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Walmart Supercenter

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. , branded as Walmart since 2008 and Wal*Mart before then, is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores.

Black Friday Kansas City

Wait, do you mean Battery Park *City*? THAT would be a great place for NYC's first Walmart Supercenter, maybe built on 4 levels.
Getting toys for the Santa Barbara toy drive tomorrow!!! (@ Walmart Supercenter) on
The Eastgate Town Center in should be opening soon with a Walmart Supercenter.
Straight from New Zealand, this load of Koru apples is destined for Sobeys and Walmart Supercenter shelves right...
"Nothing is good. 1. The cashiers chase customers out the door if they think your steal..."
I just used Punchcard at Walmart Supercenter, and it was awesome! Highly recommend it. Use Punchcard and earn rewards at over 15m locations.
A misadventure gained. Adventured. Check. (at Supercenter in Palmdale, CA)
I rated Walmart Supercenter on Get it at and use sponsor code coachnicky225
Nine hours of work just spent a week worth of food bought (at Supercenter in Louisville, KY)
I just used Punchcard at Walmart Supercenter, and won 35 Points! WOO HOO!!
Walmart Supercenter on If you are going to sell yourself to the beast - might as well pick a good one!. This…
I just checked in at Walmart Supercenter on and earned the Maverick badge!. Standing at pharmacy and employees…
Metro-Walmart Supercenter Wichita, KS needed in at Walmart. Apply now!
I am in need of shoe laces (at Supercenter in Mount Prospect, IL)
Walmart Supercenter on Tire department did not stand behind the service plan I purchased. The original set …
Why can't I use my debit card walmart? I don't use a pin. (at Supercenter)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Walmart Supercenter on Do you happen to be a fan of huge crowds, messy isles, and chaos? Then you've found y…
Birthday card, elementary school class treats (at Supercenter in Kenosha, WI)
Not exactly going as planned but I met a nice little person. (at Supercenter)
Kick starting my week by grabbing at @ Supercenter. Find out which are right for you @
Kids and I are sharing a foot long 👫💚 m @ Walmart Supercenter Lucas
Picking up water and snacks for VB Tournament wknd. (@ Walmart Supercenter in North Richland Hills, TX)
Day 3. Kinda dragging butt, but I'm here. Send caffeine (at Supercenter in Hobbs, NM)
A creature of the night... I am the people of Walmart. (at Supercenter in Homewood, AL)
I don't eat canned foods, but I'll donate to (at Supercenter)
Walmart cloed a supercenter inside Durham city limits and now its about 3 miles out I85 North!
Carencro City Council agrees to spend up to $1.5 million for infrastructure to support new Walmart Supercenter
Why can't this place ever have enough cashiers? Going to start going to Kroger! (at Supercenter)
About to get me a smoker/smoker. (at Walmart Supercenter in Arbutus, MD) …
Had the best experience with a return!! Thank you Bonnie ! (@ Walmart Supercenter) on
Straight Outta Compton directors cut is mine (at Supercenter in Kansas City, MO)
I met Mary Lou Retton at the Walmart Supercenter in Lawrence, KS in 1993.
My fare that needs adjustment was from 2970 Baltimore Ave Charlotte, NC to Walmart Supercenter, 3240 Wilkinson Blvd. Charlotte NC. Mike Hood
Getting some breakfast and more gift exchange stuff (at Supercenter in Surprise, AZ)
Time to play for a 78-year-old who needs a little (@ Walmart Supercenter in Decatur, GA)
My only dream is to get hit by a bus. :-) (at Supercenter in Colorado Springs, CO)
20 items of less checkout during prime time, yus!! (@ Walmart Supercenter in West Sacramento, CA)
When I get my own place I'm gonna be that crazy person that goes grocery shopping at the Walmart supercenter at 1am
Alex Brown is signing autographs! (at Supercenter in Elk Grove Village, IL)
Columbia sits on some pretty good real estate. You could build a perfectly good Walmart Supercenter on that site.
Getting a controller and a ice scrapper (at Supercenter in Cedar Rapids, IA)
Checked in automatically with the Uber Check-In app! (at Supercenter)
So apparently I have paint groupies now (at Supercenter in Covington, GA)
Picking up meds (at Supercenter in Hickory Creek, TX)
Vitamins and a new Lightning cable. (at Supercenter in Centennial, CO)
Getting dinner. Salads after a week of eating out. (at Supercenter in Sebring, FL)
All purpose parts banner
Getting my love's birthday presents. (at Supercenter in Littleton, CO)
Walmart is retesting Scan & Go in select stores, including Rogers supercenter
Bell Gardens has the Bicycle Hotel & Casino. And Pico Rivera has a Walmart Supercenter. Let Carson share in the wealth
2 department managers mentioned this location is 2nd highest theft in country. (@ Walmart Supercenter) on
I'm now the Duke of Walmart Supercenter on
Any news about the Walmart Supercenter in Blue Springs? Hearing there may have been a fire.
This one has to be cleaner than the one by us. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Phoenix, AZ)
Find your Gasolina in Walmart Supercenter 1471 E Osceola Pkwy Kissimmee, FL 34744 Come get your...
buying food and others things. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Kissimmee, FL)
Bob R.'s Review of Walmart Supercenter - Forest Park (4/5) on Yelp
Good morning everyone Have a Great Monday! It's gonna be a long day for me! @ Walmart Supercenter…
I just checked in at Walmart Supercenter with Download today!
I hate this walmart with a bloody passion (@ Walmart Supercenter in Houston, TX)
This'll do and convenient to take my movie back in the morning (@ Walmart Supercenter in Effingham, IL)
Very deserted today. Good day to shop (@ Walmart Supercenter in Selma, CA)
Boredom is killing me. This is a desperate act to stay sane instead of sitting at home. (@ Walmart Supercenter)
Oh my god I LOVE curtains. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Lake Charles, LA)
This place smells like an old lady's armpit (@ Walmart Supercenter in Hermitage, TN)
The way parents and kids talk to each other in this store...smdh (@ Walmart Supercenter in Arbutus, MD)
Pretending to shop for the Super Bowl (@ Walmart Supercenter in Oneonta, NY)
Evil lives here...I'm sure of it. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Charlotte, NC)
Getting game day supplies (@ Walmart Supercenter in Stockton, CA)
Come buy your Super Bowl Girl Scout cookies from Piper and her troop! We'll be here til 6pm. (@ Walmart Supercenter)
Probably the furthest north in wisconsin I plan on being… and it's for work. (@ Walmart Supercenter in De Pere, WI)
It's surprisingly not insane here... (@ Walmart Supercenter in Boynton Beach, FL)
Selects had a fun time at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and are now back on the Team Charter Bus and on our way to Walmart Supercenter...
