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War Eagle

War Eagle is a motto or battle cry of supporters of Auburn University sports teams—especially the Auburn Tigers football team—and, for all intents and purposes, for Auburn University in general.

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A representative from Auburn University will be on campus today during advisory. Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet him! War Eagle!
TRADE: ESOM Receives Zach Grienke and an 18th (Via PePa) from War Eagle for Felix Hernandez, Matt Carpenter, an a 16th (via GS).
are u pumping that iron and finishing school like it's the 4th QTR of the Iron Bowl STRONG! Body and MIND War Eagle keep it up
RIP Jack Moore, none of this would have been possible without your undeniable passion for War Eagle football.
War Eagle! Support Auburn and the Huntsville Museum of Art in the Iron Bowl of Fashion!
We're so excited to be at the Auburn Alumni Center again today! War Eagle!
Auburn's War Eagle and the American flag flying over Jordan-Hare Stadium on game day are the real winners.
can't wait to see you ball out next year RD! War Eagle!
War Eagle and Hail Southern have had a great day recruiting so far...
How about those Tigers Marquis Daniels? no War Eagle tonight it was all Ben Simmons... Geaux Tigers
War Eagle wrestling travels to the A State Duals Championships today in Macon. Woodward takes on Burke County at 1 PM. Go War Eagles!!
War Eagle sickens me because it's disrespectful to the military & all eagles. I'm calling PETA.
Congrats on your first NFL TD. You're just getting started. War Eagle from the Auburn Family!!!
Good morning. I was excited to learn your mother was from Alabama. Where in Alabama ?? War Eagle !!!
- Auburn people love Auburn - Pat Dye - this rings true as the words War Eagle represent a connection to the entire Auburn Family!
The Auburn Family is mighty proud of this group of seniors. War Eagle!
Well I'd like to thank Kevin Sumlin and the boys for giving up the first loss. War Eagle and SEC SEC SEC!!!
brought Panther Nation & some War Eagle to Ambergris Caye, Belize! Keep Pounding Cam and Panthers!
All signs point to Charles Kelly as DC for War Eagle. I like it.
TF War Eagle held a light up ceremony on South Camp in the Sinai, Eygpt to kick off the holiday season
Lol so a commercial just went off with Nick Saban and he said those words that I'll dare not say. Spin said , "War Eagle!"
well you said Roll Tide so... say War Eagle next time!
I see the civil war between positive and negative Eagle fans is brewing early today.
Tough loss, but we will be back! Be on the lookout for my UCA Nationals video this afternoon! War Eagle!!
no! 75% are young males deserting there families! They are cowards! If the half a million stayed home & fought war B finished!
Also, congratulations on the new job at Auburn. The War Eagle Coaching staff just got stronger. Talk to you soon.
Gus Malzahn will be fired Nov 29th. Has dinner with Chizik and they both laugh their everloving *** off. War Eagle baby makin it rain!
We are going to win tomorrow nights woman's basketball game. AUBIE WAR EAGLE! YA
congrats!!! Maybe your tour group will yell war eagle to me
My son and husband had a Great Time at the Colorado Game yesterday. Wish we would have won! We believe in you. War Eagle
Thanks for the follow and War Eagle!.
War eagle to being featured on 's superlatives!
Congratulations to our THREE new Camp War Eagle Counselors, Montana, Karli and Audrey!! We love you!
So proud of our new and old Camp War Eagle counselors!!
i wearn to awwburrNN and AwuhbameeeYYY!. roll an eagle start a war ram her jam A
The Eagle In Autumn: A Chronicle of the South China Sea War of 2022 by Rhoe Mall
.“This should not be about Republicans and Democrats. This should be about keeping America safe.”
You may be right, Marcus. Good call. War Eagle!
You know it's real power when Saban can have his own urinals installed all over War Eagle!
Congratulations to Reign Parker and Ali McLaughlin, our new Camp War Eagle counselors!
hay Tra'cee' I will be in Auburn cheering you on Thursday night. War Eagle !
War Eagle!! You gonna do great things at Auburn!!! Offense made for you.
War *** Eagle young man. AU is the place for you to start a long and prosperous career that will end with millions in the NFL
Congratulations to Brother Tim Strader on being selected as a Camp War Eagle Counselor for Summer '16!
MY ROOMMATE IS A Camp War Eagle COUNSELOR! I'm so proud of you Pey!!
