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Walter White

Walter Hartwell Walt White is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American television drama series Breaking Bad on AMC.

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Attempting to make Walter White using just text for class
Two years ago I was CM Punk for Halloween (wrestling trunks), last year I was Episode 1 Walter White (big white pants) so this year...?
UPI - Bryan Cranston on getting cast as Walter White in 'Breaking Bad': 'I wanted it badly'
and that's why Walter White wears a hat : )
Hillary saying she'll repeal Citizen's United is like saying Walter White saying he'll give up cooking.
Put a weed beard on Bernie Sanders & all of a sudden he turns into Walter White.
It's weird how I admire evil people. Not who they are, but what they were able to achieve. Pablo, Hitler, Francis Underwood, Walter White
Josie Wales-Because he's a gunslinger as am I, Tim Riggins-We both love Bud light and Walter White because he stay…
Peter got us tickets to a Brian Cranston Q&A and I'm like what I'm gunna see Walter White in person what is life
Walter White's only memory of his father is him on his deathbed, Don Draper's dad was an alcoholic deadbeat, ditto Tony Soprano
Watching Jeff Fisher figure out how not to get fired is like watching Walter White figure out how not to get murdered by…
Tony Soprano > Walter White and it's not even close.
I KNOW but we see things differently, it's like Walter White or Dexter Morgan, or Thomas Shelby, people will disagree
he's up there with Walter White and tony soprano
so far I've seen walmart Drake and walmart Walter White today. Living in the country is fun
the FBI doesn't know people's thoughts. This isn't Harrison Bergeron. The most innocuous people can become felons. Walter White
"I'm not in danger, Skyler. I'm the danger!" (Walter White) . [Breaking Bad]
but like they included skyler with Walter White which felt fake because they didn't include lois with Peter griffin
I want that Walter White & Jesse Pinkman type of relationship.
Y'all I am 800 pg into The Power Broker. Soon (read: 3 wks from now) i will know how to attain power and fall, better than Walter White
Walter White had two phones way before Kevin Gates
Walter White, Trumbo, LBJ, Robert Mazur: last 8 years, who's been more prolific and versatile than Bryan Cranston?
Stopping in Roswell New Mexico and stopping by Walter White's house in Albuquerque 👽🏜
I saw a bloke at the train station who looked like if they had cast Wallace Shawn as Walter White...
With Bernie's health policies, Walter White wd never have needed to cook meth to fund cancer treatment. https…
Walter White was a badass from day one man. No-one bullies his kid.
Better Call Saul to get cameo appearance by Walter White:  Ever since AMC issued the go-ahead on Better Call ...
George R.R. Martin-Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros.
India need to go all Walter White on Gus Fring on China
If only Walter White could do to Trump what he did to Gus Fring.
If you don't know who Tim Riggins, Lucas Scott, Walter White and Michael Scofield are, we can't be friends.
Cullen Bohannon is best character on TV since Walter White
A ranking of Walter White's rivals based on their threat level
Best characters in television are Dennis Reynolds, Michael Scott, and Walter White
A crashed 2003 Pontiac Aztek, driven by Walter White in the first four seasons, could be the ultimate 'Breaking...
All I'm saying is that Walter White was just a mild-mannered High School teacher when Gary Johnson was Governor.
I know I'm years late to the party, but finally watching In season 3 and I don't like Walter White.
This obnoxious conservative on Bill Maher's show reminds me of the guy on Breaking Bad whose car Walter White set on fire.
None of the Ph.D candidates at the Princeton Chemical Engineering center will admit they can cook meth like Walter White
Walter White is in Martin's family restaurant xD
What's common between Walter White and bad data? Learn more in the Digital Disruption Summit with
This guy is a cross between Walter White and David Cross and for some reason he was not pleased with my existence
Vince Gilligan finally reveals why Walter White left Gray Matter in via Mystery solved!
Thank you but I kind of messed up Walter White's head lol I'm going to try drawing David Bowie hopefully much better.
