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Walter White

Walter Hartwell Walt White is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American television drama series Breaking Bad on AMC.

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I'm not in danger skyler, I'm the danger! a guy opens his door and get shot, and you think that's me? no, I'M THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!! Walter White, Breaking Bad...
Finished the last episode of Breaking Bad on netflix last night. That Walter White. Quite the little scamp.
Season one Walter White kinda looks like Gary Oldman, they should be brothers in a film. And Detectives.
Missing my fix of Walter White & Jesse! Might have to start the obsession all over again...
Had a dream last night Walter White was Batman and Seth Rogan was Robin ...was no bad !
Remenbering all my favourite quotes from all the amazing serials i have followed last 5 years when u play the game of thrones u either win or die trying -GOT im not in danger i am the danger -walter white Breaking Bad I always thought growing up is something that happens as u grow old but really its something u choose to do -Jd scrubs im not a hero im a highly functional sociopath -sherlock i know theres some1 out there who is meant for me,the thing is im tired of waiting -ted himym I'm not insane, my mother had me tested! -sheldon bbt im not a man im not a monster im dexter! -dexter
I don't know which character is worse...Walter White from Breaking Bad or Don Draper from Mad Men!!
Walter White.your taking over our lives!.canny believe we stayed up yet again till the early hours, your so addictive! Well into series 2 now yo!!
Walter White looks very similar to Mr. Murphy..
We'd all like to think we're Walter White... but we're really just Jesse.
Francis Underwood may be my new favorite love/hate relationship. Walter White, meet your match.
obtained C4 on RUST. "we are the ones who knock" changing my steam name to walter white, lets go
Wow, Walter White has changed so much from season 1 to season 5
Walter White. Batman. (There's also a bunch of red on here, but just being fair here.). And. Elton John.
My home for the next few hours. Walter White will help me pass the time
I'm in season 3 of Breaking Bad and one of the most disturbing things is that I never see Walter White write sub plans and the guy has missed a lot of school.
So today has been an interesting one. Went to a baby shower for a coworker, wandered into a bar in Lakeview, joined in a bar crawl/scavenger hunt, where I went 5-0 at arm wrestling (crushing all challengers), found a softball team, and cabbed it home with who I'd swear looked, talked and had the same was Walter White... that is all.
Walter white, batman, and will smith comment yours
A new Breaking Bad acrylic painting? You're soaking in it! Enjoy the Faces of Walter White!
Looks like a Saturday night alone with Mr. Walter White and Breaking Bad on the agenda. Know what I'm sayin?
Maybe your mental age is 35. Maybe Ryan Gosling is your soulmate. Maybe you share character traits with Walter White. Or maybe...just took a stupid quiz.
Sometimes I think Rico would be Walter White if he could... LOL HEISENBARK! 🎩👓🐶 but he would also own a ring of street women
Walter White has surpassed my previous role models (Darth Vader and Gordon Gekko) by far. He's certainly single minded and a decision maker for better or worse. Absolutely hard core!
I absolutely despise, in fact I DETEST Walter White.
Walter White, Darth Vader and Sarah Silverman... meh not a bad team
Bryan Cranston helped a lucky high schooler score a prom date by channeling his Walter White character from "Breaking Bad." Check out the video here!
" its ironic, how forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest" Walter white. bad
I assume large amounts of high grade meth is being made in every RV I have seen in the middle of the desert so far. Thanks, Walter White.
Breaking Bad Walter White/Heisenberg with photoshopped hair and glasses added by Zack
Breaking Bad Walter White/Heisenberg full head silicone mask. Hair and glasses photoshopped on.
Jonny Moroni just complemented my artwork, specifically mentioning my Walter White coffee cup. YES!
The moment u realize ur Nieghbor looks like and drives the same car as Walter white.
It still amazes me how you have to sign your first born away to buy a box of Allegra-D... And bc your a skinty dancer wearing sweats they stare at you like you're Walter White.meanwhile there's snot running down your face and your eyes are puffy. Hello. But also across the st at the army&navy I could walk in an buy a gun and they'd give me a high five and a free pack of bullets!
That's right, children can now recreate Walter White's notorious crystal meth lab. Check out the slideshow images!
Didnt think any show would match Breaking Bad any time soon. Watching House Of Cards. Walter White was complex. Frank Underwood is plain EVIL
Abandoned work which will attempt to finish this weekend... Breaking Bad`s Walter White.