War Eagle from my baby girl, Reagan to the AU nation.
Auburn’s uncertainty at quarterback could be long-term issue
All Georgia fans, please watch this brief video for reminders about traveling to Auburn this weekend! War Eagle!! http…
Auburn DC Will Muschamp pointed out A&M game was last time for SRs to wear white jersey, message made an impact
“It’s amazing, just seeing the fans clear the stadium, it's a wonderful feeling” Carlton Davis on key win over A&M https…
.has spent a long time getting ready for opener tomorrow & Jordan-Hare's new scoreboard
Cam has always been good in the sport of football, 8-0 let's go all the way "War Eagle" to the Panther's
hook me up to make my oh and WAR EAGLE 🐯💙
not sure they truly understand it. Even watching RollTide/War Eagle didn't do it justice. 🐅🏈🐘
War Eagle🏈 It is official that I am a true Auburn fan at heart. I'm hoping for a Auburn win this weekend against Georgia.😊🏈
I should get an award for the number of times I refrained from saying War Eagle to Aggies today.
The 2015-16 9th grade Lady War Eagle BKB team roster and picture is online...first game is Thurs at home vs. Darby htt…
The War Eagle is Woodward fighting for a region title against Carrollton tonight
SEC Power Rankings: Alabama makes statement, muddled outlook for rest of ... - Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Big congratulations to the Women's Soccer team for their selection as a 4 seed in the 2015 NCAA Tournament !
Jeb time travels. Kills baby Hitler. WWII averted. Barbara never falls in love w/ war pilot George HW Bush. Jeb is never born…
War Eagle Hey! . So ready to lose so that Richt . leaves
can he start with cleaning up George W's mess?
I was all over War Eagle early, but it turned out to be a War Chickadee.
Congrats to and on the huge win over Florida yesterday! War Eagle!!
lol all day. I'm just reppin at the home games. Lol. Still war eagle on that last Saturday in November.
This country is full of people who understand "thot" & "turnt," but still don't know when to use their/they're/there, & yo…
Hang in there and, above all, KEEP POUNDING! War EAGLE!
I will also be posting my 2015-2016 National's Video after the game! War Eagle!!
Stay in your seats Saturday at halftime to see an AUMB show like you've never seen before! War Eagle!!
Thanks to Roc Thomas for the gift. War Eagle!
Since the red zone is like our Kryptonite, maybe we should devise a plan to throw around/over it. (War Eagle!)
ATTENTION EVERYONE: . Follow the new Gray Collegiate Academy baseball for everything War Eagle baseball.
Come see me tonight at Auburn Arena as we take on UK for the second time in two nights! War Eagle!!
War Eagle fans...volleyball state 2nd round set for Tuesday, Oct. 20th. Woodward Academy will travel to Veterans HS for a 6 PM match.
Prayers up War Eagle fans.We have all lost our way at some point, we need to remember that and keep our lost fellow in our prayers
He's a talent. I hope he figures it out. But at some point you've got to draw a line, and it appears he crossed it. War Eagle
MRED tailgate for San Jose State. Michael Robinson (left) and Alum Chris Woodruff enjoy the festivities. War Eagle
War Eagle. I grad hs with your wife gina. Any chance you get in to coaching? Maybe at Auburn?
Walt to Henry regarding 'whimpering' when they explored War Eagle when they were boys
Auburn may not deliver, but wings and cronuts sure do. War Eagle anyway! @ Craig Miller Field House
War Eagle!! Bruce Pearl getting it done off the court. Big get in Austin Wiley.
Glad you finally came to the right side. War Eagle @ Capital City Club of Montgomery
Just watched the "30/30 Roll Tide, War Eagle" man that shows how crazy some people are out there
Harvey Updyke is a source on Roll Tide/War Eagle on ESPN. Lord have mercy.
Bama has Roll Tide, Auburn has War Eagle, Buffalo has Brady is a dbag
Gus Malzahn may be best running game coach in country. Very impressive today. War Eagle!!
War Eagle from Atlanta. 3 TD's and 1 INT from Jeremy Johnson. Big day for Melvin Ray at WR. 41-21 Auburn.
In cased you missed it, check out new music video that features yours truly!! War Eagle!! htt…
Congratulations Rod! We have same anniversary as I have been married to my bride 26 years today also. War Eagle
Takeo Spikes in the Roll Tide/War Eagle documentary never gets old.
