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Wall Street Reform

Wall Street Reform or Financial Reform, commonly called the Dodd-Frank Bill, was signed by President of the United States Barack Obama on July 22, 2010. Since the economic crisis of 2007-09 (millions of jobs were lost, businesses failed, house prices dropped, and savings were washed out), there was an ongoing debate taking place regarding the insufficient oversight and regulation of the US financial system, non-regulated OTC derivative market, and non-existence of consumer protection authority which was the major cause of financial crises.

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🔥In case you're wondering how the House VOTED on **Roll-Back** of Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protecti…
FACT: Wall Street Reform is good for consumers *and community banks.* throws it away.
Asra Q. Nomani is a former Wall Street Journal reporter and a co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement. She can...
on Ted Cruz will never reform Wall Street!
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - A Shared Energy-Reform Vision for Democrats, Republicans (Wall Street Journal)
A Shared Energy-Reform Vision for Democrats and Republicans - Wall Street Journal (blog)
will never reform Wall Street. America is still great.
Our American people. I will never reform Wall Street banks. Bernie Sanders started yet!
Irreverent? Warren's been making her mark n Senate, on top of Wall Street reform. She calls it as she sees it/no fear
We need your help in our fight for Wall Street reform and people-powered elections. Apply to be a state director:…
On the sixth anniversary of the Union address, President Obama to discuss economic progress and Wall Street reform.
Jeff Sessions voted against the Wall Street Reform bill...just in case you were wondering how he feels about corrupt bankers.
What Trump might mean for Wall Street reform via
A follow up. Pulling back the curtain a bit more on .
Good article on Rep. Jeb Hensarling and his plans for bank regulatory reform
Trump's entire campaign was contradictions in contradictions, but at least Obama called for WS reform
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The DC establishment fears he could drain their swamp.
Defend claims of Sanders betraying minorities based on him theoretically willing to help DT w/ Wall Street reform.
Undoing the Wall Street Reform Bill, good looking out for the working class... Hopefully this isn't going to happen.
Federal Reserve Act 1913 & Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act 2010 both need to be repealed. Banks get no protection
Wall Street is heavily invested in school reform because there's a ton of money in it--there's a real agenda there.
He's going to drain the swamp, and that's why the left is FREAKING OUT.
MEDIA sets out to DESTROY those who're a direct threat to ENDING CORRUPTION, rather than REPORTING the CORRUPTION. ht…
an economy steered clear of a beckoning Depression, the rescue of the automobile industry, Wall Street reform,...
Love how "financial reform" - i.e. removing regs on Wall Street so banks can do whatever they want - is "draining the swa…
8 years fighting hard for healthcare reform Minimum Wage and checking Wall Street. But he still pretended otherwise
Bair on Wall Street: “To say we’re going to have a new code of ethics, ... a big kumbaya moment is not realistic.”
I don't disagree with you, Wall Street reform and capital gains taxes would have been a bipartisan idea, not long ago.
The Lara Croft of bank oversight calls for Wall Street reform 2.0. Dodd-Frank not enough.
"We should scrap risk-based capital. Just have a stress-testing process and a leverage ratio." -
Sheila Bair on Wall Street incentives: "They’re going to understand poverty or they’re going to understand jail."
And how did Obama find his groove on Wall Street reform? Perhaps Sarah Bloom Raskin at Treasury knows
believing 35 years of GOP smears is sad. Her Wall Street reform plan is leaps & bounds better ban BS.
top economists endorsing Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s plan to reform Wall Street!.
*** rights, women's rights, climate change, Wall Street reform, healthcare reform if that's not progressivism I dont what is.
170 economists & a Wall Street exec are among those who say his plan is the best one:
Sanders likens himself to Santa, but says he'll pay for programs with tax reform, including taxes on some Wall Street transactions .
Because we need REAL Wall Street and banking reform. And let's face it, that ain't gonna happen with you.
Obama has passed health care reform, passed Wall Street reform, ended the Iraq war, and began the drawdown of war in Afghanistan.
Look at her record instead of making accusations. Her Wall Street reform plan is more comprehensive than Bernie's.
Fed official raises pressure on 'too big to fail' banks
.Is it arbitrary to demand a candidate that is espousing wall street reform tell us what she said to wall street?
The odd couple reigniting the debate over "too big to fail": &
I wouldn't use the hashtag "dropouthillary" if I thought she'd actually reform wall street
Read my Wall Street Journal article on why this agreement is so important.
Hillary will either become progressive on trade, the Climate, Prison & Gun reform, Wall Street or not. Place your bets
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Fed official raises pressure on big banks: Neel Kashkari, president of the Minnea...
BERNIE SANDERS THINKS HE CAN REFORM WALL STREET and that's why he is wrong. he thinks campaign reform will put the reigns on…
Still think Wall Street reform is a "white only issue"?
170 of the top economist in the nation have endorsed Bernie Sanders plan to reform Wall Street
Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act the ONLY LEGISLATIVE REACTION to the 08 financial crisis.
Campaign-finance reform, Wall Street$ Will not change my paycheck or get me a job, Bring back the steel Industry etc.
of being scolded by democrats for believing we can provide Health care, education, Wall Street and campaign finance reform.
You throw up a lot of barriers of why we can't expect Wall Street Reform.
he's gonna hit her on welfare reform, Wall Street, housing, the min wage, education, jails etc etc
Yup, it's the popular vote version of Wall Street reform, pushed right b/c Feingold defected from left.
Wall Street/banks? Also, how to do you reconcile his vote on the Minutemen, against immigration reform & his
Wall Street Reform Group seeks to unseal MetLife ruling
And Hillary is far superior in her reforms and regs for Wall Street compared to Sanders
I have no bad blood with Barney Frank, but he did side with the big bankers on Wall Street reform. Dodd-Frank is a failure.
I expect laments Barney Frank's scorn as much as he does Henry Kissinger's.
Women's rights are under attack and you're whining about Wall Street and campaign finance reform? WAKE UP.
Douthat on the Republican elite's refusal to reform in face of Trump
Bernie: People say he's Santa Clause; how will he pay for all his education reform? Tax on Wall Street speculation
"A reform agenda requires disruption. Disruption is naturally threatening to the current power structure."
Bernie has passed 0 Wall Street reform bills in 16 yrs in office.
6 ways to radically reform our corrupt financial system: Joseph Stiglitz lays out his plan to fix Wall Street
There has been significant federal court activity this week pertaining to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform...
Minimum Wage has legitimate reasons to oppose, Wall Street reform isn't needed if-
Bernie Sanders' Wall Street reform plan is so crazy Donald Trump might just like it via
The is holding a hearing on Wall Street Reform with federal regulators this morning. Watch here:
Posted To: MND NewsWire. The debate over whether the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform an...
No chance of prison reform, reduction of foreign aggression, wall street regulations
Thought the competition is positive when it adds issies like campaign finance & Wall Street reform to the discourse, no?
170 top economists agree that Bernie's economic reforms are the best yet Hillarepublicans think he'll ruin the Econ🙄
Reform: Wall Street must work for Main Street. Read more about plan to rein in Wall Street.
I'd Guess since Wall Street and the shills have Transformed the USA. that it is indeed time to reform the Thugs,
Politifact rates it true: called for Wall Street reform early in the financial crisis.
Some major difference when it comes to taming the big banks & wall street reform. vs
I guess Wall Street reform, justice reform, healthcare, education and infrastructure are all under one umbrella?
summary of relationship with She can't be trusted to reform.
all her wall Street reform and consumer protection evaporate before her eyes
American Banker: HRC plan not much more than "what regulators already doing."
U.S trade reform will send Wall street in a tail spin. Wall street revenues are huge for the Federal Government.
That's just silly when what we need is Comprehensive Wall Street Reform from HRC
Hillary on Wall Street: No one should be too big to jail Catch that,
Follow the Money : Industry Weighs in on Wall Street Influencing GSE Reform via TheMReportNews
So happy to hear that Clinton has a Wall Street reform plan. Does anyone else have one?
