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Wang Yi

Wang Yihan (born January 18, 1988 in Shanghai) is a professional female badminton player from China and former women's singles world champion.

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inaccurate. technician and master diplomat. outmatching Wang Yi and Boris Johnson and the equal of gifted Sergei La…
"No exceptions" to One-China policy, says Chinese Foreign Minister, after 's call with Taiwan's President. https:…
I'm laughing for no reason, that's Jackson Wang natural power 😂
Wang Yi managed to slash Ma Chao's legs to make him fall down so they can return to fight
Wang Yi is still chasing Ma Chao. not allowing him to get away
Ma Chao is escaping as Wang Yi is chasing him. "you're not running away from me!"
Wang Yi and Ma Chao are now clashing as Wang Yi is trying to kill him
yeah I remember, and I don't blame you because that /dude/ tried to bother my Wang Yi many times 😒
Wang Yi has arrived behind Ma Chao and she stabs her twin blades through Ma Chao's back to paralyze him
Wang Yi's trip to Australia shows ever-closer ties between the two countries.
He turned upon hearing this, "Imbecile, have you come to give me your head!" He he then noticed Wang Yi, "Deal with him."
Wang Yi: Speed up RCEP Negotiation and March toward the FTAAP
Wang Yi's eyes has contacted Ma Chao which she spots him. "I have found you, Demon Of Xiliang!". Wang Yi chases after him
China warns US to brush up on its history over disputed South China Sea
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says diplomacy is key to resolving South China Sea disputes at press conference in Austr…
The Indonesian League is by far the best club league in Southeast Asia in terms of the imports they are bringing in…
Update your maps at Navteq
China tells U.S. to 'brush up on' South China Sea history via
Let's hope that sober minds prevail
Wang Yi kissed Bishop on EACH CHEEK! A small but significant first ever gesture. . Even having seen this coming...
McCully meeting w Wang Yi "setting the scene for a range of high level meetings & engagements"
Visiting Chinese FM Wang Yi says in New Zealand that both countries are advocates and practitioners of free trade
Visiting Chinese FM Wang Yi says ready to expand cooperation with
China is willing to expand cooperation with New Zealand, said visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday. htt…
China plays down Steve Bannon's predictions of war with US
LOL From 3 to 5 it was Zhou Yu--- we know 6 was trash--- for 7-8 I'd have to go with Jiang Wei and Wang Yi
THE Special Envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Wang Yi, arrived in Zambia yesterday on a two-day official visit…
cctvnews: China to cooperate with international community, vows FM Wang Yi during visit to international organizat…
Rafael Correa of Ecuador Meets with Wang Yi (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China)…
We held a significant meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister of the People's Republic of China, Wang Yi.
Sources: South China Sea was not brought up during the talks between Chinese FM Wang Yi and EAM Sushma Swaraj
Packages BRICS summit will put Goa on higher pedestal: Wang Yi - Economic Times
Wang Yi, wife to Zhao Ang. Former wife of Zhao Wei Zhang, Governor of Yi.
Canadian take on Wang Yi's microphone tirade. Chinese ambassador attempts to play active defence as Trudeau steps in
Congratulations to Wang Yi and YiTing on completing your PADI Open Water Diver course with Pattaya Dive Centre!!!
China, Russia express support for resumption of Six-Party Talks, during FM Wang Yi's visit in Moscow.
Mr Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of China called on General Raheel Sharif, Chief of Army Staff at General...
"We should make the entire social economic system ‘green’," says Wang Yi
Wang Yi signed declaration in 2002 not to occupy/ militarise South China Sea, look what he is doing now!
160326 Wang Zhong Lei:. Wearing our team jersey, are you playing basketball today?. Kris Wu comment (reply):. Let's go
Wang Yi Bo (chinese). - born on the 5th aug 1997. - main dancer,rapper. - either sassy or crazy maknae theres no in bet https:/…
China signals interest in denuclearization talks - Wang Yi says China is open to 5-party talks. Shift in policy?
"We love the South China Sea more than anybody else" says Wang Yi.
Obama met with Wang Yi: Xi Jinping expected to attend the nuclear security summit
Australian FM Julie Bishop says she raised concerns about human rights and Hong Kong during meeting with Chinese FM Wang Yi today
China's Wang Yi doesn't deny missiles in South China Sea, but calls it story 'created by certain western media'
Wang Yi emphasises lighthouses over missile batteries and airstrips, notes China's right to defence
Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi met Foreign Minister while on transit at BIA this morning
Pres welcomed the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the People's Republic of China, Wang Yi to Namibia.
