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Warning Shot

A warning shot is a military term describing harmless artillery shot or gunshot intended to call attention and demand some action of compliance.

Marissa Alexander Chuck Norris Stand Your Ground

This is a warning shot before I blow up your whole block 🔥💣💣
*She didn't even move his hand. But instead, she shot a fiery glare at him, warning tendrils of shadow rising* Stop it.
Marissa Alexander fired a warning shot in self defense & is now facing up to a 60 yr sentence
in my basement with the lights off and get the flood warning.. thought I got shot
Jon Stewart would stay in his apt if warning shot landed on roof? Not suicidal, just really really dumb. Everyone thinks he's smart. Huh?
The screen shot option should've came with a warning label "We are not responsible if you get your *** whooped" Please read fine print
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How nice of them. They fire a "warning shot" into a neighborhood minutes before a missile.
Having watched what the US did to the victims of BoysTown see this as a "warning shot". Will get worse.
these warning I get on my phone scare the shot out of me
Hey, Crest Pro Health mouth wash-put a warning on your bottle not to use after a night of drinking. My brain just assumes …
It kills me, yellin basically fires a warning shot and people still grind the buy back up.
I guess Model Town Carnage was a warning shot to IK.
Aright everyone screen shot the flash flood warning quickly before it's too late
Pick was always worth the shot, even with all the warning signs. Shame it didn't work out, of course.
Federal officer fires warning shot to stop fleeing suspects. What could possibly go wrong?
I guess a warning shot needed to be fired...
JPost reporting. Bibi fires deputy defense minister Danny Danon for criticism. He'd LOVE to do same to Lieberman, but can't. A warning shot?
Netanyahu fired Danon not only for insubordination, but because he can- without incurring blowback. Its a warning shot ai…
Make sure, block the time out, shoot warning shots to silence the neighbors. You font want to miss this one. FABULOUS location, AWESOME guest, and sure to be a great time. See ya there.
- The Warning Shots - "It Took a While" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y.
Woman, 21, shot on Bourbon Street in New Orleans' mass shooting has died ... - New York Daily News
It took a while, but Boston punks The Warning Shots finally released a new video. As you may have guessed by the far-from-clever introductory sentence (I’m not proud), it’s for the track “It Took A While,” and you can check it out below. “It Took A While” appears on the band’s four-song EP, “Six To Midnight,” which [...]
Took a step outside and God sent me a warning shot about 50 feet from me. Cowering under an awning it is!
Top Asian News at 11:30 p.m. GMT HONG KONG (AP) — In a rare scene of disorder, Hong Kong authorities cleared out hundreds of protesters who blocked part of the city's financial district early Wednesday, a high-profile reflection of rising anxiety over Beijing's tightening grip on the little enclave of incomplete democracy at the southeastern edge of Communist China. Police arrested 511 people who staged an unauthorized overnight sit-in on an avenue running through the heart of the city after a rally the day before in which tens of thousands of demonstrators marched in the streets to push for the right to elect their leader free of limits Beijing wants to impose. SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Xi Jinping's first visit to the Korean Peninsula as China's president is to Seoul, not Pyongyang, meaning that North Korea's best friend has snubbed it for its most bitter rival. A flurry of recent rocket and missile tests, the latest on Wednesday, has made the North's displeasure crystal clear. Xi's choice to meet Th ...
Warning graphic pics!!! In January, 20 year old Lauren George was shot in the head by a stray bullet. Her mother...
Nadal violated the time limit on 2/3rds of points. 1 warning. Tennis' clock is even more meaningless than baseball's.
Whoever going to Ejay's house on Saturday better watch out "WARNING SIGN" just go this screen shot from someone 😂😂
Some *** just need to be shot without warning
'A warning shot across the bow???' Is that off the cuff or are you looking at your notebook with these jokes? So funny!!! 😂
Hawu so fast shoo it means I have a shot TL, anyways thank you for the fellowship (warning) it gets very hectic with me.. I am honest
RIGTASTIC! And so it begins it nearly here :D
I know, RIGHT? This is the place where a woman was given 20 year's fir firing a warning shot in her own house
LRT I've friends I keep warning not to do it who take a shot b4 they drive.No one talks about it but nearly everyone who goes out does this
Top Read: Huawei’s release of the Ascend P7 was a warning shot for smartphone market
One more crotch shot away from being deleted from Instagram
Aishwarya Rai's nipple slip during a photoshoot :o. SEE HERE: warning: only 18+ are allowed to enter.
Photo: ethiopienne: Marissa Alexander, who fired warning shot at husband attacking her, likely won’t see...
Due to the price increase on ammo, I can no longer provide a warning shot. Thank you for understanding.
Accidentally just yelled at my doctor for not warning me when she stabbed me in the face with a shot. that was horrific.
Yellen Provides Road Map to Fight Bubbles: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen shot a warning across the bow of...
This is our, this is our warning shot, warning shot
Fingers crossed that this is an ammo filled warning shot rather than more blanks.
Holy shot just got a tornado warning where I am hail the size of golf balls are hitting my car blinding rain ahh yes a little nervous 😧
This is your warning shot...I'm trying to give you the heads up. Cause the hits will keep on coming..this is the only time I'll miss..😒
LMAO! Okay?? Somebody told me that they fired off "a warning shot" but they showed he getting shot last week tho...
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Dennis fires warning shot at Button|
Here it is… The next warning shot about the sustainability of Apple's huge profits
I always throw that warning shot up in the air before I explode.
In Janet speech to look for warning shot across bow of bond markets; high yield facing regulatory restraint. …
50 a Clown bro, but *** right tho need to focus on his career and not other niggaz wifey!
When she looked at me, I realized she had fired a warning shot.
If a dog bites a child he'll get a warning If a dog bites a child a second time he gets put down,if Suarez bites 3 times he should be shot.
WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT. remote camera shortly after being struck down by a shot last night.
the $UXVY did not play out today but something tells me yesterday was a warning shot - are you still holding?
Florida has changed its 'Stand Your Ground' law, which is good news for a Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years after firing a warning shot at her husband who allegedly threatened to kill her after attacking her.
Fla has more concealed-carry permit holders than any other state, with 1,269,021 issued as of May
A warning shot from the zucchini patch
Firing a 'warning shot' at an attacker legal in Florida
Yea, I got excited before I finished the chapter but hey...Ishida warning shot at URYUU VS ICHIGO.