Hillary Clinton's Wall Street NYT op-ed - After meeting with O to be assured she's safe, no doubt! https:…
Isn't this rich. . Hillary Clinton on Wall Street NYT op-ed: No one 'too big to jail'. ..except, of course- herself. ht…
Clinton declares 'no one should be too big to jail'...
But still no endorsement from the Massachusetts senator.
The Clinton sound bite that could bite her right back: "no one should be too big to jail”.
.is right to fight GOP efforts to sneak financial reform rollbacks into the funding bill.
Obama Names Lisa Fairfax to SEC, a Vote for Wall Street Reform by
I’m all for Wall Street reform. The first one was too long and the new one has Shia LeBeouf in it. Something must be done!
Sign the petition: Tell Democratic leaders to endorse 's Wall Street reform agenda via
I just took action to tell Democratic leaders to support Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Wall Street reform agenda
Senator Elizabeth Warren has a plan to reform Wall Street. Lets give her a House, Senate, and the White House so...
Tell Oppose any changes to Wall Street reform
Tell Democratic leaders: Endorse the Wall Street reform agenda
Since she's not running for pres, is taking on Wall Street & 'the unfinished business of financial reform'
Sign the petition: Tell Dem. leaders to endorse the Wall Street reform agenda via
It’s been four years since Wall Street Reform became law. Let’s expand on our progress, not repeal it
Interesting… In the two years when the democrats had the White House and the Senate we got: Wall Street Reform, Student Loan Reform, Credit Card Reform, Healthcare Reform, The Fair Pay Act, Expansion of the G.I. Bill for veterans, Reauthorization of the Children's Health Insurance Program (C.H.I.P.), the Extension of National Service Programs, a fix for the disparity in sentencing users of crack cocaine versus powdered cocaine. We got a 9/11 First Responders Bill, the Hate Crimes Act, Ratification of the START treaty between us and the Russians, Repealed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', Got Cash for Clunkers, they did the stimulus which included the larges middle-class tax cuts ever. That was all done by the Congress that was elected at the same time as President Obama in 2008. Then the Republicans took control of the House for the first time in years. And since then there has not been a single significant piece of legislation enacted into law.
Congressional Q+A: Reed on Syria, Wall Street Reform + DC Spending Battles: As part of a week-long series of conversations with Rhode...
1. Lee Statement on Attack in Libya - Press Releases - Press ... -17k 2. Senator Hatch Speaks up on Libya - Videos - United States ... ... Permalink: Bookmark and Share. ... 3. Official Website of US Senator Barbara Boxer: Boxer Updates ... ... Dorothy, Kentfield Thank you for your e-mail concerning the recent bombing of the US Embassy in Lybia. As a US citizen ... Newsroom | Robert Menendez-US Senator for New Jersey ... between the former British government and the Scottish government with respect to negotiations with the Government of Lybia, particularly whether ... -45k 12. Issues - US Senator for Alaska, Mark Begich ... Begich, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he has "grave concerns about our role in the war in Lybia and the cost. ... -58k 13. Implementation of Title VII of the Wall Street Reform and ... ... defy market fundamentals because Saudi Arabia, the largest world oil supplier, has offered to ―make up for supplies lost because of unrest in Lybia ... 14. Appearance for He ...
Senator Elizabeth Warren at the Feb. 14, 2013 Banking Committee Hearing titled "Wall Street Reform: Oversight of Financial Stability...
The Dow is over 14,000. I bet its only a matter of time until that wealth trickles down to us, right? Right?
“Drug companies will be able to market ‘branded’ contraceptives at premium prices, knowing that women are free to choose the most expensive, designer product because it will cost them the same as the cheapest generic.” In other words, the contraception mandate is a license to steal for Big Pharma. Does that explain why President Obama and his Commissar of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius, are willing to endure another round of legal battles? Yep. The fix was obviously in at least as far back as 2009. This is why the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) backed “health reform” by bankrolling a Democrat-designed propaganda campaign. The Wall Street Journal reported last summer that PhRMA and other industry lobbying groups coordinated with the White House to produce a multi-million dollar advertising blitz to promote Obamacare. “In particular, the drug lobby would spend $70 million on two 501(c)(4) front groups called Healthy Economy Now and Americans for Stable Quality Care.” Mo ...
The issue with Republicans, when it comes to public money, is when they need's okay. In fact, you saw that with the Hurricane Sandy relief bill. Many conservative members of the House voted against the funds, despite being from areas that have requested funds for disasters caused by tornados or hurricanes that have devastated their own states. You see this with their constituents as well. When they, or someone they know relies on the government, they have plenty of excuses as to why. Yet they judge strangers who might need government assistance as lazy moochers, just looking for a handout from the government. But that's not them, they have an excuse as to why THEY need help. Then when they get back on their feet they stand tall and claim to all the world, " I made it on my own, I didn't need the government to help me. I got here through my own hard work and discipline. Government just gets in the way."
The Synopsis of the Story "Greed is Good." This is the credo of the aptly named Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), the antihero of Oliver Stone's Wall Street. Gekko, a high-rolling corporate raider, is idolized by young-and-hungry broker Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen). Inveigling himself into Gekko's inner circle, Fox quickly learns to rape, murder and bury his sense of ethics. Only when Gekko's wheeling and dealing causes a near-tragedy on a personal level does Fox "reform"-though his means of destroying Gekko are every bit as underhanded as his previous activities on the trading floor. Director Stone, who cowrote Wall Street with Stanley Weiser, has claimed that the film was prompted by the callous treatment afforded his stockbroker father after 50 years in the business; this may be why the film's most compelling scenes are those between Bud Fox and his airline mechanic father (played by Charlie Sheen's real-life dad Martin). Ironically, Wall Street was released just before the October, 1987 stock market crash.
The Saudi regime has recently appointed thirty women to the nation’s Consultative Council, a move glorified by Saudi authorities as a step toward greater women’s equality in the kingdom. But a clos...
If you're worried about the economy, you should also be worried about the fate of immigration reform.
Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson (Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst) The Washington Post’s WonkBlog has a scoop: People don’t want to cut Social Security! The post concerns a recent survey that is actually pretty useful, in that it supports what should already be common sense: People have been led to believe that Social Security faces a crisis in funding. When you tell people some proposals for fixing it, they a) overwhelmingly choose to fund it more generously and b) decide that the program actually does not face any sort of crisis at all. A marketing firm hired by the National Academy of Social Insurance surveyed a random sampling of Americans and discovered that what people want is to raise taxes on rich (and regular!) people in order to fund more Social Security benefits, which is a good idea because the program is currently pretty stingy by international standards and Americans don’t actually have pensions anymore. For those unfamiliar with Social Security, it is a modest national social insurance ...
Faced with Obama's policies, even Obama lets people go
The Perils of 'Wannabe Cool' Christianity: -By: Brett McCracken (WALL STREET JOURNEL) 'How can we stop the oil gusher?" may have been the question of the summer for most Americans. Yet for many evangelical pastors and leaders, the leaking well is nothing compared to the threat posed by an ongoing gusher of a different sort: Young people pouring out of their churches, never to return. As a 27-year-old evangelical myself, I understand the concern. My peers, many of whom grew up in the church, are losing interest in the Christian establishment. Recent statistics have shown an increasing exodus of young people from churches, especially after they leave home and live on their own. In a 2007 study, Lifeway Research determined that 70% of young Protestant adults between 18-22 stop attending church regularly. Statistics like these have created something of a mania in recent years, as baby-boomer evangelical leaders frantically *** what they have done wrong (why didn't megachurches work to attract youth in the ...
All these reform websites, NORML, ACLU,, Sierra, Greenpeace, Asset Seizure or medical mj, each have a kind of tunnel vision focused on some problem. But the corruption on Wall street, Madison & Pennsylvania avenues- begins on Main street where they see what they can get away with. No reformer sees the big picture
A metro Atlanta investment adviser whose assets were frozen last year after he was accused of misusing investors’ money has pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding clients of more than $2.
