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Warner Bros

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., also known as Warner Bros. Pictures or simply Warner Bros. (though the name was occasionally given in full form as Warner Brothers during the company's early years), is an American producer of film, television, and music entertainment.

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Warner Bros. have announced that 'A Star Is Born', starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, will be released on Septembe…
Ben Wheatley in Talks to Direct Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled for Warner Bros., Tom Hiddleston in Talks to Star in U
"‘Fantastic Beasts’ Is a Hit for Warner Bros." by BROOKS BARNES via NYT and more...
Can the estates of Siegel and Schuster please sue Warner Bros. so they quit letting Zack Snyder butcher Superman's character?
Gaming’s billion video-content business is why Warner Bros. wants Machinima
Saw 'Fantastic Beasts’ and agree it is definitely a Hit for Warner Bros., via
louuued it! Am still grinning. when Warner Bros logo came w faint echo of Harry Potter theme & audience cheered... gooseflesh!
Warner Bros. and DC Films were hit with bad news a few weeks ago when it was announced that…
Warner Bros. and J. K. Rowling pulled off an exceptionally difficult magic trick over the weekend
Warner Bros. is discontinuing Arkham Origins online services, reminding everyone the game had multiplayer…
Today we are at Warner Bros. til 2:00. 3300 W Olive Ave in Burbank! Come have one of our famous polish boys!
you think he had control over what he was saying when he was "in talks" with Warner Bros?.
Edward Elric is in the building. Watch the first footage from live-action https:…
Warner Bros. learned the wrong lesson from The Lego Movie.
'Fullmetal Alchemist' Teaser Trailer: A First Glimpse of the Live-Action Adaptation of the Beloved Manga Series
Warner Bros. in talks with Steve Carell for movie
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
about to see Fantastic Beasts with courtesy of Warner Bros 👬
If I told you all that I own Warner Bros. would you all be upset? Best Warner Bros. film? See below,.
You know that feeling when the Warner Bros logo came up. Even just that part already gave me goosebumps.
my biggest SS complaint was harley's writing and turns out there's cut scenes where she was the harley I dreamed of. I HATE warner bros.
CONGRATULATIONS Justin Ryan Gaynor Adelman he & his band just signed a deal with Warner Bros.
Disney and Warner Bros. are about to make a huge come back. Stay tuned. ;)
Check out the first trailer for DC's R-rated Justice League Dark film from Warner Bros. Animation via CBR…
"Warner Bros. announced that it was expanding plans for the series, and will now produce five Scamander films as opposed to three" YESSS!
Bacall to Arms is a 1946 Warner Bros. cartoon directed by Bob Clampett featuring Lauren Bacall as 'Laurie Becool'
Warner Bros. in talks with Steve Carell for Minecraft movie
Steve Carell may be bringing his voice acting talents to Minecraft
Check out Warner Bros. Yosemite Sam "Anybody else got an opinion?" Gray L T-Shirt SS via
Thanks for making a Gorilla Grodd movie Warner Bros. .
Duck Amuck is an American surreal animated cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons. The short film was release
.examines the state of Warner Bros. and their DCEU as another director exits https…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
An excellent read for anyone interested in the reality and totality of Warner Bros business
Warner Bros. Pictures/Photofest The 1972 Robert Redford picture, once seen as a satire, now seems like wishful...
I mean, Warner Bros refers to this as the 3rd movie, so...
Interesting read but, let's be honest, it could be summed up as, . "Vision.WHAT vision.?".
Currently sat in the Warner Bros reception waiting for a screening but the
New column: Another day, another director leaves a film, and ain't too concerned. https:…
.Chief KEVIN TSUJIHARA tells his parents' story in internment camps.
Check out our process in action with this concept.
Warner Bros studios. Final day of shooting Work done. Gloves off. Hanx.
how much do you think they were paid by Sony or Monolith/Warner Bros. to do this
is TODAY and we have our good friends from Atlantic, Warner Bros & Sirius XM judging the show!
Google and Warner Bros. let muggles hunt for in Search, Maps, Daydream, and Allo:
The Complicated Case of Leadership and Vision at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment via
I know and I agree . But the digital sales helped Warner Bros gain back the money it hoped for but didn't get from bvs .
The face you make when you wake up and realize you're about to head to warner bros to rehearse scenes with Debra Winger. Sa…
glad we're all in agreeance that Warner Bros. grossly miscalculated public perception of Johnny Depp in 2016
We can't get the rights from Warner Bros.
