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Wall of Sound

The Wall of Sound is a music production technique for pop and rock music recordings developed by record producer Phil Spector at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles, California, during the early 1960s.

Phil Spector Mark Jones Grateful Dead

I'm Looking forward to interviewing & Cliff Richard later today for & the Afternoon Wall Of Sound.
Loved last night. Cracking set and some belting wall of sound anthems. Blake Love harmonies superb.
Scenes from our album . Pic no. 1 Wall of Sound
Solid wall of sound, has a great use of sampling from Elton john's song "benny and the jets"
lmao the Great Wall of china will never sound the same
this happens to me every *** day. It's always the sound of the fridge reverberating off the nearest wall.
God I just falling asleep to the rhythmic sound of our neighbor's headboard hitting the wall
When Phife and Busta start going back and forth and then rap together on "Solid Wall of Sound" is such a beautiful HipHop moment. Oh my God.
Solid Wall of Sound - Tribe Called Quest Tip n Phife in Town!
I love falling asleep to the sound of my brother playing guitar through the wall😌
That's not a bad kick to be on. I've been alternating between Feldman and Pärt. It's a very quiet wall of sound kind of time.
My brother drew a pic of Miley on a wrecking ball. He said, "if only I had a wall...*paused* Oh, wait. Now I sound like Donald Trump." 😂
There was a thud in the basement, then the sound of a wall perhaps breaking.
My, uh, love for wall-of-sound style production is, indeed, well known.
Got the wall of sound on even the dogs are dancing,
Hear that sound? That's the bus Wall is throwing Donlevy in front of...
Sometimes, foley artists will use spaghetti hurled at a wall to simulate the sound of drum solos.
Why does it sound like someone is knocking on the inside of the wall...😳
Ego is the best track NO We The People is the best track NO The Space Program is the best NO Solid wall of Sound is best NO Wh
Doesn't that sound counter intuitive?. It'd be like a wall of death during Ritt der Walküren
keep the back of some musician...doing his work from the shadows. A wall of sound...
Did they change the wall layout after the promise? The idea of plants in HAR doesn't seem good anyway. Maybe a sound wall
Ummm,how dumb do you sound when you say build a wall between Somalia and the US.. where you gonna put it? In the middle of the Pacific Ocean
And if you hear as the wall night falls The silver sound of a simulation.
I'm 2s away from grabbing the phone of the guy sitting next to me& slam it against the wall. The sound of his keyboard is driving me INSANE.
Not just a wall of sound - a tower. Had it been recorded in 1963 & not 67, would've been huge. Cake. Nothing to do w/
How border wall appears to be a sound fiscal project and could pay for itself inside of a year:
Bought AEG20II from Pulled it down from the wall b/c of the finish, bought it b/c of the sound. 👍🏻👍🏻
The new left wants the same as the old left: our backs to a wall, waiting the sound of the rifles, the thunderous sound of oppression.
Team Hillary wants to sound tough on corporate bad actors, while providing tax breaks to most of the private...
The Radio Wall Of Sound with Steve B, for the greatest mix of the best music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s,...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
1. Stare at a wall. 2. contemplate your life. 3. Wait for fist tear to shed… ♫ The Sound of Silence by Disturbed —
It's not even about that, actually. It's just the sound of gunfire—who wants to hear gunshots all day? It drives me up the wall :(
If you listen closely you can hear the sound of Mata's excrement running down his leg
Good lord that would have been an utter wall of sound in that stadium! Goose bumps! Here's hoping the occasion fits
sound, hope there's loads will look boss. Proper wall of white you Manc ***
Energy FM’s Wall of Sound is up after 6pm tonight, join me for tunes and chat across IOM and online
We were proud of our rain sound umbrellas so we decided to show them off on our "proud wall"
Testing out my sexy new Pro 7s with "Wall of Sound." Amazing clarity!
this is just crazy, when leaning against the wall, now and then I can feel the building shake, love the sound of the wind howling,
They come through NYC/Philly pretty regularly and they make such a gorgeous wall of sound.
*plants his feet against the wall and begins pushing forward, the sound of a shirt ripping is heard, Daddy is almost free*
Why does this sound like some sort of abstract breaking-the-fourth-wall bit?
