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Wade Phillips

Wade Allen Phillips (born June 21, 1947) is the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans and former head coach for the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills.

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Throw back to before we had a marching band, when pep band was basically just Wade Win and Corey Phillips jamming out the whole game
What in the is going on . ~ Wade Phillips asking for programDirecter .
Wade Phillips is just sitting in his garage with the door closed and the car running right now.
wasn't drafted by Kubes or Wade Phillips.
Notes: Expect Wade Phillips to use a lot of dime packages with amoeba/hybrid pressure looks. Gets most speed on field that way.
he is an ideal 3-4 DE prospect for teams who run a 1gap 3-4 D like Wade Phillips scheme (Denver). Penetrate not hold
- Elway said something about an abundance of linebackers, guessing DC Wade Phillips gets a big say on that
Kubiak: Wade, let's go win this. Phillips: Ok boss... Shaq, get in there.
Wade Phillips is a defensive genius 🏈📝
Forgot Wade Phillips is in Denver as the dc. Von Miller might crack 20 sacks under him
Every time I think about the Broncos defense, I remember that Wade Phillips >>>>> Jack Del Rio.
Seeing Wade Phillips on the Broncos sideline is a reminder of how precious life truly is.
They have Wade Phillips, stout D that plays with attitude, great rotation of pass rushers and experienced secondary.
Wade Phillips controlling the defense, we should be better than ok
Wade Phillips had a better chance of making that FG attempt.
Wade Phillips has our defense getting after it!. I know it's only preseason
This Wade Phillips defense had been exciting!
Wade Phillips has got to be drooling. Imagine a pass-rush package with Ware, Miller, Ray, Barrett and Malik Jackson.
Wade Phillips and the Denver defense make me happy.
Wade Phillips was the best accusation the Broncos made in the offseason
defense looks strong and with wade Phillips as defensive coordinator what can go wrong? I was born and raised a Broncos fan
developing young players. I would have preferred a more aggressive 3-4 like Wade Phillips runs but they
Kubiak & Wade Phillips have talked about how impressed they are with safety depth in Bruton & Bolden. Roby could even be in Week 1 mix at S.
The scary thing about the defense is that Wade Phillips is just calling basic play calls and this defense is stellar!
Von Miller coming off the edge in a Wade Phillips defense attacking Tom Brady is a dream come true.
w wade phillips the defense whisper HOW sway
most season wins for Dallas Cowboys 13-3, Coached by my friend Wade Phillips!!?
Phillips says and form best CB duo he's coached
So far my pick for defensive rookie of the year is looking good, hope Wade Phillips can get him on the field often enough.
I love Wade Phillips, so happy to have him back in Denver
He's an OC, and that's it. And don't get me started on Wade Phillips, who I actually really like as a person.(I like Kub, too)
3-4 olb and 4-3 de, Von is gonna eat this year with wade Phillips
Today I learned that Wade Phillips' daughter, actress Tracy Phillips, was Helena in the music video of "Helena" by My Chemical Romance
IDK, they have a sick defense under Wade Phillips. Manning won't need to carry the team.
I mean Wade Phillips moved on from DeMeco bc he thought Sharpton was a good replacement for him. So yea.
But whenever they talk about Dallas its as if Wade Phillips is still slowly walking around the ranch
This Wade Phillips defense is why some of us were so frustrated with Vanilla Del Rio last year.
Wade Phillips brings the heat in his defense. 16 sacks in three pre-season games.
Wade Phillips always has a look like he can't find his car keys.
John Lynch, on 9NEWS broadcast, said Wade Phillips has "star power and depth" to utilize on defense. Crazy depth at CB and LB in particular.
couple names: Mike Smith, Hue Jackson, Mike Nolan, Wade Phillips not really an impressive list
Kayvon Webster just crushed Brian Hoyer on the blitz. Wade Phillips' defense will be fun to watch this year.
I'm gonna say this until the cows come home, hiring gotdamn Joe Barry as DC when Wade Phillips was available makes absolutely no sense.
Rex joins the endless list of retread coaches for the Bills: Wade Phillips, Chan Gailey, Joe Don Baker
OLB talks speed, the run game and Wade Phillips' defense with and http:/…
I've gotten some shocks today. Didn't know Wade Phillips was in Denver and Matt Schaub is in Baltimore now.
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Wade Phillips has been around for some time. Today he said the cornerback duo of Talib & Harris is the best he's ever co…
what are you expecting from a player like Derek Wolfe playing in the JJ Watt role in Wade Phillips defense?
The entered OTAs w/ an opportunity at NT. Wade Phillips has seen a player seize it [
Phillips on Ray's development, defensive line - Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips talks to the press after...
Antonio Smith calls it "a breath of fresh air" to reunite with Wade Phillips and Bill Kollar, locker rooms need Antonio Smiths, all of them
Rockies-Dbacks...make it stop. We'll hear from Bradley Roby, Wade Phillips and Money Mayweather on CBS4 in 15 minutes.