Now you know where Nikki&I have been hiding!I cant wait to make TV w/these two powerful women running our company https…
PERSON: "So people think your movie looks pretty good!". WARNER BROS: "Oh, don't worry. We'll fix that."
I have just read that Warner Bros. will produce "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" as a five (!) film series. This is incredible.
to WIN this Middle Earth 6 Film Bluray Box Set courtesy of >>
“Gone with the Wind” and “The Wizard of Oz” ’s are now safe and sound in the hands of Warner Bros
Some really good stuff in here. I'm on board for moving Aquaman up.
Batfleck to the rescue! DC desperately needs a super smash to stop the bad buzz
"Because, apparently, Justice League looks dynamite. Totally different from anything Snyder has done before."
Warner Bros dodging all Green Lantern Corps movie questions from press
MATE. Wonder Woman looks naughty ngl, I can only pray Warner Bros haven't decided mug me with a sick trailer and *** film again.
Cannot wait for this movie! Warner Bros. just dropped the second trailer for 'Wonder Woman' and it looks incredible
Warner Bros. Picture has released a new trailer for featuring Gal Gadot in the title role >
1935 Warner Bros. studio photo for the film FLIRTATION WALK. Stars Ruby Keeler and Ross Alexander, his story a dr…
Oh, I get it. Zack Snyder is David S. Pumpkins, Warner Bros is Kenan, and we're all Beck Bennett.
It was a hit last year so you'll again be able to enjoy dinner at Hogwarts at the UK Warner Bros. Studio Tour. http…
Yes, it would be unthinkable for a single company like Time Warner to seize control of HBO, CNN and Warner Bros
Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara - Warner Bros Presentation at Cinemacon in Vegas, April 2015
Warner Bros. chief may keep his job after sale: AT&T CEO "expects all of our creative execs to go on for many years"
AT&T has made a deal to buy Time Warner, owner of CNN, HBO, & Warner Bros. — in one of the biggest acquisitions ever http…
AT&T will own HBO, DC Comics, CNN, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Not good when content providers own the content producers…
The amount of work that went into the Harry Potter movies is pretty incredible, really really enjoyed the Warner Bros Stud…
Perform @ our next big show Nov 7th in Atlanta. Atlantic Records. Warner bros. HipHopNation + more. Don't miss it. Text 4…
now owns Warner Bros among it's many other assets.
NPG Records, to launch unreleased Prince recordings . .
warner bros figured out that the clintons were evil/ joke! i recommend NOT voting 4 em,!…
actually no! it was Warner Bros! we got to go inside sets, see iconic props, (you don't stay on the tram, you walk a lot :D)
AT&T merger with Time Warner would give 1 company control of HBO, CNN, Warner Bros., DC Comics and more
UPDATE: We were nominated for 10 awards at this year's ceremony at Warner Bros. Studios - not 6 like w…
[HQ] Shailene Woodley at the 26th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards at Warner Bros. Studios on October 22 i…
Yes but now 1 company would have control of HBO, CNN, Warner Bros, DC Comics AND 42% of The Game Show Network.
Warner Bros. has acquired the distribution rights to Kevin Kwan's bestselling novel "Crazy Rich Asians"
Took a trip back to Diagon Alley today ⚡️ @ Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is giving Studio Tour...
We are located near to Warner Bros studios!
Will AT&T own Cartoon Network, CNN and the Warner Bros. studios?.
Butterbeer more like vomit in a cup amirite 🍻 @ Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - the Making of…
The tour guide said it was"normal" to spend about 3 hrs in the Warner Bros studio - we spent 6 lol.
Hi! When you went and toured the Warner Bros studio in LA, did u do the normal tour or VIP tour? Trying to decide which one 🤔😊
You could win Dinner in the Great Hall at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Ldn. Book http…
my friends and I are from Australia doing the Warner Bros studio tour next week! So close to the end of filming of pll!
draco dormiens nunquam titillandus @ Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - the Making of Harry Potter
the Warner Bros studio tour in London yes!!! i've been its amazing
So no one told you life was gonna be this way. @ Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
Website Builder 728x90
This is magical, just so magical... @ Warner Bros studios, Harry Potter Studio Tour
Warner Bros. announces new 'Fantastic Beasts' mobile game - UPI
Space Jam Getting Theatrical Re-Release for 20th Anniversary: Released by Warner Bros. in…
Enjoying a butterbeer pretending I'm in Harry Potter for the day⚡️🔮 @ Warner Bros studios, Harry…
What's your best career advice for young women? Sue Kroll, president of Warner Bros. ("Dark Knight" trilogy, Harry Potter) off…
Purchased today from the shop at Warner Bros & he's half way through already. Thank you. We've had a wo…
All I want to see is a proper release in the US. Warner Bros is terrified of the movie. Had to order my dvd copy from the BFI.
