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Wade Barrett

Stuart Alexander Stu Bennett (born August 10, 1980) is an English professional wrestler.

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Wade Barrett gets kicked out of the United Kingdom
John Cena almost did that to Wade Barrett
I've had that awful BOM Wade Barrett song stuck in my head all day
Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett vs Rhyno & Chris Jericho in a tag team match at
All my fans will like to know that Wade Barrett (whom I'd never heard of) is an EXCELLENT foil to Adkins in ELIMINATORS…
Barrett said playing tough B1G schedule has benefited Buckeyes. "That's one of the reasons why we're becoming a really goo…
Didn't the commentators also literally say that "John Cena buried Wade Barrett"?
TLC 2010: John Cena puts Wade Barrett underneath a rolling pallet before dropping some chairs on him. Uh-huh.
Wait did a movie with Wade Barrett before he was released and is now advertising it after he's gone? That's awkward lol.
-- Rusev is well on his way to becoming Wade Barrett.
Kevin Owens & Alexa Bliss vs Wade Barrett & Brie Bella in a mixed tag match at
Lastly,today in history,in 2012 beat Damian Sandow(for Sat Morn Slam) & beat Wade Barrett(S-Down) in N.Charleston,S.Carolina.
Big fan of WWE having to advertise their former employee's WWE studio film. But who is Wade Barrett? I only know
Interim head coach Wade Barrett: "We've found some ways to lose games"
Legendary, Bending the Rules, The Marine, 12 Rounds, The Condemned on DVD. Wade Barrett in Dead Man Down with Collin Farrell.
man at least sting wins what happens on raw tonight but I hope r truth calls out wade barrett
Sam decided to turn into Wade Barrett in the night and gave me a Bull Hammer square on my nose 💪🏼
we totally need to watch The Eliminators with Wade Barrett and that badass from the new Universal Soldier movies
D-Von Dudley vs Wade Barrett in a Steel Cage match on
Last year this day . Wayne Rooney slapping Wade Barrett on WWE Manchester.
:// My favorite wrestlers are Wade Barrett, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, Naomi, Samoa Joe, Eddie Guerrero and a lot more.
Rockstar Spud vs Wade Barrett with Adam Rose as special referee on
We gave Wade Barrett directions to Euston mere hours ago. watched you pop for John Cena. Don't small time us. Yeah?
I wish still had guys like Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, Alex Riley and Ryback around for this new era.
Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett vs Bubba Ray Dudley in a Triple Threat Three Stages of *** match at
I wanna let you know that you kinda look like Wade Barrett
Also, Wade Barrett since Dec. 2005 (assuming you count San Jose I and Houston as separate).
Be careful AJ or it will be time for ! Just ask Kevin Owens,The Nexus,Wade Barrett !
Wilmer Cabrera an easy option but I think this could be a chance to see what Wade Barrett can do unless there is a Jason Kreis card to pull.
I liked a video from Kevin Nash bashes Wade Barrett
Of you guys are going to bring in a couple of these released WWE guys, Wade Barrett & Ryback should be the first 2. Not Christian
The pushes as WWE Champion Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, and Roman Reigns got I wish was given to Wade Barrett when he was Nexus leader.
Damien Sandow, Santino Marella, Cameron, Wade Barrett & Zeb Colter all released from 😕
Do you think Vince McMahon opened up Wade Barrett's release with "I'm afraid I've got some bad news"?
Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett & Zeb Coulter get released but John Cena, The Ascension & Alberto Del Rio are still in Bravo! .
'Fraid I got some Bad News... FOR WWE! Wade Barrett has left WWE
Someone needs to do this clip up to Wade Barrett's theme music! It's Bad News Cruz!
Dr. Wade Barrett walks in and says "I'm afraid I have some bad news" (Sorry about this)
ON THIS DAY: Wade Barrett was on his way to becoming KING at 2015's event!
1 year ago today Wade Barrett won King Of The King. How utterly pointless was this?
Well Senator, I'm afraid I've got some bad news... girl look like Wade Barrett. Now on to your economic policy...
To coin a phrase from Wade Barrett, "I'm afraid I've got some bad news." Rumor has it the League of Nations is to disband.
Tai chi chuan instructor gave me a slight tap the Apple Magic Mouse instead of Wade Barrett catching Kofi w/ the armbar.
Wade Barrett vs Luke Harper vs Chad Gable vs Braun Strowman in a Fatal Four Way Retirement match at
if you think that mohawked schmuck is getting the last one on Wade Barrett, well, I've got some bad news for you...
