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Wal Mart

Walmart Stores, Inc. , branded as Walmart since 2008 and WAL★MART before then, is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores.

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Wal Mart's With Truck Parking in DOWNERS GROVE, IL was just found at on 15th Jan 12pm
That and Hudson Bay Company unloaded a dying branch cleanly and Wal Mart is scary big.
It's a shame it took a Wal Mart commercial to get the Anthony Anderson - Melissa Joan Hart collaboration we've all been …
I haven’t seen that new Hunger Games, but it can’t be any worse than the Wal Mart in Kissimmee, Florida right now.
Crap is anything open today. Ran out of Alka Seltzer cold and flu. It's the only thing that makes me feel better. Wal Mart west end?
2.5 Shopping Days Left Til Christmas! Extended Holiday Hours 9am-10pm today. Don't wait until the only thing left to buy is Cheez Whiz at Wal Mart, come see us for great gifts today!
If anyone knows who the citizens mentioned in the below press release are, or if you are one of those citizens, please comment on this post so we can get some more information about the story. Drug Arrests in Smelterville, Idaho On Dec. 17, Deputies with the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office and an officer with the Kellogg Police responded to the Wal Mart in Smelterville in regards to a theft in progress call. The suspects fled the area prior to the arrival of law enforcement, but citizens following the vehicle and descriptions from the employees of Wal Mart enabled officers to find the vehicle shortly after leaving the store. A Kellogg Police officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on Commerce Drive down the road from Wal Mart. The suspects were driving a Montana plated vehicle and through investigation both the citizens and video recordings show that the vehicle was the one involved in the incident. Through the course of the investigation four subjects were taken into custody. They were 31 yea ...
I'm not trying to be be scrooge, but I'd like to put those Big Lots girls in their carts and go pick up Melissa Joan Hart and Anthony Anderson from their Wal Mart commercials and push them all to the North Pole!!! NO MORE!! They've been showing these commercials since the 4th of July, I swear.
From Waffle House to Wal Mart at 430AM!! Dawn, Maxwell, and J-Fiya go hard!!!
O.k ya'll.I almost NEVER take a day off, so today I decided that I needed to take a personal day.Had so much to do!!! James and I were at Ingles this mornin' at 7 a.m.bought groceries, went to Burger King, ate breakfast.on to Aldi's, and Dollar Tree, and Wal Mart. Came home, put up groceries.THEN, went to pick Mama up, she had some business to attend to at a couple of places.then took her to Ingles to buy her groceries, to Wal Mart for her Rx's, and back by the bank. Got her home, and took her groceries in.Came home, and started doin' laundry. Then started bakin' peanut butter cakes, chocolate cakes, orange pound cakes, and a pan of brownies for the hot dog/bake/yard sale at Church the last ones in the oven now, and about to start making the frosting. And when that is finished, I'm takin' a bath, and fallin' out into my wonderful bed!! Cause the Church sale starts at 7 in the mornin'.and I'll be settin' my alarm for 4:30 A.M. so I can make it down there in time!! Boy hidey, these days off ...
Fire Destroys the Home of the Hess Family. The Greg and Katie Hess Family had a fire in their home last night that destroyed all the contents. The only family member at home at the time of the fire was their beloved dog, Sadie. Sadly, Sadie lost her life in the fire. All of the contents of the home were destroyed. Isabelle Hess is a seventh grader at I.C.S. and her brother, Burton, is a freshman at M.C.H.S. The Hess family has always been present to help others in need and now is the time that the community can be present to support them. They are in need of the day to day essentials. For anyone who would like to do something for the family, gift cards would be the most practical to help get them through this difficult time. Gift cards from places like: Old Navy, Target, Wal Mart, Jewel, Walgreen’s and places for food like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Culver’s etc. Gift cards may be left at the I.C.S. office. They will be given to the Hess family at the end of each school day during the next two ...
the nearest one is 100 miles away. we live in a small town. we have is Sears & Wal Mart. We do have a Home Depot 20 miles away.
Spending the day listening to Christmas music. I recently got some new Christmas CD'S. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Martina McBride, Amy Grant, and Mariah Carey. I have also Collin Raye, who is my favorite singer, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, Charlotte Church, and Perry Como. I will be going Christmas shopping again tomorrow, and I am buying more holiday CD's. I am also getting a new tree, an artificial tree that is pre-lit. Wal Mart has a lot of reasonably priced holiday decorations, as well as reasonably priced gifts. ...I love Christmas, and I really love shopping. .my window of opportunity for getting a job is gone. I called Macy's today, and they are not hiring anymore until February. So I will be trying again now and in January. At least, this year, I have plenty of money to buy gifts for my family, Al, and my friends in Florida. This is the first Christmas in many years that I was able to do so much shopping. Of course, I bought quite a lot of things for myself as well. Even Corbin my cat is getting ...
Homemade snow globes. Grab a jar (got mine at Dollar Tree) and a little tree (75 cents at Wal Mart). Glue the tree to the inside of the jar lid (I used Gorilla Glue, but super glue would probably work too). Add water and glitter, and paint the jar lid if you want. The iridescent glitter looks the most like snow, by the way.
I feel like Anthony Anderson said yes to those Wal-Mart commercials when he figured Black-ish would be canceled.
PSA: There is only one lowest price at each moment in time. Yet, there is only one Wal-Mart... You could try to...
Wal-Mart still.didn't send my discount card
go to Wal mart or Target they have a lot on sale
With this trip to Wal Mart, I'll officially be the best dressed in the store, 8 years in a row.
forgot the zzquil when I was in Wal-Mart
Only in a Wal-mart parking lot will you find this tasteful gem.
Why is every register open at wal mart right now...
DeAndre Joshua, 20. was found shot dead and burned in his car in He graduated and had a job at Wal-Mart. http:/…
Worse than Wal-Mart: Amazon’s sick brutality and secret history of ruthlessly intimidating workers
My name was just called over the intercom system at Wal Mart. This is it. I've finally found the bottom.
I got you when I leave wal mart . What do you want ?
Money man is playing and I'm in wal Mart. Fml I've been waiting so long
did they really think you would charge a grand at wal mart. Thieves arent always the brightest
"Ones Gucci, and the other one's Wal-Mart."
