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Von Trapps

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I feel sorry for the Von Trapps. Must have thought they'd made it to safety.
Women On This Day In History: Maria von Trapp passes away :'( RIP to the woman who inspired The Sound of Music:
The Swiss Family Robinson is the Von Trapps from The Sound of Music
Maher: Trump's Family IsLike the Von Trapps, If They Joined the NazisInstead of Running From Them via
When you're last name is Trapp and people call you Trapqueen, trapphouse, etc. or I get asked about the Von Trapps
talk with they had the grandkids of the von Trapps on tour last year singing Edelweiss, might help you out
this QandA lady would've handed the Von Trapps over to the nazis
are you aware that the Von Trapps hated nazis and left Austria to avoid serving them and were refugees to America?
But we got a seis a cero scoreline for the Von Trapps, so it's like instead of a hotdog we got a pie.
It's always a good time when you get the Von Trapps back together 💙
Future Wife: NO we cannot have this many cats & NO they will not b named after the Von Trapps!. Me: Shh don't listen to…
Do you realize that Von Trapps were against the exact hate you preach? Also, they were immigrants to t…
please tell me you know the Von Trapps
Is the owl playing a Nazi, or another one of the Von Trapps?
“The only reason I'm friends with any of you is because I outgrew the von Trapps, one annoying Austrian at a time.”
Or The Sound Of Music and Herr Donald is furious because the Von Trapps made it over his wall.
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TIL the family from The Sound of Music, the von Trapps, escaped to Vermont and opened a brewery that is still around today
Please welcome the new Von Trapps! James, Elliot, Carter, Zoe, Taylor, Stephanie, and Dakota!
"How do you solve a problem like Maria". The fascinating story of the Von Trapps in Papua New Guinea. . (Thanks...
Mr. Grove's family reminds me of the Von Trapps.
Some of the costumes reminded me of Godspell & Michael Jackson 's thriller, oh & a bit of Heidi and the Von Trapps...
One of the Von Trapps locked me in a closet. THEY GONNA BE VON DEAD
Emo? Check My kids absolutely love this we sing along to it like mixed-race von Trapps without the dirndls & stuff.
Ok guys I know the Von Trapps are an admirable family but you don't need to be them and walk down the sidewalk in one long horizontal line
Family fun day!! We really are like the Von Trapps it's so cringe...
Dearest friends, after 15yrs we close this much-loved chapter to pursue individual dreams. Come celebrate with us! https:…
The von Trapps are von Pooped at the end of this two-show day.
The Von Trapps are singing with an orchestra tonight. Should be fun!
By morning, the Von Trapps should be to Switzerland and we can listen to different songs - maybe some country, rockn'roll, no rap!
This was the other marvellous part of today: our version of the von Trapps in the living room.…
Hope you feel better Clare! These bugs are so nasty. I'm sure a dose of the Von Trapps will help :)
Parents making odd but well-intended remarks to the von Trapps rounded out an evening of nostalgic & refreshing music with
Man, as a kid I did not understand how much was riding on the Von Trapps getting away.
About to enjoy the von Trapps on stage (Maria and the Captain's great-grandchildren) with Gaby. It'll be fun!
Looking fwd to the Von Trapps with Way to bridge the generational divide !
Hey fans, r u going to catch the Von Trapps this weekend? Sounding great! Also, it's their LAST ORCHESTRAL CONCERTS EVER!
Maitis met von Trapps! Lovely set, old favourites and new songs... Amazing time!
"Sing-a-Long Sound of Music" starts tonight and plays for 8 days only! PLUS The von Trapps will attend screenings on the 24th, 30th, & 1st!
He snorted as they descended. "I was thinking more of a tree house and the Von Trapps.". Ugh, manual labor.
Did you know the von Trapps live here?
The Von Trapp singers live in Portland? And tomorrow you can sing-along with them.
Like the von Trapps. We need to flee.
ok but it's not your fault bc in that photo he looks like the bad boy that helped save the Von Trapps so
Totally. And here was me thinking you can't get whiter than the Von Trapps...
I hope the comes out like the Von Trapps.
