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Waikiki Beach

Waikīkī (Hawaiian: or ) is a neighborhood of Honolulu, in the City and County of Honolulu, on the south shore of the island of Oahu, in Hawaii, United States.

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Great views from ocean on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii🌊
Enjoy the views from this Honolulu, Hawaii hotel near Waikiki Beach!
Hi Reba. Mail from Waikiki Beach. Dear Pee, I was born in the year of the apple. Goodbye, Chris Brown.
Diamond head from ocean with somebody surfers. @ Waikiki Beach
can you please tell me when the blessing for season 8 is going to take place and where . I know it's always been on Waikiki beach thanx
Aloha, good to be back in paradise! @ Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
The May Day Waikiki event is a great afternoon of entertainment and recognizing those beach boys who are no longer…
I'm at Courtyard by Marriott Waikiki Beach - in Honolulu, HI w/
Just been to Pearl Harbor, and now we're on the famous Waikiki Beach. Can't believe how blue the ocean is!
Waikiki beach clean up TODAY. Join us for a bit of volunteering, exercising and making the world better!. Starting a…
The May Day Waikiki event right on the beach in Waikiki with Henry Kapono was a great way to start the month of mu……
Good morning from Another day another hustle. Come on by! 😚 @ Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach isn't too surprising, letting you walk around the tiny beach bit in Hawaii felt like…
HONOLULU: Pearl Harbor, Bishop Museum, Hike Diamond Head crater, Waikiki Beach, International Marketplace, and the zoo (3 of 7)
We have three different stage locations this year: Hawaii Convention Center, Ala Moana Center and Waikiki Beach...
Family Fun on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - a great way to leave the Australian Winter behind. Great deal, includes...
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Stayed on Waikiki Beach until sunset last night. 😍😍. Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace are on the schedule for today.
Our Kirsty has arrived in paradise today and is staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach . Check...
My amazing ocean front view of Waikiki Beach from the Hilton Hawaiian Village! I've just been…
Just played: On the beach at Waikiki - Kilima Hawaiians
Are you planning on going to Newcastle Saturday to watch Waikiki Beach Trevor. Barney will be a popular visitor:)
'Waikiki beach may be next landmark to vanish due to climate change': '
Free torch lighting and hula ceremony at beach every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm.
Nope. I would try and talk him into a fresh coconut and pineapple concession on the beach in Waikiki.
Waikiki Beach starts Saturday at Newcastle from 2 gate. Mastercraftsman also there. MacKenzie Menangle Friday . Luke McCarthy drives.
"She is made up of depths even the ocean couldn't fathom" @ Waikiki Beach , Honolulu…
Glamour colt Waikiki Beach heads from Chch to Syd tomorrow. MacKenzie & Mastercraftsman going with him. Breeders Challenge 1st target
Honolulu, Hawaii might be sunk due to climate change
Waikiki Beach sunset. Of course the good camera Is in the room right now. @ Waikiki Beach ,…
Past decisions in increase vulnerability to extensive and
Newcastle Derby off but Our Waikiki Beach still coming to Saturday night
ALOHA? Honolulu might be sunk because of via htt…
Hawaii bill would start to restore Waikiki Beach
Great! Check out our website for more information! Mahalo.
A week of paradise (@ Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort) on
Honolulu might be sunk due to change
My girl Michelle just sent me pictures of her enjoying Waikiki beach. Smh. Jealous much
We're having beating our at the beach today!
Climate change has left the future of Hawaii's Waikiki Beach in doubt
2 weeks from now my happy *** will be sitting on Waikiki beach with a drink in my hand 🍹🌊
ALOHA? Honolulu might be sunk because of via
Honolulu might be sunk due to climate change
Honolulu is sinking, and climate change is to blame
Just 6.4 km from Diamond Head Crater Park and near Honolulu Zoo, in central Waikiki Beach...
Are you more like Major Nelson or Major Healey? 'I Dream of Jeannie' season 3, Episode 14 They are on Waikiki Beach.
Got my 99¢ Hawaiian water waiting for shuttle to Ala Moana shopping center. @ Waikiki Beach ,…
to I miss the sun, the boys and my boylondon hat! 🌺🌴🍹 @ Waikiki Beach , Honolulu ,…
View of the fabulous Waikiki Beach from our room at the Pacific Beach Hotel! https…
Henry Kapono and his band rock the Sunday Jam at Dukes Canoe Club right on Waikiki Beach this afternoon 4-6:00!
Why do the bums on Waikiki Beach smell so bad? You're 50 feet from the warm Hawaiian waters of the Pacific Ocean. Take a dip dude.
Farmers Market tonight til 9pm. at King's Village in Waikiki Beach. Happening right now!
I checked in at DoubleTree by Hilton Alana-Waikiki Beach on
Enjoy the famed Waikiki Beach or participate in a luau, Honolulu is calling:
Waikiki Beach - For your next getaway with the girls, consider Honolulu, ... -
This is the view of Waikiki Beach from a fire escape, Oʻahu, Hawaii, USA. Photo by jill_from_hnl (Instagram)
Bengals game tomorrow starts at 3:15 pm HST. Mai Tai, Waikiki Beach and Who Dey sounds like a good Saturday.
been to Ohau that's the island with Waikiki beach. Don't know about Jews. Sorry. Lovely island. I'll inbox you a couple of pics
The Waikiki Beach of Honolulu, Book your travel now, click here!
Furusato Sushi tempura rolls Beach across the street
Aloha G.I. Thanks for St Robert MO, Waikiki Beach connect. of ukulele music
I'm now the Duke of DoubleTree by Hilton Alana-Waikiki Beach on
In exactly 5 months I'll be on a beach in Waikiki with a drink in each hand
WAIKIKI BEACH, HONOLULU (OAHU) HAWAII ~ A destination sure to please your group, in this picturesque location!
Just landed a nice job as a server as a breakfast server at a nice restaurant on Waikiki beach; what a good day
I took that on the beach on .three visits to heaven & going back soon
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Would you like to see the new Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa? Check out this cool video.
