
A shot as in a warning. I am a man of the SYSTEM.
But if a black woman fires a warning shot in self defense and hits no one she gets 20 years...
This is are warning shot, ah ah ah ah.
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This is a warning shot before I blow up your whole block 🔥💣💣
*She didn't even move his hand. But instead, she shot a fiery glare at him, warning tendrils of shadow rising* Stop it.
Marissa Alexander fired a warning shot in self defense & is now facing up to a 60 yr sentence
in my basement with the lights off and get the flood warning.. thought I got shot
Jon Stewart would stay in his apt if warning shot landed on roof? Not suicidal, just really really dumb. Everyone thinks he's smart. Huh?
The screen shot option should've came with a warning label "We are not responsible if you get your *** whooped" Please read fine print
BIG!! Join us again on the 1st August with Bristols favorite son quality bass music all night long!! http:…
How nice of them. They fire a "warning shot" into a neighborhood minutes before a missile.
Having watched what the US did to the victims of BoysTown see this as a "warning shot". Will get worse.
these warning I get on my phone scare the shot out of me
Hey, Crest Pro Health mouth wash-put a warning on your bottle not to use after a night of drinking. My brain just assumes …
It kills me, yellin basically fires a warning shot and people still grind the buy back up.
I guess Model Town Carnage was a warning shot to IK.
Aright everyone screen shot the flash flood warning quickly before it's too late
Pick was always worth the shot, even with all the warning signs. Shame it didn't work out, of course.
Federal officer fires warning shot to stop fleeing suspects. What could possibly go wrong?
I guess a warning shot needed to be fired...
JPost reporting. Bibi fires deputy defense minister Danny Danon for criticism. He'd LOVE to do same to Lieberman, but can't. A warning shot?
Netanyahu fired Danon not only for insubordination, but because he can- without incurring blowback. Its a warning shot ai…
Make sure, block the time out, shoot warning shots to silence the neighbors. You font want to miss this one. FABULOUS location, AWESOME guest, and sure to be a great time. See ya there.
- The Warning Shots - "It Took a While" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y.
Woman, 21, shot on Bourbon Street in New Orleans' mass shooting has died ... - New York Daily News
It took a while, but Boston punks The Warning Shots finally released a new video. As you may have guessed by the far-from-clever introductory sentence (I’m not proud), it’s for the track “It Took A While,” and you can check it out below. “It Took A While” appears on the band’s four-song EP, “Six To Midnight,” which [...]
Took a step outside and God sent me a warning shot about 50 feet from me. Cowering under an awning it is!
Top Asian News at 11:30 p.m. GMT HONG KONG (AP) — In a rare scene of disorder, Hong Kong authorities cleared out hundreds of protesters who blocked part of the city's financial district early Wednesday, a high-profile reflection of rising anxiety over Beijing's tightening grip on the little enclave of incomplete democracy at the southeastern edge of Communist China. Police arrested 511 people who staged an unauthorized overnight sit-in on an avenue running through the heart of the city after a rally the day before in which tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in the streets to push for the right to elect their leader free of limits Beijing wants to impose. SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Xi Jinping's first visit to the Korean Peninsula as China's president is to Seoul, not Pyongyang, meaning that North Korea's best friend has snubbed it for its most bitter rival. A flurry of recent rocket and missile tests, the latest on Wednesday, has made the North's displeasure crystal clear. Xi's choice to meet Th ...
Warning graphic pics!!! In January, 20 year old Lauren George was shot in the head by a stray bullet. Her mother...
Nadal violated the time limit on 2/3rds of points. 1 warning. Tennis' clock is even more meaningless than baseball's.
