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Von Maur

Von Maur is an upscale specialty department store chain with stores located in the Midwestern United States and newly expansion stores in the Southern United States.

Eastview Mall Eden Prairie Brooks Brothers Vineyard Vines

Located off of I-235 in West Des Moines.Valley West Mall is a great shopping destination for everything you're looking for. Anchored by JC Penney, Von Maur, and Younkers, Valley West Mall offers over 135 specialty stores.
Lane Bryant is relocating temporarily across from Von Maur - at the corner of Magnolia and Juniper. Visit them today!!!
Pittsford woman charged with grand larceny at Von Maur in Eastview Mall
A Pittsford woman was charged Friday, Dec. 27, by Ontario County sheriff's deputies with fourth-degree grand larceny.Deputies allege Gabrielle A. Sabuncu, 18, of 3660 Monroe Ave., Apt. 11, stole merchandise with a total value of $1,458, from Von Maur in Eastview Mall in Victor.She was issued an appe...
Need a fabulous new outfit for New Year's Eve? Check out our Von Maur, Michael Kors, Francesca's Collections, Ann Taylor, White House Black Market or Brooks Brothers for something oh so stylish! Planning to stay in with friends or family? Visit Go! Calendars and Games (in the Lord & Taylor Wing) or Toys R Us Express for great games (and don't forget a sweet take-home treat from Marble Slab Creamery). :-) Wishing you a fun (and safe) start to 2014!
To all of my friends that work at Eastview Mall just an FYI... Police are still searching for a man that threatened to shoot up Von Maur. He was released from a mental hospital earlier this week, went to Von Maur and purchased $400 in gift cards with a bad check and started using them immediately. This concerned the store so they called about the check to find out it was bad. They cancelled the gift cards and the guy said he was going to come in and shoot up the store. From what I've heard he is very dangerous and violent, his own mother has a restraining order against him because she is terrified of him. He has a warrant out for his arrest and they have police patrolling the mall and on Dewey Ave where he lives.
Shopping at Von Maur in Eastview Mall their customer service in their store is excellent! Makes shopping fun especially this time of year!
I must say Von Maur in Eden Prairie is an amazing place during Christmas time
The lady at Von Maur thought I stole from the Chanel sample lipsticks.. Uh pretty sure I don't want lipstick people have tried on.
Von Maur is beyond fab. A man playing the piano, fire places. Talk about experiential marketing at its finest.
They sell Vineyard Vines at Von Maur right next to the shoes you're welcome
Hilariously awesome that Von Maur has a pianist playing at pretty mch all times. Classiest store Ive ever been in just to go to the bathroom
I was looking at buying a new sweater, but Von Maur has lost their dang mind with their prices! I walked out quick.
Thanx! So excited. Jusr saw Richie in Chicago at Von Maur.
Who's looking forward to Von Maur's opening this weekend, and the other shops coming to Eastview Mall?
VICTOR β€” Upscale retailer Von Maur marks its foray into the Northeast with the opening of its 27th store at Eastview Mall in Victor next week, and its arrival is seen as a boost for not only Eastview but for all of Ontario County.Von Maur, based in Davenport, Iowa, has stores in Chicago, Detroit and...
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A 39-year-old woman was cited earlier this month for stealing $650 worth of clothes from Von Maur at Westroads Mall.
It's a beautiful fall day here at the Von Maur Corporate Office!
Von Maur seriously pays a guy to sit in there and play piano.
We are very happy to hear this! Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in the future.
Thank you for resolving my issue quickly and effectively! :) I remain a loyal customer!
Anyone looking for a job for the season Von Maur is hiring. Hmu and I'll get you set up.
In Eden Prairie to see Enough Said. James Gandolfini and Julie Louis Dreyfess. Almost sustained a career ending injury... Running my packages out to the car and I twisted my ankle.spent a little too much time in clothing at Von Maur. Will have to hit the shoes after
is looking for Pianists for its Galleria location! To apply:
I love it when my mom takes me to Von Maur 😊
Got the cutest little presant from my aunt today from Von Maur 😍
It's Ditch the bright colors & choose a warm color for fall instead!