43 GOP Senators Demand Wall Street Reform Be Weakened; because who doesn't yearn for the halcyon days of Bush/GOP era disaster capitalism?
On Saturday’s Up w/ Chris Hayes, we’ll talk about the immigration proposals that the Senate’s bipartisan “Gang of Eight” put … Read More
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HB6694 [Update] To amend the definition of mortgage originator under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consum...
Hope and Change... - The economy retracted in the fourth quarter of 2012 for the first time in three years. - This morning it was announced the unemployment rate increased slightly in January. - Where I live, gas prices have risen at least 20 cents (if not more) over the last few weeks, including an eight cent jump since yesterday. - Politicians can draft sweeping gun control and immigration reform bills in a matter of days, yet they haven't passed a budget in how many years? What did we do to deserve such good fortune I wonder?
On Monday, Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio emerged with an offer of a Republican surrender to Barack Obama.
What does Robin Hood have to do with A whole lot, actually! w/
What urgent topics do you feel are not discussed enough by the traditional media?
Should Wall Street be held accountable with tougher rules and enforcement? think so
The next World War will be between Nationalist Fascists (who are actually pawns of globalist bankers implementing a divide and conquer strategy) and Globalist Democrats (who pursue world-wide freedom, self-governance, sustainability and shared prosperity). The only question now is whether it will be merely a Cultural War, or a new Cold War, or an open World War between and within all Nations.
Greyfriars in Scotland's history Sixteenth Century Greyfriars, now home to the congregation of Greyfriars Tolbooth and Highland, stands in grounds that had belonged to the Franciscan convent in the Grassmarket - hence the name Greyfriars. It was the first church built in Edinburgh after the Reformation. In 1562 Mary Queen of Scots had granted the land, which was then on the outskirts of the city, to the Town Council for use as a burial ground. The Flodden Wall and later Telfer Wall can still be seen in the Kirkyard. By 1602 building had started re-using stonework from the Dominican convent at Sciennes. Progress was slow, and the new church did not open until Christmas Day 1620. Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries In 1638 the National Covenant was presented and signed in front of the pulpit. This was a document of great importance in the history of Scotland. (An original copy is displayed in the Visitor Centre.) During Cromwell's invasion of Scotland Greyfriars was used as a barracks from 1650 to 1653. Li ...
I got an idea...remember how the Feds couldn't do crap to the Tobacco companies? Remember how a bunch of mean Southern Class Action law firms went after and finally beat the Tobacco companies? Why not sic those mean Southern Class Action law firms on Wall-street?
Today, contributor Lisa Schechtman shares how the can benefit the World.
Hope for Housing Reform?Wall Street Journal"We need to move fairly quickly but in a thoughtful manner," says New...
The business community, will accept the reformed corporate tax code, if it is presented as a debt reduction plan. Just as, the higher personal taxes, as being rationalized. Those that are wealthier among us, understand the reality of the situation our government has put itself into. The INFORMED, want to save the government. I am hopeful, the Mr Reid, will find a way to not only clean upthe corporate tax code to increase revenues, but also make a necessary correction, in the medicare program, to gain control of the cost. We need to get to a surplus, this year. It can not be done, only with tax increases. If we can get a 400 to 500 billion surplus, to be used to reduce the debt, our nations business community WILL invest in america and grow the economy. They want to see a realistic path to control both spending, as well as reduce debt, over time. The debt is massive. If we can reduce it a realistic 400 to 500 billion a year, in 3 years, it will be coming down nicely. This protects the dollar, as well as pr ...
JUNE 5, 2009 7:12PM Obama's Czars! Rate: 6Flag . What do all of the following people (see list below) have in common? They are "czar's" in the Obama Administration. What is a "czar" exactly? Wikipedia defines it this way: Originally, the title Czar (derived from Caesar) meant Emperor in the European medieval sense of the term, that is, a ruler who claims the same rank as a Roman emperor, with the approval of another emperor or a supreme ecclesiastical official (the Pope or the Ecumenical Patriarch). Occasionally, the word could be used to designate other, non-Christian, supreme rulers. In Russia and Bulgaria the imperial connotations of the term were blurred with time and, by the 19th century, it had come to be viewed as an equivalent of King.[2][3] Now to be fair, Obama did not invent the position of czar in Washington. Many Presidents have had them. However, he appears to be on the verge of appointing yet ANOTHER czar to his already large family of czar's and in doing so will own the title of President ...
It's time to beat the drum for real Wall Street Reform: Obama repeal Time for Campaign Finance Reform
Also... ADDED TO THE NEXT post, after this one--- FIRST. A bazaar, Coptic Lawyer, who I have never seen before in my life, comes up to me on the East side of Seabright Beach near Live Oak, CA, and threating my life, he proceeds to speak at me as if he knows me and has holding his right to have determined it ok to say these things from his position of having garnered the worthy affiliation of others with capital and repute to be guard. He maybe a coke trader and helper of disadvantaged persons with medical law and immigration and asylum as well as having rare opportunities and having been interviewed on cable news networks, has turned to collude in the Santa Cruz, CA, area, to incur, proximally with pre-and pre-post-surpplants of their person and their children upon homeless persons sleeping and then proceed to fabricate real and damaging police reports such as pedophile and other per-arranged and pre-breeched restraints , etc, and things that cannot be felonized upon a disabled or a medical public works r ...
Minnesota losing the competition for tax reform. Wall Street Journal
I like Ben Stein take on Elizabeth Warren better than my left wing friends. Stein," It's terrifying that such an ignorant human being is about to become a US Senator." My least she not quite the phony that John Kerry but very close.
Own or Be Owned! The military-industrial complex of subsidized private sector contractors and a war machine far greater than the combined military expenditures of the other countries in the world is a primary reason the American economy is chugging along, even at such a slow pace. Instead of over-subsidizing wasteful military expenditures we need to reform the Federal Reserve Bank to create new owners of future productive capital investment in businesses simultaneously with the growth of the economy. Such productive capital investment should be to produce REAL products and services that society needs and wants, while ensuring that through full-payout dividend income the new FUTURE owners will have income to engage in the economy as "customers with money." The solution to broadening private, individual ownership of America's future capital wealth requires that the Federal Reserve stop monetizing unproductive debt, including bailouts of banks "too big to fail" and Wall Street derivatives speculators, and b ...
I don't make a lot of money doing what I do. In fact I know a lot of people who are in similar situtations. As the cost food and gas continue to go up, please explain to me how the government taking more out of my small paycheck is going to help? Just curious.
As Dean will tell you, $6 Trillion dollars later and these numbers are still Bush's fault.
EU approves financial transaction tax for 11 eurozone countries
Fascinating report. Thanks much. If possible, I'd appreciate your feedback on
US regulators warn banks on living wills
"Reform Wall Street: A Call for Action" -- a summary of the initial, longer version.
Doing a radio show tonight at 11 PM EST. Topic. Why do people love Obama so much??...this should be interesting lol.
Gotta go to the doctor today. Glad I have that opportunity. But with Republican reverse Robin Hoodism--we know we don't deserve to have medical care just because we're old & need it. What a crock.
BOULDER, CO (January 29, 2013) – It seems that every week another advocacy group hands out a new set of A-F grades for states or school districts. If clearly explained and based on criteria that advance student learning, those grades can be useful summaries of a given state’s strengths and weaknesse...
One can’t redirect a multi-trillion dollar entity with nothing but good ideas, eloquence, and gallantry.