Wade Barrett is a tragic figure. He actually got over with something (Bad News), then remembered that isn't allowed.
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Sure, Wade Barrett is a former 5-time Intercontinental Champion and the 2015 King of the Ring.
I thought Wade Barrett was leaving, He's getting a brand new shirt lol
Just in time to replace Wade Barrett's departure with the League of Nations
Join Sheamus & Wade Barrett on their ride to Newark
Have to throw Wade Barrett into the conversation. Dude retired so he could run ultra marathons...
heard rumors that Wade Barrett was a freak too?
Wade Barrett deserves so much better. -_- Now I see why he's leaving. Book his match properly!
Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett, obviously we know who wins. creative continues to drop the ball with Wade
This made me laugh . Poor wade Barrett and British bulldog
I added a video to a playlist Raw: CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett
Nice picture, Kathy! I don't think it's Mike Hickam.not sure about Wade Barrett--he's new, don't know him yet.
The booking of Wade Barrett of one of the WWEs greatest mistakes!
Kofi Kingston has beaten Wade Barrett twice on Smackdown for the Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston picks up the win to prove that Wade Barrett is booty.
what a waste in Wade Barrett can't wait to see what he does after WWE
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this comment on the wwe injuries: "Smother me with irony when Wade Barrett is the only healthy person at Wresltemania.". PMSL
Kofi picks up the win against Wade Barrett and celebrate with a stripper-like dance.
And that's why wade Barrett is leaving wwe. 😒
Wade Barrett seems to be having to much fun being apart of I think he'll resign another deal w/ WWE.
Wade Barrett delivered a kick to the face.
Has there ever been a more pointless king of the ring than wade barrett?
I'm glad Wade Barrett is getting one last Wrestlemania payday before he moves on.
either way nice skill by Wade Barrett
"look, Ruru, we've both been booked horribly, maybe we should do what wade barrett is doing
Paul Ryan looks like he's British. It also doesn't help that he kind of looks like Wade Barrett
Skills Minister Nick Boles gets stuck in with Horticulture Rosie Wade at the
WWESheamus,does Wade Barrett,Alberto Del Rio & Rusev really care 1 bit of the holiday St. Patrick's Day? Have u talked 2 them about it yet?
Brock seems to becoming "another guy", and if Wade Barrett does leave it'll be a huge waste
Wade Barrett . Mr *** aka Billy gunn is greater because the attitude era was awesome
I added a video to a playlist Raw: Wade Barrett encourages The Nexus after John Cena's
Watching WWE RAW on I forgot that Wade Barrett is leaving on June 1st
Wade Barrett because Wade isn't entertaining in the least bit.
Another problem is safe-style guys like Wade Barrett get knocked out by risk-takers like Dolph Ziggler. For no reason.
Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our Skipper of the Chateau, Mr. Bo Barrett!
anyone ever tell you that you sorta resemble Wade Barrett?
Ever since Wade Barrett announced that he would not be resigning with WWE, he's been in a load of matches. Wish he'd stay.
I thought Matt was Wade Barrett or is he a Samoan Wade Barrett?
Received SC nudes from Wade Barrett. Let me not let Aidan find out 😂
What's the point of Wade Barrett even being around anymore anyways if he's out the door in 4 weeks and isn't doing anything as it is?
I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS... that segment was so awful not even Wade Barrett could save it.
[VIDEO] Why British wrestling superstar Wade Barrett leaving WWE would be bad news...
Yeah, It would be but, It's time to call Wade Barrett back out, cause I'm afraid I've got some Bad News...
Edge and Christian tell us what Wade Barrett said
But you can't leave! Jeff Hardy is coming back next year and my dream match of Jeff Hardy vs Wade Barrett needs to happen!
Guys like Wade Barrett, Adam Rose, and Damien Sandow need to go to TNA where they'll be more appreciated
shame about Wade Barrett leaving all the tools to be a major star & World Champion
BREAKING NEWS- Wade Barrett will be Leaving when his contract expires in June
bad points: missed Wade Barrett, Daniel Brian, Aj could have stayed in till final 5 and HHH in at 30 and winning.
PAIV what are your top 5 underrated Wrestlers of all time. Mine is Regal, Shelton, Wade Barrett,British bulldog, Big Boss man
Is "King" Wade Barrett in the dog house for something since the league of nations started he hasn't had a match
So is Wade Barrett a member of the league only on preshows, backstage segments, and sqaush matches? Misuse of a great tale…
WWE star Wade Barrett jokes he will 'batter' Roy Keane after criticism of Manchester United's ...