The von Trapps host a "Sound of Music" Sing-a-Long. Please pass this on to people who may be interested!
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Dream a Little Dream by Pink Martini & The von Trapps is a great album! 👍🏻 I'm enjoying it so far. 😊
let's get married and run away with the kids like the Von Trapps. You cook. I'll make clothes from curtains.
'I want to make a band, like the Von Trapps' . I volunteer as tribute to be in that band, Helena
The Von Trapps and Maria come to Music City Feb. 14-19
Don’t miss the Von Trapps Apr 15/16 for their performance inspired by Austrian & American
'We had to sing growing up, it wasn't like the von Trapps, but we had to sing' - Declan O'Rourke :: The...
omg no not at all. when they take show mother superior the car parts out they took to help the Von Trapps get away... Classic
This is what the Von Trapps are like in real life.
The Von Trapps are singing in two weeks in The Sound of Music! Reserve:
lmao yeah I get that it's based on the Von Trapps' true story but the way it's presented always rubbed me the wrong way
the Von Trapps, after inspiring the monstrosity that is The Sound of Music, started making beer in Vermont! and it's good!
The last surviving member of Family Singers has died. Her story:
The last surviving member of the Family Singers has died. Her story:
George Costanza and the rest of the von trapps died horrifically and tragically young
that is a solid source though! The Von Trapps have amazing names.
Chookas to all Von Trapps Nuns and Nazis cheering you today from the stalls. Xx
Rolf from the Sound of Music, the one who ratted out the Von Trapps for the party.
Von Trapps: “How do you solve a problem like Maria?" . Random Nazi: "We can take care of that problem." . Von Trapps: " ... "
Join us on a musical journey with The von Trapps! .
It is not normal for a family to break out into song that often (Von Trapps aside)
Tix are slipping away! The Von Trapps in Chandler on Apr 1. Hurry up!
Great job by Maria and the von Trapps at the school board meeting last night! I'm a proud director!
the US national side has a great nickname already .
practising and I'm getting to sing backing vocals.we are nearly Von Trapps! are reading correctly the von Trapps are performing at BYUI.
Sad...I always loved the fact that the Von Trapps were in VT..the family still runs a lodge there.
... and I think between us we wrote a new ending to The Sound of Music, in which sells out the von Trapps.
My favorite part of The Sound of Music was when the nuns sabotaged the Nazis' car & the Von Trapps escaped. That was som…
I love the Von Trapps as much as the next gal but Jesus Christ.
Ultimate Christmas via the Von Trapps. Sing-A-Long Sound of Music tomorrow at TIFF!
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I bet the creators of love that whenever I hear Edelweiss I just think of the Von Trapps.
The Sound of Music but the von Trapps are running away from Anita Sarkeesian
Was that the Von Trapps on the hills behind those shacks?.
Repurposing the curtains hasn't looked this good since Scarlett O Hara and the Von Trapps
I had a nano-nap earlier- between Rolfe blowing the whistle on the Von Trapps and the last shot on the mountain. Why can't I sleep now?
2 revelations whilst watching festive TV:the Blues Brothers stole the "Leave during your performance to avoid capture" from the Von Trapps
Best of 2015: The hills are alive with a new generation of von Trapps.
Urgh I just asked my Arthur, do the Von Trapps have any food when climbing that mountain. "they've got Gretl"
Hard to imagine that the real Von Trapps kids had a Grandfather with a Bolton accent.."Garlic. Bread!"
Delighted the Von Trapps escaped.But whatever happened to the Toby Rosenior Quintet who came 2nd in the Comp?Killed by the Nazis- probably🇦🇹
Yes it was me who wrote that article! Often wondered which mountain the Von Trapps were 'climbing' to escape the Nazis.
Discussing how SoM could be remade. Von Trapps end up as refugees fleeing radicalised far right craziness.
Had enough of the Von Trapps an arl!
Best Friday Ever! Von Trapps and Von Hafen in one afternoon!
Has no-one realised that those Nazis would have tortured/killed Uncle Max for helping them escape? Selfish Von Trapps! 😡
There go the. Von Trapps, over the mountains from Salzburg into . errrmm Bavaria!