Let's do a little Presidential history.Southern Donkey Style- Nixon was a crook and liar but in terms of today's republican party, he'd be labeled a rino (republican in name only) by the Tea Party. Jimmy Carter was a Godly man who cared for the US and the environment and was the first victim of a combined attack from religion and republicanism. Ronald Reagan was largely an empty suit who used religious support to prop up his scripted legacy while enacting harmful economic policies that began the income inequality that has lasted in parts till this very day. Bush Sr. was a weak leader and chose a male version of John McCain's running mate and found the conservative sword for daring to raise taxes when needed. Bill Clinton was a strong and charismatic President who ushered in an era of prosperity that spread through the entire class structure and although he and his family were harassed every day throughout his 2 terms, the track record is undeniable and his legacy is secure. Bush or "W" was a low informati ...
Lest we forget... FDR's first SEC chairman was Joe Kennedy, a notorious pool operator and market manipulator. There is no force for reform greater than late-acquired virtue.
Senators unveil plan for immigration reform! From a wall to keep them out to a welcome mat! What a difference an election makes!
Our dialogue on Social Security and Medicare -- the opposite of what you hear in the corporate media, Social Security and Medicare are the solutions, not the problems, live now:
Part of the newly proposed immigration "reform" bill would cointinue the "guest worker" program allowing companies to import workers for jobs Americans "cant or wont do". I cant think of ANY jobs an american cant or wont do. An american will do ANY job if it pays enough to live on. It is simply a program to allow companies to pay less than a living wage and still make record profits.
Could platform doors be coming to NYC subways? Im at MTA transit meeting. Board is hearing safety presentation, including a detection system on the tracks.
Unemployment is up ,health insurance is out of control ,people going into grade schools just for the purpose of evil, Social Security Is in financial despair, well at least immigration reform has America going in the right direction. WHAT A JOKE.
"There are few certainties in American politics. But you can write it down: If Hillary Clinton wants to be the next nominee of the Democratic Party to be president, the job is hers . . . because, as the most popular politician in America - who also happens to be married to America's most popular ex-president and who has in place a nationwide network of donors, campaign staffers and committed supporters - Clinton has the power to keep potential rivals from raising money or gaining political traction simply by saying, 'I haven't decided what my plans are.' She's in control." - David Rothkopf, CNN.COM
It’s a common refrain in local papers: State faces pension funding crisis! Retiree benefits out of control! Public pensions bog down taxpayers! Pension costs seem to loom over so many state and local budget battles like a sinister sword of Damocles, a dark reminder of Big Government’s tyrannical pro...
Everyone knows his name. He was, and still is, one of the most influential figures of all time, yet most of us have little real sense of the man himself.
Activists from the hacker collective known as Anonymous assumed control over the homepage of a Department of Justice agency this morning. In a manifesto left on the defaced page, the group demanded reform to the American justice system and what the activists said are threats to the free flow of info...
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News item: President Obama intends to appoint Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary. You know, the same Jack Lew that, while working for CitiGroup, received a $950,000 bonus AFTER CitiGroup received a substantial taxpayer-funded bailout from the Federal government. Wait, what did Obama previously have to say about Wall Street "Fat Cats" getting huge bonuses after being bailed out by the taxpayer? "That is the height of irresponsibility,” Mr. Obama said. “It is shameful. And part of what we’re going to need is for the folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint and show some discipline and show some sense of responsibility." Hmmm. Once again, I guess Obama-present has never met Obama-past. Oh, and what role did Jack Lew play at CitiGroup while "earning" that taxpayer-funded bonus? Oh, yeah! He headed the division called Citi Alternative Investments, a unit of CitiGroup that bet AGAINST people paying their mortgages! Obama: the Great Wall Street Reformer, indeed!
Rubio Immigration Plan Dovetails With Obama’s U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is developing a wide-ranging immigration reform plan — including steps to give more than 12 million illegals currently in the U.S. legal status — in an effort to seize the initiative on a contentious issue that polls show is hurting the Republican Party with the nation’s rapidly growing Hispanic population. Rubio laid out the broad outline of his plan in an interview in The Wall Street Journal, at the same time President Barack Obama announced he would push a comprehensive immigration plan of his own this March. Surprisingly, both hold similar goals — create a process in which undocumented workers in the United States can gain status and at the same time create a potential path to citizenship in the future.
The School bus Drivers Union wants the city to ensure that the new contract to providers keep their members on the job. The Mayor says that $1.1billion is too much to pay for transportation and that more of that money should be used in the classrooms. I say, GET A DEAL DONE ALREADY because 150,000 kids need to get to school! What do YOU say?
Okay, I believe that people misunderstand the law going into effect regarding mental health and the ownership of guns. It says if a mental health worker deems a person a danger they should have their guns removed which can be done with some respect and privacy. This does not mean that all people with mental illness will have their guns removed.
More bankers cry ‘break up the banks.’ If you believe the bulldust that Australia’s banks are strong, and the global financial system is improving, ask yourself why every banker and his dog in America and Europe are suddenly begging for the very same Glass-Steagall banking separation that U.S. physical economist Lyndon LaRouche and the Citizens Electoral Council have pushed for four years. The former National Sales Manager for securitised products at the giant American bank JP Morgan Chase is the latest banker to call for a Glass-Steagall break-up of the banks. Larry Doyle wrote in his 14 January Sense on cents column in America’s Business Insider magazine under the headline “Why Should The Banks Be Broken Up?” that “it is time we moved to save capitalism”. He pointed out that the banks that were bailed out because they were “too big to fail” in 2008 are now much bigger and are in fact an oligopoly riddled with cronyism that is evidenced in the Libor-rigging scandal, money-laundering, ...
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Wall Street Journal: The Tragedy of Mental-Health Law by Dr. Lloyd Sederer (with text) WSJ OPINION January 12, 2013 The Tragedy of Mental-Health Law Patient Protections have become rigid rules excluding families from patient care and exceeding common sense. By LLOYD I. SEDERER After Newtown, there is widespread concern that laws regarding mental-health services need reform. Two places to start are the laws governing involuntary hospitalization, and the restrictions placed on communication with a patient's family. Across the U.S. today, federal and state laws give people with mental illness the right to decide when, where, how, and if they will receive care. Yet some serious mental illnesses (such as schizophrenia or mania) can make it difficult for those affected to *** the reality of their own experiences or their need for treatment. An individual with a mental illness that interferes with his judgment, self-interest, self-preservation and safety represents a profound challenge for families and clinic .. ...
It's been a long time since I said anything political so here goes! Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq after Bush's sugre worked. Obama is pulling out the troops from Afganistan because he used a surge stratigy created by Bush. He saved the Middle Class by making permanent the Bush tax cuts. He still keeps terrorists in cuba where Bush put them. Question is he really Bush?
Senator Marco Rubio's letter to the president 1/6/12 (yeah, last year...and nothing has changed after the election) Dear Mr. President: Any day now, news reports suggest you will ask Congress to approve yet another increase in the debt ceiling. The expected request is another $1.2 trillion, adding to a three year debt binge that has totaled $4.5 trillion on your watch and that has enabled our overall debt to surpass $15 trillion. Your latest request will push the federal debt limit well above $16 trillion. This pending request will be the sixth time during your Presidency that Congress is being asked to keep allowing government and spending to grow at rates that are unsustainable. In other words, you have made it a routine part of your job to ask for more room to spend without any plan to reduce our debt. Instead of making debt ceiling increases a routine Washington exercise, we need to make it routine to actually spend no more than we take in. Until then, I will oppose your request to continue borrowing ...
Why oh why would you push to take away our guns?- A law only applies to honest citizens; A violent criminal will get ahold of, keep, and use at his/her discretion regardless of how many pieces of paper forbid it. I'll keep my Arms, thank you very much America! Oh how we've got so many choices in this country, lets start by making a good, and lets call that decision 'common sense'...
