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Wal Mart

Walmart Stores, Inc. , branded as Walmart since 2008 and WAL★MART before then, is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores.

Black Friday Dollar Tree Home Depot Holiday Inn Express First Presbyterian Church Dollar General

Along with Michael Miller I would like to ask my fb family and friends to keep my sister Mary Miller in your prayers as we have been fighting with Wal Mart trying to get them to allow Mary have a liver transplant at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Mary has had fluid removed from her belly twice once in October 6300cc and last week 10,000cc. I am beyond my wits end and don't know what else to do. Mary has made it perfectly clear she is not going anywhere other then baltimore. She said God will take care of her. All I ask for is a lot of prayers as her body won't take much more as her liver is gone. thank you all for all your prayers
If it's people out there w/ Masters Degrees working at Wal Mart, unless you have A1 networking skills WTH you think your chances are?
Left over Taco Cabana in the front seat of the car, Christian Contemp on the radio, and after an hour and a half of push and shove in Wal Mart on a Sunday night? I "get it" now, Rachael Galvan, Yes, "let's just sit here for a while, eat tacos and listen to some music."
BEWARE OF SCAM Faulks got a call today that their ALPower Bill had not been paid and services would be discontinued at 3:00 which also meant he would have no phone service. He called his bookkeeper and secretary and she came to the office to show him where it had been paid and already cleared the bank. She sent a fax as proof and was told it was no good! Bill was instructed to bring money to Wal Mart in the form of a MONEY PAK and sent to a certain number! BINGO A SCAM! I have talked with AL Power, the Russell Co. sheriff's Dept. and the Phenix City Police Department. AL Power asked me to put out the word that they would never ask for money in this way. Be careful. The crooks are on the loose!
I ran into Phil Robertson at Wal Mart in Checotah last night. What are the odds?
I couldn't resist taking this selfie at Wal Mart. Fellow Lumberjacks recognize the person's picture with me. That person is Shaka Smart, the VCU basketball coach.
we have two choices in this country: go the costco way, go the Wal Mart way. Guess who has the worse morale, most pickets
Good news / Bad news on the internet front this evening… I called Comcast for support because my internet service was not working. That issue was quickly resolved, so the rep politely asked if she could help me determine if I had the best service for what I am paying. OK, I am game for some fun, so I agreed. “Sir, I see the package you have now. How much are you paying for that each month?” Kinda makes you wonder how she knows what package I have if she doesn’t even know what I am paying. “I see you are a Preferred Customer, so I can upgrade you to the ‘HD Preferred” package.” Wow! I am a preferred customer and can get the HD Preferred package! I quickly thought of the possibilities – I can put that on my resume! And I can use that as a pickup line in the produce isle at Wal Mart - the women all love “preferred” men!” Just think about it - the next step has to be “V.I.P. Customer” – yeah, that is my goal, but I realize I have to get there one step at a time, so “pre ...
Danielle, I am not sure if you are aware of the scam that is associated with this Publishers Clearing House giveaway. I received a request from Dave Sayer asking me to be a friend. I accepted and later today I received what I thought was from him telling me that I had won the One Million Dollar plus the Seven thousand a week for life. They told me that I was a definete winner and that all I had to do was to go buy a "green dot" at one of several participating stores : Wal Mart, Walgreens etc. When I asked why I had to do this they told me that it registered me. The cost of this "green dot" card was $165.00 and I would get it back triple. When I continued to question I was dropped and my chat with Dave was taken off my FB page. Please let me know what is going on. Thank you, Julie
The new Thrift store opened next to Wal Mart in Hummels Wharf and I swear I saw Dave Wiley coming out with a cart full of things. With the money he makes you would think he would shop at Boscovs.
So a man pulls up to Wal Mart in a pretty nice looking truck gets out, goes in Garden center, same guy ends up in line in front of me, talkin to another customer about work, life, whatever. The guy asks him what he did for work, he tells guy he is disabled, then pays for mulch and stepping stones and walks out. After i check out i watch him load mulch and stepping stones in his truck! If this does not make your blood boil then you are part of the problem in this country! Im not talking about a guy at retirement age im talkin 40!! If you can take ur a$$ to Wal Mart then take your a$$ to work! If you need instructions on how to do so, watch my baby brother with the full prosthetic leg had multiple surgeries, skin graphs, etc! Watch him as he loads his tools and heads out on another job, IRON WORKIN, you lazy $%&*%$! Ok im off my soapbox now!
If you want to laugh get my dad drunk and take him to Wal-Mart
Pick up your copy of Monday's Gazette for details on a new Wal-Mart coming the c...
true that... But this pic says every about Wal-Mart!
*** we shoulda had a Wal-Mart I need some cookie dough now..
Went to the West Monroe Wal Mart tonight and OMG it is packed wall to wall. I think a bigger Wal Mart is needed.
Oh, you just have to have that open mind 'whens' shopping at wal mart.
You know your music is to loud when I can hear it from Wal-Mart all the way to Taco Bell
Going to Wal Mart instead of doing homework 😂
Wal Mart in T or C lost another Asst Manager...went to Dollar General.
We stood in Wal-Mart on 18 fa like 30 minutes in the line. I was hot af.
I'm sorry guys... We will just have to wait to use that stuff we bought a wal mart (;
Somebody go to wal mart n get me a bag of jolly ranchers
Just watched a guy snort a line off his phone in the wal mart parking lot, what an interesting life I live
I think I'll just invest in getting multiple sizes at Wal-Mart
Wal-mart has some that might work. Or Michaels. Hastings has some awesome ones, but they're more for adults.
Me an my sis Jenna at wal mart with our granny we had a blast :)
Go to wal-mart and buy a freaking top hat! You can be that leprechaun from Movie 43!
Love going to Wal Mart and seeing Vaughn 😁
Dazed and confused finally ain't seen it in forever five dollars at wal mart
It is better to take the high road on the Fred Phelps issue. I just hope the high road passes a Micheal's or a Super Wal Mart
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
People walk through wal mart like goin to take shower in the store.
