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Wal Mart

Walmart Stores, Inc. , branded as Walmart since 2008 and WAL★MART before then, is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores.

Diane Sawyer

It's confirmed. Platte St Wal mart has not changed!!! Ugh. Being 5 foot 5'. 250 pound. Hey spandex is NOT an option for you! 😬
Wow. To those 4 GORGEOUS blondes that just got here on vacation from Georgia. When you said to me "hey there sweetheart mind tellin a bunch of us ol dummies where to find the closest wal mart??" Why don't I just go with you??? :-)
Just about that time to leave to start our vacation!! I hate packing & unpacking!!! And I'm always scared what did we forget... But there is always a Wal mart around the corner so we will manage!! VACATION HERE WE COME!! Yah
I was at Wal Mart this morning , while I was waiting in the battery section , this gentle man came in and was talking to some other men he knew . He said his wife passed away last night to a rear bone cancer . I looked at him and thought I could not be here right now . Just then I thought Herb , shut your stupid thanking ,you don't know where he is and has been . You are still their don't even go their . I realized I was thanking like some more than likely thanking the way some people were about me . Like my self he was dealing with it like I was dealing with the loss of Iva .Then the gentle man said something that I had forgotten . He said she is in no more pain , she has no stress , she has no bills to worry about .No suffering . Iva has no stress no stress and no pain .and no suffering . she is done with that for ever and ever . Their are no two ways of dealing with this , and like Delbert Cragen said this morning . Some go way too / soon some don't . We just have to be thankful that we are h . ...
.and we just saw some woman shaving her armpits in the wal mart parking lot. Good morning!
I received a message this morning from a young lady concerned about the gentleman at Wal Mart collecting money...she says he's in his 70'and his car is not that good and his sign says...He and his wife need money for food and medication...I know for a fact there are a number of food banks in Muskogee and programs that assist with medication cost..some provide it free and some discount opinion is this...if he can stand on a corner all day and collect money..he can occupy a chair at a desk...You be the judge..if you feel complelled make a donation...I personally prefer not to..
Yeah banks, keep replacing tellers with atms and other tech. And wanting to get national avg of per transaction fee up to $4.20? Wow! Im just a dumb louisiana coonass, but I sure do see those money center lines at wal mart getting longer. Yeah, baw.
Non-Disney question to area residents. We are in Lake Buena Vista, tire light came back on last night. We are driving back to Iowa tomorrow. Wait at wal mart is 3 hrs, tire shop down the road won't even look at it until Monday (we won't be here). Any suggestions???
BIGGEST PEEVE EVER!!! To ALL of you just now on highway 20 who refused to pull over for the ambulance with their lights on (and there were several and had plenty of room to pull over).I sincerely hope you are never the person inside the ambulance needing to get to the hospital for urgent care! I'm sure getting to your location 30 secs sooner is not life or death but it may be for the person in the ambulance! (no I'm not texting & driving at the moment I am in Wal Mart's parking lot)
Go ahead and order a cake from wal mart LOL
Lol these boys having fun at wal mart
Today was full of fun and surprises. I had a splendid visit with Avery and Thomas that included a stop at Steak 'N Shake, where I received validation for my fear of restaurant condiments and affinity for hand sanitizer when one diner entered the restaurant picking his nose in a decidedly audacious manner but stopped to grab his menu. Another customer's child took her finger out of her mouth and swiped it over the top of a pepper shaker. I knew it! It also included an act that I had declared anathema. I had not entered a Wal Mart since December 2012, and the longer I stayed away, the harder it became to contemplate returning for any reason. Sadly, I dropped by the Statesboro store before coming home for reasons that I now find impossible to defend. At first things weren't too bad. I navigated successfully though the garden center, where I began to feel rather Zen about the experience; however, the grocery section did not fail to deliver the woman planted in the middle of a busy aisle while she chatted on . ...
I found $300 dollars in the wal mart parking lot last night!!! I found it and don't nobody on here try to claim it!!!
I just found 300 .00 on the ground at Wal mart, what should I do???
I had to go to Wal Mart this morning because they are the only ones who sell Lucky's favorite treats. Anyway, I passed the eyeglass dept. and they had a life-size poster of a man with a long beard. According to Fox News, people with beards are terrorists! Maybe the FBI should investigate Wal Mart now for promoting terrorism? :P :P :P
Lets see some comments or opinions on something. Is a collector a person who has to go to every store within a 100 mile radius scavenging everything good out of stores leaving stone unturned even to the point you ask management to bring it out or have certain stores under wrap are you considered a collector?? If you hunt all the stores because you need more than one for your collection and youre hunting and pillaging stuff from other stores where people live that collect who can't find anything in the only store they go to? My opinion is your nothing but a hoarder and scalper. You can say I'm doing it just to have extra to trade but I dont believe that especially when you set up at shows or sale those extras online. Youre definitely not a true collector. I do go to other areas and sometimes I do score and it feels good knowing that you found something where others think they have the area locked down. I used to go out every other night hunting but that was when I was younger know that im older I have mo . ...
"BLOCKED CHANNELS" Our song leader was out of town this past Sunday night, so Bro. Bill Legere graciously stepped in to lead the music. He happened to choose one of my favorite hymns"Channels Only". I have had this song stuck I my head all week & even asked God to use me to be a channel of blessing & love to someone in need. I hate to admit it, but as the week progressed my channels quickly became blocked with the somewhat normal & chaotic business of the Larson household. Monday evening a couple knocked on our door. One of our children came to me & told me that Sergio, a man who had visited our church previously needed a ride. I told my son to find his Dad & tell him of the need. My husband, who had been awake since 4:00AM, and was now working tirelessly on our septic tank problem came in the house a few minutes later to tell me that he would be back in a bit, he was going to give this couple a ride to Wal Mart. I am ashamed to say I rolled my eyes and asked my husband "are we starting a taxi service now ...
I went to check on friends who were in a bad storm- possible tornado on US 23 in LC. That storm was over and all was clear. On the way back, I got caught in another horrible storm and pulled over. I finally made it back to Wal Mart in Louisa and filmed this around 8:40 pm. It's the storm I drove through. It was very scary. NWS said it probably wasn't a tornado, but it was creepy.
Just wrapped Grant & Mac's 7th b'day party @ Azalea Swim & Tennis Club. Our theme was "back to basics" which means nary a Pinterest Board was searched...not a tablecloth or balloon was to be found..A big shout out to our sponsors, Rite Aid, for the non-theme plain white styrofoam plates (I KNOW!! No theme!! gasp!) & generic-brand cheese balls, Wal Mart (if you're reading this Wal Mart, I hate your guts) for the plain napkins, Capri Suns & water, Publix for the most amazing Despicable Me/Lego Harry Potter cupcake cake & finally, Target for $1 water frisbees party favors that will find their way into the garbage or the bottom of the beach bag really soon. It couldn't have been easier & the boys loved it.
Zombies exist, they just blend in really well as shoppers in Wal Mart and as protestors for Westboro Baptist Church.
In the middle of a grocery run in Florida and caught part of the Blue Angels practice in the Wal Mart parkin lot.