I have walter white, ironman, and morgan freeman. Ready to kick some ***
Here we go.Weekend Trivia: I do it right. Tony Soprano did it right. Walter White did not. What is it?
But I will say the two coolest TV characters of all time are Walter White and Don Draper lol
And here I thought I was the dumbest smart guy around, but Walter White has me beat by milliliters.
Breaking Bad may be gone from television after five riveting seasons, but the show and its conflicted protagonist, Walter White, are still making waves in
My sister holly is the walter white of hair color.
I got Walter white Darth Vader and Stephen Colbert and we're gonna tear it up
Walter white iron man and Bruce Willis
Dayum! Ya boy Walter White aka Heisenberg is gangsta!!! Say my name.lmao!!!
How has it taken me until now to realise Walter White is in saving private ryan
Rob Ford has just secured Endorsements from Walter White and Frank Underwood Dexter is on the fence
I love how Walter White has all these history trivia whenever he's suggesting a solution to their problems
The erstwhile Walter White, Bryan Cranston, just loves Obamacare. In an interview with Katie Couric, Cranston compared President Obama's executive orders to Lyndon B. Johnson's (who he is currently
I love watching these Godzilla ads because of Bryan Cranston acting like Walter White.
Since Bryan Cranston is in the new Godzilla, it's pretty much Walter White vs. Godzilla...
Bryan Cranston will write a memoir of his years focusing on the useful & dangerous life lessons he learned from Walter White.
Walter White and Godzilla what could be better
Darn you Bryan Cranston and your tremendous Walter White for making me want to watch Godzilla.
Bryan Cranston, three-time Emmy Award winner for his role as Walter White on Breaking Bad, is currently embodying President Lyndon B. Johnson eight times a week in the Broadway play All the Way. In a new interview with Yahoo News' Katie Couric, Cranston said his character would approve of much of wh...
Bryan Cranston, aka "Walter White", thinks ObamaCare is fantastic and that healthcare shouldn't only be for the rich. Yep, that's why I hate ObamaCare, Cranston. Because I don't want the poor to have healthcare. ***
Walter White becomes LBJ in Broadway play "All the Way". Bryan Cranston is terrific no matter who he plays! It's worth the trip to NYC.
As Bryan Cranston said on the late, great James Gandolfini's death 'Quite simply, without Tony Soprano there is no Walter White'
Nah, the two are so similar in so many ways I simply ended up comparing them. You know what? Walter White is no Tony Soprano!
"There's a Walter White in every person in the world." -Bryan Cranston
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Bryan Cranston on being Walter White
Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, is going to write a book on the popular TV series Breaking Bad. He will release a memoir and audiobook, which isn't titled yet, in fall 2015.
Just finished watching the pilot for Turn. It was pretty good. Definitely potential there. I'm not so hot on the cliche of the purely evil British adversary, but not all that surprised either. Not every antagonist has to be a murderous borderline rapist. You can still understand the hate for a guy who has some redeeming aspects. *** it was still hard to hate Tony Soprano, Vic Mackey, Stringer Bell, or Walter White even after witnessing the horrible things they did. There are plenty of evil people in the world, but they're a lot less common than people that are morally in between the two extremes. Black and white characters just don't work anymore. And by that I mean Caucasians and African-Americans. It's time to separate the races. White power, America. But yeah, check out the show. The lead is pretty good, and his obvious future female interest played Jimmy Darmody's wife in Boardwalk Empire.
in a world where Dexter & Walter White & Frank Underwood are heroes no wonder Rob Ford has his fans - the anti-hero is hot now
The culture where some (not all) viewers regarded Walter White as a hero is the culture that produced Rob Ford. There's a connection.
New plan for meeting band members. Every time they come to Albuquerque, camp out in front of the Walter White house the night before. They'll be there at some point to take a picture.
Charlie Rose and Bryan Cranston discuss how Cranston framed his popular Walter White character on the hit AMC show "Breaking Bad." Be sure to tune in to "CBS This Morning" Thursday for Cranston's full interview with Rose. Cranston spoke with the "CTM" co-host on the set of his new play, "All the Way...
Many have joked that Walter White from Breaking Bad may of caused the zombie outbreak that the characters in The Walking Dead have to endure, a crazy theory ...
Marathoned watched Breaking Bad. Man that was as addictive as the meth they were cookin'!! Great show Walter White,
Finally finished Breaking Bad: one of the greatest tv shows ever. . Walter White is the most dangerous cook since Steve "The Muffinman" Hine.