I thought I saw you at Wal mart earlier I was gonna go up to the girl lol.!😂
Wal-Mart workers are revolting today. What will you do?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Great article by Wal-Mart: An economic cancer on our cities
Lmao crip i started to walk in Wal mart and my mom was like aye 💃😂😂😂
Wal Mart list.. It's that time of year again. Grind time ladies and gents. Excuse me while I slowly…
Our Kettle Drive has officially begun and our Bell Ringers are at Wal-Mart, North & South Winn-Dixie this year,...
As much as I shouldn't I will probably go home and take a nap. I'm pretty worn out from working service desk & walking all around Wal-Mart!
It's only a matter of time until 'Security Cameras of Wal-Mart'? is a reality TV show.
We were going to Wal-Mart and my mom said that it's too cold to go
it's like a more expensive version of Wal-Mart
the craziest thing that you can find in Wal-Mart .
Ohio Wal-Mart surveillance video shows police shooting and killing John Crawford III
doesn't the lack of cages make Wal-mart more of a safari? It would explain the overstretched cheetah leggings.
I would like to apologize to the people of Wal-Mart, for my lovely appearance.
Dougie's Tip O' The Day: When Wal-Mart shopping get the LOUDEST cart. People WILL move when your coming down the Aisle ~{:-).
Who shops at Wal-Mart? Ewww. Big box of plastic from china taiwan shop locally n save your community
Go to Wal-Mart and use tricycles and pool noodles to joust.
I think my IPhone 6 is broken I push the home button but I'm still in Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart: An economic cancer on our cities via
All jawns are made to handle Black Friday mayhem because of the laundromats and the Wal-Mart in Gallup.
Wal-Mart has crazy good prices on some movies right now! I picked up Justice League War for $2 and they had Prisoners for like $5.
I had to ask a guy at wal mart to borrow his son to reach the last two bags of dog food on the top shelf all the way at the back. 😂
*** s Angels stood in line for five days at a Wal-Mart in Fresno, to buy every bike that was on the ad, (over...
Who Boycotts WalMart? . Social-justice warriors who are too enlightened to let their poor neighbors pay lower prices. …
can I ever go into wal-mart and not see at least 50 ppl that I know? 😑
Seriously came out to Wal mart like this lmao.. but it's okay I'm still cute
Manziel. The comeback is on. Everyone needs to get to Wal Mart and stock up, because the world may end this afternoon.
Our top news of the week: a visit from Wal-Mart workers' struggles, and our gift guide
Since your going to Wal-Mart anyway, perhaps you could organize the shelves?!?!
I have a bunch of girls summer clothes 4s and 5s all new from wal mart still have tags on everyone of them...they add up to $114 im asking $50
Stood for an hour in gamestop, then wal mart trying to buy am xbox. Amazon got my money.
"an artificial scarcity is imposed from the top down —Wal-Mart, Target — in order to whip the public into a frenzy of aspiration"
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Crappy day!!! Hit a lady in the wal mart parking lot. Turned to go down the aisle and there she was. I just didnt see her. Thankfully I wasn't going fast. Ambulance came and took her away because she had arm pain. Cops came and got my information but said accidents happen so i am not going to give you a ticket. Ruined that lady's day and mine too because I feel so bad.
SAMSUNG MEGA 380$ OBO for AT&T with Otter box. Case has a little wear because my boyfriend is a hard working man always outside with it in his pocket:) Has small crack in bottom left corner of screen, I could barely get a picture of it, but it does make it a little difficult to make the touch screen work in that spot. Excellent working condition and shape other than that! More pictures in comments!! Selling because he was eligible for a new phone and got one yesterday :) Can meet at Meijer or near Wal Mart today between 430 and 630!!! On other sites
Brand new iphone5 /5s otter box it's water proof and everything there 99.99 at wal mart I take 30 bucks for mine won't fit my phone
this video is a about the Mike Brown protest a number of Wal marts on Black Friday. about 50 protesters took to the stores Black Friday Chanting "Hands up, D...
Does anyone besides me remember when people took pride in being a sales representative in a classy store? I'm not the happiest of shoppers. Years ago, when the money was there for me, I used to call a woman at Bullocks downtown department store in L.A. - Minnie Motley was her name, an elegant black lady of impeccable taste - I would tell her I was coming in on say, Thursday, at 1 - when I got there on Thursday, she would have pre-selected a number of suits, sports coats, etc., for me to look at. When I had chosen among them, Minnie walked me to the shirt department - having already alerted the manager there to be expecting us. Same with ties, shoes, etc. and when all was done, she went with me up to the credit department to see that the payment business went smoothly. In an hour, with no hassle, I had my wardrobe for the rest of the year. Alas, Bullocks downtown is gone, and so is Minnie - and, so, I'm afraid, is a whole era of fine shopping - somehow, trudging through Wal Mart is just not the same. Oh, M ...
Gracious! Cooper was more open than the doors to Wal Mart on Black Friday.
We hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! We return to regular hours today. And now it is weekend roundup time! McPherson Saturday 29th - FREE!! Watch "Scrooged" at the McPherson Opera House at 3:00 PM. Saturday 29th - McPherson County Toy Run. Parade begins at Wal Mart at 1:00 PM. For more information, call the American Legion at 241-0343. Lindsborg Saturday 29th - Santa at the Sundstrom! Visit with Santa Clause just inside the Sundstrom Building in downtown Lindsborg. There are also free horse drawn wagon rides out front. This will happen from 1:00-4:00 and there will be hot chocolate and popcorn.
suspicious goings on in Denton at the Wal Mart on University. A FEMA car with a federal shield on it that had the...
Ok friends I have a question. Do the "My Life" doll clothes they sell at Wal Mart fit American Girl dolls ???
What do I do when I'm bored? Get on Google maps street view of course. If you want a good laugh go check out the play ground at WES. Looks like it was pajama day when the Google car cruised through. The kiddos look like they're getting ready to go to Wal Mart!
I have to take a drug test to stay in the National Guard. I had to take one to work at Wal Mart.
Forget Alex From Target, it's all about Billy from Wal Mart
Wal Mart will just fire them and hire a hundred more at minimum wage working 20 hours a week with no benefits. I support strikers but they don't have a prayer against Wal Mart.
Pssst... If you shop at the Wal Mart on N. Academy by the Chapel Hills Mall you just might find a little early...
Well the Wal Mart in Smiths Falls has it's demographic figured out!
