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Walang Hanggan

Walang Hanggan (English: My Eternal) is a Philippine traditional television drama aired by ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel featuring an ensemble cast.

Coco Martin Julia Montes Richard Gomez Dawn Zulueta Ikaw Lamang Mara Clara Muling Buksan Ang Puso Paulo Avelino Wuthering Heights Quezon City Susan Roces

Been uploading CharDawn videos during Walang Hanggan Days with scripts. Yay. I so love what I am doing. 😘
I am! But sometimes I forget some words. I haven't actually watched a tagalog show since, what was it called, Walang hanggan? lmao
Lol my grandmom is watching Walang hanggan
there was this one called walang hanggan I think and it ended like 3 years ago but it was my fav but the ending was sad
now watching Walang Hanggan on Jeepney TV 📺 Paulo Avelino really looks like 😱😍💕
I added a video to a playlist Walang Hanggan by NEY
I was a fan of Katerina and Daniel of Walang Hanggan. But I am now a certified CocoJulia not just in their roles but in real life also.
I love you since Walang Hanggan days, I still love you today and I'll surely love you more than tomorrow ❤❤❤.
nw: Mylene Dizon is back!! That confrontation scene with Manilyn reminds me of "Sally", of then Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan..
The last time I went home early every night to watch a teleserye was Walang Hanggan days pa 😍😍
Walang Hanggan makes me cry every time someone mentions it 😭
Walang Hanggan has conquered places like Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Libya, Tanzania and South Africa. CocoAndJulia The Ph…
I am letting anyone use my Paskong Walang Hanggan Minus One for free, for those who want to use it this season,...
My new sounds: Paskong Walang Hanggan Minus One - Bernabe on
Was watching Walang Hanggan videos😘👯 and yes i missed everything about CharDawn😥😥 and my bestfriend is watching too😂
I miss them watching on TV as the main loveteam, just like the phenomenal Walang Hanggan before! :(
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thank you for everything that you've done for me. Please forgive me :( I love you Walang Hanggan
"You are the windmill of my life" - Sir Chief. Waaah Walang Hanggan lang ang peg... 😄😄😄 .
She knows Julia Montes so obviously she already watched Walang Hanggan drama. Shet
Happy Thanksgiving Day Ms Noreen! Thank you sooo much for your Phenomenal Love Story, Walang Hanggan! It's unforgettable!
"Walang Hanggan will be the most beautiful soap for 2012! Dawn Zulueta,Richard Gomez,Coco Martin,Julia Mo…
“"when i saw Dawn Zulueta for the first time in Walang Hanggan ❤️
I admired when I watched Mara Clara. I liked her when I watched Walang Hanggan and I'm loving and fangirling her in MBAP. 💕
Walang Hanggan pasasalamat the 3rd Anniversary of KADENA, Replica Procession From BamBang to Quiapo Church.
• JulQuen KathNiel The Unbeatable Loveteams •. JOSHANE for Star Magic Ball. We're Here for JoshuaANDJane walang hanggan
pero may BCWMH pa rin. They should change their title to Walang Hanggan.
"Marco, for the last time, I will marry you." - Emily. ...wah! Im wtching walang hanggan replays right now :)
Good Moning!!! and back in 2011 for Walang Hanggan promo shot :)
Dadalhin...cause that's your team song with Daniel in Walang Hanggan
““Do you miss your Walang Hanggan family? 😊❤ Super!”
"“Do you miss your Walang Hanggan family? 😊❤ Super!"
Hamilton Collection
“Do you miss your Walang Hanggan family? 😊❤ Super!
Do you miss your Walang Hanggan family? 😊❤
Good morning FB world... How's everyone!!! To my HSA family... Just wanna let u know that i will be away for a couple of days.. Work related matters... I'll be back as soon as okay na ung problems dun.. Ipapatapon lng nman me sa dulo ng walang hanggan.. Joke echooosss lang hehehehe I'll gonna miss u guys.. Bawal dun cp mga mongha kc tao dun hehehe echoosss lang... starts now.. Have to go busy-busyhan ang drama have to pack up my things now.. good morning.. pampam is now SIGNING OFF. Be safe everyone. Good luck to my new journey...
-Hi FB Friends, thank u guys sa bday wishes and greetings..if u guys free tom just pm me...dinner kit with knting tgay mn knuhay😊 -ak mga madz & friendship thank you for d friendship u share with me..friends forever, bsan talagsa nala mg bonding.☺ -Thanks God for 24 years of Life and for the many years to come. -To my Parents thank u sa pagmamahal na walang hanggan, naiyak ako sa text msg ni mother..iloveu all and i miss u😍 -And most of all to my Jowa, d love of my life, my one and only arog koh..thank u for always there for me and loving me unconditionally ur the greatest gift i ever had..i love u 'till died... -My lil girl wra ak ig greet, sad h mama😳😢 -u guys make my special day perfect..thank you so much...
is absent today to finish paperworks but also having walang hanggan marathon today. GV and KV ang cocojul!
watching Walang Hanggan because why not {& aleesuuh's marathon of g2b is making me go back to this lol}
mama Dawn i will hug you and i will kiss you❤❤❤ :* :* ∞.. I love You Mama Dawn :* Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan
Let's bring back the past, bring back the walang hanggan memories! ah my chardawn feels! 
Walang Hanggan nagd bala ya forever and ever ang Be Careful with my heart
I just realized, my theme song for you is Sana'y Maghintay ang Walang Hanggan.
What is your motivation para gawin ang heavy drama? Like walang hanggan and Ikaw Lamang.
