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Wade Davis

Edmund Wade Davis (born December 14, 1953) is a Canadian anthropologist, ethnobotanist, author and photographer whose work has focused on worldwide indigenous cultures, especially in North and South America and particularly involving the traditional uses and beliefs associated with psychoactive plants.

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MUST sign Wade Davis and Jon Jay. Scott Boras will make it difficult to keep Arrieta.
Astros need to go after Wade Davis, Jake McGee and Tony Watson too
A story in which Justin Turner, Kirk Gibson and Wade Davis are characters. Only one played Sunday night.
How can you not love D Wade? Has accomplished everything U could dream of as a player, yet says he'll come off bench!
Darvish. Arrieta. Wade Davis. Shohei Ohtani. Hosmer. JD. Bruce. Cain. Maybe some relievers I haven’t really checked on
. down goes Boogie, Davis, Curry, Durant, Harden and $50K from Steph's bank account. Been a good 6 day str…
This move needed to be done glad Wade is unselfish enough to realize it
Sorry but Wade Davis is not even as good as our third pitcher ..
Wade Davis II, 1st NFL player to come out, celebrates LGBT experiences in the black community:
I mean no matter who they face they really work…
I bet they are also replaying video of Wade Davis 9 pitch AB, pointing at TV and laughing.
🚨⏰KICKOFF ALERT⏰🚨. Our 11/4 game at Mississippi State's Davis Wade Stadium is set for Noon ET/11 a.m. CT on the
You might be right there ..alot will depend upon wade Davis and what they do
you don't know joy til you hear the sound of cowbells at Davis Wade Stadium on a Saturday afternoon
Remember, they got Wade Davis for Jorge Soler. So schwarber for Betances is a bit rich
You had me at analytics. Totally forgot about Wade Davis being on the Rays too
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Here’s a list of some of the guys he’s molded: David Price, Chris Archer, Wade Davis, Matt Garza, James Shields...
He’s big into analytics for starters. He was a key cog in TB churning out stud after stud after stud…
be patient, lad. They got the best guy on the team (Wade Davis) for the w…
Theo: "We'd love to have Wade Davis back. Same with Jake.Wanting doesn't mean having."
Career games coming off the bench:. Dwyane Wade - 11. J.R. Smith - 553. However... Smith has started 94% of his games with…
Still so BLOWN AWAY with these three. We're glad Davis-Wade got to see just a little bit about what makes them so s…
Any chance we get Bama at night? Davis Wade has become a tough venue at night.
Nothing more infuriating than seeing people leave Davis Wade in the 3rd quarter of an SEC matchup that we're dominating.
Davis Wade the crowd noise is still not acceptable we could've been better,we gotta stop waiting for it to happen and br…
Homecoming Queen has arrived at Davis Wade! And she found some former Bulldogs, too! . https:…
Onto game 5. What a game. Electric. Jake Arrieta gave us a big time performance & Wade Davis showed up. Do not count the Cub…
Wade Davis just had one of the best at bats for the Cubs in the NLCS
This is Wade Davis' second at-bat since 2013. The other was in Game 4 vs the Mets in 2015 WS, when Hansel Robles struck him out.
"Wade Davis makes his debut in this National League Championship Series here in Game 4," says the broadcaster, who must be lying.
Who is this Wade Davis fellow the are bringing in?
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Why wasn't Cubs closer Wade Davis on the mound at the end of the game?: Why wasn't…
Not Casey job. He is the host. The former players are on the desk to explain why Wade Davis did not come in. Casey…
Joe Maddon is terrible. Wade Davis sits unused while Johnny Homerun does what he does best, give up dingers.
Wade Davis must be out searching for Ian Happ.
Granted. I trust Rondon more than Justin Wilson. We just need to clone Duncan Keith with Wade Davis so we can close every day ;3;
Jon Lester got absolutely hammered last night and perfectly described Wade Davis. . https:/…
Cubs sing Wade Davis' praises after NLDS win: 'He's our MVP this year' - Kansas City Star (blog)…
Joe Maddon watching Wade Davis' pitch count last night.