Ima ask people at wal mart to go to prom with me tomorrow 😤 I refuse to be the only *** in my squad without a date 😂
wow! I thought everything was more expensive in stores. I will go tomorrow. Maybe I should go to wal Mart more often lol
Gotta go to wal mart tonight... We need groceries
I imagine you were replying to me lol. I Went to Wal-Mart and there were thousands on cars and all around the parking lot
Was just about to go to wal mart to get a bunch of stuff I need..But then I realized its Sunday and I cant buy wine.. …
Going to wal mart looking like a complete bum ! 😣😏👎
Hi ! I am Wal-Mart telling you.. You got the JOB ! — LMFAO I'm self employed
Wal-Mart aint looking so bad now huh lmao
look what I found while exploring Wal-Mart. So cool
Oh lord. There's no room for a walmart here! Lol
I've literally only spoken about 50 words all day. 20 of which were to myself and another 4 to a homeless man at Wal-Mart
Just happened to look in the truck bed next toy car at wal mart... There was at least 300 beer cans back there... Way to go Blount County
I dare somebody to do this in Jackson Wal-Mart lol...Dese *** aint loyal @ Wal-Mart
Ashely childish for that wal mart s-curl kit for 40 year old men
haaa. Everyone is scared. He matt wheb we went to Wal-Mart what did she leave there?
America IS GOING TO POT. iTS NOT JUST A FIGURE OF SPEECH IT IS REALITY. It is a fact that most of the youth of today cannot pass a simple drug test. Example Question what drugs did you take today and can you spell the street names of these drugs? most used answer was.. like .what's today. So much for the education of our youth. They know what drugs that cannot be mixed or injested within 12 hours but they cant remember the telephone number for 911. If you think i am full of it ask one of the enlightened what the emergency number is and I swear to god you will see the pin ball roll from side to side behind their eye balls and you will hear the clunk when it hits something semi solid. These intellectuals can tell the difference between premo bud and bud past its prime blind folded and a block away, but to find the square root of one would take most of them a lifetime to turn on the calculator and look for the square root sign. I guess our students are just a product of the board and their followers, you kn ...
My man never fails to get me a stuffed animal prize when we play the claw game at Wal Mart :)
did you get all those blow up dolls at Wal-Mart, you know, that day you stalked me.
For all those who saw me in the newspaper yes I went to jail for taking flowers from wal mart don't steal flowers from wal mart
Portable kitchen island. Bought from Wal Mart about 8 months ago. I am moving and no longer need it. I am asking $100 and pick up in Orange Park/ Fleming Island.
Almost got kicked outta wal mart the first day in pcb with and Katie 😎
never trust Ashley Poole pushing the basket at Wal Mart
Saw this for sale at Wal Mart today. Really?
I wonder if people that shop at a Wal-Mart in China ever buy stuff they made earlier that week. by …
Beka has decided tonight that she wants David and Jenni to make her some more Daquiri's so we're gonna run to wal mart to get fruit and rum... Beka: Can I wear these pajama pants to Walmart? (referring to her fleece polka dot pants) Me: Beka, it doesn't matter, we're gonna go buy alcohol, everyone will just think you're a drunk.
did you wear a blue shirt and khakis to Wal-mart again?
This Tuesday new movie Return to Nukem High Volume 1 will be at Wal-Mart my friends which was filmed in Niagara Falls NY...
DAy two is almost over and I learned a real lesson. I needed to stock my camper for later so I went grocery shopping at Wal Mart. BIG know what they say, never shop when you're hungry.
Probably at the wal mart in duncanville
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Found the entire first season of Gargoyles at Wal mart... Yes I think so.
Is there anyone that can give me a ride to villa rica i am stranded at wal mart in bremen and im trying to get to my cousin plz anyone
Theft from Wal Mart-Male and Female. L.E. has names of subjects. One person on Crutches.
Wal mart. May not have a lot in it today but man best time to shop not a sole in your way an no wait at the register
To the woman in wal mart with the 5 screaming kids if your wondering how that box of condoms got into your buggy your welcome now take a hint
Why does the Morrilton Wal Mart no longer sell dental floss? Seriously?
Thank you wal mart for being severely under stocked & only having 3 lanes open!!
Come meet Grzzlies Mike Miller Wal Mart on Highland 4-5pm. Plus Grizz mascot and Grizz girls!
What you see here is a leftover of my todays lunch - a pizzabred made by myself . a low budget vegan recipe..very yummi :) ( hey, its not a frozen industry-processed pizza from Wal Mart but all the pizza - dough is made by myself and flavoured with garlic butter )
Meijer I love shopping at your stores. Please do all that you can to stay local. I want to shop local. I have no interest in a growing business that lets greed guide their decisions like Wal Mart does. I want to shop at a place that I can feel good about. So far so good Meijer! I love all the organic choices and the use of local farmers for so many produce goods when they're in season. I do not have a lot of political power but I can use my money as power to support a company that I believe in. If Meijer decided to grow it's business in a way that I see rips small towns apart I will stop supporting it! I think you can make a good profit by keeping morals that people can respect! Thank you.
Wal Mart might b global benchmark for worst traits of capitalism does it epitomise American corporate greed & antisocial employment slavery?
they have lil stands up outside of stores and Wal Mart
fantastic! this will save a 15 minute drive and an unnecessary trip to Wal Mart
Wal Mart& Save on Foods have most useless positions. Why is there people standing at the door to say Hi to you? nCan I get paid for that too
Hello lovely Faerie Folk! Please consider carpooling to the Faerie Tea Party. In the past, groups of people have met at Publix, Winn Dixie, or even Wal Mart (all on North Monroe Street), left a few cars, and come on in to the property together. If you have room in your...
Cleaned the house, did laundry, walked Nola, made. Wal Mart time to relax!
The weather dude on WSBT South Bend stated tonite that this was the 6th heaviest winter snowfall on record EVER since it's been officially recorded starting in the late 1890's and we're less than a foot to go for the all time record deepest total season. It IS already the coldest average winter temp for southern Lake Michigan. With the rare total freeze over of the lakes seagulls (thankfully) are now lost and have ended up in Wal Mart parking lots all over the country. LOL Bundle up, kiddies! It ain't over yet. The average high for March 3rd is 41 degrees and it's 3 right now. Sleep well my friends.
