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Wade Phillips

Wade Allen Phillips (born June 21, 1947) is the defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans and former head coach for the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills.

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Always a reminder that the RE skins passed on hiring Wade Phillips and took J.Berry
Ben mcadoo looks like the door to door salesman that is selling the BBQ sauce with Wade Phillips face on it?
Still can't believe we passed on Wade Phillips for BUM *** Joe Barry
Uncle Jessie (Denver Pyle) greets Wade Phillips&Helen as Bum continues to fish at Denver's 1st tournament in Paris…
Wade Phillips (talking about the memories and what he took from his late dad Bum Phillips on his birthda…
Wow. Wade Phillips was a waste of life. I remember that, Rob Johnson over Flutie in playoffs lol. The Bills LOL
their biggest mistake was messing with Doug Marrone. Just like Wilson did with Wade Phillips. Rex? He can't coach.
My head coach shortlist is . Marvin Lewis (when the Bengals fire him) . Mike Shula. Matt Patricia. Les Miles . Wade Phillips
Del Rio head coach whos defense in denver was ranked 28 now Denver is ranked 1 with a Superbowl under Wade Phillips hi Reggie
Redskins should've went after Wade Phillips as a Defense Coach. Barry is horrible. is horrible horrible
Wish that Dallas never fired Wade Phillips. I'm not a fan of Jason Garrett's decision making on play calling.
How I feel about Garrett, he was a great offensive coordinator under Wade Phillips. He should still be one under a vet coach.
Wade Phillips reminds me of the coach from the movie Waterboy.
Wade Phillips the best defensive coach in the league
Wade Phillips might not have been the best head coach, but he IS one of the best defensive coaches ever.
Wade Phillips is a defensive genius. I hope he gets a chance to be a head coach one day.
Wade Phillips can coach. Talent trumps coaching, but when you have talent and coaching, it's pretty stellar.
Why does Wade Phillips look so much like Coach Red from The Waterboy?
Wade Phillips is an elite defensive coach. ELITE.
Denver Broncos offense is scary good still. Wade Phillips is the best defensive coach since Buddy Ryan
Wade Phillips defense is so good! I can't believe he didn't work out as a head coach
It's a shame Wade Phillips didn't quite work out as a head coach, because he can cook up a nasty defense.
Wade Phillips makes wearing hats look so uncool but *** can he coach a defense
With a win today, Gary Kubiak would pass Wade Phillips (current defensive coordinator) for seventh place on Broncos win list as head coach
Jerry won't relinquish control. Why do you think Garrett is still there/Wade Phillips stayed there?
Bill Parcells was the outlier but he's been hiring guys like Chan Gailey, Dave Campo & Wade Phillips
Remember when the Skins interviewed Wade Phillips but decided to hire a LB coach to run the defense? Good times
defense is suspect. It's been terrible ever since Wade Phillips got fired as the head coach.
It would be the first time in the Jason Garrett era. 2010 was the year Wade Phillips was let go midseason
Can we just face it? Jason Garrett is worse than Wade Phillips.
Is it Garrett or Jerry? Coaches seem to excel once they leave. Sean Payton, Mike Zimmer, Wade Phillips, Todd Bowles, Todd Haley
I was done with Garrett when he threw Wade Phillips under the bus to get the Head Coach job.
Dave Campo says when on Wade Phillips & Jason Garrett's staffs they game planned around AT&T Stadium sun glare too http…
Saw a lot that show why The Broncos have the success that they do. Wade Phillips, Rick Dennison & Gary Kubiak may be geniuses?
Can't wait to see if Wade Phillips can keep his defence at the amazing level they played at in last years playoffs coach
what do you think Von Miller did his first 4 Years? He played a hybrid OLB/DE until Wade Phillips was brought in last year.
think owners don't screw up the cake? orders to Wade Phillips to start Rob Johnson(loser) over Doug Flutie!