After Walang Hanggan, AMIT and Ikaw Lamang, Are you still willing to be partnered to Coco Martin?
This will always be one of my favorite eksena sa Walang Hanggan... :-)
can you please play the Walang Hanggan? please .. kahit kelan Just play it! Plz
BEING THE ULTIMATE EXAMPLE Kids learn some of the most important lessons by watching the most influential people in their lives — their parents. They learn by watching your example in good times and bad. And in the bad times, when you act with anger, ridicule, condescension, selfishness, etc, you will have an extra opportunity to model the humility that results from confession and repentance, and the mercy and grace that comes from being a child of God. As your children grow, they will see you are not perfect. Hopefully they will seek the source of perfection in the only place it can be found, God. You can show them the way by demonstrating that your response to imperfections is to present them to God with a grateful heart, knowing His mercy and grace will wipe the slate clean. What an opportunity to communicate the gospel message to your kids in a practical, real-life manner! Be an example of God's patience, mercy, and grace. Your kids are watching. 1TI 1:16 RTPV05 Ngunit akong pinakamasama ay kinahaba ...
watching the last episode of walang hanggan, ugghh the last part where Emilarco had the baby though 😂😭 so much "Could've Beens" lol
Nothing beats Walang Hanggan, but seeing these thrilling scenes from Ikaw Lamang makes me miss those much more 😭😭
those days were our strongest. PAI, Walang Hanggan, BCWMH :)
Walang Hanggan po. Maganda story and 'coz of “What's your favorite teleserye and why? Join the discussion sa DZMM.”
Be careful of my heart should change its title to "Walang Hanggan" 
Walang hanggan este Be careful with my heart?
Be Careful with my Heart a.k.a Walang Hanggan 😂
Julia also topbilled the TV series “Walang Hanggan (2012)” with Coco Martin as her leading man.
Please Be Careful with My Heart will be changed to Walang Hanggan
Walang Hanggan had an ensemble cast.but went beyond cast grandiosity. It's the epitome of POWERHOUSE cast.
Zionist won the war against Insurrection, Walang Hanggan and Sheedee Wok. All bow to the mighty Zionist. Scores: 10105, 3290, 2944, 987
So I finished an 11 month worth of episodes of walang hanggan in 1 day lol 😹💁💕
Can you still recall when KathNiel visited Julia at the set of Walang Hanggan?
Now watching Walang Hanggan. Ay Be careful with my heart pala 😂😭👊
Be careful with my heart o walang hanggan with my heart??
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role? — Local? Ahmm Coco Martin hehehehe Walang Hanggan
So this is goodbye then. Salamat sa ating munting walang hanggan.
Be Carefule with My Heart's title should be Walang Hanggan.
I'm so behind on Filipino entertainment. The last teleserye I watched was Walang Hanggan.
Check this out guys with the new song of Jovit Baldivino "Kailangan Kita" as one of the official soundtrack of the teleserye "Walang Hanggan"
Cocolitz FClub Award-winning actor Coco Martin, hailed as the King of Drama on Philippine primetime TV, had his fair share of struggles before he reached this point - the top. In 2009, Coco Martin, who was then using his biological name Rodel Nacianceno, was launched as part of the Star Circle Batch 9. Coco had his first movie stint with the young superstar Judy Ann Santos in the movie “Luv Text” released the same year. After quite some time, Coco made a name for himself in the indie arena, where he gathered lots of recognitions here in the country and abroad. He was even hailed as the "Prince of Philippine Independent Films." In 2008, Coco returned to ABS-CBN via afternoon TV series “Ligaw Na Bulaklak,” where he played as Ronel, one of the antagonists in the show. This was also his first TV project with Julia Montes, who then played as young Ara Mina. In 2010, Coco got his first major role as he starred in the TV remake of classic movie, “Nagsimula sa Puso” alongside Maja Salvador, Jason Abal ...
Richard Gomez talks about his contract with ABS-CBN and his upcoming soap ‘Walang Hanggan’ with Dawn Zulueta.
Coco Martin is excited to work with Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta in ‘Walang Hanggan’
I liked a video Coco, Julia duet in 'Walang Hanggan' concert
CORNETTO got Talent. My CORNETTO from the Star 😍. Walang CORNETTO (hanggan). Be careful with my CORNETTO.
Fulfillment of all of our duties according to our state in life and its attendant obligations is a virtuous act of filial piety, something we tend to rebel against now and then...we fulfill our duties to God in spite of feeling aggravated, irritated, frustrated, rebellious, or angry is a sign that our spirit is overcoming the flesh. We are strengthening our will and the virtues of filial piety and... devotion. If we want to broaden the subject to our entire life, if we make the .morning offering every day everything we do is sanctified regardless of the mood we’re in. We have bowed our stiff necks to the Lord and advanced one more step along the narrow way. To be able to do our duty with a spirit of surrender to God’s will and with joy is a process. We don’t get there over night, and, in fact,... our battle is never ending until the moment of death although we do make progress along the way. This is all part of fighting the good fight and winning the race (1 Tim. 6:12; 1 Cor. 9:24). Let us thank God ...
Done talking with my sweetheart, thank you sa time , love & concern asawa ko...always pray na ilayo ka ni Lord sa mga temptation. I have nothing to say but I always hold our promises that our love will not be vanish till sa dulo na walang hanggan. I love you forevermore
Reunion with Walang Hanggan peeps nathan and our creative manager ms reggieamigo 😊…
I mean, do people still remember what happened on Episode 46 of "Walang Hanggan"? Nope.