Wade Barrett should go back to Bad News Barrett!!! Oh *** Yah
WWE star Wade Barrett spotted at Old Trafford. Someone’s looking for Wayne Rooney!
Wayne Rooney laying the smackdown on Wade Barrett last night
Wayne Rooney slapping Wade Barrett isn't the only time football and WWE have collided...
Wade Barrett goes looking for Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford. We haven't heard the last of this feud.
Manchester United news: WWE's Wade Barrett calls out Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford
Wayne Rooney wey suppose dey train on how to tear net, wan go learn Wrestling. E wan make Wade Barrett tish am ht…
Wayne Rooney appears on WWE Raw and slaps Wade Barrett!! Life Chose Him!
Little Giant Ladders
This is just plain surreal... Wayne Rooney slaps WWE wrestler Wade Barrett
WATCH: Wayne Rooney slaps WWE star Wade Barrett at RAW in Manchester -
Watch Wayne Rooney take out his frustration on WWE superstar Wade Barrett:.
Is Kevin Davies and Wade Barrett vs Wayne Rooney and Stone Cold Steve Austin still happening then???
It's Kevin Owens vs Titus O'Neal now in MY. Later got Rooney have some 'TLC' with Wade Barrett.
Wayne Rooney & Conor McGregor vs Wade Barrett & Sheamus at WWE Superslam, order now for $9.99
VIDEO: Official footage of Wayne Rooney slapping Wade Barrett at WWE Manchester! Quality!..
Wayne Rooney took down Wade Barrett - is this the kind of form that's been missing this season at
Just Wayne Rooney slapping WWE wrestler Wade Barrett in Manchester last night:
Prediction: Rooney leaves to form a stable of wrestlers in WWE called Flat Back Four, with Wade Barrett, Phil Bardsley & Joey Barton.
Wayne Rooney has just hit WWE wrestler Wade Barrett
Kevin Owens advances!!! He'll take on the winner of Neville vs Wade Barrett in Round 2!!!
AMAZING: Wayne Rooney has took out Wade Barrett at WWE Manchester.
Wayne Rooney on why he slapped Wade Barrett...
Getting closer to that Wade Barrett and Kevin Davies tag team match against Rooney and Stone Cold at WrestleMania 😂
Meanwhile in Manchester, Wayne Rooney has just slapped WWE wrestler Wade Barrett 👊
Meanwhile in Manchester, WWE wrestler Wade Barrett has just been clocked by Wayne Rooney.
Wayne Rooney has just nailed WWE wrestler Wade Barrett! (Via
Not gonna happen but.KAMALA! I kid, I want to see Wade Barrett or Big E Langston.
Lastly,today in history,in 2011 teamed w/Ted DiBiase Jr to beat Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes in Vienna,Austria.
Also today in history,in 2010 lost by dq to John Cena on Raw & in dark match beat Wade Barrett in Green Bay,Wisconsin.
Shaquil Barrett with the strip-sack + fumble recovery. Completely unblocked. Beautiful.
Shaq Barrett mfrs, he has arrived, been making plays all gm and showed why Wade put so much trust in him!!!
Shaquille Barrett is playing his *** off. So dangerous with Miller/Ware. Can't say enough about LB and Wade Phillips
checks out a table match with a great finish! Orton v. Barrett!
I liked a video The Decline of Wade Barrett's WWE Career
Wade Barrett picked up a match without speaking to or touching each other.
The cars keys have officially been passed to Mr. Barrett
I wanna see Undertaker revenge Wade Barrett when he's buried alive at bragging right 2010
Wade davis you are one disgusting human being
Wade Barrett being the best example 👌
Also today in history history,in 2010 he beat Wade Barrett in Salt Lake City,Utah.
hey why to J did you beat Wade Barrett tonight my wife is a very big fan of yours
.closer Wade Davis is the only pitcher to post an ERA under 1.00 over a two-season span (h/t http…
3 icons take the crossbar challenge Wade Barrett
The joker in Batman Arkham Knight was so lucky that Wade Barrett didn't grab him & say I'm vengeance I'm the night & I'm King Barrett
I see in Smackdown from last night Cesaro and Neville lost again to Sheamus and Wade Barrett.Guess what they get for getting themselves over
If Barrett hits him in the ears with that Bull Hammer... Wade's elbow might get lost forever
Wed Oct 28 at Rev Room in Little Rock Barrett Baber & Luke Wade. Tickets on
Also today in history,in 2010 beat Wade Barrett in Denver,Colorado.