I really loved Waikiki beach but THIS is probably the best part of my vacation...!
On a mission to find locals to take us to a beach bonfire tonight. Slide into those dms of youre in
Quick layover rum punch on Waikiki Beach.
Check out our specials & packages and come relax on the beach with us!
Missing my sisters, clear blue water, and whoever that guy is. @ Waikiki Beach…
right!!! well, they advertise "The only thing Courtyard Waikiki Beach lacks is a resort fee." LOL we'll see!
...Hawaii great burger place across from Waikiki Beach !! ..I want a land and sea trip to Alaska
I got my first pair of Jordan's ever here on Waikiki Beach
I dont often post post but when I do, its on the in at 7 in…
Another day! It's January 07, 2016 at 08:00PM Beach Marriott# good Marquis DC# nice Waikiki# comfortable Jua…
I went to the Honolulu Aquarium smaller than Maui but it's awesome too! Just down the road from Waikiki Beach and the Zoo
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one of my fav memories EVER is skinny dipping on halloween at Waikiki beach @ like 2:00 am w/ in 2014
Disappointed with Marriott now. Reservations' people lied to me, and nobody cares to make it right at Marriott Waikiki Beach.
I get it - but baby vs. bathwater - maybe it get us haoles to see beyond Waikīkī & the beach
Sunset Mai Tais at the Banyan Tree on Waikiki Beach! Doesn't get better!
I'd love to be on Waikiki Beach with a Mai Tai and a box of Ritz
Friday night fireworks on Waikiki Beach, Oahu ... launched from the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel
Eleven years ago today I met Dorothy in a nightclub on Waikiki Beach. To celebrate the anniversary…
Waikiki Beach reopened after massive sewage spill: HONOLULU, Hawaii - At 3 p.m. today, the City and County of ...
At -- My Waikiki sea salt beach hair. Take me back to Hawaii 😎☀️🌊
Another day! It's August 11, 2015 at 08:01PM Beach Marriott# good Marquis DC# nice Waikiki# comfortable Juan…
Bye bye big island, here I'm again WAIKIKI BEACH!!!
I liked a video from Mermaid at Pacific Beach Hotel Waikiki Honolulu 29 July 20…
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We are only steps away from the beach!
At -- Enjoying dinner by the beach yesterday.
Doesn't the beach look so inviting today?
Wishing it was summer and I could wander around Waikiki, go to the beach, drink coffee, and read life changing books.
corymcd17 : Great 1st day with my wife! Aloha! @ Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa …
I added a video to a playlist WAIKIKI BEACH PULSE & PEOPLE SILHOUETTES in Ultra HD 4K Video
At -- Found some tiny little shells and seaglass at Waikiki beach🙌🐚. I realized that I can …
There it is. Adults with matching outfits. Clearly we're going to a Luau! 🌺🌴 @ Waikiki Beach Oahu…
this is the reason why I love Hawaii so much. @ Waikiki Beach
It's a beautiful day in Hawaii Nei, especially here on Waikiki Beach!
The Room of Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach. No bathtub.…. I have to stay here for three weeks.
Amazing ocean, mountain, and city views await you at the Waikiki Vista in the Waikiki Skytower!Brand new...
Spent the day herding cats, really BIG high ranking ones. waiting on the beach kept me going!
Congratulations to Kai Sallas on your win! Kai Sallas Pro Surf School Hawaii Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
The Crab Ramen with Truffle Oil is to die for. Sansei Waikiki Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
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Waikiki Beach on Oahu, Hawaii. :) Fortunate to have been lined up a business trip here that coincided w family vacation. :)
LIVE on Checking out Waikiki Beach today in Honolulu! Love this place!!!
Sunset at Waikiki Beach Oahu, Hawaii. (I want to be there)
One week from today I'll be at beach kayaking! Can't wait!
At -- I could spend every day at the beach watching this little Waikiki water baby grow! T…
WATCH: Fred Hemmings reflects on mile-long ride to Waikiki Beach:
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Yeah, I named him that; sold suntan lotion on Waikiki Beach, LOVES his rum...
Move Over Waikiki: Make Way for Waimanalo Bay - It’s only about 45 minutes from Waikiki Beach, but Bay Beach Park ... http:…
Lucky behsteds..Waikiki Beach, I love that sure to hit Duke's Canoe Club while there!
Aloha Friday Farmers Market today! Waikiki Beach artisans, healthy Starts right now!
Aloha Zachariah. Thanks for Cape Town, Waikiki Beach connect. dancers on Aloha Friday
Morning walk on Waikiki Beach with Rebecca, my... @ Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Res
Friday night fireworks run at Waikiki Beach.
Aloha! Friday morning commute on Waikiki Beach. Traffic moving well ahead of the beach volleyball game... http…
Waikiki Beach, a bit less humid than cheering the Albion College swim team.
Debby Ryan is drinking a marble. Lara Spencer is spotting oil in Waikiki Beach. Painter Smurf is eating water in Chinatown.
GOLFER VICIOUSLY ATTACKED AFTER MISSING CUT IN TOURNAMENT: Australian golfer Robert Allenby says he was robbed, beaten and dumped in a park after missing the cut at the Sony Open in Hawaii. The mugging left him with cuts and a deep scrape on his forehead. "I should be OK, just in a lot of pain," Allenby said in a text message to The Associated Press. Allenby was in a wine bar Friday night before being separated from his caddie and a friend, the Golf Channel reported. The caddie told the network Allenby was robbed of his cellphone, cash and credit cards before being dumped in a park six miles away. Allenby told the Australian Associated Press that he may have been drugged in the Amuse Win Bar in Waikiki Beach and taken to an underground garage where he was subsequently robbed and thrown in the trunk of a car. He said a homeless woman in the park told him she saw him thrown out of the car, which led to the scrapes on his forehead. He said a retired military man paid for a taxi to get him back to his hotel. ...
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Welcome to Salem, South Africa. Your travel companion is Matthew Perry. You see Waikiki Beach.
UH Sea Grant faculty are focusing on the protection and restoration Waikiki Beach - read all about it in today's...