The Von Trapps make me want to climb a mountain - although not while on the run from Nazis.
Von Trapps, welcome to the Lands of Roger Federer.
Those familiar with the geography of Salzburg point out that the Von Trapps are hiking towards Germany not Switzerland.
The real von Trapps escaped to Vermont where they still run a great lodge.
That's what the audience thinks. But it was all an act to give the Von Trapps more time to escape. She was a heroine!
Time for the Von Trapps to pure nostalgia and memories
I've just looked up the von trapps on Wikipedia and it seems this film is 100% made up.
If Uncle Max had given it the x-factor pause the Von Trapps would have been long gone.
Always felt a bit like the Von Trapps hung Max out to dry a bit. I'm sure the Nazis would've used him as their fall guy.
Thank you - will watch the Von Trapps going over the mountain and then switch over :)
The Von Trapps should so run away back stage and hide.
Quick, von Trapps, leg it from the Nazis.
Sadly, the von Trapps' decision to shun microphones meant they lacked the carry to succeed in the contest.
"Small and white..." The Von Trapps describe their last biblical studies conference. .
Have you ever been spotted wearing 'travelling clothes'? The Von Trapps have just been. Bet they wish they'd just worn jeans and jumpers.
Get ready to run like the wind Von Trapps!
For those of you entranced by the von Trapps
The actual Von Trapps. Twice on the sound of music bus tour gets u access into their fam
The Von Trapps are having a knife fight with The Jets. Gretel has stabbed three
The Von Trapps are so cute. I cannot.
I helped the Von Trapps escape from Salzburg.Got no thanks for it,of course.
is one of my motivations for playing Germans in One day I'll watch it & they'll stop the Von Trapps!
I wish they would all stop singing. They should keep their von trapps shut.
I got myself up and ready to go do things today, but now I can't tear myself away from the fire and the Von Trapps
I was terrified of the Von Trapps just the other night. Imagine having to sit through all that every time you visited.
As good as they are, I doubt the Von Trapps were the first nor will they be the last kids to make a song and dance about going to bed
Imagine if you were round your mates house for a nosebag and a few beers and their weans said goodnight like the Von Trapps.
Every year Rolf turns into a Nazi *** and gives the Von Trapps up when they try to escape. If we all shout at...
The von trapps are an extremist family. Send in social services now to save us all. Please save our TV
One day the Nazis will catch those pesky von Trapps.
Let's get ready to rumble with The Von Trapps! Tix: 👉
With special guests the Von Trapps, Ari Shapiro & some Japanese businessmen
The real story behind The Sound of Music:
I have literally no idea how the Von Trapps climbed every mountain because I can hardly do the walk from the subway to my apartment.
Almost sound check time. The von Trapps are ready to sing for
The von Trapps were actual people? I just thought they were though up for "The Sound of Music." And they live in Portland? Fancy.
And now, a guest appearance by the von Trapps. The real ones.
Von Trapps taking in the sights while rehearsing DO-RE-MI for NYE on the
Many think the von Trapps escaped to Vermont. Many were wrong. Georg and Maria go to the beach.…
I haven't seen this many dropped unexpectedly on the Swiss since the Von Trapps
The real Von Trapps fled, then gave to CARE to help those left behind.
Me going back to CA feels like Maria returning to the Von Trapps
Flashback to 1988 when I was in a band called The Von Trapps. No, really! Far left with bleach blond tuft of hair!
A1 Singing along with the Von Trapps in The Sound of Music. We called ourselves the Korean Von Trapps 😄
Just wanted to thank the von Trapps for igniting my creativity again, it has been missed❤️…
I like this answer. Mine would love it too, I'm sure. We're like a talent-free version of the Von Trapps here
2/2. What is the HighCastle-verse version of the story? . Nuns helping the von Trapps escape *to* the Nazis?
PODCAST: Meet The von Trapps; Captain and Maria's Great-Grandchildren Indie Rock Band: Their love of...
Life complete. Just heard the Von Trapps sing Edelweiss.
The Sound of Christmas with the von Trapps, featuring the Justin-Siena Choir
Kind of like the von Trapps...if they had gone a different direction...