There are creepy Santa statues all over Von Maur already.
I seriously spend all my money at Von maur and Shi 😩
Von Maur getting ready to open in Eastview Mall
is still looking for Pianists for its Riverchase Galleria location! To apply:
We are very sorry to hear this. Please email us at VonMaurFBas we would like further information.
they're from Von Maur but they're Steve Madden!
Will and Marco don't know what Von Maur is either... Wut
Morgan doesn't know what Von Maur is.
someone give Yoko a laxative. She looks like she needs one badly.
just hit Von Maur & Dillards though.. I mean I wear what I find comfortable & apparently the ladies love it.
Hopefully i can get a job at Von Maur πŸ‘Œ
Why does this young couple think the customer service area in Von maur is a good place to make out?
Just about dropped my panties for the most beautiful man ever in Von maur. Nbd.
Just got a job at Von maur as a seasonal gift wrapper!!🎁
Von Maur has sweaters on sale... my bank account is about to be in trouble
Von Maur chose Salisbury House for their 2013 Fall Shoe Photo Shoot! Click here to check out their video:...
I like listening to piano music whilst I pick out my clothes. That way I can pretend that I'm in Von Maur and am fancy.
Shopping Scene: sees success by design .
I want to say thank you to all the people who came out to Von Maur in Omaha for book signing yesterday.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
$BOCH Shopping Scene: Von Maur sees success by design
Shopping Scene: Von Maur sees success by design
Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Von Maur, Macy's; Macy's, J. Crew, Subway, Starbucks. Speedshopping for a jacket with the spouse at two malls.
I'm hanging out with infamous piano player from Von Maur
I can take you shopping at Von Maur? 😏
** the pianist at Von Maur was playing the song I was named after, that's a sign ☺️
Took Dawson out and about, first shopping trip...went to Von Maur of course! πŸ‘ΆπŸ’‹πŸ’³
So a lady brought her dog in a stroller into Von Maur.
2mins in Von Maur turn into 1hr later "pick me up from jcpenny"
Join us in welcoming our new boutique Molly Green! They're located on Level 1 next to Starbucks and Von Maur.
two facts about life; 1. i don't ever plan on making a purchase at Von Maur. 2 i will however always utilize their restrooms
Thanks to everyone who came out to the book signing at Von Maur! Great turnout!
me too...I never go there and it was mayhem.had to run to von maur and jcp.
Walking into Von Maur makes me feel like royalty.
High-end retailer Von Maur arriving at Eastview Mall in Victor
I just saw a dress at von maur that is now 75%off. Yep, I paid full price four months ago.
OMG!! The piano player at Von Maur is playing Billy Joel.
There appears to be some sort of car show going on in the parking lot of the Von Maur. Yep.
Became a supervisor at Kmart at age 18.. Now I'm 20 and I'll be a department manager at Von Maur.. ^_^
My dad is walking around Von Maur looking to see if they have anything camo
Forcing myself to go to bathroom just cause I'm at Von Maur
Laughing at the fact that Platos closet considered one of my jeans 'low grade' when they came from Von Maur lol KK
My poor Von Maur account got hit hard today! πŸ’°πŸŽ€
My mom wanted me to shop at discount stores and then was like let's go to Von Maur what in the world mother...
just saw our girl Jackie at Von Maur again for the millionth timeπŸ˜‚
Flashing my bewbz at the lingerie gals in Von Maur wo
If you're going to come to Von Maur just to complain that it's not as great as you thought it would be, please leave. No one cares
Complete madness near the Von maur entrance. Teen vogue no no.
Come to Von maur today to watch me and other models walk in the teen vogue fashion show!There's also be cool prizes and free henna tattoos!
Everybody come see a free fashion show at westroads in the lower lobby of von maur today there's 2 more shows, be there or be square!😜
Why is there no Vineyard Vines in Von Maur? 😒
On my way to the new von maur...this could be potentially very dangerous.
Lol ladies in von maur looking at me like I should die.
please say you have a day off! I'm taking a shopping trip to Iowa city! The new Von Maur opened! How can you say no?!
Because I'll be damned if I pay over $100 for it when it hits Von Maur and Lord & Taylor. NOPE!!