The 2014 Peabody Award winners were announced Wednesday (April 2) on "CBS This Morning," honoring excellence on television, radio and the Internet. The awards, chosen by the University of Georgia Grady School of Journalism, will be handed out May 19 and the ceremony will air on Pivot later that month. Awards include (full list can be found here): "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" (CNN): Whether Bourdain's tireless search for new taste experiences takes him to Myanmar or Detroit, he never fails to find great stories to go with the food. "Breaking Bad" (AMC): Through a stunning brand of visual storytelling and meticulous character development, we were able to explore the darkest chambers of a human heart in a way never before seen on TV. Over five seasons, Vince Gilligan made good on his promise to utterly transform Walter White from Mr. Chips into Scarface. "The Bridge" (FX): A crime drama set in motion by a murder victim left literally on the border of West Texas and Northern Mexico, its rare, non-stereot ...
Walter White, Sarah Silverman, and Captain Jack Sparrow! That is a pretty awesome team.
Walter White from Breaking Bad, Darth Vader, and Vin Deisel. Pretty sure my team is badass.
Malcolm's dad (Malcolm in the middle) = Walter White. MIND BLOWN. Thank you, Cleveland show.
Today I thought about shaving my head and shaping my facial hair into something like Walter White's from Breaking Bad... What an April Fools joke that would have been!!
While suffering pretty miserably with strep throat, I started watching Breaking Bad finally. Really interesting show. It has a very severe flaw in it. Putting aside the possibility of him starting his own company (like his own Grey Matter), there is absolutely NO WAY one of a ton of pharmaceutical companies wouldn't have snapped up Walter White. If he was that brilliant, and if so many of his colleagues also knew, there's no way he wouldn't have had a brilliant career in big pharma. NOTE: I am only in season 3. Maybe this is explained later. No spoilers please.
Sorry to be that guy, but I knew how How I Met Your Mother was going to end from the SECOND Evangeline Lily started singing "The Rains of Castamere" -- I mean come on people, Walter White had cancer the whole time, it was obvious he was gonna be inside that snowglobe!
Spring definitely is here as another installment of "The Perfect Day" occurred today. 18 holes in near 70 degree weather. Followed by a walk on the Monon Trail with Julie and our puppies. Nice meal at Bobby Plump's Last Shot, which is "dog friendly" on their outside deck. A drive through beautiful Butler University to arrive at home in time to watch the last 2 episodes of "Breaking Bad" via Net Flix. The horror of this past winter is behind me now.BTW ...Breaking Bad...Wow! Intense! Bryan Cranston/Walter White? How can I still feel sympathetic with that character? But I do.
Did Rick Grimes unleash his inner Walter White on last nights episode of ?Kinda felt like he did
says the fandan hiding behind a picture of Walter White
Finally, Rick has embraced his inner Walter White. Hopefully the next season is a depraved, blood soaked rampage.
Sheldon is condescending, Dr. House is arrogant, Sherlock is an egomaniac, Dexter is a serial killer, Walter White is a manipulative Drug Lord, Pierce is racist, Barney is a misogynist and Don Draper is an alcoholic. That's all the influence i have from television. and you expected me to be normal!
*** did Rick went from Mike Tyson mode to Walter White mode
Walter White is second only to Don Draper in best tv characters ever
Rick almost hit the Walter White badass level 💀
Is Rick Grimes more badass now than Walter White?
"Walter White won the way they wanted him killing all the really bad guys and providing for his family."
Don't compare Walter White's transformation to Rick's. Rick's been the same since day 1.
Rick Grimes has officially reached Walter White status in my book, what a boss! Incredible finale!
Guys, what if Blue Sky is responsible for the zombie outbreak? What if the universe inhabited by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was the same one the cast of 'The Walking Dead' is trying to navigate?
Rick Grimes is the most bad *** fiction character after Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Screw Daryl! lol
They just compared Rick to Walter White on Talking Dead. Calm down.
“Rick surpassed Walter White with this episode.” whaaat. never did i think i'd hear that from you.
Since I like to believe many television shows exist in the same universe, I have no doubt Boyd Crowder read up on Walter White
So far tonight I have seen Santa Clause and Walter White 👍
Walter White goes through a lot of windshields.
Considering what most teams will put up with, DeSean Jackson must have been a combo Marlo Stanfield, Walter White & Michael Corleone.