Ive got a gallon jug of Drinking Water from Wal Mart. Someone left it behind at a social function I was at recently, so I became its proud new owner. The Source of the water is. the Erie County Municipal Drinking Water Supply! Thanks western New York! The water we get from Oneonta Municipal Drinking Water is of course a lesser quality. And thank you Wal Mart, for creating an industrial process to bottle and drive it via diesel fuel all the way to my thirsty neck of the woods!
Where the *** do they hire these Wal Mart employees from ? Sam Walton if only you were alive to see this !!!
I'm alone at Wal Mart with Lisa and Mel. Why do you hate me
2 boxes of Federal .45 Full Metal Jackets (50 each) at Wal Mart = $24.67 each 1 Box of Winchester .45 Jacketed Hollow Points (20 each) at Wal Mart = $26.27 each Having to explain to the woman working the fire arms counter the difference= PRICELESS
Donovan Dodge is having a BIG offsite SALE this weekend at the Wal Mart in Sierra Vista. Don't miss out on the HUGH SAVINGS for both New and Used vehicles. See our ad for some examples of SAVINGS. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. WE NEED YOUR TRADE-IN!! Español:
After some people asking how they can help Jessica and Guy, Shannon Sosebee McChristian and I got a list together of things that would be much appreciated while they are at the Ronald McDonald house. Some suggestions would be: Wal Mart gift cards, Fast food gift cards (Taco Bell and Chick Fila especially) Pizza Hut (since they deliver), Gas Cards, There is a kitchen set up in their room so they are able to put things in the microwave and refrigerator if anyone would rather bring a home cooked meal and goodies for them. Anything to offset food and grocery bills would be helpful. To get the stuff to them you can either mail it to Shannon McChristian at 921 Charmont Charelston AR 72933. Or she said Guy and Jessica are usually hanging out at the Labor and Delivery waiting room. It is just outside the 3rd floor elevator. Guy and Jessica let us know if you want to add anything you can think of.
Because little girls should be able to play with whatever they want, even if it isn't in the girl isle at Wal Mart.
I reported a cute little Yorkie locked in a truck this afternoon at Wal Mart. The temperature was 93 degrees and the 2 windows were barely cracked. The dog was panting at the window. Three officers showed up about 8 minutes after I called. After looking at the dog and each other for about five minutes they called in the license plate. One officer went in to page the owner of the truck and the other two left. About another 8 minutes later, the officer came out and said noone came to the front. He then informed me that there was nothing he could do. He didnt have time to wait for the owner to come out and when they did, he would TALK to them! My suggestion of unlocking the door or busting a window or Whatever would be a crime and he couldnt break the law. It was JUST a dog pretty much and not illegal to leave them in the car like that. I waited and a lady and girl came to the truck (total time was atleast 25 minutes..could have been longer). I gave them my opinion on it all and she kept saying " ...
This coming Memorial Day weekend I will be doing a outreach program, just like last year. During last years out reach program we, with your support, gathered 17 pallets of donated items and over 3k that was donated to the Disabled American Veterans. We are working this Friday, Saturday and Sunday collecting items to donate to local Veterans. We will be handing out flyers of items needed at the following stores: Wal Mart State Line, Wal Mart Post Falls, Wal Mart in Hayden and Fred Meyers in Cda. Please come by and grab a flyer and help local Veteran in need. I am very blessed to have served in the United States Air Force and know that a lot of Vetrans have trouble dealing with every day stuff and by gathering these itmes needed we all can help these folks who are in need and give back to those who gave so much.
So I was at Wal Mart and I could hear the two guys in front of me talking about this was the first DVD player they have bought. I look down and the first CD. Saturday Night Main Event Wrestling with a bonus Ric Flair CD. WO. West Virginia baby!
Update your maps at Navteq
MADE IN THE USA .! PAY ATTENTION FOLKS". IT IS YOUR BUSINESS…! Costco sells Goodyear wiper blades for almost half the price that you will pay on the outside and they are made in the U.S.A. Read and do the following. Did you know that there is no electric coffee maker made in the US and that the only kitchen appliances made in the US is Viking? This information came from a report made by Diane Sawyer. Hopefully this has changed or will soon!!! I DIDN'T KNOW HALLMARK CARDS WERE MADE IN CHINA…! That is also why I don't buy cards at Hallmark anymore, They are made in China and are more expensive! I buy them at Dollar Tree - 50 cents each and made in USA . I have been looking at the blenders available on the Internet. Kitchen Aid is MADE in the US. Top of my list already. Yesterday I was in Wal Mart looking for a wastebasket. I found some made in China for $6.99. I didn't want to pay that much so I asked the lady if they had any others. She took me to another department and they had some at $2.50 ...
Back in late 2011, I was asked to pitch in for a bit with a group of dedicated folks to help with a singular cause. They were working to send some true American heroes -- World War II veterans -- to Washington, D.C. so they could take in the glory that is the World War II Memorial, an awesome site that was put together for their honor. This weekend, Big Sky Honor Flight - Montana will take the ninth (and final) flight of veterans to D.C. for a glorious "final mission." That group of volunteers has done an incredible job. They have raised more than $1 million to accomplish a race against time to get those veterans to D.C. Kids walked around the track at West to raise money; Wal Mart and car dealerships put together fundraising barbecues to help raise money; elementary students from across the state sent in pennies and quarters; companies large and small dug deep to help out; ... the list of generosity went on and on and on. As a volunteer for that group, my attendance was spotty, but the dedication of the ...
They don't sell anything at Wal Mart to fix the leak! I checked. When will American Hoggers be back?
Just left the new Wal Mart. Not a good experience until.Super Mario saved the day! I know policy hun, please. ...
Hobbs' Public Service Announcement: To my surprise and chagrin, over the past few days I have read quite a few articles and FB status updates where people denounce LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's words while also asking whether he should have had an expectation of privacy and more critical to this announcement, whether we would be comfortable with our private convos on race aired in the public. As a blogger, I air my thoughts on whites, blacks and others all of the time so the last question doesn't concern me; the difference as far as Sterling is concerned is that he is a long time business owner with a long history of adding action-discriminatory acts---to his racist words. Ergo, the Wal Mart greeter who says " I hate *** bothers me far less than if the Wal Mart owner says the same.
Went to the casino breakfast buffet this morning!!! Yum yum! Was good though stayed pretty low carb! Dropped the "required" bucks in a slot machine. Now back at my adopted spa home for a nap!! Will do the Wal Mart shopping later today. Gonna get a wheeled suitcase. That duffle bag almost killed me! Want to find Trinny a Vegas TShirt also. The rest of you guys can look at my pictures
If every day is pajama day at Wal Mart, then Auburndale is the national headquarters...they're everywhere!!!
last i checked he was performing at Wal Mart?
When will the Schweppes Ginger Ale be back in stock at JDs, the last time I was there I only saw Canada Dry which I am allergic to. I cannot make the trip to Wal Mart as my power scooter is incapable of traveling such a long distance.
