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Vote Leave

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It was Bernard Jenkins MP from Vote Leave who claimed it - but hey "absolute nonsense" i…
laundering of Vote Leave money is only explanation for their expensive ads in England but not N Ireland. Keep dig…
Jeremy Hunt has admitted it - Vote Leave were wrong, and hard is a threat to our NHS
Jeremy Hunt warns that a bad Brexit deal will damage the NHS - where was that on the Vote Leave bus? Please RT:
With former Brexit "Vote Leave" CEO at Fascinating discussions on self-determination, t…
Matthew "better without ukip" Elliott, says "Vote Leave emphasised that it was not about stopping migration, but co…
East of England Members of Parliament who fully supported the Vote Leave campaign. 3) Bernard Jenkin M.P. Harwich & N Essex
Founding member of Vote Leave, will be speaking at this year's anniversary event. Register here:…
Grace Duncan reports on the news that Gisela Stuart, Edgbaston MP & co-chair of Vote Leave, will stand down as an M…
Dominic Cummings, head of Vote Leave. On his personal web site.
Excerpt from Dominic Cummings' blog (Vote Leave's Campaign Director) on MPs during the Campaign
Well unfortunately for you Dominic Cummings has said otherwise. He ran the Vote Leave c…
From the website of Vote Leave boss, Dominic Cummings. We doubt he's a 'lefty'.
Source is blog by Vote Leave head, Dominic Cummings.
"People Who Work in & Depend Upon Our NHS will rightly expect this Vote Leave promise to be kept" says
Lord Lawson was Vote Leave chair at the time he said an EU-UK free trade area was "almost certain", now a bad agreement li…
Hamilton Collection
Vote Leave director admits they won because they lied to the public
really, great. Send me Vote Leave's manifesto and I'll read it and get with the program 😃
somewhat weirdly, the RMT gave fifty grand to (Arron Banks's "even more racist than Vote Leave" group)
Congratulations to my Scottish Vote Leave colleague who has been selected for the Glasgow council ward of Lin…
An American state could never leave the union by popular vote. The EU shouldn't allow it either.
So Long to the Nuts? California Files Paperwork to Vote on Secession! Get more satisfaction leave America. Please!
new congress 2018. We seniors biggest part of population! We vote again in 2018 LEAVE OUR SS AND MEDICARE ALONE
I hope this passes and inspires other states.
Major banks with headquarters planning cut jobs leave over uncertainty surrounding Brexit.
DC to vote on nation's most generous family leave benefits
Either that. Or maybe just maybe white people in more Latino counties actually vote GOP in higher percentages. I'll…
Italy 6-12% ahead in vote to leave EU...Germany is next.
The council estates cleared out to vote for leave because of Boris and Gove ( eyes to the Sky !)
I guess you haven't noticed that now looks like the party
SHOCKING VIDEO: An insight into the intellectual Leave vote
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Early results aren't particularly indicative of the DUP is the only UK political party where the majority of MPs intend to vote Leave.
Mate, if the vote was by constituencies - Leave would have a majority of 166 seats! 😎😎
He's a philandering panderer. He's also a con man. And he lost the popular vote...bigly.
There's a name for people who don't vote. BUMS. They are worthless bums who need to pack their bags and leave. They are just bums.
If you voted Yes in 14, AND also voted leave in the EU ref, how would you vote in a pre-brexit - Please R/T
how is it a blindside when you vote to leave it to chance by drawing stones instead of the certainty of sending Hannah home? 😂
Britons sent shockwaves across Europe + beyond their vote to leave the EU. PeterFlint to discuss what's next for London at
When I reveal the vote, the evicted houseguest will have only a few minutes to say goodbye and leave the house chat...
Well, the vote was to Leave, and they already did. Logical conclusion.
I'd vote for you and I am a lifelong progressive. Leave settled social issues alone.
about Single Market. Leavers did not all understand that a vote Leave meant a vote to Leave Single Market & a…
So let me get this straight. He joined and then led Vote Leave, apparently after making a list of "Brexit" Yes or...
