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Walter Reed

Major Walter Reed, M.D., (September 13, 1851 – November 22, 1902) was a U.S. Army physician who in 1900 led the team that postulated and confirmed the theory that yellow fever is transmitted by a particular mosquito species, rather than by direct contact.

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NBC News contributor triggered that Trump awarded a Purple Heart at Walter Reed today and thanked soldier for his service…
Trump visits Walter Reed Hospital to award Purple Heart via the App
Trump awards Purple Heart during first visit to Walter Reed – CNN
I bet every soldier in Walter Reed Medical Center could explain why we used it.
steve inskeep npr...heard the latest VA fiasco on M.E. but surprised that you drew no parallels with the Walter Reed fiasco 6yrs ago
60 years ago tonight...William Forrest and Walter Reed in "The Frame-Up" on 'Rin Tin Tin' starring Jim Brown and Lee Aaker on
While he was whining about bones spurs & chasing girls, we were in Valley Forge General Hospital, Walter Reed & Bro…
I added a video to a playlist Walter Reed and the VA with Judy Woodruff of PBS
They do! They get the best at Walter Reed! It's their elite hospital that we pay for!
Trump refuses to schedule a baseline evaluation at Walter Reed Hospital like every POTUS has done. He's nuts and kn…
Thank you to the surgeons at Walter Reed. Bethesda Hospital. You saved my friend. God bless you. Brendan hang in there.fella.
She gets free medical care at Walter Reed. Free gov’t transport to hospital. Paid time off. But she trashes Obamacare
just wanted to say that Xplay helped get me thru some rough times while recovering at Walter Reed army hospital, thank you.
"Cubs... in downtown to meet the president, w/a visit to the Walter Reed military hospital schedu…
Gifts en route to Camp Pendleton, & Walter Reed & BAMC. Happy holidays to our wonderful milit…
is parked on Davis Field til 3p. Come write a note to our service men & women. Will be delivered to Walter Reed on Xmas Day.
A form of meditation developed at Walter Reed after the Gulf War continues to help those who with
Most of the people in Walter Reed are victims of Bush lies to us & world - his never-ending wars.
Walter Reed is the result of this nation allowing the bushwhacker to steal our "elections."
b 4 u vote 4 Stein who comes out once during election...go look at WALTER REED! SEE RESULTS OF VOTING!
years ago was watching Chris Isaak show and she said once a month brings loaded iPods to wounded at Bethesda & Walter Reed😍
Bethesda MD USA - Assistant Needed at Walter Reed Medical Clinic - Description Sterling Medical has...
Told many MILLENIALS-want to C consequences of 537 votes, VISIT WALTER REED😭
JBER included in military 'healing art' program. The National Intrepid Center of Excellence, part of Walter Reed...
WALTER REED: THE BATTLE FOR RECOVERY. In 2007, the scandalous treatment of wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army...
From the archives of our journey: . USA Today: Excerpts from House panel on Walter Reed.
Riverside HS NHS is seeking Veterans Day donations in support of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center throu…
Walter Reed Dreams: meet with our Walter Reed Dreams' artists and learn about their future projects and how YOU can…
Walter Reed is beginning a partnership with the NEA & DoD to provide creative healing for veterans.…
Fire crews are responding to a apartment fire on 2600blk of South Walter Reed Drive in Arlington, Texas.
Units on scene of an apartment fire in the 2600blk of S Walter Reed Dr. Updates to follow.
I've been giving free money seminars for the troops at Walter Reed *** ..
Former president Dwight Eisenhower arrives at Walter Reed Hospital to have a gall bladder operation on Thursday 8th…
An American welder prosthesis at Walter Reed in WW2
Ever since I saw her years ago on CSPAN from Walter Reed, I have been captivated by IL, you are lucky to get to vote for her.
sweet!! They also do Christmas & Super Bowl parties for soldiers at Walter Reed with Redskins cheerleaders. 🏈🎁🎉
Walter Reed and USU proud to host a national mtg on this NAM report today & tomorrow
I bet you have forgotten who I am. I was at Walter Reed in the psychiatric unit Ward 54 and you said I was cute. My name is Kim.
