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Walter Payton

Walter Jerry Payton (July 25, 1954 – November 1, 1999) was an American football running back who played for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL) for thirteen seasons.

Jim Brown Barry Sanders Walter Payton Award Walter Payton Man Bo Jackson Eric Dickerson Jerry Rice Emmitt Smith Earl Campbell Jonathan Stewart Mike Singletary Emmit Smith Eric Berry Peyton Manning William Perry Year Award Michael Jordan

The athlete of the day is former Chicago Bears RB Walter Payton.
Manitex adds Walter Payton Power Equipment to dealer network
Remember when Walter Payton destroyed that blitzing linebacker on MNF? Hunt is going to do that because of the power in his *** muscles.
only running play *** picked unless they had Walter Payton that *** wasn't goin down
Aye I haven't seen nobody still to this day with a long sleeve Walter Payton throwback jersey
Omg I must get to add to my Walter Payton jersey collection
So in todays college football Walter Payton would be penalized on just about every carry
September 20, 1987 - Walter Payton of the Bears scores his NFL record 107th rushing touchdown during a 20-3 win over Tampa at Chicago.
Barry Sanders and Walter Payton never needed an offensive line or a decent Quarterback.
Dawg the things I'd do for that Walter Payton jersey
Former Walter Payton Man of the Year grew up in a military family
would you rather have Walter Payton in his prime for the next 5 years or the Ditka / Ryan combo for 10 years?
JJ Watt locked up Walter Payton Man of the year in week 1. Jude locked up the sammies in week 2. This week, Giants…
Walter Payton Man of the Year Award will likely go to J.J. Watt. But let's remember what Chris Long is doing, too.
"I think Walter Payton was the best football player to ever play running back". NO DOUBT
Howie Long your son Chris will be a Walter Payton Award winner someday.
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I always put Rusty Lisch first because he was benched once for Walter Payton running the w…
Larry Fitzgerald named co-winner of Walter Payton Man of the Year Award - ABC15 Arizona
Barry just said bye weird where he was what 1200-1500 yards to breaking Wa…
Story and video: does his Walter Payton impression in rout at Guerin
Talked to a kid that said is his favorite player ever. Said him and Walter Payton will go down as the best ever. 😭😭
"The hardest hits I ever saw were Walter Payton tackling guys after they made interceptions, and we thre…
Crosscheck isn't even an adequate program for data cleansing voter rolls. Plus, Kobach is no Walter Payton. Ha!
Stop with the RBs. Walter Payton couldn't run behind this line.
.Some great players that worked harder than anyone else: Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Messi. I like effort too.
If I'm not mistaken he won the Walter Payton Award last year lol consummate pro
Need to do a side to side picture of the both of you. Like they did with Walter Payton and Peyton Manning. 😂😂
Will be in Chicago for . Deep Dish Football Game of the Week . Lindblom vs Walter Payton Prep . Week 5
Has football really been the same as back in the Lyle Alzedo, Mike Singletary, Walter Payton, Terry Bradshaw days?
ESPN gonna mention Eli Manning's Fake Memorabilia scheme when discussing his Walter Payton "Man of The Year" Award?
Anybody can look semi-decent behind that line! Jackie Battle or Kolby Smith would look like Walter Payton behind that thing
HBCU players were al over NFL rosters in the 70's and 80's, man. Mel Blount, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice.
Strange, it's in my top 3 nicknames ever 1. Sweetness (Walter Payton) 2. The Answer (Allen Iverson) 3. The Crying Nazi…
Hey Jake, you looked like Emmit Smith, Walter Payton & Barry Sanders all rolled into one.
Richard Dent, Walter Payton and William Perry can all do my taxes anytime they want.
Proud to have been a part of Whitney Young and Lane Tech. Congratulations to Walter Payton and the other top ranked…
Favorites from before I got into sports:. 1. Muhammad Ali. 2. Ernie Banks. 3. Wayne Gretzky . 4. Walter Payton. 5. Magic Johnson
I once asked DD Lewis who was hardest guy to tackle. DD: Walter Payton was like trying to tackle a run-away 210-pound bowling ball. It hurt.
