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Vote Trump

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Another hate crime false flag by a black man trying to frame whitey. Arrest made in black church 'Vote Trump' arson.
Support Donald J. Trump President by adding the small 'Vote Trump' badge to you profile photo.
Senora Debbie was our returning officer. Yes Mexican descent ;-) Vote Trump ;-). A Huge turnout. Not sure if...
Like The Man on United Airlines Flight 93 said , "LET'S ROLL". It's time to Vote Trump .
Hey. When you sign up for NR or Weekly Standard do u get an "I'm with Her" bumper sticker or a "Stronger Together" one? Vote Trump
America treated it's vet's badly coming hone from Viet Nam on mostly DEM propaganda. Don't do it again. DO NOT elect HRC. Vote Trump!
Vote Trump, it's time for a REAL CHANGE! Let's MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! .
WOW!! Is Erick Erickson voting for Trump. God Country Family Self is the mission & it will be fulfilled on Nov 8 - Vote Trump
Then that will make clown Tim Kain in charge. Vote Trump!
New post: "Historically black Mississippi church burned, spray-painted with 'Vote Trump' may be deemed a hate crim…
Chilling video from suspect Scott Michael Greene in Des Moines Iowa police ambush. He Said " Vote Trump "
"Do I have to say David Duke? Can't I just pretend he doesn't exist. Vote Trump." Chris Matthews just now.
Over $170,000 raised to help repair the Mississippi church that was set on fire, vandalized with words "Vote Trump".
FBI opens civil rights investigation after black church painted with "Vote Trump" burned & vandalized:
When a historically black church is set on fire and spray painted with Vote Trump...I dare you to say we are a post-racia…
Southern black church burns, sprayed with "Vote Trump." History reminds us: We've had a "Trump" before
Are we going to discuss how the Hopewell Baptist Church in Mississippi was set on fire and with 'Vote Trump' on the side t…
In case you missed it, started receiving death threats from Trump supporters. . for doing her job. . NE…
If you didn't believe a Trump presidency was possible, the Cubs just won the World Series. Think about that for a second...and then vote.
The Tribe has nothing to be ashamed of. I hope n pray that AMERICA will have nothing to be ashamed of come Election Day. VOT…
Clinton paints grim picture of a Trump administration in appeal to undecided voters - Washington Post
Trump side of universe wants to normalize hate, inequality, racial divide. But we do not surrender to hate. We will VOTE.
gosh, even with this newly leaked trump footage, people are STILL probably gonna vote for him 🙄🙄🙄
A black church in Mississippi was burned and vandalized with "Vote Trump.". Police are investigating the incident as a hate cri…
Trump's treatment of is symbolic of his misogyny, bullying, shallowness, ego, narcissism, fascistic tactics. WOMEN,…
A reminder to all Trump voters to get out there and vote on Nov. 28th.
Trump supporters raise $62,000 for Hopewell Baptist Church in 7 hrs - Vote Trump.
Thousands are now switching to Trump and throwing away dirtbag snif snot I did it. You can…
Here come the Clinton hoaxes!. Nobody supporting Trump is writing "Vote Trump" on the side of Black church after burning it…
Loretta Lynch should resign OBAMA should be Impeached & the Clintons Indicted then TRUMP WINS & USA WINS VOTE
Great Cubbies win means Ohioans will vote for Donald Trump.
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friends don't let friends vote Trump.Friends do let Friends vote …
Clinton could eat a baby on live TV and win if we dont vote, so VOTE, and get others to vote too. Heres how:.
If I vote and trump still win I don't ever want to hear anybody say "vote your vote matters" for the rest of my life
MAKE IT GO VIRAL!. It's time to once again put America first & embrace American excellence rejecting the false song of glob…
A Mississippi black church was burned and spray-painted with the words “Vote Trump.” Domestic terrorism, yes?.
Why vote Clinton if you oppose her policies? Do it for the republic, argues David Frum, and the Constitution:
It's time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia. We can stop this trader! Every vote c…
Don't stop supporting Trump!. Talk to your friends and family to vote early for President Trump!. Make this landslide happe…
Rep McCaul (TX): FBI Indictment of Clinton is likely & would result in immediate impeachment if she won. Vote Trump!.
