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Walter White

Walter Hartwell Walt White is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American television drama series Breaking Bad on AMC.

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So Jefferson had a little Walter White in him. That explains a lot.
one man in the train looks exactly like Walter White 😂
I liked a video from Rick Grimes vs Walter White. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.
I wonder who Joe Maddon will liken the Cards to tonight. Walter White? Don Draper? Avon Barksdale?
Catching up on my "Muppet Halloween" series for - here's number 5: Bunsen Honeydew as Walter White.
Fran kranz as Walter White for Ashley. Who do you want to see next?:)~Faith
Lynn Howells greatest achievement since saving Jesse Pinkman and Walter White's life .
Bob McNair. Looks like Walter White, acts like Malcolm's dad
This just reminds me of what happened to Saul Goodman after the Walter White stuff went down.
JoshWheeler23 : Father of the Century- Walter White [link removed] … [link removed]
Sorry fans, but it looks like there is no chance of seeing Walter White again:
"Matthew Broderick, David Alan Grier, and an old boot were considered for the role of Walter White. - 968 people found this interesting."
Animal ODs and Beaker is on the run after Walter White's recipe is found in his lab
It should be an Epic Rap Battles of History of Walter White vs Pablo Escobar. Drug lords battle
"I watched Jane die, I watched her overdose and choke to death, I could have saved her...but I didn't". - Walter White
Today. The day when your mind is blown when you realize Bruce Wayne, is the Original Walter White.
Hamilton Collection
Walter White tries to teach the Swedish Chef how to cook meth
I wanna be like Walter White when I grow up. I just don't want cancer
Cosplay_Culture : Nobody but Vamp would even *think* of gender-bending Walter White! [link removed]
Bunsen and Beaker channel their inner Walter White
Dr Walter Palmer - the Great White Dentist- owes drug CEO a debt of gratitude for relieving him as America's most hated man.
I'm watching BrBa by 3rd time and all i can say is: Amazing, you are a genious! Thnks for Walter White!
Bunsen Honeydew opens joint venture with Walter White
Walter White written all over it. Where is Hank?
Beeker admits to cooking meth . to pay for his medical bills. Walter White comes to save the day
Scottiechileno : Giorgio Jackson (?) He looks like Walter White from Br… [link removed]
Beaker learns to cook meth and gets into a turf war with Walter white
Swedish Chef reveals he is not actually Swedish, he is just burnt out Walter White in witness protection...
Beaker turns to making meth with Walter White
"Kermit and company are real, dammit, as real as Walter White or Leslie Knope."
The long-ago vanishing of Ann Catherick (Parker) comes to Walter's attention and she is the woman in white.
Update your maps at Navteq
Walter Hartright, a young art teacher, meets a mysterious and distressed woman dressed in white.
I also refuse to apologize for being white, male, Christian, or conservative.
he looks like Walter White wearing Violet Beauregarde's excess skin
Saul Goodman protected Walter White from legal trouble, but all you’ll need is an internal complaint system
How many people did Walter White kill in Breaking Bad?
Walter White and Nancy Botwin would've been unstoppable together
Mary Berry at Harpole scarecrow festival with Walter White
"It says, 'To W.W. My star, my perfect silence.' W.W. I mean, who do you figure that is y'know? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?"
Walter White as Moe. Woody Allen as Larry. Mongo from Blazing Saddles as Curly. Star Trek Red Shirt as Shemp.
Frank Underwood is one of the best characters on TV, up there with Walter White
When you're brother looks like a young Walter White
Today would have been Walter White's 56th birthday 🅱🅱🎈.
.has definitely moved on from Walter White! See him as President LBJ
"Forrest is equal parts David Brent and Walter White"
Mr. Maraia! Lmao my 7th grade math teacher is a real-life Walter White from Breaking Bad 😂😂😂
Mad Men: how Don Draper and Walter White prepared us for Donald Trump
.It would be called Baking Bad and Walter White* would make lots of money from his lovely cakes. (* Played by Jessica Raine)
That *** Cosby swore he was Walter White for decades. Earned his most recent money being a racism apologist by slandering …
The Fat Jew saying "that’s not who I am or what I’m about" is like when Walter White kept insisting he did it all for his family.