So DeSean gets cut cuz he knows some people who are in a gang? Meanwhile Jim Irsay aka Walter White, still hasn't been suspended? Hmmm
I was having trouble getting back into Mad Men after Walter White, Rust Cohle, and the cast of The Wire's epic journey. And then Roger Sterling had his "come to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" moment and I. AM. HOOKED.
Mandy Brache thinks I look like Walter White , Breaking Bad , what do you reckon?
Cos am obsessed i had to draw Jesse Pinkman and Walter White off Breaking Bad!
If this hitfix heroes and villains thing comes down to Tony Soprano vs Walter White and Walt wins I give up
So now the question is when Alan Shatter went to Mexico...and whether he met Walter White and Gustavo Fring when he went there.
Gustavo Fring narrated a and now I realized Walter White and Saul Goodman were in TV worlds are colliding.
As characters go, I think I would rather kill Walter White over King Joffrey
Hung out with Walter White today. Didn't cook meth. @ Sony Pictures Main Street
Wonder what the total would be if you counted up how many times Walter White coughed through the whole of Breaking Bad
Walter White: I've got your restraining order right here. [grabs crotch] Walter White: Restrain this!
Walter white is now living in Nebraska, he changed his identity, his look and his strategy, he will kill everyone who let him down .
Always on the look out for Walter White
isn't at work today. This leads me to believe that Walter White got to him.
Walter White's glasses get so bust up over the seasons yet u never see him at the opticians 😒😒
I'm Walter white with this cough right now 😷
Just clocked Walter white looks like Ned Flanders out of The Simpsons.
Jurgen Klopp looking a little like Walter White in this pic tonight.
Cheer up beautiful people… this is where you get to make it right - Walter White
If Walter White had just opened a Swiss Bank account his problems would have been solved.
Walter White has good taste he named Boz Skaggs and Steely Dan as his favorite bands
long live Walter White: he is the one who knocks.
i agree,even though hes a horrible man,your still rooting for him,exactly like Walter white
looking for a Walter White and Jesse Pinkman type of friendship but these bruddahs ain't loyal
Walter White is a proper *** really isn't he, like every bad thing that happens is always triggered by him
love is scheming. He is and excellent anti hero. Bit like Walter White.
Original Walter White have a different pair a in every colour.
that's cause you think it's a walter white experiment gone wrong :p Seen the new xmen trailer? Its *** worthy
my codral pills have 5mg of pseudoephedrine in them. [walter white voice] . WE NEED TO COOK
Miss Briggs told me she was the new Walter White today 😂
Wall-to-wall Walter White was hard to take.
Yaya Toure taught Walter White how to cook Crystal Meth.
Finished Breaking Bad! Amazing ending! Gonna miss Walter White in my life!!
Going to attempt to come in as Walter White
"Me & 9th like Jesse and Walter White. We stepping on toes, this sh!t is like Harlem Nights"
Used this in organic chem lab today. Walter White would be so proud!
And I answer the door and it's my mailman and I have to sign some paper. And he sees Walter white on my tv.
Walter White, 2012 East Peoria graduate, is 2-0 with a 2.61 ERA in 3 starts for the 8-4 Augustana baseball team. 18 Ks i…
Almost just shed a tear watching Walter white die
Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad: 'There's a Walter White in all of us'
GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS. Jack Lemmon, when he's really goin', really spinning his B.S., reminded me of someone. Finally realiz…
"Walter White isn't the only Albuquerque resident who slowly but steadily transformed himself from milquetoast to monster.". Both did drugs.
Little Walter white late birthday present
Move over, Walter White! Webinars are your gateway drug to video marketing, says
I know this isn't New Mexico but Walter White made it sound like there would be more meth in this region
Coach fall call out walter for everything lmao
Smells like walter white and Jesse Pinkman are cooking that fire up in my bathroom
I can spell my last name using elements of the periodic table. 🔬 I am Walter white.
I wish Walter white could just give me some money. He has plenty.
A third Scarface, this time involving Mexican drug gangs. Looks like someone got too excited seeing Walter White viewing 80s Scarface...
Got that Walter white good good about to be up for weeks
i think shezena is walter white. She using those helpless kids as wo…
Just now realized Walter White was Malcom's exemplar of a TV *** dad. Clearly typecast.
I came to class to talk about how Frank Underwood and Walter White and the Governor are old men on television that give me sexual feels.
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I want that Chrysler 300 like my names Walter White.
You are the one who votes. Choose in Heroes vs. Villains: h…
Walter White has turned into such an ***
He then proceeded to joke that if Walter White lived in Europe, (where they have free health care) BrBa would've never happened.