Very disappointed to walk into the restroom at Von maur and not find a guy holding a towl
The look the lady gave me today in the Von Maur parking garage>>>
Like a boss! Just stole the mayorship of on Crown me!
Successfully shopped in each department of Von Maur in 15 minutes.
In love with my new clothes thank you Francesca's & from Von Maur 😍😍😍😍
Are you rockin' a butterlondon manicure this weekend? @ Von Maur…
Von maur has the cutest homecoming dresses out. I wish i still had reasons to dress up all fancy
Just became Boy's Department Manager for the new store opening in the I'm excited !!! ^_^
There's few things in life I enjoy as much as spending all my money at Von Maur
We are very happy to hear this. Thank you both for your kind words.
Hamilton Collection
and are currently going on a shopping spree at Von Maur followed by a trip to the sunroom to tan.
I go to the place on metcalf by Von Maur. Just becauase it's literally down the street from me. They're good though!
Thank you for sharing this photo with us! We love it.
It's that time of year, again! Show your school spirit with our collegiate apparel. Who are you…
I like walking in at von maur because I know the food court is right under.
Do you think Von Maur would get mad if I just started playing Old McDonald Had a Farm on the piano?
Von Maur told me that they were hiring but I'm not getting a Job any time soon so you could apply online there! :)
I've bought four pairs of shoes from Von Maur in the last week... Someone needs to stop me.
Yes got my full time cosmetic position at Von Maur!! πŸ‘
The piano player at Von maur was playing Santa babyπŸ˜‚
Had to explain what a *** is in the dressing room at Von maur
Von Maur is gonna be better than lord and Taylor I'm thinkin I need to get in there to see what that discount be like
Look preppy in plaid or sleek in black with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nylon Backpack.
Road trips to Iowa city to shop at the new Von Maur>>>
I only use the rest room at Von Maur when I'm at the mall cause it makes me feel so fancy
sharing As Von Maur closes, Sycamore Mall will have to get creative - The Gazette: Eastern Io..
a dress a skirt and cute shirt or a Jean jacket and a top from von maur and leggings and Moses sandals
has registered for the Career Fair, Seeking candidates for Executive Training Program
Von Maur? Must remember not to shop there again.
I need to find where I can get one, the only things still open in our mall is the theater and Von Maur
they're at the Von Maur in Davenport!
Totally looking into it as well. Would it be at Von Maur?
Another round at Von Maur, another load spent.
Von Maur's shoe selection is subpar right now. 😒
I was in Von Maur Store today shopping.. when the Lord Opened up a door for me to share about the new Product.
Why must I be addicted to Von Maur /:
Oh dear, It's a serious problem when the shoe salesmen at Von Maur greet you with "Haven't seen you in here in a while!". It's been 2 weeks.
intern with cardamon in Von Maur. You'd learn just as much!
As soon as that clock hits 5:00 I'm headed straight to Von Maur. Need some retail therapy stat.
Woman charged with stealing from Von Maur - The Daily Iowan: A Coralville woman has been charged after alleged...
What are your favourite shops? β€” Rue/Forever 21 , Von Maur , sports authority , etc
to the mutha FUGGIN Von maur of hickory point mall Forsyth, Illinois ray-ban booth,Assistant Mary joe 18 years of service
This Lady in von maur today said that my 10 month old little brother that he had some of the best baby hair she's seen...
lol, you know they straight from Von maur ..You better stop wearing them fake foams and forces from them Arabs outta shorty's
I think that it's a good excuse to go shopping since Von Maur finally opened in Coralville.
Von Maur is my happy place, and when you start constantly dreaming about your happy place, you must go.
Started working in Jewelry at Von Maur tonight. . . !!! πŸŽ€πŸ’ŽπŸ’™
Homecoming dress from 10th grade, purchased at Von Maur in 2002. No idea why it lasted through so many…
My aunt bought a $150 pair of wedges at Von Maur, and yet she won't let me get my organic milk when she's here because its "too expensive".
Fancy bathroom, not so fancy girlfriend @ Von Maur, Towne East Square
The new Von Maur will be my second home
The new Von Maur is all that I thought it would be! And then some.