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It's Farragut game week. Lets make a trip to West Knoxville and show Farragut who Gibbs is. War Eagle!
Poor Tony Blair. Not happy that 13 years of spin, deceit, lies, death & war may be replaced by a Leftist who rejects that. …
Could there be a possible drone war in the future? I think so considering how fickle-crazy people are.
If i make to a game ill be sure to get your autograph . War eagle!
just watched the espn film "war eagle/ roll ride". Very interesting film. Any chance of you guys making a film about OU/ Texas?
Just the sound of your name annoys me
You can just feel yourself change when you graduate
Aah! Run!! It's that War Eagle they've been talking about!!!
Roll Tide/War Eagle is on Network so I guess I'm not going to bed until Midnight.
I found this picture and thought my selfie was pretty rad. War eagle
Wide open War Eagle flowing veins choc full of Orange and Blue!
Duke Williams with the one handed grab. 💯 (Vine by War Eagle Football)
our football video board is so big the sky changes colors miles away because WAR EAGLE
way to represent Auburn in SEC Storied. War Eagle and look forward to watching you play this weekend
War Eagle, can't wait to see the AUsome Hype Video on that monster!
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm getting a free light show just from being on campus.. eagle
man dude a war eagle fan why he need to know what's going on in Death Valley
I'll love you every day except on November 28, 2015 @ war eagle
opens up their season this Monday hosting Carson HS in War Eagle Gymnasium.
War Eagle!!! So enjoyed meeting Ronnie Brown & Jason Campbell from the 2004 undefeated team!! 💙🐯🏈…
Great start this week War Eagles!. Let's rest up and get ready for a great week starting Monday!. War Eagle!!!
Southern is...Roll Tide, War Eagle, Geaux Tigers, Go Vols, and the Gator Chomp, etc.
Someone just reminded me of the "trail of tears" look it up, but be prepared to cry! War Eagle- Chief Choctaw Nation Oklahoma (ISIS skin um)
Good luck tomorrow son. thanks for all that you do for the young men. War Eagle! AU Class of '96
Great night of baseball in Dodger stadium. Have on my Auburn shirt and was greeted with a "War Eagle"…
“Auburn fans are dumb cause they say ‘War Eagle,’ but their mascot is a tiger.”. “What about ‘Roll Tide’ and the elephant?…
Thanks for working with us and the great info at camp Saturday! So much fun! War Eagle!
Nash Boatwright first day at Auburn football camp. War Eagle!!!
Thank you for the AUmazing time at camp today! War Eagle! 💙
I believe that next year is going to be a blast for Auburn football and softball. Both will dominate. War Eagle!
Little Giant Ladders
I caught like 8 smallmouth bass today in two hours on the War Eagle river, so get on my level, kids.
War Eagle! Crank it for the Wild Boar's visit to Auburn! choatecurtis
Start to find out next Saturday. hang on tight cause we gonna be Big Booming it . War Eagle! All night long.Follow me -BANG
So I just rode the elevator with Jay Jacobs.💁 War Eagle!
I have to say, War Eagle! Even though he wasn't an Auburn guy ... whenever Alabama and football are mentioned, it is appropriate.
War Eagle and good luck to Gabe Wright, in toda…
You are correct, will be a stud starting DE day 1 at Auburn! War Eagle!
2015 season officially begins today! Let's make it the best one yet AuburnFamily! War Eagle!
Awesome first SEC win of the season! War Eagle!
“Announcer at Disney World Half Marathon just gave a 'War Eagle'.So there's that. 4:30a is too early for a race. 😬
Just stole this from a group "As everyone knows, I'm the biggest Auburn fan there is, and I'm here to say that I am proud to be a tiger. I'm hearing that Blake Sims is getting death threats because Bama lost the Sugar Bowl. Then I hear a Bama fan took a poop in a bush outside the stadium, in front of everyone. That's real classy! A Bammer killed our trees and tea-bagged a LSU fan a couple years ago. Why would anyone do anything along those lines?? Also, when Florida State gets home from their game, the players cars have been keyed and the tires have been slashed. SERIOUSLY!! Auburn's kicker, Daniel Carlson, missed the game tying field goal. But the difference is, we as Auburn fans supports him. We are not bashing him or sending him death threats. When Bama missed all those field goals a few years back, Cade Foster received death threats as well. I take Auburn Football very serious, and I am passionate about it. But threatening to kill some one over a football game is ridiculous. No other team I would wann ...
great pict Eagle is a sign of piece or war depending on what is held in the talons
Champ an TRob need 2 go hard after Byron Cowart and Iman Marshall theyre LETS GO!!! WAR *** EAGLE!!!
