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Walter Hagen

Walter Charles Hagen (December 21, 1892 – October 6, 1969) was a major figure in golf in the first half of the 20th century.

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Walter Hagen won 16 Majors that were on offer to him at the time , some woul…
“Hope is brightest when it dawns from fears.” - Walter Scott
Look, I didn’t used to agree with this rich fellow, but I saw him by Lake Winnepesaukee this summer and we were bot…
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Interesting article by Walter Hagen in 1923 on the length of golf courses and bunkering.
My dear, did you ever stop to think what a wonderful bunker you would make? -Walter Hagen
No one remembers who came in second. -Walter Hagen
Or sounds like you haven’t been around long enough. Was a freshman for the ‘96 season, and met my h…
“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”. –…
Don't hurry. Don't worry. You are only here for a short visit. So don't forget to stop and smell the roses. -- Walt…
Walter Hagen, honorary life member 1933 hc +8
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Know its water under the bridge (or over the fret), but do you have any response: Walter Becker Vs. McKeOn
I think you would work wonders with some of the early giants of the game, Walter Hagen, Henry Cotto…
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A little Masters warmup.Augusta National opening poster and some action shots of Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen in early to…
ask yourself this when Walter Hagen died Arnie rallied the troops to ensure The Haig had a proper send off
Golf Pro Fact:.Walter Hagen was the first professional golfer, in the 1920’s he became a golf club pro and earned a living teaching.
It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character in art. Walter Hagen
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If you are shooting under 80 you are neglecting your business;over 80 you are neglecting your golf.-- Walter Hagen
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Make the hard ones look easy and the easy ones look hard. -Walter Hagen
September 29, 1923: Gene Sarazen wins a 38-hole match-play final over Walter Hagen to win the PGA Championship, via
as Walter Hagen said 3 of those and 1 of these makes 4 so a good putter will be a match for anyone!
Waiting to tee off with the shorts which became my summer favorites. Walter Hagen from
From helping golfers to go pro to bringing some style to golf, we look at Walter Hagen
Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen, US Open 1922, won by Sarazen by one stroke over John Black and Bobby Jones.
On this day, In 1928, Walter Hagen wins the Open Championship over Gene Sarazen at Royal St. Georges https:…
Hagen follows with a FC scoring Walter. Waseca up 4-3 now
Walter and Hagen combine to get a runner at home on a passed ball. 0-0 through 2 1/2. Just two total hits
100 years ago today, the great Walter Hagen's application to join the was approved.
"Never wanted to be a millionaire, just wanted to live like one" . -Walter Hagen
A brutal reality of my mom taught me since I was 5. "No one remembers who came second." Walter Hagen
Quote: They called it golf because all the other four letter words were taken. ~~~ Walter Hagen
Best golf quote I've ever heard is from Walter Hagen: "You don't believe there's anything out there worth getting worked up over, do you?"
mat e Walter Hagen will wind the Masters this year!
There arent any fillers in second. – Walter Hagen hey baby what's up at my app? the hap is adorable holy.
No one remembers who came in second.
Walter Hagen said that as we go through life, we should take time to stop and smell the roses. Charlie Brown
How does Abby not make it? Walter Hagen is another shoe-in, IMO. Jenn Suhr, and John Wallace my other two votes.
"When a man misses his drive, then misses his 2nd shot, then wins the hole with a birdie, it gets my goat." - Bobby Jones on Walter Hagen
The great Walter Hagen said 'if your gonna miss it miss it where the spectators walk' according to Mark Roe...i don't believe him
-. Walter Hughlett, Aug 13, 09:15. We have received a new replacement phone for an employee,...
Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus hold the record for the most victories - 5 Times.
Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus hold the most titles with 5 each. Woods alone in second with 4.
If there were such a thing as a time machine, wouldn't it be great to watch a match between Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen?
No one remembers who came in second. -
Walter Hagen & have the most Titles with 5. We look forward to watching this week.
"With three bad shots and one good one, you can still make par" Walter Hagen
109 caddies needed for the Walter Hagen Invitational Tournament. Sign up at the first tee.
photo on Sharing a short quote from one of my favourite reads- The Walter Hagen story 1956…
How Jack Nicklaus equalled Walter Hagen's record wins tally in the USPGA Championship.