If you are one of those creeps who sit in Von Maur and wait to cat call on several girls. I would like to personally tell you to get a life.
Beyond excited to be at the new Von Maur tomorrow!
My auntie is setting me up for failure taking me to von maur
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I love that my mom gets a discount at Von Maur!
Thank God I now have 2 friends that work at Von Maur.
when im retired I'm gonna be the lady at Von Maur that plays the piano.
utilizing my GWP from this weekend at IRL
Great find! We hope you enjoy your new shorts.
High-end retailer (client) debuts at the Iowa River Landing this past weekend in Coralville, Iowa
I'm bout to get me a lil part time job at Von Maur
Von Maur asked me to come back for the holidays πŸ˜πŸ’΅
My day has officially been ruined. Thank you Von Maur.
I should get better at piano so I could play at Von Maur
β€œI am a busy mother of four but I still want to feel good about the way I look.”
I don't understand. Why can't I find a bathroom in Von Maur?! 😭
Just heard Teenagers by My Chem on 89.7 for the first time since the Von Maur shooting.
So excited about NikkiRcih and Von Maur. Nikki, did the necklace I send Richie ever turn up? Been 17 months. XO
Von Maur always makes me feel so sophisticated
The new Von Maur is nice but was it really necessary
The old guy playing the piano at Von Maur is the cutest thing ever
I'm gonna invest in some uggs this year. I said that lady year, but in just so *** cheap. I'd rather buy 40$ boots from Payless or Von Maur
Von Maur sent me a letter asking to work with them again, how many times do I have to tell them no! -_-
Went to the new Von Maur yesterday! Can't wait to see what else is to come! Coralville is really stepping it up.
Hearing Chopin live in Von Maur during my lunch break made me so happy.
Looking for a quick and easy nail trend? Marble nails is the perfect choice!
My bank account says I really shouldn't go shopping but the new Von Maur opened, so how can I not?
I need a shopping buddy. Von Maur is not safe if I go alone!
Von Maur better watch out today. I'm out for blood.
Looking at the Coralville police blotter and I see someone was arrested for 3rd-degree theft at Von Maur Sunday, its second day open.
In case you missed it: Coralville's new, controversial Von Maur store opened over the weekend in light of TIF debate.
Happy 11th Birthday to our Towne East store location!
hey I just got birthday money, get paid thursday, and the new von maur opened this last weekend I'm
We hope you enjoy your recent purchases!
Our new Coralville location did open on Saturday, July 27th. We hope you were able to make it to our Grand Opening event.
We are happy to hear that you enjoyed your time at our newest store location!
Checking out the new Von Maur in the when I finish volunteering today!
We hope you had a wonderful time at our newest store location!
A GREAT problem! MT now Von Maur is right down the street from my house, so yeah that's gonna be a problem
Shopped at the new and beautiful Iowa River Landing store and got the best phone case ever!
MR. TREE!!! . β€œMeet our fun, interactive tree in our Children's Department!
Getting home in about 30 minutes, then going to the new Von Maur.SOUNDS LIKE A PERFECT DAY.
Oops. Meant to go to the library but ended up at Von Maur again
The Iowa City Von Maur is finally open and it's beautiful!
We love these pumps as well! Thank you for sharing this photo with us.
"A lot of businesses contact us now that we have Von Maur open - they want to be here as well." - Mayor Jim Fausett
Good morning! On today's front page: Cupcakes' first year, Coralville Von Maur opens, & Green Party news.
The new employee at Von Maur compared Lilly Pulitzer to Mary-Kate and Ashley's line.
When my son 10 or 12, bought him suit at Von Maur's Eden Prairie mall.Nice suit reasonably priced.Not sure if they still sell them
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
if you want attention from 100 pairs of eyes go stand in the Von Maur bathroom. you don't need attention from ever boy on your TL, thx tho
When I learn to play the Goosebumps theme song I'm gonna go to Von Maur and play it and *** the heck out of everyone in the store
Anyone have any suggestions on clothing stores for little girls that sale clothes that look like little girl clothes, not tweens/teens? I really like Gymboree, Land's End, and Crazy 8 but outside those 3 I don't have much to go on...
