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Walker Texas Ranger

Walker, Texas Ranger is an American television action crime drama series created by Leslie Greif and Paul Haggis, and starring Chuck Norris as a member of the Texas Ranger Division.

Chuck Norris Dead Walker Texas Ranger

Claire, have we told you about our idea of a podcast recapping random episodes of Walker…
I'm watching Walker, Texas Ranger Waitng for it yo get dark so I can watch Get Out.
Y'all just missed an epic hot air balloon chase scene on Walker Texas Ranger.
I remember a story a while back where a criminal in Texas wouldn't surrender to anyone but Walker Texas Ranger.How many of them.
Was in a hotel room with him and he was watching walker texas ranger
Another blow for students as the SU have banned Walker, Texas Ranger for fear they will damage Brighton & Hove.
A madman has plans for destruction, & the only thing in his way is Walker. Tune in to "Walker, Texas Ranger" at 7/6c on
Sitting here watching Walker, Texas Ranger. Wishing I had sweet fighting skills.
My granny really has me up watching Walker, Texas Ranger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and I'm actually into it.
Unlike the others I already had ur children. What a... β€” Walker and Texas Ranger
Walker Texas Ranger... my ish lol this joint still good after all these years
Even when I've already seen it, watching old episodes of Walker Texas Ranger with makes for a god night.
... here, I'll fix it... no, it looks better the other way... SMACK!
If I could be any TV character it would likely be Texas Ranger Cordell Walker
My parents cancelled our cable so now the only decent show that comes on tv is WALKER THE TEXAS RANGER
if this was Walker Texas Ranger.. Syd would have dealt with A.D. already lol LetsBeHonest
That means Law&Order SVU and Walker Texas Ranger reruns to death
Walker, Texas Ranger was a large part of mine and my father's bonding process when I was a child.
It was a blast meeting & joking w/u this weekend! Was I the only one that remembered ur guest spot…
what do you think would've had better ratings, the banquet or a rerun of Walker Texas Ranger?
Putting on cartoons for the kiddos eatin breakfast before we depart. Walker Texas Ranger probably doesnΚ»t qualify does it?!
Well time to go watch some Walker Texas Ranger
As a Conservative, does it suck to boycott everything other than Ted Nugent, Walker: Texas Ranger, and Chik-fil-A?
I added a video to a playlist Walker Texas Ranger - Lucas
I liked a video Walker Texas Ranger - Lucas
*** drinking with hardbottoms on sounding like Walker Texas Ranger while tryna walk to the bathroom
You now all have the permission to call me Aerin Sky Walker or Walker Texas ranger or any other clever thing because it mak…
Is Walker Texas Ranger still hatin on uber, with his goofy cowboy hat that he got from a toy story playset
Maybe I'm looking to the wrong show for subtlety, but Walker, Texas Ranger has ridiculously over-the-top villains.
He also plagiarized Chuck Norris's big *** hat from Walker Texas Ranger
Completely forgot Steve Borden AKA was in Walker Texas Ranger. He played a biker before Taker did.
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Trying to convince Ivan to let me name our kid Walker Texas Ranger. It's not going so well
Successfully incorporated Walker Texas Ranger into a paper today. So that's a win.
Jeff sends me about 1.2 snapchats a day of Walker Texas Ranger. That's friendship
Walker, Texas ranger is the best TV show don't @ me
I should've guessed Hawk is a Walker Texas Ranger fan!
We grew up watching all of them, those were my moms favorite kind of shows. Mirder she wrote , Texas Walker ranger
Colby said our rabbits names were walker and Texas ranger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Walker Texas Ranger soaking in the cool floor.
I feel like mike pence's gonna be embarrassed when he realizes that every time he said Jesus he actually meant Walker, Texas Ranger
Chuck Norris once made a classical music station play the theme to "Walker: Texas Ranger" for 12 straight hours.