Old-School DAWG IMAGE of the Week: Placekicker JOHN KASAY & "SWEETNESS," Walter Payton, together on the sideline at…
WR coach Lamar Thomas to RB Jeremy Smith: "You in this series 3-4? Walter Payton. Alright, let's go, Sweetness."
Also known as Sweetness, Chicago Bears great Walter Payton ran the ball for Jackson State University from 1972-1974. h…
Jim Brown one, Barry Sanders two, Walter Payton three. And then there's a big dropoff.
LMAO. Brady, Lewis, Rice and Walter Payton. If not Payton it's Sanders or Jim Brown. LaDainian is nowhere near them 3.
Garza did that little Walter Payton jump as he took off on his run.
fans we need to help win the Walter Payton Man of the year contest!
Walter Payton, N.Ryan, Earl Campbell, Bo Jackson, Shaq. I named 6 right there that are way bett…
Your favorite players Walter Payton you do remember that right we got all get along Ashton Kushner you do r…
At other times, some Aldermen got badges as Cook County "Deputy Sheriffs". As did the occasional Mob hit man and Walter Payton
Hmm. Jim Brown. OJ. Walter Payton. Grange. Emmitt? Sayers? Yeah, I'm struggling to come up with seven.
Zeke getting at 26 already is some achievement. My top 3. 1. Walter Payton. 2. Jim Brown. 3. Barry Sanders
Jim Brown and Walter Payton are the only names I'll consider. Anyone else, nice try.
Wayne Gretzky ... Walter Payton ... Mark Messier ( The Moose will one day be replaced by Connor McDavid).
Taylor Blitz Times Throwback: Jim Brown v Walter Payton. This was before the first Buddy Ryan Bowl in week 2 of...
I also disagree with Drew (I would put Walter Payton, Jim Brown, and LT over Dorsett as well as…
"When you're good at something, you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something, they'll tell you" - Walter Payton ht…
Just a reminder that Walter Payton still has two more career NFL touchdown passes than Johnny Manziel.
I see *** compare Dak to Brady and Zeke to Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton yet it's a sin to compare OBJ to Moss and Rice.…
N.C. A&T's Tarik Cohen is going to the Bears just like that other HBCU star RB — Walter Payton.
Congrats Now a Chicago Bear .Could be second coming of Gayle Sayers, Walter Payton?
I'd debate this any day of the week.Seinfeld was Emmit Smith but Martin was Walter Payton ...Pure poetry in motion ✌🏿
RBs in the HOF who weigh less than 205:. Walter Payton. Barry Sanders. Thurman Thomas. Terrell Davis. Gale Sayers. Lenny Moore. Floyd Little
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Eric Dickerson is way better then Mike Alston and you forgot Walter Payton and Marcus Allen
Cena's promo was good, but if Miz is pretending, he stole everything in that promo. Thanks Jay Z, Walter Payton, & Rocky.
the oline is the problem they can't block that's the big hole Walter Payton in his prime couldn't run behind it fix the oline
Congrats for winning the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. Proud of all the work you do! Happy to be y…
what happened to Walter Payton son what happened to Darryl Dawkins kids u are incompetent & I'm giving it 2 U 4 free
that's you are getting the Walter Payton Award 😂
Walter Payton and Matt Suhey right now. Bryant And Rizzo down the line.
NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year Award recipient !…
Um, I thought Walter Payton went to college at Jackson State?
so he's a better "player" than Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Rice, Jim Brown, Bo, etc? Didn't say QB.
🏈Jerry Rice. 🏈Walter Payton. 🏈Jim Brown. The greatest 'football player' isn't a QB...just isn't. There's so much more to the game
I spent 12 years in public schools in Chicago and was never attacked by a bear or any animal, I did meet Walter Payton once.
I'm still mad that William Perry scored a touchdown, and Walter Payton didn't. But this stinks, too.