Whoever going to Ejay's house on Saturday better watch out "WARNING SIGN" just go this screen shot from someone 😂😂
Some *** just need to be shot without warning
'A warning shot across the bow???' Is that off the cuff or are you looking at your notebook with these jokes? So funny!!! 😂
Hawu so fast shoo it means I have a shot TL, anyways thank you for the fellowship (warning) it gets very hectic with me.. I am honest
RIGTASTIC! And so it begins it nearly here :D
I know, RIGHT? This is the place where a woman was given 20 year's fir firing a warning shot in her own house
LRT I've friends I keep warning not to do it who take a shot b4 they drive.No one talks about it but nearly everyone who goes out does this
Top Read: Huawei’s release of the Ascend P7 was a warning shot for smartphone market
One more crotch shot away from being deleted from Instagram
Aishwarya Rai's nipple slip during a photoshoot :o. SEE HERE: warning: only 18+ are allowed to enter.
Photo: ethiopienne: Marissa Alexander, who fired warning shot at husband attacking her, likely won’t see...
Due to the price increase on ammo, I can no longer provide a warning shot. Thank you for understanding.
Accidentally just yelled at my doctor for not warning me when she stabbed me in the face with a shot. that was horrific.
Yellen Provides Road Map to Fight Bubbles: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen shot a warning across the bow of...
Fingers crossed that this is an ammo filled warning shot rather than more blanks.
Holy shot just got a tornado warning where I am hail the size of golf balls are hitting my car blinding rain ahh yes a little nervous 😧
This is your warning shot...I'm trying to give you the heads up. Cause the hits will keep on coming..this is the only time I'll miss..😒
LMAO! Okay?? Somebody told me that they fired off "a warning shot" but they showed he getting shot last week tho...
Dennis fires warning shot at Button|
Here it is… The next warning shot about the sustainability of Apple's huge profits
I always throw that warning shot up in the air before I explode.
In Janet speech to look for warning shot across bow of bond markets; high yield facing regulatory restraint. …
50 a Clown bro, but *** right tho need to focus on his career and not other niggaz wifey!
When she looked at me, I realized she had fired a warning shot.
If a dog bites a child he'll get a warning If a dog bites a child a second time he gets put down,if Suarez bites 3 times he should be shot.
WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT. remote camera shortly after being struck down by a shot last night.
the $UXVY did not play out today but something tells me yesterday was a warning shot - are you still holding?
Florida has changed its 'Stand Your Ground' law, which is good news for a Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years after firing a warning shot at her husband who allegedly threatened to kill her after attacking her.
Fla has more concealed-carry permit holders than any other state, with 1,269,021 issued as of May
A warning shot from the zucchini patch
Firing a 'warning shot' at an attacker legal in Florida
Yea, I got excited before I finished the chapter but hey...Ishida warning shot at URYUU VS ICHIGO.
God predicted this would happen, so he sent a warning shot across our now. The real punishment begins tonight!
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The so-called "warning shot" bill is NOT retroactive. Beside this, hasn't even been granted a hearing re: wheth…
He's the worst because when he was filling my cavity, he didn't even tell me he was GIVING ME A SHOT HE JUST SHOT ME NO WARNING
The continuous bid tone in $EURNOK & $EURSEK & the slight upturn in $EURGBP may be an early warning shot for the carry trade &,so,volatility
DID you hear? Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed the warning shot bill.
WARNING!!! If yu are seen outside our shop or house yu will be shot ion give a fuc who yu are or how long I've...
*GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING* Watch video of Nigeria's Babatunde have his arm broken by team-mate's shot
Marissa Alexander Now Faces 60 Years in Prison for Firing a Warning Shot in Self Defense via
take a shot of this.. But I'm warning you..
Angela Corey (who threw the Zimmerman trial) now seeking 60 YEAR sentence for Marissa Alexander re-trial.