I feel like the only acceptable time to chant War Eagle is when the eagles from the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings come in and save the day.
5 straight years there has been a team from Alabama playing in the national championship. that deserves a war eagle and a roll…
ICYMI - There is a WAR on Police, NOT on Young Black Men - Eagle Rising via
Shoutout to for having the best shirts ever! Link on his account! War eagle!
Come join T-Rob and Muschamp down on the plains Big Dawg! War Eagle!
“Now we won't get on yo team na” Chile bye you win some you lose some War Eagle 4 life
Its like the boy that pushes the girl down on the playground, the whole time, u are wishing one of em will give you coodies.
Me too! I think its cuz our feet are wrapped in the blankets.
As often as you talk about Stafford, I'm starting to think that you have a crush on him.
when im wearing an AU shirt and someone says war eagle im just like yes much war much eagle thank u I love u family of mine
Ill believe in ghosts when one of em asks for my wifi password.
idk but I believe in those footsteps I just heard and I'm home alone big dog so you can make that call lol
I didn't say they were elite, you just asked me who was better than flacco. Those are the numbers. Eli is not elite
Eli's INTs are why Giants have missed the playoffs lately. That's elite for you?
Im only giving you stats and facts sir, you can argue with the numbers all you want.
When Romo wins a big game, let me know. Eli is overrated.
The obvious. Rodgers, Manning, Brady... even Romo and Eli has a better rating than Flacco as does big ben and Brees.
Who's better than Flacco besides the obvious?
If Harvey Updyke is a man of his word, he is now obligated to get a "War Eagle" tattoo.
So proud of She just score her 1000th point vs Bradford! Way to go Lady War Eagle!
Yea I get it. he's good, but that still is not elite. Elite is the best of the best.
That's fine.You can win championships that way.
That's how I look at it anyway. I want the quarterback to be a difference maker, and Flacco has done that.
Hes a very good qb, but that's it. Peyton, Rodgers, Brady... those guys are elite
If you win in the playoffs and make the playoffs often, you are elite. Simple as that.
flacco is NOT an elite quarterback.
You only live once but if you do it right once is enough. War *** Eagle.
You base so much off of how you feel in the moment.
Ok fine then, Matt Stafford is better than Joe Montana. See, I like to go against the grain too!
Going against the grain does this to anyone.
You say such ridiculousness so often, its hard for me to take you seriously.
Yeah, and that's why I tore into Stafford for weeks now.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
He does well in the playoffs, leads the Ravens in the playoffs yearly.
It's great to be an Auburn Tiger 24/7/365!
Well, that didn't take very long at all. BOOM! Coach T. Rob is returning to Auburn! War Eagle!
Me to Ricardo Louis: "On behalf of the AU student body, we're so happy to have you back in 2015 War Eagle"...Ricardo: "word up" - I'm famous
Seriously? UGH. It's still great to be an Auburn Tiger! Hey, our mascot rocks and the winter in Madison? War Eagle! There is always next year!
Hopefully 2015 will bring better Auburn Tiger football! ✊ War Eagle!!!
It's great to be an Auburn Tiger! Tough loss in OT. The SEC isn't looking too good in these bowl games. I am going to have to pull for Alabama tonight, even though that goes against just about every atom of my being!! Roll Tide tonight but War Eagle for life!
Well, the game did not end as we had planned, but it was a great atmosphere and a fun times. Drying Aubrey's tears because her played his last game as a Tiger.bless her...she takes this stuff seriously thanks to us! Lol The best part about today was hearing the Auburn fans cheer "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger" as the team left the field. War Eagle!
War Eagle anyway, War Eagle all day, War Eagle everyday. I love being an Auburn Tiger and I wouldn't trade it for the world 🐯
Thank you for the hard work, commitment and dedication to display all year long. War Eagle.. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger
Not how I wanted it to end.but it is still GREAT TO BE AN Auburn Tiger! War Eagle!