. Wang Yi, why can't you discern Yang …
. Wang Yi, why can't you discern Yang Xiangbin's cult?
Head of Syrian National Coalition visiting China this week, will meet Wang Yi
China's FM Wang Yi to meet w/ Syrian opposition leader, who's on a 4-day visit to China:
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will visit Beijing to hold talks w/ counterpart Wang Yi over deal
Wang Yi and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif agree to launch consultations on establishing a strategic partnership
Important bilateral meeting with FM Wang Yi on & other common issues at Regional Forum
Jiro Wang Weibo Update:. Like the Look [ wink ] Hi everyone turned it [ the rabbit ]. @ Yi Zhou Femina. # Male...
Chinese FM joins Iran nuclear talks as deadline looms: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has returned to Vienna...
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An acceptable solution can be found for remaining issues in talks, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi says
Iran says last few 'tough' issues are left: China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaks to jo...
BEIJING (Xinhua) - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi left Beijing to join negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue in Vienna.
Chinese FM Wang Yi arrived Vienna for the final Iran Talks.
Meanwhile, in other high-stakes diplomacy news, at we're just awaiting the arrival of Wang Yi- then everyone will be here.
he blinked surprised and looks behind him and smiles, "Wang Yi, how are you my dear?"
Cant wait to see Kim Jang Woo pass to Yi Lu Wang 🇯🇵
will they announce tmr?Don't think Lavrov wants to miss this one like in Lausanne & he needs to be back to Moscow on 7 th+Wang YI
BEIJING, July 2 (Reuters) - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will attend the Iran nuclear talks now taking place in Vienna, China's
Experienced Wang Yue teaches young Wei Yi a valuable endgame lesson, outplaying the youngster from an equal endgame
China Optimism View's on Reaching Nuclear Deal with Iran: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has expressed optim...
1/8. dt on 22 December 2014 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated dt though China is willing to help Russia if needed,
Life goes on for Wei Yi, facing a tough test as Black against Wang Yue. LIVE now:
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says Iran and the P5+1 can reach a consensus on Tehran’s nuclear issue.
Yi Wei continues to look like the heir apparent. I know everyone loves a flashy game, but I really admired Wang Yue's win in Rd 1...
Naming this look, would I find? / Go women's top, Wang Jing Yi's first...
Comprehensive Iranian n-deal supposed to be reached: Wang Yi: The basic elements for reaching a…
China’s Foreign Minister says Beijing and US still focused on cooperation despite recent spats: . Wang Yi say...
China sees 'high possibility' of nuclear deal with Iran soon | Reuters
Iran taking hard line on inspections, sanctions: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi informs the media in front o...
"Comprehensive Iranian n-deal supposed to be reached" ? ! says, Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister
Yeah. Jin. Check it out sometime.Sima Yi, Sima Shi, Wang Yuanji and a few others. A lot of fun.
"The tea is good, as usual Hotaru" he smiled then looked at Wang Yi, "how is your tea Lady Wang Yi?".
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday said there was a strong likelihood Iran and six world powers would…
.and China Foreign Minister Yi held a bilateral meeting during in
Wang Yi: the road is bumpy but the prospect is bright.
“Wang Yi: you can always negotiate more , but it's time to come to an agreement.
Poland the biggest market for China in Central&Eastern Europe and important member of the - Chinese FM Wang Yi to
Wang Yi tells UK scholars to be objective: Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with a group of schol...
China, Hungary sign 'Belt and Road' cooperation MOU: Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has signed a me...
China Calls for No Additional Demands in Iran Nuclear Talks: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi insisted that al...
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is considering extending a rail line from the Tibetan capitol of Lhasa to...
China is planning to build a railway under Mount Everest: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is considering exte...
Hamilton Collection
Wang Yi will hold talks with Pakistani leadership to boost political, strategic and economic cooperation.
Bangladesh Opted for SCO membership - China assured Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, briefing journalists about the just-ended visit of Wang Yi, said on Monday his Chinese counterpart also informed him about taking “necessary steps” for setting up a rice research centre in Bangladesh. He said the visit had been “very successful” as new areas of cooperation emerged and believed that it had strengthened the existing Dhaka-Beijing relations further. “It’s a big development (transferring technology of high-yield rice),” he said. He said Bangladesh would need to increase food production by the day on this small arable land. He said the technology transfer of a variety of rice would help in this regard. Ali mentioned Bangladesh’s rice export to Sri Lanka, its first to any country, and said they would also export to India’s north-eastern Tripura state to meet its need. The Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit was aimed at reviewing the progress of the commitments both sides had made duri ...