Did Notre Dame make their uniforms out of the Von Trapps curtains
could you look into adoption for and the von Trapps?
Mine was the Von Trapps being pursued by a vic patrol car.
I once saw a picture of the Von Trapps with helmets 'shopped on but can't remember where.
Now playing on WGMU: Dancing in Gold by The Von Trapps from Dancing in Gold
📢 The Von Trapps tickets for Apr 1 at Chandler Center for the Arts in Chandler
The Von Trapps are illegally crossing the border! Better call and turn them back!
Von Trapps to Perform with Justin-Siena Choir in Sound of Christmas: You cannot find another name as universal...
Indie rockers are the real great-grandchildren of Maria and The Captain
if any of the Syrian refugees can sing like the von Trapps, then there in.😃
Trying to picture the Von Trapps with explosive vests-Not seeing it-some correlations just can't be made...
did the Von Trapps shout Allahu Akbar and charge ppl with knives?
But none of the Von Trapps were trying to kill as many people as they could
really your comparing the Von Trapps fleeing Hitler to today's refugees? Did they assimilate or want their own law
"The Sound of Music is a film about our family, but still have their story."
+ the amount of times Maria and he Von Trapps sing "tea with jam and bread" in the concert version of Do are Mi is so insane
The hills are alive with the sound of indie rock. Meet the new gen of
This Saturday Sing-Along presentation of Sound Of Music by Ever wondered where the Von Trapps are now?
..great grandparents were Von Trapps, The Sound of Music.
I can't even 😍😍😍 Haven't been this excited about fam singers since the Von Trapps 😉
This wknd blend the music of the alps with the sounds of Appalachia. For tix: https:/…
Dolly Parton was one of the Von Trapps? Who knew?
I think you guys should form a traveling family band a la the Von Trapps
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Congrats 2 our top performers in the weight room:. Overall strongest=Andrew Mork . Pound 4 Pound=Tre'von Collins . Most Improved=Isaiah Trapps
Doors now open for tonight's The von Trapps and July Talk/Little Hurricane shows.
@ Japanese Garden with Lili and Miriam. Benefit concert with Kyle the Juggler, The Von Trapps and...
It was Barkers do brass at our house tonight. Here are three Von Trapps (I'm taking the picture!)
*first day of nanny-ing, walks into house with guitar*. I'm not Maria & you're not the von Trapps, hot mini van & guitars just don't mix well
The Wheel Show with Eddie Pepitone, Martin Starr, the Von Trapps, and the bad boys of comedy
What is it with TLC's fascination with Big Breeding Families? watching some C&W Von Trapps on yet ANOTHER RTV crap thing >:(
Fun Fact: Nicholas Hammond, 1978's TV Spider-Man, was one of the Von Trapps in the film version of THE SOUND OF MUSIC.
It opened this week in Dublins but now on we discover the story behind the singing Von Trapps in Climbed Every Mountain.
The Sound of Music FAQ: All Thats Left to Know about Maria, the von Trapps, and
Same omg they will be the von trapps and they will LOVE it
Saw a girl dressed like Sailor Moon. Either that or she's one of the Von Trapps.
Taking my Mrs me 2 lads an me nephew up Snowdon today. Should be interesring. Were no von trapps but were not the waltons either!!!
🎵 The Von Trapps coming to Nashville on Nov 11. Grab the tickets! 👉
Coming to the HPAC in March 2016...The von Trapps! Tickets on sale now:...
Pitkin sisters heckled by man leading comedy tour of Bath (as we innocently walk past) - "Oh look, the Von Trapps are all grown up". *sigh*
opener the subject of tomorrow's column in including and the Von Trapps
the Potter family going as the Von Trapps
So, why were the Nazis chasing the Von Trapps in "The Sound of Music"? I always get bored with it before that part.
good thing you clarified that or the Von Trapps might give you slaps
Meet the Von Trapps, dive in front of us each day whilst wearing matching bathing suits
Feel like the modern day von trapps on this holiday
With the first pick, I pick the female Von Trapps
I'm digging "Dancing In Gold," the new tune from The von Trapps. Check it out here:
Thanks for the thorough feature Glad you're into the music vid.
six million people didn't have the liking of ~ the favorite movie of my Father's ~ the sound of ~ the von Trapps ~ he attended school with
Time to take bus to hotel after I never knew the von Trapps were Finnish
USA USA USA! The Von Trapps go and beat the freaky deeky Dutch and de germanz!