That episode was written by Vince Gilligan and its what helped him come up with the Walter White character. Its dope.
Hi there . How about ressurection of Walter White. Me Have some great ideas. :)
Walter White is so complex, so unpredictable. I'm in awe of the sheer brilliance of how Vince Gilligan built his character
Just had a bomb chicken sandwich at Los Pollos Hermanos and ate in Walter White's booth...
Voting for Trump because of the economy is like voting for Walter White because you miss Los Pollos Hermanos.
Deleted them all. I was spending all of my time having Josh and Walter White talk about stuff. Jesse would ch…
Walter White dies and rigs a machine gun to kill the Aryan Brotherhood. Jesse's girlfriend also dies btw.
W.W., I mean, who do you figure that is, huh? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?
Today, Walter White might not be doomed by his lung cancer. The harder problem is how to pay for his care.
What would Jimmy McGill at this point say to Walter White regarding peddling a meth operation?
Hangin with my buddy Walter White. im on the right with the Jets hat he said Skylar hates the Jets, lol.
same *** who idolised Walter White and demonised Skylar.
Came to the realization today that Walter White and Skylar White were both in Seinfeld episodes.
i know you have some Walter White meth nonsense going down over there
All in all the worst thing to happen to Walter White was marrying Skylar
Will the real Walter White please stand up?
Had a discussion earlier, Best TV villains of all time? My picks - Ben Linus, Charles Logan, Walter White, Gus Fring. Not sure who else
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I liked a video from Familiar Faces in Fallout 4 | Will Smith, Walter White and
Tony Sopranos, Walter White, Tyrion Lannister were portrayed by the best actors I've seen on television.
Breaking Bad is set today in your country. Instead of medical bills, what financial burden drives Walter White over the brink?
Walking the Las Vegas Strip at night in 4K HD - with Walter White, ... Subs ...
Im still bewildered by this Concord Mills employee who was cooking meth right in the *** mall. Everybody wanna be Walter White now. 😩
Pigs might fly! Sunny London day and pet pig Walter White is out for a walk fun
who's power would you rather have in their fantasy world: Frank Underwood, Walter White, or Jeff Lurie?
Walter White is a G and his wife Skyler may be my least favorite character in the history of television
Wells-2 going to get a cook on, Walter White style. Time for STAR Labs Krew to Break Bad!
I am not endangered Skyler, I am the danger- Walter White
Saul Goldman: "Did you not plan for this contingency?" . Walter White: "No!" . Goodman: "well next time plan for it!" .
Mark Horsley is back at it again, making stacks, with Walter White.
I do think BCS has made Saul Goodman a much more complex character than Walter White. Which was unexpected
For 'Breaking Bad,' people were with Walter White for 99% of that show, eve...
As life would have it, in the real world when you are bitten over and over, one can either be Walter White or Frank Underwood. Simple.
That feeling when you're watching Better Call Saul and you remember how Walter White ruined everyone's life in Breaking Bad
Y'all I'm finishing up S1 and Frank Underwood just went Jane-era Walter White but with zero remorse
Frank Underwood is Walter White reincarnated. All hail the king.
Ok, done…totally agree. Frank Underwood easily takes the throne of “best bad-guy-you-cheer for-anyway” away from Walter White
Bernie Sanders' response reminded me of Walter White. Just a little bit
would you rather team up with Walter White of Breaking Bad or Jackson&qut ;jazz and quot teller of sons of anarchy
I'll never forgive Walter White for killing Mike.
Mike, Walter White, Jackson Teller, Michael Scofield..the good really do die young man.
Nancy Botwin and Walter White would be a drug dealing dream team.
Any of these could do better job than Trump:. Peyton Manning. Walter Payton. Walter White. Jack White. Jack Bauer. Me
I swear Walter White just came in the pharmacy
Slippin' Jimmy & Slippin' Kimmy are SLAMMIN' together! Walter White will love a horse farm!
hitting up the meth lab with Walter White @ Wheeling Park High School
Eat your heart out Walter White: order now- send recipe.. h…
I consider Dan Fielding to be one of the greatest characters on TV. Up there with Hawkeye, Walter White, Raylan Givens, etc.
