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The Réseau Voltaire (Voltaire Network) is an international non-profit organisation, based in Paris. It stated aim is the promotion of freedom and secularism (i.e.

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Saudi Arabia issues a call for an international alliance against Hezbollah [Voltaire Network]
Daesh continues to be supported by the United States and the United Nations [Voltaire Network]
A situation out of control, if Turkey invades the Kurdistan [Voltaire Network]
This is NOT GOOD FOLKS. Russia and China united against the dollar's empire [Voltaire Network]
The US Administration Divided over the Prospect of Nuclear Annihilation of Korea [Voltaire Network]
European Union attacks freedom of choice [Voltaire Network]
So he will do the Putin thing🤔"Donald my friend, get rid of the mainstream media, create your own…
There's already a Trump-owned news network, so just about there...
Trump against jihadismhe... in 2012 Flynn had opposed Barack Obama’s project to create ISIS... [Voltaire Network]
China is opening a new $10B quantum computing research supercenter. via EasternArsenal. So…
The US military project for the world [Voltaire Network]
😱😱😱. George Soros is funding the independence of Catalonia . [Voltaire Network]
Matters are becoming complicated in the Iraqi Kurdistan [Voltaire Network]
The battle for the Jurd of Ersal has begun [Voltaire Network]
Billions of dollars' worth of arms against Syria: by Thierry Meyssan [Voltaire Network]
Washington has terminated all support for jihadists [Voltaire Network]
You are Right read that article on Voltaire Network :
President Kadyrov wants to filter out the *** gene from the Chechen gene pool [Voltaire Network]
Billions of dollars' worth of arms against Syria, a labyrinth of CIA smokescreens via Bulgaria [Voltaire Network]
The Pentagon is following through on arms agreements that Obama made with Jihadists [Voltaire Network]
Billions of dollars' worth of arms against Syria [Voltaire Network]
David Horowitz: the Democrats' agenda is creating “a US Government in exile” [Voltaire Network]
Thomas Friedman on the way to destroy Syria with ISIS. by Thomas Friedman, Voltaire Network.
Beslan: the mystery clarified one year later [Voltaire Network]. Responsibility points towards the Anglosaxons/CIA
Italy: the launching pad for the US attack on Syria [Voltaire Network]
12 April 2017 - the world is once again dragged into war [Voltaire Network]
- Russia is all set for a nuclear war - Voltaire Network - -
Daesh attacks the US forces [Voltaire Network] Daesh formed by elements of the US UK & multinational companies.
Sorry, but I find CNN to be propaganda just like Voltaire Network & Tactical Investor, just aimed…
And what if Trump had not changed his mind? [Voltaire Network]
Robert McNamara deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, documents show (Video) [Voltaire Network]
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
asserts his authority over his allies [Voltaire Network]
Donald Trump asserts his authority over his allies: Thierry Meyssan [Voltaire Network]
Donald Trump asserts his authority over his allies - A Different Perspective on the Syrian Attack [Voltaire Network]
03/08/2016: Voltaire Network: Russian Intelligence report on Daesh’s smuggling of antiquities
The confession of the criminal John Kerry [Voltaire Network]
system to discredit Donald Trump includes 70 year old fake news blogger [Voltaire Network]
Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia [Voltaire Network]
Russia recognizes the governments of Donbass and Lougansk [Voltaire Network]
The Kulinski of Israel. I hope he appreciates being able to do his "comedy" on a main TV network during primetime.
John McCain is once again in Syria [Voltaire Network]
The confession of the criminal John Kerry: Thierry Meyssan [Voltaire Network]
Qatar claims responsibility for war against Syria [Voltaire Network]
Turkey seems to have turned against Daesh [Voltaire Network]
The US is fitted out with a centre to “fight against foreign propaganda” [Voltaire Network]. Ministry of Truth
.you might want to read this. September 11: Inside Job or Mossad Job? [Voltaire Network]
yeah the guy is ridiculous and this network is lost within its own narrative. But Shaun's race is irrelevant.
The East Aleppo Syndrome [Voltaire Network] Another very interesting read to connect some dots.