YES.WELL.QUITE: 'I don't vote with my *** Leftie Susan Sarandon pledges NOT vote for Hillary Clinton
volunteers for Trump needed to watch fraud machines never vote
Trump supporters are trying to trick people into voting by text. (You can’t vote by text.)
As Americans we want to protect our constitution and uphold the law, if you do too then "Vote Trump" and send Hillary to J…
BREAKING: Trump takes 6-point lead in NV. If we don't VOTE TRUMP & bring ppl w/us to the polls it's all for NOTHING!. https:…
A black church was badly burned in Mississippi, with the words "Vote Trump" spray-painted on the side
All purpose parts banner
You can donate to the black church in Mississippi that was set on fire and tagged "Vote Trump"
Guys,. As we get the news about Hillary's likely indictment let's be happy, but let's VOTE like Trump is 50 points down. . NO…
Voting isnt the vote of a progressive, it's a self indulgent gift to https…
Was trying to do a Trump comic, but I keep throwing up on it every time I'm finished drawing it.
Vote. Recruit others to vote. And leave everything you've got on the battlefield!
Chris Matthews gave his viewers a great list of reasons to vote Trump [VIDEO].
Authorities launch hate crime probe after Mississippi church set on fire and vandalized with "Vote Trump" graffiti.
Hillary Clinton, who is open to starting new wars, isn't convincing citizens with war experience to vote for her.
VOTE! Let garden be the symbol of sovereignty and safety! trump will destroy us all!
'Vote Trump' painted on black church set ablaze in Mississippi
Hope Well Baptist Church a black church n Greenville Mississippi was torched & vandalized with the words Vote Trump on wall
ATTACK BY who pay for violence. Rules for Radicals. MS Church Burned, writing 'Vote Trump'
Hillary has James Taylor dust off his rusty strings,to be the Alan Alda of easy listening, that he is. I'd rather see Huma. Vote Trump
Black church in Mississippi was set on fire, tagged with 'Vote Trump.'
Vote not let this witch anywhere near the White House. . .
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Donald, Gov. Bill Richardson of NM needs a little encouraging to say the least. Perhaps you could convince him Vote Trump!
Vote Trump is a vote to Drain the Swamp. To get rid of widespread USA corruption which will lead to prosperity for all Americans. Vote Trump
HRC Campaign thinks they can change Catholic Church doctrine- to *** w them. Better yet, no votes! Vote Trump! https:/…
Vote Trump! He is loved south of the border through to the south pole, and unites a…
Republicans - This election will be decided by the closet voters and the ones who don't vote. Vote Trump or we lose.
The left really hate American women and our life style. Let's show them how much we love American life style Vote Trump
Trumpsters we have to boycott hillary suporters and msm. It is like the boston tea party. No clintons. Vote Trump maga ma…
Vote Trump. 🇺🇸💥The Clintons belong in jail, not the White House.
Hillary defends child molesters her slick Willie rapes and you want them Vote Trump
Time to get out of office,! Vote Trump to get term limits, safe law and order..
Paul Ryan is a hypocrite, a corrupt one himself. His nomination to speaker of the house was rigged. Vote Trump
Reverend organizes sit-out of schools to protest "Vote Trump" shirt controversy in Vidalia: Bishop Vincent Dr...
6 Reasons to Vote Trump. Justice Scalia's seat is vacant. Ginsberg is 82 years old. Kennedy is 79. Breyer is 77. Thomas is 67. MAGA. SCOTUS
True?,probably. Vote Trump.,,or,,write in Fred Flintstone.
They have opened their eyes to finally see & have been using them all along!. Vote Trump. ht…
Donald Trump has the will and the attitude to bring down that political wall!. Vote Trump!. . h…
It's starting to look like the higher ones education the less common sense and love of country they have. Vote Trump
Vote Trump and these people leave the country bet Trump gets 5 points from this ...
David Duke endorsed me... . My sheets in the cleaners. Vote Trump, or Duke will bring the cross.
The Democratic party have Failed the African American Community...We need something new & We need it now! Vote Trump ht…
This is crazy map. Make it so. Vote everyone. Humiliate that loser lying Trump. Register and
Ohio Republican in GOP White House for 40 years will Vote for Hillary https:…
Not voting 4 Trump is an empty gesture until YOU & demand hold hrng…
Nothing would ever get me to vote for Trump. Can you see yourself doing that?