Scott just said "to join united airlines for employment you have to watch the recommended 5 hours of walker Texas ranger"
lmao and Walker, Texas Ranger on in the background
Walker, Texas Ranger was a very underrated show
Hawk says he's eager to get working behind mic. "Can watch reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger only so much," he said. "I know them all by heart"
I imagine T-Rex spends most of his big meeting prep time listening to the Walker Texas Ranger theme song on repeat.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The new Steph Curry shoes used to be Walker, Texas Ranger's saddle bags.
My day is comprising of store bought pizza, cheap wine, and long forgotten memories of Walker, Texas Ranger.
"Making Those Smart Choices" Walker spoke a Word that is true for us all! Walker Texas Ranger, thank you for quality TV programming!
(1) An anagram for Walker Texas Ranger is KARATE WRANGLER SEX. I don't know what that is, but it sounds AWESOME.
*dad mentions Paul Walker* . : you mean like Walker, the Texas Ranger?. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜‚
why am I watching Walker, Texas Ranger? I keep laughing at how bad it is, but I've been watching for like 4 hours, what the ***
Watching Walker Texas Ranger with my dad! Yes I'm sneaking pics!! for a speedy recovery…
U should watch Fox News & Brietbart. Watch some Walker Texas Ranger for the splotions-Not wo…
Walker boutta get Texas Ranger'd. And by that, I mean Chuck Norris is going to come and murder him.
Walker Texas Ranger - Aids Party that's not the only gold from that episode
Still waiting for your cover of the Walker Texas Ranger theme song
Chuck Norris can be seen every night in Walker, Texas Ranger on Grit - antenna channel 26.5!
Me: sorry officer there's just a Walker, Texas Ranger marathon on an-. Officer: *Tearing up ticket* and you had to get back I totally get it
Wouldn't mind a new episode of Walker Texas Ranger
(1) Superman once watched an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. He then cried himself to sleep.
(1) Crime does not pay - unless you are an undertaker following Walker, Texas Ranger, on a routine patrol.
George always picks one day a week to eat 50 chicken wings and watch a walker texas ranger marathon
nicole- "dad I think you're getting soft". dad- "no, i watch Walker Texas Ranger for three hours every night of the week"
Interesting development... All episodes of Walker Texas Ranger will now feature Bill Snyder as the main...
If Judah singing the Walker Texas Ranger theme doesn't make you happy I don't know what will
Trivette on Walker Texas Ranger wearing a Penn State cap.Pop says, "he's just wearing that because is going there!" πŸ˜‚ 🏈
Sen. Bob Dixon wins the day by paraphrasing the theme of "Walker, Texas Ranger" on the Senate floor.
Stuck in the Sahara *curs tumbleweed and walker Texas ranger music * 🏜
I haven't been getting much sleep and I originally read this as "Walker Texas Ranger in charge of it"
just HOW obnoxious would it be if i sang the walker texas ranger theme song the entire time???
The last week-ish, my TV has been loaded with YOU! Walker Texas Ranger, Secretariat, Criminal Minds - &those are the 1's I saw!πŸ’•
9 is singing the theme song to Walker Texas Ranger if you were wondering how my night is going
If you could go back in time to pre-WWII and play the Brownshirts Walker: Texas Ranger reruns to keep them docile, would you?
It's 1933 all over again except the Brownshirts are all sitting on their *** at home watching Walker: Texas Ranger reruns.
man, that second banana from WALKER, TEXAS RANGER really let himself go
Here are the obstacles that block shows like Walker Texas Ranger from streaming. Fight the power. .
he did but that's walker Texas Ranger
.your Walker: Texas Ranger cosplay has gone too far.
Me and Spoon watch Walker Texas Ranger every morning before class...that's the real
ok, glad you're enjoying your "walker: Texas ranger" cosplay time. Now, work on keeping people from dying in your jails.
Love these memes...Carey and I were actually extras on "Walker, Texas Ranger" twice. Alas, we never got to meet...
