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Wade Phillips

Wade Allen Phillips (born June 21, 1947) is the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans and former head coach for the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills.

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Being in the elevator with Wade Phillips and not knowing it... ***
So it looks like kubiak may be gone after this yr so does that mean wade Phillips is next head coach or will the Texans look elsewhere
Audition Time: Wade Phillips to fight NFL ageism, prove he deserves head coaching job
From Wade Phillips going strong long after most coaches have called it quits
DA is a younger version of wade Phillips. Good coordinator not a face of an org,
This ain't Wade Phillips' first rodeo in Arizona today.
AZ -3. They have one of the better home field advantages in football. And wade Phillips is on the sideline for Houston. Yikes.
So the Texans are starting a quarterback who is a young Tony Romo and are being coached by Wade Phillips? Good luck
From Texans HC Gary Kubiak will not be on the sideline this week, Wade Phillips named Interim HC. Kubiak plans to return next week.
"It's not being President but it's pretty close." - Wade Phillips on coaching football. --- No, it's not even a little close.
Tom Landry, Barry Switzer, and Wade Phillips won their 50th games. Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells did not.
"Music City Miracle" the then Buffalo Bills head coach was...the mad genius named Wade Phillips.
Phillips named Texans interim coach (Yahoo Sports) - Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will be Houston's interim head coach with Gary Kubiak out indefinitely after suffering a mini-stroke this weekend. Phillips, a former head coach for Dallas, took over after Kubiak was taken to the hospital and he ran Houston's practice on Monday. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison likely will take over the play-calling duties.
Gary Kubiak was released from Methodist Hospital in The Texas Medical Center this morning. Doctors said that Gary had a mini stroke and slurred speech. Gary will make a full recovery and focus on getting back to good health. Kubiak will not coach the Texans this coming Sunday when they play the Arizona Cardinals on the road at The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Wade Phillips will be the head coach in Gary Kubiak's place. Rick Dennison will handle the play calling duties in place of Kubiak.
Wade Phillips likely to lead on Sunday, but biggest difference might be Rick Dennison calling the plays. Lots of pressure on him.
Wade Phillips didn't call the plays, OC Rick Dennison did. Play calling from halfway thru 1st qtr sucked. Turn him loose
Randy Bullock and Wade Phillips are gonna have a long chat about what just happened at their weekly wing eating contest.
So three Houston Texans facts for our Monday morning... 1. Case Keenum has amazing potential...I just love him. 2.Wade Phillips needs to stay a Defensive Coach...I love him too as a Defensive Coach. 3. WE NEED A NEW KICKER...every player did there job but him!
Wade Phillips says Gary Kubiak's trip to hospital was precautionary
berita hari ini : Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapses during game against Colts - CBS News Updated 3:05 a.m. ET HOUSTON As the Houston Texans trickled into the locker room at halftime and learned that coach Gary Kubiak had collapsed leaving the field, their excitement over a big first half quickly disintegrated into dread. They were soon informed that he was in stable condition, but the rattled team unraveled in the second half as Indianapolis rallied for a 27-24 victory Sunday night. "There was a lot of unknown," said defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who coached the team after halftime. "Everything was unknown as to what was going on and what happened to Kube." Kubiak hunched over and dropped to his knees at the 24 yard line and was immediately surrounded by medical personnel. He was lifted off the field on a stretcher and taken by cart to the ambulance. "We were all very worried," quarterback Case Keenum said. "When we went back out they told us he was ... stable. We were all upset about that but try ...
Gary Kubiak injury: Wade Phillips taking over coaching duties for Texans
Al Michaels: “Case Keenum looks a little like Tony Romo”. Wade Phillips: “That’s all the motivation I need”. Houston blown out in 2nd half.
Wade Phillips and a blind kicker. Not to mention Arian Foster. Feel bad for Case
That's some clock management. Is that the "Unflappable" Wade Phillips you were talking about, Al Michaels? Ok.
Id love to see the Colts do their version of the Music City Miracle to win the game, just to see Wade Phillips' face.
Important to remember Wade Phillips was on the wrong side of the Music City Miracle as he takes over the 2nd half.
The bumbling *** rodeo clown Wade Phillips is acting head coach again by default. Good luck with that Houston.
Wade Phillips and Charlie Manuel could be long-lost brothers.
Breaking: head coach Gary Kubiak for the Houston Texans has collapsed and has been taken out on a stretchier. Reports are saying he's talking but in so much pain he couldn't open his eyes.. Prayers are with Coach.. Wade Phillips is most likely the one to take over coaching duties from here on out -DCM
Barry Switzer, Dave Campo, Chan Gailey, Wade Phillips & Jason Garret. Where is the discipline and proper coaching? No growth for Cowboys.
Great piece from on a crazy 1968 football game featuring Wade Phillips, Larry Gatlin... and Dr. Phil.
As in Dr. Phil, Larry Gatlin, and Wade Phillips all played in the 100-6 Houston win over Tulsa
Wade Phillips and Newt Gingrich are identical looking...
Oail Andrew "Bum" Phillips was an American football coach and the father of Wade Phillips, the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans. "Bum" Phillips coached at the high school, college and professional levels.