Suggs also won 11 majors. That's the same number as Walter Hagen. The only men who have won more are Tiger and Jack.
Sir Walter and Mr. Jones: Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, and the Rise of American G
No-one has won more USPGA Championships than the flamboyant Walter Hagen [credit: Getty] .
-. Walter Hughlett, Aug 7, 14:01. hello, our printer for delivery tickets is not working. Th...
selects Walter Hagen to be included within The Tony Jacklin Ryder Cup Collection
nor would Walter Hagen, Hal Sutton, Steve Elkington, Rich Beem or Jason Dufner...but who cares what they think
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Four greats at the 1936 Masters. From left Tommy Armour, Walter Hagen, Gene Sarazen & Bobby Jones
Walter H. White: What are you offering me?. Saul Goodman: What did Tom Hagen do for Vito Corleone?…
Golf legend Billy Casper dies: ... with every great champion, from Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones and Gene Sarazen,...
“WALTER "JUNIOR" KNEPPER, 80 such a great man and friend to a lot of people. He will be missed.
Walter Hagen should be included in the upper pyramid of golfing legends, alongside Jack, Hogan, and Tiger. Agree?
Walter Hagen, a national hero when he became the first American to ever bring home a British Open Championship,
Golf Fact: Golfing Greats Ben Hogan; generally considered one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Born within six months of two other acknowledged golf greats of the 20th century, Sam Snead and Byron Nelson, Hogan is notable for his profound influence on the golf swing theory and his legendary ball-striking ability. His nine career professional major championships tie him with Gary Player for fourth all-time, trailing only Jack Nicklaus (18), Tiger Woods (14) and Walter Hagen (11). He is one of only five golfers to have won all four major championships currently open to professionals (the Masters Tournament, The Open (despite only playing once), the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship). The other four are Nicklaus, Woods, Player, and Gene Sarazen. Ben Hogan is widely acknowledged to have been among the greatest ball strikers ever to have played golf. Although he had a formidable record as a tournament winner, it is this aspect of Hogan which mostly underpins his modern reputation. Hogan wa ...
Martin Kaymer clinched his 2nd Major & 1st US Open after a dominant start-to-finish victory. He won the US PGA in 2010! "I hope this will make Bernhard proud & Germany proud": the former world said. He became ONLY the 7th man to win the tournament from start-to-finish, joining Walter Hagen (1914), Jim Barnes (1921), Ben Hogan (1953), Tony Jacklin (1970), Tiger Woods (2000 & 2002) & McIlroy (2011). []
Walter Hagen & Henry Cotton "caddies were small, no wonder they got extinct"
You know a dude's a serious golfer when he whips out the good ole Walter Hagen bag.
Walter Hagen was the first golfer to make $1 million in the sport.
One word describes this golfer maybe like no other, here is our article on Walter Hagen.
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A look at the Masters fashions through the years, from the nostalgic culottes of Walter Hagen to the neon threads of Rickie Fowler
Wow. Bobby Wyatt gives the "Walter Hagen" to OSU's Taylor *** and *** goes from 3-ft par putt to win 16 to missing bogey to lose match.
Walter Hagen golf pants are the most comfortable things to wear!
Read our new article - Countdown to 47th PGA Professional. WALTER HAGEN CUP AWARDED The NENY PGA’s Derek...
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This group is all about Joe Norwood who conceived (not theorized) a golf swing that began with a meeting between him, Walter Hagen and Harry Vardon in 1910 when they convinced him to stay on teaching as Alexander Findlay mentored him to be. His quest was to dissect the human body over decades and find out how they do what they do. The result is a swing so perfect that one can swing darts at basketballs 150 yards away. This groups message will bring the teachings of Joe Norwood who taught the professionals and whose swing encompasses that best of Walter Travis, Harry Vardon, Alexander Findlay, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Bruce Crampton. Each of these great golfers has brought something of their greatness into the Joe Norwood Golf Swing.
Jan 17, 1916: great Walter Hagen and others form the Professional Golfers' Association (in
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The evolution of the game of golf from the United Kingdom and Ireland to the Americas has a connection in Bermuda . Former Mid Ocean Club Pro Archie Compston a British Ryder Cup player and Runner Up in the British Open had several matches with Walter Hagen. Walter Hagen who next to Tiger Woods has the 3rd most professional majors is credited with advancing the stature of professional golf.
