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Wal Mart

Walmart Stores, Inc. , branded as Walmart since 2008 and WAL★MART before then, is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores.

Whole Foods

Oak Ridge Road and Wal Mart parking lots have the worst drivers in the city.
Fox rightly calls out Wal Mart for selling Black Lives Matters T-shirt, what about Shep defending BLM to Gov. Jinda…
Went to Wal Mart to get groceries for the week and walked out with a lunchable, 17 Gatorades, and a Garth Brooks Christmas cd
Wouldn't be tgiving without a last minute trip to grocery store or Wal Mart (@ Pruett's Grocery in Broken Bow, OK)
Found this little misfit toy today at Wal-Mart. All misfit toys need to be loved by misfits. Can…
Wal-Mart Pay adds partner, looks for more
I seriously went to wal Mart. For TWO things... 130$ later.. What is wrong with me. 😳
There is a chance that Trump's White House could look a bit like a Wal-Mart. Deals in aisle 1, loans in aisle 3
Yes I understand Wal-Mart is cheaper than Target but you get what you pay for and Target is bae.
Hate that I have to come all the way to Sanger to pick up alcohol... . Fresno Wal mart needs to upgrade their selection
Bumped into Hillary and Bill in Wal-Mart buying dog good with Chelsea...just us..does anyone believe a word she says??
An old lady rammed my shopping cart at Wal-Mart. Just general meanness. I thought they'd be happy their guy won.
I went to wal mart and SAMs with a Mexican shirt on. And the mean muggin faces of some people were priceless.
judge not least ye be judged, Thony. I was near Wal-Mart. Whole Foods is like a 30 minutes drive.
If Trump really does damage trade deals when the price of goods in Wal-mart, Target go up will people get the idea?
that's the problem. Everyone thinks McD's & Wal-Mart, but those who work there make more than some career jobs in rural areas
Commandeered a bottle of hot sauce from Chipotle so we had some flavor on the Wal-Mart brand saltines for dinner…
Patiently waiting for Wal Mart to put Egg Nog back on the shelf🙏🏻.
I know Wal-Mart here does it. I don't know if y'alls will
When l saw to Baseball Coach at Wal-Mart.
Flour my chicken in a wal mart bag black.
Wal-Mart lines still stupid long. I guess ain't nobody moved to Africa or Canada yet...sigh.
Wal-Mart's Thanksgiving sale will begin three hours earlier...sort of
Just got back from Florence. Im at Wal-Mart right now. Today I got Assasins Creed 3 for my ps3, and even had Ice cream!
Vehicle vs deer with airbag deployment in front of Wal-Mart. Units responding.
Why one entrepreneur turned down Wal-Mart’s offer to stock her product
I'm not going inside this wal mart with corey cause I know I'll end up buying something
I almost bought one... big realistic cookie pillows at Wal-Mart. They also have french fries and hotdogs. LOLOLOLOL
Could be...but didn't think Wal-Mart sold assault rifles. At least, I read that they would be removing them. :-/
One big wal mart crowd marching onwards
Wal-Mart had the PS4 version for $15 a while back, so it was an impulse purchase.
When your 3-year-old is so excited as to draw looks from fellow Wal-Mart shoppers... Over buying Brussels sprouts... So awesome.
I love wal-mart! They always have 30 cash registers and only 3 open
Here's why hundreds of teens were heard chanting in a Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday
Wal-Mart ... *** they have to shop at the dollar store ... Wal-Mart is too rich for their blood Unless they are bu…
Wal-Mart in Canada has a cashier at EVERY REGISTER
Considering that his voters likely mostly shop at Wal-Mart, probably doing so to save themselves from liberals' boycott. :-P
Firetruck and police escort waiting for the Marquette football team at the Ottawa Wal-Mart. Join in the parade at appro…
They are playing Jingle Bells right now in Wal Mart. Thanksgiving is three weeks away.
