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Von Maur

Von Maur is an upscale specialty department store chain with stores located in the Midwestern United States and newly expansion stores in the Southern United States.

Eastview Mall Michael Kors Iowa City Vineyard Vines Brooks Brothers

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Shop our Pink Fantasy set at Von Maur at
My roommate is on the homepage on the Von Maur website, so that's cool. πŸ’πŸ‘‘πŸ‘—
Work got me thinkin bout doin a von Maur spree
at least they asked for goodwill not Von Maur
That was just a joke. I hate the mall. But Von Maur is kind of like a fancy hotel. Very relaxing. Live piano.
Well, if you think Von Maur is heaven, then yes! (Von Maur could be heaven, I think.)
go on this store site, Von Maur, they b having some on sale
let's put it on the Von Maur charge
Girlfriend is 24 dollars for the big bottle at Von Maur I'm stocking up
it does always seem packed. I always hit up Von Maur.
heads up: don't get into Von Maur like this. you will not be accepted.
Sorry Faith, I said I saw U at the last month. It was last year at Von Maur. I was nervous while filming it LOL
Freshman year Homecoming: "Omg I'm going to get a nice dress from Von Maur!". Senior year Homecoming: "Ugh I'll find a dress in my closet."
Oh my gosh Von maur has their Christmas stuff out😍😍😍 and the whole section smells like cookiesπŸ‘
Skater Skirts are trending this season and has got you covered.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I could live in the Von Maur bathroom
no it's called a Von Maur credit card so bye
Walked into Von Maur with no money and left with a new bag. Funny how that happens far too often
This fall. hit the mall. do not stall. To Von Maur. on the hour. to find NelliDesigns. candles honoring canines
is that skirt from Von Maur. awk if it isnt but I think I have it in gold
There's already a Christmas display set up in Von Maur πŸ˜³πŸ˜‹
If anyone wants to come visit me in dresses upstairs at Von Maur tonight feel free 😳😳😳
Discover the new contemporary British floral from Burberry at Von Maur. Shop now >
Tomorrow is the last day for the Von Maur Gold Toe Sale! Get 25% off all full-priced Gold Toe purchases.
do you guys want to go to Von maur (jakes voice)?!?
Holiday 2014.excited to say, we'll be getting our wag on at Von Maur ~ HoHoHo, hounds!
I like Von Maur but I don't wanna drive 40 minutes to get to it...
any department store. I always had luck at Kohl's and Von Maur for decent pricing and not slutty
I miss working at perimeter bc I miss being right next to Von Maur. πŸ˜₯
of COURSE von maur is closed. why wouldn't they be?
Happy Labor Day! We will be closed Monday, September 1st so that our employees may enjoy the holiday.
same here!! Working a lot and getting ready to go to Florida next month. Are you still at dreadful Von Maur? Lol
The Von Maur women's lounge is my happy place.
Update: I have been asked to leave Von maur
In Von maur w my hands in this really fury coat bc they're cold and the lady keeps asking if I need help
Today's outfit brought to you by Von Maur. πŸ’‹πŸ‘Œ
Von maur. That's where I got mine from
Von maur never called me back lol. I'm not surprised, I was driving & that was my first interview ever.
Von maur seriously has the best service than Dillard's πŸ’„
Literally just walked from the forever side of the mall to the von maur side. But from the outside 😩
to me, ks saturday to me is a day at the mall and Von Maur and looking at the gorgeous KS bags!!
Took a little shopping trip to the mall. Finally used my gift card to Von Maur. Found a full outfit…
Me and Olivia just went on a shopping spree at Von Maur and The Buckle😳
The struggle is real because I want to take a nap but I also want to go to Von Maur ❓❔⁉️
and I walked past the highly attractive pianist at Von Maur over 5 times today
The Von Maur at Westroads has a hella fancy bathroom
"πŸ˜’, so are they there? Which store? Von Maur?"yeah dummy. you know which size, store, and ones. THANKS LOVE YOU😘
That awkward moment when the bathrooms in Von Maur are nicer than your entire house
I can't wait to be done working at Von Maur. It's so exhausting.
my mom wants me to work at Von maur. Oh
Did somebody say Our latest offerings from and
why would you do that though? You can go to Von Maur and but a Nike golf belt for $22
Inventory at Von Maur is cake compared to Victoria's secret actually everything here is cake compared to vs
Can someone teach me piano? I can't read music and don't have a piano, but we'll use the fancy piano at Von Maur. Ppl may get bad but idc
S/o to Von Maur & Dillards for catching all you dummies
there's one left that I saw in size 7 1/2 at von maur for $34!