Interesting parallel how big accounts are huge like Wal Mart. . Others like a mom&pop store. Mine, like a yard sale. . In the…
Guys will have True Religion jeans and a $2 white tee from Wal Mart smh
Dinner at the Wild Horse Cafe with my boys followed by a stroll around...Wal Mart. Layton asked why we always had to go there. We told him it's what you do after every date or a big dinner you have to walk off.
Come out and support our Stewart girls Sat at west end Wal Mart. We will be selling Indian Tacos
What a wonderful day! Went to Panera, asked for 1 toffee nut cookie and Melanie gave me 2, snuck another one in for free, I love her, went to Bed Bath & Beyond and Wal Mart, home cleaned, tarts burning, watching fox news and sitting with my dog babies, life is good! :)
So...what to do after a successful morning meeting...I want to Wal Mart. The clearance racks were off the chain!!!
If I could buy the rights to Wal Mart's security footage, I would have the most popular reality TV show in the history of mankind.
Just an FYI: don't go to Wal Mart the night before Easter. It's almost as bad as Christmas Eve. Not only were there tons of people, but both the Easter candy and regular candy aisles were wiped clean. All I wanted was some glue!
If you are in Jonesboro come to Parker rd Wal Mart to help send our youth to camp by buying our baked goods
Went to town and went out to eat with Miss Emma Braden Cheyanna and Kevin Brinson then went to Wal Mart and finished up the kids Easter shopping I looked like a little kid walking around wal mart just throwing stuff in the buggy for them lol way too excited for them to see what they got and can't wait to take pics of Braden Cheyanna and Shaun for easter I have a feeling they are going to turn out so great! Can't wait!
The Soroptimist Club of Accomack County will hold its annual Community Book Fair on April 26, 2014 from 10 am to 2 pm in front of Wal Mart. This annual event sells new and gently used hardback books for $1.00 each and paperbacks for 50 cents. This year, entertainment will be provided by Shane Kio, Eastern Shore’s own practitioner and teacher of juggling, who will entertain with his feats of juggling and his creative design of balloon animals. Each young reader in attendance will receive a free new book. All proceeds from the fair will benefit the Eastern Shore Literacy fund. Information will be available about the Soroptimist Club and about the Literacy Council and members from each organization will be on hand to sell the books, and provide additional information about their organizations. Everyone is encouraged to come out for the fun, the bargain books, and to encourage literacy on the Shore.
Lunch Announcements Carver Middle School 04-17-14 Students, you are going to have the opportunity to win some great prizes for perfect attendance during CRCT testing, this means that you need to be here by 7:25 each morning, no exceptions. Below is a list of items that you will be able to win: Nintendo Wii, Dr. Dre Beats earphones, a bicycle (on display in the front office), 5 internet tablets, a Nook, portable DVD player, and Wal Mart gift cards. *Homeroom classes that have perfect attendance will receive a pizza party! *There will be NO ice cream sells during CRCT. *Students are not allowed to have tattoos in school. From today forward, writing on your skin will not be allowed and will be considered as a tattoo for dress code purposes. Congratulations! Middle School Record Book Contest Winners for FFA at CMS! Ashley Tanner- Livestock - Gold Medal Winner Taylor Odum- Ag Mechanics- Silver Medal Winner Ashley learned how to ride and maintain horses and Taylor built a birdhouse for her grandmother. Both gi ...
Tiananmen Square. 25 years ago China brutally oppressed a democratic uprising so we could all go to Wal Mart.
I do not work for Jiffy Lube, I do not work for Grease Monkey, I do not work for Wal Mart tire , if you won't a $20.00 dollar oil change go there!
Remember back in the day when kids actually had respect for older people or were to afraid of the consequences from their parents if they were caught being disrespectful? Well kids you know when you are in a store, you never know who is around you so you should really watch what you are saying. Today I was in Wal Mart and the floor sweeper guy was walking through there just a sweeping away and just a cussing up a storm. There was an elderly man in the same isle and he just swept right past him like he wasn't standing there and the poor man looked really confused like he thought he was calling him the names and using the Lords name in vain every chance he got with a little this and that mixed in with it. Well I stood on that isle and just listened to that guy and thought oh my gosh, does he forget that people can hear him? Does he remember he is on his job? Does he really think someone cares who his girlfriend did what to and what her name is? (Or what he chooses to call her) Well little buddy, if yo ...
I have searched for Whiska's kitten milk at Big Lots, Petco, Wal Mart and Martin's. Will check Target and Food Lion. does anyone know where else I might check? I would like to donate some to Humane Society of Warren County
Gas station, coffee shop, Wal Mart, Roths, feed store, unpacked with help of course, landed now in the lawn chair, nap time. Hope every one has a great afternoon.
Powell River 4-H District is holding there Ed Boards display at the local Town Center Mall near the Wal Mart. Come check them out.
Police Arrest Burglary Suspect... Mount Vernon Police arrested a 30-year-old Oak Harbor man for burglary yesterday. He is linked to at least one, if not several, recent commercial burglaries in our community. On March 26, 2014, Riverside Lanes in Mount Vernon was burglarized. The suspect entered through the roof and took cash from a deposit box. The business’s security camera system captured photos of the suspect wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, backpack, dark pants and athletic shoes. Later that day, employees contacted police saying they had removed a subject matching the description earlier in the night. Investigators reviewed more security camera footage and found the subject wearing similar clothing and possessing a backpack. A pry bar, which appeared to be brand new, had been left at the scene. Detectives checked with stores that were open 24 hours and found the suspect had purchased the item at Wal Mart around the time frame of the burglary. Additionally, investigators had circulated securi ...
Imagine a parent/student/teacher edchat forum. Involvement from the sofa (or Wal Mart)! We will get there
I had to make a quick run to Wal Mart... Walked by the rotisserie chicken. BAM! Supper! 🙌
Sheetz is quickly becoming the Wal Mart of convenience more ways than one. O.M.G...
Well, I have completed my long journey and I am doing good. I hope I never have to go on it again. I am going back to work on April 26. I will be glad to go back! I have missed all my Wal Mart friends! Thanks one more time to everyone during this difficult time in my life!
Zoe Institute's Annual Conference is next Saturday and I need your help...We have over 100 ladies registered (most are single moms). Zoe is giving away "Gas for a Year" to one lucky grand prize winner...The ladies love gift certificates for hair cuts, Wal Mart gift cards, movie gift certificates, lotions, inspirational books, jewelry, candles, chocolate, etc... If you want to help, please drop gifts off at the office or in the mail. Thank you for helping me bless the hardest working population on earth! :)
I went to Wal Mart last night in Centre and scored major savings for once with NO problems! I scored 25 rolls of Jimmy Dean hot sausage, 4 nutri grain bars, 2 Oscar mayer hot dogs, 6 Iams wet cat food cans, and 2 pop tart 8 ct for $29 before tax :)
just realized there's only 1 L in Wal Mart
*** the acceptance rate for getting a job at Wal Mart is 2.6%. The rate for getting into an Ivy League school is 8.9%!!!
It's been a brilliant week in Neosho! Thankful for my place. Had to roam a while due to the way things were in the world. I've had enough roaming! Love writing my books and would work at Wal Mart! Thanks for being my friends! Aspergers syndrome is a gift, I manage it well! :-)
Wal Mart, saving the planet one urinal at a time. @ Walmart Supercenter
There must be a sale on Duck Dynasty merchandise today because all the ratchets are at Wal Mart!
