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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is the debut novel of author Isaac Marion. The book was described as a zombie romance by the Seattle Post Intelligencer, and makes allusions to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

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...with live commentary by Isaac Marion (Author). — watching Warm Bodies in Nashville
The Big Stock houses are replacing Warm Bodies with Artificial Intelligenc
On page 64 of 256 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
Did you know women feel colder than men? And why is that so? . Men have high metabolism rate that keeps their bodies warm
Not just warm bodies. Eliminate distance. Focus on your goals. Build trust and ensure in-to-me-see (intimacy). Lead, train, model and stand
We live in a world full of warm bodies and cold hearts.
IYM Digging a grave in winter? First warm the ground. Tips for writers getting rid of bodies
I'm actually doing an awesome movie thing tonight. Interviewing the author of WARM BO…
Another winter warmer this week with some knockout handball to warm the bodies before a hard day of learning.
So it turns out Warm Bodies isn't quite the documentary I hoped it would be. But it's nice to be represented positively!
lmfao you did not just tell Paddy to read warm bodies 😂😂😂
It's weird that it didn't. People loved Warm Bodies. Thought people were gonna keep…
"We really shouldn't be." I catch my bottom lip between my teeth, gaze falling toward the warm water on our bodies.
Warm bodies is such a cute movie im so soft
So are we dealing with Romero, Rage, T-Virus? Maybe Walking Dead or Warm Bodies? Left 4 Dead?
We all come home from a hard day of work & seek a warm shower to relax our bodies. Add our relaxing, detoxing bath soak and watch the magic!
Wow warm bodies just might be one of the weirdest movies I've ever watched 😂😂😂
Can someone please tell me why didn't win best supporting actor for Warm Bodies?
Learned how to efficiently warm up today and get our bodies activated for performance. Great…
It's about that brings your dead heart back to life.. And you feel once more again ❤️❤️.
" warm Bodies " such a lovely idea .. love can cure everything and put us on the right track
🍑☄. Warm Bodies is a love story between a human and a zombie.
Ya warm bodies at 5am cuz why not?😂. I love this movie . It's very special to me
Warm Bodies is a touching movie..I thought it would be freaky.
The nets have zero talent. Warm bodies are acceptable picks. Lol
the blood that filled the warm bodies that I would soon feast upon. I could feel the urge of my fangs…
Morning kisses. Warm bodies drawn close. Hearts beating as one. 203 "morning"
*we fall down on the floor of the TARDIS, it's cold, but we're warm as our bodies touch all over*
Northwest author of Warm Bodies at Third Place Books this week
protest at lambert still going strong ish but we need more bodies to stay warm. Come if you can.
This movie stresses me out .a lot. Warm bodies stresses me out
Maybe they are *** and enjoy the circle jerk to which I say... so why stay indoors? I'm sure there are warm bodies with similar interests
On the roof, bodies locked and the city feels small. New streets, new start, new chance for us all. Talking broken hearts and you keep me warm
"Do you have any warm bodies to send for an assist?" -Things you hear on SPEN
Split is probably my favorite movie of all time!! It replaced warm bodies
Trump coup plotters covered tracks well, except for warm bodies in the bleachers.
Robot skin can sense warm bodies nearby. Useful for sex robots.
America doesn't take advice from 'leaders' like French PM who, while bodies still warm, tells his citizens they nee…
This is a call out post to open back sweaters; what do you even do. sweaters are meant to keep bodies warm. you EXPOSE to the cold. SAD!
Getting our bodies warm ready for our Chinese dragon dancing.http…
Enjoy your Sunday with Now Showing Warm Bodies. Share your views in comment box below. Happy viewing :)
So far, I have read The Secret Life of Bees and Eragon. Next up are Warm Bodies and The New Hunger to prepare for the new release next week
Maybe a book about Poles still living in Jewish houses they moved into while the bodies were still warm would be more appropriate?
We used to be more selective with immigration. Take in the best minds of the age... now we throw warm bodies at issues.