Von Maur. It's white and gold. Not all gold
hey i know a few people I know applied at von maur, how many of you actually got in?
Kennedy was POOPED from mommy doing errands today, and on that note Von maur has the LUSHEST grass.
Went to Von Maur and didn't see for the first time ever.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I always get kicked out of Von maur. For just going in to ride the escalators.. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
The people in Von Maur know me by name...
Trying on her dress over her clothes in Von Maur πŸ˜‚
Jaxon just asked if Von maur was my favorite store .. Why yes
Von Maur is starting to become my weakness.. oh boy am I in trouble 😞
Was gonna get a job at Von Maur until I found out you can't have piercings.
I can't ever go to Von Maur without spending all of my money
Congrats on your a new anchor. is set to open spring 2015!
My grandma has unlimited credit at Von Maur now πŸ˜’
Need me I'll be at Von Maur until 5pm tomorrow ✌️
My mama birthday is wed. So between today & tmrw I have to go get her gift..Buut idk her work schedule & I have to get it from Von MaurπŸ˜‘πŸ˜©
bdubs use to do that all the time I hated it. At von Maur now I don't got out any later than 9:30 πŸ‘Œ
New PARIS collection coming soon to all Von Maur stores! Created from a vintage Eiffel Tower locket!
Too many cute sun dresses at Von maur that I can't afford 😭😒
Please tell me why Von Maur already has Halloween stuff out... πŸ˜‘
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Thanks, Von Maur, for complimenting me on the way I dress.
I have fallen in love with the Von Maur sales rack. Oh my.
sometimes I go to Von Maur just to sit and listen to the piano playing and take in the beauty of shopping πŸ’Ž
I'm just going to take up classical piano and become the old guy who plays in Von Maur. I think its the only direction in life at this point
Ummm so we got locked in Von Maur...
Not that I was going through my picture and starting laughing at our amazement of Von Maur "ladies…
Von Maur bathrooms putting other bathrooms to shame
I wanna get paid to buy that shirt I saw at Von maur today! 😍
Just got hit an old lady working at Von Maur. Good start to my Saturday night.
Yeah I only go in Von Maur to play in the bathrooms
Dear old man dancing to the piano in Von Maur-. You're adorable and I love you.
So crowded at perimeter. If anyone's coming here. Park at Von Maur
Ladies & gentlemen, this next tune will transport you to the relaxing atmosphere of a Von Maur lounge/bathroom
the little old lady playing the piano at Von Maur is playing Royals right now
Von Maur sale racks are my new weakness
Don't Stop came on in Von Maur and I got excited
Von Maur has basically everything on sale. Okay.
At a rehearsal dinner last night and the bride is handing out pictures of her baby. It's an invite for 1st B-day. Registered at Von Maur.
Did some retail therapy today and I was very naughty. Sephora, MAC, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Von Maur and Lord & Taylor was a bad combo!
I might as well sleep at von maur. I'm always working😜
Michael Kors bags at Von Maur make my heart go thumpity thump
My mom just asked a von Maur employee if this logo was a dead pig. They corrected her and said it's a dead sheep.
Stopped at Von Maur today, but no was there to serrenade my heart.
Check out the adorable Nadia in this Von Maur Back to School commercial! She's chasing the chicks and in several...
Shopping for my onerepublic outfit and they come on in Von Maur? 😍
After all this craziness in my life it's time for some retail therapy! Von Maur here I come
Gettin judged for walking into Von maur with white trash clothes
Iowa River Landing. Right on the corner towards Von Maur
Let me go ahead pay on this Von Maur card before they start calling me πŸ˜’
Iowa City mall finds new anchor store to replace Von Maur.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
ICYMI: grocer opening in as new anchor of Replaces Von Maur
Going to be buying him Von Maur wrinkle free dress shirts because the grey one I got him at Christmas looks like a crumpled piece of paper.