Wade Phillips and Newt Gingrich are the same person, probably.
Former Houston Oilers head coach and NFL Legend Bum Phillips has passed away at the age of 90. Father of Wade Phillips!
Former Houston Oilers NFL coach Bum Phillips has died at 90. He was the father of Wade Phillips, former Buffalo Bills coach.
People know that Wade Phillips looks like Newt Gingrich, right?
Dallas sports teams...Where do I begin...You have the Mavericks (the most recent with a league championship). Owner Mark Cuban in hot water for selling off stock knowing their value was fixing to tumble...Then you have the beloved Cowboys...Playoff caliber talent...But Bill Parcells couldn't win in the post season with them, Wade Phillips couldn't keep the mojo going, now Jason Garrett shows no passion or fire...Maybe the most obvious factor is Jerry Jones who has NO business owning an NFL franchise...Then there's the Stars...Where do I even start...Trade off all of their grade A talent over the past three seasons..James Neal, Brad Richards, Fabian Brunstrom, Matt Niskanen, Nick Grossman, the captain Brenden Morrow, then Loui Eriksson...Not to mention last years brain dead decision...Jaromir Jagr..The leading scorer and power play producer, gets traded just weeks before the season ends, and with that, the teams playoff hopes. Jamie Benn, Trevor Daley, and Stephan Robidas are all that's left from the se .. ...
Mr. Bob McNair, do you possibly believe that maybe it is time for a change in the head coach position? This team(the Texans) were talking about going to the Super Bowl during pre-season practice. With two ugly wins and four terrible loses I think that notion is out of reach now. Wade Phillips moving to head coach would be much better. Matt Schaub has peaked and it is time to recognize this fact. Casey Keenum needs a chance now as T.J. Yates wasn't any better than Schaub. Please do not let the Texans go down the same road as the Astros
It's clear now. Kubiak's last season. Who's the new coach - Wade Phillips, Chucky? Cowher? Kevin Sumlin?
LIVE VIDEO: Watch Gary Kubiak, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and the Texans meet with the media now here:
How do we fix the Houston Texans? Fire Kubiak and Schaub to start. A cool idea Tommy Hill pitched to me was bring in Coach Kliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator and bump Wade Phillips up to head coach. *This is where the Dallas Cowboys fans will come in to hate/put in their opinion (which doesn't matter). Instead of Phillips calling terrible plays on offense (like in Dallas), let him focus on what he knows best, the defense, while Kingsbury works his magic with Case Keenum as the starting QB.
Wade Phillips, Rob Ryan, Monte Kiffin. I don't think it matters who the DC is if the players we draft can't compete.
amen, his mind is beyond repair. John, why not bench Schaub and hire Wade Phillips? Happy 90th to Bum.
if you were BOB MCNAIR would you replace Gary Kubiak with WADE PHILLIPS now? Would it make a difference in TEXAN season?
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Again is WADE PHILLIPS about to become head coach of the TEXANS?
In AFC South Indy/Tenn 3-1 favorite Texans 2-2 is this indication of what is to come? Will WADE PHILLIPS become head coach of the team?
This is before Wade Phillips but Jerry wanted a yes man and Sean Payton is not type of coach. Jerry is Dallas biggest problem
some guys just aren't head coach material. Mackovic. Wade Phillips. Nothing to be ashamed of.
no one player is bigger than this defense & thats a fact. Wade Phillips does a good job w/ this team
Cushing could be out for the rest of the Season & Wade Phillips will find a way to dominate
Texans fans said the same about Mario Williams & look what happen, Wade Phillips is a genuis
Just got off the phone with Wade Phillips to report that JJ Watt will be taking snaps behind center this week.
How long until Wade Phillips is head coach of the Houston Texans?
Watching today's Cowboys game, Jason Garrett has that same vague look of constant bewilderment on his face Wade Phillips used to have
Mike Smith is a combination of Jason Garrett & Wade Phillips. He looks like a clown & always looks scared. Too soft. Can't win like that.
Wade Phillips 3 1/2 season record is better than Garrett's tho. just thought I'd point that out...
Here is a pic with wade Phillips. With the group I went with
thank God Wade Phillips and Rob Ryan are gone, they were holding our team back so bad.
I really don't. I miss Wade Phillips, though.
Wade Phillips needs to be the head coach for the
Also good to see ex-Cowboys coach Wade Phillips in December form so early this year.
Fire Schaub and Kubiak and let Wade Phillips takeover.
Texans defense not good at all idc wade Phillips trash if you don't think so rewind Dallas defense from 4 years ago
Time for Wade Phillips to take over
The Houston defense, however, is stellar. Wade Phillips was a GREAT hire
Just waiting Wade Phillips to sucker punch the offensive coordinator. "Feels very oilerish only with lesser QB"
My two fave coaches of all time just went into OT with each other Wade Phillips and Pete Carroll
I think Wade Phillips could beat Schaub in a race
If wade Phillips went to Tampa their defense would be number 1
Only reason I'm in favor of benching schaub over firing Kubiak is keeping Wade Phillips
I like Wade Phillips... It just didn't work out in Dallas man
Wade Phillips showed more passion demanding that PI call than at any time his last 2 seasons in Dallas….lol
Wade Phillips has out coached the Seahawks at least
Wade Phillips needs to hit that Cover 4 now
"Get Schaub outta there and put TJ Yates in there" -guy "yes go coach them" -me "Put me and Wade Phillips together and we will dominate" guy
...Matt Schaub, Kubiak, and Wade Phillips won't let this team be a contender.