After war: The weight of life at Walter Reed, Zoë H. Wool. — Reviewed by Anna Zogas
Today's Candy Containers for our HERO's at Walter Reed Medical Facility was a huge success but Families 4...
Thanks Walter Reed Nat'l Military Medical Center for superb Warrior Care. MRI staff at couldn't have been…
Not voting? Fine Go to Arlington cemetery and Walter Reed Hospital and tell them you don't give a rip about their s…
They should volunteer at Walter Reed & other VA Hospitals.Our veterans gave all for us
I went to Walter Reed Hospital a couple of times to visit wounded soldi...
Ha! Pretty sure just showed a dated photo of the old DC Walter Reed Hospital before it moved to Bethesda
isn't Walter Reed and army hospital they wouldn't get regular traffic
"As usual, someone conveniently forgets that Bush did quite a number on veterans - Walter Reed Hospital…" — cadmium
Walter Reed Hospital. Lots of wounded warriors get out post injury and don't have the civilian type clothing for business.
Proud to partner with the Geneva Foundation in working with the Uniformed Services University at Walter Reed
Amazing what a shot of "whatever" does. You & DJT should have pre-Election day physical exams at Walter Reed & results disclosed.
From the Farm Ladies in Bethesda, MD and the soldiers at Walter Reed, we agree!
Going 2 take my nephew to c haven't seen *** since we visited soldiers at Walter Reed
June 11, 2016: meet the extraordinary individuals known as "Wounded Warriors and Mighty Moms of Walter Reed"
Where were you stationed? I was at in order; Dix, Sam Houston, Walter Reed, Benning then Gordon. Then moved to mcChord with husb
At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this week and a customer who bought our Oatsy Floatsie bath salts...
Congratulations on your re-enlistment, benjiphoenix! @ Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Just think of a Walter Reed Team in E Games. That'd be WONDERFUL
lariam created at walter reed has since been banned by US. What's our excuse?.
Ty to the surgeon at Walter Reed for slicing off my uvula during my tonsillectomy last year. W/o a gag reflex, my bj skills have been 👌🏻
Darrel Issa wants to privatize TSA... that did so great when Walter Reed was given to Haliburton didn't it? *snark
...before I retired I would stop off a Walter Reed if passing though town, what heroes
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
All gov't employees including the Pres. No more Walter Reed private suites
people on the TkDC list argue that we need a Whole Foods at Walter Reed to attract the right kind of people.
Here MAJ Walter Reed discovered the source of yellow fever & malaria
And in unrelated news, I'm starting to get excited about my trip to DC in July & chance to visit Walter Reed Natl Military Medical Center 🇺🇸
Last Friday at Walter Reed after a very special visit I stopped by an event outside. There was…
Fun fact: my brother, then a Navy officer candidate, was treated at the old Walter Reed after a TBI in 1999. They took great care of him 💙
So my July research trip to DC is coming together. Getting a tour of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda.
Creative art therapy is an important part of an integrated healthcare model. Walter Reed has found great results...
Sorry Sen McC you have no room to criticize. Walter Reed Hospital was a mess when your party was in control. thing
Officially cleared to volunteer with the PT at the Phoenix VA, first step in the door to achieve my dream to be a PT at Walter Reed one day
Meeting civilian and servicemen/women (@ Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD)
players like Shannon and Sterling sharpe , Andre Reed, Walter Payton, john elway are still waiting
made a big deal about donating proceeds of Trump Vodka sales to Walter Reed Hosp. Turned out to be just a few hundred $. Loser!
So Walter Reed veterans were worth only a few hundred dollars to Donald Trump with his billions disgusting lies of giving more.
How horrible a human do you have to be to LIE abt giving large amounts of $ to charities & vet groups, like Walter Reed Hosp?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
It shows how worthless the GOP is. Remember the *** Bush paid for leaking roofs at Walter Reed?
- remember walter reed under W and the mess when veterans returned home - gillespie was the secretary - an unqualified man !
I walked with a limp near Walter Reed Military hospital, and everyone started looking at me like I was a war veteran
In 2007, my company won a prime contract to help Walter Reed recover. We pitched COL Horoho, and brought in Disney.
Brig. Gen. Coots talks about the role of the CAREN system at Walter Reed. Pan
Back at the old stomping ground--Walter Reed Medical Center. I still know my way around-- A day of doc...