They’re getting a replacement cyborg arm for Wade Davis from White Sands Missile Range.
You get credit for the what you do and Joe Maddon's team won so props, but *** he wasn't so good this series. Wade Davis saved him, them.
Wade Davis gets Bryce Harper swinging & is headed black to the for the 3rd straight year ht…
Wade Davis striking out Bryce Harper & advance to their third straight NLCS is something beautiful.
Joe Maddon asked for 7 crucial outs from Wade Davis and yet again, he answered. That will not go unspoken for.
Wade Davis is the 2nd pitcher to record a 7+ out save in winner-take-all game since 1973 (Madison Bumgarne…
Pretty sure Wade Davis for Jorge Soler was a win for Man that was tense last night!!
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"He is all business and he showed it today." - on Wade Davis to after the advanced to the…
Wade Davis and Aroldis Chapman should combine for a class action suit against Joe Maddon - cruel and unusual overusage of their arms
Wade Davis finishing Bryce Harper after 40+ pitches was badass.
A gutty (gutty, right?), nasty curveball that Wade Davis throws to get Harper, finishing the Aroldis Chapman role a la 2016 WS Game 7.
Hats off to Wade Davis for the 7 out save! 🎩
Wade Davis, Game 5 of 2017 NLDS, plays the role of Aroldis Chapman, Game 7 of 2016 World Series. Fair to neither but job got done.
Someone ask Aroldis Chapman what he thinks of use of Wade Davis.
Wade Davis is a much less exciting Aroldis Chapman
I wonder if this year, Joe Maddon is going to ruin, Wade Davis much like he ruined, Aroldis Chapman last year?
Daniel Murphy and Anthony Rendon with walks to open the bottom of the 8th inning. Adam Lind to pinch hit against Wade Davis.
Cue the late, great Stuart Scott: "Wade Davis - as cool as the other side of the pillow."
They don't really have a dominate closer like Wade Davis, but overall their bullpen see…
Wait...when did the sign Billy Koch? And when did he change his name to Wade Davis?
Last night Ron Darling called Wade Davis the set up guy for Chapman last year. Ernie Johnson said Zimmerman's HR was to RF.
I hate to be that guy, but the Royals "core 4" wouldn't be anything more than familiar faces if it wasnt for Wade Davis and Greg Holland.
I don't get why Wade Davis is closing. We're winning 9-0. It's not really a save situation.
Just hope Wade Davis is closing for PSU today!
Have a feeling that the Cubs hitters will have Wade Davis' back.
Wade Davis was locked in all year. Was due for one bad outing and it just so happened today. Stings but come out tomorrow &…
team with Anthony davis, james harden,tyson chandler, stewie, wade carnes, and James Harden
Cubs closer Wade Davis on loss to Brewers: "My arm was dragging a little bit" via ht…
Also Wade Davis couldn't be perfect all season in saves.
Some great hops by Hader in the bullpen!! And when was the last time Wade Davis gave up 2 HRs? Great game, gre…
If you’re a Rockies fan who is mad at Wade Davis, it’s important to have perspective and remember Kris Bryant is better th…
They ended those streaks today against a closer, Wade Davis, who had converted 38 straight saves for the Royals and Cubs s…
Paul Sullivan: “Everyone’s just so accustomed to watching Wade Davis dominate”
I would feel a lot more confident if Wade Davis hadn't blown his first save all season all over my championship hopeful face
Loved getting to be recognized at Davis Wade!
Wade Davis blew 2 saves in one game. Takes some skill.
The Royals are a Wade Davis away from making the playofffs.
We used up most of his good arm last year. And picked up wade davis whose 32 for his last 33 saves. I am worried about lackey tho
Did wade davis technically blow two saves today?
- Does the Cubs' Wade Davis get charged with 2 Blown Saves today, or is there some rule about only being one per person per game?
wade Davis couldn't blow save in 10th; after blowing save in 9th he was pitcher of record going forward. Bottom line note is wrong
It did. Wade Davis's save streak ended.