A Houston Cougar (DC Wade Phillips) fixed the defense. Maybe a Houston Cougar can fix the offense...
Thata what happens wheb wade Phillips coach you up
Wade Phillips D comes through for the Texans
I actually think they could...he's a better version of Wade Phillips. Wait, never mind.
Saw a video of Jack Black singing a national anthem. So funny. I liken his level of unintentional hilarity to that of Wade Phillips
Y does wade Phillips look like an old baby
Wade Phillips is doing a great job for Houston..good things happen when you leave Dallas
Wade Phillips uses the shake weight
The times Wade Phillips does let the Backs go 1-on-1 it's either a flag or a big play. Kareem Jackson at it again!
Either Wade Phillips deserves a raise or Seattle's OC should be fired.
Wade Phillips must have had a come to Jesus convo w boys between last week & this week. Defense is having Chick…
Oh, you mean Norv should Wade Phillips-ify it?
The Texans are giving the Seahawks all they can handle.. Wade Phillips uses the defensive line stunts to create penetration
That D is stout today.Wade Phillips came up with an excellent game plan and they're executing
Why did Jerry Jones fire Wade Phillips Jerry Jones you are STUPID!
Wade Phillips is a very smart man I tell you
I forgot about old Wade Phillips. lol
bringing in wade phillips as defensive coordinator was the best decision ever like yyEEEAAH
Wade Phillips was a mediocre at best head coach, but a brilliant Defensive Coordinator.
“Wade Phillips one of the best defensive coordinators”// y'all let many good ones go
I'm so glad we have Wade Phillips our D would be nothing without him
After last Sunday's third-quarter start, Wade Phillips stressed to his D that he wanted a 3-and-out today. Got it.
Wade Phillips is the . Ed Reed is homeless. Ed Reed is Wade's dad. Ed Reed is Bum Phillips
He looked like a mix between Wade Phillips & Captain Kangaroo, or at least that's how I remember him. My memory is not that great doe.
Doug Flutie, Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Trent Edwards, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Al things of the past. Wade Phillips, Gregg Williams, *** Juron, Perry Fewel, and Chan Gailey. Them too. Even Jim Kelly and Marv Levy. Love em, but gotta put all that all behind us. Only thing that matters is EJ Manuel, Doug Marone, and the 2013 Buffalo Bills. The future starts today. Let's Go Buffalo.
"Wade Phillips is awesome as a DC!" Yeah, okay. 7-9 in postseason, 2 CC appearances, 1 SB appearance.
What else? How's this: Last time Wade Phillips coordinated a defense that reached a conference championship: the 1991 Broncos.
he's better than his father but obviously offensively flawed. He's more than a wade Phillips. He can coach a team   10% Off
Texans Team Luncheon Wade Phillips says Last year we knocked on the door. Lol.
At the head table: Marciano, Wade Phillips, Dennison, Rick Smith, Kubiak and Bob McNair
Rex Ryan needs to go the way of Wade Phillips and go back to being a defensive coordinator
Jefferson in his 3rd year of playing D...3RD YEAR ONLY. Think of what Wade Phillips will turn him into. 53-roster spot 4 sho
even after being fired the way he was Wade Phillips is a classy man. : )
jajaja yeah we always lose to them I hate that they have wade Phillips he loves beating our boys pero no la van a pelar
How had two 8-8 seasons and came in 3rd two years in a row we still claiming our boys even with the last horrible tenure of Wade Phillips
I was all for Wade Phillips coming to Houston and installing that 3-4 because we had the athletes who could play and rush the QB on the edge
big fan, but cowboys, giants & eagles have all made the playoffs 2 years in a row when wade Phillips was cowboys coach
Is that Wade Phillips daughter doing back-up for JT?
please, you should blame rob Johnson or wade Phillips. They haven't made the playoffs since dumping flu tie for Johnson.
We're streaming live right now! Great music featuring the Northcrest Worship Choir and Wade Phillips will bring...
me & Wade Phillips gonna give each other a gravy cleanse after this. who's in? (dm if interested.)
I'm starting to think the edition of Ed Reed might be the best move we made all offseason. Wade Phillips doesn't understand zone concepts
Kubes won't unless McNair forces Kubiak to make changes...aka, Wade Phillips got his job cause Kubes told to make changes
Wade Phillips is gonna chug some Diet Dr. Pepper tonight and repeatedly tell himself it'll be OK.
Why Wade Phillips refuses to not cover running backs with linebackers just confuses me.
Houston got some ballers on d... but they Wade Phillips coordinating so... you know the rest
Wade Phillips defense > Rob Ryan's... I like Wade, but he was being too nice/soft with the players.
Wade Phillips decided to play both Tim Jamison and Jared Crick today. One of them has to start opener at SD for Antonio Smith.