Understand the power you wield and exercise it—on the streets. Put warm bodies between fascism and the vulnerable, like was done tonight
This is ready for furniture and warm bodies!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
With Canada's population, they need all the warm bodies they can find.
I'm thinking of her. She's not thinking of me.. all that she wants is the touch of warm bodies.
- his head and dropped it to the ground. . He pulled the warm sheets of fur over their bodies so they -
It’s a common morning practice to begin each day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea to warm our bodies...
My hockey team is in dire need of bodies for a 1pm game at 8Rinks. If you want to play hit me up! Need warm bodies!
It's a 'nap with your fur babies' kind of day. Two warm bodies are better than one 🐶 🐱
We could create a story, . with our bodies and warm breath,. that has never been told.
ABS CBN is probably thinking about viewership; failing to realize that not all her followers are warm bodies.
Zodiac is based on a true story, about a serial killer case in the 60s. And Warm Bodies is my fav really, I love the book.
what is zodiac tell about? I haven't seen them, anw warm bodies also my fav!
Sing a song of long days gone, of short nights soon surpassing - of warm bodies, of reveries, of…
One sip, another. your wine is on my mind. Soft moist lips. tender, warm skin. hands tantalize my chest. slip down my back. Our…
Warm bodies loosen better then cold bodies
if Ji soo would become a zombie, would you make her... — have you seen warm bodies? I will capture her and m...
I cannot contain my excitement for The Burning World. I reread Warm Bodies this morning.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Teresa Palmer at premiere of Warm Bodies in Los Angeles
Awe. I just saw a picture of Nicholas Hoult as "R" of Warm Bodies, I missed him. ☺😙
Warm Bodies is forever my favorite movie 😍 Nicholas Hoult is so HOT
'Warm Bodies' is a love story: a zombie-human being love story. And ...
Swiss Army Man(2016). Is like Castaway meets Weekend at Bernie's meets Warm Bodies in the imagination of a lonely 8-year old
Swiss Army Man is like if Castaway and Warm Bodies had a baby, then the baby smoked the loudest weed.
I was actually shooting 'Warm Bodies' on the day that '50/50' came...
“I want to change my punctuation. I long for exclamation marks, but I'm drowning in ellipses.". Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies.
“...wanting change is step one, but step two is taking it.”. ― Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies
“I am Dead, but it's not so bad. I've learned to live with it” ― Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies
It's not so much the warm bodies as the dead bodies.
Let the Army beg for warm bodies regardless of their ability to think.
Every time i think of you, i always catch my breath 🎶 . warm bodies
Photos of women in control of their bodies:.
Now watching: Warm Bodies tapos sunod 50 shades of grey :>
I wish there was a zombie apocalypse so I could find true love like in Warm Bodies 😊
Welcome to Work Riders Day. 14 May @ The Big T. Cold and wet but the action is hot. Don't be shy. Get your warm bodies out here.
Jason also came into the room when I was in line!! 😍
Just met Robbie Amell, and he signed my copy of The Duff! 😁😍
cunyah😻👽 ★ Warm Bodies (with Gina, rifdha nurbani, and 2 others) —
Warm Bodies. Miracle in Cell NO.7. Divergent. THIS TIME. uhmm can i also mention the chick flick. A walk to remeber. 😊
Drunk watching warm bodies till I gotta take ma to work ❤️
I'm excited for the part of summer where it's warm enough for me to jump off of large things into bodies of water
Watching warm bodies why is Dave Franco so hot😭💖
HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Warm Bodies ripping up "CryBaby" only moments ago at East Wing:
Gurus, Hired Guns, and Warm Bodies : Itinerant Experts in a Knowledge Economy by
Nobody found shot It was "Warm Bodies" (2013) by Jonathan Levine. Next shot in 5min!
I don't know. But, we don't have Warm Bodies or Jack the Giant Slayer. I would like to see them both.
Indonesia, Warm Bodies & Jack the Giant Slayer is available on Netflix.