Huge win for the Von Trapps. The Dutch now Germany. Just friendlies but good to see by Looking forward to
QOTD: so are the Von Trapps going to win just the 2018 WC or back to back 2018 and 2022??
It's not the first time Von Trapps have outfoxed Germans. Just saying.
Hushabye Pink Martini and the Von Trapps. A soothing lullaby.
but he let them leave when he could have told on the Von Trapps!! Good heart, bad choice!
Like the Von Trapps but so much better! emmaparsley_
I wont forget that daft lassie saying it was assoc with the Nazis! Were the Von Trapps Scots? Poor weans. Lol
I have an image of the Von Trapps singing goodnight, please do not correct me
"Don't you worry about what everyone else is doing. WE are going to wear matching outfits like the Von Trapps.".
Love doesn't make our lives easier at all. It can only make it worth the time. . The von Trapps // Dancing in Gold
Amazing!! Last night my mom and I saw (and met two of) the Von Trapps and it was absolutely…
i knew she's from England but the Von Trapps are from Austria silly
The Von Trapps, of Sound of Music fame, have settled in Portland, and they just released their EP. Read more here:
this is a good fanmix. Is there a collective family name for magneto +Maximoffs+ tommy&Billy?
That is scary she sounds convinced, the poor Von Trapps.
it's even sillier than that, the Von Trapps weren't Nazi, they were escaping from the Nazis
Good piece in today's Herald by Gerry O'Carroll on the
Some woman came up and said the Von Trapps were nazis. So lon farewell lying
Gerry O'Carroll: The only perfect family was the Von Trapps, and that's ...
I can't believe that woman called the Von Trapps Nazis! The real scandal of the day!
I wanna be the Julie Andrews and whip those little von trapps into shape.
Post Rihanna will be donating her dress to the von Trapps to provide a summer wardrobe for the entire family.
How do solve a problem like some Labour supporter claiming the Von Trapps were Nazis? How do you begin to understand the logic?
I'm sure the von trapps were the good guys!!
Well, they've called everyone else Nazis. It was only a matter of time before the Von Trapps got it.
She needs to study History, as the von Trapps were real people.
the Von Trapps should use that wummin
There's precedent for you to step in with the Von Trapps 😉.
dude the reverend mother hooked it up so fat for the Von Trapps by giving them a place to hide
What a weekend. Exploring Neuschanstein Castle, drinking beer in Munich and retracing the steps of the Von Trapps in Salzburg
Proud of my students! I'm going to tonight's show. East Hampton Drama Club actors are von Trapps in "Sound of Music"
AUSTRIA: Von Trapps & "Sound of Music" replaced by angry Muslim Turk mobs--invaders & deniers of Armenian Genocide!
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If USMNT are the Von Trapps then Germany is the Cobra Kai. leg
... and *THAT* is how you do a MONTREAL SUMMER WEEKEND: Fri: Transformers, about 6 hours of Terraces, Pizza, Beer, Jazzfest shows. Sat: World Cup, 8km run, Dinner on Terrace, Drinks at Jet, Robin S live at Roxbury, craziness at New City Gas, 4am Amir. Sun: Jazzfest Pink Martini w Von Trapps, Jordan Officer, Diana Krall w Elvis Costello, Muzique Terrace! Mon: Wake up at 2pm!
Billy Zane starring in The Sound of Music here in Chicago. I feel like the Von Trapps are going to end up in a walk off.
A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-esque comic where Eglantine Price, Maria + Von Trapps, Sally Bowles and Indiana Jones take on the Nazis.
No one shows the part where the Von Trapps preempt the Donner party.
Everyone have a fun but safe New Years Eve, and a Happy New Year! We will be hanging out tonight with Pink Martini, Storm Large, the Von Trapps, Gus VanSant, and the Oregon Symphony!!