3 day in a row at this store. Stop 3 of 3 (@ Walmart Supercenter in Glen Burnie, MD)
lot of pictures no reserve start bid at 2.00 auction ends 12/03/14 at 11am PICKUP WILL BE SATURDAY AT WALMART SUPERCENTER BY ARBYS BETWEEN 4and6 pm if you cannot meet that day please dont bid thanks
The Beebe Angel Tree Program is in its 33rd year serving children in need during the Christmas season. Angel trees are located at the following locations in Beebe: Beebe City Hall, all banks, Beebe Walmart Supercenter, Phillips 66, Westbrook Funeral Home and Edward Jones. The need is greater than ever this year with more than 600 angels. Please stop by and choose an angel to sponsor this Christmas. Donations to the Beebe Angel Tree Program can also be made at the "Fill the Truck" Toy & Coat Drive going on through December 14th at the Beebe Walmart Supercenter. Collection boxes are available inside the store and volunteers will be on-site the next two weekends to accept donations of new toys and coats. Monetary donations are also welcomed and can be mailed to: Beebe Angel Tree Program c/o Penny Parchman 243 Vernon Harvey Road, Beebe, AR 72012. For more information, please call Penny @ 882-6860, Paula @ 288-1184, Carla @ 882-5463 ext. 1082, Robin @ 882-3498 or Flo @ 882-5463.
The Frisco City Council will hold a public hearing Tuesday on a request to rezone 27.9 acres at FM423 and Stonebrook Parkway to make way for a Walmart Supercenter. The…
Draws socks beaters and maybe a hat😬 (@ Walmart Supercenter in Indianapolis, IN)
Anyone know when the Walmart Supercenter near Paredes and 802 will open? It sure looks like it will be ready before April 2015.
A break for tha boss! (@ Walmart Supercenter in Bloomington, IL)
I'm totally blending in with the people of Wal-Mart. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Laredo, TX)
Couponing on the way home from Missouri, of course. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Purcell, OK)
Three lines open and a line all the way into Ladies Wear. May your God bless Walmart. (@ Walmart Supercenter)
My first time in one of these in forever. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Johnstown, PA)
we're out of green tea. Yikes! (@ Walmart Supercenter in Henderson, NV)
I'm now the Duchess of Walmart Supercenter on
Food and drink :-) (@ Walmart Supercenter in Kissimmee, FL)
Worst place on earth (@ Walmart Supercenter in Las Vegas, NV)
Trey has done an amazing job getting his signs up everywhere, especially his jumbo signs (how did he manage to climb that hill at the Dover Walmart Supercenter to put a sign up there?). Someone needs to ask Sean Lynn whats up, since he has just about NO sign coverage anywhere in his district, whereas Ralph Taylor has signs (small and jumbo) popping off all over the place. I see jumbo Ken Simpler signs everywhere there is a road, and Sher Valenzuela is not that far behind in her jumbo sign coverage, whereas I’ve yet to see any Sean Barney signs, big or small—I just have not seen any. C’mon Sean Lynn and Sean Barney if you’re going to do this, you need to get busy right now!!—not until after Tuesday!!
Heading home to begin the last leg of the kitchen counter project. (@ Walmart Supercenter in Fishers, IN)
Getting a money order (@ Walmart Supercenter in Brooksville, FL)
Bc what's a trip without having to stop at Walmart to buy the stuff you forgot? (@ Walmart Supercenter)
Out the door... heading home... yay (@ Walmart Supercenter in Green Bay, WI)
It's too soon to be back here. (@ Walmart Supercenter in El Paso, TX)
Available at a Walmart by you. No, this ain't a Christmas idea! @ Walmart Supercenter…
Possibly the tidiest Wallmart I've ever seen! (@ Walmart Supercenter in Gainesville, GA)
The only appropriate place open after 11pm here in Shreveport (@ Walmart Supercenter in Shreveport, LA)
Whenever I want to feel good about myself, I just come to one of these! (@ Walmart Supercenter in Kansas City, MO)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., announced plans to open a neighborhood market – a grocery store and pharmacy with some household items – at the site of one of its former stores in Brunswick. The Walmart Neigborhood Market will be a large part of Glynn Plaza, the shopping center at the corner of Community Road and Altama Avenue, and will be about one quarter the size of a typical Walmart Supercenter. Door-to-door salespeople hoping to operate in Glynn County will have to pay a fee and get a permit as required by a new ordinance passed by the county commission Thursday. The requirement, originally proposed by Commissioner Richard Strickland, is an answer to abusive sales tactics used by some commercial solicitors in the community. Ukraine accused pro-Russian separatists of shooting down a Malaysian jetliner with 298 people aboard Thursday, sharply escalating the crisis and threatening to draw both East and West deeper into the conflict. The rebels denied downing the aircraft. American intelligence authorities be ...
A new Walmart Supercenter may be coming to Lake Elsinore. The Grape Sreet Walmart will be closed down if the new...
Comer show your support for your Sante Fe Pop Warner players this weekend at the Helmet Drives at Publix in Jonesville Friday 4-8, Saturday 12-4, and Sunday 12-4 and at the Walmart Supercenter on Saturday 9-5. Lets go SF!!!
Okay, time to make this FBO, I'm going back to work! My new office will be in the Walmart Supercenter in Van Buren. My phone won't be connected until next Monday, but the number will be 479.471-1490. It will probably be a couple of weeks before I am back as a provider on insurance plans! but I am so thankful to be able to return to work! I snub my nose at fatal diseases!
When a Walmart Supercenter opens, it's like getting a new neighbor! This video shows how the new stores bring everyday low prices on fresh produce, groceries...