Today’s Quote: "There is no tragedy in missing a putt, no matter how short. All have erred in this respect." Walter Hagen
"If you worry about the ones you missed, you're going to keep missing them." ~Walter Hagen
100% correct sir, in my opinion the first true Pro golfer and an excellent ambassador for the game! Walter Hagen became his...
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And you thought Tony Manero, played by John Travolta was the fast talking, fast walking, pizza folding, cool, sexy, disco dancing legend of "Saturday Night Fever" and "Staying Alive", in actuality...the real Tony Manero was a golf professional who played in the 1927 PGA Championship in Dallas, TX. He lost in second round Match Play to the legendary, Walter Hagen, a "disco star" in his own right.and that's all I have to say about that.
First American to win The British Open - Walter Hagen in 1922 -
The guy that plated Walter Hagen in The Legend of Bagger Vance is in Legally Blonde.
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"Hurry up Gene! I've got a date tonight." --Playboy PGA pro, Walter Hagen, to Gene Sarazen seconds before Sarazen hit his famous 1935 double eagle on the 15th hole at Augusta National
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For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. – Proverbs 24:16 “Now what you have to understand Bobby is that three bad shots and one good shot still make par. You see, golf is the game of recovery.” – Jeremy Northam, as Walter Hagen, in the movie Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius (2004). In life everybody messes up from time to time, the just and the wicked, the diligent and the lazy. The difference between the two is the getting up part, or, the recovery. The man of character and faith does not stay in the dirt; he gets up, he pushes on, confident that he can, by the grace of God, get it right. It matters all the more when you are in a place of leadership, where others are watching to see how you handle the setback. As a leader of troops, or a manager of an office, or a parent with children at home, the getting up is about more than just yourself. One of my favorite sports movies is Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius, which tells the story of Bobby J .. ...
More than 80 years after Bobby Jones' ball barely budged, the story is still told to show golf is a game of honor. The great amateur was competing in the 1925 U. S. Open when, unbeknownst to anyone but himself, Jones' ball moved ever so slightly as he addressed it in the rough. There were no referees to call a foul, no officials to slap him with a penalty. Jones' playing companion, Walter Hagen, didn't see the infraction, nor did his caddie or any spectators. The tournament title hung in the balance, but when the round was completed, it soon became known that Jones had assessed himself a 1-stroke penalty. The ball moving did not help him any, nor was it any great violation. But it happened, and those are the rules. So Jones thought nothing of it. That stroke cost him outright victory, and he then went on to lose a 36-hole playoff to Willie Macfarlane. Afterward, when sportswriter O.B. Keeler sought to applaud Jones for his sportsmanship, the golfer implored him not to even write about the incident. Hulton ...
does it seem likely that he's part of this group?. Sam Snead. Ben Hogan. Gary Player . Walter Hagen. Jack Nicklaus
1927: Captained by Walter Hagen, the US beats Great Britain 9½ to 2½ in the final of the first Ryder Cup.
Too many scenes of Walter White in his Whitey Tighties for me.
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Well, finally home. Strange feeling pulling back into your old boring neighborhood after quite the adventure we had. Driving TO Phoenix through Cali was longer, but I at least had interesting things to look at. The way back was faster...but there was...uh...nothing. A few small town, like ten brothels, and nothing but long long dark desert. Felt like Hills Have Eyes as Hagen put it. But, the entire trip was worth it. The hotel turned out not to be that bad. I got my money back when I checked out, so it was just a deposit. Still very confusing that they didn't really warn me about it. But, I'll be more prepared for it next year. I have a lot of new ideas for my local clan to make things a lot more interesting. Lot's of interesting people down in Phoenix, and like 99% of the women there alone were very beautiful ladies. And everyone was polite...well, except the one mom from earlier today. I stood in the Star Wars Tattooine area simply taking as many pictures as I can of everyone. A few people were posing a ...
The great golfer Walter Hagen was once asked after a round what his handicap was. He replied "drink and debauchery. "
Ballantyne Country Club Trivia Challenge: Who was the first American-born player to win the British Open? Correctly answer today and be entered into May's drawing for a gift certificate to the Golf Pro Shop - be sure to check Tuesday's Ballantyne Country Club Briefs to find out if you're the lucky winner!