Bought a new wall clock when we painted the room and I've discovered the relaxing sound of it ticking away 😍😍
The sound of wood splintering overcomes all other noise as her Axe is chucked haphazardly across the room and sticks into the wall...
Sound advice for your Find proof of impact & gage leadership.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Wall of Sound hit the musical jackpot yet again with the sunshine sound of the summer.
Getting everyone in the mood for next week, tis a big one for us in our singing studios and Wall Of Sound Singing...
Guilty Pleasures from my Wall of Sound:Great rock tonight 1800GMT
Who remembers the awesome guitar wall at the Ermoian's house? An all new episode of tonight at 9/8CT. https…
When the sound of a banging bed against the wall wakes you up...
Great rock from my Wall of Sound tonight 1900GMT
The sound of young, excited voices coming over the wall from the Shrine as the Children's Pilgrimage starts tonight.
"Using adrenaline as ink, I write my life on a wall of sound...". .
guy please, you sound ridiculous! of course Wall Street needs to be properly regulated, but fact is we need them. grow up!
Be mindful of use of word literally. Makes people sound like Kardashians. Repubs NOT literally throwing spaghetti gainst wall
Nothing like falling asleep to the sweet sound of an animal crawling around in your wall 🙃🙂🙃
queue sound bites and build the wall and take care of vets and of course win. Every stop all the same.
It not a "wall," it's a sound barrier displaying local artist's murals which depict the unique history & culture of the community.
*If you live it off the wall* Michael Jackson. Off the Wall. Video of The Jacksons in concert. Awesome sound! 🎤🎶🎶🎶
anyways, I can legitimately hear my dad snoring through the wall, over the sound of all of this rain.
I'm tired of hearing about your dam Wall Street sound bite
"Went down the stairs, open up the door, hit with a wall of sound. In the city all alone, thousand people all around...". - 3 Stories
Phil Spector accidentally invented his famous Wall of Sound by shooting a gun repeatedly to prevent the Ramones from lea…
Miscellaneous & simultaneous. The sound of water. Runs in the gentle wall. Pipes to the last drop. Of Kusmi tea. Drip drop. It's 4:29 pm.
Nothing more romantic than the sound of a frying pan wooshing through the air and hitting a wall
WOW I'm impressed... the signing of my new band Lisbon Kid to Wall Of Sound for 3 albums has made it all the...
‘Danny&Wall Of Sound, Strings and Coulors Jam (blues)’ on
BUG: Breaking a tripwire hook, while connected to string and another hook will play the sound of a falling arrow hitting the wall
Ahh theres nothing like the sweet sound of screaming, yelling, and holes being punched in the wall waking you up. Home sweet home
The wall can stop a fire. Why can't it stop the sound of drums !😭😭
A financial transaction tax may sound prudent but it's actually the very definition of irresponsible regulation-
Creating a Phil Spector-worthy wall of sound with paintings over here!
DJ wall son instead of DJ butt, sound quality essi ki be Achi hai
It would already help a bit with a wall or a fake wall behind them instead of a glass to avoid sound spreading.
Join label boss Mark Jones at 2pm today for WALLS HAVE EARS Wall of Sound radio show on Soho Radio Special guests...
Did we already mention that next to the Zinloos Geluid stage with its Zinloos Geluid wall of sound and the Global...
The local Xhosa call the Hole in the Wall “iziKhaleni”, which means “place of sound”, referring to the thunderous...
[a muffled "GODDAMMIT ONE SEC" from behind the door, and then the sound of something hitting the wall]
Hate how my dog just randomly has fits it's proper horrible being woken up by the sound of him having one and smashing himself off the wall
Billy Corgan and the beautiful wall of sound taking over Toronto tonight…
Sound cuts out right at the start of Kameo after the ice form hits the wall nothing to hear.
The Crystals are in town and Cilla's gone.. we're playin 60's girls today.. 2-4pm. 855 on your wall of sound.
I keep finding stuff in Castlevania. When I walk against a wall in stage 3 boss, it triggers the sound of secret but nothing appears.