Female Black GOPier says "I'll vote 4 Trump" Women this is ur chance. Miss this time, no man would like to hear u say a word about equality
Hey guys! There are people who are actually going to vote for Trump!
With in the race, a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Or something like that.
Hispanics love trump and will vote him into the White House!
other options besides Clinton or Trump. The fact that you'd vote for another man accused of rape says a lot
Susan Collins said she wouldn't vote for Donald Trump, faulting him for a “constant stream of cruel comments"
Sen. Susan Collins says she will not vote for Trump, joining growing list of Republicans
Pretty sure Trump already had Bill Clinton's vote. Why is he working the "titties" angle? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Don't complicate it. . If u want to keep more of the $ you earn, vote Trump. If u want to give more of your $ to governm…
Jerry Brown Signs Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Vote ramp it up trump pence
Crooked Hillary will be a third term Obama don't make another mistake put America first stop Hillary vote Trump
50 US Republican national security experts not to vote for say he's dangerous.
Just imagine what it would take to get you to vote for Trump. Now ask "Why would they?"
This is reason enough to vote for Trump, Johnson or Stein for POTUS... First Lady Bill Clinton
never watch CNN. They are in Hillary's pocket. VOTE TRUMP
If the presidential election were held today, for whom would you vote? Take our poll @
Yes but that is over his fans are his. Lots are in a quandary they do not want to vote Trump
I can see it now, illegally poached animal heads on the walls, the Trump Whitehouse-Casino files for bankruptcy VOTE https:…
Do your country proud America. Vote Trump. You need to be safe from all the dangers we face here in Europe.
"I'm undecided" . - bigot polled that is embarrassed to admit they are Trump voter. Stay vigilant. GET OUT THE VOTE
BREAKING: Republican Senator Susan Collins (ME): I cannot support Trump . I will not vote for him.
politico: Another prominent Republican says they will not vote for Trump via ZachMontella…
Let me make this as simple as I can. If U don't vote 4 Trump, you put HRC in the White House. htt…
Trump is the national disaster that resulted from the racist Tea Party wave. Proof we must vote in EVERY election.
Republican Senators now saying they will NOT vote Trump. . Collins. Sasse. Kirk. Graham. Heller. https:…
50 GOP national security officials: "None of us will vote for Donald Trump." by https:/…
BIG: Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) will NOT vote for Trump. Explains why in op-ed for Post:
Seriously I don't understand the big deal about Trump's tax returns...I don't care if he is worth $10 or $10,000,000,0…
Not sure what is happening there, but I'll support Trump, NOT Ryan. VOTE FOR Nehlen Wisconsin
50 G.O.P. officials warn Trump would put the nation’s security “at risk”: “None of us will vote for Donald Trump
All 50 of the Top Conservative National Security experts say they will not vote for Trump. Call him dangerous, etc. https:/…
have a nice day yes we can vote Donald Trump god bless you like you from Israel
A ban will never happen with Clinton or Trump. Vote 3rd Party...
Some people are still too stupid & brainless to get it. . If you don't vote Trump, you are supporting Hillary. Simple concept,…
You call yourself "Christian" and you vote for Trump. Christ Weeps!
If my gramps was alive he would vote for Trump, he has passed so Hillary will get his vote now
In scathing column, Sen. Collins of Maine, a Republican, says she will not vote for Trump
By my count: 5 GOP Senators have stated they won't vote Trump; 6 others don't support him (without going that far). That's 20%…
"I'd vote for Prince over Donald Trump in a heartbeat.". "But, Prince is dead.". "I stand by my statement.".
Eric Bolling says if you want a liberal supreme court don't vote Trump if not stop the cry baby bs and vote Trump
that blacks should only vote for democrats. . Me & the other 26% blacks are with Trump 100%! https:…
If Harambe could vote, he would vote Trump.
When someone tells me that not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary
Collins won't vote for Trump: 'Not a decision I make lightly for I am a lifelong Republican'
Pops says, "Vote Trump for the perseverance of everything I, & millions of other Veterans fought for!" http…
Vote Trump. She did, after all, have the great judgment to marry Russel Brand.