Weird moment of the week: Listening to the band Bush cover a Pink Floyd tune on the beach at Waikiki.
Credit on Instagram. Sooo BUSH just played on Waikiki beach to celebrate Hawaii 5-0 new season...
Of COURSE we will have boots in Syria. Where will the training take place? Waikiki Beach?
Another day! It's September 14, 2014 at 08:32PM Beach Marriott# good Marquis DC# nice Waikiki# comfortable
Waikiki bound. We swear we're not all going beach in the morning. 😩😊
Gavin Rossdale live performing Stevie Nicks in Waikiki on the beach tonight
Did you get to see the Hawaii 5-0 Premier in Waikiki tonight? They rolled out the Red carpet for Sunset on the Beach
Bush and Gavin Rossdale live in Waikiki on the beach tonight
Great to watch the SEASON 5 PREMIERE of on Waikiki Beach
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Just think, in your old gig, you might be staying on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, covering the Panthers!
Sunset on the beach, Hawaii50, and Teddy's for dinner!
Alex O'Loughlin is on the beach in and Scott Caan has made his appearance, too!
At the premiere on the beach in Waikiki with
Beautiful sunset on Waikiki beach at night in Hawaii and a pretty cool Sunday morning in France 1/2
LIVE FROM WAIKIKI BEACH: The red carpet is ready for the stars of
TONIGHT Fans from all over the world gather on Waikiki Beach, anxiously awaiting the cast's arrival!
McDonald’s of Waikiki Beach is celebrating its 1st anniversary with 99-cent Big Mac sandwiches and product samples on …
Blue waters and pink umbrellas on Waikiki Beach at
Moon through tree in Las Cruces NM...Where were you when man first landed on the moon? I just had to share this from my friend Al Gonyea. shared Al Gonyea's status. 3 hours ago Men walking on the MOON! Most remember it as a historical event. Where were you and what were you doing way back then?? As for me, it was the day my unit left the 'Nam, and we boarded aircraft for Hawaii. Seems like it was over 20 hours to arrive in Honolulu, to board Army buses for Schofield Barracks. After settling into the Barracks, and 1 or 2 formations for this and that, we were cut loose for the weekend. A man walking on the moon, it wasn't even on our radar screen for keeping up with what was going on. I remember calling home and talking to Mom and letting Her know that we had arrived safe and sound. It was good to here Mom's voice in almost a year. So almost everybody took off for drinking and chasing the girls in Honolulu. As for me I wound up on Waikiki Beach watching the tourist act crazy, and seeing the ocean for the fi ...
Had a wonderful second farewell party tonight at the fabulous Conrad Hotel, enjoyed some great food. The first party was at one of my favorite restaurants as well, Din Tai Fung (sadly there are none anywhere close to Michigan). Tomorrow we will leave Seoul for the last time. :( We are very sad to leave our friends, but hopefully we can overcome our sadness with some fun in the sun at Waikiki Beach.
Heading outdoors this weekend? . Visit a Washington State Park, like Waikiki Beach in Cape Disappointment State...
1-Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 2- Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast 3- Tamarama in Sydney coz they are the top in world
Memorial day at Waikiki Beach with family. What a wonderful time. Loving every minute of it.
awhile back from our to use as a dress print in the future. — at Waikiki Beach
This is what my 12 year old grandson got to look at today at Waikiki Beach and you wonder why there are problems today with young kids. Hmmm
Beautiful view of Waikiki beach from last night.
Selfie on diamond top... Over looking Waikiki beach!!
And so the love affair begins again! It's good to be back. 🏄 @ Waikīkī Beach
This afternoon while floating and relaxing in the ocean at Waikiki Beach, a woman floating next to me strikes up a conversation. After 20 mins or so, I politely ask her where her accent from. She said she lives in San Francisco, but she is Iranian. When I greeted her by saying hello and how are you in Farsi, she was thrilled! Her husband joined us and we had a wonderful time floating around and discussing the old days in Iran.
My profile picture makes me happy because it was a happy time because I was at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii! 🌞🌞
Cannot wait to be sitting on Waikiki beach this summer
Only on Waikiki beach, Santa playing the violin
Beach Day Memorial Day in Going to floating lanterns at Ala Moana at dusk.
good post >The History of Hawaii's Waikiki via
Things to do on Oahu island in Hawaii: Walk Waikiki Beach; Climb Diamond Head; Visit an Aquarium by a Reef
OSD members preparing for a show with afrolatin'move at Waikiki beach
Why is a man in a dirty Santa suit strolling up & down Waikiki beach playing a violin for unsuspecting tourists from Kansas?
He fooled me last year, but returns to predictable form and gives Duke Kahanamoku beach in Waikiki his No. 1 rating for 2014
Beach day with mama bear! @ Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
Wind dies again just past Ewa Beach on way to Waikiki. Locomotion still in lead boat to boat.
ROY TABORA. LIVE PAINTING DEMONSTRATION!. TONIGHT!!!. 7pm to 9pm. Tabora Gallery Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach...
Menorial day by the beach in I think so!
Farmers Market today Waikiki Beach Memorial Day will make you get out with friends
The weather is terrible this morning @ Kuhio Beach Park
Even ducks agree... Carbs are more delicious than protein. @ Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
Explore the Best Beaches in and treat yourself with a :
“Waikiki Beach there-By far best month of life so far. Swam past surfers 15x & walked to 🌋head
Up Close an Amazing beach view of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii! I will be there soon! And so should You!
Waikiki Beach Water Play Photograph by Georgia Mizuleva - Waikiki Beach Water Play Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
Nice view to wake up too in Waikiki beach. Worth all the travelling yesterday
Day 8 (5/26/2014) in Hawaii - Today we pack, hang our at hotel then head over to Honolulu Airport to depart for a red eye flight in JFK. We will arrive in JFK tomorrow morning then on to ROC. Christine and I have done so much that we are actually looking forward to being home. It has been a great trip, the people kind and friendly and the places fantastic. A general overview of what we have done and places we have been: Visited the Polynesian Cultural Center, took a canoe ride, attended a Luau, watched a Polynesian performance, relaxed by the pool and hot tub several times, swam in the Pacific Ocean, visited Pearl Harbor, toured the USS Missouri, toured the USS Arizona memorial, saw the USS Oklahoma memorial and USS Bowfin Submarine, drove up to the Punchbowl crater, visited the military grave site of the Pacific, climbed Diamond Head crater, shopped until we dropped, ate at many different cultural restaurants, visited the US Army museum, had drinks at Fort DeRussey base, went for walks on Waikiki Bea ...
