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Walter White

Walter Hartwell Walt White is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American television drama series Breaking Bad on AMC.

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Way TV remakes are going, there will be a new Breaking Bad in 2035 starring Jaden Smith as Walter White and North West as Jesse Pinkman.
It's funny how Bryan Cransten (played Walter White) made 225 thousand an episode. Basically rolled in the dough his character made
I love Malcolm in the Middle even more now because I associate Bryan Cranston's voice with Walter White but it's the literal opposite.
Lynch not directing the Twin Peaks revival is like replacing Bryan Cranston as Walter White — just not the same.
Only just noticed Walter White is Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. Bryan Cranston 10/10
Walter White must have planted a church.
Instead of Walter White and Gray Matters, it was Steve Wozniak and apple?
FBI profiler analyzes how Breaking Bad's Walter White went from chemistry teacher to druglord: . In this Vanity Fair video shared by...
It's less Walter White and more Jim Breuer, but I dig it. Also, I think I'm in love with Mary Louise Parker now.
That episode was so perfect. And sad! I'm glad I know Mike's backstory now though. *** you Walter White for what you did!)
Melissa is the Skylar to my Walter White
Don't look at me weird cos I fancy Richard Hammond and Walter White mate
Hi Brent. Who do you think would win in a fight? Walter White or Nicholas Brody?
Walter White's house in "Breaking Bad" is a real house in Albuquerque, and its residents are tired of fans throwing pizza on…
As badass as Jack Bauer or Walter White may be I don't think either of them compare to Michael Scofield
and quit dissolving dead drug dealers!. 'Breaking Bad' Creator "No more Pizzas on Walter White's House!" via
Vince Gilligan wants fans to stop throwing pizza at Walter White's house via
Please stop throwing pizza on Walter White's house. He doesn't live there.
'Breaking Bad' creator warns tourists to stop throwing pizzas on Walter White's house
Arden would want to cross over to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Holland says Lydia would sell blue meth with Walter White.
" you can be the Jesse Pinkman to my Walter White " 😂😂🙌
Walter White art drawn by me. Follow my Instagram for more art! (
I liked a video from Throwing Pizza's on Walter White's House (Response)
Vince Gilligan isn't too happy about fans throwing pizzas on Walter White's house.
The creator of wants everyone to stop throwing pizza on Walter White's roof
showrunner wants you to stop throwing pizzas on Walter White's roof
Super Bowl fans react to the big game, Katy Perry, Walter White and ...
Pretty solid final 4 by Yahoo - Michael Scott, Walter White, House, and Jack Bauer. Walter White takes home the big trophy.
W.W, I mean, who do you figure that is, you know? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?
Just finished season 3 of . That last scene in the Oval Office... Frank Underwood is like Walter White on steroids.
Throwing that whole pizza on the roof is the worst thing walter white ever did. God *** it heisenberg
If only Walter White would have heeded this advice! (PS my friend painted that pic)
My interview with Monique from a year ago.She talks about the "Live Free or Die" episode\ Walter White.
Brandi's obsession with Walter White is getting out of control
MISSING: Walter White:. There ain't no party like a Breaking Bad Partay! .
Walter White. And it isn't even close lol
Walter White with the chemistry fam
Martin Crowe starting to look a lot like Walter White...which makes him even more awesome!
Innocent white woman shot dead by a black officer. No hashtag, no protest, no presidential speech. …
White police officer shot by black member of a Muslim street gang. No hashtags, no looting, no presidential speeches. …
In other news, the real life Walter White was arrested by Mexican police forces today.. further proof that teaching is a gateway drug.
Squad is getting tired of my Walter White quotes 😂
Starting to love Saul Goodman more than how I adore Walter White and Jesse Pinkman combined. Oh my Breaking Bad heart.
Why do you get the ugliest cars, Walter White?
Breaking Bad walter white cranston case hard for and samsun, LINK:.
when I was getting out of a lecture in college, I saw this dude wearing a t-shirt with Walter White's caricature and written: +
Sooo I may have mapped out a small detour tomorrow on Route 66 on my way to Walter White's house from breaking …
The Rohm's visit the Walter white's house!
In the lab cookin' work like Walter White
The Walter white of the ie hiphop Kidd Dryden
They should make a show called "white dudes are the WORST" starring Frank Underwood, Walter White, and Don Draper.