God predicted this would happen, so he sent a warning shot across our now. The real punishment begins tonight!
The so-called "warning shot" bill is NOT retroactive. Beside this, hasn't even been granted a hearing re: wheth…
He's the worst because when he was filling my cavity, he didn't even tell me he was GIVING ME A SHOT HE JUST SHOT ME NO WARNING
The continuous bid tone in $EURNOK & $EURSEK & the slight upturn in $EURGBP may be an early warning shot for the carry trade &,so,volatility
DID you hear? Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed the warning shot bill.
WARNING!!! If yu are seen outside our shop or house yu will be shot ion give a fuc who yu are or how long I've...
*GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING* Watch video of Nigeria's Babatunde have his arm broken by team-mate's shot
Marissa Alexander Now Faces 60 Years in Prison for Firing a Warning Shot in Self Defense via
take a shot of this.. But I'm warning you..
Angela Corey (who threw the Zimmerman trial) now seeking 60 YEAR sentence for Marissa Alexander re-trial.
So the judge pushed back the Marissa Alexander case again. Elephant in the room: the STILL unsigned FL Warning Shot bill. H…
I remembered I had forgotten to mention the 75th anniversary of Little League Baseball.First let me tell you a story of my intoduction to Little league as a new young father in Yonkers. a notice was put in school for the boy's to join the local teams in the area ( Lockwood Ave) My son expressed an interest and I looking for my son to play ball better than I was pleased. It was suggested to get the boys on a "T" league first to learn the game and hone there skills.I went to a meeting and I had a lesson in Little League Politics the team coaches and the guys running the league were having a meeting. It was a combat zone screaming,yelling, cursing, about, schedules training, even about who wasn't going to get particular players. Not to be left out the women present added there own opinions . That night was a warning shot ! The first day the boys met they were put on a team and a game was begun.They stress participation of parents in smaller roles..(Don't Mess with the Hierarchy) your roll as a flunky are lai ...
who was collecting gravel approx 600 meters from the boundary was shot by without warning, May 20th
Due To Price Increase On Ammo Do Not Expect A Warning Shot. . Thank you for your understanding.
Fri., 2:25pm: UPDATE Resident wounds would-be intruder in Warren Twp June 6, 2014 Tribune Chronicle Save | WARREN TOWNSHIP -- A man police said was shot by a township resident early Friday morning while attempting to enter the mans home without permission was released from an area hospital later the same day. Warren Township police Chief Don Bishop said Justin Henry, 24, of 725 Center South Road, Leavittsburg, suffered a gunshot wound to his thigh. However, Bishop said the injury was not life threatening and that the bullet went through Henry's right leg. Family members confirmed he was released from the hospital Friday afternoon. Police said James Brumfield, 43, of 144 Bechtel Road, Leavittsburg, was sleeping when he heard someone trying to get into his home through the front door. He told police he warned the intruder not to come in, that he was calling the police and that he had a gun. He told police that at one point he realized it might be Henry and that he had turned him away a few nights previously ...
Dear Guns & Patriots reader, The movement to restore gun rights shifted from Washington to the various state capitals, and as legislative sessions closed out their sessions, the pressure to sign or sign not, veto or veto not.This is the very dilemma facing Gov. Richard L. Scott, the GOP governor of Florida. Despite the ridicule and attacks from Democrats and their partners in the media, the legislature passed a "Warning Shot" bill that protects citizens protecting themselves. Similar to "Stand Your Ground" or "Castle" bills, which reversed the liberal dictum that citizens had an obligation to retreat or to simply lie down and embrace victimhood. The impetus for the bill was the case of Marissa Alexander, an African-American Florida woman, who fired a warning shot during an argument with her estranged husband. Because of the three-strikes-law in Florida, the prosecutor was able to twist Alexander's warning shot into a second gun offense, for which the woman was awarded 20 years. This week, Danielle Thompso ...
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Oh, darn, no warning shots issued? well, too bad.would have done the same thing!
Well Fry, it's a little bit of both. Then again this is the same man that said that it's perfectly fine to go out on your front porch and fire a warning shot with a double barrel shotgun (which is totally illegal.) *rolls eyes*
lmfao. I'm weak. that was a warning shot. I got a clip full. turn UP
*** saying you don’t win off one diss buh always bring up “Ether” “Warning Shot” “Who Shot Ya” like
We have it too but firing a warning shot is a no no. Shooter is responsible for that bullet.
When you running from the cops and they shoot a warning shot.
"Is there really someone stupid enough to short MYEC right now?" Theres the warning shot!
Carm shot over a warning look to the brunette, her eyes a murky shade of grey. "Tuesday nd everyone's already out of it..."
I always fire a warning shot in the air before gun duels so Mary Poppins doesn't float down singing "I Shot The Sheriff" if I lose.
Jacksonville will convict Marissa Alexander 20 years for firing a warning shot but mistrials at several shots killing …
Did you know the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association once gave someone an award for firing a warning shot? Now they give 20 years.
> grabs your hand and starts running. I don't want them to hurt you > lifts up goggles and fires a warning shot
Warning shot ignored at exeters peril...
Thats it TC one warning shot the next ones flying in top corner
So when the kid says he's done eating this is a warning. Listen, the next one will be a warning shot consisting of flowing food.
ATOS announced at the end of last week that is was seeking an early end to its' UK Government contract to carry out "Work Capability Tests". Yesterday the debate reached the House of Lords where it appears the UK Government is ready to negotiate any early exit. One member of the House of Lords said " it looks like ATOS has failed the Work Capability Assessment!". A warning shot was fired to let ATOS and the government know that compensation to ATOS for an early end to the contract would not be acceptable given its' abysmyl record. What also need to be remembered is that ATOS did not design the tests, nor did it instigate welfare reform, that was the UK Governments doing. As the saying goes "don't shoot the messenger".
. We'll try our damndest. Even if we just get fired from BBC, it will send a big warning shot.
Warning Shot Bill up for a vote in Florida Legislature:
This guy is lucky he didn't stop at the warning shot. He'd be facing 20 years.