Edge on John Cena REFUSING to put over Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett gets RKO'd on top of a car by Randy Orton
the Viper returns and clashes with Wade Barrett for the third time - Friday Night Smackdown
My Talented friend Wade Barrett is in this INCREDIBLE play: BREATHE @ Greenway Court Theatre GO SEE IT!!!
Wade Barrett has explosions in his entrance now which instantly makes him neat right?
Neville, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Cesaro in a non-title tag match ... I do not agree with how uses it talent currently
For all you wrestling fans, your beard should be Wade Barrett, not Bray Wyatt.
Wade Barrett's 6 pack is uneven..and I care.
That is another cheap shot. And of course Wade Barrett and Sheamus picked up on the win.
Great match Sheamus and Wade Barrett def Neville and Cesaro . Wade Barrett and Sheamus work well as a team nice.
Monday Night RAW digitals are now up in the gallery! [- (
Wade Barrett: "I Would Really Like to Go Into the Tag Division." Who would you pick to be his partner?
My reaction on Wade Barrett dancing like a ballerina
Cesaro & Neville VS. Sheamus and Wade Barrett. match-up is next.
new poll at Will Wade Barrett ever capture the WWE title?
Where he will now spend 9 straight months losing matches to some version Wade Barrett and Stardust.
Wade Barrett wants to do tag team wrestling. Who would you tag him with? Sheamus
honorable mention to Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett and Seamus should start a tag team, like an evil, and slightly Irish, version of the British Bulldogs.
I wish Wade Barrett or Kevin Owens or literally anybody else was on this Intercontinental "Table for Three" instead of Dolph Ziggler.
I liked a video Wade Barrett gets into a backstage brawl with NXT competitor Bo Dallas: SmackDown,
examples this year Daniel Bryan, Hideo, Kevin O, Wade Barrett, rusev, lana, sami zayn, Tyson K, John Cena, are they all 56 Joe?
Never forget when Wayne Rooney thought he was Steve Austin wanted to fight Wade Barrett.
:) Wade Barrett is a champion in my eyes and he will become WWE World Heavy Weight Champion
:) I'm proud to be a fan of Wade Barrett and I have been a fan since NXT season 1. He will become WWE World Heavy Weight champion
I hate it when people say bad things about my hero and idol Wade Barrett it breaks my heart. I will always be a fan of Wade no matter what
Hey Aaron what did you think of the Randy Orton/Wade Barrett feud from 2011? PAIV
watching Capitol Punishment, Cole just called out the crowd on chanting USA during a Wade Barrett vs Ezequiel Jackson match
Wade Barrett. Had high hopes after KOTR win but just ended in almost endless jobbing & Cosmic King nadir
the only right answer here is Wade Barrett. He needs to bring back BNB. We all enjoyed that character. The King is played out.
Wade Barrett is the only British wrestler to win King of the Ring in the last 2 years.
If you ever can, please meet Wade Barrett. Such such such a gentleman.
Am apreciat un videoclip pe Wade Barrett - End of Days (1st Version) by Thunderwood of 9 Electric
bumped into WWE star Wade Barrett in London Leicester Square Sunday 6th!!
Wade Barrett will go down as one final push to get CIMA's number to counteract the ROH/NJPW alliance.
Ohio State's backup QB > your backup QB. Welcome back, J.T. Barrett:
Do y'all see how quickly we scored and how efficient the offense is with Barrett I rest my case
I think JT Barrett should start tho
"Fighting champions"...Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett just sneezed
MADA MODE!!! Facing off with the King of the Ring Wade Barrett on WWE Tough Enough! 😈…
I added a video to a playlist Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett - The War
We got a great picture from WWE wrestler Wade Barrett who loves Hairbond
RLT: Weirdest pick was...Wade Barrett, really?. ...Even better their pick was Ryback.
MORE Movies for Wade Barrett!! Love his acting he's great at acting!! he is a very successful wrestler
I liked a video from WWE King Wade Barrett Bull Hammer finisher (Souvenir)
The best Match that happened at Capital Punishment even though it sucked, was Ezekiel Jackson vs Wade Barrett!
Goldberg THEN saved Yokozuna from a post-match beatdown from Wade Barrett! The Universe mode is FUNSIES.
True or False: Wade Barrett is the Ike Davis of WWE
:) No matter if he has a championship belt around his waist or not Wade . Barrett will always be a champion in my eyes
Wade Barrett's real name is Stu Bennett? Not nearly as intimidating... Don't show him this
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you need to go back to the clean shaven face, flower in jacket, ruler of Wade Barrett that destroyed everyone in his way -
Barrett should lose the king part and go back to wade? or just be called Barrett?