Warner Bros. announces new 'Fantastic Beasts' mobile game
Warner Bros. announces new 'Fantastic Beasts' mobile game
Nice ad from Warner Bros. Records for in Billboard tonight.
Warner Bros. announces 'Fantastic Beasts' mobile app - Was it ever possible that mobile gaming would be exempt ...
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced that Batman™: Return to Arkham, which...
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group today announced the launch of the LEGO® Harry...
To say goodbye to PLL the Warner Bros is treating us to these delish Pumkin Smash Smoothies. Our
DC scandal cameras all over DMV for body camera police evidence . Warner Bros conspiracy
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
BeIN signs multi-year content deal with Warner Bros.: In what appears to be the beginning of many first-run d... https:…
How the writers think tank at Warner Bros. animation is giving Disney/Pixar a run for it...
Jared: Early Bugs Bunny cartoons were just garish displays of anti-Japanese hysteria, and now he's the face of Warner Bros.
Picked up a hottie at Harry Potter Studios 👌🏼😘 @ Warner Bros…
Hey remember that guy that wrote Harry Potter's textbook and gets a passing mention once?. Let's make 5 movies out of that guy! -Warner Bros
Four ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequels Announced - It’s no secret that Warner Bros wants to reignite the Harry Potter ...
this all started because Warner Bros wanted more of that Harry Potter $$.
Warner Bros. will be laughing all the way to Gringotts with two additional Fantastic Beasts films.
Warner Bros. has just confirmed that J.K. Rowling will continue the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them...
Check out my photo from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter! via
You stand a chance of seeing the Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros studios UK when you enter our annual nationa…
By tomorrow I'll have seen Harry Potter AND THE SORCERER'S STONE in IMAX and I know I'll be crying before the end of the Warner Bros. logo.
Someone made a visual of all the spells used in Harry Potter and the result is fascinating YouTube/Warner Bros. P…
Photo: Jaap Buitendijk/Courtesy of Warner Bros. I made my wife a Pensiev…
Warner Bros are going all out with YouTube influencers for the new Harry Potter pre-story film, sounds v cool featured in NBC s Science of Love
Which actor played both a human and goblin role in the Harry Potter films? Head to Warner Bros ...
Videos: Warner Bros. releases first 3 'Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them' official TV spots
Warner Bros should redo Harry Potter and let Trump play Voldemort, at least then he could do something right.
Just saw this on Amazon: Warner Brothers HP0119 Silver Buffalo Harry... by Warner Bros for $12.99 via
Converse and Warner Bros launch DC Comics Batman Collection ’70 Chuck Taylors and they are Awesome! - …
On the HOBBIT set with "big" sister sandra83wahlgren and pascalator @ Warner Bros. Entertainment
Lady Frankenstein, & even though it's part Warner Bros., it's still Hammer, Dracula A.D. 1972 is in top 3 favorites
Stopped by the Warner Bros prop warehouse to pick out some last minute stuff for the music video tomorrow! https…
Yes! Warner Bros need to pay us we solved their problems lol😂😂😂
How much did warner bros pay Ben affleck to add a THE to batman ??? 😂😂🐌
.will become heavy metal warriors in the all new animated series from Check it out! https…
.is getting their own digital TV series, courtesy of Warner Bros
Congrats my friend. No one deserves this more. I 💜 you
I see photos of the Warner bros HP studio tour and I cry
Warner Bros. says all eight Harry Potter films will screen in IMAX theaters for a one-week run beginning Oct. 13.
My new livingroom. Wish TV show is it from? @ Central Perk Warner Bros Studio
.today. Not shot here. Is breaking and entering at Warner Bros. a crime?
If the Blue Jays make the World Series we’ll be shutting down production on Arrow. Warner Bros. just found that out.
Suicide Squad wasn’t the unquestioned critical hit that Warner Bros. likely hoped for after the…
Today I said screw you Warner Bros US. I'll get my Salem's Lot and Cat's Eye from Canada. Suck an egg, brah.