Why cant walang hanggan be real life? 💕 hihi & 😍
Performing now the soulful ATIN ANG WALANG HANGGAN at
watch Tricia's episode here in Walang HAnggan..
That's why i like infinity so much. Cos of Walang Hanggan. :'))) :**
The most awaited and talk about wedding of 2012, the Daniel - Katerina Wedding in Walang Hanggan. I hope you will like my slide show of the wedding. Enjoy!
PRAYER FOR THE THREE O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON TO THE DIVINE MERCY You died, Jesus, but the source of life flowed out for souls and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fountain of Life, immeasurable Divine Mercy, cover the whole world and empty yourself out upon us. O Blood and Water which flowed out from the heart of Jesus as a Fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You! Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and the whole world. (3 times) Amen. Jesus, King of Mercy, we trust in You! PANALANGIN PARA SA IKATLO NG HAPON SA MABATHALANG AWA Pumanaw ka, Hesus subalit ang bukal ng buhay ay bumalong para sa mga kaluluwa at karagatan ng awa ay bumugso para sa sanlibutan. O bukal ng buhay, Walang Hanggang Awa ng Diyos, yakapin mo ang sangkatauhan at ibuhos mong ganap ang iyong sarili para sa aming lahat. O banal na Dugo at Tubig na dumaloy mula sa Puso ni Hesus bilang Bukal ng Awa para sa aming lahat, ako ay nananalig sa iyo. Banal na Diyos, Banal na puspos ng kapangyarihan, B ...
PBB All-In: Jane Oineza shares past as child actress MANILA -- Celebrity housemate Jane Oineza shared her past as a child actress, including the hardships she went through before she became a star. On Saturday's episode of "Pinoy Big Brother All In" (PBB All-In), Jane shared her experiences with housemates Jacob, Ranty and Joshua. Jane recalled that she started her career in the teleserye "Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan." She said it was life- changing for the whole family since her parents had to give up their jobs to support her acting career. "After nun, palagi nang sumasama si Mommy, very supportive siya. Si Daddy, naging driver (ko), taga-buhat and everything. Ako lang ang nagwowork, kasi they sacrificed, that's how I see it." She went on to tell how she had to pay for everything and support her family from her earnings as a young actress. Jane also recalled the time when they were able to buy a van, but they eventually lost it after they failed to pay for it. "Nakabili kami ng van, nagkaroon kami ng pera ...
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I love you to the moon and back, more and most to the infinity and beyond. Hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan.
"But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away." (Isaiah 64:6). Hindi tayo maliligtas ng ating mabubuting gawa. Kahit mabuti tayo kung wala tayong Cristo sa puso naten. Hindi natin makakamtan ang buhay na walang hanggan.
I have to delete and download my viber again. grabe to sila magmessage. Walang Hanggan
She was popularly known as Katerina in Walang Hanggan, which catapulted her into fame.
Will Samuel be rich by the time the people of Salvacion sees him again? Just like in Walang Hanggan?
Same plot with Walang Hanggan..from rags to riches Coco, hide and seek, kasalan blues w/ another guy, revenge, same drama ever.
The scarf that traveled from Iisa Pa Lamang to Walang Hanggan :)
Great actors and actresses but Ikaw Lamang looks like a 1970's period drama version of Walang Hanggan.
Ikaw Lamang reminds me so much of Walang Hanggan! Daniel-Katerina Wedding is still the best wedding I've watched.
I just remember the love story of Isabelle-Samuel to Katerina-Daniel of Walang Hanggan.
Marina is better than dyesebel. Ikaw Lamang is same as Walang Hanggan. TLW is same as Husband's Lover but has diff gender.
is just a throwback of Walang Hanggan! Same story but different time setting.Please create new and riveting story!
The chemistry between & Coco Martin in Walang Hanggan reminds me a lot of & Kajol. I guess I've found a new fav pairing
We do really miss katerina especially Walang Hanggan Family ❤ Awww
We will miss the Walang Hanggan Family. Sweet picture, playing in the rain. Did you see the Girl In The Rain?
Walang Hanggan, final episode, gap 1. For updates on Coco and Julia's next movie, click here: ...
Our dear Alessa (now 13) learned this song in 2 days in time for her Mamacita's birthday. It was a challenge for her to sing Tagalog songs but she did it. Sana'y 'Maghintay ang Walang Hanggan' is one of my favorite songs written by my mom (Baby Gil) with music by Willy Cruz. Happy Birthday, Ma! Cita Gil! May the Lord keep you always close to His heart. Love you so!
What an experience we had today for the "ISANG ARAW PREMIERE" here at Hong Kong Bayanihan Center. Napakagandang movie. Kapupulutan talaga ng Aral ng Dios. Matabang-mataba ang aking puso. Salamat ng walang hanggan sa Dios. To God be the Glory!
Hebrews 6:1-2 Chapter 6 Wherefore leaving the doctrine of the first principles of Christ, let us press on unto perfection; not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, of the teaching of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment. In tagalog: Hebrews 6:1-2 Kaya't tayo'y tumigil na ng pagsasalita ng mga unang simulain ng aral ni Cristo, at tayo'y mangagpatuloy sa kasakdalan; na huwag nating ilagay na muli ang kinasasaligan ng pagsisisi sa mga patay na gawa, at ng pananampalataya sa Dios, Ng aral na tungkol sa mga paglilinis, "at ng pagpapatong ng mga kamay," at ng pagkabuhay na maguli ng mga patay, at ng paghuhukom na walang hanggan.