"Wade Phillips just out-chessed the Bears." If I didn't know any better I'd think Phil Simms was calling Chicago's preseason games
On the show today, CJ Anderson, Brandon Marshall, Adam Gotsis, Kenny Anunike, Terrell Davis, Wade Phillips, Woody Paige, me
Wade Phillips praised Vance Walker's camp so far. Really pleased with run stuffing so far.
Wade Phillips has Denver Broncos' defense riding high
That's not the worst thing, tbh. Gregg Williams, Wade Phillips, (the Ryans? lol) may also be great DC"s, but not good HC's
Islanders 2nd goal scored by R Phillips asst to J Phillps and Wade. 2-1 Islanders with 14:49 left in the 1st
If it's a stat that Wade Phillips had Jackson on the field the most of any his defensive lineman, then yes, stats!.
wade Phillips still there makes me believe they'll still be good he's a *** good DC
Kubiak will used Wade Phillips and that DEFENSE tune up offense line and help mature a already talented Paxton Lynch..
All purpose parts banner
doesn't matter what system he's been in. Under Allen, deal rio, or wade Phillips.
Wade Phillips is the happiest man alive right now..Try Blocking his schemes this season With wild dogs on Defense
Great pleasure meeting Coach Wade Phillips of the Denver Broncos at the lunch and learn.
why were you guys following Wade Phillips
Was doing a wade Phillips or Hank hill impression?
lmfao Wade Phillips the reason they won don't get it twisted he an *** coach without him
Wade Phillips will have more weapons than most NFL Offense
6 more years of Von Miller, in his prime, paired with our Wade Phillips and this defense?. Stupid nasty. Challenge now will be to keep Wade.
Plus that defense of the Broncos is still gonna be stout all around. Wade Phillips is a defensive genius.
dark horse coach of the year is wade Phillips for carrying Denver to a championship!
Fun fact: The combined salaries of Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas, and Jae Crowder will be less than Dwayne Wade's this year.
I think you all are forgetting that This SB was won in year 1 of Wade Phillips Scheme (YEAR 1)
coach/manager of the year should go to Wade Phillips and he's not even nominated.
He didn't even have to coach though?? Do defensive coaches count? Wade Phillips deserves the award twice.
Dwyane Wade Phillips is going to the Chicago Bullls
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7 guys hit .400 r better for the wk. Coy Phillips, Parker Pillsbury, Carson Smith, Colby Davis, Matt McDade, Tyler Wade, and Austin Davis!
Happy Birthday hope you have a amazing day!! ❤
it's not the view, it's part of the overall picture. Tell Wade Phillips and those guys it's that simple
Wade Phillips rumored to take over the defense as Trump's VP...after that SB run why not?
ffs thought it was Wade Phillips lol
I think would have had a chance at a SB ring if Wade Phillips not replce him w Rob Johnson b4 playoffs!!
How threw a wrench into the Panthers Super Bowl 50 game plan:
its wade Phillips they need to pay more lol
Simple gets you fired like John Fox. When you have pieces like the skins you need to be creative. Ala Wade Phillips
Man I almost went to Killen's bbq for lunch, and if I would've, I would've met Wade Phillips.
Did Wade Phillips teach teams how to injure his Recievers???
5- Rodgers gets somewhat exposed after Wade Phillips set the blueprint how to stop him. Jordy will help but wont change everything.
A lot of guys like that. Wade Phillips. Norv Turner.
Wade Phillips and Jim Leavitt are definitely friends.
Lol a Bills fan. Wade Phillips still cries every time the Music City Miracle gets replayed. You?
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true even Wade Phillips got a ring. U think Jason Garrett is a better coach than Phillips was?
Wade Phillips is lowkey the trinity killer
OMG! Didn't know the girl in the coffin in MCR's Helena video is Wade Phillips' daughter and Bum's granddaughter.
Wade Phillips looks like a guy who can't figure out how the critters are getting under the fence.
defense to a title. That defense scored alot of points. Y'all lost the best d lineman to free agency. Wade Phillips defenses
Is there a way to find out how Wade Phillips defenses rank the second season compared to first?
as DC Wade dad Bum said recalling great coaching of Bear Bryant, "He could take his & beat yours & take yours & beat his"
Just imagine eric.weddle in that broncos secondary.. Wade Phillips…
did you win anything today or was seeing Wade Phillips your only prize?
