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Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures also known as Walt Disney Studios is an American film studio owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Star Wars Marvel Studios Pixar Animation Studios Walt Disney Animation Studios Captain America New York City Chris Buck Jennifer Lee Zoe Saldana Touchstone Pictures Chris Pratt Toy Story Kristen Bell Winter Soldier Jonathan Groff

Exploding Seth MacFarlane is better than brand new Walt Disney Pictures films
"I don't make pictures just to make money. I make money to make more pictures" - Walt Disney
1983:Walt Disney Pictures is incorporated as a separate company responsible for all live-action films & commercial tv programming.
Prepare for many pictures of me being perfect. @ Epcot - Walt Disney World
See how the Walt Disney Archives restored Walt's office with before and after pictures
I added a video to a playlist Classic Walt Disney Pictures Intro Sound Effect
on this day in 2005-Walt Disney Pictures releases The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Walt Disney Archives restores Walt’s office as exhibit at Disney Studios {Pictures here
2015: First teaser trailer for upcoming fantasy adventure
The teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG movie!. Walt Disney Pictures has released the teaser trailer...
The film was released by Walt Disney Pictures, contrary to the fact that Pixar Studios was purchased after the film's release.
Don't get weird about yourself going this morning, put on that awesome outfit, look in the...
The upcoming real-life action thriller from Walt Disney Pictures takes audiences through the heroic 1952 rescue of a tanker ship off Cape
New poster and trailer for Disney’s The Finest Hours: Walt Disney Pictures has released a... /via
Now playing Walt Disney Pictures Presents - Circle of Life (Elton John) on
Atomic X-Men: Days of Future Past is more important than Deep Walt Disney Pictures films
Second TV Spot Hits for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm have r... /via
Glen Hansard gave his usual life-affirming performance on Monday night at Disney Hall. Read review.
The brand-new trailer to Walt Disney Pictures The has arrived! .
The trailer for is finally here! Here's everything else that has in store...
Even though Disney still uses the classic Waltograph font for everything but their current Walt Disney Pictures logo, the castle is no more.
I liked a video Walt Disney Pictures in Black and White
"Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the the most universally understood language."~Walt Disney
Up is a 2009 American 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures
As Albanian to be the name in the history of Hollywood's studio family(Walt Disney Pictures).
Walt Disney Pictures sued for 10 million dollars because idea Wreck-It Ralph would have been stolen from TV series.
Actually, The Princess and the Frog is, as of now, Walt Disney Pictures' last 2D animated film. And Chicken Little was good.
Tomorrowland - A movie by Walt Disney Pictures, starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, and...
Got 21. Some of those pictures are dated and a couple questions are BS. Is there a Walt Disney Studios park? That in Paris?
Decided to do a Mega64TV bumper for the boyz ala classic Walt Disney Pictures
I wish Pan is a Walt Disney Pictures I like the cartoon Peter Pan was a movie i don't understand why!!
I liked a video walt disney pictures variations
I liked a video from 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo on "Toy Story"
I liked a video from Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios (Cars 2 Variant)
- Miss the days when Disney's theatrical posters said "Walt Disney Pictures Presents"? I do too.
Walt said,"Pictures still speak the most universally understood language" ( What kind of pictures do others see when they see you?)
“And I knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince”. © Creative Pictures
Some fun pictures in Animal Kingdom today! — feeling magical at Walt Disney World Resort
Ashley Tisdale at Premiere of Walt Disney Picture's "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert" -
[In my opinion, the main problem with the film version of Bradbury's novel is that Walt Disney Pictures produced it.]
I'm a HUGE Disney fan and can't wait to see pictures and videos from Maddie & Tae's visit to Walt Disney World! :)
FANTASTIC pictures of Walt Disney World on October 1st, 1971: Opening Day!
Watch the evolution of the Disney logo by via
- For anyone who misses the days when Disney film posters would say "Walt Disney Pictures Presents".
Meet Mowgli. Neel Sethi will make his feature debut in Walt Disney Pictures' live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book. E! News caught up
Recap – The Jungle Book, Beauty & the Beast, a double douse of Lupita & more
Here's some beautiful pictures of Alice at Walt Disney World. You need to plan a trip soon! Contact Don & Tina...
I mean its an extremely good *** concept. I just wish that it was developed by pixar, dreamworks or even better, Walt disney Pictures
fans reacting to Brady's suspension being upheld via
As in, in the beginning of PHM, the 1985-2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo plays, but then fades to a cloud that looks like that castle.
Today in 1951 - The Walt Disney film Alice in Wonderland was released by RKO pictures.
Pictures PHOTO: Haunted Mansion Secret Attic Door: First off, all credit goes to the legend Hoot Gibson. This ...