Liberate Idleb after East Aleppo [Voltaire Network] Interesting dot connecting. Please read and RT
A Jihadi communication cell is dismantled in Egypt [Voltaire Network]
Russia strengthens its security measures [Voltaire Network]
Leibniz: before and after Pangloss - how yearned for the golden age of Louis XIV and its pan-EU network
The NATO campaign against freedom of expression [Voltaire Network]
I liked a video from Voltaire's Ghost on Today's United Kingdom
Crystal Clear Agreements: Enduring subordination [Voltaire Network]. Shame for Europe to be enslaved by an upstart.
Training French soldiers to supervise Daesh [Voltaire Network]. Et tu Monseigneur Hollande ? Also in the business?
Looking for a scape-goat [Voltaire Network]. US is not after solutions.Domination is its aim. Reason, it is defeated
United States – reformation or fracture? [Voltaire Network]. A broken, rigged system is impossible to reform.
“Syria is paying the price of its independence” [Voltaire Network]
Concept paper by the Russian presidency [Voltaire Network]
The role of the US and Nato in EU relations with China [Voltaire Network]
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Can the great nuclear war be prevented ? - Voltaire Network
"Russia,China quickly concluded that the world could no longer be governed by the United States". [Voltaire Network]
The pretence of peace US still dicking around in Syria [Voltaire Network]
The pretense of peace [Voltaire Network] The Pentagon and Turkey use humanitarian convoys to arm the jihadists.
The new Russian armored bomber will revolutionize battlefield [Voltaire Network]
The Israëli-Saudi-Egyptian agreement on the islands of Tiran and Sanafir [Voltaire Network]
Domain registrant is French 9/11 truther and chair of the Voltaire network Thierry Meyssan- but who is behind him?
The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics [Voltaire Network] corruption
To all those anti-Brexit whiners: here's why. The new British Foreign Policy [Voltaire Network]
Contrary to US advice, Iraq bombs an Isis convoy [Voltaire Network]
Contrary to advice, bombs an convoy [Voltaire Network] . advisers / teachers w/ them claims
Brexit coincides with India's and Pakistan's entry into the SCO - Voltaire Network
The White House and NATO prepare the sabotage of Brexit [Voltaire Network]
The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics by Thierry Meyssan [Voltaire Network]
The Brexit reshuffles world geopolitics - Voltaire Network
A New Europe. Ayrault and Steinmeier prepare the way [Voltaire Network]
A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties [Voltaire Network] A European Security Compact or EU superstate run amok
Who will pay the 3 billion Euros annually for the Turkish war against Syria ? [Voltaire Network]
NATO and the EU, the two pillars of US domination [Voltaire Network]
The economy of the United States is unable to emerge from the mud [Voltaire Network]
Would the US be defeated in the Persian Gulf in a War with Iran? [Voltaire Network]
from a comrade to another... Voltaire Network is not a reputable source...
Obama creates a new system for manipulating information [Voltaire Network]
The European Union has abandoned those who are fighting to defend freeedom in Turkey - Voltaire Network
From the "Yinon Plan" to the "Ya'alon Strategy" Greater Israel will contain the whole Middle East. [Voltaire Network]
DynCorp mercenaries replace Academi mercenaries in Yemen - Voltaire Network
Thank you Voltaire Network for publishing our article "Alternative Germany Speaks Up" in German. https…
Thierry Meyssan : Towards a new war in Lebanon [Voltaire Network]
Alternative Germany Speaks Up and why Erdagon must go [Voltaire Network]
Are the neo-conservatives going to rejoin the Party?. [Voltaire Network]
Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe [Voltaire Network]
Where will the next global economic crisis explode? [Voltaire Network]
Towards peace in Syria without armed opposition [Voltaire Network]
Why it is urgent to break the Bank of the South paralysis? by . [Voltaire Network]
Germany and the UNO against by Thierry Meyssan [Voltaire Network]
Who organised the attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris? [Voltaire Network]
What spooked the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea? [Voltaire Network]
Why did Turkey shoot down the Russian Soukhoï 24 ? - Voltaire Network
Kerry Wants “Enablers on the Ground in Syria,” but No Decision from Obama on Ground War “Yet” [Voltaire Network]
The United States and Israël begin the colonisation of Northern Syria [Voltaire Network]
Qatar calls for the genocide of Alawites [Voltaire Network]
NATO prepared to monitor shutdown of Turkey-Syria border [Voltaire Network]
How to win elections 1x1:. The rigging of the Turkish general elections [Voltaire Network]