Playa', playa' I been tryin' to fire this warning SHOT off for like 5 minutes now, phone going blank, FB page going blank, but I know what it is playa', it's the enemy. But looka' huurr playa', God always send a message before destruction in the days of old, and now. You see playa', when Moses came down from the mountain, some of the people made a golden calf, and worshiped it. Take a bull for instance, which is on the zodiac grid called Taurus. Leave that stuff alone playa'. Don't put any hope, trust, faith or guidance in the horoscope, God wants all of that. And he is a jealous God. Anyway playa' Almighty killed like 144,000 people day. He's the same God today as he was yesterday. Good thing Jesus came already huh', if not almighty would take millions instead. So come out of the world playa', come out of the world.
Kiambu county speaker ousted from office ..warning shot to Kabogo we are coming for you.
Um at the risk of sounding callus Ttanks to Mr Obama's justice dept. Ammo is TOO EXPENSIVE to waste on a warning...
forget warning shot. About 200 people saw this girl get a F in a matter of seconds. Prof dead her, there's no bringing her back.
ICYMI: Warning Shot Bill up for a vote in the first week of Florida legislative session
I tried running away from a police van with my friends once,they fired a warning shot,I don't think I'll ever get to the ground faster.
Not kidding. Woman in FLA got 20 years 4 firing warning shot into clg when ex-husb violated restraining order.
everyone has their own tastes. Btw that was a warning shot ;) lol
Fair warning: I am as pleasant as a bear shot in the *** today. Can today be over now?
True, FREEZE!!, means, shoot that one first. Warning shots should be center mass. Second shot to support report.
Due to the rising cost of ammunition, I will no longer be able to provide a warning shot. Thanks for your understanding!
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An overview of the warning shot bill & its progress is part of our statewide legislative series via
Due to the higher price of ammo. I am no longer giving a warning shot.
Take it as Red, Mill Hill are in title race. MILL Hill Red fired a warning shot to their Accrington...
Daily Mail's story was warning shot at Cameron. They know darker secrets link Tories, and Dacre wants press reform st…
Now imagine your going to blow,warning me of the impending first shot. I wait to feel it in my mouth then deepthroat it!
"Strax, did you shoot that man?". A warning shot, sir. "He's dead.". The best form of warning, sir. He certainly won't do …
Hull City and Charlton Athletic are through to the FA Cup quarter-finals and just one win away from Wembley following respective fifth-round victories over Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday. The Seagulls were denied a reunion with former manager Gus Poyet and his Sunderland side in the last-eight after Premier League outfit Hull secured a deserved 2-1 win in their replay at the KC Stadium. After taking to the field in their respective leagues on Saturday, it was a quick turnaround for all the teams involved, but the Tigers showed little fatigue as they raced into a 2-0 lead before the break. Curtis Davies opened the scoring with a neat header 14 minutes in, while captain Robert Koren was perhaps fortunate to see his free-kick sail into the net despite taking deflections off two Brighton players. The Seagulls showed they weren’t down and out when Lewis Dunk fired a warning shot shortly after the re-start when his close-range volley clattered the bar, and though Leonardo Ulloa – who netted in the origina ...
On 25 February 1943, seventy-one years ago today, the Featherston Prisoner-of-War camp in New Zealand was the scene of a deadly incident. The camp, which had been an army camp and was converted in 1942 for POWs, was at the time of the incident under the command of Lieutenant Colonel D.H. Donaldson. It housed about 800 prisoners from the Battle of Guadalcanal, most of them conscripts. On that unfortunate Thursday, some 240 Japanese POWs, unaware that under the 1929 Geneva Convention, camp operators were permitted to require prisoners to perform compulsory labor, staged a sit-in, refusing to work. A Lieutenant Adachi and another officer named Nishimura joined the protesters, refusing to come out of the compound and demanding a meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Donaldson. The camp adjutant, Lieutenant James Malcolm, refused to allow a meeting and instead called in a 47-man armed guard. Some slight scuffles ensued when Lieutenant Malcolm ordered the arrest of the two Japanese officers. Most of the Japanese main ...
I call this a WARNING SHOT!! This is my first single, a Killer tune check it out!! stele!!!
One of the first police officers to arrive at the scene of the Little India riot had considered spraying water from a Red Rhino vehicle to control the crowd. But he dropped that option when he was told the fast response SCDF vehicle had no water. Assistant Police Superintendent Jonathan Tang disclosed this on the fifth day of the hearing before the Committee of Inquiry into the Little India Riot today. The revelation came when ASP Tang was asked why he did not make any arrests on arriving at the scene. ASP Tang said not only was his team was outnumbered, he was also worried doing so would further agitate the already emotional and rowdy crowd of more than 200 around him. Aside from spraying water from a Red Rhino, ASP Tang said he had also considered firing a warning shot from his revolver. But he did not so as he was concerned this would alert the rioters to the firearms the officers possessed, and they might seize it. ASP Tang also shared that only one police officer and four Cisco officers were accessib ...
hearing: Singapore Police Force ASP Jonathan Tang, who was the initial ground commander at the scene, took the stand at the hearing today. ASP Tang said that due to manpower constraints (as only he and 2 other police officers, as well as 4 CISCO officers were on the scene at that time), he prioritised the rescue of those still in the bus and the extrication of the body trapped under it, over making arrests. He also said that he had decided against firing a warning shot so as not to agitate the crowd or to encourage them to seize the officers' weapons. More updates from the hearing in court here:
How can we come together whereas I'm being sold out like fish and chips? I'm firing the fourth warning shot that is motivated by the spirit of anger. If need be, the anger might be permanent and this will result in permanent isolation. Trust is earned, how can I trust those who are not trustworthy? Betrayal pick myself up and dust myself off so it is an epitome for my motivation. it up big boy
Black man man in Florida shoots attacker in the leg to subdue him and get to safety. Shoots only once and does not continue to fire. Victim survives and testified that they were drunk and initiated the attack. NOONE KILLED Black man sentenced to 20yrs. Black women women in Florida shoots ONE warning shot above admittedly abusive husbands head then orders him to leave. Does not continue to fire. Husband admits that he is abusive in open letter to court asking that charges be dropped. NOONE KILLED Black women sentenced to 25years. White/Hispanic man in Florida pursues so called suspicious black teen against police advice. He claims that teen attacked him, fires multiple shots and kills black teen. Aquitted of all charges. White male in Florida approaches and engages group of black teens. He claims that black teen got out of veh and cthreatened him with gun. Goes to his vehicle, gets his gun, gets back out and fires 9 shots continuing to follow said vehicle shooting. No gun found. No witnesses can testify th ...