I got to be the Von Maur pianist for 15 minutes while the lady was gone
all over, jc penny has em cheap, Macy's, express and Von maur have good selections
Joyce and I stuck a penny in a drawer of the Von Maur restroom a month ago and we just checked and its still there
Von Maur is playing a piano version of Stairway To Heaven. Weird.
Lmao Patrick's stupid snapchat of the piano man at Von Maur.
Just got the cutest top and dress from Von maur. 😍
There is no better toilet than the one in Von Maur
Someone should definitely bring me a new pair of pantyhose to von maur since the *** is ripped out of mine..
I just saw a couple making out in Von maur πŸ˜‘πŸ˜·
Piano player at von maur is playing "im in love with a stripper"
so many townies have come to Von Maur today for their outfits!
I'm at Von Maur till six! Someone come help me make this day go faster. featured in NBC s Science of Love
You may not know him. His name may not be familiar, but Fred Wilson’s story is a remarkable one. Fred Wilson is the survivor who was severely injured in the Von Maur shooting of December 2007
I took Sarah's dress to the cleaners and they ruined it. so we are out picking her up a new dress. (at Von Maur) β€”
Losing Matt in Von Maur is like losing a child in Walmart.
if you haven't ever eaten at crazy mango across from Von maur, go. i recommend the Mexican chicken sandwich.
Dress shopping...just because. Finding way too many adorable things I don't need! (@ Von Maur, Westroads Mall)
I'm having Von Maur withdrawals haven't been there recent enough.
Standing in line for 1.00 flip flops at old navy you think they will have some left
Whenever I meet someone from a culture or ethnicity I know little about, I find the time to research their history and traditions. It fills me with wonder and makes me want to learn more about them - to find out our differences and commonalities. This gives me a better understanding and helps me to embrace diversity. I wish more people did that. I get so bored of people who don't have that capability.
YES!! Coincidence that it is just a few days before my birthday?! I think not! God is telling me my addiction to Von Maur is ok & that I should go & score, lol. :P
Alright ladies, has anyone seen or know of where I could get a really cute long white maxi-style dress or a white high-low dress, that would fit a pregnant lady? :) I'm attempting to find something white for our maternity shoot and not having any luck...
Jim Carrey is refusing to do any P.R,. work for Kick *** II (which considering his last film was the Incredible Burt Wonderstone that might be a plus for KAII) because of it's violence level and the rash of shooting sprees lately. One, if Carrey is truly upset then I assume he didn't cash his paycheck for the film or he donated it to related charity. He didn't? Shut up Jim. Two, there were several high profile shooting sprees before Mr. Carrey got this script; Columbine, Virginia Tech, the DC Sniper, Von Maur. When he read the script couldn't tell that it was pretty violent amd yet he did the film anyway. Shut up Jim. Three, I detest the path several comic writers like Mark Millar, Frank Miller, Garth Ennis have taken comics over gratitious violence just to make it "grittier" while all the while numbing the public to the bloody horror and then needing to sink to even more barbaric levels just to register with the target audience. Gore for gore's sake is just a cheap trick that allows you to avoid actually ...
Thanks everyone for the B-Day Wishes! My namesake, Brian Timothy Wells retired today after 22 years of policing/community service in Cynthiana, Ky. He now has the truest of jobs at hand with his wonderful wife Kim of raising there beautiful 3 1/2 month old daughter, Johanna. I don't know if it was coincidence or just planned that way, but Timmy has been a pillar of community service his entire career. It does run in the family. I felt honored/blessed his last day was today. Thank you again everyone it means a lot, REALLY it does! Love to you all especially Tim & Kim, Danny in Albuquerque, my kiddies Stacy, Claire, Drew and ALL my friends, family here on FB, school, Von Maur and out in my extended musical family. You are always in my heart and the songs I play everyday of my life.
Teen belly dancing class tomorrow at 1 pm to 2 pm. Come burn calories and have fun for only $5! Hope to see you there! (Located at Southpark mall in Quad City Motion Studio by von maur)
Mommy hands me a Von Maur bag... I think it's for me... Nah, for the baby. Tuh πŸ˜’
I love sitting in the parking lot at Von Maur when locks his keys in the car!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
and I are talking to each other across the Von maur bathroom. No cares if we're not the only people in here.