Seven Psychopaths, Inside Man, V for Vendetta, Warm Bodies & my all time favourite. The usual suspects
Your old Warm Bodies co-star Analeigh Tipton was on Big Bang Theory tonight!! 😍😎 OMG is hope her character and Sheldon date!!
I liked a video from Analeigh Tipton interview for the film Warm Bodies
Casting Net: Amy Schumer set for mother-daughter comedy from Warm Bodies director | 67
And it applies to House of Usher, Arnold, Life After Beth, Warm Bodies, Pet Sematary, The Lazarus Effect, & Dead and Buried.
she LOVES laps and warm bodies. So sweet.
Boy tip: she doesn't love you she loves the idea of you
Also I'm watching warm bodies and I love this movie.
You're alive outside but dead inside. Same with zombies. Ex of warm bodies. 👍
I still have yet to but warm bodies to add to my collection
My 5 year old niece favorite movie is Warm Bodies 😂
I added a video to a playlist Warm Bodies OST 13 - Admission to Dream
On page 63 of 272 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
Oh, he is my crush since Warm Bodies movie ♡
.Success rate *** Hard to translate sentiment to warm bodies. And when we're there, it would be hard to push it.
Watching warm bodies again and again.
My Friday night...9:30, in bed, a glass of wine, and watching Warm Bodies.
Warm bodies is the best movie ever bye
Watching this flick called Warm Bodies. Pretty cool.
The Warm Bodies book is about 400 times better than the film it is so so good.
On page 65 of 239 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
In a past life . you were mine . and I was yours,. Tangled in sheets . and warm bodies.
We need warm bodies, not cold trophies, in the court
.mentioned that Nic, "has mastered this precise acting challenge (cold and emotionless-Ed) once before in “Warm Bodi…
* How mosquitoes zero in on warm bodies on
The only thing I was good at when I was a *** was having an unnaturally warm body temperature during the winter. Women like …
I don't understand how people loved Warm Bodies. The movie is trash and illogical and gross.
Watching Warm Bodies for the nth time 😂😂😂
"Just like R (from Warm Bodies), when his arms finally touched with the woman, his heart beats for…
But Warm Bodies is so nice... I wanna watch it again though.
“Those sugary dreams of our childhoods, now a tasteless joke." -Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
On page 72 of 240 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion "What book can you read over and over again?"
Does anyone know the names of the three novels that Isaac Marion (the author of Warm Bodies) self-published be...
On page 22 of 240 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
Warm Bodies - Jonathan Levine | | Comedy top ten scary movies of all time
Friendly reminder that Nicholas Hoult worked with Kristen (Equals), Riley (Mad Max) and Teresa (Warm Bodies)...
[Don't you let the Zombie Apocalypse start. *hides with shotgun and copy of Warm Bodies*]
anong magandang movie about zombie ? ^__^ — Shaun of the Dead. World War Z. Zombie Land. The Horde. Warm Bodies. yan...
Hung out all evening w/ & had a grand time. Pizza, wine, ice cream, Princess Diaries, Warm Bodies and love. Not in that order.
Aww Jennifer Lawrence, why did you break up with him? ★ Warm Bodies —
About to watch Warm Bodies, got it because my favorite actor Rob Corddry is in it. Hopefully it doesn't suck.
Jack the Giant Slayer, Warm Bodies & X-Men: Days of Future Past. A good night for a ! is awesome!
Is it just me or does Herm Edwards look like a Boney from Warm Bodies.
“This date is not going well. I want to die all over agan.” -Warm Bodies
~like it, I really would help a lot. But I'm not the sort to spit on the grave while the bodies are still warm.
Warm Bodies makes me sad because I don't have a love like that
Shaun of the Dead, Warm Bodies and World War Z. Watching the zombie apocalypse rather than joining one in the malls.
One more strike and my bench fina have some warm bodies on them.
So the other day I saw on my timeline and so I decided to watch Warm Bodies and now I'm reading the book for he 482910th time.
Dead Snow 2 was Awesome now watching Hocus Pocus and Warm Bodies :)
Anyone wants a good read try Isaac Marion-Warm Bodies it leaves you pondering that's for sure!