Chick-fil-A Westfield Montgomery Mall... Thanks for the food you gave to the Walter Reed Patients & Staff 5/14/16.
Trump talks a lot about vets, probably bc he's guilty draft-dodger. But has he EVER set foot in Walter Reed & comforted a vet?
Serious question: Did the players visit the troops at Walter Reed today or is that set for a later trip to DC?
Walter Reed invented public health in early 1900s during construction of the panama canal.
poor choice of words, I agree, but definitely the right approach. Look at Walter Reed 2007 vs 2010.
Port Lavaca WaveOne decade strongPort Lavaca Wave“I was medevaced to Walter Reed (Hospital) in Bethesda, Mary...
Team Semper Fi and Team America's Fund table is setup at Walter Reed's Adaptive Sports Expo. Stop by.
I still live in Bethesda, about 2 miles from the Naval Hospital now called Walter Reed.
Walter Reed found guilty on 18 of 19 counts in corruption trial: Former Washington/St. Tammany District Attor...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
NEW AT NOON: Testimony begins in Walter Reed trial; reports live. Plus, reports from the
Sir, we need to speak about some power-trip happy supervisors at Walter Reed a.k.a. the President's hospital. Please let me know when
President Obama praying with the family of a wounded veteran at Walter Reed Hospital
# wished I could go but I have had the pleasure to go to the ride to the wall and visit Walter Reed Hospital
Buy a shirt ($15), wear it 2 the game on Jan 16, & help us honor our wounded veterans at Walter Reed.
The is proud to sponsor at Walter Reed National Military Medical…
have to cross dirt to press ped button to get from Metro to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Hempfield tomorrow night at home and the student section had better be whiter than Walter
Did you know that a donation of $50 provides an "inpatient kit" for a wounded service member at Walter Reed -...
The Wu Priest ,Walter Reed dropping wizdom and fire like always
Bouta be sittin in walter reed for like an hour 😩 i can see it now
Saw this plate in garage at Walter Reed Bethesda today.
A letter to a recovering soliderSalina.comSend to: A Recovering American Soldier, Care of Walter Reed Army Med...
yes the government through cdc, NIH and Walter reed institute which is owned by Us military 😂😂😂
I got medevaced in 2003. Couple of days after I got to Walter Reed… SFC killed himself. While I was at LSA Dogwood… SP4 same. Reach out.
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I was watching Ed reed and Ray Lewis highlights yesterday and I might've cried a little too
Walter Reed/Military - m4m: Masculine dude here looking for an equally masculine military guy not into...
I am really kicking myself for not ordering The Psychic World Of Walter Reed CD while I had the chance! Now it is...
Walter Lemon Jr. is out here trying to get called-up! 😳 (via
RIP Walter de Maria.In 1965 he became the drummer in the rock band The Primitives w/ Lou Reed + John Cale precursing The…
Walter Never morning wore to evening,1894. https:/…
know who had Walter Reed Contract that treated VETS like garbage? KBR of course! what can't NEO CONS war criminals do?
Where MAJ Walter Reed discovered the source of malaria allowing the completion of Panama Canal
"experiencing interuptions find out why" Walter Reed Medical Center if you are not a qualified vet AA and NA --chat rooms--journal--walk
If you are healthy you have no right being depressed. Go to St. Jude or Walter Reed Hospital and see what other people go though.
who was going after ted cruz children? Walter Reed Medical Center which is not in CA or mexico people don't want to cause any sort of up set
Accident in on VA-7 Both EB/WB between Beauregard St & Walter Reed Dr and George Mason Dr
=passing away before finishing it.. which also leads to another great story from the curator. XD And then I think Walter Reed-
"... Theodor W. Adorno and Walter Benjamin, felt an affinity...
Sciutto, at times, mimics a blood-thirsty vampire. He should spend more of his time at Walter Reed. REALLY!
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Blues for New Year's Eve - Son House, Blind Willie Johnson, Freddy King, Jimmy Reed, Hooker, Muddy, BB and Little Walter. Only the best.
Thought so!!! Walter Reed Hospital privatized to KBR!! profits over soldiers lives!!