Call me Walter White when i walk into my chem labs 😎 and Jesse kinda got in a wind up skyler is starting to learn more about my business um call me back -Walter white
You know the business. . I know the chemistry. - Walter White
Doogie pays tribute to Walter White at the All that was missing was the meth.
Was that Doogie in Walter White briefs, lol??
Anna Gunn was also in that Seinfeld episode... She was Walter White's wife on Breaking Bad.
You know how Canadian Breaking Bad is just a shot of Walter White being diagnosed, then going into medical care?
I didn't get Per though :( and Walter White and Pinkman are at awe with Basti and Lee Pace
Sixth Scale News: Two Paint ups Walter White and Tuco: We just had our first Baby a beautiful little girl at t...
I'm really hoping for some Walter White camios like Stan lee In marvel movies
Just started the series on DVD ... Billy Bob schools Steve McQueen, Coen Bros are my personal Walter White.
Darren Gibson looks like Walter White started using too much of his own goods
I feel like Walter White in that episode with the fly.. Going stir crazy! 😫
Tonight I'll be watching "Better Call Saul", the spin-off from Walter White aka ...makers of
.Breaks Bad: The revenge of Tuco and an homage to Walter White
In honor of here is Walter White heckling Jimmy the best way he knows how: ht…
It's official! In our exclusive interview, David Chase confirms that in the final moments Walter White dies.
Walter White was the greatest man to walk this earth, nobody better.
I don't know, esurance, I'd pay a little extra for my useless CVS pharmacist to become Walter White... So I guess I like "sorta Greg"
Walter White Lives! Everyone at my party cheered when our favorite 'Breaking Bad' character appeared on our TV!
My econ professor reminds me of Walter White
Yesterday I told my little brother (for a joke) that I was thinking of building a meth lab to make some quick cash like Walter White...
.returns as ‘Breaking Bad’s Walter White in this new Super Bowl commercial: http…
Walter White returns for new advert. Watch it here
Bryan Cranston reprises his role as Walter White
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- so the next day I remember the dog, the dead kid, Walter White (not even sure for what), and the movies.
This was brilliant for you fans. Walter White in Esurance Commercial 2015 (Video) via
What was your favorite commercial from I'm a guy, Walter White wins for me!. Watch them all >> ht…
Walter White comes back to life in this epic ad
if you think you and Brady are handling me you've been sniffing that Walter White
Spoiler alert: the other gardener was Walter White.
Hard to say. Had a few (though many fell flat IMHO). Walter White and Fiat were funny. I love dogs, so the Bud ad was great
The only commercial we should be talking about from last night is the Walter white one.
Walter White was the best commercial. It just was.
Thx 4 bringing back WW yesterday! Only commercial that made me jump out of my seat
The guy at the gas station beside me is the spitting image of Walter white
Here's my drawing of the one and only Walter White ❤
Relive all the ads here: . Liam Neeson, Walter White, Kim K; who was your favorite?
Enjoyed as Walter White in the Breaking Bad reboot this morning (via
7. All leading up to the final 8 ep. of clearly has their ad game on lock - we see you Walter White
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"Say my name" - Walter White returns in Super Bowl advert
The Walter white Super Bowl commercial has me pining for Breaking Bad. Would only be the 3rd time round 😳
WALTER WHITE is alive in this Super Bowl Esurance commercial!
Favorite commercials from were the Doritos commercial (we're the people with the baby) and Walter White
Tony Soprano's getting close to Walter White status in my life.
Breaking Bad [2008-2013]. TRIVIA: Walter White's alias, Heisenberg, is a tribute to Werner Heisenberg, who formula…
the room will be loudly shining & now Sleep is beckoning & dreamy & I mean physicist Werner Heisenberg, who Walter White took
Great question! To that end, I frequently found myself simultaneously rooting FOR and AGAINST Walter White on Breaking Bad.
how Patrick Bateman, Tyler Durden, Alec DeLarge, Walter White, etc etc are not role models or heroes.
Why's Erin Andrews trying to look like Walter White
Erin Andrews is smoking hot in Walter White fedora tribute.
I've been over Erin Andrews for awhile and so have you, but paying tribute to Walter White is strong.