One Gotta Go (The last four wrestlers to be Intercontinental Champion): Ryback, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett… — Ryback
We all know JT Barrett is starting tomorrow night
how did wade Barrett punch feel at summer slam
Wade Barrett in London? running in London the same day? Perhaps you should stick your head in...
I liked a video Randy Orton RKO on Wade Barrett - Survivor Series 2010
does Wade Barrett have a black friend? No
Wade Barrett doesn't have a towel with his name on it so it's impossible for him to be better than Chad Gable
Yeah, behind Wade Barrett. Glad we agree on that!
Sometimes when I burp, it sounds like the beginning of Wade Barrett's entrance music.
Alright we all know the PWI 500 is BS but come on...Okada ranked lower than Wade Barrett and Bray Wyatt?
Wade Barrett always good classy to make a comeback ..
:) if I'm about to give up I just think of wade barrett my hero
I AM AFRAID I GOT SOME BAD NEWS, The bad news is that CM Punk was interrupted by Wade Barrett and is issuing a match against him!
List of superstars needed in my company. . Dean Ambrose . Wade Barrett . Randy Orton. Bray Wyatt. Titus O'Neal. Darren Young. Neville. More to come.
over rated Id have to say John Cena and under rated Id say Wade Barrett
Also today in history,in 2010 teamd w/Evan Bourne & Mark Henry to beat Wade Barrett,Justin Gabriel/David Otunga in Areciba,P.R.
Crowd pops as Wade Barrett turns to Goodell "I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS"
Wade Barrett's WWE status, Emma - WWE takes credit, more on Jushin Thunder Liger and NXT.
Wade Barrett wants Kevin Davies as his tag team ...
Can we have R-Truth and Little Jimmy and Wade Barrett and his new imaginary friend included in this one now?
I like to see the "King" of "Bad News" in Wade Barrett. It is too bad WWE has not utilized him correctly!
Stephen Amell and Neville JOIN FORCES to take down Wade Barrett and Stardust - WWE Universe at WWE SummerSlam.
I'm expecting Wade Barrett "Alicia's Ex Boyfriend" to be his Raw name graphic at this rate.
Cena obviously burying both Kevin Owens AND Wade Barrett with that nose gimmick.
Wade Barrett and Kane vs Cena and Ziggler? was like, fuggid, it's American pro wrestling in Japan, they'll buy it.
Odd there's a line at the border for Skip Sheffield, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater & Darren Young
Wade Barrett second best wrestler behind William Regal from Great Britain
"Wade Barrett's going to put clay on his face and manage Bad News Bella."
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I liked a video Bull Hammer Compilation - Wade Barrett
The Bull Hammer on Wade Barrett's trunks just makes it look like that's the brand of underwear he's wearing.
Dolph Ziggler - WWE Universe was not celebrating his SmackDown victory over Wade Barrett - WWE Universet - WWE...
Bo Dallas only has one big fan and that is Bad News Barrett.. Sorry, I mean Wade Barrett or is it King Barrett.. The guy has too many names.
For the amount of bad news that my family gets im just going to start announcing it like Wade Barrett to make it seem entertaining
As the Leader of the Nexus, Bad News Barrett, and now as King Barrett shoutout to Wade Barrett for always being so awesome.
Wade Barrett has been promoted from Bruce the Shark to Cruella deVille. How many dalmations did you kill for the cape? 101???
In the world today, Jeff Hardy suffers a broken leg in an accident and Wade Barrett becomes King Of The Ring
“I hope Wade Barrett really is retiring”. Bad News Barrett*
*** man your name is Wade Barrett why would you change it to Bad News Barrett
Cole needs to shut up. Wade Barrett is speaking.
Pretty Wade Barrett is like the 3rd most beautiful man wrestling
I love that nobody hates the Corre more than Wade Barrett
I can't wait for Daniel Bryan to beat Wade Barrett's *** at Extreme Rules :)
Why does Wade Barrett have 0 world title reigns
I really wish Ian Brown would get Wade Barrett to announce his next solo album so he could shout I'M AFRAID I'VE GOT SOME TRAD NEWS
Wade Barrett typical English RUDE no wonder us Irish are better right 🍀
Hey You might want to take care of Wade Barrett and his blocking people for no reason. Maybe he doesn't want fans.