Happy Illustration by Walter Baumhofer from the Walt Reed Illustration Archive at MGHL
lrt is kinda wild for me personally bc my grandma worked at walter reed on a dengue vaccine for DECADES so. this is cool!
On July 2, 1946 in Streator, IL Ricky Walter Reed was born to Alfred and Mary Wilkerson Reed. He passed away on...
Still having chest pains but it's cool Walter reed no need to find what's wrong with me or anything
. John still stinging from what the GOP did to Vets at Walter Reed, & closure of 50% of VA SCs?
Agreed, I trained at the KC VA Hospital (and Walter Reed). Our vets deserve so much better.
,Just got my PLANET OF THE GODS,and PSYCHIC WORLD OF WALTER REED cds in the Mail,and both are Triple Threat Classics!!
Career Center Open House on Jan. 9, 2016 9-11 a.m. at 816 S. Walter Reed Dr. check out our website!
DC is buying Walter Reed with a huge vision for its future:
Christmas Cards for soldiers at Walter Reed. With the holidays approaching and the e-mail beginning to circulate,...
Veteran Luke Murphy shares how PTs at Walter Reed helped him recover-physically and mentally
A grand jury calls witnesses involved in a case that's been on the radar of the Metro Crime Commission for 4 years, involving Walter Reed
Thanx4follow I'm nuts not 2 B in LA. Proud alumni of Walter Reed psych ward when i made Army Band but was sent to drive Tanks
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“Communication is essential for collaboration; but, not sufficient.” ~Maj. Gen. Clark from Walter Reed on
If you work at Walter Reed, NIH, dwntwn Bethesda, you need to think RIGHT NOW about how to avoid Rville Pike/Cedar Ln Wed AM
If you can avoid Bethesda&Rockville around the NIH and Walter Reed, DO SO!! Water main break causing gridlock on 355 and surrounding roads.
16" pipe burt in Bethesda between Walter Reed and NIH. No estimate on how many customers are affected, but once...
Traffic alert: Rockville Pike remains closed in both direx near NIH & Walter Reed. More on the mess here .
Rockville Pike Flooded, Closed in Bethesda (right in front of NIH & Walter Reed! disaster!),
Maj. Goldie, a therapy dog from Walter Reed, gets attention from Gen. Mark Welsh, Air Force Chief of Staff, at http…
Why did the US treat Franjo Tudjman @ Walter Reed week after Ron Brown's death?
Merger of Walter Reed and Navy National Medical Center provides blueprint for success
Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey has resigned in the wake of the Walter Reed Hospital scandal, Defense Secretary
Thank you Commander Ann Williams for our visit today at Walter Reed
Best -- Courage & Chutzpah: Mighty of Walter Reed. Listen Now: Also on
Major lockdown at Walter Reed military hospital over shooter reports
False alarm: Lockdown lifted at Walter Reed military hospital after report of gunshot
Reports of shooting at Walter Reed military hospital
No evidence of gunshot after report at Walter Reed military hospital; campus still on lockdown, by
All clear at Walter Reed military hospital after gunshot report
JUST IN: All-clear given at Walter Reed after police find no evidence of shooting
Stone Ridge is in modified lockdown mode due to police activity at Walter Reed. All staff, students & campers are safe.
Shots fired at Walter Reed. But we don't have gun problem
Police check report of 1 shot fired at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Md.
DEVELOPING NOW: Large police response after reports of active shooter at Walter Reed. LIVE:
Photo: Law enforcement escorts employees out of the military's Walter Reed Medical Center, where an unconfirmed re… http:…
US Navy says it cannot confirm any 'incidents, injuries or causalities' at Walter Reed Medical Center after unconf… https…
Would appreciate if you could all say a prayer for the staff and families at Walter Reed. The latest updates we...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Beau Biden, a son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, has been hospitalized at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Aww, the proud black FLOTUS wanted to look more caucasian? At Walter Reed? Where vets should be priority? Hypocrite.
Delusional much? If u can heal then why aren't you at places like St Jude's Childrens Hospital or Walter Reed healing 24/7?
is my hero. He signed all my military awards and even gave 15 of us @ Walter Reed our Purple Hearts!