When Congress and President Obama came up with their beyond-the-last-minute deal to put off addressing the coming fiscal crisis, the Wall Street Journal turned the spotlight on a little-noticed, yet too typical aspect of Washington's machinations: "The bill's seedier underside is the $40 billion or so in tax payoffs to every crony capitalist and special pleader with a lobbyist worth his million-dollar salary. Congress and the White House want everyone to ignore this corporate-welfare blowout," the Journal reported. So a bill that was represented as the first steps toward fiscal responsibility (try not to laugh too hard) contained billions of dollars in corporate welfare. And it was a bipartisan affair. How sad. How Washington! Beneficiaries of the various special tax treatments and exceptions includes owners of NASCAR speedways, companies in American Samoa, rum producers, businesses on Indian reservations, railroads, Hollywood moviemakers, and green-energy firms, including wind-power equipment producers. ...
MFA Alert: SEC Year in Review As expected, rulemaking required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer...
I don't understand why people believe our government is some evil group that is out to do bad. I really don't.
If you were substituted for Obama to fill in for Obama's second term, what would your first course of action be?
My bill is to repeal thee Wall Street Reform Bill. Pray for me now for all the fallacies and lies I will have to combat!
Nina Power: As ideas of employment become more obscure and desperate, 2013 is the perfect time to ask what it means to live without it
What comes next? Via the Guardian, Nina Power argues that work is becoming obsolete: As with all major institutional entities – law, prison, education – to
Thanks, Sen. Schumer, for your support of Senator Hagel.
Aaron Swartz at first-ever PCCC team retreat, 2009. Washington, DC. On Friday, programmer and activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide. Today, as friend
view government seized property. find a form. get tax information at see interest rate data. switch to electronic benefits by 3/1/13 deadline. find currency and coin information. report a suspicious email or suspected fraud view Budget and Performance reports. have a lost or expired check r...
Cubans no longer need special exit permit to travel off island - Los Angeles Times: Wall Street Jo...
Yes, I absolutely love paying you an extra $1400 a year. I mean I love it so much you might as well raise it to 10% bc frankly 6.2% is weak. I really want pay more since I am not going to see it from what you said. And isn't it so nice of you to actually tell me on my annual statement that I have a billion points but the fund will be depleted by the time I qualify at 65 so I'll get 25%, maybe. Hey, that's what being an 80's baby gets you. Take your broken promises and go.
Philippines gains 10 places in ‘global economic freedom’ list The government’s anti-corruption efforts helped push the Philippines’ global ranking in terms of economic freedom by 10 notches to 97th among 177 countries and territories. This was according to the editors of the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom, jointly released by Washington D.C.-based The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal. Based on the latest annual index, the 19th since it first came out in 1995, the Philippines scored 58.2 out of 100 points. Such score keeps the Philippines in the category of “mostly unfree” countries or those within the range of 50 points to 59.9 points. “(The) score is 1.1 points higher than last year, with notable improvements in investment freedom and freedom from corruption outweighing a decline in business freedom,” the editors said in a statement. They added that such score was below the global average of 59.6, but noted that the Philippines’ improvement provided contrast to the world ...
It no longer seems to matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in charge of the Legislature. Neither party seems keen on legalizing marijuana, prompting those who support updating the state’s cannabis laws — whether for recreational or medical purposes or both — to say it’s time to take it to the...
Outpourings of grief and calls for change continue to flood the Internet after the suicide of Aaron Swartz, only 26 years old.
Report: Obama officials issued $216 billion in regulations last year By Megan R. Wilson - 01/14/13 03:20 PM ET The Obama administration issued $236 billion worth of new regulations last year, according to a report from a conservative think tank. The analysis from the American Action Forum, led by former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, found that the administration added $216 billion in rules and more than $20 billion in regulatory proposals in 2012. Complying with those rules will require an additional 87 million hours of paperwork, the report said. The group put the total price tag from regulations during Obama’s first term at more than $518 billion. American Action Forum credited the administration for erasing $2.5 billion in regulatory costs last year, but said that paled in comparison to $34 billion in regulatory compliance costs reported by top companies since 2009. The Environmental Protection Agency racked up the most in regulatory costs last year, according to the repor ...
I just want people who voted for Obama to honestly tell me WHY.nobody's been able to do that yet. I need to understand the other side of the coin. Maybe there is something I'm missing. What convinced you that we should put him back in office?! Serious question...
"Free market policies create an economy in which ALL PEOPLE can improve their economic situation" Music to my wallet and ears!
The 2nd amendment was written to not protect hunters, it was to protect citizens against the tyrants in our Government and for those who infringe on us and property and if Obama thinks he's above that he needs to considerate on his spending and fix that or there won't be a country to even worry about .
so jeep had their best yr since 1999 and vw had their best yt since 1973 *** u Obama its all ur fault..oh yeah and now they say its not cost effective to produce parts in china and ship them back so americans are gonna be going back to work..its a ploy cause Obama wants all those tax dollars from all these people working hes pure evil i say
DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!! Folks, don't shoot me -- I recently stumbled across this -- If you don't like this, holler at the Wall Street Journal editorial page -- (mostly what I did was cut and paste, in large part to cut it down to a manageable size, for all my ADHD friends, while still trying to be as accurate as possible)... LOL * Health insurance costs will rise as much as 100 percent under Obamacare...“The reason: the congressional Democrats who crafted the legislation ignored virtually every actuarial principle governing rational insurance pricing... “Premiums will soon reflect that disregard — indeed, premiums are already reflecting it.” Obamacare requires that health insurers accept everyone who applies, that they can’t charge more based on serious medical conditions, and that they pay for some uncovered medical conditions. The guaranteed acceptance drives people to wait on buying insurance until they get sick. Obamacare includes a financial penalty to keep people from doing that. But ...
btw.the argument that if and when the government gets rid of the 2nd admendment...and no one will have guns to protect themselves from the us government.really? you think your stash of semi automatics is going to stop the us government? The us government.will roll your *** ..ask David protection from criminals.that's another matter.and of course if your prepping for the end of the world .stock up.cause those giant coachroaches are going to get you! (damnation alley)
Social Services will be the down fall of this country. This country was founded by entrepreneurs. Everyone in this country has the chance to make something great. The ones that do are what make this country and the world great. They know the meaning of failure more than most do. The people that can't, or are unwilling, are now pushing for “lets make it fair for all.” They are the people that are pushing for all the Social Services and we should care for all people lazy, poor, suffering. We are now voting for our President because it is cool or popular. Not because of the sound decision and choice it will take to get us back to a thriving country and world. Just ask the young people why they voted for Obama and you may be shocked to receive the same answers I did, “Because it was cool!” Before we add health care plans or social services or maintain what we have so that people have better lives, we should first clean up our house. Take care of our debt, eliminate the Federal Reserve and take owners ...
We must reform the kill list, make it a real talking kill list. If President's going to kill people, make him stand and talk about it!
It's been revealed that the U.S. government is secretly spying on its citizens using an advanced surveillance programme. Software called TrapWire allegedly h...
The death of an information activist who co-founded Reddit is apparently being desecrated by corporate media, with a corporate agenda.
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It’s ‘McRib season’, and thousands across the nation are scrambling to use online websites like the ‘McRib locator’ to stuff the McDonald’s McRib sandwich down
Hey folks, if you're up early I'll be on CSPAN at 8:30 to 9:15 am tomorrow talking about the debt ceiling, safe gun laws and sequestration.
The GOP threatening to shut down the government and destroy the world economy is ridiculous. Our deficit is completely solvable, it is only the numbers that looks scary. We just have to rethink how we do things. Our debt to GDP ratio is not any higher now than it was after WW II and we built the largest middle class in the 1950's the world had seen to date; but we taxed and built our way out of the debt.not commit economic austerity/ suicide. Look at how well it is working in Greece and Spain. If you look at long term interest rates, the world currently is PAYING us to keep their money. But, if you want to balance the budget AND deal with a huge number of social and infrastructure problems that we all know we have in this country here is a solution: Cuts: $200 B from Defense and Homeland security $100 B through re-tooling how we deliver medicare/ medicaid $50 B in medical care premium increases/ subsides to higher incomes/ negotiating drug costs $50 B in ending the war on drugs/ legalization and ta ...
they just don't get it | US Chamber-o-Commerce against Wall Street Reform Environmental Protection
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Keeping in mind that the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Pub.L. 111-203,...