I will admit that my normally unshakeable, unmitigated, unconditional, unbreakable, undiminished faith and trust in My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been put to a major test the past three weeks. And then.for we are told.I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS...TO THE VERY END. And then Friday night at Wal Mart in Muscle Shoals. I have one credit card on me because I intended to buy three items and three only. No cash on me; a quick trip to get three items. I get my three items plus "a few" other items JKT decided we needed. Anyway all is cool until time to pay. My card is rejected. I know the money is there many times over the $37.10 I owed. No other card, no cash, no nothing . The line behind me grows and I am embarrassed. I tell the cashier I am sorry and offer to take the items back to the shelves. The cashier says,"no we have someone to do that" and...then. An Angel stepped forward, and, looked at the amount and, said, "yes my card will cover it". She swiped the card, the cashier gave me the receipt. It thanked m . ...
So we see Jerome in Wal-Mart and I try to run... and she goes. " JEROMEEE JEROME LISTER" and im like oh my goood
Which revealed The Wal-Mart Stories Inc. on poor buyers of America.
Getting profession eye care at the local Wal-Mart
Stressed beyond belief. I'm about to break down in this Wal-Mart. Lord bless me.
"I thought we were going on a date, not to Wal-Mart" - moms reaction to dad's outfit
So uhhhm ppl at wal mart were looking at me funny cause I was wearing shorts . Tf
The wal mart in New Albany is so ratchet lmao
Chris Cagle - Wal-Mart Parking Lot. Jesus this song gives me cold chills about growing up in a small town.
suppose to be I wonder if wal mart have any tickets
Site DM'd me I can get 1000 followers for $3.90. I'm gonna wait, cause I think I saw the 1000 followers at Wal-Mart for …
Wal-Mart sues Visa over interchange fees.
Worse than Wal-Mart: Amazon’s sick brutality and secret history of ruthlessly intimidating workers via
Every time I watch "Imitation of Life" it makes me wanna hug a biracial baby. Wal Mart Bryant here I come!
There is not a single place I hate more than Wal Mart 😡
I been walking around wal mart parking lot hitting the alarm button on my keys so I can find my car, I'm happy to report the car was right where I left it ;)
Wal-mart Canada Corp. (Edmonton AB): "Make the difference as an Assistant Retail Store Manager...
Wal-Mart lights and streets lights went out!!
Wal Mart run...then in the house to pack 😩😩😩😩
How Wal-Mart is developing its online retail business
That's nuthin', Wal-Mart is selling his and her wedding bands for under 100 bucks!
A Wal-Mart in Heber was evacuated due to an "incendiary device" after an escaped prisoner was located inside:
You know what will make you question your faith in humanity? A wal-mart grocery trip on a Friday
In heaven you get to wear sweatpants all day and there's an endless supply of M&M's... or wait, is that Wal-Mart? I confuse those two often.
Wal Mart sure brings out the worst people.
You've got to be kidding me, I just ran into Ms. Braydford AND Mrs. Hoy at Wal-Mart *** lol
Went to Wal Mart and everyone was wearing either blue or red. You'd think Kentucky and Louisville were playing an important basketball game or something.
Can't stand rude cashiers at the local Wal-Mart. It isn't my fault you have a job you absolutely hate. Have a little respect!
Gonna put the new stove to the test, gonna fix pork cutlets, with gravey, mashed taters, some kind of beans? got me some green onions and bake some Wal Mart biscuits. Close to heaven!
Im about to harass wal-mart. How you gone give me the job, but not invite me to orientation.
Wal-Mart charged with age discrimination.
“Sometimes Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard
Fact check: "Wal-Mart is a relatively new player in the online segment"? ... 1996 is "relatively new"?
Wal-Mart's Battle With Visa Can't Hold Back the Dow - Wal-Mart is suing Visa for as much as $15 billion, but the c...
Heber Wal-mart evacuated after inmate leaves device at store, police say
In some states ... if u go to your local wal mart they can sign you up there. Just get covered. .…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
BBC News - Wal-Mart sues Visa for fixing price of credit card fees
To Do List : 1: Buy 4 Pigs 2: Paint numbers 1,2,3 and 5 on their backs 3: Release them in Wal-Mart. 4: Sit back watch Se…
Whenever there's a storm/hurricane approaching, Pop-Tarts and beer become the most purchased items at Wal-Mart.
RECALL of Wal-Mart dolls... - RECALL of Wal-Mart dolls...Wal-Mart Recalls Dolls Due to Burn Haza...
Just about had a heartattack in Wal-Mart when everyone's phones went off for an amber alert in Denton.
Wednesday made a week that I started working for Wal Mart and they already talking bout making me full time!!!
If you know me I'm always 100 miles an hour in 20 different directions... Well I'm at Walmart for work and trying to get in and out fly by this guy almost taking him out and he yells out that's why we need stop lights at Wal mart!!! 😳😳😳😳
First "Friendly Fridays" mission accomplished. I was able to bless a woman and her child by paying for their items at wal mart. She had tears so of course I teared never know how far a little kind gesture can go. Her small son noticed something was going on and he said "Mom what just happened?" She replied "something very kind that we will do for someone else when we are able to". Lets spread the love. For no personal satisfaction, but simply to be a blessing!
Aidan is a month old today! Time flys went to wal mart today was only gone for an hour but felt like forever lol can u tell i haven't left his side? But that's ok mommy needed outta the house
Need somebody in the automotive section of wal!
Going to do my drug test and background check for Wal Mart right now!
Wal mart wore these girls out lol love my babies
If she still wares glue on nails from wal mart, she's to young for you bro. 😂✋
Mom: Go to wal mart and buy me a printer. Son: Okay. *comes home* Son: I didn't buy you a printer..But I Bought Monkey Bread.
Wow since when wal mart have music playing while you shop?? Alright then do it wal mart
I can hear my music banging out dat speaker. Lakeisha Finney can I pay you for a ride to wal mart
I may be cut off from grocery shopping at Wal Mart. I can't seem to get out of there under $200.00 !! Ugh!!
So I went to wal mart and bought andrew a sprinkler so we could play in the water since it was so nice but before we did I gave him his lunch and I went to change just to hear rain and hail falling full blast on my house-_-
To all of you if you have a propane bottle that needs to exchange for a full one go to Wal Mart the price is $15.82 but you get a $10.00 gift card to us in the store so you will only really paying $5.82 only til Saturday
Used all them pennies at Wal Mart Self check
Hanging out with my big sis. Went to wal mart and now just relaxing.