There's all this Alex from Target and I'm over here like Lucee from Wal Mart
I have never ranted on FB before. But I need to say some things before the elcetion tomorrow. Let's look at some of the 'issues' being presented by various candidates: Education funding. We are now the State with the highest per student CUTS since 2008. The State has cut 24% from education in that period. Taxes. The State has cut the rate for the wealthiest while leaving everyone else covering the difference. Minimum Wage. This administration is against paying a living wage, forcing families of the working poor to rely on social programs like Food Stamps just to feed their children. At least Wal Mart doesn't have to pay any of that. Health Care. Rejected expansion of Medicare and oppose Affordable Care Act so we can treat people in emergency rooms instead of at a doctor's office. Marriage Equality. Marry whoever you want as long as it meets our standards. Freedom of Religion. Worship in any Protestant manner you want. Background Checks. Everyone needs a gun, the more the merrier. Prisons. Sinc ...
We got to the Rec center and Brandon it looks like Black Friday at Wal Mart. We even waited until 7:30 to go. It was fun for them :-)
.needs to bring Ken Shamrock back, Im sure hes in shape. Hes been moving heavy Wal Mart warehouse boxes around.
San Fernando Valley Discount Medicine. Our name says it all! Nordstrom quality at Wal Mart prices!
Wal Mart or Target the Monday after Halloween. Maybe Wallgreens, CVS or Rite Aid. Too much inventory, too little space
Amazon Prime: Because going to Wal Mart *** the soul out of your body, and it hurts. New slogan I just came up with. Amazon, feel free to use this, just send me $10,000,000 and lots of camera gear.
This is an edited comment from a Reddit thread on energy costs (yeah, I know, I really know how to live it up online!). I've edited for context and cohesiveness, but left the heart of it unchanged - it sums up the business model difference between coastal companies and middle America, using WalMart and Google as proxies. In my experience, this observation is largely a true difference between the two models and while you can find examples of both models on both coast and middle-America, the geographic dispersion is correct and shows a how hard it is to build a tech company in middle America versus the coasts: Wal Mart is really a product of the mid-American conservative business culture from which it came -- and is still headquartered. That business culture is all about... well... thrift. You make everything as cheap as you can: wages, supplies, operations, and so on, and you do volume. You go for areas like commodity retail and you dominate them and do lots and lots of volume. It's the complete opposite . ...
Where can I get some dang superhero stickers?? I've looked at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Wal Mart, and Target. Geez!!!
Denise from in the new Wal Mart commercial, Craig must have gotten rid of her
Vote daily at Wal Mart for grants to local food banks. Harry Chapin Food Bank in SW Florida is in 33901. via /r/...
How deplorable of Wal Mart to blame the victim for their driver's actions!!! I mean he was hauling a load for way too long of hours and smashed into a limo which killed a man and critically injured Tracy Morgan and then blame the dead man and Morgan for not wearing safety belts. Now that's classy!! not!!!
Many years ago, I was a juror on a case involving an injured trucker vs. Wal Mart. Nice to see Wal Mart once again passing the buck, blaming the victim, and generally avoiding any real responsibility for their actions with the Tracy Morgan accident. I'll say this for them...they're consistent.
Coors Light Summer brew 12 packs for only $2.88 at Wal Mart. Just picked up 21 cases
Cabelas account hacked today. If you have a Cabelas account, be sure to check your account as they have been hacked just like Target and Home depot today. They made a copy of my card and tried to us it in Wal Mart post falls Idaho.
Wal Mart has a hiring center at 2714 VA Beach Blvd in VA Beach. It is located at the 2700 Lynnhaven Convenience Center. Pass it on!
Spotted a Bentley in the Wal Mart parking lot. Not only did it have WV plates, but it had commemorative Dale Earnhart WV plates.
“I want to do something fun next weekend.” U Prolly gon end up giving out free handys behind Wal-mart
OMG hilarious, a few years ago an e-mail went around with at least 50 pics of Wal-Mart shoppers like this or worse!
Going into Wal-Mart with chocolate all over my pants bc just got out of work... oh🐳
Top state court says Wal-Mart must produce bribery probe documents to shareholders
Walked out of Wal-Mart without spending 40 dollars on nothing. Lol
remember when Paris Hilton said what's a wal-mart and fat anglo-saxons got all mad
Went to Wal-Mart after work. Worst mistake of my life PEOPLE THINK I WORK HERE
Turkish Government will be asked to refuse entry of 'radioactive ...:
Wal-mart wolverines stand up. I'm not ashamed
problems with pair of glasses. Back over 20 times. They bending and won't remake. Stay away Wal mart. Manager just as rude.
Wal-Mart's website to personalize shopping -
You know what really bugs me? When those oven pizzas you get from Wal-mart ask you to put them directly on the oven rack.
At Wal-Mart trying to remember what I desperately came here for
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Portland, Ore. has dumped its Wal-Mart shares & set up a committee to make more socially responsible investments:
Crest 3D whitestrips with Advanced seal technology. Brand new. $20. They retail for $50 at Wal Mart. Comes with 6 whitening treatments.
I got tie die pencils from Wal Mart because they reminded me of
Walked into Wal-Mart late at night and I barely made it out alive
Corporate profits are at an all time high, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, etc can afford it.
Can't believe my car got towed from Wal-Mart...
Power came back on yayy Wal-Mart up and running. But just got off. Going home to shower.. yes
// I'm in the hunting section of Wal-Mart and I'm currently debating buying a pistol for $19.97
There's a reason why I'm willing to drive to Target than deal with the Wal-Mart in SM.
Of course, Wal-Mart doesn't have a good rep for how they treat employees, but still...
Who remembers getting those yellow smiley face stickers when you first entered Wal-Mart
When I walk into Wal-Mart & see mega-rude, unhelpful employees, I get upset that decent people can't find jobs. :\
it's on reddit lol I would've bought them already if they were actually at wal mart
Old lady fight at Walmart: why the old lady fight the person don't Wal-Mart
Why does God put the most beautiful sunsets over Wal-Mart?
Wal-Mart, chipotle, ice cream, movies, watermelon Arizona, yeah today is a good lazy day.
I got him at Walmart. Although, I probably won't be able to find Phineas or Ferb at a Wal-Mart.
Perfect example of a "rest of the country problem" that people in LA speak about in patronizing, idiotic tones:
Walking around Wal-Mart with a bag of chips in my hand 😆
If you refer to Wal-Mart as "Wally World" I know you love that store...a lot
I saw Mrs. Hoppe at Wal Mart! 😭 She was THE best Algebra teacher ever! The only time in my life where I got an A+ in Math.
I'm pretty sure the male clerk at Wal mart by Willowbrook mall made a pass at me 😒..