Doom and os and such things. No truck on my day off, "technically" urgh. Back to work. (@ Walmart Supercenter)
I'm looking for a decent, neat, sociable, fun person to share an apartment with in Cypress Lakes at Waterford Lakes in East Orlando. Preferred someone who is a student, and in the age range of 20-25. Someone who is not a regular drinker, but drinks socially and occasionally, who does NOT smoke or party everyday. A person who does not have regular visitors or that are too noisy and bossy. Its a 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom apartment that you have to share with me. You will have your own private medium-size bedroom, which is very spacious, and you will have your own private bathroom. And there is a big walk-in-closet, great for someone who has lots of clothes, and there's many extra space to store your stuff. The room will come unfurnished. The whole apartment itself I will receive it unfurnished. Appliances like the fridge, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer comes with the apartment. There's a kitchen, and a dining -living room that we will share. Community is gated, you will have your own key card and garage rem ...
My home 4 the night... 560 to go 2maro...NYTOL (@ Walmart Supercenter -
I'm headed to the American version of Mecca - Walmart Supercenter. It's night time. Pray for me.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Werk uuugh. They are doing construction this blows (@ Walmart Supercenter -
I wish this this location was 24 hrs (@ Walmart Supercenter -
In and out, with everything I needed in 8 minutes. (@ Walmart Supercenter) on
I just checked in at Walmart Supercenter with
I hate this place. People are so rude. 😠 (@ Walmart Supercenter -
We're back. Walmart Supercenter and Sam's Club on North Gloster in Tupelo have reopened after the storm.
Walmart Supercenter on North Gloster working to reopen
Port Aransas council to discuss, hear comment on possible limit to retail stores By Nadia Tamez-Robledo / CC Caller Times Tuesday, April 29, 2014 CORPUS CHRISTI — Port Aransas soon could put a hold on large retailers moving into the city while it debates adopting size limits for business buildings. The City Council and planning and zoning committee will have public hearings May 8, with the council making a decision after more public comment May 15, on implementing a moratorium on single retail stores larger than 25,000 square feet. “The moratorium doesn’t mean they’re going to vote one way or another, but at least it freezes everything until they have a chance to discuss it,” City Manager David Parsons said. The 25,000-square-foot size is a somewhat arbitrary figure chosen by city staff, he said, and the final figure could change as discussion moves forward. The City Council began looking into a size limit after residents recently told city officials they had heard that a big box retailer might ...
Savannah got up at 5;30, made her bed and was very very sweet... then mom I was good at school all week, happy faces. Can we go to Kaufman Wal-Mart? Jesus said you have to for give me.omg she knows how to work me. No Walmart Supercenter Kaufman for a week. But I do love my daughter.
With some late night research we just stumbled upon a walk-in clinic coming to the Carrollton Walmart Supercenter. More details soon.
NLC.Searcy will be sending a team to the GLR campus tomorrow morning to assist the Dream Center in making meals and putting together care packages for tornado victims. We will meet in the Walmart SuperCenter parking lot at 6:45 a.m. and carpool/caravan together. For more information or to sign up please contact Craig Woodson at cwoodson
14-1673 April 25, 2014 Walmart Supercenter, Wilkes-Barre Twp. Marketplace Retail Theft Store security reported to police that a 12-year-old juvenile female from Wilkes-Barre had concealed $132 worth of shoes in her purse and exited the store without paying for the merchandise, at which time she was apprehended. She will be charged with a summary count of retail theft at a later date. 223
Trying to enjoy another day off from work but it is hard. You known when you are used to doing things but when a change come it is hard to get used to it i know about that alot. Talking to my sister tae tae during my bus ride and we laugh smile like she is really hear. Thank you God for taking her pain away and day by day it seems to get better but when holidays come i get down and want to cry cause they are the first without her. Easter was very hard to get threw for me while i was at work that morning before getting off co-workers talking bout what they are doing and i asked them nicely can they not talk bout that stuff around me for a while. But as days go by i know that my sister tae and God is giving me the strength to keep going on my job at walmart supercenter which one April 30,2014 WILL BE A YEAR THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING THEIR.
We took my brother grocery shopping this morning at walmart supercenter in Land O Lakes.
Make sure to stop by the Walmart Supercenter Friday, May 9 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm to purchase your grocery grab tickets! Tickets are still available at the chamber office located at 222 W. 6th Street.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ten Mile Road from Chinden Boulevard to West Lost Rapids Drive is closed through June as part of construction on the new Walmart Supercenter.
Hot diggity, some human out there found my card and had a shopping spree at two Walmart Supercenters in Corona... I am thankfully getting all the $400+ back but any tips or thoughts on what to do next, if there is a next? Is filing a police report and digging dip (ie. checking Walmart security footage) worth it? Will they ever find said person? Truly, I am not too keen on throwing back bad energy, I feel very passive about it, I got the money credited back to my account and that poor soul will get what's coming back to them, I have no doubt, plus I mean.. they must have needed whatever they got.. I really hope it was food for their kids BUT, anyone with experience let me know! Thanks!
I hope the person that stole my Mastercard number and made a card for their own use, chokes on the food they bought with my! Some *** out in our world made 7 different transactions out in Massachusetts totaling $1,824.20 at the McDonald's, Osco, and Walmart Supercenters. Glad my credit card company realized how can this card be used at Portillos in Illinois and then out in Massachusetts on same day. Just unfortunate it took them 7 transactions to realize and now they have to pay for it. I asked the representative at MasterCard, how can someone use my card when I have it in my hand while we talk. She told me these people are so good they have cards and put the numbers on. So be careful and watch your account closely! I was naïve and actually had the attitude this would never happen to me because I'm so careful. did and caused me lots of embarrassment when I went to try and use my card and I hear "sorry this card won't work". :-(
YUMMMYYY - PAM Simply Coconut Oil Spray - Coconut oil is all the rage, and this new product makes it easy to use just a little bit for cooking. The flavor is mild and won't make everything taste like a piña colada! A 1/4-second spray is officially free of calories and fat, but a more reasonable amount does have both. Standard cooking spray has about 5 - 10 calories and 0.5 - 1g fat per 1-second spray, and we'd say it's safe to assume those stats apply here. Not bad at all! Find it at Walmart Supercenters and Meijer supermarkets.
The name brands your family loves, like Kraft and Frito Lay, at amazing low prices – you’ll find them at your expanded Walmart Supercenter, opening soon at 5125 East Kings Canyon Road. Start making your lists now, Fresno!