With 2 blocks of riding to wal mart two crack head fiend *** ask me and Shanae Samuels for a dollar and a cigarette
I am going to rant. I have puppy raised for 16 years and have never had such a horrible encounter with someone like I did today. In Wal Mart one of their finer patrons felt the need to insult me and Hansen, me I can understand but Hansen is perfect... cute cuddly and much better behaved than this lady and her companions...( better dressed too but that is another story) People People use that filter that is in your brain!! Just because you think it does not mean everyone on isle 9-12 want to hear it! Hansen handled it like a pro ignored her like I should have.
God *** there is more flannel than wal mart in here tonight!!
umm police blocking all entrance to Wal Mart. kind of concerned maybe there is a donut sale :)
Who wants to go to wal mart with me? LOL
Been up and on the go since 4 am .. Cleaned the house did laundry ,plastered my bathroom , dropped off ya ya ,took mudder up to get her hair done, then paint shop,Kent , castle , wal mart , Had a bite to eat picked up mom ,etc. etc ...came home ... Unpacked the car ,went to see clearing out the spare room to get ready for painting.ugg think I need a nap coz this old gal is tired ... Maybe the painting can wait till tmorrow just feel wiped out . ! Hope you all have a good nite .be safe and have fun :)
Looking for anyone from FN who maybe be in FSJ or points south and coming back home within the next few days that would do a bit of Personal Shopping for me...I need about 6 Photo Albums from Wal Mart they have the 4x6 photo sleeves and usually hold about 440 pictures...they are about with taxes $15.00 each...Any takers???
Does anyone know where I can get lightweight fiberglass poles like kid bike flags come on? Need at least 4 foot length. The hardware stores don't have them. Wal Mart does not carry bike flags anymore. Don't know of Toys R Us would have them. I am making a "Rag Top" variation for Sweet P's bike basket and need them for that.
Did you know you must be 18 to buy spray paint from wal mart? Must show proof of age to buy it! what's next?
Along with Michael Miller I would like to ask my fb family and friends to keep my sister Mary Miller in your prayers as we have been fighting with Wal Mart trying to get them to allow Mary have a liver transplant at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Mary has had fluid removed from her belly twice once in October 6300cc and last week 10,000cc. I am beyond my wits end and don't know what else to do. Mary has made it perfectly clear she is not going anywhere other then baltimore. She said God will take care of her. All I ask for is a lot of prayers as her body won't take much more as her liver is gone. thank you all for all your prayers
If it's people out there w/ Masters Degrees working at Wal Mart, unless you have A1 networking skills WTH you think your chances are?
Left over Taco Cabana in the front seat of the car, Christian Contemp on the radio, and after an hour and a half of push and shove in Wal Mart on a Sunday night? I "get it" now, Rachael Galvan, Yes, "let's just sit here for a while, eat tacos and listen to some music."
BEWARE OF SCAM Faulks got a call today that their ALPower Bill had not been paid and services would be discontinued at 3:00 which also meant he would have no phone service. He called his bookkeeper and secretary and she came to the office to show him where it had been paid and already cleared the bank. She sent a fax as proof and was told it was no good! Bill was instructed to bring money to Wal Mart in the form of a MONEY PAK and sent to a certain number! BINGO A SCAM! I have talked with AL Power, the Russell Co. sheriff's Dept. and the Phenix City Police Department. AL Power asked me to put out the word that they would never ask for money in this way. Be careful. The crooks are on the loose!
I ran into Phil Robertson at Wal Mart in Checotah last night. What are the odds?
I couldn't resist taking this selfie at Wal Mart. Fellow Lumberjacks recognize the person's picture with me. That person is Shaka Smart, the VCU basketball coach.
we have two choices in this country: go the costco way, go the Wal Mart way. Guess who has the worse morale, most pickets
Good news / Bad news on the internet front this evening… I called Comcast for support because my internet service was not working. That issue was quickly resolved, so the rep politely asked if she could help me determine if I had the best service for what I am paying. OK, I am game for some fun, so I agreed. “Sir, I see the package you have now. How much are you paying for that each month?” Kinda makes you wonder how she knows what package I have if she doesn’t even know what I am paying. “I see you are a Preferred Customer, so I can upgrade you to the ‘HD Preferred” package.” Wow! I am a preferred customer and can get the HD Preferred package! I quickly thought of the possibilities – I can put that on my resume! And I can use that as a pickup line in the produce isle at Wal Mart - the women all love “preferred” men!” Just think about it - the next step has to be “V.I.P. Customer” – yeah, that is my goal, but I realize I have to get there one step at a time, so “pre ...
Danielle, I am not sure if you are aware of the scam that is associated with this Publishers Clearing House giveaway. I received a request from Dave Sayer asking me to be a friend. I accepted and later today I received what I thought was from him telling me that I had won the One Million Dollar plus the Seven thousand a week for life. They told me that I was a definete winner and that all I had to do was to go buy a "green dot" at one of several participating stores : Wal Mart, Walgreens etc. When I asked why I had to do this they told me that it registered me. The cost of this "green dot" card was $165.00 and I would get it back triple. When I continued to question I was dropped and my chat with Dave was taken off my FB page. Please let me know what is going on. Thank you, Julie
The new Thrift store opened next to Wal Mart in Hummels Wharf and I swear I saw Dave Wiley coming out with a cart full of things. With the money he makes you would think he would shop at Boscovs.
So a man pulls up to Wal Mart in a pretty nice looking truck gets out, goes in Garden center, same guy ends up in line in front of me, talkin to another customer about work, life, whatever. The guy asks him what he did for work, he tells guy he is disabled, then pays for mulch and stepping stones and walks out. After i check out i watch him load mulch and stepping stones in his truck! If this does not make your blood boil then you are part of the problem in this country! Im not talking about a guy at retirement age im talkin 40!! If you can take ur a$$ to Wal Mart then take your a$$ to work! If you need instructions on how to do so, watch my baby brother with the full prosthetic leg had multiple surgeries, skin graphs, etc! Watch him as he loads his tools and heads out on another job, IRON WORKIN, you lazy $%&*%$! Ok im off my soapbox now!
If you want to laugh get my dad drunk and take him to Wal-Mart
Pick up your copy of Monday's Gazette for details on a new Wal-Mart coming the c...
true that... But this pic says every about Wal-Mart!
*** we shoulda had a Wal-Mart I need some cookie dough now..
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Went to the West Monroe Wal Mart tonight and OMG it is packed wall to wall. I think a bigger Wal Mart is needed.
Oh, you just have to have that open mind 'whens' shopping at wal mart.
You know your music is to loud when I can hear it from Wal-Mart all the way to Taco Bell
Going to Wal Mart instead of doing homework 😂
Wal Mart in T or C lost another Asst Manager...went to Dollar General.
We stood in Wal-Mart on 18 fa like 30 minutes in the line. I was hot af.
I'm sorry guys... We will just have to wait to use that stuff we bought a wal mart (;
Somebody go to wal mart n get me a bag of jolly ranchers
Just watched a guy snort a line off his phone in the wal mart parking lot, what an interesting life I live
I think I'll just invest in getting multiple sizes at Wal-Mart
Wal-mart has some that might work. Or Michaels. Hastings has some awesome ones, but they're more for adults.