Wade Phillips on overall state of the defense right now- & Bradley Roby revisits his draft experience. On at 5
Wade Phillips said they're looking at "safeties at safety" and having Bradley Roby play cornerback right now. Wants to get…
Sylvester Williams. Former first rounder has a chance to make the leap under Wade Phillips and Bill Kollar.
anything to Wade Phillips asking Shaun Cody if he ready to comeback??? Yal talk/see that?
weight issues and Wade Phillips wanting a more agile NT for his 3-4 do not mix. Bottom line, Broncos are still a team w/10
[Honolulu Advertiser]Bum and Wade Phillips, Buddy and Rex Ryan, Jim and Jim Mora, *** and Mike …
Different skill set. Cooper plays like a DE. Would rather see him as 5 Tech for Wade Phillips type D.
Everyone talks about whether the Music City Miracle was a forward pass but no one talks about Wade Phillips kicking a FG on 1 down w/20 secs
why am I picturing Wade Phillips when I hear this voice!!
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Is it me or does Lindy Ruff have that same "aw shucks" attitude that Wade Phillips had?
Also, we think Scott Bakula should play you in a made for TV movie.. Wade Phillips as HIMSELF
I wouldn't say he's a nobody. he did play well when he was here but I don't think he's fit Wade Phillips defense, Pot roast 1/2
Wade Phillips is amazing as a defensive coordinator. Better than Jack Del Rio. For sure. I see them being a hard nose team.
I would fear the Jets defense if Rex was still the coach. Bowles is just like Wade Phillips, blitz a lot and refuse to change
I look like a young Wade Phillips today
Petition against the proposed cycle route through Burgess Park: (not against all cycle routes, just this one)
i can't wait to see what Von can do in Wade Phillips' defense dude oh my god lol
definitely. Wade Phillips is one of the best DCs in the league too. He'll make it work
The have a new starting defensive end for Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense:
Romo is the reason why management was terrible in its decisions like having Wade Phillips as head coach???
With the 3-4 coming in with Wade Phillips wouldn't be good... It's would be a addition. he's a good man as well
Sign the petition! NO to a commuter cycle route through Burgess Park fields
He said he wanted to stay, but when JDR left and Wade Phillips came in, that sealed his fate in Denver
One thing I noticed during the one game I got to watch tonight on Rahim Moore...Wade Phillips is going to make Sylvester Williams a star!
Clearly, Knighton wasn't seen as a good fit in Wade Phillips' system
Loved him, but luckily Wade Phillips defensive scheme doesn't require a great run stuffing DT.
When Wade Phillips watched the 2014 Broncos Defense he obviously didn't see Pot Roast as a fit in his 34
as it should. Really hoping Wade Phillips can get the most out of Von this year
If you watched Wade Phillips do his X's and O's on his defense and look at how Knighton plays, it'll suggest otherwise.
It's important to note that T-Knight is not the prototypical Wade Phillips NT
Knighton not the best option for a 3-4 NT...especially in a Wade Phillips system. Wade likes lighter guys
Knighton wasn't the type of player Wade Phillips desires to anchor the inside of his defense. Not sure why so many fans are surprised.
I actually agree Southwark Spine bike route shd be done *properly* on Wells Way http:/…
Campaign for cycle route along Wells Way green park road and not through Burgess Park
The thing is Jerry flubbed it again. jimmy Johnson. wade phillips. Demarcus ware. DeMarco murray
Odder combination than Beyer/Pacquiao: Wade Phillips and Gilbert Gottfried doing The Aristocrats.
Beyer/Pacquiao karaoke: Wade Phillips just drove off a bridge.
Garrett had wade Phillips guys and bill parcells guys. And he still has been clobbering
Broncos only had like 3 draft picks in 95-Wade Phillips traded the rest away..
New coordinators comfortable with task at hand: Wade Phillips, Rick Dennison and Joe DeCamillis have a clear job in…
"There’s no doubt about it. I think everybody knows we’re going to a 3-4." - Wade Phillips
reunion at Dove Valley, hear what new coordinators Wade Phillips and Rick Dennison say about returning to Denver.
Plenty of wit from Wade Phillips today, like; "I was a lousy head coach, but I'm pretty good defensive coordinator.''
DC Wade Phillips did officially say 3-4 D on way and "this team has a lot of talent on defense, but we're going to do better.''
Good to see how happy Wade Phillips and Rick Dennison are about return to Colorado and work for Broncos.
Here at Dove Valley awaiting (re)introduction of coordinators Wade Phillips, Rick Dennison, Joe DeCamillis. Good, clean fun.
Familiar trio back together on staff at Dove Valley: Rick Dennison, Wade Phillips and Joe DeCamillis have ties to…
OC Rick Dennison, DC Wade Phillips and SP/T-C Joe DeCamillis will talk to the press Tuesday starting at noon, we’ll carry live.