Why is it that those who STAND THEIR GROUND and only wound someone or simply fore a warning shot and don't even shoot someone go to jail and only those who KILL their victims get away with it?
talking about domestic violence right now. what are your thoughts? Marissa Alexander being given 20 years for giving a warning shot to her abusive husband
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ONLY Read This Once You Are Able To LAUGH OUT LOUD. Hysterics might set in. ENJOY DON'T BE PUT OFF BY THE LENGTH OF IT My husband and I went to B n Q recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and we consumed a massive quantity of my patented 'you're definitely going to s**t yourself' road-kill curry. Tasty stuff, albeit hot to the point of being painful, which comes with a written guarantee from me that if you eat it, the next day both of your butt cheeks WILL fall off. Here's the thing. He had awakened that morning, and even after two cups of tea (and all of you know what I mean) nothing happened. No 'Watson's Movement 2'. Despite habanero peppers swimming their way through his intestinal tract, he was unable to create the usual morning symphony referred to by myself as 'thunder and lightning'. Knowing that a time of reckoning HAD to come, yet not sure of just when, we bravely set off for B n Q s, my quest being paint and s ...
UK t-shirts seen today at the Peddler's Mall (formerly Hoover's Furniture) on New Circle Road: 1). We're Kentucky. You're not. 2). Louisville: No. 1 in the country, No.2 in the state. We got our 3rd national title in 1951. Another shirt read: "Due to the rising cost of ammo, you may not get a warning shot."
Here's your Warning Shot... Stay strapped until ya body drops... POP POP! These AkVoN niggaz, we come to make it hot!
Jordan's mother is articulate, passionate, and determined. The Stand Your Ground Laws are racially prejudice, and let murders go free if they're white, while if a person of color merely fires a warning shot in the air to ward off her abusive husband, she is imprisoned. This is unjust, and it must stop. Support Trayvon/Jordan's mothers
I rarely post but I felt this was Post Worthy: For the past few weeks on my street there has been a motorcyclist hauling absolute *** down the street probably doing over 50 mph. He is so loud in fact that it has woken me up on several occasions from a dead sleep. The catch is, he goes by so fast and in such a short amount of time that I can't throw my robe on fast enough to flip him the bird. So I devised a plan... I learned his patterns by noting the times and on a Monday (today) he is scheduled to !ROAR! by at 11:30-12ish. So what does the fox do? I lay in wait for him armed with tie-dye water balloons. Sure enough, hearing him from a block away, he comes smoking by on his pathetically small (yet loud) motorcycle. Now, being that I understand how the legal system works (don't want to go to jail for assault) and having a mind for NOT putting people in danger, I decide not to make a direct hit, but rather, a warning shot... FIRE IN THE HOLE! RELEASE! The balloon flies bursting in front of his bike ...
So did Jax lines last election run 2 hours long for black folks? What will we do to fix this? What is the right wait? How about today's T.U. letter to the editor which claims long lines are good, that it gets rid of undesirable voters? How most easy to register? How sign up for absentee vote? What if vote absentee but change your mind and then go to precinct? How be a poll worker? What is a poll watcher? What is the difference? Why so many precinct changes all the time? Is there a voter pamphlet for free or not? All these questions and more with Duval Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland today at 3-4. How about Angela Corey? Is she out of control? Did she REALLY fire two whistle blowers in her office? Did she REALLY take $300,000 from office funds and put it in her office account? Did she really tell the T.U. they cannot receive her press releases? Does she REALLY hope to put little Marissa Alexander in prison for 20 years for firing a warning shot when her former husband tried to kill her? All this and ...
Attention: Effective immediately!Due to the price increase of ammo there will no longer be a warning shot fired.Thank you for understanding.
We need to realize how the "system" is designed to make us think that we are equal when there is still a great bias against us... Murder 1 is premeditated, meaning that the minute Dunn left his house with a gun, his intent was go and shoot someone. In a common sense world any legal professional who actually passed the bar would know that premeditated murder was not gonna be able to be why charge Dunn with murder in the 1st?? I believe that one way to send the message that the lives of young black men are invaluable to those who make the rules is to implement situations where justice for taking the life of a young black man is unattainable if the ability to introduce doubt is evident. Dunn will likely do a number of years in jail, but the victim's parents and the black community needed to hear that Dunn is guilty of murder and the system once again denied us that by charging him with a level of murder that was obviously unable to prove. And the beat goes on... Don't be fooled by the declaration ...
A Warning Shot for Hillary: Rand Paul plays the Lewinsky card - It had not occurred to me that one of...
murica... Where *** marriage is banned while it's under discussion but you can fire a warning shot legally
You get one warning shot at my house..if you are silent..Im sorry for your decision..
g And if said "Warning shot" happens to kill an evil wrong doer so much the better!
Florida moves ahead with bill legalizing 'warning shots'? Why waste a bullet and give any threat a chance at the first shot?
Warning-shot bill moves forward - Florida legislators are pushing ahead with a bill designed to make it...
not a line, but I loved the Interpol DVD warning label shot. Classic Psych touch. XD
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Alright bro just another warning I got my shot down 🏀🏀🏀lmao
Take a shot of this, but I'm warning you 😏😏
You know the woman that got 20 years for firing a warning shot? She was offered 3 years and didn't take it, so quit bringing it up.
Y'all are getting the message of Kendrick lamar's control verse wrong. That's the highest form of respect. A warning shot be…
fire a warning shot - she just has bad aim. She left the scene and was safe yet returned with a weapon and shot in direction of
Tell me why she is stupid? She fires a warning shot, hurts no one and is sentenced to 20 years.
ASIC imposed penalty is warning shot to APRA-regulated funds about public commentary on via
A proposed Florida bill would allow people to show a gun, or even fire a warning shot.
sorry I meant *case. She actually just has bad aim. No warning shot and DEFINITELY *NOT* a SYG case - she left and came back
I'm not surprised. I hate to say it but anyone who thinks that was a "warning shot" hasn't read up on the care AT ALL
And while I was doing that, did the best thing they could have done for the wireless industry: they fired a warning shot at
WARNING: Drug Pandemrix Will Destroy Your Life Sleeps 30 times a day after flu shot
If the drug dealer can kill the other person legally, then he can also just pull his gun or fire a warning shot.