Shopping in Wal-Mart.does anybody see sumtn wrong with this pic.smh
“What's a good place to get swimming trunks” Wal-Mart
Photo: Wal-Mart has all kinds of nifty Halloween lights. (at Walmart Jackson - Greenway Dr)
Someone was just singing amnesia in Wal-Mart while going up and down the isles
I can't believe that Abby said that Blac Chyna looks like a Wal-Mart version of Nicki Minaj.
Made the cut to the top 11 in the invitational, sitting in third place. Weigh in at Paris, TN Wal-mart tomorrow 4pm
Well that was definitely the most interesting time I've had at wal mart. 🎈💥
“Wal-mart connection. Lolol you have wal-mart connection.
"Bragging about their Wal-Mart and McDonald's because their athletic programs have no championships or wins to show for …
Happens every *** time!💯“I swear you'll go to Wal-Mart with a desired goal to spend but end up spending more …
I just assume everyone here in Bentonville Arkansas works for Wal Mart. And I hate them all
The lady in the black in the first picture is my Aunt Freda Lewis.. she is one of my mother's older sisters. She passed away this morning. She was a wonderful woman. I have so many amazing memories of her. When I was a teenager and mom and dad pastored the church in Crescent, Aunt Freda and family visited quiet often. As a young adult, I spent hours, days and sometimes weeks with them in Oklahoma City. I have always loved this Auntie of mine and I remember when my boys and I moved to Norman, I ran into her and her daughter in law, Krystal Lewis and son (my now deceased cousin) Artie Wayne at Wal Mart. We ended up going to Golden Corral to eat. I always loved visiting with her. When she moved to Shawnee, I'd stop by at times on my way to Prague and visit her. My heart is beyond breaking for I am going to miss her greatly. The last time I called her, she had such a difficult time talking and I would have to help her finish her sentences and words. Now this wonderful, Christian woman has been reun ...
I heard announcements over the intercom so I told everyone to be quiet and listen. Then I realized I was in Wal-Mart. I…
Don't forget to check out New album from available at Wal-Mart and itunes. remember to rate and review!!
Someone get high and go to wal mart with me
i tried saying it looked good and i could use her help she told me to go to Wal-Mart to get a wand!
The fact that the blocks of Velveeta are not placed with all the other cheeses in Wal-Mart is so *** frustrating
“MEANWHILE AT WAL-MART no you didn't try to take this pic and make it seem li…
Lmfao how do you get banned from all the Wal-Mart's in the greater houston area?? Jesus Christ
Today getting get my hair cut for school and go to Wal-Mart for stuff.and Go to the Open House for my school with
From our weekly "S'up segment. The story of a kid who lived in a Wal-Mart for 4 Days:
Usually the fake *** *** be ugly af... Dogging on somebody else when you still but your shoes from Wal-Mart... Goodbye.
Anti-Capitalist have a new company to hate along with Wal-Mart: will soon be the NEW WHIPPING boy for Left.
It's a festival so remote and bizarre that the only limit to free expression is imagination...and that dust that...
"Out cold. You can't bring dogs in wal-mart??
Saw the ultimate at Wal-Mart in New Martinsville tonight. A couple with 2 full carts in the 10 items or less aisle. And yes they let them.
Biggest wal mart in America is just a short bus ride away ❤️🙏
Just sitting n my car at Wal-Mart eating this pretzel dog so good
Smh they hollering all over wal mart !
Within 8 years of founder dying Wal-mart went from 70% Made in USA to 0% made here. They made $$$
This is why I'm not at Burning Man yet. 😣
Burger King for the win since I'm getting a oil change at Wal-Mart...
I had an existential crisis in front of Erin in a McDonald's that was in a Wal mart what a time to be alive
Soggy start leaves Burning Man crews stuck at Wal-Mart: Burning Man, the annual weeklong rave that draws thous...
Headed to Wal-Mart to get some essentials. Wish me luck.
Wal-Mart forced Mass Cheap Made when its founder was not even cold him his grave.
My Nano-Virus, called Wal-Mart , just wiped out the world in 1040 days! (Plague Inc.)
I'm just curious how is it possible for someone to walk out of Wal Mart with 3 flat screens an 3 desk top computers?
I hate Wal-Mart. Feel like I haven't explicitly mentioned that in a while.
I saw a Michael Ricks Lions jersey in Wal-Mart the other day.
We're sorry to hear that. Let us know more at twsprtso that we can help. -Kinga
I forced quintin to come to wal mart with me but I forgot to mention I didn't have air 😂 we drenched in sweat
Wal-Mart slashes prices on 5S and 5C ahead of iPhone 6 launch
So my daughter tries to convince me to buy a TMNT doll b/c "he's lonely and tired of living at Wal-Mart & wants to live w/us".
Please email us at twsprtwith your full name & contact info so we can assist you further. -Kinga
Wal mart be like $200 works great. Some assembly required.
the real question is why are you going to Wal-Mart for deli needs?
Did you know at the Mart that sells Wal you can get by h…
Megan Fox is banned for life from Wal-Mart.
Two more hours. Then gym. Wal Mart. And laundry.
Dollar store wars likely to hurt Wal-Mart - Fortune
Just witnessed one old lady on an electric wheel chair cart in wal mart say "wanna race" to two separate other old ppl on them as well
Yesterday some tweaker asked me to buy him sudafed in wal mart
Janalyn and I had fateful meeting tonight at Wal Mart in Grove City. After giving her some time to get the feel of pulling a trailer in a private parking lot, we went to Wal Mart and bought convex mirrors to better see the blind spot when towing. Pulling in the parking lot, we saw a Casita trailer setting in the outer part of the lot, pulled by a minivan. When we came out, there was a man walking his little dog, looking over our van and camper. I presumed that he was pulling the Casita and so introduced myself. He revealed he and his wife were traveling in the Casita, and that he and his wife are full timers. We chatted about the van and I revealed that I use it for my business. Then he asked me the pointed question, "what business are you in?" I told him that I am in the harmonica business--sales, service, and performances. The man's facial expression turned to a combination of surprise and joy. He asked me if I knew about the big harmonica convention in St. Louis...I told him we were there last ...
"A women was arrested for making meth inside of a Wal Mart." Trashy.
Things you may not have known about FL... you know that section of Wal Mart that has an Optomitrist? Here, it's a liquor store.