Denver Broncos hire Wade Phillips as new defensive coordinator:
Wade Phillips hired as Denver Broncos defensive coordinator. Great move by Gary Kubiak
Wade Phillips hired as Broncos defensive coordinator (Yahoo Sports)
Broncos new DC Wade Phillips has three decades of NFL experience and has led 15 defenses that finished the year ranked in the…
Broncos hire Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator, per report: The longtime defensive coach is reunited with Gary Kubiak in Denver.
Wade Phillips is the new Broncos DC. Phillips was Denver's HC when Elway was QB & also was a DC under Kubiak in HOU (via ESPN …
Denver Broncos to interview Wade Phillips for DC job: The Denver Broncos are interviewing Wade Phil...
John Elway had two of his best seasons under Wade Phillips, was the only time he ever topped 4k yards passing in a season.
Isn't Wade Phillips just the older version of John Fox. Who is the older version of this other guy…
Wade Phillips and Jim Schwartz are out there...and the go with Eric Mangini.
Was Age the only reason why Wade Phillips wasn't under more consideration for DC? He seemed to have wanted the job.
Mike Nolan? Doesn't Wade Phillips make more sense if going outside the team? He runs an aggressive 3-4 with man coverage.
or Wade Phillips, or *** Jauron, or Mike Mularkey, or Chan Gailey, or...
Any chance consider Wade Phillips for DC if Mike Smith doesn't work out?
need Vic Fangio or Wade Phillips, and forget about Joe Barry as the D.C. in D.C. His last stint as a D.C? With the 0-16 Lions.
Why is Wade Phillips not our DC again
The Redskins have two potential great candidates with Vic Fangio now likely to be available, the other one being Wade Phillips.
Still think Wade Phillips would be a really good choice to be brought in to run the defense
Should've backed up the Brinks truck for Wade Phillips. Track record of improving defenses and developing talent.
CRYING @ us denying everybody interviews with our position coaches. Remember how wade Phillips stunk in Dallas
Hopefully he doesnt turn out to be a Wade Phillips, gives you 1 good year then defense regresses.
I totally agree! He's hands down the best candidate out there with Wade Phillips 2nd
wade Phillips wd be my choice but I like Schwartz too..smith wouldn't *** me nice to have staff of HCs everywhere
I wasn't sure about signing Garrett he has done nothing more than Coach Wade Phillips I'm not totally sold
If the hire this guy Joe Barry for DC over Vic Fangio, Wade Phillips or Schwartz...they (cont)
Please offer the DC to Fangio, Schwartz or Wade Phillips...not happy with barry or morris
I am not sure about Joe Barry but there are a lot of experienced DCs out there like Wade Phillips, Jim Swartz, etc.
I'll hire wade Phillips. Or go and try to bring Gregg Williams bacc
I Hope the Rumors of the hiring Joe Barry as their next DC is just rumors...The Skins Need Experience...Wade Phillips, Jim Swartz?
Personally, I wanted Wade Phillips as WSH DC. Don't know enough about Joe Barry, but resume isn't impressive. Hoping f…
When will some team gave Wade Phillips another coaching opportunity? I miss his alternately excited and confused sideline demeanors
Quest to Restore God's House - A Theological History of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee... Wade H. Phillips
Ditching great coaches like Bill Parcells & Wade Phillips so quickly & Jason Garrett gets another 5 years. Whats Garrett got on Jerry Jones?
oh yeah we can go ahead and bank on it. As much as I hate wade Phillips I'd rather have him
I still believe Wade Phillips was the best man for the job but I'll settle for Spags. I believe in his scheme
I think Wade Phillips would be a better candidate or Mike Nolan!
Wade Phillips sits out for years after having a top ranked defense over and over. Teams and people can be stupid.
I kind of want the Skins to get a high profile defensive coordinator. Someone proven like Wade Phillips or Jim Schwartz
fangio, wade phillips, or Jim Schwartz. Dont mess this one up please
If you can choose between *** LeBeau, Vic Fangio and Wade Phillips, its an epic fail if you wind up with Joe Barry. Epic.
GM Mccloughan need to step in and hire the right D Coordinator ..Vic Fangio Jim Schwartz or wade Phillips
When Kubiak is hired as the Broncos HC, would he want Gase as their OC? I favor Wade Phillips as our new DC.
I wouldn't mind Morris, but I kind of wanted Eric Mangini or Wade Phillips.
Why not go after Bill Callahan as OL coach ? That's a great hire and hire a QB coach. Vic Fangio , Wade Phillips .
Wade Phillips has improved defenses instantly. Significant strides in first years. If age is an issue, bring him on as assis…
Slideshow of bills head coaches since wade Phillips who last led tm to playoff appearance.