Same score as last year's bowl game-hurts a little less when it isn't for the national championship. Still great to be an Auburn Tiger-time to start working towards next year. War Eagle!
It's still great to be an Auburn Tiger forever and always! Until August.,War Eagle!
Oh well. Now the Malzhan and Muschamp era begins. War Eagle!!! We will be back and not in the Outback Bowl but even better. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!
Good Game Auburn Tiger's!! Guess we'll have to buy our Bloomin Onion tomorrow while we enjoy the Coconut Shrimp! Lol..War Eagle!
War Eagle!. Nick Marshall hangs in the pocket & throws a great TD pass to C.J. Uzomah. 24-21 Auburn.
Auburn Football time in NOLA. War Eagle! Sick of seeing Ohio St fans lol.
Bringing in the New Year the right way! War Eagle! @ Raymond James Stadium
Well it looks like Auburn's gonna have to bail the SEC's butt out tomorrow in the Outback Bowl...we are so selfless in that way, War Eagle!
War Eagle,everybody.Nearly 2 weeks since Iron Bowl,& Tigers still don’t have DC,still waiting on Muschamp?See more at:
LOL at the lady walking around in a War Eagle spirit jersey
Well Jeff, that little lady has class! War Eagle young lady! Or as Shug Jordan would say, Wah Eagle!
Stumbled across this and thought it was to good not to share. Roll Tide Twas the night before the Iron Bowl, and all through the state, Everyone was excited, but we all had to wait. The Tide had done well, one loss for the year, Poor Auburn had three, their future's unclear. The committee had issued, their weekly rankings, Putting Bama at 1, so we're favored to win! Don't forget the past seasons, for rankings don't count, When the Tide meets the Tigers, anyone can go down! The malls were all packed, boastful shouts we did hear, From fans of both teams, as we shopped for new gear. All were dressed in their colors, showing off their team pride, Some said "War Eagle," but we said "Roll Tide!" We hurried back home, tailgate food to concoct, Have to start smoking ribs, warm up the crockpot, Our guests would be hungry, from boasting all day, And hoping the Tide, would make no mistakes. The tide was mad, from watching TV, That sports commentator, made the Tide sound so weak, "They're overrated," said Danny Kanel ...
Funny for the day walk in gas station and a guy says Roll Tide to me (I'm wearing my auburn hat) I smile and say yea good game he then says game that was a beat down I just keep smiling cause I know that getting 630 yards and 44 points was dang near a skunked butt War Eagle
Before the smack talking begins, and the final scores are posted in memes all over the internet tomorrow, I just want to stop and say how thankful I am to live in a state where the sport that divides us also brings us together. This page is about the heart of Alabamians who come together in good times and in bad. Whether it's a War Eagle sticker or a Roll Tide sticker on the cars of people who roll in to help in times of need, let's celebrate that tomorrow we aren't facing a natural disaster in our beautiful state. Let's celebrate that we live in a country where men and women fight every day and put their lives on the line so that we can freely argue about football games and root for our teams in a stadium that doesn't have armed guards. Let's be gracious winners or losers, no matter the outcome- and remember, that at the end of the day, we are blessed to live in a state with such rich traditions and such precious people. Love you all. War Eagle!
Will Muschamp to Auburn. Will be announced tomorrow. Y'all get ready for 2015! War Eagle!
I'm a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech and a *** of a yellow jacket fan. Barring a super sting in the ACC championship game I hope Alabama draws FSU first. Glad the Rebels busted Dan Mullins bubble. Hate that Urban Meyer won. Hate that Steve Spurrier lost. Wonder how long it'll take Will Muschamp to get to Auburn. I'll help pack Cliff Ellis's bags. Once again it came down to a field goal. We had too many they didn't have enough. What a year of wasted talent. But, I'm proud of the players who gave their all. War Eagle. Forever.
you rock! War Eagle! Y'all played great. We love you all and wish you the best!
I have found rock bottom:it is crying about football in a bar while wrecking ball plays in the background. War Eagle anyways, they did good
That wraps up the last regular season game of my undergrad. I've seen my Tigers with Cam, hit rock bottom, and rise back. War Eagle
Ok, I think I can relax and be 100 percent for my team now. I didn't want Auburn to beat Alabama if it would prevent them from going to the championship game. But, since Mississippi State loss we r good right??? War Eagle turn it up Marshall!!!👊
Big wins for the Pack and the Vols. But apparently I now have to listen to Brent Musberger the rest of the night. What a way to ruin a good Saturday. War Eagle!