This day in history: 1951 — Walt Disney Pictures world premieres “Alice in Wonderland” in England
Check out MICKEY MOUSE CLUB - Walt Disney Magic Erasable Pictures, by Transogram Toys via
Moving pictures can be will be new fresh exciting as long as there are ideas & talent in the world. Walt Disney
Walt Disney Pictures has tapped Mulan as their next Disney animated character to remake into a live-action movie http:/…
1994 - Animated feature film, The Lion King, was released by Walt Disney Pictures.
When did I follow Walt Disney Pictures and what's with all the Dubstep vids.
It's Throwback about some trivia? The Little Mermaid was released by Walt Disney pictures in 1989.
I meeeaaan.I'll take some solid work-life balance. (writing this post from the beach.)
Now playing Walt Disney Pictures Presents - Join us at
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures was one of the distributors for "No Country for Old Men."
Today in 1955, Walt Disney Pictures released "Lady and the Tramp":
I liked a video from Walt Disney Pictures & Jim Henson Productions Logo
Bailee Madison & AnnaSophia Robb at The Los Angeles Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media's "Bridge to
Jon Voight at World Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" - Arrivals
Set de fotos: Walt Disney Pictures intros and outros
Anyone else think it's interesting that is being released by Touchstone and not Walt Disney Pictures?
Walt Disney Pictures has just updated its release schedule and given an official release date for Ghost in the Shell. Based on Masamune Shirow’s manga series, and staring Scarlett Johansson, Rupert Sanders’ live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, a DreamWorks Pictures production, will release on April 14th, 2017.
I can't wait to see a the words Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar Animation Studios film on a screen😍
CINDERELLA new trailer & featurette - Walt Disney Pictures' classic animated fa… see more
Walt Disney Pictures has released a new poster for the upcoming live-action take on their popular classic...
Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm have released the first teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Property of Walt Disney Pictures, Lucasfilms and Bad Robot Productions. I don't own any of this. I did not make Star Wars. New leaked Star Wars: Episode 7 - ...
I added a video to a playlist Walt Disney Pictures - Best Soundtracks
Then again Walt Disney Pictures movies have proven to be awful and will continue to be for quite some time so there's not much to expect.
Walt Disney Pictures, thanks for the wonderful time spent watching movies and cartoons!
Attention everyone. Please check out this amazing website: - The pictures of Walt Disney World are gorgeous.
what difference does make if I work for Walt Disney, 21st century fox, Sony Pictures, Time Warner, Viacom, CBS?
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. ~Walt Disney. Too many beautiful pictures...
i just wrote to Walt disney pictures just now
I've been through and sorted out all my Walt Disney World pictures into a sort of "Best Of" gallery. Some shots...
The Walt Disney Company has transformed itself into a renowned global enterprise:
- Walt Disney Pictures Logo Variant Recess School's Out: You can watch best Rece...
'Big Hero 6' Cast and Crew Interviews | EXCLUSIVE: . Walt Disney Pictures is about to make history...
“Into the Woods” is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), Jack and the Beanstalk (Daniel Huttlestone), and Rapunzel (MacKenzie Mauzy)—all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife (James Corden & Emily Blunt), their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch (Meryl Streep) who has put a curse on them. Into the Woods Trailer In Theaters December 25th, 2014 © 2014 Walt Disney Pictures
Following its debut at Sunday night's 2014 Teen Choice Awards, Walt Disney Pictures has brought online the ne...
Walt Disney Pictures and Columbia Pictures logo goes black & white: via
Take a look inside the new Four Season Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World
An Extremely Goofy Movie, or Another Goofy Movie, is a 2000 American direct-to-video animated comedy film made by Walt Disney Pictures. Dire
100 years of Walt Disney Pictures :) . Thanks to Mr Walt Disney who started a legacy that would last forever R.I.P .
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Disney casting call information for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’: Fifth Mate Productions...
Photoset: disneybighero6: Some new behind-the-scenes at Walt Disney Animation Studios pictures featuring...
2011:Winnie the Pooh, a new animated film, is released by Walt Disney Pictures.
The Republic in Crisis: Star Wars: Part 7 is being filmed now. . Projected release date 2015 by Walt Disney Pictures. 30 years have passed...
Check out our latest position with Walt Disney Pictures:
Walt Disney Pictures has announced that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is set for a July 7 2017 release.
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Gets a Release Date!: Avast! Jack Sparrow will set sail in just a few years!. Walt Disney Pictures announ...
Get ready for movie number 5! Walt Disney Pictures announced that a 5th Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be released in 2017!
'PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5' GETS SUMMER 2017 RELEASE DATE!: Walt Disney Pictures has announced that the offic...