Keeping Ukip out of official campaign was 'key factor' in Brexit victory: Vote Leave Suzanne Evans sat on board
I could not vote no in indy2 but I I might vote to leave eu after a successful Indy2.
Why is there no leadership in the UK ALL EXCUSES the vote was back in June the manifesto was for an in out vote at t…
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D.C. Council to vote on nation’s most generous family leave law: 11 weeks off, up to 90 percent pay
I'll give you as many fivers as you want to leave Leave
This is my friend. Take it or leave it. My vote goes to him! I just love this little goblin trash bag! 😂 ht…
Funny how every celebrity Obama gave a Medal of Freedom to also threatened to leave the US bc they didn't approve of our…
Love it! We challenge you to vote YES on the Universal Paid Leave Act - you in?
Brexit vote was to Leave the EU. Single market is the guts of the EU .
DC lawmakers to vote on generous paid family leave benefits
V int'd in way lobbying works now, given: So this piece compulsory reading: htt…
"Vote Leave, and give away control ... to fraudulent UK politicians, and the world."
We mustn't let Vote Leave leaders like Boris off the hook for their promises. Watch my debate on this from 7pm tmr https:…
41 MPs are backing our campaign, calling on the government to honour Vote Leave's NHS funding pledge ht…
Nigel was the man behind Brexit. He alone appealed to more people than entire Vote Leave campaign.
Amber Rudd rules out post Brexit increased migration from Commonwealth despite Vote Leave promises - "Was that Mr Johnson…
One man's mission to prosecute Vote Leave leaders for fraud & misconduct in public office.
Boris stands by Vote Leave promise of extra cash for NHS post-Brexit. I will be there to hold you to that pledge..
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Words written by Boris Johnson last year prior to his Vote Leave incarnation - hat tip Gary Gibbon Brexit book
EXCLUSIVE: Wayne Rooney's place in the team to be decided by a referendum. Vote Remain to keep him in, Vote Leave to take him…
Vote Leave is BACK: Leading Brexiteers club together to stop May from backsliding on EU
IDS backs WTO option. Contrary to what Vote Leave said during & would involve massive tariffs https…
Gisela Stuart and Graham Stringer were heroes of Vote Leave - willing to be isolated within the PLP for what's right
Janet Daley swallowed the ridiculous crap peddled by Vote Leave, and now she writes this:
Vote Leave made lots of promises during the campaign. Follow us to hold them to account
I'm usually quite happy to argue that Vote Leave was both evil & stupid, & will never come to good. Just not with *you*.
Theresa May's government is dominated by Vote Leave campaigners. Join us to hold them to account
Remember those programs that Vote Leave said we'd still be on and to suggest otherwise was project fear? .
I'd be astonished if we got a tenth of what Vote Leave promised - Patrick Wintour explains why .
George Askew, 32, a rising Tory star and regional director for the Vote Leave campaign was discovered by his bride-to-be Laura Makinson,
Nice to see another member of Vote Leave do the honourable thing now they've gotten what they wanted...
Vote Leave's campaign website is rebuilt for posterity
MP tells why she thinks Boris Johnson really wanted to lead Vote Leave.
Vote Leave leaders have backed charging for and cutting NHS
THIS was the promise from the Vote Leave campaign on 14th June 2016, from their website. RT, so they don’t forget.
Of course, an informed voter would realise that Vote Leave are not a party, and in no position to make promises.
If Susanna Reid wasn't such an unprofessional cow he'd have told you that was Vote Leave's tagline.
Susanna Reid was ill-informed. The £350m claim was made by Vote Leave, not Farage's Leave EU
RMT National Union of Rail Maritime and Transpo : reiterates "Vote Leave" message
David Cameron resigned... and even Vote Leave felt like a wake. My sketch:
Populus, Remain pollsters, allegedly sent "gloating" msgs to Vote Leave's Matthew Elliott from 10pm last night... until result clear at 2am.
BREAKING: live footage of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson on the Vote Leave bus.