Let’s welcome Pat Sullivan back home today and take it to the Tide Thanksgiving weekend. War Eagle! -See more at:
Of course couldn't have done it without my boy still leading the way for him! War Eagle fell…
With my friend Pat Anderson at his restaurant Speakeasy in Athens after Dogs kick War Eagle *** …
Still, War Eagle to the day I take my last breath!
Love love love the ribbons on War Eagle! Happy Military Appreciation Day!! Let's get it!!! WAR EAGLE!
Comparing 1500 more advisors to Viet Nam is a real stretch and dishonest journalism. War Eagle
Love leaving grumpy packed Reagan to arrive at sleepy Huntsville International. All the "War Eagle!" cries make me happy too.
Gary Fineske usually helps me out. Im trying to get a pic if me and my son with Dirk
Could you help me out with some passes for after the game when you come to DC on the 19th?
I hope you're enjoying your visit to Liberty! We hope you come back again! War Eagle!
Ending Maria Baugh's discussion with a big War Eagle!
If Bama finishes this season 8-4 after losing to LSU, Mississippi State and Auburn... with their fan base... Lane Kiffin may …
To those in the air, on land and at sea, the Family thanks you for your service!
Auburn Volleyball at 7, Coach Bruce Pearl's debut after, and aTm tomorrow. Sports overload and I can't wait. War eagle, everybody.
CrimeStoppers issues urgent alert to find armed robbery suspect
Got to rock this shirt today so that I can break out the new State of Auburn one tomorrow
you need to practice your "War Eagle". Any chance of a meet and greet with your fans?
Here is your football schedule for this week:
have a great time man! War eagle cant wait to have you on the team!
It's the First Gameday of the Tipoff at 8:30! War Eagle!
This happ. to a friend & she found help online through a security co. I'll see if I can find it. Theft. War Eagle!!
I can't wait to get to tonight and jam out with my buddy Hope y'all are ready! War *** Ea…
happy birthday my dude. Hope it's a good one. You'll get a win for your birthday tonight 😂 and war eagle
I'm gonna get my hunt on, Ima get my war eagle on, Ima get my praise on all wkend long
You have until Sunday at Noon to vote for next Friday's War Eagle of the Week! See pic for # to text
Rivalry games are what high school football is all about! Need the whole war eagle nation to show up and be loud.
This was always a treat for us at War Eagle!
Here is a schedule of the weekend events: Also, War Eagle is the official rally greeting
read this yesterday... great article! War Eagle!!
what's he going to say? They got boat raced 3 weeks straight, followed by squeaking by a cream puff. And war eagle next
calm down. war eagle ...or whatever they say. Let's go Mets!
Defending Bo Wallace is the key to this one.(Photo by Acid Reign.) War Eagle, everybody! Another titanic Auburn football game is on tap this Saturday. The third-ranked Auburn Tigers take on the Ole Miss Rebels in Oxford Saturday night. This will be a battle between the third and fourth ranked te…
War Eagle of course, but hope that Ole Miss kid makes full recovery.
War Eagle to all you bandwagon Ole Miss fans 😉😉😉
War Eagle!!! What a hard fought win. I hope that Ole Miss receiver's leg is OK. He showed so much heart.
It's almost hard to feel good about this win. War Eagle with a warm blast to Ole Miss. And prayers for Treadwell.
Last one for the favorite fall activity is hunting Gamecock! War Eagle!!
Love traveling this time of year. Had great time at War Eagle, Eureka Springs and Branson with Karen Holder Kroening and Don Kroening.
Old Abe, The Eagle of the 8th Wisconsin with Tennessee State Parks’ David Haggard Many Civil War units had mascots, but perhaps the most famous of these was Old Abe the War Eagle, the mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Infantry. Old Abe was a bald eagle that not only accompanied his regiment on marches and in camp; he went into battle as well. Learn more about the story of Old Abe October 31, November 1 & 2 at Johnsonville State Historic Park.
Alabama and College Football is not a good combination! It's hard to go one day without hearing Roll Tide or War Eagle!! Gosh shuttt up!
