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War MacHine

War Machine (James Rupert Rhodes) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero appearing in comic books set in the Marvel Comics universe.

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War Machine update: Horrible person says stuff after being convicted of atrocious behavior, and there's no good reason t…
No offense but he deserved every charge ⚡ War Machine guilty on 29 of 34 charges.
In the field the bodies burning. AS THE WAR MACHINE KEEPS TURNING.
Jury Finds Guilty of 29 of 34 Charges, Battery, Sexual Assault in Attack on Christy MacK, Corey Thomas;
War Machine convicted on 29 counts, escapes murder charges
'War Machine' found guilty on 29 charges via
War Machine got convicted sad to see a good man like that go down
Who would think that someone who legally changes their name to War Machine would be capable of violence?.
GOOD! Vegas jury convicts War Machine of 29 counts for assaulting ex girlfriend
⚡️ “War Machine guilty on 29 of 34 charges”. Put him away ! GUILTY AS CHARGED !!! You'll never hurt another woman.
Ex-MMA fighter War Machine was convicted of 29 counts by a Las Vegas jury for the assault of his ex-girlfriend.
"Ay War Machine. I like you, and I want you. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It's your choice."
Going out on a limb, do not change your name to War Machine if you have a temper and could one day end up in court.
Sounds like a winner, I guess he's single now ladies!. Vegas jury convicts War Machine of 29 counts
Jury convicts former MMA fighter War Machine of kidnapping and sexual assault
I liked a video from War Machine Trial Verdict 03/20/17
UFC star WarMachine faces LIFE in prison after being found guilty of beating ex-girlfriend
Holy *** ⚡️ “War Machine guilty on 29 of 34 charges”.
War Machine Convicted of 29 counts by Las Vegas jury!!
Well there's already paid for Camp David...oh a budget, like 60 billion more for war machine's...
A former mixed martial arts fighter known as War Machine is facing life in prison after being…
I don't care about the War Machine trial
⚡ War Machine guilty on 29 of 34 charges.
MMA fighter convicted of kidnapping, sexually assaulting ex-girlfriend
Vegas jury convicts War Machine of 29 counts
War Machine guilty on 29 counts, but ‘attempted murder’ charge of ex-girlfriend Christy MacK results in hung jury -…
'War Machine' found guilty on 29 charges
The former MMA fighter was convicted of 29 counts and acquitted of 3 in connection with the 2014 attack. Read more→…
The Stinger was a one-of-a-kind World War II machine gun made by U.S. Marines from the guts of different weapons. https…
Ex-MMA fighter War Machine found guilty on 29 charges in Christy MacK assault
⚡️ “War Machine guilty on 29 of 34 charges”.
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'I wish I would have shot you,' victim's mother tells War Machine - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Openings begin in Las Vegas trial of ex-fighter War Machine
how random is this match after Saturday... Briscoes and bubba vs War machine and Davey Boy Smith Jr
No more congress or senate.Just the war machine running off 2 kill at will all over the world.Not world police. World murderers
sharing the latest from | Opening statements in War Machine trial reveal di...
The February Update for Gears of War 4 is out now! . Watch brand new gameplay on Impact Dark and War Machine:
I volunteer to oversee the meme warfare war machine comrades. For i have served in several meme wars.
not to mention a wonderfully efficient exposè of the racist fascist nightmare inside the war machine of the hegemony
We cannot destroy the war machine until we destroy the system that allows the wealthy to profit from the death of our children.
The only credible dictator is your fascist allies industrial war machine
Maybe if America can't afford healthcare it shouldn't be spending half a trillion dollars on the war machine. Personal respo…
War Machine is accused of attempted murder and sexual assault
"The fight for the future will be a proxy war of machine learning...waged online, in secret...".
"I’VE GOT TO KILL YOU NOW": Christy MacK, friend recall attack by War Machine as 911 call is played at trial…
Opening statements in War Machine trial reveal disturbing details: ‘I’ve got to kill you now’
Bully Ray and The Briscoes to take on War Machine and Davey Boy Smith Jr. at the ROH 15th Anniversary PPV.