The Price Is Right, Andy Griffith Show, and Walker Texas Ranger was all my grandma used to watch πŸ˜‚. ❀️
ESPN adding that Walker Texas Ranger hat to Kemba Walkers highlights is gold
Walker Texas Ranger is now on. He was in Hollywood, CA, not Texas, and is not a Ranger but is a demon.
Those aren't credits that roll after Walker Texas Ranger. It is actually a list of fatalities that occurred during the makin[...]
Doesn't everyone watch Walker Texas Ranger in the background while at work?
Longmire is only 1 notch above Walker Texas Ranger. But I love it.
Nice hat Alex !! Alex you look like Chuck Norris in the show Walker Texas Ranger, you also look like a small Garth…
.I'll give Bazemore and his contract for a DVD boxset of Walker Texas Ranger
Walker Texas Ranger really just made a cutlass explode with 3 shots from a .357
Electronic Device Insurance
Probably only the girl I know who will sit and watch hours of Walker Texas Ranger
Randy Moss sound like the black dude off of Walker Texas Ranger
Welcome one and all to the Ponder family time Christmas extravaganza. First act, The Dead Hearing Aid Batteries and Walker Texas Ranger.
If an episode of Walker Texas Ranger ever changed your might be a Redneck!. -Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff Fisher looks like the antagonist in a Walker Texas Ranger episode
Enjoying a cup of coffee & watching Walker Texas Ranger because I'm grown & can do whatever I want.
Just watching some Walker Texas Ranger, I wonder if Taylor Walker likes to watch it too after being nicknamed it.
Just imagine this: . Walker Texas Ranger in 2017. . It would be so dope!
nice that is one of my favorite shows along with Walker Texas Ranger
my squad of Walker Texas Ranger, Lee, and Blade would body yours.
Walker Texas Ranger is the greatest show ever or I will set you on fire
I vaguely remember all these episodes of Walker Texas Ranger
Why didnt the ACLU ever put an end to Walker Texas Ranger for the police brutality he brought in every episode?
Managed to jackpot my way onto the Walker Texas Ranger episode where Hayley Joel Osment has AIDS and Leon from Blade Runner is after him
We forgot James Trivette from Walker Texas Ranger in the WR Category. was a beast before his shoulder injury. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Walker Texas Ranger - the first guest at our show. I love him very much already.
Too many untrained people with weapons think they can shoot like Walker Texas Ranger.
1. My middle name is Walker, and I'm 95% sure it's bc my mom was a big fan of the Walker Texas Ranger
Maddie is seriously making me watch Walker Texas Ranger with her while singing the theme song every commercial πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
I say "Oh I love this scene!" a lot while watching one episode of Walker Texas Ranger.
especially Walker Texas Ranger. Only time he sweats is when he needs to be lathered for a greco-roman wrestling match.
I just saw a guy who "looked" like Chuck Norris and *** near lost it... man Walker Texas Ranger was my...
You still look like you did on Walker Texas Ranger. So pretty!
I would suggest Walker Texas Ranger on Channel Eleven would be better than watching the NRL right now...
Donald Trump proposed as the new USA's sheriff (add Walker Texas Ranger soundtracks)
(Sees Trump speech on the TV):. I think Walker Texas Ranger is on. It probably has fewer plot holes...
My usual nights consist of Full House, Walker Texas Ranger, and Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman. I wouldn't have it any other way.
has Walker Texas Ranger given his endorsement ?
Trump gotta get Chuck Norris on the line for his endorsement. He's gonna be bringing y'all Walker Texas Ranger next.
While Trump keeps talking, Walker Texas Ranger just saved a girl's life on INSP. Now there's a man who could make America great again.
Juice got me watching Walker Texas Ranger... This show is so bad!!! Worse than Matlock!