Hats off to the State of Mississippi and the football programs of Ole Miss and Mississippi State ... Big, awesome, and for me a painful paradigm shift in the power of SEC Football from Auburn - 'Bama to the Egg Bowl ... Well done so far, Rebels and Bulldogs .. Well *** Done. Great athletes, great coaches, great plans and executions ! Love my Auburn Tigers, look forward to a wild stretch at the end of this season -- War Eagle !
I hate to see AU lose but hats off to Mississippi State...they are excited about their football team over in Starkville and rightly so...but they were not arrogant or rude...i was impressed.War Eagle
I think next week will show everyone that Auburn is back for vengance against FSU. Mississippi State will be a test but nothing that can't be handled by a team that has overcame so much adversity as a team. War Eagle!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
War Eagle!!! Auburn Tigers moving up to Thank you Ducks, Crimson Tide and Sooners..(and LSU Tigers) Auburn 41 LSU 7
So here's my opinion on the whole day of college football. My feed blows up every game day with i hope Auburn looses Alabama is the best football program in Alabama Auburns wins are all luck no skill blah blah blah. So now that Alabama has proven they are not the best we as Auburn fans have no class because we were happy with today's outcome. Now you die hard Bama fans know good and well if we would have lost to K State it would have been raining confetti from the heavens that's all that would have been said for days. So to say someone has no class for being happy there rival team looses a pretty important game is pretty hypocritical knowing you would do the same thing if Auburn lost. Thoughts out to the guy that jacked up his leg prayers for a speedy recovery. But for tonight let me get a War Eagle!!!
Given the results of the college football games today, it has been decided that David F. Walker will now be accompanying me to all Auburn games the remainder of the season. War Eagle!
Couldnt of asked for a better college football weekend! Auburn roughs up L.S.U. and all lose and most importantly Alabama goes down! War Eagle!
love that piece by Wright! All over the SEC it IS how we talk to the dead! I 💝 you Daddy & Billy! War Eagle!
Dear Tim. Chris Davis is auctioning his Iron Bowl 2013 Season AU Helmet. You need to buy it! War Eagle
War Eagle, everyone! We are getting close to another AUsome BLMGT this November. As always, it will be the Friday before the AU/UGA game in Dacula, GA. We will be sending out the invite soon, so get your address/contact book updated so we can get a big turnout this year.
Congrats to all our ticket winners from this weekend's contests! Dakota Laren and Amy Michelle Oren won the caption contest, while Amber Shempert and Deitrich Whatleyya were both chosen after guessing 23 first downs for Auburn against LA Tech. Each winner gets 2 tickets to Auburn vs LSU this Saturday! WAR EAGLE!!
Today is a day that is near to the heart of many homeschool moms :) It's National Coffee Day! Enjoy these links to free cups of coffee, and a special deal from War Eagle Coffee Co., a favorite at IEW. (Businesses offering free cups of coffee:
For Bama, idk. But for Auburn, War Eagle is just the battle cry. More like the motto. Aubie is the true mascot.
In honor of our house divided version of Olibowl...War Eagle!
Congratulations to our winner of the Auburn koozie, Yolanda Willett. War Eagle!!
Game Day Auburn 2014 - Special thanks to Paul lll at Burkholder Insurance Company for the tickets - Ann with Amy, Amy, and Thad - War Eagle
What a day! Awesome game. . We have had a blast! And another win 45-17 war eagle. .!!!
“In Alabama you're either War Eagle, Roll Tide or AJ McCaron's wife.”
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the fact that I sent that in a text today is weird.
Got to see Nova the Golden Eagle circle Jordan Hare Stadium at Auburn University Homecoming this weekend along with my two favorite college kids! War Eagle, Y'all!
Year 10 pupils taking part in a First World War Project with Peace and Reconciliation Group and Blue Eagle Production
Chippewa County is bursting with fall color! Here's a look at Marker 14: Old Abe, the War Eagle, on Saturday.
Why is Aub the Tigers, but they yell War *** Eagle?
USA may not be @ war w/ Islam, but 99.8% of everyone who wants 2 blow Americans up happens 2 be Islamic. Thats just a coinky din…
Bill Maher slams liberals for phony ‘war on women’
Race War GOTTEN DEADLY!! Two Different Officers Shot at on Same Day in Ferguson, Missouri - Eagle Rising
it was never down. You just weren't allowed to view it.
our little Irish are excited to hear about the mighty WAR EAGLE! Thanks for coming to
HARRY'S WAR will place you in the cockpit of an F-15 Eagle fighter in air combat.