13. Yep, the great Warner Bros. short "One Froggy Evening" is about black musicians escaping exploitation by whites.
Warner Bros: OK, we need a snappy title for the Batman movie. Ben Affleck: What if it's just called The Batman?. Warner…
I'm lost in the Warner bros studios 😂😂 this is huge omg
So stoked to share our debut album w you guys on Friday...Savor the moment w a Vinyl version of Good Times Ahead
Just saw this on Amazon: Silver Buffalo HP09087 Warner Brothers Harr... by Warner Bros for $10.50 via
James Cagney and Virginia Mayo in "White Heat" (Warner Bros, 1949). The story of a gangsters love for his mother
Commissioner Gordon Looks Hard-Boiled in His First 'Justice League' Photo: Warner Bros. has made plenty of de...
Margot Robbie has signed a first look deal with Warner Bros. and will now be producing female-driven movies!
Just played: Aunt Marge's Waltz - John Williams - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(Warner Bros)
Warner Bros. want to release a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie in 2020
I hope Warner Bros. wait for Daniel Radcliffe to age/live a bit before they make a Cursed Child movie. . Recasting could be c…
Warner Bros wants a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie with Daniel Radcliffe
MOVIE NEWS: David Ayer asked Shia LaBeouf to do but Warner Bros refused.
Final qualifying for GT Academy is on now at Warner Bros. Movie World, QLD
Yes, a major studio did flag it's own sites for takedown. Rights can be hard - and people don't pay attention.
Hollywood thinks that bad DMCA takedowns are rare, but Warner Bros. just filed one on itself.
Tactic to blame Google for poor box office performance this summer? WB flags own site for piracy
Warner Bros issues takedown request on its own bloody website
- Warner Bros reports its OWN site as illegal and asks Google to remove it from...
Warner Bros. issues so many DMCAs that some of its own websites are included
Warner Brothers reports own site as illegal
LaBeouf said that WB Executives vetoed the idea of him being in their film .
I am SO glad we got this premiere commercial free. Thank you Ava,Oprah, Warner Bros. & whoever else made this happen
Warner Bros. asks that its own sites be removed from Google.
Warner Bros. is the first studio to have two superhero movies make over $300 Million domestically in the same year. Some flo…
.is going after their OWN pages & streams for piracy... Sounds about right.
Google should have just quietly complied ;) : Warner Bros. flags own site for piracy, orders Google to censor pages
Hollywood had taken notice of Welles w/the Mercury Theatre as early as 1936. Welles reportedly turned down 3 scripts sent by Warner Bros.
Check out Warner Bros. Studio Tazmanian Devil King of the Castle via
Rumor has it Warner Bros. wants to bring back for a new trilogy:
Ridley Scott & Harrison Ford on the set of Blade Runner. Still photographer: Stephen Vaughan © Warner Bros.
BREAKING! Warner Bros. hires director for Justice League Dark movie
Warner Bros. and DC's has found its director.
Warner Bros. hires director for 'Justice League Dark' movie!
Liam Gallagher signs with Warner Bros ahead of ‘big, bold and heartfelt’ new album
A new post has just gone live over on the blog! - Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour!!
I will never look at Jack Ryder the same way again...I see where Warner Bros. got the idea for Freakazoid
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper officially working on A Star is Born remake with Warner Bros
Warner Bros. made Rodney Dangerfield drastically change his 1991 animated movie and then just dumped it anyway.
Open letter to Warner Bros' CEO about continuing failures. Most depressing bit: apparently Wonder Woman is a mess
Warner Bros and EMI america Recording artist Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio FRIDAY at 7:PM in a very special show...
Margot Robbie to play trapeze artist Lillian Leitzel in Warner Bros.' 'Queen of the Air'
Don't sleep on that Harley Quinn movie, Warner Bros. Fanbase is hungry for more! .
I had a talk with executives from Warner Bros. About making a TV series.then I woke up
yeah it was overhyped. DC/Warner Bros is rushing everything catch up to marvel.
"The Wall Street Journal reports today that NBCUniversal has made a seven-year deal with Warner Bros. for “the...
A sequel to Man of Steel is reportedly in "active development."
The irony of the situation is that Rotten Tomatoes is owned by Warner Bros...the MAKERS OF THE MOVIE!
NEWS: Henry Cavill will reportedly get a sequel, according to
Man of Steel 2 is reportedly in development at Warner Bros. -
‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Now in the Works at Warner Bros!!
HQ photos of cast at Warner Bros Studio, London
I liked a video Box Office for Suicide Squad, Warner Bros DCEU Movies
Fresh off 'Suicide Squad's success, WB is now (finally) working on 'Man of Steel 2'.