Happy 25th birthday Allen. Dave and I miss you so much and our late night Wal Mart trips. 😔❤️
Benton county fair reminds me of Wal Mart x 12
It's tax free weekend in the Lone Star State and I'm about to go get some gym socks from Wal Mart lol
I saw Brian Howard at Wal Mart. He's still hot.
Ok folks here's afew questions . What stores in your opinion have the lowest prices OVERALL in each category 1 )CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aide 2) Kroger, Wal Mart or Meijer 3) Dollar General, Family Dollar or Dollar Tree
Unfortunately this is your Zionist Jew controlled big Pharma and how their drugs operate. Fortunately I knew this and avoided the trap. Chiropractor, no Fluoride in my water. No soda drinks except occasionally and then it's Sprite. A good multivitamin with B12 and iodine at least. You won't find a good multivitamin at Wal Mart either. GNC or Whole Foods or shop online @ The Vitamin Shoppe. MSM also. Probiotics in the form of Yogurt or Kefir from said box store which helps regulate your sleep patterns along with your mood. As little sugar as possible since it feeds cancer cells. That the just of what I did along with raising my PH level.
STAR bake sale tomorrow and Wal Mart from 10 until 4 . I can guarantee you this is not your everyday bake sale. We have a variety of beautiful and delicious baked goods. Come and check it out and I think you will definitely find something to your liking. Every penny made goes to the dogs .
Just got back from an outing with my granddaughter, Savana Elaine Lee Oshia. Went to Hot Topic where she picked out her birthday present and some of her Christmas presents. Then shopping at Sears for a lot of baby gifts (not for her). Then a yummy lunch at Max and Erma's. After that to Wal Mart for some work shoes for her. It's been a long time since she and I have been on a shopping trip! I think we did pretty good. Had a great time with ya Savana...Already looking forward to our next outing!
Anyone know where to buy ClearJel in KC? Already checked Wal Mart and Price Chopper.
Got good news from Pick N Save and Wal Mart >>>
Perry Ellis is at Wal Mart, that is all.
Wal Mart heir Alice Walton worth $152billion hit and killed a 50-yr old mother on a road in 1989, but no charges were ever filed.
Eric tells me we are going to Taco Bell, and we end up going to Wal Mart. I could kill him
I can't stand seeing advertisements on my news feed for big companies. I've blocked McDonalds, Burger King, Wal Mart and Pizza Hut this week
Wal Mart is being sued by comedian Tracy Morgan for negligence by one of its drivers...
Basically rednecks are actually *** men dressed in neon orange/camo that came from Wal Mart or a Bass Pro Shop.
Do NOT!!! Repeat; do NOT go to Wal Mart, Rite Aide, Walgreens, anywhere and try to get in and out quickly!!!
I see black teenage kids all the time in Wal Mart and on Delaware ave but none of them *** go to it's like where do you go?
Wal Mart victim is armed, does not succeed in stopping rampaging loonies
Had some cash on me, spent it at Rite Aid & Wal Mart for drag stuff, cause I need to buy cheap & save money
Monday 6/30/2014 Incident Reports: 2 custody issues, 1 child welfare investigation, a stolen license plate from a vehicle that was later recovered, criminal mischief where a vehicle was keyed on South Second Street, theft from an unlocked vehicle on Darlington Drive and a counterfeit $20.00 bill from Wal Mart. Arrest Reports: Robin Boyd, age 35, arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance (RX-Felony) and Possession of Controlled Substance (Marijuana-Misdemeanor) after a traffic stop by Officer Rankin. An adult female was arrested on outstanding warrants for Failure to Appear. Darin Cox, age 29, arrested for Arson and Residential Burglary after an investigation into a suspicious fire on Mary Ann Circle on 6-29-2014. 37 Extra Patrols 7 Traffic Stops 7 Alarm Calls with all being false alarms or checking out ok 1 Accident Investigation 3 Fireworks Calls
Where is Larry Stevens at? I need to rant with someone while standing in line at Wal Mart.
MADE IN THE USA .! PAY ATTENTION FOLKS". IT IS YOUR BUSINESS!! Costco sells Goodyear wiper blades for almost half the price that you will pay on the outside and they are made in the U.S.A. Read and do the following. Did you know that there is no electric coffee maker made in the US and that the only kitchen appliances made in the US is Viking? This information came from a report made by Diane Sawyer. Hopefully this has changed or will soon!!! I DIDN'T KNOW HALLMARK CARDS WERE MADE IN CHINA!! That is also why I don't buy cards at Hallmark anymore, They are made in China and are more expensive! I buy them at Dollar Tree - 50 cents each and made in USA . I have been looking at the blenders available on the Internet. Kitchen Aid is MADE in the US. Top of my list already. Yesterday I was in Wal Mart looking for a wastebasket. I found some made in China for $6.99. I didn't want to pay that much so I asked the lady if they had any others. She took me to another department and they had some at $2.50 made i ...
Want to do something to help the victims of the Clear Spring flood? Here are a couple ways you can help: 1) The Clear Spring Ministerium has set up a fund to help the victims and are able to move immediately and directly as needs surface. They have already funded the $400 req'd inspection fee per property, so that folks could quickly get their assessment and do what they must to repair or relocate. They know of 11 properties, so they gave $4400 to the town to cover that. Victims also need clothing, particularly undergarments, so the Clear Spring Ministerium is setting up a voucher system with Wal Mart for them. The needs are and will be many. If you would like to help with funds for relief, please send checks to: Greater Clear Spring Emergency Relief Fund, Po Box 27 Clear Spring, MD 21722 2) Chick-fil-A fundraiser. Monday June 23rd from 5-9 p.m. Chick-fil-A is holding a fundraising night to benefit the Clear Spring flood victims and is asking for the help of local churches to help get the word ou ...
Wal Mart seed packet wrong, not Patty Pan but Acorn Squash. Good thing it was a small packet Wonder how many have the wrong squash
I would like to thank everyone for your love and support through this painful time in my life. Kelly Paschal Bonita Norris Lucile Stewart April Fisher Elaine and Lamar Carla Schichler Mike Schichler Michael Connie Carroll Mike Williamsand Renee.. there are just no words that can thank you. Jessica Reed that was some awesome lasagna that you and your mom sent to our house! We have been through alot together! What you all did for my family and myself was a large part of what held us up as our world was crashing down around us.Darcy Comstock, Rhonda Goodman and Ed, your visit at just the moment it was needed. And Santiago...little man you always save my day. You are my proof that miracles do happen and God is in control. My Pastor Eddie Blalock and my Wal Mart management team for making it possible for me to be by my husbands side until the end. Leslie Kresovic and Hope Bishop for helping us fight so hard against Donns horrible disease, keeping his pain under control and making us laugh when it seemed lik .. ...