Finally parked the bus for the night. :) (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Found the Lalaloopsy Headband at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Mechanicsburg, PA... @ Walmart Supercenter
Mansfield News Journal Toddler struck, killed in Walmart parking lot Driver was girl's father; incident happened at Ontario Walmart Written by Mark Caudill ONTARIO — A 2-year-old Mansfield girl was struck and killed by a vehicle Saturday afternoon at Walmart Supercenter, 359 N. Lexington Springmill Road. The victim was Lanay Brooks, Richland County Coroner’s Investigator Bob Ball said. She lived at 206 S. Mulberry St. The driver of the vehicle was the girl’s 25-year-old father, said Ontario police Chief Rodney Smith. Smith said the accident happened in the parking lot, in front of the grocery doors. “The family was exiting the vehicle,” Smith said. “The father was behind the wheel. He started forward before the 2-year-old got out of the way.” The chief added the vehicle was a full-size Suburban. The call came in at 5:22 p.m. “When our officers got there, they assisted with CPR,” Smith said. “The child was transported to the hospital.” Ball said Lanay was pronounced dead at 6:20 p.m. ...
You can always count on Wal-mart to have an empty shelf of the one thing you need @ Walmart Supercenter
And Wal-Mart does it again!! 35 registers and only 3 open. 2 of which are 20 items less. ( Walmart Supercenter)
Wal Mart, saving the planet one urinal at a time. @ Walmart Supercenter
Shopping at Wal-mart with my darling granddaughter kaley (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Mohawk Valley Region Expansions NOTE: This briefing provides information on firm-specific hiring announcements. Information in this report is derived from press releases, newspapers, business journals, newsletters, and other public sources. It does not include all expansions, only those for which public information has been obtained. An attempt is made to present only current information events that have recently occurred or will in the near future. Fulton County Update: Construction on the new Walmart Supercenter located on South Kingsboro Ave. in Gloversville (Fulton County) has been completed; the store will hold a grand opening on August 14th. Walmart's other location in Gloversville on Fifth Avenue Extension, which is being replaced by the new Supercenter, will close on August 13th; the 170 employees at the existing store will join 85 new employees at the new location. Pata Negra LLC, a Spanish sausage maker, has received a $400,000 loan from the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth. The company ...
Blood Drive This Friday. A blood drive on behalf of Conner’s Crusade will be from 2 to 6p.m. Friday at the Walmart Supercenter, 735 Whitfield Drive. Kevin Bernier is organizing the event as his Eagle Scout Project with Troop 209 in Edinburgh. Conner’s Crusade is about a family friend of Bernier’s who has received 12 blood transfusions during a 10-month treatment for Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare childhood bone cancer.
Shopping @ my favorite place, good ole Walley World! =0) (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Police: Shoplifter struggled with Walmart security guardNapa Valley RegisterAmerican Canyon Police arrested a 19-year-old after being called to the Walmart Supercenter on Saturday night on a report of a store security officer detaining a suspected… [ 10 more words. ]
COACHELLA — A Walmart Neighborhood Market is under construction at Avenue 48 and Jackson Street, a company spokeswoman told The Desert Sun on Wednesday. It’s the first Walmart store to be built in the city of Coachella and the second Neighborhood Market planned for the Coachella Valley — and Riverside County. In August, Walmart executives begin hiring to fill positions for a Walmart Neighborhood Market on Highway 111 and Fred Waring Drive in Palm Desert, expected to open in January, according to company spokeswoman Rachel Wall. Neighborhood Markets are much smaller than the traditional Walmart Supercenter stores and sell mostly groceries, health, beauty and pharmacy products, and pet supplies. Currently, Coachella residents have to travel to La Quinta to visit the closest Walmart. “We have many customers from Coachella who have been driving significant distances to shop at our other area stores,” Wall said. Walmart will move into a 50,000-square-foot building on Avenue 48, once occupied by an Al ...
A white man wearing a blue New York Yankees jacket, a blue skull cap and blue pajama pants made two attempts to steal a 47-inch Vizio television from the Walmart Supercenter on Dec. 28. The first attempt was abandoned when the man abandoned the television near the exit when he spotted loss prevention officers. The man returned to the store and removed the television that he threw in the bed of a white pickup truck. Loss prevention officers were able to recover the television.
The Pine Bluff Corps of the Salvation Army was the beneficiary of a particularly generous Christmas Eve donor who anonymously slipped an item of jewelry into one of the group’s red kettles that was stationed in front of the Walmart Supercenter on South Olive Street in Pine Bluff.
This hot mess is worse tonight than Black Friday. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Football fans, be sure to stop by your new Walmart Supercenter at 5929 Georgia Ave. tomorrow, Dec. 10, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. to meet wide receiver Pierre Garcon. You won't want to miss it!
Got to love Walmart. Someone's pubes fell off by my feet. @ Walmart Supercenter
Um... Why were they stacking furniture like teepees outside?! @ Walmart Supercenter
Aurora really got into the spirit. @ Walmart Supercenter
I pose in Christmas decoration in front of WalMart. Yeah, I'm pretty cool. 💕🎄💋 @ Walmart Supercenter
This is not a good place to be right now. What a mad house. (at Supercenter)
spent more time in line than shopping... (at Supercenter)
Christmas came early in Horn Lake as the mayor reeled in a big catch -- a new Walmart Supercenter. The 25-acre project at the corner of Horn Lake Road and Goodman will pull business to a part of town that’s largely been residential. The plans call for a full-fledged Walmart Supercenter, with several other shops and restaurants surrounding it. Learn more:
I felt young in here played tag in the non busy area (at Supercenter)
Getting a big ol list of things for my mom (at Supercenter)
When did they hire Sterling Archer to play Super Man?! @ Walmart Supercenter
It was daylight when I got here Smh (at Supercenter)
Best selection of every kind of Christmas lights and best price. . 300 twinkle 8.00. (@ Walmart Supercenter) on
Walmart employing the unemployable. (at Supercenter)
No reason to be angry so I'll create one. @ Walmart Supercenter
When the kids get home we are gonna drive over to the memorial for Paul our respects.and there's a walmart supercenter down the
I made the mistake of going to the local WalMart Supercenter for food and didn't realize that it was Black Friday. Never again.
Well, I was at a Walmart Supercenter for about 15min, The first and last time trying that, lol!