I love Melania, America needs her, too. Vote Trump put Melania in the White House.
Vote Trump or get the Mark of the Beast wit Billary, or Die!
Hitlary is a joke! She has no integrity and is absolutely the worst person for President. Vote Trump!
Sounds like Psyop to me. Vote Trump to save America. Anyone else, and you are no better than the terrorists!
This is so true! Get smart America & vote for change. Time to put America First & help our country. Vote Trump!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Let's kick the multi-national Establishment out of office. Vote American in 2016. . Vote Tea Party Republican in 2016. Vote Trump in 2016.
Julie can you say Hillary is a compulsive liar ? Vote Trump !
The next president will get to appoint enough Scotus judges to either affirm Heller or overturn it. Vote Trump! https:…
There is one thing that the American people CAN do. Vote Trump, build the wall, and prevent this sort of tragedy in the future.
If you thinks the judge is not partial your nuts. Stand with Trump. Vote Trump
Good morning Mike! I think its fabulous Mr Donald Trump and u are friends! I voted for him to be my President. Vote Trump!!!
Reasons to Vote Trump. He is against Common Core against Fed Government controlling education.
Vote Trump and let Americans be Citizen Soldiers/Armed Forces of their own!
Vote Trump to save us and say no to them!!!
$150 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund, Vote Trump or its the end of Social Security
If you support Trump you are a real America and a freedom fighter Vote Trump the last savior of the western culture Stop Islam
Ryan you are a pain in the American *** step down. We want unity, not you-i-see! Vote Trump. Kick out the est rich.
Secretary Clinton is not going to stop DOPE coming in from Mexico. Only Trump will stop it. Vote Trump.
Ok Nebraska and West Virginia, tomorrow is your day, Vote Trump, the only way for our great Country. Go Trump
This is what the Bible warns us about! HIPROCRIT Pastors! Vote Trump
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Whoever is doing these graphics is great.Straw poll today says Trump has HUGE lead ahead of Cruzy/Carly., Vote Trump
Don't take poll for granted. Get out & Vote Trump & for Trump Delegates ONLY in your congressional district!
obama is the worst president we have ever had, now we need a strong one. Vote Trump
Cruz is out of the race! He was caught trying to steal John Sutter's gold, and Sutter blew his head off ! Vote Trump !
Shout big thanks to Watertown and the soldiers of 10th Mountain Division. Go 10th mountain and Vote Trump
Bill picked Breyer+Ginsburg SCOTUS. Her progressive SCOTUS picks will be same. Vote Trump if you want to tho.
🚨 U.S Muslims to overtake Jews by 2026. This is only happening because D.C. is forcing it to happen!. Vote Trump!
son's of liberty rising up against arrogant tax collectors and corrupt politicians! End the tyranny! Vote Trump!
Vote Trump. Don't vote Cruz,because in TedHeidi you'll get Bill&Hill fr 90s again, young upsta…
My view is that Dem and Rep are merging against the people. We can stop it. Vote Trump in. His second term he could run without either party
- can't forget Ashland, WI too. Love their city! Get out and Vote Trump tomorrow.
. We love Rev. Franklin Graham. Yes, we the people have had enough! Vote Trump.
the latest sacrificial GOP lamb. Vote Trump.
Paul Ryan the new sacrificial lamb of the corrupt GOP. Vote Trump. Boycott the MSM.
Hillary belongs in federal prison~She is not fit for any office especially our President~Vote Trump for Ame…
Hillary belongs in federal prison not our WH ~ Indict her now ~ Save America from her evil ~ Vote Trump for America's future ~♡~
Wisconsin, Ted is a Carnival con man. Save your state. Vote Trump your state will flourish with pride.
Vote Trump and say "NO" Cruz, the adulterer, Bible-waving and preaching hypocrite and snake oil salesmen.
Trump is the only hope our children and grand children have to restore the freedom desicimated by Obama! Vote Trump. Their future needs you!
A jersey girl had a place in Ortley beach growing up! Vote Trump
Funny how reporters don't like being asked questions 😎. Corey Lewandowski did his job. Vote Trump
Obama should be ashamed! Vote Trump to rebuild our military using Middle East oil money! Trump negotiates!