Honestly, I'd love if Melo ends up getting traded to the Cavs.. that team would have a real chance to beat GS, especially if…
The world was supposed to end today...Wade Davis blew a save instead!
Need to rest this guy until the playoffs. Without Wade Davis at 100%, there will be no repeat.
Wade Davis: “We 100 percent won that game today, it seemed like. The offense and everything was incredible. It’s definitely…
Seconds after announcers said Wade Davis “never blows saves”, Orlando Arcia hit a game tying HR off of him. Watch:.
CC on twice getting Wade Davis: "It's certainly improbable. ... If anything, it describes us this year and how the whole s…
Wade Davis' postgame comments sound like he was just fatigued. Makes a Justin Wilson renaissance even more important.
And who wouldn't want to read 1000 words on Wade Davis? From hunting to his teammates awe of him. Right here:
You're preaching to choir big man. His backers wood say he has a plan . Meanwhile Milwaukee beats the Cubs…
Maddon: Davis not to be blamed for defeat - Do not blame Wade Davis, Cubs manager Joe Maddon said emp...
It's ok Wade Davis. We still know u rock. We'll get them tomorrow.
Wade Davis blows his first save of the season as Orlando Arcia lines a homer to left field.
I love this quote from Wade Davis in the story...
Wade Davis' franchise-record saves streak is snapped at 32 straight. . Quite a run.
Wade Davis' save streak came to an end Saturday, but his most crucial outings are only beginning. . http…
Orlando Arcia just hit a tying home run off Wade Davis to lead off the bottom of the ninth, Davis' first blown save.
Wade Davis had given up 7 HR in the last 4 years, then served up 2 in a span of 7 hitters today. Never allowed HR in 9th & 10…
The Streak ends as Cubs watch Wade Davis finally blow a save: ‘It’s definitely on me’
Does Wade Davis get 2 blown saves for today?
"There's no way, shape or form to point a finger at Wade."
Joe Maddon on Cubs closer Wade Davis: "He's your best guy" via
Matt Vasgersian just had triplets when Travis Shaw walked off Wade Davis
Travis Shaw walks it off with a two-run homer for the Brewers. 4-3 as Wade Davis blows a pair of leads. Incredible game.
Last blown save for Wade Davis: Sept. 2, 2016 with KC in his first game back after spending more than a month on the disable…
Polk in the Pros is coming to an end soon, but Wade Davis and Chris Sale have shots at postseason glory:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It looks like two local products will make it to the postseason: Wade Davis with the Cubs + Chris Sale with Boston.
I'll let you have Wade Davis and Matt Strahm back if you come down here
This whole season of garbage relief pitching has been the baseball gods punishing us for trading Wade Davis
Kyle Hendrick, John Lackey and Ian Happ and Wade Davis get passing grades -- all others F for the series.
This offseason will be busy. Re-signing Lance Lynn and picking up Wade Davis will be a good start.
Greg Holland and Wade Davis somewhat spoiled KC fans. Herrera has been adequate but not as dominant…
Jorge Soler has 22 home runs in AAA this season, Wade Davis has 0 home runs in AAA this season. I think we know who won that trade...
Package Harvey and D'Arnaud for a decent reliever and sign Wade Davis.
The Royals got a PCL MVP just for the small cost of Wade Davis
That's normal. Hasn't stopped guys like Wade Davis or Andrew Miller from being moved. Best "availa…
So much respect to Wade Davis for the Gator Fred Taylor jersey 🔥🔥🔥🔥
How fun would it be if signed Wade Davis one day?
I'd love to see them get Wade Davis.
Mac Williamson, the first guy to homer off Wade Davis in like 10 thousand years
1 year ago today... I miss Wade Davis
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By contrast, over that same time period, have won 7 games without requiring the services of Wade Davis.
Unlikely to be available today:. Wade Davis. Fernando Rodney. Edwin Diaz. Sam Dyson. Tyler Lyons. Iffy:. Cody Allen.
why didn't Wade Davis get a save in yesterday's 14-12 win over Atlanta?
why didn't Wade Davis get a save yesterday?