Me an my sis Jenna at wal mart with our granny we had a blast :)
Go to wal-mart and buy a freaking top hat! You can be that leprechaun from Movie 43!
Love going to Wal Mart and seeing Vaughn 😁
Dazed and confused finally ain't seen it in forever five dollars at wal mart
It is better to take the high road on the Fred Phelps issue. I just hope the high road passes a Micheal's or a Super Wal Mart
People walk through wal mart like goin to take shower in the store.
Ima ask people at wal mart to go to prom with me tomorrow 😤 I refuse to be the only *** in my squad without a date 😂
wow! I thought everything was more expensive in stores. I will go tomorrow. Maybe I should go to wal Mart more often lol
Gotta go to wal mart tonight... We need groceries
I imagine you were replying to me lol. I Went to Wal-Mart and there were thousands on cars and all around the parking lot
Was just about to go to wal mart to get a bunch of stuff I need..But then I realized its Sunday and I cant buy wine.. …
Going to wal mart looking like a complete bum ! 😣😏👎
Hi ! I am Wal-Mart telling you.. You got the JOB ! — LMFAO I'm self employed
Wal-Mart aint looking so bad now huh lmao
look what I found while exploring Wal-Mart. So cool
Oh lord. There's no room for a walmart here! Lol
I've literally only spoken about 50 words all day. 20 of which were to myself and another 4 to a homeless man at Wal-Mart
Just happened to look in the truck bed next toy car at wal mart... There was at least 300 beer cans back there... Way to go Blount County
I dare somebody to do this in Jackson Wal-Mart lol...Dese *** aint loyal @ Wal-Mart
Ashely childish for that wal mart s-curl kit for 40 year old men
haaa. Everyone is scared. He matt wheb we went to Wal-Mart what did she leave there?
America IS GOING TO POT. iTS NOT JUST A FIGURE OF SPEECH IT IS REALITY. It is a fact that most of the youth of today cannot pass a simple drug test. Example Question what drugs did you take today and can you spell the street names of these drugs? most used answer was.. like .what's today. So much for the education of our youth. They know what drugs that cannot be mixed or injested within 12 hours but they cant remember the telephone number for 911. If you think i am full of it ask one of the enlightened what the emergency number is and I swear to god you will see the pin ball roll from side to side behind their eye balls and you will hear the clunk when it hits something semi solid. These intellectuals can tell the difference between premo bud and bud past its prime blind folded and a block away, but to find the square root of one would take most of them a lifetime to turn on the calculator and look for the square root sign. I guess our students are just a product of the board and their followers, you kn ...
My man never fails to get me a stuffed animal prize when we play the claw game at Wal Mart :)
did you get all those blow up dolls at Wal-Mart, you know, that day you stalked me.
For all those who saw me in the newspaper yes I went to jail for taking flowers from wal mart don't steal flowers from wal mart
Portable kitchen island. Bought from Wal Mart about 8 months ago. I am moving and no longer need it. I am asking $100 and pick up in Orange Park/ Fleming Island.
Almost got kicked outta wal mart the first day in pcb with and Katie 😎
never trust Ashley Poole pushing the basket at Wal Mart
Saw this for sale at Wal Mart today. Really?
I wonder if people that shop at a Wal-Mart in China ever buy stuff they made earlier that week. by …
Beka has decided tonight that she wants David and Jenni to make her some more Daquiri's so we're gonna run to wal mart to get fruit and rum... Beka: Can I wear these pajama pants to Walmart? (referring to her fleece polka dot pants) Me: Beka, it doesn't matter, we're gonna go buy alcohol, everyone will just think you're a drunk.
did you wear a blue shirt and khakis to Wal-mart again?
This Tuesday new movie Return to Nukem High Volume 1 will be at Wal-Mart my friends which was filmed in Niagara Falls NY...
DAy two is almost over and I learned a real lesson. I needed to stock my camper for later so I went grocery shopping at Wal Mart. BIG know what they say, never shop when you're hungry.
Probably at the wal mart in duncanville
Found the entire first season of Gargoyles at Wal mart... Yes I think so.
Is there anyone that can give me a ride to villa rica i am stranded at wal mart in bremen and im trying to get to my cousin plz anyone
Theft from Wal Mart-Male and Female. L.E. has names of subjects. One person on Crutches.
Wal mart. May not have a lot in it today but man best time to shop not a sole in your way an no wait at the register
To the woman in wal mart with the 5 screaming kids if your wondering how that box of condoms got into your buggy your welcome now take a hint
Why does the Morrilton Wal Mart no longer sell dental floss? Seriously?
Thank you wal mart for being severely under stocked & only having 3 lanes open!!
Come meet Grzzlies Mike Miller Wal Mart on Highland 4-5pm. Plus Grizz mascot and Grizz girls!
What you see here is a leftover of my todays lunch - a pizzabred made by myself . a low budget vegan recipe..very yummi :) ( hey, its not a frozen industry-processed pizza from Wal Mart but all the pizza - dough is made by myself and flavoured with garlic butter )
Meijer I love shopping at your stores. Please do all that you can to stay local. I want to shop local. I have no interest in a growing business that lets greed guide their decisions like Wal Mart does. I want to shop at a place that I can feel good about. So far so good Meijer! I love all the organic choices and the use of local farmers for so many produce goods when they're in season. I do not have a lot of political power but I can use my money as power to support a company that I believe in. If Meijer decided to grow it's business in a way that I see rips small towns apart I will stop supporting it! I think you can make a good profit by keeping morals that people can respect! Thank you.
Wal Mart might b global benchmark for worst traits of capitalism does it epitomise American corporate greed & antisocial employment slavery?
they have lil stands up outside of stores and Wal Mart
fantastic! this will save a 15 minute drive and an unnecessary trip to Wal Mart
Wal Mart& Save on Foods have most useless positions. Why is there people standing at the door to say Hi to you? nCan I get paid for that too
Hello lovely Faerie Folk! Please consider carpooling to the Faerie Tea Party. In the past, groups of people have met at Publix, Winn Dixie, or even Wal Mart (all on North Monroe Street), left a few cars, and come on in to the property together. If you have room in your...
Cleaned the house, did laundry, walked Nola, made. Wal Mart time to relax!
The weather dude on WSBT South Bend stated tonite that this was the 6th heaviest winter snowfall on record EVER since it's been officially recorded starting in the late 1890's and we're less than a foot to go for the all time record deepest total season. It IS already the coldest average winter temp for southern Lake Michigan. With the rare total freeze over of the lakes seagulls (thankfully) are now lost and have ended up in Wal Mart parking lots all over the country. LOL Bundle up, kiddies! It ain't over yet. The average high for March 3rd is 41 degrees and it's 3 right now. Sleep well my friends.