Nigel Farage says no we won't be able to spend £350m to the NHS... That was a mistake for Vote Leave to say that, he s…
Many many congratulations to Peter Cruddas and Dominic Cummings, who ran official Vote Leave campaign
Cllr Steve Hollis for Vote Leave explains how he has found campaigning in Cheslyn Hay
Andrew Neil tears apart claim by Vote Leave that Turkey is "set" to join EU, on BBC Daily Politics
Here's Vote Leave's Matthew Elliott comparing his Taxpayers' Alliance to the Tea Party!
Vote Leave is a vote to get rid of Claude Makélélé and replace him with ? Thomas Gravesen?
Vote Leave and SAVE THE PLANET: Green Party giant calls for Brexit
You watch Paul Joseph Watson don't you? lol There are so many reason to Vote Leave.
Vote Leave aeroplane banner has now flown three times over the event for Jo Cox MP in Trafalgar Square
Vote Leave. Kick start the domino effect, free the people and destroy the aberration which is the eu. VOTE LEAVE
EU population 500m. World population 7.4 billion. Lets trade with world directly. Lets control our trade. Vote Leave
Brexit: Nissan to take legal action against Vote Leave campaign over leaflet
Baroness Warsi has told The Times she is defecting from Vote Leave to the Remain campaign
Vote Leave say they didn't know Baroness Warsi was backing them before hearing she had changed her mind
Baroness Warsi was never on Vote Leave team, so how could she defect? Poor idea, more lies!
Another late night top Tory defection from Vote Leave to Remain, citing xenophobia & hate http…
Odd that Baroness Warsi wasn't even part of the Vote Leave campaign.Hard to defect from something you never belonged
My article in the Daily Star on Sunday: We owe it to those who fought for our freedoms to Vote Leave on Thursday https…
Vote Leave have banned me from today's Boris Johnson rally in London, because, says aide Robert Oxley, I "took the *** …
In the spirit of fairness I will leave this here. Vote Leave.
and so he should, he couldn't do there jobs for one day without throwing his guts up. Respect to our fishermen, Vote Leave
Lord Kinnock has said that the Vote Leave campaign could win the European Union referendum by default, if turnout was low.
with the way you particularly have handled this debate, and too an extent Vote Leave to, you now have blood in your hands
Leave Tories attack 'scare stories' - YES this is the inconvenient truth.
A post leave vote event timeline to 2020. Full report at (free on registration). https:…
Can we fix it so that people who vote Leave actually have to leave the UK rather than the EU? Then the rest of us can live h…
I'm vote leave I'm in disgusted by what happened. I'm also disgusted at you using it to politically score points.…
News not sunk in. Such a savage act, over a bloody vote! ;( . We voted leave by post. Never thought it would come to this. x
I'm not arguing about it. I think you'll find lots of remainers are happy for Turkey to be having visa free access.
And 'Remainers' - I'm remain. Don't particularly want Turkey to join the EU (never thought about as its improbable)
Seems Osborne has failed to *** the markets with his "punishment budget" threat. Just shows what the markets think of him? Vote LEAVE.
Don't leave a Blank Space on the ballot. Vote for Hillary!
yes i believe the future is better In, doesnt mean I dont want reform. The leave article is wrong & scaremongering
Why? has no affiliation to the far right. It has members of all the political spectrum otherwise.
The idiocy of these men baffles the nation.Why would Carney jeopardise his position by lying?
If there is a Leave vote Cameron and Osborne should go immediately
Why the Bank of England was right to reveal Brexit anxiety
Leave EU perhaps we should my vote, and its the first time I have given my personal option on social media will be leave.
It sickens me to the core that a lot of the Leave campaigners are fuelled by racism. The has become a vote *purely* about immigration
Tonight's Vote Leave rally in Glasgow has, understandably, been cancelled.