What can you do that others can't do? — Manood ng manood ng walang hanggan.
Walang hanggan na panonood ng on my 2nd day off!!! That feeling!!! When you get so exzoited!!! Uuuuh!!! Just can't hide it!!!
I don't want to GAIN the whole world and LOOSE my you? Ano ang mas importante sa buhay nyo, mga bagay sa mundong ito o yung buhay na walang hanggan?Lahat ng mga friends ko please comment.Kahit konting time lang ang ibigay natin sa Panginoon bawat araw ay for sure masaya na sya..
Walang Hanggan (English: My Eternal) is a classic Philippine television drama aired by ABS-CBN. The drama became a huge hit maintaining the top spot in ...
All time highest rating as of June 2013..,. Walang Hanggan is on the 3rd spot :). CTO
Photoshoot in the Church for the Walang Hanggan Phenomenal Wedding
I miss Julia and Coco together man, A Moment In Time and Walang Hanggan were like the best
I added a video to a playlist walang hanggan cast mall show in sm city clark(feb-ibig 12,2012)
After much anticipation and excitement, the finale of Walang Hanggan is finally over! How will I describe it? It was dramatic, intense, and unexpected! The ending is surprisingly different as to what most of us, I bet, were hoping to happen. Nonetheless, it was really great! I really liked it! Filipinos love the traditional happy endings, the “and they lived happily ever after” kind. Thus, many really wanted the characters of Daniel and Katerina to live until the end. However, some (including me) are expecting that Daniel and Katerina are going to die because if we base it from the movie where it was adapted from, the 1991 movie Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit starring Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta as Gabriel and Carmina respectively, the main characters died. Will they spoil the expectations of the viewers for a happily-ever-after ending or will they follow the original flow of the story? And so, Katerina died. The scene where Daniel was beside Katerina in her final moment was so calm yet full with so muc ...
kathryn bernardo at daniel padilla this page is always update to kathniel..Please watch Princess and I,after TV Patrol and before Walang Hanggan
Timeless hit classic, Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan, as his last song for tonight's concert here at the Park
Walang Hanggan March 28, 2012 episode Part 3 Comment below the dates of episode you want me to upload. I'll upload it. Don't be shy! :))
Walang Hanggan is the best film of Phil movies. However, it is my own opinion.
Hulog ka ng langti! I've been looking for a website where I can watch Walang hanggan.
My classmate always says:. Can you like my Profile Picture on FB?. Me: Bukas na (walang hanggan)
Lord, you have examined me and you know me. you know everything I do from far away, you understand all my thoughts. You are all around me on every side; you protect me with your power. knowledge of me is too deep; it is beyond my understanding... You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because you are to be feared; all you do is strange and wonderful i know it with all my heart. The days allotted to me had all been recorded in your book, before any of them ever began... Psalm 139:1-17 Lord, I praise for all the things you've done into my life, for all your goodness , mercy, love, sa lahat ng kadakilaan at katapatan mo... hindi mo kami iniwan sa kabila ng mga pagsubok bagama't binigyan mo kami ng strength para ito'y mapagtagumpayan. Thank you for bringing good out of the hurt, for all your purposes in our life are good. You made me a better person... Iniaalay ko ang walang hanggan pasasalamat sa iyo lamang Ama, sa lahat ng mga taong patuloy mong ginagamit up ...
same with walang hanggan, credit to CharDawn Chemistry & cast INDIVIDUAL EFFORT.. & great Plot.
SYNOPSIS (Chapter Twenty Eight: The Most Awaited Event) [Third Person] Dawn Realize that she was wearing her dream wedding gown which she personally designed. The gown was a floor length white gown with long sleeves that was a see through. She also wears her simple yet beautiful make up. Her smile that everyone was craving to get. Her Valouptous all, as a woman that was rarely seen. Her hair was up and has her small crown thats like a princess, well, she is. Princess of beauty and brains and Richard's Princess. In the other hand, Richard was waiting at the end of the aisle. Wearing his smile, and his nervousness. He was not in a belief that this is trully happening. A dream come true as he said it is. He was marrying a woman, a beautiful woman with a heart. A woman of every man's dream, and his DREAM. And today, a very important and probably the happiest day for the both of them. First to walk was the flower girls and ring bearers. Their BABIES when they still were having their shoot in WALANG HANGGAN. Xy ...
SYNOPSIS (Chapter Six: What She Is) [Dawn's P.O.V.] That memory just make me smile. Thinking that was the best of my worst. My being childish. You cant blame me. Having this kind of life like mine, is really a brain killer, a life killer itself and most of all a heart killer. I feel broken into pieces and hopeless of reviving it again but, when the time I see this kind of beauty, this kind of Angel that I think, sent from above to rescue me from falling down. Richard, is whom I'm talking about. i think I'm already falling for him. Everytime His skin touches mine, theres an unusual electricity that I can feel that runs through my body. Is this the thing they called... Love? "ANG GWAPO MO NAMAN! I think I'm falling for you. I Love you, Rich." I said with an almost whispering voice While my fingers touches his face, tracing it and copying its every detail to my mind, I smiled... Its so good to be with an angel by your side. His eyes open. Seeing me, staring at him with my fingers runs through his face. I wa ...
Julia, on the other hand, will be reunited with her “Walang Hanggan” on-screen partner Coco Martin in an epic drama series “Ikaw Lamang,”
Back when Julia is still 17 years old. With Lola Flory at the Back. This was Walang Hanggan Photoshoot yr 2012.