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Release Date: Sparrow Returns Summer 2017 - Walt Disney Pictures has announced a...
Walt Disney Pictures has officially set the fifth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie (also starring Johnny Depp) to release in Summer 2017!
1993 - Disney releases the Walt Disney Pictures live-action feature film Hocus Pocus to theaters in the US.
, and its façade has been made iconic by the Walt Disney Pictures logo.
The teaser poster of Walt Disney pictures and Anil Kapoor Film Company's Khoobsurat, country's first Disney film.
The thing I love about the Blank Check DVD we have is that it has VHS QUALITY. THE BLUE WALT DISNEY PICTURES SCREEN FELT LIKE A VHS 👌👏👏👍
Pictures of the Week: Katy Perry joined Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. Eurovision winner C...
“LOOK: The dream employers for liberal arts students: you won't believe it
LOOK: The dream employers for liberal arts students:
Just waiting for that WALT DISNEY PICTURES panel, so I can hopefully get my TOMORROWLAND liveblog on.
A Planes: Fire & Rescue Clip Shows its CHoPs: . Walt Disney Pictures has released a new clip from t...
On this day in 1987, Walt Disney Pictures releases “The Brave Little Toaster”.
Walt said,"pictures still speak the most universally understood language."-Don't just say things-show the world who you are!
I am almost 18 and I spend my time looking up pictures of Walt Disney World park characters.
Does this seem like a good idea to you?
Too many pictures of Mario, that's for sure. @ Walt Disney Concert Hall
First flipagram was missing pictures for some reason. So here is a little more. Lol @ Walt Disney…
Coming soon from Walt Disney pictures The Beauty & the Bizzar
Photo: Pictures from the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio of San Francisco.
Approximately how many pictures do you take during your trips to Walt Disney World?
Walt Disney Pictures has released a second clip from Planes: Fire & Rescue, opening in 3D and 2D theaters on ...
We Got a Situation in a New Clip from Planes: Fire and Rescue: . Walt Disney Pictures has released ...
Updating my casTing pictures and handling biz — at Walt Disney Studios
at Walt Disney Studios. Have fun with some great pictures of the new Ratatouille area
The Country Bears is a 2002 American family musical film, directed by Peter Hastings, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and based on the fam
Ben Kingsley Is Bagheera in Disney's 'The Jungle Book': . Walt Disney Pictures announced today that Ben K...
Good morning! To the whole bunch at Walt Disney Pictures. Wake up. It's a new day. Think of the possibilities.
- is currently listening to : A Whole New World by : Walt Disney Pictures Presents
“the only way I’ve found to make these pictures is with animators. You can’t seem to do it with accountants and bookkeepers.”. - Walt Disney
Great Walt Disney quote courtesy "Sight & Sound:" "I dream that one of my pictures has ended up in an art theater, and I wake up shaking."
Interactive George Lucas Museum Heads to Chicago - Nearly two years ago now, word broke that Walt Disney Pictures ...
The Lion King was released on this day in 1994! Never seen it? You should!
Spielberg Is Busy! - The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has set release dates for the next two Steven...
Go sign this so I can make my official debut in the moving pictures.
One of the coolest pictures from a reader of 102 Ways to Save Money at Disney "Out & About"
New blog post: The Lion King: 20 years on: On this day in 1994, Walt Disney Pictures pushed The Lion King into...
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I liked a video Disney movies, Disney full movies, Walt Disney cartoon, Disney songs and pictures and
Post from the past: Walt Disney Pictures Release Schedule for 2014!
You are invited to attend: Summer Film Series: "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" Friday, June 20, 2014 from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM As part of our ongoing celebration of the 25th anniversary of President Bush’s administration, we’re showing a movie he watched when he was living in the White House. Our second installment of our brand new Summer Film Series features “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” -- a family-friendly adventure of mythical proportions. Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) is an absentminded inventor who accidentally shrinks his children and two kids from the neighborhood with his top secret shrinking machine. The problem is, before he realizes what’s happened to them he sweeps them up and throws them away! Now they must face incredible dangers as they try to make their way home through the jungle of their own backyard: flood-inducing sprinklers, dive-bombing bees, a runaway lawn mower and more. Released by Walt Disney Pictures in 1989, this film is 93 minutes long and rated PG. Bring your blankets and l ...