. Mast reply dete *** sir. Ha ha. But you did not answer my question on your thoughts on Voltaire Network. :(
ARE WE SERIOUS about fighting and to deliver Pechora-2D to [Voltaire Network]
Legal basis for UK military action in Syria - Voltaire Network: Legal basis for UK military action in S... uw
David Cameron's Response to the Parliament's Report on Syria - Voltaire Network
“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” - Voltaire
"I invite you to join my professional network on LinkedIn." - Voltaire
*** are more effective than intellectuals in media. Read this stupid article [Voltaire Network]
Syria:General McInerney acknowledges presence of extremists within so-called moderate faction [Voltaire Network]
Declaration of Vladimir Putin on the turkish-russian incident - Voltaire Network
Thierry Meyssan: The Dream of an Israeli Nation between the Nile and the Euphrates is Back [Voltaire Network]
More than 500 jihadists being treated in Israeli hospital. = [Voltaire Network]
The Russian army partially blocks the air space over Lebanon and Cyprus [Voltaire Network]
Qatar and Ukraine come to deliver Pechora-2D to ISIS [Voltaire Network]
France and Israël launch a new war in Iraq and Syria [Voltaire Network]
More than 500 jihadists cared for at the Ziv Medical Centre [Voltaire Network]
The strategy of chaos [Voltaire Network] Contrary to MSM accounts, the Paris attacks were not sophisticated.
Tlass financed Voltaire Network at behest of the regime. Don't think he lives in Sham.
Hamilton Collection
Two thorns in Obama's side: by Thierry Meyssan [Voltaire Network]
ALBA resolution calling for expulsion of USAID [Voltaire Network]
Frictions between the and its ally 16 AUGUST 2015 . [Voltaire Network]
The devaluation of the yuan tests China's rise as a world power - Voltaire Network: Voltaire NetworkThe devalu...
The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria [Voltaire Network]
France accepts a transition by mutual consent in Syria [Voltaire Network]
NewsFeed: Nearing the end of the Erdoğan system - Voltaire Network: Voltaire NetworkNearing ...
Are the Albanians and the Americans now deciding the Macedonian Question? [Voltaire Network]
…. Th.Meyssan dire predictions..EU DOES NOT GET IT ...not aware of what Pres O is preparing for them./Voltaire network
The secret relations between France and Syria [Voltaire Network]
Reminder: Video: Thierry Meyssan on the destruction of the Al-Ikhbariya TV channel. Voltaire Network | 2 July 2012
pre meeting of the Junior Doctor’s Network kicking off today, in Ferney-Voltaire, France. Stay tuned for updates :)
How Israel wants to restart the war in the Levant [Voltaire Network]
Obama names General Joseph Dunford Chief of the combined Armed Forces [Voltaire Network]
Negotiations between the Taliban and Kabul in Qatar - Voltaire Network |
Electronic Device Insurance
The European Union is blind to the military strategy of the United States [Voltaire Network]
Vladimir Putin Speech to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War [Voltaire Network]
The Blindness of the European Union in the Face of US Military Strategy [Voltaire Network]
What you don't know about the United States – Iran agreements - Voltaire Network: Voltaire NetworkWhat ...
Good Morning Voltaire! Join me on tsū, the newest social media network around. Get paid to post!
Angela Merkel, a Neocon as President of the European Union [Voltaire Network]
. General Clark reveals that Daesh is an i project . [Voltaire Network]
Obama failed his coup in Venezuela . [Voltaire Network]
CIA director in Kiev searching for missing mercenaries [Voltaire Network] ...Interesting, very interesting
Obama failed his coup in Venezuela [Voltaire Network]
General Clark reveals that Daesh is an Israeli project [Voltaire Network]
Source : “John McCain, Conductor of the "Arab Spring" and the Caliph ”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network...
After 42 years of service, Andy Marshall leaves the Pentagon [Voltaire Network]
Statement of the Heads of State or Government of the Union on the attack Mariupol [Voltaire Network]
Junk metal show in and mental defeat! Voltaire Network.
domain names
Junk metal show in Kiev and Poroshenko's mental defeat [Voltaire Network]
How Ukrainian immigrants created a real-life TOR network to send uncensored letters during the Cold War —
VNW: What are French Politicians and Journalists Afraid of?, by Voltaire Network
sometimes its good to look back: Poland trained putchists two months in advance [Voltaire Network]
Russia and Iran resume their military cooperation - Voltaire Network
Netanyahu will speak to the US Congress about Iran and Islam [Voltaire Network]
Jihadism and the petroleum industry: (Voltaire Network | Thierry Meyssan) While the Western media…
read: "According to McClatchy, Mehra and the Kouachi brothers are linked to the French secret services", Voltaire Network, January 9, 2015.