What's the name of the Broncos last DC again??? Wade Phillips? Ray Rhodes? *** can't remember! He is the enemy now!! Good riddance!
look at his results in Detroit during the '08 season. That speaks for itself. . Bring in Wade Phillips.
Glass half full, wasn't Wade Phillips "Bum's Son" until he could prove he was his own person? Maybe Joe B can be?
Wade Phillips Jim Schwartz or Vic Fangio should get the D Coordinator
Please for the love of God. Hire Wade Phillips or Jim Schwartz.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I dont like coaches that have been given multiple HC jobs so I'm down on Fox. Might as well call Wade Phillips or Marty Schottenheimer
Redskins taking big gamble if they pass up Wade Phillips. One of most successful defensive coaches ever in NFL, available an…
It would be a major mistake 2 pass on Wade Phillips - but, hey - what leads us to believe can get it right?
I think he was until it leaked and fans showed outrage. Paging Wade Phillips.
please hire Wade Phillips. Proven DC winner, good mentor/sounding board for Jay.
no one but wade phillips is more vanilla than Kubiak
Wade Phillips would've done damage for the Redskins defense...Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen got me wanting to give up on …
Not sure why Wade Phillips hasn't got the gig. If he was going to get it, they'd have offered him the job by now, surely?
If nothing else, it's refreshing to have a head coach with a pulse. Haven't had that since Wade Phillips
Well I heard that Wade Phillips is coming back. 😂😂😂
Maybe you know something I don't (entirely possible) but I've heard Wade Phillips wants / wanted the job.
Think ATL is running out of options? I guess at this point I'm hoping for Pep Hamilton or a Kubiak/Wade Phillips reunion.
John Fox, Kyle Shanahan and who? I'm OK with 2/3 of that. If the final piece was Wade Phillips or Jim Schwartz then I say gid…
Wait it out for Vic Fangio or hire Wade Phillips. Jim Schwartz is available Ed Donatell is better than Barry & Morris .
Very few would have complained if they hired Wade Phillips. At least "few" in comparison to the Barry hire.
HCs Dennis Allen has coached under in NFL: Dan Reeves, Wade Phillips, Jim Mora Jr., Sean Payton, John Fox. Giants know some of those guys.
I think Shane Ray Ceiling could be Shawn Merriman and the guy who coach Merriman is Wade Phillips
FYI - I'm not on the Wade Phillips wagon for DC. Skins can do better than a Keep looking!!!
will he have an immediate impact on decisions regarding a new DC? Wade Phillips is set to interview tomorrow.
Are we looking into any other DCs besides Wade Phillips? I don't like that idea...his defenses have been avg, like his career.
Wade Phillips says he will interview with the Redskins on Thursday for the defensive coordinator position.
Wade Phillips rumored for Washington defensive coordinator job, re-signing Ndamukong Suh a top priority for Lions, a…
Gimme Mike Shanahan or Kubiak with Wade Phillips as DC. I would say Rex Ryan too but Bears already said no bc they are ***
Mike Tice, Rich Kotite, Jack Del Rio, Art She'll & Wade Phillips all have more playoff wins than Lewis
Wade Phillips would do damage with Ryan Kerrigan & Troy Murphy
Bears should just hire Rex Ryan and get Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator. Restore the defense back in Chicago.
I'm convinced that the Doug Flutie Curse is real in Buffalo. Thank you Rob Johnson and Wade Phillips.
Bills/Wade Phillips randomly starting Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie in the music city miracle game was horrendous
True. 99 Bills. Doug Flutie started 15 games but Wade Phillips switched to Rob Johnson for wildcard loss. Music city miracle
You think there is any chance Wade Phillips would want the gig? If not, I'd be good with Gibbs stepping in. Tony needs to go!
When my nephew, Chris met Wade Phillips of he asked, what position u want to play. I said, he's being ra…
NEW DETAILS: Wade Phillips has been charged with murdering his wife, 37-year-old Cynthia Michelle Phillips.
Would you know who Bum Phillips would be had it not be for Wade Phillips !
Wade Phillips watched the Cowboys lose from the AT&T Stadium nosebleeds: Former Dallas Cowboys coach…
Former Cowboys coach Wade Phillips watched last night’s game from the upper deck
Jason Garret doing his Wade Phillips impression letting Tony Romo decide who's on the field
Remember when Jason Garrett's media buddies said he would bring discipline to the that was lacking under Wade Phillips?
Would an 0-2 start be the beginning of the end for Jason Garrett? It was for Wade Phillips:
Wade Phillips is responsible for the mess Jason Garrett inherited. He’s a horrible talent evaluator.
Interesting that Wade Phillips says Watt's 2012 was best he's ever seen. He coached Bruce Smith and Reggie White, so it's sign…
Hard working at it at the Petty Race Shop Thanks Dale Wade Andrew Phillips. Gettn'r Ready for the Track... No Bull..!