"Traverse City Record Eagle : Von Trapps' lodge taps interest in new musical" enjoyable reading
Hey all Zags in Seattle, Von Trapps moves tonight. (Capitol Hill)
View the The real Von Trapps photo gallery on Yahoo News Canada. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.
the only analyst to accurately predict Von Trapps to top Group G // ESPN World Cup Group Predictions
And the movie is historically inaccurate for other reasons as well:
That was the best talent show performance ever! Forget those hokey Von-Trapps!
And Erica really rocks! Woo hoo! Who knew? And now it is a brother-sister routine. Practically Von Trapps.
Sound of Music Live starring Anne Hathaway, but...Captain Von Trapp must be played by James Franco. Take that Von Trapps!
yeah effectively they dress like the Von Trapps. I love German and Austrian dress so much.
Who did the real-life Von Trapps want for 'Sound of Music's' Maria? (on which I comment)
The von Trapps stop by Mills James and perform a truly inspiring a capella version of Edelweiss. August, Amanda, Melanie and Sofia von Trapp are the great gr...
Sound of Music Live 2 in the works: 'Von Trapps Do U.S'. Willie Nelson to play the Baron, Bonnie Raitt as Maria.
Even the Von Trapps thought the Sound of Music Live! and Carrie Underwood stunk!
Sneak peek at 30th-anniversary Yuletide show at the end here: (by
Who the real life Von Trapps wish could play Maria in "The Sound of Music Live"
The Real Story of the Von Trapp Family // Super interesting, if you've ever seen the film or play Sound of Music
Please share your reactions to this: the real-life Von Trapps pan portrayal of Maria
Tila Tequila rooted against the Von Trapps in the sound of music & was quickly hired as Cinicinatti Reds GM
.gesticulating like Mariah Carey? These are a few of my favorite things. My review for
.Yuletide rings in the holidays—and do see a special note at the end of this review (by
wouldn't have guessed there was such a gap in or years. Go Heels. Go America. Von Trapps
Yep the real Von Trapps settled in New Hampshire(?) & operated a hotel for a while
“von Trapps, all dressed up and ready to...march. Live on Dec 5th!
I love humans more than characters: “the story of the von Trapp family was probably something closer to human,...
Maria loved Von Trapps not b/c they were lovable but b/c they were unlovable. Love enemies 2 make them lovable.
Hmmm upon first impresstion, I'm underwhelmed by Mr. Von Trapps voice...but what do I know? My nephew always tells me "no" when I sing.
the Von Trapps are the Jackson family of Nazi Germany
Review: Yuletide rings in the holidays in spectacular fashion (by
The sound of music. Separating the facts from fiction.
The one and only Von Trapps of Prey!
she did an amazing job that no other could do. Big big shoes to fill. She brought back the music of The Von Trapps! Thank you
thank you for bringing back the music of The Von Trapps! My heart is happy this week
Who was the Von Trapp's choice to play Maria in the The Sound of Music Live!? Answer here:
So it wasn't just me who thought Carrie Underwood did horribly in Sound of Music & whoa Von Trapp family does exist?!
.Von Trapps, and more star in Yuletide (by
Jack Hanna stopped by Mills James today with the Von Trapp Family
If you sing in public, you better own it! Don't sit in the corner whispering. Be the Von Trapps!
Mary J Blidge singing The Sound of Music? Weird maybe she's re-releasing Family Affair to be about the Von Trapps?
Jack Hanna sings with The von Trapps via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The von Trapps need to give it a rest. It is a fictionalized musical play based on the Maria von Trapp's autobiography. Its not the bible.
Wasn't it a conflict of interest for Max to be so involved w/ the music festival and also to manage the Von Trapps?
I was kinda disappointed when they weren't in the Sound of Music sketch on SNL. :( The Von Trapps can have 5 Kurts, right?
*the Von trapps casually flee the country*
we've always called ourselves The Hardcore Von Trapps.