Remember when Harley/Joker abuse scenes were deleted from 'Suicide Squad' so Warner Bros. can market their relationship?…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
yeah, Warner Bros didn't like me advertising their 30 year old Helen Slater Supergirl movie lol.
I had to pleasure to work and edit a video with Justin Brennon Smith for Warner Bros and Suicide Squad. I typically don't rave over my work…
Like Marvel Studios, Warner Bros does not properly value its female characters. Harley Quinn is DC's Deadpool. She's bigger than The Flash.
Rivalry between Warner Bros. and Marvel heats up as "Suicide Squad" director insults Marvel
Warner Bros targets Reddit in copyright claim
twenty one pilots:Heathens June 16, 2016 by Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records :D
Warner Bros goes after Google and Reddit in piracy battle and fails via
Warner Bros . reveals teaser poster for at .
One week down. One still to go. Make it count and win a trip to Warner Bros. Studios, Los Angeles.
hmm I think i may have been responsible for BvS if warner bros read this lol
Look out for laughs in 2017 when the Warner Bros. comedy premieres!
I liked a video from Warner Bros. Logo History
RUMOR: WB is Waiting for Reception Before Deciding on Spin-Off -
Just saw this on Amazon: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters - Xbo... by Warner Bros for $39.88 vía
Warner Bros. has pretty high squad goals for Suicide Squad.
Transport yourself into the world of at
DC superheroes to take over intu shopping centres: Shopping centre owner intu has teamed up with Warner Bros.
The pressures behind 'Suicide Squad,' the DC Comics movie that Warner Bros. needs to work, and work big
August, 1950 trade ad in "When you think of an original idea, think of Warner Bros."
I added a video to a playlist Lights out Review | David Sandberg | Warner Bros. | James Wan, Eric
You see a Clint Eastwood movie, and you might not know if it's from Universal or Warner Bros
Though it was not a thrill ride I loved it and it was one of my favorites at Warner Bros. Movie World Germany -...
It's finally here!. Warner Bros have given us numerous reboots of Batman and Sup...
Busy few days in California! Most importantly I sat on the FRIENDS set in Warner Bros. Studios.
Got so hyped about Warner Bros/ DC Comics that I forgot about spoilers. Just got another SS spoiler.
[Candids] Arriving at the Warner Bros. Booth at the 2016 - Day 2 | HQ
Recalling that Warner Bros have just three(3) months to confirm the film, or the copyright return to Kiera .
The first teaser trailer for Warner Bros.' big movie is here
are you really working on Pepe LePew movie? Is the executive of Warner Bros. THAT high?
Warner Bros. seems to forget to mention something at today.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
at the Warner Bros. Booth at https:/…
Too bad Warner Bros would never be like Marvel Studios. It would be great if they can have all the characters in the same universe.
attends the Warner Bros. Presentation during at San Diego Convention Center on July 23 https…
greets a cosplayer as onstage at the Warner Bros. Presentation
attends the Warner Bros. Presentation during on July 23, in San Diego, California
BREAKING NEWS!!! Warner bros is being sued for killing millions across the globe with their Justice League trailer
Congrats Warner Bros!! You have changed the narrative and jumped to the front of the line!!! Wonder Woman and Justice Le…
Power Rangers screenwriter Max Landis penning a Pepé Le Pew movie for Warner Bros.
I wish Warner Bros marketing strategy was NOT to show almost the entire DCU movies in the trailers :(
DC Comics tries, hard, to redeem itself at Comic-Con with help from Will Smith, Margot Robbie
CigarandGolf: Warner Bros. pours on the DC Comics charm offensive at Comic-Con
Idk if y'all saw the new Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad trailer but Warner Bros please take my money.
Thanks for joining at the Warner Bros. Booth at
Warner Bros has to stop doing their panel the same day as Marvel.
Good stuff from Marvel, but as a fan sitting at home, I feel like Warner Bros. won with Justice League, Wonder Woman, etc.
Warner Bros. release 'Wonder Woman' trailer, first look at 'Justice League' at SDCC
Warner Bros brings and DC universe, brings magic
Warner Bros. is developing a Tinder-based movie: Warner Bros. is currently working on a movie based off the p...
According to various sources, Warner Bros is developing a Tinder movie. Id like to officially be the first one to on this idea.
Warner Bros picks up romcom pitch from "Swiped" from "Friends With Benefits" scribes
Warner Bros. has swiped right on Tinder film. via
Warner Bros. has swiped right on Tinder rom-com film. via
Lucky enough to be heading to Pick up one of these sweet bags!