//I can only feel the full effects of Midnight City by M83 if I watch Warm Bodies. There's just something about that film..
Warm Bodies is really good. I loved it
Enjoy! I'll carry on watching a silly zombie rom-com called Warm Bodies.
excuse me while I movie marathon in my new pjs. tfios . if I stay. warm bodies. we're the millers. neighbors . ❤️
"Limbo embraced Rin also. Feeling their bodies so close to each other. Gave his hole body an intense, warm feeling.*
him and Polly will reenact Warm Bodies
watching Warm Bodies bc mom wanted to, & yet she's cooking instead. 😂
actually NK in warm bodies is more expressive than anything he ever did xD
Too many bodies in my grans, far too warm
What is your favorite love story movie? — movie ?? em warm bodies bule ?
so, I got the If I Stay books, the movie, Paper Towns, Warm Bodies, Maleficent. My family knows how to spoil me.
Warm Bodies have the best soundtrack yes
Crazy weather bt its kawa.. We have enough bodies to make the house warm.
After D-day they needed warm bodies, and they took all those boys. –Jerri Sullivan
Okay so that girl in Warm Bodies reminded me of Cassadee, and now Shenae too
my iPad mini is for college but I may or may not have downloaded Warm Bodies to it 😅
showering with Calum. Your warm hot bodies softly touch, you lean your head back as he gently kisses your neck.
Every great thing starts out a little scary, doesn�t it? -Warm Bodies (2013)
*watching warm bodies* Tyler: You know how long it's been the since he brushed his teeth? She's basically kissing her exes brains" why. 😝
Watching warm bodies for the tenth time.
R is still a babe from Warm Bodies ^v^ ♡ currently watching this but might go back to playing Bully tho
I'm gonna need some help moving into my new place tomorrow. I've got a truck, I just need some warm bodies. Anyway who can help me will have my undying love. Probably some beer or pizza as well. Let me know.
Winnipeg's warming huts warm our bodies AND our hearts!
Do you know about Manchester prices yet, or do you think they'll be the same?
Another great rehearsal, set coming together nicely, rocked out Honey and Music and Warm Bodies :)
Don't forget you socks and to wear capris or long pants! We want to keep our bodies warm the entire time for the best res…
I watch Warm Bodies, a movie YOU suggested to me, I love it and still continue to watch it despite of you telling me about it.
Watching Warm Bodies, it's cute but I'm not 100% sure about the motor functions of these zombies
I've been through pretty much all of my faves in the past few weeks, I'm reckoning it'll be Warm Bodies. Or Harry Potter.
Warm bodies is literally the best film I have ever seen
Warm Bodies on my Go check out what I thought of 's sensational novel >
I need some warm bodies to come keep me warm
The will take Johansen in exchange for 3 warm healthy bodies
Watching warm bodies cuz I'm in the mood for violent but also romance
Do you remember when. Our souls danced on the Milky Way. As we laid warm bodies on rocky steps. Cold breaths sharpening our dreams?
Warm, Bodies, Warm Hearts. A of 's phenominal book. Check it out >
excuse you, Warm Bodies was a masterpiece. also awesome soundtrack :P
But my personal opinion, Its next to his bodies of work like The Warm Up & FNL
Good morning ladies! Come warm up those bodies with 10:30am Yoga.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Borrowed Warm Bodies earlier at the school lib today just because R is just too dreamy, when will I meet a zombie.
that makes me sad, because they are VERY good!! "Warm Bodies" just began to play, and the intro is beautiful!!
I've never seen Warm Bodies from the beginning
Just watched Warm Bodies.. It was so stupid it was hularious xD
Katniss is Mystique and dating Hank McCoy of X Men in real life. Beast aka Hank McCoy is R in Warm Bodies. Oh, gosh.
Warm Bodies is my least favorite movie rn 💘
I wanna watch warm bodies with the one that i love bc thats mah favorite movie 😂😍💗
What are your TOP 5 movies? — Frozen . Warm Bodies. Despicable me 2 . Maleficent . 22 jump street
Gawa ka list XD I'll watch movies tonight eh XD — the best of me, 3 *** warm bodies huehuezz, tsaka one more...