I had a Kindle Fire, and now I have an I-Pad. Let's face it, that doesn't even sound interesting to me. Let me see if I can make this a little better. Two years ago, Susie and the girls gave me a Kindle for my birthday. When I opened it, I said three things: (1) Thank you. (2) What is it? I was told that the Kindle was an "e-Reader." (I still didn't know what it was.) (3) How do I use it to get on the Internet? I was told "You don't get on the Internet with the Kindle." So, I took the Kindle to Wal Mart and exchanged it for a Kindle Fire. "Why not an iPad?", you ask. Too expensive. After a coupon, and finding the Kindle Fire on an after Christmas sale, I didn't spend any extra money to upgrade to the Fire. And the Kindle Fire did most of what an iPad did, and everything I imagined that I wanted to do. One of the great things you could do with the Kindle fire was download the bible. A free download from "You Version" was available, and was the first application I accessed. The application has a feature tha ...
This film is still quite relevant as it fully exposes the sinister depths of American Republican-style Conservative Tim "Tea Party Timmy" Hudak's agenda to roll back Ontario's existing labour laws (for both union and non-union workers alike) despite his lame eleventh hour attempt to claim that he has "backed off" from it. How can anyone believe anything that this arrogant, smarmy, pugnacious, opportunistic, smirking frat boy says about anything! He is a well qualified liar and deceiver being a prodigy of Mike "The Knife" Harris, a useful idiotic crony lobbyist for the Tobacco lobby and let's not forget his the pinnacle of his career: a regional manager for Wal Mart! This is also a "Canadian" who has spent most of his adult life living and working in Ameri-KKK-a where he fully embraced the ideology of the U.S. Repupli-KLAN Party. Tiny Tim is NOT and NEVER was a Progressive Conservative or a Canadian Tory. He is an American Republican in the vein of George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. www.mad ...
I just noticed that my mothers brand new 100% coton Tea Towels from Wal Mart were made in Viet Nam. Couldnt we make them here?
In order to enhance my sons' childlike sense of wonder, I'm going to refer to the outside world as if it's a fairytale, and speak as if we're in a fantasy novel. - "Who will accompany me to the cavernous lair of the Wal Mart? For we are in want of Crisco and applesauce and lightbulbs." - "Uncle Jimmy journeyed from afar to see us. All the way from the enchanted kingdom of Iowa." - "Before we can purchase these delicious vittles, we must answer the questions three of the riddling guardian of the register: 'Paper or plastic' (*gasp), 'Debit or credit' (*double gasp), 'Do you have a rewards card?' (*the horrors!)" - "Behold, we venture forth to the keeper of tomes at the Wayne Public Library, and if we behave ourselves, we shall tarry for an epic tale sung to us by the bard Mr Wigglesworth!" - "Bjorn, if thou smitest thy brother again, thou shalt be banished to the deepest reaches of the Time-Out Void! Unless of course thou smitest him in a way that amuses me, in which case I will only laugh and shake my hea ...
OAN) How the *** is Wal Mart selling ASSAULT RIFLES? Uhhh..crime is in Cordova, too!
Have you ever met Harry? you would see him going down the street in his electric wheel chair, on his way to Wal Mart or where ever he would be headed along with his two dogs. You see Harry was a quadriplegic who was hit by a drunk driver years ago, he was an inspiration to many, loved visiting the elderly, the children at St Francis De Salles school. Harry passed away I'm sorry to say, I enjoyed talking with him when I was able or when ever I would see him. He was such a warm loving person, but also a lonely person as people would walk right by him not say hi, not help him get something off the shelf he needed when shopping but yet if he was able, he would be the first to help you get what you need. He was a big inspiration to many people with handicaps less severe as his own, he gave them hope. Please remember Harry, there will be a memorial service for Harry at the Catholic Church in Lake Geneva on Feb 28th. We will miss you Harry!
Wal Mart got the easiest paint markers to rack.
Suddenly just remembered the people of wal mart website.
You guys Wal-Mart is on the come up ... Their music choice is on point rn
This baseball season would be pretty great if I had a shoulder. My arm is hanging. I wish I could buy a new shoulder from Wal Mart...
But the economy is systematic so it's not a matter of just Wal Mart. Decisions on salary at corporate level bureaucratic
I called Wal-Mart and ordered a cake for tomorrow lol
Saw the Lego movie tonight, stopped at Wal Mart afterwards= only logical conclusion.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Worse than Wal-Mart: Amazon’s sick brutality and secret history of ruthlessly intimidating workers v…
Standing in line at Wal-Mart: No sign of intelligent life anywhere.
Lesson of the day: NEVER go to Wal Mart hungry. Went in for 2 non-food items...$150 later 😒
Every time I think humanity is going to be okay, I see someone struggle with the self-checkout at Wal-Mart for 20 minutes.
The most awkward string placement ever. figures it's in Wal-Mart
Shout out to all my *** that have problems with the self check out in Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart sites food stamp cuts for poor sales figures - Wal-Mart shoppers are strapped for cash, the...
Hate that I can't walk out of wal mart without spending a hundred bucks every time. The adult life sure *** sometimes.
Always an adventure going to wal mart with John and Lydia!
You can reach us by email at twsprtSorry for the confusion. -Sia
If you use a Wal-Mart bathroom there's no need to wash your hands. You're going to die anyway.
Even larger companies are seeing now how the bottom lines are going to suffer under ObamaCare. Wal-Mart & UPS offer inputs to save money.
Long, wet hair in 37 degrees Fahrenheit weather on its way to wal✨mart 😈
"They didn't have any good spinach for the salad I was gonna make at Wal Mart so I got you a gallon of ice cream instead" my mom gets it
with when we went to the casino, got m&m's, got Ben and Jerry's, and walked around Wal-Mart. 😋
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Why Wal-Mart always gotta have one line open !! *** !
Bloods don't shop at wal-mart nd crypts don't shop at target 😂
Successful Wal-Mart shopping trip with my honey. And he got me cookout! I'm a lucky girl 😍
I doubt I even look good enough to go into wal mart right now 🙈
Wal-Mart on Wilkinson hiring lol don't let them *** lie to you
"Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe is getting death threats over a Wal-Mart commercial
No one wants to drive out to Walmart stores anymore via
The only place you ever see Bluetooth Daddy's anymore are wal-mart and Chrysler 300's
Ain't no better feeling than grabbing a shopping cart at Wal-Mart with 4 good wheels
collectors edition of My Little Pony on DVD and a $5 gift card to Wal-Mart cant get any better buddy?
this is why Wal-Mart is good for America.paper done
I just wanna drop out of high school & work at wal mart forever :))
Missed the memo you were supposed to dress to impress at Wal-Mart tonight...