Annoying seeing people wanting to vote leave purely cause they hate Cameron, his agenda is so different to so many grea…
My dad didn't leave Turkey in 1987 to go work in London, 7 days a week for over 20 years, so some *** from Essex could v…
Vote leave Stace! Why? Because I don't want a federal Europe! We'd have about 40 teams less in the world cup!
you mad an assumption. The issues are not binary, many nuances, not all leavers think exactly the same do they
Just taken a vote, now for the debate, 'The UK should leave the EU'
If you vote to leave the EU, you fall into the same political group as Farage, Gove, Trump and the guy that killed Jo Cox today.
A vote to leave would be "a colossal blunder of historic proportions". Well said Europe Needs Britain
Ipsos MORI poll:. Leave 53%. Remain 47%. The vote seems to have become a referendum on immigration.
Regardless of your race greed or colour please vote 23rd .let's take back our sovereignty ...
My leave vote has never been entirely based on migration anyway.
My view on is their ways to try and make you vote. Leave states false facts. Remain scaremongers us. And I would rather trust a scarer
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If the possibility of Turkey joining in 725 years... then ok. They won't tho as Germany/Estonia/Poland would Veto
Largest Bank predicts massive growth if + silent. ht…
Another reason why want out of Nigeria but Britain is blocking it. Vote Leave!
"David Cameron would resign if we vote to leave." *applause from the audience*
My mum is basically voting leave purely based on what she's read in a vote leave leaflet.
I therefore also recommend nice article from on conspiratorial campaign,
I might leave Netflix but I'll vote 'stay' in the EU.
Absolutely appalled by that divisive, hate-filled poster from UKIP today. Vote Leave should be ashamed to be on the sam…
Whenever I see or hear any claim made by
absolutely ! Employers have a responsibility to encourage their people to to end the EU nightmare and dump Cameron !
Probably just leave the indicator needle there 4 everytime Trump makes a public statement! VOTE💙
Astonishing of Vote Leave to question Bank of England's credibility. Mark Carney has a duty to warn of the risks facin…
Vote Leave is suspending all campaigning tomorrow out of respect for Jo Cox.
I'm thinking I want to leave. Not vote leave, just leave... A shameful day.
are happy for Turkey to join the EU. It's part and parcel of being in the EU. Open borders.
Update your maps at Navteq
Nice sentiment. Should be ended not suspended, you're just preying on uneducated ***
If believing, Women are the property of men & can not vote, drive or leave house wthout a male escort. They deserve? Vote
This image sums up why I voted Not every Leave voter is a racist, but every racist will vote Leave.
BREXIT : Germany will CUT us off the single market , if we vote leave EU - Minister
Congress shouldn't leave this week without giving us a vote on something very simple:
don't think UK is against ppl of Europe - just the juggernaut that is Brussels. We can still work abroad as b4
Jo Cox Witness says he never heard "Britain First". politicising TRAGEDY to hurt Vote! htt…
On the left, a Nazi propaganda film from the 1930s. On the right a Vote Leave poster.
Bank governor Mark Carney clashes with Vote Leave over EU | Short News: via
Mark Carney and Vote Leave clash over EU referendum
Vote Leave are suspending campaigning, following attack on Jo Cox
Gisela Stuart is hardly a neutral source of information. is she, as a member of Vote Leave?.
Indeed “odd that Vote Leave has started making promises about future government policy.”
Excellent Debate won hands down by Dan Hannan . But well done Paddy for fighting a losing battle .Vote Leave
Labour voters are the ones queuing up at the Vote Leave stalls saying no one is representing them.
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. Oh dear looks like Red on Red now, the infighting in Labour has begun. Join the enlightened and Vote Leave.
Labour is urging its voters not to back Brexit. Vote Leave to protect jobs for our youngsters!
Vote Leave are 'deliberately lying to voters over Turkish migration'
Vote Leave had good night if reflected in polls 'Guy Fawkes' game play suggests heightened public fear created & threat level will be raised
The EU has built in austerity with the Maastrict Treaty restrictions on public spending. Vote Leave.
"Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Vote Leave was previously chief executive of the Taxpayers Alliance, which...
Thrilled to be in today's edition of the newspaper representing the Vote Leave campaign.