In the lab cookin work like Walter white.
Walter White hands down underwent the most immense transformation
Why did I think being a science major would be a good idea, I just wanna be able to make meth like Walter White
you just started? Walter White is a goon he gets it by ANY means
Is that the guy whose car Walter White set ablaze with a squeegee?
Walter White wouldn't last in Rick Grimes world
Actually, Ken WILL lose again. Better Call Saul occurs several years before the rise of Walter White.
I feel like Walter White whenever I make my protein shakes and preworkout 😆
Why didn't anyone give me a real warning about Walter White
I wish my Chemistry professor was Walter White. That'd be cool.
Above and beyond por supuesto no podia faltar este super track "Walter White"...
if you pass you can be Walter White, if you do can I be Jesse. That's a legitimate question
My favorite two brands of red and white wine are Sweet Walter and Cupcake Moscato 🍷😋
High quality photo from when I creeped on Walter White's house
I was watching an ad for with and I was thinking.Paul likes chemicals so much he's basically Walter White over here
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
you saw how Walter white was? If they can make meth they can tutor chemistry 😂😂.
In the lab cookin work like Walter White 😷🍽
Walter White's character..the way it evolves in season 3 is just nuts!
Yeah i'm chill now I think the Walter White is getting to me
so far I love "Better Call Saul", and the writing is fantastic but it lacks walter white and the badass-ery that Breaking Bad had
Walter White begins and ends the series 'Breaking Bad' wearing the same clothes.
"If that’s true, if you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course… would be to tread lightly." - Walter White
I'm sorry Walter White took out your buds at the end of the Breaking Bad finale
you know, until watching your show I didn't catch on that Cinabun was post Walter White. I thought it was Jimmy early years
I was trying to quote a poem, but I ended up saying "I am the one who knocks," which is definitely Walter White
Walter White left Saul shaking in boots-In May Odin have mercy on him http…
Ay maldito Walter White me comes la head
you think that you're Walter White or something?
Walter “In a White Privilege workshop: how to “insert social justice” into lessons so that “even little kids” can understand.”
hey this Walter shaw do Ashe county north Carolina I just want to say hi to the white house
A Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop is opening up in Brooklyn
I do too, I think they'll use it in the same way they used the Walter White at Denny's flashes in s5 of BrBa
Yet what's the popularized image of WALTER WHITE in contrast to that of say, NINO BROWN? Much different, both drug dealers
Survivor is not about killing, its about persuasion, Don Draper would slay, more than Walter White
Walter white is the one who knocks. He wins.
Walter white let his best friends girlfriend die don't think he cares about screwing people over
They both knew the right answer. Walter White all the way. He has all of the knowledge for Survivor
Come on. Walter White. this isn't fair.
Breaking Bad fans. I got the shirt Walter White wore when Hank found out he was Heisenberg ;)
Skinny cowboy Walter White walks past the theatre, whistling along to "Come On Eileen".
Walter? Mr White? I was watching Seinfeld and I saw you Walt... Weird. To soon.
fav: my son, the love of my life, Jesse Pinkman. least fav: WALTER WHITE THE SCROTUM OF EVERYBODY'S LIFE
Bob Odenkirk as James McGill... other than Bryan Cranston as Walter White there hasn't ever been a better male TV lead
I wonder if Walter White knows that Bryan Cranston's show is more addictive than Heisenberg's meth.
Walter White, Secret Service agent Ron Butterfield and the chief of Seattle Grace Dr. Richard Webber are all guest-staring in DRIVE
Update your maps at Navteq
or was it 100 chicken sized Walter Whites? And 1 Walter White sized chicken? 😂😂😂 I dunno!