My Dad. 1947 Waikiki Beach. Just remember, memorial day is for veterans past. Veterans day is for all veterans.
Aloha John TYSM for RT, fav. Nice to connect Germantown TN, Waikiki Beach HI. This is the Farmers Market .
27 May, 2001. Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Located on Waikiki beach in Honolulu. I married the love of my life and we're still going strong. Two beautiful kids and a third, due this August. I love you, Shurei Reese. I hope we have many more years together.
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[Hotel of the week] Pool or beach? It's up to you! Try the Place Waikiki Beach. Book now :
Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort from $179 USD Featuring a spa and 90 shops, this Hilton resort offer...
Just over 12 hrs ago Carmen was laying in the warm sand of Waikiki Beach with Zoey while warching Danny and Amelia splashing in the Pacific...
Last week I was sitting on waikiki beach in hawaii surrounded by Palm trees. I'm now on Brighton beach. Oh.
A beach makes the list of Top 10 US beaches. List > . What's your favorite CT beach?
Went swimming at Waikiki Beach a while ago 🏊
On the Beach at Waikiki. On the Beach at WaikikiJohn K. Almeida | Format: MP3 Music. ...
"Surf Now – Apocalypse Later" Simple life…You don't need alot...Everything is right here for you." SCENES FROM A HONOLULU MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND RUN... I started out at the Mai Tai bar at the Royal Hawaiian, ran up the sand to the part of Waikiki beach where the Duke Kahanamoku statue is set, then down the beach as far as Sans Souci Beach, heading back across the far side of Kapiolani Park, and then back to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel via surface streets. The video shows the Natatorium and Memorial, and also shows the water fountain with Diamond Head behind it. Segway tour and Surfer van. Allen Carrier also ran, but on the treadmill at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Sadly, we only had very few windows in our weather to run, and it was raining at my usual run times. Next time!!! [2 minutes • Sunday – 5/25/2014]
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a great day. We had breakfast by the ocean, went the zoo, aquarium,Waikiki beach and an awesome cake from Leonard's bakery
Day 7 (5/26/2014) in Hawaii - Last full day in Hawaii. Another relaxing day swimming and hot tub in our tower pool deck area followed by swimming in the Pacific Ocean off Waikiki Beach. Shopping and Supper and back to room for relaxing evening.
Wake Up in Hawaii and walk on Waikiki Beach for $399 per person *2 people, twin share *7 nights accommodation *Waikiki West Hotel *Standard room Travel Dates 01Aug - 21Dec 2014 Add a tour and transfers for less then $100 per person Upgrade your hotel to a 4.5 star from $33 per person per night On sale until sold out, contact us at Pure Travel on 02 8814-7911 or via email michellefor a quote!
First day - Honolulu and Waikiki beach, something one must do and see when firts time in Hawaii, but I think really only that one time... Then you can fly directly from LAX to Big Island, Kauai, Maui. the islands with beautiful nature and caracters... But - when on Waikiki, the MOANA SURFRIDER Resort is the one to stay at... with the typical colonial architecture, just renovated andwith great service... Oh, we went there because Acha was inspected by the Vet at HNL airport - the only airport where dogs from outside US can enter Hawaii. 5 minutes, and we were done. and of we went, to enjoy the hotel and did some final shoppings...
Pearl harbour and Waikiki beach it's been a long day today as we were up at 5am gonna be an early night me thinks as up at 7am again tomorrow more pictures to follow x
Met this pretty lady on my run this morning then saw this iconic scene as I made a turn. Lovely jog along the Waikiki beach.
Am 45 & have really low Testosterone, so I'm going to rub anabolic steroids in my armpits then, hike the rainforest, kayak the Amazon, climb Mt. Everest, play a few sets of tennis, dance under the stars, jump off a waterfall, walk along Waikiki Beach, set up a really cool tent in the Mojave desert, light a bonfire & bang my gf.
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Free day for the kids at Waikiki beach. Swimming, surfing and sunbathing. Yes, this is the life! One day left might as well pursue the happiness
Day 6 (5/24/2014) in Hawaii - We went to Diamond Head (Le' ahi) State Monument and hiked up the historic trail to the summit. The trail was built in 1908 as part of the US Army Coastal Artillery defense system. It was a hot and humid day with rain showers on and off all day. Afterwards, we returned to hotel for relaxation. Later we took a taxi to Hard Rock Cafe - Honolulu, had a nice supper and walked back along Waikiki Beach to our hotel. Along the way we visited the US Army Museum and For Derussey Armed Forces Recreation Center of the Pacific.
About to bid farewell to beautiful Waikiki Beach - we totally enjoyed our time here - long trip home - get in about 10:30 tonight I think - I am ready for a long nap for sure
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Posted at M night club in Waikiki Beach last sat wit my brothers... tommy63_ RP iboitez
When the swimming pool is not big enough, come join us on the WAIKIKI OCEAN CLUB for Hawaii’s hottest ocean activities conveniently located off the shores of Waikiki Beach. Slide into the beautiful Pacific Ocean, revel in the thrills of the Jet Ski, skim the waves on a banana sled, explore underwate…
Plans are in the works to provide more at more rooms, open space, pools, and vistas to Waikiki Beach.