And of course, Jeremy Northam was cool and smart guy as Walter Hagen. He looks good in style in early 20th, doesn't he?
"I don't want to be a millionaire,I just want to live like one" Walter Hagen con
One of the best lines in the movie is when he was speaking to Walter Hagen is if I wanted your crown Walter I would just take it!
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To paraphrase Walter Hagen: Seven bad shots and one good one equals Snowman
Brittany: Looking for a new pediatrician, any recommendations?
Walter Hagen's actual birth certificate. Now that is cool!
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Happy bday to my wonderful sister ova in auz. Sorry we aren't there to celebrate with you. Your family loves you so much from us here in NZ, Rosely Mills, Lynette Rose Mills, Dawn Fleet-Mills, David Lynn Van Hagen and the others not on fb i.e. The kids and Graeme.
Three lousy shots and one brilliant shot can still make par
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'If you are first, you are first. If you are second, you are nothing.' - Bill Shankly
Here is my follow up letter I wrote to Senator Kay Hagen, senator Richard burr, congressman Walter Jones and congressman Jim Moran: On April 16, 2013 as you know I visited your office in Washington, D.C. to discuss abolishing the gas chambers and heart sticks for the use in killing our animals. I hope you have had time to review this information as I am available to discuss at your convenience. Sincerely, Cynthia Midgett
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This Captain Sensible single came out in 1985 on Animus Records. It's a great little number that he credits The Missus for playing on. Quite the vegetarian a...
I hit it well today. I chipped it VERY well. I putted VERY well. My wedges were not perfect. 2 shots got away from me. 1 bad break. Overall, another disappointing showing. I'm tired of delivering bad news, so until things start turning around I'm taking a break from posting. My emotions are tangled. Feel free to message me at any time. Thanks for the support. Kyle
: Monday Classic Movie Musing : So I often ask about film favorites but I'm curious; What is one of your LEAST favorite classic movies and why???
James Lawton: Sir Alex Ferguson's exit from Manchester United leaves a yawning vacuum but values of ambition and loyalty are still in place A A A He may have absorbed the declaration of Walter Hagen that some time everyone must stop to smell the flowers Ferguson celebrates his latest, and last, Premier League title triumph By JAMES LAWTON Thursday 09 May 2013 You may have hated the harsh, even brutal swagger of his nature. You might always argue that no one ever pursued his advantages more cynically, more relentlessly. But then if you also love football, its power to capture the attention of the world, what do you inhabit today? It is the vacuum, the great yawning space at the heart of the game, once occupied by Sir Alex Ferguson. Football without Ferguson, we had reason to believe, is going to be like tonic without gin, soda without Scotch. It is a cocktail separated from one of its biggest kicks. But the kick, we have to ask, of what? It is the kick and the thrust of a desire to win which so often appea ...
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The Coolest golfers of all time. There are some Timeless garments mixed in. Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan look awesome
Short video clips of Open Championships played at Muirfield from Walter Hagen's win in 1929 to Ernie Els in 2002
Bob Jones got an important lesson from Walter Hagen about how to play good golf. That lesson can help you too.
Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen and our very own Rannulph Junuh!
"maybe the meaning is...that there is no meaning" - Walter Hagen The Legend of Bagger Vance
Nobody remembers who comes in second. -- Walter Hagen
Photo: thegildedrage: Harry Vardon, Walter Hagen and company. Guess which one’s Hagen. Hint: he’s the one...
Three bad shots and one brilliant shot still makes par - Walter Hagen
That's sound more like Walter Hagen than Hogan
i got 6 more hours of work, then Im headed for the course. Might even bust out my walter hagen shorts today
Touché.As that old saying goes from Walter Hagen:Stop smell the roses.Perhaps it's hard 2stop,but can U not control ur speed?