My cuñada had the munchies so me and babe went to wal Mart and bought hella snacks
When I was a baby my dad went to Wal-Mart for some juice and hasn't been back for 16 years. His car just probably broke down o…
It's like 70 registers in every wal mart but 3 people working em, like ***
Wal Mart bound wit ma unc Durrel in da gray shirt lol
We were stumbling through our life until our senior year, but man we sure did learn a lot in that Wal-Mart parking lot.
My mom and sisters have been at Wal-Mart for almost an hour. I love it.
Brought my *** soldiers to wal mart ... smh wrong decision
Debating this Wal Mart run after I get just never ends well.
Why does it always take me so long in wal mart?
Me: Dad where are you going to take me for my birthday. . My Dad: How About Wal-Mart . Me: Literally Dieing of laughter,Luhhh Him ❤️😂
Hello. Welcome to Wal-Mart. It's your friendly "cart QA" associate Tracie here. Go for the cart that I DON'T...
I just invested $0.77 in future entertainment by buying a can of soup on Wal-Mart's website. Free shipping! :D
Busy night last night - trip to Wal Mart and supper with son at Olive Garden; home to help Madi finish tax return and then enjoy some Diamond by Skip!! Still time to watch Mike and Molly too and do the crosswords in the Nook. Work day to begin soon and see what adventure the night brings! Cold in the Susquehanna Valley!
Party City, Wal Mart, and Dollar Tree...I'm sure I may possibly go into labor in one. Geez... Help me, please.
Spent the afternoon at the Home Show setting up the booth. Here is how it went.Killeen Daily Herald told me my banner for Ables Air Care would be here today.went by on the way and they said it would be ready Friday at 3:30. And we went to Wal Mart to pick up posters that I sent them to print(1 hour guarantee). Sent the photos last night to Wal Mart..was told they would be ready by noon today. Got two texts this am that they were ready. Got two emails saying they are ready. Mary went to get them and their machine was broken and they do not have them ready. Why all the notices? Went to get the banner about 2.was told it would be 3:30 tomorrow before it is ready. Go to the center and got set up and stopped at Candy's. Got a phone call from the paper that they meant 3:30 at least we have the Air Care banner. Y'all come see us-we are in booths 82 & 83. As I was walking to my booth...a man hollers at me "There's the chimney sweep! I need one of your cards. I need to get my chimney cleaned." so I got a ...
 Wouldn't it be wounderful to live on a nice wooded lot in the rolling hills of Bella Vista Arkansas? I have 5 resiidential building lots for sale in Bella vista Arkansas. You can have your pick if you hurry,or I will negoiate for all 5 lots E mail me at UtahvernonVista is growing and this is your chance to get one of the best lots in the city. Bella Vista is in the north west corner of Arknsas. it is 10 minutes outside Bentonville, home of Wal Mart, JB Hunt trucking, and Tyson foods.
My bestie MissMeka LovingShaun trick me into going to Wal Mart smh now I'm broke until pay day. "TAX MONEY WHERE YOU AT LMAO"
We give Friday Iams treats when we shut her in her "room." Last month, we ran out of the green-box, and because I was feeling lazy, I went to Wal Mart instead of Pet Smart. They didn't have Iams dog biscuits, so I bought Milkbone. Now that we're back to Iams, she turns her nose up whenever we offer it to her, and upon returning home, it sits, uneaten, in her crate. When we let her out, she picks it up and carries it around until she squirrels it away somewhere. Spoiled, much?
Lauren Walsh NBC 26 spoke to a customer at the Wal Mart on Bobby Jones. Makes you wonder just how many people are out shopping in
If you still have to take your income tax checks to a check cashing spot or Wal Mart to cash it grow up and get a bank account!deposit
Wake Up YOUNG PEOPLE The Future look,s Bright MUST WATCH Death by China!! Wal Mart!!! End of the Road!!And to pick up your Spirits watch Moving Forward on Netflix .ENJOY!!! Much Love Father Time!
Would someone please tell me why so many women refuse to wear jeans that fit??? When you have muffin top because your pants are too tight...well let's just say it would look nicer and you would look slimmer if you wore clothing that fits properly. And yeah...I just left Wal Mart.
Don't buy a New Computer with Windows 8 !!! It is the worst operating system that someone actually got paid to develop. Why they put a "Touch Screen Operating System" on a standard lap top beats me. What were they smoking out there in never never land ? I have spoken with IT Directors who have actually cancelled orders with Dell and others because of it. Worse than Windows 2000 ! After 11 days of trying to make myself love it, it is like trying to love liver, you just can't make yourself do it... So, now I have (3) days to wipe all this work off and pack all this stuff up and return it to Wal Mart. ugh ;(
My Friend Tim Bradford sent this email to me this morning. Food for Thought, Buy Made in the U.S.A. ACE HARDWARE - Made in the USA - Very Encouraging READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM! LOTS OF GOOD INFO HERE! Costco sells Goodyear wiper blades for almost half the price that you will pay on the outside and they are made in the U.S.A. Read and do the following.. Unfortunately our politicians and top CEO's (GE etc) have pushed for trade to China and Mexico for years so Americans are now out of work. Did You Know that there is no electric coffee maker made in the US and that The only kitchen appliances made in the US is Viking? I DIDN'T KNOW HALLMARK CARDS WERE MADE IN CHINA ! That is also why I don't buy cards at Hallmark anymore, They are Made in China and are more expensive! I buy them at Dollar Tree - 50 cents each and made in USA I have Been looking at the blenders available on the Internet. Kitchen Aid is MADE IN The US . Top of my list already... Yesterday I was in Wal Mart looking for a wastebaske ...
Limited Edition Bud Light Aluminum Bottles celebrating The Seahawks as Super Bowl Champions are in Wal Mart, Safeway, and Section Street Grocery. Only 20 at each store. Won't last long.
Seen a guy at Wal Mart taking a selfy with Uncle Si! Then he saw me and 3 others laughing at him, PRICELESS!
Wal Mart pick up of the year: Forgetting Sarah Marshall on DVD
Just saw on the Today Show where the Royal family of England is in some financial difficulty. 82 million dollars of repairs needed for the Royal Palace alone. Only 2 million dollars left in the Royal budget. They have to put buckets out everytime it rains because of leaks. Don't you just hate that!! Guess they might need to cut back a little bit on the Royal spending. The Royal Family may have to get off their Royal *** and go to work. The Queen can be a greeter at Wal Mart. "Welcome to ye Royal Wal Mart."