Wade Phillips was canned in 2010. Dave Shula, Romeo Crennel, Vince Tobin. It's been done.
Some people are FANTASTIC "number 2s". Folks like Norv Turner, Wade Phillips and the Ryan Brothers are seem to fit that mold.
Should just go back to defensive coordinator.. not ready to become a HC.. ex(wade phillips).. loved him in baltimore
I freakin love how Jason Garret has the team playing... None of that cupcake Wade Phillips BS
my rookie year, wade phillips ordered the extra point in a tie game vs the raiders in barcelona, spain. players were not happy about OT
Rex Ryan is just a younger Wade Phillips. get back on defense and let someone else run the show.
- We ran no huddle in 2011 against Houston in the 2nd half. Wade Phillips didn't have an answer. We put up 30 in the 2nd half.
Super cool that Coach Wade Phillips gave a shoutout to the Nederland Bulldog defense.
Ya that was bad. We on the road to no where with Wade Phillips
You can't tell me Wade Phillips isn't Newt Gingrich.
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Are they related to Wade Phillips the american football coach?
Thankfully we weren’t the ones to give Mario that absurd deal, although I wish he could’ve stayed and played with Wade Phillips.
I agree thank you Wade Phillips lol
Wade Phillips got me all hyped up this morning.
Wade Phillips is really making jokes about the Kinda funny though.
are you healthy? Will you stay healthy? How humid is it in Houston right now? Thanks! Go Vols! Tell Wade Phillips I said hi.
Jerry Jones confirms Wade Phillips will return as Dallas Cowboys coach: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirms that Wa,,,
Every time I see Mike Zimmer I think about how the Cowboys let him go to get Wade Phillips to coordinate their defense. Makes me sad.
Wade Phillips replaced Doug Flutie with Alex Johnson and lost. Just because something happens
Q: who would you like to defend the us title against like a dream match up? A: Probably Phillip Jack Brooks, that would be a really great match.
Wade Phillips chose 5WR over Danny Amendola. He's now guaranteed $10M from NE. Phillips '13 Hou salary: 1/14 of that
Look out rock world me and wade r back in the game!! We just bought a bad *** Tama kit!! Lets get it!!!
Uh, wade Phillips was a really bad, I mean REALLY bad coach.
2008 Cowboys coaching staff is the biggest bunch of tools, Wade Phillips excluded. Jerry Jones included.
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Does anyone have a IDE Dock or IDE to usb I can borrow? Thanks! Phillip Hill Jonathan Wade Will Shelton Preston Pelkie Shaun Hopkins or know where i can get one on short notice? Thanks! Thinking to think of other techie people I know.
Wade Phillips wanted Aldon Smith in the 2011 draft, hard to doubt what Phillips sees in players. Still like the consolation prize.
Congrats to Wade Whitton and Christy Morrill (sorry to Christy for having no competition - but you still crushed those WOD's)! And to Sean, Phillip and Joe for battling it our, and to Kelly Wagar and George Fagan and Kristan Hawkins!
Wade Phillips with a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream.
See where the 261 Boston Bombing victims will split a $61 million fund. Oddly, the double amputee in the wheel chair being pushed by the guy in the cowboy hat has yet to surface or be interviewed. Wasup with that? He was the face of the Boston bombing.
Daryl Morey, James Harden, Chandler Parsons please bring us that BIG fish Dwight Howard to H-Town. Can we get a parade down the streets of this city again? We promise not to destroy the trophy this time.
Please pray for my ex mother in law she is in the hospital in icu in North Carolina on a ventilator thanks in advance!! Her Name Is Jean Thompson!
Chillin at Dallas airport and Wade Phillips is two rows down from me.
Wade Phillips defense as usual got destroyed and the oline is getting flagged.
y'all needed a change.that would be like us keeping wade Phillips
U must comment on this status I will be at field no later than 845 to warm up bring shirt money if u ordered and 15 for fees also wanna buy our 3 extra home runs! Everyone must comment no exceptions bring good ballswe have to provide our own and bats to. Great food, prizes so buy raffle tickets!! I need commitment and I think I chose a perfect team we have an excellent chance to win this thing! So excited to help coach! No exception u must commit if u know wade Phillip or Christian u must comment they will b there for sure for them I'm compatible like to win and help others I expect your best! Love u guys and we got this!
I had so much fun tonight! Thanl you Celest Keys and Phillip Wade for letting me be apart of your special day! ♥
Nfl network showing haard knocks where Wade Phillips wants a round of applause for winning the last preseason game in cowboy stadium uh ok
It's no wonder Wade Phillips is a terrible coach: he praised his team for winning the last PRESEASON game at the old Cowboys stadium.
Need Wade Phillips as def. coordinator. MT “For all numbers geeks, 62 errors this year for Astros. Leading the majors.”
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Please be at the field at 850 warm up and must be by 9 am !!! Want to warm arms up and swing!!! Please bring your 13 $ also and any or bats u have. Will rotate and talk before game ! Please tell Christian and wade and other boy as well we have to have everyone hear at mo exception or we cant play our odds s I'm watching games now are awesome we can win it all.. Also got another girl who ask before randi but was outta town so ill rotate some girls u will want a break bc its gonna be a scorcher and umbrella!!!
actually no parcells put the 3-4 in before Wade Phillips took over.