Clarence Betterment Group is setting up a tent up town during the Homecoming we are selling tickets to win {$1.00 for 1 or 6 for $5.00] for 2-$50.00 gift cards at Casey"s -1 gift card $50.00 Wal Mart oil change at North Missouri Tire- 1 month Tanning , at Times remembered Floral Design &gift- 1 season pass for a family of 5 or less Clarence Municipal pool--$50.00 toy from john Deere at Macon- wreath from Ben Franklin--wreath Clarence Betterment Group--this money goes to the Veterans Memorial fund for the signs--- plus Friday night Cake and Ice Cream all week we will be selling tickets --last night of homecoming Saturday 21 , we will draw out winning name ,, DO NOT HAVE TO BE THEIR TO WIN CLARENCE HOMECOMING THIS WEEK WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY" FRIDAY" and SATURDAY
Ninja Ultimate Commercial Kitchen Pro System. This is the 1500 Watt System, not to be confused with the Commercial system from Wal Mart or Macy's which is only 1200 watts. I paid $300 for it about 6 months ago. Its only been used a few times. Comes with all in picture. Cross Posted. First cash takes it and wont take any less then $150. Ill meet in Goose Creek area Saturday afternoon. If you have always wanted the best in blenders this is it. It crushes ice like no other.
If plastic Wal Mart sacks were votes from the electoral college, my wife would make Warren G Harding look like Warren G.
Many nights I lie in bed pondering the many questions of the world whose answers evade without any further ado, I bring you the Curiosity Killed My Sleep Edition of Random Thoughts... - How do you tune a fish? - How do you milk an almond? - Why is it so difficult to get through the checkout at Wal Mart without some *** having a problem? - What would some people do if we took their cell phones away? - Where ARE you going? - What would life be like without bacon? - How much is TOO MUCH cowbell? - How many references of me marrying Erin Andrews is too many?  Did I pass that number a long time ago? - Whatever happened to the "entertainment" part of Entertainment & Sports Programming Network?  Is it the same place that the "music" from Music Television went? - Whatever happened to Pink Panther Flakes?  They made your milk pink! - Hey Billy Joel, if we didn't start the fire, who did? - Am I smarter than a 5th grader? - Is someone getting the best of you? - Who can it be now? - What did we do with .. ...
Two words for Wal Mart : freak show. A nice hug from my buddy Jeff Puckett but other than that . Freak show.
There should be an observation deck at Wal-mart.
They have much cooler food selections at Hawaiian Wal-Mart's
I just need to take a drink & go to wal mart.. lol, that's the only time I'd have the balls to actually cut my hair how I want it.
Bout to go to wal mart nd get me a scrub
The lady next to me is playing boys 2 men in the line at wal mart. It's taking everything within me to not sing along right now lol 😁
I screamed like a school girl when I saw the new Blu Ray at the Wal Mart earlier. I'm so excited!
True Story: So I'm in Wal Mart right, and this random *** *** walked up to me and "who are you" you look famous 😳
So Pharrell performed at the Wal Mart shareholders meeting .. Interesting
Happens to me ALL THE TIME. Just take it to the closest wal-mart and start the bidding at 20.
My rant for the night: When I see a person literally run up to a handicapped scooter in Wal-Mart to sit their...
Wal-Mart appoints Walton family member as vice chairman
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Going into Wal-Mart on pay day isn't ever a good idea.
The importance of planning ahead: on the rise in worker strikes in -
Herein lies an important decision that consumer America needs to make.
"Branson, Missouri is the Wal-Mart of vacation destinations." can't deny that.. Especially if you are in KS/MO. Not many options.
I need to stop being lazy and go to wal mart
I feel great pride wearing my GC shirt into Benton Wal-mart
currently hanging out with Mrs. Culbertson and her family in Wal-Mart
They're selling jäger with t shirts at Wal Mart for $14 I need it like u don't even know
You know you and your friends stay eating when you go back into wal mart twice to get ice cream 😂
Wal-Mart only had like 6 registers open and its full. What the heck?
I agree in regards to small business. The nuance of "corporate taxes" tends to give the impression of Wal-Mart-style jobs.
I love going to Wal Mart just because it's always something funny to see 😂😂
It was me btw I don't member but I was burping bologna. 😂 yas! member when I tried to take chewy to wal mart.
A shopping trip to Wal-Mart is like going to a zoo without cages.
Instead of fully bringing Twinkies back, they should release like 10 boxes a day at Wal-Mart so we can watch fat people fig…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Wal-mart is the country's 2nd largest employer after the U.S. government
No one go to Wal-Mart, my aunt and cousin are with me and you don't want to see them in public 😂
I was feeling really bad about myself so I went to Wal-Mart hoping I would feel better, sadly I fit right in
Selling for a friend: swing set for sale, practically new,nothing wrong with it. Bought new from Wal-Mart. Will...
That fact that we just walked in to Wal-Mart to play football is awesome
As a budweiser merchandiser, the amount of people who think I work at Wal mart is to *** high!
Walmart is expanding their Savings Catcher program across the country! Will you try it?
Wal-Mart Account Manager - - Details: Basic Function The position is responsible for the development of ...
At Wal-Mart annual meeting, Walton family gets its way, again
Rodney and I got a pedicure can you believe it!!2 other men talked him into me. Got my nails done also. Of course he didn't. Then we went to Smokin n' Style BQ. So good then Wal Mart LOL. !Had a nice date not bad being retired
I am furious and may need a lawyer. If anyone can help me please let me know. I went had my oil changed at Wal mart Nederland on the second of this month. On my way to get kman I notice my car acting weird. Like the transmission may have been slipping and when I got to Wal mart noticed clanking sound. Bill looked under the hood and the oil cap is sitting under the hood and there isn't a drop of oil in my car. Buying oil now as praying we make it home I think my engine is shot!! THIS IS SERIOUS PLEASE HELP.!! I'm in tears.