So the judge pushed back the Marissa Alexander case again. Elephant in the room: the STILL unsigned FL Warning Shot bill. H…
I remembered I had forgotten to mention the 75th anniversary of Little League Baseball.First let me tell you a story of my intoduction to Little league as a new young father in Yonkers. a notice was put in school for the boy's to join the local teams in the area ( Lockwood Ave) My son expressed an interest and I looking for my son to play ball better than I was pleased. It was suggested to get the boys on a "T" league first to learn the game and hone there skills.I went to a meeting and I had a lesson in Little League Politics the team coaches and the guys running the league were having a meeting. It was a combat zone screaming,yelling, cursing, about, schedules training, even about who wasn't going to get particular players. Not to be left out the women present added there own opinions . That night was a warning shot ! The first day the boys met they were put on a team and a game was begun.They stress participation of parents in smaller roles..(Don't Mess with the Hierarchy) your roll as a flunky are lai ...
who was collecting gravel approx 600 meters from the boundary was shot by without warning, May 20th
Due To Price Increase On Ammo Do Not Expect A Warning Shot. . Thank you for your understanding.
Fri., 2:25pm: UPDATE Resident wounds would-be intruder in Warren Twp June 6, 2014 Tribune Chronicle Save | WARREN TOWNSHIP -- A man police said was shot by a township resident early Friday morning while attempting to enter the mans home without permission was released from an area hospital later the same day. Warren Township police Chief Don Bishop said Justin Henry, 24, of 725 Center South Road, Leavittsburg, suffered a gunshot wound to his thigh. However, Bishop said the injury was not life threatening and that the bullet went through Henry's right leg. Family members confirmed he was released from the hospital Friday afternoon. Police said James Brumfield, 43, of 144 Bechtel Road, Leavittsburg, was sleeping when he heard someone trying to get into his home through the front door. He told police he warned the intruder not to come in, that he was calling the police and that he had a gun. He told police that at one point he realized it might be Henry and that he had turned him away a few nights previously ...
Dear Guns & Patriots reader, The movement to restore gun rights shifted from Washington to the various state capitals, and as legislative sessions closed out their sessions, the pressure to sign or sign not, veto or veto not.This is the very dilemma facing Gov. Richard L. Scott, the GOP governor of Florida. Despite the ridicule and attacks from Democrats and their partners in the media, the legislature passed a "Warning Shot" bill that protects citizens protecting themselves. Similar to "Stand Your Ground" or "Castle" bills, which reversed the liberal dictum that citizens had an obligation to retreat or to simply lie down and embrace victimhood. The impetus for the bill was the case of Marissa Alexander, an African-American Florida woman, who fired a warning shot during an argument with her estranged husband. Because of the three-strikes-law in Florida, the prosecutor was able to twist Alexander's warning shot into a second gun offense, for which the woman was awarded 20 years. This week, Danielle Thompso ...
Oh, darn, no warning shots issued? well, too bad.would have done the same thing!
Well Fry, it's a little bit of both. Then again this is the same man that said that it's perfectly fine to go out on your front porch and fire a warning shot with a double barrel shotgun (which is totally illegal.) *rolls eyes*
lmfao. I'm weak. that was a warning shot. I got a clip full. turn UP
*** saying you don’t win off one diss buh always bring up “Ether” “Warning Shot” “Who Shot Ya” like
We have it too but firing a warning shot is a no no. Shooter is responsible for that bullet.
When you running from the cops and they shoot a warning shot.
"Is there really someone stupid enough to short MYEC right now?" Theres the warning shot!
Carm shot over a warning look to the brunette, her eyes a murky shade of grey. "Tuesday nd everyone's already out of it..."
I always fire a warning shot in the air before gun duels so Mary Poppins doesn't float down singing "I Shot The Sheriff" if I lose.
Jacksonville will convict Marissa Alexander 20 years for firing a warning shot but mistrials at several shots killing …
Did you know the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association once gave someone an award for firing a warning shot? Now they give 20 years.
> grabs your hand and starts running. I don't want them to hurt you > lifts up goggles and fires a warning shot
Warning shot ignored at exeters peril...
Thats it TC one warning shot the next ones flying in top corner
So when the kid says he's done eating this is a warning. Listen, the next one will be a warning shot consisting of flowing food.