Hello Miss America ! Don't forget to get me a Pine Apple from Wal Mart . I hear they are very juicy melady . x
Boy Scouts of America should teach the kids who sell popcorn at Wal Mart more social skills and less rope tying skills
Wal Mart putting money into self driving carts but can't pay their employees or have more than 3 registers open? Interesting.
Haven't read many novels lately, but got 1, Wal Mart special, John Sandford, "Silken Prey". Lucas Davenport never fails to provide adventure
Come meet the new LHS admin team at Wal Mart on 401 this Saturday 8/13 from 9-1. Enter to win door prizes!
White shame and guilt put a Portsmouth Cop in jail today. Suspect robbed Wal Mart and chose to fight. Officer fired weapon killing suspect
do you think Wal Mart will accept this bike voucher I got from Professor Oak or nah
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Listening to Zac Brown Band makes me want to be laid up on a beach in one of those plastic chairs from Wal Mart
Wal-Mart reimagining the company's future
I would go to wal mart again but I would feel weird with the cashier girl seeing me again
I should've bought some chips or something when I went to buy theraflu at wal mart..
I thought I lost my tips I made tonight in Wal-Mart and that would have literally been the worst thing ever. But I didn't. Go me
Wal-Mart looks to Uber and Lyft to battle Amazon
Orlando was bout to slap his girl in that Vine, but remembered he was in Wal-Mart
She went to Wal-Mart and brought her own ice-cream to mcdonalds cuz they machine kept breaking down
girls of wal-mart nude Click here for more Pictures >>
Bella Vida Paradise - Only 12 minutes to Disney and 2 minutes from shops and restaurants, including a 24 hr Wal-Mart superstore. Bella...
When spending 4 hours at wal mart is your idea of a fun weekend activity
I basically only wear graphic tees, and the excess of these in NZ retailers frustrates me so much. Wal-Mart in the US is better!
Yesterday, on the 4th of June, 2016, I saw the B-2 Spirit fly close over ABQ as I arrived at a Wal-Mart to help my dad shop for food.
Put these together this past weekend. Bought the same clear boxes from Wal-Mart for $5.00 and also
Wal-Mart test enlists Lyft, Uber to deliver: FAYETTEVILLE -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is partnering with ride-sha...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
In Chile, Wal-Mart adapts to local tastes to reach the top - The Denver Post
Wal-Mart crowned world's largest retailer as Amazon rises via
Tech Drones. Wal-Mart Plans to Employ Drones. Wal-Mart is looking to lower costs, while keeping...
Meanwhile In Wal-Mart. Attention WalMart Shoppers, get your cell phone cameras ready for the crack s
I've been to Wal-Mart around this time for the past 3 nights lmao
Such online customer service, users are afraid to shop at Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart as the nation's well-known electricity supplier, how are you going to deal with?
Walmart looks to Uber and Lyft to pilot a grocery-delivery system.
Wal-Mart says tech investments will boost online sales
You're so right. I just need you to be in the area 24/7 for food runs and Wal Mart trips
Yeah it's toasty. Get a 15 dollar fan from Wal-Mart and sit in front of it in a wet shirt. Thats what I'm doing it helps a lot.
My mom went to Wal Mart over an hour ago. I hope she got some snacks for a real one.
Kicked a pillar outside Wal-Mart a few hours ago and my foot has a huge bruise on it now 😧
Mikey Garcia has been boycotting Wal-Mart's war on high prices. It's worth giving up his prime for.
“We have the opportunity to reimagine retail again,” CEO Doug McMillon said at annual shareholders meeting. htt…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Yea I ate corn on the cob at Wal Mart... Worse things have happened here
we had the most intense conversation about tanning lotion in Wal mart tonight 😂
If we went to HS together, haven't spoken in a while and you see me in Wal Mart, leave me alone.
