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War Eagle

War Eagle is a motto or battle cry of supporters of Auburn University sports teams—especially the Auburn Tigers football team—and, for all intents and purposes, for Auburn University in general.

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our little Irish are excited to hear about the mighty WAR EAGLE! Thanks for coming to
HARRY'S WAR will place you in the cockpit of an F-15 Eagle fighter in air combat.
Very nice Game Day pic. War Eagle to you and family.
Had a great time at Homecoming Weekend! War Eagle!!
Ross' first EVER college football game! War Eagle!
wing of Nazi eagle.Ruins of Berlin. Metal scraps were melted. There was a great shortage of steel after war.
A t-shirt gun is one thing, but a t-shirt Gatling gun? War Eagle, you can scale it back a bit...
is down. Is that allowed? Can that be a thing in today's world?
Thanks for the follow and coming to the show tonight. War Eagle!.
ifyou think Auburns War Eagle's the best mascot in college sports freaking wannabe
You can also post pictures or video of yourself working out in Auburn gear for 100 points! Be sure to use War Eagle!!
27 minutes until Round 6 begins. I am 5-0, but Benny the Beaver is undefeated up until this point so I'll need your he…
In case anyone was curious, the AU majorettes did War Eagle a total of 55 times today.
VOD: Apple's Tim Cook responds to a 'Roll Tide' with a 'War Eagle'
Typical UGA fan... you can always bring up "The miracle at Jordan-Hare" he can't take that away from us! War Eagle
Loved being back in Jordan-Hare with the Auburn Family tonight! Sure is good to be 1-0! War Eagle!
War Eagle from my fav college team to my fav pro team 51 yard fg cody parky Philadelphia eagles yesssir
Game night in Auburn---War Eagle! If you're not going to the game, come by Jimmy's in downtown Opelika. Great food. Fine wine. Good times.
Ok people lets see if we can get as many fans fired up today for Jesus as Alabama and Auburn had cheering for them yesterday. If you don't have a home church to go to I''d like to invite you to come be with us a Midway Full Gospel. Hope to see some new faces this morning. Don't forget Sunday school it starts at10:00! War Eagle.
My news feed is either Seminole or Gator fans and im just over here like War Eagle
Auburn University Samford Hall. 40/29 is live tonight at 5,6, and 10pm with pre game. FORGET War Eagle, go HOG WILD!
doesn't that just make you want to say a big War Eagle??
Get in the college football spirit with a little smack talk. Roll Tide or War Eagle?
Who's ready for some SEC football?!? We have a great interview Rod Bramblett, the lead announcer for the Auburn University Tigers and Sports Illustrated Announcer of the year! Hear his outlook for the upcoming season tonight! War Eagle!!
Alfa Farmers awards 70 scholarships to Auburn ag and forestry students. Congratulations and War Eagle.
Everyone at Gulf Coast Tours is excited about Auburn home games . Saints and Bama the last 10 years. Call them for more info. 633-0560. War Eagle.
I'm gonna miss you, Davie County, you and your people have been good to me and I'm grateful to have lived here. Always a War Eagle.
Watching Roll Tide/War Eagle...and I still chuckle when the part about Barkley being mad Auburn didn't hire Turner Gill comes on.
Doug and Charlie kick off the week with only 24 days left until the start of college football on remote at Marguirettes Jewelry on Vaughn Road. Come by, browse the store and bid on some great sports memorabilia with a portion of the proceeds benefiting CHILD PROTECT. Listen in starting at 11:00 am to 107.5 FM or 1210 AM. Chris Davis 8x10 Photo - $45 Gus Malzahn Auburn Mini Helmet w/War Eagle - $99 Chris Davis Auburn Logo Football w/Kick Bama Kick - $79 Greg McElroy Alabama Logo Football w/2009 BCS Champs - $75 CJ Mosley 2011 BCS Mini Helmet - $65 Mark Ingram Daniel Moore 2009 BCS Print - $95 Tom Glavine Hall of Fame Logo Baseball - $95 Justin Upton Baseball Bat - $12
Got my first "War Eagle" shout out in the Las Vegas airport today. It was everything I had hoped it would be.
War Eagle! Glad I was in Jordan Hare Stadium to witness the great play!
Chris Davis starts his acceptance speech with "War Eagle," says he wishes there were 10 trophies for the other guys on the f…
Rest in peace, War Eagle. ❤️ It was an honor getting to meet and talk to Auburn legend, Philip Lutzenkirchen. Great guy, gone too soon.
Storm clouds roll over the War Eagle monument at War Eagle Park in Sioux City, Iowa, Monday, June 16
What's with the piano player in Roll Tide/War Eagle?
"We're proud to claim the 2014 NBA Title. It's been a great year. War Eagle" - Jay Jacobs, probably.
"The first thing he ever said to me when I first walked into the locker room was 'War Eagle', So we almost got into a fight the first time I talked to this guy."- Roman Harper on Cam Newton
Being a high school coach myself, I can relate, Kristi. War Eagle & much love to you both. Proud of y'all!
it was a great night at the klove awards, proud to see my coach honored in such a great way!!War Eagle!!
Mike Bobo is getting absolutely slain right now. Stick to picking on Tech. War Eagle! 😂
So proud of Jay and his family ... Iris would be proud too - War Eagle!
Oak Ridge PTO Teacher Appreciation was Smokin' Hot Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable and Pit Master BBQ Cafe are cooking up some appreciation for the hard working Oak Ridge High School teachers. As part of the Oak Ridge High School PTO Teacher Appreciation week, Gable and Pit Master BBQ Cafe Owner Tommy Battles are cooking up barbecue for 350 hungry teachers and staff on Monday, May 19. “The PTO is the backbone of our school,” Constable Gable says. “They make sure the teachers, staff, students and athletes get everything they need. We want to support their efforts and the fantastic work they do.” As Constable of Precinct 3, Gable serves southern Montgomery County’s law-enforcement needs. Battles has a son who is a senior War Eagle, said he is happy to lend Pit Master’s mouthwatering barbecue where it is needed to help the community. “The teachers do such a great job, we are happy to help out,” Battles says. “Gable is a heck of a nice man for doing what he’s doing.” For more information ...
Congratulations, Steven! We are so happy for you!!! The Denver Broncos are gaining an amazingly talented athlete and a wonderful person! Safe travels and War Eagle!