Holy Moly, what a day yesterday. Met two of Hawaii's finest steel guitar players for private lessons. Jeff Au Hoy in the morning and Alan Akaka in the afternoon. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge about playing the Hawaiian steel guitar. And what a surprise, I got a new middle name, "Keoki" what is the Hawaiian name for "George" what is the English name for "Joerg". The evening highlight was listening to Jeff's playing with Cyril Pahinui and Peter Wook Moon in the Outrigger Reef Hotel @ Waikiki Beach. Those guys knocked me of my socks with there sound and their talent. They just have released a new CD, highly recommended as new food for your CD player. Today I'll go and visit the Bishop Museum in Honolulu and in the evening I'll go and listen to Alan and Addison playing with the Keawe Ohana in the Marriot Hotel @ Waikiki Beach. Today is my last complete day in Hawaii, tomorrow It's travelling time again...
We are having coffee at Tim's Thunder Bay Airport. United flight is on time and leaving 7:20am to Chicago then direct 9 hr flight to Honolulu. It is -10C feels like -17C. Waikiki Beach same time at midnight. -24C.
Pwan pekin enjoy the spring break at waikiki beach...
Walking Waikiki beach tonight. I'm the crazy Lady with the puppy carrier. Shea..(puppy poking out) enjoys sunsets.
Koko brown. Seasonal brown ale with toasted coconut from @ Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach
LOL I told you that before you said you live Waikiki beach hotel! -.- so you live at Hilton Hawaiian Village? 😄
Living in complete happiness and gratitude. Cocktails and watching the sun set on Waikiki beach.
Alaha from waikiki beach love to all
One of my fav snaps from vaycay.Waikiki Beach Hawai'i via helicopter. Paradise is not lost.
Waikiki Beach is the worst. Never again.
My chubby stage didnt prevent me from going to Kailua and Waikiki Beach and enjoy the ocean. Ang takaw ko sa huli huli chicken .
Had a fun day today 🏊🏄 @ Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort
It's a beautiful day to welcome in on beach.
Smashing the gym like a bad you can't lift your arms to take your tshirt off! Work out level = insane and ripped for Waikiki beach!
Pics of sunken Ships and planes from submarine. At Waikiki beach.
Got it get it tighter these next 6 days in the gym. Gotta look good laying out at Waikiki Beach next weekend...
Boogie boarder catching a wave near the pier at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel Morning show with Ku'uleialoha of Hula Halau O shirt provided by Rix Island Wear
Oh, to be on Waikiki beach in the 1940s... What an amazing view!
Great day on the Waikiki beach with
VOWS WITH A VIEW! Aston Beach Hotel is the perfect choice for your dream
What are you doing today? I went and swam in the Pacific Ocean at the Waikiki Beach!
Another lovely lady of Hula, last night at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (the pink one!) on Waikiki Beach.
.Hawaii, silly! Don't you remember the battle of Kamehameha fought long and *** Waikiki Beach? ;-)
Finally met JoAn Stead, my sister from another mother and husband John. We talked about our estranged father and did Hawaiian kine stuffs. In 2 days we did Whale watching cruise, Hiked up Diamond Head Crater, Bishop Museum, Oceanarium, Waikiki beach, Polynesian Cultural Center,Now to plan our visit to the mainland.
Waikiki beach (Hawaii, not Kabul!), where Round Table, KFC, and Burger King reign supreme. Why get delicious fresh sushi when you can go to Chili's?! (I'm still in love with this magical place.)
We never get tired of that view from Hula Grill Waikiki!
Want to join us on our next incentive trip? Start your own Princess House business NOW and you’ll have a chance to earn our trip to Waikiki Beach! Still not sure? Check out the amazing scenery in this quick video, then ask your Consultant how easy it is to get started.
Surfing and boogie boarding fun at Waikiki Beach.
In the 1940s, forests of huge umbrellas like this were a common sight on Waikiki beach.
Listening to X factor e3 on Waikiki beach 🌴🌸
Great run this morning on Waikiki Beach!
Watching Waikiki beach wake up each morning is a big joy of mine on this trip. The Starbuck's on a popular corner of the beach is open from 4.30am to 11pm. I'm thinking I could work the, what, 4am to noon shift and get along just fine. Honestly. How much do you need when you have this around you?
charging my phone on Waikiki beach 😆
tbt..sometime early 1980 Waikiki and my sis
My brother and his nonstop snapchats of Waikiki beach and Hawaii are just make me depressed.
On Monday afternoon I climbed diamond head crater felt good to take the hike Waikiki Beach behind me what a great day
It is actually the Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, Waikiki Beach!
We hiked down and back to Waikiki beach. Stopped for smoothies and fresh pineapple.
Had an inspiring evening with my baby, DeAnne Weathers and great niece (literally) Casandra Lee Puente viewing the sunset in Waikiki Beach.
this is Diamond Head on Oahu, so maybe Sheraton Waikiki Beach?
Rise and Shine - the start of a beautiful day on Waikiki Beach
Flying off today to Honolulu for 5 days at Waikiki Beach.
Waikiki Beach is a lot closer to than you thought!
A great day touring Maui and the infamous "Hana Road" :). yesterday. Today it is a flight to Honolulu and 5 days at Waikiki Beach.
1st breakfast taco needs 2b on a beach in Waikiki so I can share with the sea life & help u reach a whole new world
The world renowned Waikiki Beach on the Island of Oahu
Waikiki beach and Hawai'in wedding outfits.
Throwback Thursday - In Hawaii with the Shank's family back in 2007 at the Moana Surfrider on Waikiki Beach. Tammi and Kate mugging for the camera!
Waikiki Beach-Warm sun & gentle waves.This umbrella sure is great on a hot day like this. Always remember sunscreen!
11 years ago tomorrow, I fell in love with the awesomest, nerdiest, bestest man ever! He was willing to accept my crazy *** for all that I was, including a single mother to a child with special needs. He never dodged once, just made us his family. 10 years ago tomorrow, we married on Waikiki Beach in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue. I won't say its all been rainbows and unicorns, cause for a while there it was dark dungeons and epic boss battles. But we beat that boss, collected our loot, and came out the other side! Honey, even though we wiped a few times, I wouldn't change any of it. Lvling to 10 with you has been precious and priceless, and I look forward to the next 80 lvls :)
Directly opposite Waikiki Beach, the hotel is close to Ala Moana Shopping Centre... -
Enter to win a fabulous 2-night stay at (plus surf lessons, dinner, beach cruisers + more)!