Faith Pentecostal Church youth car wash for camp . Security Bank across from Wal Mart in Dyersburg.this Saturday 1 pm until
if you're not part of Wal Mart, breaking that barrier for rich white women, then I don't even wanna see you at Lilith Fair
NO NO NO NO!. Get it from the Casino , New Motels, Hobart, William Smith, Wegmans, Tops, Dump, Wal Mart, not from residents!
Finally found Monster Energy Gronk at Wal Mart after looking around all of Fallbrook for a week. Managed to buy the three cans the store had
Oh it's the county seat, my friend. Home of the only *** Wal Mart in the tri-state area.
Honda Civics and Wal Mart still gon be there after my football career is over lmao
I've never had a problem with the food or being charged extra, but the ppl that work there are lazy AF, like Wal Mart
I am from Canada & recently Wal Mart has not had ur your Rabbit food. Im wondering where I can get it? Thnks
the most valuable thing I've learned in college so far is how cheap Wal Mart food is.
Please visit Ashley Kennedy Clark at her new business Regal Nails inside of Wal Mart , Ruston, Louisiana! Late...
Tech N9ne's mini tour bus is at Wal Mart. They need some cheap snacks!!
I hate that being on SSDI pittance forces me to shop at Wal Mart and Family Dollar.
Blow dryer died on me mid blow dry. So now here I am in Wal Mart with a section of dry hair and a curly wet mess all over. 🙃
I hear "Hey Ms. Davis!" at Wal Mart more than I do at actual school
"Spruce Pine's got that up town Wal Mart."- Jack Moore
Wondering if Wal Mart sells happy pills.
... Looks like there will be some abandoned Wal Marts coming too !! Of all stores... Wal Mart.
had a dream I stole Miley Cyrus's new camaro in a Wal Mart parking lot and drove it to bath county and showed it off on halloween night
Wal Mart with overnight big rig parking in GURNEE, IL was just found at on 05th Feb 5am
Coming from an isolationist, more front than Wal Mart
The finance office desk customer service is worse than wal mart.
I'm about to go to Wal-Mart bc I haven't been in a year and my mama don't keep groceries
Walmart to build, operate gas stations
Just because you go to college doesn't mean you're better than anyone. There are people with degrees working at McDonald's & Wal-Mart lol
Wal-Mart to build and operate its own gas stations: Retailing giant Wal-Mart will build and operate its own ga...
I am currently at wal mart with my mother 😂
500 pound/227 kilogram marijuana bust outside of a Wal-Mart in my area. 🤔. That would explain why so many go there in t…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Wal-Mart plans to increase sourcing from women-owned cos
Wal-Mart to operate its own gas stations
Amazon changes prices 2.5 million times a day. Wal-Mart and Best Buy change prices 50,000 times over entire month.
Wal-Mart wants to pump its own gasoline, reports
Better keep personal ID and info hidden well. You never know who's lurking and taking pics like these two.
Hillary was Walmart's board of directors
Walmart just gave Hillary a giant mountain of cash.
Hold up. Hillary Clinton was on the board of Wal-Mart for 6 years and just received a $353,000 donation from the Walton fam…
I'm so oblivious. I was being flirted to at Wal-Mart and I just thought the guy was just chatting with me.
I love Wal-Mart. You can put that down. I love Wal-Mart. My husband and I h...
19:14 This is the stuff that comes with the cd if you get Red at Wal Mart. (Everything except the pumpkin bread I
lol 200 though I would go to great clips or wal-Mart for a cut.
doesn’t get enough credit for her years on the Wal-Mart board. The Childrens’ Offense Fund?
That's not how it works. If Wal-Mart's departure leaves a demand for food, someone will fill it. You're all over the place.
I'm pretty sure I'm known as the guy who buys frosted cookies late night at the local Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart will start operating its own gas stations
Yo mama's like Wal-Mart... She's got different discounts everyday.
Omg I love you so much! 😁 I remember forcing my mom to buy me RE5 at Wal-Mart bc I didn't c it in theaters...I WAS SHAKING!!😁
Let me stop starting stuff. I'm really wide awake. Wal-Mart run?
ok so Wal Mart puts competition out of business then shuts down leaving communities with no access to food, VW emissions, BOA...