I had a Kindle Fire, and now I have an I-Pad. Let's face it, that doesn't even sound interesting to me. Let me see if I can make this a little better. Two years ago, Susie and the girls gave me a Kindle for my birthday. When I opened it, I said three things: (1) Thank you. (2) What is it? I was told that the Kindle was an "e-Reader." (I still didn't know what it was.) (3) How do I use it to get on the Internet? I was told "You don't get on the Internet with the Kindle." So, I took the Kindle to Wal Mart and exchanged it for a Kindle Fire. "Why not an iPad?", you ask. Too expensive. After a coupon, and finding the Kindle Fire on an after Christmas sale, I didn't spend any extra money to upgrade to the Fire. And the Kindle Fire did most of what an iPad did, and everything I imagined that I wanted to do. One of the great things you could do with the Kindle fire was download the bible. A free download from "You Version" was available, and was the first application I accessed. The application has a feature tha ...
This film is still quite relevant as it fully exposes the sinister depths of American Republican-style Conservative Tim "Tea Party Timmy" Hudak's agenda to roll back Ontario's existing labour laws (for both union and non-union workers alike) despite his lame eleventh hour attempt to claim that he has "backed off" from it. How can anyone believe anything that this arrogant, smarmy, pugnacious, opportunistic, smirking frat boy says about anything! He is a well qualified liar and deceiver being a prodigy of Mike "The Knife" Harris, a useful idiotic crony lobbyist for the Tobacco lobby and let's not forget his the pinnacle of his career: a regional manager for Wal Mart! This is also a "Canadian" who has spent most of his adult life living and working in Ameri-KKK-a where he fully embraced the ideology of the U.S. Repupli-KLAN Party. Tiny Tim is NOT and NEVER was a Progressive Conservative or a Canadian Tory. He is an American Republican in the vein of George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. www.mad ...
I just noticed that my mothers brand new 100% coton Tea Towels from Wal Mart were made in Viet Nam. Couldnt we make them here?
In order to enhance my sons' childlike sense of wonder, I'm going to refer to the outside world as if it's a fairytale, and speak as if we're in a fantasy novel. - "Who will accompany me to the cavernous lair of the Wal Mart? For we are in want of Crisco and applesauce and lightbulbs." - "Uncle Jimmy journeyed from afar to see us. All the way from the enchanted kingdom of Iowa." - "Before we can purchase these delicious vittles, we must answer the questions three of the riddling guardian of the register: 'Paper or plastic' (*gasp), 'Debit or credit' (*double gasp), 'Do you have a rewards card?' (*the horrors!)" - "Behold, we venture forth to the keeper of tomes at the Wayne Public Library, and if we behave ourselves, we shall tarry for an epic tale sung to us by the bard Mr Wigglesworth!" - "Bjorn, if thou smitest thy brother again, thou shalt be banished to the deepest reaches of the Time-Out Void! Unless of course thou smitest him in a way that amuses me, in which case I will only laugh and shake my hea ...
OAN) How the *** is Wal Mart selling ASSAULT RIFLES? Uhhh..crime is in Cordova, too!
Have you ever met Harry? you would see him going down the street in his electric wheel chair, on his way to Wal Mart or where ever he would be headed along with his two dogs. You see Harry was a quadriplegic who was hit by a drunk driver years ago, he was an inspiration to many, loved visiting the elderly, the children at St Francis De Salles school. Harry passed away I'm sorry to say, I enjoyed talking with him when I was able or when ever I would see him. He was such a warm loving person, but also a lonely person as people would walk right by him not say hi, not help him get something off the shelf he needed when shopping but yet if he was able, he would be the first to help you get what you need. He was a big inspiration to many people with handicaps less severe as his own, he gave them hope. Please remember Harry, there will be a memorial service for Harry at the Catholic Church in Lake Geneva on Feb 28th. We will miss you Harry!
Wal Mart got the easiest paint markers to rack.
Suddenly just remembered the people of wal mart website.
You guys Wal-Mart is on the come up ... Their music choice is on point rn
This baseball season would be pretty great if I had a shoulder. My arm is hanging. I wish I could buy a new shoulder from Wal Mart...
But the economy is systematic so it's not a matter of just Wal Mart. Decisions on salary at corporate level bureaucratic
I called Wal-Mart and ordered a cake for tomorrow lol
Saw the Lego movie tonight, stopped at Wal Mart afterwards= only logical conclusion.
Standing in line at Wal-Mart: No sign of intelligent life anywhere.
Lesson of the day: NEVER go to Wal Mart hungry. Went in for 2 non-food items...$150 later 😒
Every time I think humanity is going to be okay, I see someone struggle with the self-checkout at Wal-Mart for 20 minutes.
The most awkward string placement ever. figures it's in Wal-Mart
Shout out to all my *** that have problems with the self check out in Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart sites food stamp cuts for poor sales figures - Wal-Mart shoppers are strapped for cash, the...
Hate that I can't walk out of wal mart without spending a hundred bucks every time. The adult life sure *** sometimes.
Always an adventure going to wal mart with John and Lydia!
You can reach us by email at twsprtSorry for the confusion. -Sia
If you use a Wal-Mart bathroom there's no need to wash your hands. You're going to die anyway.
Even larger companies are seeing now how the bottom lines are going to suffer under ObamaCare. Wal-Mart & UPS offer inputs to save money.
Long, wet hair in 37 degrees Fahrenheit weather on its way to wal✨mart 😈
"They didn't have any good spinach for the salad I was gonna make at Wal Mart so I got you a gallon of ice cream instead" my mom gets it
with when we went to the casino, got m&m's, got Ben and Jerry's, and walked around Wal-Mart. 😋
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Why Wal-Mart always gotta have one line open !! *** !
Bloods don't shop at wal-mart nd crypts don't shop at target 😂
Successful Wal-Mart shopping trip with my honey. And he got me cookout! I'm a lucky girl 😍
I doubt I even look good enough to go into wal mart right now 🙈
Wal-Mart on Wilkinson hiring lol don't let them *** lie to you
"Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe is getting death threats over a Wal-Mart commercial
No one wants to drive out to Walmart stores anymore via
The only place you ever see Bluetooth Daddy's anymore are wal-mart and Chrysler 300's
Ain't no better feeling than grabbing a shopping cart at Wal-Mart with 4 good wheels
collectors edition of My Little Pony on DVD and a $5 gift card to Wal-Mart cant get any better buddy?
this is why Wal-Mart is good for America.paper done
I just wanna drop out of high school & work at wal mart forever :))
Missed the memo you were supposed to dress to impress at Wal-Mart tonight...
My cuñada had the munchies so me and babe went to wal Mart and bought hella snacks
When I was a baby my dad went to Wal-Mart for some juice and hasn't been back for 16 years. His car just probably broke down o…
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It's like 70 registers in every wal mart but 3 people working em, like ***
Wal Mart bound wit ma unc Durrel in da gray shirt lol
We were stumbling through our life until our senior year, but man we sure did learn a lot in that Wal-Mart parking lot.
My mom and sisters have been at Wal-Mart for almost an hour. I love it.
Brought my *** soldiers to wal mart ... smh wrong decision
Debating this Wal Mart run after I get just never ends well.
Why does it always take me so long in wal mart?
Me: Dad where are you going to take me for my birthday. . My Dad: How About Wal-Mart . Me: Literally Dieing of laughter,Luhhh Him ❤️😂
Hello. Welcome to Wal-Mart. It's your friendly "cart QA" associate Tracie here. Go for the cart that I DON'T...