I just played craps right next to wade Phillips ***
I think he likes being a DC better like Wade Phillips
honestly the only reason I hated seeing you guys win a Super Bowl is because that was suppose to be Cowboys d with Wade Phillips 😂
it's so funny to me how Wade Phillips and Ware leave the Cowboys and then win a SB 😂😂😂
I would take him in a heartbeat. As Wade Phillips once said you can fit a good player into any scheme
Sanchez carried bad coach and terrible play caller Rex Ryan within 1 game of the Super Bowl 2x now he has genius wade Phillips
Denver still has Wade Phillips and a whole lot of great pieces on that defense still. Sanchez can be better than 17 INTs and 9 TDs right???
as long as they got Vonn Miller & Wade Phillips they gonna be a top tier defense they'll replace those 2 in the draft
only Super Bowl winning coach we acknowledge is Wade Phillips
I've seen Kyrie play defense and Wade defense so I'm going to disagree with you
i'd argue that other than their first year together (2010) Kyrie has been and will continue to be better than Wade
Denver brought in Peyton knowing they had a short window. Had to go for it. Hiring of Wade Phillips played a part.
Yet the biggest pickup for them was Wade Phillips. Can have the best mucisians in the world, good conductor is paramount.
Wade Phillips has BJ blocked. He's not crying about how much he hates Wade.
tackle but maybe he will change wade Phillips was never a press man guy till last year
I am not amused. The only thing I want from Denver is Wade Phillips.
One of defensive players y'day compared Tigers new 3-4 D to the one run this past season by the Denver Broncos un…
Broncos trying to re-work deal for ex-Cowboy DeMarcus Ware, who accepts offer to...
" be frank, Wade Phillips knows how to seriously coach D"
you guys were what Kubiak was supposed to do here. Wade Phillips and even old players like Owen Daniels. I'm glad you won
Wade Phillips is a good coach. I'd still definitely rather have the Ravens safeties this upcoming year than Darian
Is he bringing Von Miller and Ware w/ him? and Wade Phillips?
yea Von did too, wade Phillips just a genius out there man
Yesterday, Nic Moore became the 4th player in history (Gene Phillips) to earn 3 first-team all-conference selection…
replacing DelRio with Wade Phillips is what allowed Broncos defense to become a force
Joseph considers Wade Phillips his mentor. I expect some influence there as well.
Right and we still have Wade Phillips as well.
LOL they were when Wade Phillips was the DC.
he needs to send Wade Phillips a huge thank you gift.
Wade Phillips once convinced the '08 they had won a game they had not actually won.
I hope Wade Phillips does nothing but blitz when we play the Texans this year. Send TJ Ward every time screaming off the edge.
reason Brock left to run the Patriot O'brien offense not Kubes yes he won a Super Bowl well wade Phillips did
By the way, is Brock sending a piece of that new contract to Wade Phillips?.
won a Super Bowl with garbage, 31st ranked QB play.he should give his ring to Wade Phillips.
Oh. And we had and still have a great defense. Last I checked Wade Phillips the MVP coach of the Broncos is still here.
not really worried about the defense, Wade Phillips is a genius, plenty of good talent already. 2nd/3rd wave of FA just starting
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You can apply to roast Wade Phillips along with J.J. Watt
this is what happens when u cheat the Panthers in superbowl. Like wade Phillips say a little dab does u good. Good decision Brock
personally I would play the players to their strengths i.e. Wade Phillips and the Super Bowl champs
Close to same phrase used when Rob Johnson signed with the Bills. Wade Phillips proclaimed "new era for franchise"
Unless the trade Wade Phillips, I ain't worried
Feel bad for the who seem completely unprepared for the famed Wade Phillips 2nd yr Defense Decline.
no idea either except that it rarely works well...Wade Phillips as a DC and Mike Shula this year rare son-exceptions
if Texans want to be the Broncos they should hire Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips.