Last weekend I photographed Bryan Cranston for the Guardian. It is out today. Walter White was just as cool as I had hoped. More shots here:
you don't like but you're a regular Walter White.
Oliver Burkeman: The Breaking Bad star on how playing Walter White changed his life, portraying Lyndon B Johnson on stage – and on the kiss that got him into acting
jim carrey as walter white in "the Breaking Bad-sical" - GUEST: We wanna see a Broadway show.  CONCIERGE:...
Will I live this life til I bald like Walter White?
"Breaking Bad" may have ended six months ago, but Bryan Cranston remains just as passionate about the epic series and his role of Walter White. Talking to The Guardian about his current run on Broadway as former president Lyndon Johnson in ...
Every single cough from walter white in season one of Breaking Bad.
Am I the only one who sees jimmy from south park as the son of Walter white from Breaking Bad ?
Walter White and his tidy whities gotta go!! lol
The world famous home of Walter White (Heisenburg) from the TV show "Breaking Bad".
The next part of Breaking Bad, starring my pops as the new Walter White.introducing "Breaking Bill"
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Look we found Walter White in the cruise line! And he is a Beachbody coach! Who knew?
I have officially met the Walter White of wax Lmao
Walter White is cooking on N Union lol
Walter White did not cook meth to pay for his medical treatment. As a public school teacher, Walter had insurance. His motivation was to provide a nest egg for his wife, Walter Jr., and his unborn baby. Liberals love to point to one of TV's most popular shows and say that paying teachers more or having government healthcare would have prevented the events in the show from happening. The pervasiveness of this myth about Breaking Bad is proof that when it comes to fictional tales, people see what they want to see.
I'd say Walter White from Breaking Bad is the now day scarface
Remembering what Walter White says. "Whose remember about Tenerife plan crash. Where two of 747 crash. Totaled of 583 deaths toll. Who remember anything about that? Nobody! . Because what? People move on. Because what you left with is just a casualities life. You survive. And you overcome." P/s: stop telling others to be sad or anything. Bcoz i saw you dont. Calm your ***
We're home . Taking care of the only person I ever met that was completely unselfish, her big worry is if I'm ok. They made only 1 Anne, those who know her know that . All your prayers are needed if anyone wants to talk to me or Anne my cell is 732.912.4918 Oh for. The laugh of the day, Anne is thinking of Breaking Bad, Walter white would not hold a candle to my Annie
John Zellner still can't believe he went from this to Walter White.
"Never give up control, live life on your own terms."-Walter White from Breaking Bad
Walter White is so irritating, like go away. kthanks
Comment which ones you got. I got Walter white, bender, and Miley Cyrus. What a great team I got.
The funny thing is most of us walk around thinking we're Walter White when we're actually Jesse Pinkman.
Walter White off Breaking Bad, drew with a black pen by Charlie Wall in college
So,we decided to mash up two of our favourite classics !! Above & Beyond - Walter White Tiesto ft. BT - Love Comes Again !!! Hope you like ...
Just finished the last episode of the last season of Breaking Bad.I feel.empty.what will I do without my Walter White fix?
James Duncan has a provocative article over at First Things entitled, Celebrity Pastors' Walter White Problem: on megachurch megabucks. Duncan writes, In the final season of Breaking Bad, Walter White, the chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin, has made more money than he can spend without breaking…
Richie Owen taught Walter White his blue meth formula
Dale Steyn new look & Grin suddenly reminds me of Walter White !!
Walter White from Breaking Bad. Wolverine. Elton John? Meh. We'll use him as bait.
If the mask and Walter white hade a kid
OURSTORY 365: Walter White. Wow I just found out about this brother. He was able to "pass" for white but chose to live as a black man. He was able to go places & get information the average black person couldn't get. Check out his story.
Walter White (from Breaking Bad) is from my area Llanrumney not in USA He is the real one
It's not everyday you see Walter White riding a buss... Blu meth lost its market?
"I have spent my whole life scared. Frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen. Fifty years I spent like that. Finding myself awake at 3 in the morning. But you know what? Ever since my diagnosis, I sleep just fine. And I came to realize it's that fear that's the worst of it. That's the real enemy. So get up. Get out in the real world. And you kick that *** as hard as you can right in the teeth." - Walter White
Villains who are also heroes, amoral manipulators whose goals may ultimately be honourable: it's hard to talk of such things with Cranston for long without circling back to Walter White, possibly the darkest and most morally ambiguous protagonist in television history. Breaking Bad.