Goosh. Can't wait to face the TV and watch TheLegalWife. Walang Hanggan craze all over again! :))
After their biggest break in the hit TV series "Infinity" (or Walang Hanggan in Filipino translation) Julia Montes and Coco Martin will continue to shudder thei
Wow!!! 😳 Walang hanggan is airing sa ibang country . Hope they like it 😁👍
Do you watch Walang Hanggan, rate from 1 to 10 please? — No sorry.
hey dear did you watch the final episode ya Walang Hanggan?
ringin' in my head. . bruised and scarred. . walang hanggan na b&s. :D
Do you miss Nathan and Johanna from Walang Hanggan? Watch them every night as they play the role of…
Iz nurin...I only went to watch walang hanggan.
there's too many Malaysians who are fans of Walang Hanggan loveteam, Coco Martin and Julia Montes. Her leading man is so cute
you should watch Walang Hanggan. It's one of the most famous Filipino teleserye in Malaysia right now.
You see, we have Pangako Sa Yo, Walang Hanggan, Be Careful With My Heart and lots more to come. :)
“You won sir? hehe best male artist, best ballad Walang hanggan best engineered recording
I'm in Malaysia and watching walang hanggan is very2 beautiful and in loving movie.. Nice work and Julia Monte…
Rehearsal mode for Paskong walang hanggan concert!
Hi Mama bcoz we miss chardawn so much Pengs are doing Walang Hanggan Marathon now CharDawn scenes only We love u and papa ..hugs..
MANILA, Philippines -- In the final scenes that captivated viewers of the "phenomenal" primetime series "Walang Hanggan," death became key for Daniel and Katerina's  eternal love.
Yesterday and today's episode of Walang Hanggan was terrific!!A perfect example of a Miracle.I actually had pity on Madam Margaret because she just wouldn't stop crying.Johanna deserves a shopping spree with Emily.Lols
Walang Hanggan, Princess and I, Be Careful with my Heart played by 13 year old.
"Paskong Walang Hanggan" Ascension of Our Lord Parish Music Ministry For the benefit of typhoon of typhoon Yolanda victims December 14, 2013 - 8:15 p.m. Venue: Ascension of Our Lord Parish Church P200.00 Proceeds will be turned over to Caritas Novaliches. Let's help our affected brethren through this endeavour by selling and buying tickets. Kayang kaya! God bless us all.
Tis the season to be jolly! We are cordially inviting you to the Dlsu-d Chorale's PASKOncert entitled, "Paskong Walang Hanggan". This will be held at the Our Lady of Our Holy Rosary Chapel, DLSU-D, 7pm. Join us as we celebrate and sing the songs of the season of giving. 12.19.13 Save the date. Spread the word. For inquiries, you could contact the following: See you there. Merry Christmas! Paskoncert Teaser
RELIGIONS cant save us.It is our Faith in God. Read His words... Analyze it.. . Put in our hearts Then DO IT We might die in any kinds of tragedies but if we do the will of God. ... makakamtan po ntin ang buhay n walang hanggan. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THE EYE OF GOD
Kawawa to oh! Walang hanggan ang pag mamahalan nila ..
Gamitin mu, una ang puso mu, tapos ang utak mu hanggat hawak mu pa ang pagkakataon, mahirap kng sarili mu ang katunggali mu kc cguradong dadalhin mu yan hanggang s dulo ng walang hanggan. Make the right decisions rather you will never find the happiness you desire. See the heart of Jesus, make Him as an inspiration. God bless us always.
No haven't watched it to, it actually premied 2day same time as Walang Hanggan bt different tv station...
And what then will happen to Emily if she accepts the offer of Thomas as the Guddourti import workerhanggan
So sad to see that nathan was gonna found Katrina hanggan
Julia will be selling the clothes she used once and she used for Goin' Bulilit, Mara Clara, Growing Up, Walang Hanggan, &…
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Make sure pareho yan ng Richard-Dawn honeymoon sa Walang Hanggan ha.. They really showed the intimacy.. oh my I can't wait!
this teleserye took longer than walang hanggan friCK
My all-time fave loveteam! Promise walang hanggan ko silang susuportahan! | I miss them so much!
really?? that's sad, they should air MBAP too just like Walang Hanggan. I assure u, their chemistry is very convincing
cuz i think Walang Hanggan is airing there :-)
kainang walang hanggan with pretty graciellelooove :)) @ Caffé Demetre
Tragedy turns love eternal in 'Walang Hanggan' finale via
Moral lesson of Walang Hanggan: "Too much lovst sees the opportunity in every difficulty,” - Winston Churchill"
some times i don't like some events in Walang Hangang but i gotta see what each story line going. but becareful...
Thank you Julia Montes. i really really love watching "walang hanggan" because you stood by daniel in good and bad times.
Tayo'y Manlalakbay Sa Sanlibutan, Sapagka’t Ang Mga Bagay Na Nangakikita Ay May Katapusan; Datapuwa’t Ang Mga Bagay Na Hindi Nangakikita Ay Walang Hanggan. NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION I TIMOTHY 4:12 Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. I THESSALONIANS 4:7 For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. EPHESIANS 2:10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. HEBREWS 11:3-13 3.By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. 13.All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance. And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth. HEBREWS 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not s ...
Congratz po :), we are currently watching Walang Hanggan here in Kenya God bless po!