On page 474 of 655 of Into The Silence, by Wade Davis
I miss Wade Davis, . Kendrys Morales . and Dyson . and swagger . and winning . and pride . and attitude . and Greg Holland
David Freese lines out to Albert Almora in center as Wade Davis retires the Pirates 1-2-3 in the 9th beat the Pirates 6-1
CUBS: We improved our bullpen this winter with Wade Davis. GIANTS: Sam Dyson is the name of a fictitious sheriff from a…
Stat of the day: Craig Stammen now has more strikeouts (58) than Wade Davis this season.
Hey remember 2 months ago when Yankee fans told me I was an *** for suggesting Wade Davis is better than Chapman? Tha…
Wade Davis has converted 25 straight saves, extending his single-season franchise mark, and one shy of the overall franchise reco…
With what has happened lately if you think Joe Maddon burned out Aroldis Chapman last postseason just wait until you see Wade Davis in 2017.
That's dope as hellOLD MAN: Wade Davis is 0-for-14⅓ on the bases.
I wish I could close like Wade Davis
Wade Davis will eventually blow a save but .
Wade Davis was best as a set up man to Holland in KC. If we bring in Britton it will help tremendously
team with lebron jordan, Nick young, Anthony davis, wade carnes, and Gavin young
team with dwyane wade, Mr.crabs, batman, Anthony davis, and lawrence carnes
Source: will send James Shields and Wade Davis to for Wil Myers and other prospects.
Yeah and him and Wade Davis are what catapulted the Royals in '14. He should have a special place in every Royals fans heart
With Escobar drawing a walk to start it off. I really miss Wade Davis still.
How do you let Wade Davis get away...I miss you
easy to look backwards.. But if Wade Davis trade doesn't happen, how many more wins we have? I'd say at least 5 and wed be in 1st
And to think we got rid of Wade Davis for Jorge Soler
Hey at least the decided to trade Wade Davis & not sign Greg Holland this off season.
Maybe the Royals should try to trade for Wade Davis. Oh wait.
in the 9th at Kauffman Stadium, the Tigers bullpen is Wade Davis-esque
Can we trade for Greg Holland or Wade Davis??
Greg Holland.Wade Davis.don't need them, we are good.
Wade Davis never had this many blown saves. Soler can't even stay in the lineup.
Will always love Dayton Moore. But trading Wade Davis in the last year of "going for it" was abyssmal. KH was always an 8th inning guy.
Maybe the should trade Jorge Soler for a closer. I wonder if Wade Davis is available.
Any chance we could get Wade Davis back?
I cant believe we traded Wade Davis for a guy that we sent to the minors. Herrera was better as the setup man
It's gonna be scary good if Strop/Rondon find their groove complimenting CJ Edwards & Wade Davis. 😳
The downfall of this Royals' team occurred when it traded Wade Davis and didn't resign Greg Holland
Sure glad that Wade Davis trade has worked out so well. 🙄
The Wade Davis trade was the the most lop sided trade in the MLB this year. Don't come @ me
I remember in 2016 when Wade Davis got hurt just before he should have been traded.
Now is good time to remind everyone that Wade Davis was traded for a man currently in triple A
Trading wade Davis sure was genius.
We shoulda kept Wade Davis...come on
super glad we traded Wade Davis why could we possibly need a decent closer
Royals not gonna make playoffs cause Wade Davis chilling in Chicago is my hot take .
Grade the trade I get Wade Davis I give up Travis Shaw. 12 team deep points league
Wade Davis, Royals has lowest ERA over 2 seasons at 0.97 (2014-15) Source:
Yes the way to the WS is to become the 2014 royals, get wade Davis too lmao
Rack up another one. Stadium freak. @ Mississippi State University Davis Wade Stadium
Carl Edwards, Hector, and Wade Davis, nice trio to end the game!
I'm ready for football season, it's gone be lit at Davis Wade!