Check out this new international trailer that Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios has…
Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have released a new international trailer for James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The film stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Lee Pace, Dave Batista, Djimon Hounsou, …
Hewlett and Packard in the garage workshop courtesy HP Archives Hewlett-Packard is Founded. David Packard and Bill Hewlett found Hewlett-Packard in a Palo Alto, California garage. Their first product was the HP 200A Audio Oscillator, which rapidly becomes a popular piece of test equipment for engineers. Walt Disney Pictures ordered eight of the 200B model to use as sound effects generators for the 1940 movie “Fantasia.” 1940 The Complex Number Calculator (CNC) The Complex Number Calculator (CNC) is completed. In 1939, Bell Telephone Laboratories completed this calculator, designed by researcher George Stibitz. In 1940, Stibitz demonstrated the CNC at an American Mathematical Society conference held at Dartmouth College. Stibitz stunned the group by performing calculations remotely on the CNC (located in New York City) using a Teletype connected via special telephone lines. This is considered to be the first demonstration of remote access computing. 1941 The Zuse Z3 Computer Konrad Zuse finishes the .. ...
BA plays ALL the musicians in this video for Walt Disney Pictures' Old Dogs. Original Soundtrack on Walt Disney Records. Video directed by Bryan Adams.
10 days away from Maleficent ...can't believe I am waiting to watch a film with Joile in it.. :-) Maleficent (2014) Maleficent coolgyalstudio.blo… Maleficent is a 2014 dark fantasy adventure film directed by Robert Stromberg from a screenplay written by Linda Woolverton. Starring Angelina Jolie as the eponymous Disney Villainess character, the film is a live-action re-imagining of Walt Disney's 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty, and portrays the story from the perspective of the antagonist… .Summary: PG · 2hr 15min · Action/Adventure Release date: May 30, 2014 Director: Robert Stromberg Production company: Walt Disney Pictures Music by: James Newton Howard Screenwriters: Linda Woolverton · Paul Dini
Walt Disney pictures is what I need now😍❤️
It's so crazy to see pictures of me in Walt Disney World, not knowing I would be CAST MEMBER there years later! ✨
Pirates of the Caribbean: Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of fantasy adventure films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and based on Walt Disney's theme park ride of the same name. Directors of the series include Gore Verbinski Rob Marshall, and Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg . The series was scripted by Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott , and Jeff Nathanson , with the stories following the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin McNally), Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley). The films take place in a fictional historical setting; a world ruled largely by an amalgam of alternative versions of the British Empire and the East India Company, with the pirates representing freedom from the ruling powers. The films started with their first release on the big screen in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which received positive reviews from the critics and grossed $654 million worldwide. Aft ...
This is a list of theatrical films released under the Walt Disney Pictures film label (known as that since 1983, with Never Cry Wolf as its first release) and films released before that under the former name of the parent company, Walt Disney Productions (1928-1983). Most films listed here were dist…
Jenny M Humphrey (Taylor Michel Momsen) Pretty - Ken Taylor Michel Momsen (born July 26, 1993)[1] is an American actress, musician, and model, who portrayed the character of Jenny Humphrey on theCW television series Gossip Girl and Cindy Lou Who in Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.[2] She fronts the rock band The Pretty Reckless. Early life Taylor Momsen was born on July 26, 1993, inSt. Louis, Missouri. Her parents are Michael and Collette Momsen and she has a younger sister, Sloane Momsen, who is also an actress. She hasRussian ancestry.[3] She was raised Roman Catholic[4] and attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School[5] for elementary school and later attended Herbert Hoover Middle School in Potomac, Maryland.[6] She studied dance at the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis. Momsen was signed withFord Models at the age of two of what she says "My parents signed me up with Ford [Modeling] at the age of 2. No 2-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice. My whole life, I was in and out ...
Everybody misses you at Walt Disney. Mrs. Fitz was going through the pictures and we found yours. She said AW!
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Walt Disney Pictures presents:. Old Yeller. starring Dan Uggla,. with supporting performances by Jordan Schafer and Gerald Laird.
Hey Walt Disney Pictures I have a great idea to revive one of your old properties, HMU
Question No Malificent Dragon Merchandise for Boys?: Malificent will be released in theaters this week, and y...
My Walt Disney World Day 1-4 pictures as well as summaries from all 7 days of my most recent trip -
Pictures: Closed rides and attractions at Walt Disney World
Disney's new Cinderella poster and trailer: Walt Disney Pictures has launched its marketing…
on this day in 2008-The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, is released in...
Today in 1928, Walt Disney applies for a trademark for "Mickey Mouse" for use in motion pictures.
Bolt [DVD] from Walt Disney Pictures: Films U Like are delighted to offer the excellent Bolt [DVD]. With so m...
Meryl Streep is the Witch in ''Into The Woods'' from Walt Disney Pictures. See the musical like you have never seen it before. Walt Disney Studios, the studi...
"Cinderella" will be the 2015 installment in Walt Disney Pictures’ contemporary series of live-action…
Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures: We have advance screening passes for "MILLION DOLLAR ARM" starring Jon Hamm. Screening is for Wednesday, May 14, 2014, Regal Phillips Place, Clt. 7P. Each pass admits 2. Inbox by 12P Mon., if interested.