CNAS, the democratic version of conquest imperialism [Voltaire Network]
secret negotiations with Havana and Tehran - Voltaire Network
Thierry Meyssan: Washington's secret negotiations with Havana and Tehran [Voltaire Network]
News conference Vladimir Putin [Voltaire Network]. Honest and trustworthy leader of Russia and world's honest people
Hezbollah uncovers top Mossad agent - Voltaire Network
If anyone here has grown up with weird cartoons on Cartoon Network like me, then you should remember the song "Brains!" by Voltaire :)
The world in 2015, according to the CFR. [Voltaire Network]
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Voltaire Network article by Thierry Meyssan on the Senate report on US torture crimes shows 9/11 was a deep state...
What frightened the so much in the Black Sea? [Voltaire Network]
Congressional report on confirms not involved in attacks of 9/11. [Voltaire Network].
The Pope between truth and diplomacy [Voltaire Network]
US report says that Al Qaeda was NOT involved attacks of September/11 + CIA lied to Gov. [Voltaire Network]
The Congressional report on torture confirms that Al Qaeda is not involved in the attacks of 9/11 [Voltaire Network]
perfect ! I am glad, but at the same time sad that I have not heard of you before now. But as fate would have we have met and all is well .
Great talk today by Nicholas Cronk on editing an anthology of Voltaire's letters Enlightenment Correspondences
Jihadists returning from Syria: already more than 150 dead in China [Voltaire Network]
Voltaire network goes global faster than le monde. and liberation the failing newspaper. .!
How many jihadists are there in Syria and Iraq? [Voltaire Network]
Who is the Pentagon fighting against in Syria? [Voltaire Network]
Thierry Meyssan: Whither is US policy bound after the mid-term elections? [Voltaire Network]
Justice for the victims is what we all need [Voltaire Network]
Justice for the MH17 victims is what we all need. Voltaire Network | 3 Nov 2014 .
Geopolitics of the war against Syria and against the Daesh [Voltaire Network]
Is Turkish President ERDOGAN a member of the Muslim Brotherhood ? [Voltaire Network]
Analysis of the reasons for the crash of flight MH17 [Voltaire Network]
For Ankara, is massacre a policy option? [Voltaire Network]
For is massacre the only policy option? [Voltaire Network]
Geopolitics of the war against and against the ([Voltaire Network]
IS: Washington again accuses its allies [Voltaire Network]
This role was even more possible by the fact that the same persons designed and directed both organizations,” adds Voltaire Network.
ARTICLE: John McCain conductor of the 'Arab Spring' & the Caliph, Voltaire Network …
The Bilderberg Plan for 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy [Voltaire Network]. And look at where we are now!
I'd like to thank for directing me toward and his Voltaire network & for providing pertinent comedy
Cajuns are, and who can blame them: Pulling off the American Emperor's Clothes Thread by Thread [Voltaire Network]
Wayne Madsen: Soros and the CIA Now Banking on Neves to Defeat Rousseff [Voltaire Network]
The UN as a Propaganda Nest for the NATO Information Vulture [Voltaire Network]
Disappearance of incriminating tapes of UN assisting Islamic State [Voltaire Network]
Passenger found wearing oxygen mask trashes theory of strike by Buk surface-to-air missile. [Voltaire Network]
Turkey helps foreign mercenaries slip into Syria [Voltaire Network]
United States and the Gulf Cooperation Council bomb unknown targets in Syria [Voltaire Network]
Sergey Lavrov at the International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq [Voltaire Network]
PKK revelations on ISIL attack and creation of "Kurdistan" [Voltaire Network]
Washington’s agenda to combat Islamic State. Voltaire Network .
NATO, the curtain of war open on two fronts [Voltaire Network]
“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing” Voltaire A.A. Milne
Stop Calling the Iraq War a 'Mistake' [Voltaire Network]. More stories available on Truth and
Thirteen years after the September 11 attacks, blindness persists [Voltaire Network]
1 June 2013 . John McCain meets with kidnappers in Syria. Voltaire Network |
“One war on all continents” . Voltaire Network, 6 August 2014 .