Tell me now, what more do you need ? Take me to Walter Reed tonight
Michelle Obama gets elective surgery at Walter Reed, . while our veterans die waiting for surgeries necessary to save their lives.
WTH?Mooch has reconstructive surgery @ Walter Reed!Where our troops go4 wounds from WAR!REIMBURSE WR/U.S. TAXPAYERS!
Michelle Obama has plastic surgery at Walter Reed on taxpayer’s dime
The therapy dogs at Walter Reed are not magic. (OK, maybe a little bit.)
I hope it is not too long before I can walk through the old Walter Reed complex. I hope the buildings are preserved.
With school and eBay & Etsy, most of my free time is gone. Perhaps I'll see if I can do basic cards for Walter Reed people.
alternate title: All Dogs go to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
'"Earth to Walter Reed, Come in Please"' by Killah Priest, Planet of the Gods (2015).
LINCOLN while standing on the grounds of former Walter Reed Medical Center in Ward 4 was fired at!
Beau Biden, VP's son, remembered for life of serviceWKRGThe funeral for Beau Biden, who died at Walter Reed Na...
Does this Chapel have a sprinkler system? Why yes.Yes it does! @ Walter Reed National…
Participant Kristen Kiehl from the Walter Reed program casts her line out.
Hi from Walter Cotten born Reed fostered Brown. Thats me thats texting you iregularly .I stepped
If I'm not the best manager in the business, I'll eat a garage mechanic's shirt! -Walter Abel as Danny Reed in Holiday Inn
then talk about why Beau Biden was beening treated at Walter Reed, active duty and Ret. Hospital. Sounds like privileged Son.
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I added a video to a playlist Michael Penn - Walter Reed
Honored to have met this warrior in Walter Reed when he was rehabbing with his new prosthetics a couple years back S…
Delivered on funding for Walter Reed outdoor pool after her term ends. It most likely will be forgotten by 2020!
I saw that first hand at Walter Reed."dog you married with 4 kids at 20" - Me talking to a Private
The former Delaware attorney general is being treated at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Md
Bidens son hospitalized at Walter Reed - The Hill blog
likes to complain about the VA but forget their party is culpable w neglecting veterans (see: W Bush, Walter Reed)
Genuine tears: Former President at wounded Marine's bedside
I always love going to Walter Reed because young attractive male doctors in uniform
Don't read this where you don't want to shed a tear or two!
Thank you for acknowledging that we can't take by cutting investment in Walter Reed.
Our deal on Walter Reed is almost done; retailers are fighting to to open for business. DC Council don't defund Walter Re…
Congrats Kenneth C. for sending this Photo of the Week - with Walter Reed Project HERO team!
Playing a show in Bethesda, MD at 12:00 PM today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Hospital
WTVCHand Cycling VictoryWTVCHe completed his rehabilitation at Walter Reed Hospital. Monday's win was especial...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I will fight to ensure funding to continue the momentum at Walter Reed stays in place!
One of my favorite Killah Priest joints.. Produced by my brother Purpose: Visionz [The Psychic World Of Walter Reed]:
Dana Perino: The day President Bush's tears spilled onto a Marine's face at Walter Reed / and O just snickers..
Beau Biden at Walter Reed for security reasons, can accommodate regular visits from the vice president, hospital says
Beau Biden in Walter Reed Medical Center via Praying for Beau and the entire Biden family! Amen.
Why is Beau Biden at Walter Reed? Since when do military hosp prov special care for adult children of politicians?
Inexcusable that Obama ignored Walter Reed Hospital too Chuckie, quiet on that?
Butch think you can stop by Walter Reed physical therapy when you come to the DC area. Gr8 young men/women going thru there
Dana Perino and Bush were visiting families at the Walter Reed military hospital in Washington D.C. in 2005 (pictured in file photo) when
WATCH: .political analyst Ed Chervenak on indictment of fmr St Tammany DA Walter Reed.
Chris Moore and Chicago Attorney Motorcyclists join in Wounded Heroes ride to Walter Reed, May 20-24, 2015.
ACE Event with Walter Reed in Merillat Chapel at 7PM! . Mr. Reed is a Holocaust survivor, a World War II veteran and an author. Don't miss
It's officially "Water Reed National Military Medical Center" but I don't want to say WRNMMC. "Walter Reed" people think Georgia Avenue.