& I can literally hear the sound of like some rubbing their finger/rubbing something on the wall outside my window like tf
Motherhood is learning how to block out all sounds except for "ouch" and the sound of a liquid hitting carpet or a wall.
The sound of an eggplant forcefully striking a wall
The sound of my dad putting dishes away = the sound of throwing dishes against the wall
People who live north of the Wall and call everyone else Southerners sound like people who don't think Binghamton is "upstate"
CLEESE UP MOTHER BROWN ! Wall of Sound all dayer is this coming Saturday at The Monty in Brighton with special DJ...
Come to terms with the fact that I am Chronophobic - can't even stand the sound of clocks ticking. My clocks are on the wall for decor only😰
Wall of sound only makes sense in an outdoor AM environment. But it sounds great there.
it is on YT. He is good live and it has the sound of the wall but voice is tired. Not going to be much wrong with that genius!
Zach pick of the day. Wall of Sound classic
Wall of sound — with Prophet 12, and Mono keyboard. Photo by Lone Monk Studio. http:/…
Working on a wall of sound playlist, please send me suggestions.
Take California by Propellerheads from the album Off the Wall - Ten Years of Wall of Sound, Vol. 1.
I make fun of hipsters for doing ridiculous things but I also just disassembled a sound unit so I could hang up the circuit board on my wall
I'm a little like it. I can't do with the sound of a clock ticking (also why I can't have a wall-/alarm clock that ticks.
"Beowulf!" The sound of a wall breaking could (cont)
Today in 1974: The Grateful Dead with the Wall of Sound in Philadelphia. Listen:
The answer questions about creating voiceovers for your
Eddy Temple Morris' Mullet Bowl goes Back to the Phuture this month with Wall of Sound founder Mark Jones and the...
Epic Grateful Dead Wall of Sound show from July 31, 1974 at Dillon Stadium
SOON ON ANALOGIC SOUND with one of the techno master of Germany MIKE WALL.come on
Wall of Sound PR's very own and feature in preview of
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I sold my soul my soul my soul to the devil's music 😈 Dead men walking into to wall of sound 🎶🎶
“It's exciting to play big stadiums. It creates a big wall of sound. But there isn't the connection with the fans.” – Che…
Guitar great Doug Aldrich vaults from 'Vault'; Wall of Sound encloses Rocks Lounge - Las Vegas Sun (blog)
table, brotha!". The sound of Chibs' voice rang clear through the wall panels. Role call, back to work. Opie grabbed his hat ... 12/50
Boom clap the sound of my head against the wall I hate school
New record produced by DMI Instructor, Miles Fulwider. A BIG wall of sound for you fans of a blend of raw blues...
Alberto Contador and Jesus Hernandez warming up before the final TT surrounded by a wall of sound brought by B&O PLAY.
filling the streets of with a wall of sound! So exciting!
"Dreamy landscapes, wall of sound & gradual addiction that's subtle at first, then magnetic as the music progresses" htt…
Stipulation interstice: yours human wall online trust in to concentrated publication that beset exact of sound ...
Ah, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in mono. Speaking of Back to Mono, you omitted the architect of the Wall of Sound from your list.
Wolf of Wall Street is such a sound film👅
Peng PR are delighted to be working with renowned London record label, Wall Of Sound Records as part of their...
So I just got woke up by the sound of a mattress squeaking thru my wall...My neighbors up early gettin it in.Paper thin *** walls SMH
Blog feature: A Wall of Sound for Christmas…: It's only September, and I hardly dare mention the 'C...
like they were combining The Standells w/ Coltrane's "Ascension", punk big band with a dense wall of sound...
I like the sound of this! Wall’s unveils new Gingerbread Sandwich ice cream …
& turn you around so I can listen to the sound of your voice against the wall bouncing back at me👀😈😘
Love falling asleep to the sound of the dryer and washer on the other side of the wall 😌
Have you seen our gorgeous new water wall? Imagine adding the sound of falling water to a relaxing yoga class!
😂 you sound like some type of old man. ok, maybe in the morning 😂. but I was asking bc I heard of the wolf on Wall Street lol.