Walker texas ranger's sidekick out of Breaking Bad just made an Alice's Restaurant referance
I can watch Walker Texas Ranger all day
As we're driving, listening to Tupac and talking politics, my dad starts pointing out where they filmed scenes of Walker, the Texas Ranger
The fight scenes in Walker, Texas Ranger are so real and authentic.
Walker Texas ranger will forever be a classic
Watched walker Texas ranger all morning. I wish that people realized that all cops have that amount of badass in them just for doing the job
A documentary crew is in town, but it doesn't all run smoothly for Walker, Texas Ranger (at 4pm.
That Walker Texas Ranger song just made my dayβ˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†
The Walker,Texas Ranger 2001 episode with Sting airs Fri night on the INSP network.
Seriously though, Walker Texas Ranger always saves my day.
Just a little Walker, Texas Ranger before bed
The only way I'd ever find myself watching the inspiration channel is if it was showing Walker Texas Ranger and I'll be they're doing it.
Never seen the first season of Walker Texas Ranger til now
Walker, Texas Ranger will forever be one of the best shows.
Walker Texas Ranger is still my favorite
Walker Zimmerman's parents wished their last name was 'Texas Ranger' imo
On vacation watching Walker Texas Ranger - it doesn't get any better than this right here.…
Harry watching Walker Texas Ranger LOL - right back to our series
Scott Walker: Texas Ranger on stage now at . Says "radical Islamic terror" in the first 20-seconds of his speech.
I don't know how many Emmy awards Walker Texas Ranger won, but it wasn't enough
Everyday I get off work and watch 3 episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger. Justice exemplified
When everybodys been referring to some relatives as Walker & Texas Ranger & theyre coming today & you realize you dont know their real names
reminds me of a reboot to Walker Texas Ranger.
How are women allowed to wear boots in a professional setting that look like something walker Texas ranger would rock in an action skit?
Apparently walker Texas ranger is more entertaining than law and order according to my 8 year old sister lol
I'm staying in a hotel with my mom and I woke up and Walker Texas Ranger was on tv. Gonna be a badass day now.
get two, name one walker and the other Texas ranger!
I've got Reed and Laney watching Walker Texas Ranger with me.
Most times I don't watch anything just go sleep.But last night I was watching Walker Texas Ranger.Guess that's why?
All purpose parts banner
"I haven't seen so many disgruntled white people since Walker, Texas Ranger was cancelled."
"Charles In Charge" speaking at the RNC seems so low budget. "Walker, Texas Ranger" or Clint Eastwood's imaginary friend a…
Walker the Texas ranger is actually such a good show
More people need to watch Walker Texas Ranger
My tweenager, who has told jokes for years, sees Walker Texas Ranger come on TV and asks,"THAT is Chuck Norris?!"
If people would watch more walker Texas ranger the world would be a better place !
Walker Texas Ranger is so cheesy, I feel so uncomfortable watching it πŸ˜‚
Watching Walker, Texas Ranger tonight thinking about my granny and how much she loved to watch itβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
Would love to see Walker Texas Ranger speaking the RNC
Sleeping with Sirens: Sleeping with Sirens to play Dead Walker Texas Ranger live on tour - Sign the P... via
just glad you didn't name him Walker, Texas Ranger.
When did Orange is the New Black become the Walker Texas Ranger of internet TV?
Homicide:Life on the street was my show and Walker Texas Ranger
Upon being told that Davy Crockett was a real historical figure and not just a Disney series. Me: Um… so is Walker Texas Ranger also real?
Call me an old soul, but my favorite is Walker Texas Ranger
My life is a combination of Texas Walker Ranger and Dawson's Creek. Minus all the karate and teen sex.
Just been arguing with walker texas ranger- the cat's looking at me like "not this again". I need sleep
How long is it before the Longhorn Network is airing infomercials and Walker Texas Ranger re-runs pay its bills?
You ever noticed when watching - Walker, Texas Ranger, that criminal gangs often use martial arts to fight law enforecement. Who knew...πŸ€”πŸ˜‘
While I filmed the 'Walker, Texas Ranger' series for eight and a half ...