Read this report from Al Jezeera Walmart, the United States' largest private employer with 1.3 million workers, is in major crisis mode. The brave Walmart workers, who've been putting their jobs on the line and getting arrested for over a year to demand an end to illegal retaliation for speaking out, full-time work for those who want it, and a living wage, are hoping to make history yet again on Black Friday - the busiest shopping day of the year in the US - by striking, protesting, and holding rallies at 1,500 stores across the country. In addition to major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia, actions are also planned in Granbury, Texas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Elk City, Oklahoma, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. To make matters worse for a corporation that brought in $17bn in profits last year, a store in northeast Ohio is receiving widespread negative publicity in the national media for holding a food drive for workers who can't afford Thanksgiving dinner. A sign in the employee lounge re ...
so...on the weekends..(or randomly) im usually sleeping by 6pm..i work at 4am...i woke about 1130 n thot about more sleep...neil n cara needed a ride we decided to swing by the local wallyworld for fone cards...neil was in line. Guy in front of him starts talkin him up.the guy tells the cashier..."ill get whatever hes getting"...neils like, "nah man, its two $45 fone cards"...the guy!! Ne way...thank you guy in the walmart supercenter!!
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., branded as Walmart /ˈwɒlmɑrt/, is an American multinational retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. The company is the world's second largest public corporation, according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2013, the biggest private employer in the world with over two million employees, and is the largest retailer in the world. Walmart remains a family-owned business, as the company is controlled by the Walton family, who own over 50 percent of Walmart.[6] It is also one of the world's most valuable companies.[7] The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, incorporated on October 31, 1969, and publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972. It is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart is also the largest grocery retailer in the United States. In 2009, it generated 51 percent of its US$258 billion sales in the U.S. from grocery business.[8] It also owns and operates the Sam's Club retail warehouses in North A ...
If you aren't yet tired of bashing Walmart, think on this data. (Taken from KOS) Walmart’s low wages and insufficient scheduling are behind the enormous costs to the taxpayer incurred by each store. One Walmart Supercenter costs taxpayers $900,000 in Medicaid, SNAP, housing assistance, and other forms of public assistance.
Heading to the Admiral & Memorial Walmart Supercenter on Black Friday to do some grocery shopping. Nice planning ahead, ***
What a glorious Friday. Stranded at the Walmart supercenter on s. Tryon lost the ticket I spent my last two dollars on lol this is awesome nonetheless . Who can come scoop me? frfr so heated I can only laugh. Hmup asap
Just home from Salisbury visiting Uncle T.he is doing good and wants to come home NOW!! The doctor said maybe two more weeks. His memory is still quite fuzzy. We took him some homemade pumpkin pie and he was tickled. We even skated in to Walmart Supercenter Berlin - Ocean Gtwy on Black Friday 7:30 am and it was empty. Had to get Uncle T some new sweat pants and shirts. Have a wonderful weekend.have fun and be safe!! xoxoxoxo
For those interested in helping others obtain a better present AND future (and saving Taxpayers $$$) --- we will be encouraging the nation's LARGEST EMPLOYER to give their employees a LIVING wage today at the Walmart Supercenter at 10741 W. Florrisant Ave., STL, 63136 from Noon-1pm today. Please join us and help show these workers that we care.
How fights were there last night at Walmart Supercenter last night?
As city prepares to grow, memories of a bruising battle over a Walmart Supercenter remain.
Put more money back into your family’s budget with the low cost financial services of your relocated Rocklin Walmart Supercenter. What would you do with a little extra cash?
Praying that my husband survives Black Friday. He is now the manager of a Walmart Supercenter and I haven't seen him since 7am on Thursday. Hope he didn't get swallowed up by the crowds!
Attention Griffin shoppers! For the first time ever, our store is having a Manager's Special for Black Friday! Our in-store specials will include select video games and display televisions at 30% off their original prices. Our specials start at 8 A.M. and are available until 2 P.M. at your Griffin Walmart Supercenter! Once again, thank you for shopping with us this holiday season!
Low wages at the 10 largest US fast food chains cost taxpayers $3.8 billion per year. 52% of families of fast food workers have to rely on government assistance. Is it fair that taxpayers have to shell out $1.2 billion a year to subsidize McDonald’s paying its workers while the fast food giant rakes in $5.5 billion in profit? A single Walmart Supercenter store in Wisconsin can cost taxpayers upwards of $1.75 million in public assistance programs. Is this a fair or reasonable burden on taxpayers as Walmart reports $17 billion in profits?
Just home from dinner out with some great people. Passed a Walmart Supercenter along the way. The parking lot was huge but full and cars were waiting in line to find a spot. ***
so do not want to work tonight , but I need the money and my job lol :/ getting ready for work at Walmart Supercenter Haleyville .
Watch this Colbert Report and then join us in the fight to support dignity and a living wage for ALL Walmart Workers on Black Friday, Nov 29th at 11:00 AM! Walmart Supercenter Lakeside - 5957 W 44th Ave, Lakeside, Colorado 80212
Happy Turkey Day! I’m writing this from inside a tent in the parking lot at a Walmart Supercenter.* I have a slip of paper confirming me as the 235th in line, and I am confident that there is a $100 40-inch plasma in there with my name on it, though no such thing has been advertised. As you all ...
Due to low wages that they pay their employees our government is subsidizing each Walmart Supercenter to the tune of $900,000 per year. Please do not shop there especially on Friday.
Yes, I am always crazy over high heels. So, I'm not going to let that not go.. I've gotta attract women. Oh, I'm also crazy over low heels, too. So, for Friday: any women interested in buying high heels or low heels over at Walmart or Walmart Supercenter?
Is it wrong to feel like I accomplished something by getting in and out of a walmart supercenter the afternoon before thanks giving in under 30 minutes? On a related note, tomorrow, I bake pie!
Good Lord. Aiken County already has 3 Walmart Supercenters and a Sams Club, and now they are building ANOTHER Supercenter up here at Exit 5 off of I-20!
We love seafood! Crab legs or salmon – what’s your favorite choice from the California coast? Stop by your relocated Walmart Supercenter to pick some up today!
Beauty doesn’t cost a bundle at your new Walmart Supercenter! Come shop the low prices on brands like L’Oreal, Olay and Neutrogena. What are your best beauty secrets?