So would you rather fight 100 chicken sized Walter whites or 1 Walter White sized chicken?
Oscar nominee on the evolution of Walter White in
I can't take Walter White serious in his tighty whites
Thanks Tommy Conlon , Yuri Boyka , Elliot Alderson , Walter White and Tyler Durden for making life seems much easier !!
Happy birthday to the Jessie Pinkman to my Walter White 💙 have a great day love miss you!!!
Mr. Thompson is definitely the real life Walter White
Remember when Jessica Jones did crystal meth balls with Jesse Pinkman, and died because Walter White didn't want to save her... good times.
Walter White & Jesse Pinkman go trick or treating. w/ & (Vine by
So I thought Shiri Appleby was the Walter White of She's not. She's the Jesse Pinkman. Constance Zimmer is the Walter…
Remember when Walter White made the rich people think he had hitmen but it was just Badger and Skinny Pete
who were they Walter White and Jessie Pinkman lol
Why couldn't I have had a chemistry teacher like Walter White
Braking Bad: TransLink BC bus driver is an uncanny Walter White lookalike
Thought that was going to be Martin's Walter White / Jane moment.
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every time I see a Pontiac Aztec I think of Walter White on Breaking Bad.
Do you think if Saracen and Julie never got married, Landry would have ever started hanging out with Walter White?
Everybody got a little Walter White in them
/ / I'll have my gremlin little sister sell me and tell her to cover story my auction as a Walter White story. That'll do it.
Everybody is a little Walter White sometimes...
Playing Lego with my son, is it just me or does this look like Walter White 😂🙈
Walter White discussing organic chemistry but the example on the board is inorganic pfft
Walter White is the one who Knocks.everyone else out, Vince Gilligan does it again.
It's 62 episodes so it's a true commitment to the trials and tribulations of Walter White aka Bryan Cranston aka Tim Whatley
I got the Walter White meth lab starter kit!!!. I need a Jesse Pinkman!. Hmu to apply.
Just started watching Breaking Bad, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman together is making me laugh my *** off lmao
Brian Cranston would interest me if he was Walter White.
Walter White and Dexter Morgan would have made the greatest business partners.
Just in case you ever wondered what a Walter White-led boy band would look like...
Walter White is now Dalton Trumbo, catch Bryan Cranston in the Golden Globe nominated TRUMBO now at Cinema Detroit:
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Bryan Cranston won at the Globes for Walter White. Can he double up with a Best Actor nom for Dalton Trumbo? See for yourself at 5:00/7:20!
Dr Tim Watley is the same person as Walter White. Dr House is the same person as Prince George. This is why actors are so popular.
Also lawl, the network wanted Matthew Broderick to play Walter White.
Matthew Broderick as Walter White in It could've happened:
Topics: Matthew Broderick as Walter White in It could've happene…
I refer to him as Walter White but... Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. He's still one of the G.O.A.T.
Yeah, it's got to be feasible. Walter White was a good example, I think.
you look like a ignorant great value Walter white.
Walter White has just come to the stand to have a word with me!!!
Talked to someone named Walter White today. What a guy.
Oh god! You look like Walter White in the last episode of Breaking Bad!
Go to check my balance. See website appears to feature Walter White in search of financial advice.
Listening to the blissful music of Walter MacDonald White Bear
you weren't the only one, I ended up like Walter white last night when I trimmed my beard,
Just seen a real dead ringer for Walter White at uni, had to do a double take.
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Friendly reminder that we're all treated like Walter White buying cold medicine during cold season but you can order as…
Which one's the Blue Crystal by Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg?
All hail Walter White and Rick Grimes, the only 2 protagonists in TV history that didn't cheat on their wives!
Matt Berninger has a real Bryan Cranston thing going on it that video. Pure Walter White look he gives Lauren Mayberry half-way though.
My professor randomly goes out in the hallway and makes calls off his flip phone like Walter White.
"Stunning white phalonopsis orchids from Walter Grootscholten, orchid nursery were used to create tonight's...