Anybody know what the horrendous car Walter White drives in Breaking Bad? Does anyone want to buy the complete series Breaking Bad on DVD (unopened)
I have a bad cold. I ran out of Sudafed. A while back, this would entail a quick trip to the store, grab a box off the shelf, check out, and go home. But that was before the Government decided to try to solve the drug problem. Now you have to go to a licensed pharmacist. Show your ID, sign a statement that you promise not to make Methamphetamine with these Sudafed. Then you get to pay for them. It is racist to make people show ID to vote, but it is OK to require ID because your nose is dripping snot onto your shirt. Some *** congress people passed this stupid law. It is supposed to keep teenagers from making Meth out of cold tablets. How many meth-head teenagers have taken chemistry? I would tolerate this stupidity if it were effective, but there has not been any drop in meth-heads out on the street. So, like most stupid federal government ideas, it doesn't work. So... When I sign my name, I always write: "Walter White."
About to cook with Walter White at Wizard World New Orleans!
Better Call Saul won't have Bryan Cranston in first season: Breaking Bad prequel won’t feature Walter White an...
... a prequel to Breaking Bad were it's just Walter White teaching chemistry...
Woody Woodpecker Tim Watley Seinfeld episode. If you don't know Seinfeld, Watley is Walter White from Breaking Bad. Watley to Heisenberg.
FYI Gordon Lightfoot is Walter White and he is the one who really knocks! at
Tire flat on my car... was so looking forward to tonight w -guess it's Walter White & Jesse Pinkman
"You are now the cute one Paul meet Ringo, Ringo meet Paul " Saul Goodman to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman
Happy new year folks! Walter White, Jessie Pinkman, Russell brand & Katie Perry rocking it into 2015
Hypothetically speaking if I went the Walter White route would you be my Saul Goodman?
*** yo, Brian Cranston is a good *** actor. You know how hard it must be to play Walter White? All that emotion! All that Anger!
My new Walter White Breaking Bad painting.
Walter White was Ted's boss. And Saul Goodman is Marshall's boss.
Alton Brown as Walter White. Remember you it here first, folks.
My grandad sounds like Walter White laughing when skyler gives his money to ted, if you have see it. You will understand
Walter White;s Fire In The Flint neglected novel of the 20s
somewhat... They're usually always the strong male leads of shows. Ricky, Jack Shepherd, Walter White, Don Draper.
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The only proper way to end AMC's two-month-long "Breaking Bad" marathon is with a look at "Better Call Saul." Little is known about the spinoff series, which focuses on the pre-Walter White days of Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman, ...
I miss seeing Jesse Pinkman and Walter White on my screen :(
Jesse Pinkman and Walter White just got their Christmas gifts. Wanna get yours ?...
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman go to Starbucks (w & )
On a side note, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will always have a place in my heart.
The Undertaker has gone from Walter White to Mike Ehrmantraut.
Walter White and Captain Mal Reynolds, folk I didn't spot in previous viewings ...
One minute into the new Wu-Tang album and already got shout-outs to Nic Cage, Walter White, and the Dos Equis guy. Sold.
That awful moment when you go to the DVD case & there are no more episodes of Breaking Bad... You've watched them all & Walter White has not gone down - I want to see that!
Walter White vs Clarence Boddicker, who comes out on top? We know Red Foreman would beat up Malcoms dad.
one year at Comic Con Brian Cranston dressed up at Walter White & just walked around on the floor & no one knew it was him
Ok so in 2016, Batman vs Superman is coming out and Lex Luthor is played by Brian Cranston, yet his character looks just like Walter White 😍
Don't care what Brian Cranston did before or after, he will now always be Walter White
John Cusack and Matthew Broderick both passed on the role of Walter White, which let Vince Gilligan cast Bryan Cranston.
Think they regret turning this down? Breaking Bad Sony and AMC were initially reluctant to cast Bryan Cranston because of his previous comedic roles and considered both John Cusack and Matthew Broderick for Walter White. When they both declined, Vince Gilligan got to cast Cranston.
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vs Walter White coz both are experts in tactics and eliminating people.
Breaking Bad Walter White Artwork. Look at all images here:
If you have a Walter White, Heath Ledger Joker or Guy Fawkes mask avatar I'm very likely to ignore you and everything you say
I will put Walter White against BOND...Lets see Who will be the one "Who Knocks"?
This one is brilliantly done. This is my product ~ Matthijs feat Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and others.