Don't miss out on our first ever Manager's Choice Black Friday Specials! Join us this Friday at 8am for special sale items! We will have select toys for 25%-50% off! Let your Fremont Walmart Supercenter make your holiday shopping easier!
Date: Friday 10:00 am -12:00 pm Location: Walmart Supercenter Spokane Valley 5025 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, Washington 99212 The local Spokane Chapter of Washington Young Emerging Labor Leaders (WA YELL) is organizing an event on Black Friday. This is a peaceful event. Actions such as this will be happening across the country. Information from OUR Walmart website describes our intent perfectly... " unequivocal message will be sent; we are standing up because the Walmart economy has so negatively impacted our communities and our livelihood that silence is not an option and inaction is not a choice." Walmart can do better. Let us not stand by and watch, but to fight back, stand up & live better. On the busiest shopping day of the year, many customers and other fellow community members will hear our message and most importantly, Walmart will hear our message. Click link below.
We thank everyone for their support and donations that made The Great Gobbler GiveAway 2013 a total success! With your help, we were able to impact 512 families with a complete Thanksgiving dinner! I did want to take time to recognize our generous corporate sponsors. These corporations made amazing contributions to this year outreach effort! *Womens AGLOW International - Artreatha Haskin *Converse Walmart Supercenter Store *HEB Store *Ketterman, Rowland & Westlund Attorneys at Law *La Fiesta Patio Cafe *Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union *San Antonio Association of Real Estate Brokers *Shang-Hai Chinese Restaurant *SAV UR HAIR - Diana Hernandez *Ward North American Thanks again to all of our sponsors, both corporate and individual!
Ok. This story is unreal. Unfortunately it just REALLY happened at the Walmart Supercenter in downtown Bethlehem, Pa...I honestly don't even know where to begin & definitely don't wanna drag it out so here it goes: To make a long story short, I walked into the store & grabbed a cart...
Help support Walmart workers around the country who are on strike to improve their lives through better wages, benefits, and working conditions. Black Friday, November 29, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. Solidarity Rally for striking Walmart workers around the country Walmart Supercenter at 11601 East US Highway 40, Kansas City, MO Meet at 9:00 a.m. at the bus stop in front of the store. If you have any questions, please call the Union Hall.
Black Friday Walmart Action Walmart SuperCenter 10741 W Florissant Ave St. Louis, MO 63136 Friday, November 29 12pm - 1pm This Black Friday, stand in solidarity with thousands of Walmart workers all across the country as they work to better their future. Community and labor supporters are taking a stand against Walmart and holding actions all over the country. I will be there!
thought I would share a customer service story with everyone...I had to pick up a few things at Walmart I gave Deb a call and ask if she wanted to meet there, have lunch at Mcdonalds before she had to go back to here goes...I order a and a from Africa took my order...than a guy from the Ukraine gives me my order and says have a nice day...get over to the table and discover I didn't get and but got and back over to counter to get it u have your receipt? no u never gave me one...hvy sigh comes from person from Ukraine and throws obviously someone else"s lunch in the trash...starts working on my order again even though he doesn't know what I ordered...first lady takes over and gives me what I think is correct order...but incorrect this time Deb is watching me with a wary eye...woman brings lunch over and ask if I am not happy with my which I reply...I AM JUST which Deb is now ready to go back to work...can anyone remember what customer servi ...
At the first Thanksgiving, there was no expression of the sentiment: "I built this feast by myself." Native Americans sat side by side with pilgrims -- religious leader by huntsman, chief by planter. They shared the bounty they'd all worked to create. This Thanksgiving will be very different for too many American workers. They won't share in the bounty they helped create. The perfect symbol of that is an Ohio Walmart placing bins in an employee-only area asking low-paid workers to donate Thanksgiving food to their low-paid colleagues. The six Waltons who own Walmart are the richest family in the world. They're worth $102.7 billion, more than America's poorest 49 million families put together. The Waltons' turkeys will be served with gold leaf on gold platters. By private chefs. On very, very private estates. There won't be any Walmart greeters or cashiers or stock boys sitting side by side with Waltons at their opulent celebration of bounty. Meantime, the Waltons pay such poverty wages that Walmart worker ...
Black Friday, November 29 at 12 noon National Protest of Walmart Walmart Supercenter, 400 Park Place, Secaucus, NJ New Jersey Unions and Community Partners to join in solidarity to demand respect and fair wages at Walmart. Demonstrations to take place throughout the US to protest the company's poverty wages, workers' rights violations, ruthless greed, and shameful business practices that undermine worker safety.
Who the frack ever heard of a Walmart Supercenter closing at 11:30 on a Saturday night?
To my PPG friends, I'm at Walmart Supercenter in Center, TX. I'm gonna visit with Roy Ells in the morning, I'll tell him y'all said HI!
CEDARTOWN : Plans call for a remodel of a 153,736-square-foot Walmart Supercenter. Expect to see renovation crews soon.
In the morning don't forget to check out the bake sale at Flora Walmart Supercenter for some of your baking needs for Thanksgiving. Great kids will help and entertain you. Costa Rica in June 2014
Electronic Device Insurance
A Walmart Supercenter is opening in Hollywood summer 2015 at the grounds of the former Hollywood Fashion Mall, the retailer announced Tuesday.
Well here we are at Walmart Supercenter in Huntsville and we are we here with Kimberly alley and Tim and Kimberly's first time shopping with her little girl is very fun watching this we have been here for over an hour and I don't see us getting out anytime soon so hey if you'd like to stop by and say hey will be here till at least midnight
time to get ready for work at Walmart Supercenter Haleyville tell 12:30am :/
Hello FB people . The Combat Vets Motorcycle Association will be at the WalMart supercenter this Sunday starting at 1000am taking toy donations for under privileged children . All donations will be delivered to toy hill on Dec. 8th for the toys for tots drive . Come on out .
Wow...the produce section of our Walmart SuperCenter after 8PM on a Thursday night is BLEAK, you guys. Honestly? I would rank it very close to Truck Nuts on the list of things that make me feel a little sad inside. And those things are ranked pretty darn high on the list.