The Federal deficit and what to do about it. What is the federal deficit? The United States public debt is the money borrowed by the federal government of the United States through the issue of securities by the Treasury and other federal government agencies. US public debt consists of two components: • Debt held by the public includes Treasury securities held by investors outside the federal government, including that held by individuals, corporations, the Federal Reserve System and foreign, state and local governments. • Debt held by government accounts or intra-governmental debt includes non-marketable Treasury securities held in accounts administered by the federal government that are owed to program beneficiaries, such as the Social Security Trust Fund. Debt held by government accounts represents the cumulative surpluses, including interest earnings, of these accounts that have been invested in Treasury securities. The public debt is related to the budget deficit. Public debt increases or decreas ...
Bill. I think you will be interested in this one. Matt Taibbi on How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform
On the News With Thom Hartmann: House Republicans Voted to Use Taxpayer Dollars to Pay Private Lawyers to Defend DOMA in Court, and More
My Schindler's List post was removed by me. I was also asked to remove it. I chose to delete it out of respect for those still grieving their loved ones in Sandy Hook and also for those that truly didn't get my post to begin with. I was reposting that particular post in an attempt to show Americans what we're about to see happen. The government will take away our right to bear arms and we will see a society where we will no longer enjoy our founding father's freedoms expressed in our Constitution. I own guns. I would never open fire on a classroom of innocent children. Do not treat me as if I would because I choose to own guns and believe in protecting what is dear to me. I am not insensitive. It IS my wall, and I should be able to post whatever I want (see, it's already happening, censorship of the people by the people) and if you really knew me at all. I am the champion of all of those who lost their lives to the hatemonger Hitler (who has serious mental issues that no one ever addressed I might add) on ...
We ended up with ... hillbillies who moved in ... sleeping nine to a bed and building a meth lab on the front lawn
We look at the newly sworn in 113th Congress with The Nation magazine's political writer, John Nichols. The House now has 81 women, 61 of them Democrats, while the new Senate includes 20 women. There
Samuel Gompers Elementary Home and School Association, concerned parents, families, and community members have come together to stop Samuel Gompers Elementary School from being closed by the Philadelphia School District under the Facilities Master Plan. We are dedicated to ensuring the Wynnefield...
Thom's blog Thursday was the first day of the 113th Congress In the House, John Boehner was narrowly elected to his second term as Speaker - surviving a revolt by a handful of Tea Party Republicans. But the action is in the Senate, where the battle for filibuster reform is heating up. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid brought the Senate into session yesterday, then immediately recessed it until later this month, keeping alive the option to reform the filibuster in a few weeks with a simple majority vote. That gives time for Senators Jeff Merkley and Tom Udall to whip up support for their plan to bring back the talking filibuster, which will force Senators to actually stand on the floor and talk the entire time they wish to filibuster. Meanwhile, a group of bipartisan Senators led by John McCain are trying to kill filibuster reform, with a watered down version that will actually make the problem even worse. That's because Republicans know there filibustering over the last few years has meant big money for ...
Robert Reich 80 percent of Americans pay more in Social Security taxes than they do in income taxes, and it's a relatively regressive tax -- since not a dime over $113,000 (this year's ceiling) is subjected to it. Yet Social Security taxes go up from 4.2 percent of earnings to 6.2 percent starting this week. And since most employers in effect reduce wages by the portion of Social Security taxes they pay, the real effect on most workers is an increase from 8.4 percent to 12.4 percent. Here's a better idea, that would put more money in the pockets of average working people who'd spend it and thereby create more jobs: Exempt the first $25,000 of wages from Social Security taxes, and eliminate the ceiling. What do you think?
Perishable Democracy Banksters like Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon are drooling at the chance to get their grubby hands on those trillions and go buck wild in the markets with it – skimming billions off the top in fees. And once Wall Street gets their hands on Social Security Insurance, then you actually will be meeting insurance salesman in loud ties, hustling the very same "Disaster Insurance Plan" that you have right now for free. Only this time, they'll charge you lots of money for it. The fear-mongering over Social Security Insurance, led mostly by extremely rich people, is the biggest scam being run right now in American people. Spread the word!
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2012 The Year of meh. "meh" is most likely born from the texting generation meaning Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care. The deal that was struck well after we went off the so called "fiscal cliff" was the "deal of meh". And let's be perfectly clear, this was never about cutting the debt or deficit. This deal adds 4 trillion dollars to the national debt over the next ten years according to the CBO. Okay so first (as we all knew), this was no cliff. Although by calling the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and sequestration a cliff, the media did bring some much needed attention to the issues of budget policy. If this budget deadline were a cliff, what the federal government did was to suspend the country in mid air like Wile E. Coyote holding a sign that reads "Yikes". Many people (including myself) used the poker metaphor to describe the negotiations between the President and House republicans. In poker there is a "no collusion" rule. Players can NOT collude during a hand. Well that is w ...
Republican & Democrat alike When a company falls on difficult times, one of the things that seems to happen is they reduce their staff and workers. The remaining workers must find ways to continue to do a good job or risk that their job would be eliminated as well. Wall street and the media normally congratulate the CEO for making this type of "tough decision", and the board of directors gives upper corporate management big bonuses. Our government should not be immune from similar risks. Therefore: Reduce the House of Representatives from the current 435 members to 218 members. Reduce Senate members from 100 to 50(one per State). Then, reduce their remaining staff by 25%. Accomplish this over the next 8 years (two steps/two elections) and of course this would require some redistricting. Some Yearly Monetary Gains Include: $44,108,400 for elimination of base pay for congress. (267 members X $165,200 pay/member/ yr.) $437,100,000 for elimination of their staff. (Estimate $1.3 Million in staff per each membe ...
Until this year's presidential election, victory meant both parties had to win the white vote — by appealing to racism if necessary. The changing demographics of the US have now ended that simple route to constant success Only four Democrats — Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bill Clinton ...
Today is a tribute to Nick Ray. A wonderful snitch, the toughest guy on the telephone, and the biggest coward face to face. Horray for 'Hollywood'!
Last November, Americans got a glimpse of what can happen to our representative democracy when wealth determines our degree of participation in the electoral process. As we enter the new year, the vast majority of us would now agree that unlimited spending by wealthy individuals and corporations is ...
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oh please. / ha ha, i thought you'd say that, but seriously, who's going to reform wall street? Scott Hotpants?
If House Republicans aren't careful, they could see a destruction of their majority in the near future and appoint Nancy Pelosi as "the next speaker of the House," Joe Scarborough stated Thursday.
What has happened to John McCain? Now he wants a congressional investigation into reports the CIA might have mislead the makers of the movie 0 Dark Thirty and may have not given them an accurate interpretation of what transpired! IT'S A MOVIE FOR GOD'S SAKE! Doesn't Congress have enough other issues to consider, like debt reduction or tax code reform or immigration, etc., etc.?
Pass the word along everyone! Working together we have more power than working alone. We Need This Now! Tell your Congressmen and women! Tell your Senators. We Will Not Be Ignored! This is something the All of us can agree on; Not just Independents, not just Republicans, not just Democrats, not just Tea Partiers, and not just Occupy Wall Street protesters, But All of U.S. It’s time we put an end to congressional privilege. Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling: “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election. The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971 – before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc. Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took ...