War Eagle for Tre Mason who will Team up with his Former College Teammate Greg Robinson
Greg Robinson: Rams Dee Ford: Chiefs Tre Mason: Rams Jay Prosch: Texans I'd say that each of these players contributes immediately. But I feel for Tre and Greg having to play the Seahawks and 49ers in their division. And I bet Jay levels clowney in practice. War Eagle
Just ran into Tre Mason in the WalMart parking lot in Lake Worth. Yelled out War Eagle he came over. Katelyn Wysong and I spoke to him for a few minutes. Really nice kid. Wished him well with the St. Louis Rams. WDE!
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Houston is getting a great player in Jay Prosch but also a great person! Congrats Jay and War Eagle!!!
glad yall drafted Jay Prosch. He is an auburn guy, wife's cousin and now plays for my favorite team. Go Texans and War Eagle!
My new favorite NFL team...St. Louis Rams!! Lamarcus Joyner-Go Noles!, Greg Robinson & Tre Mason-War Eagle! And the first team to draft an openly *** player, Michael Sam- Mizzou! Buying a shirt today!!
So happy for Jay Prosch very happy for you... mom would be proud of you. War Eagle!
Loved watching Christina and the other Auburn alumnae win their softball game. We enjoyed being under the Washington Monument right across from the White House. Perfect weather and great people. War Eagle.
We get to watch our boys Tre Mason and Greg Robinson continue the Auburn legacy with the Rams. think Ill have to make a trip ovet there. War Eagle
War Eagle! Watched you play at St. Clair Co vs Cherokee County. Go get a burnt ends sandwich at Arthur Bryant's.
“So proud for Greg Robinson and his family. War Eagle!”
Greg Robinson and Dee Ford. Quite the first round so far! War Eagle
Big shot out to the Auburn first rounders. Dee Ford and Greg Robinson! Wish you guys much success in the NFL. War Eagle!
Auburn's Greg Robinson goes to the St. Louis Rams in Round 1- 2nd pick! War Eagle!
Alright, Greg Robinson! Couldn't have happened to a better young man--a Katrina refugee who deserves a great break in life. And his mom is precious! War Eagle!
War Eagle!! Gosh, Greg Robinson is the biggest person I've ever seen!
Greg Robinson ... War Eagle and good luck in the nfl
my parents have dish network and I hate it but I will change to dish if directtv doesn't pick up sec network.War Eagle!
If you are truly a sports fan, and particularly an Auburn or Alabama fan, you owe it to yourself to watch the ESPN film, Roll Tide/War Eagle. Also, the 30 for 30 series on ESPN, featuring the 1962 Ole Miss undefeated season, despite the hullabaloo going on with the entrance of James Meredith, was spectacular! (I was on campus in 1962, as a member of the Miss. National Guard, when all this took place)
If you see a man in public wearing Auburn merchandise, and don't say 'War Eagle', are you still an Auburn fan ?
Peyton Sherrod and son Alex at the National Championship game in Pasadena. War Eagle!
They should add to the RollTide/War Eagle 30for30 with this years Iron Bowl
Watch fan reaction as the Tigers beat archrival Alabama on the final play of the Iron Bowl at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 30, 2011. War Eagle!
Happy birthday to the one and only 😄 hope it's great 🎉 oh and War Eagle and go Red Sox 😉
Just got tickets and going to enjoy the Alpha Psi Rodeo and Alan Jackson with a few good friends War Eagle!
War Eagle to my last Alpha Chi Parents Weekend with my particularly precious p's.
lol *** DUH!!! That's why i been screaming War Eagle since i came out da wound
Well, she doesn't really have an idea that a rivalry exists, but I like to think she'd be screaming, "War Eagle!"
It makes as much sense as saying War Eagle isn't your mascot but a battle cry and then having an Eagle
Yesterday I met this guy who claimed to be a football player. Guys are always claiming stuff you know. Anyways this guy was huge, colossal huge. So I told him, "If I was that big I'd tell people I was a football player too." He wasn't offended just laughed and started saying his name was BJ or Dj or some nonsense. So I told him, "Dude I've never heard of any football player named DJ and if you're in the NFL, so am I." I wanted to call to Dylan right then and tell him about this lame guy lying about being in the NFL, but the the guy wasn't done telling me his 'stats' 😒😒 long story short I insulted DJ Fluker to his face and he loved it lol. You never know who you're talking to nowadays, it could really be a 1st round draft pick for the Chargers. I still told him, "I don't care who you are, War Eagle!!!" 😝
welcome back to college coach. War Eagle is close to Screaming Eagles!
Look forward to meeting these Auburn students. Come join me at 6:15 at Auburn Arena. Pizza is on me! War Eagle!
I just got to say War Eagle!! Looking forward to a return to basketball prominance. Welcome Bruce Pearl!!
Auburn named their new head basketball coach today. Bruce Pearl. During his 6 years at Tennessee, they went to the NCAA big dance every year. UT was 145-61 overall and 65-31 in conference play. Welcome to Auburn, coach Pearl. War Eagle!
On a different note very excited for on getting the Auburn job. They hit a Home run on and off the court. War Eagle!!
Dr. Patterson, Associate Dean of Instruction, will be the honorary coach of the women's basketball game this Sunday! Go Lady Tigers and War Eagle!
"Twas the day of the Iron Bowl and all through the state...everyone was chanting, they could hardly wait. As Nick Saban and the Tide got plenty of rest...the Auburn Tigers had nightmares of elephants on their chests. Bama knows they only have one thing left to do, to make it to the National Championship and beat LSU. As they enter Jordan Hare Stadium, the Auburn fans look down with hate. Deep dow.n .they know who is the best in the state. With a rumble of thunder the Tide rolls in, as the shouts of " War Eagle" start to get thin. When the battle is over, one phrase will ring true,"Hey Tigers! We just beat the *** outta you!!"...Rammar Jammer Yella Hammer Give 'em *** Alabama! Roll Tide Roll!! Repost if your a BAMA FAN!See More LikeUnlike · · 2 · 17 hours ago via mobile · 2 people like this..Write a comment. .
So and I just got a FSU Seminole football player to say War Eagle
4th in the nation...1.6 points separates 1st from 4th. I am so proud of my kids. Now let's go win that World Championship tomorrow. It's a great day to be a War Eagle!
Auburn Softball wins in their first home game 11-3 over North Dakota State! Coach Clint Myers first win. War Eagle!
Who just flew to LA with Coach Gus Malzahn? This guy! War Eagle!