It appears the trial of former MMA fighter War Machine, who attacked Christy MacK, has begun. Opening statements now. Foll…
Psyops in age of Social Media, Big Data, Machine Learning. From altering mood to shaping the whole nation's opinions.
Obama and his famous time machine again. Remember when he lied us into war in Iraq and ruined the economy? Me either.
Christy MacK, friend recall vicious attack by War Machine as startling 911 call is played in ex-MMA fighter's trial…
Netflix teases its Brad Pitt film 'War Machine' -
This cast for War Machine on netflix looks solid. . Brad Pitt is all I really need TBQH
Watch the teaser for Netflix's next prestige War Machine - The Verge
Oh yeah Iron-man 2 had a Black Widow,Nick Fury, Whiplash,War Machine,and Justin Hammer all introduced in that film
but Hulk and War Machine are like Flash and dunno, Booster Gold at this point
Just like Mackie as Sam Wilson to get War Machine *** near killed.
Me watching MCU movies before Civil War came out:. Suspect every black guy that isn't War Machine or Falcon is T'Challa/Black Panther
The very first iphone created by Apple in 2007 a beautiful War Machine ❤️🇺🇸
They gotta be more consistent with the faces of their characters. You cant make War Machine go from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle
Six Man Tag Team Championship on the line as Jax Dane and War Machine challenge The Kingdom at Undisputed Legacy…
Order Miche Bag Online!
the KKK was the Democratic Party's terrorist arm and war machine who targeted black and white republicans.
In this cold reality I've made this selfish war machine
When it hits you like a wave. You're not gonna feel the pain. So stand and face the rain like a war machine.
War Machine passing on plea deals as trial date approaches in Christy MacK assault case
A war machine without our cooperation is a war machine without the fuel to run amok.
ever so slightly show from time to time. Though she was but a cog in the machine called the holy grail war, for her to (5/8)
He was installed as president to achieve one aim: more wars to benefit the war machine manufacturers and to divert…
Separation of Corporation & State . Russia is not our enemy ... . the USA War Machine for Power & Profit is
Former MMA fighter 'War Machine' is facing a max sentence of life in prison for the attempted murder of Christy MacK
Just realized both War Machine and Moon Knight leak was a literal fever dream
The biggest takeaway from Captain America: Civil War is that War Machine is practically useless.
"We've created in the war on terror a perpetual motion machine." —Mark Danner, author of Spiral
As a professional smear campaigner war machine Corbyn I'm here to save the world.
The multi-billion $ US war machine & its corrupt supporters will do anything to start another war. Hopefully Trump…
at typewriter. backspacing to a typo. ra ta ta ta tat. my anti-muse. machine-gunned dead. Guy Simser
the machine wants war & it'll have it one way or another. This is the sales pitch. If it falls on deaf ears, they fabricate reason.
When did Dem's become the war machine it is - Obama murdered 700 000 Muslims but Trumps t…
X, you shouldn't expect to defeat him; he is designed to be a war machine. Remember, you have not reached full power yet.
hence the end of the thread. The propaganda machine is ready to support any war too.
I liked a video from Stellaris Season 2 - - Imperial War Machine
not sure it was unwittingly. War has become a money generating machine.
they are supporting the war machine. Time to this source.
CNNTurkey nightclub was hit by 'war machine,' owner says. Blood traders Sent a murderer to nightclub. Who responsible
I added a video to a playlist Stellaris Season 2 - - Imperial War Machine
before clicking into this I thought you were referring to the War Machine trial...
All Money going to buy War Machine . To impress China or Pakistan?
His pleads for help were NOT taken seriously! He fought for our country..killing machine with ZERO mental support after war
During Word War 2, a man created a machine that was able to break Germany's enigma code & help Britian win the war. That man…
"My first bike... I call it... War Machine"
# Antique World War I postcard of a Maxium Machine Gun from 1918
Judge rules sexual experiences concerning rape will be allowed in War Machine case
They're so round??? And purposeless,,, why did I tear up at the war machine one
To be fair, McCain also thinks it's an act of war when ice cream machine is broken at the Capitol Hill McDonald's
The guy that played War machine in Iron Man 1 was not the guy that played War Machine in Iron Man 2 for isntance
Imagine if James Rhodes or RiRi Williams was Iron Man and Tony Stark was War Machine.