Hey why haven't the Chicago Bears made the highlight reel? Aren't William (The Refrigerator) Perry & Walter Payton playing well this season?
Jim Brown had 8, Emmitt Smith had 14, Walter Payton had 13. What constitutes a career in football?
Lmao...better than Barry Sanders and Walter Payton?? 1973 is a long time ago. Bill ...come back to me
Zeke dak and dez is like having Walter Payton geno smith and randy moss
Orlando brown >>> tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, I can go on
did the Bears sit Walter Payton ever? Neal Anderson? Matt Forte?
Not Jacquizz Rodgers, not Antone Smith, not Peyton Barber, not Le'Veon Bell, not Walter Payton could produce behind this OL right now.
My favorite player Brian Cushing deserves the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.
Ryan Matthews goes old school Hershel Walker, Bo Jackson, Walter Payton style.. Jumps over from the 3, twists in for 2.. Wow..
Walter Payton was a class act on and off the field.
Andy Dalton is nominee for NFL Walter Payton Man of the year. "It means a lot. For me and my family, it's importa…
Gucci on my gaters. I can Walter Payton.
you need to go watch some Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith highlights before you make absurd comments
Yeah, for me, it's all good. Ali, Ernie Banks, Walter Payton, Michael Jordan and every Cub on the 2016 World Series team.
Just think about how many in our generation made it to the pros watching Walter Payton and Michael…
Did you ever see Walter Payton play? Whenever he scored a TD, he would walk over and hand the ball to the ref.
Ezekiel Elliott is a better RB then Jim Brown Walter Payton Emmit Smith
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Young man. Not a cowboy fan, but I love the way you run. A little bit of Walter Payton in you.
Caller Jim in Crown Point, IN: "Jordan Howard has the tendencies of Walter Payton". This is 4am LOCAL talk radio on Join us.
i believe he's more like Walter Payton or Barry Sanders
I think the same of Barry Sanders and Walter Payton.
Hyde. Elliott. Walter Payton. Barry Sanders. Lots of star RBs have influenced Mike Weber as he forges own identity.
this notion that everyone has to be Barry Sanders/Walter Payton after scoring a touchdown is absurd. NFL=No Fun League
AMRT | What does Javancy Jones have in common with Walter Payton, Ray Lewis and Dak Prescott?.
How LB/DE Javancy Jones fits in with Walter Payton, Dak Prescott and Ray Lewis, according to Tony Hughes.
Ask Terrell Davis about Howard Griffith and the late Walter Payton about Matt Suey
Not every team has a Thomas Davis who was a Walter Payton winner and awarded a 100 thousand by the NFLPA.
Some of my favorite backs to watch run were Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Mike Bass(H.S.) Reggie Bush and
are receivers as good as Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, Randy Moss, Andre Reed, & Lynn Swann? No. And add Walter Payton to RBs.
Well, props for playing through pain. Now you might have something in common with Walter Payton...:)
Eric Dickerson and Walter Payton finished 1-2 in the NFL in 1984 in both rushing and Jheri curls. http…
Who goes on that mountain? Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown & Earl Campbell? Emmitt Smith or Eric Dickerson may be?
Walter Payton's legacy of greatness lives on.
Watch NFL Honors (2/6 @ 9 p.m. ET - CBS) to see if Eli wins the 2015 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year!
Voting is still open for the Walter Payton Achievement Award until Aug 19 which is this week http…
One of these speakers is an NFL Walter Payton MOY award winner, one of them is not!
Matt Birk, NFL Walter Payton Man of the year
Keep your head up, Man. So you botched on the football piece. At least you know who Walter Payton was.
Walter Payton pick was perfect. Punishing stiff arm ask Jack Hamm and Sanders Shiver.
Yes I go to Senn but I ball like Walter Payton
You don't need to make a Frankenstein RB monster when you can have a lil Sweetness. Walter Payton was the perfect RB.