MOTIE Minister Attends 26th APEC Ministerial Meeting South Korea’s Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Yoon Sang-jick and Minister of Foreign Affairs Yun Byung-se participated in the 26th Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Ministerial Meeting held from November 7 to 8 in Beijing, China. Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Gao Hucheng, Minister of Commerce of China, and other ministers from 21 APEC members gathered in the Chinese capital under the theme of “Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership”. In their remarks at the meeting, the South Korean ministers called for cooperation and leadership among APEC members to quickly conclude negotiations on expanding the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) in a way that fairly reflects the interests of all participating countries.
Chinese FM Wang Yi and former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski met in Washington DC, the US, Tue
Zhen Ji and Wang Yi are the most beautiful in dynasty warriors. They take down whole armies with style! ^_^
Will India Have Its Own World Media On Modi’s Watch? Outside SAARC, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was the first world leader to call PM Narendra Modi. This was followed up by Beijing sending its Foreign Minister, Wang Yi to New Delhi on Sunday. South Block grasped the signals. But when I opened the newspapers, I could have sworn that a chill was about to descend between the two countries. There were no analyses of a new promise in Sino-Indian relations, possible investment in Indian infrastructure (the Chinese have $3.5 trillion parked precariously in US banks and treasury bonds), an interesting China, Japan, US triangle is emerging. Instead, all newspapers carried extensive coverage of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square. All the pieces were passionate indictments of human rights in China, ironically on a day when the Badaun rape tragedy was shaming us in the United Nations. Narendra Modi has been to China on four occasions as Chief Minister of Gujarat, twice as State guest, feted at the Great Ha ...
PRESS RELEASE Foreign Minister OF CHINA CALLS ON PRESIDENT H.E. Mr. Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister and Special Envoy of the President of China called on the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan today (June 9, 2014). Speaking on the occasion, the President said India and China have excellent relations. The Foreign Minister’s visit will further strengthen these relations. There is consensus across the political spectrum in India on maintaining a close and cooperative relationship with China. The new Government will strive to place the India-China relationship on a trajectory of stable growth, development and expansion. The President asked the Foreign Minister to convey his greetings to the President of China and said he was eagerly looking forward to receiving President Xi Jinping in India later this year. He recalled how India and China have cooperated with each other in various international fora, including the G20, IMF, World Bank etc. in the context of the financial crisis .. ...
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi signals new effervescence in bilateral ties with India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's warmth and business-like approach towards China was reciprocated here on Sunday by its visiting Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Yi described Modi "a great friend of China" who has visited their country as Gujarat chief minister. In the first high-level interaction with the new dispensation, Wang and his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj agreed to permit Chinese investments in India in various sectors by setting up industrial zones and parks. Analysts believe while former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had found a special place in Washington for his scholarship and an easy attitude, Beijing seems to have discovered their match in Modi, who, they believe, is systemic and methodical like them. Wang said the new government has injected vitality into an ancient civilization and his country was ready to engage with the Modi dispensation. Another feather in Modi's Chinese cap could be the incorporation ...
Minister has cordial, useful, substantive & productive talks with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.
Today Daily features stunning Wang Yi from Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends cosplayed by
"...I am already broken. This hatred is that flowed out from the remains of my shattered shell." - Wang Yi
"If I was taken by such a deep sadness... then I would accept it, as sadness." - Oichi to Wang Yi
I liked a video Netflix's Distributed Computing Strategies: Optimistic Design for the Eventual
"Hatred only breeds sadness. That is what you told me..." - Wang Yi to Oichi
"...Please leave. My desire to kill you threatens to overwhelm me." - Wang Yi to Ma Chao
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Buenos aires was ridiculous last night! Put it up there as one of my favourite shows ever ! Night two here we go
"Master Sima Yi, will you join me tonight? All night?" - Wang Yi
"You're drinking too much, as normal. You need to learn how to respect wine." - Sima Yi to Wang Yi
"It's not over yet... Not until your head is mounted on my wall!" - Wang Yi to Ma Chao
Linux Commando: How to convert text files to all upper or lower case
"This is the kind of *** you love. Go on and dance as much as you want." - Wang Yi to Noh
"Such a cruel, evil man. I can't wait to snuff out his life..." - Wang Yi to Ma Chao
"What a lovely laugh you have, Master Sima Yi." - Wang Yi
SaTScan - Software for the spatial, temporal, and space-time scan statistics
Listening to Jennifer Wang of share how our members can about advocacy!
Our morning session features Nancy Tate from Jennifer Wang from and Lily Nguyen from
Japanese FM Fumio Kishida tells Kyodo in Paris that he wishes to meet Chinese counterpart Wang Yi soon.