Check it out! DSW is golden. And Von Maur has sales sometimes too!
Bday gifts. Gotta love free, fancy gift wrapping!!! (@ Von Maur, Eden Prairie Center -
The team rocked out Davenport, Iowa! Day one complete! This team loves you baby!
need to go get my shoes from Von Maur.
Car Insurance and Mortgage lowered the same day! Hooray!! Maybe it's time for that Michael Kors bag I've been eyeballin!! :) :)
Funny how the pianist in von maur is playing 'here comes the sun' while its pouring
The people at von maur are always so pleasant
Currently dressed like the biggest *** bag in Von Maur
We love that nail polish! Thank you for sharing this picture.
Congrats to Maur and other winners of Retail Excellence Awards! .
It's so hard to not just go to tj maxx and Von Maur every single day
I have a pair of cowboy boots, but they were my moms, i rarely wear them, and they're from von maur so it doesn't even count.
Louisville peeps, I need to find some cute dressy black heels but not spend a fortunate. I have to be able to go there tonight. Any ideas?
I'd rather go to north point so i can go to Von Maur. Bible, that store is like heaven
Just got 3 dresses on sale at Von Maur and Express
Von Maur stays having the best bathrooms in the city...
I am not dressed well enough to be at von maur right now.. lolol yogas and a t shirt
"Let's go in Von Maur and try on homecoming dresses" -
First real paycheck from Von maur and all I can say is I love my job😍
We want to hear about your style dilemmas. Submit your question now!
We are happy to hear this! We hope you enjoy your time shopping.
I am so frustrated with clothes right now! Good thing I bought more today online... Don't tell Kris Massa
On a business trip in Iowa... You never know who you're going to run into or what you're going to see...
Shopping for "Mother of the Groom" dresses. Not having a good time...
A phone call over my lunch hour has made it official--I will be continuing my career as a literacy coach at Lou Henry Elementary in Waterloo next year! I am so excited to start this new adventure and move back to the Cedar Valley! :)
Gonna repost this because of stupid spell check. Does anyone know where a short person can find blinged out jeans?
Added Ulta, Von Maur, *** s Sporting Goods, and Hy Vee to the potential job list.
We need a Trader Joes, World Market, and Whole foods for starters .
Be sure to visit Westroads Mall through July 21 to see all of our Designer Challenge displays in the Von Maur Court.
Why do department stores have sales staff in the men's department but no one to help you in women's wear or housewares? Is this consistent everywhere, or just my luck every time I shop?
So excited to be coming home for the weekend! So excited to see my best friend and my best man! And so excited to be a part of Emily Carlson's wedding!! Get ready, des moines, I've missed the crap out of you.
The best thing about having a terrible day: the next day, you feel like you won the lottery.
Formal wear, like classy suits and evening dresses, is so fabulous. Why society doesn't create more events that calls for such clothing anymore is beyond me. I have some great evening clothing, but if I wore it anywhere I'd get "what's the occasion" or "what's wrong with you?" *Sigh*
Just got a call for an interview for a second job tomorrow! Yay! 󾌳
A $112 Butt ugly dress. The wonderful man I'm married to saying" That's ok Honey. I'll take you dress shopping. We will find something." Priceless!
I need a slight alteration of my mother-of-the-groom dress...can anyone help?
Packing for my trip to Louisville! YIPPEE!!! I get to see so many friends and family! More than anything I get to hang with my FABULOUS sister, Susie Siewert Bruner a lot of the time! She is my sister, my best friend, my confidante, my everything! I am the man I am today because of her. She is such a big part of me.
Shannon: Does anyone have any suggestions on finding a good sports bra for larger sizes? I am a DD and it is almost impossible to find a good bra :(
Wow, I have never done the 'shop til you drop thing' I came close in the last couple days. I have hit every stinkin' store in this town that sells clothes. (Well, not goodwill or salvation, I am on a serious time crunch.) NOTHING! I cannot find a stinkin top to go with my blue skirt that fits wedding parameters. Now I will have to wear one from my mom's closet. Its not bad, its just not what I wanted. This was not fun, I don't think I like this kind of shopping. Not even Von Maur had anything...