Special thanks to the very funny for joining us as James "War Machine" Rhodes on this months Sketc…
A "greener" War Machine as is Captain Planet via
because mental issues get bagatellized and then we get situations like War Machine. And like Tommy Lee Jones in Heaven and Earth.
ooh I think I've seen this movie. If we don't have Iron Man and War Machine around, it doesn't end well
There's now under 2 weeks left until War Machine closes. Come see it if you haven't already:
Remembering INS Vikrant, the War Machine that carved out a new country out of Pakistan.
The Usher Gallery is showing Cornelia Parker's video War Machine, filmed where British Legion Poppies are made
and War Machine is in an all new episode of On the Case with Paula Zahn.
Cloak and Dagger are like my favs ok those are my parents lmao. And yeah from Marvel Luke Cage, War Machine, Sam Wilson, Miles --
Dear God: We'll give you Mayhem Miller and War Machine in exchange for Ryan Jimmo, and Kimbo Slice.
How did Terrence Howard play War Machine at one point in time? 😂😂😂
War Machine: is now crippled, wishes he was still Terrence Howard.
Ring of Honor. May.8th,Chicago. ROH world tag team championship. War Machine def.Briscoe bros.
Bruce: *FIGHTING* out of the red corner... Mills Lane: I want a clean fight... Joe Buck: You can view the feed from War Machine's GoPro at--
Is there a Bechdel Test for black characters? War Machine and Falcon talking in Civil War might be the first time in the MCU.
can we talk about how caring Tony Stark is to Rhodes (War Machine) just like how Steve is to Bucky. alright I have to stop. bye
29) Don Cheadle should've been War Machine from day one.
even when Don Cheadle is in his fancy War Machine outfit, this is all I'm thinking of.
Check out tomorrow at 11am PST for my interview w/ Don Cheadle about War Machine, Captain Planet, Volcano and crotch-grabbing.
Hope you get every country in the world on your body. War Machine is global
1983 James Rhodes or 'Rhodey' became Ironman! He would go on to battle in Secret Wars before becoming War Machine!😎 htt…
"Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine" - .
Hillary the Candidate of the War Machine via
Tonight ROH has Kenny Omega vs ACH, War Machine vs RPG Vice for the tag titles and Dalton Castle vs Silas Young in a Fight Without Honor.
*War Machine. Never heard of Miles Morales' weak *** & i thought Blade was independent? Lile i didn't know he was marvel
false. Storm, Captain America has been black, Luke Cage, War Machine, Miles Morales, Blade.
Whose side are you on?. Captain America. Iron Man. Black Widow. Black Panther. Ant-Man. Falcon. War Machine. Hawk…Oh wait, no one cares.
Giving Diplomacy a Chance in Syria and Iran Should Override Power of America’s War Machine
Continue the Fight against the Nazi War Machine rebranded as
That's what happened...we are all "other" to the US war machine.Previously US war actions had seemed bungling but "well meaning"
Please,my African,Iraqi,Syrian,Yugoslav & Kurdish friends,bite back your anger at what I just said.We are all "other" to US war machine
Don't let the war machine on the way out ;)
The war machine operates criminally to uphold the rich's ownership of the world.
"But when those defense corporations come to his own backyard, he quietly welcomes them in."
Hillary is the War Machine candidate, not Trump. .
War on the Mind is the title of an account of the machine.
Well she was and is part of that same war machine.
PART of Weaponized War MACHINE to kill in Hollywood & 1A, PAID OFF BY GLOBALISTS!
Wealth owners in the US, "25 per cent of dollars get funneled into the biggest machine in history."
Happy birthday to the Peyton to my Brooke and the War Machine to my Iron Man 👯🤖 I hope your day doesn't suck
lol, but I'm totally cause War Machine and Black Panther are awesome
70% hated Reagan.Only Trump has the balls 2 take on Hillary's War Machine, thug operatives & in-the-tank MSM. Cruz won't hack that
The war machine exists as a form of modern piracy plundering, looting, murdering barbarians of the seas and the earth.