Need some of that Walter White in Dangerous Dave right now.
Walter White is scared of you, and he worked with Danny Trejo, that's some serious props.
Walter White was horrible, but fans love that character. Jamie Lannister has TONS of fans.
Mama Jones' latest photo project... Me and my dad as Walter White and Jesse. He doesn't look that…
Cooking pizza rolls with a fly in the kitchen got me feelin like Walter White
I just realized Bryan Cranston in his Walter White outfit is Haley's high school driving instructor in Modern Family sea…
Say that front one was more of a Walter White than Flanders
And don't get me wrong, Walter White, Khaleesi, Ray Donovan, and Deborah Morgan are way up there too
Enjoying our pedicure are we Harriet Parsons 󾌰, thanks Walter White and Michael Evans loving life just how it should be 󾌬󾌬
Had to see the place where the greatest modern Greek Tragedy was shot. @ Walter White's House
Walter Palmer DDS has now surpassed Walter White in the Most Evil Walter charts.
I'm watching too many Netflix series. In my mind Walter White is dealing drugs to Derek Shepherd who just performed surgery on Piper Chapman
Josh Lyman + Walter White + HBO? This is a thing that I will watch.
No! (Kind of makes me miss Walter White in . *shame*)
Best T.V. character's of all time? Eric Cartmen, Dwight Schrute, Uncle Ruckus, Walter White, Seinfeld all top 10. Who else you think?
Friendship loyalty squad goals: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman
Coming out of a fugue state? Join & Walter White in breaking down big hands:
They'd cast Nigel Havers as Walter White and Ben Fogle as Jessie. Pauline Quirk would be Skyler.
If you thought that Walter White died, think again!
Boris Johnson wonders why the BBC didn't make Breaking Bad. It's because in the UK Walter White would receive free tre…
I've just finished watching Breaking Bad with -goodbye Walter White & Jesse Pinkman
Au: Hank and Jesse try to catch the serial killer Walter White who escapes prison. (Vine by Breaking Bad yo)
LUNATIC LEVEL, BABY!!! DK is my Walter White, Yohe is my Jesse Pinkman and DKOPS is the blue stuff. Dated reference???
Looks like Walter White & Jesse are cooking meth in our offices. @ CBS Studio Center.
Joyfully imagining Jesse Pinkman as Hans Solo and Darf Vader as Walter White
When you run into Walter White and Jesse ...
So did you hear the news? Walter White isn't dead. Vince Gilligan just confirmed they are making a season 6!!!
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman go to Starbucks (w & ) (Vine by
needmorecookies: Walter White with his other family
I just realized that Doc Brown & Marty McFly were the inspiration for Walter White & Jesse Pinkman. I'm a
What Product Managers can learn from Walter White?via
If Steven Hayes and Walter White switched places... Idk if I'd be able to tell the difference.
"Good intentions, just Breaking Bad like I'm Walter White." I gotta go to work.
Alan Farragut deserves to be spoken of in the same discussions as Tony Soprano, Walter White, Vic Mackey, Jax Teller & Raylan Givens
What world does "Bobby" Jindal live? Race doesn't matter? Ask Freddie Gray, or Trayvon Martin or Walter White..
this is hilarious. We're all gonna be batman chars and mike is Walter White lmfao. gotta get a group photo!
My "The Whites" t-shirt is featured at TeeFizz check it out. Featuring Gandalf, Walter White, Snow White, a white...
seasons 1-5 Wardrobe M1 of Bryan Cranston as Walter White
seasons 1-5 Wardrobe M12 of Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Bryan Cranston's Walter White will appear in 'Better Call Saul', says show creator
seasons 1-5 Wardrobe M6 of Bryan Cranston as Walter White
domain names
Oklahoma man shot, killed in upscale neighborhood via EVEN Walter White had his day. How small a world it is.
.was a dentist on Seinfeld, Doug Heffernan’s neighbor, & Walter White.