I got so many pills and tablets in my cupboard from this ear infection I feel like walter white ffs
When I come to work each day, my goal is to find just one original idea. Top of today's website: Bryan Cranston: "There's a Walter White in All of Us" Not today, then.
Is there a little “escapism” corner in your brain? You know the place. It obviously related to Tony Soprano, Dexter, Walter White, and now is into Raymond Reddington. These are horrible people and yet they enter our lives and live in our rebellious brain… [ 248 more words. ]
Walter White. Spotted at the San Diego Zoo. Also apparently a Lakers fan.
98% sure Walter White is driving this bus ...100% sure he has no sense of humor
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There were many "hints/leads" in BB, from where a sequel or a prequel could be "picked up". We may possibly see these being "picked up" in 'Better Call Saul', that is being scripted right now. BCS is planned to be a prequel + sequel. Any observations? And for fun, predict how many of these we could (or want to) see in 'Better Call Saul'. Revisiting this thread to see how many of our predictions came true, when BCS releases this Nov.! Some of my observations: 1. Huell walking out of the room (he is aware of WW's money-barrels). 2. Walter White keeping a watch on a pay telephone stand. 3. Cops recovering the video cam footage from Gus' and Jack's meth labs. 4. WW's chemistry class and his interaction with Jesse. 5. Jesse speeding off (the last scene). 6. The solving of the mystery of why WW Jr. likes breakfast so much!
Matthew Broderick was offered the role of Walter White before Bryan Cranston. Seriously? Can you imagine Broderick doing Heisenberg?
Anthony looks like Walter White with his shaved head.
Say what you want about Walter White and his wife, he was a GREAT cuddler.
My girlfriend is asleep next to me, so I am eating stuff that makes me gassy and watching Breaking Bad. I am pretty much the Walter White of canned salsa. Sh.
I got walter white (from Breaking Bad), stephen colbert, and batman... awesome!
Bryan Cranston ( Walter White ) will be in the new Godzilla , coming out this May.
Imagine if Michael Scofield, Dexter Morgan, Jack Bauer and Walter White had to kill each other, who would out smart who?
Was reading Bill Simmons this morning, and he got the following question: Q: After watching Night Shift with my wife last night, it occurred to me that this was the movie version of Breaking Bad. Billy Blaze is Jesse Pinkman. Chuck is Walter White. Prostitution is meth. The morgue is the Studebaker/lab. Now I’m enraged that Night Shift was a two-hour film rather than a five-season cable series. While I loved Night Shift as a movie (very underrated), there is so much more character development to be had. I want to see Chuck go completely nuts a la Walter White (I’m talking way more than what he does at the end of the movie; I want him to blow up a Dodge Challenger). I want to see Billy Blaze become hardened by the prostitution business. You have to make this happen, Simmons. Forget all-NBA mailbags. Focus on this and this alone. The world is counting on you. —John O, Creelsboro, Kentucky I'm kinda on board with this idea.
You can steal Breaking Bad's Walter White and Jessie Pinkman's trailer from them in GTA V.
Walter White AKA Walter Francis White Died: 21-Mar-1955 Location of death: New York City Cause of death: Heart Failure Born: 1-Jul-1893 Birthplace: Atlanta, GA Occupation: Activist, Author Party Affiliation: Democratic Nationality: United States Executive summary: Worked against lynchings Fractionally African-American but blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Walter White could have lived his life as a white man and never been questioned. Instead, after living through race riots in Atlanta and seeing his family's home nearly burned to the ground as "too good for a *** family", he always considered himself black. He worked for a few years as an actuarial and salesman for an insurance company, and organized his local chapter of the NAACP after the city's school board announced plans to end public education for blacks after sixth grade. Later he worked for the NAACP national office, and -- posing as a white reporter -- actually attended lynchings, to write the gut-wrenching anti-lynching novel Fire in the Flint. B .. ...
My uncle is teaching me how to grow weed rn. Lol one step closer to that Walter White blue. ;)
On the real, my uncle looks like Walter White.
Emily and Laura Bergener just got back from 2 weeks in Ireland. They decided that it would be easier to tell people they were from Albuquerque rather than trying to explain where Los Lunas is. They figured that some people would mistakenly think they were from Mexico (and that happened) but most people knew exactly what town they were talking about. They didn't know anything about Albuquerque's hundreds of years of history but knew "Breaking Bad"--a TV show about a meth dealer that took place and was filmed here! A couple of guys were really impressed when Emily told them that after the show ended last year, when the character Walter White died, there was even a funeral for him and an obituary in the Albuquerque Journal. They had a great time in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. They even got to see the church where their great-great grandparents were married in Belfast. Needless to say, I'm jealous!
"Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. I need to do something about that." . George R. R. Martin . "I won"
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Little Miss Sunshine is just a prequel to Breaking Bad. It's set in Albuquerque, and has Walter White and Uncle Hank in it.
Fans of Breaking Bad created a memorial for Walter White, MTV created a memorial for a dead character on Teen Wolf
who knew Walter White was your uncle
Cuddled up with three of my favorite men...Mr.Magner, Kevin the Moose and Walter White
Breaking Bad has shattered all my doubts and hesitations towards TV serials. It is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. What started out as a black comedy ended as a highly disturbing Greek tragedy. Walter White is a Greek tragic hero. And the attention to details, especially employing the concept of Chekhov's gun to produce key unadulterated moments of ingenuity was brilliant. Vince Gilligan is a genius. And Walter white is perhaps the greatest fictional character I've come across.
I really love this HBO Series. James Gandolfini was so perfect as not only our Great Anti-Hero. but one of the Greatest Anti-Heroes. When there is no Walter White, there is Tony Soprano.
About to watch the series finale of Breaking Bad. This show has captivated me and I hope that the finale serves it justice. Let's see what is to become of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.
So my australian uncle runs a chemical distribution company in Australia and has a PhD in chemistry. my uncle is the next Walter White
Adderall had me starting a meth empire like Walter White.
Ripunjoy Talukdar Spondan Bora Saurav Das - FUNNY CROSSOVER - Rust Cohle and Marty Hart are trying to catch Dexter, but Marty is busy doing Penny, so Rust teams up with Raylan Givens. Meanwhile, Dexter's next target is Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, who have struck a Meth deal with Tony Soprano. And Soprano is busy trying to unearth a large sum of cash that Nucky Thompson and Al Capone had kept hidden. Soprano got the info about the cash from Sookie Stackhouse, who also tells him that Jennifer Melfi is actually a Vampire and that Vampires and Warewolves have been living alongside humans since ages. Soprano finds the cash, only to realise that the chest full of cash was actually a ploy of Pyat Pree, who had stayed alive with his magic, to unleash a deadly virus to turn all of humanity into the White Walkers or Zombies. After the apocalypse, Rust, Marty, Dexter, Walter, Jesse, Penny, Tony, Sookie have all turned into zombies. A few agents of SHIELD have survived the disaster , Agent Coulson being the most ...
"Would you rather be Dexter Morgan, Michael Scott, or Walter White? Why? — raylan givens; nuff said
I get Walter White, Superman and effing Bruce Willis. What's up...
Walter White, Francis Underwood and Nucky Thompson are my favorite characters!
Just about to watch the final episode of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman, gonna miss you guys
Chu: 'Jeopardy!'s Walter White: Who was the last male monarch who had not previously been Prince of Wales? Don...
I'm on a Walter White, Last Air bender avatar, Buddhist monk type hype at his point of my life
Floyd Mayweather Jr. = Walter White. Hope you go to jail for the rest of your life!
They on that Walter White..."Lol I don't even know why Jets fans trippin, like they had a chance."
Breaking Bad season 5 Ep 7 intro "Say my name." "Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca Cola?" Walter White classic Q Gqudu
Mrs Goggins on Postman Pat clearly knows more than she lets on. I think she is the Walter White of Greendale.
2 new arrivals in the fish tank: Gary and Walter White. Check them out tomorrow morning!
All time favorite TV characters:. Jack Bauer. Mystery. Walter White. Frank Underwood. Doug from real world. George Constanza. …
My mobster top chart after House of Cards S02: . 1.Michael Corleone. 2.Frank Underwood. 3.Walter White. Keep it up Frank, you can make it!
Frank Underwood and Walter White play a game of chess. Who wins?
"Name one thing in this world that is not negotiable.". -Walter White
I want a car like Walter White's or Walter Jr's.
dad: "what are going to do when you have bills and lack of funds?" . me: "pull a walter white and make meth. I mean I WAS in AP chem."
oh yeah. How about the portraits on the styro cups? Is that Walter White!?!