Pulling a Walter Hagen (showing up late to a tee time thoroughly hungover but ready to ball)
Smart is winning golf. Cut down the element of chance. -- Walter Hagen
Three bad shots and one great one still makes par. -Sir Walter Hagen
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neither is Walter Hagen... I'm Joey votto if you're Walter
yea if you're Walter Hagen then I'm Lebron James
the 1927 PGA was played at cedar crest won by Walter Hagen - Dallas Atheltic Club 1963 PGA - Nicklaus won
Hi Mark, I'm looking to replace my start-up Walter Hagen irons set. Anything in particular you recommend? Lets start with Cobra
Philippians 3:13 Golf Philosophy In his autobiography, The Tumult and the Shouting, the great sports columnist Grantland Rice once gave this advice about past mistakes: “Because golf exposes the flaws of the human swing—a basically simple maneuver—it causes more self-torture than any game short of Russian roulette. The quicker the average golfer can forget the shot he has dubbed or knocked off line—and concentrate on the next shot—the sooner he begins to improve and enjoy golf. Like life, golf can be humbling. However, little good comes from brooding about mistakes we’ve made. The next shot, in golf or life, is the big one. “Walter Hagen, a dazzling ornament to the history of sport, had the soundest golf philosophy I’ve ever known. More important, he applied it. “‘Grant,’ he said, ‘I expect to make at least seven mistakes each round. Therefore, when I make a bad shot I don’t worry about it. It’s just one of those seven.’ “I saw Hagen make 19 mistakes during one round in a N ...
Still playing the Accenture Match golf, getting really interesting!! Any of you golfers watching this??
Gene Sarazen: * - We knew about his Championship wins and rivalry with the great Bobby Jones & Walter Hagen. * - We also know about his modern invention of a sand wedge in the early ‘30s. * - Masters Tournament wins. * - We also know he’s only 5’ 5” tall. But, did you know he also designed a golf course? Sometimes we are wound up to play big/long courses along with the big boys and have it beat us up then we end up not wanting to post our triple digit scores nor even talk about it at dinner. (funny, but true!) Go play those fun but shorter course from time to time. Work on those shaped shots with the irons. Have some fun. Laugh a little. Experience what fun is from time to time. There are plenty of fun courses out there. Shadow Mountain Golf Club is a fine course for instance. Enjoy your day! Plays! . . . and plays with friends.
The 13th green from the Walter Hagen Club Grounds.
I have a few shorts like those from the "Walter Hagen" collection.
Warren J. Harding first US president to invite star athletes to WH for photo ops. Walter Hagen was his favorite. 1921
any idea why Gary Player (still alive) has a bracket named after him instead of a legendary match player like Walter Hagen?
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Need a good umbrella that will last me... Any suggestions fb fam?
The Walter Hagen Club is jumpin on Day 2 of The party is alive at
While it is a beautiful day it is so freakin' cold that the pups feet too cold to stand. So while I clean we play inside fetch and spread more shedding hair around. Perhaps a new exercise video?
Memorable Moments Monday! native Walter Hagen claims 3rd straight in 1926 - his 8th major.
Accenture Match Play Championship.take place February 20-24, 2013, at The Golf Club at Dove Mountain in Marana, Arizona. The top 64 players in the world will battle for the Walter Hagen Cup. 18-19 practice round.
Hunter Mahan with the Walter Hagen Cup at the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship 2012
Every golfer can expect to have four bad shouts a round. When you do, just put them out of your mind. -- Walter Hagen
I once had the King of England hold the flag for me while I putted - Walter Hagen in Legend of Bagger Vance
A couple of years ago I was thinking of getting out of racing all together. Had a person that was just a cancer to the team and to the sport in general. I did the smart thing and followed my own plan rather than do the "same old same old". Now I have three cars and great people. I feel like I did when I first got started all those years ago. Thank you to Adam Hagen, Aaron Martin, Henry Hagen, Cody Bowman, Jim Diebel, Diane Walter Diebel, Thatcher Krupp at Grisdale Apc, Bill Grisdale, Hanover holidays, my dad and most of all Dinah Hagen Stellings who has help me realize all of these great things in a very short amount of time. Racing is fun but with great friends it is the best sport.
"Detroit was booming when I hit town in 1918" - Walter Hagen
11-time major winner Walter Hagen at the 1925 PGA Championship which he won.
Which one of you is going to be runner-up? Walter Hagen (on the eve of the US PGA, which Hagen won).