So new potential law to allow you fire a warning shot and not get in trouble. Freakin brilliant! Have you thought about that round and where it goes. Of course not. Once again the problem with politicians who don't know anything about guns making laws. So what happens when you make a "warning" shot and it hits an innocent person and hurts or god forbid kills someone. Are you responsible for that? I really hope Jimmy Patronis Representative Marti Coley and Matt Gaetz and and Don Gaetz understand this fully before voting for it.
There May Be a Road Rage Killer On the Run In Pennsylvania: Authorities are warning motorists that a man who shot and killed another ...
Bruh the favorite was a warning shot to let us know he's watching lmao
Should gun owners have right to fire warning shot in self-defense? Live report from on the debate on @ 11.
What!! OMG shot in the HEAD no warning. I was so not ready for that!!
Warning shot bill gains momentem: Firing a warning shot could be become law if some Florida lawmakers have the...
I see it as a fair and honest warning shot
*Colin grinned, firing a warning shot just over Starscream's crest* I never said it was a /him/. Spill, Decepticon scum.
Florida politicians are discussing A Warning Shot Amendment to the Stand Your Ground law. Let me tell you something, my warning shot will be the first of my Double Tap somewhere in the upper torso of the person trying to harm my Family! Can't y'all find something more important to work on because anybody that feels the need to pull it, needs to stop the threat IMMEDIATELY!
Video: WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE Emad a child was shot in the massacre at school in Houla
I'm listening to Seventy Seven by The Furios on Pandora
Believe me if I threatened you you'd know it boo. That was merely just a warning shot 💁
(cont) One legal expert calls "Warning Shot" bill "one of the dumbest ideas I've heard in the criminal justice system in a…
Henderson was a huge coup for a number of reasons. Jordan Points is no longer with the A&M team and it sends a warning s…
Public service announcement: Dear Mr Burglar "Winchester 223's" are going for $32.47 for a box of 40. That's $1.23 per round. In this economy your warning shot is if I miss your head.
I've gotten a call 3 days straight from the same number same person asking what time I close and they don't show up. Hope like he'll you ain't planning a robbery a stick up or whatever you wanna call it.. letting you know now I'm shooting to kill with no warning shot So good luck... :-)
I just saw that florida is considering a bill to fire a warning shot,I do not agree with this,a warning shot goes wherever,,you don't know,,,could hurt someone,a warnig shot means you shot first,not good,that gives the bad guy a reason to fire back,If you are going to fire,,,have a good,legal reason,,have a target
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In Florida if you fire a warning shot you go to jail but if you shoot someone you don't. It's the wild west for sure...
Unbelievable. The same state legislature that pioneered the concept of "Stand Your Ground" laws, hence making murder legal, is now trying to make it illegal to fire a warning shot. In effect, you c'n kill 'em but you can't warn 'em!
Warning shot??? If I gotta fire on your *** not waisting bullets by not aiming at it.
I keep telling mf's to stay off my bad side!!! You lose my loyalty when you turn on me!!! That was my warning shot, so it's best to leave me alone!!!
The justice system is strange to me . A older lady fired a warning shot because she was being attacked and got 20 yrs in jail pretty much they would rather her have killed the guy .. *** Well good thing I go by dead people don't talk (only if you fear for your life)
Curious to know what's everyone's opinion on the "Warning Shot Bill".
Mercy is but a warning shot across my bow.
Since there's been some talk of break-ins, on Wheeling Island: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Burglar's relative says: "He could have fired a warning shot first..." From WTTC News in Dallas , we get this heartwarming tale of a long-time criminal, 33-year-old Deyfon Pipkins, who tried to climb in a window of a Texas home. The elderly owner occupant saw him and fired one shot, ending Deyfon's criminal career. As the police do, they came by to investigate, gathered the corpse, then went to notify Deyfon's family of his unfortunate demise. It seems that the family was very upset, because they showed up at the scene. "He could have used a warning," Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins' sister-in-law, complained. "He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense." COMMENT FROM THE SIDELINE: "That's certainly true, Lakesha. He could also have invited him in and given him a beer, then helped him cart the TV out to the curb. "Unf ...
In a court room somewhere in Florida, a Woman got sentenced to, 20 years to life for shooting a warning shot at her husband... Y'all be careful ladies, ya here...
Corey wants bail revoked as she seeks another 20-year sentence for battered mother who fired 'warning shot' at abuser.
 that would offer immunity to those who show or use a firearm in self-defense briefly pitted state prosecutors versus those who see them attacking “low hanging fruit.”The so-called “warning shot” bill would change Florida’s now infamous “Stand Your Ground” law to allow people wh...
I have one of these in black matte finish. 8 in the cylinder, one chambered. It is not in the safe. No warning shot, dang double 00 costs to much. PLUS, I have 2 yappers that bark at the wind blowing. jus sayin
Neighbor just told me he had a gun stolen. He has his suspicions as to who and warned me. I have given this person a warning shot once before and I will be not hesitate to confront them with my shotgun.
That was a warning shot nezt time its going between your fuxking eyes
The good news is that I think the cold is going away. The bad news is that I'm very very cranky. Consider this the warning shot.
A Florida appeals court is ordering a new trial for a woman sentenced to 20 years to prison after she fired a warning shot in a wall during a dispute with her husband. The 1st District Court of App...
So I found out that honey booboo and her family got hit by a truck and survived with minor injuries. All I got to say is that sounds like a warning shot from God.
Shameka Owens did they revoke that lady bond? the one who fired the warning shot
Are u walking around with blinders on??? It's time to get educated... Voter Education Mid term elections are coming up We can make a significant change on local, state and federal levels... Our state and local officials have more of an impact on our daily lives, than the federal government.. We have so any hideous crimes going on in Florida and they get a slap on the hand. Now the State Attorney is trying to revoke the bond of Marissa Alexander. I don't care what anger issues she may have: she fired a warning shot...she did not hurt or KILL ANYONE!!! Where is the justice??? I think we can make better selections at the voting booths when we are well informed Let's not make the choices based on party affiliations, but on the issues that pertain to a safe and stable life Get off YouTube and research the candidates Taking a quote from Jesse Jackson: "No one can save us... From us... For us... But us..." Get fired up Make a difference Spread the word Have a glorious day, because the sun is shining on you!
Gm fb! Okay so the woman in Florida that got 20 yrs for firing a warning shot at her husband.well they let her go...but she can't leave the house for nothing but to see her probation officer and stuff dealing wit the court...she tried to get a job in a church cleaning! They denied her that! Don't she have kids? Can't get any aid bcuz she's a criminal! Florida is punishing her for nit killing the black man! Thats wat it is! 100% sure of it!