Darlin ran away or got snatched today sad I looked for hrs for her she got out at a gas station at new hope and new bern at the wal mart shopping center had to get water in the radiator cause it's on the way out and had all the pups with me too tryin to sell them made it home thank GOD ... 8am appt to get the car fixed :(
It's confirmed. Platte St Wal mart has not changed!!! Ugh. Being 5 foot 5'. 250 pound. Hey spandex is NOT an option for you! 😬
There's a worker at this Wal Mart and I swear he looks like Razor Ramon lmao
Wow. To those 4 GORGEOUS blondes that just got here on vacation from Georgia. When you said to me "hey there sweetheart mind tellin a bunch of us ol dummies where to find the closest wal mart??" Why don't I just go with you??? :-)
Just about that time to leave to start our vacation!! I hate packing & unpacking!!! And I'm always scared what did we forget... But there is always a Wal mart around the corner so we will manage!! VACATION HERE WE COME!! Yah
I was at Wal Mart this morning , while I was waiting in the battery section , this gentle man came in and was talking to some other men he knew . He said his wife passed away last night to a rear bone cancer . I looked at him and thought I could not be here right now . Just then I thought Herb , shut your stupid thanking ,you don't know where he is and has been . You are still their don't even go their . I realized I was thanking like some more than likely thanking the way some people were about me . Like my self he was dealing with it like I was dealing with the loss of Iva .Then the gentle man said something that I had forgotten . He said she is in no more pain , she has no stress , she has no bills to worry about .No suffering . Iva has no stress no stress and no pain .and no suffering . she is done with that for ever and ever . Their are no two ways of dealing with this , and like Delbert Cragen said this morning . Some go way too / soon some don't . We just have to be thankful that we are h . ...
.and we just saw some woman shaving her armpits in the wal mart parking lot. Good morning!
I received a message this morning from a young lady concerned about the gentleman at Wal Mart collecting money...she says he's in his 70'and his car is not that good and his sign says...He and his wife need money for food and medication...I know for a fact there are a number of food banks in Muskogee and programs that assist with medication cost..some provide it free and some discount opinion is this...if he can stand on a corner all day and collect money..he can occupy a chair at a desk...You be the judge..if you feel complelled make a donation...I personally prefer not to..
Yeah banks, keep replacing tellers with atms and other tech. And wanting to get national avg of per transaction fee up to $4.20? Wow! Im just a dumb louisiana coonass, but I sure do see those money center lines at wal mart getting longer. Yeah, baw.
Non-Disney question to area residents. We are in Lake Buena Vista, tire light came back on last night. We are driving back to Iowa tomorrow. Wait at wal mart is 3 hrs, tire shop down the road won't even look at it until Monday (we won't be here). Any suggestions???
BIGGEST PEEVE EVER!!! To ALL of you just now on highway 20 who refused to pull over for the ambulance with their lights on (and there were several and had plenty of room to pull over).I sincerely hope you are never the person inside the ambulance needing to get to the hospital for urgent care! I'm sure getting to your location 30 secs sooner is not life or death but it may be for the person in the ambulance! (no I'm not texting & driving at the moment I am in Wal Mart's parking lot)
Go ahead and order a cake from wal mart LOL
Lol these boys having fun at wal mart
Today was full of fun and surprises. I had a splendid visit with Avery and Thomas that included a stop at Steak 'N Shake, where I received validation for my fear of restaurant condiments and affinity for hand sanitizer when one diner entered the restaurant picking his nose in a decidedly audacious manner but stopped to grab his menu. Another customer's child took her finger out of her mouth and swiped it over the top of a pepper shaker. I knew it! It also included an act that I had declared anathema. I had not entered a Wal Mart since December 2012, and the longer I stayed away, the harder it became to contemplate returning for any reason. Sadly, I dropped by the Statesboro store before coming home for reasons that I now find impossible to defend. At first things weren't too bad. I navigated successfully though the garden center, where I began to feel rather Zen about the experience; however, the grocery section did not fail to deliver the woman planted in the middle of a busy aisle while she chatted on . ...
I found $300 dollars in the wal mart parking lot last night!!! I found it and don't nobody on here try to claim it!!!
I just found 300 .00 on the ground at Wal mart, what should I do???
I had to go to Wal Mart this morning because they are the only ones who sell Lucky's favorite treats. Anyway, I passed the eyeglass dept. and they had a life-size poster of a man with a long beard. According to Fox News, people with beards are terrorists! Maybe the FBI should investigate Wal Mart now for promoting terrorism? :P :P :P
Lets see some comments or opinions on something. Is a collector a person who has to go to every store within a 100 mile radius scavenging everything good out of stores leaving stone unturned even to the point you ask management to bring it out or have certain stores under wrap are you considered a collector?? If you hunt all the stores because you need more than one for your collection and youre hunting and pillaging stuff from other stores where people live that collect who can't find anything in the only store they go to? My opinion is your nothing but a hoarder and scalper. You can say I'm doing it just to have extra to trade but I dont believe that especially when you set up at shows or sale those extras online. Youre definitely not a true collector. I do go to other areas and sometimes I do score and it feels good knowing that you found something where others think they have the area locked down. I used to go out every other night hunting but that was when I was younger know that im older I have mo . ...
"BLOCKED CHANNELS" Our song leader was out of town this past Sunday night, so Bro. Bill Legere graciously stepped in to lead the music. He happened to choose one of my favorite hymns"Channels Only". I have had this song stuck I my head all week & even asked God to use me to be a channel of blessing & love to someone in need. I hate to admit it, but as the week progressed my channels quickly became blocked with the somewhat normal & chaotic business of the Larson household. Monday evening a couple knocked on our door. One of our children came to me & told me that Sergio, a man who had visited our church previously needed a ride. I told my son to find his Dad & tell him of the need. My husband, who had been awake since 4:00AM, and was now working tirelessly on our septic tank problem came in the house a few minutes later to tell me that he would be back in a bit, he was going to give this couple a ride to Wal Mart. I am ashamed to say I rolled my eyes and asked my husband "are we starting a taxi service now ...
I went to check on friends who were in a bad storm- possible tornado on US 23 in LC. That storm was over and all was clear. On the way back, I got caught in another horrible storm and pulled over. I finally made it back to Wal Mart in Louisa and filmed this around 8:40 pm. It's the storm I drove through. It was very scary. NWS said it probably wasn't a tornado, but it was creepy.