Yi Wang is about to rape me with my eyes open with her exam
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who wou... — My lola, Kaine, Bby E, Jonathan Stroud and Wang Yi
"I feel very excited, this moment marks the end of my years here" Penny Yi Wang, Senior at Northwestern Qatar
sigh, people so concern for you you wanna smack him. Wang en fu yi
"Even your empty eyes are not without their charm." - Noh to Wang Yi
" Practice makes perfect, i believe that hard work pays off. Just work hard and you will achieve your dreams. " -Wang Yi Han
Wang Yi Han's movement in 2014 is improving. Her movement is much better than in 2013. Great Job Chinese Coaches!
Chinese FM Wang Yi says China has constructed more than 1,000 hospitals and stadiums for Africa, no strings attached.
"Drawing strength from revenge is wrong! Strength should come from... love!" - Oichi to Wang Yi
Today we have Yang Tze-Yun and Wang Yi-Fan in the office hanging up more art work. Stop in and check…
Be awesome and preorder the single over on iTunes too ;) Mixers HQ x
Thank u to everyone that's shared the video so far! Pez & Jesy xxx http:/…
is Wang Yi Han playing 1st singles or 3rd singles?
NEW VIDEO!! With the awesome :1 Let me know what you guys think!
New video out today!! A cover of the classic 3 Doors Down song, "Here Without You"
this kind of baoen only for bobo tw. Wang en fu yi de jia huo.
[Minister of the PRC, Wang Yi: "It is an honor to come to this land of Simon Bolivar"
Syrian opposition chief meets Chinese Foreign Minister in Beijing China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Syria's opposition leader Ahmad Jarba this week and said Beijing supported a political settlement to the Syrian conflict, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Wang said China continued to stay in communication and dialogue with all parties.
King Mohammed to visit in June after Foreign Minister Wang Yi proposed in Dec "strategic partnership"
Wang Yi held talks with Foreign Minister of Sam Kutesa in
Interview with China Foreign Minister Wang Yi on relations with SaudiArabia, the conflict in Syria, and more:
Interview with Foreign Minister Wang Yi on relations with the conflict in and more:
March 4, 2014 Thomas Retterbush Conspiracies, War 17 Comments Ukraine vs Russia is WW3 Moscow’s move to occupy Crimea with Russian troops is a declaration of war on Ukraine according to interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk. “We are on the brink of disaster,” Yatseniuk said. The self-deсlared Ukrainian Defense Ministry claimed earlier Monday that the Russian Black Sea Fleet had delivered an ultimatum to the Ukrainian forces remaining on the Crimean peninsula. “If they won’t give up by 05:00 local time (03:00 GMT) a full-scale assault on the units of Ukrainian military in Crimea will begin,” an unnamed source in the ministry told Interfax-Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed the unfolding crisis with its southern neighbor on the phone with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi. “The Foreign Ministers of both countries exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine. They noted the coincidence of positions on this aspect,” Itar-Tass news agency reported a spokesper ...
No compromise on disputed islands, says Foreign Minister Wang Yi: "The Asia-Pacific region should be a testing...
Wang Yi: China-Africa cooperation is entering a new phase of development. Premier Li will visit Africa later this year.
Wang Yi: We stand ready with US to uphold peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
Wang Yi met with President of John Dramani Mahama in
China Foreign Minister says investment in Africa 'mutually beneficial' AFP January 11, 2014, 12:14 am TWN ACCRA -- China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday promised that his country's economic growth would benefit Africa, as he met Ghana's President John Dramani Mahama in Accra. Wang, who is on a four-nation African tour, called 2014 a year of “ever-deepening reform” in China, with the target of “national rejuvenation.” “The 1.3 billion people of China are working towards the modernization of our country, something if achieved will be never-before seen in the history of mankind,” he said. “Yet we have the confidence and the capability to achieve that strategic goal and in that process we are most willing to grow and prosper together with our African brothers.” China has increasingly eyed Africa to fuel and fund its burgeoning economy, which last year is estimated to have grown 7.6 percent, according to a government report. Senior ministers and presidents Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping have pe ...
Netanyahu warns Chinese Foreign Minister against nuclear Iran AFP | Dec 19, 2013, 05.19 AM IST JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Wednesday that Iran must not have the "capability" to develop nuclear arms, during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. "For the peace of the world, for the peace of the coming years and decades, Iran must be denied the capability — I stress the word — the capability to develop nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said in televised remarks distributed by his office ahead of the meeting. Talks between Iran and world powers over implementing last month's nuclear deal are set to resume in Geneva on Thursday. China is one of the five permanent members of the UN security council which, along with Germany, negotiated the November 24 accord. Under the deal, Iran agreed to roll back parts of its nuclear programme for six months in exchange for modest sanctions relief and a promise not to impose new sanctions. Israel and many in the international c ...