Trade for Harrison, 3 year high AAV for Cain, try and buy low on Lucroy, consider Wade Davis
Ladies coming to the clinic Saturday -- registration will begin at 8:30 at Davis Wade Stadium - north end zone!
D. Wade sees the potential in the rooks.
Here's a reminder of Wade Davis' stats in games that actually matter:
Have a chance to make a run but need a closer. Have Wade Davis being offered to me for Frazier and Robertson.
*** even Wade Davis had a similar transition to becoming a closer. Very few current CP come into the league and immediately close games
Wade Davis has one bad game & some fans already talking about him being replaced. Lol. This is so ridiculous.
He's been throwing great lately. If he keeps this up, he might take Wade Davis' job
Do you see the Mets making an attempt after wade Davis and Yu Darvish this off-season?
I'm starting to think the Wade Davis trade was a bad one for the Royals in 2017.
Fryer. Joe Madden for going with Wade Davis over Corey Knebel on the all star game.
Mike Moustakas said he wanted to face former Royals Greg Holland and Wade Davis in All-Star Game. He got his wish.
Cubs' Wade Davis allows HR in 10th, gets the loss in All-Star Game via
Cubs pitcher Wade Davis on the All Star Game loss
Cubs' Wade Davis gives up homer in 10th inning and American League wins All-Star Game 2-1
Robinson Cano with the solo shot off Wade Davis to give the AL the 2-1 lead in the 10th htt…
Wade Davis on "I think you'll see a lot of guys have All-Star 2nd halves" via
Cubs' Wade Davis and White Sox's Avisail Garcia were polar opposites at All-Star media day
Tonight I shall have sweet dreams of Wade Davis, Luke Hochevar, and Greg Holland! If only in dreams!
You look at Eric Hosmer in FA this offseason as a fix and Wade Davis, Tony Watson and Jake McGee are…
If Bryant fails to win vote and newcomer Wade Davis is only All-Star, CHC will be only WS champ not to have retur…
The lone Cub. Congrats to Wade Davis on making the NL All-Star Team
Wow, Wade Davis is the lone Cubs All Star. Rizzo deserved it but Zimmerman, Votto, & Goldschmidt got the nod. Rizzo on pace for 38 HR.
Wade Davis only Cubs player selected to the All-Star rosters. Kris Bryant on Final Vote grouping.
How is it that Wade Davis is the only player going to the this year?
Wade Davis only Cubs All Star. Im totally okay with that. Let everyone else get a break. They need it.
Wade Davis is the only Cub who deserves a spot in the all star game
Davis named to NL All-Star team: Cubs closer Wade Davis will join his former and current manage..
Breaking News - Cubs have only 1 official All Star as of tonight in Wade Davis. Plz Credit PMT when talking about Wade, T…
Wade Davis named Cubs' lone representative on National League All-Star team by
Underachieving get what they deserve with only Wade Davis locked in as All-Star.
A little bummed that the WS champs will only have 2 players max at the this year. But congrats to Wade Davis & everybody should
CONGRATULATIONS! White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia and Cubs pitcher Wade Davis have been named…
I want to congrats my brotha Wade Davis on making the ALL STAR GAME. Well deserved 💪. Really happy for this guy 👊
The only player from the reigning World Series Champions to make the All-Star game is, Wade Davis.
2006 on AL All Star Team: 7. 2017 on NL All Star Team: 1. Both had 1 player who was not on WS team (Wade Davis, Jim Thome)
But seriously: Wade Davis. Worth the price of admission. 💙🔥⚾️
All Star Wade Davis is 16 for 16 in save situations
Wade Davis is the only Cubs player headed to the All-Star game in Miami
Wade Davis lone representative for Cubs in 2017 MLB All-Star Game -
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Also don't look now but I think that Wade Davis is the only Cub on the team! Tasty little development there
Crazy (given it's a fan popularity contest) that only one Cub made ASG... and it's Wade Davis
Greg Holland and Wade Davis made it and we have Herrera...
A summary of our season so far: Wade Davis is the ONLY All Star (Pending final fan vote).