Von Maur in St.Louis playing some old Daft Punk throughout the store... Think I just found the best Von Maur ever.
we should make shoplifting Bingo cards: Phil's, all the Walmarts, Shopko x2, Scheels, Von Maur, HyVee…
A rainy Monday means we will work out at Eastview Mall! See you at 9 in front of Von Maur!
I just wanna go buy stuff. We went in Von maur And saw these burberry sunglasses I ned. 😍
No need to comb away clumps with the power of Lancome’s Grandiose Mascara coming August 6th
OWN IT makes EID fabulous! Our entire collection will be available at VON MAUR from now on. Visit us at VON MAUR...
If I could I would by the whole juniors section at Von Maur πŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸŽ€
Von Maur already got Halloween stuff out 😐 can I finish summer tho
Picking out my outfits for the weekend 😏 (at
Newest Von Maur pianist...playing the theme song to Halloween
How I know I'm old: I get lost in Von Maur.
I have now decided I don't care for *** or Von Maur. Switching to Scheels and Dillards
There's a high school boy dressed in a Pikachu costume standing outside of Von Maur... i don't think i wanna know.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Von Maur wants to interview me, I am living the good life rn
Tara and Whitney want the same pair of Sperrys. Smacks thrown in Von Maur.
Von Maur just got Alex and Ani as a new vendor and they're all obsessed and I'm all here like, that's soo 3 years ago...πŸ’
MY FAVORITE!! Have you ever been to Dry Goods there? It's by Von Maur except only juniors clothes! Love it!
In Von Maur with syd. We walked into the bathroom "is this real life. I feel like I'm in France" πŸ˜‚
at Von Maur with my dad cause he makes me come with him whenever he needs advice on clothes or shoes lolz
Great convo.Usury is interest in any amount. No usury such as Von Maur store = 0 interest even if you carry a bal
Guy at von maur messed up and I got it half price 😍😍😍
I love the spinning chairs at Von maur
Watching this 60yr women taking selfies on snapchat at Von maur is making me really contemplate life.
there called sweat shorts I got them at Von Maur πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Someone please come to brew top right behind Von maur on 135th ill buy first round
seriously. It's much worse in person. I can't believe the buyer from Von Maur even put it in the store.
its the soothing pianist. I love vonmaurs pianist
I imagine heaven is a lot like Von Maur.
Update your maps at Navteq
I just have to walk into Von Maur and all my worries slip away
The amount of money I could spend in Von Maur is slightly ridiculous.
I just want to buy everything in Von Maur
Von Maur has them. Too bad there isn't one down your way.
Found a new favorite store Very clean, great customer service, the whole package!
Teared up a little at the Von maur in Iowa City today 😳😁
Jw why couples find it acceptable to lay down together on the couches in Von Maur?
First time in Von Maur and so in love!
Von Maur needs to calm it with the Halloween decor
Why does all the Von Maur workers know my mom by name πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ‘Œ
the Von Maur in Iowa City is heaven. πŸ’•πŸ‘—πŸ‘ 
Von Maur such a cool as place to shop at. I feel like I'm on TV everytime I come in here
Cowgirl boots with Georgia Tech logo in Von Maur. Ew.
Heaven is a place where the least horrible public restrooms you have to deal with are in a Von Maur.
Von Maur to the rescue when you forget your bag of shoes up north!
My AM went to an interview today in jeans and a tshirt. At Von Maur. JEANS. And a TSHIRT. What a joke.
New professional goal: Learn how to play the piano, so I can become the Von Maur piano player.
waiting for you to say "ill be waiting in front of the Von Maur entrance at NPM" BC THATS THE MALL I GO TO AND EXUHBHEDG
I spent 4 hours at 12 oaks and couldn't find a single thing I like, go to Von Maur..I find literally 100 things in an hour.
I forgot how much I love Von Maur, one of my favorite stores.
Von Maur is a bad bad place for Brooklyn and I.
You should actually be clapped out of Von maur if you walk out without buying anything
Having a piano player during your shopping experience at Von Maur really does make it that much better.