A woman gets 20 years for firing a warning shot.. But... a 16 year old guy who got drunk and drove,killed 4 people, gets no prison time at all..
I will stand behind my 2nd amendment...for those shall pass shall get a warning shot!!!
Attention please! I am firing warning shot over the bows. I will not tolerate anyone no matter who they are insult or use provocative language which causes offence to any of my friends. If I see this I will delete and block regardless who you are.
Listen to Badazz Da Kanibul / Badazz Da Kanibul Freestyle( Warning Shot ) | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creator...
Hm, ??? Should there there be a warning shot???
To Whomever keeps creeping around my house.. I have a 12 gauge and a pit bull on guard! And sense ammo costs so much I will not provide a warning shot.. -Sean
I have NO RIGHT to even fire a warning shot in my own home! . What? . I don't have a gun but this too makes me unsettled!
Our rosie on the mend. Still cant beleiv that person. The law at least needs to make a system where they r to fire a warning shot or cont owners first unless dog is sevearly mawling at live stok. My kids were to close
One warning shot is all I got in me!
Marissa Alexander, the Jacksonville, Fla., mother serving a 20-year prison sentence for firing what she says was a warning shot to scare off her abusive husb...
I really think Doug is trying to cause me to have a heart attack... I was taking a nap... Not sure how long I was asleep until I heard..BAM, BAM, BAM. Right above my head... I literally jumped straight up out of bed.. Still staggering from not being fully awake.. I said what are you doing ... Crazy man... He said " it's the wood *** . Really... At least give a old woman a warning shot... Now I have another gray hair to
Pete Martinez:" There is no such thing as a warning shot. Whether it hit somebody or not she endangered people by shooting in the air wall what ever. So she got what should have been handed out. For the other three the just had bomb *** lawyer's"
I worked with a lady who had a 15 yr old daughter, the kid was found with pot in her room and sexting warning shot stop it kid did it again the mom took all her clothes shoes boots jewelry handbags phone computer and donated it all bought her sweat pants and tops wal mart sneakers and shoes a phone that only called her mom and dad and emergency # a basic computer for school with parental controls and a watch dog program installed for remote access by the parents so the kid called DSS they came and saw all the things the mom had done including changing the foods she was going to have for 3 meals and snacks which was all basic foods no fast food but pb & j liver and onions chicken and other basics all healthy snacks and DSS said they all meet the correct standards and no action taken and no allowance for a yr and this went on for a year kid got into sports lost weight got into art dance changed her friends and has gone off to college fo ...
Happy Trivia Tuesday! On January 9th, 1861 the Star of the West, an unarmed paddle wheel ship, arrived in Charleston Harbor carrying supplies and some reenforcments for the besieged garrison at Fort Sumter, SC. She was fired on by Cadets from the Citadel, with a warning shot across the bow, and then was hit three more times (with minimal damage) as she turned to leave the harbor. Can you guess what these first shots were leading?
Long live States Attorney Angela Corey...shoot unarmed black kid...she will throw the case...murder your own baby and throw her in the creek at the end of your street so you can party and blow balls.she will make sure u walk.shoot warning shot into ceiling of your own home to protect yourself from a admitted and documented abuser she's giving u 20 years.and revoking your bond once u get a new trial...
To all if you roll iny gate at night they can can come get you In the morning their will be no warning shot because I Will not waist my bullets.
So.. High blood pressure / heart disease. (Hypertension). A few people have asked if I'm 'feeling' better... it is really a difficult one to judge... didn't actually notice any significant symptoms until my heart started going mad. Now feel the same as before, but know that Jesus is my healer & few lifestyle changes will be helpful to ensure it does not happen again. I have some more tests today & a follow up with my GP next Monday when we will be able to see the change. With all the above in mind I've learnt a few fact in the last day or so... like 98% of BP/Heart issues remain unknown until it's too late, so in one sense i am grateful to have a warning shot that allows me to change stuff. Thanks for all the love & prayer... it changes things :D
The ANC is not going to relinquish its power peacefully, already the police are showing signs of trigger happiness. The Marikana massacre was a loud enuff warning shot. I cnt begin to imagine what will happen once the military gets involved...
I got a sign that says ( Due to the recent increase on gun ammo, do not expect a warning shot. )
Listen, go ahead and get as ornery as you like. But push it too far, and I will be just the girl to bend you over my knee and paddle you good. Consider that your warning shot ;)
Action Alert: Senate Bill 448 by Senator Greg Evers is on the agenda for the Senate Criminal Justice Committee Meeting on Wednesday, January 8, at 9:00am. We need you to contact members of this Committee IMMEDIATELY. SB-448 by Senator Greg Evers is a bill to stop abusive prosecutors from using 10-20-LIFE to prosecute people who, in self-defense, threaten to use deadly force against an attacker as a means to stop an attack. Some anti-gun, anti-self-defense prosecutors have been abusing the 10-20-LIFE law to prosecute average citizens who displayed a weapon or gun in self-defense to make an attacker back off. Average citizens who never would have been in the system if they had not been attacked and in fear for their own safety, are being persecuted and prosecuted for defending themselves. Because citizens took responsibility for their own safety, some prosecutors treat them like criminals. 10-20-LIFE was passed to stop prosecutors and judges from slapping gun-wielding criminals on the wrist so they could qu ...
Just had a crazy staring contest with the biggest coyote I've ever seen. The dogs were going nuts and he wasn't phased in the least. Next time he gets the 22...well a warning shot anyways.
This was shared with me from a friend who I told about someone who was acting silly about heart attacks and treating them as if they are nothing to worry over. Anyone thinking "It's all god" when u tell them to get to medical help is not right in the head! And if a Doctor sends your *** home when u tell him u hvn chest pressure/pain and numbness in ur back and arms and such (Knowing you also hv Hypertesion) that Doctor is a *** murderer! cause if he sent you home with serious issues, then what is he doing to other Patients ! Seek a New Doctor or seek help cause this is not a joke! the chances of survival of a heart attack are slim! (why people think they will survive the 1st heart attack is beyond me, the truth is, most dont survive!) You dont get a warning shot people... this isnt a game its life and death!
This is a warning shot. Small bank with my big mouth. Small name but these *** know just what this kid bout.