So college students need a "safe space" and counseling because they see a Confederate flag or a "Vote Trump"...
Jeb Bush & MIT Romney both have endorsed Ted Cruz, they know will stop the nonsense being played in Washington!! Vote Trump
Vote Trump to put Americans first, any other candidate will further the globalist agenda. The people want Trump!
It's time to get on the Trump Train!!. Vote Trump!
Dear Republicans, if you want Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House in 8 months- Vote Trump.
That's where your wrong Mrs. Kelly ! We don't like the Establishment interfering. Vote Trump !
Just cause he's a loser dont mean you hafta be, Vote Trump and start a winning streak, no doubt a good man will find YOU
Broward County Florida loves Donald Trump so does the rest of Florida except MiamiDade county were all the illegal immigrants are Vote Trump
Remember- establishment Rep. have let America down, no different from Dems- Our last chance Vote Trump
it is a sure bet none are leaving The Trump Train. Our freedom is at stake here... we Vote Trump if we have to crawl
Just order 2 signs for our ranch located on a very busy road. Vote Trump.
NO ESTABLISHMENT! Vote Trump, we all see how the media is spinning Trump in the worst way. Americans have common sense. GO TRUMP!
WE THE PEOPLE can End Ted Cruz Campaign at the POLLS. Come on Give Ted the boot! Vote Trump
A visual history of the short-lived Vote Trump billboard in Chicago.
Senator Portman never met a heroin addict in his life yet he suggest, treatment.It doesn't work build the wall STOP THE SUPPLY Vote Trump
Tavis Smiley: Black America could get on Trump train via GTFOH
Why a vote for Donald Trump is a statement of the absolute laziest thinking by
Straight up, if Trump offered me 20 Posie Lip Kits he can have my vote
Pledge now that you will NEVER vote for Trump. Do it, it's the right thing to do if you love America and conservatism.
I really want our youth to go out and vote and to prove our older generation wrong. None of us want trump but none of us want …
"We were going to vote for Trump, but then our failed candidate from 2012 told us not to so we changed our mind." -no on…
Should conservatives vote 4 Bloomberg or Soros if they took positions? NO. is NOT a conservative. Choose
. Always Trump. HOWEVER.if nomination is stolen, then I vote Dem to remove the from their power.
Update your maps at Navteq
No we would not vote for trump he is a joke - Kishari & Aj
we have joined the trump movement. We, the people have risen. Boycott biased nytimes. Vote for trump.
Learn from Donald Trump. Open your eyes. We want Trump. We will vote you out of office for opposing what we want. You can't fool us anymore
Donald Trump: Vote Trump to make America great again. Me:
Vote for trump= end of the Republic Vote for Rubio= same-o-same-o Republic. A vote for Cruz saves the Republic
I won't vote for Trump or Hillary. And she's more beholding to big money like Monsanto and Goldman than he is.
Do everyone a solid and don't be a hick and vote for trump
Agree 100%. As a Christian, I cannot cast a vote without a clear conscience. I will not be a party to tyranny.
It's the equivalent of saying Donald Trump won Beacon Street by one vote!
"And by God I won’t vote for a man who takes a wrecking ball to the core values I hold dear"
If you're Hispanic, black, or a woman and vote for Trump, you're basically voting against yourself.
I am ashamed to be a Repub. Openly scheming to push Trump out. Sad day for the GOP. I'd vote for HRC before voting Cruz or Rubio
Lets face it, Rube needs any state he can get his hands on he's like 14 & 1 vegas odds not good, Vote TRUMP MAGA
The only political views I need to know about Trump to vote against him are: 1 He is for an unconstitutional executive order banning Muslims
Texan mom voted for Trump...Tells why her family Didn't vote for Cruz or Rubio. Full Video👉 https:/…
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MELANIA TRUMP will be graciously interviewed. Mr. Trump she is a class act. TRUMP
I'm not arrogant or elite. I am a Christian conservative & I will never vote for Trump!
Yall might as well vote for Hillary cuz Bernie not gone make it over trump
Honestly, those who don't vote are just as bad as supporters, in my opinion. If he becomes president, you too are to blame.
The media, establishment, gop & elite all want us to sit down & be quiet. That's why We the people VOTE TRUMP.