SHE will just KILL us "1 BITE" and it's OVER ... Are you READY for a WAL-MART of Horror BIO WEAPONS.
The customers you have are a reflection of your prospecting efforts.
Pretty much, Apple and Dell are the only ones in this industry making money. They make it by being Wal-Mart. We make it by innovation
Thought I saw Robin Sparkles in the frozen foods aisle at Wal Mart, turns out it was Dexter's sister.
God must be telling her to wipe out the Little Debbie aisle at Wal Mart...
our pal Tracy Morgan steps out with Wal Mart money.
Jeez! I wanted a 637 that accepts moon clips but the two gun stores in Ft Myers look like a Wal Mart parking lot cant get in! Thx obummer!
I survived Wal Mart on Christmas Eve EVE. Jesus was totes looking out for me. (He knew I needed all the liquor I was buying.)
Don't expect to perform like a Ferrari with a Wal Mart Strength Coach. People spend on cars, nice clothes, INVEST IN YOUR KID…
the perfect gift in four words... Wal-Mart gift cards
Wal Mart is not that busy. Everyone get here quick! Lol!
That's good. We are sad in the digs today. Neither Kroger nor Wal Mart has any dill dip as of last night and today.
as a rule, I dont mind shopping at HEB, mainly it's only option besides Wal-Mart. But I feel the HEB products r shoved down throat
10 reasons Wal-Mart is the worst company in America via
Lawd...there's already an ambulance and fire truck at the Montclair Wal-Mart.
Wait, wait, wait. is banning new joint cause he "threatened" aka The Führer?
Gotta get up & go to Wal-Mart, but kinda font wanna leave my couch.. Decisions.
Kyky was in Wal-Mart last night calling ppl thots Lls DTFL
When I started teaching, my Aunt gave me a nice satchel. 11 years later, still works. Show me a Wal-mart bag that can do that.
That's what I put on my wal mart application I still ain't get hired 😔😓
saw your snap about the woman in Wal-Mart; very touching 😢 glad you were able to make a difference.
Does anyone know where to find more toddler clothes besides Toys R' Us or Wal Mart or Target?? I mean a specific...
DO NOT STEAL FROM WAL-MART if you WORK THERE!!! have tellin' the kids that story for christmas :-)
Haven't seen anyone from high school yet, but am heading into Wal-Mart in my pajama shirt so that's about to change.
I only go to Target cuz Wal Mart is kinda murdery
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I'm not that spoiled, I can handle word no & goodwill and Wal-Mart clothes don't bother me at all
This *** just went the longest way ever to wal-mart 🤔...😒 who does that lmaoo 😂
We should make that a Christmas tradition. Oh and Jayman, Schmoop went to Wal Mart this A.M. and came home with boots.
Wal-Mart worker just threw up on the carpet ten feet from me...
Yesterday the wife sent me into Sam's Club for papertowels. Today? Wal-Mart for a gift. Tomorrow? Probably Hardhome to defy Night's King.
No, y'all let me tell you this man at Wal-Mart was totally inappropriate. I walked on the soda aisle and he immediately was like (+)
NO War Toys! Rally today, Wednesday, Dec 23. Rally against war toys for Children at Wal-Mart on Federal Hwy in...
Saw this at Wal Mart in the fish section yesterday smh (Vine by
I think watching you do a periscope at wal mart would be loads of fun!
Translation: it's the fault of Amazon, Starbucks, Wal Mart, Bush oil, Western capitalism--the great satan.
I hate having to go to the mall, Target or Wal-Mart around this time of year.
National outrage over local WalMart worker firings -stick up for each other!
The return line at Wal-Mart is a strange place. Why is that this lady returning 30 Hot Wheels cars.