Marvel Studio y Walt Disney Pictures, please! Hagan Iron man 4 o Iron Woman con Pepper! Gwyneth is the best idola!!!
DNA Walt Disney Pictures announces sequel to 'Cars' and 'The Incredibles': Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A Ig...
Walt Disney Pictures and DreamWorks Entertainment present this adaptation of the hit videogame series, Need for Speed. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi
Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier is being featured on Disney XD and you can check out the promo below!
Iron Man 3 is an American film about the superhero Iron Man, Marvel Comics , Marvel Studios produced and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the sequel to Iron Man ( 2008) Iron Man 2 (2010), and is the first film that was launched the second phase of the cinematic Marvel Universe , the first major release of the franchise after The Avengers (2012 ) was the sixth and final film of the first phase of the aforementioned cinematic universe . Shane Black was required to direct a script written by himself and Drew Pearce, which is based on the Extremis story of Warren Ellis. Jon Favreau , who directed the first two films , served as executive producer along with Kevin Feige. Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as Tony Stark with Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle reprising their roles as Pepper Potts and James Rhodes , respectively, and Jon Favreau repeated as an actor playing the role of Happy Hogan now as security supervisor . The cast features the additions of actors Rebecca Hall , Guy Pearce and Ben Kin ...
A new Monsters University short film, "Party Central," is on the way, set to debut before screenings of Walt Disney Pictures' Muppets Most Wanted when it hits the big screen March 21. Today, Disney has debuted a poster for the short, which you can check out below! "Party Central" will feature the...
Coming soon to theaters,. Walt Disney Pictures presents. ~ Palatable ~. for the whole family
Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer Based on the Marvel comic books “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, this movie is due in theaters August 1 2014 and is directed by James Gunn for Walt Disney Pictures. Starring Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana & Djimon Hounsou to mention but a few. I have a feeling this is going to be […]
I am sad to say we have lost a great artist and trailblazer, one of my favorite actresses. Juanita Moore (October 19, 1914 – January 1, 2014) She starred in one of my favorite movies "Imitation of Life". African American actress Juanita Moore entered films in the early 1950's, a time in which few black people were given an opportunity to act in major studio films. Fortunately Moore's roles began improving as Hollywood developed a social consciousness toward the end of the decade. In 1959 she received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Imitation of Life (1959), a glossy updating of a once controversial Fannie Hurst novel about racism. Within the next decade Hollywood underwent several sociological upheavals, and Juanita was one of the beneficiaries. She became a fixture in black-oriented films of the 1960's and 1970's, appearing in such films as Uptight (1968), Thomasine & Bushrod (1974) and Abby (1974). She also appeared in Walt Disney Pictures' The Kid (2000), and has been in a total of ...
"Need for Speed" is in theaters March 14, More than 15 supercars were built in less than six months for the film with each costing between $2-3 million. When the "Need for Speed" adaptation comes to the big screen in March it will be filled with a lot of fast cars ranging from Lamborghinis to a Bugatti. Starring "Breaking Bad" actor Aaron Paul, the movie is based on the popular game franchise from Electronic Arts. To make a connection to the game believable, a mix of '70s muscle cars and European super cars featured in the "Need for Speed" series over the years will appear on screen. Walt Disney Pictures released a series of photos showing off the six super cars that will be featured in the film.
Ok, maybe not "final," since my feelings will likely shift uncontrollably each of the seven remaining days before the nominations for the 86th Academy Awards are announced, but I've gotta get these final predictions in some time. The final evening before nomination voting ends (tomorrow afternoon) is as good a time as any. I'm likely wrong on most of these, I like to include a little unpredictability in the mix, and I'm only predicting nine nominees because I'm going to predict the number of nominees from the previous year, but here goes:   Best Picture:   "American Hustle" (Sony Pictures) "Captain Phillips" (Sony Pictures) "Dallas Buyers Club" (Focus Features) "Gravity" (Warner Bros. Pictures) "Nebraska" (Paramount Pictures) "Philomena" (The Weinstein Company) "Saving Mr. Banks" (Walt Disney Pictures) "12 Years a Slave" (Fox Searchlight Pictures) "The Wolf of Wall Street" (Paramount Pictures) Alternate: "Her" (Warner Bros. Pictures)   Best Director:   Alfonso Cuarón, "Gravity" Paul Greengrass, "Cap ...
Walt Disney Pictures has today released the first official still from Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy featuring, from left to right, Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), Drax (Dave Batista) and Groot (Vin Diesel). Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1, 2014.