Hawaiian Hospitality at it's Best at Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk via
Hawaiian Hospitality at it’s Best at Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk (:
Happy Birthday to my son-in-law Michael. He had a great birthday. Took him to Wolfgang's Steak House in Waikiki Beach. He was happy! 2301 Kalakaua Ave Honolulu, HI 96815 Cross Street: Sea Side (808) 922-3600
Im in between dinner on the beach and going out to a night club downtown Waikiki.
"Sixpackers" going hard at their bootcamp challenge. Beautiful time of day on Waikiki Beach Foreshore.
In February, Royal Kaila will open on the second floor. of the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.
Relax on the gorgeous Waikiki beach at the by winning the staycation package we're giving away! Tune in to our instagram!
It was a great day at the beach in Waikiki. Having fun so far! @ Waikiki Beach
Selection Sunday was rather depressing for me this year; however, then it dawned on me that 2 weeks from now I should be sipping on a Mai Tai at Waikiki Beach with my guy 😎🌴
Hawaii: Sun worshipers head to the beaches of Oahu and Waikiki Beach where the surf kings reign and where there is round the clock action in the shopping malls, bars, pubs and clubs. But don't ignore the scenic charms of these islands; blue-green mountains, rugged seascapes and sweeping beaches. Breath taking natural beauty can be enjoyed throughout these tropical islands. For stunning views, don't miss a drive to the summit of the Haleakala Crater, a 10,000 ft high volcano. Why not combine your holiday to the Islands with a stop over in Los Angeles or San Francisco?
Honolulu/Oahu Vacations If you're looking for a place with all the classic Hawaiian experiences, Oahu is it. Whether your dream is to surf the North Shore, participate in an authentic lu'au or shop for souvenirs in urban Honolulu, Oahu will fulfill your every wish. Packed with nature and history, vacationing in Oahu is an experience you can make your own. Choose to climb Diamond Head Crater for an impressive aerial view of the world famous Waikiki Beach or pay your respects to fallen soldiers at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. With limitless options, you'll get it all -- beach getaway, cultural exploration and nature excursions -- with this one Hawaiian getaway.
Last bore! 18 years ago I was in Hawaii having refuelled in Fiji! Fantastic 3 days spent in Honolulu, went to Pearl Harbour (very sad), sunbathed in Waikiki Beach, oh and I met my husband Barry (he's not Hawaiian *** ) he was on the same trip as me!)! Today I wish I was back there, lucky if I get one night away anywhere these days!
Kevin Sullivan summons The Purple Haze, Maniac Marc Lewin, from the oceans of Waikiki Beach. Also, Sullivan attacks Dusty Rhodes with a fireball!
I swear after being in Hawaii on the Beach for 4 days it's like all my worries and negative thoughts are gone, flown away in the Pacific Ocean...I literally let it all flow away on Waikiki Beach and North Shore Beach!! GOD IS GOOD, and that's how I'm feeling!!
February 24th 2006: The Sex Pistols posted a letter on their website announcing that they would not be attending their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the following month. 2002: Kiss performed with original guitarist Ace Frehley for the last time to date at the closing ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. 1994: Daltrey Sings Townshend, an event which celebrated Roger Daltrey’s 50th birthday finished the second of two nights at New York City’s Carnegie Hall. The event also featured Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed & Eddie Vedder. 1993: Eric Clapton won six Grammy Awards including Album of the Year for Unplugged, Record of the Year & Song of the Year for “Tears in Heaven”. 1992: Nirvana singer & guitarist Kurt Cobain married Courtney Love on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. 1990: Bob Dylan joined Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman & David Crosby onstage in Los Angeles to sing Mr. Tambourine Man at a tribute concert to Roy Orbison. 1988: As a joke, Alice Coo ...
What Tattoo Should You Get Quiz - Tattoo Should You Get Quiz Balloon Photos Are Magical Young children certainly appreciate seeing balloons occur to lifetime. You can preserve income by discovering how to do it you and order your supplies by a distributor. What Tattoo Should You Get Quiz Jean and Paul - A Love Story This is the tale of my mom and dad, Jean and Paul Puckett, two younger persons who lived through the adventure of Pearl Harbor and then went on to share a lifestyle jointly for just about 60 yrs. The time is late 1940. A youthful person and female from diverse worlds bump into each other at a restaurant on Waikiki Beach front in Honolulu, Hawaii. Calendar Screensavers - Your Best Option Your desktop is a person of the most viewed screens on your method and so most people today like location up appealing screensavers to make it a lot more appealing. You can established up particular pictures, photos or even arcade game titles wall paper that can be one of your favorites. Placing up a desk lead ...
How I usually start my day. Workout at Kapiolani Park, then do a couple of sprints. After walk across the street to Waikiki Beach kick back and enjoy the scenery, while my partner in crime picks up chicks! Life is lovely!
Hawaii 50 In 1959, President Dwight Eisenhower signed a bill making Hawaii the 50th state in the Union. That same year, James Michener's historical epic, Hawaii, was published after seven years of research. Extraordinary timing. Fifteen years later, we, the Powers Family, experiencing a relentless season of rain and cold in Seattle, joggled our webbed feet and flew to Hawaii to dry off. Destination was Oahu, one of the eight main islands that make up the state of Hawaii. Oahu, the third largest and most populous of the islands, is home to the capital, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, and the tourist Mecca, Waikiki Beach. Oahu is beaming with life, yet a couple blocks off Kamehameha Highway, the main road in Oahu, we experienced the graciousness and charm of island hospitality. In a small sandwich shop a few minutes from Waikiki Beach, we had a plate lunch served with delicious pineapple bread. (Not surprising since Hawaii is home to the Dole Pineapple Plantations.) The amiable proprietor of the shop kindly gave me ...
Betty Dickerson thank you for the sweet note about the posters. Not hose are from the Jimmy Buffet restaurant store in Honolulu, Hawaii, Waikiki Beach. Nothing like them around here either. I'm glad they cheered you up in that cold winter you're having. Think of me when you look at them!