Taking a moment to remember Rodney’s father, Walter Reed, who passed away yesterday. The hurts the innoce…
This fund has been set up to help the Reed family with funeral expenses for Walter Reed, at Rodney's request.
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trade Jimmy Graham, rain causes street flooding, grand jury indicts Walter Reed's brother & others---what a news day. Join us
“I knew right away something had happened… I tried saying something but no words were coming out.”
Ward 4 Candidate Anderson stated women and families will not benefit from Walter Reed Development due to lack of affordable housing
Walter Reed is also a case study in Shakespeare's point about *** hath no fury and all that.
The Advocate's Walter Reed story is a case study in Michael Kinsley's point about a scandal isn't what's illegal, but what's legal.
Please consider the petition for sentence commutation of Charles Rodgers. via
Sweeping federal probe of Walter Reed appears to be nearing end, observers say -
Really big (like tire-killing) pothole on southbound 16th Street NW in front of Walter Reed entrance, right hand lane.
Please don't insult us about who let whom down. Go visit disabled vets at Walter Reed, see who's suffering from Iraq War!!
however since meflouquines official experimentation phase was at Walter Reed in the 70's
On S. Four Mile Run Dr. just east of S. Walter Reed Dr. Cop pulled me over, warned me to speed up.
Last chance to see Walter Reed Middle School's 'Into the Woods' via
Maintaining a 95% average, PT+, got my orders for Walter Reed in Washington D.C. for the clinical part of my training, &phased up,
Person of the Week: Celebrating All Music TherapistsABC NewsAnd. Lou and the music act passed out Walter Reed ...
These young kids have no respect for our Flag. Lets bring them to Walter Reed and see what real heroes are made...
Hamilton Collection
I admit, I shed a tear. A friendly face in here from my original full music program site at Walter Reed. Also...
I ran the Uniformed Services Allergy and Clinical Immunology School at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, has classi
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is open for emergency and inpatient services only until 10:00 AM.
they've yet to plow roads either. Cars getting stuck on Walter Reed.. & that's a main road. Smh
You are in my brain again. You know I have loved Stevie Nicks since I heard her while at Walter Reed Army Hospital in 71-72.♥
ART Service this afternoon/evening - Due to street conditions, ART 45 service has ended. No service on Walter Reed...
Thing is, when Texans do it they very often sh!t the bed.
We would love to find a way to help you at Walter Reed when we expand to Northern VA and DC.
Chewy chips ahoy cookies great reed on Walter whites blue meth
they filmed the scene where he's a janitor at my middle school while I went there. Walter Reed :D
Also had to give up my classes at Walter Reed today. High highs & low lows today.
Our team captains and committee are planning right now! Don’t miss our event May 2nd at Walter Reed! ht…
Dwight Eisenhower demanded that "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" be played over & over in Walter Reed Hospital room during final ill…
Nice. Cheers 2 Pittsburgh Steelers who visited Walter Reed Medical Center to say "thanks" to wounded vets.
Jeremiah made lots of friends at the USO at Walter Reed! He even got to wear an Army hat!
Count down is on for us Pam Sears, Sherry Bertram, Salome, Walter Reed ... 65 days! . De Alva Ward and Tammy...
Unbreakable Bonds: The Mighty Moms and Wounded Warriors of Walter Reed. by George H. W. Bush et al.
Nostalgic family road trip today through old stomping grounds when Matt was stationed at Walter Reed. Loving it.
FBI should attack Walter Reed Medical? Literacy infallability costs way too much. Individual perspectives from countryclub do not see
today, received Valentines flowers from her supporters, which she donated to Walter Reed
Walter Reed is undoubtedly the saddest place that I've ever been.
This Walter Reed controversy lives on, two days after Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez declined to...
are embarrassments. No surprise here. - Win, but Walter Reed Visit Remains an Issue - h…
Reviewing Walter Reed no-show episode: . By now, you know Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez did no... http:/…
Interesting story about Beltran, Castillo, & Perez sitting out Mets' visit to Walter Reed.