We'll did my first day of orientation today went pretty good jus glad I got the job at Walmart supercenter A JOB IS A JOB Yea. Buddy
Don't forget to stop by WalMart SuperCenter and donate holiday food items to help those in need. With the temperature at a cold 9 degrees Spradley Barr Motors, Inc. and CBS NewsChannel 5 would welcome
Pair arrested at Walmart Supercenter after alleged shoplifting incident - Napa Valley Register
If I eat this Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt, will appear? @ Walmart Supercenter
People look at you funny when you take pictures of women's underwear... (at Supercenter) [pic]:
How we roll as an AD, and Producer in Walmart... @ Walmart Supercenter
Trying to find something for dinner and failing miserably... (at Supercenter w/
Haven't been to one of these in years (at Supercenter)
For the life of me I don't understand why there's only one customer service rep at a Walmart Supercenter.
Argh! No hotdog buns at Walmart. Should have planned ahead! (at Supercenter)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
My entrance and exit to Walmart today. @ Walmart Supercenter
Hey the self check out works fine today (at Supercenter)
Some guy is harassing me with music now! I hate this place (at Supercenter w/ 3 others)
Last minute party things, strawberries. Joy of living 1/2 mile from here. (at Supercenter w/ 2 others)
I hate this store even on holidays (at Supercenter)
Walmart Supercenter wants sal Cabrera to take over there store for a day😖😏
This speedy checkout line is anything but. -__- (at Supercenter)
People in Walmart always crack me up. (at Supercenter)
Gotta experience Walmart, I am in America after all (at Supercenter w/ 2 others) [pic]:
I guess everybody wanted their oil changed today!! (at Supercenter w/ 3 others)
Definitely gotta add this to my collection at some point. @ Walmart Supercenter
Really. I wish our WM had this stuff... (at Supercenter) [pic]:
Nothing says vacation like starting at the busiest Walmart in the world. (at Supercenter w/ 2 others)
cyndy_s Fred Hippo's girls helping kidsmart and 1065thearch @ Walmart Supercenter
Ok wish me luck I'm going to check out the WalMart Supercenter I may get crushed by the hordes
Meet Black Singles 300x250
School supplies for our little kindergartener (@ Walmart Supercenter - w/ 4 others)
Last supply run before we get to the melee. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Time to get the worms and maggots. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
I checked in at Walmart Supercenter on
Home of the strange and unexplained (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Now if I can get my wife 2 push me @ Walmart Supercenter
Getting an early jump in the yard. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
No sales tax... oh wait, select school items only, not on alcohol... *** (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Nothing like a late night Walmart run (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Just had Mc Donalds and now she's being silly as usual 😜😝 @ Walmart Supercenter
Walmart is scouting a new location on South Memorial Parkway, not far from its current store on Drake Avenue. But the site would force local businesses to move out. The proposed Walmart Supercenter wouldn't need city council approval but would require a green light from the Alabama Department of Transportation due to traffic concerns. More details: do you think of this as a possible location for a new Walmart supercenter?
Development around Hammond Cabela's site expected to pick up HAMMOND | Almost two years after the removal of a major obstacle to development at the Cabela's site, the area around the store appears ready to land its first tenant. City officials heralded the removal of the Cabela's site from the flood plain in 2011 as a necessary boost for the economic development of the area. Now in 2013, the city is considering plans for a 190,000-square-foot Walmart Supercenter at the site. Cabela's arrived in Hammond to much fanfare in October 2007, but the recession, aggravated by flooding risks, has left the outdoor outfitter the sole oc'cup'ant of the nearly 100-acre site. Cabela's stores are regarded as tourist attractions and generators of adjoining development. (Cabela's) draws other development around them, said Phil Taillon, executive director of the city's Department of Planning and Development. Although it has been stagnant because of the economy, now things have turned around, and they're just as strong a dra ...
Oil change on Sundays is awesome. All the holy rollers at church. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Started from ash grey, and we here... @ Walmart Supercenter
My view outside of work Walmart working in this *** Hot Texas Heat Wave! @ Walmart SuperCenter…
No trip up North is complete without a stop at Walmart. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Filling gabe's meds. Antibotics and steroids (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Because all of the cool kids grocery shop during their lunch hour. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Going to Nana and Grandpa's house. Stopping for supplies. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Somehow I even end up here on my days off. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Fantastic. Even the shadows tell me to get to work. @ Walmart Supercenter
Lol I guess he's preparing to hibernate. @ Walmart Supercenter
Shopping shopping..I always takes me forever to get what I need. (@ Walmart Supercenter -
...hopefully thezz folks wont expect no work outta me today...cuz i aint for it😜 @ Walmart Supercenter
Hear from store manager Chris and enthusiastic shoppers of the new Chatham County Walmart Supercenter in this video.
Better late than not showing up at all (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Best time to come to Wal-mart. In need of eye glasses repair kit (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Sleeping on top of the van tonight @ Walmart Supercenter
Getting a baby gate so Oliver can safely roam the living room (@ Walmart Supercenter -
Walmart has totally ruined the smiley face for me.
This is a picture of the creak behind the stadium. Look at the run off (mud slides & fallen trees) that already exists. Can you imagine what damage a concrete Supercenter will do?
Try to go to Walmart in Plymouth. Apple maps takes me to a back road graveyard on the wrong side of town.
Fill in the blank: My favorite thing about the new Walmart Supercenter is _.
When it comes to budgeting for your family, every dollar counts. Tell us – what are your best tips for saving money? Share them below with your fellow Walmart Supercenter shoppers!
Lala L. On Blast! Walmart Supercenter 11896 Amargosa Rd Victorville, CA 92395 Two words: Get Toe!!! Seriously, the Walton family should be ashamed of this place. I stopped in to get keys made and to pick up a few household items, but got out of there as quickly as I could. Halfway through my shopping, I just lost total interest in spending any more time there. First, I was surprised to find dim lighting throughout the store. In particular, the lighting in the pet department looked like it was going to completely fail at any minute. The store just had a very old and unkempt vibe about it. We all know that WalMart isn't a high-end shopping experience, but I've come to expect a certain aesthetic standard that was just completely missing at this store. Interacted with two cashiers who weren't rude, but weren't friendly either, so they were pretty much on par with WalMarts across the country. While standing in line I noticed that there was an actual security guard observing transactions instead of the usual Wa ...
Donald James Smith has multiple sex-related child arrests and is accused of befriending Charish Perrywinkle's mother and abducting her.
Why does walmart think the American public is stupid. the keep playing the commercial for the new Walmart Supercenter that open here. and was filmed at that store . I love the part when they say can you believe how fast the checkout is.. if you look in the background it is very obvious that the store has not opened yet that's why you can get out so fast. go there now and you will stand in line 20 minutes. because only six of there 20 check outs are open.