Paige: Wade Phillips' Broncos a defense for the ages The Denver Post Von Miller
Wade Phillips finally earns trophy after leading dominant defense
Wade Phillips on if he would ever coach again: "If it ever comes open again in Dallas."
Wade Phillips makes good on family name in Super Bowl 50 -
In his 38th NFL season, Broncos DC Wade Phillips finally brings his 3-generation coaching family home a Lombardi:
Wade Phillips finally earns trophy after leading
Benoit: I think Wade Phillips understood that his players were better than Carolina’s offensive players.
My preseason profile of Wade Phillips. Amazing he was out of the game. TFrei: My preseason profile of Wade Phil…
got curious of Wade Phillips' record as a head coach while reading this. Conclusion: Jeff Fisher is one *** of a salesman.
The best at his craft? Really? Show me 1 Super Bowl trophy won by a historic D that proves that. Oh, THAT Wade Phillips.
Wade Phillips: "My father (Bum) told me 'Don't coach the way you were coached. Coach the way you are.'"
Also for Wade Phillips real name is Harold, his father Bum's Christian name is Oail. I have never heard that name once.
I would love to see a coach off between father and son Bum and Wade Phillips against father and son Buddy and Rex Ryan.
If the Chiefs had a DC like Wade Phillips >>> . Cause Bob Sutton gonna get exposed next year with no Sean Smith
Speaking of Wade Phillips and funny, commit a minute to this !. Son of Bum is the man.
I keep forgetting that Wade Phillips father Bum Phillips coached at Amarillo High school, no wonder I respect...
I can't only imagine how the Saints would've done had Sean Payton hired Wade Phillips to be his DC...
Proud to say I played for Wade Phillips, dad Bum. Week of Denver G Sid tried to activate off IR-broke rib. Ralston claimed. Gave it all up.
Phil seems to want to keep the triangle. He needs to listen to Wade Phillips, via &
The real MVP of the Super Bowl and the Denver Broncos' entire season was Bum's son Wade Phillips.
Congrats to Super Bowl Champs & former coach Wade Phillips, son of a Bum, and the entire Phillips family!
It's possible to acknowledge that Wade Phillips called a better game last night and also think that Sean McDermott coached a *** good one.
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im actually glad for Wade Phillips. You dont come from the loins of Bum Phillips and not have any of his wisdom
Wade Phillips looks like the guy who would do the voice of Foghorn Leghorn
but Wade Phillips has already had that opportunity and it didn't workout. Sean McDermott also hasn't been the best D coordinator
leaving you with this: Wade Phillips is THE MAN.
And a great defensive coordinator Wade Phillips
Clayton: Wade Phillips finally kicks down that door
The had the opportunity to hire Wade Phillips two seasons ago. 😑😒😤 But Chip stuck with Bill Davis. 🤔
John McClain, Houston Chronicle: Broncos players have high praise for Wade Phillips
My congratulations to the Wade Phillips for a terrific defensive Superbowl 50 win. I don't much care for John Elway, however.
Doubt Chip and Azz could control Wade Phillips like they did Billy Davis.
What does it say for our when John Elway can take our parts like DeMarcus Ware & Wade Phillips and win a SB in no time flat?
Lots of credit to John Elway for putting together the defensive personnel and for hiring Wade Phillips
Other than maybe John Elway, Wade Phillips deserves more credit than anyone this year
John Batiste & Stay Human got more screen time after the Super Bowl than Wade Phillips. I'm fine with it, the work speaks for itself.
And the NFL Poetic Justice of the Year Award goes to DeMarcus Ware and Wade Phillips.
Asked where he thinks Broncos defense ranks among great defenses that have won Super Bowls and Wade Phillips...
I hope John Fox gets some credit for building that defense. Wade Phillips was the icing on the cake. Unreal performance.
happy for him and Wade Phillips, 2 discarded coaches who got another chance and proved their former teams wrong
Elway brought back Wade Phillips (who coached the defense back when Dan Reeves was coach) and Kubiak (his old backup).