This is a warning shot, that's all, stay away from my wife if you want to keep your little pretty teeth in your mouth.
domain names
Take a shot of this but im warning you...
WARNING: Tomorrow any one i meet that i know or is ; i will chase you down tackle you,put you in submssion and make you take a SHOT!
Just sent the first warning shot...
-Madison simply took out her new gun, shooting a warning shot at Bubbles- Oh, yeah, Mom, I found another gun!
He hit me I'm shooting. ..period point blank. No warning shot. Im shooting to stop the threat. If I shoot him in the leg he gonna be mad
It's a nice gesture and I love it, but shot your boy a warning so I don't waste my money on food lol wings don't taste the same next day.
*** my just smashed the needle for my flew shot into my arm! No warning just bop!
01. Silent Violence 02. Suffering in Ecstasy 03. The Day the Dead Walked 04. Hacked to Pieces 05. Human Target 06. Feasting on the Blood of the insane 07. Torture Killer 08. No Warning Shot 09. TNT 10. Bringer of Blood 11. Amerika the Brutal 12. Victim of the Paranoid
"He fired a warning shot to his own sons face. He was one twisted mother fudger"
I gave her a warning shot and she kept going..🔫
warning shot and miss Jackson are the best on it
I wouldn't be as upset about my Sanyo HD videocam suddenly dying, except it gave no warning and shot some of the greatest wabbit videos...
Well this is me in a nutshell, thanks for the warning shot glass 👍
Gave her fair warning before the gut shot
It's still too early! 3:50 left, 1 TO + 2 min warning. Cowboys could get it back with a shot at a FG.
because when I feel played I will take a cheap shot 😁 fair warning right?
. The captain repeated the colonel’s warning that anyone objecting to Rizal’s execution would be shot.
Chuck Norris killed an army of 5000 with only 2 shots. The first was a warning shot.
My mrs just got a written warning for "swearing on the floor". Wonder if they'd like to see the bloopers of the video I shot for them...
Next time won't be a warning shot got it so leave!*getting angry*
You're in Durham now. You could get shot. thanks for the warning...😳
I need a warning alarm to go off when I try to click on his TL. . Or a 10,000 voltage shot of electricity when I do, so I …
*Fires a warning shot at Pym, blazing off the tips of his antennae*
with this first down at 2 min warning. I would avoid taking any shot down field in order to eat clock up.
Take another deep shot out of the 2:00 warning.
Sometimes I cramp up a day or so before my period. It's like my uterus firing a warning shot before the massacre.
Chuck Norris once killed a 5,000 man army with only 2 gunshots. The first shot was only a warning shot.
DM me? I don't wanna hurt him. But a warning shot?
When a Black woman fires a warning shot and receives a 20 year sentence while white killers go free, things are not right.
Our good buddy Brodie Smith KILLS IT with this frisbee trick shot into the basket!. Warning for headphone users...
Take shot of this, but I'm warning youuu
so you're testing me now? Do you need me to fire a warning shot to show you I'm not playing?
Sweety is n't that cute, traitor Ed Snowden w a Holiday season warning of privacy . Traitor should be shot
I'm ready to address some issues but b-4 I do,I'm gonna fire a warning shot.We all have personal issues & prob's..make it short if you owe me pay me or pay your doctor...idgaf about your kids Xmas I have my own children.Now do me a favor & call my bluff...
Due to the price increase of ammunition, don't expect a warning shot...
Aye gave yall Panthers haters a warning shot back in the Summertime that the boyz were comin lls
If i stretch him out pronto he definitely a gonna, no warning shot when et body drop that's ya warning. GTFU GUNNA
GET READY! 2014 ASTROLOGY! Remember that the first religious group to recognize Christ were ASTROLOGERS! WOW! 2014 is sure gonna be a powerhouse of potential and peril; and the first warning shot is fired on New Year’s Day. January 1st features a New Moon in Capricorn. New Moons are often a good time to plan out what you’re doing and what you want to achieve for the next month, and Capricorn has a reputation for being solid and dependable. This year, with the proper timing and effort, you might be able to extend that spirit throughout the year. The exact New Moon happens at 6:14 AM on the East Coast/3:14 AM Pacific. One of the main features of this New Moon is a square between The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn to the Mars in Libra-Uranus in Aries opposition. Normally it’s the Full Moon that has the reputation for causing edginess and discord, but this New Moon could rival that for many of you. A lot of people have a Designated Driver on New Year’s: YOU MIGHT WANT TO CONSIDER . ...
Im seeing some sneak dissin. I have zero tolerance for things directed towards my wife, mama or grandma..lets not make this get ugly..warning shot..
don't shoot Reese Witherspoon send a warning shot
Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool Suarez on the edge of the box with a warning shot on the volley, Liverpool pressing 57mins gone
I fight loud neighbors with the power of bass. this is a warning shot. Annddd they turned their music up. it's too early in the day to get angry.
Warning Shot - Machine Gun Kelly feat. Cassie (Lyrics) HD Pls subscribe my channel if you like this video! :) Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the C...
Almost 2:30 am and we hear a, a bang on the door.we go to the door and much to our surprise there is nobody there! So b for warned.Ammo is expensive and in short supply there will be no warning shot!
You should always fire a warning shot...
Why is it that I have shotgun shells laying all over the house but when I want them I can only find one? At least with two the poor crack head gets a warning shot.
Start the day with paintball, headshot someone with a warning shot, ravage Aric Yael, get shot by a barrage from Javier Fp; and end it all with a huge family reunion. Life's good. Today was a good day.
Due to da high cost of ammunition, In 2014 i will no longer be firing a warning shot.
Trust is a very big issue with me! So if im standin next to a liar Im bound to detect ur tru colorz faster than u might think! Everbody is expendable to me except those I call family! So watch it thas the warning shot!