Tory MP Sarah Wollaston tells she's defected from Vote Leave and will now vote for the UK to remain in the EU…
Brian Adams, Keith Chegwin, Right Said Fred, *** Hucknall, Jim Davidson. It's like all the worst parts of the 90s are Vote Leave.
oh look! Vote Leave hypocrisy as learnt from the Conservative party via
Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Owen Jones are longstanding Vote Leave supporters via
LabourLeave are sponsored by Vote Leave and Tories they are not Labour
This man advocated the euro & allowed interest rates to climb to 15%. Vote Leave.
Former British prime minister condemned the Vote Leave campaign of making "fundamentally dishonest" claims about the economic benefits of l…
.takes a look at Arron Banks' description of Vote Leave's £350m figure as a lie
Breast Cancer Awareness
Former Commons Speaker Betty Boothroyd with a robust warning about a Vote Leave victory on Brexit.
Vote Leave have John Hayes' ex-press aide in the Spalding area: Craig Jackson, late of HMP Lincoln.
It's simple, if you think was right, vote stay, if you think was right Vote Leave. Make sure U see both interviews
EU referendum: Michael Gove agrees to audit of Vote Leave £350m claim
George Osborne joins forces with Alistair Darling to slam Vote Leave via
It's official Vote Leave will cut us off from continent & leave the single market
Vote Leave are just a UKIP tribute act. Boris Johnson's stage name should be Nigel Homage.
Tempers flared between Vote Leave supporters and pro-immigration demonstrators at a rally in Northampton.
EU Referendum: Vote Leave wants power to axe fuel VAT- we pay £250 per month on our gas and electric so a big plus!
Ian Duncan Smith joins Vote Leave campaigners in Maidstone - by
"But I will pay the entire thing down to the last penny shortly afterwards. Because I have to." Vote Leave https:…
We will supply and install a "Vote Leave" sign in your garden for free if you live in Gtr. Manchester. Contact us! htt…
Vote Leave told AGAIN by UK Statistics Authority to stop repeating lie UK gives £350m to EU https…
Vote Leave claim to stand up for parliamentary democracy demolished by verdict of Treasury Select Committee
“The report says it is highly misleading for Vote Leave to suggest that leaving the EU could free up £350m a week …”
Damning criticism of Vote Leave by Treasury Select Committee: "Their conduct has been appalling."
A Cambridge snapshot in time: Guildhall market sq with Vote Leave, Pro-refugee campaigners, &
Meet Eva. Working for Vote Leave in Leeds. Her hero Adolf was a United Europe fan I hear. .
Just found Vote Leave distributing leaflets masquerading as Government fact sheets to elderly people. A new low. https:/…
Stiffen your sinews and Vote Leave - Brexit will make Britain great again | via
Left Foot Forward - Vote Leave claims to promote democracy — its leaders’ records suggest...
Can't we ask the Advertising Standards Authority to check out tonight's 'Vote Leave' TV ad? What a load of scaremongering & lies! Frightful!
No mention of the Monster Raving Loony Party either. Like the "Vote Leave" with Cameron in photo on your bio - Mmm ???
Ex-Tory leader thrilled with “fantastic” response in Lincolnshire as Vote Leave battle bus tours county: Form...
Here's some footage of prominent Vote Leave man Boris Johnson making the case for Turkey to join the EU.
Emily Maitlis accused on News Night of Remain bias, it looked more like extreme bias, BBC's QT was so blatant. Vote Leave.
& Michael Caine, Roger Daltry, etc for Vote Leave? Mega rich jet setters w/ someplace else to call home if UK tanks post Brexit?
Nigel F said if we vote Remain we'll have another so we can Vote Leave in 2nd whereas Boris said Leave in 1st & then Remain. 😮
Matt Ridley (he of Northern Rock) is vice prez of Vote Leave. Says a lot about Vote Leave.
Best off out. Vote Leave the EU for safety & security for Britain sake. not scientists' the rich or big business. Swiss're OK
. Correction Brexit will be severe migraine to Frau "Fourth Reich" Merkel and her plans to dominate Europe. Vote Leave
Second favorite: "This is like a three hour party political broadcast by Vote Leave."