Just watched 'Wolf of Wall Street'. When I get my passport we really need to catch up. Sound like a Mexican.
the mix is a bit wall-of-sound. I own a set of mixing headphones, so maybe I'm biased when I say it's impressive how -1/3
a wall of sound. The Melvins: A History of Bad Men.: via
If you have a weird thing for extreme, atmospheric, oppressive, discordant, wall-of-sound death metal, that's gonna be your jam.
Week 2 at the Wall of Sound fundraiser video by Magisto. . Want to help us renew our audio technology? You can...
Ada I can hear the sound of your laugh through the wall
wall of sound from Mogwai. Was a bit good
That constant click sound like of a wall clock that makes u deceive yoself to be thinking a lot
Nothing like the sound of Bruce Lee’s murderous side-kicks coming from the wall - here’s hoping the neighbour is armed with nunchucks.
I think one of my favorite songs when I saw phantom last month was masquerade. You just get hit with a wall of sound it's so powerful.
Happy Birthday to Mr Dov, our WALL OF SOUND fabulous member, he, the best arpeggioist in the world!!
“GIMME TWO!!” - DT breaks down the team after stretch and more pre game sound right here
Listen to your hart and follow the sound,. Its the sound of a child laughing beyond the wall,
Sound track of the English Irregular verbs. / / Specially for you, my dears:)))
On it certainly seems more breezy on north end of stadium than south. Wall of sound seems to have wind influence too
Woken up at 6:30 this morning by a spider so big that the sound of it's legs scratching on the sketches on my wall was enough to wake me up
Sunderland away. Wall of sound throughout, shame our defence wasn't also wall-like
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the loudest of them all? "You SoundLady" the mirror answered LOL.
I couldn't sleep over the sound of God writing on the wall.
no it's just a wall of the most beautiful sound you could ever here.I cant really describe it tbh. you have to hear for yourself
Feel the tome of Fanfar, Lord of Flames, for the wall of sound is mighty:
Who's with me! Who's going to throw up a wall of sound so loud that OU will still have "Let's Go Mountaineers!" ringing in…
More awkward and wacky dreams last night. Awakened by then sound of my upstairs neighbors' bedframe beating against the wall.
A big thank you to all who sold raffle squares for the Blu-ray DVD player kindly donated by Wall of Sound, but the biggest thank you goes to everyone who bought them. You have helped us to raise vital funds for the club. The raffle was drawn tonight and the winning square was I-20, sold by James Knibb.
Do you ever feel like more sound is coming out of one earphone than the other & you feel uneven & want to bash your head on a wall? Me too 😑
Tripping down memory lane. Stuck on Velveteen for first time in 20 yrs. Title track sounds amazing a true wall of sound.
Very striking design. Swoops down and captures you in a wall of sound.
Whats the most wrong thing i could do for the Wall of Sound Fanniversary ?? Yes I did it . Who is the King of Fools ?
My uber drivers ringtone is the sound of a loud machine gun going off. Not classy, Joseph. NOT CLASSY.
If you've never been woken up by the sound of your dog stubbing his toe and then running into a wall, are you living a satisfying life?
I can't imagine what drive slow would sound like with MIA on it instead of Paul wall, I'm kind a happy that didn't work out
Saturday morning song to make you thru a brick wall: Joy Division's Sound of Music
Ladies and gentlemen, here is THE NEW WALL OF SOUND …
About to wake up guests w/the sound of mitre saw on other side of bedroom wall. Bring back memories
A bit like phill spectors 'wall of sound'.. but much better eq'ed.
Do you hear that? That's the sound of me punching my wall out of jealousy and unfairness
*I rest my head against the wall, listening to the sound of the train*
you sound dumb that girl from wolf of Wall Street his first wife is fire
Great sound this morning of Cranes as I crossed the canal.But the sight of someone in a red jacket on the sea wall not good ! # Glosbirds.
you can when you bash your head into a wall at 100x the speed of sound after acting for it. Yeah
Falling asleep to the sound of my posters falling off of the wall. Sounds like ~college~
It's a good thing I like the sound of crickets, because one of them is stuck in my bedroom wall.