Hello everyone! Hopefully you all had a fantastic break with your families :) We need your FEEDBACK ASAP!! Next Friday night (Jan 10th for B and D TRACKS and Jan 31st for A and C TRACKS), we are sponsoring a FREE FAMILY MOVIE night at the school!! We just need to decide on a movie. Dr. Zimmerman purchased the rights and these are the makers we can choose from: Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, NBC/Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate Films, MGM, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Focus Features, Miramax Films, Warner Independent Pictures, Fine Line Features, United Artists, Picturehouse and Vivendi Entertainment. Please let us know what your family would be interested in coming to see! We will be selling pizza and snacks as a fundraiser for our upcoming activities, so no outside food or drink will be allowed. Hoping this is a great success. We need volunteers to help pull this off! Please let us know if you are available to hel ...
Since the mid-1980s, Spielberg has increased his role as a film producer. He headed up the production team for several cartoons, including the Warner Brothers hits Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Toonsylvania, and Freakazoid!, for which he collaborated with Jean MacCurdy and Tom Ruegger. Due to his work on these series, in the official titles, most of them say, "Steven Spielberg presents" as well as making numerous cameos on the shows. Spielberg also produced the Don Bluth animated features, An American Tail and The Land Before Time, which were released by Universal Studios. He also served as one of the executive producers of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and its three related shorts (Tummy Trouble, Roller Coaster Rabbit, Trail Mix-Up), which were all released by Disney, under both the Walt Disney Pictures and the Touchstone Pictures banners. He was furthermore, for a short time, the executive producer of the long-running medical drama ER. In 1989, he brought the concept of The Dig to Luc ...
Casting calls for Walt Disney Pictures feature film 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' -
Today The Daily Mail is reporting that Walt Disney Pictures has signed legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and Grammy Award nominee Keith Richards to play Jack S
Well they've done it again.!! Walt Disney Pictures "FROZEN" is a towering Hit,{ 93 million at the Boxoffice,biggest Thanksgiving opening EVER } I Loved It! The score by Robert +Kristen Anderson Lopez { "AVE Q",and "BOOK OF MORMON" } is Broadway ready,and it's wonderful.The cast is first rate talent, { all from Broadway Show's. } and deliver in spades. Kristen Bell,Idina Menzel,Jonathan Groff,and in the comic role Josh Gad as the Snowman.The Entire Production team are at the top of their form.Buy all means catch this delightful Musical treat. A Perfect Holiday gift.
As ever, we give thanks for movies. And we talk about 'em on the latest Showcast with composer Joe Kraemer!:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
fancy dress tomorrow of the theme walt Disney. Stay tuned for further updates & possibly pictures depending on my face looking normal
It's nice to see the Walt Disney Pictures logo at the start of "Tangled" ... Shame new movies just get "Disney"
We just saw fantastic job Walt Disney Pictures
2008:Walt Disney Pictures' Morning Light takes place at the El Cayers in the league, I also think hes better than Bale,
Walt Disney is alive @ the Museum of Science & Industry with 90 years of his legendary magic:
Talk of the Town with Pamela & Janice: We're about to give away 4 passes to Frozen, Walt Disney's Pictures new...
"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique." -Walt Disney pictures
Today in Walt Disney Pictures releases the live-action version of “101 Dalmatians”. -1996
From directors Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee and Walt Disney Pictures is the animated story of FROZEN.
The Dissolve: Frozen: The latest Walt Disney Pictures film follows closely in the footsteps of 2010’s Tangled,...
Talk of the Town, Jan & Pam: A great way to start your morning, win 4 passes to "Frozen", Walt Disney Pictures's...
courier-journal - Movie Review | 'Frozen' - Walt Disney Pictures has its animation mojo back. Finally.
Disney's upcoming film check it out!
Photoset: mydollyaviana: Walt Disney Pictures presents… can you recognize the movie from this?
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has set release date for 'The Jungle Book' in 3D on October 9, 2015.
Short horror story: old pictures of me,e of Magic (all located on Main Street USA in Walt Disney World) close,
on this day in 2009-Walt Disney Pictures releases the comedy feature Old Dogs.
A great article by Steven Ford that pictures Orlando area before Walt Disney World:
I added a video to a playlist Springtime for Pluto 1944 Walt Disney Pictures cartoons
Haven't talked to my French friends for a while... and +
I don't care how old I am,. I stiil love Walt Disney PICTURES
CInderella is a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 12th animated feature film
CLIENT: Walt Disney Pictures (USA) AGENCY: Comflix INFO: Animation and vfx for the Lone Ranger trailer, a movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry…
Walt Disney Pictures has released the new poster for Maleficent
Official teaser poster art for Walt Disney Pictures' “Maleficent” is now out!