Had a great afternoon playing golf today with a couple Navy Veterans at Windy Harbor Golf Club on the Naval Station Mayport here in Jacksonville, Florida...I was feeling patriotic at the Naval base overlooking the Atlantic so I decided to go with a long sleeve white dress shirt, bright red tie, navy blue World Golf Hall-of-Fame sweater vest and Hogan cap...It felt good to go old school, and was fun even though I was not able to bring a Walter Hagen type game, at least I looked the part...Love this country and the men and women who keep us safe...Every day should be Veterans Day...Cheers, Seve
Fail. I came up with four on my first four tries.
I overheard a conversation between a mother and her 10-yr. old boy at a supermarket: Mother: You should always be a good boy! Boy: But I am. What's a good boy, anyway? Mother: A good boy doesn't lie, steal, use profanity or disobey his mom. Me, thinking to myself: So doesn't an alligator or a tree! Is that really a good description of a good person? Somebody, who doesn't do the bad things??? What do you think? Let me hear from you parents, out there! Hormoz Mogarei
The game, the champions, the lifestyle: Hagen and Sarazen, US Open 1922. Photo by Pietzcker:
Memorial service for my Dad, Walter 'Walt' Hagen will be March 9th, from 10-3, at Crestview Shelter House. Anyone who knew him, or knows me, for that matter, is welcome. Come as you are, as my Pops was never one to stand on ceremony. I won't be wearing a tie, so don't any of y'all, DAMMIT!!! LOL Feel free to share any memories/funny stories, etc.
Sitting at St. David Woman Center in Austin waiting for my grandson to be born. Hopefully he comes within the next 2.5 hours before I have to get back on another flight to Seattle so see my new granddaughter. Would make for a great day to see them all.
Which hybrids do you carry, and which is your favorite? -- Gary Legwold, Partner Advice Editor
"The point to it all is that there is no point." - Walter Hagen
Age I was given - 30 Where I lived - 900 Dorothea Crane, TX What I drove - Station wagon What I did - housewife and mother Who had my heart - Walter, Tana and Christy. Age I am now - 64 Where I live - 100 Adams Crane, TX What do I drive - Acadia What do I do - retired Who has my heart - Walter, Richy, Tana, Tawny, Dalton, Halee, Andy, Paisley, Mark, Christy, Hagen, Tristan, Justin, Jordan and all the rest of my family and tons of grandkids.
Got a late start with team Walter Hagen this morning. But buddy business is good!
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If you could play a round with any professional golfer, past or present, who would it be?
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I'll have to cut the bits about Walter Hagen and Tom Weiskopf. Went off on a bit of a tangent...
Friday Morning Sports: • Today is Humbug Day • Today is Look at the Bright Side Day • Winter began today at 6:12 a.m. EST. in the northern hemisphere, summer in the southern hemisphere. • Today is National French Fried Shrimp Day. • Today is Forefathers Day On this date in . . 1941: The last NFL point by drop-kick was scored when Chicago's Ray McLean drop-kicked an extra point during the NFL Championship game against the Giants at Wrigley Field. The Bears won 37-9. The drop-kick is still legal. 1993: TV Guide reported that early "Gilligan's Island" press releases gave Gilligan's first name as "Willy." The name never was used on the TV show. 1993: First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, in an interview with Associated Press, said her husband, President Clinton, had solicited her advice on major issues; but, she added, her powers were limited. Birthdays: 1892- Walter Hagen, golfer 1926- Joe Paterno, Penn State football coach 1935- Phil Donahue, TV talk show host 1937- Jane Fonda, actress, Vietnam War p ...
just wondering if you have Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones playing at the at the lakes?
While playing a round of golf with Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones accidentally moved his ball lining up a shot. Jones called over the officials and explained what he had done. The officials conferred with Hagen, and they agreed that neither they nor anyone in the considerable crowd following them had seen Jones' ball move. The officials left it up to Jones. Without hesitation, he assessed himself a one-stroke penalty. When the officials congratulated him on his integrity, Jones replied, "That's like congratulating a man for not robbing a bank." He then added, "I don't know how else to play the game." That round of golf was in the U.S. Open. Bobby Jones lost that tournament ... by one stroke.
Ciao Ian, when I think to my "golf heroes" now I put you toghether with Walter Hagen, Seve and Bobby Jones. Great job!