John Stamos with the Beach Boys on Waikiki Beach. What an awesome evening.
Three Unique Spots in America To Ring In The New Year.. In Hawaii, Waikiki Beach is a blaze of firework colors. In Las Vegas, party revelers will flock to Fremont Street.. In New Orleans, one can watch the firework show over the Mississippi River.
FROM RSOE-Researchers and beachgoers were up early Thursday morning, collecting the box jellyfish from the water and shoreline. "Yeah, it's infested. Get couple thousand on the beach right now all the way down," beachgoer Stephen Akana said. Beachgoers at Ala Moana Beach hit the sand and the water's edge to keep the box jellyfish from making their way back into the ocean. Beachgoers say that this is the worst infestation that they've ever seen. "Well, it's not safe to go in the water, that's for sure," Akana said. From 2 a.m. Thursday until the sun came up, University of Hawaii jellyfish researcher and biochemist Dr. Angel Yanagihara, along with four students, hit the sand and surf, collecting jellyfish from a small portion of Waikiki Beach.
Our first week was a 4 island cruise where we crammed in as much as possible: Road to Hanna, Volcanoes National Park, Waimea Canyon, Atlantis Submarine, Zodiac raft and snorkeling, hiking, zip lines, etc. Our second week we stayed on Waikiki Beach and explored as much of Oahu as possible.
Walked all over down on Waikiki Beach this evening. Tomorrow we are going to Pearl Harbor :)
The Kid Who Would Be President (Photos of Young Barack Obama) I hope you find what you're looking for. If not, and if you browse around, you can still have a good time! And thanks for visiting. Barack Obama Sr. poses with his son in the Honolulu airport during Obama Sr.’s only visit to see his son while he was growing up in Hawaii. Young Barack was in the 5th grade when the photo was taken Barack Obama with his maternal grand parents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham during a 1982 visit to New York , where Obama was attending Columbia (Courtesy of The Obama Family) Barack Obama walks with his grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama at his father’s house in Nyongoma Kogelo village, western Kenya , in Aug. 2006 (AP file Barack walks along Waikiki Beach shortly before he and his mother moved from Hawaii to Indonesia to live with her second husband, Lolo Soetoro, in 1967 Barack poses with his mother, Ann, half sister, Maya, and maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham in Hawaii in the early 1970s after the family returned f ...
Artist Bio - 1. Bennett Bradbury: California painter Bennett Bradbury (1914 - 1991) was a familiar figure in the Laguna Beach school, and in the Carmel are, where he died in 1991. After working for Walt Disney studios, he dedicated himself full time to his painting. Bradbury in mid career also spent some time in Hawaii, where he exhibited works at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach, usually of Hawaiian subject matter. He returned to Laguna Beach, continuing his painting ad teaching seminars on the Monterey Peninsula. He moved to Carmel in the 1970's and remained there until his death. His style is instantly recognizable, as he moves around a generous amount of glossy paint, often with a palette knife.
Parmanand (4 November 1876 – 8 December 1947)was born into a prominent family of the Punjab. His father, Tara Chand Mohyal, came from Kariala, Jhelum District and was an active worker of Arya Samaj movement and one-time President of the Hindu Mahasabha. In October 1905, Parmanand visited South Africa and stayed with Mahatma Gandhi as a vedic missionary. Parmanand visited Guyana in 1910 which was the centre of the Arya Samaj movement in the Caribbean.His lectures increased their following there. In 1911, he visited Lala Hardayal when he was on retreat in Martinique. Parmanand persuaded Hardayal to go to the United States to found a centre for the propagation of Bharatiya culture. Hardayal left for America, but soon located himself in Hawaii, where he again went on retreat on Waikiki Beach. A letter from Parmanand prompted his departure for San Francisco where he became an activist in the anarchist movement. Parmanand toured several British colonies in South America before rejoining Hardayal in San Franci ...
9 days 8 nights on Waikiki Beach + Shark Diving off North Shore with Galapagos, Makos and Black Tip Reefs Sharks + Hiking to Diamond Head Crater, Manoa Falls and Waimea Falls + Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay = Best Vacation of my Life until Italy
It is with a heavy heart and with great reluctance that we must bid aloha to Hawaii once again. This, my third trip to this tropical slice of heaven, was a wonderful experience, filled with peaceful energy, fun experiences and educational activities. In Kaua'i I enjoyed calming meditation at the Hindu Temple, a visit to Kamokila Hawaiian Village, music-filled boat ride to Fern Grotto (where Neyda and I were "married" as they sang the Hawaiian Wedding Song), a visit with our dear friends, Patrick and Rita, sunset on Hanalei Bay, excellent meals and Mai Tais and being awakened by beautiful Hawaiian song birds in the morning. In Oahu I enjoyed Waikiki Beach, more Mai Tais, my first diving experience in over fifteen years, a visit to He'eia Learning Center (where we enjoyed a conversation with a local named Filipo), swimming in the warm water at Lanikai Beach, dinner, more Mai Tais and a beautiful sunset followed by a fire dance show at Turtle Bay on the North Shore and yesterday's visit to the Polynesian Cu ...
A new study just released June 19th by The Mayo Clinic has found that 70 % of Americans take at least one prescription drug. (Well, butter the cornbread and slap me silly!) This revelation was determined by a group of researchers in Olmsted County, Minn who have determined that their study group is comparable to, say, folks who live in Arizona or on Waikiki Beach. They include ALL prescription medications, everything from Antibiotics to blood pressure pills, and (gasp) vaccines! What they fail to reveal are the numbers related to the prevention of Pneumonia and Influenza complications, stroke, heart attack, or the percentages of morbidity and mortality averted by treating depression, or the improved quality of life provided when chronic pain, ADHD, Narcolepsy, Seizure disorders, Anxiety, uncontrolled Diabetes, Cancer, and a plethora of other physical and psychological disorders are managed by carefully prescribed and monitored prescription drugs; combined, ideally, with other treatment modalities such ...
Pacrep LLC, which is developing The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach, condominium hotel project, is considering the purchase of nearly an acre of land adjacent to the project for a possible second tower.