I needa make an urgent wal mart run someone help me
Really!! I made it out the door, but Im only in tiny no wal mart YAY! Still watch me get. P. O.d
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Wal-Mart at 6am basically feels like an episode of The Walking Dead.
to be sold at Wal-Mart with no indication it is genetically modified: http…
Thank you Demers&Blaisdell, Wal*Mart, and Governor Hassan for last night's festivities!
I went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and the person in front of me in the cashier's line used a check to pay. She wasnt even that old. Crszy stuff.
Watch this man's adorable reaction after little girl mistakes him for Santa
Wal-Mart is worst Dow performer in 2015, down 29.5%. $WMT
So happy all of my packages were delivered before Christmas!! Wal-mart had me about to write to corporate but they came through🙌🏽
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A lawyer for the Wal-Mart truck driver involved in a 2014 crash that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan and
A big f*$# you to whoever found and took my phone @ Wal-Mart
Where's the video of Dez Bryant fighting a horse in a Wal-Mart parking lot?
I need to get up and go on to Wal Mart.
Stand up to the get down to the Wal-Mart, and buy you lotsa cheap Chinese-made Christmas cheer!
Jim Halpert is now an action movie star, while Daryl Philbin is a glorified Wal-Mart greeter. Guess the athlete business didn't work out.
I can think of A LOT of reasons to hate Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, but supporting diversity isn't one of them.
Wal-Mart's annual income is nearly equal to that of Russia.   10% Off
will his voice compilation album be in Wal-Mart stores Xmas eve or only on line?
I'm about to head to wal-mart does this belt match these sweatpants?
Adam Jones on Orioles: 'We're not going back Wal Mart steak. We're a Whole Foods type of organization"
When a "Muslim terrorist"buys an AR15 at Wal Mart and kills 20 maybe something changes
no green light bulbs at hwy 620 Wal Mart in Austin TX! what's wrong? re: Light Up a Vet!
TV Clipster Alert - Wal Mart has been mentioned just now >
one of my goals is to be so rich i shop at Whole Foods like its Dave's or Wal Mart
Chris and Erin Resner, of , say they're excited to come to Anderson. New shop near Wal Mart will have ~40 to 50 positions
This is a wonderful delight in my area: Gourmet food trucks all line up near Wal Mart in a large parking lot.
In Iowa City, The Liquor House on game day is like Wal Mart on Black Friday.
*** I'm the filet mignon 😭😭😭 He downgraded to Hamburger Helper at Wal Mart
Eating fig newtons in the Wal Mart parking lot is my life
Please tell me you aren't considering endorsing her. She's a puppet of Wal Mart and Goldman Sachs. Queen of revolving door
Avoid area of Rancho/Lake Mead. Police activity at Wal Mart and Budget Suites. Developing story.
Jesus Christ. This perv tried to hop in my photo when I met Jerod Mayo at the Subway in Wal Mart.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lets not forget our shopping for tomorrow & stop by Wal Mart from 730am-4pm to help our friends from Batesville:.
this worked tonight. Held this at Wal Mart for an hr. People refused to give $ to the fake homeless.
The five dollar movie bin at Wal Mart is now the $3.74 bin. What a time to be alive.
Just finishing "Made in America" - The autobiography of Sam Walton (the founder of Wal Mart) - It's worth a read if you're in business!
in ( Hobby Lobby ) paid for it to at least part & Catholics, Church of Christ, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Wal Mart, Protestants.
My girlfriend said that leaving money on the dresser made her feel like a *** so I left a Wal Mart gift certificate instead.
Currently waiting to take a drug test for Wal Mart employment. C'mon Urgent Care, my bladder's full and I'm ready to go.
Just saw Mark Butler at Wal Mart. Man, I am so thankful to have had the educators and the authority figures I had in high school. Much love.
Also: David Fox (and spouse) invested in Bank of America, Wal Mart, and Nelson's Greenbrier (Belle Meade Bourbon)
You see some weird individuals at the Indian trail Wal Mart around this time..
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