I just invested $0.77 in future entertainment by buying a can of soup on Wal-Mart's website. Free shipping! :D
Busy night last night - trip to Wal Mart and supper with son at Olive Garden; home to help Madi finish tax return and then enjoy some Diamond by Skip!! Still time to watch Mike and Molly too and do the crosswords in the Nook. Work day to begin soon and see what adventure the night brings! Cold in the Susquehanna Valley!
Party City, Wal Mart, and Dollar Tree...I'm sure I may possibly go into labor in one. Geez... Help me, please.
Spent the afternoon at the Home Show setting up the booth. Here is how it went.Killeen Daily Herald told me my banner for Ables Air Care would be here today.went by on the way and they said it would be ready Friday at 3:30. And we went to Wal Mart to pick up posters that I sent them to print(1 hour guarantee). Sent the photos last night to Wal Mart..was told they would be ready by noon today. Got two texts this am that they were ready. Got two emails saying they are ready. Mary went to get them and their machine was broken and they do not have them ready. Why all the notices? Went to get the banner about 2.was told it would be 3:30 tomorrow before it is ready. Go to the center and got set up and stopped at Candy's. Got a phone call from the paper that they meant 3:30 at least we have the Air Care banner. Y'all come see us-we are in booths 82 & 83. As I was walking to my booth...a man hollers at me "There's the chimney sweep! I need one of your cards. I need to get my chimney cleaned." so I got a ...
 Wouldn't it be wounderful to live on a nice wooded lot in the rolling hills of Bella Vista Arkansas? I have 5 resiidential building lots for sale in Bella vista Arkansas. You can have your pick if you hurry,or I will negoiate for all 5 lots E mail me at UtahvernonVista is growing and this is your chance to get one of the best lots in the city. Bella Vista is in the north west corner of Arknsas. it is 10 minutes outside Bentonville, home of Wal Mart, JB Hunt trucking, and Tyson foods.
My bestie MissMeka LovingShaun trick me into going to Wal Mart smh now I'm broke until pay day. "TAX MONEY WHERE YOU AT LMAO"
We give Friday Iams treats when we shut her in her "room." Last month, we ran out of the green-box, and because I was feeling lazy, I went to Wal Mart instead of Pet Smart. They didn't have Iams dog biscuits, so I bought Milkbone. Now that we're back to Iams, she turns her nose up whenever we offer it to her, and upon returning home, it sits, uneaten, in her crate. When we let her out, she picks it up and carries it around until she squirrels it away somewhere. Spoiled, much?
Lauren Walsh NBC 26 spoke to a customer at the Wal Mart on Bobby Jones. Makes you wonder just how many people are out shopping in
If you still have to take your income tax checks to a check cashing spot or Wal Mart to cash it grow up and get a bank account!deposit
Wake Up YOUNG PEOPLE The Future look,s Bright MUST WATCH Death by China!! Wal Mart!!! End of the Road!!And to pick up your Spirits watch Moving Forward on Netflix .ENJOY!!! Much Love Father Time!
Would someone please tell me why so many women refuse to wear jeans that fit??? When you have muffin top because your pants are too tight...well let's just say it would look nicer and you would look slimmer if you wore clothing that fits properly. And yeah...I just left Wal Mart.
Don't buy a New Computer with Windows 8 !!! It is the worst operating system that someone actually got paid to develop. Why they put a "Touch Screen Operating System" on a standard lap top beats me. What were they smoking out there in never never land ? I have spoken with IT Directors who have actually cancelled orders with Dell and others because of it. Worse than Windows 2000 ! After 11 days of trying to make myself love it, it is like trying to love liver, you just can't make yourself do it... So, now I have (3) days to wipe all this work off and pack all this stuff up and return it to Wal Mart. ugh ;(
Limited Edition Bud Light Aluminum Bottles celebrating The Seahawks as Super Bowl Champions are in Wal Mart, Safeway, and Section Street Grocery. Only 20 at each store. Won't last long.
Seen a guy at Wal Mart taking a selfy with Uncle Si! Then he saw me and 3 others laughing at him, PRICELESS!
Wal Mart pick up of the year: Forgetting Sarah Marshall on DVD
Just saw on the Today Show where the Royal family of England is in some financial difficulty. 82 million dollars of repairs needed for the Royal Palace alone. Only 2 million dollars left in the Royal budget. They have to put buckets out everytime it rains because of leaks. Don't you just hate that!! Guess they might need to cut back a little bit on the Royal spending. The Royal Family may have to get off their Royal *** and go to work. The Queen can be a greeter at Wal Mart. "Welcome to ye Royal Wal Mart."
When I was a kid, I used to pay to see "the bearded lady" at the State I just go to Wal Mart!
HUGE LIST of non-GMO seed companies, and at the bottom...all the big box stores , Home Depot, Lowes, Wal Mart (the worst of the bunch), and many others selling these brands of GMO SEEDS! If you plant from seed, or buy nursery plants...try to seriously avoid GMO seeds and plants! The bees are dying from GMO plants, and so are we! As a greenhouse owner, I CAN NOT stress this enough...SERIOUSLY! Jan • 9 • 2013 Non-GMO Seed Companies From our good friends over at Occupy Monsanto, here is a wonderful list of seed companies who sell non-GMO seeds. If you’re interested in planting seeds that have not been modified, please purchase from one of these companies. Here are some seed companies. Please let us know of any we missed and we will add them to this list. All Good Things Organic Amishland Seeds Annapolis Valley Heritage Seed Company Baker Creek Seed Co. Botanical Interests Bountiful Gardens Diane’s Flower Seeds (she has veggies now, too) Fedco Seed Co. - phasing out seminis seeds. Fisher’s Seeds - . ...
New internet buzzword for 2014: "plopping" is when someone stops dead in their tracks in a public place to perform some action on their phone. As in, "I was in line at Wal Mart and this chick was totally plopped down in front of me while her kid was trashing the candy bins." Or, "that dude just plopped through a whole green light!" It can also be described as an abrupt stop while walking and looking at ones phone. As in, "I totally ran into sone freakin plopper on my way to lunch." Are you a "plopper" or have you been guilty of "plopping" recently?
Saw a great bumper sticker coming out of Wal Mart tonight. "Keep Working! Millions on Welfare depend on you"
Tryn to find some Cheese Whiz n case I have a Dan Ackroyd sightn but can't find any at Wal Mart.   10% Off
Physicists have yet to explain why 200 people can be working at a Wal-Mart but only three registers will be open.
I wish i had one of those sick *** little Joe Dirt mustaches, like Pam my checkout lady at Wal-Mart.
Hate I missed you tonight at Wal-Mart, the most comfortable I have seen Friday night Wal-Mart shoppe…
I swear this Beezy at Wal Mart called me J roc
Dumfries Wal-Mart is life. I hate the one by the mall.
Dear Wal Mart, your name is Wal Mart...not Claire's..please refrain from playing all the fun hits you can find on kidz bop! head hurts
God! I heard Tongue Tied by at Wal Mart yesterday, and I'm in the United States!
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