The sound of the gerudi smashing the wall make me sick
So Molly made the volleyball team so that means the sound of her throwing that ball on my wall is never going to end
If you're in today don't miss Whitt at today doing a gig:
Their wall of sound production and skill as songwriters and musicians. Too bad personalities get in the way, and shootings.
Why is it that we can erect 1,000s of miles of Sound Abatement wall on interstates yet we can't secure our southern border?
Trying to sleep, thinking I can hear the sound of water dripping... took a look through the still existing hole in my wall. Oh, look, water.
Wall of sound -reverb!- van the common Lindinges op RTL. Boo!
back. The sound of other people quite clear through the wall. Frantically looking at the clock knowing someone is going
A few duff tracks aside, NMTB is a joyous wall of noise. The Clash sound like farts in a van.
Profound movements overcome by ceaseless trivialities. I hear the sound of a head against a wall.
Just discovered that the strange crackling sound I've been hearing in my room lately is coming from a giant bee hive inside of my wall
Now this is a wall of sound I could dig owning!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Baby is it spring or is it summer, the guitar sound or the beat of the drummer
Sometimes I wonder if I like Mahler so much as submit to it. Colossal wall of sound. Awesome, in the proper sense of the word
Just the sound of the theme music makes me excited!!
Wall of Sound go Back to the Phuture - Tomorrow is Today at Bestival . Festival on Thursday 4th September with...
The only thing better than a wall of brass sound in the middle of summer is the echo of silence that follows a pristin…
Coverage in Italian Vanity Fair for show at Wall of Sound Gallery in Alba, Italy opening on September 14th
I can't hear The Sound of Silence without thinking of this now
.has signed our Wall Of Sound before recording his live set for
I thought you might like to know I'm tipping Wall Of Sound in 3:40 Ripon on Today 03:40 pm,
Up and at 'em. Mixing first and then writing at Wall Of Sound Studio. Tracking this weekend with some awesome bands!
Sound of crying, banging heads of wall coming from FF HQ in Lr Mount Street. Is how they react whenever Bertie Ahern reappears in media.
"Our fans were so loud I couldn't talk to my defence at times. It was just a wall of sound" . Vito manone
The sound of my alarm makes me want to throw my phone at the wall👊👊
Yeah! I only found them last week too. Been cranking it up loud, got that 'wall of sound' thing where it can really fill a room!
Remembered I had my wall full of newspaper cuttings..Not to sound stalkerish. Just loved the guy.
Systems ripon 2.05 Barkton ash 115 @ 9/2 Tanjeed 85 @ 16/1 Everyone else was below 60 in scoring so for me barkton ash gets my pick at 9/2 3.05 Klynch 100 @ 9/2 Green Howard 65 @ 7/1 Bonnie Charlie 65 @ 16/1 Klynch ran away with this in stats and 9/2 is good price 3.40 Wall of sound 120 9/4 Maven 75 6/1 Wall of sound looks solid in this and I will be surprised if he not the winner at end
Looking at Mavens return form this season I will steer clear Wall of Sound looks the one to beat there 9/4 is a decent price.
Can hear the sound of vending machine being used outside the class.. is the wall that thin ?
4 Hot Horses today with factored winning accounts chasing down all rates for Wall Of Sound at Ripon
Could be a burn-up in the 3.40 with half the field craving the lead; Wall Of Sound, King Of The Danes, Marcret & San Cassiano
Shout out to the people above and I for keeping us awake with the sound of their bed backboard hitting the wall
if you want interesting harder music, try The Joy Formidable. No creepy factor, just a wall of sound. Ritzy is pretty special
Don't get me wrong. I love the song "wake up loving you" by craig morgan, but the sound of the alarm clock in that song drive me up the wall
As soothing as the sound of your bed ramming into the wall is, you can stop now 😷😷😷
Is there anything better than the sound of a body being slammed against the wall?
All I want is a sound bite of Eve saying WALL•E and WALL•E saying Eve.
The sound of people chewing makes me want to slam my head into a wall
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Just saw the amazing elbow . With their amazing wall of sound . They take you on a magical journey . That you never want to end
Downside of surround sound: sitting in the theater next door & hearing the rumbling thru the wall.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
They broke the wall of sound ! BBC News - Corn Exchange gig draws complaints about loud music
Wall of sound will forever be my favorite song 🙌🙌 so many feels
One sound that will never fail to drive me nuts is the sound of a clock ticking on the wall.