Still remember when Jerry Jones fired Wade Phillips 15 minuets after the Cowboys lost to the Packers in week 9😂😂
We still have the Birdman, Bosh, my boo Wade .Cleveland for who?
he hasn't. you call wade Phillips a coach? that
Check out my new cd on iTunes. Search for Wade Phillips, Stand Together.
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Oklahoma is gonna have the saltiest defense next year. Striker, Tapper, Sanchez, Hayes, Grissom, Phillips, Wade...
But no Jerry Jones doesn't know the difference between his head and his *** and signed Wade Phillips
My bar review video just referred to wade Phillips as coach of the cowboys... Is this 2008?
"Wade gotta go to Chicago. Go back home." Aye I'm not against that at all
Dwayne Wade is and will always be the king of Miami.
I think Bosh should come to the Wade to the LeBron to the NBA can milk the song Home
Should have been gone when Wade Phillips became available but that's a different sad song...
But what about the Wade Phillips era!!! Son of Bum!!
Wade Phillips used the term “haters” on in the year 2014. 2007 me has no perception of what the future really holds.
Also why Wade Phillips telling people how to think he can't even keep a job
Dislike McNabb, but hes totally right on Jason Garrett. You can’t fire Wade Phillips when he was doing better and not have fired Garrett yet
"Insane Clown Posse’s FBI lawsuit thrown out; Juggalos are gang members now" Wade tells Trevor Phillips he thinks he fits in somewhere now.
Donovan McNabb: "I'm still figuring out how [Garrett] still has a job. ... Jason Garrett's doing worse than Wade Phillips w…
"People don't understand the subtle ways he helps our defense. We were fourth in the league in sacks last year...
I know that "adoptive parent"! Thank you Wade Phillips and WTOK for helping to get the word out about our...
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Sitting across from Wade Phillips at the airport
great question. I'd probably take Chudzinski as HC with Norv Turner as OC and Wade Phillips as DC.
This is actually mind boggling what's happening to Wade.
I'm sorry wade, but kwame brown would be doing better than you
Jerry Jones has owned the Dallas Cowboys for 25 years. According to, the franchise is currently worth $2.3 billion, $500 million more than any other NFL team (the Patriots are next at $1.8 billion). That figure is mind-boggling for a couple reasons. First, Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 for $140 million. Second, despite being known as "America's Team," the Cowboys have done little in recent years to earn the nickname. The club has had back-to-back-to-back 8-8 records and haven't made the playoffs under coach Jason Garrett, who took over for Wade Phillips in 2010. But in a game where success is measured by regular-season records and postseason appearances, Jones has found a way to make a lot of money in the absence of wins. And on some level, he seems OK with that. Back in April, during a conference announcing that AT&T Stadium would host the 50th annual Academy of Country Music Awards in April 2015, Jones had this to say about the Cowboys' incredible popularity despite, you know, all the medi ...
Pretty questionable decision on NBC's part to have Jason Sudekis and Wade Phillips leading their US Open coverage
It was great to see Wade Phillips at Stampede. He's doing great. He's a Redskins fan this season cause his son Wes coaches 4 Jay Gruden.
PHOTOS: The began their final week of OTAs with a visit from coach Wade Phillips:
With his son the team's TEs coach, longtime coach Wade Phillips a "big fan now:"
In addition to Dwayne Wade, Harrison Phillips also endorses the endura cool
Texans turn to Wade Phillips as coach; Gary Kubiak unsure of - The Houston Texans (2-6), as...
Sporting News 2011 NFL awards: Wade Phillips, Coordinator of the Year - After Wade Phillips joined the Texans,...
“Spain hired Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator
When did Dwayne Wade start playing defense for Spain?
Spain hired Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator
If Pegula buys Bills, which former Head Coach will he bring back? Wade Phillips? Gregg Williams? Mike Mularkey?
Phillips: 50th Manning TD shouldn't have counted - . head coach Wade Phillips said the NFL told the Texans that the...
This remind me of right before cowboys fired Wade Phillips and Dez Bryant was the only one on the team trying and he was balling.
"Bosh is LeBron's Robin now. Wade been playing like Harley Quinn. 😐" sad but true
Dwyane Wade & LeBron James lace up for Game 4 of the 2014 on ABC.
and he's not there anymore but Wade Phillips was the worst
Also- Randy Moss was still a New England Patriot, Wade Phillips was Cowboys coach, and MetLife Stadium had yet to play host to an NFL game.
Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips paid a visit to his son, Redskins tight ends coach Wes Phillips, as Redskins Park in Ashburn on Monday.
Can't be be anymore vanilla than Wade Phillips
A 1 gap attacking 3-4 like Wade Phillips runs is going to put different emphasis on LBs than Billy Davis' 2 gap
So excited for the fan forum with Wade Phillips in London tomorrow.. Gotta rush to get back home for the draft though 😬
Wade Phillips was head coach during the 2010 draft. He gets to claim Sean Lee and Dez Bryant.