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ATOS announced at the end of last week that is was seeking an early end to its' UK Government contract to carry out "Work Capability Tests". Yesterday the debate reached the House of Lords where it appears the UK Government is ready to negotiate any early exit. One member of the House of Lords said " it looks like ATOS has failed the Work Capability Assessment!". A warning shot was fired to let ATOS and the government know that compensation to ATOS for an early end to the contract would not be acceptable given its' abysmyl record. What also need to be remembered is that ATOS did not design the tests, nor did it instigate welfare reform, that was the UK Governments doing. As the saying goes "don't shoot the messenger".
. We'll try our damndest. Even if we just get fired from BBC, it will send a big warning shot.
Warning Shot Bill up for a vote in Florida Legislature:
This guy is lucky he didn't stop at the warning shot. He'd be facing 20 years.
Playa', playa' I been tryin' to fire this warning SHOT off for like 5 minutes now, phone going blank, FB page going blank, but I know what it is playa', it's the enemy. But looka' huurr playa', God always send a message before destruction in the days of old, and now. You see playa', when Moses came down from the mountain, some of the people made a golden calf, and worshiped it. Take a bull for instance, which is on the zodiac grid called Taurus. Leave that stuff alone playa'. Don't put any hope, trust, faith or guidance in the horoscope, God wants all of that. And he is a jealous God. Anyway playa' Almighty killed like 144,000 people day. He's the same God today as he was yesterday. Good thing Jesus came already huh', if not almighty would take millions instead. So come out of the world playa', come out of the world.
Kiambu county speaker ousted from office ..warning shot to Kabogo we are coming for you.
Um at the risk of sounding callus Ttanks to Mr Obama's justice dept. Ammo is TOO EXPENSIVE to waste on a warning...
forget warning shot. About 200 people saw this girl get a F in a matter of seconds. Prof dead her, there's no bringing her back.
ICYMI: Warning Shot Bill up for a vote in the first week of Florida legislative session
I tried running away from a police van with my friends once,they fired a warning shot,I don't think I'll ever get to the ground faster.
Not kidding. Woman in FLA got 20 years 4 firing warning shot into clg when ex-husb violated restraining order.
everyone has their own tastes. Btw that was a warning shot ;) lol
Fair warning: I am as pleasant as a bear shot in the *** today. Can today be over now?
True, FREEZE!!, means, shoot that one first. Warning shots should be center mass. Second shot to support report.
An overview of the warning shot bill & its progress is part of our statewide legislative series via
Due to the higher price of ammo. I am no longer giving a warning shot.
Take it as Red, Mill Hill are in title race. MILL Hill Red fired a warning shot to their Accrington...
Daily Mail's story was warning shot at Cameron. They know darker secrets link Tories, and Dacre wants press reform st…
Now imagine your going to blow,warning me of the impending first shot. I wait to feel it in my mouth then deepthroat it!
"Strax, did you shoot that man?". A warning shot, sir. "He's dead.". The best form of warning, sir. He certainly won't do …
Hull City and Charlton Athletic are through to the FA Cup quarter-finals and just one win away from Wembley following respective fifth-round victories over Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday. The Seagulls were denied a reunion with former manager Gus Poyet and his Sunderland side in the last-eight after Premier League outfit Hull secured a deserved 2-1 win in their replay at the KC Stadium. After taking to the field in their respective leagues on Saturday, it was a quick turnaround for all the teams involved, but the Tigers showed little fatigue as they raced into a 2-0 lead before the break. Curtis Davies opened the scoring with a neat header 14 minutes in, while captain Robert Koren was perhaps fortunate to see his free-kick sail into the net despite taking deflections off two Brighton players. The Seagulls showed they weren’t down and out when Lewis Dunk fired a warning shot shortly after the re-start when his close-range volley clattered the bar, and though Leonardo Ulloa – who netted in the origina ...