This is just something she does. Years ago, she was trying to remember the name of Chuck Norris's show and called it "Texas Walker Ranger."
When Chuck Norris had to cry in Walker Texas Ranger, they called Industrial Light & Magic.
Well that was fun. Walker caught the bad guy and helped feed the world. Amazing ranger! Texas is lucky.
If Mozart, Micheal Jackson and Walker Texas ranger had a child, I would be that child.
Really? I was a huge Lila fan and I watched Walker Texas Ranger. I was pumped when it aired back in the day.
am I the only one that loves watching Walker Texas Ranger? ☺️
The opening sequence to a Walker, Texas Ranger on late night re-run is making me question every TV viewing decision I made between 8-10 YO.
Walker Texas Ranger is probably the greatest fantasy series of all time.
If Matt Dillon and Walker Texas Ranger were real, there wouldn't be a criminal left in the United States.
No guys, Walker was marrying Alex, not Trivette. This is Walker Texas Ranger not Will & Grace (plus it's Texas - not New York).
Catch more Chuck Norris in the modern-day Wild West on Walker, Texas Ranger starting at 9AM EST.
I added a video to a playlist 'Walker Texas Ranger' - Music Video
We travel to 1860s for Walker, Texas Ranger @ 4pm Walker (investigates the murder of a Texas Ranger
Or walking in from playing outside and her watching walker Texas ranger on her little tv reading her bible.
S/O to my husband for recording multiple seasons of Walker, Texas Ranger. Love me some 90s Chuck Norris action πŸ˜‚
Now that we've decided on a name, meet Ranger. Like Walker Texas Ranger. ❀️
Watching an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger where he had to shoot Jeffery Dean Morgan. Think this means he made Batman.
Excellent acting as the Villain Lovocut on Walker Texas Ranger.
I used to watch In The Heat of the Night, Matloc and Walker, Texas Ranger with my great grandma Liz.
*** yah my tata looks like walker Texas ranger but speaks perfect Spanish
There's an ep. of Walker Texas Ranger that takes place at Dallas Cowboys stadium: the platonic ideal of a Walker Texas Ranger episode.
I swear, every time I go to my grandparents' house they have on Walker Texas Ranger.
I’m binge-watching Walker Texas Ranger on a flight to Ohio wearing New Balances.
Mexican Prez Vincente Fox is acting/talking like a villian from a Walker Texas Ranger episode. Cue Chuck for roundhouse kick to Fox's head.
Happy birthday to walker texas ranger!
5 walks in this inning alone. Ranaudo is the real Walker Texas Ranger.
hey remebe mr walker... Well hes walker texas ranger up there
Laying here watching Walker, Texas Ranger thinking about my favorite girl!!! My Madear! I wish she could have met my son. I ain't lying.
waiting on Walker Texas Ranger to come on πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ”« w/ my old soul having *** πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½
currently watching walker Texas ranger instead of studying bc priorities πŸ˜‚
As Aspen and I are home puking, I'm watching Walker Texas Ranger. Why couldn't I see the ridiculousness of this show when I was 8?
Walker Texas ranger... Now that's a real karate man. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ uncle ruckus is a fool
If you didn't watch "Walker, Texas Ranger", how do you know Chuck Norris is the 🐐!?!?
I feel like singing "I'm a lonesone cowboy..." well cow girl but you get the idea. Ooooh I can be Walker Texas Ranger, that's scary.
So it's basically an ego vehicle for Shatner in addition to being a trite crime drama. Not QUITE as bad as Walker Texas Ranger, but close.
youn have a seat tho Walker Texas Ranger
As long as Walker Texas Ranger gets there I'll be able to live through it.
Yo check it My rhymes are more fire than the walker Texas ranger I keep bodies in my closet hanging from the hanger.
I'm going to miss watching Walker, Texas Ranger every night. But I'm *** glad to finally have cable again.