Very nice Game Day pic. War Eagle to you and family.
Had a great time at Homecoming Weekend! War Eagle!!
Ross' first EVER college football game! War Eagle!
wing of Nazi eagle.Ruins of Berlin. Metal scraps were melted. There was a great shortage of steel after war.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
A t-shirt gun is one thing, but a t-shirt Gatling gun? War Eagle, you can scale it back a bit...
is down. Is that allowed? Can that be a thing in today's world?
Thanks for the follow and coming to the show tonight. War Eagle!.
ifyou think Auburns War Eagle's the best mascot in college sports freaking wannabe
You can also post pictures or video of yourself working out in Auburn gear for 100 points! Be sure to use War Eagle!!
27 minutes until Round 6 begins. I am 5-0, but Benny the Beaver is undefeated up until this point so I'll need your he…
In case anyone was curious, the AU majorettes did War Eagle a total of 55 times today.
VOD: Apple's Tim Cook responds to a 'Roll Tide' with a 'War Eagle'
Typical UGA fan... you can always bring up "The miracle at Jordan-Hare" he can't take that away from us! War Eagle
Loved being back in Jordan-Hare with the Auburn Family tonight! Sure is good to be 1-0! War Eagle!
War Eagle from my fav college team to my fav pro team 51 yard fg cody parky Philadelphia eagles yesssir
Game night in Auburn---War Eagle! If you're not going to the game, come by Jimmy's in downtown Opelika. Great food. Fine wine. Good times.
Ok people lets see if we can get as many fans fired up today for Jesus as Alabama and Auburn had cheering for them yesterday. If you don't have a home church to go to I''d like to invite you to come be with us a Midway Full Gospel. Hope to see some new faces this morning. Don't forget Sunday school it starts at10:00! War Eagle.
My news feed is either Seminole or Gator fans and im just over here like War Eagle
Auburn University Samford Hall. 40/29 is live tonight at 5,6, and 10pm with pre game. FORGET War Eagle, go HOG WILD!
domain names
doesn't that just make you want to say a big War Eagle??
Get in the college football spirit with a little smack talk. Roll Tide or War Eagle?
Who's ready for some SEC football?!? We have a great interview Rod Bramblett, the lead announcer for the Auburn University Tigers and Sports Illustrated Announcer of the year! Hear his outlook for the upcoming season tonight! War Eagle!!
Alfa Farmers awards 70 scholarships to Auburn ag and forestry students. Congratulations and War Eagle.
Everyone at Gulf Coast Tours is excited about Auburn home games . Saints and Bama the last 10 years. Call them for more info. 633-0560. War Eagle.
I'm gonna miss you, Davie County, you and your people have been good to me and I'm grateful to have lived here. Always a War Eagle.
Watching Roll Tide/War Eagle...and I still chuckle when the part about Barkley being mad Auburn didn't hire Turner Gill comes on.
Doug and Charlie kick off the week with only 24 days left until the start of college football on remote at Marguirettes Jewelry on Vaughn Road. Come by, browse the store and bid on some great sports memorabilia with a portion of the proceeds benefiting CHILD PROTECT. Listen in starting at 11:00 am to 107.5 FM or 1210 AM. Chris Davis 8x10 Photo - $45 Gus Malzahn Auburn Mini Helmet w/War Eagle - $99 Chris Davis Auburn Logo Football w/Kick Bama Kick - $79 Greg McElroy Alabama Logo Football w/2009 BCS Champs - $75 CJ Mosley 2011 BCS Mini Helmet - $65 Mark Ingram Daniel Moore 2009 BCS Print - $95 Tom Glavine Hall of Fame Logo Baseball - $95 Justin Upton Baseball Bat - $12
Got my first "War Eagle" shout out in the Las Vegas airport today. It was everything I had hoped it would be.
War Eagle! Glad I was in Jordan Hare Stadium to witness the great play!
Chris Davis starts his acceptance speech with "War Eagle," says he wishes there were 10 trophies for the other guys on the f…
Rest in peace, War Eagle. ❤️ It was an honor getting to meet and talk to Auburn legend, Philip Lutzenkirchen. Great guy, gone too soon.
Storm clouds roll over the War Eagle monument at War Eagle Park in Sioux City, Iowa, Monday, June 16
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