The same ppl that claim we play the "race card" are the same ppl that will vote from Trump who is making his whole campaign …
says if Trump wins he will vote for Hillary. That's the Republican establishment talking. We know you&we don…
Let me make this perfectly clear: I will never vote for Donald Trump:
you convinced to vote for Trump yet?
Trump has won 1 out of 4 contests in which only Republicans can vote
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says he would not vote for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump
Considering Texas was Open Primary with potential for big Crossover and Independent vote to Trump, I find Cruz margin-of-v…
people keep complaining Donald Trump becoming president but yet aren't gonna vote. shut up & do something about it! EVERY vote counts 👍🏾
Why I Changed My Mind and Joined the Movement via why I'll fight to the conventi…
Imagine if Hillary wins the election but Trump wins the popular vote. R.I.P. America.
I need to hear people's reasoning why they would vote for Donald Trump.. Cause I have no idea what would make u want him running this nation
Looks like you're reading Trump's vote total in Hurt (No. 501) (or (v. likely) it was keyed in wrong and has been corrected)
Y'all 18 and up crying over how you don't want Trump to win the election yet you haven't voted or made any effort to r…
I held my nose to vote for McCain & Romney, let the GOPE hold their noses, for a change, & vote for the obvious candidate, Tru…
Good, good, I feel your anger. Take your ballot and vote me in with all of your hatred and your journey to the Trump side…
but Bernie Sanders DOES have a chance, a great chance at defeating Trump. Please vote!
I wanna know how many of y'all complaining about Trump running for Pres. but aren't registered to vote.
Vote for Bernie he loves all animals (except trump, he doesn't love trump)
New audio: David Duke and other anti-Semites told followers to "get out and vote" for Trump
first time i get to vote and it's really gonna be hillary clinton vs Donald Trump smh Obama gotta run again with an alias li…
If he won't honor his agreement to support OUR candidate VOTE HIM OUT when the time comes
That'll definitely help consolidate the anti-Trump vote.
When you realize you might have to vote for Hillary to keep Trump from winning.
While Marco wastes 2 weeks of primaries splitting the vote in order to lose in Florida, Trump will win
Do not be fooled by the silver tongue career politicians! They will say anything to get elected. Vote Trump let's take our country back!
The Tammy Faye Bakker of politics. Cheater,liar and crook. Vote Trump!
We are the Voice of America so get out of our way --Vote Trump to take back our nation from fools!
Vote Trump- Build the wall, patrol with Border patrol & Drones- Mexico to Pay - use NAFTA as bargaining chip- Take Back America
If you like the Obama mandate, a guy who belittles women and wanted Pelosi to impeach Bush, Vote Trump
LIVE on Vote Trump don't let Imam Obama appoint a judge to the Supreme Court. Bernie Sanders is a Commu…
Pay attention to Oregon standoff because Hillary is giving mining rights for uranium to Russia. Why are we arming the enemy. Vote Trump
Vote Trump for the people ,Truth & the American way. VOTE Trump for veterans & make America safe. VOTE Trump for President USA
No we already had George Soros & Valarie Jarrett pulling Obama's string for 7 yrs. Vote Trump!
Radical Islamic Terrorist that is the proper term. Vote Trump and keep the Muslims out!
Super Pac. “We need..white people. who will assimilate to our culture," he said. "Vote Trump.”.
have a happy new year. Vote Trump because white and black will be under attack from radical muslims if we dont.
WE will ALL Vote! We will ALL Vote Trump! Wind, rain, sleet or snow will keep us from our appointed polling place!
Vote Trump, Vote harder and all the World will be fixed. Ron Paul pulled this crap before. All Politics is a con.
Fed Gov was set up to protect us from foreign invasion, not to promote foreign invasion. Vote Trump, a Real Leader!
Pittsburgh Vote Trump and bring back our steel mills to America. Move them out of china. Vote Trump
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Seventh day Adventist supporting Carson. Only ones going to heaven. American needs leadership over superior religions. Vote Trump
Washington fears our 2016 President Trump - Register and Vote Trump
Daily Kos Donald Trump on today's market turmoil: 'This could get very messy! Vote Trump.'
More good news for the Trumpster...Vote Trump!
Vote Trump to Bring America Back to the Bronze, Glass, and Gilded Age
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