Walt Disney Pictures shatters its own worldwide theatrical box office record! Congratulations to all of colleagues at WDP!
Coming soon from Walt Disney Pictures: "Saving Mr Walker," the inspirational story about how "Saving Mr Banks" changed life
I could hear the Walt Disney Pictures intro for movies from 20 miles away.
Saving Mr. Banks doesn't play we'll against Walt Disney Pictures' foreseeable future.
Walt Disney Pictures announced Thursday that "Star Wars: Episode VII," the next installment of the space saga, will open on Dec. 18, 2015. Elizabeth S Nelson
After months of speculation, Walt Disney Pictures confirmed on Thursday that "Episode VII," the next installment of the "Star Wars" saga, will open on December 18, 2015. In a statement, Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn said, "We're very excited to … Continue reading →
Walt Disney Pictures is proud to announce SAVING MR BANKS, the extraordinary untold story of how one of the most beloved tales of all time, Mary Poppins, was...
Alice in Wonderland (2010) (Score) [Soundtrack, Import]: Danny Elfman From Walt Disney Pictures and the vividly crea…
United Kingdom nationwide search details for male and female to play lead roles in major Walt Disney Pictures film - http:/…
in 2007 in Disney history, Walt Disney Pictures' Enchanted has its London premiere at the Odeon West End.
Email: "The Wind Rises is a Studio Ghibli Film distributed by Touchstone Pictures….nothing to do with Walt Disney Pictures" Hmm.
RIP dear Walt Disney, and blessed be for giving us such motion pictures!!
Open casting call in Bristol and Manchester for a Walt Disney pictures movie.if only I was 18 :(
I plan to be Senator Gwinn of California while becoming CEO of Walt Disney Pictures & working on broadway as Elphaba in Wicked! by my 40th.
Over the summer, we learned that Walt Disney Pictures was looking to create another live-action version of Rudyard...
Jon Favreau in talks to direct Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’: Walt Disney Pictures has found its director for the...
Jon Favreau in Talks to Open 'The Jungle Book' for Disney Pictures: . Over the summer, we learned that Walt Dis...
Walt Disney pictures is making a movie here in town...guess who's going to try to be an extra
Auditioning for a Walt Disney pictures film!
Starting November 1, 2013. Meet Anna and Elsa from Walt Disney Pictures' Frozen at the Norway Pavilion at Epcot®
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Walt Disney Pictures presents an all-new comedy adventure overflowing with holiday cheer. Tim Allen reappears in...
"Walt Disney pictures presents..." The phrase tht can make me smile n feel warm and younger on the inside
Good Monday morning everyone it's Hotels Day. Today, we're looking for your best pictures of hotels at Walt Disney...
I’m Still Here Movie Review .. Walt Disney Pictures presents “Tangled,” one of the most hilarious, hair-raising tales ever told. When the kingdom’s most wanted-and most… Oscar-nominated Walk the Line star Joaquin Phoenix announces that he’s retiring from acting to launch a hip-hop career as his brother-in-law Casey Affleck captures the curious transition on camera in the film some are labelling an elaborate Andy Kaufman-style prank. In the fall of 2008, Phoenix shocked his fans with the announcement that he would no longer be appearing in features, but instead trying his hand in the music business. In the wake of a particularly bizarre appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, everyone began to wonder if the eccentric actor had finally fallen off the deep end. In this film, Affleck follows Phoenix as he attempts to convince Sean “Diddy” Combs to produce his debut album, and responds to a request by Ben Stiller to appear in director Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg with casual indifferen ...
Crazy over Howard Ashman & Alan Menken's masterpiece 'Belle' from Walt Disney Pictures' Beauty and the Beast. over and over again...
The Mighty Ducks is a series of three live-action films and one animated film released in the 1990s by Walt Disney Pictures. The movies revolve around a Twin Cities ice hockey team, composed of young players that stick together throughout various challenges. Despite its negative reviews by movie critics, the trilogy's commercial success paved the way for the creation of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, (now the Anaheim Ducks) NHL team as well as a related animated series called Mighty Ducks. The films still remain popular today, and were spoofed in a 2006 episode of South Park. A "Mighty Ducks" area, with related decor, is retained in Disney's All-Star Movies Resort hotel at Walt Disney World Resort. Basil McRae, Mike Modano, Wayne Gretzky, Luc Robitaille, Chris Chelios, Cam Neely and Paul Kariya have made cameo appearances in the films.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer now up! (Property of Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Pictures)
"released by Walt Disney Pictures" "and is the only Lynch film for which Lynch himself did not have a hand in the screenplay"
Frozen Man does a little dance. Walt Disney Pictures
Today in 1923 The Walt Disney Company was founded. Love Disney films? We've got lots:
Hakuna Matata - it means no worries for the rest of your days Walt Disney Pictures, Di...