NATO intends to prohibit Russia's and China's Development,. week8sept. [Voltaire Network]
NATO intends to prohibit Russia's and China's Development [Voltaire Network]
NATO intends to prohibit Russia's and China's (- but also India's -) Development [Voltaire Network]
Cartoon Network NEEDS to have a throwback night 😫🙌
Tripoli: Ex-leader of fundamentalist Islamic group is new military commander of Tripoli [Voltaire Network]
Thomas Schelling and Robert Aumann, the Nobel Prize winners who see war as a Game [Voltaire Network]
NATO's Global Offensive, US tool to colonize the Middle East [Voltaire Network]
Saleem al-Saqqa pledges to maintain complaint to [Voltaire Network]
Worsening of humanitarian situation in Ukraine [Voltaire Network]
How Al Qaeda men came to power in Libya [Voltaire Network]
[VOLTAIRE NETWORK] Flight Some Western states and Kiev rushed to find Russian involvement in the MH17...
Correction: Saleem al-Saqqa pledges to maintain Palestinian complaint to ICC [Voltaire Network]
Extension of the Gas War to the Levant. Thierry Meyssan: [Voltaire Network]
Worsening of humanitarian situation in Ukraine [Voltaire Network] .
What do wars in and have in common ? [Voltaire Network]
Who is the Enemy? [Voltaire Network] Enlightening... They don't want you to know this.
What do wars in Ukraine, Gaza, Syria and Libya have in common ? [Voltaire Network]
Meeting of the UN Security Council on Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine - Voltaire Network
Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown [Voltaire Network]
CIA: What Really Happened in the quiet French village of Pont-Saint-Esprit [Voltaire Network]
6th BRICS Summit: the seeds of a new financial architecture - Voltaire Network
The Coordinates and in front of our eyes . [Voltaire Network]
Vladimir Putin at the Conference of Russian ambassadors - Voltaire Network
OPCW receives complaint against use of chemical weapons in Ukraine [Voltaire Network]
Skull and Bones, the Elite of the Empire [Voltaire Network]
Iraq's new building to 1 billion dollars [Voltaire Network]
Iraq's new Parliament building to cost 1 billion dollars [Voltaire Network]
BRAINS! (from the Cartoon Network's GRIM and EVIL) by Voltaire —
The White Book on Violations of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Ukraine [Voltaire Network]
Ethnic and cultural cleansing in Ukraine [Voltaire Network]
Private sponsors of international terrorism [Voltaire Network]. Is that true? with 119 head?
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant led by Prince Abdul Rahman [Voltaire Network] Shocking News Funde…
I would like to subscribe to your English edition. Please inform me how I can do so. Fred B. Chase, San Francisco, CA USA. fbchase
The globalization of special forces [Voltaire Network]
The globalization of American special forces [Voltaire Network]
Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic [Voltaire Network]
Christians of the Orient stand up against the new Western colonialism [Voltaire Network]
Bloodbath in guided by interim rulers of [Voltaire Network]:
Ukraine: Ihor Kolomoisky offers $ 1 million to murder Oleg Tsarev on behalf of Jews [Voltaire Network]
Beacon that is East Ukraine or Are you on the right side of history? [Voltaire Network]
Putin – Burkhalter talks: an elusive chance for Ukraine [Voltaire Network]
[VOLTAIRE NETWORK]. By Thierry Meyssan. The last days of a war are always the deadliest. Routed armies avenge... http:/…
[VOLTAIRE NETWORK] Ukraine. By Thierry Meyssan. The power of a state is measured by its ability to defend itself... htt…
[VOLTAIRE NETWORK]. By Thierry Meyssan. Public opinion in Western Europe is wrong to regard the Ukrainian crisis... htt…
The Liberation of Homs, Beginning of the End of the Aggression Against Syria [Voltaire Network]
Bloodbath in Odessa guided by interim rulers of Ukraine [Voltaire Network]
Blackstone and Jacob Rothschild, beneficiaries of Malaysia Airlines flight disappearance ? [Voltaire Network]
Hillary Clinton and Boeing: corruption as usual [Voltaire Network]
Media Note by the U.S. Departement of State on Russian Support for Destabilization of Ukraine [Voltaire Network]
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed that CIA director John Brennan was in Kiev last weekend. One of his advisors told the (...) [Voltaire Network]
Between 1947 and 1966 the Ford Foundation played a key role in the network of US interference in Europe through the subvention of (...) [Voltaire Network]
In August-September 2013, Barack Obama, David Cameron and François Hollande accused Syria of killing 1,400 opponents in the suburbs of (...) [Voltaire Network]
Coup in Western Ukraine: the Arab Spring unleashed in Europe [Voltaire Network]
The State Department released a new volume of its diplomatic history, Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), Volume XXII, Congo, (...) [Voltaire Network]
The idea that the Bilderberg Group is behind the creation of a mysterious future World Government has been spreading for years. Having (...) [Voltaire Network]
Controversy around the destruction of | Voltaire Network . Inaccurate.