Can't see a Pontiac Aztec in public anymore without thinking about Walter White lol.
"Say my name" - Walter White is well and truly back as Bryan Cranston resurrects him to kick off a gig in Las Vegas. http…
'Say my name!' Bryan Cranston brings Walter White to the decks of Vegas music festival EDC
Bryan Cranston revived 'Breaking Bad's Walter White for a cameo at an EDM festival- watch here htt…
Bryan Cranston resurrects Walter White at "Say my name"
I can't see a Pontiac Aztec anymore without thinking of Walter White.
16) without which fictional character there would have been no Walter White,Don Draper or Enoch Thompson
If I don't turn out to be Jackson Teller or Walter White when I'm older I'm gonna be extremely disappointed
Jackson Teller, you tie the spot at favorite villain next to Walter White.
Breaking Bad set in 2007, where Walter White sells his youtube poops to a youtube poop cartel to cure cancer
If you're not Samuel L Jackson or Walter White, don't give yourself a goatee. 99% chance you look like a bell end
re-watching Breaking Bad makes me think.. Yep George R.R Martin was right when he said Walter White is more evil than anyone in GoT.
In my world, Walter White is still cooking and Party Rock is still in the house tonight.
He's also listed for Walter White in 1st split & Uncle Lasse in 3rd. With YG so busy with Burke/Takter Brett is busting out
Remember what GRRM said about Walter White? Could he be referring to Stannis?
It really is the age of the anti-hero:. Walter White. Jax Teller . GoT's entire realm . Rick Grimes . Frank Underwood . Me
So last night my uncle won a Tony award and accepted it off Walter White. Incredible scenes. Congrats
I liked Walter White until he brought about the death of Gustavo Fring
My friend met both George Costanza AND Walter White in NYC today. If he runs into Omar Little and Tyrian Lannister...
Matthew Broderick turned down the role of Walter White from Breaking Bad.
This dude is probably a big Walter White fan too. People like that are from a Tribe we don't need to associate with.
So, really, need to know when we get your "Martin the Human is worse than Walter White" essay.
Walter White's gone (but not forgotten), and "True Detective" took the Emmy year off, apparently to give Colin...
Great read about Kevin Owens being what I call the "Walter White" of pro wrestling by Rich of
Walter White refused to call Walter Jr. "Flynn" in Breaking Bad
I hear you. The same could be said of Walter White and Michael Corleone.
Don Draper, like Michael Corleone and Walter White, is the apotheosis of American business in the 20th century
In the final season of Breaking Bad and I've never hated a character more than I do Walter White.
I promise that if I ever get to see Walter White's house in NM, I will throw the biggest pizza I can find on their roof
James Spader Actor I should have said Raymond Reddington. And I think Walter White is dude hes awesome.
James Spader in the Blacklist is just awesome. Still not quite Walter White or Frank Underwood level though.
Tell me this ain’t season 3 Jessie Pinkman and the black Walter White
Without Tony Soprano no one would NEVER have heard of Walter White, Don Draper, Omar Little, Nucky Thompson.
Walter White & Jessie Pinkman* never twerked and make it rain. I'm just saying. . *ok Jessie make it rain. Fine
can the breaking math one have a photo of John Craven instead of Walter White 😂
I told you all about Donnie. He's no Jessie Pinkman or Walter White. He never will be. .
Watching Master Chef and Chef Gordon Ramsay made a reference to Walter White and Heisenberg! Wow!
Dave Letterman, Don Draper, Walter White, Nucky Thompson, Lorne Malvo, Jax Teller? All in 1 year? . I'm going to have abandonment issues.
Can you imagine Matthew Broderick as Walter White? Oh wow that would have been painful. Brian Cranston please don't do Godzilla.oh wait
Just saw a Walter White lookin RV on the side of the highway. Just bc it's JeffCo doesn't mean you can cook meth there, C'mon man.
incredible photo: Brian Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad (season 5, 2013)
I read this in a Walter White voice with you saying "I AM THE BEAR WHO QUIETLY WATCHES!"