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So how bad is it? Through the recession and its aftermath from 2008 to 2010, combined profits for UnitedHealth Group Inc., WellPoint Inc., Aetna Inc., Cigna Corp. and Humana Inc. increased a breathtaking 51 percent. Last year alone, the five companies’ combined profits grew 17 percent, excluding a one-time $2.2 billion gain from the 2009 sale of a WellPoint subsidiary. On Wall Street, share prices for the five health insurers have risen 15 to 25 percent this year, compared with less than 5 percent for broad market indices
I love the information that is coming out about who voted for Obama. Of course you have the diehard Democrats. But the group that put him over was the “Low Information” voter. These are the people who listened to what Obama said but don’t pay attention to what he had done. Or as I like, Political ***
WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING Mr. Obama chooses not to be president of all of us, seek- ing an affordable, livable solution to our long-term fiscal challenges. He chooses to be president of the country's spending interests, always decrying the prospect of "heart- less" Republican cuts. That's his prerogative. That's why, given all the ways he could have picked to spend his lead- ership capital, he chose to stake a battle on a fiscally negli- gible but politically potent tax hike on "the rich!' Mr. Oba- ma may even be shrewd, judging real reform impossible in the absence of a genuine fiscal crisis. Ironically, of course, if he really wanted to be protector of those who depend on a government check, he would concern himself right now with growth above all. Whatever the struggles to come, a bigger pie goes further than a smaller pie. Holman W. Jenkins Jr., The wall Street Journal Yes, the (fiscal cliff) deal does raise $600 billion in reve- nue over 10 years from a tiny sliver of the population (com- pared with the ...
Love seeing less in my check . Work harder they take more nothing like helping out the freeloaders.
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Well, I just got my first paycheck of the new year and guess what.i must be a member of the upper class now! I hope Obama gives me a little kiss before he f+me again like this.
Financial reform battle continues over Dodd-Frank law - The Washington Post | Get Wall Street lackeys out of Congress.
This is on Congress. If Republicans are willing to force a choice between destroying the economy and gutting popular social programs, let them wallow in that winning message
IN THE LOOMING DEBT CEILING FIGHT, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ENDORSES ECONOMIC TERRORISM IF NECESSARY TO EXTRACT THE MAXIMUM IN SPENDING CUTS FROM THE PRESIDENT, THE SENATE AND THE DEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. In op ed. piece published today in the Wall Street Journal, the Journal’s editors said “[We] support efforts to cut spending and reform entitlements, but the political result will be far worse if Republicans start this fight only to cave in the end. You can't take a hostage you aren't prepared to shoot.” [Brackets mine]. Translated, in the coming debt ceiling fight, WSJ says the Republicans should be ready and willing to hold the nation hostage and strike a death blow to the country’s economy if that is what it takes to extract the maximum in spending cuts from the President, the Senate and the Democratic members of the House of Representatives. I find this view to be despicable. Economially, our $16 trillion dollar national debt presents no clear and present danger to the U.S. e ...
My optimism for the 113th Congress is gone already...Rep. Michele Bachmann introduced legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, in its entirety. This will be the 34th attempt to repeal the health care reform law since 2010.
This program is going to take more than twelve (12) steps...
I am directing all of my anger at this failing economy, fiscal cliff tax raise and rising gas prices on the jackasses that voted for Obama to be in for a 2nd term. You were given a 4 year preview and you chose to ignore it. It's YOUR fault. So thank you!
The Wall Street Journal explains how his speakership can be better than it was the last two years.
what do US senate and wall street have in common (well, besides plutocracy obviously)? best story you'll read all day:
Wow! I Really don't know what to say to this :-/
In an op-ed published Thursday in the Houston Chronicle, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) suggested that a partial shutdown of the federal government may be necessary in the coming months "in order to secure the long-term fiscal well being of our country, rather than plod along the path of Greece, Italy and...
Just finished lyrics for a new song. Guess what video game character it's about.
I listened all night to congress in the capital. Wake Up America OMG. He taxed all of us. All you smart *** republicans and democrats. We are ALL SCREWED. All illegals are going to be a given. Taking my SS and my sons needed assistance. That we get denied because we aren't poor. BE POOR AMERICA. Then you will receive. Why bother becoming successful anymore??killing yourself to just be handed over to lazy people. I've been sick all night. Oh yeah and where is the lovely president?? Hawaii lmao. We are broke. Amazing. Just delete me because I know what I heard.
WASHINGTON — Many home and business owners flooded out by Superstorm Sandy could get insurance payouts soon through congressional action expected Friday on a $9.7 billion bill to replenish the National Flood Insurance Program. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which runs the program, warned ...
Repeal Wall Street Reform? A Birther bill or are we past the point of needing that?
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May I add women's healthcare will be reinstated and Wall Street Reform will have teeth?
Thx much for comments on CUs. I would appreciate your comments on the latest draft of
Should Reform Wall Street oppose subsidies that "make it harder for credit unions to compete" -- as well as community banks?
Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act allows shareholders to vote on CEO pay
The REAL Story Behind Hostess Twinkie’s Demise November 16, 2012 in "clean" remark, "Its the economy, "Stupid is, Bain Capital, Democrats = Good Guys, Do Nothing, Do Something!, Dumbing of America, ethics, Funerals, individual responsibility, Wall Street Reform, wish it wasn't Commentary is blaming unions.. Well, isn’t that what you’d expect from a Bain Capital liquidation? Here is the timeline: By December 2011 it was reported that Hostess Brands was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy a second time after it suspended payments for union pensions and was struggling to remain current on its $700 million loan. On January 10, 2012, Hostess Brands filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for the second time. In a statement in its filing, the company said it “is not competitive, primarily due to legacy pension and medical benefit obligations and restrictive work rules.” The company said it employs 19,000 people and carries more than $860 million in debt. The company said it would continue to operate with $7 ...
Contemplating take some time off FB due to people's ignorance. But first want to list just a FEW of President Obama's accomplishments due to people saying President Obama has done nothing for this country: Over hauled the food safety system; approved Lily Ledbetter "equal pay" for women; ended "dont ask, don't tell"; passed Hate Crimes bill in Congress; Pushed Affordable Health Care Act through Congress; Expanded State Children's Health Insurance Program; Pushed thru $789 eco stimulus bill that saved/created 3 million jobs (sited in 2010); over hauled credit card industry; established Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; appointed 2 progressive women to the US supreme Court, including first Latina; rescued auto industry; Wall Street Reform; Osama Bin Laden death; increased veterans benefits; signed G.I. Bill 2.0; reformed student loan program; better body armor for troops; signed Veterans Health Care Budget Reforma and Transparency Act...these are only a couple-i didn't want to bore people.
Osama Bin Laden Dead healthcare can't be denied, children under the age of 26 stay on parents healthcare plan if youre in college. First Act signed Lilly Ledbedder ( equal pay equal work for women) education for college student available with scholarships and low interest rates on government loans. Wall Street Reform. Birth control for women . I could say more but then that would just be a little braggadocios... Smiling on the inside and frowning on the outside. I want to let all the negative stuff go but it's hard. I feel like being on opposite sides makes things difficult. I just can't get over who is saying stuff I love you guys but the things you say are hurtful and I look at you wondering what do you really think of me. I voted because of my issues and now I have to defend them.
This is why I went from independent to Democrat and voted Democrat this Election. I will use the Chicago Bear Analogy. Lets Say that America is a Football Team. The Bears if you will. The defense are the Democrats in Congress. The Bears Offensive line is the Republicans, and Jay Cutler is Obama. The economy and other challenges we face in the 4 years is the other team. Imagine how the game would go if at the our set the Center (Mitch McConnell-R) said our primary Job is to make Cutler a one season Quarterback. So we are playing the game and the line refuses to block (Like the Bears line last season) i.e. not passing a single Jobs bill, voting no to every play Cutler Calls, etc. . Cutler is getting sacked left and yet, you the fans need this win to eat, live, have a home when you leave the stadium. Now, despite the horrendous blocking Cutler (Obama) get some TDs to keep us in the game. i.e. The Ledbetter Act, Healthcare Reform, Wall Street Reform, The American Recovery Act, The Auto Bailout, sav ...