- what I mean is that Vote Leave must post their alternative economic outlook for the future!
Back in Sunny Edinburgh. Saw a few big Vote Leave signs on road trip from London. No Stay IN.
PM warned over No.10 future in Vote Leave shock attack as debate sparks furious row
LIVE on Boris Johnson launches his 'Vote Leave' Bus in Truro - sticking with the disputed £350m claim. … https:…
.Vote Leave figures do acknowledge no change to Irish borders:
If those worshippers of parliamentary democracy at Vote Leave like bother showing up.
Next week is a busy one for the Treasury Select Committee: from Vote Leave on Monday and on Wednesday
Blue is what countries pay in. Red is what they get back. Vote Leave to stop propping up other economies.
Farage cuts a curiously Ernst Rohm like figure amongst the Leavers: hope he escapes similar fate, at the hands of Vote Leave
Vote Leave's 'UK pays £350m a week to the EU' claim slammed by stats watchdog
The EU is trying to block British Steel from being rescued; thousands of jobs at stake - spread the word - Vote Leave and save our Nation!
Vote Leave blames junior doctors dispute on the European Union via
'Accuracy is for snake-oil *** : Vote Leave's campaign director defies MPs
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In response to Barack Obama’s intervention, the Vote Leave campaign will get their big guns out tonight - Jim Davidson spe…
I hate bullies A British PM actually got a US President to threaten us !. I would crawl over broken glass to Vote Leave if…
Are you playing deliberately blind? Go on the web and get ALL the true figures not Vote Leave lies
Look on the lies of Vote Leave ye deluded, and despair Nothing they say is true The future they promise is decay
Vote Leave funder Peter Cruddas doesn't spend ALL his time in Monte Carlo of course. He also has a home in Antibes.
Dominic Cummings at first says Vote Leave is not delivering to hospitals, but later admits one held up by Andrew Tyrie is…
Vote Leave's Dominic Cummings says Brexit will help the UK ' save tens of billions'
Now Dominic Cummings of Vote Leave accused by Tyrie of being "fast and loose" in all answers he has given to Treasury comm…
Dominic Cummings won't reveal Vote Leave analysis of macroeconomic impact of Brexit: you'll get it when we publish it
Vote Leave director defies MPs brilliant retort from to serially unpleasant Dominic Cummings
Genuinely alarmed at the behaviour of Dominic Cummings who runs Vote Leave, He seems to have no grip on reality at all.…
Matthew Elliott of Vote Leave: "John Major has been wrong on nearly every EU issue over the last 20 years". Yes. Ken Cl…
IMPORTANT: you can't trust Boris and Vote Leave on the NHS. They don't want to save it - they want to privatise it. https:/…
Why you should Vote Leave. PS: Remember. we are Great Britain!
Vote Leave don't care about the NHS. They've said there should be a "price mechanism in healthcare" 1/2
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Michael Crick hassled by right wingers at Vote Leave meeting
With people like Michael Gove and Boris Johnson on board, Vote Leave was the best choice as the official brexit campaign . 💂
Anger from rivals as Boris Johnson's Vote Leave named official Brexit campaign group
Through James Forsyth, Vote Leave make it known what will happen if GO win the designation - "It will be carnage".
Lord Lawson of Vote Leave floundering on impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland. Out campaign has no idea.
When they talk about criminals Vote Leave deliberately fails to mention the benefits we get from the European Arrest Warra…
Matthew Elliott, chief executive of Vote Leave, used to run the Taxpayers’ Alliance, which advocates lower taxes and public spending.
I doubt is capable of understanding his errors. Deliberate or not, Vote Leave's campaign amounts to sabotage.
That does not excuse the weakness of the Vote Leave campaign.
Vote Leave left the goals wide open to this. Nice going Well done. *slow clap.
Vote Leave, Brexit group led by Gove, said had "plummeted into financial crisis" under Jeremy Hunt
You said he slags off Carswell/Evans. Vote Leave different matter.