Nothing cheers me up more than booking a holiday. Especially when it means I will be laying on Waikiki Beach in a few months󾌵
About to head out for our Luau and to enjoy our last night in beautiful Kauai !!! This place is truly some of God's best work !!! Tomorrow it is on to Oahu for 3 days including the powerful experience of visiting Pearl Harbor and a tour of the city of Honolulu along with a stay at the Marriot on beautiful Waikiki Beach !!! We are so blessed to have made this trip !!! Aloha Friends !!!
Went to Pearl Harbor today to visit the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri Battleship, the Bowfin Submarine, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. It was all very touching and interesting. It made me miss my Dad as he was active in World War II and stationed in the Phillipines. We have hiked the Diamond Head Crater and to the end of the road at Kaena Point on Oahu. Waikiki Beach is beautiful, just too busy! Saturday we plan to go to the Northern Shore and stop at beaches and sights along the way. On Kauai we went to lots of beaches with Eric, Kathy, and kiddos, hiked down to Wailua Falls on a very steep trail, and I am the only one who fell (but didn't get hurt), went to Lydgate Park and Beach (great for the kids), Tunnels Beach for snorkeling, Waima Canyon and hiking, etc. On Maui we again went to lot of beaches, went snorkeling, Hana Highway drive and to the Seven Sacred pools, luau with dinner and a show, Haleakala Mountain and hiking with 2 of the grand kids, pool time at our time share, etc. Gre ...
~The Floating Island Paradise known as the Waikiki Ocean Club~ There are two things you will notice immediately when you step onto the famed Waikiki Beach-the amazing views, and the seemingly endle...
The Ultimate Hawaiian Family "Griswald ... Wall & Ransley" Vacation has been the best holiday we have ever had. Hawaii 70.3 IronMan, Kona, My little champion - Jacks - 3rd Birthday, Lava fields, Trump International Waikiki (amazing pub), Outlet Shopping, Hula dancing at Sunset, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu Aquarium, Paradise Cove Luau and Lava Flow cocktails ... Plus heaps more, not even a couple of bouts of gastro could dent the wonderful time we had - couple of pics ... Thanks to Kane Ransley, Marta Tselniker-Ransley, Rebecca Wall
This is also the weekend of the Pan-Pacific Festival so between that at the King K things.tons of cultural stuff going on. I've already lost most of my battery power so I will be offline soon...:and no pics. After eating, I'm going to decide on what I'll attend and mix it with relaxing at the Hilton/Waikiki Beach. :-) About to eat some sushi (again) at Benihana's. Yum!
Man, Waikiki Beach is crowded with Asian tourists! I haven't seen this many Japanese roasting since Nagasaki!
Watching Hawaii 5-0 brings back awesome memories of a beautiful island. Miss it Waikiki Beach.
No good stories yet. I still live in an adult hostel called the Plumeria. It's walking distance to Ala Moana Beach which is just west of Waikiki Beach. It's basically the same beach with a yacht club and the Hilton Lagoon right in the middle. I'm shocked by the lack of sushi resteraunts. I thought they were going to be everywhere. I went to Buger King twice and paid almost $20 both times! Other than that I don't see a big cost of living difference. I ride a bicycle everywhere I go, so that keeps me in shape since I can't go to my 24 Hour gym here because of all the upgraded towel service memberships which require me to pay a higher membership fee. SUCK! I bike at least 13 miles a day to and from work though so F! 24 hour fitnesss. I can't believe the local diet here consists of so much rice. It's wierd. Rice *** When I walk through a resteraunt here I just want to start a snow ball fight with rice balls. People are sheep no matter where you go I guess. If it's on a plate in front of your face, you eat ...
Waikiki Beach by: Christine Siebeneck Swayne This is the Beach whereon the white foam flies Beneath the mounting skies; Where the strong ocean currents pour From a far northern shore; Where coral waters, purple, green, and blue, And every peacock hue, Glimmer, and gleam, and glint, A fierer opal tint. The long seas roll from rocky, ice-girt lands To these palm-shaded sands. The little wave that laps about your feet Has fled from snow and sleet, Where unbound waters rage, and rave, and roar, Tossing forevermore, And now lies on this sun-warmed, southern isle, Where rich brown faces smile. Lo! each great roller breaks upon the bar, Where the slim surf boats are, Upon this "horse," this wave, this rushing tide, See the Hawaiians ride, A laughing, shouting, singing, merry crew, In their fleet black canoe, And all are forward-leaning, straining in the wind, While the curled wave pursues behind-- High overhead beneath the brilliant heaven Fly clouds forever by a great wind driven.
ALOHA! If you are visiting or perhaps planning a stay-cation in Waikiki, come stay at the beautiful Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel! it is the only hotel in all of Waikiki that has an early morning breakfast buffet and hula show 7 days a week! you can catch Brandon Serrano 1/3 of Puʻuloa Monday through Friday 7:15am-8:45am performing Hawaiian music accompanied by hula as well! The Aston Waikiki is located right on Kalākaua Ave. across the street from Waikiki Beach, The Honolulu Zoo and Kapiolani Park! The Hotel also houses the world famous Tiki's Bar & Grill where there is even more ono food and LIVE entertainment nightly! Mahalo
The city of Detroit may be facing a deepening financial crisis but that hasn't stopped four trustees of its public pension funds from spending $22,000 of retirement system funds to attend a conference in Hawaii this week. The trip 4,500 miles west to a four-star resort on the world-famous Waikiki Beach in Honolulu doesn't sit well with the top officials now running Detroit's finances under an emergency order from the state of Michigan. Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has not ruled out a bankruptcy as the city struggles under a $15 billion debt burden, which is being strained further by its hefty pension obligations. "It especially doesn't look good when you have city employees, police, firefighters having taken pay cuts," said Bill Nowling, spokesman for Orr. "Middle-class, blue-collar workers, their dream vacation when they retire may be a two-week trip to Hawaii - they don't associate Hawaii with a place you go to work." The four trustees from Detroit were among hundreds of pension officials from around the ...
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