What a performance by Defense..Gr8 team put up by John Elway and gr8 work by coach Gary Kubiac and Wade Phillips! Congrats Peyton!
Shout out to Wade Phillips for orchestrating a helluva Super Bowl defense Big shout out to John Elway for putting together championship team
This win is for Pat Bowlen, John Elway and Wade Phillips
Oh yeah Wade Phillips was the Cowboys Coach too lmao
Thank you, John Elway. Thank you, Pat Bowlen. And Wade Phillips, that defense will be legend. Way to go, Broncos!
John Elway gets a ton of credit for putting this team together and Wade Phillips gets a ton for coaching it.
Big props to John Elway! He knew his defense needed to get better & hired Wade Phillips as DC and got several key free agents to help Miller
As a Houston Texans fan, there's some weird satisfaction in watching Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips win a Super Bowl. I can't e…
Maybe John W Henry might want to have a word with Wade Phillips.
Hope they carry Wade Phillips off the field!
why? He didn't hire Wade Phillips and he could have. Both these teams got to the SB because they realized John Fox had to go.
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I want to hug John Elway for bringing in Wade Phillips and Gary Kubiak...but I'd probably end up staring, star-struck.
Only thing I'm upset with is that Chip hired Billy Davis instead of Wade Phillips to run his defense... JihaD
It wasn't pretty but it worked. Getting Manning, switching Fox to Kubiak, Wade Phillips...John Elway - and Denver - deserve a lot of credit.
You know who looks like a genius right now? Elway for firing John Fox from a playoff team and hiring Kubiak/Wade Phillips.
I'm guessing Peyton Manning won't care that his defense won a Super Bowl for him. What a performance by Wade Phillips' d…
this is about Wade Phillips, not John Elway
John Elway and Wade Phillips...Thank you. This is for Peyton.
Wade Phillips wasn't even in fumble last year. *** done turned into Phil Jackson of defenses.
If there was a Defensive NFL Hall of Fame, Wade Phillips would be a first ballot selection.
Congrats to Von Miller, Peyton Manning, John Elway and the Broncos. Someone should pay Wade Phillips $5 mil to be DC.
this officiating crew refers to Wade Phillips as "that whipper-snapper"
John Elway gotta give Wade Phillips a paid for trip to The Mediterranean or something.
Do you think Wade Phillips will now let go of the Music City Miracle???
Wade Phillips really really should win MVP.
I like how and when Wade Phillips dials up the blitz.
Can we give the MVP to Wade Phillips?
As I've said a lot, Wade Phillips is Jeff Fisher without the media and crony backing.
This game is really Sean McDermott vs Wade Phillips.
If Denver wins, they better put Wade Phillips up on their shoulders during the celebration. The real MVP.
Phil Simms quit building up Wade Phillips. He was AWFUL as head coach of the Cowboys and Bills.
Great season, Wade Phillips & Broncos D. Winning in spite of your noodle-armed game manager.
Chip Kelly couldn't think of Wade Phillips when he had Billy Boy Davis!!!
Wade Phillips was unemployed last year. . Chip Kelly kept Billy Davis during that time.
I don't disagree! Maybe it's just the uear, idk. I really hate Wade Phillips though.
Wade Phillips looks like an overwhelmed Boy Scout troop leader in the woods who can't find his way back to camp. https…
Wade Phillips looks like an inflated Frank Beamer.
has turned into Wade Phillips v Sean McDermott.
If the Broncos win this, there should be a way to make Wade Phillips the MVP.
I really want the Broncos to win. Peyton, D-Ware and Wade Phillips deserve it.
Your boy Wade Phillips is smashing the Panthers... well except for that Triple Option. Too bad CAR doesn't go all in.
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Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Wade Phillips doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's…
Wade Phillips may be my favorite D Coordinator ever. I hope the second go-round of Ray Horton is even this close.
Devner D. That pass rush is crushin' it. Wade Phillips at it, again.
Wade Phillips with the safety blitz. Cam Newton nowhere to go. Sacked for the second time.