When you are good at something youll tell everyone, when you are GREAT, they will tell you - Walter Payton, 2 time NFL MVP & Superbowl Champ
Walter Payton didnt play at a massive school either, and we know where he ended up in the history books!💯
Earl Campbell best legs, Bo Jackson best arms, Walter Payton best heart.
Walter Payton elusiveness, Sanders cuts, Bettis beast mode, Bo Jackson taking it to the house
I'll just go with Walter Payton everything. Thanks.
RB Voltron has to start with Walter Payton's work ethic
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the perfect running back is Walter Payton. He had all the tools. Smart, athletic, power, hands and was a very good blocker.
Still crying at Lil Uzi slashing through defenders like Warrick Dunn at FSU, then hurdling like Walter Payton
There were high school coaches such as Charles Boston that took me under his wing and taught m
Walter Payton's will to never go down, Chris johnsons speed, marshawn lynches trucking, Rodger Craig's hands
a Bo Jackson Walter Payton hybrid. What up
Best legs is Obviously Bo Jackson, Best Heart would be Walter Payton, and best arms marshawn lynch
just take Bo Jackson and replace his hip with Walter Payton's and voila!
Cried during a Walter Payton documentary tonight lol
If cancer hadn't taken him, I wonder how soon Walter Payton would've exhibited symptoms of CET, if he wasn't already
Walter Payton died of complications arising from Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Support htt…
Imagine how much more Walter Payton would've done all those years with a decent team behind him!
Jim Bowen the best running back ever. Then Barry Saunders. Then Adrian Peterson. Walter Payton is next. Everything else is debatable.
*** turned into Walter Payton at his concert
Walter Payton, BeastMode, Terrell Davis, LT, Marshal Faulk RB that are better FOR NOW Bell still has
Zero shot Jim Brown is better and Zero shot Campbell is better. Walter Payton isn't better his team was equally as good. Barry
Walter Payton was drafted from Jackson State, Jerry Rice Miss Valley. The NFL will go where they play.
4 picks in the & my defense is shaping up nicely. Jason Taylor, Derrick Brooks, & Steve Atwater. Also have Walter Payton!
players like Shannon and Sterling sharpe , Andre Reed, Walter Payton, john elway are still waiting
I just hope he continues to hold the ball out in one hand as if he's Walter Payton
I'll take any if you got em! Love to see a GT Walter Payton, Martavis Bryant or Bud Dupree
Dickerson was a beast they went by statistics cuz Walter Payton Man he was unreal on the field
Walter Payton was absolute poetry on the field. like wow man
I can rap Walter Payton's part in Super Bowl Shuffle 🔥💯
Walter Payton honored!! Love it. Anquan Bolden speaking (yeah he's not a shabby player either😉)
I have no problem if Eagles go small school: Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Tony Romo, Big Ben.
Top 5 of all time according to . 5, Brian Urlacher. 4, Mike Singletary. 3, Sid Luckman. 2, *** Butkus. 1, Walter Payton
Flawless and Walter Payton with Eric Dickerson mixed in upside tbh.
And Chris Johnson once ran for 2,000 yards. So he's better than Walter Payton and Jim Brown? Uh, no.
What I wouldn't give to see Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, and Walter Payton play in their prime live
she's saying Walter Payton is better then Emmit Smith 💀💀💀
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I was supposed to go to Jones or Walter Payton
Excuse me if I'm wrong...but didn't Khalil Mack play against 1 AA competition? So did Jerry Rice, Walter Payton and T.O.
Not just that, but little dude thought he was built like Walter Payton with the pure violence he ran with.
Named after Walter Payton . But spelled like Peyton Manning smh 🙄
y'all forgot Gary Anderson leaping from 5 yards out, finishing with the tumble roll. Or & Walter Payton!
My mom just asked me if Peyton Manning's dad was Walter Payton.what
Little girl at work: my name is Payton named after Walter Payton not Peyton Manning.
I want to be remembered like Pete Rose. 'Charlie Hustle.' I want people to ...