Just wrapped Grant & Mac's 7th b'day party @ Azalea Swim & Tennis Club. Our theme was "back to basics" which means nary a Pinterest Board was searched...not a tablecloth or balloon was to be found..A big shout out to our sponsors, Rite Aid, for the non-theme plain white styrofoam plates (I KNOW!! No theme!! gasp!) & generic-brand cheese balls, Wal Mart (if you're reading this Wal Mart, I hate your guts) for the plain napkins, Capri Suns & water, Publix for the most amazing Despicable Me/Lego Harry Potter cupcake cake & finally, Target for $1 water frisbees party favors that will find their way into the garbage or the bottom of the beach bag really soon. It couldn't have been easier & the boys loved it.
Connection between the Billy Graham Crusade altar call and Wal Mart: . They both tell you to Come As You Are.
Zombies exist, they just blend in really well as shoppers in Wal Mart and as protestors for Westboro Baptist Church.
In the middle of a grocery run in Florida and caught part of the Blue Angels practice in the Wal Mart parkin lot.
Ive got a gallon jug of Drinking Water from Wal Mart. Someone left it behind at a social function I was at recently, so I became its proud new owner. The Source of the water is. the Erie County Municipal Drinking Water Supply! Thanks western New York! The water we get from Oneonta Municipal Drinking Water is of course a lesser quality. And thank you Wal Mart, for creating an industrial process to bottle and drive it via diesel fuel all the way to my thirsty neck of the woods!
Where the *** do they hire these Wal Mart employees from ? Sam Walton if only you were alive to see this !!!
I'm alone at Wal Mart with Lisa and Mel. Why do you hate me
2 boxes of Federal .45 Full Metal Jackets (50 each) at Wal Mart = $24.67 each 1 Box of Winchester .45 Jacketed Hollow Points (20 each) at Wal Mart = $26.27 each Having to explain to the woman working the fire arms counter the difference= PRICELESS
Donovan Dodge is having a BIG offsite SALE this weekend at the Wal Mart in Sierra Vista. Don't miss out on the HUGH SAVINGS for both New and Used vehicles. See our ad for some examples of SAVINGS. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. WE NEED YOUR TRADE-IN!! Español:
After some people asking how they can help Jessica and Guy, Shannon Sosebee McChristian and I got a list together of things that would be much appreciated while they are at the Ronald McDonald house. Some suggestions would be: Wal Mart gift cards, Fast food gift cards (Taco Bell and Chick Fila especially) Pizza Hut (since they deliver), Gas Cards, There is a kitchen set up in their room so they are able to put things in the microwave and refrigerator if anyone would rather bring a home cooked meal and goodies for them. Anything to offset food and grocery bills would be helpful. To get the stuff to them you can either mail it to Shannon McChristian at 921 Charmont Charelston AR 72933. Or she said Guy and Jessica are usually hanging out at the Labor and Delivery waiting room. It is just outside the 3rd floor elevator. Guy and Jessica let us know if you want to add anything you can think of.
Because little girls should be able to play with whatever they want, even if it isn't in the girl isle at Wal Mart.
I reported a cute little Yorkie locked in a truck this afternoon at Wal Mart. The temperature was 93 degrees and the 2 windows were barely cracked. The dog was panting at the window. Three officers showed up about 8 minutes after I called. After looking at the dog and each other for about five minutes they called in the license plate. One officer went in to page the owner of the truck and the other two left. About another 8 minutes later, the officer came out and said noone came to the front. He then informed me that there was nothing he could do. He didnt have time to wait for the owner to come out and when they did, he would TALK to them! My suggestion of unlocking the door or busting a window or Whatever would be a crime and he couldnt break the law. It was JUST a dog pretty much and not illegal to leave them in the car like that. I waited and a lady and girl came to the truck (total time was atleast 25 minutes..could have been longer). I gave them my opinion on it all and she kept saying " ...
This coming Memorial Day weekend I will be doing a outreach program, just like last year. During last years out reach program we, with your support, gathered 17 pallets of donated items and over 3k that was donated to the Disabled American Veterans. We are working this Friday, Saturday and Sunday collecting items to donate to local Veterans. We will be handing out flyers of items needed at the following stores: Wal Mart State Line, Wal Mart Post Falls, Wal Mart in Hayden and Fred Meyers in Cda. Please come by and grab a flyer and help local Veteran in need. I am very blessed to have served in the United States Air Force and know that a lot of Vetrans have trouble dealing with every day stuff and by gathering these itmes needed we all can help these folks who are in need and give back to those who gave so much.
So I was at Wal Mart and I could hear the two guys in front of me talking about this was the first DVD player they have bought. I look down and the first CD. Saturday Night Main Event Wrestling with a bonus Ric Flair CD. WO. West Virginia baby!
Back in late 2011, I was asked to pitch in for a bit with a group of dedicated folks to help with a singular cause. They were working to send some true American heroes -- World War II veterans -- to Washington, D.C. so they could take in the glory that is the World War II Memorial, an awesome site that was put together for their honor. This weekend, Big Sky Honor Flight - Montana will take the ninth (and final) flight of veterans to D.C. for a glorious "final mission." That group of volunteers has done an incredible job. They have raised more than $1 million to accomplish a race against time to get those veterans to D.C. Kids walked around the track at West to raise money; Wal Mart and car dealerships put together fundraising barbecues to help raise money; elementary students from across the state sent in pennies and quarters; companies large and small dug deep to help out; ... the list of generosity went on and on and on. As a volunteer for that group, my attendance was spotty, but the dedication of the ...
They don't sell anything at Wal Mart to fix the leak! I checked. When will American Hoggers be back?
Just left the new Wal Mart. Not a good experience until.Super Mario saved the day! I know policy hun, please. ...
Hobbs' Public Service Announcement: To my surprise and chagrin, over the past few days I have read quite a few articles and FB status updates where people denounce LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's words while also asking whether he should have had an expectation of privacy and more critical to this announcement, whether we would be comfortable with our private convos on race aired in the public. As a blogger, I air my thoughts on whites, blacks and others all of the time so the last question doesn't concern me; the difference as far as Sterling is concerned is that he is a long time business owner with a long history of adding action-discriminatory acts---to his racist words. Ergo, the Wal Mart greeter who says " I hate *** bothers me far less than if the Wal Mart owner says the same.
Went to the casino breakfast buffet this morning!!! Yum yum! Was good though stayed pretty low carb! Dropped the "required" bucks in a slot machine. Now back at my adopted spa home for a nap!! Will do the Wal Mart shopping later today. Gonna get a wheeled suitcase. That duffle bag almost killed me! Want to find Trinny a Vegas TShirt also. The rest of you guys can look at my pictures
If every day is pajama day at Wal Mart, then Auburndale is the national headquarters...they're everywhere!!!
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