& online reviews: Warner Bros to disclose paid reviews after FTC probe via
There is a Tinder movie in the works, and it'll be a romantic comedy
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year [Online Game Code] by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
Headed off to the studio for a session, so I thought you might enjoy a little video tour of Warner Bros back lot!:) ht…
Tinder rom-com film gets picked by Warner Bros. -
Warner Bros. has filed a trademark for a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child film
Warner Bros files a film trademark for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
I liked a video Warner Bros. Files Film Trademark for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - IGN News
Previously J Blakeson was attached to direct and set up at Warner Bros
Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, Shooting Stars and eMatterz invite you to a Special Screening of “THE...
BUT for what they're talking about, that's moreso Warner Bros' fault and PewDiePie and others should've done something about it
The entire point of GG was to take shady businesses to task, if Warner Bros. are being investigated by the FTC then our job is already done.
2. DID disclose his gameplay was sponsored by Warner Bros, HOWEVER it was only in the video description. https…
Warner Bros. got slapped By The FTC because it paid PewDiePie to promote a game
1. The FTC found that Warner Bros was at fault. used name as clickbait. https…
Warner Bros fined for not being transparent about relationship with influencers…
But Warner Bros. is a terrible video game publisher. Attack them rather than a few select Let's Players who's already apologised.
This is important for runners with blogs who take product or money in exchange for positive reviews.
HA and people tell me all Youtube Gamers are open and honest about everything
Warner Bros payed some Youtubers to let's play Shadow of Mordor, while only saying good things about the game.
Warner Bros. paid YouTubers for positive game reviews
Warner Bros avoids FTC fine after paying YouTubers like PewDiePie for positive reviews - TechSpot. UNETHICAL
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
. Well that just happened - no ethics - why am I not surprised. Didn't make me buy Mordor - so money wasted Warner Bros
I like how mainstream media is picking up on the Shadow of Mordor and Warner Bros. thing now. Like, years after it happened.
.says Warner Bros failed to adequately disclose payments to endorsers
Follow the money. Gamer journalism is worse than tech blogging.
Lot of good people left or lost jobs in games journalism because of hate campaign of lies. Enjoy the new paradigm:
FTC finds Warner Bros. paid YouTubers off for positive reviews of Shadow of Mordor.
I'm very excited about the Wonder Woman movie, but Warner Bros not getting a single woman to write it makes me want to…
Not surprising... PewDiePie and other YouTubers took money from Warner Bros. for positive game reviews via
Warner Bros. plans to unseat Marvel at Comic-Con with Wonder Woman and more via
.on getting into her character, Katana.⚔. -. [Warner Bros CinemaCon 2016]
Check out this great item: Chris Isaak / Wicked Game - VHS - 1991 - Music Videos - Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. Hall H presentation at SDCC this year will be TWO HOURS LONG?! I honestly can not wait!
I wish to add the Arabic language in the Warner Bros. Games
Robert Osbourne reminding us of one of Olivia de Havilland's greatest moments: Her lawsuit against Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. spent $140 to make a Tarzan movie that nobody wanted. . It's truly the John Carter of 2016.
Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition should have been it's theatrical release. Warner Bros. Studios are run by a bunch of com…
Warner Bros want to bring in Scott Eastwood to co-lead with star John Boyega.
on the Warner Bros set along with Pastor John Gray, Pastor Orrick Quick, Dr. Jamal…
...laserdiscs (including the uncut BF!). I remember going to a Warner Bros store (remember them?!) in Manchester, and all...
This is a great interview with David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. . Great insights!.
rtNew “Finding the Philosopher’s Stone” Exhibit at Warner Bros. Studio Tour: It’s hard to...
The sheer amount of damage control Warner Bros is doing with JUSTICE LEAGUE actually gives me hope for the film next year
Tavis Smiley is partnering with Warner Bros. and Bad Robot Productions to develop Michael Jackson Series
to join Bradley Cooper in the Warner Bros. remake of "A Star Is Born"
Storks casting update: Jennifer Aniston to join Ty Burrell, Andy Samberg and Kelsey Grammer for Warner Bros movie -…
Gold Diggers of 1933 promotional medallion for Warner Bros. “Musical Hit” playing at the Granada Theatre
Ars Sony confirms “high-end” PS4 Neo, but it wont be at E3 Whoa. (credit: Warner Bros. / Village Roadshow). Ahead…
According to the movie "Tab Hunter: Confidential," after Hunter bought himself out of his Warner Bros. contract,
Help me win this awesome Father's Day bundle from Warner Bros via Cult Hub
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