Wade Phillips, Norv Turner or the ghost of Don Shula.
We have 5 left from the Wade Phillips era on the Cowboys: Free, Scandrick, Dez, Lee and Church. Spencer and McCray are f…
Cowboys fire coach Wade Phillips and give Jason Garrett the desirable job of being held accountable for a terrible team.
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“is tied with Wade Phillips for 56 games as the head coach. Phillips: 34 - 22; Garrett: 29 -27.
I'll go to my grave contending Wade Phillips was absolutely nuts for not starting Doug Flutie in the 1999 playoffs.
List of Houston Texans head coaches Gary Kubiak led the Texans to their 1st division championship and 1st playoff win. The Houston Texans are a professional American football team based in Houston, Texas. They are members of the South Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The Texans joined the NFL in 2002 as an expansion team and have always played at the Reliant Stadium.[1] Houston's previous franchise, the Houston Oilers, moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997, and changed their name to the Tennessee Titans in 1999.[2] There have been three head coaches for the Texans franchise. Their first head coach was Dom Capers, who coached from 2002 to 2005. He was replaced by Gary Kubiak, who started coaching the team in 2006, and is the team's leader in wins (61), losses (63) and winning percentage (.492). Kubiak was fired on December 6, 2013, after an 11-game losing streak.[3] He was replaced on an interim basis by defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, with the ...
Former Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips isn't with the team anymore, but he would still like to see Houston take Johnny Manziel with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.
Hindsight of course, but what if Jerry Jones had felt bold enough to fire Wade Phillips after the Cowboys lost in the playoffs in 2009?
Wade Phillips? Marty Schottenheimer? Dennis Green? "Maybe & can draft the Browns' coaching finalists?"
*signs on, sees complaints about Wade Phillips and Phil Varone jersey numbers, closes computer*
.I know! Wade Phillips. You're one of the few teams he hasn't had a role with yet. Come on. Help him check the "Cle…
Mr. Irsay, if you're not gonna fire Manusky, can you try to hire Wade Phillips as our new LBs coach??
1) Do you recall Mr. Jones almost hired Dan Reeves as "special consultant" during the Wade Phillips era?
Maybe losing their offensive and defensive coordinators is exactly what the Bengals needed. At least according to three examples in the past 20 years. Although there is no all-time list since varying responsibilities can't be explained in titles, ESPN and Elias Sports Bureau offered the three clubs Wednesday. The year after these teams lost their coordinators, two went to a conference title game and one got a first-round bye, results the Bengals would have taken this season. The most recent example came after the 2006 season when Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron became head coach of the Dolphins and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips went to Dallas as head coach. But the Chargers were able to go 11-5 to win the 2007 AFC West title before getting beat by the Patriots in Foxboro in the AFC title game. See more:
Jay Gruden...Please Please fire Haslett and bring in Gregg Williams or Wade Phillips..keep Raheem that's cool! Thanks! TGIF!
do you think jay will interview a guy like Wade Phillips or Gregg Williams for DC?
man *** naw. You got Wade Phillips out there. Gregg Williams out there. Come on bra!
no, but he understands how to use his weapons. And pairing him with a Wade Phillips or Gregg Williams could be interesting
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While the Houston Texans have officially fired Wade Phillips, I am still a huge fan of Wade's and of his father, Bum. Wade will land another great gig and continue to make a difference in the NFL. Both men deserve admiration and respect. God speed, Mr. Phillips. The team WILL miss you. It is because of you that talents such as JJ Watt and Brian Cushing were able to reach their potential for greatness.
Wade Phillips has never recovered from starting Doug Johnson over Doug Flutie in the playoffs oh so long ago.
should fire Dom Capers and hire Wade Phillips.
Hypothetical situation: Fire Monte Kiffin and hire Wade Phillips as DC, good move? -Anthony
Ouch this can't be good.For you Charger fans the Mike mention is not good...this is a gambling tip."SUGGESTION NO. 6: "Before you pick a team, just make sure Marty Schottenheimer, Herm Edwards, Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, Andy Reid, Anyone Named Mike, Anyone Described As Andy Reid's Pupil and Anyone With the Last Name Mora" Isn't Coaching Them."
Green Bay needs to get rid of Dom Capers promote Kevin Greene to DC or hire Wade Phillips
If Case Keenum played defense, Wade Phillips would've kept his job. good luck You will be missed.
Sean Peyton was the man Parcells was grooming to take his place, once Bill retired as coach of the Cowboys. That is the same Sean Peyton that beat the Eagles in Phili last night. That is the same Sean Peyton that almost always gets the Saints into at least the second round of the playoffs, if not farther. But instead of Sean Peyton, the Cowboys got Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett. Way to go Jerry Jones, you egotistical moron !!!