I liked a video from WALTER PAYTON - How Sweet It Is
Walter Payton still preaching 30 years later
Walter Payton is truly one of the greats of this game. Gone too soon, missed & not forgotten
if is Barry Sanders then is now Walter Payton after that interview with ShaunKing.That was great radio
I really wish I coulda watched Walter Payton play
Walter Payton gained 16,726 yards during his 13 years in the NFL
A great quote coming from the greatest Running backs of all times ( Walter Payton). . GOD
That was well done. Walter Payton and Mike Singletary were two of my favorite players of all time. I still miss Walter.
The 85 Bear's and Walter Payton are why I played football and still love it until this very day!
Walter Payton dying at 45 is such a bad loss.
Honestly, I lose some respect for the '85 Bears when I read about how Walter Payton was so upset he didn't get to score a Super Bowl TD.
but I like trucking backs I've had Walter Payton and he plays great
Hm. I was getting at Walter Payton being though
Steve McMichael just said Walter Payton was the greatest football player of all time...30for30 85 Bears.
Just wanted to say I hate the Bears and I always will—But I love the *** out of Walter Payton. All hail Sweetness!
'85 Bears 30 for 30 is my favorite... It's pretty cool when you know someone on that team too. Walter Payton will always be my favorite!
"Never die easy. It's okay to lose, to die, but don't die without trying, without giving it your best.". -Walter Payton
got worse after that with the comment of Walter Payton not having the will to win
Walter Payton's teammate talks speed and how sweetness did it with no gimmicks
Walter Payton wasn't the fastest but he work the hardest to be the best and that's how I am.. HARD WORK
I remember people telling me this guy was going to be Walter Payton reincarnated at Michigan.
lol I traded him a fake Walter Payton
you are the modern-day Walter Payton. Never seen anyone with the passion and runs as hard as you have.
Walter Payton. NFL Man of The Year is named after him for a reason
Training former Villanova QB and Walter Payton Award winner, John Robertson, for the draft! Can absolutely sling it. htt…
Walter Payton he one of best of alltime on and off field
This morningevery student knew who Johnny Manziel is & only 1 knew Thomas Davis, 2014 Walter Payton Man of the Year &…
Oregon OC Matt Lubick says his mother keeps his childhood bedroom the same as it was… 1980s rock band posters… Walter Payton poster.
Walter Payton 21 card lot Starting off in 1978 Topps, Upper Deck, Gridiron Kings
they could bring Walter Payton back from the dead in his prime with that $...DO SOMETHING
To me Barry Sanders and Walter Payton and Jim Brown the best 3 Running Backs in NFL history #
Best NFL running back was Jim Brown, but Barry Sanders was the most spectacular and Walter Payton the perfect running back.
Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Jerome Bettis, Eric Dickerson. Thats just to name a few off top of my head
these are your top 4 running backs in history, Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton, I'll educate you
Anquan Boldin Honors Card! Anquan received the Walter Payton Award, recognizing his foundation.
This is what a $10,000+ and rising Walter Payton card looks like
it's not a race thing. Walter Payton had class. Greatest football player of all time. Cam no class
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Walter Payton was such a baller. My kind of football player for sure
There will never be a more complete football player than Walter Payton. NEVER.
My T.V. was on mute so why was the Ghostface Killa nominated for the Walter Payton Award
Great 30 for 30 on '85 Bears. Worked their mini-camp summer '85. Best memory Walter Payton being kind enough to introduce himself to me. RIP
Walter Payton at Super Bowl XX media day in 1986
Did Eric Dickerson draw his eyebrows on in this commercial about Walter Payton?
Walter Payton had more pass TD with (8) than:. Chris Chandler (7), Kordell Stewart (7), Steve Fuller (6), PT Willis (6) among others
This day in 1975, drafted recording artist (and Hall of Fame running back) Walter Payton 4th overall
I remember Jeff Pearlman from the John Rocker article. I stopped getting SI after that story. Then he wrote Walter Payton …
>> Bears Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton
Walter Payton himself would be disappointed safety Eric Berry isn't a Man of the Year Award finalist.