Oh My Lord: Europe retains the Ryder Cup, making up a 4 point deficit going into today's singles. Wow! Two wonderful points to remember: 1) Not since Walter Hagen in the 1920's has a player turned up three minutes before his tee time in a police car, see World No. 1 Northern Irishman Rory Mc Ilroy. 2) Ryder Cup ends with Tiger still on the course ! Oh boy, Captain Davis Love, you may have some 'splaining to do. Still, something about this event -- the European team always is easy to cheer for. Fair, fun and no gamesmanship. Did you see Kuchar make Westwood clinch from 2 feet, instead of conceding? He was what 2 or 3 down, with just a couple to play. It's a strange, wonderful game. Congratulations, lads played great. What a year for European sport. Now let's hope Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera wins the triple crown (see Carl Yastrzemski 1967)... Ok Davis, you're off the hook: Tiger just missed from 3 ft! It is so.over.
Jiyia Shin joins a distinguished list of winners at Hoylake. Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Peter Thompson, Tiger Woods and,er, me!
Golf Channel shared the following link and had this to say about it: Tiger Woods has an opportunity to achieve another significant milestone this week: Matching the record of five wins in the PGA Championship jointly held by Jack Nicklaus & Walter Hagen. Yes or No: Will Woods win his 5th PGA Championship this week? All the haters n nay sayers will say no but we will see who's holdin the Wanamaker trophy Sunday
favorite quote in a long time!! North Korean golfing legend (and oppressive dictator) Kim Jong Il passed away over the weekend. He was just 69 years old, but laid claim to golfing skills that would make greats like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen weep with envy. Back in 1994, the man set a record that is likely to stand forever. Playing his first round of golf on a regulation, PGA-style, 18-hole course, Kim Jong Il scored 11 holes-in-one while he carded a stunning 38 UNDER par. Seventeen bodyguards were on hand to witness and attest the score. Regarding the 11 holes-in-one on a single round, that feat will only be repeated on putt-putt golf courses as most regulation-sized courses typically have only four holes short enough to reasonably be considered candidates for scoring an ace. Sadly, the golfing world outside of North Korea has yet to accept this round of golf as legitimate.
If you want tradition Bobby Jones & Walter Hagen have played here, is a big fan and we were designed by JH Taylor
Played Cedar Crest today, where boy Byron Nelson gave Walter Hagen his hat on the last hole because he was blinded by the sun! Won 1927 PGA
Options Roy Forbes III Today Tiger Woods won his 73 professional tournament , tying him with Jack Nicklaus , and tigers is 4 majors away from tying him for majors ! This means if he stopped playing today that only one guy would be above him in the history of professional golf in major victories. The next ones behind tiger in Majors are Walter Hagen with 11 majors , Ben Hogan with 9, and Gary Player with 9 and Tom Watson with 8, and Bobby Jones with 7 . Wow! Like · · Unfollow Post · 2 minutes ago near Clinton Township
Sir Walter: Walter Hagen and the Invention of Professional Golf: During the Golden Age of Sports in the 1920s, W...
Walter Hagen - Notice the hands at the finish. Compare the position vs. the Ben Hogan photo. Different club and shot, but very different golf swings.
Signature courses here were designed by some of the greats: John Van Kleek, Walter Hagen, Seymour Dunn, Alex Findlay and Alistair Mackenzie, who also designed Augusta National and Cypress Point.
From Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen to Ben Hogan and Sam Snead to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the best players have been meticulous...
BRING BACK CHAMPIONS DAY: ART IS IN MARKET WILL BE HELP CELEBRATING THIS SPECIAL DAY; Meet Charles at ART IS IN MARKET APRIL 21-22 12-6 Book Signing First 300 guest will receive a free poster ART IS IN MARKET NORTH 12 Oaks Mall 248 380 4992 Open Group April 18th, 1936. The eyes of the world were directed towards a party at the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan. This would be a celebration unlike any the World had ever seen, for on this day Detroiters would celebrate a new title that combined the accomplishments of her citizenry into a new ideal. On this date, Detroit became known as "The City of Champions." At this celebration were the Detroit Tigers, Lions and Red Wings who had all won their 1st Championships in the same season (no city since, has equalled this). Alongside them sat the guest of honor--Joe Louis (1935 A.P. Most Outstanding Athlete). Also among these teams were the Detroit Olympics (minor league team of the Red Wings), Gar Wood (speed boat racing), Walter Hagen (golf), Eddie Tolan (sprin ...
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