Cubs pitcher Wade Davis and White Sox outfielder Avisail Garcia to represent their teams at MLB All-Star Game:
Former Royals Zack Greinke, Greg Holland, and Wade Davis named to the NL All-Star roster.
Greg Holland and Wade Davis making the NL All Star team 😴😴😴
Maddon, who said that you couldn't name 5 relievers better than Rivero appeared to do exactly that. Picked 5 and took h…
Last season the had SEVEN players in the All-Star game. This year they have one... Wade Davis
Watch Wade Davis react to being the Cubs lone all star.
Wade Davis lone Cubs player named to National League All-Star team by
Wade Davis lone representative for in 2017 MLB All-Star Game:
Wade Davis only cub deserving. No one else on this under achieving team deserves it
Cubs' Wade Davis on being named to National League All-Star team
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo not named to MLB All-Star Game roster
So no starters or reserves for the Cubs. Jake Lamb beat out Kris Bryant. Wade Davis makes it as the lone Cub.
Congrats to Wade Davis!. . This is his third selection and first in the National League.
No Starters for either the or Avisaíl Garcia & Wade Davis named lone Chicago all-stars. Kris Bryant up for
Or if Wade Davis is still on the team. All on or all out. Can't walk the line.
How much would Mike Rizzo give you for Wade Davis?
.really buried the lede in his great Wade Davis feature. Chris Sale, is that you??…
Is Alex Gordon vs. Jason Vargas the new Wade Davis vs. Salvador Perez?
I grew up watching Turk Wendell, Rick Aguilera, and Mel Rojas try to close games. I have a deep appreciation for what Wade Davis is doing.
I love Mark Grant but he had a reaction like that was intentional... no way in *** is Wade Davis trying to put that dude on here.
Epstein got Wade Davis & Mike Montgomery for Dan Vogelbach and Jorge Soler. I'll take a controllable SP or two at the deadline, Theo. XOXOXO
If Cubs are out/just about .500 near trade deadline they have couple pieces teams would covet. (Wade Davis, Jake Arreita if he improves)
Jorge Soler's plate discipline is way better than Wade Davis's.
grade the trade. I get Billy Hamilton and Wade Davis, I give Mark Trumbo and Matt Harvey
Think a lot of people did Bill. Would love to have Wade Davis but hey what can we do.
Bauer reminds me of Wade Davis: Promising Starter. Didn't live up to hype. DOMINANT Reliever.
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Wade Davis is a stud. But in the MLB annals, Kennesaw Mountain Landis & Grover Cleveland Alexander still got the best history-inspired names
A reminder that Wade Davis and Carl Edwards Jr. are ridiculous.
The Cubs were one strike away from beating the Yankees 2-0 but Hector Rondon, filling in for Wade Davis who had... https:/…
hey guys Dan is a genius. Wade Davis.
Interesting point regarding Wade Davis. As a fan I admit I feel good when he comes into the game. Thx Dan.
Right on, Dan. I'm a Chicagoan and huge Cubs fan! Wade Davis is the MVP. We're mediocre without him
I like Mlb network but both Dan Plesac and Pedro are currently passionately arguing that Wade Davis is the most important player on the Cubs
Willson Contreras on Wade Davis (0.00 ERA): “It’s like controlling the baseball with a remote. It’s just crazy the way that…
Mic and former NFL player Wade Davis have teamed up to tackle America's sexual assault epidemic (via https…
have had 4 walk-offs this season. The 2 wins were both to Wade Davis. The 2 losses were both to Mike Montgomery.
KC (not surprisingly) making a horrible bullpen look like Wade Davis, Rivera, and Trevor Hoffman out there
4-0 and take two of three from the Dodgers as Brett Anderson, Carl Edwards Jr., Koji Uehara & Wade Davis c…
CJ Edwards needs to be the set up man for Wade Davis
can we stop the Joe Maddon is a genius narrative? Wade Davis not used? Hayward hitting before Contreras? Game 7?