Gosh I love walker Texas ranger but gosh it is painful to watch
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"This better be good Alex, the Oilers were tied with the Cowboys in overtime" . Classic Walker Texas Ranger
Every nameless henchman on Walker Texas Ranger looks like Dana Holgorsen
Walker Texas Ranger was mad progressive for its time and still relevant. Which is kind of scary...
I was just told I resembled when she played in Walker, Texas Ranger wow what a great complement ☺️
Walker, Texas Ranger of course leads me to one of the finest videos the internet has ever created! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
My little 5y old girl watch her favourit show, Walker Texas Ranger. Her heroes are Walker and Gage
Currently watching Walker Texas Ranger with my gmom
Should be in bed but Walker Texas Ranger was on
About to Walker Texas Ranger kick these finals.
Just watching walker Texas ranger in my 80s karate uniform. In case you were wondering just how many Xanax I've taken…
Norris went to combat with Bruce Lee and went out respectfully. And was Walker Texas Ranger.
The acting on Walker, Texas Ranger is uh-mazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lol. "We may be starving, but at least we got Walker Texas Ranger on the VCR!"
Watching Walker Texas Ranger at the laundromat. Not how I expected this morning to go, but I'm not that mad about it.
Apparently this guy owned the horse, Amigo, used in filming Walker Texas Ranger & had been looking for a school in the area to learn karate.
on t'as reconnu Walker Texas ranger lol
I liked a video Walker Texas Ranger S07E10 Rise to the Occasion
:) I remember you in Walker Texas Ranger, and touched by an angel and of course everybody loves raymond
Trivette gets trapped with a bunch of prisoners while working undercover in Walker, Texas Ranger at 4pm.
That one time that Hermione Granger met Walker Texas Ranger @ South City Tavern - Statesboro, GA
i don't know why the Cruz campaign would lie about an endorsement from Chuck Norris. does Cruz know Walker Texas ranger isn't on tv anymore?
My brother has mastered this remote. At 7 dang months. πŸ˜’ now 5 unnecessary shows are recording & I'm forced to watch Walker, Texas Ranger. πŸ˜’
RIP Doris! Am watching Walker Texas Ranger. You are on it! You will be missed!
Walker Texas Ranger played into racial stereotypes terribly 😧
Watching Walker Texas fav show of all time bruh
On Walker,Texas Ranger, my first gig,we worked together. I didn't know much, but I knew she was awesome!
Did someone say dress up day? I am going as Walker Texas Ranger, who wants to be my twin?
So sad to hear about Doris. Love how she held her own against Chuck Norris in Walker Texas ranger.
Walker, Texas Ranger will forever be my favorite TV show.
She worked in Dallas on "Ruby & Oswald" & "The Fig Tree" as well as an episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger". A true pro. Rest in peace, Doris.
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Chuck Norris is a "bad-butt" and all but the song he wrote and sang for the opening of Walker, Texas Ranger is. just. awful.
She did a wonderful epi of Walker Texas Ranger&she was Ellen's grandmother in NL Christmas Vacation.
a better story would have involved throwing Walker Ranger out of a plane into a Grizzly den.
With Ears To See And Eyes to Hear and Dead Walker Texas Ranger they're badass!
If I have twins I definitely want to name them walker and Texas ranger
Some moments don’t need words. Catch more on Walker, Texas Ranger at 9AM EST on
Happy Birthday my man Trey Texas ranger walker
I'm loving the reruns of walker Texas ranger on I'm look for the song when baby angela walker come home last episode
my dad's singing the theme song to "Walker, Texas Ranger"
I'm laying in bed watching walker Texas ranger sos
This episode of walker Texas ranger so heart breaking 😫 why CD had to die πŸ’”
Watch some walker Texas ranger and do me work yaw
"if an episode of walker Texas Ranger changed your life, you might be a redneck" ... I guess I'm a redneck
Walker Texas Ranger is on, that was my Nanny fav show! I used to stay up till like 3am when I was a kid watching that with…
My beautiful sons, walker and Texas ranger
Nick Cage did all of the stunt double work in Walker Texas Ranger and asked not to be credited for the role.