"They don't have a piano player here. Von Maur has a piano player there at all times" -
Von Maur! I originally was looking for Hunter boots but I fell in love lol
Located off of I-235 in West Des Moines.Valley West Mall is a great shopping destination for everything you're looking for. Anchored by JC Penney, Von Maur, and Younkers, Valley West Mall offers over 135 specialty stores.
Lane Bryant is relocating temporarily across from Von Maur - at the corner of Magnolia and Juniper. Visit them today!!!
Pittsford woman charged with grand larceny at Von Maur in Eastview Mall
A Pittsford woman was charged Friday, Dec. 27, by Ontario County sheriff's deputies with fourth-degree grand larceny.Deputies allege Gabrielle A. Sabuncu, 18, of 3660 Monroe Ave., Apt. 11, stole merchandise with a total value of $1,458, from Von Maur in Eastview Mall in Victor.She was issued an appe...
Need a fabulous new outfit for New Year's Eve? Check out our Von Maur, Michael Kors, Francesca's Collections, Ann Taylor, White House Black Market or Brooks Brothers for something oh so stylish! Planning to stay in with friends or family? Visit Go! Calendars and Games (in the Lord & Taylor Wing) or Toys R Us Express for great games (and don't forget a sweet take-home treat from Marble Slab Creamery). :-) Wishing you a fun (and safe) start to 2014!
To all of my friends that work at Eastview Mall just an FYI... Police are still searching for a man that threatened to shoot up Von Maur. He was released from a mental hospital earlier this week, went to Von Maur and purchased $400 in gift cards with a bad check and started using them immediately. This concerned the store so they called about the check to find out it was bad. They cancelled the gift cards and the guy said he was going to come in and shoot up the store. From what I've heard he is very dangerous and violent, his own mother has a restraining order against him because she is terrified of him. He has a warrant out for his arrest and they have police patrolling the mall and on Dewey Ave where he lives.
Shopping at Von Maur in Eastview Mall their customer service in their store is excellent! Makes shopping fun especially this time of year!
I must say Von Maur in Eden prairie is an amazing place during Christmas time
The lady at Von Maur thought I stole from the Chanel sample lipsticks.. Uh pretty sure I don't want lipstick people have tried on.
Von Maur is beyond fab. A man playing the piano, fire places. Talk about experiential marketing at its finest.
They sell Vineyard Vines at Von Maur right next to the shoes you're welcome
Hilariously awesome that Von Maur has a pianist playing at pretty mch all times. Classiest store Ive ever been in just to go to the bathroom
I was looking at buying a new sweater, but Von Maur has lost their dang mind with their prices! I walked out quick.
Thanx! So excited. Jusr saw Richie in Chicago at Von Maur.
Who's looking forward to Von Maur's opening this weekend, and the other shops coming to Eastview Mall?
VICTOR β€” Upscale retailer Von Maur marks its foray into the Northeast with the opening of its 27th store at Eastview Mall in Victor next week, and its arrival is seen as a boost for not only Eastview but for all of Ontario County.Von Maur, based in Davenport, Iowa, has stores in Chicago, Detroit and...
A 39-year-old woman was cited earlier this month for stealing $650 worth of clothes from Von Maur at Westroads Mall.
It's a beautiful fall day here at the Von Maur Corporate Office!
Von Maur seriously pays a guy to sit in there and play piano.
We are very happy to hear this! Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in the future.
Thank you for resolving my issue quickly and effectively! :) I remain a loyal customer!
Anyone looking for a job for the season Von Maur is hiring. Hmu and I'll get you set up.
In Eden Prairie to see Enough Said. James Gandolfini and Julie Louis Dreyfess. Almost sustained a career ending injury... Running my packages out to the car and I twisted my ankle.spent a little too much time in clothing at Von Maur. Will have to hit the shoes after
is looking for Pianists for its Galleria location! To apply:
I love it when my mom takes me to Von Maur 😊
Got the cutest little presant from my aunt today from Von Maur 😍
It's Ditch the bright colors & choose a warm color for fall instead!
There are creepy Santa statues all over Von Maur already.
I seriously spend all my money at Von maur and Shi 😩
Von Maur getting ready to open in Eastview Mall
is still looking for Pianists for its Riverchase Galleria location! To apply:
We are very sorry to hear this. Please email us at VonMaurFBas we would like further information.
they're from Von Maur but they're Steve Madden!