We made friends with the statues outside of Von Maur
Pretty soon I will be hunting for a dress to wear to my incredible son and his fabulous fiancΓ©'s sweet friend (her mom) and I plan to have fun shopping for dresses together. Do y'all have any great suggestions for places to find the perfect mom and mom-in-law dresses?? (FYI...we don't want to look like grannies.hope to be one someday, but don't wanna look like one quite yet.(wink).
EARLY PACKET PICK UP FOR CODY'S DASH = TONIGHT, THURDAY JUNE 6th! Beat the lines at the park this Saturday and participate in our early check-in at Scheels Eden Prairie. You will receive your t-shirt, race number, race bag and other information so that you don't have to do any of that on Saturday before the event starts! Thursday, June 6 5:00PM-8:00PM Scheels at Eden Prairie Center 8251 Flying Cloud Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Located inside Eden Prairie Center - 1st level across form Von Maur Thank you to Scheel's for their help and partnership with Cody's Dash
today was officially my last day at JCPenney.It's been a wild three years. I've learned a lot and met a lot of great people...I'll miss all my peeps! Start at Von Maur on Monday, and I'm super excited to rejoin my pal Hills and to be on to new adventures!
I interviewed with Von Maur today and was offered a position with a raise and better benefits. And time and a half on Sundays, every major holiday the store is closed. Only possible downside. I don't have nearly enough tops to go with all my skirts, cause it's a no-pants-for-ladies store.
Walk into Von Maur: immediately feel poor
Mary and I are baby shopping in the Quad Cities today. She thinks even if its a boy it won't mind all the pink things that we are purchasing. I think her dad and her brothers might mind that though it's a fun day.
True story: So mom and I were eating lunch at the mall food court, we throw stuff away and BAM... A lady has her boob out nursing plain as day! I about tossed my cookies... My food court dining and your one year old food court is Cover up Chica!! O happy day!! :-)
Stay-at-home and work-at-home moms... where do you like to shop for cute clothes for yourself?
Join us this Saturday as the Twin City Cruisers present "Kustoms and Lowriders"
Hey sis guess what I am thinking? Your right Von Maur! It's only 30 min away! Remember when we went to Fort Wayne last time? Had a blast! Don't know if I can fit it in though!!!
So seriously, it shouldn't be that hard to find a dress for my Mom. She is a size 16W and I'm looking for a nice simple dress for her online. Our JCPenney doesn't even carry women's dresses anymore. Any ideas??
A couple things. 1. When are overalls going to come back?! -Seriously, I've waited long enough.. B. My parents are pretty friggen awesome- I came home last night to a TOOL BENCH. Now I have somewhere to put my drill my dad got me for my bday, lmbo.. (But seriously I'm excited about the bench). III. Summer better show its face soon!!
Good god. Anyone know where to get a functioning corset on the fly?
it's one thing to be a teenager be obsessed with looks and material things but it has been my experience that as an adult having the driving force in my life be material and vanity has only led to disappointment and resentment and a feeling of holier than thou. I know that some people think that us non-attractive people only think that way but I'm pretty ok with just small handful of people that like me for who I am good and bad than the masses liking me for how I look or what I have.
What a wonderful day it is in the city.Majors week here and we saw Dillard's, Von Maur, Bon-Ton, stop L&T and HSN! Then the road for a spin.
Trying on clothes at Von Maur with Cassandra!!
Last day of PREFERRED MEMBER days!! FREE samples and FREE shipping just give us a jingle! :) 260.387.7670 Located in Jefferson Pointe - next to Von Maur - Live happy, Live healthy!
I love going to work at White House Black Market!!! It really is like being in someone else's closet and playing dress-up. :-) and the girls here are great! Gotta love a job than just feels fun.
My favorite plastic travel cup thing has a crack in it :/ On plus side I brought my lunch today for the first time in a while and it's actually good.
Need ideas of where to shop for Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses.