Links between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama administration - Voltaire Network
According to Foreign Policy, Saudi Arabia preparing an attack Syria - Voltaire Network: Voltaire NetworkAccord...
According to Foreign Policy, Saudi Arabia would be preparing an attack on Syria - Voltaire Network
A few links between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration - Voltaire Network -
Polemic around the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons plan [Voltaire Network]
The White House offers Iran the suspension of it's sanctions [Voltaire Network]
Salafism CIA: The winning formula to destabilize Russia, the Middle East [Voltaire Network]
General Ivashov: “International terrorism does not exist” [Voltaire Network]
Ford Foundation, a philanthropic facade for the CIA [Voltaire Network]
In front of Kerry, Riyadh is backtracking [Voltaire Network]
The Nobel Prize for peace 2009 : ''I'm really good at killing people'' - Voltaire Network: Voltaire NetworkThe...
Italy will be surveying the South and East Libyan boarder [Voltaire Network]
The Voltaire Network is proud to announce the opening of it's new linguistic sections. From now on, it's major...
Jesuits Speak Out on Syria [Voltaire Network]. Nice to read of NV from church folk - prayer is in order
Children gassed had been abducted prior to death by US sponsored foreign mercenaries/Al Qaeda forces) JK Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny The Dail Dublin Dear Taoiseach and Ministers and Senators, Please find hereunder article re gassing of children in Syria - for your reference. Sincerely, June Kelly 22 Prospect Court Dublin road Mullingar Co Westmeath [Voltaire Network] Western rationality Western rationality [Voltaire Network] If this message doesn’t appear clearly, click here. Voltaire Network " Before our eyes " Western rationality by Thierry Meyssan You liked the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the Vietnam War, the Kuwaiti incubators and the first Gulf War, the Racak massacre and the war in Kosovo, Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and the second Gulf War and the threats to Benghazi and the Libyan war? You will just love the gassing of civilians in Ghouta and the bombing of Syria. Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 7 September 2013 JPEG - 30 kb In a statement released by the White House, the U.S. Directo ...
Letter of Pope Francis to Vladimir Putin dealing with Syria [Voltaire Network]
Syria accepts the US ''peace offer'' [Voltaire Network]
Western rationality before our eyes- [Voltaire Network]
Preparations for regional war [Voltaire Network] Thierry Meyssan outlines preparation for regional war in the ME.
Western rationality [Voltaire Network] Thierry Meyssan questions the official story of the Ghoutta victims.
Identification of the dead children in [Voltaire Network] FalseFlag PsyOp ;o(
Parents will sue 4 murder Video children with killers- Identification the dead children in Ghouta [Voltaire Network]
Western rationality on - victims killed 200 miles from the 'chemical attack' - [Voltaire Network]
Western rationality/ Videos of children in Ghouta no parents presence [Voltaire Network]
[VOLTAIRE NETWORK]. By Pepe Escobar. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing with fire as he belittles the popular...
[VOLTAIRE NETWORK] "BEFORE OUR VERY EYES". by Thierry Meyssan. Although surprised by the speed of events, Thierry... ht…
[VOLTAIRE NETWORK] DAMASCUS (SYRIA). By Thierry Meyssan. The events that we have experienced since August 21...
Leader of the decries intervention in argues it will make situation worse: [Voltaire Network]
Western rationality: Assad used a new kind of old sarin gas that does not affect women. [Voltaire Network]
Identification of the dead children in Ghouta by their parents from latakia show they were kidnapped Voltaire Network
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