Tori is tryna convince me that its "your welcome" instead of "you're welcome' Im losing brain cells faster than walter white …
I've even got the wallabees Walter White had in the first episode
no!! Not this time!! This time it's a white dude from BFE northern California named Walter 😂😂😂
I'm more into breakfast than Walter White's family.
Mine include Freddy Krueger, Kilgrave and Walter White. Additionally, Doctor Doom, Carnage and Mystique are on there.
is mesmerising. Beautifully pictured! SRK-Kajol's chemistry > Walter white's chemistry! Trust me on that.
BOOM! Heard of The infamous Walter White cocktail? Thought so! See you at the bar!
ooh, is that the one with Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White from Breaking Bad) in it. Will have to watch too ☺
In defense of dumb tech: why Walter White wouldn't buy a Samsung flip phone by
He may look like Walter White in this picture, but this is iconic…
And we all knew Walter White would die, doesn't mean we'd want to see it in a trailer.
but nobody will ever break my heart like Walter White did
or cooks some meth. Reminds me of the Breaking Bad guy. Walter White
Walter White motivated real life science teachers to become Drug Kingpins
We just Breaking Bad, my brother serving Walter White...
Everyone come to Watkins Mill tomorrow at 7:00 PM, we play Walter Johnson, Wear all white! 🏀🔶🔷
Matthew Broderick was originally offered the role of Walter White on Breaking Bad. And Thomas Jane was asked to play Don Draper on Mad Men.
Christopher Lloyd's performance as Judge Doom makes me wonder what his take on Walter White would be.
Evolution of Walter White (Breaking Bad) is similar Tony Blair. Starts as a man providing for his people, ends as a belligerant megalomaniac
My life is that episode of Breaking Bad where Walter White gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer but lives on like he gets reborn everyday.
Walter White is the greatest character ever portrayed by anyone anywhere. Thank you Bryan Cranston and Vince Gilligan.
"I don't miss Walter White." moves on from & talks about his new roles, tonight on h…
the real reason Walter White broke bad. He was an Andy dalton owner!
Betty Draper, Stringer Bell, Walter White's wife are literally my least favorite TV characters of all time.
DID YOU KNOW?: Walter White, Saul Goodman, and Skylar White from Breaking Bad all had roles in the TV series Seinfeld. . Now you know.
When Bryan Cranston gained worldwide fame as meth kingpin Walter White on "Breaking Bad," everybody commented on what a radical departure
Story pitch for Breaking Bad XXX parody. "What if Jack Nicholson played Walter White!!"
My name is Skylar White yo. My husband is Walter White, yo?!
Also, Don Draper and Walter White are the same character. Also also, Pete Campbell and Jesse Pinkman.
Jesse Pinkman and Walter White's Tyvek's suits enshrined at the Smithsonian:
The phenomenon happened again in Breaking Bad between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. It can happen.
What if I told you that Walter White is Keyser Soze?
I love that episode of Breaking Bad where Walter White took over Gus Fring's free to play MOBA.
Craig Sager look like Walter White from Breaking Bad lol
The winner for Most Original costume is Niko dressed as Walter White from Breaking Bad! @ Camp Bow…
Walter White is the greatest TV character of all time
After watching the Breaking. Bad episode "Ozymandias,". George RR Martin called. Walter White a worse. monster than anyone in. Westeros.
BB fans still "pizza'd" Walter White's Albuquerque house in spite of Vince G and Jonathan Banks admonitions- story
Adam said that if this gets 50 favorites he'll shave his head to complete his Walter White costume for tonight.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Walter White. Francis Underwood. Aaron Hotchner. Idk if you watch Criminal Minds but that's my fave!
How many people has Walter White killed? We have the final tally and more in this week's press roundup. h…
loved the scope with your hubs!Love the topic,Walter White and thedirector in The Martin came to mind about baddies who save the cat
Meet the agrarian Walter White, an chemist turning trash fruit into New York gold.
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