Gordon Freeman and Walter White are essentially the same person. Scientist turned badass.
when you sitting on the toilet and realize W.W. stands for Walter White.
Peggy Olson and Pete Campbell's baby grows up to be: . a) John Locke. b) Walter White. c) Fox Mulder
How much money did Walter White have?
Just tell us your story, okay? Start from the beginning. When did you first meet Walter White?
Walter White's house in Breaking Bad is a real house in Albuquerque, and its residents are tired of fans throwing pizza on…
I can't say I've moved on from Walter White but this lovely boy has caught my eye. Tom Burke. ?
Vegas: we don’t have techno, but you can hear DJ sets from Hodor and Walter White, Jr. in the space of two weeks.
Walter White on the Americans yal . Wait what
Ari Gold the best TV character. Tony Soprano, Arnold Rothstein, Walter White, Nancy Botwin, Don Draper etc. are great but flawed.
I personally think that Patricia Routledge (as Hyacinth Bucket) would be great as Walter White
It's a scary day when you realize you always agree with Walter White.
My boy Dwayne, Walter White, Stallone & Sarah Connor. Seriously is off the hook. I'm gonna be tired at work tomorrow...
Armed rangers in Sudan guard the last male northern white rhino on earth. His species survived for 50 million years. htt…
. No one asks for guilt or reparations. Just fair and unbiased treatment.
Walter Scott, the South Carolina black man shot dead by a white cop, will be memorialized Saturday. More in
Order Miche Bag Online!
Betty Grable's famous legs as she models white shorts while getting out of driver's seat of car.Hollywood 1943 Walter
"Walter White has left cookies at the stage door." - Stage Manager
Black death has become a cultural spectacle: Why the Walter Scott tragedy won’t change White...
Walter Sanders - Betty Grable’s famous legs as she models white shorts sitting in driver’s seat of car, 1943.
Don't know *** is Walter White doing here in Vegas but I fear the worst... .
Crowler still tasting fresh after 2 weeks of being filled! - Drinking a Walter White Wit by -
White outrage over Walter Scott doesn't fix black fear of living in racist America
He is the one who knocks…out the competition. Vote for Walter White today:
Funeral for Walter Scott, black man shot by white police officer
‘The flag of white supremacy still flies on our State House. We’re stuck in the past’. via
If you are asking why Walter Scott was running from that murdering cop, you're probably white
A white family brawled with Idaho police for over 5 min before 1 person was shot. Walter Scott didn't do anything.
There is a fear I feel when I am in spaces dominated by powerful white people, and it can’t be captured on video.
Crowd arrives for Walter Scott's funeral in SC
.White guilt won’t fix America’s race problem. Only justice and equality will
*Walter White putting a towel down before vomiting*
just imagined what Jesse Pinkman and Walter White sharing Coachella would be like. What a satisfying laugh.
Way TV remakes are going, there will be a new Breaking Bad in 2035 starring Jaden Smith as Walter White and North West as Jesse Pinkman.
It's funny how Bryan Cransten (played Walter White) made 225 thousand an episode. Basically rolled in the dough his character made
I love Malcolm in the Middle even more now because I associate Bryan Cranston's voice with Walter White but it's the literal opposite.
Lynch not directing the Twin Peaks revival is like replacing Bryan Cranston as Walter White — just not the same.
Only just noticed Walter White is Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. Bryan Cranston 10/10
Walter White must have planted a church.
Instead of Walter White and Gray Matters, it was Steve Wozniak and apple?
FBI profiler analyzes how Breaking Bad's Walter White went from chemistry teacher to druglord: . In this Vanity Fair video shared by...
It's less Walter White and more Jim Breuer, but I dig it. Also, I think I'm in love with Mary Louise Parker now.
That episode was so perfect. And sad! I'm glad I know Mike's backstory now though. *** you Walter White for what you did!)
Melissa is the Skylar to my Walter White
Don't look at me weird cos I fancy Richard Hammond and Walter White mate
Hi Brent. Who do you think would win in a fight? Walter White or Nicholas Brody?