You might want to do something about Wade Barrett he blocked me for pointing out Daniel Bryan has beaten him on RAW
I took a shower with wade Barrett. What did ya get?
On this day in WWE History - April 8, 2013 (Raw). Wade Barrett defeated The Miz to become the New...
Wade Barrett's gf instagrams like a ringrat.
I liked a video from Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett -- WWE EXTREME RULES 2015
Spoiler: Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler is expected for
My youngest sister just called me up to say hi and let me hear her Wade Barrett impersonation! Funniest thing I've heard in ages 😂
hey your two superstars going to have a great match at Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett at
my guy did too, Wade Barrett nigguh
I feel that Wade Barrett is the new Razor Ramon and Jericho as per face of the IC division
Wade barrett vs Daniel Bryan for the IC title at extreme rules
Smashed a blueberry pie in the face of Wade Barrett! Now that's some Bad News for him!
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hope Daniel Bryan beats Wade Barrett for the title!!
Accidentally Walked in on Wade Barrett Singing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce in the Mirror.
Wade Barrett is in the top 10 longest combined reigned IC champion, holding it for a total of 356 days. ht…
Wade Barrett's 5 reigns as IC champion is only 11 days longer than Dean Ambrose's 1 reign as US champion.
28th amendment, "thou shall not watch Miz vs Wade Barrett"
Remember when Wade Barrett called his finisher the Souvenir?
The Last time Wade Barrett won a Match on TV was January 15th SmackDown vs. Sin Cara for IC Title.
Wade Barrett and Kevin Davis vs Wayne Rooney and Stone Cold😂 WWE's in Manchester in April get in done!😂
TheDeanAmbrose. On RAW bit Luke Harper. Will u do it 2 Wade Barrett at Fastlane & then at every opponent u face afterwards as well?
True story: Wade Barrett just said to Seth Rollins "I'm afraid I've got some BAD NUDES"
I'm waiting on Wade Barrett to come to the ring next week "Seth Rollins, I'm afraid I've got some bad nudes"
That show yesterday! Wade Barrett don't mess with my Lunatic Fringe...Dean has a plan and he will complete it!
I missed it, but, something with a picture wade barrett showed
BNZ is a stupid addition to Wade Barrett's character.
Barrett says Deans too unstable to be a Champion... but Dean never needed a 10ft podium to be heard, Wade ht…
I wonder if Wade Barrett went up to Seth Rollins right after the first segment ended and went "I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS!"
means business look out Wade Barrett Deans coming after that title!! 💪❤
Oh, and before you say anything about Kanye. Wade Barrett is a former bare-knuckle boxing champion. Way to ask for a few missing teeth.
Dean Ambrose's win over Curtis Axel: mere exercise. After that Wade Barrett had some "bad news" for Mr. Unhinged via Titan-Tron.
BNZ? That was freakin' brilliant! Wade Barrett should do this on the WWE Network, or on RAW every week.
If there's WWE Superstar that gets it, it's friend of show Wade Bad News Barrett
This Dean Ambrose/Wade Barrett stuff is my favorite thing leading into Fastlane
Wade Barrett peaked in NXT, before peaking in NXT was cool.
So Sin Cara has beaten Miz, Mizdow & the IC Champ Wade Barrett. Um, why? What long term plans does the have for Sin Cara?
Once again Wade Barrett decides not to give Dean Ambrose an Intercontinental Championship title shot. Not surprised.
The headlines on the BNZ scroll will cause me to never pay attention to a Wade Barrett promo.
Wade Barrett is so *** good. Him and Ambrose is a good feud.
I've got some bad news guys. Wade Barrett is overrated.
Speaking of pushed hard and still super under.. Welcome to my tv screen Wade Barrett..
As a Heat fan I'm used to guys named Wade being put on a maintenance plan to keep them healthy so I get what WWE is doing with Barrett.   10% Off
This Wade Barrett gimmick just keeps getting better.
Wade Barrett vs Dean Ambrose would be a great match for .. If has any sence they will let it play out.
Oh my God BNZ with Wade Barrett needs to just stay a thing FOR EVER
Does wade barrett have jaundice or is it just my tv?
Wade Barrett new Gimmick of BNZ is stupid
Dean Ambrose letting Wade Barrett know that he wants a shot at the Intercontinental Championship.
Barrett sold out. Zee? You're supposed to be one of us, Wade! It's zed!
I can't be the only one tired of all these name changes, Cody Rhodes - stardust Wade Barrett-Bad News Barrett, Damien mizdow - Damien Sandow
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