I've got that Walter White kind of cough at the moment. However, that does not mean that I have cancer
Breaking Bad Walter White Artwork. Check out the best ones:
if you stop watching because Shane dies you are lmao. Trust me after Shane dies rick becomes Walter white level
Walter White would like a word with you.
"If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly". -Walter White
However, my uncle looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad.
I was in my parents bathroom and I found this! No idea they were working with Walter White.
Watching Walter White's saga with the fly in the lab unfold and I've never felt so understood in my life.
Its so crazy how on Breaking Bad Walter White goes from being this average joe to a meth kingpin!
Former Kansas City Chief Walter White Sings "Tracks of my Tears" at Flo in Springfield, Missouri
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TIL Matthew Broadrick (Ferris Bueller) was almost Walter White...dodged a bullet there didn't we?
My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104. This is my confession.
Remember that time I couldn't draw a skulls teeth so I gave it a goatee and hat and made it look like Walter white
I hate chemistry more than anything. I need Walter white to tutor me 😭😩
Ok so predicting the win for Walter White according to our q
Tomorrow, just call me Heisenberg or simply Walter White.
Home bound day 5, the only people in my life are Walter White and Jon Stewart, Dan Savage and NPR hosts.
Matthew Broderick a failli jouer Walter White omg what
Walter White has the Sailor Moon Crystal your looking for. Wild Guardian Heisenberg only at our store:
I never watched Breaking Bad either, but every time I saw the promos I was like "That's not Walter White! That's Hal!" lol
Forget Superman vs Batman... How about Walter White vs Ray Donovan? Now that would be a great series...
How did Al Bundy afford that house selling shoes? Was he the original Walter White?
as Walter White. Me as Jesse Pinkman. as Walt Jr. and The One and Only Liberated Rouge as Skyler
Michael and Tinchy remind me of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman
just my buddies Walter White and Walt Jr.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
That's not Brian Cranston reading "You have to effing eat," that's Walter White. In the spirit of Samuel L. Jackson & Oderus Ungerous.
Want an interesting fact? I don't care I'm giving it to you anyway. In an episode of the award winning series, Breaking Bad, Walter White is sitting in a bar and there is a hockey game on the TV. It's a game from February 13, 1998, between Wisconsin and Denver at the Dane County Coliseum. The Badgers scored 6 goals in the third (which represents something in the show) for a 7-4 win (the score also represents something as well). "A Little Bit of Creme Fraiche" is what made the product blue. 3 Big Things: 1. How bad are the Sabres? I know their bad but are they historically bad? Well let's say this season happened in 2002. The Sabres would have 1 win, 13 losses, 3 ties, and 1 overtime loss. I think the answer is yes but their not the worst team of all time. The 74-75 Capitals lost 4 games by double digits, have the record for most goals allowed in a season at 446, their best +/- rating for a player was even while their worst was -82. Their final record was 8-67-5 and their coach had to resign due to the sto ...
My favourite memory is watching Breaking Bad in Tromsø. Snow is falling. The room smells of hot pine. I have less to lose than Walter White.
One of my assignments over the weekend is to find scenes in Breaking Bad where Walter White is seen as an anti-hero, havin a blast
There ya go! Whole box set of Breaking Bad done and dusted. Walter White is a gonna and I only wish the two women weren't so annoying. Brilliant series but I still think Jack Bauer and 24 have the edge ;) Thanks Dawn Sims for the box set. I'll drop it at the shop for you.
Benjamin Black always sounds to me like the nemesis of Walter White.
Raymond reddington might be the best and most ruthless TV character since Walter White.
I still can't believe Brian Cranston beat him for the best actor emmy, like I love Walter White but lets be real.
Not only were the performers at fantastic but Bryan Cranston (AKA Walter White) came and made a Heisenberg reference 😍🙌
Dozens of people competed in a Walter White lookalike contest in 2012, and Bryan Cranston was the judge.
Wanna listen to Walter White read a bedtime story?
Matthew Broderick turned down the role of Walter White...I think that was best for everyone
Rubics Cube, toy soldiers and bubbles were added to the National Toy Hall of Fame. Walter White action figures failed the dr…
learning about Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and praying Walter White is with me in spirit at my chem test tm
My pitch: A BB remake where Popovich is Walter White and JR is Pinkman.