With all due respect to the people who saying the media created the Carlos Beltran/Walter Reed flap, you have zero idea …
Beltran still bitter about treatment by mets: said they tried to portray him as a "bad apple" after walter reed, knee con…
No offense but I'd rather my tax money go to treat wounded vets at Walter Reed than to Bradley Manning's hormone therapy drugs.
The shirts were printed as a one off thing to benefit Fisher House after the Walter Reed scandal.
Thank you for your service. I am sure at some point you posted to Walter Reed?
One of our FAVORITE Therapy dogs at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was promoted to Gunney Sergeant...
I remember when you came to my bedside at Walter Reed. Thank you for spreading motivation and showing your support.
drummer to visit Walter Reid ahead of DC art exhibit w/
Can someone please take me to Walter Reed... I want that water bottle 😫
How Art Heals the Wounds of War: An innovative art therapy program at Walter Reed Medical Center helps heal so...
Turn the old Walter Reed into Children's Hospital? Sounds like a good thing for Walter Reed & for Georgia Avenue:
Montgomery to be inaugurated Monday as Walter Reed era comes to end in north shore DA's post
CT & fiber optic scan for sore throat? Must have the cadillac plan - Want to see bill. my kidney stone was $70K
President Barack Obama was brought to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday afternoon to undergo diagnostic tests after complaining of a sore throat. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that Obama’s physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, “recommended he go to Walt…
President Obama goes to the hospital for a sore throat as a precaution & at the recommendation of his doctor.
I want the POTUS to be safe! However it looked like 25 limos went to Walter REED with him today. Cant we pare back the and the extremes?
get degree in occupational therapy, work at Walter Reed VA hospital in Washington DC to help disabled veterans
I'm curious what chaos Obama caused with traffic and shutting down normal patient care at Walter Reed when he just neede…
POTUS visits Walter Reed, diagnosed with acid reflux. Heartburn. Now he knows how the rest of the country feels.
(CNN) -- President Barack Obama has left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center -- 28 minutes after the presidential motorcade pulled into the parking lot. The White House said the unusual vi...
The President went to Walter Reed Medical Center for acid reflux today. I'm taking generic omeprazole I bought on Ebay for mine.
BAD NEWS: President Obama was treated at Walter Reed for a sore throat. GOOD NEWS: He didnt visit Walter Reed under the Bus…
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama has a sore throat and has gone to Walter Reed military hospital for testing, the White House said on Saturday.Obama's doctor, Captain Ronny Jackson,
Here again is the address for recovering American Soldiers if you would like to send a Christmas Card to one or more. Americana Recovering Soldier. C/O Walter Reed Medical Center. 6900 Georgia Ave. N W Washington DC 20307 5001
.Kind of fair. He's given us acid reflux for six years. Obama gets CT scan, fiber optic test for sore throat caused .
Easy to mock POTUS for going to Walter Reed for sore throat (due to acid reflux), but throat cancer is among concerns for…
STELLATE GANGLION BLOCK for PTSD The MDs at Walter Reed Hospital and Naval Medical Center San Diego are actively pursuing and using this new treatment, which can provide almost immediate relief from PTSD symptoms. It might even allow active duty soldiers who develop disabling PTSD to return quickly to their posts. Stellate ganglion blocks have been used for years to treat chronic pain caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Since an overactive sympathetic nervous system can also lead to PTSD, it made sense to try the same treatment. The Stellate Ganglion is a group of nerve cells deep inside the neck near the 7th vertebrae. It’s the top ganglion in a chain that extends along the spinal cord and controls the sympathetic nervous system. Recent research suggests that the Stellate Ganglion also has connections into the brain, especially to the hypothalamus, which controls t ...
Acting upon his doctor's referral, Doctor Ronny L. Jackson's, President Obama was at the Walter Reed Military...
Must be all of healthy cookin!Obama diagnosed with heartburn after tests at Walter Reed via for iOS
BREAKING: Mary Landrieu flown to Walter Reed Hospital with bad case of acid runoff.
Today Obama was treated for a constant sore throat at Walter Reed, (honestly), they said it was acid reflex. Telling 5,000 lies a day probably doesn't help any.