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I wish we had kept Amendola. Stupid Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett
DON'T PUT AMENDOLA ON PRACTICE SQUAD! He deserves better than you, Wade Phillips!
Wade Phillips is crying. He's softer than Bill Simmons voice.
After an employee came to wash my hands, we are now leaving Keene, New Hampshire and heading back to Michigan...
An admittedly 'dark thought' for a Friday, but! 'They' say that Jason Garrett intentionally sabotaged Wade Phillips to get get his shot at being the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Does anyone think that Bill Callahan could do the same thing to Garrett (what goes around comes around) and do you think that maybe that thought is crossing Jason's mind?
Being rules official today, but also wondering when Jerry Jones will get rid of Wade Phillips. If not please start Stephan M…
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Congrats to Phillip Wade and his beautiful bride to be Celest M. Keys.. Tomorrow is the big day.. I'm so happy for u two.. I pray God bless your marriage tremendously :)
you don't understand my hatred for the man. That's like JJ turning down Bill billechick to higher wade Phillips again.
Mistakes are my fault, effort is yours -Wade Phillips
WATO. Lane Kiiffin is the wade Phillips of college football ?
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There was a sigh of relief from Wade Phillips after hearing the news that the Patriots released Aaron Hernandez.
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Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is taking on the fight for progressives across Texas.
Wade Phillips just summed up his Cowboys stint: "What the *** are we doing?"
Wade Phillips' "Let the Cowboys ride" preseason pregame speech ranks right up there with Knute Rockne's best work.
Went to Bank of America today some guy had the nerve to say I looked like "Dwayne Wade" I almost lost it
Thanks to this years NHL playoffs, Wade Phillips & of course the 86' Sox for pushing the 13th man tragedy to 5th on TSN top 10 collapses.
Phillip WhiteJason James Evans Jordan Your Chicago Bulls chose Kirk Hinrich overall in 2003? lol. Ya'll chose him over David West.
If its franchise in total. Watt, Dre, McNair & either Foster or Wade Phillips in the last spot, I'm undecided there
let me know by 12 dinner tomorrow when yall can practice and who all is for sure playing plus your friends I need everyone so i can see where i want y'all wed or thur and what time everyone comment cant keep changing it!!!
Fact-wade phillips called his training camp"camp cupcake" and roy williams, was not happy.
As I was surfing through the channels, I came upon the 2008 Hardknocks with the Cowboys, featuring. Wade Phillips.
Wade Phillips just walked by me at the DFW airport. Since I hate the Cowboys, I wasn't that enthused.
Spoiler comments will not be approved on any of the NBA Finals videos. Thanks to everyone that showed up at the stream! Game 2 will be released by Wednesday ...
Wade Phillips. It would free up my Sundays because I would know the Broncos weren't going anywhere in the playoffs.
Watching hard knocks of the Cowboys from 2008... So glad stupid *** Wade Phillips isn't our head coach anymore stick to just defense
I am not sure I would buy a Wade Phillips Fitness App
Colin cowherd compared the clips hiring doc to wade Phillips and other terrible coaches- how do those correlate?
you're right Travis, the math is a problem /a/ a befuddled Wade Phillips
In N3014, a Robinson R44, from KENW, on 23 June 2013, piloted by Hank Perritt
Q:if u could come out of retirement who would u go one on one with A:john cena Phillip Brooks wade Barrett dolph ziggler
GOD was so present at Parkview this morning. Awesome People worshipping an Awesome GOD!
Good times with good people. Thanks to everyone that came. Big thanks to Evan Ross Bunnell and Phillip Smith for all the help. You guys are great. With Daysha McGinnis, Brian Parks, Todd Ringer, Heather Eden, Charles Fulton, Kelly Martin, Cindy Wade
U don't have to like him just respect him
Watching sports center and just realized in 2003 draft Detroit passed up carmelo wade and bosh... Smh
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Had a dream that we won $21,000 all I remember is taking a shot blacking out skips to the scene were Michelle Parra is cashing in the chips.GET READY VEGAS IS COMING soon!!! Michelle Parra Brandon Ball Rehney Martin Kayla Sorell Phillip Pierce Wade Carlson Tonya Carlson joey
Alexa: I'm bored... (For the thousandth time) Me: Honey, quit accosting momma... Alexa: but I'm bored... Me: you should know that some animals eat their young when they start to get obnoxious. Phillip: y'all talk too much... Me: There is also a reason that mantises eat their mates...
was just looking at a post of another 2 people that I wasnt aware even knew each other. I have lots of FB musician friends.Just to mention a few 1st names, in no particular order,Dirk, David, Jason,Jay,Wade, Rodney, JW,Mark,John and Dillon,Phillip,Fred, Chris, I could go on for a while. Sorry if I didnt mention ya but my point here was at times I find it interesting how many people from my past are interlinked that I did not know about. A little digging though, and the common link is usually always music.. Its so cool that these guys have and continue to bring people together .Thanks Guys!!