Congrats to Gus Malzahn and Auburn on another top ten recruiting class. Unfortunately Rashaan Evans will miss out on the very bright future at Auburn. War Eagle!
Despite losing out on a certain coveted recruit today, I'm excited for the excellent recruiting class Gus Malzahn and Co. have put together yet again this year. Their relentless efforts will pay dividends down the road if the players continue to buy in to the Auburn program. It seems to be an outstanding group of kids, and one can't help but get excited for next football season. War Eagle!
Finish this line from the fight song, "War Eagle" - "War Eagle, fly down the field _ " ?
The Daily Boom! There are 4 parade all Americans from the state of Alabama. If/When Rashaan Evans commits to Auburn, three of the four will be wearing the Navy Blue and Burnt Orange next fall. War Eagle.
Yelling 'War Eagle' win, lose or tie! I love Auburn like my name was Pat Dye!
Rashaan Evans sure didn't have to travel far for his most important visit! :) Rashaan Evans A-Town lmao War Eagle
War Eagle to our four players in the Senior Bowl this weekend! featured in NBC s Science of Love
So how about a very rare photo gift for this weekend . In the process of writing my book on War Eagle field in Lancaster I'm having a chapter on the two fields that helped support the training there Liberty and Victory Fields that were in the north end of the valley . After the War Liberty Field became the U.S. Rubber Company testing grounds at Ave B and Sierra Hwy . The picture that I acquired through my research has a very important component to my research ,the white igloo operation building you see in the upper left was the air field command post ! The picture also is of the entire Lancaster testing team for U.S. Rubber Company in 1953 that slab in the photo with cars on it was the water breaking slab that was last used by the RC airplane guys before the sewage plant took over the land and chain linked it all off ! I hope you enjoy this rare look back at some more of "Antelope Valley's Gold !"
Watching the Roll Tide/War Eagle documentary... never gets old!
Well dang.. So close, yet so far away. Auburn loses to Missouri by 2 points 70-68. Auburn has yet to win a conference game this year, and the last 18 conference games have been losses for Auburn. I'm thinking it is time to get rid of Tony Barbee.. War Eagle!!! Scott Burkey
Thank you for all you did at Auburn We sure will miss you but good luck in the NFL! You'll be fantastic I know! War Eagle! 💙😘
Carrying the Auburn tradition of being the best fans in 1-A football.I saw two FSU clad fans at Houston Hobby Airport, and said "War Eagle - great game Monday". They also said "great game".congrats 'noles, and War Eagle!
Former Auburn Tiger baseball and Chicago White Sox great Frank Thomas is going to Cooperstown. Congrats to the Big Hurt and War Eagle!
Walking through John Wayne Airport in Orange County and through the Denver Airport yesterday, there was a lot of orange and blue. Everyone was exhausted, but still saying War Eagle to one another! We were all and smiling and talking about what an incredible season this has been and how bright the future is for our Tigers! It's GREAT to be an Auburn Tiger!
.A true Auburn man. Thanks for an incredible season! War Eagle
DANG! War Eagle! Gus Malzahn is a man of integrity. Gotta love that man!
Want to thank Las Vegas for making me a rich man tonight.9 point spread, War Eagle...
Did I just see a Tomahawk chop a War Eagle? I think I did.ready for playoffs next year! BOOMER SOONER!
Good game hats off to Fla State ..!! Respect.. i still like the War Eagle's it was a great game to watch
And the Heisman Trophy winner will throw an int to end the game. War Eagle
Lol, Per Ronald Rocc Jones Oh mighty and merciful God that governs the making of the Spalding oblong football we come to you with linemen bowed and playbooks open. You know our hearts. We come asking that you shed light on the path to the vineyard of victory so we may yet again bask in the precious wine created from the wondorous tears of winning. Yes! We call on the speed power of Vicent Bo Jackson, the cunning and leadership of Cam Newton and the tenacity of Spikes and Fairly!! Yes lord we ask that you lend us your mighty arms so that we may spread them around FSU and hand them the defeat they so richly deserve. We all these blessings in the name of Pat Dye and any other winning Auburn coach you can come up with, Amen and War Eagle.
Btw, War Eagle!!! Gus Malzahn is my coaching man crush. He's a genius.
auburn should have been the 12 pt favorite. Ah well. Give Robert Gibbs a big War Eagle next time you see him.
War Chant or War Eagle? And hey - if you wanna watch it with a crowd it's War(m) in here!
For the record; It's "War Eagle." Not "War Eagles," or "Go Eagles," or "Go War Eagles." Which is odd, considering the mascot/team name of Auburn University, is the Tiger. "Is this going to be on the Final?" -NP
That Florida State tomahawk chop chant is one of the coolest traditions in college football (probably second to the Hog Call) but...gotta say it tonight only...War Eagle! Go Tigers!!
Seeing the great Bo Jackson made my decision very easy! War Eagle!! Sorry Cory Davis!!
Look at Bo Jackson I think he can play one more season lol...War Eagle baby
War Eagle vs The Spear. In the words of Michael Buffer. Let's get ready to RUMBLE!
Normally, I pick the best team to win, but tonight I will be a conference homer and root for the team from the SEC. It would be nice to win 8 straight to close out the BCS era and also to hear people say that LSU was that team's only loss. So for Kenny Hill, Matt Spradlin, and Megan Holland, Geaux Tigers and War Eagle!! AU 38, FSU 28.
Being a die hard Miami Hurricane fan I can say this... I hope the nightmares from the orange bowls between the canes and noles in the early 2000s don't determine the outcome of tonight's game...wide left, wide left. War Eagle
I love Auburn football because I love Auburn (Pat Dye)! War Eagle!
I ain't mentioned the National Championship at all and well I'm going to make a prediction based on entrances because I have witnessed both. Chief Osceola and his flaming spear with thousands of fans doing the War Chant sends chills up my spine. Now for the Tigers from the plains of Alabama. Watching that bird, that eagle, That War Eagle!!! Watching it circle the grid iron like it's circling it's prey is enough to get anybody jacked up for a glorious bout on the football field. So it's between a bird of prey or the Seminole Nation; I'm going War Eagle!!! A bird that has dominated the skies since the dinosaurs!!! Besides the Indians were duped by a couple white men in tights and funny hats for liquor and guns. WAR Eagle The Barn scalps the painted faces!
Tim Tebow is a nice edition to ESPN's coverage team. War Eagle.