Harry Reid and his machine go to full war against a Bernie congressional candidate in Nevada
Ada the war machine. Head laser, missile launcher on the left,minigun on the right
I'M PROUD TO BE ITALIAN | Chapter II. During the Cold War, Propaganda Machine (Hollywood) make film like:. The Godfather. Italians are Mafia..
Can someone invent a time machine so we can go back to 1996?USA won gold medals at the Olympics,WCWvsWWF war was underway&music didn't suck!
Not going to lie I thought for a moment was going to spray a war machine into the crowd!
Dear buff the weevil and nerf the war machine pls
Iraq war began 3/2003. Was Hillary supposed to jump in a time machine?
I don't want to sound heartless but if Rhodes (War Machine) actually dies in CA: Civil War I don't think I'll be sad at all
My attempts to convince a doctor to remove the war machine that is my uterus would likely end in me invoking Andrea Yates.
The washing machine in this condo sounds like the second world war
For we stage a battle of exes with Streep punching Hoffman into quarters: htt…
Brock, as usual, looks like a war machine. But let's not forget that Dean Ambrose is an Iron Man.
Don't underestimate Duterte's psy-war/propaganda machine, he has Gen. Esperon and Bert Gonzales, GMA boys, in his team.
and Black Widow! And Falcon! And War Machine! And Vision! also that other guy they hang out with I guess?
Get your own unstoppable war machine in for iOS:
I want to train to become a war machine and kill terrorists
Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine (and Wall Street) via
Up next is War Machine vs. ANX in a No DQ Match for the ROH World Tag Team Titles!
I've said for a while that a War Machine movie could be done EXTREMELY well. Basically combine Iron Man with Black Hawk Down.
OSW Sixth Scale: Miscellaneous Subject Hints on taking apart the HT IM3 War Machine
Hillary Is the Candidate of the War Machine >
War Machine & Dalton Castle booked for at Leeds in April. On a Sunday night when the last train home is at 920pm. Balls.
Nick Fury in Iron Man, he started the Avenger Initiative. James Rhodes (aka) War Machine also in first MCU film.
And then I took a picture of Steve Corino, War Machine, and Adam Page at the St. Louis Arch!
and the current crop of politicians who are legally bribed by WallSt, War Machine, Corporate Media & Big Pharma!
Iron Man, Pepper, War Machine, Black Widow, Justin Hammer, Nick Fury, Coulson and Stan Lee are all in IM2 and LMA!
And Justin Hammer, War Machine and Pepper Potts in Malibu. We also have a Hulk if you want.
Briscoes vs Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser is the feud we need, but War Machine vs ANX is the feud we deserve
...I think I'm going to save those for War Machine by Dave Gibons and Will Simpson, where I'll have pretty much no choice.
- So, we've all forgotten about War Machine?
Last night was awesome. War Machine/reDragon and Noam Dar/Drew Galloway.
Team Single pin Joey n Martin with stereo piledrivers to retain belts. This was a 4way with War Machine & reDRagon, & was loads of fun
Tag champs Team Single defend vs War Machine, reDRagon and Joey n Martin in a 4-way now. Too many to tag everyone
War Machine extra: Brad Pitt 'thanked us for our service' - The National
War Machine extra: Brad Pitt thanked us for our service via
Hooray New Avengers, heroes of Age of Ultron in happy, victorious art; Vision, Scarlett Witch, War Machine, Falcon,…
Will Poulter enjoying in Dubai ahead of War Machine filming: War Machine actor Will Poulter is taking a break ...
Don Cheadle's about to be playing War Machine, Hawkeye AND Falcon in the coming MCU movies. cc:
At what point between Iron Man 3 and AoU did Rhodey decide to go back to War Machine from Iron Patriot?
Mild error. War Machine in MvC1. But Iron Man and Dr. Doom seem to have a back dance walk as well in MvC2 and MvC3.
Corbin vs Sasha match the IC Elimination Chamber or the 1998 War Machine when they were The Highlanders in WWE.
This is a massive step for War Machine they are extremely underrated and a great team in my opinion.