Can you Feel the Love Tonight from Walt Disney Pictures'The Lion King 16-10-13 -
The 2 other tiny things are they changed the timing of "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" so it comes on much earlier
AutoZone Park will present a special screening of Walt Disney Pictures “Hocus Pocus” on the massive ballpark...
"Ant-Man" is in production now. Walt Disney Pictures has scheduled a July 31, 2015 release for the film...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Super creepy tailor made for the silver screen via Disney Pictures
"Walt Disney Pictures" remind me of the days when I was a kid :( Good times :(
i don't care how old i am, i still love "Walt Disney Pictures" :D
I would like to thank Walt Disney Pictures for providing the soundtrack to my Finals Week.
1997: The science fiction comedy feature RocketMan is released by Walt Disney Pictures,
THURSDAY'S PICK: “DISNEY'S MULAN” AT KNOXVILLE CHILDREN’S THEATRE The latest Knoxville Children’s Theatre production is a modern Disney classic, but “Disney’s Mulan” isn’t a film; it’s a live musical play for children and families, based on the 1998 film by Walt Disney Pictures. The story: Mulan is the only daughter of the legendary warrior Fa Zhou and longs to become a military leader like her father. To join the battle against the invading Huns, she must convince the other fighters that she is a man. Her adventures eventually surpass even those of her father, thanks to some help from her guard-dragon, Mushu. The musical play contains all of the humor, action and tradition of the film, as well as the songs audiences have come to love, such as “Reflection,” “I’ll Make A Man Out of You,” and “A Girl Worth Fighting For,” all performed by 22 of the Knoxville area’s finest young actors and singers. The production is directed by Caroline King and features musical direction by ...
Biography for Lindsay Lohan More at IMDbPro » ad feedback Date of Birth 2 July 1986, New York City, New York, USA Birth Name Lindsay Dee Lohan Nickname Linds La Lohan LL LiLo Height 5' 5" (1.65 m) Mini Biography Lindsay Dee Lohan was born in New York City on 2 July 1986 to Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan. She began her career at age three as a model at the Eileen Ford Agency, and made appearances in over 60 television commercials, including spots for The Gap, Pizza Hut, Wendy's and Jell-O (opposite Bill Cosby). Lohan made her acting debut in 1996 as the third actress to play Ali Fowler in the television drama "Another World" (1964). Shortly afterward she was hand-picked by Oscar-nominated writer Nancy Meyers as estranged twin sisters in an adaptation by Walt Disney Pictures of a novel by Erich Kästner, which marked Meyers' directorial debut. Lohan's first feature film, The Parent Trap (1998), a remake of The Parent Trap (1961), was a modest commercial success, earning her widespread critical acclaim and a ...
It was announced today that internationally bestselling author and Wexfordian, Eoin Colfer, will officially open the 62nd Wexford Festival Opera on Wednesday, October 23, at 7pm in a special quayside ceremony and fireworks display, which attracts up to 20,000 people annually. Recently it was announced that Eoin’s hugely popular Artemis Fowl series is to be adapted for the big screen. Produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Harvey Weinstein, the film is set to cover the events of the first two books of the series. Don't forget you can catch Eoin speaking in Enniscorthy on Monday 30th Sept in The Presentation Centre at the Enniscorthy Toastmasters Open Evening. Adm €5. Tel: 053-9233000.
Walt Disney Pictures has announced today that composer Stephen Sondheim is composing a new original song for the upcoming film adaptation of the musical Into th
Star Wars Spinoffs Described as 'Origin Story' Films. As officially announced back in February, the future of Star Wars on the big screen is bright. Following J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015, Walt Disney Pictures plans to release a series of standalone spinoff films focusing on different characters from throughout the franchise's fantasy universe. Today, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo described the projects (via Variety) as "origin story film[s]," suggesting that some of the planned features might provide insight into how fan-favorite characters began their adventures a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. "Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both working on films derived from great 'Star Wars' characters that are not part of the overall saga," Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger told CNBC earlier this year
[Movie Review]- Planes by Walt Disney Pictures: Thanks to Air Asia Singapore, we had the…
Walt Disney Pictures presents "A Goofy Movie"... "It's hard to be cool when your dad is Goofy" 14-year-old Max Goof is the son of Goofy Goof
Remember when this was the Walt Disney Pictures logo for about a year? The Three Musketeers does.
It looks like the Walt Disney Pictures logo :)
to Walt Disney Pictures, Disney for my DVDs!!you guys just brought back great childhood memories...
Hearing the Walt Disney Pictures opening logo melody take me back to a simpler time
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