"3rd and 8, Denver had their best CB Talib covering Greg Olsen. Great move by the Broncos and Wade Phillips.". - Herm Edwards …
I think Denver DC Wade Phillips and his defense are too good to get blown out by an offense that starts Ted Ginn and Philly Brown at wideout
Wade Phillips could have made it to a Super Bowl long ago, but he ditched Doug Flutie for Rob Johnson, and the Music City Miracle happened.
I think Wade Phillips is going to dial it up tonight to prevail the Broncos...
good stuff Jeff! But I'm going with Denver. I think Wade Phillips will frustrate Cam worse than Brady. Cause TO's for 2 scores.
Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips named NFL Assistant Coach of the Year
if anyone can come up with a way to stop Carolina it's Wade Phillips.
From unemployed to How DC Wade Phillips' life came full circle in a SB run:
I really do believe that Wade Phillips will out-coach River Boat Ron.
Are you as excited for Gary Kubiak as I am for Wade Phillips?!?!
Wade Phillips: A reason to cheer for the Broncos: Berry Tramel Jim Stanley became head football coach at Oklahoma…
( ) O'Connor: Wade Phillips' crazy year -- from unemployed to the Super Bowl: O'Connor: Wade Phil...
Wade Phillips looks like the random guy in Ghostbusters who turned into the Stay Puft marshmallow man.
Wade Phillips looks like he could have filled in for Paul Bearer managing The Undertaker on sick days.
Wade Phillips looks like Capt. Kangaroos love child
defensive coordinator Wade Phillips connects with players: by
Wade Phillips looks like the actor hoping to rejuvenate his career by reprising his role as the stay puft marshmallow man
Wade Phillips looks like a descendant of the Quaker Oats guy
Wade Phillips looks like the human embodiment of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
Former Cowboys coach Wade Phillips fits better as coordinator than head coach
Awesome story - gave me chills! 👇🏾. "How one player used to revive dream" via
true but garrett is much better for us compared to Wade Phillips sorry ***
7 days til , hope my boy Wade Phillips got a gameplan for Cam Newton cause we gotta
If we're lucky, Wade Phillips wrote this.
The tape shows how Denver foiled the Patriots' grand plans:
Head Coach Will Wade & Assistant Coach Bill Phillips here recruiting at the
I think Wade Phillips works his magic& the Broncos front 7 wins it for Manning. Then he will announce retirement after the gm
Wade Phillips doing his best impression.
Wade Phillips has had an interesting career.
In defense ... if you can play, you can play . 📰
In 1989, Broncos lost Super Bowl with John Elway at QB, Gary Kubiak as backup QB, Rick Dennison at LB and Wade Phillips as def. coordinator.
WATCH: Wade Phillips rules the internet again with his Von Miller dance impersonation.
ICYMI: Wade Phillips will be the coolest grandfather at Super Bowl 50:
Wade Phillips been dropping bombs on bad coaches and coaching All year...
Cam Newton and Von Miller were taken 1-2 in 2011 draft. Denver DC Wade Phillips said he'd love to see them bunched together again all day.
A quote to live by, NFL coaches, courtesy of Wade Phillips: "If a player doesn't fit your scheme, something's wrong with your…
Jeff reinbold noted on Winnipeg radio the other day that he and Wade Phillips were working on a book about the 3-4 defense.
The real match up in early game is Josh McDaniels vs Wade Phillips. That's not even close. Pats should win and maybe decis…
Wade Phillips: "You go from Roethlisberger to Tom Brady, thinking there won't be anything tougher. And now you got Cam N…
what time is Wade Phillips coming on? I mean since ur talking to SB coaches... UR not trolling ur listeners, right? Right?
well Andy Reid > Kubiak but I would take Wade Phillips over Bob Sutton all day every day
Anyone that knows anything about football would have to agree with me, Wade Phillips is the main reason Denver is...
Wade Phillips was Broncos head coach 1993-94 and was out in '94. Of course Mike Shanahan followed and won 2 Super Bowls
Owen Daniels, Antonio Smith, Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips are going to the Super Bowl.
Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Owen Daniels, Shiloh Keo, Antonio Smith... All Texans back in 2012, now going to the Superbowl.
Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips and North are in the Super Bowl.
Congratulations to all former headed to Super Bowl with Denver including Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Owen Daniels & Antonio Smith
We are actually going to watch Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Owen Daniels, and Antonio Smith in the Super Bowl with another team..😓
Let he whose grandma does not look like Wade Phillips cast the first stone
Nice special teams play there. Wade Phillips is gonna be sending the house for Brady on this series behind his own 5 yard line.
"He does what he needs to do" -- head coach Bill Belichick on Denver defensive coordinator Wade Phillips
and Wade Phillips with black hair would make a plausible Paul Bearer stand-in
Tell Jason Bill Callahan and Wade Phillips said the knife is outer there back
What do these former Dallas 'Boys have in common: Bill Callahan, Mike Zimmer and Wade Phillips?
Jim Schwartz, Wade Phillips, Paul Guenther first names that come to mind.
Saints have 3 NFL players on the field right now lol. Byrd, Cam, and Kenny and 8 CFL caliber guys lol. Wade Phillips coul…
Rex Ryan, Wade Phillips, Norv Turner, all great coordinators, not good as head coaches. Everyone is not meant to be the boss.
Looks like the league has figured out Wade Phillips' defense.
Uncle Leo, the worst radio caller, suggests hiring Dom Capers or Wade Phillips. lol
.Wade Phillips wouldn't fire Bobby April after that debacle...would Ryan fire Thurman?
he ruined Griffin, Morris, Garçon, last year trashed Cousins' trade value. And hired Joe Barry over Wade Phillips.
Jerry Jones is critical of the coaching staff? For real? He fired Wade Phillips & Bill Parcells! It's you & your style, dummy!
Well i don't think he's any better that Wade Phillips... Screw It Let Jerry Jones Coach The Team!!
Wade Phillips looks like someone you would find on a bottle of barbecue sauce.
If Jerry Jones fires Jason Garrett after this season, think Wade Phillips will put in a word for him with Gary Kubiak?
wow TV closeup of Garrett. Starting to develop that Wade Phillips stare
Mr. Gosselin, here's a comment from Wade Phillips on Karl Mecklenburg for HOF. Thank you!
Mr. Carucci, please consider Karl Mecklenburg for the HOF! Here's a comment from Wade Phillips.
he is a good OC but awful HC. Kind of like Norv Turner, Rex Ryan and Wade Phillips
did you guys save "wondering when you're gonna catch the ball" by Wade Phillips for Roy Williams?
Mike Shula getting head coaching interviews? Ridiculous, have we learned nothing? He's just like Wade Phillips and Norv Turner...
How do you go from having Bill Parcels to Wade Phillips both great coaches.. To having Jason Garret?
Vic Fangio and Wade Phillips was out there looking for jobs. We kept Rob tho...
for HC I'd love-> Wade Phillips, Matt Patricia, for GM Idk yet... Depends who's available
Change can't be bad. Whiz is classic example of great coordinator, bad HC. Nothing wrong with that. Wade Phillips, N. Turner were same way
Wade Phillips is one of the nicer guys in football. Like his father Bum Phillips, Wade is a good coach who enjoys himself & has fun doing it
so you are talking about Wade Phillips? does that mean bum smack is authorized?
Wade Phillips is successful wherever he is DC as opposed to Rob Ryan yet the latter gets all the hype.
Wade Phillips is the Michael Scott of the NFL.
I'm not the first to ask this. But how in the world did the seed of Bum and Wade Phillips create Tracy Phillips?
football in this town is NO JOKE!!! One of our rival games is one of top ten in Texas. Bum & Wade Phillips went to school here
With John Elway walking by, Wade Phillips says Aaron Rodgers is almost as good as Elway, best he's ever seen at drawing …
I hear Wade Phillips and Rob Ryan are available.
somewhere,Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips are laughing their behinds off at the Mcnair is worse than Bud Adams ever was
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