Before I vote for you again Mr. President, I want to say THANK YOU: for making the first bill in office you signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, for appointing 2 women to the Supreme Court, for repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, for bringing American troops home, for doing away with Osama Bin Laden, for Wall Street Reform, Credit Card Reform, Healthcare Reform (4 million uninsured children now have insurance), for posing stricter Hate Crimes laws, for 32 consecutive months of private sector job growth, creating 4.5 million new jobs, for supporting *** marriage, for actually standing up to terrorism, for not getting us into another war, FOR GIVING US HOPE.and mostly, for doing all the things you in fact said you would do. Thank you. Get out and VOTE!! vote
Think about it. As a Political Scientist, one finds out the sad realization that Presidents have limited political means after an election and so they fill their agenda with 3-4 things max to try and accomplish. Every president has this small agenda. Obama accomplished 1. Pass stimulus that saved millions of jobs 2. Pass Healthcare reform 3. Save Automobile Industry 4. Pass Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for Women 5. End Iraq War 6. Order Mission that Killed Osama 7. Pass Wall Street Reform...Dude is on fire. Oh he also tried to pass Veteran Jobs Bill and 9/11 First Responders Bill but both were blocked by the Republicans. And there was the Presidents Jobs Act which was blocked by the GOP even the parts wanting to help employ more teachers and firefighters and police officers. So sad.
GOOD MORNING!! CHANGE IS... 1/29/2009 = Equal Pay for Equal Work (Women CAN make what men make and a black male CAN make what a white male makes for the same job!) 3/30/2009 = Saving the U.S. Auto Industry. 5/22/2009 = Credit Card Reform (a big help to our personal finances!) 10/28/2009 = Hate Crimes Prevention Act (Gonna' make me cry!!) 3/23/2010 = Affordable Care Act (Yes!) 3/30/2010 = Student Loan Reform (Everyone from medium to low-income households -Stand Up - Education is the ANSWER!) 7/21/2010 = Wall Street Reform (That Great Satan! lol...) 12/17/2010 = Middle-Class Tax Cuts! 12/22/2010 = Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"...and now ANY qualified *** person may serve openly in our Armed Forces (Don't make me cry, again!) 7/29/2011 = Raising Fuel Efficiency Standards. 12/18/2011 = Ending the War in Iraq...there is more but I've ran outta' time... I am with Colin Powell this morning (REP, the American statesman and retired four-star general in the United States Army; 65th United States Secretary of ...
What Pres Obama has done fo far: Recovery Act: saved or created 3-3 million jobs, boosted the GDP 4.5% and provided tax credits for 95% of working families. Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) provide affordable options, lower costs for businesses and our country as a whole. The largest middle class tax cut in our history and prvents insurance industry abuses and denials (pre exsisting). Wall Street Reform: Eliminates prdatory lending practices, unexpected overdraft charges and unfare credit card interest rates. Taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street banks is over. Middle Class Tax Cuts: Pres Obama secured a bipartisan agreement extending critical for middle class families. KEEPING TEACHERS IN CLASSROOMS: Pres Obama sighned legilation authorizing federal aid to sates helping keep hundreds of thousands of techers in the classrooms and police and firefighters on the streets. REFORMING STUDENT LOANS: Pres Obama enacted the Student Aid and Fiscal Resposibility Act which increases Pell Grants, invests in communit ...
On the eve of election day, I just wanted to express the urgency of all of you voting for President Barack Obama. In spite of the the WORST CONGRESS IN THE HISTORY OF THE United States (passing less laws than any time in our history and attempting filibusters on all democratic legislation), Obama was still effective and has our best interests. What we need is four more years of the president, and hopefully if we get some of these nut job conservatives out of congress, the laws that need to be passed will. All Romney will do is repeal ALL of the progress Obama made and give rich people more money. THAT is not what we need. Here is a list of essential and practical bills republican congressmen/women tried to block (some successful some not), -Senator Franken’s Anti-Rape Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill -Benefits for Homeless Veterans -Affordable Health Care For America Act -Health Care for the 9/11 First Responders who got sick from being at Ground Zero -The Jobs Bill- -Wall Street Reform -Ame ...
This is long but worth a read. His critics say he's the worst president of all time. To me that says an awful lot about them... President Obama Improved the Economy and Reduced the Debt 1. 3,680,000 private sector jobs created since the end of the Bush Great Recession ref ref 2. Expanded government’s fight against fraud in Financial ref, Federal Contractor ref and Health Care areas ref 3. $2,000,000,000,000 in deficit reduction ref 4. He saved the economy from ruin (until the Tea Party took over Congress) with a stimulus that was as large as possible given the political realities ref 5. Saved the US Auto Industry ref, ref 6. Health Care Reform ref 7. Reduced military spending by $500,000,000,000 ref President Obama Reigned in Wall Street Excesses 8. Wall Street Reform ref ref ref 9. Leaned on the banks to recover almost all “bailout money” with interest ref ref 10. Saved the world from global financial collapse ref ref 11. Ordered 65 executives who took bailout money to cut their own pay until th ...
Press reps to pass a fair farm bill; and to enforce Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform. That's something to do on Food Day.
(I posted this comment under a friend's post earlier, but since I have been the department of redundancy department lately and really have only a few more days to do this, I hope you forgive me for repeating myself yet again). I think I figured it out, but I hope I am wrong. Pres. Obama has done much good, yet it has all been general. For example, the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" affected generally the homosexual community, Wall Street Reform affected generally the 47%, National Healthcare affected generally the 47%, killing Osama Bin Laden affected everyone generally, the Ledbetter Act affected women generally, etc. And, because people don't really care about everyone else, (i.e. only themselves), they are unhappy. People only want things for themselves-bigger houses, bigger cars, etc. People don't care about the poor and needy, especially when they don't see them, and especially when the right makes everyone else thing they are low-life fakers who just feed off the government (which is exactly wha ...
President Obama passed Wall Street Reform to make sure Americans would never again have to pay to bail out Big Banks.
Another thing our President has done - Wall Street Reform. If you're too big to fail, act like it.
plans to repeal Wall Street Reform. Still think America should be run like a business?
Dodd-Frank Act which was the first comprehensive Wall Street Reform since Great Depression and also applied more regulations on big banks
women, a better financial aid system for students, wall street reform, the auto bail out, don't ask don't tell repealed, Osama
I just love Obama THIS IS THE BEST DEBATE IN HISTORY & my children they really watch this DEBATE it about their FUTURE!; Romney & Bush r different TRUE but Romney how u going to diss ur Republican party. Well seem to me that Obama let people know there is some Good in George Bush; George didnt PROPOSE to turn MEDICARE into a VOUCHER; George Bush EMBRACE the comprehensive IMMIGRANT Reform he didnt call SELF DEPORTATION; George Bush didnt Elminate funding for PLAN PARENTHOOD;. the UNDECIDED voter Michael Jones stood ? Obama start off he voted for him in 2008 he ask what have President Obama done to accomplish his vote for 2012! Obama let him hear what the *** he DONE!! OBAMA cut TAXes for Middle Class & Small Business, Obama Ended the war in IRAQ; He refocus the attack on 9/11 he went after Bin Laden & Al Qadea leadership; He even want to start the OBAMACARE plan for people who dont have insurance so they wont be getting JERK around!! He rein in the Excess with Wall Street Reform since 1930; Obama cre ...
Met the amazing Sallie Krawcheck at DCCC Napa fundraiser - best mentor a girl could possibly ask for via
How many jobs did your wall street reform kill??
in '08 Obama had PLANS; healthcare, wall-street reform, mortgage stability. Mitt, what are your plans other than your want to do a good job!
Ended the Iraq war, passed health care reform, saved wall street and the auto industry, and killed Bin Laden.
Romneys shell has completely come off. Someone just asked is my life better today: my stocks are up 81% I own a home again and wall street reform has contributed to me making more in the last five months then all of 09. My wife and daughter have a right to chose, there is separation of church and state and we have a started path for immigration reform. So yes mittens my life is a *** of a lot better an I am a banker! Keep the crooks out of financial business!!! I have seen the bottom of our society lying and cheating for short sided gain just like u support! Hows your house values looking friends ?? Heading the right direction!!!
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