War Chant. lets get on the WAR PATH. lets beat the War Eagle! FSU
I still harbor resentment toward f$u for beating VT in the National Title Game.War Eagle tonight!
War Eagle is getting the spear tonight, Chief Osceola want's some fried Eagle, Beagle whatever. Go Noles!
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Today is the day. Today is the culmination of one of the strangest, greatest seasons in Auburn football history. I've been through the last few of Pat Dye's years, through Terry Bowden, Brother Oliver, 'Jet-Gate' and last year. I've also been witness to First Time Ever ('89), Jim Fyffe, 1993, 2004, and 2010. Win or lose tonight, this season will go down as one of the best in our storied history. This season will be remembered for Miracle in Jordan Hare and Kick Bama Kick. It will also be remembered, at least for the AU faithful, as an example of what can be accomplished when a team Believes in itself and becomes as one. Win or lose, this team will be remembered as one of the hardest working AU squads. Win or lose, the season will be remembered as the turning point for Auburn. Win or lose, we are The Auburn Tigers. Win or lose, IT IS GREAT TO BE AN Auburn Tiger! War Eagle! Let's do this!
With apologies to all my Florida State rooters down there (fam & friends!)... and in spite of Randy Sanders & Jay Graham, for this night only.War Eagle!!!
Well since Benjamin Walker can't watch the game and to him it's like losing a child, I get to watch it and gain major girlfriend points. War Eagle. 󾇀󾟝
Auburn has come too far not to not win it all. Come on Tigers, being it back home where it belongs. War Eagle.
Visited Auburn University last year for PLANETS Student Career Days for a few days and got a first hand tour of there football stadium...Crazy place and what a gorgeous facility.. Tonight I'm War Eagle! Sorry UMass go TIGERS!!
Help me cheer for my Auburn Tigers tonight! War Eagle!
It's only a few hours until the National Championship game in Pasadena! Both schools represented have great Alpha Delta Pi chapters (both have earned the coveted Golden Lion) so we thought it's time for a little sisterly rivalry. We can't wait who will win out tonight, the Auburn Tigers or Florida State Seminoles?!? Click LIKE on the team's picture to show your support. Go Noles and War Eagle!
As a student at Auburn University at Montgomery for 3 years, I'm happy to say, War Eagle.
Pearl Harbor survivors recall the Japanese pilots yelling "War Eagle!" as they bombed our ships.
old town Pasadena is covered in orange and blue! no FSU fans in sight. I like this ratio! War Eagle!
2100 here in Germany. Taking a disco nap then up at 0200 for Game Day and THE GAME. Wishing I was there. Seeing the San Gabriel mountains makes me homesick. War Eagle!
Big game to night. Come on down free Nachos and $1. Rita's We love are canes but Go Noles. Keep the title in FLA. who u got sandbar nation. War Eagle or War Chant?
Tonight!!! It's the National Championship Game!! Come watch the last BCS title game with XL 1-topping Pizzas for only $10 and $6 Domestic Pitchers! War Chant or War Eagle? It's gonna be a doozy!
Someone please explain the Auburn University mascot situation to me. They're the Auburn Tigers. Since forever. *** is this "War Eagle" business?
War Eagle to Auburn University this evening in the BCS National Championship Game.
Somewhere around 1982 John Mark Butler invited me to my first college football game. As soon as Chief Osceola rode out and thrust his spear into the fifty yard line I've been hooked! Sorry to my War Eagle friends but... Go Noles!
War Eagle! At Auburn team hq. Party hosted by Under Armour
War Eagle to the Auburn fans out there! If you need some last minute fan gear, Campus Spirit has you covered. Located near Urban Outfitters!
The Auburn Tigers will play for the National Championship tonight! Be excited! Pull hard for them as they seek to bring home the Crystal Football to Alabama for the fifth straight year! Glory, glory to ole Auburn...and War Eagle!
Good luck to our Auburn University Tigers today as they take on Florida State University for the BCS National Championship. We believe in Auburn and love it! War Eagle!
Good luck to our Auburn Tigers tonight in Pasadena. War Eagle!!!
I believe I have decided which team I will be pulling for tomorrow night. I first thought I would pull for the SEC team, Auburn, even though as an Alabama fan I am "supposed" to dislike them VERY much. I've never been a fan of ANY FLorida team, but it made it easy to decide to pull for FSU tomorrow night when I discovered that Morristown native Randy Sanders is a part of the coaching staff. I don't even know what their team name is but this girl definitely won't be saying "War Eagle".
From Alexander Dashner Nathan- Key West to Pasadena or bust. 2890 miles. We're an hour out now my fellow Tigers...War Eagle! — with Sarah Martin-Ravotto.
HAVE SEEN AUBURN shirts in Belmont Shore on 2nd St. today and yesterday. War Eagle! And, good luck tomorrow in...
War Eagle! The brothers of the Delta Psi chapter in the Auburn University Marching Band are in Pasadena. Look for us on ESPN tomorrow.
In sports, as in life, the good don't always come out on the top of life's scoreboard. I remember when, with 28 seconds left in the Super Bowl, bathroom rapist, Ben Rothlesburger came out on top of Kurt Warner, the greatest Christian witness in professional sports. Monday night, if Auburn wins the Championship, Gus Malzahn and many of his players will give glory to God; while if Jameis Winston is standing on that platform, holding that trophy, with an arrogant grin on his face; it will not be God who gets the glory---and the young girl whom Winston misused and then cast aside will feel even more empty and victimized than she already does. War Eagle, fly down the field!! ms
Watching the Auburn University Marching Band practice one last time before heading to Pasadena!! War Eagle!!! Can't wait until tomorrow!!
After Media day, Im about tired of reading and talking about it. Im ready for the game already. War Eagle.
I spent most of the day at the fabulous Getty Museum. If you've never been there I highly recommend it. Beautiful art on a beautiful campus designed by Richard Meier. It's free except for the $15 parking fee. It sure was nice turning corners and experiencing "War Eagle!" moments. As the sun set I made my way over to the Griffith Observatory to get a view of the city lights from above. The drive was interesting, as I either drove on or crossed over such well known roads as Sunset Boulevard, Bundy Drive, Gretna Green Way, Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Freeway, Hollywood Boulevard, and Rodeo Drive. Apparently, the Observatory is a very popular destination. The traffic was backed up getting there and I ended up parking about 3/4's of a mile away from it. The crowds and parking reminded me is the laser show at Stone Mountain. I stopped for a quick bite at KFC on my way back to my loft room and got a chuckle from an encounter there. While I was waiting for my order a man walked in and asked the clerk what ki ...