As badass as Jack Bauer or Walter White may be I don't think either of them compare to Michael Scofield
and quit dissolving dead drug dealers!. 'Breaking Bad' Creator "No more Pizzas on Walter White's House!" via
Vince Gilligan wants fans to stop throwing pizza at Walter White's house via
Please stop throwing pizza on Walter White's house. He doesn't live there.
'Breaking Bad' creator warns tourists to stop throwing pizzas on Walter White's house
Arden would want to cross over to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Holland says Lydia would sell blue meth with Walter White.
" you can be the Jesse Pinkman to my Walter White " 😂😂🙌
Walter White art drawn by me. Follow my Instagram for more art! (
I liked a video from Throwing Pizza's on Walter White's House (Response)
Vince Gilligan isn't too happy about fans throwing pizzas on Walter White's house.
The creator of wants everyone to stop throwing pizza on Walter White's roof
showrunner wants you to stop throwing pizzas on Walter White's roof
Super Bowl fans react to the big game, Katy Perry, Walter White and ...
Pretty solid final 4 by Yahoo - Michael Scott, Walter White, House, and Jack Bauer. Walter White takes home the big trophy.
Just finished season 3 of . That last scene in the Oval Office... Frank Underwood is like Walter White on steroids.
Throwing that whole pizza on the roof is the worst thing walter white ever did. God *** it heisenberg
If only Walter White would have heeded this advice! (PS my friend painted that pic)
My interview with Monique from a year ago.She talks about the "Live Free or Die" episode\ Walter White.
Brandi's obsession with Walter White is getting out of control
MISSING: Walter White:. There ain't no party like a Breaking Bad Partay! .
Walter White. And it isn't even close lol
Walter White with the chemistry fam
Martin Crowe starting to look a lot like Walter White...which makes him even more awesome!
Innocent white woman shot dead by a black officer. No hashtag, no protest, no presidential speech. …
White police officer shot by black member of a Muslim street gang. No hashtags, no looting, no presidential speeches. …
In other news, the real life Walter White was arrested by Mexican police forces today.. further proof that teaching is a gateway drug.
Squad is getting tired of my Walter White quotes 😂
Starting to love Saul Goodman more than how I adore Walter White and Jesse Pinkman combined. Oh my Breaking Bad heart.
Why do you get the ugliest cars, Walter White?
Breaking Bad walter white cranston case hard for and samsun, LINK:.
when I was getting out of a lecture in college, I saw this dude wearing a t-shirt with Walter White's caricature and written: +
Sooo I may have mapped out a small detour tomorrow on Route 66 on my way to Walter White's house from breaking …
The Rohm's visit the Walter white's house!
In the lab cookin' work like Walter White
The Walter white of the ie hiphop Kidd Dryden
They should make a show called "white dudes are the WORST" starring Frank Underwood, Walter White, and Don Draper.
Call me Walter White when i walk into my chem labs 😎 and Jesse kinda got in a wind up skyler is starting to learn more about my business um call me back -Walter white
You know the business. . I know the chemistry. - Walter White
Doogie pays tribute to Walter White at the All that was missing was the meth.
Was that Doogie in Walter White briefs, lol??
Anna Gunn was also in that Seinfeld episode... She was Walter White's wife on Breaking Bad.
You know how Canadian Breaking Bad is just a shot of Walter White being diagnosed, then going into medical care?
I didn't get Per though :( and Walter White and Pinkman are at awe with Basti and Lee Pace
Sixth Scale News: Two Paint ups Walter White and Tuco: We just had our first Baby a beautiful little girl at t...
I'm really hoping for some Walter White camios like Stan lee In marvel movies
Just started the series on DVD ... Billy Bob schools Steve McQueen, Coen Bros are my personal Walter White.
Darren Gibson looks like Walter White started using too much of his own goods
I feel like Walter White in that episode with the fly.. Going stir crazy! 😫
Tonight I'll be watching "Better Call Saul", the spin-off from Walter White aka ...makers of
.Breaks Bad: The revenge of Tuco and an homage to Walter White
In honor of here is Walter White heckling Jimmy the best way he knows how: ht…
It's official! In our exclusive interview, David Chase confirms that in the final moments Walter White dies.