Bilang Tao, nilalang Ng Diyos, na mahal at minamahal Ng walang hanggan Ng Diyos pa rin- Jesus ay dapat matanto at maunawaan ang katotohanang tungkol Sa buhay Nia dito Sa Mundo.1.,mahalin ang Diyos Ng buong puso, isip,kaluluwa at 2.mahalin ang is to RECEIVE God, then GIVE to others what you have from God.IT is not all about Receiving and vice versa...its a COMBINATION, but first will be first.First God.Seek God, His righteousness and all things shall be added... THANK YOU JESUS
"Congratulations to my "Walang Hanggan" family. WOW Awards Winner, Creative Breakthrough Category :-)))"
A simple poem for the Greatest Husband, Sincerest Friend, Most Responsible Partner, Most Caring Father, Most Loving Son-in-law, Kindest Brother, and a lot more nicest descriptions for all the roles that he has been doing well...I know that words will never be enough to express how thankful I am to God. I may not be the richest, the most beautiful, the most adorable person in the world, but I know very well that I am the luckiest wife (anyone who know you will agree) because you love me unconditionally , understand and accept everything about me, and never gets tired of forgiving me…. You are such a wonderful person...who deserves great things today and onwards….I love you so much honey… Musmos pa lang at ‘di pa kuro kahulugan ng pag-ibig, isang ngiti sa ‘yong labi, puso’y may kung anong pintig. ang ‘yong mukha at ‘yong tinig lagi na sa panaginip ano’t di malimutan at tuwina’y nasasaisip Ngunit sadyang mura pa nga, takot sa bagong damdamin bawat araw na makita’y umiiba ng tawir ...
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emily and daniel are very good in every way of acting. from good guys to bad guys. . Pinoy TV Shows on
Sir, we are currently watching in Walang Hanggan here in my country. Pls Sir bring any new project for her.
oh sis!! U r still with Walang Hanggan.. Wah.. Nothing can beat WH!!
So we get to our bed & breakfast here in Dar Es Salaam, and a dubbed Walang Hanggan is playing on all the television sets. Surreal.
Wat i saw on google is 'walang hanggan' Yea "my eternal on AIT" Is it a tv series?
Moral lesson of Walang Hanggan: "Too much love will really kill you,"
loool. i guess him being a psycho in walang hanggan turned me off. LOL. but now, *** yeah!
We long for a Love Story of True Love in the likes of Walang Hanggan! WE DESPERATELY LONG FOR COCO AND JULIA TO STAR IN IT!!
Coco, Julia duet in 'Walang Hanggan' concert (+playlist): via
I miss watching "Walang Hanggan". The best filipino drama I ever watched!:/
was good in "Walang Hanggan" pero super-heavy ang role. It's nice to see him being good for a chance.
Moral lesson of Walang Hanggan: "Too much lov we wear jackets with red ties and blue piping for the competition!"
“Walang Hanggan- Powerhouse cast. Lots of twists & turns. Here, Julia Montes showed her true talent. G…
I thought, Muling Buksan Ang Puso is BIGGER than Walang Hanggan? It should be aired for almost 11 months!
Off day! Tomorrow's the struggling time. Noon, evening, night. Morning is the timey for Walang Hanggan. Love love! Xx.
As Walang Hanggan rose up the ratings chart, so did the fans of Bukayo. They increased in numbers,
Dying beside the grave of your loved one. That's what you call, "Walang Hanggan"
And we should be friends forever. Like walang hanggan? Right? You know right? Yeah? Hmkay? Yuhhh.
FACT: Infinity sign became famous because of the teleserye 'Walang Hanggan' :D
yupp, she already have. Watch her teleserye w/ Coco "Walang Hanggan" . Right? Too young 4 that.
I do really admire your voice starting when u do the theme song in "walang hanggan" w/c is "DADALHIN" originated from regine V
English yung title but i think she said something about Marian Rivera being in it. She also knows about walang hanggan. XD
Gary V. singing Walang Hanggan Theme Song now. Superb to hear it live again!!! :-)
i'm with melissa ricks she's beautiful nice and tall. (Johanna of Walang Hanggan) :)
I'm actually missing Walang Hanggan. Where can I buy the CD/DVD of this???
The Daniel and Katerina's Phenomenal Walang Hanggan Wedding...Miss them so much!!
In the series, Julia gets paired with Enrique Gil and Enchong Dee, who are both younger than her Walang Hanggan co-star Coco Martin.
I miss walang hanggan and the cast:(
Walang Hanggan DVD is now available grab your own copies now CTO ☺
Waaahhh! Antagal kong inantay to! Walang Hanggan DVD is now available! Get yours now! :) *Pic credit*
Good News YUMMIES! Walang Hanggan DVD is now released, get yours now! ((c) )
Pips buy a copy of the Phenomenal Teleserye of 2012 Walang Hanggan starring our very own CocoJul with CharDawn and many more. DVDs out now
Wow congrats! - "The Phenomenal Walang Hanggan now a big hit in Vietnam! "
Weekdays: and . Weekends: Hanggan. all the way! :D. One Direction
I made it, I already buy the walang hanggan soundtrack both volume 1 and 2..
This scene of JulQuen on MBAP reminds me of CharDawn's kilig scenes in Walang Hanggan ☺
Abangan ang pagbabalik ni Ms. Dawn Zulueta sa primetime bida! I'm 100% sure that BNLKM would be a PHENOMENON just like Walang Hanggan... ☺️
goodmorning beautiful. :)) haay. I miss walang hanggan na, your character and your talent .
Walang Hanggan, Susan Roces' role is a good grandma. Now, a bad Grandma. So good in acting that im hating her. Veteran actress
For some reason, I fall in love with teleseryes that have Ogie Diaz in the cast. Walang Hanggan and now Huwag Kang Mawawala.