We had an AUsome day in Hollywood! It was painted orange and blue and I've never heard so many "War Eagles" in my entire life! Johnnie led Boddagetta and a big ole War Eagle in front of the Chinese Theatre, it was a great day! I bet there are 10 Auburn people to every one FSU person that we saw- maybe more. While we are having a vacation, our AUsome players are calling this a
Jay Jacobs to for wrapping up non-conference play with win over FAMU tonight. Now 8-3 on season. War Eagle
War Eagle from the Delta Psi brothers in Pasadena with the Band! Keep all of us in your prayers as we embrace this amazing opportunity to share our music with a different region of America!
A message from the late Anthony Quinn: "Dreams do come true.". War Eagle!
From Jennie Williams The Memphis Auburn Club will be watching the game Monday night at Mellow Mushroom , in Germantown. War Eagle!
Headed to the BCS National Championship. Pasadena here we come. War Eagle!!!
I went to dinner last night with Chief Osceola. I ordered a medium rare steak. When the waitress asked for his order Chief looked at her and said "War Eagle, well done!!!". Chief is HARDCORE!!!
Come to find out Kirby Smart isn't so smart without Coach Jeremy Pruitt that Bama let get away to Florida State. Looks like Kirby Smart is salty of Jeremy Pruitt's success! War Eagle fans it's Florida State got a surprise for you and his name is Jeremy Pruitt!
That was pitiful bama! Kirby Smart well im not gonna say coz it aint nice.. War Eagle :-)
Derrick Henry is a beast for Bama. Working tomm, then catching a plane to Pasadena!!! War Eagle and congrats to OU!
I wonder is AJ mcCarron will have a receiving line when he loses to Oklahoma like he did after the Iron Bowl. I wonder if Katherine Webb will be there or if she moved on to Nick Marshall. Ha! War Eagle!
As an Auburn University alum & a huge War Eagle fan, one plus I have discovered by moving out of Alabama, is I can now pull for Bama in a bowl game. Go Red Elephants!... I still can't say that Roll. thing.
We have your Sugar Bowl and BCS Championship cookies and cakes here and ready! What a better way to kick off the New Year than with some more football! Roll Tide & War Eagle!
Jim Abath - WAFF 48 News here. The bowl season kicks up a notch today with the Sugar Bowl. Can I get a "Roll Tide"? And we're just 4 days from the BCS National Championship. Can I get a "War Eagle"? Our crews have you covered this morning. Check it all out, starting at 5:25 a.m. on WAFF 48 News Today.
Watching the Roll Tide / War Eagle doc on makes Red Sox & Yankees look like the minor leagues.
Happy New Year Family! The Tigers provided us some incredible memories in 2013. Let's make more in 2014. War Eagle!
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Happy New Year to the War Eagle nation. The passion of Auburn prevails in all and every way. Bless all . to all and each.
Got the tickets from Paul Finebaum ne we are just trying to figure out rest. War Eagle!!!
You eat leftovers, we begin. In last 3wks have fed friends catered dinner won at Elon's Night of the Phoenix. Piece of cake. Then neighbors hot dogs. 35th year, got it down pat. Next, family & Auburn fans w/hamurgers. Easy. War Eagle! Now, time to get serious. Elon Women's basketball team tonight; men's team Sunday night. 25th yr. Same menu. Steaks, twice cook potato casserole, my secret candied baked beans, green beans cooked all day in ham hock, toasted bread, caesar salad, ice cream sundaes & Elon chocolate sauce, brownies, PLUS: 5 gals of tea. And of course, 7-up pound cake. Next week, I start back traveling. Trust me. First thing I do? Order room service. :) .
Shuttle Bus to the BCS National Championship! Hi All, Sorry for the multiple messages, but there's a lot to plan when we are going to the National Championship! Steve Lewandowski, from our SD alumni club, is working on a shuttle to Pasadena with pick up and drop off in Solana Beach. If you are interested in riding, please contact him with the number of people in your party at slewandowskiHe will get back to those interested with details! War Eagle! Anne
Official National Championship Game Watch Party will be at Iron City Birmingham - 513 22nd St. South. Details are still being finalized. Please check back soon - but plan to join us!! War Eagle!!
Really enjoyed reading Coach Dye's new book After the Arena! It ain't about him-it's about Auburn! War Eagle!
Finally finished my aunts boot cuffs :)
Merry Christmas, Ben! He said, Roll Tide, War Eagle, Roll he passed over houses.he was very non-committal!
Sometimes I yell "War Eagle!" before I do something crazy like summoning a poltergeist.
u gpnna get your wish I think if the team plays up to potential. War eagle and Merry Christmas Ricardo!
To all my family. Merry and War Eagle! .
I want a W in Pasadena for Christmas. War Eagle
“All I want for Christmas is to be a National Champion Jan.6” War Eagle
I do because I have no family in the Roll Tide/War Eagle state
Santa eats auburn cookies at our house!! War eagle!!
Santa came a little less than a month ago for me. War Eagle. 🐯💙
When I told my dad I wanted clothes for Christmas, he went to Auburn and bought me a lot of Auburn shirts... Oh well War *** Eagle!
So just a little late lol, but day 24, oofd. And of course reppin that WAR EAGLE!…
Couldn't help but let out a "War Eagle" after the final "Amen" at mass, about 10 people responded. I'll consider that success. Merry Xmas.
“If someone gets you Bama gear for Christmas tomorrow don't worry, it will only take a second to return it.” 😂😂👏 War eagle
Watching "Roll Tide/War Eagle and every bama fan on here is loud and not one has a full set of teeth.
Merry Christmas and War Eagle everyone. Because that's how I roll.
Auburn had 2 plays in the top spot of the top 50 plays of the year. War MF *** eagle & Merry Christmas!
Out of all sports, from high school level to professional, Auburn football secured the top spots in ESPN's best 50 plays of 2013. War Eagle.
Came in the house talking bout war eagle. My sister up'ed her strap on me. 😂😂
Santa just passed over Tuscaloosa and yelled out a "War Eagle" just to troll Nick Saban.