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A Walter White lookalike just passed me 😨
Walter White A.K.A the Great Heisenberg teaches us why we need to ‘Say his name’ and because ‘he his *** right’, here are some tips on how to build your ‘Empire Business’:
Yeah, I shoulda been more Walter White and less black metal
I am the Walter White of the stock market.
Fallen in love with Walter white's personality. How can you not love that guy?
Walter White hasn't got anything on this cough, spluttering my lungs up
Wow. Just finished Breaking Bad. Walter White was Heisenberg all along? Did not see that coming.
Very interesting and quite scary to read really! Reminds me of Walter White in Braking Bad and was it Lily of The Valley?
What did Walter White tell Jr when they were packing for vacation? . "Pack lightly."
All I know is the owners name is Jeff & he looks a bit like Walter White.
I shaved it to look like Walter white for Halloween 😁
We just Breaking Bad and my *** selling Walter White hope he ain't caught with that possession like a Poltergeist.
I tried dressing up as walter white batman hybrid at chapter. It didn't work out lol
Sometimes I accidentally say Walt Whitman instead of Walter White when talking about Breaking Bad. Walt Whitman. Meth.
When said "In the lab cooking work like Walter White"
"If you go bald I'll just buy you a cool Walter White hat" 😍
Walter White & Jesse Pinkman go trick or treating.
I'd be hanging out with Walter White, Jax Teller, and Derek Morgan on the regular.
"riff raffs right ur Trippin"only song that bump is white sprite and Walter Peyton
Right up there with Jesse Pinkman, Walter White, Frank Underwood, Sterling Archer, Fiona Goode, and Dean Winchester.
Pablo,George Yung,Norman Bateman, BMF, Montana, White Mike & Walter White had vision and a plan, But truth is you rise and fall in the end.
I blame Stuart Scott for the fact I just had to listen to some white guy on ESPN saying "slinging rock like Walter White."
Partying with Walter White, Trent Lane, and Sailor Moon. This has got to be the coolest party in town. . For all...
I had a dream that I was Bryan Cranston as Walter White. No, no. I don't think it has anything to do with my obsession with Breaking Bad.
Also pretty awesome to see Walter White and Clay Morrow in the same movie
Breaking Bad: Matthew Broderick and John Cusack were the first choices to play Walter White.
tannoy announcement asking for Walter White. Going to have to break the news to them..
Fighting the devil through the night/Breaking Bad like Walter White
It would be nice if you could send me a Walter White and Jessie action figure, considering they are no longer on your website.
Thought this was a slutty walter white costume at first
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I think it was Walter White before going to chemistry. Armstrong became US president :)
I found a Walter White mask but I'm not trying to pay the expedited shipping
Got my Walter White action figure yesterday. He came with a bag of money. I didn't see the blue meth, until I looked behind the label. Must have to hide that from the public's eyes. Ebay is selling him for 100.00, I got for 20.00
Dynamo looks like he's sampled some of Walter White's blue meth
I keep getting Walter White jokes it's getting gruelling, so thanks that is refreshing to hear
LGS Funkology would like to post a song for Walter White...and every FB friend who treasures the memory of their father living or passed on. Normally I would save this for Father's day. But the love between father and son is a daily blessing.
Mostly German RVs but a few Dutch and the lady on the right (possibly the lookout) who is eyeing me suspiciously is Italian. No sign of Walter White.
On "Fox and Friends" this morning, we met the woman who took on Walter White and won! A Florida mother named Susan Schrijver spearheaded an effort against Toys R Us after she saw "Breaking Bad" action figures being sold.
there are thousands of words to be written about Breaking Bad's (Walter) Whitewashing of the US drug trade.
If you're a Breaking Bad fan, check out my latest mix track with a classic Walter White sample!
no. Im not having that!! Walter White's double life was far more interesting
they could have been a tad smarter and called it sexy Walter White instead.
A3 drawing of Walter White from enjoy :)
So walter white is building a wall at the garden centre...
“Walter White is brilliant be even more brilliant if they make another series..
by any chance is one of your teachers named Walter White or Heisenberg
Bald Walter White got me feelin some sorta way
If you had the opportunity to ask Walter White one question, what would it be?
I'm sure i just served Walter White at work
Jesse Pinkman was to be killed off at the end of the 1st season of Breaking Bad. This was changed due to his chemistry with Walter White.