The Houston Texans can "kiss my grits" ! Newspaper says O'Brien is a "loyal person". So am I. I also treat people like I want to be treated. So, after 2 days on the job, O'Brien fires Chick outstanding running backs coach...and Wade outstanding defense coach and a "Texas Legend". Two men "doing a real good job" ! Just like the Astros getting rid of Nolan Ryan.Rockets and Clyde Drexler.Oilers and Earl Campbell. NO RESPECT ! I hope Wade and Chick get jobs and "kick the Texan's ***". O'Brien may be a good coach.but his "in your face attitude" AND "LACK OF RESPECT" for people doing a good job doesn't set well with me. Now you know how I really feel. GO SAINTS..!
Who'd thought Wade Phillips would be gone before Matt Schaub..
Wade Phillips has been fired from the Texans... That's *** ! He is a class act.. What next Texans we hire Ryan Leaf for our offensive coach ..
Texans fire defensive coordinator Wade Phillips who's next ... how does Matt Schaub keep dodging this bullet
Just spitballing but with Cleveland letting staff walk and Obrien saying all staff in Houston are fired. How about Norv Turner and Wade Phillips as offensive and defensive coordinators in Dallas?
sources: Rick Barnes promoted to head football coach. Wade Phillips to take over as basketball coach.
I've always been a big fan of Eric Mangini. I'd even go w/ Jack Del Rio at this point. I'd say Wade Phillips but his age is a
Most realistic Lions coaching solution I would be happy with. HC -Lovie Smith, OC -Jeff Tedford, DC- Wade Phillips
Blackout Monday: Here are your fires, and let go's NFL-ers- -The Vikings head Coach Leslie Frazier will not return in 2014. -Redskins Executive Vice President/Head Coach Mike Shanahan. -Detroit Lions fired head coach Jim Schwartz. -Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut ties with head coach Greg Schiano & general manager Mark Dominik. -Cleveland Browns axed Rob Chudzinski after just one season in. After the season 4more are to be let go or demoted... Prospects?? why yes here they are... -Texans are interviewing Bears' coach Lovie smith. they are also looking at Texas interim coach Wade Phillips and Penn State coal Bill O'Brein and Strongly being interviewed is San Diego Chargers off. coord. Ken Whisenhunt bt he is out of bounds for them for atleast a week. -Dallas' Jason Garrett possibly and Monte Kiffin -Miami: GM Jeff Ireland and HC joe philbin to OC Mike sherman??? -Titans: CEO and Team President Tommy smith could take over for Mike Munchak -Oakland Raiders: the Keepers will be GM Reggie McKenzie and Coach dennis A ...
Giants fan everywhere would like to thank Jerry Jones for keeping Jason Garrett as HC. It has been a pleasure watching you choke year after year. Garrett is almost lovable as Wade Phillips. Cowboy fans can blame Tony Romo all they want, but it starts at the top. Also, because giants fans are greedy, we would like to show our support of jerry keeping Monte kiffin and his Tampa 2 defense as well. Thank you and best wishes (but not really) a smirking giants fan
Houston Texans 2013 - 2014 season. Record: 2-14. Dissappinted, very much so, but there is a lot of upside to this team next year. If Bill O'Brien is our coach, my personal favorite candidate, I believe we keep Wade Phillips as our DC. At 44 years old, O'Brien brings that "In your face" attitude as a coach. I'm hoping we draft Jake Matthews, Johnny Manziel, or Anthony Barr, but I'm sure Rick Smith will go for hype. I believe Clowney could fit, but his work ethic needs to improve in order to succeed. We may lose Daniels, Smith and Tate, but with Arian coming back healthy, I'm sure our offense will thrive once more. Hopkins will mature better and Andrw, well, he's Andre. The O-Line is my biggest concern, particularly the left side, but I'm sure with great drafting or offseason pick ups, we should be fine. I believe Case Keenum will come in next year as our number one, especially if we draft defense first. With an entire off season and training camp, I believe he can develop nicely. But Arian back will be HUG ...
Wade Phillips showing his class again. via
Will someone please beg Bill Cowher to come out of retirement, take full control of coaching and gm responsibilities of the Dallas Cowboys, and rid us of this mediocre display of peewee football coaching prowess of Garett and co. Since Barry Switzer left after 97 we have been to a total of 6 playoff games, with one victory coming at the hands of Wade Phillips. 1. Uno. And Jones fired him for 8-8 Garett. 17 years, one playoff victory., One. Enough said
is it me or does Jason Garrett look as confused as Wade Phillips did when he coached the Cowboys.
The Houston Texans are close to choosing their new coach. Ian Rapoport reports that Penn State's Bill O'Brien and interim Texans coach Wade Phillips have interviewed for the top job.