A stadium by any other name is just as War Eagle! "It's pronounced jer-dan
“Auburn's month of November is the play of the year. WAR EAGLE to that
Just wanna point out that Auburns "kick six" and "prayer in hare" tied for 2013 top plays of the year. War Eagle.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a War *** Eagle
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Merry Christmas and war eagle takeo. Makes me lol thinking about a bad man like you enjoying tea! Hope u are in Pasadena
Definitely Cooper. He has to live with Bama fans…doesn’t get any harder! Merry Christmas and War Eagle!
War Eagle to all and to all a good night!
Don't ever put "war eagle" and Merry Christmas in the same sentence.
Turkish doesn't know where he is. War eagle.
Telling someone marry Christmas and war eagle at the same time is like telling someone HBD & hoping they rot with the devil in the afterlife
yes please so tired seen more auburn attire than ever before in my life... Coal coal Santa please for the war eagle fans:)
Watching Roll Tide/War Eagle on ESPN. Crazy college football fans that take it too far are the worst people on earth. Every team has them. 😒
Coach Gus Malzahn has won 18 of his last 19 games combined at Arkansas State and Auburn. Got the big one up next. War Eagle! Merry Christmas
A big War Eagle from Santa to all our Auburn fans!
Maybe this family thinks "War Eagle" means they are at war with Auburn? Once again, they prove why we make fun of them.
I called Chief Osceola today and said "Chief, I keep hearing about War Eagle, what do you know about that?". Chief replied "I know War Eagle. He was cousin of Sitting Bull. He liked to run, but could not hit a target, or catch a fish. He almost froze to death because he could not cover himself with blankets during the winter. All in all he was only good at running.but could not run through walls". I said "Chief, what does this have to do with Auburn". He replied "Read between the lines dummy. They can't pass, catch, or cover when they hit our wall they are done for!". I think Chief Osceola may be the smartest man alive!!!
Coach Gus Malzahn of Auburn University was named AP Coach of the Year! War Eagle!!!
Auburn's coach, Gus Malzahn, totally deserved the AP Coach of the Year! He has turned Auburn's football program around! War Eagle!
Congratulations to Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn for being named AP "Coach of The Year". War Eagle!!!
The lake level this morning is 1120.73 It has risen more than 2 ft since friday. For all of the dock owners out there, please adjust them accordingly. For those boating, please keep an eye out for floating debris, especially on the War Eagle and White River arms of the lake. Be Safe.
Chandler Cushman, "Pastor Kevin today at church: "I don't have to tell those Auburn fans that they're going to the National Championship. They're already telling everyone they know. That's all they can talk about. But are we, as Christians, doing the same thing with the news about Jesus Christ being the real reason of Christmas? War eagle, but more importantly, thank you Jesus for coming to this earth to save us! Merry Christmas y'all!"
Holy Cow! San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders tied. It's one of the two games I will watch all season. War Eagle.
War eagle! Cam the man. Hope the Cowboys don't have to go into Carolina.
We are here everyday all day until 6 PM Christmas Eve so stop by and say "Hey" We still have lots of great items for your Christmas needs!!! Roll Tide and War Eagle and all the others too!!!
Give your little tiger the best bedtime story, with our War Eagle! Book by Pat Dye. It makes a great stocking stuffer
War Eagle! Written by coach Pat Dye, War Eagle! tells a story of Game Day and all the people Aubie says, "War Eagle!" to. Makes a great gift for...
After months of waiting it is now official.Auburn has signed five-star wide receiver D'haquille Williams from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College! His teammate Derrick Moncrief, also an Auburn commit, is the JUCO safety in the country. So the team with arguably the BEST running offense in the country has just "beefed up" its defense and passing game...and we are just getting started! War Eagle!
I said War Eagle to this old man in the post office. He recognized my letters on my sweatshirt and said Alpha Xi.
If for no other reason, after last night's DEBACLE of the so called "Heisman Trophy" award, EVERY ALABAMA FAN, should be yelling WAR EAGLE at the BCS Championship Game ! I read this post, from a friend, and an Auburn Fan) this morning, and it expresses how I feel about the situation. "Heisman ? Winston ? Really ? Who is this guy ? Does he have back to back National Championships ? Does he constantly have winning seasons ? Did anyone really know who he was until the sexual assault ? AJ, from an Auburn Fan, the Heisman system is broke ! Go to the NFL, and the Hall of Fame! The other guy will be in the news again, but not for football !" Thank you, Charles Keith Terry , for putting Into words, the sentiments of MOST in the state of Alabama ! Roll Tide and War Eagle !
Did Florida State's War Chant begin in a game against back in 1984? We'll take the same result in Pasadena. War Eagle!
Congrats Winston on winning the Heisman. Dee Ford, Montravious Adams, Carl Lawson, Gabe Wright and many others will be showing their appreciation in person very soon. War Eagle.
The Pat Dye BOOK SIGNING EVENT TOMORROW at TIGERTOWN WARE - has been CANCELLED due to RAIN. We will host him again soon. Stay tuned, folks! :) When we do, he will be revealing his new book AFTER THE ARENA. Visit for more information. War Eagle!
Watch as Gus Malzahn accepts the award for National Coach of the Year. A great honor and well-deserved. Join us in congratulating Coach Malzahn and his staff. War Eagle!
Grab a piece of history with this 2013 Iron Bowl T-shirt. Front: Hey Nick, Got a Second? Back: I need to run something by you... War Eagle
Hey ! Any ideas on how a 2 time Auburn grad can score some tickets to the BCS Championship? War Eagle!
Congratulations to Coach Gus Malzahn for winning Coach of the Year! War Eagle, Coach.
War Eagle girls and boys basketball:. Trinity Christian vs Hinton
Epic Iron Bowl, SEC Champs in the Dome. Pasadena here we come! War Eagle!
Congrats to Cody Parkey, Dee Ford, Chris Davis, and Jay Prosch for accepting their invites to the senior bowl. War Eagle!
Seen some amazing things in football the last 4 weeks...Ricardo Lewis "Miracle at Jordan Hare" Chris Davis and "The Return" Tre Mason 304 yards in the SEC Championship game. The one thing that stands out to me is time and time again Auburn stopped Bama on short yardage...never thought that was possible. War Eagle..
To all the FSU fans saying "We Want Auburn," like Georgia, Alabama and Mizzou can attest, be careful what you wish for. Jordan Hare Stadium is where National Championship dreams go to die. War Eagle!
After watching football until my eyes crossed, I am convinced the best too college teams in the country are only about ninety miles apart, and both are in the state of Alabama.! War Eagle, Roll Tide. !