We are at the Walmart Supercenter in Hamburg today! Come support the Buffalo Dream Center's hot dog sale! Clink on the link for all of the information.
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I shop at walmart late at night and only people like me get to see what items at the end of the day actually sell and which do not. I can tell you right now, there are items that are constantly stocked that never sell, yet they stay stocked. This tells me that something is fishy. how can "fluoridated infant water" stay stocked and overflowing into the isles year by year and no one is buying it. How does Horizon milk stay stocked and no one buys that either? These products must be being subsidized and part of an effort to do evil, such as to compete and push other products out of business, and of course to poison children's brains...
A town hall meeting will be held on Monday, June 24, 2013 at the QLS Senior Center on 4001 Danforth Road, Atlanta, GA 30331 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM to discuss the impact of the Walmart Supercenter and Family Dollar to be established in the Cascade Road area. District 7 Commissioner Bill Edwards will be present at the meeting to help provide information and to answer any questions you may have about the projects. We would like to strongly encourage all residents to participate in the meeting if they have any pressing concerns.
Someone tell me the phone number or numbers? To the Lawton Wal-marts? Ah ***
Rep. Tom Reed this week joined colleagues on the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Resources to begin exploring federal welfare programs and ways to improve efficiency with the purpose of helping move the working poor from poverty to self sufficiency.
Making more friends at HEB. Had to call the manager out of his office because at 9 there was only 1 register open, no baggers, & 1 other employee wiping down the closed liines. Had 7-8 full baskets in line with more coming. Excuse was, "We had some call-ins." All the more reason to have his butt & all other available employees at the registers! He begrudgingly checked me out. I just don't understand how retail workers nowadays think that when the store closes they get to leave. Customers come 1st! Then clean up, etc but a customer shouldn't be made to feel like they're an inconvenience to the store.
Bentonville, AR, Capitalizing on the momentum of the 2013 Bentonville Art & Culinary Festival, Downtown Bentonville, Inc. (DBI) is launching a new event series titled Around the Bloc on Thursday, June 20th from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The series will be held on the third Thursday of every month from June – October and be initially focused on the four block area around the downtown Square. The program name was a play on words, with bloc denoting both a physical space and defined as an alliance of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose. Hosted by DBI and a variety of downtown businesses, the evening will include art tours, culinary experiences, special retail happenings, public art installations and the Artist Alleyway program – pods of artists located in the nooks and crannies of downtown Bentonville, offering an affordable and energetic marketplace for local and regional artists to sell their work. The inaugural Artist Alleyway will consist of nine artists. Alliso .. ...
I have a liberal friend that keeps pointing to the DOW record highs as an Obama accomplishment. I imagine the huge drop this morning is the fault of George Bush.
The electricity has been off for over 3 hours. Drove to walmart supercenter 45 miles away hoping it would be back on by now. No such luck. Lights were out for 20 miles. It's very Walking Dead. lol I knew I should have stopped at harlows casino to stay the night. B-day is off to a bad start! This place is like a 3rd world country.
Day two of Bismarck: Went to the visitors center which is better than the one in fargo, went to the walmart supercenter which I think looks bigger than costco itself, and good old rock 30 games. Not to mention saw more scenery like the missouri river and the state capitol building :-D
I actually like working at walmart everyone is cool ppl i have fun on the job
We want to hear from YOU! What is your main reason for shopping your new Walmart Neighborhood Market? Prices, convenience, location or something else?
Your new Walmart Supercenter is proud to be part of the community. Tell us, what do you think about the new store?
getting ready to go to orientation at Wal-Mart SuperCenter this morning finally a job to keep my mine occupied
Anyone going to Screwattack Gaming Convention in Dallas? I need a place to crash.
This would be why I will not shop there and encourage others to shop elsewhere if at all possible - not because I do not support those employed by this company, but because I already *DO* support them through the subsidies that they must rely on to supplement their income from their employer.
Saw another family from Littlestown in the Walmart SuperCenter here in Myrtle Beach :)
Walmart is closed at 8:00 at night. Really??? ONLY Walmart for miles, I need VBS decorations, and they are closed! Uugghh! Did I mention VBS starts tm night??!! Oh to be in Montgomery where you can spit in any direction and hit a Walmart!
Does anyone know what is being built on the corner of Popular Ave n 43 in Wasco?
WASHINGTON, DC – The price of Wal-Mart’s low wages and benefits at just one Wal-Mart store not only costs families in lost income and economic security, but it also may cost taxpayers about one million dollars in higher usage of public-assistance programs by Wal-Mart employees and their dependents,…
Breaking news,another Walmart supercenter to open on 802 an Paredes line year.That makes 4 supercenters in the city.Jobs,jobs,jobs...
RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Raytown News of Walmart moving to Raytown has been a hot topic but it's one that's beginning to cool down. The city said Walmart representatives have verbally told them they are rec...
Smart Growth Forsyth and the Laurel Springs Homeowners' Association reach an agreement with Walmart over parking, ending an appeal of a Forsyth County building permit.
Going to Shopko to look for a pair of work shoes mine sprung a leak on the side, in hoping they have what i am looking for, Wal-Mart shoes are not the greatest !! maybe i will find a few other Bargin there also. Neenah Shopko here i come
MIDWEST CITY -- Just around 3:00 this afternoon a call came in that a young child was taken hostage in the Midwest City Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. The store is near Reno and Midwest Boulevard. W...
So excited! Got the job, I am now a Ross employee!
John Wesley (1703–1791) Though his studies led him to become an Anglican cleric, John Wesley did not at first have a vibrant spiritual life. While en route to the colony of Georgia as a missionary, his ship lost its mast in a violent storm. Witnessing the Moravian passengers sing and pray peacefully through the storm, Wesley realized that he lacked “the one thing necessary.” After his heart was “strangely warmed” in a moving conversion experience, Wesley became a popular preacher among the working class of England and led the movement now called Methodism. The core of his message was that Christianity is based on the experience of God’s grace, which bears fruit through a life of love. Wesley said, “When I have money, I get rid of it quickly, lest it find a way into my heart.” He died at the age of eighty-eight, lifting his arms and saying, “The best of all, God is with us.”
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