Susan Roces says she is proud of Julia Montes’s success.I’ve worked with Julia in Walang Hanggan. It...
now watching Walang Hanggan episode 38...Daniel launches his wine, he gets jealous seeing Katerina dance w Nathan & announces Italy his new
Tomorrow's the weekend. Guess what? I'm waking up at 8 am tomorrow, just to watch Walang Hanggan and CocoJul on TV. Surprising right? :O
Almost forget!! Walang Hanggan 2morrow.. Malaysian fans, don't forget to watch WH at 8am until 11am on this weekend!!
Sa dulo ng Walang hanggan ang support namin for |
Get your iPhone insurance today!
00:00 Its Friday!! Walang Hanggan episode 38 in 20hours! Far but still excited!!! :P
“It's a mix of IKA, Walang Hanggan, and PAI. Really.
Yeah ! Walang Hanggan. It was way better than Princess and I, that show was whack.
Episode 37 tonight of Walang Hanggan! Cant Wait!! Getting better by the day!! :)
Did you watch Princess and I too? It was a happy one just like Walang Hanggan
To God be the glory!!! Thank you Lord walang hanggan infinite ❤
Oh yeah I love Philippines drama more than Indonesia drama. I watch Walang Hanggan and Grazilda. He ^^
As per most Malaysian's requested, Walang Hanggan has been aired on Astro Bella from 8 am - 11 am every weekend. We~ :D
Good news!! Walang Hanggan is re-aired at Malaysia.. Every weekend, from 8am-11am.. ☺☺
I can never get bored of watching Walang Hanggan
Katerina invites you to watch My Eternal exclusively on CTN... Walang Hanggan In oh!!!
Totally agree. If it wasn't just because of Walang Hanggan.. Their priority is the CharDawn and Coco pero assuming ang J-fans
hello how are u?? :) do u know the total number of episodes of Walang Hanggan? & how many minutes it was per episode there? Xo
Episode 34 of Walang Hanggan tonight in Tanzania - East Africa..Katerina ends her friendship w/ Daniel & later on gets into a fight w/ her
Measure the x and y component of Dulo ng Walang hanggan. Find the distance and displacement. Use calculus.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Measure the mileage of Dulo ng Walang Hanggan from the starting point to the end point.
The frustration over not being able to watch Walang Hanggan
Almost get heart attack!! I thought I lose my hard disk.. all movies, songs, documents, n all eps of walang hanggan in that hard disk..
the phenomenal, the number one, the record breaking, the star-studded Walang Hanggan
He is known for starring as lead, Daniel Guidotti, in ABS-CBN's top rated primetime drama show "Walang hanggan" (2012).
Nasaan ang dulo ng walang hanggan? Locate in the map and state the latitude and longitude.
I liked a video from 'Richard Gomez' acts out scenes from 'Walang Hanggan'
On tonight's episode (32) of Walang Hanggan - Daniel & Katerina have a party at Ole Vares to remember her late dad's bday
But . . . but . . . I'm not happy because Walang Hanggan did not make it as Yahoo! OMG Phillipines! Best Teleserye of the Year eh? :,(
Richard Gomez’ acts out scenes from ‘Walang Hanggan’: An impersonator of actor Richard Gomez
'Richard Gomez' acts out scenes from 'Walang Hanggan'
[ABS-CBN] 'Richard Gomez' acts out scenes from 'Walang Hanggan' | Watch: via Youtube©
I love you idol forever!!! Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan
Idol forever!!. Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan We love you all the way
Iloveyoutoo Julie! Walang hanggan 😊😘 Congrats! 👏🎉 “Thank you adiks for all your support. I love you! 😊❤”
Vote WALANG HANGGAN for the Best Teleserye sa Yahoo! OMG Awards 2013! 1 day remaining! VOTE NA! :)
My new sounds: Sunday Morning Cover With Klei And Marqui at Sa dulo ng walang hanggan on
I was watching walang hanggan clips. I miss mama dawn so much. 😔
I like 'Gail Blanco - Sharing with you Isaiah's version of Walang Hanggan. Konti lang, next tim...
Just when you thought nothing can top Walang Hanggan. congratulations
I liked a video from Walang Hanggan
As a follow-up project after their team-up in Walang Hanggan, she and Coco Martin starred in Star Cinema film, A Moment In Time.
"Walang Hanggan" sky-rocketed her already successful career, giving her the opportunity to star in more projects.
In 2012, Montes starred in the teleserye Walang Hanggan as Katerina, marking her first team-up with Coco Martin.
Now Walang Hanggan is the on going show here. Julia is such a talented unique actress who can pull off any character :)
Please also vote Walang Hanggan as the Best Teleserye of the Year !! ---> http…
Does anyone know Wuthering Heights? Well, I think it's kinda similar to Walang Hanggan! Ugh. New ideas/themes please!
(2) Albums of various artists ala Walang Hanggan, and all other merchandise & thus saturate the market, they're laying low.
Why does this remind me of Walang Hanggan like so much
youre welcome!! Of course we will support u ng walang hanggan!!! Thank you din for making us happy...:)
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Three generations love story. All star cast. How is Muling Buksan Ang Puso different from Walang hanggan?
Pls. Vote for Walang Hanggan also:. Type OMG TELESERYE A send to 2910
It's like a second part of Walang Hanggan.. Heh lol
Why do I get this feeling that MBAP is just Walang Hanggan v.2.0? I hope I'm wrong.
OMG! my mom and my tita's favourite all time drama is "walang hanggan" they played it for a million times now ..