Ok so here goes nothing... sneeze, cough, cough, War Eagle!! Dee Ford has secretly been my favorite player ever since he sacked "Johnny football".
Auburn Tigers DE Dee Ford in October: "I think we can win it all. You know? There's no reason to say that we can't. We said we wanted to have the biggest turnaround in college football. Why not win it all?" ... and they laughed. War Eagle!
As an Alabamian and a proud fan of the Crimson Tide and SEC, I will be pulling for Auburn in the National Championship game. I would like to see the crystal come back to my home state and the SEC win the last of the BCS era NC games. So, yes "War Eagle" will be screamed in my apt. At least, I plan on it. I know that there are Bama fans who won't pull for Auburn no matter what(just like the Auburn fans who won't pull for Bama no matter what), and that they will probably be more vocal than the ones who will. Should I start to see comments that are extremely negative attacking Bama's fanbase because of this, I have no problem at all switching up and rooting for FSU. 2 very good friends of mine back in college at UWA, Jamie and Chad, were from Crestview, FL and were the biggest FSU fans you could have met. They went with me to T-Town back in 1992 when Bama beat Miami for the NC and I saw both of them cheering "Roll Tide". FSU won the NC the very next year, I cheered with them doing the Chop. My Uncle is also ...
Congrats Jimbo Fisher State ex LSU offensive cordinater gets another shot at an SEC team Auburn but we know National Championship Title resides in the SEC!!! War Eagle!
Man, I'll say this.. It's fans like Zack Lambert Andrew Reece and Grey Spencer who make me respect the Auburn Tiger's fan base. The team has earned my respect on the field, but those Tigers are lucky to have respectable fans who keep it classy like these three. Good talking not only Auburn football, but football in general with you fellas. Good luck in the National Championship! I'm happy for every Auburn fan that gets to celebrate a very special time that not very many fan bases get to enjoy. Roll Tide and you know what.. War Eagle! I like Florida State a lot, but I say the War Eagle out of respect.
Wait--Tim Brewster is on the Florida State coaching staff?! Well then. War Eagle.
Dear South Friends, Michigan is not the same as Michigan State. That said... War Eagle.
While I was at FSU and my brother was at Auburn, my Dad talked to Coach Bobby Bowden about him and his son Terry sigining a football for the Scott Household leading up to the HUGE Auburn/FSU match up...we didnt get the football signed and Auburn chickened out of the game, then a few years later Dadran into the Bowden's in Troy, AL of all places, with Bobby Bowden signing his name and a Go Noles ...and Terry Bowden signing with ABC Sports under his name instead of War Eagle(true story). AND NOW we have the match up we have been waiting for. 1016 you up for Pasadena...???
It's on FSU.Jimbo Fisher was an Auburn Tiger before he was a Seminole! Complete shock-an-awe ! Fear the spear. The bus is coming your way ! War Eagle.
As Alabamians let us all root for Auburn to win the State of Alabama a fifth straight national title and the Southeastern Conference an eight straight title / let us all shout War Eagle on January 6 2014
Gus Malzahn is a genius! If you ain't the Gus Bus it's left you way back in 2012!! War Eagle!
The Miracle at Jordan Hare, Iron Bowl 109 yard kick retrn, Masons goes off to lead Tigers to the SEC Championship, and Sparty delivers the icing on top! OMG!!! War Eagle!!
So proud of our team. 2013 SEC Champs! I couldn't be happier right now. War Eagle!
Nobody can stop the Tre Mason train Gus can run the bus and Mason is the train!!! War Eagle!!!
War Eagle. SEC CHAMPIONS. Ohio State losing could open doors to a shot at National Champions for Auburn; the real SEC Tigers. Tre Mason should be considered for Heisman Trophy Award. Go Michigan State and War Eagle
It was said to the team after one of the champion runs in the 80s, and it sure holds true again tonight. "You are the champions of the greatest football conference in America." ~ Pat Dye Regardless of what happens on the national level, NOTHING can ever take that away. War Eagle!!!
Congratulations to our own Dee Ford and the Auburn Tigers on a great SEC Championship win. War Eagle! !
Beautiful watching our Auburn Tigers be led in prayer after the game by Louie Giglio (Passion Church, Passion Conferences)...he has served as their Chaplain for many years. War Eagle, Mr. Giglio!
"We have the best coach in college football! War Eagle!"
War Eagle baby. Ohhh yeah that's my boys. Dee Ford you rock. Way to go.
War Eagle!! Did anyone else notice Louie Giglio on the auburn sideline?
Dee Ford. Dog gone it... Giants,,, they so fall... War Eagle
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Bo Jackson on his knees on the sidelines at the SEC Championship game!!! War Eagle!!!
Cooking zuppa toscana soup and watching the game. War Eagle!
History Lesson. "War Eagle" is Auburn's battle cry, not a mascot or nickname. The most popular story about the battle cry dates back to the first time Auburn met Georgia on the football field in 1892 and centers around a spectator who was a veteran of the Civil War. In the stands with him that day was an eagle the old soldier had found on a battlefield during the war. He had kept it as a pet for almost 30 years. According to witnesses, the eagle suddenly broke free and began majestically circling the playing field. As the eagle soared, Auburn began a steady march toward the Georgia end zone for a thrilling victory. Elated at their team's play and taking the bird's presence as an omen of success, Auburn students and fans began to yell "War Eagle" to spur on their team. At the game's end, the eagle took a sudden dive, crashed into the ground, and died. But the battle cry "War Eagle" lived on to become a symbol of the proud Auburn spirit.
We're updating live from the Georgia Dome as plays Missouri for the 2013 SEC Championship. War Eagle!
Leaving the Georgia Dome and heading to the hotel. War Eagle!!!
man u got out of town just in time! It is cold over here! Shout out War Eagle just 1 time 4 me a Afghan Vet & AU grad in S-port.
Kenjon Barner said Cam Newton came up to him and gave him a "War Eagle!" on his first day with the Carolina Panthers.
Thanks for the link Karen Vick Scarbrough, love this. Our favorite line "We're the ones who've donned orange and blue on the Monday after a loss because we'd rather be for Auburn on a bad day than for any other team on a good one." That is about as true as it gets...War Eagle!
Watching Numbers Never Lie and their making fun of Alabama fans starting that petition lol. War Eagle!
Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters are now Auburn fans. War Eagle!