Zombie movie marathon all by myself tonight. All 5 Resident Evil movies followed by Warm Bodies to finish it off. Hopefully I don't nod off
ICYMI: ‘Warm Bodies’ sequel may be penned by original film’s director
*He rests his forehead on hers as his smile stayed active, he pulled the covers of his warm blanket over their bodies--
Are my words ever actually audible, or do they just echo in my head while people stare at me, waiting? ― Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies
I'm pretty sure that's exactly how we got Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.
I'll second Ready Player One! Rainbow Rowell's adult books are fantastic! Vicious by V.E. Schwab. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.
She's alive, I'm dead, but I want to believe that we are both men. Call me an idealist. Warm Bodies. Isaac Marion
I'm reading the book Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Its pretty poetic and hilarious.
On page 103 of 239 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
On page 41 of 239 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
On page 3 of 239 of Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
I need something truly escapist. Maybe more Christopher Moore or finish Warm Bodies finally.
"Give me some good movie to watch" Geek Charming, Dear John, August Rush, The Vow, LOL, Red Eye, Warm Bodies
"No praise, no blame, just so." -Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. I wish all Filipinos would think the same.
30 Day Book Challenge Day 05: A book that makes you happy - Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. 😉…
Fifteen movies that will always stay with you. The rules: don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films that you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen films that you can recall in no less than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends including me because I am interested in seeing what films will my friends choose. HERE'S MINE .. 1. Romeo and Juliet. I watched this film many times for our play.. 2. Bad teacher- a very inspiring film for teachers.. hohohohoho 3. Miracle in Cell No. 7- I cried a river of tears because of this 4. Joan of Arc- I just love Milla Jovovich in this film.. a girl leader warrior.. 5. Exorcism of Emily Rose.- because of this film… I already have this 3am phobia. 6.Taare Zameen- I love Inu’s works.. 7. Warm Bodies.- even zombies fall in love 8. Resident Evil- Milla Jovovich eh.. how I wish to be fierce like her. 9. Son of God- Learn about the life of Jesus and what He did for you. 10. My Wife is a Gangster- a funny film that would make you find its seq ...
Thanks for listening to ! I did watch Warm Bodies & warmed up to it ;) It was better than Life After Beth fosho
What is your favorite love story movie? — Warm bodies
Warm bodies is a pretty good movie...Im thoroughly enjoyin it!
Warm bodies is one of the best movies ever and if you haven't watched it I highly recommend it!
Warm Bodies is one of my Top 10 movies! I love it!
Delta spirit-Yamaha. This song makes me want to watch warm bodies.
Watching Warm Bodies and thinking of him💚
Mmmm smh smart mouth, home wrecking, cocky all 3 could get you kilt sweetheart. But you love them bodies. Gotta do a warm body count
Iv gone from watching 2 gunz to warm bodies tonight. Talk about a swing in movies
This is my last night of summer and you want to know how I am spending it? By watching Warm Bodies
The movie "Warm Bodies" gives me hope in the power of love to change a heart.
yeah, I can't wait for Gotham. How to Get Away With Murder appeals to the Scandal crowd and iZombie is like Warm Bodies.
Using warm bodies and meaningless kisses as if its love but really I'm just a sociopath with killer eyes and for sure your latest mistake
crying like a baby at a sweet text from an awesome guy.. its like when I watched warm bodies after my first depo shot..
Maybe your changing like in warm bodies :P
I don't even know why I love Warm Bodies so much. I just dig its entire vibes.
I have Spider Man 2 and Warm Bodies on DVD tonight...what to watch? Decisions Decisions 🎬
Seriously, though, R's running narrative in Warm Bodies is frickin' hilarious.