CocoJul is the REAL PHENOMENAL LOVETEAM Julia Montes is The Phenomenal Primetime Princess They Came from Phenomanal TV Series WALANG HANGGAN
Now watching Walang Hanggan episode 23 Tanzania - East Africa! i hope u know u have a BIG fan from here :…
My Lola was teary-eyed watching heartfelt portrayal of Apaw in MMK! She's an avid fan of him since Walang Hanggan. Galing!
Last night walang hanggan hit an all time high rating of 38.2%! Congrats to the whole team! thank you for supporting ou…
No walang hanggan on weekends. i suggest you pls watch my other show "the biggest game show in the world-asia" tonight …
it's Got To Believe who will surpass Walang Hanggan...
on break while taping. i can watch tonight's episode of Walang Hanggan at 9pm but before that dinner muna
Well, well, well. This week on Walang Hanggan, sparks fly between Marco and Emilia, and Daniel and Katerina, despite the fact that one in each pair is married to someone else. Manang Henya gets afflicted with the Cassandra syndrome, taken to new levels, and it kind of drives me crazy because she reminds me of the usual mouse running on a wheel– she puts in so much effort, and she keeps getting nowhere. Lemme tell you, if I played the old drinking game and downed a mug of Red Horse for every time Henya insists “I’m telling the truth, Daniel is Marco and Emily’s son!” I’d have been drunk halfway through this recap. So Katerina’s the new liaison between Montenegro Corp. and Daniel’s new company, right? This seems to consist of Katerina submitting reports to Daniel about the Montenegro company every once in a while. The first time she does so, she calls Daniel to task for “taking away” the Montenegro company (never mind that it was due to Margaret’s hubris)– “why can’t you leave my ...
Jazz Laforteza Nicole Lucena Ü Emeryl Buena Asheara Williams Chingy Bondal Kris Gonzales thanx for being there skn ha during my dark times, sorry din kung may nag bago skn pero kita nyo naman bumalik na ung saya ko at tawa kong walang hanggan so i just wanna say thank u for being so patient to me mahal na mahal ko kau as in wagas and tama kau walang patutunguhan ang burden:)) why make people suffer when u can share laughter :))
Can't wait for Muling Buksan Ang Puso of I know it will be a succesful teleserye like Walang Hanggan :)
Curse One Lyrics - Find all lyrics for songs such as Di Ko Akalain, Langit Lang, Mahal Kita at
Im expecting that our filipino skit will be greater than Walang Hanggan, Ina Kapatid Anak and Princess and I. 😂 Feeler.
Paulo Avelino PORTRAYS MUTE IN "MMK" Award-winning actor Paulo Avelino returns to "Maalaala Mo Kaya" this Satuday (July 6) after almost two years since his first ever episode in the longest-running drama anthology in Asia. In his second “MMK” stint, Paulo will portray, for the first time, a born mute character named Apaw, who was maltreated by his relatives. "This one is entirely different from my first ‘MMK,’ which was with KC Concepcion. It’s not a love story, but a touching tale of extraordinary courage and true friendship between my character Apaw and his bestfriend Dante," explained Paulo, who will be joined in the episode by his "Walang Hanggan" co-actor Joem Bascon, who will play the role of Dante. "It’s not just a simple story about a handicap person. It’s about the friendship between Apaw and Dante that will make viewers realize the importance of having a real friend who will never leave you amid life’s hardest trials," Paulo further shared. Together with Paulo and Joem in the upc ...
someone will always be prettier. someone will always be smarter. But they'll never be you. :)
The Bible New Testament: Jesus (pbuh) was saying in John 14:28 = you heard me tell you, i am going away and i will come back to you. if you love me, you would rejoice that i am going to the father; FOR THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I.
''Honestly, I am deeply honored to be joining GMA. I am so excited about this wonderful project that they have for me. I am sure I'm going to have a very good working relationship with all of you especially with the production team. I'm really looking forward to beautiful days of tapings. --MS. HELEN GAMBOA Her last project was ABS-CBN's 2012 phenomenal tv series 'Walang Hanggan' as Doña Margarette. Admin
[Keep on Voting! Yahoo PH OMG Awards] . Walang Hanggan as Best Teleserye. 1) Thru Online (must have sign-in) :...
Wish, take me by the hand and wish Hold your breath and we may find it might come true on this starry, starry night. Wish, look into my eyes and wish, Reach out for that dream it's there for me and you . Wish...Sana bawat bukas ay lagi kong kasama ang pag-ibig mo--Dito sa puso ko , Wish...Sana bawat sandali ay maging walang hanggan Mahal kita hanggang kailanpaman ..
mYprincess take good care always , i'll always love you till death do us part this i promise you, :* :* :* :* mis you and iloveyou princess lyn sarmiento tomas
Look who's on the picture! It's Margaret Montenegro paano na yung Walang Hanggan sa ABS?
Julia Montes wants to keep a professional relationship between her and her ‘Muling Buksan Ang Puso’ leading men.
DSWD: Giving squatters P18,000 for relocation is a better alternative,more cost-effective than spending money on disaster/relief operations
Walang Hanggan is a good series. I am watching it with my Mom these days!
.excited at Hanggan...hope it's 9:00pm..
Walang Hanggan tonight in Tanzania - East Africa episode 21 im loving it everyday. you're so amazing :)
Doing some backreading on the TV ratings thread on Pex. Never realized Princess & I was competitive w/ Walang Hanggan. Natatalo rin nila :)
Show your love & vote! Walang Hanggan deserves to win! . Type: OMG TELESERYE A send to 2910 . or:
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