One of our members was excommunicated from our site for lude and crude behavior Daniel Malarky i normally like to fire a warning shot before booting someone out. I think he was kasnookerd when he posted most of the.rude stuff or hammered if you prefer. Ill leave it up to the group let him back in with a warning or perma boot ill keep him out for now and tally the votes at 9 pm sunday night. I will only vote in the event of a tie.
ditunggu slimbag WARNING SHOT rilised by GUTSBULLY movement
From Roboski to Keşan Nudem Ateş * - Uludere 28.12.2013 14:34:43 We went and saw every part of the scene of the massacre in the village of Roboski where 34 Kurdish civilians were killed in a bombardment by Turkish F-16 warplanes in December 2011. We talked to villagers from the villages of Ortasu, Gülyazı and Ortaköy who struggle for life by selling the goods, tea, sugar, flour, fuel and cigarette, they buy from South Kurdistan where they reach running the risk of death. Soldiers in the region are also well aware of the activities of smuggling which is the single source of living for the people here. The soldiers deployed on hills on our route see smugglers even with the unaided eye. The smuggling on border line, at the risk of death, is performed within the knowledge of the state. We are following the smugglers' route where 34 people were killed by wrplanes in Roboski. The bones and saddles of the mules killed in the bombardment, as well as fuel cans, are still standing aside at the scene. We come a ...
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite Warning Shot is the third book in the Nick Seven series by Tim Smith. Nick Seven threw in his CIA badge years ago, but once again, he is pulled back in the game after a surprise visit from the wife of a former colleague. Gadge was more than just a co...
This gun's blowin up it's just a warning shot This plane's takin' off on a terror run This night's gonna end like a missile drop. We were born to be wasted
Chuck Norris once killed 30 people with one bullet, and that was a warning shot.
Dear Patriot, Our nation is in lockdown. Soon we will be viewing the world through prison bars. With every new move Obama makes it becomes more abundantly clear that he is moving toward a complete takeover with the vile intent of taking down America. As Patriots we must stand and fight. Tell Congress enough is enough. For just $29.95 you can blast every member of the House and Senate with a Pink Slip. Fire a massive warning shot: "IMPEACH OR ELSE PREPARE TO BE FIRED!" Let them know we are deadly serious and we demand action. There's no better way than with a Pink Slip that tells our elected officials they better get serious because we are and if they do nothing they will NOT be reelected. Together let's create an avalanche of Pink Slips that will fill their office in-boxes, spilling over out into the halls of Congress. Here's what your Pink Slip will look like: We have been fighting against the systematic weakening of America and against being stripped of our freedoms. This is a fight we must be in togeth ...
Warning shot with my laser pin point dot that shoots on the spot
Ammunition has gotten expensive. Therefore, in an effort to conserve vital supplies. The practice of firing a warning shot has been discontinued. Have a nice evening.
And since the price of bullets went up, don't expect a warning shot!
A lady, can't really call her a friend cause I don't like her, looking in my face smilin, "well how much weed was you smokin, yo lips BLACK!" My sister came round the corner starting to spazz on my behalf eh . Me,"Nah Di, not near soul gotta defend this time round. Tuh I got this one!" I say down n got completely QUIET on her spiritual butt for about two minutes . "See Di this how you deal with STUPID ppl cause they do n say STUPID mess all the time, if you get quiet on them they walk away lookin stupid! See if I open my mouf, then I'm wrong! There are levels to stupid yanno lol n she that slow stupid!" Ol girl looks at me,"excuse me little girl!" Me, "Oh that was your warning shot . Next time I open my mouth, you gone call my mother! Humble I am but you won't handle me all type of way!" She left!!! Lol Moral of the story: Oh I know how to act!!! There's a time n a place for every action nah, just don't test my might on any field . I will make you feel DUMB! Lol
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
As Jr cole said due to the increase of ammo I to will No longer do warning shot it's just your _ _ _
My new posted sign for my property: NO TRESPASSING ! Because of the shortage of ammunition A warning shot will no longer be fired. A Second shot should not be required!
[Verse 1] Look inside my eyes and tell me you see a warrior I never felt the feeling of euphoria Pain forever, prolong the pros and cons of prosperity is strong Wake up in the morning and I gotta win Not taking the victory, that’s my only sin And so I send a message to your messenger A warning shot to let em know I’m serious I’m ready for a war When I roar it can break a glass window The only thing for sure is the perfect way To bend you on your back Even if I gotta slither through the cracks I can crack every code you deliver I attack Every hole with a bomb squad sittin’ on the tripod Even if he try hard, he can still die hard Run but you can’t hide White flags, you can pull ‘em out fast And tell me your last goodbye [Chorus] I will, I will, climb the highest mountain Before the flood comes And all my fight is drowning in blood What I gotta lose? What I gotta prove? I guess, war is my love [Verse 2] Make sure your next move is slick Your best move is nothing You know I take risk, dark clouds, ...
So my daughter deleted her FB account because people always running telling her father what she posts every time they feel like she's talking to or about them! One word of advice to you is LEAVE MY BABY ALONE! I'm raising this girl! She's an honor roll student, can graduate in the spring a year early, and she has a book SHE wrote that has attracted publishers! You don't want these kind of problems so I strongly suggest y'all back off. This is just a warning shot- next time im coming for you on a personal level
I need this sign. With the high price of ammo the warning shot is out of the question.
Well my Christmas wish didn't come true so my thoughts go out to the first animal I see tomorrow. I don't care if it's a deer , possum, coyote, giraffe, armadillo, bobcat, wompus cat or speckle-headed whistlecat. I'm firing a warning shot through it's shoulders.
Forget it I will keep my guns loaded and locked. I don't give a warning shot.
RUSSIA has fired a warning shot across the bows of local meat exporters after detecting traces of growth hormone in Australian beef.
A new bill proposed by legislators in Florida would make it legal to brandish under certain circumstances, as well as fire warning shots to stop a crime. We’re torn as to the safety of the latter law to bystanders.
Due to price increase on ammo do not except A WARNING SHOT!
Due to the Price Increase on Ammo Do Not Expect a Warning Shot
Due to the increase in ammo price, don''t expect a warning shot.
The cut off for 2014 has begun as of now... it's over for you fake *** so called family and friends, if you just had to stop and ask yourself "is she talkin bout me" yes I am!!! My blood is boiling... everyone has a little pettiness in them but *** the nerve of some people... I wish you no harm nor ill will but I'm done! This is the only warning shot that will be fired!
Starting to lose respect for a certain people in my life. Now i usualy dont do this but this is a warning shot. You better not be one of them. Fam,frnds nd foes. Got sum mean *** A1 periko dts ready to blast madaf's off. Ke o supa ka monwana!!!
Bullets must be very cheap now days the way people just throw them around like candy. I'm sorry. I can't afford to give a warning shot. Every bullet counts.
My father in law gotta a sign on his property that read "Due to increasing ammunition prices, dong expect a warning shot. Thank you for understanding!" Lmao
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