Walter White was the greatest man to walk this earth, nobody better.
I don't know, esurance, I'd pay a little extra for my useless CVS pharmacist to become Walter White... So I guess I like "sorta Greg"
Walter White Lives! Everyone at my party cheered when our favorite 'Breaking Bad' character appeared on our TV!
My econ professor reminds me of Walter White
Yesterday I told my little brother (for a joke) that I was thinking of building a meth lab to make some quick cash like Walter White...
.returns as ‘Breaking Bad’s Walter White in this new Super Bowl commercial: http…
Walter White returns for new advert. Watch it here
All purpose parts banner
Bryan Cranston reprises his role as Walter White
- so the next day I remember the dog, the dead kid, Walter White (not even sure for what), and the movies.
This was brilliant for you fans. Walter White in Esurance Commercial 2015 (Video) via
What was your favorite commercial from I'm a guy, Walter White wins for me!. Watch them all >> ht…
Walter White comes back to life in this epic ad
if you think you and Brady are handling me you've been sniffing that Walter White
Spoiler alert: the other gardener was Walter White.
Hard to say. Had a few (though many fell flat IMHO). Walter White and Fiat were funny. I love dogs, so the Bud ad was great
The only commercial we should be talking about from last night is the Walter white one.
Walter White was the best commercial. It just was.
Thx 4 bringing back WW yesterday! Only commercial that made me jump out of my seat
The guy at the gas station beside me is the spitting image of Walter white
Here's my drawing of the one and only Walter White ❤
Relive all the ads here: . Liam Neeson, Walter White, Kim K; who was your favorite?
Enjoyed as Walter White in the Breaking Bad reboot this morning (via featured in NBC s Science of Love
7. All leading up to the final 8 ep. of clearly has their ad game on lock - we see you Walter White
"Say my name" - Walter White returns in Super Bowl advert
The Walter white Super Bowl commercial has me pining for Breaking Bad. Would only be the 3rd time round 😳
WALTER WHITE is alive in this Super Bowl Esurance commercial!
Favorite commercials from were the Doritos commercial (we're the people with the baby) and Walter White
Tony Soprano's getting close to Walter White status in my life.
Breaking Bad [2008-2013]. TRIVIA: Walter White's alias, Heisenberg, is a tribute to Werner Heisenberg, who formula…
the room will be loudly shining & now Sleep is beckoning & dreamy & I mean physicist Werner Heisenberg, who Walter White took
Great question! To that end, I frequently found myself simultaneously rooting FOR and AGAINST Walter White on Breaking Bad.
how Patrick Bateman, Tyler Durden, Alec DeLarge, Walter White, etc etc are not role models or heroes.
Why's Erin Andrews trying to look like Walter White
Erin Andrews is smoking hot in Walter White fedora tribute.
I've been over Erin Andrews for awhile and so have you, but paying tribute to Walter White is strong.
Anybody know what the horrendous car Walter White drives in Breaking Bad? Does anyone want to buy the complete series Breaking Bad on DVD (unopened)
I have a bad cold. I ran out of Sudafed. A while back, this would entail a quick trip to the store, grab a box off the shelf, check out, and go home. But that was before the Government decided to try to solve the drug problem. Now you have to go to a licensed pharmacist. Show your ID, sign a statement that you promise not to make Methamphetamine with these Sudafed. Then you get to pay for them. It is racist to make people show ID to vote, but it is OK to require ID because your nose is dripping snot onto your shirt. Some *** congress people passed this stupid law. It is supposed to keep teenagers from making Meth out of cold tablets. How many meth-head teenagers have taken chemistry? I would tolerate this stupidity if it were effective, but there has not been any drop in meth-heads out on the street. So, like most stupid federal government ideas, it doesn't work. So... When I sign my name, I always write: "Walter White."
About to cook with Walter White at Wizard World New Orleans!
Better Call Saul won't have Bryan Cranston in first season: Breaking Bad prequel won’t feature Walter White an...
... a prequel to Breaking Bad were it's just Walter White teaching chemistry...
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