Govt looks to soothe China tension The federal government has clarified its stance over a long-running territorial dispute in the East China Sea, saying it does not have a position on the row between China and Japan. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop outlined Australia's view to her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing, after he rebuked her for expressing concern about a new defence zone in the East China Sea. Australia last month drew China's ire for criticising its new Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ), which covers a string of disputed islands claimed as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. The issue flared up during Ms Bishop's trip to Beijing, with Mr Wang taking the rare step of reproaching his visiting counterpart in front of the media. He accused Australia of "jeopardising bilateral mutual trust" and said "the entire Chinese society and the general public are deeply dissatisfied" with Ms Bishop's comments. Ms Bishop said she respected China's right to speak out on issues of national importance ...
Kerry joins nuclear talks as Iran, powers push for breakthrough U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Ministers of five other world powers joined talks on Iran's contested nuclear program on Saturday with the two sides edging towards a breakthrough to ease a dangerous decade-old standoff. The Chinese, Russian, French, British and German Foreign Ministers - Wang Yi, Sergei Lavrov, Laurent Fabius, William Hague and *** Westerwelle - all pulled up their sleeves to try to seal an interim deal under which Iran would cap its nuclear activity in exchange for limited relief from sanctions. Hague and Westerwelle, however, both cautioned that a preliminary accord to turn the page on years of confrontation with the Islamic Republic was not yet guaranteed and that there was much work to do to bridge remaining differences. "We (Foreign Ministers) are not here because things are necessarily finished," Hague told reporters. "There is a huge amount of agreement...(But) the remaining gaps are important and we w . ...
TOP CHINESE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, studied Chemical engineering at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University. Yu Zhengsheng, the chairman of the Communist Party graduated from Harbin’s Military Engineering Institute specializing in the design of Automated Missiles. The Premier, Li Keqiang has a PhD in Economics , and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Wang Yi, is a military and civil construction Engineer. The same sort of ratio of engineers and scientists at top positions could be found at all levels of the Chinese government. Scientists and Engineers are the most admired and respected people in China, and to become politician you better have a degree in science or engineering, and prove that you have a highly disciplined mind. Since 2009, China has replaced the U.S. as the world’s number one high-technology exporter. Recent studies found that Chinese scientists salaries have grown exponentially over the last couple of decades, and funding fo ...
One model, two interpretations Relabelling relations between China and America has not resolved the underlying tensions Sep 28th 2013 CHINA has long stressed that its rise as one of the world’s great powers will be “peaceful”. But it is also aware that, historically, peaceful rises are the exception. Speaking on a visit to Washington on September 20th, Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister, referred to a study of 15 different countries. In 11 cases “confrontation and war have broken out between the emerging and established powers.” So the stakes are high when Chinese leaders speak of their hopes for a “new type of great-power relations”, or, in the humbler phrase they now prefer as a translation for the Chinese formulation, “a new model of major-country relations”. American officials echo the “new model” talk. Since neither side wants confrontation and war, they can be assumed to be sincere. Less certain is whether they mean the same thing. Xi Jinping unveiled the concept on a visit to ...
China's FM Wang Yi said in a phone call with US Secretary of State John Kerry that the issue should be managed within …
Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, looks like a special charming envoy of Ming Dynasty for sure.
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN - Philippine Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario walked into a regional security forum this week to hear his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi reel off a list of complaints against Manila for stirring tensions over the South China Sea.
External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid will arrive in Beijing later this week for talks with his counterpart Wang Yi
Through 23, found that Wang Yi, Secretary of State Institute of Taiwan Affairs valve Office Assistant (59) was nominated Foreign Minister
Wang Yi for next Chinese Foreign Minister, Jiji reports.
[ Oh. MY. GOD. I have NEVER seen such beautifuly colored manga pages in my entire time of reading manga. EVVVER. The colors are so soft, so smooth, and so vibrant. They blend in perfectly with the background, and everything looks so serene. Here, look at this example of one scene alone. here is an entire page, so show what I'm talking about: SO BEAUTIFUL. An-And it's dated back in the Han Dynasty... That's my absolute FAVORITE moment in history. EVER. His name is Wang Yi, which is hilarious to me, because that's the name of my favorite female character in my favorite game series. ]
Playing Dynasty Warriors and now have found my favorite character... Wang Yi a woman out to avenge the death
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