Had an excellent time at St. Elizabeth last night with Apostle C V LeFlore Demond Simms April A Roby-Bell Phillip Wade Adrienne Litiskas and lastly my good friend Rev Barnicio A Cureton Thanks for the invite, don't know WHERE I'm headed today, but I can go ANYWHERE with the right shoes on! Happy Saturday am Mark A. Gordon and I Approve this message.
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All Michael Jordan fans, at 28 yrs old, he has 1 Championship and 2 MVPs, and Lebron at 28 has 2 Championships and 4 MVP s, no brag just facts as Dwayne Dawson would say.
i want to make a album featuring the best of the best of my city— hmmm. Quinn Anthony Rome Jeterr Camille White Greg Washington Cody Palattella Phillip Frisella Zachary Sterman Clyde Hunter William A. Scott II London Stillman Sexton , thoughts?
Question for my fans of anything. All of this basketball talk has got me thinking and also a bit upset. What does it matter if there are bandwagon Miami Heat fans? Why are there "real fan" quizzes? What does it matter if they say they are a Miami Heat fan if they are really a Lebron fan? Seriously...why does it matter? --from a big Sailor Moon fan.
Australia A begin their third and final match of their Tour of the British Isles tonight. The come up against South Australian batsmen Michael Klinger's English County side Gloucestershire - of which Klinger is captain of. Here is the Australia A squad for the match. Steve Smith (c), Fawad Ahmed, Ashton Agar, Jackson Bird, Ryan Harris, Moises Henriques, Phillip Hughes, Usman Khawaja, Nic Maddinson, Chadd Sayers, Jordan Silk and Matthew Wade. NH
8 days. This has been the longest prep. Note to self not to do two shows with 6 weeks in between. Sooo fatigued. But it will be all worth it next weekend!!!
All I'm saying is LeBron couldn't do it in Cleveland so he jumped ship. Kobe and Jordan have more respect because of their loyalty. Now back to kicking rocks I go 󾌹
Pacers series I said it and all throughout the Spurs series I said it.Spread was 6 and a half.HEAT WON BY 7!!! Coincidence?
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ! Brianna Bailey ABOUT HOW SHE SO CALLED "don't know more then the starting 5 ! Shandon Pittman Nautica Phillip
don't count us out this wat we do check LeBron James & Dwyane Wade ''Brothers''
LeBron is still not better then Kobe, I will give LeBron respect once he wins 6 rings!! And wins 2 of them by himself!! For now LeBron *** !! I'm not haten Kobe is way better!!
I'd rather watch the Yankees win a world series and the Patriots go undefeated and win the super bowl than watch Lebron and Dwayne Wade win The Finals
Swear bruh! I just cannot stand seeing lebron happy!
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We had a great week last week. We were able to hear two good lessons preached by Wade Phillips, and we enjoyed some delicious food prepared by the ladies of the congregation. We also had a visiting Christian couple from North Mississippi with us Sunday and Wednesday. Great fellowship. Bible preaching and teaching. Down-home friendly folks. Study and worship with us tomorrow, starting @ 10 AM.
what do you think of Sam Montgomery in Wade Phillips scheme?
Is that Wade Phillips or Bobby Petrino with that iPad?
Record: 9-7, third, AFC West Points scored/allowed: 373/284 Coach: Wade Phillips (OC Jim Fassel) Summary: This season found both participants of Super Bowl XXI in the hunt from the wild-card position; we’ll look at the Giants in tomorrow’s report. With a third wild-card team from each conference added with the 1990 season, Denver once again faced the Raiders, falling hard 42-24 in round one of the postseason. Both teams faced one another in the final week of the season, with Los Angeles coming out on top 33-30 in OT. It took three more seasons before John Elway & Co. found its ring-winning formula and began posting more than nine wins a year.  Offense: 38 Offensive line: 16. As he did with the 1987 Vikings, Hall of Fame LT Gary Zimmerman stands out from his peers — this time as the only 4 among 3’s in his first season as a Bronco. Fortunately, he hung on until the 1997 title; only guard and fellow ex-Viking Brian Habib joined him. A shaky crew, with J-4s for guard Dave Widell, center Keith Kartz ...
Observation of the night. Ricky Skaggs and Wade Phillips.. Separated at birth...
Move over Omar Epps/Tomlin,,Newt Gingrich/Wade Phillips but Parsons got a little of the Nerd f/ Head of the Class going
Just in one day at Rice university, Demeco Ryans learned Wade Phillips whole defensive scheme
too easy Gary Kubiak as Forest Gump and Wade Phillips is badass Lt. Dan
Houston DC Wade Phillips says Daniel Manning and Ed Reed will be great mentors for Swearinger to learn from.
its all about channeling his inner Wade Phillips
Oh yeah I saw Wade Phillips at my job he was drinking soy milk and he looked depressed
you should bring in fake wade Phillips too
I'm sure the likes of BOD, Roberts, North, Halfpenny, Phillips et al should just about cover it! Room for someone like Wade.
Christian Wade comes into the line Leinster def have him covered but forget how quick he is, serious afterburners great to watch
I would love Wade to be given a chance on the Lions tour. The kid has pace to burn!