We can't be friends if you've never watched "Touched by an Angel", "Walker Texas Ranger" or "Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman" πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ˜¬
The Thai John Daly wins 1up over Walker Texas Ranger. Maybe a big bowl of green curry tonight Jimmy? Go get em tomorrow
Stellar work, Chuck, on that Walker Texas Ranger ep. where kids were slowly buried in their school bus
watching you perform on Walker Texas Ranger, For there Wedding way back in 2000, 16 years later you still got it to the T
I think Walker is going to travel through the spirit realm to fight this ghost. This is a real episode of Walker Texas Ranger.
low key fights like Walker Texas Ranger.
When I see "The eyes of Texas" is following you I immediately sing the Walker Texas Ranger theme song. Thanks for the follow!
"Your demons come alive to chase you.". - Sleeping With Sirens "Dead Walker Texas Ranger"
My little brother dresses like walker Texas ranger and tries to karate kick them when he feels "they're outta line"
Walker Texas Ranger is on tv at work rn
I'm going to start calling my daughter Texas Ranger... 'Cause she's a WALKER!
I once caught my brother whispering the "Walker: Texas Ranger" theme song in my dogs ear...
My brother has to be one of the biggest fans! He just loves watching Walker Texas Ranger!
I've seen every episode of Walker, Texas Ranger at least 3-times πŸ˜‚
Is there anyone that's watched Walker Texas Ranger on tv?
"The reason I don't like Walker Texas Ranger is because they always blow up a 2nd Generation Camaro"
Listening to Dead Walker Texas Ranger by just brings the angsty teenager in me out and wanna rage out.
These people bought the PVR decoder to record walker Texas ranger .. 😐
both excellent names. my backup idea for a character was a ranger named Walker Texas
you might make trailers with the seasons of Walker Texas Ranger.
I'd love nothing more than to be asleep right now, but nope - I'm watching Walker Texas Ranger 😐
I need to have 4 sons, Chuck and Noris and walker and Texas Ranger πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Oh yeah... vs. Chuck Norris on Walker, Texas Ranger today!
Feeling unwell today so I've moved my office into the cosy living room. Walker, Texas Ranger is on TV. How vintage! Would be rude not to...
I miss tv shows like Walker Texas Ranger.. Chuck Norris was the 🐐🐐🐐
Are my eyes deceiving me or did Walker, Texas Ranger have real Native Americans in it? If a CBS drama could do it, why can't Hollywood?
one of the D&D characters I was considering going with was a ranger named Walker Texas
Gonna watch Walker Texas Ranger then off to bed
A two-part story for Walker, Texas Ranger begins at 4pm where Alex and Sydney are kidnapped...
First, Nash Bridges, then Walker Texas Ranger. '90s TV at it's best/worst! Thanks
Personal ad: dumpy white boy; draws silly pictures; sometimes farts; looking for someone that appreciates Walker Texas Ranger
Texans are trigger happy folks. Except for Walker Texas Ranger! All he ever needed was his karate skills to take guys out
and we'd always watch Walker Texas Ranger. That's unrelated but I kinda miss that.
Walker Texas Ranger will never get old
Walker Texas Ranger didn't finish you until he did his signature round kick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Nothing like getting bombed and watching Walker Texas Ranger
I can't wait to eat Chinese food and watch Walker Texas Ranger with my love
All I really want to do is sit around and watch Walker Texas Ranger but I'll probably draw this weekend
Gary Diebel remember all those times watching Walker Texas Ranger?
I love the episode where Rick accidentally takes down Walker, Texas Ranger.
I just saw the episode of The Walking Dead where Rick accidentally took down Walker, Texas Ranger, and Michonne killed Alice Walker.
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