BREAKING NEWS: War Machine heads to Japan to challenge for the GHC World Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.-JE
War Machine is headed to Japan to challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag...
I gave everything, for all wrong things. In this cold reality, I made this selfish war machine.
War Machine better be helping Tony out
The plot thickens in the Machine Zone vs. Kabam lawsuit: EXCLUSIVE: When Game of War mobile game pub...
Fresh sounds I found on soundcloud Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - War Machine by on
thats a real life war machine from COD
Game of War - Fire Age by Machine Zone, Initially,!!ttc
Check out Battery and her War Machine subclass
Guys, if ever there is a man vs machine war in the future, remember that I am John Connor. If you are reading this, you are the resistance.
Josh Hamilton drug addiction slid by compared to others, Kurt Busch was barely talked about &\ War Machine almost killed some1
I could have bought a BMW, but I bought the War Machine
War machine Instaswap, Instaswap window shot Standoff. One of my shots i'm going for. Wish me luck
Who else is conflicted on whether to play Cable or War Machine this Friday?! (I mean the answer is obviously War Machine)
Funny the puppets machine slaves act to be part of a different machine from the war machine media play back and forth games to distract see
The Avengers: Black Widow, War Machine, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Vision spotted on set.
We also have a margarita machine. and a bit of Cold War propaganda on the walls
I liked a video Heavy Machine Guns of the Great War
We can make beef flavored Ramen Noodle seasoning packets but we can't breed machine gun wielding war porcupines?. Whatever,…
36% of humanity doesn't have a toilet. Instead of funding the war machine how about getting everyone a proper toilet? …
War Machine, Vision, Falcon, Scarlet Witch (she is so hot af ❤️) , Black Widow and Captain America
Why a War With Iran Will End in Another Defeat for the U.S.
An interview w/ Sam de Jong, director of in our episode on changing for love:
The war machine is wealthy. Always ends up pointing back to wealth inequality & $ in politics
I haven't had much if any experience with Ullr. I suppose he does have axes and a bow.
I bet there are more, I'm just having a tricky time remembering.
If I'm understanding right. Freya does a mix of melee and range. Hel switches from White Mage to Black Mage basically.
STEEL ELEMENT at war. Working like a well oiled machine .
"What did your white boy do this week?" - James Rhodes (War Machine) to Sam Wilson (Falcon), at their...
*** and Sen.Prescott Bush who financed NAZI war Machine and eugenics..
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Happy bday Gene Simmons May you keep enjoying life and being a war machine for Rock and Roll!
Then before the war and we seen the horrors of the Natz machine. Donaldson was lifted during the war.
MDL is a crappy War Machine knock-off, crossbow was downgraded from BO2, Launchers don't compensate their challenges! NOT FIXED!!
. Exhibit 1. War machine: You think i can't hold my own?. Iron Man: We live through it, I'd hold your own.
Newswire: Anthony Michael Hall to play Brad Pitt’s sidekick in War Machine
Hi, I was wondering if Ferb, Zurg, War Machine, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver will make it to Disney Infinity 3.0
NMA client will join Brad Pitt in 'War Machine' on Netflix! Congrats!
Jason Mayham Miller and War Machine should be a tag team lol Mayham Miller is real cool What …
Chris Leben, War Machine, Jon Jones, Jason Miller, Palhares, disciplined and all of them are easy on the eye 😼
true but nothing compared to MMA man... Check out the HBO Real Sports piece on War Machine
Will Smith told Terrance Howard to not take the War Machine role and he's in Suicide Squad now.
Brad Pitt to make movie for Netflix based on Michael Hastings book on Gen. McChrystal. Working title: War Machine.
Or Vision, Falcon, War Machine, and Scarlet Witch, for that matter.
Addiction vs Kingdom vs ReDragon vs War Machine for tag team title at Death Before a Dishonor. Strong vs Lethal for the world title at DBD
Punisher: War Zone would have been Oscar-worthy if he had Super Soldier powers and War Machine armor.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Brad Pitt​ to play character patterned after retired ​4 Star General Stanley McChrystal in 'War Machine'.