Black Monday preview. Jets keep Ryan. Shanahan likely out in DC. Frazier will be out in Minny. Schwarz in Detroit the biggest under-achievers in NFL will get the door. Allen seems a goner in Oakland. Ditto for Munchak in Tennessee. Smith in Atlanta if I owned/ran team. Will any former head coaches like Lovie Smith, Brian Billick, Josh McDaniel, Mike Shula, Wade Phillips, Jack Del Rio, Lane Kiffin be recycled in NFL or college? Penn State will be looking if Bill OBrien takes Texans job as expected. Minnesota will be looking if Jerry Kill quits for health reasons. Don't expect Tom Coughlin to step down with Giants but its a possibility. Ed Orgeron deserves a head job in college. No chance Tony Dungy or Jon Gruden leave TV.
any respect I had for Wade Phillips being an ex Bronco and all has been erased the last week.
To be fair, the Texans tanking began and ended when they named Wade Phillips interim coach.
On the Move??? -Redskins HC Mike Shanahan on his way out as early as this evening... -Penn State to push for Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano. -Houston Texans interview and very interested in Penn State HC Bill O'Brien. Texans also interview Wade Phillips and will also interview Chargers OC Ken Whisenhunt. -Jets LB Coach Brian VanGorder to become Notre Dame's DC. -Chris Fowler to the morgue if not for Jessie Palmer's Heimlich help.
C Ben Jones is really trying to show Wade Phillips something during pregame. Just rolled out on a boot & threw on the run.
I'm going to go out on a limb. However, I am good with Bill O'Brien. I'll put my reputation on the line. I have made many bold statements and been right just about everytime. From JJ Watt being the correct pick, to Kareem being a solid corner(which he actually is despite the more common belief), to the Ed Reed signing was wack(said then we should have kept Quinn), to the fact I said both Trindon Holliday and Jacoby Jones would both succeed once they left, to the fact that I said both David Carr and Matt Schaub were done at their respective times, to the fact that I said Joe Marcianno was the worst ST coach in the NFL, to the fact I said Wade Phillips would make the defense relevant for a year or two, but was essentially a bandaide on the more severe issue, which of course was that Gary Kubiak could not and would not lead the Texans to the promise land. That was the worst run-on sentence of all time, but you get the point. I am tooting my own horn because a major portion of the city criticized me for every ...
Here is the latest Texas sports news from The Associated Press DALLAS (AP) — Erik Cole scored two goals in the second period to lead the Dallas Stars to a 4-1 victory over the Nashville Predators last night. Cole scored the tiebreaking goal on a drive from the right circle at 7:38. He scored again at 14:04 when he slid the puck between Carter Hutton and the right goal post. Dallas is 4-0-1 in its last five games. IRVING, Texas (AP) — Tony Romo had back surgery and will miss Dallas' third straight season finale with the NFC East title and a playoff berth on the line. Coach Jason Garrett says Romo underwent surgery yesterday after consulting doctors following his injury in last Sunday's win over Washington. Kyle Orton will start for the Cowboys in the winner-take-all game against Philadelphia tomorrow night. HOUSTON (AP) — Interim coach Wade Phillips doesn't know who will start at quarterback for the Texans in the finale Sunday at Tennessee. Phillips says Case Keenum was limited in practice yesterday ...
Wade Phillips, the NFL and yahoo sports, kinda like *** Lol. Good night.
Texans' Wade Phillips: agrees Peyton Manning's 50th TD was bobble (but it still counts) | Kingsport Times-News
Wade Phillips: NFL agrees 50th TD was a bobble: Wade Phillips would like to put an asterisk on Peyton Manning's...
The Texans are 2-13 and Wade Phillips is worried about how one of Peyton Manning's touchdowns shouldn't have counted. LOL
One of the most important quarterback decisions of 2014 will be made about 90 minutes before the 2013 finale. Texans interim coach Wade Phillips said that presumptive mop-up starter Case Keenum was limited in practice today, and would be a game-time decision for Sunday’s game against the Titans,...
The NFL informed the Houston Texans this week that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's 50th touchdown pass of the season thrown last Sunday should not have counted, according to Texans interim coach Wade Phillips.
Houston Texans interim head coach Wade Phillips says that quarterback Case Keenum will start if he can shake off a thumb injury.
Texans | Hope to make QB decision Friday - Houston Texans interim head coach Wade Phillips said he hopes to decide on the starting quarterback for Week 17 after practice Friday, Dec. 27. QB Case Keenum (thumb) and QB Matt Schaub split reps with the starting offense during practice Thursday, Dec. 26. Keenum said he is preparing as if he will start.
Wade Phillips is learning 'new rules': . Even when he was just the Texans' defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips...
For those of you interested in the possibility of Louvie Smith to Dallas, well the Houston Texans interviewed Smith today for their HC position. Wonder what would happen there with their defense as Smith is traditionally a 4-3 guy and Wade Phillips who is currently their interim HC was running a 3-4. If Smith lands the HC position, don't be surprised if he reaches out to try and reunite with his long time friend and past D-coord Rod Marinelli to install a version of the defense they ran in Chicago.
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