I'm tired of them advertising the nominees for the Walter Payton Award during the games. We all know Eric Berry is winning it
If Eric Berry doesn't win the Walter Payton Award something is wrong
Eric Berry deserve the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Fasho
Jarrett Payton Teaches his son Jaden Payton what the number 34 means R.I.P Walter Payton.
Emmit Smith and Walter Payton should switch ovr and release date
Walter Payton, Mitchell N Ness, brand new with tags jersey for sale. Size Large. Looking to sell ASAP.
Walter Payton poses with *** Clark and at a softball charity event.
Jim Brown and Brady. What about Lawrence Taylor? Jerry Rice? Walter Payton? Barry Sanders? Watch out for Peterson.
Walter Payton. Payton Manning. What's with the name 'Payton' in the Imma name my kid Payton Payton. Boy or girl i don't give a ***
📷 mitchell-ness: Today in 1987, Walter Payton plays his final game at Soldier Field.  The Chicago Bears...
Yes! From Jack Tatum, Mean Joe Green, Lambert, even Walter Payton, to today's players, they all target what they see first.
I lost Walter Payton and Derrick Brooks in wagers
on Xbox one is so cheap it's crazy Walter Payton, Zach Thomas, Sean Taylor and Hines word for about 800-900k
My dad goes Odell over WR at Walter Payton practice field/ Halas Hall https…
If you want to vote for Eric for the Walter Payton Man of the year use the hash tag
John Riggins did it twice. Other names on that list: Walter Payton, Ricky Williams, Franco Harris, Emmitt Smith.
Walter Payton made defenders look foolish. Earl Campbell sent them to the hospital.
"Walter Payton embodied what it means to be a pro-athlete on and off the field.". -ht…
If the Eagles' D made Doug Martin into Walter Payton & Winston into Montana. Who will Brady Become?
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Adrian Peterson: 18 games with 150 rushing yds. Only 3 players (Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Walter Payton) have more.
I give Cam all credit what he done wit tht team but Just becuz u give kids footballs after u score is not an MVP maybe Walter Payton Award
just because a Jonathan ogden or Walter Payton wasn't on the eagles doesn't mean they weren't great players
...that's tough...there are two...Mike Singletary and Walter Payton...they are why I ❤ daBears
would you be willing to trade a beast Left Tackle for Walter Payton bro ?
it's awful when they have a legend oline and place a lineman at TE and run with Walter Payton all game
Walter Payton game worn unsigned headband at Tampa on 10-25-1987. Any idea on value?
you're kidding... Link me I need to talk to someone at ESPN cause Barry Sanders and Walter Payton are the 2 greatest backs ever
What ever happened to the Walter Payton way of scoring from the 1yd line?
would you trade away blitz MJG for Walter Payton straight up?
Congratulations to Lowcountry native for being nominated for the NFL's Walter Payton Man of the Year Aw…
Anyone would look like Walter Payton against this D.
The last rookie RB with a rush TD in 4 straight games?. Walter Payton in 1975.
what's the difference? They couldn't win with Walter Payton on this team.
my fav player is of course Walter Payton!! Best RB ever!! Da Bears!   10% Off
I was up 14-10 with 40 seconds left and my 95 Walter Payton fumbled and the defense returned it for a td
Due to complications, this giveaway is still open! Ending when the Walter Payton does!
Holding on Walter Payton apparently on that play...
the man just fed 900 kids for thanksgiving and might win the Walter Payton Award. Take ur racism elsewhere
If Cam doesn't get the MVP he'll get the Walter Payton Award. Not that it means anything lol.
Yep, really hope he's one of the players nominated for the Walter Payton Award (I think That's the community service one?)
give him the Walter Payton Award and tell his *** to go on dancing with the stars where he belongs
Today in 1977, battling the flu and a 101-degree temperature, Walter Payton sets NFL record with 275 rushing yards. htt…
Walter Payton and Jim Brown their known cause they did it first but the talent of now is way better than back then always
The players I'm thinking of picking up in my offseason: Walter Payton, Donovan McNabb, and TOTW AB
Barry Sanders 46-Jim Brown 41 Walter Payton 38-Eric Dickerson 36 Emmitt Smith 34.All are all in the Pro Football HOF!