When I was a kid, I used to pay to see "the bearded lady" at the State I just go to Wal Mart!
HUGE LIST of non-GMO seed companies, and at the bottom...all the big box stores , Home Depot, Lowes, Wal Mart (the worst of the bunch), and many others selling these brands of GMO SEEDS! If you plant from seed, or buy nursery plants...try to seriously avoid GMO seeds and plants! The bees are dying from GMO plants, and so are we! As a greenhouse owner, I CAN NOT stress this enough...SERIOUSLY! Jan • 9 • 2013 Non-GMO Seed Companies From our good friends over at Occupy Monsanto, here is a wonderful list of seed companies who sell non-GMO seeds. If you’re interested in planting seeds that have not been modified, please purchase from one of these companies. Here are some seed companies. Please let us know of any we missed and we will add them to this list. All Good Things Organic Amishland Seeds Annapolis Valley Heritage Seed Company Baker Creek Seed Co. Botanical Interests Bountiful Gardens Diane’s Flower Seeds (she has veggies now, too) Fedco Seed Co. - phasing out seminis seeds. Fisher’s Seeds - . ...
New internet buzzword for 2014: "plopping" is when someone stops dead in their tracks in a public place to perform some action on their phone. As in, "I was in line at Wal Mart and this chick was totally plopped down in front of me while her kid was trashing the candy bins." Or, "that dude just plopped through a whole green light!" It can also be described as an abrupt stop while walking and looking at ones phone. As in, "I totally ran into sone freakin plopper on my way to lunch." Are you a "plopper" or have you been guilty of "plopping" recently?
Saw a great bumper sticker coming out of Wal Mart tonight. "Keep Working! Millions on Welfare depend on you"
Tryn to find some Cheese Whiz n case I have a Dan Ackroyd sightn but can't find any at Wal Mart.
Physicists have yet to explain why 200 people can be working at a Wal-Mart but only three registers will be open.
I wish i had one of those sick *** little Joe Dirt mustaches, like Pam my checkout lady at Wal-Mart.
Hate I missed you tonight at Wal-Mart, the most comfortable I have seen Friday night Wal-Mart shoppe…
I swear this Beezy at Wal Mart called me J roc
Dumfries Wal-Mart is life. I hate the one by the mall.
Dear Wal Mart, your name is Wal Mart...not Claire's..please refrain from playing all the fun hits you can find on kidz bop! head hurts
God! I heard Tongue Tied by at Wal Mart yesterday, and I'm in the United States!
This is like Wal suing mart for ridiculously low prices
At the Wal-Mart on W. Mason St. On today talking about the !! Have you helped yet?
Off to Wal-Mart to get thing for baby's birthday party! His "Winter ONEderland" 😊
exactly! Wifey w $$$ apparently! Lol I loved my Wal mart 'George' comfy
Harbaughs pants are really newsworthy??? HJFC!!! *** is wrong w those wal mart pants? Theyre comfortable as *** !! Good Morning 'Merica
Fliriting with hot guys in wal mart and making workers crack up is what I lice for and makes me happy happy happy xD
lol, yeah, we got snacks. Ma went to wal mart the other day. 😁
Gotta wash clothes..clean my car..clean by Tashenas..go by Dollar by Wal-Mart..cut hair & braid hair.
You're probably too stupid to see that Starbucks' practices make it just as filthy as Wal-Mart.
Those who oppose Wal Mart should request govt to ask Tata to wind up its foreign business. It is creating unemployment in …
Awkward face, but riding tiny tricycles? Trough wal-mart was the funnest thing :)
In life we have decisions to make, paths to take and opportunities to take advantage of.  Go to Wal Mart and get the album t…
.is joining the Wonder when they'll start respecting all their workers' human rights?
Shopping at wal mart with is a must for now on ❤️
Grocery shopping in my Wal Mart camouflage- Bud Light flip flops, jorts, and my "More Cushion For The Pushin'" t-shirt. I.…
Vince Young, Arain Foster n others ! It's Super Bowl time ! We need some of that money over here ! Wal-Mart/SamClub
Do you know that Wal-Mart in Mexico used to pay employees in Wal-Mart gift cards!
I heard you like bad girls. Well, at Wal-Mart I enter through the exit door.
Apparently you cant get naked and try on swimsuits at Wal-Mart
Spent the last hour in the bathroom $$$ I swindle wal-mart every shift lol
I gotta go to wal Mart when I get off .
No, you're not even close to "Wal-Mart ready"! Those pajama pants don't have nearly enough cat hair.
We need soom Super Bowl products in the Store ! Like Kroger, Randall n others ! LadyB of Houston n America
Lol I like it usually but wal mart on a Saturday is asking for someone's death certificate
Police arrest man who allegedly hit vehicle, Wal-Mart employee in shoplifting ... -...
it's the gigantic pizzas that are in the deli/bakery at Wal-Mart!
How I'm feelin right now at wal mart (:
Well on the way to wal mart to play in some bread. lol
Dollar Tree, Wal Mart. Finished a top for summer have to get all this fabric sewn up before I bite the Big One. Playing Hidden Objects on my iPad till I fall asleep.
I imagine Kellen Winslow was jerkin his gerkin at a Target parking lot cause the Wal Mart was filled with white trash drug addicts
Got my wal Mart magazines. Yeah! Now to go back in the am and get our canvas that had to be redone :). So glad they're fixing that. The girl there was so nice!
I will be at wal mart with the puppies for a bit im here now
Cant wait to see my wal mart buddy tomorow let the good times roll
Saw chic at Wal Mart trying to smell the spaghetti sauce thru the jar. Wish I could walked by and squeaked one out.
Just left Wal Mart. There was so much camouflage in that place, i actually believed i was taking a walk in the woods.
I went to Wal Mart today and bought a few things but didnt spend much money and didnt buy any beer.