Will and Marco don't know what Von Maur is either... Wut
Morgan doesn't know what Von Maur is.
someone give Yoko a laxative. She looks like she needs one badly.
just hit Von Maur & Dillards though.. I mean I wear what I find comfortable & apparently the ladies love it.
Hopefully i can get a job at Von Maur πŸ‘Œ
Why does this young couple think the customer service area in Von maur is a good place to make out?
Just about dropped my panties for the most beautiful man ever in Von maur. Nbd.
Just got a job at Von maur as a seasonal gift wrapper!!🎁
Von Maur has sweaters on sale... my bank account is about to be in trouble
Von Maur chose Salisbury House for their 2013 Fall Shoe Photo Shoot! Click here to check out their video:...
I like listening to piano music whilst I pick out my clothes. That way I can pretend that I'm in Von Maur and am fancy.
Shopping Scene: sees success by design .
I want to say thank you to all the people who came out to Von Maur in Omaha for book signing yesterday.
$BOCH Shopping Scene: Von Maur sees success by design
Shopping Scene: Von Maur sees success by design
Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Von Maur, Macy's; Macy's, J. Crew, Subway, Starbucks. Speedshopping for a jacket with the spouse at two malls.
I'm hanging out with infamous piano player from Von Maur
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I can take you shopping at Von Maur? 😏
** the pianist at Von Maur was playing the song I was named after, that's a sign ☺️
Took Dawson out and about, first shopping trip...went to Von Maur of course! πŸ‘ΆπŸ’‹πŸ’³
So a lady brought her dog in a stroller into Von Maur.
2mins in Von Maur turn into 1hr later "pick me up from jcpenny"
Join us in welcoming our new boutique Molly Green! They're located on Level 1 next to Starbucks and Von Maur.
two facts about life; 1. i don't ever plan on making a purchase at Von Maur. 2 i will however always utilize their restrooms
Thanks to everyone who came out to the book signing at Von Maur! Great turnout!
me too...I never go there and it was mayhem.had to run to von maur and jcp.
Walking into Von Maur makes me feel like royalty.
High-end retailer Von Maur arriving at Eastview Mall in Victor
I just saw a dress at von maur that is now 75%off. Yep, I paid full price four months ago.
OMG!! The piano player at Von Maur is playing Billy Joel.
There appears to be some sort of car show going on in the parking lot of the Von Maur. Yep.
Became a supervisor at Kmart at age 18.. Now I'm 20 and I'll be a department manager at Von Maur.. ^_^
My dad is walking around Von Maur looking to see if they have anything camo
Forcing myself to go to bathroom just cause I'm at Von Maur
Laughing at the fact that Platos closet considered one of my jeans 'low grade' when they came from Von Maur lol KK
My poor Von Maur account got hit hard today! πŸ’°πŸŽ€
My mom wanted me to shop at discount stores and then was like let's go to Von Maur what in the world mother...
just saw our girl Jackie at Von Maur again for the millionth timeπŸ˜‚
Flashing my bewbz at the lingerie gals in Von Maur wo
If you're going to come to Von Maur just to complain that it's not as great as you thought it would be, please leave. No one cares
Complete madness near the Von maur entrance. Teen vogue no no.
Come to Von maur today to watch me and other models walk in the teen vogue fashion show!There's also be cool prizes and free henna tattoos!
Everybody come see a free fashion show at westroads in the lower lobby of von maur today there's 2 more shows, be there or be square!😜
Why is there no Vineyard Vines in Von Maur? 😒
On my way to the new von maur...this could be potentially very dangerous.
Lol ladies in von maur looking at me like I should die.
please say you have a day off! I'm taking a shopping trip to Iowa City! The new Von Maur opened! How can you say no?!
Because I'll be damned if I pay over $100 for it when it hits Von Maur and Lord & Taylor. NOPE!!
Very disappointed to walk into the restroom at Von maur and not find a guy holding a towl
The look the lady gave me today in the Von Maur parking garage>>>
Like a boss! Just stole the mayorship of on Crown me!
Successfully shopped in each department of Von Maur in 15 minutes.