My fantastic residents picked one of my favorite movies, Warm Bodies, to watch in the lobby while I'm…
We live in AC environment most of the time, we take cold beverages, thts why we are easily sick. To prevent it we must warm our bodies up
If you're about to work out or enjoy beautiful bodies moving to '80s guitar, this Arnie warm-up is essential viewing:
2014 is ending and I'm still in love with the movie warm bodies
Time to watch warm bodies and cry because the zombie isn't my bae
I love the thought of our bodies together, warm, touching, moving slowly, kissing and whispering things~
Watching Warm Bodies for the 6374th time. Hoping can get his second win tonight.
Teresa Palmer of 'Warm Bodies' has nude photos leaked
Becca Tobin is on Glee, Teresa Palmer was in Warm Bodies, and Kristen Ritter was in She’s Out of My League & Apt 23 on TV :)
Nicholas Hoult. i love you! Just watched Warm Bodies. His acting so incredible. He deserves JenLaw tho. ;)
This soundtrack for Warm Bodies is nothing like what I was expecting. Bon Iver, Feist, John Waite... I love it.
ISO - White House Down, Land of the Lost, Warm Bodies, Rapture Palooza, Enders Game, Now You See Me, Identity Theft, Iron Man 3, Jack and the Giant Slayer... used my in good condition and not expensive
Warm Bodies. Oh my! Nicholas Hoult! Teresa Palmer! And Dave Franco! One of the best movie I've ever watched :)
GUYS GUYS GUYS there exists Warm Bodies fan art and also COSPLAYERS
Dave Franco David John "Dave" Franco[2] (born June 12, 1985) is an American television and film actor who is best known for his roles in the films 21 Jump Street, Charlie St. Cloud, Fright Night,Now You See Me, Warm Bodies, Neighbors, and on the ninth season of the series Scrubs. He is the younger brother of actor James Franco.[3] Early life Franco was born in Palo Alto, California, the son of Betsy (née Verne), a poet, author, and editor, and Doug Franco (1948–2011),[4][5]who met as students at Stanford University.[6]Franco's father was of Portuguese andSwedish descent.[7] Franco's mother isJewish (from a family of Russian Jewishancestry, with her parents having changed the surname from "Verovitz" to "Verne"); Dave has stated that he is "proud" to be Jewish.[8][9]Franco's paternal grandmother, Marjorie (Peterson) Franco, is a published author ofyoung adult books.[10][11] Franco's maternal grandmother, Mitzie (Levine) Verne, owns the Verne Art Gallery, a prominent art gallery inCleveland, and was an ac ...
"And I'm a stiff zombie from Warm Bodies and also Jack from Jack the Giant Slayer..." Gasps.
Watchin a hella-good movie fest, Tales from the Hood, Warm Bodies, Idle Hands, Jack the Giant Slayer, Prisoners...a margarita & some guacamole wouldgo great!!! (A little movie trivia: the male lead in Warm Bodies is the same male lead in Jack the Giant Slayer! And he's cute too!!)
What to do after a fun night out? Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory apple & Warm Bodies 😉
Blood is Sharp, Make Me Rhyme, Lost Alone, Say No To The World & Music and Warm Bodies! all old demos, so cute
Finally watching Warm Bodies for the first time ever. Never took the time because I thought it was going to suck. Well... I was right. It is literally, everything you would expect. It's a story about a normal human girl falling in love with a zombie boy. and it's from the same studio that made Twilight. and yes, it is just as horrible as it sounds. On a high note, the stiff emotionless zombie with the excessive inner dialogue isn't played by Kristen Stewart this time around.
Sitting here watching Warm Bodies and started to think about Marvel and their upcoming movies and who they have in place or SHOULD have in place for directors/producers then I thought who would/should rival them in the DC Universe, so here's what I came up with… Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder, dur Wally Pfister - Transcendence didn't put him over like I thought it would but that was his directorial debut, I think with time, he'd be a great go to guy. Francis Lawrence - Hasn't done any superhero type movies yet but Constantine is affiliated with DC and I Am Legend was great alongside The Hunger Games franchise and he has WB under his wing so it seems fitting. Obviously Marvel has… Jon Favreau Joss Whedon Edgar Wright
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