How much controversy can a petition about removing a toy from the shelves of a popular toy shop cause? The answer? A lot. That's because Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has become the latest person to hit out at the news that toys of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, have been taken off the shelves in To…
So why exactly aren't Breaking Bad action figures on Toys R Us shelves anymore? Florida-based mom Susan Schrivjer — who started an online petition to get the toy store to remove replicas of Walter White (with a tray of crystal meth) and Jesse Pinkman, from its shelves — appeared on Fox & Friends on…
With only 65 shopping days left until Christmas, we found the perfect gift for your little ones. Apparently Toys "R" Us is catching some heat by parents, for selling various dolls based on the television show Breaking Bad. The Walter White figurine includes a gun, a detachable duffle bag filled…
"Breaking Bad's" drug-dealing chemistry teacher Walter White will have to stop making the sale at Toys R Us.
So my two cents on Toys R Us removing the Breaking Bad action figures due to parental pressure: following that logic- TrU will need to remove all the video games, figures based on video game characters, Walking Dead games and toys, army men, GI Joe, monster movie characters like Aliens and Predators, ninjas, pirates, and Nerf- pretty much any toy that could represent violence or criminal activity. Jeebus people- if you don't like something, don't buy it, turn the station, the channel, or the page and move on. I monitor what my kids are exposed to, and I buy the toys that my children play with. What six year old is buying a Walter White figure? Sometimes I just can't stand the watch groups looking out for my interests. Rant complete.
I was thinking Walter White or Tim Howard, but she may convince me otherwise
My fantasy football team is named "Los Pollos Hermanos" and things haven't been this bad since we drafted Walter White.
[The Washington Post] So long, Walter White. The “Breaking Bad” character’s stint on Toys R Us shelves is officially over. The retailer, caving to pressure from an angry Florida mom and her supporters, has pulled the meth-themed action figures from its ...
Toys R Us has pulled a “Breaking Bad” figurine of Walter White off their shelves after a woman complained that the toy sends the wrong message to children.
Just finished the final episode of season 4 and wow! Walter White & Dexter Morgan must be jealous of Harvey Specter & Mike Ross
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Wowww . Breaking Bad figurines are in Toys R Us. A mother is seeking to have them removed and I completely agree. Children mimic their action figures. Walter White comes with beakers and all. These are adult toys and should be treated as such. This just doesn't make sense. The show is rated R...why have toys for kids?!?!? ***
The Walking Dead crew needs to learn from Walter White. No half measures.
"Breaking Bad's" Walter White may have cleverly dodged authorities during his career as a drug kingpin, but his action figure hasn't dodged the...
Is it kosher to repurpose your Walter White Halloween costume for, you know, that disease people have been talking about?
I'm the Walter White of stealing from Walmart
I am the Walter white of my family when it comes to bit torrenting newly released movies
There's this mother that's petitioning against Toys R Us for having a Walter White toy. You know they sell Grand Theft Auto 5 too right?
Interest: jkluger - Human history is often defined by its very worst pitch meetings. Take the one in 1812, when on...
Video on Today: A Florida mom is boycotting Toys ‘R’ Us over an action figure of “Breaking Bad” character Walter White that comes complete with what appears to be a bag of crystal meth. She’s demanding it be pulled from shelves.
A Florida mother is upset about Toys R Us carrying action figure of "Breaking Bad's" Walter White.
Seriously, toy r us is selling Breaking Bad action figures. Walter White comes complete with a bag of cash and a bag of meth. I am not making this up people.
So all you Braking Bad fans - Toys R Us have toy dolls of Walter White "He comes complete with removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash, and a bag of blue crystals." WOO HOO - not to mention a gun...we have clearly come a long way since GI Joe and Action Man. In fairness he is labelled for 15 years old and upwards, and the meth is hopefully fake, so it's all good! Discuss...
Walter White: chemistry genius turned science teacher turned kingpin; the central character of Sony Picture Television’s critically acclaimed, award-winning, hit series Breaking Bad, is now immortalized as a collectible action figure. This unforgettable figure features Walter as his alter ego of Hei…
Chuck Norris and Walter White meet at a house, who is the one who knocks?
This Halloween I bet a lot of people in Dallas will be dressing up as Walter White
I've been rewatching "Breaking Bad" trying to decide if Walter White is more like Dr. Faustus, who sold his soul, or Agamemnon, whose fatal flaw was pride. Now I've noticed the continuing theme of Randian self-interest in White's business model. This show is a master piece.