The Real Story of the Von Trapp Family on which the movie the [
if you like the von Trapps gone wild, check out this spoof, THESE HILLS ARE ALIVE:
Plus: Bruce and Laura Dern, Von Trapps & “Alfie”. read more
The story of the real family von Trapp
world cup map+odometer from Italian media, not optimal for the Von Trapps ...
should get down The Kings Head in Buckingham
Hello, greetings, gudentag, good day. With all the collective enthusiasm of the Von trapps, working week: we're ready for you.
the Von Trapps wanted Anne Hathaway to play Maria, not Carrie Underwood? Ouch.
Who the Von Trapps wish could replace Carrie Underwood in "The Sound of Music Live":
Ok so I DVR'd the Sound of Music last night and played the first few scenes for Gabby before school this morning. By the time she left, she was marching like the Von Trapps and dancing all over the kitchen to Do Re Mi! I see musicals and stage performances in our future! :) Now I need to get a hold of the Julie Andrews version!!
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Interesting read that the surviving members of the Von Trapps were almost going to boycott the live performance of Sound of Music because of Carrie Underwood because of her lack of acting talents in favor of Anne Hathaway.
Dr. King and the Dream... The other night I learend that a remake of "the sound of music" was going to be made, and a competition show had been made to cast the movie. Among the competing families for the role of the Von Trapp family was a talented black family. Unavoidably I began to wonder about the "historical" legitimacy of a black family playing the Von Trapps since they were Austrian nobility (Baron) and wondered if there had ever been any black nobles in the Austrian court. A moment later, I thought about Dr. King and thought: Would it not be wonderful if I had never even stopped to muse over the race of an actor playing the role over a historical set? And just focus in their ability to actually act only? Can you imagine the day, say Samuel Jackson could play Abraham Lincoln and no one would think anything but how good a job he did in portraying Abe? Or imagine Matt Damon portraying Dr. King and once more no one would mind save to judge how well he acted? Can you imagine the day a black actor can p ...
That's disappointing. Here I was thinking Michele Bachman had said something stupid about the Von Trapps.
When left we dressed up like Von Trapps and sang "So Long, Farewell." I was Gretel. Role of my life.
"You remember the end of the movie version of The Sound of Music: They hide in the abbey, where Gretl wants to sing about their favorite things, and Julie Andrews kindly but firmly tells her that this is not a good time. (Babies were smothered in the Warsaw Ghetto for less. I’m just saying.) Then Rolf finds them and Christopher Plummer, at his drunkest and most devastatingly handsome, makes him question his heterosexuality in the cemetery until he has no choice but to blow his Freudian whistle of sublimated desire and it’s Dachau for the lot of them — except the nuns somehow know how to take the battery out of the Nazi car and the Von Trapps are able to escape." -Vulture
No but I've heard of the Von Trapps, who were once played on John Peel as never tires of telling me.
Jon Brockman and Spencer Hawes at Von Trapps, just another weekend in
Mixed bag for me after Semi final 1. I correctly predicted 6 of the qualifiers, but my personal top three all went out. Here’s my thoughts on Semi final 2. These are in order of my personal preference.   1. Norway -  As Julie Andrews didn’t sing: “Reverberating bass lines and dodgy translations, stormtrooper dresses and minimal stagings, 80’s revivals with dark hints of strings; these are a few of my favourite things.” Though if she’d been a Eurovision fan with similar tastes to mine, she might well have done (though of course, ‘stormtrooper dresses’ might have meant something different to the Von Trapps). Norway has all of these favourite things of mine, so goes in top of my list for the second semi. I think for once Europe will share my view on this one. Qualification prospects: Nailed On   2. Greece - Lovely stuff from Greece here. Something to get people moving in your seats. High tempo, brass and up strokes combine lovely with some traditional elements, so much as this reminds me o ...
Don't forget the Porter Family in Concert at the Townsend Hall tomorrow at 2.30pm An eclectic mix of music from Classical to Contemporary. You may or may not hear tunes from Scott Joplin, Telemann, Gershwin, Marvin Gaye, Little Walter, John Mayer, Hamilton Loomis and Jungle Book "More like The Simpsons than the Von Trapps" Tickets £10 in advance from Clarke Electrical, Shipston-on-Stour or on the door Internal Teas and Cakes in aid of St. Edmunds Church
Julie Andrews, with whole casts of the Von Trapps, minus Christopher Plummer. Still kickin'...! [vid] —
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