I want to see a Walter Payton or Earl Campbell Football life
Pats can't run the ball all year and of course against us Lewis and Lafell look like Walter Payton and Jim Brown
people are getting legends Walter Payton sterling Sharpe must be nice
Jerseys I still need to get:. Tim Brown or Bo Jackson. Kobe. Dustin Brown. *** Jordan (bulls & white sox). Walter Payton. Marshall Faulk
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It's talent vs flash man. It's like comparing Walter Payton to someone like Chris Johnson.
On this date in 2002: Emmitt Smith became the NFL's all-time rushing leader, passing Walter Payton.
Congrats to our Walter Payton Award winners. They've committed to the Rock on and off the field, will you? https:…
most important he is Walter Payton Man Of The Year ...
Walter Payton Man if the Year Award is definitely going to my *** Greg Hardy
Quote by "Walter Payton would be proud of this one" speaking of your rushing tonight! Amazing!
If I hear a Walter Payton and Stewart comparison one more time I'm vomiting. That's absurd
Collinsworth needs to ease up on connecting Jonathon Stewart to Walter Payton.
my god did I just hear stewart get compared to walter payton and marshawn lynch
Look Jonathan Stewart is my guy but Collinsworth has brought up Walter Payton and his name together too many times tonight
Can we please stop mentioning Walter Payton and Jonathan Stewart in the same sentence, please?
Who had the over 2.5 Walter Payton references tonight?
Stewart out here looking like Walter Payton
Be on the lookout for newest visual "Walter Payton"
I love the fact that Fred Savage has a Fridge poster in his room and a Walter Payton jersey on. Makes this film perfect!
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Who was better at RB Jim Brown or Walter Payton??
lots of Walter Payton love from tonight.
"Walter Payton was Jonathan Stewart's all time favorite. He even read a book on him" . .oh wow. Jonathan Stewart read a book
Walter Payton is Jonathan Stewart's favorite player. So much that he even read a book on him, according to Cris Collinsworth. Great insight!
Hey Chris Collinsworth tell me more about the book Jonathan Stewart read on Walter Payton.
Did Collinsworth just claim Stewart is a good RB because he read a book on Walter Payton? Hard hitting analysis.
Jonathan Stewart read a book about Walter Payton? Wow..
Thanks Colinsworth, I'm glad I now know Jon Stewart once read a book on Walter Payton
how u gonna diss Walter Payton like that?
had a dream last night in which the Cubs won a big playoff game and Walter Payton had the gw hit.
more rushing yards then Blount. I could have started Walter Payton and had better production
I wish Christine Michael didn't exist. These aggies think he's the next Walter Payton/Barry Sanders/Emmitt... He was 4th best in Seattle
truth is, right now this run d would make a high schooler look like Walter Payton.😐
Leveon is like if Walter Payton and Barry Sanders did a fusion dance
Interesting story about work ethic, friendship and loyalty. Sweetness and the Scout via
Coulda sworn that was Walter Payton out there.
If Vad Lee doesn't get the Walter Payton Award I don't know who should
Is Gurley going to look like Bo Jackson or Walter Payton in techmo bowl this Sunday?
Interesting out of MS: Jackson St., Walter Payton's alma mater, limits access to newspaper, so newspaper pulls beat:
Make sure you attend the girls volleyball city championship game tomorrow 2 o'clock @ Brooks HS against Walter Payton college prep!
Today in 1984, Walter Payton passed Jim Brown to become the National Football League’s career leading rusher http:…
we hope to see one soon and a Walter Payton
If doesn't win the Walter Payton Award I'll be shocked
Another FCS QB in purple and gold making a & Walter Payton Award type run this year reminds me of Stephen McNair in '94
I was lucky enough to see both him and Walter Payton play. Payton for me, hands down. Over Brown and Simpson
One of my favorite quotes by the legendary Walter Payton
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