Our DJ looked like freaking Walter White from Breaking Bad
he's the next Walter White but not as extreme 😨
I'm very attracted to Walter White. I'd keep that methylamine going if y'all know what I mean ;)
Got a serious Walter White cough going on right now...
Walter White costume could've been better but was still chill. at
I want to eat a pizza the size of the one Walter White threw on the roof.
This test tomorrow morning is making me want to become Walter white and change my career path
If only Walter White was my chemistry teacher
Need a Walter White in the streets and a Heisenberg in the sheets
Only good thing about tmrw is the pink out game 🏈
I had a dream that Walter White and Amy Wong from Futurama were having a discussion at my party about who has a better time as a person. Finally I walked up and said "Guys who cares if youre White or Wong, as long as youre havin a good time".
Me and josh named the bear he got me Walter in honor of Walter White 😏
Ugh really not down for the ap psych test tmrw
You look like Walter White with your glasses
Jordan and I have been watching Malcolm in the Middle all night and it's so weird knowing the dad is Walter White from Breaking Bad.
Do you guys think Walter White scienced up the dome to keep Hank busy
Several days ago I finished up the series Breaking Bad, and I'm STILL recovering, awash in emotions. Whew! The flashback that showed Jesse building the box he talked about in group therapy was one of many little things that were so very deep. Walter White reminded me SO much of Thomas Covenent the Unbeliever, it's uncanny. As I said earlier, my favorite character was Mike Ehrmantraut (for his complexity) but I liked Huell Babineaux also, 'cause that poor *** can't tie his shoes ether! A man of few words, he made the most of four of them..."Mexico. All's I'm sayin'". I loved it! I absolutely detested Skyler, and I thought I could not hate anyone more than Hank... until I met Todd! Jeez! And now, I will never again be able to listen to Badfinger's "Baby Blue" without mourning for Walt and his dream. I do, however, want to do my own "Fan-Vid" of lyric appropriate images from Br/Ba playing on top of "Goodbye Blue Sky" by Pink Floyd. I also noticed that the opening sequence that showed "A day in the life o ...
I think Walter white slipping something to jj watt!! Dudes a freak!
Bryan Cranston pulls off Walter White so well!
Walter White and myself share similar problems in life...
I cough every 5sec im secretly walter white
Walter white will always be my idol
Oh hey btw I went to Walter White's house so that was pretty cool I guess :-)
Yearbook quote:. "What I need is for you to climb down out of my *** Can you do that? Will you do that for me, honey?" -Walter White
Officially gonna get a green Prius in the name of Walter White💎💚
"Walter White of Earth, you have great Meth. Welcome to the Breaking Bad Corps"
ran into Walter White at midtown comics while waiting to go home
I never saw Walter White as a villain, or even an anti-hero. He always seemed to me a classic tragic hero.
lmao I'm half white half Honduran and my mom has taken me there 5 times and I'm still here😂😂😂
“This dude livin.. is it just me or does the guy look like Walter White? 😳
Thats it start callin me Walter white
Based on what I'm seeing, if you are the guy that turned in Gurley, better hope you aren't found. If you are, Walter White knows a guy.
I am so uninterested in Walter White's Great Big Man Pride. I just want to punch him in the face all the time.
Walter White! Taylor Swift! Jeff Passan, your pop culture references complete me.
I watched the movie Lucy last night. It was the worst movie I can remember seeing in my lifetime. I don't even really know what happened, but here is what I think happened: Someone gave Scarlett Johansson some drugs from Walter White and by "gave her drugs" I mean they sewed them into her stomach. And then the drugs exploded and gave her magical abilities like Harry Potter but she didn't have to use a magic wand, so thank goodness for small graces. No wand saves a lot of time. And then she turned into a computer and became a monkey.
“Haven't decided if I want to live my life like Walter White or Jordan Belfort Belfortfer da win
In honor of the cancellation, I started the '78 original last night. I'm hooked! B4 TV had Walter White, there …
Back to after Well Martin Short/Elliott Gould were funny.Sigh. Walter White, not so much- last episodes comin up
Vic Mackie, Ray Donovan, Tony Soprano and Walter White! Got to love an anti hero
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