IMO Evans etc are putting Vote Leave above the party.
Backing Brexit does not make you a 'bad' person, says Vote Leave head
Why you should Vote Leave - browse, download, print or share this document with friends via
Birmingham MP Gisela Stuart 'to head up Vote Leave' - ... via
Delivered a good few hundred Vote Leave leaflets in Ayr East area in the last 2 days.
A spokesman for Vote Leave insisted it would not pull the leaflets and accused Downing Street of “bully boy tactics”
If we vote to leave and NI votes to stay will that unite Ireland? The Union Jack could look very plain in future :)
Once we vote to leave the EU, the UK will be in the driving seat as they need us. The withdrawal process will be smooth, quick & successful.
Please help support Vote Leave, add a now!
we can have both nato and EU. What's wrong with that
why is scaremongering about sovereignty and immigration and red tape acceptable from the leave side. Project scare
Maj-Gen Julian Thompson: I fought for Britain and I know how the EU weakens our
.No but it has great propaganda value for the fear peddlers&campaigners 4 me
Do you live in a Eurosceptic hotspot? Map of areas of the UK most likely to vote Leave and Remain acc
Let's vote to and get rid of Cameron!
The angle of the camera can do wonders with very little :)
please do so you vile *** Please leave. Even more reason to vote Republican. Get rid of the vile bags of flesh.
If UK vote to leave EU. Will SNP hold a referendum to join EU at the same time as Scottish Indy referendum?.
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The Road to Brexit and What it Would Mean: The United Kingdom (U.K.) may vote to leave the...
With only scraps offered by an intransigent & arrogant EU elite, we'll be stronger, safer and better off out
..there's about 20 people there you Tory infiltrator
If we are ruled from Brussels why do we still have MPs? Are you all lazing about doing nothing?
it's in Vote Leave's own briefing doc. A new EU-UK Treaty wld need a 2nd ref.
Don't let these 3 tell us our great nation isn't good enough outside of the EU. Believe in Britain & vote 'Leave'. https:/…
this is for cameron you leave 24th of June 2016 the new minister Boris Johnson=vote leave the eu
It's the last day! Vote once more! I'll leave you all alone after it, I swear
If SNP vote to leave EU Sturgeon will call for another referendum to exit UK. that's tactical voting for you Scotts wouldn't you say
Be proud to be British,vote to Leave the EU & stop us just being a star on someone else's flag
One of the best reasons to vote out, leave as soon as possible.
Nope. A Leave vote is likeliest cause of earliest indy.
This is what the greatest ever Englishman thinks.
I'll vote for of he'll promise to take his loser followers with him leave do the country a favor
If you're in line by 7pm, you can vote. Do not leave! Go to to find your polling place.
a comment in haste says 1000 words..Merkle.."When one insists on his border, the other suffers. That's not my Europe."
You can leave it blank & just vote for the rest of the ballot too.
Follow shout out to part of the campaign in Scotland for a 'Leave;' vote in
Havent heard the In's mention the scare drop in the pounds value has increased our exports
Imagine if we Vote Leave… We can take back control of decisions affecting our intelligence and security services from EU courts.
Zac Goldsmith will vote to leave EU. His parliamentary voting record is worth a look too https…
Wonder what time the polls open tomorrow. Hopefully I can vote before I leave for school.
we are all responsible for our own decisions, so yes, it's "your own fault" (sic). Now vote, stay or leave but stop wining
Campaign News – Military heroes back Vote Leave: More and more military personnel are disputing the IN campaig...
Well some of the scaremongers say if we vote too leave in June, then some of these camps will be over here.
If I wanted to get rid of paid leave, would have to get EU treaty change and find 329 MPs crazy enough to vote for it. (1/2)
It's not true. It is not the aim of 'Vote Leave' to have a second referendum.
So, Brexit would cause a 'decade of uncertainty'. *** do the Eurodummies think is happening now.?. Vote OUT, vote LEAVE, vote for BRITAIN.
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