Nothing like coming home to a box on the porch, especially when it's from my mother. Love me some Linda May!
Today I cleaned the house, did the laundry, packed for Okoboji, fixed the washer, cooked a fabulous meal for the family that no one sat down to eat, yay summer.
What's your favorite place to change a diaper when out and about with your infant or toddler?
I have an interview at Von Maur on thursday. Not sure how "businessy" I should dress...
I'm going to be sticking my little sister into a karate/kickboxing/jujitsu class etc... A self defense class. I need some info!! I live in moline, what are some good places? And I need prices if you have them! Please and thanks!.I kind of want to do a class too. But first my sister :)
Can anyone give suggestions for shoe stores carrying large wide width shoes.good ones please no payless. City or suburbs too. Thanks
At my niece Alianna's kindergarten graduation! This kids are adorable!!!
Uncle Bob's Sauces just shipped a pallet of Sauce to the Von Maur Distribution center in Davenport, IA. If you are in the Mid West or North East our Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce and Georgia Juice will be going out to 28 Von Maur stores in 12 different states in the next week or so. You can find it in the Men's gift department. Great gifts for Father's Day!
We are an Irish blog bringing you the best in electronic music from filthy dubstep to chillwave this is where you need to be for your music fix
Women's size 12 walking/athletic sandals. Ok, now that I have your attention... does anyone know where one might find these? Flip flops around Disney is just not going to cut it. Would love to hear of shops in the Des Moines area that might carry Amazon size shoes.
Time for some new suits! Its been a long long time since I've bought a suit. Where should I go?
My hat's off to our educational system! Well done. (source: buzzfeed)
I love my Johnson boys.Felicia Owens Johnson My boys apparently do not frequent classy places. Walking through Von Maur at Perimeter Aidan notices a guy playing the piano. "Mom! He's not supposed to be doing that is he?" Then Brennan chimes in"What is this, a funeral?"
Had a wonderful day today spending time with and shopping with my Mother!! Made a stop at Von Maur to buy a "power suit" for interviews...we're good to go!! Now we're just waiting on our Paglia's Pizza delivery!! Time to celebrate the day! JS!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Just took Audrey to get her a new pair of a women's size...drumroll...9! Holy crud!
Alright, friends, thinking about applying at Von Maur and Whole Foods. Any horror stories, good experiences, cautions, comments, other suggestions or references?
Come to the Laura Mercier counter at Von Maur and book an appointment with one of our amazing regional makeup artists.
S/o to my favorite 93 year old couple for my gift card to Von Maur!!! Perfect birthday gift :)
Hello, friends! I am not so active on Face but I am trying to change that. Any way, I am good and hope all of you too!!
Where are your favorite places to shop? I need some new clothes for a big event I have coming up. Cute dresses.cute shoes.and cute tops. And, I specifically need a white dress. YIKES...I'm so not a fan of white! Suggestions.GO!
Seriously annoyed...NO youth girls' golf clothing in this store... Plenty of boys' stuff. That's crazy:((.
The car show rescheduled from yesterday is on for 4 pm today! See you at the Von Maur parking lot!!!
I got my dress for the wedding. Now I am ready for your special day. Julia Connor Christopher Jensen! :)
Does anyone know of a car show today sunday 2nd
My new comfy sandles. If they are comfy on my bad foot on a day like today, I'm gonna' feel like a million bucks on a normal day. Alex tried on the blingy high heels for fun. Hurts just to look at them!
Ok so if you all know how Howard and I are we always wait till the last minute. Howard is the last one that needs to be measured for his tux and yes I still do not have a dress lol. If only I could wear capris and flip flops I would be one happy lady. Off to have dinner with Vivo Whitney and Alicia Renee Whitney their two beautiful babies and Alicia's dad Dan Harshman. Then to the mall to power shop for a dress yuck! Please keep us in your prayers this next two weeks as I travel back and forth to Elgin to help finalize the details for the reception at the country club and also for all our family and friends who will be coming from afar the share in this awesome day with Hunter Groves and Keli E Pate we are finally going to gain a daughter in law.
The piano lady is getting her praise and worship on in Von Maur!
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