On 25 February 1943, seventy-one years ago today, the Featherston Prisoner-of-War camp in New Zealand was the scene of a deadly incident. The camp, which had been an army camp and was converted in 1942 for POWs, was at the time of the incident under the command of Lieutenant Colonel D.H. Donaldson. It housed about 800 prisoners from the Battle of Guadalcanal, most of them conscripts. On that unfortunate Thursday, some 240 Japanese POWs, unaware that under the 1929 Geneva Convention, camp operators were permitted to require prisoners to perform compulsory labor, staged a sit-in, refusing to work. A Lieutenant Adachi and another officer named Nishimura joined the protesters, refusing to come out of the compound and demanding a meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Donaldson. The camp adjutant, Lieutenant James Malcolm, refused to allow a meeting and instead called in a 47-man armed guard. Some slight scuffles ensued when Lieutenant Malcolm ordered the arrest of the two Japanese officers. Most of the Japanese main ...
I call this a WARNING SHOT!! This is my first single, a Killer tune check it out!! stele!!!
One of the first police officers to arrive at the scene of the Little India riot had considered spraying water from a Red Rhino vehicle to control the crowd. But he dropped that option when he was told the fast response SCDF vehicle had no water. Assistant Police Superintendent Jonathan Tang disclosed this on the fifth day of the hearing before the Committee of Inquiry into the Little India Riot today. The revelation came when ASP Tang was asked why he did not make any arrests on arriving at the scene. ASP Tang said not only was his team was outnumbered, he was also worried doing so would further agitate the already emotional and rowdy crowd of more than 200 around him. Aside from spraying water from a Red Rhino, ASP Tang said he had also considered firing a warning shot from his revolver. But he did not so as he was concerned this would alert the rioters to the firearms the officers possessed, and they might seize it. ASP Tang also shared that only one police officer and four Cisco officers were accessib ...
hearing: Singapore Police Force ASP Jonathan Tang, who was the initial ground commander at the scene, took the stand at the hearing today. ASP Tang said that due to manpower constraints (as only he and 2 other police officers, as well as 4 CISCO officers were on the scene at that time), he prioritised the rescue of those still in the bus and the extrication of the body trapped under it, over making arrests. He also said that he had decided against firing a warning shot so as not to agitate the crowd or to encourage them to seize the officers' weapons. More updates from the hearing in court here:
How can we come together whereas I'm being sold out like fish and chips? I'm firing the fourth warning shot that is motivated by the spirit of anger. If need be, the anger might be permanent and this will result in permanent isolation. Trust is earned, how can I trust those who are not trustworthy? Betrayal pick myself up and dust myself off so it is an epitome for my motivation. it up big boy
Black man man in Florida shoots attacker in the leg to subdue him and get to safety. Shoots only once and does not continue to fire. Victim survives and testified that they were drunk and initiated the attack. NOONE KILLED Black man sentenced to 20yrs. Black women women in Florida shoots ONE warning shot above admittedly abusive husbands head then orders him to leave. Does not continue to fire. Husband admits that he is abusive in open letter to court asking that charges be dropped. NOONE KILLED Black women sentenced to 25years. White/Hispanic man in Florida pursues so called suspicious black teen against police advice. He claims that teen attacked him, fires multiple shots and kills black teen. Aquitted of all charges. White male in Florida approaches and engages group of black teens. He claims that black teen got out of veh and cthreatened him with gun. Goes to his vehicle, gets his gun, gets back out and fires 9 shots continuing to follow said vehicle shooting. No gun found. No witnesses can testify th ...
Why is it that those who STAND THEIR GROUND and only wound someone or simply fore a warning shot and don't even shoot someone go to jail and only those who KILL their victims get away with it?
talking about domestic violence right now. what are your thoughts? Marissa Alexander being given 20 years for giving a warning shot to her abusive husband
ONLY Read This Once You Are Able To LAUGH OUT LOUD. Hysterics might set in. ENJOY DON'T BE PUT OFF BY THE LENGTH OF IT My husband and I went to B n Q recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and we consumed a massive quantity of my patented 'you're definitely going to s**t yourself' road-kill curry. Tasty stuff, albeit hot to the point of being painful, which comes with a written guarantee from me that if you eat it, the next day both of your butt cheeks WILL fall off. Here's the thing. He had awakened that morning, and even after two cups of tea (and all of you know what I mean) nothing happened. No 'Watson's Movement 2'. Despite habanero peppers swimming their way through his intestinal tract, he was unable to create the usual morning symphony referred to by myself as 'thunder and lightning'. Knowing that a time of reckoning HAD to come, yet not sure of just when, we bravely set off for B n Q s, my quest being paint and s ...