Walter White is my inspiration for life 👌
McConaughey, in only 8 hours, created as compelling a character as Tony Soprano or Walter White. Extraordinary.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I have seen Walter Whites bare white *** more times than my own and I'm only in the 4th season
Had no idea lead singer looks like Walter White's Brooklyn hipster cousin. Always pictured him as dude by pool on album cover.
The Box Ghost is the best character in all of T.V. history. Beats Walter White and Tony Soprano by a long shot
Tonight We are young. . So let's set the world on fire. . We can burn brighter than the sun
dude Walter white is the example of the America dream. Go to college, become smart. Make meth to kill of the lower class
My second favorite teacher is definitely only behind Walter White..
Breaking Bad is based on a true story? Weird there's a real Walter white
"We just Breaking Bad and my brother severing Walter white"- Isaiah Rashad
I feel like Walter white the way I hide my drugs
Walter White didn't really become an anti-hero til he said the word "empire" in season 5, by my count.
We all have an inner Walter White; we all have a dark side begging to come out.
Photoset: awkwardgardener: I’m convinced that the owner of Chagall Coffee is Walter White.
we just got done burying Walter White for crying out loud
This guy I saw today looked like Walter White and had a New Mexico license plate.
Look at what you've done Walter White.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Thinking about making Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and having their sims make cameos in the series.
Fun about actor Bryan Cranston, who starred as Walter White in the Emmy Award-winning TV show.
Proud to donate to Roxy Music's "Love Is The Drug" being performed by one of their DJs dressed as Walter White? Yes, please.
This is my most anticipated TOP 5 Tracks of the moment : 3°) - Walter White (Heisenberg edit)
Quote: Lester Nygaard in vs Walter White in Breaking Bad--why we're so excited for Martin Freeman's role
The first and last reflections of Walter White.
Is Walter White the lead singer of The National? — watching Saturday Night Live
Brb changing from a Chemistry minor to a Chemistry major so I can become Walter White
I'm way late on the Breaking Bad bandwagon, but Walter White is a beast!!! "I am the danger" lol...
Walter White and Jess Pinkman knew how to live.
Bryan Cranston is the perfect antihero. Its such a complicated relationship that Walter White has with the viewer.
Awesome to see you make it to the NCT from an open bid! Are you hiding Walter White on your team or something?
I like how Walter White's chemistry lessons also apply to his life
Walter White is a crazy good driver
House of Cards: Frank Underwood is more ruthless that Tony Soprano, Walter White or Tywin Lannister. I love him.
NEXT FALL on Netflix Exclusive:. Walter White in House of the Wire!
Walter white is one of the smartest man that ever lived.
I love Rust making a Walter White play in this last episode. But he's a little more serious.
As of right now I'm in the Walter white clan and it's truly awful
the godzilla trailer came onscreen when i went to see 300 and the guy beside me gasped so loudly and went "WALTER WHITE"
Finally watching Breaking Bad again. Walter White, is amazing. This confession tape. Ha.
Just finished House of Cards. I thought Walter White was the most ruthless guy on TV but Frank Underwood is right up there too.
There's a little Walter White in each of us. romans 3:23
It's going to be mighty tough for Emmy voters to choose between Walter White and Rustin Cohle
Walter white has a pair of wallabees in every color dude knows his priorities
Walter White vs Frank Underwood in a staring contest
We just Breaking Bad and brother serving Walter white.. Hope he ain't caught with that possession like a poltergeist
The lead singer of The National looks like Walter White...yes?
Daryl follows those guys back to camp where they'll have his girlfriend tied up, then he'll kill them all Walter White style
Who do you hate more, Walter White or Francis Underwood?
Today I rented a storage space, which I have never done before. When I first rolled up the door I must admit...I kinda felt like Walter White (minus the drugs and money).
The lead singer from The National looks like a pedifeliac Walter White with Steve Bushemi's hair do!
.finally got to watch the first episode of 'Breaking Bad'.wow! What's more I may need to check my underwear drawer as I believe 'Walter White/Bryan Cranston' has pinched my underwear!
"Tread Lightly" goes live at That badass look and quote from Walter White everyone has been talking about. It will be a classic reminder.
It's become quite apparent, but Walter White has finally broken his last bad.
After refiguring our budget, I'm starting to wonder if maybe Walter White had the right idea. Too bad I suck at chemistry. And doing drugs. And cursing. Why didn't the thug life choose me?!?
I have the same birthday as Walter white. I am Heisenberg
-- if you still haven't seen the series finale of Breaking Bad yet...Walter White was a ghost the entire time
Walter White is dead. There is a void in my life now. On to House of Cards.
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