Prospect Pierce Johnson looks to channel inner Wade Davis in move to pen
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Cubs prospect Pierce Johnson looks to channel inner Wade Davis after move to bullpen
David Suzuki, Wade Davis, & Grand Chief Stewart Phillip campaigned for in 2015. Listen to them now. http…
why are we not hearing about Nate Jones trade? 1yr of Wade Davis gets Soler, Jones cheap for 3 years.
Granted, go back a little further and you find Yunel Escobar, Wade Davis, and Grady Sizemore at that slot.
This Royals/"Christmas Vacation" video mashup is what fans need after the Wade Davis trade. . http…
Wade Davis. Jarrod Dyson. Kendrys Morales. Edinson Volquez. Yordano Ventura. This team just won't be the same anymore 😔
Time for the pitching panel featuring Carl Edwards, Kyle Hendricks, Wade Davis and Mike Montgomery.
That bullpen is shaping up to be tough. Wade Davis, Hector Rondon, Mike Montgomery, Pedro Strop, CJ Edwards + MIL guys.
Writers: Wade Davis (inspired by the book of the same name), Richard Maxwell (screenplay) Director: Wes...
newcomers Jon Jay, Brian Duensing and Wade Davis will attend convention with large contingent of world champs.
Wade Davis? Joe Blanton's stuff is even playing up. A bad pitcher is a bad pitcher, but they'll usually play up
Did you know the have 3 of the last 4 pitchers to record the final out in the World Series? Koji Uehara, Wade Davis & Mike Montgomery
Wade Davis. Hector Rondon. Koji. Pedro Strop. CJR. Yeah, thanks for showing up.
First Aroldis Chapman, now Wade Davis, but still see Hector Rondon as a big part of their plans:
Cubs have 3 of last 4 pitchers who got last out of 2013 Koji Uehara. 2015 Wade Davis . 2016
Wade Davis and Aroldis Chapman are off the market. What’s next for Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers?
Wade Davis to the Cubs. Jorge Soler to the Royals. . Done. .
Royals fans think they didn't get enough for Wade Davis. Cubs fans think they didn't get enough for Jorge Soler.
I did a podcast on Jorge Soler on Wade Davis.
It's official: The Cubs have acquired Wade Davis from the Royals for Jorge Soler
The Detroit won't be unhappy to see Wade Davis, Adam Eaton leaving division rivals by way of trade >>…
.acquire closer Wade Davis from for OF Jorge Soler.
today acquired RHP Wade Davis from the Royals for OF Jorge Soler.
BREAKING: Cubs and Royals finalize trade, swapping Wade Davis and Jorge Soler.
Best of luck to Jorge Soler, good dude who has chance to play a ton now. Welcome to Wade Davis, 1 of best relievers of this…
.GM Jed Hoyer joined to talk about acquiring Wade Davis from the in exchange for Jorge Soler.
Kansas City Royals have traded right-hander Wade Davis to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for outfielder Jorge Soler.
Since 2014, Wade Davis has a 1.18 ERA. Yes, that is the best in (min. 120 IP).
If Cubs finish their Wade Davis deal, he could be closer in front of: Carl Edwards, Jr., Hector Rondon, Pedro Strop, Justi…
Before acquiring Aroldis Chapman, checked in with and the trade-deadline asking price for Wade Davis was Kyle…
Don't be sad about Wade Davis, Royals fans. Be happy about Wily Mo Pena pt 2:
*yes, Wade Davis is an elite reliever*. Not to be that guy, but that is Lucas Duda.. it'd be more surprising if Dav…
It's official: Cubs trade Soler to Royals for Wade Davis -
Cubs get closer Wade Davis for outfielder Jorge Soler - Chicago Tribune
have officially acquired closer Wade Davis from Royals in exchange for outfielder Jorge Soler
We have acquired OF Jorge Soler from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for RHP Wade Davis.
The Cubs have officially acquired Wade Davis in a trade for Jorge Soler. Welcome to Chicago, Wade!!!
Joe Maddon now reunited with Wade Davis and Ben Zobrist. Time for Carl Crawford and James Shields to suit up and head to Wrigley.
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