UK t-shirts seen today at the Peddler's Mall (formerly Hoover's Furniture) on New Circle Road: 1). We're Kentucky. You're not. 2). Louisville: No. 1 in the country, No.2 in the state. We got our 3rd national title in 1951. Another shirt read: "Due to the rising cost of ammo, you may not get a warning shot."
Here's your Warning Shot... Stay strapped until ya body drops... POP POP! These AkVoN niggaz, we come to make it hot!
I rarely post but I felt this was Post Worthy: For the past few weeks on my street there has been a motorcyclist hauling absolute *** down the street probably doing over 50 mph. He is so loud in fact that it has woken me up on several occasions from a dead sleep. The catch is, he goes by so fast and in such a short amount of time that I can't throw my robe on fast enough to flip him the bird. So I devised a plan... I learned his patterns by noting the times and on a Monday (today) he is scheduled to !ROAR! by at 11:30-12ish. So what does the fox do? I lay in wait for him armed with tie-dye water balloons. Sure enough, hearing him from a block away, he comes smoking by on his pathetically small (yet loud) motorcycle. Now, being that I understand how the legal system works (don't want to go to jail for assault) and having a mind for NOT putting people in danger, I decide not to make a direct hit, but rather, a warning shot... FIRE IN THE HOLE! RELEASE! The balloon flies bursting in front of his bike ...
So did Jax lines last election run 2 hours long for black folks? What will we do to fix this? What is the right wait? How about today's T.U. letter to the editor which claims long lines are good, that it gets rid of undesirable voters? How most easy to register? How sign up for absentee vote? What if vote absentee but change your mind and then go to precinct? How be a poll worker? What is a poll watcher? What is the difference? Why so many precinct changes all the time? Is there a voter pamphlet for free or not? All these questions and more with Duval Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland today at 3-4. How about Angela Corey? Is she out of control? Did she REALLY fire two whistle blowers in her office? Did she REALLY take $300,000 from office funds and put it in her office account? Did she really tell the T.U. they cannot receive her press releases? Does she REALLY hope to put little Marissa Alexander in prison for 20 years for firing a warning shot when her former husband tried to kill her? All this and ...
Attention: Effective immediately!Due to the price increase of ammo there will no longer be a warning shot fired.Thank you for understanding.
We need to realize how the "system" is designed to make us think that we are equal when there is still a great bias against us... Murder 1 is premeditated, meaning that the minute Dunn left his house with a gun, his intent was go and shoot someone. In a common sense world any legal professional who actually passed the bar would know that premeditated murder was not gonna be able to be why charge Dunn with murder in the 1st?? I believe that one way to send the message that the lives of young black men are invaluable to those who make the rules is to implement situations where justice for taking the life of a young black man is unattainable if the ability to introduce doubt is evident. Dunn will likely do a number of years in jail, but the victim's parents and the black community needed to hear that Dunn is guilty of murder and the system once again denied us that by charging him with a level of murder that was obviously unable to prove. And the beat goes on... Don't be fooled by the declaration ...
A Warning Shot for Hillary: Rand Paul plays the Lewinsky card - It had not occurred to me that one of...
JUST IN: Marissa Alexander, a Fla. woman who claims she fired a warning shot in self-defense to scare off an abusive husband during an argument, has bonded out of prison, pending a new trial.
Florida judge rules no bail for Marissa Alexander, the woman who fired a warning shot while her husband was attacking her. Full details here:
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