In love with my new clothes thank you Francesca's & from Von Maur 😍😍😍😍
Are you rockin' a butterlondon manicure this weekend? @ Von Maur…
Von maur has the cutest homecoming dresses out. I wish i still had reasons to dress up all fancy
Just became Boy's Department Manager for the new store opening in the I'm excited !!! ^_^
There's few things in life I enjoy as much as spending all my money at Von Maur
We are very happy to hear this. Thank you both for your kind words.
and are currently going on a shopping spree at Von Maur followed by a trip to the sunroom to tan.
I go to the place on metcalf by Von Maur. Just becauase it's literally down the street from me. They're good though!
Thank you for sharing this photo with us! We love it.
It's that time of year, again! Show your school spirit with our collegiate apparel. Who are you…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I like walking in at von maur because I know the food court is right under.
Do you think Von Maur would get mad if I just started playing Old McDonald Had a Farm on the piano?
Von Maur told me that they were hiring but I'm not getting a Job any time soon so you could apply online there! :)
I've bought four pairs of shoes from Von Maur in the last week... Someone needs to stop me.
Yes got my full time cosmetic position at Von Maur!! πŸ‘
The piano player at Von maur was playing Santa babyπŸ˜‚
Had to explain what a *** is in the dressing room at Von maur
Von Maur is gonna be better than lord and Taylor I'm thinkin I need to get in there to see what that discount be like
Look preppy in plaid or sleek in black with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Backpack.
Road trips to Iowa City to shop at the new Von Maur>>>
I only use the rest room at Von Maur when I'm at the mall cause it makes me feel so fancy
sharing As Von Maur closes, Sycamore Mall will have to get creative - The Gazette: Eastern Io..
a dress a skirt and cute shirt or a Jean jacket and a top from von maur and leggings and Moses sandals
has registered for the Career Fair, Seeking candidates for Executive Training Program
Von Maur? Must remember not to shop there again.
I need to find where I can get one, the only things still open in our mall is the theater and Von Maur
they're at the Von Maur in Davenport!
Totally looking into it as well. Would it be at Von Maur?
Another round at Von Maur, another load spent.
Von Maur's shoe selection is subpar right now. 😒
I was in Von Maur Store today shopping.. when the Lord Opened up a door for me to share about the new Product.
Why must I be addicted to Von Maur /:
Oh dear, It's a serious problem when the shoe salesmen at Von Maur greet you with "Haven't seen you in here in a while!". It's been 2 weeks.
intern with cardamon in Von Maur. You'd learn just as much!
As soon as that clock hits 5:00 I'm headed straight to Von Maur. Need some retail therapy stat.
Woman charged with stealing from Von Maur - The Daily Iowan: A Coralville woman has been charged after alleged...
What are your favourite shops? β€” Rue/Forever 21 , Von Maur , sports authority , etc
to the mutha FUGGIN Von maur of hickory point mall Forsyth, Illinois ray-ban booth,Assistant Mary joe 18 years of service
This Lady in von maur today said that my 10 month old little brother that he had some of the best baby hair she's seen...
lol, you know they straight from Von maur ..You better stop wearing them fake foams and forces from them Arabs outta shorty's
I think that it's a good excuse to go shopping since Von Maur finally opened in Coralville.
Von Maur is my happy place, and when you start constantly dreaming about your happy place, you must go.
Started working in Jewelry at Von Maur tonight. . . !!! πŸŽ€πŸ’ŽπŸ’™
Homecoming dress from 10th grade, purchased at Von Maur in 2002. No idea why it lasted through so many…
My aunt bought a $150 pair of wedges at Von Maur, and yet she won't let me get my organic milk when she's here because its "too expensive".
Fancy bathroom, not so fancy girlfriend @ Von Maur, Towne East Square
The new Von Maur will be my second home
The new Von Maur is all that I thought it would be! And then some.
If you are one of those creeps who sit in Von Maur and wait to cat call on several girls. I would like to personally tell you to get a life.
Beyond excited to be at the new Von Maur tomorrow!
My auntie is setting me up for failure taking me to von maur
I love that my mom gets a discount at Von Maur!
Thank God I now have 2 friends that work at Von Maur.
when im retired I'm gonna be the lady at Von Maur that plays the piano.
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