PAW IT FORWARD 2014..In HONOR OF OUR Dear angel friends Emmit E and Emma E of Emmitt's Place We are honoring them by helping carry on a tradition in which we got the idea from... We are now at day 16 of our food drive for the families of our area. Last Year,we only did the drive for the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. This Year we have included the Cherokee County Humane Society. We really need your help in pawing it forward in helping these families keep their pets that have fallen on hard times. Please folks, We need to get this thing to be bigger and better this time around, as in the food that we donated last year did not go very far. Mom has put together a wish list for Wal Mart and if you would rather find another place like or ebay to help us that would be be awesome too. You can send the packages directly to us. we can go pick them at at Wal mart too. Or you can go to the links of the Shelter and HS and have them delivered directly to them It does not matter. The food drive runs up unt ...
Caught so many ppl at wal mart today...way to many lol
2 Cars being towed from wal mart...looks like an accident
Got stuck at wal Mart today. They put duck dynasty on the big screens so I stood there and watched an episode. :) # freeTv
Heading to wal mart to grab a few more things than liquid at 5 to set up! So excited about this new 3D laser/light show machine we brought.
The best part about Wal Mart home office is that we have a Starbucks in the office!!
Is anyone going to wal mart anytime before customer service closes that I might can catch a ride with?
I will never shop at wal mart again, oh wait, I'll go there today.
At wal mart and someone just came up to me and asked if I knew anybody that would be interested in any meth. He said I looked like the type of person. That's a new one. Wow!
Wow deftly switching pharmacy Wal mart taking forever 1/2 hr turned into a hour an still waiting
Went to the new Wal Mart in Sun Prairie today. Big store, don't think I will do my regular grocery shopping there. Didn't see any good deals.
Just read a Forbes article on Christy Walton. In 2013 she received just under $350,000,000 in Wal Mart dividends after taxes. That's not too bad
Target n Wal Mart at Valley Stream along with Green Acres Mall dont have gears, Maje ne impatient n cant wait for Isles to Bklyn.
Good Morning!! Here's what I learned on my trip from the Holiday Inn Express to the radio station this morning: 1. It was 9 when Mattoon PD started their night shift last night. It's 16 this morning. That's a good sign. (It's suppose to be 26 today!) 2. The vehicles on I-57 are still moving slow. At least at the Mattoon/Charleston exit. There have been horrible wrecks up and down 57 but especially around 57/70 in Effingham that has backed up traffic for the past few days. 3. There are fewer semis this morning in the Wal Mart parking lot (yesterday morning, there were many) 4. There are fewer people at the Mattoon warming center this morning (yesterday it was around 260). Kudos to the First Presbyterian Church and everyone who has volunteered to help stranded motorists at the warming center... and Kudos to those of you who have volunteered at any warming center... there have been many people without power for a little bit and there have been many stranded motorists... Those motorists have seen the b ...
J Anthony Brown says what old folks really do well at is being Wal Mart employees. PLEASE LIKE & COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO Subscribe Now for the best Urban Comed...
I always wondered, Do people from Los Gatos go to Wal Mart?
If your in Lowe's or Home Depot, be on the lookout for some mis-tinted paint on clearance sale (or anywhere that sells paint except Wal Mart, their paint is crap). It has to be exterior latex and needs to be a lighter color. Last year I picked up a $125 5 gal bucket of Valspar premium for $27, it was an off white color but they tinted it light grey for me (all my hives are some color of gray, I got a 50 shades thing going on). A gallon is good, 5 is better. You get it and I'll get it and pay you ASAP.
Got some Duck Commander Triple Threat Red Wine at Wal Mart! We shall see how it is.
Going to the gym on New Years Day is like going to Wal Mart on Black Friday. Both are crowded with fat people!
The New York Times is NOT OUR RIVAL said everybody in the Wal Mart parking lot.
2am trip to Wal Mart w Von and Sis, drive thru stop and Von thinks he is on top of the world floating on cloud nine. I wonder how long it will take him to float back to earth.
Ah this is all a PR stunt. Notice the influx of Duck Dynasty merch in Wal Mart a month before their names are in the news?
amen! When you have sponsors and your face on 800 items at Wal Mart you need to play the PR game no matter your true opinion
There is a lifesize Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty in the Wal Mart on Mason Montgomery Rd. People were getting their pictures taken with it.
Books I got for Christmas. Paul the apostle by Jimmy Swaggart. Reposition yourself by TD Jakes. 1001 facts and answer book from Wal Mart
We went to the WAL MART store in Baytown, Texas, hubby had to use the mens restroom, he said there's black mole everywhere on the ceiling and baseboards, thought we had health inspectors in Baytown, Harris County! Well someone is not doing their job, thousands of people are being expose to BLACK MOLE, at the Wal Mart in Baytown, Harris County, Texas!!!
Guitar Center is the Wal Mart for musicians. Support LOCAL.
Sooo today at Wal Mart.. I met Eddie Olczyk. Yeah be jealous.…
I have been asked by Augustana College Radio to do an interview, about the donated house we are seeking, to be a Ecumenical Worker House (shelter) and meeting house. They can not advertize for me, as they are all about the arts, but they can do an interview. While we are n this topic, there may be someone out there tonight, homeless, and trying to seek shelter in a door way, all night store like Wal Mart, apartment building hall way, and trying ot sleep in the steps. Think about that, while keeping our shelter/house church in prayer.
I just saw a Wal Mart commercial for Garth Brooks. What year is it again? . Btw, he sucked then too
The _ Pope tellng the rich to share their wealth with the poor is akin to Carlos Slim chastising Wal Mart heirs. But his stans will love it.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
SPD and other local law enforcement will be taking kids to Wal Mart tonight for Christmas. Lots of lights and sirens but everything is good to go. Chris M. Carden
I was at Wal Mart sunday and I always check the Black Sabbath section to see whats there .. Do I have to suffer the Black Eyed peas next to my beloved Sabbath ? Blasphemy I say !! So I took it upon myself to banish the "Peas " to a most horrible fate as they now share space with Jim Nabors Christmas album ... Lmfaoo ...
SHOP WITH A COP Several Murfreesboro Police Department Officers spent Saturday morning shopping with some very special young people. Twenty Murfreesboro City Schools students were identified by their Guidance Counselors as good candidates for Murfreesboro Police Department’s Shop with a Cop Program. Those students and their parents were treated to breakfast at McDonald’s before shopping for clothing, toys and other treats inside the Wal Mart at 2900 S. Rutherford Blvd. Funds for their shopping expedition were donated by Sam’s Club and Wal Mart along with Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Each child shopper also was gifted with a ticket from Sports Clips to get a free haircut. The kids weren’t the only ones treated that morning. Officer Tim Jensen said “Just seeing the smile on the faces of those kiddos is what Christmas is all about!” Other officers said they were blessed to be a part of the experience and are already planning to volunteer next year.