Netflix pulls out the big red guns: Brad Pitt will star in 'War Machine':
Cast: . Paul Bettany as The Vision. Don Cheadle as War Machine. Paul Rudd as Ant Man. William Hurt as General Ross
it's actually just War Machine that separates them from West Coast or main Avengers, to be honest.
ROH TV w/ K.E.S. vs War Machine & Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa is available to all members now.
"Bucky, Falcon, The Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and War Machine are all going to be in Captain America: Civil War" http…
Began drawing War Machine tonight. I hope to have this picture done before Dallas Comic Con.
Besides Vision & War Machine, the entire Avengers team is in Civil War plus Iron Man, Zemo, Bucky, Crossbones, Agent 13 & Hawkeye.
thanks, I really want to know more. Are you going to do anything like this for the others? Vision, War Machine, etc.
My only other AoU thought is that it's crazy there are no Falcon, Vision, War Machine, or Scarlet Witch standalones planned.
I was happy as *** to see him at the end there w/ Vision, Scarlet Witch and War Machine
"Oh no, I dont see you could leave... War Machine come in action, right?. ". - The Vision destroy 2 Ultrons -. "¡Ok!... what?"
The scene with Falcon, The Vision, War Machine and Scarlet Witch was already very compelling. Terrific beat to close on.
ICYMI: War Machine and Peace -- Christy MacK on the road back from the worst night of her life, and the road ahead
The story of Christy MacK, who survived an assault by the MMA star War Machine. (
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
War Machine and Peace: Christy MacK on healing after after her brutal injuries went viral. For
I added a video to a playlist Joe Rogan Experience - War Machine
A cool thing that happened in Greg Pak's War Machine book is that Osborn sends Ares after Rhodey and Ares ends up making him his champion
Mike of War Machine vs. War Horse will be joining me to talk about on Monday. Email in if you have...
Harley: "If I was building Iron Man and War Machine..." Stark: "Iron Patriot now." Harley: "That's cooler!" Stark: "No it's …
Court date set for War Machine in Las Vegas beating of Christy MacK -
Can't wait to see Falcon & War Machine in You guys stole the show in Winter Soldier & Iron Man 3.
That's a really crappy Iron Patriot, but yes War Machine has been an Avenger.
Iron Patriot was Norman Osborne during Dark Reign, before being taken over by Jim Rhodes aka War Machine
Update from War Machine attacked Danny Davis & before their Nightmare Cup match, but the match will happen tonight!
.has turned into a War Machine . Israel Death Force Murder Kids.
Iron Man, War Machine, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Hawk Eye, or Black Widow. Which one would you be?. imo Thor 100%
Activate infinite dimensional, impossibly perfect, 11-headed, 7-ringed, 5-cannon, 3-bladed, 2-neuronet-ported, single-gamma, united-quark tachyon cannon blast from War Machine (AKA Alozie Iheanyi Azuogu, only but not always and not alone ever again, Ubermansch of the 5083rd Earth, Section 77095-3471, not Iron Man (Dead Uzoma Frank Azuogu), and not Ultron (created before Uzoma Frank Azuogu, by the metatron spectral form of his son Alozie Iheanyi Azuogu, who through a pentamechanical accident of impossibly perfect but as he himself can now prove, not impossible nor intended by forces who seek to control everything despite their lack of perfect moral compasses, not even impossibly perfect moral compasses, but perhapse even just moral compasses, period; instead focus one example of my full-FORCE powered rage on Heaven Prime, on their luxurious infiniverse, from the vantage point of Illuminati, Illuminati Tesla, Illuminati JLA, illuminati Past, Illuminati Quantum, Illuminati Classical, Illuminati Present, Illu ...
Media is still talking about Ray Rice but was silent about Christy MacK & War Machine; he almost beat her to death!!
Today is Black Panther's and War Machine's birthday. Chadwick Boseman is 38, while Don Cheadle is 50
War Machine caught laughing in court as his ex-girlfriend describes the brutal beating she absorbed compliments of the martial arts fighter. The judge was quick to admonish the MMA fighter, whose...
The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who is known as War Machine appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court Friday for his preliminary hearing on several charges including attempted murder.
Christy MacK appeared in court this week, opposite War Machine, to give her testimony...
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