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Just saw Wade Phillips getting on a Southwest flight, guess no matter how much you make always looking for a deal!
Good, quality coaching can take that defense from last to 1st. See Wade Phillips and Texans from 2010 to 2011.
Wade Phillips made that argument in a Press Conference following 13-3 seed Dallas' 2007 loss to the Giants.
Got my tickets for in Brussels as I can't make the UK shows
Wade Phillips is a great D coordinator just not a great head coach
.(goes into DEEP x's & o's on Texans' D, how it might evolve w Ed Reed & Mercilus.
Texans also promised Wade Phillips a first round defensive pick each year with his contract.
In case ou missed it, my blog from yesterday.
Would you rather be called Marcus or wade? — dylan
Thanks ! That's the nicest thing I've heard all week.
you won't be alone! If you turn 25 and are alone I'll buy you an animal of some sort
I once joked that they should hire Wade Phillips. Then I looked at his record and sort of convinced myself.
This is a question I get a lot. What's the best Bible version? I posted this several months ago, but I thought it...
LeBron, D. Wade and Chalmers all out tonight vs. the I'm feeling a definite 9 game win streak!
Lol…I give credit to Wade Phillips for drafting good players.
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checked up on it this morning, what a win for the heat. Without Wade and James big result! Bosh stepped up!
Wade Phillips sitting in front of me on my flight.he beat me to the bathroom *** he does run a mean prevent defense...
"Houston has Parcells quotes guiding their baseball team and Wade Phillips is a cult hero there because Houston gets it."
Coach K's facial expressions are starting to resemble Wade Phillips'!
found out while walkin to Phillips Arena that Wade and LeBron were out vs. Hawks in Jan 2012..even tho it w the triple OT gm
I got a book about a seal team at Sea World. It had pop up animals & bright colors /s/ Wade Phillips
To my naked, untrained eye, the Wade Phillips "3-4" in 2012 was barely different than the Davis 4-3 Under (in base formation)
Def. coordinator Wade Phillips accepted the AFC Defensive Player of the Year award on behalf of J.J. Watt at the 43rd Annual NFL 101 Awards gala in Kansas City. "It's the greatest year I've ever been around any defensive lineman."
Bum Phillips recovering from sickness at ranch home: When defensive coordinator Wade Phillips didn’t arrive wi...
Record: 11-5, second, AFC Central Points scored/allowed: 362/331 Coach: Bum Phillips (defensive line Wade Phillips)   Summary: The Oilers won one more game during the regular season than in their ’78 campaign, but still fell short at Three Rivers Stadium in the AFC title game. Having won titles in their first two seasons, the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans have fielded similarly impressive teams but have yet to capitalize with another championship. They split their games with the Steelers before the postseason, losing three others by a touchdown (Cardinals, Browns, Eagles) and falling 34-14 to the talented Seahawks. Eking out playoff wins vs. the wild-card Broncos (13-7) and Chargers (17-14), Houston kept it closer in the controversial conference championship than they had in ’78. Another case in which postseason stats figure into at least one player’s card.   Offense: 41   Offensive line: 19. Former Patriot Leon “Big Dog” Gray earns his third Pro Bowl berth and a 5. Center Carl Mauck and gu ...
Congrats Jerry Jones, you officially turned Jason Garrett into Wade Phillips. Good luck winning with a coach you stripped of pride.
OA sports editor Chris Gove told me this morning he saw me reporting from Spring Training. He was referring to my doppelgänger, Buster Olney. Well, Olney is one of my lookalikes. You have to consider Wade Phillips and, when I am wearing my eyeglasses as I have been the last week, Garrison Keillor and Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) from "The Office."
I don't want a switch but Billy Davis has a ton of exp in the 34, working w gurus like Cowher, LeBeau, Capers and Wade Phillips
maybe this is their hope? "Davis has worked under Capers,Cowher, Fangio,LeBeau, Mike Nolan, Wade Phillips and Marvin Lewis"
The Eagles are REPORTEDLY close to signing former Browns LB coach Billy Davis as their new defensive coordinator. Davis has extensive experience as a defensive coach including two DC stints in San Fransisco (05-06) and Arizona (09-10). Davis has experience in both the 4-3 and 3-4, due to time working under Wade Phillips and Mike Nolan. The team has yet to confirm any coaching hires, but that is the report as of now. More updates soon.
Sounds like the could go w/a 3-4 D. Billy Davis has had experience w/Dom Capers, Mike Nolan, Dan Reeves and Wade Phillips.
So far our celebrity sightings have included Wade Phillips, Joe Theisman, and Michele Beadle from SportsNation
Texans Team Report Yahoo! Sports - Jan 25, 2:46 am EST Inside Slant Notes, Quotes Strategy and Personnel Tight end Owen Daniels replaced injured Patriots right end Rob Gronkowski in the Pro Bowl. Coach Gary Kubiak will return for his seventh season. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips also will return. That means the Texans will continue to play the same systems on both sides of the ball. When drafting or acquiring veterans through free agency or trades, they'll look for players who fit their system. Last season, the Texans had to replace three starters on offense and one on defense because of the salary cap, free agency or trades. This year, starters whose contracts expire are fullback James Casey, nose tackle Shaun Cody, inside linebacker Bradie James, free safety Glover Quin and outside linebacker Connor Barwin. Brice McCain, their nickel corner who spent the last half of the season on injured reserve, kicker Shayne Graham and punter Donnie Jones are other vetera ...