I find it so absolutely ironic that our "commander in chief" (in name ONLY) goes to Walter Reed Hospital because he is sick. Basically a military establishment. This, after he has done all he can to denigrate the military and our veterans. He has shat all over them all along the way, and now he is there for help. Irony.
Last night the folks at Burke Presbyterian Church’s special ministry called TreeHouse prepared 50, yes 50 Christmas bags filled with gifts for wounded warriors who are unable to go home to be with family during this very special time of year. The gift bags will also be made available to their family members who are able to come to the area to celebrate Christmas or Hanukah with their loved ones. This is part of Operation HomeFront. The gifts will be distributed at Walter Reed and possibly Ft. Belvoir. What a joy it is to serve alongside the participants of TreeHouse as a spiritual director!
Okay I'm going to try this once again. 1. ISO decorations (lights also) to decorate a Solider's home... He was hurt over seas and is at Walter Reed in San Antonio Texas. We want to make his home festive and happy so he will enjoy coming home. 2. Any patriotic decor. Again to add to what's being donated by Boy Scouts of America to welcome him home! I don't have any type of "proof" of said solider as I'm not allowed due to HIPPA Law. Either you can help or not but please don't be rude! God bless!
I used to work in the emergency room at PG County, Walter Reed, and the Washington Hospital Center. I left DC in 2009
Dr Willner (a medical doctor of 40 years experience) an outspoken whistleblower of the AIDS hoax. In 1993, Dr. Willner stunned Spain by inoculating himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, an HIV positive hemophiliac. This demonstration of devotion to the truth and the Hippocratic Oath he took, nearly 40 years before, was reported on the front page of every major newspaper in Spain. His appearance on Spain's most popular television show envoked a 4 to 1 response by the viewing audience in favor of his position against the "AIDS hypothesis." When asked why he would put his life on the line to make a point, Dr. Willner replied: "I do this to put a stop to the greatest murderous fraud in medical history. By injecting myself with HIV positive blood, I am proving the point as Dr. Walter Reed did to prove the truth about yellow fever. In this way it is my hope to expose the truth about HIV in the interest of all mankind." He tested negative multiple times.
A note from Roger: Check out the CNN site It mentions my friend Arthur Bloom, the leader of Musicorps at Walter Reed Hospital, who has been nominated as Top Hero of 2014. I have worked with Arthur and many amazing vet musicians over the last few years. They are my brothers, I love them. If Arthur wins this CNN thing the vet music program will get $100,000. Please vote over the next days to register your support. Arthur is one of ten nominees, I am sure the other nine are all very worthy, so I apologize for declaring my support for my particular brothers without due debate. The fact is we must all give our love and support to our brothers and sisters wherever and whenever we can. Love Roger
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 This Day In American History November 5, 2009: Army Major kills 13 people in Fort Hood shooting spree. On this day in 2009, 13 people are killed and more than 30 others are wounded, nearly all of them unarmed soldiers, when a U.S. Army officer goes on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in central Texas. The deadly assault, carried out by Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, was the worst mass murder at a U.S. military installation. Early in the afternoon of November 5, 39-year-old Hasan, armed with a semi-automatic pistol, shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “God is great”) and then opened fire at a crowd inside a Fort Hood processing center where soldiers who were about to be deployed overseas or were returning from deployment received medical screenings. The massacre, which left 12 service members and one Department of Defense employee dead, lasted approximately 10 minutes before Hasan was shot by civilian police and taken into custody. The Virginia-born Hasan, ...
When filling out your Christmas card list take one and send it to this address so a wonderful recovering American soldier can get some joy it is the least we can do please copy and post on your wall send it to a recovering American soldier c/o walter reed army medical cenrer 6900 gerorgia avenew n w washington dc 20307-5001 thank you I know they would appreciate your kindness
.No surprise My Friend: You, Nachtwey & Countdown now to ~ C U soon
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT (please share this). Folks, the "send a Christmas card to Walter Reed Hospital" photo...
When you make a donation to the Walter Reed Society, we will match it!
A collection of powerful photos from acclaimed combat photographer James Nachtwey.
My guest talks in this show about her 7 years patching up the severely wounded at Walter Reed.
This is so cool: went to Walter Reed Hospital to talk to veterans about "Life After War," (also in the mag):
Life after war in the Time van James Nachtwey...
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