Sounds like she's huffin' bath salts back behind the local Wal Mart.
Is Katy Perry wearing Jamberry nails in the new Wal Mart commercial?
They have some great sales in SALLY'S in Lenoir and in Granite Falls beside the Wal Mart's. All sorts of little stocking stuffers too that are 99 cents or less. I was up there in the one in Lenoir today and got some great buys.
Shop local for your Christmas Tree! The Security Lions are hosting their 4th annual Christmas Tree Sale the lot is at the Fountain Valley Shopping Center- next to Independent Records, and will be open until Mon. Dec. 23. hours are Mon.-Fri: 3-8:30 p.m., Sat. and Sun. 11 am. to 7:30 p.m. Proceeds go to the Lions' Kidspree program which provides free school clothes to local children (in cooperation with Wal Mart and School District 3).
Ethan Couch from Texas is a 16 year old kid who stole some beer from Wal Mart got drunk ran over 4 people in his pickup and killed them all. A year before that he was caught in his pickup with a 14 year old girl passed out and naked. By the way His family is Rich as *** oh and he's white. How much time did he get?
Korie Robertson knows she don't shop at Wal Mart!!
Mitt Romney looks like the guy whose picture comes with the picture frame you just bought at Wal Mart.
Oak Ridge didn't get a Wal Mart until I was in high school. Harriman had both but Kmart was much bigger.
About to go in one if the worse place in boiling springs... Wal Mart
OK - for all those who be hatin' on Carrie Underwood, I shall point out the following: 1. Wal Mart paid for the show because of her. If she hadn't wanted to do it, there wouldn't have been a show at all - it's not like they did a nationwide talent search and picked her. 2. She wasn't all that bad - her acting was sub par, yes, but considering that it's not her thing she did pretty good. 3. It was free. Think how I felt when I paid good money to see Robert Goulet play King Arthur in Camelot, only to discover his prop sword had more acting talent. And finally - 4. It was CARRIE UNDERWOOD!! - I'd watch her sing the phone book and try to play Hamlet.
Pinot Grigio and Wal Mart blue licorice . I believe they call this the 'Port Alberni Picnic'
No lie I'm trying to make the Wal Mart's commercial and article in the Wal Mart's magazine about customer service
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Check this...Black Friday,two ladies in Wal Mart hvn a tug of war match over the last 32" lady pulls it fr the other n starts running...the other lady chunks her shoe at her...lmao!!!..whts the kraziest shyt u seen on Blk Friday?
Second thought is: Why does so much craziness happen at Wal Mart during Black Friday? I never see the same crap happen at say an Armani store or Restoration Hardware. Is it the store or the class of people they cater to? Or is the whole thing just a glowing example of the mass consumerism that the world seems destined to fail into. Do not really know.
Running around Wal Mart hiding in shelves, tying myself to fixtures so I can sleep undisturbed. Find a tiny black child and…
Gonna go Black Friday shopping and right before I walk in the door at Wal Mart just yell "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" stores like Wal Mart and Best Buy that have Black Friday deals pay extra or incentives to their employees?
Wal Mart on Silver Spring was reckless had to dip on em. Lol
During the annual Thanksgiving Prayer, I'm going to Wednesday Addams the table and start talking about the systematic abuse suffered by the native Americans and then Thank God for Wal Mart and deep-dish pizza.
Now...enough of my negative thoughts on the holidays...time for my Thanksgiving message from the social outcast. Yes, I hate holidays cause I'm usually always alone and also because also through all the thankful messages 99.9% have forgotten the real meaning of the holidays. While the spend time with their families on this day they usually end up thinking about what they're going to buy on sale on Black Friday. Society is all about money and materialism these I like to get new things yes but I wait to have the money to get it. People remember those away from there families on the holidays.soldiers.police.and the poor souls who work retail st stores open today and tomorrow. Sam Walton is rolling in his grave cause he never wanted Wal Mart to be a super center or be open Sundays or holidays. His kids got greedy when they got control. money and materials don't last.a man and woman who are together still and still have their family together are richer ti me than any rich man. And remember...the mo . ...
I went down and got the Altoona Mirror for MJ so she could get the Wal Mart ad out of it... and... there isn't one in there... :-/ did anyone see one in any of the papers for their Black Friday sales?
I got to GURAD the TV's outside the back loading dock at Wal Mart tonight from around 6ish to around 7:35. It was COLD out that door and I walked around with one hand in front pocket and the other in my back pocket( Phone was in one). I was playing cards on my phone until it died. I couldn't sit down because if I did I would have NEVER made it back to an upright position, as my back and knees just do not function when I sit too long. I was hoping to get a look at our local Skunk who walks by and leaves it fine aroma. The moon came up bold and beautiful and I was reminded of the Simon and Garfunkel song: "America" Let us be lovers we'll marry our fortunes together I've got some real estate here in my bag So we bought a pack of cigarettes and Mrs. Wagner's pies And we walked off to look for America Cathy I said as we boarded a Greyhound in Pittsburgh Michigan seems like a dream to me now It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw I've gone to look for America Laughing on the bus playing games with the f ...
Tonight I am thankful that Jeff M. picked me up at the Dollar General store in Ketchum. Jeff, however wishes that he would have drove the extra few miles and just went to Wal Mart that night!
The self-proclaimed best Madden player, Dez Bryant bought a PS4 for a bunch of shoppers at a Wal Mart in Dallas. ht…
Seth Doege was at the Wal Mart across the street from the stadium before the game and I wasn't there... What?😭
Eight fun facts about me, huh? OK, let's try: 1. I'm a YMCA certified scuba diver, but I haven't dived in about 12 years (my last dive was a Halloween dive, actually). 2. During a trip to Wal Mart in 1978 (probably), I tried to persuade my parents to buy me an LP copy of Don't Look Back by Boston, just because I liked the album cover. 3. I once shared a cab ride with the late Pip Pyle of Gong/Hatfield And The North/National Health fame. 4. Steve Hillage once the Magma badge I had wearing around my neck. When I pointed out the Gong badge I was also wearing, you noted that I had "the yin and yang of French prog rock" on my person. 5. Carl Palmer actually spoke to me DURING one of his solo concerts. 6. When I walked up to the bassist from a Queen tribute band after a show they had done, before I could say anything to him, his first words to me were, "YOU were singing along with every single song we did tonight" (and he was right). 7. I can also recite dialog from The Blues Brothers, Heavy Metal, Sixteen Cand ...