I love being a Bama fan, but all of this slamming Cade Foster into the ground almost makes me want to say "War Eagle". He wasn't the only one to make mistakes. There is no need in treating him this way over a FOOTBALL GAME.
This man is a CHAMPION! May God bless you, Cade Foster! Please keep your FAITH firmly planted with the Holy Trinity! This is difficult for me to say, but you deserve this: Roll Tide, CADE! I am and always will be an AUBURN fan, but I love football, and quality players and you are a quality & dedicated team player! War Eagle, it was a great game!
After the Iron Bowl 2013, the only thing I'm eager to see is how the media tries to cause a rift using Katherine Webb. Being Auburn alumni and dating Alabama's AJ McCarron, I'm eager to see how they try and start some crap with all of that. Other than that it is what it is, Roll Tide or War Eagle we keep our rivalries in state in good fashion.
After "The" game Amy and I went to Toomers.first Coed I came to jumped in my arms wrapped her legs around me and started kissing on me! Funny how much 'Put me down!" sounds like "War Eagle!" in a situation like that...Spoiler alert by the time I get tired of telling this story the coed will be Katherine Webb..."Put Me Down!" see what I mean.
Newton leads Carolina to eighth victory in a row... CHARLOTTE, N.C. • Cam Newton walked into the news conference Sunday afternoon, flashed that familiar smile and gave a tip of the hat to his former college team. “War Eagle. War Eagle. War. *** Eagle,” Newton said of his college team’s battle cry. Less than 24 hours after the Auburn Tigers, for whom he used to play quarterback, pulled off an incredible victory over No. 1 Alabama by returning a missed field goal for a touchdown on the game’s final play, Newton had another reason to smile. Carolina’s third-year quarterback capped a memorable weekend by throwing for 263 yards and two touchdowns and leaped over the pile for another score as the Panthers (9-3) beat Tampa Bay 27-6 Sunday for a franchise-record eighth straight regular-season victory. “It wasn’t prototypical, or the way we wanted to win, but we found a way to win and that’s the most encouraging part about it,” said Newton, who rebounded from two interceptions. The victory se . ...
War Eagle to all my Theta Xi sisters! What a great game!
Tom and I just finished watching a replay of yesterday's game and listened to some of the analysts after the game. One of my favorite quotes came from Tim Brando, "this time destiny won out over dynasty." War Eagle!
War Eagle to Ben Tate with a big 28.2 fantasy points this week. I got so much crap for that draft pick. You can't go wrong with Auburn 😆
Think I'm still speechless! There is nothing like being in Jordan Hare Stadium for an Auburn Tiger victory!!! War Eagle!!!
This from a class act Auburn fan.Cade Foster, I'm an Auburn fan but let me assure you that that does not diminish in any way the respect I have for you and your team... I am in awe of the work and sacrifices you have willingly accepted in order to perform at the level that the Tide has over the past several years. You have, do, and will continue to do your university, the state of Alabama, and the SEC proud. From this die hard War Eagle let me just say Roll Tide, keep head up sir, your an inspiration to many, even some Barners.
Nick Saban's University of Alabama Football Team are 6-6 against Auburn, of which they are 0-6 when Auburn ha won more than 9 games. Looks like the only way Alabama can beat Auburn is when we have a bad season! Ha, War Eagle!
Ok everyone, my first on fb since the game. Everyone knows I'm the biggest Bama fan alive. My hat off to Auburn. Great game. What makes the state of Alabama a great football state. Auburn kept it close and got the win. War Eagle to all of you Auburn fans. Me, I'm still a Bama fan through and through. Always have been, always will be. Oh yeah, I'm be rooting for Auburn to win the SEC Championship next weekend also.
Well my fiancé finally got my birthday/Christmas/Valentines/ and next years birthday present... 2 Tickets to the SEC championship game. It just took him "a second" to find them. War Eagle. The city of Auburn was truly magical last night.
A nice photo of the crowd on the field. War Eagle!
Just bought tickets to the SEC Championship game! Win or lose, I will be there supporting my school in their second Championship appearance since I have been a student. War Eagle!! "I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid."
On the Field after a War Eagle victory with the best bro a guy could ask for.
After having a great game, and winning his 8th straight in a row for the Panthers, this was what Cam had to say in his post-game press conference: "Coach Malzahn's a warrior, he's a winner. Did I say War Eagle? War Eagle." That's why I love Cam Newton. Not because he played a huge part in Auburn's National Championship year, but because he has never left Auburn in spirit. He's like another Bo Jackson. Love this guy!!
Just watched Auburn score again on the missed field goal! Love it! War Eagle,...Tiger... whatever
Cam Newton opened his press conference with: "I want to start out by saying War Eagle."
Greatest night I've ever had in Jordan-Hare stadium! I love my school and I love my team! War Eagle!!…
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partying with you to all I do is win on the field was a HUGR highlight for me and War Eagle man! Yall deserve it
The band wasn't on the field, but neither were two 5-4 teams. Greatest game ever. War Eagle!
Proud of each and every one of you..War Eagle!! SEC West Champs!!
They're not keeping them off the field tonight! War Eagle
my brother graduated in 2011! He actually got to be there on the field last night, he said it was unreal! War Eagle!
Couldn't be happier to be a student at Auburn University. Headed to Atlanta!!! War Eagle! @ Pat Dye Field
Hugged on the field after the best game EVER! War Eagle! Good game!
I loved the precious 4 ft tall old woman who was on the field with us and went around giving high fives and shouting War Eagle. TOO CUTE
My dad and mom , Tom and Jane Henderson were at the 1989 Iron Bowl- First Time at Jordan Hare Stadium. I am glad I was able to spend Saturday at the game with my dad. Dad told me theses two games are by far the greatest Iron Bowl experiences in his life. War Eagle! It was a hard fought game by both teams.
I'm happy for the win War Eagle. I'm not a sore loser. Yes Alabama could have done better. To me its like Heaven and *** Our Father win some and lose some That old Devil win some and lose some. No matter what we all are winners and loser even our Soul. So BAMA fans support Auburn Saturday they are still from the Great State of Alabama...Roll Tide ROLL
Roll Tide/War Eagle/chants of dominance timely dominant on mainstream consciousness/anger of the nation got me purely defensive/next time
War Eagle! I met coach Pat Dye. Auburn beats Alabama 34-28 to face Missouri in the SEC championship! 🏉 I wish our seats were lower so I could storm the field after.
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