The 4th Wall, Pt. 1 - Solillaquists of Sound: The 4th Wall, Pt. 1 by Solillaquists of Sound via
Thanks to sound mixer Andy Kris ('94) who gave a great talk to our students Tues & signed The Wire poster for our wall of fame!
""The wall of sound" method is used in hunt 'cause dolphins are incredibly sensitive to sound"
Everyone go to moon room tonight to see the UCD pop rock ensemble play! Free! They always sound so good from the other side of the wall!
Here's the link to listen if you're interested. It's called Wall of Sound. 17 minutes long.
Ah. Knew 'em both from record shop days in London when they were releasing stuff on Wall of Sound.
knock knock. who's there?. no one, just the sound of luke's and james' htting against thr wall. O
Dude did use some crazy wall-of-sound drumming. I'm assuming you've seen the special features?
Walls possibly record sound: surfaces may leave real-time trace of all sound in proximities. Extractable by wall-bug ice core potential tec
Definitely Tower Bridge, a wall of sound and it looked breathtaking against a perfect blue sky. And crossing the line!
My only complaint about most Ty Segall records is that I don't have the means to listen to them louder. Like, I need GD's "Wall of Sound."
School... Just the sound of that makes me want to put my head through a wall
Watching cows over garden wall (gotta be done) with only the occasional sound of wet applause! Might be but look like cows to me😊
Holocaust events sound like some kind of Sci-fi movie. That's how off the wall people can get with too much power. Stay woke.
The Whispering Wall of the Barossa Reservoir and Its Amazing Parabola Sound Effect link
And Phil Spector thought he built a wall of sound.
Woke up to the sound of a drill going into my god *** wall
There's a 1 week stream of new album.. It's incredible, wall of sound et al:
Unique feature of app retrieves album covers and metadata thanks to
You can request our single on the Wall of Sound on
Got a non-redditor signed up and coming with me, but this mean's we'll just have another person to help stock up our wonderful group! Also, in addition to the now-famous Slightly Stoopid party, I vote we crash the Diarrhea Planet set. They just got added, check them out. Looks like a crazy wall of sound live!
A perfect example of Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound with Darlene Love. Written by the legendary Gerry Goffin and Carole King.
Shadowed finger. of escaped sound -- sealed within. a wall of longing. to be touched once more -- this heart. to be loved http…
ITM Band finished up the finale concert with "Wall of sound" by Very exciting conclusion to this program.
I'm watching The Voice in France, where people battle the language barrier and the song itself to deliver an incomprehensible wall of sound.
sounds: not him flapping his wings hard. Instead the sound of banging head on wall.
Experiencing the Anna Calvi wall of sound at The Troxy. She rocks.
Front row cornets sharing the load on the high fanfares. Wall of sound from lower brass.
Got home- forgot to put my washing in the dryer. Will be sleeping to the sound of zips clanking on the inside wall ALL night. Argh.
There is no sound in the world - not even a choir of angels - as beautiful as avy bombs echoing off the Wall here in
Ladies and gentlemen! Agustí Fernández and FOCO orchestra will raise a wall of sound at 9pm. Today and tomorrow at
Ycon can add these visual stimuli sound, since to crackle of the fire in the homes to fuelwood, the eternity of the stone in the wall
Very proud of our WALL O' SOUND members of the MJCCBA Inter-Collegiate Band!
The sound of playing flappy bird through the wall...
You sound like monkeys that are in excruciating pain. Please stop whatever you guys are doing on the other side of my wall.
And the west end gets sound wall while the east end gets mounds of dirt. Favouritism runs rampant.
*a soft sound of lust escapes me as I pin you to the wall*
I was adamant I wouldn't buy any music today. But then I called into Wall Of Sound & saw this 12" single.
rehearsing "Wall of sound" by at ITM in South America East for tonight's finale program.
Someone spray-painted "I luv Fela" on the wall of the sound engineer's box in Shrine. Pretty sure they won't paint over it.