"lol Wade Phillips" lol lane kidding. Lol Derek Dooley lol Dennis green lol Leslie frazier
Bill Callahan wont sabotage a Super bowl really?! umm lets as JG because he Sabotaged an offense which caused Wade Phillips to lose his job
Well it looks like we got the cowboy reject R. Ryan as our new d coordinator cowboy fans, what will you think if he turns the rams defense around much like Wade Phillips did with the Texans??...your beloved head coach(J.Jones) said they were the problems to your misery.
Expect the HC Carousel in 2014 to be more of a Defensive Trend with Lovie Smith, Ray Horton, Mike Zimmer, Vic Fangio, Wade Phillips.
Aren't all hires risky. For every good hire there are Jim Mora Jr, Cam Cameron, Scott Linehan, Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, ect
Free Agent to be Glovet Quin wants to stay with Texans " Free safety Glover Quin is one of the headliners among Texans players who will be unrestricted free agents this offseason. Quin is taking a wait-and-see approach to his first foray into free agency, but he wants to stay in Houston. “Definitely, I would love to be here,” Quin said Monday morning as the Texans cleaned out their lockers at Reliant Stadium. “I love this organization, I love the city, I love the fans, I love this team. Would love to be here. Hope everything works out to where I can be here, but we’ll just have to see… “I’m pretty optimistic. I feel like it could get done. I don’t see why it couldn’t get done.” A fourth-round draft pick out of New Mexico in 2009, Quin led the Texans with 85 tackles this season. He had 14 passes defensed and two interceptions. He has started 60 of 64 games in four seasons, moving from cornerback to safety in 2011 after the Texans hired Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator. A quiet lea ...
Matt Schaubb is so overrated. I have zero clue how Kubiak is still the coach after this meltdown. Especially since his teams success is a clear result of a Wade Phillips defense and Arian "that's how it goes tonight" I'll have to stomach No Flacco, king of the overrated qb, and hope they give the ball to ray rice every down then actually utilize play action and what should be one of the most dynamic wr tandems in torey smith n boldin against the Patriots suspect secondary ...but I know that wont happen. I known falcons will square off against the pats in the superbowl making what will be an extreme lose lose for me... winner being either brady ::gag:: or harbrough whom I want to punch in the face everytime i see it. Happy monday
The missed opportunity to score an opening touchdown was the indicator of how the game would turn out for the Houston Texans. They never really consistently went vertical in the passing game. Matt Schaub simply isn't making plays. The Texans are married to him because Mr. McNair opened the vault and gave him a 4-year extension. So the pass-protection scheme absolutely must change and they have to solve the problem of the weak side of the offensive line. Another thing that MUST happen: Coack Kubiak has to allow his QB to audible when necessary, which (so goes the rumor) isn't happening right now. Schaub needs to be entrusted to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage to exploit potential mismatches. And we are way too predictable in the play-caling, especially in the red-zone. And the defense doesn't come away clean either. Wade Phillips needed to mix things up more in pass-coverages and pretty much refused to do so. All and all a good season; that being said, you just can't help thinking that t ...
I think Houston loves Wade Phillips more than they love and respect Gary Kubiak
For the record: Wade Phillips, Tony Corrente, JJ Watt, Jim Nantz, Phil Simms... you can all bite me. ***
Wade Phillips looks like porky pig..
Wade Phillips and Rex Ryan should be put in the same canoe and set afloat with out a paddle. Defenses that suck--> theirs!
Phil Simms: “Wade Phillips: If you have something you haven't shown so far, bring it out now.” LOL!
Wade Phillips, in addition to Elvin Bethea and Bruce Smith, had this year's HofF nominee Curley Culp.
Hey Houston, we'll trade you Dom Capers back for Wade Phillips. Dom Capers and Gary Kubiak will make the dynamic duo of predictability.
you’ll have to ask Wade Phillips according to Phil Simms
Wade Phillips a human version of porky the pig!!
If you think Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips are on the same level as Rex Ryan you are nuts.
D'Antoni is the worst coach I've ever had to endure. He's beyond Wade Phillips, Mike Brown or Dave Campo. At least they knew they were dumb.
Who will stand on top? Analysing the Houston Texans the season as made some major impact in the AFC. The prove them selfs against Ravens but not against the Patriots. Last Saturday game against the Bengals Houston was expected to win and they did but there was a lack of improvement coming from the defense. Wade Phillips needs to use Watt at his full potential, Kubiak needs to use Matt Schaub at its best. With 2 major pro stars Johnson and Foster Schaub should have no problem. This is Texans 2nd time in the playoffs but Brady has gone two times and to the superbowl. The Texans wil not be taken serious unroll they knock off the Patriots out of the playoffs. Hernandez is the Texans concern and if Watt sacks Brady, Foster makes is yards, Johnson completes is catches, and Schaub makes the plays Houston will have no problem winning the game.
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