Ok, Christi Levine! Not sure I'm supposed to do this fun experiment twice since I did 7 from someone earlier.. I'll do one entirely different!!! 1. Got my first horse when I was 12, although learned how to ride my grandfather's pack horses from the moment I could walk!! 2. First trip the the AQHA World Show was on Russ Red Bird in 1988.. very cool horse! 3. First time on the "Honor Roll" (top 10 in the Nation) was on Russ.. I found out standing in Wal Mart waiting for my mom so opened a letter from AQHA… about fell over! First time on the AQHA All Around list was with Cant Outfox Me (Sly)… honored to have ridden some amazing horses!! 4. I'm married to the most kind man in the world.. Mike Gates. He's the most patient man - and our 30th Anniversary is Dec. 10! (and people gave us no more than 6 months!!!) 5. I DO have a brother! Yup.. most don't know that! He's an incredible gourmet cook and lives in Seattle 6. My mom was my best friend. (a little crazy but the best!!) 7. I'm not grea ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Falling asleep at 7 & waking up right now ONCE AGAIN ! I forgot to goto Wal Mart, watch American Horror Story & now I can't go back to s ...
Things I'm thankful for: living 50 seconds away from Wal Mart and Home Depot. Pretty handy when you think of something you need for a new place every few minutes.
In Wal Mart tonight with a great book in my ear (really the only way I can tolerate Wal Mart) when the narrator read something so funny I folded over my grocery cart. Thank you Melanie Jackson McLane for recommending Bill Bryson to me. the thunderbolt kid has had me about falling down laughing.
Hey ladies just a reminder that we are trying to do something that helps our veterans and their families but I need all of you to do your part not just the 2-3 that are always there . Please decorate a Bra anyway you want and call me I will pick them up so they can be displayed and money votes taken on them to raise money for Cancer , And we have comrades to model them for us at a BINGO Game night. I want to thank Angie and Melissa for their contribution of candy for Trick or treat. we had a poor turn out but at least we tried. I know that Myrna was out of town and Lea was unavailable. TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More. see you at Mtg . Don't forget canned food and if you can bring a few small deodorants with you for Camp Atterbury . we talked about lap blankets for the VA I saw Wal Mart had some for $2.99 lets get some so we can take them to the VA for Christmas.
I think I see the Mexican dude of off Operation Repo at Wal Mart lol
We are at Arvest Bank by Wal Mart in Maumelle collecting non-perishable food items for the needy. Bring enough food and I might have some Edge shirts...til they're gone! Patrick
Great dinner with great friends. Or so I thought. I shoulda left Mary Mary King at the hotel. Or at Pizza Hut. Or at Wal Mart. It was worth it hearing Karen Cattin's wood story again though. :).
they play this *** Katy Perry movie commercial so much . i better see her *** when I go to Wal Mart
Just remembering me and my mom saw Chili at Wal-Mart in Georgia a long time ago...
Stupid Wal Mart didn't have my stupid contact prescription now i have to wear stupid glasses!
saw each other at wal-mart all the time? Oh than hour to help with my facial reconstruction fund
Its like Wal-Mart in here! Old lady just ran someone over in her wheelchair... Didn't apologize.
Females headed to Wal-Mart ni to get da first an last TLC album
I went back to school clothes shopping at Wal-Mart .
I'm about to go to Wal mart and say I forgot some yogurt! I didn't though
Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be all right, - Bob Marleywhere the wal-mart is at,
Ah...MANNN...bought one of those expensive wax tart warmers here in town at a local grocery store.put in a blueberry vanilla smelled SO GOOD...and when I walked by it about 2 hours later all the wax had LEAKED out of it...Did I do something wrong or is it just a lemon?...Shoot...I loved how good it made the room smell and it is all nicey-nicey decorative and all...But I will take that booger back in a flash first thing tomorrow...cost a lot and leaks?.story of my life.should have gone to Wal Mart.:(
I saw and bought the documentary from wal- Mart and still can't watch it.
I was just greeted at my local Wal Mart by a gator in a red vest.
Me and jay really in Wal Mart grocery shopping this late
Wal-Mart and food runs=outcome of boredom for college kids
I'll tell her to get you a play truck from wal mart😂
Enter to win a $25 Walmart giftcard and VIP Pillsbury Heat N Go coupons from http:
Is not crazy! Crazy is throwing Skittles at the Wal-Mart cashierOk, I usually keep this to sports and b
JP Morgan settlement may be decisive moment for Wal-Mart - The FCPA Blog
dude, i swear this guy that works in wal-mart is your twin! I swear! 😂😂
Hey will the Xbox One be available on Black Friday at Target, Wal-Mart, or Best Buy?
Lmao it'd make for some funny photos. I do a lot at Wal-Mart
I got that Bandana lil mama got on right now, I bought it from Wal-Mart.
Pause. Wal-mart up the street, *** is it taking Jania an hour to get me Doritos? ???!
U kno u on if u got a wal mart commercial
and I purchased the sickest shirts I've ever seen at Wal-Mart tonight 😝
Applying for a job at wal mart you would think I was applying to work for the friggin secret service! This is absurd
Mission "Go to Wal Mart and Get Healthy Food And Unexpectedly Walk Out With Tons of Junk Food I Didn't Plan on Buying" always beats me
I can't believe that I will be wearing Wal-mart blue for our touring show
there are few things I hate more than the wal mart in Gardner
“i know i'm tired of this Katy Perry,. Wal-Mart, headphones, commercial!” 😳 Girl!!!
I asked myself what is the difference between me and sam walton(the founder of wal mart) then I heard myself say...
Pebbles Works At Wal-Mart Now Lmfao just thought I'd let y'all know
Throwback in Wal-Mart with I'm Crazy for This Girl by Lifehouse 🎶
I don't like selfish people. I saw this guy pushing like 50 carts at Wal-mart last night. Really!? You think someone else migh…
I'd go to her wal mart every day. “What if Bey worked at walmart yall .”
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