I’d forgotten what it’s like to go into a guitar store on a Saturday. A wall of sound with classic rock riffs…
Connect to people on Emeraz Wall of Sound!. .
I like the sound of that. Amazingly, not protected by the (almost) ever-vigilant FT pay wall.
Time now for making an overwhelming wall of sound here at the chapel. More here :
Very sound leader this week: should be on wall of every politician & body with a finger in the pie
Morning Dave! wall of sound now on till 2..,80's hits on Saturday to begin
You are listening now:. Radio Wall of Sound, of Slade. Listen this in
Banging sound stopped. It was inside of our wall and could only be heard in our unit. So weird.
Be with a woman who can recognize when something is bothering u just by the sound of ur phone voice or reading ur text mess…
You guys hear that? That's the sound of me slamming my head against a brick wall.
I am convinced that flappy bird is a secret plot to increase phone sales. What is the sound of iPhones smashing against the wall? Cha-ching!
There is no terror like the terror caused by the sound of a poster falling off your wall while you're trying to fall asleep
Nothing like the sound of a bed banging against a wall at dang near 2 in the morning 😒
Are they going to play the sound bite of Reagan telling Mr Gorbachev to "tear down this wall?"
just as i was falling asleep the sound of the wind woke me up and now i can feel the wall moving aGAIN ***
So.. I wanted juice and was omw to the fridge, then I heard the sound of an insect trapped in the darkness & hitting against the wall
Watching Wolf of Wall Street censored must sound like morse code
I love the sound of coughing through my wall.
The sound of someone chomping gum is literally the most ANNOYING SOUND IN THE WORLD! It makes me want to punch a wall.
Just got woken up by a really loud sound of dripping water in my room, & a stain of water on my wall ? There goes me ever sleeping again 💀😱
So in contemplation of decree sound pay wall street loan sites: VopwFq
The rest of my night will be spent spaced out in front of the wall of electric sound, clear those bongs now ya hear
I know u love video games but @ 8 when I'm trying to watch a movie it's hard to hear with the sound of guns through the wall. 😂👌
Wolf of Wall Street was class, de caprio is such a sound bloke
101 It's also very good for us, It's like Binary Code, first numbers of universe) Which sound like this.
Virtuoso performance of Tallis' blissed out 'wall of sound' long avant la lettre, using only voices. "Wow!" does...
I wanna be in a wall of sound band where we all wear the same.
A picture of our Dove Release courtesy of Miksch Melissa Miksch - Photography and Sound Dove Company at our Wi...
I have a pic of taped on my wall for motivation to act like a normal black guy and get arrested.
*bang bang bang* That's the sound of me banging my head against the wall because of all this POINTLESS DRAMA.
HOT! HOT! HOT! Check out the songs on the Hot Wall of Sound today!
Perhaps its the accoustics! Nothing like the sound of a squash ball hitting the wall. I miss it!
The sound of your voice makes me want to bash ky head into the wall.
.Construction speed zone signs still there because sound wall project isn't complete until end of February.
Or wolf of Wall Street. Any of the three sound good to me.
Literally nothing will get me out of this bad mood except tearing off my skin and punching a wall both of which sound appealing
Open your doors, open your windows & share a wall of sound from & laods more at 9pm
Thanks! Hope to see your music on the Wall of Sound ;)
Re: Grammys ... My favorite Ringo song ... "Photograph"! Has such a great Wall of Sound vibe to it, thanx to Richard Perry is kicking off Dave's Picks 2014 with a visit to the Wall Of Sound era. Dave's Picks Volume 9 features the complete show from May 14, 1974, at Adams Field House at the University of Montana in Missoula, the Grateful Dead's only appearance in the state of oro y plata. This monstrously hot show is the third official show of the Wall Of Sound, which had debuted in March 1974.
The latest Dave's Picks live archival release from the Grateful Dead contains a show from the famed Wall Of Sound era.
MMM: Birthdays & Phil Spector of "Wall Of Sound" fame is 74. -- The only surviving member of The Four Tops -- Abdul "Duke" Fakir -- is 78. -- today in '72: "Me And Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul
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